Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 29, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 29, 1864 Page 3
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eMMnaaBeaBOHaeesss POUT LAND AND VICINITY. Meeting of the Schco! Committee. The regular meeting of the School Commit tee was held at their room, on Monday eve ning, 27th Inst., Joseph C. Noyes, E?q., pre siding. Mr. Hamlin reported that all the boys in the Park street Grammar School had been ac commodated. Also that Miss Buzzell had been employed temporarily in the place of Miss Dennison, transferred to the High School temporarily. The motion to discontinue instruction in music in the Grammar Schools was laid upon the table. Voted,that all the children in No. 10, not res idents of that district, and who arc attending achool there without permission of the Board, be sent back to their appropriate schools. The resignation of Mr. J. B. Hardin, as As sistant Master of the High School, was pre sented and accepted. Mr. Preulice Cum mings has been temporarily employed to All the vacancy. Mr. Tucker reported the names of five hoys and eleveu girls for graduation at the close of the preseut term. It was voted that they be allowed to graduate,and that the Chairman be authorized to sign and deliver to each the usual graduating certificate. A communication in relation to the meet ing of the American Institute of Instruction In this city in August, was received, and a committee, consisting of Messrs. Putnam, Brown, Leavitt, Blanchard and Holden, was appointed to co operate with any committee of the city teachers or of the City Govern ment, In any measures that may he deemed best for the accommodation of the persons attending such meeting. It was voted that a school be established at the Alms House, and placed under the care of the committee in charge of No. 14, and that the Chairman, with that committee, he au thorized to employ a teacher temporarily for that achool. It was voted, that as 9200 had been appro priated by the City Council in aid of a school at the Orphan Asylum, that the Chairman, to gether with the sub-committee in charge of No. 10, be authorized to empluv a teacher temporarily, expending in that direction only the amount specially appropriated. It was voted to transfer the Intermediate School to the building formerly occupied by the Boys’ High School, at the commencement of the next term, and that the room thus made vacant be appropriated to (he use of No. 5, aud that the colonies of that school be called in. Sundry bills were presented, and those which were endorsed by the fluaucial com mittee ordered to be paid. Municipal Court-Juno 28. Thomas Kyle, for obstructing the sidewalk by driving his cart on to U, was flned #5 and cotta. Committed. Kebcmiah H. Murphy, a hack driver, for extortionate charges, was flned #20 and costa. It appeared that instead of the fare, as regu lated by city ordinance, of thirty-five cents for each passenger, be charged #2 for taking three passengers from the boat to their lodg ings. Murphy appealed from the judgment of the Court, aud recogulzed In the sum of #50 to prosecute the appeal. George M. Stevens pleaded guilty to a search and seizure process, and paid the fine of $20. and costa. Fcnxrai. of Major Moody.—'The funeral of the late Major Moody, *>t the 27th Michi gan Volunteers, took place at Falmouth yes terday. A detachment of the Veteran Reserve Corps, under command of Capt. McDonnel, was detailed by Major Rollins to do escort duty and Major Anderson furnished the splen did hand of his cotmnaud, the 17th IT. S. In fantry. Capt. Iuman gave the escort and . band a passage to and from Falmouth in the steamer Tyro, now owned by tne (jorstsownt The pall bearers were Maj. Rollins, Com mander of Draft Rendezvous; Capt. Doughty, Provost Marshal; Capt. Hobsou, 17ih Me.; Capt. Lincoln, 19th Me.; Capt. Wiswell, 11th Me.; Capt. Carr, 4th Me.; Capt. Clark, #0th Me.; and Lieut Ford, 1st Me. Cavalry. Tue Horsk Railroad.—We are requested by the President of the Company to state, that although the Mayor Informed him on what terms the right of way could be had for laying their track through Congress Street, yet it was unofficial and was so deemed by the City Clark who, wbeu called upon for a copy of th order on the following day, stated that no or der had been passed as there had been no meeting of the Board for that purpose. The President then stated to the City Clerk, in the presence of Alderman Messer, that if an order passed with the proviso mentioned, it could not he accepted by the Company. The mat ter was then left in the hope that the Board of Aldermen would allow the Company to lay their track on the aame conditions they had been permitted to lay it through Middle Street. In this they have been disappointed. Sick and Wounded Soldiers to Arrive —We are informed by Ur. Perley. Surgeon in charge at this port, that the steamer Ashland with two hundred and fourteen sick aud wounded men left Washington on the 27th, for Portland, and she may be expected here by Thursday evening. These men are prob ably severe case cases of gun shot wounds and debility, and arrangements are already made to render all aid aud comfort. Good hospital accomodations for aick and wounded men will « be made iu Portland by the Government in , the courae of the next ten days. Tit* Gorham Festival —We are inform ed that persons attending the Festival from this city, and other places on the line of the York and Cumberland Kailroad, aud holding tickets for the trip, msy go and return on any of ths regular trains, as well as the extra traiu, during to day and to-morrow. The attractions of the occasion, to say noth ing of the especial object of the Festival, (to aid the Christian Commission) are sutllcient U> themselves to warrant a large attendance. Trout.—We were yesterday made a parti cipeut iu a basket of flue trout—in perfect order—forwarded to a gentlemau of this city, by that prince of anglers, Johu J. Wingate, Esq., wbllouis of Bangor, seduced by his tempting bait to leave the crystel springs of Clifton, to grace the table and tickle the pal ate of those who have a relish for such deli cacies. A Brave and Good Max Fallen.—Capt. Benj. C. Pennell, Co. B, 17th Maine regiment, of Saccarappa, waa mortally wounded on the 17lh Inst., and died ou the lame day. He had command of the regiment and waa hit in a rifle pit, by a rebel sharpshooter. Capt. Peu ■ell waa a brave officer aud a true Christian. Delegate at Large.—At a meeting of the Delegates to the State Convention Irom thh) city, yesterday afternoon, John T. Gil man, Esq., was elected delegate at large. The Band of the 17th U. 8. Infantry will accompany the delegates to Augusta this morning. PROt essionai..—1 he atteutiou of persons Interested in the ratiousl treatment of Nasal Catarrh, is Invited to the advertisement of 8. Clessou Pratt, which appears in another column oi to-day's Press. Portland Company—Tha stockholders in this Company are reminded that their ad journed meeting will be held at 3 o’clock this afternoon, at the Board of Trade Booms. nr~Capt. Daniel Merrill, of Falmouth, baa received the appointment of Acting Snsign In the U. 8. Navy. Tm* Communication of Jjf- is unavoid ably deleft ed until to-morrow. Americas Tbact Soci^tT’s Piblica, tioss.—The life of Mrs. Sherwood as written by herself, with extracts from Mr. Sherwood’s journal, during bis imprisonment In France, ; and residence in India, abridged from the London edition, has just been published by the American Tract Society, Boston. It Is an exceedingly interesting book, and will be read with intense interest by parents and chil dren, with whom she has ever been a favorite since the publication of that beautiful sabbath school book, “Little Ilenry and his Bearer.” The satno Society lias abo published Tre vor s Autiquities of Ancient Egypt, a volume designed to present to the reader ail that is really authentic iu the antiquities, which are so studiously pressed against the claims of revelation. The volume close* with the fall of the Pharaohs, and the compleliou of the Old Testament Canon. It is handsomely priuted, and illustrated with eugraviugs des criptive of scenes mentioned in this wotk. Tlie Gospel urnoug the Call'res ; or, the Stery of Kev. Mr. Moffat and his labors in Soutb Afiica, is another book jast issued by this Society. It presents a very vivid picture of the degradation and wretchedness of the vatiout savage tribes w hich inhabit that part of the African continent, and of the toils and hard ships incurred by the excellent missionary and his associates, in makiug known to them the way of Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is an excellent book for children. The above books and all the publications of the Tract Society, can be had at H. Packard’s, No. 61 Exchange Street. Sales of Heal Estate.—Messrs. Henry Bailey A Co., sold at auction yesterday, the Whipple Estate in Cape Elisabeth,comprising about 150,000 square feet of laud. It was purchased by Ira P. Farrington, Esq., for seven cents per foot. They also sold the house and lot, No. 0, At lantic Street for $2,600. John Burns was the purchaser. Cabo.—The Ladies Sanitary Committee gratefully acknowledge the generous donation of $42, by the hand of Win. L. Southard, Esq., from the Soldiers Aid Society of Jay Bridga, “for the beneht ol the sick and wounded in the late battles.” H. A. Gilmax. Treas. of Ladies San. Com. June 26, 1664. Si’UiNLLixo the .VriiKKTs.— Messrs. Bar ker A Flint desire to say that owing to paving and raising the sidewalk on Commercial Street' they were unable to reach their pumpa yester day. Their pump* have now be so moved, and hereafter there will lie no omission. jyi’ortland Council, No. 1, U. L. of A., will hold its regular inoeliug this evening at 8 o’clock, at the usual place. As ilia nomination of Quarterly Officers occurs this evening, all are requested to be present. BY TELEGRAPH EVENING PAPEKM. Official i)lopatchcs from Sroretary Mtoaton, Washington. June 28. To ilaj. den. liii :—A dispatch Iroin Gen. Grant, dated yesterday, 27th, 3 P. M., at his head(|uarten, reports no operations in front j exeept from our owu guns, which lire into tire bridge at Petersburg from a distance of 2,0UU ! yards. Tbe dispatch gives the following intelti- | geuce from rebel papers: A Petersburg paper of the 25lh states that Hunter is striking lor Jackson ltiver depot, about forly miles north of Salem, and says that if be reaches Covington, which they sup pose he will do with most ol his forces, but with loss ol material, he will be sale. Tue same paper accuses Uuuter of destroy ing a great amount ol private property aud alealiiig a large number of horses, wagons and cattle. Tue same paper also says that Wilson dea- i troyed a train of cars loaded with colloa and i furniture, burned tbe depot buildings, Ac., at BuitoMviile, and destroyed some of the track, aud Was Still vmwni,i|r south. *’ All tbe railroads iean>»K jnM5 Richmond are now destroyed, aud some of them badly. A dispatch from Gen. Sherman, received this moiulbg, reports that yesterday noon, June 27th, au unsuccessful attack was made by oar forces on the enemy’s position, which i resulted in a lots to us of between 2,000 and 3,000. Tbe following pai liculars are given: “ Pursuant to my orders of the Jlih, a di version w as made on each flank of the euemy, especially down the Sandtown Koad. At 8 P. M. Gen. McPherson attacked at the southwest end of Keu'aw, and Thomas at a point about a mile further south. At the same time the skirmishers and artillery along the whole line kept up a sharp Are. Neither attack succeed ed, though both columns reached tile enemy’s works, which are very strong. Gen. McPherson reports tils loss at about 500. aud Tbomaa 2,000. The loss is particu larly heavy in general and Held oiticera. Gen. Hooker is reported to be mortally wounded; j also Col. Dan McCook, eoimnauding a brig ade, Col. Kice, of liie 57th Onio, very serious ly; Cols, liurshall, of tbe 4'tlh Illinois, and Augustine, of tbe 55th Illinois, are killed. Gen. McPherson took 100 prisoners and Thomas about as many; but I do not suppose we inflicted heavy loss upon the enemy, as he kept close behind his parapets. No further military intelligence hat been received by the Department.” (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. One Day Later from Lurojtt. New Yoke, June 28. The steamship City of London, from Liver pool 15th, via Queenstown 10th, arrived here 1 early this morning. The steamer Kear surge was in Fluahiug Hoads on the 12th. The pirate Alabama arrived at Cherbourg June lltb, and lauded forty prisoners, the crews of two Federal ve.sels, names not men tioned. The Alabama was to be permitted to | make extensive repairs at Cherbourg. The Daily XewB believes the opposition plot for the overthrow of the l’almerslon ministry | is broken down and abandoned. The intend ed resolution being craftily worded, and not a direct " no confidence ” vote, failed to receive the approval of a large uuuibef of conserva tives. The Ilerald, the conservative organ, contin ues its arguments in favor of au attack ou the ministry, contending that a new Cabinet un der Derby would obtain more from the Ger mans than the present ministry. It is rumored that England will propose a new line of demarcation, but Denmark ad heres to the line of Daunerwerke. The Daily News says the prospects of peace are as remote as ever. The Germans conlin- , ue to hold out. Lord l'almerston said in the House of Com mons that the prolongation of the armistice . was not final. The Conference can again ex tend It if desirable. Some excitement existed at Madrid under i the latest news Irom Feru. The English and French ministers are trying to effect a recon- 1 ciliaiion. ttebrt Attack amt Hr pulse at Lafayette. Chattanooga, June !5. i l esterday morning a flag of truce was sent into Lalayette in the name of Gen. Pillow de manding the immediate surrender of the towu aud threatening to burn it il the demand was’ Dot complied w ith. The rebels, 3,000 strong, had completely 1 surrounded the towu. On the refusal of Col Wilkins, who had only 400 men, the rebels ad vanced from all directions. At 0 o’clock they occupied three-fourths of the town, when Col. Cioxten, of Ihe 4th Kentucky, came up and captured about seveuty rebels. Col. Wilkins lost about fifty killed and as many wounded. Pillow left 100 killed aud wounded on the field. Col. Kaulkuer, of the 7th Kentuckv, was captured. Col. Chamberlain Confirmed us a Hriyaditr Gentrai, Washington..Tune 2*. Col. I). R. Chamberlain, of the 20th Maine1 regiment, has been confirmed as a Brigadier General. Contractors in Limbo. The special correspondent ofthe Boston Ad vertiser, in a dispatch from Washington, Jane 27th.says: “ The three horse contractors, Smot^of Dis trict or Columbia, Spicer of Illinois, aud Wor mer of New York, lately on trial by court-mar tiai, have all been convicted. Smoot is sen tenced to pay a fine of $10,000, Spicer $*,000, and Wormer $2000—all of them to be Impris oned In the penitentiary till their fine* are paid TOTS*. Portland Daily Press. ONE DAI LATER FROM EUROPE. Ariival of tbs Hibernian off Gape Rich, Cai'K Hack, N. F., June 27, ) Via Sackville June 28. ) The steam-hip Hibernian, from Liverpool Juue IGth ami Loudouderiy June 17ili, for Quebec, arrived off this l'oiut at 0 six o'clock tnis (Monday) morning. Tbe steamship Peruvian, from Quebec, ar rived at Liverpool ou the 14ih. * Tbe prisoners landed at Cherbourg by the Alabauia, were the crews of the ship Tycoon, Capt. Ayres, from New York forSau Francis co, destroyed by the Alabama, aud the ship Rockingham, previously reported. Tbe London Times publishes a letter fro Capt. Semmes, of the Alabama, giving the rcasous why the Confederate cruisers burnt their prizes, and his suggestions fora remedy. The communication tills two aud a half col umns of the Times. Semmes says it was his intention to have sent his prizes to be adjudicated upou at the poi ts most convenient lor the parties connect ed with them, but this intention was frustrat ed by tbe British orders. He asks, was it ex pected that 1 would abandon the right of cap ture altogether, and that I would be guilty of tbe child’s play ol capturing the enemy’s ships with one baud and releasing them with the other? Further, he inquires what inconve nience to Ureal Baitain, for example, could have possibly grown out of the lact of a cap tured vessel lyiug quietly in port iu charge of a ship-keeper and prize agent, until she should tie condemned? Why could site not have beeu sold under execution lor debt ? Semmes lakes credit to himself aud officers for every ship set ou lire, so much as they sacrifice their own dreams of prize money to the good of tbe Confederate Slates. The Times editorially replied to Semmi s arguments, aud thows them to be fallacious aud judicially unsound. The Conference, which was post|ioued from the 15lb to the Kith, has been stilt further postponed to the 13.h. The Moruiug Herald says these postpone ments are designed to prevent the ill effect which a sitting without result would have up on the public mind. They are principally made in the interest of the English govern ment, which is auxious to keep up longer hos tilities, in the belief that the Conference could | do something, and thus slave off disunion in Parliament. Tbe Morning Post says tt is felt that the motive for these repeated delays is the under standing that uuthing yet can lie accomplish ed to lecoucile tbe two opponents. A few days will bring a resumption of hostilities,and the Poet says there rau be no doubt Kngland, as soon as tbe war begins again, will step for ward iu the defeuse of Denmark. The Daily Telegraph says the idea has beeu broached that the frontier question should be submitted to special arbitration. It is reported that Earl Russell has made overtures to France proposing forcible inter vention by England France if the conference fails. The reply was not so favorable as ex pected. Tbe Paris Conatiluliooel argues that Eng land is comitted to assist Denmark if war is resumed, but France is free to act as she thinks tit. The Danish bank of Copenhagen calls ou the government, if war is resumed, without assistance from Kngland or Sweden to Invoke revolutionary aid, raise foreign legions and accept Uaribaldl’s offer. The Emperor of Russia and King of Prus sia were about to meet at Ki-senger. They are to be accompanied respectively by Prince Oortachakoff aud Count Rechberg and Uesa Yondermenk. It is conjectured that a political unerstand ing is aimed at. XXXVm 00KGBE38—Hrst 8oaaion. Washington, June 28. SENATE. A committee of coufereoce was appointed on the tariff bill, consisting of Messrs. Fessen- 1 den, Morgan aud I’omeroy. A bill to amend several aets concerning communication with the Insurrectionary Stales j was passed. The hill lo establish a Bureau of Freedmen's Affairs was considered. An amendment to repeal the joint resolution explanatory of the conAscaliou act was adopt ed—25 against 15. Mr. Doolittle offered a new section, subject ng assistants in insurrectionary districts to military law, and providing penalties by fine it ih.y should be eugaged in other business. Adapted. Mr. Willey offered an amendment, that the freedmen shall be provided with work by tl.e commissioner with humane persons at a fair compensation when he cannot And abandoned rebel estates on which to employ them. Adopted—19 against 15. An amendment was adopted, that no leases •ball lie for longer than one year without re newal, nor shall the United States be bound to pay damages for military possession. The Senate went into executive session, after which took a recess until 8 o'clock. EVENING SESSION. Tbe Freedman’s Bureau bill came up, and after a long debate was passed—21 to V.—Ad journed. HOUSE. Tbe Senate’s amendment to the Honse loan bill, excepting the $75,000,000 of bonds re cently advertised, was taken up and agreed to. The House, by &'{ against Tl, reconsidered the vote of last night rejecting Mr. Smllhers’ substitute lor tbe enrollment bill. This sub stitute was then adopted by a vote of 81 against 75. Mr. Stevens, of Penn., offered an amend ment, that the law with regard lo persons con scientiously opposed to bearing arms shall not be affected by this act, except as regards the amount of money to be paid for exemption. Agreed to—79 against AS. Tbe bill was then ordered to be engrossed for a third reading by a vote of 79 to 7$. Tbe House passed the Senate bill, with an amendment, for tho belter organization of the Quartermaster’s Department. Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, in reply to a question of Mr. Uoluian,said he did not intend to press bis motion to reconsider the vote by which the joint resolution to amend the Constitution , so as to abolish slavery, but should press it to a vote early next session.—Adjourned. Official lUtfmtch from Secretary Stanton. War Department, I Washington. June 28—4 I*. M. I To Major Gen. l)ix:—The following dis patch has just been received from Gen. Ilun- ' ter:— “I have the honor to report that our expe dition has been extremely successful, indict ing great injury uj>on the enemy anl victori ous. Uunuiug short of ammunition and finding it impossible to collect supplies while in the presence of au enemy believed to be superior to our force in numbers, and constantly re ceiving reinforcements from Richmond, and other points, I deemed it necessary to with draw, and have suet ceded In doing so, without 1 serious loss, to this point where we have met with ahuudaut supplies of food. A detailed report of our operations will be forwarded immediately. The commaud is in excellent heart and 1 health, and ready, r/tcr a few days rest, for service in any direction.” Nothing later than my telegram this morn- 1 ing lias been received from Gen. Grant or ; Gen. Sherman. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton. Secretary of War. Death of a Maine Soldier. Fobtbkss Monhok, June 27. Among the death* in the Hampton Ilotpit&l to-day, waa David T. Steveu»,Sth Maine. I I'm York Market. Nxw Tong. Junr 38 Cotton—mote active; lalef 8.0 bale* nt 1 to for middling u| land*. Elour-.alea 9*.000 bb!»; State end Weatern ex- I 0 l?"1 i.111* 18SJ>0j higher; Superfine State Sana »&0. Extra do 8 16^820; choice do 8 2648 3b; ; a Uo“p Ohio 9 ton In 60: choice do 8 66(4 9,26; Superfine We.tern 8 «>4 9 45; Extra 860*9 tt; •<SSw,n^b#£f«; ******4100 hbi*: Mi*«d*o good J 9?,: *“<> cxtrm 9 35*12 00; Canada better, tales la/X) bbls; cntnmjD Lxtrs 8 00S8&3* eatra good to choice 9 16«lo 35 . 'v;h?»t7r«l'« StSJOc higher; aalea 175,000 buahela; Chicago8prlng2 00 0 321; Milwaukee rlnh 2 1-*22>: amber Milwaua elodajlb Winter Pad Weecern21t<j2 W; amberMlchfgSlm‘“S!* K>J ,'“e‘ 8l^° ... Oat*—firmer: sales Panada at l*S|L98c. Beef—steady ; tales 3*> bbls. ^Pork—higher; sales 40u0bbls; new meg* 42 611® Cut Meats—sales GO pkgs; Shoulders 14®141« liams 17c. * ‘ j I ard— higher; sales 2*50 bbls at ldjftlSc. Butter— firm U 27@ilc. Whiskey—unsutleo ; *a es 3300 bbls at 1 70&1 80s sires 'Change 6000 bbls 1 80. bugar—quirt; sales fllG bhds; Porto Eico Site: Muscovado 1 ufja 20c. Coffee—dull; Rio 42®43o. Molasses—ii aoto e. Naval Stores—quiet ard steady. Spirits Turpentine—8 10®3 20 Freight, to JJmrpool-.teady; flunr lOjd; grain id fbr wheat in bulk and ship’s bags. Wool—vary Arm. Atrgvrivu JHJPHffC «// 0/Ml IHUH, Memphis, June 26. A rebel dispatch received at Holly Springs | yesterday, auuouuces the repulse ol Shut man by Johnston, with a loss of 4500 men, aud also , claims a victory at Petersburg, after tbe se verest engagement of tbe campaign. Pro*. Lincoln*e Letter of Acceptance. New York, June 28. Tbe papers will publish to-morrow a letter from President Lincoln, to the committee of j ibe National Union Convention, formally ac cepting the nomination of Prc*lden'. Commercial. Per steamship Hibernian, off ( ape Race. LIVERPOOL BREADS TUFFS MARKET. June 17.—Richardson, Spence A Co., aud others, report Flour quiet anu steady Wheat firm but price* teni downward; red we/tern 7s 9d(«,8j* 5d; red Southern 8sfd(&8»6d; white Western *>s6d<&9s3d Corn dull and downward ; ruixeu 27* 9J(&28-*. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET—Beef quiet aud steady, and price* tending upward. Pork | quiet aud steady. B icon tleadv ana pi ice* tending downward. Lard ?9&81«. 1 allow quiet and steady Butter dull and unchanged. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET— A/hes quiet ! aud steady, and price* tenoiug upward. SuKa> , ready and advancing. Coffee steady and price/ tending downward. Rice quiet and steady ana price* unchanged . Ro»iu tending upward, l’etro- ' leum tending upward; no tales. Latest via Londondary. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARK KT, June 17th - ' 8aJe* for the week were 71,000 hale*, of which 9.000 , were to speculator* aud 17,000 to expor ers. Tne market cloned buoyant at an advance of lor i American, aod jd for other description!*. Ihe sa'e* Friday were 8.00q bales, including 3 0*30 i to speculator* aud exporters. The market cloning , firm and unchanged. Ihe following are the au thorized quotations:— New Orleans Iklr nominal; middling 19$d ; Mobile fair nominal; middling 2J$; ' Uplands fair nominal; middling l9d. The stock in port is estimated at 204,7£0 bales, ef J which 17,600 are American. Breadstuff*—quiet and steadv. Provisions—dull. LONDON MONEtr MARKET, June 17 — Consols closed at 89J^9(. j lor m >uey. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 33gC6dis; Erie Railroad Stock Market. Naw Yoax, June 48. Second Board — Stoct » heavy. United States 6‘s 1881 coupons.112 United State* 6*s 1881 registered.103. United States 6-29 coupon*.103j ! United States one year certificate* new. 94 Canton Company. 39$ 1 Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 70I I Blew York Central.1881 2uick*ilrer Mining Co,. 74 rie.114j Erie preferred.112* Hudson..139* I Reading.33 J Michigan Central....138* | Chicago A Noith Western.62 Michigan Southern. 95 Illinois Central scrip.)3o Cleveland A Pittsburg.115$ Chicago A Rock Island.113 Pituburg, Fort Wayne A Chic* m.lit; Gold closed this afternoon at 2 3SJ2 40. July 5th, 18G4. Grand Excursion Buxton Centre Grove ! , ARCANA LODGE, No. 1, I. o. Of Gk T. Will make their annual Excursion to the above nmed beautiful Grove on TUESDAY, JULY 5th, 1*01. A band of Malic will accompany tbe party, and Speabina, Dancing, Foot Ball, Sain*,, ftc.. will be turnbbed without extra ebarpe Kerrethmonta In abnodauo. for sate on tbe ground Fare oat and Back, ..... 50 rent*. ran leare Vork ft Cumberland Depot at and 10i A M , and 1J. Returning leare Buxton at :t, and St o'clock. CVwrtiai'fee./ Y. G. Rlah, K. A Sawyer, Andrew Camming*. JctTdlw JtLY 4, CM4. OF ererf description, as low u llu'ton or New | York prioww, mcb aa Rocket», Roman Candle», Scroll Wheel*, Flnicer Pol*. Blue Light*. Benjolia*, Vertical Wheel*, Pin Wheel*, Ser p nts. Floral Shell*.Torl)illion*, Gra**hopper*, Triangle*, Mine* and Bomb*. TOKI’F.DOfcS. bolt quality—tail count. FJRF. FR AFKfcKH, No. 1. Faitarn Frorbrri. COMIC MA8K8, ad I'Tlci and pricfi Slow Match, New •tylwa Fir* Work.—Rod. White and Blue, aid Spangletn, particularly adapted for ladles; they can be yiied in tbe day or nl(bt time. IRON AMI BRASS CANNON! (/yah Iff re cm Pattern,) Torpedo ^Cracker PiMtoln, Iron Cracker Pistols, Pistols, FLAGS oi all Sizes! —AT— Chan. Day, Jr.’s. Also the largest assortment of FisUlnc Taok.lo To be found iu the city: Vly and Halt Rod*. Bamboo Bod*. Cane Rode. C lick and Multiplying Reeds,silk L‘uc«--Braid* d and Twisted—Common Hook*, Bait Boxe*, >i-h Basket*, Fly tlook*, Ac. CHAS. DAY. Jr.. Jane22aodtojnl>4 114 Miudle street IMPROVED SKIRT SUPPORTER I AND CHEST EXPANDER MRS. KEED invites the attention of the ladies of Portland, to her new improved Skirt Sap Stoner and Chest Expander, fitting every iorm per ectiy, no cutting around the urn, the usual com plaint of all other Braces No ladv would be with out it for the support of Skirt* alone, alter wearing ' it, aa it is of great support to the back It also ex pands the chest, strengthen* the lung* and stomsch. and will rein* dy a very bad habit o! stooping. Also, a beautiful style of Hunt, indispensable in a lady’s toilet. Al*o, tor ladies suffering with 1‘rolap sus Utail or bearing down, she has a supporter she can confidently recommend for this distressing com f'laiut which medicine fails to rear h; if has no equal; j t Is far superior to the many mechanical supporters I used in such cases, fltilug the for u perfect y. It is free from pads and steel, and cr* a»e- no irritation; give* comfort and cas«, with such an amount of sup port yon would not think it possible to do without Also fit supporters for Hernia or Rupture. Also, Gentlemen's Braces with Suspenders on the same principle as ladies. Mrs KKKU will take pleasure in showing the above toall who will favor her with a call, at her Rooms. No. BA Danfonh 8t.. or at ladies’ residences if desired. Orders oan be left with Mi-* E. (’HAD- j BOURN, No. 7 Clapp’s Block, or with CHARLES CLAhK, No. 11 Market tquarr. Jel7dlwthencodtoc2r Carriages, Carriages! Firmly Built and Ntaily Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFER* for sale, at bis establishment, a variety of Carriages made in the neatest and most sub stantia! manner. The assfitmtut ectupms ail the diff rent styles of Light Carriages, and they will be sold on the most favorable ter ms. Terse ns intend- ! log to purchase Carriages will find it for their inter eat to call and examine before buving c sew here. JuneS&dtf For the Islands. On and after .lone 13th the steamer will uatil further notice . leave llurnham’a Wharf, for Teak's and Cushing’a Islands at 9 and 10.80 A. M., and 2 and 8 30 P. M. Returning will leave Cushing s Island at 9.49 and 11.16 A. M.. aud 2 46 and 6.16 T. M Tickets 26 cents, down and back; Children 16 eta. June 9-dtf Dissolution. THE Hrmot Howard A Strout, as Attorneysard Counsellors a* Law, is this day dissolved by mu tual consent. Either parti er will attend to the set- j tlement of of the business of the late firm Mr. Howard will contiuue to occupy offijeOl Mid dle street, over Casco Bank. Mr. 8trout wilt occupy office 106 Middle streit, opposite head of Tlumb street. Joseph Howah», 8 SWA I. L C. 8TROUT. Portland, June 27, l*t>4 —dim Ilackmrtark Ship Timber. OAK. Hack m stack. and Hard Wood l’lank, Tree nails from 12 to 18 inches, Treensil Wedges, Ac. Ke, by L TAYLOR. june2*d3ra Galt's Wharf, Port’and. Dean's Drum Corj s. DEAN 'S Drum Corps will promptly attend to all orders for Dramming for parades, Marches, Ac. All orders to he left at D. Whito’s store, Market Square. S. Dean, Drum Major june27 K I. HALL, Clerk. ‘ Notice. 1 11118 day I gire to my two sons. K J. ami ('ha*. . Randall, tueir time, to act aud tiad for them •elree; 1 shall not claim Mteir wage* or psv their debts. T. C. KANDaLL, Ki* r Fall*. Me Witness, Mary Piilsbury, Mary 8. PKlsbury. June 27.Ik4. Juue28 Boy "W-anted., To Learn the Book and Job Printing Bnsinesa. A SMART, act ire. intelligent Boy, about 16 yean of age, who ha* had a good euimuon school eu •cation, is wanted Immediate!* at TUCKER’S Book and Job Printing Office, and 71 Exchange street. Tortland. June tt. 1S84 - lw Housekeeper Wanted. A RESPECTABLE American Woman, of robust t health desiring a situation a* housekeeper in a ramJly In the country, will please address, with ref- I •races. HoutBEnarsB, Press Office JoasOTdlw I MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE —to i'm— bookseeileksi — AID — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! —AHI>— PUBLISHING HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, N03. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, Are lew fully prepared ta Supply th.© Trad.©! — AT TH*-1 Lowest Wholesale Prices. By apeciaj contract, recently with the Bo« tunnd New York Publisher., wc are enabled to •apply nay and All of the School Books, U*ed in thif State, oh The Most Liberal Terms. UnTingparchued the STnmaeTTrn Plate* from O. L. SAvaona A Co., of thli city, are .hall la fa tare pabli.h the ralnable Berlec of School Book* heretofore pnLlliUd by them. Thiiierlei, togith er with our former publicAtioei, will make the fol lowing Lilt:— Hortoi'i, Weld and Quaokenboe' Gram mar, The Progieisive Grammar, By Weld k Quackoabc*. The Progressive Parsing Book, By Weld k Quackenbos. Weld's New Grammar. Weld's Grammar, (Old Kditlou ) Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Header, Holbrook’s First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson's Arithmetic. B. k N'., *l*o publish illuuiKii’* Auti-Auuc iarSystm or Rapid Mercantile Writing, la Eight Part., with printed copie. at tha head of each page, In eaact imltatioa of the Author’, beaa tiiul ityla of PENMANSHIP. We call special attention to these New Writing Book*, As they are admitted to he the most practical Copy Books ever offered to the public; and they are bow being rapidly introduced, having the Bill endorse ment of the Sapermteadeat *f Pablie tf ike lisle el Isise. Besides the above list which we publish, eurbpec* ial contracts are for the following books Progressive Series of Readers and Spellers. Hillard's Series of IHeaders ft Spellers. Sargent's Series of Headers ft Spellers. Colton's ft Fitch’s Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONE|HY —AJTD— ROOM PAPERSI A FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N'. D.—Bookseller* or Country Dealers who are not cowing to the0ty, may write to usetating about what amount they purchase at a time, and we will *eud them a MBT OF PRICES, It wanted. Bailey <5z> Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 50 and 58 Euliangr Street, IPortJa-nd., Ivle. ail 26d2m Portland Army Committee Of T1IB u. S. ChriErtian_ Commission. Chairman, T. K Hayee, receive. Stun, at 110 Mid dle .tre*t. Tret.urer Cyrnn3turdlvant, receive. Money at 70 Commercial .treat. Secretary. Henry- U. Burgee., receive. Letter, at 80 t'orntaoMial event. Andrew J. ytiaf.‘, Dr. W. B. Jobn.on. JuuelSdU " ENTERTAINMENTS. I J j I ^TATT ftott.Maxaqis V Viit AMBi Rca k Co In again appearing before the people JH of America, desire to state i ahniSK that thpir present Menagerie ^A^P^^contains AN ENTIRE NEW Collection of Animali that were captured by or un- ! der the immediate supervi sion and direction of the great Van Amburgh Himself And are the products of an expedition to The ley Regions of the North Pole, The Pampas of South America, ^VppHTj The Deserts of Africa, ' And the'Jungles of Asia. 1 All of which were caused to contribute the choicest speci mens of Animated Nature to be found within their respec tive realms. They arrived In N. Y. late in the Fall of ’63 where an unparalleled and most tiiumphant success a waited them* Flushed with new laurels of success a trav elling paraphanalia was de sigaed of the most transcen dent magnificence possible to conceive which throughthelr immense resourses sprang into existence as if by magic. Cages of the most gorgeous deserrp \ turn j Wagons of thr most costly character; Harness cf surpassing beauty and elegance; Horses qf the best Arabian Hood; Mammoth vanegated Canvass of immense proportion ; And an entire retnwe of uner/ualled excellence art here to be seen. Human Intellec coula not in its grandest moment of codception originate aay thing more grand and das xling to behold. The verita ble Van Amburgh, (whom en vlous persona lrom bis long absence from America have taken advantage, and cansed the press to announce his de cease) will accompany the exhibition and bead the TRI _V "r I'M PH A E PROCESSION ^"B*i"l>,on its entrance to the place A of exhibition which will rep resent iu oriental splendor A Moving Panorama JjjDVB ' Nearly one mile in length. VAN AMBURGH The original Lion lad Hgil Tamer. Th« following llat was ta ken from the living Animals themselves in the Company* IluilJin?, 539 A Ml Hro.viwnv N. Y-. on the 22J of March, and therefore inay be consi : ere 1 .1 Comti I of . I nun ilt: Prof Lutwurth; '< Tr«iiw4 Aoinu' African Lion, As at.c Lion, Namv! ian Lioness, Brizlllun I >;er. lien.- .1 Leopard* Senegal Le >pard, Son h A • mertcan Jagutr, performed i.y hi n at each entertain msut. Living Giraffe, only one in A merles; Great Perl'-mui,- lllvphant, Tipp-n Sub, exercise 1 i jr J-Viuk Nib; Black AfricisUdlkh, nine Is--*t high. 8. A Grev Ontnfll; ra , i*atr <•!' White Bear; fair y wig l.i-.n; .. California Gr.ixly .r. \* ry I -r.-e , \ B**ng «l L* V - -J and V . Air, • . ' Panther, 1'. s; i»h fa..I ■■ r. Sii- _ ' ver Striped Hyena, Alkie :n Spoil* J Hyena. Atnin vi Panther . r I • ; Poonah or Minlon-t n !> *r only one in America; African Lien. \«i atie lion, Bengal I^opir.l, Young Lion & yeirs • .1.1. Brazilian 1-r. 8. A. Jaguar. African l.<*. jurJ. Hoy. al Bengal Tiger, only one in tnmi -a; l!unn**« or 8a<*r*-d . l-.-e .r 1* dir • Bear, Hr.ckr Mountai » Will * at, - ■ Japanese MwsVin Muine, Afrle*;i G .*«!!"•. Vir i i P Ail..-*; m Black Bear. Chin--- . :»d Mexican I»ogs, New Holla 11 K .riTar»>. Ain can Crowie l Cri.r •. Black Wolf. Grey Wolf, Kjyptiau G . Afncau B.»r iipin*. very rare: Blue N«u4 Hill Crane. Whir v v. r; 1 ,r. . _ Black Swan, ATri* a P . u . Spin uh an! Ameri-<i t vis, Mlver * Pheasants, Holden I'h-'inm. ish Macaws, American Cagle. Alpac ea Sheep, Ca-1, aer * Sheep. W|,uc I«ama, Tiger tSt. Med iM Yellow ('re-t Civ-kai . . Parr -tu -IBnci; 1 Monkeys an! !L Hare ;u*d Guinea 1*.. \ i-i.. .-r . . » mtnJi. B - 1 V» L;;<» y. q£. Monkey, W • cf 1> . ' » and f'urmjr ^ I > Mount u.i Badger. Aunrilun Shell Paroiueits. Wn,i« RjI< »• ■.! Mice, W lidah Birds, Black s ,irr» l, ( • atils, African Gamr Parrot., fampiro Prrrut-. Lore Bird- African kii? Na-*k Bar •; i *i •«. t .i tr . i ,n }. Lnri Pafoju**u. L«>ri Grinds Bing -a Parrots, S._A. Para... Chiiu— f ar- - I oi)U>it>, King and ‘f.irti Parrot-. Mu i CoeJjaO 8a»in Breast B-.r . quett. KnnNtiltyt,j>Ht added the 1 (■real ATI K \!.l V N Hlttl) Sift »\t. rsmulini of an iin sMw number • i Birds of every v «r ty *iui plt.n. - Pr«*ceJi«2 fils* p\,rI, prove,.m i! > ;.r. t \ .: ,•...j tin* |»! tco of • vhlbtti.n, m. vc be *t**tt the GOLOSAL GUL DEN i'll VIlIuT Ci*:it.Alni»lg Otto Homs’s I’uft.'ifT Dasi.. j_ . ? -t. Will Exhibit on WESTERN PROMENADE, near the Arfenal, Monday and Tuesday, July 18 and 19. Door* open 1J and 7}. Ami - ion only 25 cents — No kali price. june2$-29-3-jjaly 13-14-16-16 18&19 t'eiliral at Gorham. F|1 HE citizens of Gorham will hold a Strawberry X Festival and Fair, lor the benefit of the Armr Christian Commission, H’flnesdoy und Thursday. June 29 and 3). I In* fair will be opened at the Acad emy Hall at aJ o'clock P. M. on Wedceada}, and continue during the following dav. An exhibitiou of Tableaux w ill be given at the Town Hall on Wednesday Evening. at 8 o’clock On Thursday Evening a Musical Entertainment will be given at the Congregational l harch, by Mis* 11. N. Cam met aud Jennie Usher, ana Messrs John L Shaw, John Morgan and H S. Ddwar s. Refreshments, including Strawberries and Cream, will be lor saleat’be Academy during the f*ir Single Tickets entitling tie* holder to a^misonn to the lair, oe to either or the Ev *ning Kutertaiumeuts, 15cents. Packages o!4 tickets tor lamihea, 60 cent?, 0 tickets 70 cents. An extra train will be run .over the York and Cumberland R. K. on Thursday, leaving Portland at 6 o’clock V. 51 and returning after the Concert. QfTickrt* from Port’and forth* wholo trip, includ iug admission to the Concert, 5*) cts: Saccarappa, 40 cents; Buxton Centre. <0 cets: Bar Mills. 46 cts; will be for sal-at the stores of if Packard. Bailer h Noye* and t*«"born k Carter, in Portland, and at Pennell k Alb n s Saccarappa. Per U*der of Comm of Arrangements. Gorham June 27. 1854 —<!4t First Trot of the Season, OYM LING’S TROTTING PARK. For One Hundred Dollar.! m YkliUKO’, Main-, Friday, July l.t, 18*4, OtCMtrs to Dries. G 8. Swa*ey, name* R. M. I.ady Addington: J. O Neil. Names B. M. Emma Grant: Beat 3 iu 5 to llarne.-s. Lady Addington la th* same mare that trotted over th.8 course last September, winniug three straJglr heat* over Topav. Emma G«aut trotted at State Fa>r Portland.last fall, driven by Isaac Wood* ruff ot New York, one of the most stirring race* darleg the Fair. The other horse being driven by Harrey Bradl*y of Boston. Trotting focomence at 2|o'clock V M. SYLVANUS LING, i ane27dtd Proprietor, ' ENTERTAINMENTS. T II EAT R E~. i > i; e it r n~(T h a l e. Solt Let.9, and .Vanagtr.Mr J. C.Mgtrt THIRU and I,* ST NIGHT O; tbt Great Drama This Wednesday Eve’ng, June 29, The Tickct«ol-Leave Han ! I*reseated “»nt!r. ' for ibe dm time btre. Mr H A ' J L Myer-*. i W. Jelf.les. M.V ’ w.H. Hamblin. Mri.'willoadhly. Mr.’ Hyuitar! Admis'ion—P4rtju,tt« 60 oents, Gallery 26 Beats reserved without extra charge, on application at tha Bux Office from 10 a. m. to6 r. m. Curtaiu will rise at 8 o'clock. Doors open at 7j. jun*16 Strawberry Exhibition I The Portland Horticultural Society Will hold an Exhibition of S t r a, wb erries, — AT — Hechanica’ Library Room, —ox — Thursday Eve’ng, June 30, At 7} o’clock. They offer the folio wing Premium#:— For best six varietiej.Bt 00 " best four varieties. 8 <4) oe#t single variety. 2 00 Doors open kt $ o’clock P. M C'jinpjtitl ri open to everybody in the country, and all interested are invited to attend Per order. b. B. BLOvKl i, Sec'y. J)ue24dtd F AIR! , -roam BENEFIT OF THE S0LDIEB8. The “Little Acorn*” Will hoid a Fair at the HEW LIT V HALL, On the Afternoon and Evening of Wednesday and Thursday, June 29th 2 *>**. The proceeds will be given for t- e relief of the Sick aud Wounded boidiora of our Army. Ke freshmen ts for sale i“* the Seuis ( hamber. Music by the Band of 17th l. 6. Infantry. Iff"Tickets 26 cents. tun«23dtd PKOSEHADECONCERT -roi TUB BENEFIT of the SOLDIERS. VPROMKNADE Concert will be given by the “LUH* Aformt," on the Evening o! the Fonrth ' oi July, at the HEW CITY HALL ! Re'r*si>mentf for sale in the Senate Chamber. Mu# c by he Baud of th* 17th U. 8 Infantry. Dsucing to commenee at 8$ o’clock. T cketa 26 cents. june23Jtd NEW OPERA HOISE M LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVENING. An Entire Change of Programme. LOVE, or the Rivals ! A dm Is. ion if cents; Reserved Scat,*0 Hill. J. SPRAGUE. t m»ylT f H. BLANCHARD, | *»»•»«• cV^^AXE?e* S'C%®' OLYMPIC CIRCUS V a»if r tb« Mr iag«*a»«Bt oi GOODWIN & WILDER. Acrobats. ; with their world-wide celebrated | TROUPE OF ACTING DOGS An* 3SOKJ5SYS, u'k«" V'rformniK-n .....d. in ifit.rerat and novelty anything of thv kind ever seen in America. The Learned Trick three, PEGASSUS. The Wonderful Pony, WONDER And Mrs. J. M. Nixon's Wond.rfhl Performing Hone. GEN. SCOTT. 1h<* muanr under the direction of Pkti»*»2M»K J. SILI.OWAY. (rum th« Academy of Mu.ic, Bo- • The M n.ajer takes pleasure la aanounciu* the ea gtgeincut of NR. MAURICE SANDS, The Celebrated Trick Blder from the Circa de Ha rana, Cuba, alto tike KKE.UL1* NAHABOCTS, Or the Arab Nomads of the Desert, who ail appear every afteraoou. Every night will be produced under the dirotion of Nr Jams* Cook, front AstJey a, London, the Engl sh Historical Equestrian Drama ot Dick Tur pin, or the Highwayman's Bide to York, and the Death of Bonny Blaok Bess. Will Exhibit at Portland, June 98 A. 99th, i'u«.da» f r»d«»dsy, Afltrotn f Kerning Admission, 55 Onts. Bniu.wlokThuMJsy.Jun. *); Bsth Friday, July 1; Gsrdin.r Saturday, July 2. J»»tM»o20 AUCTION SALES. Auclftoit Sole of Permits to C«t Timber in Canndn—R* al Estate ta Grand Falla, N. Ii. TU £K£ will bp tolrl it public suction At the off oa of lijury Hailey A Co , Exchange street, Port* land, Maine, on TLurtday, Juno ik-ib, 1864, at It) o'cltck a. ii. to cio,e a ccrc* ru. License* Nob 2 and 1 to cut timber M c., iu Cans* dn.on tbe nortleweet bra- cb oMhe river 8t. John — where it ia iattmcuU by tl.e boundary lino between .a aD<*tae 01 Main*—and »xtt uaiog up r.w t0 *r.f •©■re*’. not to exceed, however, tea miJea by 2) miles each aide, tr 60 square miles. Alio, a certain parcel or Ktal Estate situated at Grand Eaila, iu the County cl Victoria, acd at tbe pietent timo occupied and imiioved by Wm. b. West, Ei*q , and lorrnerly owned by G« orga Young, eonUinlag three (2j aorta or more With LuiJdinaa oa tbe same. I*or lUrther particulars irnuire of tbe auctioneer or llEEiiEY. FLiclCiikE * CO., Portland, Maine. may9Gd 1 a w t oj u n e?5t lieud t o ju u e£ 0 Guardian’s Mule of lieu! Estate. PUKSUAX f to a lirann from the lion. John A. Waterman, Judae cf Probate tor Cumberland county, 1 hereby giro notice that I shall offer for *. o V P11^*-1 auction on Friday. July 8, A D., 1864, at 2 o clock P. M. on the promisee, ou' -eight part, in *D<* nndlvidet, of a certain lot of lai d . “ the dwelling house on Krai kiln stmt, Port th* Pr°perfy ol Parker Haley, decear* numbered 54 on sold .tree:. *d ®c® part being tbe .lure of bit wards, i*i “STI ,*l*)r' “ O Lydia Lidding, Carr 11s ley in i-aid prrps-rtv • Dated at Portland this 12th day of May A. D. 1M4. .. JoH!» J- AliAlld, G«»rdl»B. “5*.,,In' aud ' '»••» rtrosiolog raven Stfhtsofssfd property will be offered for (|V lb. {jdlt* toot**TW1 11,1 *fc<* ro',m* Tbe lot 1* (boot U HESKY BAILEY k CO., Auctioneers Jane 29—dtd aucuosews. Valuable Rcitl K-'nie. "burl. Flat* 4c. For Sale. TO cloee the estate of the late Charles Jordan w* offer tor sale tbe following de-cribtd propertyv Wh.rfand plats, corap.isiog about ninety thousand > feet ol ffals, with a frontage of ore hundred twenty tix feet on Comroetcial strest. with tbe tunings • be eon; four iota on tbe wsoterly olds of C- nni.r clsl ,tre«t 52 by 100 each; a lot adjoining on 1'xrk •irset, 78 feet front,ti6 leet de< p; lot on Fxtk street 3* bv6»: Store on comer of Faik sad York street lot 25 by 80; new collage heu e Vi York street, lot SI by 80; a lot of land on Slue et-eet ixl feet tront, containing tbout ten thousand feet. with a cottage bouse iu tbe tear; two »ad * loll s'ory modem built bouse 05 Yo,k stnet, eoatxii iog 12 roome, got, bo largo lot ; cottage bouse No. # Tyng street, lot *0 by 1,0; cottage boa-e No. 11 Trag street, largo lot. Hi. .bore i ropeity «ill be void on easy tsimo, and all not previously d up sed of, will be Mia at Auction on Tnesday, July 12th. at II o'clock Is Mm forenoon on tbe premises. For particular* apply to the subscribers. CHAKLKH JORDAN, , GARDNER JORDAN. jans22dti EDWARD fl. PATTEN. Commission Merrfaant £ Auctioierr, Hue removed to the rptcloui otore U Exchange Btre-t. four doors below Merchant's flxahauge. Will reoelye 001 Igncnei. ts of Mercbandko M *1*17 description. for public or private *ale. Bake of Real Estate. Vessels, t argoes, blocks and kin rbaadlse solicited. Cash advances made, with prompt sales and returns. incklS dly At Ziane’s liiU*\u‘B W areUouse \ NO. 4 FREE ST., PORTLAND. JUST ratarnrd from Now York with a larg* aa* •omnfnt of BASKETS, both Traveling and Work. AIm , large lot of BIRD CAGES, All -Veto Pattern t. Alto. Font of varies* kinds; Wire Window Screens—pointed in onion and plain. A largo slock of all kinds of iKITCUEX GOODS. As usual: Wooden'Won of nil kinds. CAU4rc»,e , Carr.affrt. Toys be. All Hold Cheap/or War nates. Juno 14 —d3w ror Jti.arpawoll. TWO TKII'9 DAI LV, ( .xri^arf j Th» nf« iqA fut Steamer “Clinton,” C. KELLEY, Siaattr, Having bre. thorouthlr repair*) a a»l it-fitted lor light freight and ps* will commerce her regular tripe to Harps well. MONDAY. the2Dth last., Teev mg Custom House tv bar f. at m.ko A. U .and S I* M. Leave Harps well at 10 » A. M and 6 F. M. touching on the south side of C bebeague Island each nj. rgke each way* Harr* well 69 cts, Che beams Met*. Excursion tickets to Uarp.-vwt-ll snd hack, 76 cents: Che League Island and bark 6t> cts. KOdS k 61 L'KDl YAN'T. Agents, _ ... 7a Commercial street, y June 16—dtf ‘The Best is the Cheapest.” Try oaa ol TEBE I’M Cm Bogota Hats! rou HILL LIKE IT. (The Bnt to be found Ju the Clly. P K R U \ , 151 MidUlo atroet. June 16—dtf TO TfLE AFFLICTED I DR. W. nTdEIIIVU, NTedical Electrician, N«. 11 CUpp i Block, COAXES or COX OBESE AND ELM STBEMTU WOULD reipactfn:!, uinoanc. to UusIUmb. ol r.rtJud and vicinity, that In ha* peau»i W located in thi, city. During the eicvoa mouth* that * , hare bo«u in town wc bare cured com ol the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried ether forms of treatment in vain, and curing pa ints in so short a tim« that the question Is often Mini, do they stay cured * Td answer this question ws will say that %A that do cot tay cm ad, we will doctor the second time fur QuthJog. Dr. D. has been a practical Meet r1 elan fer twenty one rears, and is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chrunio Ylrmii in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia ta the head, neck,or extremities; c>r sumption, when la the aost?stages or where the Jungs are not felly Involved; acute or chronic ritecmsiiia, scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, -spinal diseases, curvature Of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas' Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indigee. t|»a, oonstipation aud liver complaint, piles wecurt every oase that can he presented; asthma, bronchi* its. ■♦riPtnfea of the chest, and all forms af female complaint*.| By Blootriolty The Bheumatio. the goaty, the lame and the iny *®ap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of yoath; the heated brain is cooled; the feast bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness conrerted to vigor, weakness to strength; the bliud made to see, the deaf to hear and the palsied lorm to mors upright; the bJemisbes at youth aro obliterated; the nccul*uia of mature lilt prevented; thecs’amlties of oio age obviated, and an active olroalauoo maintained. LA1)IU| Tho (rare cold hands aad feet; weak atomeoJm i ■las sod weak backs; nervcus tad sick kaadaabai Usslaesaaad swimming in the head, with Indies*. Uoa and ooustipatioa of the bowels; pain la tbs Sis ud back; kncorrhcoa, (or whites); falling of tba womb with Interaal saneers; tumors, polypus, and *11 that long train os diseases will lad la YUsctrfc. tty a aura means of care. F or painful menstruation, tx> profuse menstraatioa, and ail of those long Una af troablee with young ladies, Electricity it a certstia ipeoitc.aad will, In s short tune, restore the suferae to the rigor of health. IT**'• ko*eea *U:tro-(%m4eal Jppmrmtmt let extracting Mineral l'oiscu from the system, tack at Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, he. Hundreds who era trouble with stiff Joints, week backs, aad tart an* otherdifficultieo, the direct cense of which, la alna cases oat or tan, is the effect of pcisoaoos dimes, aaa be restored to natural strength aad rigor by tha »se of from Ire to eight Bulbs. Office hoars from 8 o clock A. a. to 1 r. a.; 1] I; modi to 8 r. a. Consultation Free Irltlaed Maine Central Railroad Company. Annual Mewling on Weslaeaday, Jane It, IHfll, nt WnlerTlile. flttlF, Stockholders are hereby notiffasl that lha t Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of tho Mime Central Kailroad t ompnur will bo held ot Town Hall in Waters iiis, oo Wednesday, Jane 28, !8t4. at 10 o'clock in tba foreoooo, to oci oa tho fol lowing arlie'es, ris: 1st—To boor the Kep'rts of the Diraetors aad Irrs-ursr of'Sid t'ompauy. and act thereon. 21 TO make choice of o Board of Directors for the ensuing year. 3. 1'. BESSON. Clark. WstorelUi, May 31,1.884. JuueSdtd GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Excursion Tickets I Se:i*on 1 Hfll. Tickets Good to Retain to Hot. let rv)ll rickets and grueral icformstioa apply to tho r « illee of the llr.tieli and American Express Co , 80 Exchange street. Juae24isd2w Wood Lot tor Sale. IN Cope El zsbeth, within three miles of tbs city. 10 or 18 acres beati'v woeded with pfre timber, •praco sud hem'oek. will be so d with or without tha land, to suit pureba-er. For further particulars in quire of JAMES SMALL, on the prem ses. JuatBMtf Hoars) iii|p. 4 RKSPECTIABI.E. privsto. Srst-claas Boarding IV Uooso Just Opened, being newly flt'ed up. nt 7f Freo sticel. for gentlemen with or wi'hcut their families Suits o< rooms for tnmilies. Jnne£6dlm* Portland Laundry. Does all k'ndsof family woik. or ders lett nt F. A SMITH'S. No. U8 Fodurot St., will he promptly offended to. Jt37dlw* (AML L1WU.

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