Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 1, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 1, 1864 Page 3
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1'ORTLAM) AND VICINITY. Municipal Court, j iue 30. 'Whuieford Cunneghau pleaded guilty of being druuk and making a disturbance. Re fusing to pay the fine imposed, of three dol lars and costs,she was committed. Charles II. White was charged with assault aud battery on Nellie S. Libby. No one ap pearing to give evidence against him, he was discharged. Fred. Gardner was complained of for beiag an habitual truant. lie was sentenced to the Reform School during his minority. Oub Habuob.—By the atieutiou of Hon. W. P. Fessenden of the Senate, and Hon. L. D. M. Sweat of the House, ail appropriation of $20,000 has passed Congress for suitably marking Bulwark ledge and Aldeu’s rock, points of great danger to ocean steamers and other large vessels coming into this harbor. It is fortunate we have men from Portland in Congress to look after our large and grow ing interests in foreign commerce. It will be recollected tiiat Portland is second only to New York in arrivals and departures of oceau steamships; hence Congress has done wisely to appropriate a sum to dispose of the only dangers of navigation into port, which are in its outer approaches, the two ledges named being the most dangerous of auy, in the way of heavy draft vessels. We trust these dangers will he marked be fore the fall, when the lilies of steamers come to us agaiu. Had these ledges been before marked as rc-ccommended by Capt. Aiton aud other captains of the mail steamers, the ap palling disaster last February to the Bohemi an could not have occurred. In addition to the Mail liue from Liverpool, we shall have two lines from Glasgow, one line from London and if the freight line from Liverpool succeeds, another line will be added to our large steamer fleet, which is tolerably fair for the "little fishing village." l.NJLUY to A Sold la it.—Yesterday after noon Sergt. A. Fuller of Norwny, belonging to the 14th Maine Regiment, was seriouly in jured on the York aud Cumberland Railroad, He was run over by the cars and his left arm was so badly'crushed that amputation will be necessary. The slot les iu relation to the ac cident are somewhat conflicting. The follow ing are the facts:—The Soldier was intoxicat ed, and used obscene and profaue language iu the cars, shaking his flat in the coudutor'sface and refusing to pay his fare, when he was put ofl' Hie train. After the cars were iu motion be caught hold of the railing of the engine, and after running a few rods Ills foot tripped against the end of a sleeper aud he was thrown down, his arm lyiug so near the rail that the tire of the wheel took the flesh off from the elbow to tin; wrist. The affair occurred near the foot of Preble street, lie was taken to the City Hotel where Ur. Robinson attended to him, but was soon after removed to the hos pital at Camp Berry. Bandage* and Lint.—About the first of last month, when there was a call for band ages and lint for the army, Mr«. W. W. Thom as exerted herself to procure a supply, and for that purpose visited several of the little girls' and young ladles’ schools, mentioned the wants of the suffering soldiers aud ob lained permission from the School Committee that the forenoon of one Saturday might be devoted by the pupils to the purpose men tioned. The result of that half day ’» labor Wy the pupils of Miss Sytnuuds, Miss Harris, Miss Small, Misses Bailey, Miss Adams and some members of the High School was that a bar rel and a box of bandages aud lint were pre pared, and by Mrs. Thomas forwarded to the Armory Square Hospital Washington. The receipt of these articles has been ac knowledged by Rev. E. W. Jackson, Chap lain of Ilia H ispital, who tenders hit thanks to the little Misses of Portland, who so gen erously worked for our suffering heroes. The Noimis.nN Monthly. — The July number of tins Magazine is before us, having been issued in accordance with common us age, before its date. This magazine is rapidly gaining favor among the literary men and wo men of the State, it being generally remarked that each uumber is an improvement upon the preceding. The contents of the July num ber are at follows:—A week in Scotland; The last days of a tingle gentleman; Our bailie flag, hurrah; A fallen hero; 8hadow and light; The sick man further remonstrates; Walter, the soldier; A chapter on paper names; Chrysalides; Lie-awakes; Summer; Norfolk and contrabands; The old purse; Editorial articles, ifcc. The July number fully sustains the reputation of the past in point of mechan ical execution and literary ability. Messrs. Bailey & Noyes, Publishers. Theatre.—'The drama of l’eep O’Day was well performed last evening, and elicited great applause. It is full of stirring incidents, and excites the interest of ail who witness it. To morrow evening is set apart for the ben efit of that excellent actor Mr. Hamblin. On this occasion, in addition to the play, Sprague it Blanchard's Minstrels have volunteered their services, and will perform some of their most popular music. Tonsokial.—We take pleasure in direct lug our frieuds, who may need the services of a tlrst-rate barber, to the rooms of Mr. Horace Johnson, No. 80 Middle St., up oue flight. Mr. J. knows his business and attends to it. He applies to the scalp, wbeu the hair is fall ing out, a preparation of his own, which we know from experience, has an excellent elfcct. It will prevent the loss of hair when anything will do it. It is already attaining a good reputation; give it a trial. The Little Acorns.—One day more.— Notwithstanding the large and rapid sales, contributions are flowing in so fiat,as to make it advisable to continue the Fair this afternoon and evening (Friday). An auction will follow, at which everything left will he sold without reserve. Mrs. Gen. Fremont has sent a mes sage by telegraph, that she has forwarded to the Little Acorns, a contribution of her own handiwork, which will be here to day. Dishonest Servants.—Deputy Marshal Wentworth yesterday arrested Anu ltooncy and Mary McGrath, who have been employed at the Central House, and had stolen a quan tity of sheets and pillow cases, some of which they had cut up for under gat meats. The women owned up and restored the property stolen that had not been used for other put' poses. They were committed to the lock up. Excursion to Buxton Centre.—Arcana Lodge, No. 1, Independent Order of Good Templars, will make aa excursion to Buxton Urdve, on Tuesday next, July 5th. A hand of music will accompany the excursion, and a good time is anticipated. Amusements and refreshments in abundance provided. See ad vertisement. Ordered Off.—Co. A, State Guards,Capt. Latham, of this city has beau ordered to du ty at the Kittery Navy Yard, provided the Citv Government will consent to the transfer. As this is the only military organization for the defense of our city, it is doubtful whether the city authorities will consent to their' de parture. » Card.—The ladies of the Camp Hospital Association, gratefully acknowledge the re ceipt of $130 from the citizens of Brunswick, by the hand of Mr. Geo. K. Davis; also $100 irom the young ladies H. T. II. Society, by Mrs. Alford Dyer. Per Order. Portland Comranv.—No busiuess was transacted at the meeting of the Portland Company, Wednesday afternoon. The meet ing was adjourned to next Wednesday at 3 (('clock F, M. at the Board of Trade rooms. Observance of the Sabbath, To the Editor of the Trie*. It was noticed by a reader, that from the Police records, a person Lad beeu fined for keeping shop open on the Lord’s day, and asks in relation to the legality of cigar and soda shops being open on the Sabbath. 1 have not been prompted by this to give utterance, through the paper, to the matter I here give, but as a great evil, I have viewed it for a long time past. And that 1 wished further to ssy in connection with the above named wrongs of the Sabbath, is it any tbe le»s ot an evil for stables to be open and the horses worked, and a great amouut of evil carried on by the as-istauce obtained of the stable keep ers. It this Is right then let the furnishing goods store he opened; some one may want a handkerchief those warm days, and finally open the doors of public amusement; nr if we can let us tiave the Sabbath kept, wholly, and let us remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Consistency. The “Little Acohns.”—If any of our reader* suppose that the exhibition at New City flail is a small atfdr, because got up un der tbe auspices of children, they are very much mistaken. It is in truth, tho most re cherche thing ever got up in our city. The tables are covered with valuable articles, and more are expected to day—consisting of rich and rare gifts from abroad, that will delight the eye. Tuese little misses have been indefatigable in getting up this Fair for the benefit of our Soldiers, nnd they have been assisted by the older ones whose heat Is are always open to the calls of humanity. Let our citizens en courago them and by liberal purchases add tome thing for the relief of the lick and wound ed Soldiers of our army. Tin: Fair will close with the exhibition of this afternoon and evening. New Music.—*• Who would not love their Mother!’’ Dedicated to to those away from home. Words by Ceo. M. Do we, music by Win. A. F.Jd. Sur.g at Sprague A lilauchard's Concerts. BY TELEGRAPH -TO TliJt I.VCMX. P4PLKN. Altar/, on Cine Uluff and Ke/iulee of the JCvhe/e—JtcMult of a Caralry fj-j,edition. Cairo, 111., June .'{0. The 6teainer City Uelle lias arrived with Memphis dates of the 28ill, and w ith New Or leans papers of the 22d. The Little Rock, Ark., Democrat of the 21st says: A regiment of rebel cavalry attacked our pickets at Pino Bluff a few days since, ainl were repulsed with the loss of several killed. While the fight was going on, a party of the 7th Missouri cavalry found the desert ed camp of the rebel cavalry, and destroyed it with rill their equipments. Tue rebels were pursued thirty miles. O.i the night of tho 19th, the 18th Missouri regiment stationed at Brownsville, on the rail road, was attacked by rebels, said to l»e Shel by’s command. The object of tha rebels was to destroy the railroad, but they failed. Reinforcements have been sent to Browns ville. and considerable skirmishing occurred yesterday. Shelby is said to have six pieces of artillery. 1'ort Smith, Ark.. June 27. Information from the cavalry expedition re cently sent, southward from here, shows that a rebel force, 800 strong, under Col, Wells, was attacked on the 2flth. All that were not killed were captured and sent as prisoners to Little Rock. Our loss was very slight. The Jiaileoad llieaster in Canada. Montreal, June 30. The number of dead bodies recovered from the ruins of the railroad train at St. Hillaire is eighty-seven. The number of wounded is eighty. The cars are in a pile of fragments. Tlie locomotive is submerged out of sight.— Th • engineer, Wm. Blimey, has been arrested ami sent to jail, it is impossible to identify the dead or obtain a list of names. They came by the ship Vicar, from Bremen, and ap pear to be Poles, Danes, Swedes, Prussians, Austrians, Bohemians, and some Italians.— They were going to Wisconsin. J’rom Xcir Orlmna. New York. June SO. The steamer Merrimac, from New Orleans 23d, has arrived. Gen. Warren and stall' are among the passengers. The steamer Mataazas arrived out on the 21st inst. There is nothing new in the New Orleans ps |jers. Cotton 81.10 a $120; sugar 21; molasses 93; gold 100 a 101 premium. .Vowinaiion of Ex-Governor Tod for Secre tary of the Treaeury. Washington, June 30. President Lincoln at 11 12 o’clock this morning, sent to the Senate the name of David Tod, of Ohio, to be Secretary of the Treasury, in place of Mr. Chase, resigned. The Senate, upon receipt of the nomination, immediately went into executive session. from California. San Francisco, June SO. The steamer America has arrived from Pan ama. She did not touch at any intermediate point. She neither saw nor heard anything of the missing steamer Golden Age. The under writers charge from 25 to :(• per cent, for the insurance against total loss «u her cargo. Senator Fessenden Jn a late discussion in tbe Senate, during which Mr. Fessenden had some passages at arms with Trumbull of Illinois, and other Western Senators, Iteverdy Johnson of Mary land, closed the debate with the following re marks : I have, in common 1 think with uearly all the members of the Senate, listened with re gret to the difference which, perhaps more from accidental circumstance* than anythiug el-e, has arisen between the Senator from Illinois and the Senator from Maine. It has been my good fortune to have constant asso ciation with tbe Senator from Maine and to listen to his debate on this Hour; and perhaps to have still more association because of the relation in which I stand to him as a member of the committee of which he is chairman, with the Senator from Illinois. I think per haps they have misunderstood each other. If the Senator from Illinois supposes that it is the impression of the Senate that the Senator from Maine by his course in this body has been so particularly unfortunate as to have placed himself in an oflensive attitude to tho ! members of the Senate, l atn sure he Is mis take ii. We aro nil of us more or less at times under i the control of impulses, and we have all of us at times uttered in a moment of excite ment what we afterwards upon cooler reflec tion much regret. The Senator from Maine will pardon me for saying, as I say it in his presi uce, that notwithstanding there may be in bis temperament or character a tendency to those impulses, there is more than a coun tervailing rpiality which lie over exhibits; that is to say, a generous nature, which when it is. as it almost always Is, manifested, gives to him as a member of this body a character of great fairness and emiuon( ability. If he ever has < (Vended any member of this body, or wounded his sensibility, it bat ever lieen from a sense of tbe necessity of vindicating himself, and with no purpose of inflicting a wrong. It is, Mr. President, a part of the nature of an elevated man that, however sen sitive he may be to any assault direct or indi rect upon his own character, the moment he has defended It all feeling of auger terminates and he appears In the character God has given him. In tho instance of the Sunator from Maine, he has reason and his State and friends have reason to be gratified with and proud of the eharacter which he possesses in the esti mation of tho Senate and of the country. New Publications. flitrs* Susy. By Sophia May. Boston: Lee & Shephard. lCmo.pp. p>'/ For sals in this city by Bailey k Noyes. This is one of the “Little Prudy Series,” and is a story of the oldest of the three little Parlin girls. It is s very pleas'ng story of New Year’s and Christmas, with all their pleasing anticipa tions, introducing Santa Claus loaded with toys and sweetmeats. The innocent amusements and pastimes of childhood and youth ars beautifully presented. Sosos run Social asi> Pcblic Worship. Henry Hoyt, Boston, has just issued a re vised edition of Songs for Social aud Public Worship, by llev. N .Kirk, D. 1). It is a neatly printed and elegantly bound volume, containing the most popular songs and hymns in use at conference and prayer meetings and social re ligious gathsrings. For sals by Bookssllsri j generally. roTar. Dortiand Daily Dress. ■... •--«• • ♦- --- XXXVIII OQNGBESS—First Session. Washington, June 30. SENATE. The Senate bill lo facilitate trade on the Iteil ltiver of the north was passed. The amendatory enrollment biil wras return ed Iroui the Senate with amendments. On motion of Air. Stevens, of Pa., the fol lowing resolution was adopted: Ki solved—That in the opinion of this House the amendment assessing a special tax on in comes to pay bounties, contravenes the clause iu the CousUtutiou of tile United States rela tive to ot iginatiug means l„r the support of the government, and is an infringement upou tiie prerogative of this House, and that the bill be teturued to the Senate, with this reso lution. The Senate bill to establish a bureau for freedmen’s affairs was referred to the select committe, and ordered to be printed. The Seualy went Into executive session at 11.30, which continued until 3.30. Subsequently the bill to lacilitate telegraph ic communication between the Eastern and Western Continent, was received from the House, with a proviso, making it unlawful to contract with newspapers or associations for the transmission of dispatches on any term different from those open to ail other news papers. Concurred iu. EVENING SESSION. After Hie transaction of some unimportant business, Mr. Chandler* motion to take up the bill to regulate commerce among the sev eral .Males was lost, 19 against 9. HOUSE. The bill regulating the disposal of coal lands * and town property on the public domain, was passed. The bill to aid iu the construction of an in ! teruaiional telegraph line, was taken up and passed with amendments. The House concurred in the Senate’s amend ment tb the bill assimilating the rank of war rant officers in the navy. The bill heretofore reported for the con struction of a new railroad between New York and Washington, was recommitted. Mr. Garfleld made a report from the select committee to investigatee the affairs of the Treasury, which was ordered to be printed, and the minority of the committee were given leave to present their views. The House passed the Senate bill authoriz ing the Secretary of rhe Navy to invest the naval pension and naval fund. Also the Sen ate bill providing for the efficiency of the na vy. It repeals the clause In the enrollment act for transferring soldiers to the navy, and gives sailors the same bounty as soldiers. The House passed the Senate bill establish ing the salaries of postmasters. The House here took a recess. * EVENING SESSION. A committee of conference was appointed on the bill to encourage immigration. Several private bill were parsed. Mr. Foster moved that the Senate insist on its disagreement on the bill amending the pen sion act and asked for a committee of confer ence. Carried. Mr. Wilson called up the bill lor the more speedy punishment of guerilla*. The resolution w as reported from the judi ciary committee on the iilair case. The (senate here look a recess. Mr. Schenck, of Ohio, called up the House enrollment bill returned from the Senate w ith amendments. A political debate ensued between Messrs. Dawes, of Mass., and Harding,of Kentucky, during which Mr. Harping askid where were Gov. Andrew’s 900,0<X) Ughliug mem From llnrhlnalon. Washington. June iiO. The Senate was still iu executive session at , M. on Mr. Tod's nomination. The result of the consideration of the nom ination of David Tod, of Ohio, as Secretary of the Treasury, in place of Don. Salmon I*. Cha-e, was its reference to the Finance Com mittee in the Senate. The Seuate, in executive session, confirmed the following among other nomiuniious :—I,t. Commander Francis A. Hoe, for advancement iu grade five numbers, for distinguished con duct in battle while iu command of the U. S. steamer Saasacus in the attack on the rebel ram Albemare; Win. C. Howe, Assistant Ap praiser at Portland. Me; C. L. Moses, of Me., Consul at Brunhi, Borneo; Lucius Chandler, j U. S. Attorney fill Eastern district of Vii ginia; Commandar Henry A. Wise, Chief of Bureau of Ordnance; Albert N\ Smith, Chief of Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting; ad ditional Paymasters, Orrin Daggett, Maine; George A. Field, Mass.; S. S. Drew, Califor nia. Representative Garfield, front the commit tee to Investigate the subject connected with the Treasury Department, reported to-day that the system of priming is very thorough, and great efforts are made from time to time for better security; that there is no evidence of a single dollar ever having been fraduleul ly issued : that the cost of printing, as com pared wall live charges of bank note com panies, Is heavily iu favor of the Department; that the bank note companies have made per sistent efforts to break the pruning by the Government, and injure tile personal charac ter of Mr. Clark, the Superintendent, and attempts have been made to buy him off from the service of the Treasury ; that he relused all such offers,and that he has been a faithful and energetic officer, and all bis official acta are worthy of the confidence of the Govern ment. The charges o: immorality are, the committee say, the result of a conspiracy on . the part of Col. Baker, the detective and pro vost marshal of the War Department, wuh the aid of female prostitutes, as* an access to Washington, and that by threats and coercion he obtained affidavits to prove gross immo rality on the part of Mr. Clark and his asso ciates. The committee recommend that the ; charges of Gen. Blair be referred to the Com ! mitue on the Conduct of the War. The miuority of the committee complain of the conduct of the majority and say they ! have not been permitted to examine into but a very small portion of the allegations aud offer a resolution directing the Sectetary of the Treasury to carry into action in thu money printing bureau, the recommendations of Mr. Field the As-i-taut Secretary and Mr. Chit tenden, register ol the Treasury, of June gj, last. They also say Mr. Clark is an unfit man ; to provide over the printing bureau. It is reported that the Senate has appointed a special committee tu waite on the President and ascertain the facts In the ca«e of Secretory ' Chase. Much excitement exists about the capital. * f • ■ uii viiii *u "jn i. ui Mr. Tod’s nomination perhaps half an hour, and Anally referred the message of the Presi i dent to the Committee on Finance under the rules. They ate said to have called on the President ill the prosecution of their inquiries. There is much speculation concerning the reasons for the resignation of Mr. Chase, and many contradictory ruinara are circulated, hut the direct cause is stated, and believed with truth, to l>e the appointments in the Treasury Department, there lieing a conflict of opinion between the President and Mr. Chase on the subject. Assistant Secretary Harrington was at the Department to day act ing as Secretary and interim. Tills change In ihe Cabinet will, it is tbouebt. delay the adjournment of Congress. | The President signed and approved the tariff hill to night, so it is a law, and will go into effect to-morrow. Hon. David Tod has declined the appoint ment of Secretary of the Treasury. l-’roin AVir Orleans. Camo, III., June JO. The steamer Continental, from New Or leans 2-lth iust., has arrived here, with 500 sick and wounded soldiers from the Depart went of the Gulf. One hundred stop here and the remainder go to St. Louis. Gen. Hanks has ordered all the sick and wounded to be sent North as rapidly as possi ble. The rebel Gen. Taylor is said to have ob tain! d leave of absence for the purpose of de manding a court of inquiry on the chargi s ol Kirby Smith of disobedience of orders. Gen. Walker commands during Lis absence. Eight or nine hundred rebel wounded sol diers are said to have died since the battles of Bed river. Orders have been found on recently captur ed rebel prisoners iust ucting them to destroy tha track and rolliug stock of the Opelousa railroad, cut the telegraph, and prevent as much as possible the trauspoitation of our tr< ops. The bill pr< hibiting slavery iu Louisiana was presented to Gen. Hanks by members of the constitutional convention. , Cotton has advanced, sales light; the mar ket is loo inactive for accurate quotations; low middling. 130 a 140; middling 145 a 150; sales of the week 000 hales; stack on baud 3880 bales. A lew lots of sugar anil molasses are held 1 much above buyers views; surgsr21 a 21 1-2; retailed molasses held at 00c. The monitor Osage is high and dry ou the I bar above Selina, Various Items. New York, June JO. The 12th Mn«s. regiment, Col. Batts, ar rived this morning, aud had a banquet, given by the 9th State militia. The officers ol the 12ih also had a collation at the Astor House this afternoon by Invitation of the propiielor. The regiment leaves on the 8 o’clock traiu lor Boston. The supply steamer Union, from Pensacola 20th and Key West 25ib, has arrived. She carried out 400 seamen lor the West Gulf Squadron. She captured on the 10th, oil Jupiter Inlet, schooner North Carolina, ol Nassau, trying to run the blockade. Acting Assistant Payment A. O. Winter died on board the Ur ion on the 28’h. The Union brings 100 sick sailors from the | Gull Squadron. Anotlier attempt to launch the Turitan will | be made on Saturday. Itesiynation of Secretary Chase. New York, June JO. The Commercial’s Washington dispatch says it is reported that Secretary Chase did notseiiously intend to resign, but the Presi dent accepted of the Treasury portfolio and appointed Ids successor. 'lie Secretary's friends says lie resigned because the internal revenue is not made so large as it should be to meet the expense! of the Government, and that the Finance Committee gave l.i n en couragement that it would be increased. Others declare that the Secretary insisted on j the transfer of Win. B. Field to the place of Assistant Treasurer at New York, but the j President was persuaded to nominate Gov ernor Morgan’s former Adjutant General, hut that afterwards the President requested Mr. Cisco to withdraw his resignation. A etc York Market. Kiw kO. Cotton—sales J8J0 bales at l 60 ior middling up lands. Hour-sales 1.000 bbls; State and Western dil au le-stirm; State9 .0^1080; Round Ilo p un • 10 7"g§?l 1 6*»; Western 9 40^10sf>: -outln-rn firm hu quiet; sales JC*) bblset l * 60g.J2 bi); Canada quiet sales hub bids; Karra 10 86(t^ll S’... Wbwt-1 a‘2c 1 iwerbut closed easy an 1 (Heady salts 180,48 <> bushels, includi; g C hicago ftp ing i. arrive ut 2 33 hnd No 1 Milwaukee 2 37 t$2 io; China go ftpring 2 3*a2 3’>; * iwauaee club 2&*>%2 40; Winter lied Western 2 3n.<a2 4f; amber Michigan 2 43a 2 60: While Western if 63. Corn—2<Ctc better; salesKfooO hush; mixed Wes tern 1 64 a; 168, closing at 1 67.0.1 68. Oats—lirm; sales t :tuad« mi .r*ft98c. Hoof—Arm and st« ady; tales 3d bb'f. Pork—less active am a *hade easier; sales 17u0 bb s; new mess 44 871(<$45 12j. • ard—firm, sales la"f) bbls at 16?gjl8?c. butter—in moderate demand ; ubio at 28^43c. Whiskey—unsettled a^d lower; ra-cs 2(A.|0 this at 1.76 a 1 80. hugsr—dull and moderate at 18—23c. Cutf *e—inactive. Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—inactive. F reights to Liverpool—quiet; giaiu 4d for wheat. Wool—very him. Stock Market, Naw York, June8’. i Second It< ard.—'Government fttoca* up and fancies down United States 6's 1881 coupons.Ill J United States 6-2> registered. lunj United States 6-20 cuepous.101 i United States one year certificates new. 98* ; Treasury 7 3-10lh*.794 Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 6*iJ Canton Company. 3-] Pacific M&ii.yia» j New York Central,.134 Eric.. j Erie preferred.112j Hudson.13* Reading..131 I Michigan Central.138 Alton St Terre Haute... 76 Michigan Southern. 944 ! 11 ilnoia Central scrip.120 Chicago Sc North Western.62 Chicago St Rock Island. mj Cleveland St Toledo,.13f>4 Milwaukh- A Praiiiu L>u‘ hien. 68 Pittsburg, T ort Wayne & Chicago. .112} CITY OF POKTLAND. In the Year One Thousand Fight Hundred and Sixty-four. An Ordinance concerning Bonds if tj e Atlantcard ftt. Lawrence Railroad Company hi Id by the Ci:y of Portland. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com mon Council qf the City of Portland, in City Coun cil assembled, as follows :— Bar. 1. Whenever the At'.auticand St Lawrence! Railroad Company cr its xmi«ns shall deliver to tin City 1 rea&urer, to tecancel 1 d.any 01 the certificates j of City debt issued fu aid of said 4 ompauv, under the act of February 13. 1862, togetli r with ail th coupons, paid or unpaid, be ongiug to the same, it shall be ll*o duty of the City * na-ti or to surrend er a c >rrespouaing amount of the Mortgage Bonds of sai l Company, be il by the < 1: v as collateral f r 1 ►uch debt, and tuc ce niiuate of City debt ai d cou pons » > oe» V ered to the City irea^imr shall b. im mediately cancelled by him. Bar. 2 It the Atlantic and ftf. Lawrence Rail road * emp*ny,or i s a-signs, ska 1 d liver to the City Treasurer, to lx* the prop, riy 01 the 4 ity, an\ of the certificates of debt, or bunds of J10 ftta> Jt Marne, payable by the 81a cat any i -0 not inilicr than l'4h, with ito unpaid coupons belonging here to, i» •half b j the duty oi the City Tr a-uror to ro c«i»cihe same, and to surrender there or a corns pondiiiir am <uut ot tha mortgage bonds of-aid com pany held by the City a< colt t-rai fort ho deb m cuired by the • ity in « d ofsaid Company under tbc act »-f February 12th, 1852, and sncli certificates or boi da of t e State d«l)t, shall be held l>> the 4 ity Treasurer to meet the certificates of the c ty debt incurred under said tct. or tnay be exchanged lor the fame, with in* holder, wLcutvcr it rau te done advtn ageously to the iut rest of th-(ity, under the direction of ’he j 1 nt Standing 1 omntlUes on Fi nance; and iu ca«e any certificate of the < ity debt •hail robo receive I by the « ity Treasurer he aka 1 immediately cancel the same and tie coupons be longing thereto. Approved, June 28, 1884, JACOB McLELLAN.Mayor. Copy Attest: June 3j u2w J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. A rtw W orda about llir Portland Healing Institute. rilUK treatment pursued at the above named In- j m. stiute commenced Oc'c-ber 1V.3. by Dr. Hum phrey I Packer ot (hui bridge, and is uo» no ling er a matter ot experiment I h» Dr., alth ugn a stranger to theci.izei t of Portland, bn* gradually but sileiitl> won his wav tJ tin* heart* tf ibupeopit without a word ol couune;.d»tio<i a single per son save one lrom the Portland Dai.y Pres*. Jt wa u*.t from any want of name* which m glit have been , used a* reference*, such a- the lollowiugn«v *. A La' on. lion Altud Anthony of Providence. K 1 , A. K Newton lorm- rly editor of i-f,irtlu.|Jk(f, I, . II Monroe. Prof, ol Kloeatlon, Ib.ston.but the Dr very modratjy prclhnd to »».t until t,c could civ. 1 the people ofportl.nd enme home trglimi nn. tel.ev iuR tial In* eUbrl* won d he apprecutvd in due time Such nowappear* lo he the c«*e heyotd the exp. c t.tiou oft lie l)r. hi u-cil. fit here ere auy .home nowdoub'iB,whether they hed letter put ihem «*»'» under the cere ol the Dr and rtceive thelreat mmt pursued at the Imtilute. we.citiiece of l'ort land,cordially iuvito allsuch to call upon as and learn mure fully wl at we kt owrf the Dr. and the tn atm* nt pursued by him and In* a im. |> ttu,t now be remoinbered that Mi* 8 It i'acker has be come permanently a.»o.iatod with the Dr in the la bors o hi* profttrion. Thto lady brii.R* wiih her th expe lence of tnor* than eleven practice with di-eaae which afll e'ed only Ine female cnrin i*'» lo her la committed tie car. or the female Department. l lio«e desiring fur to r iutorma'ion are invited to call on the subscriber* oral the inati tutecorner of t.ouyru9#acd (.he*tnm Atrcrt* u> u N'Wtl y Hall. r 1. Cook, 35 Pari* street. Mu. A Maa Kaancia II i:ha«i. 33 r.rowu St Jank I*. Met oti'UUiH, 96 Micelle meet I.. K. Da siki-s, 11 Myrtle street Portland, Juue 21, MM —lutSaiwSm The MisscB Bailey’s Homs School. flHJk Mi*K* U**?ty having purchased the place in J. Now D'ouce* ©r former tr occupied b> the Lev. i ! * »-atou, a* a Hoarding School, propuse opening i Home School for Airis and Boys, | in which the advantage* of s careful h^me training | will be fruited with thorough instruction in all the }* taught in Somiuaric* of the tir*t c!a**. 1 he *ong experiences of one teacher in Principal of a Horn t School in Virginia, and the reputation * ot theoth^ru* a *ucce**ful teacher of many year* j standing, in Portland, will, iti* hoped, procure pa- i trouageaud insure *ucce*s*. A <» aileman of exp rmuce will be . : the head ol 1 the Home Department, and ;*av particular atten tlon to the physical tri ining of the pupil*. for information see circular* or inquire of Mi** j A. M. HAiLKV, No. 58 Spring street. ID KKitKKr i:«:-Kev. .1. W. dickering, D D ; Hon. John Neal; Charles A. Lord ; Hezckiah Pack- I j ard; Joseph Libbey. New tjloucester. May 26. 1-64. mat •U.llt.ik.,1 Of... if I*roi>o«al* |«r KcNcrvuir. JJBOI'OIALS will In recilvrd for buildings Res- i ervoir ou Kt John strict, at the Citv Ireasur ♦*r’i» Utliee until I hursday. July 14th, 6o'clock r. M. Plans and specification* of the sumo iuay lestoaat the office o* the < tty Kn rimer. Hie ( ommitteo ie-*ervo the right to reject any bid* which may not be dieined for the interest of the i city. Per Order of the Committee on Fire Department. I C. MooDY, Chairman. Portland June 30, l^tii —d‘2w Fur Ititliimorc. Th good schooner L W. Pierce, Lor ing master, will «ai! next week. For freight o the bu k of 4•:.*) barr-ls, apply i to k. ti. York * son. 15 Moulton bt., brad of Long Wharf. June30dl\v* FOli HALE. rilllE story and hall Uousc, No. 13 Cedar street. . m Lot 37$ bv 52$. It ha* seven finished rooms, am ' pie Clos-ts, plenty of hard and soft water, audgsa throughout. Everything in perfect » r er For fur j ih r particulars eiiquiie ot Jo UN F. RAND. No. 6 Clupp’s Block, Congress street. Juned33d2w t'o. at- Coal. DISCHARGING frcni brig George llarr:s, cargo of nice Cumberland ( oul. and tor sale by JAMES II BAKER. June 18—d3\v Kiel a-dson s Wharf. Dean's Drum Cor.». DEAN'S Drum Corps w’ill promptly attend to all orders for Druminiug for Paradi*. Marches, Ac. All order* to be left at I) White’*-tore, Market Square 8. Dean, Drum Major jttme27 E I. HALL, Clerk. Boiir<ti»KM. ARESPFCTIAHLE. private, first-class Boarding llou*e just opened, being newly fitted up. at 77 Free street, for gentlemen with or wi'hout their families Suit* ot rooms for families. june25dlw* Sozouoxt.—This preparation for clear sing, beau i tifying and preserving the teeth, b not warrant* d to I make new teeth grow in the place of old one*, but itl does accomplish all that it promises — Mion't 1 tier aid and Wesleyan Journal, Boston, rnchlo U - . ^.v , .. MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE -TO TUJI XiOOKSELlLEKS! — AID — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! —A HD— 1*1 «MS1II\<; HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, lJortlan.d, aVXaine, Are now fully prepared to Supply the Trad.©! -AT THI-1 Lowe*! Wholesale Prices. By special contract, recently made with the Bof t 'ii and New York Publishers, we are enabled to • ipply any and All of the School Books, Used in this State, on The Most Liberal Terms. Harlo;; purchased the STinaeTvra Platka from O. L. Sanbubm Sl Co., of thia city, we shall In fu ture publish the valuable 8eriea of School Books heretofore published by them. This corks, togeth er with our former puLllcatious, will make the ful lowiug List:— Norton’*, Weld and Quackenbos' Gram mar, The Progsessive Grammar, By Weld L Quackenbos. The Progressive Parsing Book, By Weld k fjuackenbos. Weld's New Grammar, Weld’s Grammar, (Old Kdition ) Weld's Parsing Book, Weld’s Latin Lessons and Header, Holbrook’s First Book in Arithmetic, ! Jackson's Arithmetic. B. k X., also publish IIkhrihab'* Atti Anuu- i lak 8t»tbk or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In hijfht Parts, with printed copies at the head of f’uch pa/e, in exact imitation of the Author’s bean* tiful style of M IS^E A 1ST S HIF. We call special attention to thoee Aen Writing Book)*, As they are admitted to he the most practical Copy Books ever offered to the public; and they are now ; being rapidly introduced, having the full endorse* meut of the SoporlstcaJeiit of Public School* of the State of laiae. BosiUe* the above Hit which wcpubllib, cur Spec ial contract! arc for the following book!:— Progtessive Series of Readers and Speller*. Hillard's Series cf [Readers & Spellers. Sargent's Series of Readers & Spellers. Colton's & Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Green’oafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, ST AT IO NE|RY — Ann— ROOM PAPERS! A FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N. B. —Booksellers or Country Dealers who are not coming to the city, may write to ua stating about w hat amount they purchase at a time, and wre will semi them a 1.1ST OF PRICES, It wanted. Bailey Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, .16 and .18 Exchange Slrcct, Bor t land, IM!e. raa\2<W‘2ra Fort lit ml Army Committee Of THI U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. K. llayes, receives Storos at 110 Mid dle stre* t. Treasurer Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at 76 i Commercial street. Secret an*, Henry II. Burgess, receives Letters at 80 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W B. Johnson, JunelBdtl entertainments. peso fa e t;o.\c ea*t -FOB TU 1C—— 1 BENEFIT of the SOLDIERS. AI’ROMRNADE (.'one rt wi!l begivrn bv tbo "Lit tie Aarnson ibe Kvenii u o t the Fourth ! Of July, m the YEW CITE HALL ! Refreshments for sale in the Senate Chamber Muitcby he Bat’d of the 17'h U. S Infantry. L)*iici2jg to commence at 8$ o'clock. 1 chits 26 j c#uta jum^ajtd Tii’st Trot of the Reason, OVER LING’S TROTTING PARK. For One Hundred Dol.'ai* I S< AKISORO’, Maine, Filday, July 1st, 1864, .fr^T Yr — — Ok i rt to Drivt. ta.m,‘i R- M Jaly Addington: J Harri'c sNam°a B' M LuiIca Bt«t3in6 to I.ndy Addington is tin aune mire that trotted over tins course lsst September, uiuning three itraight beats nror Tope Emma G ant trotted at etate I- a^r Portland,last Tali, driven by Isaac Wood ruff ol Now York, be ng one oT the most ttimug men duii-g lb ' Fair. The other home being driven by llamey Bradley of bi s on. Trotting 'o conn-nee atijo'ebek 1’. M. SYLVANUs LING, uneilTdtd Prop: ie tor. „ . VAN AMBURGH & COS MAMMOTH MENAGERIE, _Great Moral Exhibition and EGYPTIAN CARAVAN, WtM Colossal Golden Chariot s fc ^ k P5 o H § 0 § r* 13 2 « fe I H 1 > * H hi Hl«* .XlM.II ^ Vo Anim t *'« in ncaln appearing before the people of America, desire to state that their present Menagerie contains AN ENTIRE NEW Collection of Animal* that were captured by or un der the immediate supervi sion and direction of the great Van AmburgkHimself And arc the prtHtlg of an expedition to The fry Regions of the North I'oU, The Pamftfia rf South America, The Deserts of Africa, f And the Jungles of Asia. I All of which were caused to contribute the choicest speci mens of Animated Nature to be found within their respec tive realms. They arrived in N. Y. late in the Fall of ’63 where an unparalleled and most titumphant success a waited them. Flushed with new laurels of success a trav elling paraphanalia was de signed of the most transcen dant magnificence possible to conceive which through their immense resourses sprang into existence as if by magic. Cages of the most gorgeous descrip tion ; Wagons of the most costly character; Harness of surpassing beauty and elegance; Horses if the best Arabian blood; Mamvgpth variegated Canvass of t rumens* proportion ; And an entire retinue of unequalled excellence arc here to be seen. Human lntellcc could not in its grandest moment of codceptton originate any thing more grand nnd daz zling to feehold. The verita ble Van Amburgh, (whom en vious persons from hts long absence from America have taken advantage, and caused the press to announce his de cease) will accompany the exhibition and head the TRI UMPHAL PROCESSION on its entrance to the place . of exhibition which will rep resent iu oriental splendor , wm A Moving Panorama Nearly one mile in leugth. VAN AMBURGH Th® original Lion and Tiger Tamer. The following list was ta ken from tho living Annual themselves in the Company* Building, Mi A Ml Broadw t> N. Y . oa the --d of March, and therefore may bo consid ered .1 Correct Ltd of Ahioutt : Prof Lin(VOrtb) «Trjii<«4 Animal*: African Lion.*te Li:>".. Nam Un Lionet*. Brazilian Ji;er. Beiwrsl Leopard* Nenejal Le >|>«rJ, .’h A tnericnn Jsuu, pert- rioe-d by lum at each entertain Liriuj liiraffo, only or* in America; . llreal Perform... I . • *•»». Tippo 8 tib, e\»*r k . * N •:» ; Black Africa a l> .. i • i'« : hi*h; tt A Ur V Oat: I» ; /- « . » r « f Whit* Bear ; ' > -r * California Urizz y B r. \ -yhr ; Ben^il Leop^r-l a:« 1 f >wn.\ African Panther, Eitslult Fall »w Deer. Nil rerstripNi Mpm. African -vi -tt« J lijrena. A mart a:i P nr <r Pu.n , Poonah or liiu 1 - • :*i I «r. only one in A uteri a; A Li t.i i.ton. Asi atic Lion, Be:.,.I !.*• vird. Ynun* Lion 5 yeir. • 1. iin I - r. S. A. Jaguar, Afn • i I - Koy al Iknpl Tiger, only one in Amen llurnte • ©r Karre«| {' w, liv .-r I' .r Bear. Rockv M -,nUfi Will Cat. Japan*** a . t Gaselle, Vir„i n i P •i .i. A.-. r n Black Bear. Chin ** and MeaUvn Do<«, N<-w H 1? ;• 1 Kan. > can Crow.-I Ci . Mack Wolf, Urey W >lf, V. - ill »<>-•. \<ri an Porcupine, v r. r • - : Bin- Sand If ill CruHs. Whit* St jr';. very Ur. , . i*h and A n - -m 1 w ». Si . . r Ph—sanl*. Gold* k Ph«j»wi>. Span, ish Macaw a, America K.i ;!c, A'jj. ca Sheep, Cashinsro F!.e. r. Wi.iw Kami, 1 iger Cat Bed and Yell-w Cr**t Cockat >I'-r - ... > D.-v. h ; Monkey-* and l» >. Jivi Mar.- ..d Guinea Pi; ». A nl 1 > . r »u 1 < i, maad*, l»ev»<v>u id Wnii-j t . . J ■ Dove*. I.on;. -m l • Si'■* . . 1 • A y Mountain L • ' ! Paroquet!*. Who. K >t< and .*i i -. W idd..h Birds. * . V s ;i:*rr •!. f , atiD. African Ga-y Pair Tain |jtoo Prrrot«. Love rl. A:*, .i I.. ; U Par- , .-•" \ -‘ r m i > It. Lori Paroqu-iti. L '. u t-.U Bmg i • oquatt-s. Kh-4 -ud ljue-n Parr t->. 1 quell, European .1 just ad led t' ** Great AUt MALI A \ Vi ill) SMmv. i consisting ot sin i irmisj nu n t Birds of every variety .. . I plu *. I*r- •• lin; the i;-. / ... procession on it* in the pi ice oi exhibition, m be seen the i’OLOsAI. »: • ■ DEX CIlAlMOT (M;illi;i;!; I Otto llohk’k L'OKkKT B.i.vv. Will Exhibit on WESTERN PROMENADE, near the Arsenal, Monday and Tuesday, July IS and 19. Doors opon 1} and 7}. Ainii*ion only 25 cents.— No halt price. Juue28-29-{T>Ju!y 13-14-15-16-18 A1'* Dissolution* TITE firm of Howard ft Ftrout. a* Attorney# and Counsello)# a* Law. is this day dissolved by mu tual consent. Either partrer will at»tnd to tnasat tlcmout of of the bu-iue.aof tbo late tlrin Mr. Howard will c vutinue to occupy offl;ei»l Mid dle itreo'. over Casco Bank. Mr. strout wil< occupy office lOo Midd.e street, opposite head of IMuiub a.reet. Joseph Howarp, 8»wall C. Struct. ror.lsRd, JuneS", li*H — dim E N TERT A [ N MENT8. C 1111,1)uE VS l (; VCEKT, Vor th-) It.-coat of (' e Ladies’ Christian Commission. A i'‘ULL,«E.\ b COCVET nil] be given ou tLe morun^ of the FOURTH OF JULY, AT THE NEW CITY HALL. CF'dr,n 15 «*»!*• Door, ov«u »t 10 o clock—Concert to cooiiLcace at It. strawberry ffstiwi .Btra.berry Fteiha'. in r, ooo adjoloiogT", ut“ 1 &f»„r;uba°’,h.?fj: ^ •««». •«« * Jaue30 jal>2A4 T II EAtIrTk. L> E K It I N O HALL. Sole Leuee anti Manager.Mr. J. C. Mgert. FIRST TIME IX PORTLANIJ. Tlw Great Sensation Dram* Peep < > ’ I> u y . Startling Stations. An Irish Fair. The Foil Dhmc. Chtrrtfcr Dance by 24 I'nopie Sa rjicrn--^n JJeefisA. 'J riutnph >t the Peep O'Da a. Presented by the entire Company. Thursday and Friday Evenings, June 30, a id July 1. Adraksion—PAr»jtt*tte GO cent*. OaPery 3G. Seats reserved without extra charge, on application at the V , ce. ff0’:a l> *■ toG i- u. Curtain wilt n^e at 8 o clock Dour* opeu at 7j. juiielS -Inly 51 li, 15*0*4. Grand Excursion -TO Buxton Centre Grove! ARCANA LODGE, No. 1, I. O. of Gr. T. Will make their annual Excursion to Die abota uuacii beautiful (Jro.u ou TlESDiy, JULY 5th. 1M|. A Uand of Music will accompany tbe party, and Speaking, Dancing, Foot dill. Swings, kc., will bo lurnished without extra charge. Refreahiujuta iu abundant* for sale on the ground. Tare out nud Hitch, . .... 50 cent*. Car* leavo Vork k Cumberland Depot at 71 and 1'U.A. M , and 1J. Keturumg, lea-. e iluxtou at dt and o} o'clock. 4 Cimmittte qf .irreutg*mft F. G.Biob, 11. A. Sawyer, ALLY 4, \SV>4. FIEtB WORKS OK i-tarr diMcriplion, *J 3ow a« Bo-tin or Niw l ork pricrd, ruck as Ilo'ketM, Itoman Candle*. Scroll Wheelr, Flower Po'x. lllae Ugh’*, IS njolia*, Vertical Wheel*, Pin Whet l*, Ser pent*. Floral SkeiU.Torbillioe*, (Jraenhoppen, Triangle*, Minea and Hombt. lOltlEDOKS, boat quality—fall oount. KIBE < KAChfcUS. No. I. taunt.n Vraetrri, CuUlt MAsK.s. a l.'rlu.u.t pricu* .Slow Match, >*w »'>*» tire Worar—Uctl. Whlta u4 Blue, a d 8p*njtl*t,. particularly adapted for ladiee: tUer can oo UMd in tbedajr orulxittime. IRON A‘iD BRASS CANNON! (Dihlgreen Pattern,) Torpedo ACracker PiMoN, Iron Cracker Pistols, Pistols, FLAGS ol' all Sizes! —AT— Chn*. May, Jr.’*. Also the large*t a i-'ortmmt of Piatklng Taols.lo To be found i.i the city: Fly ami Balt Hods, Bamboo fioda. Care Bode, C lick and Multipl »iog fi*cd*.M!k Luo*~Braidrd and lriated—Common Hooks. Bait Hoxe«, Fish baskets, F'lv Hooks. Ac. ^ , CHAU. DAY. Jr., jan«-22ecdtojttiy4 114 >ii.die street. GUNS, RIFLES, ItEVOLVEltS, And all the Accompaniments. F i S II ( k TACKLE! The Ji4*t Assortme nt iu the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. Apill 27. eodtf PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! I3AOK. PAY 1 Are obtained lor Wounded Soldiers (dUcbarred. aud the friends of deceased soldiers w ho are tLtn.Td to the same by uvuoa o. vi:BRILL. AlUnrv ui (»:5srlIor. tl St. 11,‘ lililt Slrtrt. -a.xr— Ijicenaed Agent for all tho Departments at Washington. For Hand, April S3.1WI. ap25 eod6m The Vow skirt lor 1*61. A New and Greit Invention in IIoop Nkirl s ! Tho Duplex Klieptic (or dihb’o Steel Spring. Tl. A J. O. WKir, No. 97 I'hialrn Street. • New \ ork, aru the owner* t-f the 1‘strut and fexc.uaitu m»uu acturer# o* vais J. «r\ JlnMl'eg'* Patent Duplex 4elliptic Stttl Spring Skin*. fhis iowati m constats oi Dupitx [or two] FI! iptic Steel S;».iJg». i goniously b a>aed tightly aid u. tu »>' together edge t j odLe, making the to ight.-t. most Elastic, 1 .Mjciulo and Durab.e e ver u»«-i, en abling th» wearer fn cjus'pieoce of its grtat e'asti city ami tl 'Xibiencs*, to pUc j and fold It when »o Ui« si umI. %ad With t»i • ** »*e c juv-li uci ai a StLK Of >lr*Lis Diu-h. It y obvU«es aud rti«tees the ©uly objection to Ho. p ekht'.iix: the annoy a ice to 'he wc.rer i.* well a« the put lie. espe cially in crowded assemblies, t'arjiag •, Kail read Car*. Church Pews. or tn at y cow nil place, fiwin tlu* dtftic i<ty of contracting thtm and occupying a •mall «*p-ce. This entirely reaxovt* the dtJOeaTtv, win e g»\mg the Skirt tho usual full and -yum fri ca! form, «*ud the lightest, moot styltah and graceful appear at - •• for t s* -tr- t, opera ; . l houn'dre-* A lady having ®*jjje 1 the pL as are a«ul eum'ort aiul great ovni t uiei ce ol wcartni; one of tbs D p’ex Ei iptic Spring Skirts fora sing e day, -vili in* uc afterwards wi liugiy di.«pei».*e w ith the us* of tl. m They are also hjusHv desirable, and a great improve • cut over oth r kinds of Skim for i ui Young Lnll'i who wear abort dresses, tho-laittoity aud tl xtlulity oi them prevents wlt«u coming ib contact wit j anyt! ingorowding ihe hoop . of the Hoop or dress-, ana a*am, they are so much more dnranle aud nut likely t > bead or break or get outefsh p-*. Thu butt iu rods on a!! the Skirts arc a'so double st el ac t Im.v or «ioii.V1 cleared to |»r» vent the covering from wearing off the rods ti heu drag' ug down stairs, atoue steps. Ac , Ac , which thev a*- c >n**auly subject to when iu use. AU are undo of tin* best •|Uaality of carded fape . eoi every part o ’t h“ Skirt is of the very best umtorials; it is guaranty d la every respect to be by *n* the best mod comfjra jK\ aud most durable Ski t ever made. For sal; iu all variety ol st vies an 1 sir<* by Fi l/.i.KK\l.*» * H >D>Imt'S JntU'39 .lm I'M Middle St .Fort i d v a rriages, v > {images: Firmly limit uiui llnily Finlthcd. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OKKKUS for sale, at hi* eataMkha)*!)!, a v sriely of Carriage* uivie in the neatest and ns* -t itb> 1 itantiil mibier. Tfee a«soitDiei»l «-OBi|'ti»*ft a>) t! o di!f»reut 4)Im of Tight Carriajrt-s. anl they will be •old on «he uvjHt favorable term*. 1'ersvu* intrud ing to |-urcba*o t in tajre* will tiud it t r their iutcr cat to fill and examine before buying •wvbete. juue^Hdtf for the Isiaml*. Ou aud after June 13th the steamer Yd.r_t~C A 8 < o wilt uaiil l art!»♦ r • -tic* V rj* leave Burnham** wharf, for l > ah'a ami < itching a 11 and* at 9 an»l 10 Co A. M , and 2 aud ;) ot» I* M . Ueiturcii'g «i l leave t*u-hiug'*laiand at aid 11 1*. A. M., and 3 4f> and ft 15 I*. M licket«* 25 cents, dowuaui back; Children loots. June 'J -dtf % ____________ 1 — \ BlSliELS rrtmo We«t»ru rnlxad cu I Ot / go or arli II K Dnntoo. 1am But,:. m >rd ul that eery Superior j Sou'heru i gi obj e o h m, Cargo •> • 111. W !• trw, 1 hit landing at Xo. 1S» Co Bill' i .-ml il.Kl, ki ll lor »alo by jaa.jr.'od-Jiv LOW’D II. Bl'Bl.lN. iHitti iuionhil. A 8TKANGE ycuug man who has bees a long time from too Eas.ern 8iatc*. wishes to be in* troduced to some youug olortd l.adv ct thU city. Obi et mutual ituproveuu-ut W!.,-t ».unt* - to thi* young man, gets twouty dolars reward, iu her auvwetcd letter Addretc. GEO i . 1110Mi’SON, U. 8. St* a liter i*en‘«*ee. WeslerBiillf Blockading 8tj-sdren. o:T Mobile, Ala jtweSSUw* _ Portland Laundry DOKS ALL KINDS OF FAMILY WOSK.Or Bor. at F. A SMI I'M S, No. 115 Federal St.. will be promptly atttnded >» I Js37dSw* SAM L htWI®. AUCTION SALES. !T«r»e«. Can iag«s, Ac., at Auctlaa. ON Saturday, July 2d. at 11 o’cicck AM on Una street, we shall sell Horses, Carriages, tc Two good Hore«s, one Cary ait, two Top Wig on*, one Goddsrd do, one Concord Wagon, one Jen ny L> nd, two Market and one k*press Wagon; two two-wheeled Chaises, Hams es, kc. i HK3*?? HAlLhV k Co., ACCTiovaiaa June3U—dtd Uuardiau'c fule of Heal Estate. i to m licet,e from tbe Hob. Jobs A. Waterman. Judee of r-roba'e tor Cumberland ".7: 1 .ball offer for sal at public auction on irlday. July 8 A D IMS at 2 o’clock P. M on the premises, ene-eight tart. In common and undividei, or a certain lot of land with the dwelling house on kraikiin street, Fort .and, lormerly the property of Fgrker Haler deceas ed, and numbered 64 on said treat. r-aid ore eighth part being the share of my wards Jam n Henry IsJey, aud Lydia Giddings Carr liel lev iu -aid property. Laud at Portland this 12th day of May A. D 1864 JOHN J. AL> A Ms, Guardian. At the fame time aud plsre, the remaining seven of said property will be offered for *a e. Ihe house hrs eleven linised rooms. The lot is about 42 hy feet. JaueM^ff" UAlLKY * CO., Auctioneer*. \ Itluable Heal Entaie, It hurl, Fluta, 4c_ For Male. riV> c!o.w II,, estate of tbe late 1'barlee Jordan we WlSrt&'.H:tbe f,Jlk’wi“* de-cnb. d p,o«“y” fieo.tUu Unut 'bou.aid Uf fin l . lL fl*»'«seor o.,e hundred tnenty « x Itt-ton toinme.cTa1 street, wlrh tie In ,dines ! chal«"i.; i ^h!*'l?,??.,'{®W*?"‘r,> “id*01 C ai street 72 or iWeacb: a lot adioinin* nn v*.h S*Tv*'i9 Ati/romt’W ,6et dwp; *°toii *a,k Mft«t o' »“ corner ot lark and York street lot Jo by 80: ",wco tag. hou c 43 York ,treet lot 3i by 80: alolot land on Mate street 80 feet 'ront cou a:r.lng «bout leu thousand fret. with a cot°,ge bouse ,u the rear: two and a halt s'ory mmufn house «6 Yo. k, entitaiulB* 1* rocm. ri. ho large lot rcottaee bou-e No. » fyu* street lo,’ Vt he 1>X>! cottage h ju-e Mo. u Tyn* “,*re« I.V« 0,j loB •t>0TB W«pertJ - ill be sold oa ruy'uiai and *|| not previously disp eed or, will bs sola at A act Ion on luesrfay. July ljih. at 11 o'clock lathe forenoon on the premise* for partienian *pD|* to thosubacri'er* ( UAKLKM JoKDa.N JuorJJltd OAEOAMJOEDArf. iiliWAKU HI. FATTEN, Commission Merchant k Auctioneer, Has removed to tbe spacious store 11 Kxohstigo Street, four dodVs below Merchant's £xohanff«. Will receive* of Merchnndtes an •very description, for public or private nale. Pnk« Of Ki'&l tiUte, I nr aw « stocks aiwi n«a cbaadlas solicited. Cub advances irtaV* JfJt prompt Balt, and return*. At Laauo’a Kitchen \\T archouse \ NO. 4 FREE 8T., PORTLAWD. J I ST returned from New Tork with a lam a*. soruuontof P BASKETS, both Traveling and Work. Alao a large lot of UIRD CAGES, AU ,Ve» Pattemt, Also, Font of rarinua klnda: Wire Wiadow dwe^-pamted in evlora and plain. A large at oak iKITCHEX OOOD8, A» u.nil; Wooden ‘Ware of all kinds. (\UdrrWt r‘arr.uget, Toys Ac. AU Sold Ch tap for War Timet. Jono H —43w For linrpswoll. TWO TK1FS DAILY. ( Sundayt otetpud.) The safe and last Steamer “Clinton,” C. KELLEY, Mailer, -jfcit**. . Having been thoroughly repnirtd -iJ'S'id redtted tor light Heightandmu eeagera, win commecce her reanUr rip. to ilarpawell. MONDAY, tbe 30th inti., leev. mg t u.turn Uouaa tv h%rf at 8.80 A M and 3 T M Leave ilarpawell at 10 80 A - X. and 6 p M oacmng on the south aide ofChcbeague Island each Fare each way. ilarpawell M eta. Cbtheagae Meta Cxcur.iou tickets to ilaruewr II aud back 75 oeale Ckebeague and Lark do cte ' ’ KOdS A STLKDlVANT, Ageate. _J., 73 Commercial streot. ‘ The Best is the Cheapest.” - n ITry one ol IER3TS fa* B o gota H at s ! YOU WILL I.IKK IT. tThc licet to be (ouad in the City. 1 K K \ , 151 Middle street, Jane 1»—dtf TO THIS AFFLICTED I DK.H.lTbElHHJ, Aledical Electrician, Mo. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORN 3 R Of CONGRESS AND ELM STMEETE WOULD rr-pectfiitly announce to the oltlaona of i'ortlaad uad vicinity, that he h.„ Hraunt. j v located iul hi. Uty. Daring the eleveu month, hnt veiny boon In town wo hnv« cured ion. ot ho worvt form, of d iiru. in perron, who have tried »'bcr loiw. of treatment in vain, end curing pa : eat. in «o abort a time that the queatioa ie often : t-ktd. do they .uy cured’ Io .newer tbi. qneetioa wo will *ay that all that do not »tay cu- ed, we will | toetor the found time for nothing. Dr. D. bs. been a practical Klectrician fer twenty >«e ft era, and i.aiao a regular graduated phy.iciu S'ertricity ie perfectly adopted to chronic dleamoe ia the form or nervoneor .ick headache; neural, a n the brad, ueck.oreatremitiea; con.umptiou when »the aoute .tag-, or where the lung, an not Ally | 'uvelved; aciti or chrcnic rheumatim .ororuta bin I !»aw, white, veiling.. -pinai dleeaaea, corral an >• the .pine, contracted mwelaa, dietorted Urn be, y.Uy or paralveie, St. Vitae- Dane,. dcalnew.nam •a-rtngor heaitaney of .peach, dy.pep.ia, indigee. tg;a, occupation and liver complaint, pflw we anew »»' r»ee that eon he piwiented: aethma, htno.f ..of the cheat, and all Anna of hna't complaint.. | By Blootriolty The Kheamatio. the goaty, the lame and the la: m leap with joy, and move with the agility and eiaeti.. ty of youth; the heated brain i. cooled; the ftxet . itten limb, mtored. the nneooth doformitiee re. nnred: faintneeconverteih to vigor, weakneee le itrnngt h, the blind made to we, tbe deaf to hear ar 4 ne ; a .ed torn to mow upright; the hlemlehw ti /onth ere obliterated; the-wevdewf. of metoro Ule . reran ed: the onlamitbei of OM ago obrinted, aad in kali vs drunlstifin malstslssi LADIES ■Vho aareocld hands and feet; weak stomachs; ante and weak backs ; nervous and eick headache) •lzzines* and -wimming in the heed, with indices foe end constipation of the bowels ; pain ia the side *nd back; leucorrhma, (or whites); fhlllng of tha comb with internal saccers; tumors, polv»>ns, and t’l that long train os disc*** will find in' ‘Electric* tty a sure means of core. Fcr painfbl menstruation, tvo profuse menstruation, and ail of those long line >f troubles with young ladies. Electriclty is a certain •pacific, and wiil, in a short time, restore the saflbrev to the rigor of health tV" Vi s hw>e an 11* r'm-Cktnicai Apparatus tot extracting Mineral t ^mon fn n the system, inch so ffercury. Antimony. Arsenic, 4c. Hundreds who ire troubled with stiff joints, weak backs, and varl >u* otherdiffioalties, the direct cause of which, ia uixio cases out or teu, is tbs effect of poisonous drugs, Jin be restored to natural strength and vigor by the ace of frrm five to eight Baths. OJ*ce hours from io oloeh a. m. to 1 w.U.ilk 9; and 7 to 9 r. v. Conr&Ustion Free. |ypg |sed IMPROVED Mil KT SUPPORTER ! AND CHEST EXPANDER \| ElS. HEED invites the attention of the ladies of I *71 to U-r dew improved Skirt Sup ai.d 1 best Expander, fitting every form per :• ct!y, uo cu'tiug around the urn. the usuul com I r> aittt of all other braces No lady would be with I >ut it Iwr the support of Skirts alone, after wearing it. a* it Is of great sup port to the back It also ea 1 and* the chest, slieigtheus the luugs and stomach, tod v, ill reru* dv a very bad habit of stooping. A!»o. a b autiful style of Bust, indispensable la a id) ’.-toilet Al-o. Or ladies fieriog with I*rolsp i -us L ist I or bearing down, she bas a supporter she au confidently recommend for this distressing com i , tint which medicine fails to reach; it hasoo«qaal; t t is fer sup.ricr to the many mechanical supporters ,*si in such cases, lining the for r» perfect y. It la roe from ini- and «dic). si.d crra'e« no irritation ; gives ci *ufort and can*. with such an amount of sup tort you would not think it p* sjible to do wRhsat It. A’-o fit auppioiters for Hernia or Rupture. Also, lieutl* men's Braces with busptnders on the an e principle as ladies. .Mrs i:KKl» will take pleasure ia shewing the k»-ove to all vr^o wiil favor her with a call, al her • i: ou * No. Oanforvh St., or at Sadies’ residencea i d -i/.d. Orders cam be left with Mist R. CH Arw U I K \* No 7 t lapp’s U.ock. or with CHARLES ! ‘ LAhh, No. 11 3l*rket b«4uare. je27d 1 w t h e neod toc37 lillANU TKUM HAILWAY Excursion Tickets I Scawt n I MM. Tickets Good to lstusto Bov. 1st. T*t)l: Ticket, and general information apply to the 1 I iFce of the Br.ti.h and Auaerieao Kxpreua Co.. .) Exchange etreet. >une24itd3w IVotlCf, mills day 1 five to mv two roaa. T.. J. tod Cha*. f i:.«ii>tail. tii«ir time, to act and trad* fur th»* vlrra: I »hail not claim tbeir wavea or par thalr fob'a. T. C HAN Da LL. K»z r Falla, Ma. H'ltrc". Mury KUUbury, Hary 8. Filial ury. June 27.13t4. juneSS Wood Lot lor Sale. IK i'ape Elizabeth, within three milea of the city, 10 or 15 acre, hearPv wooded with pl»e timber, spruce and herahtck. will he .0 d wither without tun Und, to ttiit pwrchu*er For further parllculara la ! attire of JAMES JincWdtf Notice. STRAYED Into mv oncloanra Friday. Jure J*. a dark red Cow. the owner can hare her hr par. mg btHe JOHK ttORTOS, • Ucrtaao, June 27,1SC4 —41m*

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