Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 30, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 30, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY VOLUME III. PORTLAND, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 30, 1864. » WHOLE NO 61S PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor. published at Ho. Sti EXCHANGE H. A. FOSTER* CO. tHa Postlard Dailt Paa*aia published at *8.00 par year; If paid itrlotly la advanoe, a discount of •l.flt) will he made. Single oopies three oentg. ins Hants statu Passe is published every Thurs day morning,at S2.0* per annum, In advance; *2.‘11 If paid within six months; and W it', If payment be delayed beyond the year. Kutaaof Advertising: One Inch of spans la length of column, oonsUtntee a "sqsaxi." •1.60 per sonaro daily first week; 76 oente per week after; throe Insertion* or lose, fil.OO; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, turee Insertions or less 76 oente; one week, fil.OO; 6U oente per week alter. Under head of AxoaswaxTS, NT 00 per square per •reek ; three insertions or lone, »1,60. SrnotAL None no, *1.76 par square first week, •1.00 per square after; three insertions or less, >1.26; balf^n square, three Insertions, *1.00; one week, Advertisements inserted in the Mam Statb Pnnas (which hat a large circulation In erery part of the State) for 80 oente per square in addition to the above rate#, for each insertion. 1-eoAL Norient at ntaal rate#. Transitin'advertisements mast be paid form ad* vaaee Boamnes Nonane, In reading oolumna, 12 eents per line for one insertion. No eharge lets than fifty e mta for each insertion. t7~Ail c ommunications Intended for the paper should be directed to the “Editor qftht Prett,’ and those of a business oharactcrto the PiMitkm, SF’Jos Puinie ol every deeeriptios exeoated wit*'dispatch. F. Tracy. TramHag ,A—2 Thursday Morning, June 30, 1864. BURRIED ALIVE. A Story °f Port Pillow. My name is Daniel Taylor, and my skin Is dark, as my mother’s was before me. I have lieard llial my father had a white face, but 1 think his heart aud life were blacker than ray mother’s skin. 1 was born a slave and remain ed a siava until last April, when 1 found deliv erance and shelter under tbe flag that my mas ter was tigbtlug to dishonor. I shall never forget the day when freedom came to me. 1 was working in the Helds down in Alabama, my heart was full of bitterness aud uutlerable longings. I had dreamed two long years of escape Horn my bondage; the tbougbl clung to me through the nights, and filled all the dayi with a wearied sort of nerv ous expectation. But my dreauu bad proved nothing more than dreams; the opportunity I yearned for did not come. But that day, work ing in the Helds, suddenly along the dusty road there Hashed a loug column of loyal cav alry, the old Hag flying atita head How many hearts leaped at the sight; how, like a revela tion, came the thought: “This Daniel Taylor is your opportunity!” Need I tell you how I acted upon that thought; bow in one second of time, I leaped out of slavery into freedom, and from a slave became a man? Well, joining the Hashiug column, I rode with them for days, coming at last iuto Baton Kouge, and thence, having joined a regiment of my own people, came to Memphis. But there are uot four hundred of us to-day, lor j three hundred and odd were murdered in cold blood only a week ago by Forrest's rough rai ds) s. It waa a day o! horrors—that 12th of March. There were seven hundred ol us in all in tbe fort—three hundred whites of the Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry, aud four hundred blacks, aa I have said, all under command of brave Major Booth. The fort consisted simply of earth-works, oa which we had mounted hall a dozen gttns. We knew that Forrest had pil laged the country ail about ns, and imagined that perhaps he would pay us a visit; but tbe thought did not alatm us, though we knew, those of us who were black, that we had little to expect at the bauds of the rebels. At last, about sunrise on the mornlug of tbe 13th, For rest, with some OOOU men, appeared, and at once commenced an attack. We met the as sault bravely, aud for two hours tbe tight went ou briskly. Then a Hag of truce came in irom Forrest, askiug an unconditional surreuder, but Major Bradford—Major Booth having been wounded—declined to surrender unless the eueiny would treat those of us who were black as prisoners of war, which, of course, they re fused to do, end the flght weut on. Tbe enemy, in the uext few hour*, made several desperate charges, but were each time repulsed. At last, about four o'clock, they •eut iu another Hag. We ceased firing out of res|>ect to the Hag; but Forrest's men had uo such notions of honor and good faith. The moment we slopped firing they swarmed all about the fort,aud while the Hag was yet with drawing, made a desperate charge ou all sides, j Up to that time only about thirty of our men b«d been hurt. But iu this charge the enemy got within tbe earlbworks,and forthwith there ensued asceue which uo psu cau describe.— Seeing that ail was useless, most ol us threw dowu our arms, expecting, and mauy begging for quarter. But it was in vain. Murder was In every rebel heart; flamed in every rebel eye. Indiscriminate massacre followed Instantly upon our surrender. Borne of us, teekiug shelter, ran to the river aud tried to conceal ourselves among the bashes, but for tbe most pari iu vaiu. The savages, pursuing, shot dowu the lugilives in their tracks. There was Manuel Virhi.U as brave a ant,tier aa Mi*er ear ried a musket, lie had been a free negro iu Michigau. But votuuleered a year ago to tight for the Union, lie, with others had sought shelter under the bank of the river, but a cold blooded monster found him. and putliug a pis tol close to his head, tired, failing however to kill the brave fellow, lie was then hacked on the atm, aud ouly a day after died, delirious, In the hospital. Then there was It tbert Hall, another colored soldier, who was lying sick iu the hospital when the massacre comm meed. The devils gashed his hand horribly with their sabres, and cut oil part of bis right hand, winch he had lilted In a mute appeal for mer cy. Then there was Harrison, of the Thir teenth Tennessee, who was shot four times af ter surrender, aud then robbed of all hU ef fects. Be lore I was shot, running along the river bauk. 1 counted tiny dead Union soldiers lying in their blood. One had crawled into a hollow log aud was killed in it, auolher had got over the bank into the river, and on the board that ran out into the water. He laid ou it on his face, with his feet iu the water, and when Isaw him was already stark aud •tiffl Sev-ral had tried to bide in crevices made by the falling hank, aud .coaid not be seen without difficulty, but they were singled out and killed. One negro corporal,Jacob Wil ton, who was down on the river bank, seeing that no quarter was shown, stepped into the water so that be lay partly under it. A rebel coming along asked him what was the matter, he said lie was badly wound«d_and the rebel, after taking from his pocket book all the mo ney he had, left him. It happened to be near a fiat boat lied to Ut« bauk. Wheu all was quiet Wilson crawled into it, and got three more wounded comrades also Into It, and cut loose. The boat floated out into the channel and was found ashore some miles below.— There were alaa! few such fortunate escapes. i,was shot near the river just about dark Running fur my life, a burly rebel struck me with bis carbine, putting out one eye, ami then shot me in two places. I thought he would certaiuly leave me with that, but I was mistaken. With half a doxeu others, I eras at once picked up and carried to a ditch, into which we were tossed like so many brutes, white and black together. Tlieu they cover ed us with loose dirt and left us to die. Ob, how dark and desolate it was! Under ms were several dead, and right across my breast lay a white soldier,still alive 1 How he clutch ed and strained! How, hurt and weak as I was, with only one hand free, I struggled for air and life, feeling my strength waning every inomeul! it was a strange thing to lie there buried and yet be able to think and pray.— Maybe, friend, you have known what agony was, but you never had such pains of soul as 1 had down there iu that living grave. I thought I could feel the worms gnawin'* at my flesh; I ain sure I had a taste of what death is. with the added pain of knowing that I was not dead, and yet unable to Uve in tliat dark, dismal tomb. Bo 1 clutched and strain ed and struggled on, digging upward as I could with ray one puuy hand. At last_oh Joy!—a faint streak of light looked in; my hand had carved an avenue to the world of life! But would I dare to lift my head?— Might not aorne rebel, standing by, strike me down again on the moment? But 1 could not die there in that grave; I mint escape.— Slowly, painfully, 1 rolled tbe burden from inj breast—As was dead by that time—and then carefully orept out Irom that living death. 1' hat dark and no one was near. A moment 1 ood up on my feet; then— The next thing I remember I was In the ospital where l am now. They had found me just where I fell, and brought me to t place of safety, where, alter a while, conscious ness returned. I have been bare a week now, ami I tbiuk I shall gel well. I lie lu the cot where poor Robert Hall lay, when he was butchered by the rebels. They showed me, yesterday, a letter he had written the day belore the massacre, to bis wife. He bad learned to read and write at Memphis, after his enlistment; and used to send a mes sage to his wife aud children, who still re mained there, every week or so. This was his letter, which a surgeon bad helped him put together: ‘‘Deaii Mammy”—It ran—“ I am very sick here in the hospital, hut am bettei than I was aud hope to get well soon. They have been very kind to me; and 1 Hud it sweet to suffer for the dear flsg that gives me shelter You must not worry on my account. Tell Katy she must not forget to ssy her prayers, aud to study her lessons carefully now while she has an opportunity. And, mammy, take good care of the baby; I dreamed of her last . night, and I think how sad it would be, to die and never see her little face again. But then Chaplin says it will all be right in Heaven, and be knows pelter than we do. And, mam my, don’t forget we are now free; teach both the darlings to be worthy ol' their estate." This was poor Hall's letter—it had not beeu sent, and we have no heart to send it now. He Will never see the baby’s face here, but then trod may let him see it up yonder! X hope to recover and get away from here very soon; I want to be in my place again; for I have something to aveugc now, aud I cannot bear to wait, l’osr Hall's blood is crying to me from the ground; and I want to be able, sometime, to say to Manuel Nichols' wife, up there in Michigan, that hi* fall has had a compensation. And may God speed the day when this whole slave-holders’ rebel lion—what remains of it—shall be ‘‘Buried Alive.” Late Foreign Items A descendant of Shakespeare is now resid ing in Wolvet hampton. HU name is George Shakespeare, the eldest male descendant in the direct line from Gilbert the great poet’s broth er. He U very poor and has great difficulty In obtaining by his labor daily bread for his wife and family. A writer In the London Times asks the rich men and managers of theatres to help George in his poverty. He says “Heav en lias written George's pedigree in the plain est characters upon his brow, and that he Is the living image of the poet,” It has been generally understood there is no living descen dant of the great poet’s family. A correspondent of the London Times at Paris, says: The authorities appear to Ire growing shy of the democratic origin of the Government. A day or two ago the Commissary of Police at Bordeaux paid a visit to the office of the Gi ronde, the leading journal of the department, and told the printer that if the placards of the Opposition candidates at the elections for the Councils General and Municipal were headed “Democratic Committee” they should be torn down by the police. The editor was then questioned as to whether it was bis iuleotiou to affix the obnoxious words to the list which was anuouuced to appear in his paper. The editor asked the commissary what were his motives fur putting the question; but the com missary replied that be had come there, not to give explanations, but to get them. The Salul Public of Lyons states that the hopes entertained of an abundant vintage in the Beaujolais have been partially, if not en tirely, destroyed by a storm experienced there. A Parliamentary return states that no leu than 7,824 sheep are supposed, or at least re ported, to have been killed by dogs in Ireland lo the year 1808. A correspondent of the Londou Times, writ ing from Xew York In relation to Gov. Sey mour’s action touching the World and Journ al of Commerce case says: “ The Governor’s letter to the District Attorney Oakly Hall, is a long, vague and rhetorical disquisition, fit only to be spoken la a debating society, upon the blessings oi Liberty.” The writer thinks the Governor iu his official unification to loyal functfonaties who are supposed to need no such lecture from the executive head ofaS’ate. "suggests Buncombe and not business." Tlje writer further says, the merchant* of Xew York, Instead of beiug convinced by the reas oning, have very generally laughed at it. Au English agricultural paper aays that Ar nica, a well knowu remedy for certain 111* that afflict man, is also adapted to the lower order oi the animal kingdom. It is an alterative and stimulant, aud an excellent remedy in cues of pleurisy, weakness* of the loins, and muscular weakness. A London horse doctor testifies that he has used aruica with extraordinary re sults in cases of rheumatism in horses. Increase of Pay of Soldiers. The bill increasing the pay of uoo-cominis sinned ollkeia and private* iu the army, pro vides that on and alter the tlrsl ol May, and during the ccmliuuiuce of the present rebell ion, th* pay per mouth of non-commissioned officers aud private* iu the military service shall be as follows: Sergeant-majors, $20; 'juarterma-ter and commissary sergeants ol cavalry, artillery aud iutautry, $20; sergeants of ordnance, sapper* aud miner* aud pouloniers, $24; cerporala of ordnance, sapper* and miner* aud poutouier*, i $20; private* of engineers aud ordnance of the lirst class, $18, and of the second class $10; corporals of cavalry, artillery aud iu fanlry, $18; chief bugler* of cavalry, $20; buglers, $1G; farrier* aud blacksmiths of cavalry aud artillery,$18; privates or caval ry, artillery aud infantry, $16; principal musi cians ol artillery aud infantry, $22; leaders of brigade aud regimental bands, $75; musi cians, $16; hospital stewards of the first class, $22: hospital stewards ol the second class, $25; hospital stewards of the third class, $22. Snoubisu VunoAitiTV.—Manton Marble, the cUiuir of the World, rails at Mr. Lincoln aud Andrew Johnson for their humble birth*. The Albany Express sutes that this raiier was once a poor boy In Albany, who probably would not have emerged from obacurity but for the benevolence of a geulkman who be friended bim having the expectation that be would enter the ministry. And now the piti ful snob talks sneeringly of “rail tpliieri'’ and “boorish tailors.’’ Stage IVotioe! For North Conway, N.II. Tri-Weekly Line. PASSING Eli 3 leare Portland at 7 46 am. over the V k O. B.H. Monday*,Wednc<davs and Fri days via Gorkina, StMidbh.Limlngfon. Corniah.tii ram. Brown field aud Fryeburg, arriving at Korih Conwav at 0 J o’clock 1*. M, returning bjr the tame route Tuendavs. Thursdays and Saturday*, arriv ing at Portland in seaiton to take the Boaton steam era. ’ h* excellent accommodation* aud remarkable •oviier/ arc not surpawod bv any other route. John w: weeks, _ . Proprietor and Driver. June 21—dim BRADFORD A HARMON, Pension and Claim Agent*, (Eatablfched iu 1861.) STILL contiune to devote their special ard exclu •ive attention to the prosecution of Claims tor Pension*, Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money, Aud all other claim* against the Government, hav ing been duly 1.censed therefor. f IT* All advice free. Term* a* low as at any oth er Agency, and no pay ic^uired until the claims are obtained. Office 83 Exchange street, Jose Block. F HKADFOKD, A K liAKMVN. June 21 —dtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet, • • Portland, Me.a IVCariiages and Slei^Us ou band aud made to ord' '■ Jaasl&dtf Copartnerwliip. riTHE undersigned bsve forrnsd s copartnership A, “1“?eVh.t' o1 Fsssua* Bsotbkhs. and bava leaisd the .tore formerly occupied by Twltcbet! No. 85 Commercialunst, whe-e tta-j propose to carry on the Flour. Tea and I obsess t>u,mo“- JAMES FREEMAN, , Forlland, June 9.—dewrKKFMAS. MISCELLANEOUS. UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED bj tbe STATE OF MAIRK Charter Perpetual. Organized, VA*. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, 64t State Street, .... Button, Mass. Prezident — HENRY CROCKER Vice-Prezident— DANIEL SHARP. Secretary-tv H HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSOX, Ceneral Manager of Agrnciez in the New England 2tOi04. Aateta, 31 if December, 186*. $839,088.41 Lea ten Paid to data, $730,030.00 Dividend Paid in Cash to date, $340,038.09 F|! HIR Company offers peculiar advantages toper X sons intending to iasurs tucir lives, in its sa.ety and stability, a.qmr«d iu it* fourteen >«ar*' expert euee; in i s asse s, which, (without its capital of •It) ,000,) amounts to over three-quarters ot u million ot dollars, bitug more than two hundred thousand dollars iu excess of it* liabilities lor tbe reinsurance of all out-standing risks; into* facilities presented io it* accommodating s>stem ol payments ofpremi urns; iu the large number, diversiti’d conditions and occupations, vari u* ages and localities of lives in sured, giviug the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the laws of average mortality, and the am plest guaranty to the insured for the beuedt* there of; in ihe division ot proJit-, the annuo/ apportion ment of which having lor the past fourteen year* averaged forty per Cent, ot the piemiuma paid. Policies are issued upon all tbe pia s usual with Life luaurauce Couip-nies, and at as low late* as Is consistent with a view to equity and solvency. Patties desiring Agencies iu towns where tne com* pany have none, and tho-.e wishing Traveling Agen cies within the -ew England Maes, will apply to (i. II WILSON, 61 State Street, Boston, giving sucti re*ereuce, or informttion as to ag*, present and past business, as wi 1 enable bim to lorm judg ment iu regard thereto. junel4d3m 13. S. 10-40 LOAN \ _ FIRST YAT10.YAL K.AAk -OF PORTLAND, DESIGNATED REPOSITORY -OF Til UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive^ subscriptions Ibr the new “TEN FORTY LOAN,” which ia dated March 1,1-G4, bearing Internet at 0re per cent, a year, PAYABLE IN COIN. redeemable at the pleasure of the Gorernment alter ten years, and payable in forty yearn from date. Interest on Bonds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonde eeml annealiy. Bonds can be had In sixes or MO. 0100, *600, *1000. WM, EDW. GOULD. mch31 dtr Cashier. FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, BIO, SI B1IDDLE STREET, (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Field - WITH Divisions, Brigades ft Regiments! -OF NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOR THE S P R I Bf JO. Ladies of Portland and vicinity are respectfully invited to call and eee the many beautiful styles of Foreign and Domestic Dr eat Rood* JUST RECEIVED! Also, the groat variety House Furnishing Goods ! Such ae Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings. Table Linens. Drillings, Tickings. Donims, Stripes, Ae. Also, just receiving, the latest styles ol handsome Spring Balmoral Slslrts And the most fashionable SPUflfO SB A WL8. A oomplete stock of CLOTHS AMD CA8SIMFRES, FOB BOVS AND MKN S WEAK. CLOAKINGS ! CLOAKINGS !! An elegant assortment. We are just ready to manu facture to measure, ut the shortest notice, any of the new and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warreuted to suit. FEECHTWABIGER * ZF.MDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. SX MIDDLE STREET. POBTLAHD, Mini. P. 8.—Ladles need not esk for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we heve none but sound end fresh goods, which we warrant as such, anrltf * New Cloaks and Mantillas! leacii & ItOBIXSOX, 84 Middle St., JJAVK now on hand an Klxqait Stock of Cloaks, Cossacks, and Mantillas, Of their t*i micufacturt. Alao, Cloaks, Silks, Tassels, B V TTOSS and OILS'A SIRS TS. LADIES’ GARMENTS Made to Order. Silks, Shawls and Dress Goods, Cheaper tli»n the Cheapest. J.tAClI fe KUUINhON, hi Middle atreet. June 1—dim 1X TK H X AT IOX AJL~ Fire Insurance Company! Of Xew York, Office 113 Broadway• CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARKKN, President. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice President. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary. ’Portland Board of Inferences Job* B. Blow* fc Son, Heksky Fletch kb k Co. II. J. Libby k Co. John Lync h k Co. The undersigned having been appointed Aunt and Attorney for ibis ( ompa* y, is now prepared to issue Policies ou Insurable Property at current rates. tJT Portland Office. 16C lore Street. JOIIX W. MUNGKR, A cent. Jub.3, 1864 —dtf D. W. CLARK. DBALEB IN Silver Street Ice House, and Office Bto. 32 Exchange street* ALL Orders promptly attended to and customers supplied with the best quality of ICE. Price of Ice for the Season, 1864. 10 lbs a day, lrom June 1st, to Oct. 1st, t6.O0 16 44 44 44 44 44 8.00 20 44 44 44 44 44 10.00 Forty seat! per 100 lbs. To those who take Ice for the season, it will be de livered earlier than 1st June and later than 1st Oc tober, at the same rate per mouth as duriug the sea son. When not wanted for the full season, it will be delivered at the rate of $2 00 per month for 10 lbs. per day. Notice of change of residence, If given at the of fice instead of the driver, will always prevent dis appointment. Any customer leaving town for two weeks or more fi.0^®.11®®’ by T»Tlnf notioe at the office, will be en titled to a proper deduction Complaints against the drivers, for neglect or care 1 ^sanesh or any other cause, must be made at the of fice, and will be attended to promptly. 1 Portland, May 11,1884. may!8d7w BUSINESS CARDS. j PAPER BOX IflAHUFAC'TOUY. J. R. Libby, M AMJFAtTlTKkK OF Paper Boxes, Of every description, such as Shoe Boxhs, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Box*-**, Collar Boxes, Shelf Boxes, CouctioJogicalBoxes. FowderBoxes, Card Cases. Cigar Boxes. &c. 144 Middle St.t (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. jmaeldSm Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dana. ) Portland, Woodbury Dana, [ __ John A. S. Dana ) jlufllC. janeldtf J - Smith da Op., KlSUriCTl'KIRI <>» Leather Belting, Card Clothing Loan $(npa. Belt Leather Barks and Sites. LEATHER TRIMMISOI, fe., Ranaon’a Blook, 144 Middle 8t.. Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, LewDton M. Rrkwir, (jnld8m) D. F. Notu JOO % T. KOUERS A €0.7 Uommiasion Merchants' AND WHOLESALE DBALKBS IS Flour, Provisions & Groceries, Wo. 81 Commercial Street, S&B.eSB. | l-OBTLAKD, ML. __\ _ juneld6m Wholesale and Retail. XX. Xi. ID^VIS, Bookseller, Stationer, amd ■axuracTcaan or Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANOISOS. Wo. S3 Wxohange Btro.t, Portland, Mo. _ Joneldtt CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. mM Work oxMuted in every part of the Statu. __ juneltf ttUJTUII UUflHAM, Manulkctarrr tnd Wholesale Dealer in BRITANNIA —AMD— Plated Ware, A’o. 218 fore street, Portland 3/aite. Portland, May 17th, 1364. maylTdtl M. 0. WEBB A CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, NO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apl«PORTLAND, ME.dtf BURGESS, F0BE8 & CO.7 MascracTman* or lapaa, While Lend, Zinc. Pnints, And Ground Colore, AMD DKALRRA lit Druga, Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Color factory, So. 211 Monjoy St., OMeo It Salrareeaia. 8(1 Ceanarrriat Si,, (Tnonas Block.) Hekkt H. BuKSKaa, uid«i nr, ur CuriLH 8. Punas. **• _ _ maylddu BLAKE, JOtexa CO., FLOOR*GRAIN DEALERS, And Brceirera of Woattrn nnd Cnnadinn Produce, 127 Commercial Street,.Oranite Block . Charles Blake. ) Henry A. Jones,! PORTLAND. R. W. Gage. i Juneldtf JOHN LYNCH & C0~ Wholesale Groeers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Granltn Stores, - - Comme.-o al street, (Opposite bend Widgery Wharf) John Lyneb, ) l’elsg Barker, { PORTLAND, ME. Thoe. Lyach ) Juneldtf DOLE A HOOD I', OtSERAl. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W bnieeale Dealers in FLOUR, COBH AND PRODUCE, Ho. 8 Salt Block, Cemmerc'al St, Pm.kU.TC.M°£dy. I PORTLAND, ME. lunalilfim BROWN ft CROCKER. P3 LAST E K.E R.S, rUIX AND ORNAMENTAL STL'CCO AMD MASTIC WORKERS. Oak street, between Congress and Free Sts., FVSTLAM). CT~ Coloring. Whitening, and Wbite-wtsblng promptly attended to. Orders Irvin out o> town io Halted. Juoeldif BYRON GREENOUGH 4 CO., Manufacturers of And Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDkE STREET, A. LrauVUSfU' ( PORTLAND ___ Jnldtf JOHN BUSSELL, Carriage Ac Nleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 Ac 313 Coagrewt 8|, Portland, Me. V# Whtre may be found a general assortment of Carriages ami Sleighs. janeldlru c. P. KMlBALL, MAMUrACTUMKR ON Carriages and Sleighs, PreT>le street, (Near Preble House.) PORTLAND, ME. Sale Rooms, ID and 112 Sutlbury St., Boston, Mass. juaeltf NORTON, CHAPMAN ft CO., Flour, Grain it Produce Cotnmmiso Icrckuli, md lillm' AcmU. OJKce and Warehouse So. 6 Galt Block, Commer cial Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known Brandt of Flour, from St. Louis. 1 liuois, Wisconsin, Ao, which we are constantl receiving. N., C. A Co .are alto Agouti f'^r httmank Co. a, and other brands of manufactured TohacoJ. ff^Caah advances made on all consignments. Portland, June 1, 1864. jnldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON, DENTIST, Inserts Artificial Teeth ou Gold. Silver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrants them iu ail cases to be a per feet fit. Dr. J. also gives special attention to A’i7/»i»sr Teeth. Office 2®J Congress street, two doors west from the Court House Portland, June 1,1851.—eod2m 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT ft 80H, Commission Merchants, Aad dualar. In Coantry Produo*. bare mured to No. I M Coauaorelal it root Portland, May 10th, 1»4. mnylOdtf BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MOt’LTOX t ROGERS, Wboluali Uiuui in Flour, Grain and Provisions, B8 Commercial street, Thomas Block, Robert BRAI.ET, 1 e. st moult*,sr, [ PORTLAND, MB. A. O. BOOKUS. ) u,NU W. W. CARR & CO., Having taken the Fruit Store lormerly ooenpled b> a. SAWYKK. >o. 5 Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large aad well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail ?*■■■■*• Sprnce Gam, Lasea|ei Lemons, I'saarr Seed, Candles, Llmea, Lemea Syrup, Meaey, rraaea, Cocoa Mata. • rigi. N ata, all kinds. Dates, Olives, Raisins, Tabaeea, Sardines, Cl,..,. Fancy Randles of all description, oot* dtf IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., !• prepared to fferniah STEAM EHGIHES and BOILERS, of various sixes and patterns, SUu Pipe ut rutim, lit] faviig, Shftiig, Pilleji, U Light House Work of all descriptions, aad all kinds of work required in building Foktificatigks. I ron Stair, and other Architectural Work. Homes, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Gas and Steam In the bast manner. In oonnection with tbs abort la an Don Foundry, with a large assortmsat of Patterns, to which the attention of Machinists, Millwright*,and Ship-BnUd era is iavited—and all kinds ol Castings furnished atsbertnoties. ‘ „IW"Orders for Machine Jobbing, Pntteraa and Forgings, promptly executed. ocMtf SllVOE R'S SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, Rea. #4 and SC.Middle Street. Iteedlosand Trimmings always aakand. saahlRtr Ml. tAKU. DR. S. C. FERNALD. DENTIST, No. 175 Midtll Street. imnidi.Dr*. liooi ul Bnaauv, Portland, May M, 18U. tf Dr. J. H. HEALD HAVING dlapoeed of hia entire Interest la hM Office to Dr. 8.C KERN ALD, would cheerfully reooommend him to his former patient* and the pnb 11c. Dr. Pmumald, from tony experience, li prepar ed to Ineert Artidsial Teeth on the Vnleaaite Baee,” and all other method* knowa to the profession. Portland. May M. IMS tf VVDDD ANDEDAE CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH, HEZILTON, SUGAR LOAK, OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH. These Coals are of th* very beet quality, well screened end pioked, end warranted te give satis faction. Also for sale beet of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. OrnciCoaxuouL St., heed oU'ranklin Wharf. 8. ROUNDS A SON. fablddly WARREN’S 1.71 PORTED FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Gravol Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. 11 ERSE Y. Agent, Jan S3 dtf Ho. Id Union Street. ALBERT WEBB * CO, _ -DiaLiaa n Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD or KmiUI WHARF, CewiMrekl Street. • - Penlud, Me. _ __ leSStr EDWARD H. BUROIN, WBOLM1LI DBA LIKIN Corn, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Rock Salt Comuiinstall Tlr reliant FOB FPKCHAIHAKD NALKOP Barley, By© and Oats. KTF~<'are loaded with Corn in bulk free of oharge. Ware bonne No. 13# (onimmial 8t>eet, And Citt Mills, Doering Bridge. _ juneleoddm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODKAN BLOCK, mctilT dfcwtf TajarLU Sruawr. Scotch Canvas, -rOB IAL1 BT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bttk, Me. •1Ai k KOLl'H SapeMor UlMobkd *VV 3)0 <0 All Lon, lu "U»« eminent contruV ■ STS-USt* • *00 do Kxtr» All Lon* flu *r“*t*. 300 do N»»y Fine Delivered In Portland or Boeton. Beth. ArrlltO. IMS epSSdtf M. PEARSON, Silver Plato r, AMD MANrrACTUBKB OF SILVER WARE, 238 Congress St., Opp. Court House Port land,Me. Vlr' AH kind* of WARE, such as Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cake Backets, Castor*, he., piated in the beet manner. AI-o. REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old Silver Ware. jen29 dfim REM OVAL. DR. NEWTON HAS removed his residence to No. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Offict as heretofore, No. 1U Exchange Street, In Noble s Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M., from 2 to 3. and from 8 to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general 5ractioe. to give special attention to DISEASES OF RHALE8. oeSldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P L UM B E R! MAKKB OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 121 EXC1I4NGE STREET, roKTLAND, ME. Harm, Cold and Shower Hath*, Wash Howls, lira** A Silver Plated Cocks, INVERT description of Water Fixtures for Dwel A ling Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops. Ac , arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of Jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of all descriptions. ap9 dtf Tlae Clienpekl Agency FOU collecting all classes of alaima arising from the war is that ol the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION” in which the expenses are eontrolled by a disinter ested (executive Committee. 1 vuE&L ** l*"0®. or by letter, iQ WKMW* F. BMhBY, over the Porthuid Poet Otfioe, 8d story. dewiy MERCHANDISE. Hackmetnck Ship Timber. OAK. Hackmetcck. and Hard Wood Plank,Tree nail, from 12 lo 2k iuchc, Wedgee, ho *«.br „ L TAYLOR. June2flii8m Qalt'. Wbarf, Portland. Trapani Salt Afloat. Jl rW’Uk HHI)S. Trapani Sat cargo of ahif tljvAA/ “Kcobambeau” for sale by June lSdSw DANA h CO. Clarified Cider, TaX>K tale by r MOSES MORRILL. Agent. JunelCdlm* 2»M Fore itreet. Portland. Treenailf. i ioo,ooo.rb,;KoAKTREE,'AiLa'fo' SlMjftTON k KNIGHT. 44 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13.19*34. junel&dtf Applt i, Apples. k BBLS. ti-e Ku.wt Applet, for sale by F. A. SMITH, 19 and Si Silver street. June 11.—d3ir •Honey." 7TC8. PRIME CL HA HONEY, Tor >ai. in bond on duty paid. THOMAS ASKKLTO A CO. June 10.—ludtl Sugar aud Molnssea. 300 MHI>8!cao,tK HU WTCS. ) OAR. 271 HUPS nuperior Mu.oo.ado, aud 3 TCS Clayed Molaeac. il BHLS from eierra Morena, Now lauding and turaale by THOMAS AsENLTO A CO., >nay#tf Coelom Home WhArf. Sierra .Yloreua .Uolakacs. OOC UHDS . OO'i I CHOICE SlKRIlA mokkna 3o tierces molasses. 10 BBLS ' Now landing from Brig “V. U. Kennedy ” raos. lo h co, MayS.—tf C. U Wharf. Scotch Canvass. T OCk BOLTS—from the factory of Dlrid Cot Xml/ car h Son,, Leith—a call doth of superior quality—Ju»t rewired per"Jara", and for tale ly MotilLVERY, RYAN A DAVIS. meh2S dtf M Commareial Street. WANTS, LOST, FOUND Boy Wanted, To Leun the Book and Job Printing Buiineii. Asha RT. active. Intelligent Foy, about 15 years of age. who ha* had a good common school ed ucation, i« wanted immediately at tuckers Book and Job Printing Office. ♦>'» and 71 Exchange street. Portland. Jane 38.19ti4 - 1 w $300 BOUISTTY. \j. S.~MV\ \ WANTED. For United States Steamer Pontoosuc, NOW IN PORTLAND. £6 Seamen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 Landsmen, 10 firemen, 16 Coal Hearer*. Apply to Naval Readesvous, foot of Exchange St, JOHN P. HEATH, Commanding Junciedtf Ltd. IN this City on Saturday. Jane 26th, a black leath er Pock Book, cobtatuing about $01) in bills, to gether with two promt-ear? notes, payable to my or der, one drawn oy A. M lalmou for 161, aud one bT H. Bac fielder tor *10: also s -me receipt*, se.tied bills. Ac. Whoever w.ll retnru the pocket-bouk aud couteuts to this office or to J. M Kimball A Co. 302 Congress street, shall be handsomely rewarded. |une29diw* J. E. F. CUSHMAN. Housekeeper Wauled. A RESPECTABLE American Women, of robnst health, desiriag a situation a* heunokt* per in a family in the country, will please address, with ref erence*. liouaxKBKrait, Piees Oftee June28d Iw Wanted I in mediately. AN Agent of either sex in every tows and village, to eugave in a light and profitable business, by wbioh from •’4.00 to #12 per week can b*made. Per soo* hating leisure evening* can make frtm 50c to •1.00 per evening. A naAplo with fall particular*, sent by mail to alt who end -*e one 8 cent stamp, aud addles* A. C. SPAULDING A CO.. juoe21dAwlm* West Hampstead, N. II. Compositors Wauled. ON B or two %rit dm oompotitor, will And const,ut«mi>lo> m,-ni, and the h ahestratr, pa d in tiioaity, oa application nt Tills o. KICK. mayKdM #9.1 Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Kren ing, while lu Heroes auction rovm. a Call bkla Pock* t Bock contain* A4 in raoner, a note against Charles Uoagdon, (.orhain. for 960,and sue against Charles ueopor for 912. The above reward will he paid lor the nearer? of the property and the detec tion or the thief Tuuc 8.—tf i>EORtiK BECK. Houie H onied. WANTED to purchase f<*r cash. a convenient U”use suitable tor a email family, with u»ual conveniences, centrally aud p?ca.*antly located.— Price not to exceed •S.OOO. Address ‘'Taylor’' at the Press Oifio* mayI8tf Board. SUITS of Room*, with Board, can be obtained bf applying immediately at 33 Danforth street. May 11th. mavlidtf A. & S. SHURTLEFF A CO., KOI. MAM BIDDLE STBEET, PORTLAND. Manufacturer* and Dealer* in Men’* Boy*’ and Youth’s Thick, Bip and Calf Boots, Women's Mieses and‘Children's Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Rubbers. Shoe Stock, Finding*, &c. WITH onr superior facilities for manufacturing. end a large experience in the basiues*. we we are able to sell as low as in Boston or elsewhere Dealer* are respectf* 11 j invited to call and ex amine onr stock before purchasing. ■F^Ordata by mail promptly attended to. Portland. April 23,1S64. d€m finM UTIMII BAR OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. S. 7-30 Notes, Can have them exchanged for s'x percent, twen ty year bonds by leaving them with this bank. The interest on the uotcs will be paid in coin, at the rate 7 3 10 percent, to July 1. and the bonds will be de livered here as soon as they can be prepared by the Government. These 20 year bonds are the most de sirable of any of the government securities. Con versions must be made in sums of *600 or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter ot one per cent, will be charged. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, May 26. 1864. ntay2<*H>dlf tieorge W. tlan«ou, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Street, Portland, Me. A share of patronage respctfnlly solicited and satisfaction given. Orders from the eouutry promptly attended to. Address George W Manson, 74 Middle street, Kocm No 10. up stairs, Portland, Me. June 14—<13 an LANE A LITTLE, ♦ 7 Wholesale Dealer* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods * A*I> W oolona. No. 148 Middle Btrret, A. U«U. 1 PORTLAND. ME. JnneTdtf R ure C 1» u ncu ! MALE it FEMALE AGENTS WANTED TO tr»v*l In all part, of th» bi«'« In » pleaiaai asd moBcy-makifig tru.iDew "B salary or aom mi-aion Our agoot. »r» maklnr from 84 to M t* day. Wb will .rod tamp *, alth lu'truclonj, 01 the rweipt ol K MBti. P'raar call or addrru 8. H CCJTING A CO., X* Coufra.i (traat, Portland Juno H—dim Agent for (irorer k Baker'■ o« It bra ted Sewing Machines, Hoi 141 ft 143 Kiddle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will to hit lrieuda that he may be brand nt Bar leiRb-a, No. 141 k HI Middle atreet, whore h« will bo pimped to wait upon hit former e mi to me re. Portland. March 34. 1M4. dtf JUST RECEIVED I j mras k \u)ml Having refitted their etore and received s lnrn auortmeut of ELSOAHT STYLES c Ia o T Ii N ! ARK PKKPABKD TO Show Them to Their Cnitonerr. A Lao, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, la Grew Variety, at — 93 ^Middle Street. __mayPtf NOTICE. UA\ IMG sold our interest In the Dry Goods bu siness in 1‘ortJand to Messrs B. If. Hamilton 4 Go . we wish to acknowledge t|* liberal end o >n stuntly incrcssicff patronage we have received for tue past eight years and to recommend oil our cus tomer* aud the publfe to the new concern Mr. C W. Itobinoon will remain at the store tor the present to ««ui« the account* of tbe concern. All person* having unsettled account* wl I confer a Ik- 1 vor by adjusting them at cnce. Mr Kobios >i< will also continue to act as ageut for the Weed Sewing Moohine Manufacturing ( oai V W. muBINbON 4 CO. Junel.eodtf B. F. HAMILTON & CO. Saooeoaor. to C. \V. Robinson & Co. WOV'LU Tory re. poet full, invito >11 former p». i tioue u> tbo hour, end the public roDorolW to . • free examination of oar (ox!, at all umoa. WHh lon« exponent xml claw attention 10 the w«»»i of . eo.tom.rt, and* itrtotly lo tho „ „ . CASH SVSTKJI, Be ietip* it to he hotter for the buyer u well ae the I roller, we hope to merit a lar*e »har*e of potroax*e. Bororollola of *oode to doee cheap to malto room for N K W (rOODM. Mr. VV. X 1‘rince, ta*othor with Ibo employ or. , in the store are to be retained and will be happy to ' see all thefr customer* a* for* erhr, B r. HAMILTON 4 CO , IxOelTeodtf C°"*r'** “• j INTEBNATIONAL BANK! Special Meetiax. The Stockholder, of tbo International Bank .mo hereby uotided that a Special Mat tin* of laid Stock- ! hold re will be held tl the Bank on UVUmuday. the j aixth day of Jnly ne*t, at three o'clock F. M., to comi.l.r the exped eccy o* turrendtriu* the charter of axld Bank: and also to consider the expediency or eonvertir* tbo Bonk Into t National Bank under ; the eliarter or certificate (ranted to the Flrat No i tiooal Bank of Portland, and to adopt any proper : measure, in relation thereto. By Order of the Director.. W. K WOULD. raahier. ^Portland. Jane 21,1M4—did 126 Exchange Street. 126 ITugli ]Vt. TPhinney, . ! WOl I.D luf -rm his frlBtli and formsr customer* thttbeho* taken the Store JVo 138 lreAiSf>< Street, where he intend* to carry on the Stove and Furnace Busineti, In oil its tranche s. S ro VKS, of all kinds, of the newest *ud moat approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. nrs.con i hand Stoves bough*, or taken in ex change lor new. Stovila. Uasuks. FunvAcaa. and Tim Waii repaired at short u at ice, In a farthfnl manner. Grateful for lormerpatronsg*. he ho ee by strict attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generou* share of public .uvwr. _m*>23dtf Talk about Hats \ JUST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. Juue4 — dtf FIREWORKS OK EVERY DESCRIPTION COTTER A AUSTIN. 33 am/81 Federal Street, and loj. Ill, amt 113 C*a press 8t., Bo§tom, Wliole.w’c Dea cr* ia Firework*, Chiiifsc Unlerns, Totch***, Ac. THE ARM' UMION L4&TEMM! Bed, White aod lllue, for lVl.ical hO«fMioui. Kxhtbi'ion* turnislud to any amount. Send for Price List. ju3e£d’ojaiy4 INTERNATIONAL HOTEL COMPANY. STOCK SUBSCRIPTION. PLKSO.VS deeirou* of aiding iu th.- construction et a lir-t clm« Hotel tor Portland. are requested to rail on Mr M N. Riel. Merchant* hxcUaa» e. on and after the Joth inef. srbru a b<*>k oi'l be o|>enid for subscription* to Stock of the above company and will remain open nuti) July ktth, 1964 June 17.—dim tP-TOWN SHOE STORE I SAMUEL BELL. 353 CORGRESS ST., HAS constantly on hand a Jarre and well select ed stock of Boots, Shoos, And ALL iBTinu r> t»at Lite*. Itor th* of DmJm, Ucatlemeai and Childirn. to ahish b* In vita, the attention at thca* about to makeparahataa, a. Laritiic oa. of tbe belt la tbe cltr {Natoaa Work ana Kupalrloa dona utb neatneea nod dla patch Pert laud, Job* 21.—dtojulr* ) MILLINERY. UtNN At PALMER BED leere to till the attention of ttw trad* aenar ally to their largo aad * WELL SELECTED STOCK 1 MILLINERY GOODS. Purchased lor CkolJ, of beat importing aad mo tion botuet in New fork, ftueb m their eaperieaoe :n tbe batinesA, and incditiet fbr obtaining goooe, they feel lull* confident in UiBf ab*e to suixeMfWjy eoropeu wab any Arms in New kn gland lftSI. .CT^1 »*in* 1l#ken k—P » full etoak of lluttee end Lad**' fthlRTS. _ Junoldlm straw tiOOVS. T"*"hfr1‘-tg '**• L*ioe ft.raw works, 1-ox boro. Mam ail the newaiad WraW. style. of Imdtea', 2Su3J5? Straw Bonnets, OfaJl <|uailtie*. Also oont*ntlj oa hand a larva stcck of french aad A oit-rloan flowers h uch/1 Head Dresses, Ac . which he will fall at the lowest prices. JOU* E I'Ai.MKK * Juneldlm 144 Middle stmet, Portland. NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goode! ]Cf KS. A. KOBKRTSOX has takes the Sew More. 1T1. No. 31 Free Strut, corner qf tenter, and baa •elected a Superior Aaaortment of MILLINERY, Wbioh »be will be pleased to otfbr to her friend* and the public, on and after tho 6th in.l. "• ®. ▲ good aeeortmcnt of MOURNING |Conetantly on hand . 1 three or four good Milliners can receive eteady ymploymotit hy fnqairing aa above. ept deodtf pRAHT'S COFFEE A SPICK nil OBIOINAL MSTABLISNNMNT. I J. ORA NT, Wholesale Dealer in all klndt of COFFEE, SEICES, Salaralm ft ( ream Tartar Now Cofit and Spirt Mill., 13 and 16 L uton dred Portland, Mr. ' Coffee and Spices put up 'or the trade, with any address, la all variety ot pvekeges, end aartattad n represented. notice ro“to4 “4 *r***‘l ,ar >k* tend# at short tW~All geode entrusted a Uheowner’e risk. _march lOdtf _ _AHD — BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT T1IK subscribers bavin* on tho 7th dey of Mar foniMd a copartnership under the acme of McCarthy k Berry, For Um purpose of carrying on tho BOOT ABB SHOE BU8IHE8S In all itabrancbec, and having nil tba faciiitiae for get'icg up Arst claaa work for gentlemen end ladles, wear, are now ready to execute all orders with aent uee* and dispatch. Our work will be made of (he beat of imported .lock, by the beat of workman, and warranted to give perfect rattafactioa. It is oar ala that our word shall not bo second to any la the Catt ed States. Wo hate also completed a stock of ruadr-madc work of the drat quality, lor hart tea. Oentl-men, aad Chidran’a Was Selected from New York aad Boston markets Oar Ladies’ work ie from the celebrated furls ViM»/«rtnr, »r lies Yotk. * or Gentlemen’, wear we have the bout assorts-*wt over offered for sale in this city: aoeh as line fn ntt Talent Leather Boots; Gk>4 Caff and f'ulflslii druse lor gentlemena wav; Talent Leather lan mae. and < sir Congress Balmoral, and t aw Frrnah Back.e Boota. Have yon seen the now style < It IM TED-FRONT BUI K1.B BOOT, now mad. by MU.rthy h Tar ry? For neatneaa, comtort and heautv, it rurptmea anything aver got up ie ibis city Call aad are it; samples always on baud at the old aland of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy & berry, No. 06 Exchange StTMt. Juarldtt United States Claim Agency I Bounty, Prize floury A Ptnildttd, Cl AN be obtaioed on at plication fo t SWEAT A CLEAVES. _ _ .Attorneys at Law. Ho. 11, Middle t tree!, ttntaey ’a tow. mat lleodfim STARBIRD’S ~ Clothes Cleaning, and Repairing H 0.0 MS msi8 popular and sonvaniont retablwl meat Ie d now located on tbc corner of Coagi esc tod Brows streeta, over Hunt A Jewett * Mar bio Works, whom GENTLEMEN’S GARMENTS will be thoroughly clranaed. lai’hfnlly and neellr repaired.and pressed in good taste, to eoaft»m with style of fiahixa. I be coaasnl lactaaaa ot pntronege bestowed upon tho f roprietor, Is dair appreciated ty him. and be cure. all who Invar turn with their custom, .hat no paisa shall bo to give them the utmost,ati-lk-tln * " ' “ N. B. Garments cut and madr to order, and sw. ranted to 8t. G. B. STAR BIRD, Tor land, May 30th, IS44. Traetical 1 aiior. 8tf GREEN HOUSE AND BEDDING Ol'T PIANTS, 1 Respectfully in form the public that 1 have on hand a large aaeortment of Green Hours and Beddlng out Plants, for Spring sale, af eupaatsr quality, via Vnintja. Damns, FaiaaVoui Btta. Taaaaa aad Rosas Also, a Sue —"— of aoteb rum. Ac . Ac., Ac. A eelection may nlwaya he found at Kaadall A W.ltn.y# Market Square. I rd«a left then w« be promptly attended to ALHEBT DIRWANGER, Hortst. _ , Corner ef North and Montreal Streets. Portland. Me. aprkOtf The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the beat luatrumenta of their class in the world Nearly all the moat prominen' artists In tie country have given written Iretimonr to this . fleet, aad ttan instrument, are in eonetant use in the ooaeortt et 'he moat distinguished artists—as Gottaehaik and others—aa well as In the raa in tho prluo pal oit ■oa. whenever aach ina'rnmenta are reou red. Trias Ottlo 0500 each Theao iasl-am-nts way bo (Baud at the Mna*e Booms of the subscriber, whoro thaw will he sold at tho maoafactsrer,' prlcee. II. 8. EDWARD*, No.M9J Stewart’s Block, Congress St. aprUdtt •rc t rtam : ice c ream x x -A.t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. Ill Bill 154 Eirhange St., Oppoaita the International tloaie. _ mayTdtf IF YOU HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OH. If yoe bars an old oar that don't exactly suit yon, don't Call to examine the very beet pat fern now iu ear. the POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For sale at the Furniture Rooms of WALTER COURT, 52 and 54 Exchange street. Jureft. 1864.—d2ui CITY or FOKTUIID. ATTENTION is called to Section » ef the Or dinane* lespeexiug Interments. If nny person shell be de Irons to more ont ef the City the body of • decease J person fer informant, he shall make app'ication to the Superintendent of Hnrials for pe^iel'sion so to do. and said "eperia t udent shall grant su h permiMii n If uo caas« shall appear ior witubolding the same, and shall attend to seek removal iu per*oa. or employ one of the an* dertaker* of five city to att# nil tlervto. Penalty for violation rf this Ordinance net Use than fire nor rfnrethan twenty dollars All tiolstions of this Ordinance will be proeoentod according to law LOCKS BURCK, Mu perm Undent of burial*. Portland. June 10, 1864 —dim Evergreen Cemetery. THK Sui*erlut.Ddvut of Evergreen Cemetery vll be »t hi, office. iu New City Bui,ding, entrawa on Mvi tlj Street. from 13 o'c’ock M. to 3 o’clock T M.. every Cay, oneept ouuUa> i, to attend to any eaiie In coanvottoQ with .aid ('emetery. Orden Buy la left at the office at any time. tpJMtoaagl H. C. BARB. Soperiutendaal. Notice. S[RATED into at eacloaara, Jane Me a dark red Cow The owner oan hava her by ui, iBgUl!* JOHN HORTON/ Gorham, Jute 27, M64.—41W*

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