Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 4, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 4, 1864 Page 2
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the DAILY PRESS, j PORTLAND, MAINE. Monday Morning, July 4, 1864. _ . "***~ The circulation of the Daily Pres* is larger (fc tn any other Daily paper in the State,and double that of any other in Portland. r»B«s—MOO per year: if paid ttrictly in ad ranee a discount of. *1.00 unit bt mads. jar* Readla* Mailer on all Fenr Pane*. union nominations. FOR PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, Or TENNESSEE. For Elootora. At Urge—JOHN B. BKOWN. Portland, ABNER STETSON,Daniariscotta. 2J I>iat.—THOS. A.D. FESSENDEN,Auburn. FOB OOVEBNOB, SAMUEL CONY-, OF AUGUSTA. For Members of Congress. 2d District—SIDNEY PEKHAM, of Paris. Ward Caucuses. The voters of the city who ere unconditionally in favor of ttie U nion, the supremacy of the Constitu* ti »u and Laws, and the suppression ol the Rebellion by a vigorous prosecution of the War, are requested to meet at their several Ward Rooms on Tuesday Jtvening. July b'h. at 8 o'clock, f «r toe purpose of selecting Five Delegates from each Ward to attend the Congressional Convention for this District, to be ho!d«u at City Hall m this City, on Thurs day July 7th, at 10 o'clock A. M The Delegates thus e.ccud will meet and select out • ulrgnte of /firsf. The meetings in the several Wards will be held in Ike following places:— Ward 1. at fcnglne House. Monument street. 2, Ward Room, Congress street. 14 8, 44 44 Myrtle street. •• ♦, 44 44 Old City Hall. 44 6, 44 44 South street 44 6, " *• bpring streeet. 44 7, 44 “ bracket street. Fan Out*kr City Comm. Congressional Convention—First District The voters of the first Congressional District who are unconditionally in favor ot the Union, the su premtey -of the Constitution and Laws, and the suppression of the Rebellion by a vigorous prosecu* Uon of the War. are invited to send Delegates to a Convention to beheld at the CITY UALL, in Port• lund, on THURSDAY, the 1th qf July, at 10 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of nominating a Candidate for Representative to Congress and an Elector of President and Vico-President. The basis of representation will be as follows:— Each city and town will be entitled to one Delegate, and one Delegate additional for every seventy-five votes ca«t for Gov. Coney in 1963. A majority frac tion will entitle to an additional Delegate. The Committee will be in session at the Hall, at 9 o'clock to receive Credentials. Jobs Lynch, Portlaud, | Saw all b. Grosb, N.GIouce ter, j T. . John D. Lincoln, Brunswick, | Union Joa* A. Wakrmas, uorhaM, y District Guo. n. Know CTOS. Allrod, | Edwin B Smith, Saco, | committee. John WknrwosTu, Kittery, J June 31.1861 Fourth of July. Iu the midst of war and war's alarms the the people are not in the mood to celebrate old events, however important and significant such events may have been; nor do they feel like stopping to glorify the Declaration of In dependence while blows are demanded to make that Independence an established fact. Perhaps it is well. Let the passing hour be devoted to supplying present pressing needs, and to strengthing the hands that are holding up the pillars of Liberty's temple oivthls con tinent. This work done, the nation will cele brate the annually returning 4th of July with a zest, a meauing, a spirit, an inspiration to which in all past time they have been com parative strangers. Last year the 4th was observed In a way to make every patriotic heart leap for joy. It was then that Pemberton surrendered to Grant the city and defences of Vicksburg, with over 30,000 prisoners. The set back to the rebel hordes at Gettysburg was near * enough to the same day to bo considered a part of its observance. If wo could have something of the kind this year, the national heart would rejoice, and the blood would bound through the veins with increased activ ity, giving new life and strength. We have heard of preparations for hut very few public observances of the day in this State. In Bath quite a demonstration will be made, in connection with the welcome to the returned veterans of the 3d regiment, belong ing in that city, and It will prove a centre of attraction for a large number of towns. In this city the public observance of the day will he of the most simple character, con fined probably to the riuging of bells and firing of salutes. The city expenditure for the occasion Is limited to *500. There will he various means of festive enjoyment provided. The City llall is to be a centre of attraction under the auspices of the Christian Commis sion. Mechanics’ llall is to present its at tractions under the auspices of the Central Church Sabbath School, the Theatro at Deer ing Llall and Sprague's and Blanchard’s Min strels, at Lancaster's llall, will he on hand for benefits, and divers other dirertheineuts, more or less select, will fill up the day and evening. The usual number of accidents from pistols and fire works will doubtless occur, bat as It is the “4th," and as our workmen and editorial staff desire to show their period leal respect for American Independence, no record of events will be given in the Press till Wednesday morning. No paper will he issued from this office to morrow. Letter from the Maine Thirty-Second. Neau Pktbrsbubo, Va., June 25,1864. To the Editor qf the Prr$t. Excuse me for making a request of you to publish these few lines, written in a rifle pit under the fire of musketry, and sharpshooters of the enemy, while our folks are throwing two shells, from siege guns, every fifteen miu utes, Into the city. What I now write re gards the casualties in Co. C, 32d Maine Reg iment. Please publish fur the benefit of friends. Second Lieut. Burr, was wounded on the 12lhof May; First Lieut. Hammond, wound ed on the 18th ult. Our captain (Sargeant) has been away from us nearly one month; he was bruised on the back by a piece of shell. He returned yes terday. We are rejoiced to see him. Killed in different battles: Sergt. Joseph Files,May 12th; privates Howard Robinson, do 18th; Win. McKay, dodo; Geo. M. Harmon, June 3d; Henry A. Hussey, do 20th. Wounded, since died: Privates AdoDiram Cookson, May 12th; Chas. McGuire, do 18th, died same day according to report; Corp. Freeman J. Knights, June 0th, died 13th. Wounded and away from their company; , Privates John H. Dodge, Clarence L. Abbott, | Philip Wedge, Wm. S. Davis, Edward Rafter, Daniel W. Leavitt, May 12th; Corp. Joseph H. Goff, do l:ltb ; privates Chas. N. Kincade, Presscott Chamberlain, do 10th; Query C. Thurston, Algenon Q. Brown, June 3d; Corp. Robert T. Smith, do 17th, bruised on the left shoulder as he lay on the ground, by an un- , eroloded spent round shell; pioneer John Mtiey, June 22; private Edward Q. Shaw, do 24th, probably mortally; John McGee, do do do. Missing: Pioneer Abraham Wyman, May 6th; privates Jas. K. P. Whitten, Geo. W. Wilson, May 27ill. Died: Privates Abel W. Taylor, May —, in hospital in Philadelphia; Frauk Titcomb, May 22d, at home. Seven are abseut without leave, their names I withhold; eleven absent sick; one has de serted. Thirty are reported lor duty, vis.: one Sergt., four Corps., twenty-five privates; mustering iu the company twenty-three guns. E. II. Liiinr. The Recent Railroad Disaster. The ‘‘Neckar” sailed from Hamburg the 18th of May with 588 passengers, the greater part of whom came from Bohemia, aud tho re mainder from Poland, Saxony, the Hanseatic towns, Sweden aud Norway. *<rhes6 emi grants were distinguished for their eminently respectahle appearance, broad countenances and flaxen hair, all grouped into families, aud bound principally for the Western States.— They landed at Quebec, and alt but eighty persons, who were not able to pay their fares, took the cars. The train on tearing Point Levi, contained 45ft passengers, who occupied eleven freight and second class cars. At 1.15 A. M. the traiu arrived at St. Hilaire station, a mile or ■u from the bridge over the Richelieu, the out let of Lake Champlain. The traiu immedi ately proceeded up the track to the bridge over the Richelieu. The night was tine and clear. The draw was then open, and five barges pasting through on their way to Lake Charnpla'u in tow of a steamer. The usual red danger light was burning, aud could lie seen at a distance of 1020 feet, or more than 1000 feet from the end of the bridge, which is j constructed of iron and rests upon seven | stone piers at an altitude of ajx>ut forty feet from the summer level of the river. The bridge-master saw the traiu coming, and other signals were given, but all to no purpose. On came the train, aud just as the mast of the third vessel bad cleared the bridge, j the engine plunged into the gap, and car af ter car thundered into the river forty feet be low and upon |the deck of a barge that was passing the draw. The locomotive struck the barge just alb the mast and bounded olf aud plunged into the river. The baggage cars came tumbling after, followed by the passenger cars in rapid succession. The cars were hrokeu and piled upon one another in terrible confusion. Such j a spectacle is seldom witnessed on earth.— j The whole seemed as if they had been placed : under the pressure of some enormous power aud crushed into an unrecognizable mass of splinters, iron, humau flesh aud bones! It seems that no prolonged suffering tortured the last moments of these poor foreigners. Death in every case appears to have been in stantaneous, so says the correspondent of the 1 Montreal Gazette who has given a very graph ic account of this terrible accident. We will not attempt to describe the scene that follow ed it. We rejoice to believe that everything lias been done that could he to relieve the suf fering of those w ho wire taken out alive from the ruins. A great many of the dead were evidently asleep when the accident occurred, as they had taken off their boots aud coats, endeavor ing to make themselves as comfortable as pos sible on board such a conveyance. They were found in heaps one upou another, and dressed in the traditional blue of the German i people. The drawbridge is about fifty feet high from i the water, and seventy feet wide. The eutire length of tho bridge is about 1200 feet. The i order* to engineer* and conductor* are to stop a moment before passing the bridge, but ! it seems iu this case tbe engineer paid no at tention and pressed forward, plunging the train into this river, and destroying some hundred of human lives and wounding many persons. He has been arrested, and we trust ai justice will be meted out to him iu full meas ure. His name is William Burney. He was first a fireman, and ha* been promoted in 'the usual way, having been employed on the road some eleven years. The whole responsibility, it would seem, rests upon him. a Affairs at Norfolk, Va. [Vrum tbe Norfolk AVie Htfftmr ] Piebpont Uepl’diated.—The disclosure made iu this journal yesterday, of the man agement of State and city affairs, under Gov. Pierpont aud Mayor Brooks, did not take any body here by surprise. The citizens ot Nor folk have, for over a year back, been complain ing of the extortions of the civil authorities; aud as early as February, a deputation of citi zens waited upou the military authorities, and asked that the civil government he set aside. Gen. Butler was uuwllling to interfere in the , matter. He was assured that the majority of voters were anxious that such a step should be taken. More urgent matters came up; and Gen. Butler went into the field, boon alter, Gen. Sbepley assumed command, aud he was likewise urged to set aside the extortionate civil government—which did nothing but col I lect taxes and expend tbe money among un employed office-holders. Four days ago, Geu. < Sbepley, in compliance with the public wish, { issued the following order: Many loyal citizens of Norfolk having rep resented to the Military authorities iu this Department that theyado not desire a continu ance of the Municipal Government that has heretofore been recogtdied by the Command ing treueral, it has been determined before any tfual action is taken upou those petitions, to lake an expression of the preference of the citizens themselves at the polls. On the day of the ensuing municipal elec lion iu the city of Norfolk, u poll will be open ed at the several places of voting, and sept rate ballot boxes will be kept open during the I hours of voting, iu w hich voter* may deposit their ballots, “ Yes" or “No," upon the follow ing question: Those iu lavor ol continuing the present form of Municipal Government duting the existence of Military occupation will vote “Yes.” “Those opposed to it will vote “No." Persons otherwise entitled to vote, and who have taken the oath required in the Amnesty Proclamation of the President, will not be considered as disqualified Ironi voting on this question by reason of tbeir not having taken any other oaths, but will be allowed to vote upon this question if qualified iu other respect*. The Prove st Marshal will appoint persons to receive and couut and declare these votes iu case the Commissioners of Election or I other officers presiding at the polls shall fail to do so. The Hegirne adds, “Yesterday being the “ day Axed for tire annual election of Mayor “of Norfolk, the citizens decided the question “ submitted to them. The majority against “the civil rule is three hundred and fuur *' teen.” Then follows a detailed state of tl e vote. W# also find the following brief article in the same number of the 'Iteyinte: Gen. Bl’ti.ek.—Never belore, since the be ginning of lire war, has a commander of a de partment been so honored a* was Gen. Butler yesterday, by the citizens of Norfolk. In the face ol lire written slander* of Pierpont tin* verbal backbiting of civil office-holders, aud the perjury and conspiracy ot whi*key-smug- ! glers, tile people went to the polls. auj eided by a vote of three hundred and fourteen to sixteen, that they preferred the military government, as administered by General But ler and General Sbepley, to that o^he dis honest and corrupt so-called “restored gov eminent’’ of Peirpont and Brooks. This seems to ns n most thorough vindication of Gen. Butler and his administration in the De partment of Virginia anti North Curoliua. Letter from the State Capital. Avgusta, June 23,1SW. To the SJitor of the Preee. The following commission* have been Laucd j ilnce my last, viz : IRISH REGIMENT LIGHT ARTILLERY. Jolm G. Deaue of Portland, 5d Lieut, Cth i Battery. FOURTEENTH REGIMENT INEAXTBT. Ajalon Godwin of Kuinford, Captain Co. { II. Oscar W. Pitcher of Belfast, 1st Lieut. ' Co. U. SEVENTEENTH REGIMENT. Granville F. Sparraw of Portland, Captain Co. B. Robert II Mathes of Durham, (N. II.) 1st Lieut. Co. A. William II. Sturgis of Stau dish, 1st I.ieut. Co. B. Edwin Emery of San ford, 2<l Lieut. Co. I. Lloyd W. Lainos of Berwick. 2d Lieut. Co. K. Hannibal S. War- ] ren of Norway, 2d Lieut. Co. C. Partin Craw ford of Gardiner, 2d Lieut. Co. G. TWENTIETH REGIMENT INFANTRY. Mattson C. Sanborn of South Berwick, 1st Lieut. Co. E. Joseph Fuller 2d of Bruns wick, 1st Lieut Co. K. THIRTY-HIRST REGIMENT INFANTRY. Daniel White of Bangor, Col. William It. Currier of Brewer, Major. '-'luiiai uuutf iibb ueeu rrceiveu ui me rt; signalion ami honorable discharge of 1st Lt. Carydon A. Alvord, Jr., Co. B., Uth Regt. The lollowing is a copy of a special oTder issued from the Departmeut on the 25th ult. " It appearing that Captain Henry Warren, 7th Maine Volunteers, whose sentence is pro mulgated in General Court Martial Orders ' No. 139, from this Office, dated May 31st, ’64, did previous to the action of the President up on his senteuee, ask and obtain permission to be relieved from arrest, for the purpose of leading hia company in battle, and that he was killed while bravely lighting near Spotlsylvs nia Couit House, by direction of the Presi- ! dent, so much of the above General Court Martial Order as relates to Captain Warren is hereby revoked, and the sentence in his case is disapproved.” The disability in the esse of Capt. Elish S. Bisbee, formerly of the 9th Regiment, who was dismissed the service by sentence of Court Martial, has been removed. Exchange of Maine Prisoners, The New York Tribune has advices from New Orleans of June 21, which state that by au arrival from Grand Ecore at the mouth of the Red river, June 17th, three hundred wounded men who were left on the Helds of Pleasant Hill and Mansfield last April were returned to our lines by the Confederates, who sent down on the same boat Gen. Szy ntanski, their Commissioner of Exchange, for the purpose of negoliatiatiug a general ex change of prisoners in- that Department. These men reached New Orleans J uue ISth, on parole. The Tribune's correspondent bears testimony to the humane treatment re ceived by these men at the hands of the rebel military authorities, as well as by citizeus with whom they have been brought into con tact during their captivity. Such as have died havo been decently buried in coffius, and the respect of civilized life shown to their remains. The following are the Maine uames which we Hud in looking over the list of the prisoners: Lieut. John Coates, A, 15th Me.; Adj. A. A. Clark, do; Richard Ryan, A, do; J. C. Libby, U, do; A. II. Hutchinson, C, do; Jonathan liaudall, A do; Lieut. C. B. Bailer, K, 39th; Corp. A. N. l)unn, 29th; S. M. Murray, C, do; Sergt. E. F. Berry, G, 13th; Sergt. H. C. Chase, B, do; G. B. Fogg, H, do; Corp. C. B. Moody. D, do, dead; Aaron Hunter, I,do,dead; Sergt. Joseph Anderson F. do; Lary Prentls, H, 30th, dead; Amos Kenuiston, F, do; J. B. Pullen, K, do, do; Corp. Thomas W. Dolly, K, do; J. F. Tyler, F, A. T. Greeu, B, 15th; Sergt. J. E. Lothrop,’ do; S. Grant, A. 13th; J. McNulty, do; E. Cunninghanj, I, 15th; II. A. Wyman, I, 29lh, dead; H. U. Forbes, II. do; G. Smith, do, dead; J. M. Bickford, A,30th; J. F. Gray, F. do; W. Kilpatrick, C, do; J. Bourne, E, do; H. Pauley, H, do; dead; F. B. Colwell, G, do; J. G. Shaw, C, do, dead ; J. L. White, C, do; Eaoch Small, C. do; J. L. Linscot, II, All the foregoing not otherwise designated, have been paroled and were to be] at once discharged If disabled, furloughed, if likely to be unlit for duty for thirty days, or trans ferred to St. Louis if too 111 to receive fur lough. Secbktaky Fessenden. Tho Boston Journal in speaking ol the appointment of the lion. Win. Pill Fessenden to the office of Sec retary of the Cabinet says: We are glad that the President and the Sen ate, in this instance, had the wisdom to dis card mere geographieal prejudices, and chose a good man for a most important place, al though an effect was to give New England two seats in the Cabinet. That Mr Fessend en is such a man lew will doubt. Thorough ly experienced in public life, endowed with remarkably keen and steady perceptions, of the most unsullied integrity, and admirably trained in all the intricacies of the country's finances by his long tenure of the post of Chairman of the Seuate Finance Committee, he seems just the man to succeed Secretary Chase at this moinentiious period. Whatever can tie done by capacity and effort to improve our financial position, we may rest assured, will he done by Secretary Fessenden, The Boston Post, [Democratic] says: The Hon.Wn.Pirr Fessenden is Secretary of the Treasury. He is an honest mau and a competent one—one, we believe, who will enter upon his arduous duties with a de sire and a determination to discharge them tailhfully and in a manner most advantageous to the public. The New York Post says:—Mr. Fessenden Is one of the ablest men in the country; a man of nerve and courage, of a clear head and a determined spirit He has on many occasions expressed his views on the financial situation, in his place in the Senate, and has always lavored a vigorom and effective taxa tion as the first necessity. He has not hesi tated on several occasions, to denounce all efforts which were not sustained by this, the foundation-stone of Ananre; and, the country has reason to expect and believe that ho will lay before Congress at once a schedule of taxes which will provide a sufficient revenue to reduce prices, cause gold to fall, and re store and maiutaiu our credit abroad. Fibes in tub Woods.—The Aroostook Pioneer says several families above Fort Kent, have been burnt out and their ’crops entirely destroyed. At Ashland several acres of crops were destroyed, and the buildings of J. A. Flint and David Eastman, and a school house near Mr. Flints. C. W. Clayton of Masardis, had a large amount of grass land so badly scorched as to entirely destroy this year's crop. A destructive Are between the Aroostook road and the Oxbow settlement occurred on Saturday and Sunday, 18th and 19th, which extended over somi valuable timber laud Tuarsday last John Clark, at “Winding Hill, in the south part of the town, lost Iris house and baru, and the old mau is left entirely des titute. The bridge across the Houlfon road near Mr. Clark's was also destroyed. Nearly all of the fence lor a distance of two miles on the "K -ach,” so called, was destroy ed by Are on Thursday. The settlers along the west b.iuk of the river with difficulty saved their buildings. U. S. Hospital Steamer Matilda,) Bermuda Hundreds, Va., June 27. j Tj tht Editor of the Preta : Tire following sick and wounded Maine sol diers were transferred to General Hospital, Fort Monroe, from this steamer yesterday: 321 Me., Co. G, privates sick; Joseph Mc Keuuy, Jam -s A. Hawley, S. Heath, Win 1). Petliugill. D. C. Cavalry Sergts. Frank Har mon, wounded in hand; Nathan More, wound ed in arm; Oorp. D. B. McKenny, sick; pri vate Nalliau Snell, sick. U.h Me., Co. G, pri vate 8. Clough, sick. Yours truly, J. F. Pratt, Sergeant iu charge. Deaths op Maine Soldiers. The fol. lowing deaths of Maine soldiers took p[acc at City Point from June 22d to 29lh: P. Binner, 1st Me. Art.; John Cnnuors, 1st Mass. Arf.; Ezra Chargue, loth Yermoui.; Albert James, 1st Me. Art.; J. J. Jackson, j do.; F. Grant, 23d Me,; J. II. Oruc, 1st Me. Art.; Patrick P. Black, 52d Mass.; L. C. Cha lul’ney, 12th MasJ.; Samuel Spencer, do.; L. D. Perkins, 1st Me. Art.; Aiphonso Miller, do.; Edward Jones, 19th Mass.; L. L. Lord, do.; L. Pride, 14th Me.; U. A. Atkins, 1st Mass. Art.; G. Frolbingbam, do.; L. A. Sturtevant, 1st Me. Art.; Albert James, 1st Me.; Osmond Towue, 32d Me.; E. J. Jenuisen, 1st Me. Art. OiUGMJtJUb JLM1> SKltEL'TEl U -*_ A eir Advert item »nts To-Day. Wanted—A situation. Farm for Site—Francis Libby House and Lot r<>r£ale—Jonn C. Proutor. 8trav Cow—Peter Gammon M. C. M A . — Regular Monthly Meeting, N arse—Dana bro* 8et-81de Home—John T. Smith. Cilumuy Refuted—8. W okillin. Theatre—Deeriug ball. /u tlou Sa’e-E M. Patten. • hil Iren's Coneert -Programme. To Get—A. L brown. B >h*inian Goods at Auction—Henry Bailey £t C o Hordes, Ac., at A net ion—Henry Bailey. Letter Gist. CjTThere was quite a frost at East Macbaa* on Tuesday night laat. *2f"One dollar a pound is paid for wool in Somerset County. Sy All the railroads connecting Rich annul with the South are sundered. BTCo. A, State Guards, ("apt. Morse, has been ordered to garrison Fort McClary, Rittery. ^ They must be on duty by the 10th of July. i3TThe price of substitutes in Washington on ^ Wednesday was £4>0. There were largo pur chases in expectation of a rise. Charges against Provost Marshall Bean, of the 5th District, are being investigated. His 1 headquarters are at Belfast. 'sb tiwiG»»ui»uuue»uuj more iits'j ne is apt to make. A hen with one chicken Toes more scratching than if she had a family of fifteen. HT Receipts of all places of amusement in this country are hereafter to be taxed one per cent. j tit The “Crutch" Is the significant title of a small paper published at the U. S. General Hos pital, Annapolis, Md. jyThcSt. Louis Democrat gives a list of twenty-one radical papers in Missouri that suj> port Lincoln and Johnson. jyThe house of Mr. William H. Foss, in Whitneyville, was partially destroyed by tire, on Wednesday morning. EaTFlavel said that if men should rise from the dead and read their epitaphs, some of them would think that they had got in the wrong grave. fgf A schoolmaster out West posted in his schoolroom the following: “Nonas—Noswarin, cussin, or running abowt luse or hollerin in this scul. ST"Andrew D. Euson of Hartford, who was injured by the railroad accident at Berlin a few days ago, died on the 2Kth. He was city auditor and also deputy sheriff of Hartford county. kJT'A collection amounting to $192.75 was taken up at the Union Convention at Auburn, on the 29th ult., for the benefit of the sick and wounded soldiers at Augusta. gr.viaj. c. v. Crossman, of the 1st Heavy Artillery, arrived at his borne in Bangor on Thursday. He has a painful bullet wound in his right arm. OTThe whole number of shoemakers in the United States is 164,GbO. Of th.s, there are in Massachusetts 41,011, or about one-fourth part of the whole. SUP “Delta," of the Boston Advertiser, says Col. Smith of the 1st Maine Cavalry, was woun ded in the thigh, on the march from the White House. The wound is not considered a dan gerous one. 3rThe Bath Times gives the people of Bow doinham the credit of raising for the soldiers recently $455, and the people of Woolwich for $236 in aid of the Christian Commission, for warded through thelBath Army Committee. Dr. Lyman, Hospital Inspector from Washington, is now in Bangor for the purpose of looking at the conveniences for a military hospital that will accommodate from two to five hundred patients. £y Capt. Lysander J. Hume, of the 19th Massachusetts regiment, which was c|ptured near Petersburg, on the 22d ult., was a resident of Calais, this State, and was among the cap tured. iy The Aroostook Pioneer says that after a long and severe drouth, they were blessed on Saturday night and Sunday with a gentle rain, which did much good, besides extinguishing the fires. grit is said the quotas on all the calls on this State have been filled, without regard to those who have enlisted in the navy. If so we have a large balance in our favor to put against the next call. . if The Paris Democrat, bv an erroneous credit, makes 400 wounded soldiers pass through Bangor for Augusta, from General Grant's Ar my. The error is by no means an unusual one even iu the best regulated offices. yIn the list of patents issued for the week ending June 28th, is one for Simeon Goodwin of ‘ lisddeford. Me., assignor to Charles A. Shaw of the same place, for improvement iu mechanising for tilling or building bobbins in spinning. y The St. Paul papers say throngs of emi grants are Socking into Minnesota. They are mostly foreigners, and nearly all seem to have money, many bringing from $1000 to $2000 in gold to buy farms with. iy W'e learn from the Brunswick Telegraph that the Germania Band will furnish music for the Commencement week at Bowdoiu. At the concert on Tuesday evening preceting Com mencement Bay, Miss Adelaide Phillips, a dis tinguished vocalist, will take part. lif The following gentlemen were appointed District committee at the Convention of the Second Congressional District, held at Auburn on the 29th inst.: L. F. Prescott, Farmington; Sylvester Oakes, Auburn; R. P. Carr,Bowdoin ham; R. S. Stevens, Paris. y Contribution* are being made in our large cities to send onions to the soldier* of the Poto mac, on account of the danger of the scurvy among them. Could not a few barrels be pur chased in this city and sent along? the soldiers need them more than we do. y The Junior Class at the Bangor Theologi cal Seminary, the Whig says, with one excep tion, have volunteered in the service of the Christian Commission, and have gone to the front, whero they will immediately commence upon their new and important duties. y We arc sorry the Biddeford Union has deemed it necessary to copy an article con ceived in a spirit of malignity against the Press, without also copying from the Press the brief article to which it refers. We have not so learned the hssons of editorial courtesy. y The Oxford Democrat says the Franklin Patriot has been revived, in the old clothes of the defunct Bath Courier. The Courier died of scurvy, gangrene, and galloping consumption, and if these should prove to be contagious dis eases the Patriot may be in danger. rST* The Bath Times learns from a private letter from the army of the Potomac that about 100 men of the Maine 19th arc missing, proba bly taken prisoners at the time the 15th and 19th Massachusetts regiment were captured, being in the same Division. Sergeant Grow, of Co. K, 19th Maine, acting sergeant major, was woun ded in the charge. iy We learn from the Belfast Republican that ou the 23d, ult. William Voung, living in the western part of that city, near the Belmont line, fell from the roof of a barn on which he was at work, and was almost instantly killed, his ribs being broken and driven into his lungs. The high wind caused him to lose his balance. He was 43 years of age. y The New Bedford Mercury says a returned soldier of the 7th Mass, regiment was discovered soundly sleeping under one of the trees near the depot in Taunton, with his cap for a pillow. On being roused, and asked why he was reduced to such a necessity as that of sleeping out cf doors he replied: “It’sof no use; I can't sleep on a mattrass, and so I came out last night, and in the uld fashion, I have had a good rest." y A merchant in Boston whose ago exempts him from military service, advertises iu the Journal, over his own name, for an honest, loyal, sober, sound man to represent him in the army of the United States. His example is being ( imitated by many of the citixens of that city, | who are themselves exempts, but who do not for that reason consider themselves morally ab solved from rendering personal service, at least by proxy, in the army. ■ - iJ ’’.he London Advertiser says Garibaldi is remarkable fur his reverence of the Sabbath day, and that, as one proof „f this, he refused, when in l.oudon, to aecuinpany some of the highest in the land, though urgently solicited to do so, on a visit to the Zoological Gardens on a Sun day—solely because he would have regarded such a visit as a v.elation of the sanctity of the Sabbath.” 3TIf the Paris Democrat alludes to the Press, it is entirely mistaken in saying we oppose the Publishers’ and Editors' Convention. We do not oppose it. We simply fail to see why we should go into any arrangement to prolong the life or promote Hie interests of pajiers that op pose the Government and favor the rebellion. We recognise no interests in the Bangor Demo crat, the Machias Union, the Anson Advocate, or the Portland Advertiser, that we feel bound to protect or respect; nor do we see, with such views, why we should voluntarily place ourselves in a relation that may require us to confer, on newspaper matters, with the treasonable editors of such sheets. Let them die and fade from memory; the sooner the better. One word more: we would most gladly and cheerfully associate, for festive purposes or for mutual acquaintance, with the editors aud publishers of Union papers, though we fail to see any way in which even such association can he mmliv KnuUnac pecuniary advantage. We will oombine with any person to put down rebellion and to thwart the desigus of traitors; but wo wish to render neither aid nor comfort to those who are seeking to defeat the plans and purposes of the Ooveria ment. Others will do as they please, and we will not complain. We claim the same right. BY TELEGRAPH -TO TES KVKSISb PAPERS. -- Sec. Pciipnt/en’f Policy. New Yoke. July 2. The World’s Washington dispatch says if Senator Fessenden accept?, his p llcy will be, first, to repeal the gold bill and alt restrictions upon commercial transactions. Second, to issue additional curreucy. merely to make the money market easier. Third, the establish ment of a system of open loans, to supply the necessities of the government and reduce the I excessive currency. Fourth, the stoppage of war on State banks. Fifth, to make the tariff more ol a reveuue than a war basis. Sixth, ! as heavy a rate of taxation as Congress can be ' induced to impose. Seventh, issue six per cent, interest bearing notes instead of curren cy. Eighth, systemiie the collection of taxes so as not to withdraw the currency auddeuly and embarass trade. Various Itrms. New York, July 2. The Puritan was successfully launched this morning. The steamers City of Manchester. Hansa, and Pennsylvania, sailed today for Europe, with about $100,000 in specie. Col. Billy Wilson, died at Westchester on Saturday. Death of Jo»iak Quincy. DRstos, July 2. Josiaii Quincy, Senior, died in Braintree, last evening, aged 02 years. Oxford Cocntt Convention.—At the Oxford Connty Convention, held at Paris on Friday last, the lollowiug nominations were made:— For Senators —Wm. W. Virgin, Norway, Thomas Chase, Bucktield. Sheriff—Horatio Austin. County Attorney—W. W. Bolster. Register of Probate—J. S. Uohbs. Commissioner—Noah H. Hubbard. Treasurer—W. A. Pidgin. The resolutions endorse the Baltimore plat form, Lincoln aud Johnson, Gov. Cony and Hon. Sidney Perham, and tender thanks to the soldiers. District Convention. We understand that arrangements hare been made with the Portland, Saco «fc Ports mouth Railroad Co. to convey delegates to and from the Convention tor one fare—tickets to be good on any train on the 0th, 7th and Sth. It is expected that similar arrangements wilT be made with the other roads. Ft be Wokks for the Fourth in great varie ty, also Toys and Fancy Goods, may be found in abumiauce at the store of Chas. Day, Jr., 114 Middle street. Persons In want of such articles will do well to call on him. SPECIAL NOTICES. *%. t mu. The ladies of Christian Commission take this method of soliciting from the friends of sick and wounded soldiers, liberal donation# of cake, meats strawberries, cream, flowers, to., for furnishiug tfceir refreshment tables ou the 4th of July. Dona tion# will be received at the New City Hall, after 7 o'clock ▲. M. Monday July 4. Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., POltTLAMD, Mr , A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, 1’ortUud, Slay IU, 1S64. * may 12dCm THOM VS G. LURING, DRUGGIST, -AND PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, C.rarr arEickaatrl F.drralSi'a, A perfect St guaranteed. Tbe poor liberally con sidered. mchiodtf A New Perfume for the Handker chief rhalou's “Night Blooming Cereus.’' Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon's “Night Blooming Coreus.” Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” 1 Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phslou's "NigUt (Looming Cereus.” Phalon’s "Night Blooming Cereus.” A most Exquisite, Delicate an i Fragraut Perfume, distilled tri*ui the Rare aud Beautilul Flower irom it lakes its name. Manulactured only by /’HALOS f SOS, N. Y. t tT'Betrareqf Counterfeits. Ask for Phalon's— Take no Other, fluid by Druggists gen* rally June2t'tHU3m “Buy Me, end 1*11 do you Good.*' ITaeDr. Langley’s Root and Herb Hitters For Jaundice. Costivene^*. Liver Complaint. Hu mors, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Piles, Dizziness. Head ache. Drowsia ss, and ah d Besses arising from dis ordered stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all persous are subjo t in spri; g aud summer. They cleanse the system, regulate the wrls, re store the appetite, purify the blood, aud give sound ness of mind and strength of bodv to all who use them. Sod by all dealers in Medicine everywhere, at 25. 60 and 76 cents per bottle GEO. C. GOOD WIN It CJ.,37 Uauover Street, Boston, Proprie tors. • ap2dtm Coughs aiid Colds. The sudden changes of our climate are sources of Pu'monary. Bronchial, and Astamatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple rt niedie* of ten act speedily win u taken iu the early stages of the disease, reoourse should at once be had to •*Brown’s Bronchial Troches,*’ or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be eff ’Ctual'y warded off Public Speakers and Singers will find them effectual for dealing aud strengthen ing the voice Soldiers should have them, as they cau he carried iu the pocket, and taken occasion requires. Juue26dAwlru ” Sozodoht” is now attracting very considerable attention, and well it may. iheartie'e represented by this musical name, is one of the best preparations for the teeth aud gums that has ever been offen d to tbepublic. We have been familiar with its results for some years past, aud have uever known a case iu which its use w as not pleasing and highly satisfactory. It polishes the teeth, hardens the gurus, aud gives a wholesome tone to the mouth and breath.— /*r**rs dence Daily Press. mchl6 It II !■!■■—■!■■■ ^ . , SAILING OF OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. STIiMBR FROM FOR SAIX.0 City of Baltimore. Liverpool_New York. June 2*2 Asia.Liverpool. ... Boston.Jut e 26 Germania.Southampton New York JuneSK Australasian.Liverpool._New York.. July 2 Europa.Liverpool.Boston.July 9 Scotia. ..Liverpool.New York . .July IS Champion. New York Asplnwall—July 4 Tubal Cain.New York West Indies .July 6 Sidon.New York Liverpool... .July « Africa.Boston.Liverpool. .. July 6 Washington .New York Havre.July 6 Ebctric Spark .... New York New Orleans July 9 j Hibernian.Quebec ... Liverpool.July 9 City of Loudon .New York.. Liverpool.luly 9 New York . New York London. July 9 ; Ocean Queen.New York Aspiuwall . July 18 City of Baltimore. .New York. Liverpool.July 16 i Louisiana. New York . Liverpool... July 19 iiecla.New York Liverpool. .. July P) * IMPORTS. MAITLAND NS. Sch Armagh-—ICO tons plaster, to order. HERBERT RIVER N8. Sch Adaline - lo3 ton* coal, to Portland Co. HARRIED. Iu tlliieJty. July 1, l.y J M H„»th, Eiq I.iewi-llvu K Smith, uf till. cay. uud MU, Ad» o Ooombi, of Rockland. June 18. John A King, of Mt Vernon, and Mis* Mary Gordon, of * In Orrington, June 19, Capt Levi Krs and Mrs Dorrinda Roger.*. In llallowell. Juno 23, David P Holme* and mu* MartbaS Carr. In IJallowell, June 27. Charles Dudley, of Vassal boro, aud $fl*s Jane C Ilevno'ds. of H. In Rockland JunePt. John li Skinner aud MU* Julia A .Maddock*, both ot So Thoiuaston. In v\ arreu, Juue 21, Win F Teague aud Miss «Lpsiu A Webt. * DIED. In this city. July 2, Mr Merrit Coolidge, aged 67 I year* 11 months. «TK uueral on Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o’clock, , at 38 Winter street In Kondout. N. Y., June 22, Lizzie Myers, only I daughter ot William and llauuab Perry, aged 7 yr* i 2 mouths 26 days. Iu Westbrook. June 13, Mrs AdAline W, wife of ttoy»1 I^eighton, aged 3»> years. In \\ t-bster. May 29. Mrs Hetsey. wife of Jonathan Colby, aged year* C mouths. In New Sharon. June 17. Mrs Patience D8wan, aged 69 years. In Toppe d, May 30,of lung fever. Mr Levi Noyes, aged *.» years. 1 in < helses, June 24. Jarnei Robbins, aged 33 years 5 months—member Co H. 14th Me Reg. In Chelsea, June^20 William A. son of William Robbins, Jr, ag»-d 18 year* 4 months. MINIATURE ALMANAC. Monday,.Jwly 4. 8uu rises.4 29 I High water (am).11 nc Sum *‘t«.7 39 | Length of days.16.lo MARINE NEWS, i PORT OF PORTLAND. Saturday.Jaly2. • ARRIVED. Steamer Korea! City. Liacomb, Boaton Sch Sarah, (Br) Teed. Westport NS. Sch Armagh, (llr) Dunn. Maitland NS. Sell Adaline, (Br) Kettia, lierhirt River NS. Sch Hattie ESampson. Blake, Khiladelpbia Sch Ru.m1I, Sylreater Boaton. Sch Senator. Tyler. Salem. Sch Resolution,-, Viualhaveu. Sch Senator. Taylor, Salem for Boston. Sch Conaiituti'n Klagg Salem for Millbridgs. Sch Dorcaa. Nutter, (.ouldaboro for Boston. Sch (jilkoy. Uilkejr, Bangor for Heston. Sch Sally, PendleLn, lab aboro for (jlouccater. CLEARED. Summer Potomac. Sherwood, New Y*rk—Eiaerr & Koa. 1 Ship Pomona. I Br) Spear. Qu-bec—master. Brig Argyle. (Br) Havana— I-aao Emery Sch uipaoy Law, (Br) Blackford. Westport NS— master. Seh John Uyara, (Br) Pye, Harry XB— Thomas U Wea on k Co Sch Jan*, (Hr) Clark, St Andrews NB— master Sch Arno. I Br) Carlisle. St John NB-master. Seh Sarah Kish, Koun’ain, lteaufor NC—master. .Jwly 3. ARRIVED. Brig Billow, (ot Salem) Reed, Havana 12th inst. ' 8oh Diamond,-, Tremont. Sch harsh Elizabeth, liaupt, Waldobor. Sch Lizzie Guptil. Guptil, New York for Rockland Bioval for a brig. O-To-day being our National Anniversary, the Custom Rouse will not be open tor the transaction of business. A new barque, not yet named, recently launched at Brunswick by Arthur Woodaide. arrived at this port on Saturday. She is a very superior vessel of about GOO ton*. The n«mber of American sea-going craft lost dur ing the month of Julv, is rep rtod at 11, viz; Two steamers, six ship", four barques, two brigs, and sev en schooners. The total value of the above, exclu sive of cargoes, is estimated at #460,000 During the laxt six month" 161 vessels of all claser", have been lost, the estimated value of which is #2.7*0,Out). Lauvchkd—At Calais. 23d ult, from the yard of Master William Hiuds, a tine s: hooter called the “Aligator.” At Cutler 23d ult, from the Mill Dam's Co'* yard, a superior schoouer of 2*5 tons, called the ” Mary D Haskell ” DISASTERS. Sch Medford, Jordan, sailed from Ellsworth 20th ult, with a cargo of lumber for Providence, and put back 24th. very leaky, having been ashore in the river. Will discharge for repairs. DOMESTIC PORTS. NORFOLK—Ar 28th, brig Gilmer Meredith.Snow, Philadelphia. BALTIMORE—Ar 22th. schs Kate Merrill. Weeks. Port Royal SC; Ruth 11 Bakor, knight. Fortress Monroe. Ar 90th, brig Condova. Eddy, Matanza*. Ar 30th, brig Matilda. Norwood, Calais; schs Fred Warren, Coombs, Bucksport; Maryland, Foster, fin Portland PHILADELPHIA—Ar 29th, brig G W Barter. Gilchrist. Boston. ArlDth. barque Pathfinder. Robinson, Cardenas; brig C C Colson, Stimpson, Port Koval SC. Old 29th. schs Trade Wind, Hutcifn*. for Fortress Monroe; J D McCarty, Young, Boston; White Sea, Kob-nson, do. Ar3oth. »chs Geo W Edwards, Edwards, Calais; Oriental, Thompson. Portland. Cld $)th, schs Martha Maria. Blunt, Thomaston; 8 R Jameson, Jameson, Portsmouth. ALBAN Y—Ar 3Jth, sch Emma Hotchkiss, Lewis, Boston. NEW YORK— Ar30th, barque American Eagle, Hanford, Acpinwall. Ar 3)tb. bng S Duncan. Horton, Charleston Bar; j schs 1 C Hertz. Spear, Willet's Point- Laurel. Park er, Georgetown PEI . Margaret.Pendleton, Machias ; < Mary Aun, Ryan, Calais; Governor, Chase, Port land; J G Coliyer, Crosby do for Albany. Cld 30th. brigs Avondale. Dix, Boston; Elk. Al len, Port Royal SC; F Hatch, Whitman, for Wash ington. Ar Dt inst, brigs N»va, Talbot. Machias; Benjamin Delano, Bax er, Boston; sch" Boaton. McRae, from Calais; Camila. Appleby. East port; John Haggle*. Varuum, Machias: Vandalia Courins, Ellsworth; k*udu*kta# Mitchell. Addison; Rising Sun, Smith, JoeesUiro; Harbinger, Kyd«r, Bangor. Cld 1st. snips R L Laue. Giles, for Liverpool; C D Merwin. Rogers, Cadiz; barque L'uion, timer, do; sch Ukolona. fhatcher. Boston. Sid 30th, barque Trovatore; brigs Thomas Owen, Ucola. Evelyn «>inn. inyier Arsu. Darque tuon Stevens, from Car denas. NEW HAVEN—Ar 29th, »ch Lois Walsh, Eaton, Ca an . PRO VIDENCE—Ar lat. sch Mt Hope Spaulding. Rockland. * N ► WPORT—81d lat iust, acbs Mt Hope. Spauld ing, (from Rockland) for Naw York; Ida F Wheel er. Dyer, from Provideuce for Philadelphia; Israel L Snow Higgiua, Rockland for New York; M Whit nov, llall Yiuaihaven for do. HOLMES’S HOLE—Ar 90th.brig Ilmira.Norton, Rath for Philade ph a sehs'Carroll. Crocker, from Klizabethport for Boston; Lion. Furbish, Rockland for New York; Meehanie. Orr, Baugor for Sag Har bor; H D Grindle. Turner, do for Fall River; Pro tection, Hay ford, Calais for Providence. Ar 1st iust, schs Eliza Williams, from Boston for Philadelphia; fjuail. Brewster, do for N%w York; | Alabama. GardiiiMr. Calais for Norwich BOSTON—A r Ut iust, ship Waterloo. Babson, fm Liverpool; schs Only Son, Lowrie, aud Mazurka, Kimball, Baugor. Cld 1st inst. brig Poiusit, Cousins, Havana, ach Banner. Jordan, Calais. Ar 2d, ship Harriet, Mooney, from Matauza*; schs i Almira Auu, Wall, and Springbok, Haskell, lm Port Ewan. l id 2d. ship Daring. Henry, San Francisco; brig AJ Rosa. Small. Portland, to load for Cuba, schs Henry Cole, llazelton, Washington; D B Doane, Knowlton. Philadelphia; Zina. Bradbury, MachU*; Elizabeth Brown, leprtaux N B. S a LEM—Ar 1st iust. schs Abby Weld, Hatching*, and Zulma, Lam-on, klizabethport. GLOUCESTER—Ar 29th. ‘chs Egret. Moore, from Baugor for Boston, Yantic, Bancroft, hast Machias for New Y rk ; M-ntrOM- Barter, fm Calais for Nor wich; Hsmp’on. llart, Calais for Charlestown. Ar 30th. sc’is Lapwit g, llolloaay, ftn Baugor for Boston; M d uni. Atkiua. Huston for Kastuprt. Har riet Neal. Godfrey, Klizabethport for Pembroke. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 30tb, sch Empress. Emery, Elizabeth port. EASTPoRT—Ar 25th, sch Maxami la, Conway, Pori Ian t. Cld 25th. brig Merrina, Ingereoll, Portland; sch Maxanvlla. Conway, do Di-ER ISLE—Ar 21st ult, sch Star of the West, Morse. Portland. Ar 27th.sch Gen Jackson,-, from Gouldsboru for Portland. BANGOR—Ar 1st inat, sch Kate Aubrey, Jacobs, Portland. ROCKLAND—Ar 2*h. schs Frolic, Kennedy, fin Philadelphia; Arkansas Th rudike. Portland. Ar 29th. schs Nautilus. Pillsburv, New York ; II K Duutou,Gherman. Portland ; Ni e, Hall, Vinalhaveu for New York; Hiawatha, Ingraham, tm do lor do; Harriet. Post. Boston. Sid 24th. schs Mabel llall. Hall, fbr Lingan CB; R Bui winkle, French, Alexandria; Union, Pendleton, New York. 8M2Tth, scha Freeport. Farnswrrth, Kennebec; I NBe, Hall. Vinalhaven. to load for New York ; Orris Francis, Uuut, do to load for Philadelphia. FOREIGN FORTS. At San Salvador 19th ult, sch Jos Reed, for New York next day. At Mayagurx 12th u t, brig Neponsct, Tracey, fm Cherry field, diag. [ Per steamship Hibernian at tjuebw.] Ar at London 16th, Cornelius Grinu^ll. Spencer, New York. Arat Deal 16th. City of Bangor, Kdgeriy, Ca'lao for Dunkirk, (and p-ocoeded next day.) Arat Gravesend loth. Uniou, trow Boston. Ar at Newport 14th t2u^n the Weat, Hutch ins, Fuenterabia Ar at Glasgow 15th, T J Rogers, Day, Maulinaiu. Ar at Havre 14’h ult R H Tucker, Clark. Callao. Sid ftn Cuxhaveo 13th ult, Delthaven, Freeze, for Montevideo and Bueuo* Avres Arat Brouwershaveu 14th ult. Casilda, Stafford, Baltimore, (and railed for iielvoet.) vPer steamship Arabia, at New York.) Sid ftn Liverpool 16th ult, Alice Tainttr, Barnabv N-w York. Eut out 14th, Asa Kldridge, Coleman, and Liazie Homans, Dawson, New Y’ork. Eut for Idg 17th. Webs er. Norris, for New York; Empire t^u-en. Moran. Boston Ar at London I7th, Union, Shute. Boston Off the kdd)8toue loth. Aramede Snow, Morrison, from Rotterdam for Cardiff. Sid fm Sunderland 15th, Lucy & Ellen, Robertson, tor Hostou. Ar at L mdonderry 15th, Edwin Clark, Bartlett, New York. Ar at Bombay May 19. Sydenham. Harding, from Boston. Sid May 13. Harvest Home. Dickey.for Mftu'main; Col LeJyard, Wells, do; 17th, Wurtemberg, Chase, Rangoon In port Mav 23. Lepanto, Martin, fbr Liverpool, Vicksburg, Svott. tor uo; Ellen Smart, Lyons; Jes aie Cottln. Coffin, aud Seta-oian Cabot. Stee e. use. Sid fm Msr.'Oilie* 15th ult. North Point, Nickerson, for Palermo. Aruff Dunkirk Blth ult City of Bangor, Ederly, | from Callao, (will have to lighten to enter port.) Ar at Auiwcp 17th ult, Ellen Hood, Kilby, from Callao Arat Iielvoet 14th u't, Cassilda, Stafford, from Brouwershaveu. Calcutta. May 16, The Am ship Stephen Glover, Retntnonds. for Boston, which grouuded on the James k Mary, is di chargiug. to be docked. Autwerp, June 13 The Tubal Cain, which arrived 1 to-day from Philadelphia, struck on a pile in euter log, and immediately sprung aleak. It feared the cargo is damaged. SPOKEN. May 8. lat 19 21 S. Ion 3» 41 ship Kgerfa, Evans, from Liverpool for San Francisco. May 20, lat 17 & d. lou 31 u5, ship Crest or the Wave, 40 days irotn Batavia for Acapulco. July 1. off Buruey, brig Castiilian, from Cardenas for Fort laud. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS! T H EA TR E. | E> E E R I N Q~ HALL. Sole Lee tee and Slomayer, Slr.J.C. Slyer e. Monday—The Glorious Fourth 1 ! Aflfruooa uml Cveniiif. I» the afternoon, at 2) o'clock, th. drama of'Taa I Pf#*".°F *“«*•* and Ltaucia/, and ‘ Muchurv ’U* <r%$hman * I In tho evening, at 8 o'clock, the temperance drama i “TEN NlLltTto IN A BAK BOOM." muc*ur*H,a CP*I uesday. July 6th, once more of p e K P o’ day. Admission—l*ar<ju«tte 60 cents, Callery 26. Beats I reserved without extra charge, on application at tlu Box < Hftce from 10 a. m. to6 p. m. Curtain will ri»« at 8 o'clock. Doors open at 7|. jur.elo ^CHILDREN’S C0NCERt7 PROGRAMME: 1. Cho—Independence Day. 2 aolo aud Cho—Just be ore the Battle Mother, t Soug—The Vacant Chair. 4 Cho—New Rugland. 5 Mitln t'hn_II arran iKo Ha. aanna.l n.. boys. 6. Cho—The Young Zouave* 7. Solo a'id Cho—Our country’• starry flag la here 8. Cho—Marsaillea lljtuu. 9 Duett %ud l ho—Hurrah for Old New England 10. Solo and Cho— Battle cry of Freedom. 11.—Comrade, I will guard thy Mother. 12. Selo and Cho—Batt’e Hymn of tne Republic. Jj4 dl» Sea-Side House, HARPS WELL NECK. C A S C 0_ BAY. This elegant and con mndiuns Ho tel, situated oa the extremity of Uarpawe.l Keck, about half a mila be ow the well-known Mansion ,-House. lia«jost been completed after the designs oi it M Hasdiko. Esq., Architect, and under h.s superintendence, and will ha open ior company l>» •»* after the fauna af Jwly. The House is ths largest establishment, eonstruct ed expressly for the purpose of e Hotel, at any Wat aring l’laee on tba coast of Maine it iesitueted in the centre ot e dense grove rf old trees, with eve nues sod vi.tas opening to the waters of th< Bey but e few yards distant on either side. Neerie surrounded by the sea. and abundantly •haded by trees, the House has a spacious and beau tifal verandah, extending o rr three hundred and thirty iset oa three sidee of the beiidiag. with wide and thoroughly veoi.ated hgj.s and corridors ia the Interior, so that visitors can enjoy the most coaspie e protection from the summer heat. The steamboat wharf and boat landtags are on the west ride, bat a few s.epe from the Hoars. Ample facilities are at hand for boating and fishing Oa the east side is a fine gravel beech, where Ibe luxury of ■ea-ba'hing can be enjoyed at nil times of the tide. At a short distance on the northeast, across an arm of the sea is Orr's Island, oelebraiad by Mrs Beech er Stowe's well known novel. The 8 a Side House is accessible by land irom Brunswick. fifteen miles distant, by one af the fineei drives ia the State, and bv daily sleambiet from Portland through the inside pessagss emoag the islands of the Hay. Tirilors coming frrm the Kennebec sad other parte of the interior, can leave the railroad at Bruns wick. end prooeed by stage to Harpswell. or contiu oe to Portland anl take the steamer, which runs down and back twije a day. JJHN T. SMITM, Proprietor. jyM Calumny Refilled. T EARNING that report* are iu circulation preju Xj dicta! to the character of tba Fultom Houck, »i*:—“That it ia a common gambliug place," the proprietor tools called upon to state >o the public that Moce he oaa had oblige rf the liouaa, and to hta certain koowledge ior at l ait the laat oi.r year* there h*a not been played a game of any kind oa the premise*. not even chequers or back-gammon; and during that time there hae not been iwn in the house a card, a chequer or dice, and he challenge* any one to prove te the the contrary Jy4dlw* S. W SKI I. LIN, Proprietor. 91* C. 91. A* THR regular monthly meeting of the Mate* Char itable Meobanio Association will be held in the Library Hoorn on THl'RsDAT evening neat, July 7th. at8 o clock. 8TRPIIEN M UtSH, Jy4 dtd Be ret ary. Farm for Sale. A GOOD Farm of 97 acres, suitably divided into tillage, pasturage and woodlands, lain from Portland, two minutes walk from Oak Hill Static, Depot, Scarboro. For particuls’s applv to FMANCIh L1BBET, JT* “*• on the premises. Hotter and Lot for Sale. A TWO story wooden House. No. IS Adam, 8t’eet, II finished rooms in good order, pleats of water, well arranged fbr two families. Inquire on ths premises to B u. Willard, or JOHN C. PBOCTOB, Jy4 dlw Lime Street To Let. FICK Offloes single or in toitss, orer Stores Nos. 141 tad 1M Kxchangs street, opposite I be inter aa'.loiisi Hems. Apply o j thspremises to JMdtf A. L. BKOWN. Wanted. ASIH ATION wsnltd by a young min, 1b b wholesale store. Beelof rei,roues riven Inquire of A B II JLDKN. offloe Bear Post Offlse. Jy4 dSw Stray Cow. C1AME into ths sac osarc of the safcrrriber s light / rex Cow, ten years eld. braes bails oa horns. Tne owner is requited to prove property, pay charger and take her away. PETEB GAMMON. Falmouth, Jane 39, 1864 Jyidlw* Notice. MB WALTBB S 8WAX is admitted a partner in oar firm from this ants DANA BKo8. Boston, July 1, 18*4 Jy4 eodXw Letters Re mu inline Curl aimed IN the Po«t Office at Portlaad, State of Maine, «U day oi July. 1864. ZTT~ " To c btaln any of these letters, the applicant muft call tor •advertised litters/ give the date of this list, and pay one oeut for advertising. KV""‘lf not called for within owe numth, they wil be seut to the D ad Letter Office “Free Delivery of letters by carrier#, at the reel of owner*, may be secured by observing the following Rules: "i. Direct letters plainly to the street and luiu her. as well as the k o#t office and State. “2. Head letters with the writer's post office and Stats, street and number, sign them plainly with full name, and request that answers be directed sc cordingly. “8. Letters to strangers or trsn*elent visit r* in a town or city, whose special address may be an* known, should be masked, in the lower left Land corner, with the word ‘Transient.' 4. Place the poet age stamp on the upper right hand corner, and leave space between the •tump aud direction tor post marking without interfering with the writing. LADIES' LIST. Ayer Elsie 1* Mitchell Daniel mrs Allen Lissie J Maxwell Elmira L Allen Harriet M Morse Elizabeth mr* Aiusworth Helena mrs Miliett K i mrs Ad»m* J M mr* M^nue Hurv N m^s Auaua Josephine M Morton norU-nse L mrs As.i Margaret A Mathew* Lawrence C mr* Bullock A M mr* 2 Masou Loai«a VV Barn* Bridget mr* Morse Lvdia M Baker Charles O mrs McDonald Margery Brown Dseid mrs MoMicft Martha A mrs Bred man Florentine K Middleton Mary J Belmont Grace Morgan Mary N mrs Browu Geo W mrs Mayers M J mr* Blake Georgianua K Mclutee Mary mrs Ballow Isabel.a mr* Mii.igeu M*rv J Daily Isabella Mitchell Maud Butler J E mrs Mern:l Mary W * Bradford Josephiue Move* D 1* mr* Bailey Joeie L Newhml Netlle Burn* Mary Noyes Georgia Butler Mary O Nicho • J D Mrs Butler Margaret mrs N evens Luoy K Barrows Martha K Oluey Clara K mr* Bailey P he tie A K Urdway Charlotte mr* Croeby Alice Oliver Louie J ch>taut at C ou.mtu Auuic F Poore Nellie Co in* ( as*a E mra Packard Elizabeth Huu Crowell Ellen E uirs P umin* r Geo H mrs t ha*o t lizzie S Pm ce lsabell Chute Liza # mr* Piper Jane Cethn Elizabeth mrs Pa kard Jane mrs Cobb Edward mr* Potts Jehu K mra Ciorau Ellen Paine Louisa J Colby Nellie mr* Perkiua Nathaniel mr* Curtis Elia Plummer Olivia 11 2 t ox Harriet N mr* Uuimbey Precilia C mrs Ca*cy Mary L Ko^ib»on Alice Cary Mary 1 Hose Elizabeth mrs Connor Margaret Ko<« Elizabeth mi*« Cash man Margaret A Bobbin# Elian Down* Eunice mrs Hobinsou Etta J cape E2 Downey Maryam mrs Hobiu«ou H ini** Delno Mary Rack.iffe Hannah Dunn MtrtinT mrs Rack lift Hannah Package Dresser Mary mr* Hobisou Jams* mr* Denice Mary mis Koacb Msry A mr* Dyer Nancy Huger* Margaret J mrs Dnicy Priscilla Bobbin# Mary I mr* Davi* hobsrt nir* K»plov Mary E mrs Dow Stephen il mr* »ule# Augusta M Deeriug .Sarah E mr* Sawysr Abby P (J Ka-tman Abide 11 Nwett Adeline E nery Either E hweti Adeline mr* Fluid Ante iue mrs Mnith Abby E Foley Calsv mDs Sevens Arcxena Freemaa Kate E Sw-ney Anne Mr* Kurber L’zzieA Skilling* Almira J Fowler Nellie Skilling*C mra Ficket Luther mr* Ssxton Catherine Margaret Shirley Lottie art Fahey Mary 2 St Clair Eva Forayth Mary 2 Sweat ki’a Gould Abby H mrs Up-ague Eliza m s Gootiu Abo j Stock bridge Fauu.e M Gerard Carrie 4 Sawyer H Kl mrs Garlaud Emma Soil h Hannah mrs Gilmau Elizabeth mrs Sullivan James mrs cap! Gerard Fanuis tf Skil lugs M A mr* Giles kaunts s haw M Annie mrs 2 Green George II mrs Sidt Margaret Galleu Hatty Sumt er Marv A GuwaD Jauo Smith Mary E mrs etm ii Glack n Mary A Smith Orinda mr* llathoru Auisnda 4 Sheridan Susan Harris C cross at S>u'e Weston mrs Hopkius E i uirs Ty or Annie Hunter Nil’ll T> bo er Tyler Cretin Ci Hiy ward K K mn Tailer Nalliv niuair it ct Haggett Harriet K mra Turner Linie U lUnoerron Iaaao VV mra Ttrmp’e Na 1<« Healy John ran Temple Jiellie J Howard Loda A mri Taylrr 1 U mn Hogan Mary C mr. Thompson Sarah miss Henna Martha A mra Toed Sarah Hamblen Margaret mra Wilson Addle Hughey Margaret« Wade AAnle ... ** - ■" ■* »■— Bill Martb« A W*ttb«r«h A B rnr. Humphrey Mary A Webber Zme ia Uarrgan Mary Mr#. Wi eeler Andrew Mmrs Hickey Mari Ann mra W heeler Andrew uire cape Maekell Sophia L kil* _ U ay ward f-arah C Ware Katharine Jordan Alien Mara Web# er A P mrstpriugst Jaefcion Kila WL*jiwrifhr Lime aura Johnson Mary £ Wbneley £ a mis Jonee Margaret mernii at Wallace Fannie £ KMliey Mary J W o dman Fannie Libby brusilla Webberilennetta mrs Ledie R M mra Watta Hattie Leavitt f a rale J WorthJey Hattie S 2 Litchfield Frank A mra W'a’sh ilanour Lee Hannah Walker 1 L mra Lane Henrietta M Wahou J £ »» ra Libby Hannah M Wallace Maiy J Leavitt James W mra W'eliiame Mary mr# grten it Webster Merinda mri Lid back Louisa mrs * WeonterMerlnda nura cape Leighton Loviua Elia MoDona’d Anna cam-White Sirah E mrs berlaud At W i'dta I homas inra Mealy Bridget Whitney William mrs Merrill Carr e saictn st WLittier ( ithoiiue S mrs Meliett Char:* s mra Woods uirs Murray C miss GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Ayer Andrew 8 Lou; EC Auuan H U Leavitt Edward Abbott John lor mra NellieLegi ow kraatua Boyce Lotle Gto L Ar.dvraon James for mue Libby Urauvlile Megaie L< olaot— 2 La»kr Gardner II AyerJoebea—2 Lapoiute Joseph India st bell Ale* lor mrs JaneLcrd Jib uieesrs Beil Libby Louie Bliaa Albert N Lorauger L O—2 Baal U F a eouard * Chase mesars unukuian Charles Le Point Louis uo »>4 lore orodtrick Deuuia sties . Bucker David Lewis Stephen S Baney A Co Edward Litt edeld Wa ter Baker tulw a lor mias Em-Low W'm lor Jane McCu.’ ily Noyes lum Bars to w trank Lamprer Hetry P-8 Lur wok F C Libby Henry T Burbank k Morrisou A B iVuce iaeorwe Frederick McLeunau Alex care of Brackett U 8 Mr Waterman Kmii J ihn l t i_i. ,, Hjnuait Jam*sC Meiieu Deuiel boydJ W lor mrs M A McCann Daniel care Mr Whitney Foster Bray Jaoob McAuaw KiUard BatoheJor J Mi.ton McDonald Fima if Bay or Kay John bight at Mar Lie K.imu for Kaoeoca Ki leu Moore krauk Batxoo John Meioecke F bow axul Jdtui C Mo Jtou Geo K Ueut eo A Biahop J 8 U'ii me regt Barker Jams# Mace iicury for Charle# Bickfcrd John long Island Doherty iloiluitran John Merrill U T Biabjr Fie wily « Mera/ora«k ic John col Brett L L McCuirirou Jaw a Bradford k Co Mai ten L Murphy John conaer i at Byrne Mtobatl F Muiiigau Jamea Brown Keuben Moore John Blairdtll 8 B Meiaugb Jamea Browu 8 W Me Douaell Jo in Bayne 1 bomae Her Me Master Johu Bodge 1 ho mas fr miss Au-M*uk»r J A rilla Bcdge Moriarty John Baraar l hourna A Me Lellan John Haul Berry W alter lor mrsllat-Morrill JoUu R imnt- 2 tie B lyior McMaiu John BnleyWm MoLt«omery J E Bray Wm McKeuaie Murdock—2 Browa W r for W B Dil-MeDonuelt Micnaei Pre# irngbam it Sail Browu Wm rating houscHe-rill M rav karprr Ka.aachu.etl* atMoParliug or MeDarling N Brown Wm fur mri Stuart C capt leonell MoDouoogh Pet.r Union Brows Wm -tract Bnwe Wm H Madden Patrick Comm ng* A J Moulton Ko-co . Cobb Allen C Mlll.r Robert—4 Cloudmeu Arthur llcGreg-r Stephen J Cobb Beuj B Murphy Thomaa-9 Creoey Cyra* Merritt Wm jr Cha-e A l'arkar meaara Mitchell Wm for miaa El Ciockett t barlea len M Jatkaoa. Weat t liaao t harlea s capt hruua Cutting Minch Ecu meaaMrt rate care of WmMul Cook D a for Lharix kina lor Aun Duughly Cook Merrill Woodbury p Colby Kraoklin U 9 aum-Noye. Abraham nor atriet Melaon Andrew jr Clark it W for JeretniahN. bie D W ' K Downing Boyea Horace E Caek George S Nichole John D— 2 Crocker Ira AdminlatraMcleen Thomai Charlea tor of Kaiate smith kora at 11; Cato* J D Owt uDU Curran John anion at O’Nall Edward Caawull Jamea A Orr John Wm CaatellJoaeph O Iteilly Jamei Coslay Jamea A u Brian Jeremiah Emery Colley Jam-a A at for mr. Uonora Me CoaiumJahn Lionel Chandler Joaeph O' Michael Croeby Jeremiah C apt Owen* Thmoe. No U Wi - colaon JamxW I w at C tileJona O’Br.en Thoota* Carey John W No 4 autn-Penuey augu-tuj mar at—I Parry Abner L i roaby Levi W Phiuney Cha-lea E of < lark fl 11 Or Paiuboro. No-a Beotia Child. Oreoo Paine C K for udaa Annie Connolly PairickPlumb at M Uaaaon Carry Patnak for mr.Mar-Parker D aright V garet sesaneU lorry Edward Cleney Patrick lOvarly Ephraim C tax Ibomta U I etera Jamea Coaoily I hoiaaa Parker Jamea i Cnany wm Plummer Jeremiah Cartia Yi A Parry U D Daria Amo* Power. John 59 Sumner D.viue Anthony at DyarBP Picketing JW Dyer Capt for Jama* Ppaaae Natbaoiel Dr Steven# Perinea Philaneer car* of Dari* C 11 Portland Co Uanaou Duns C C Penny Leonard Deir Dedick D Pisa* Samuel Dageti A Croa* meaara Pote Samuel B Daria E Wercott Patrick WmC Daria G*u for miaa Emmatgueen Charlea A W Amea yuin Patrick Dyer Joeenh U oape K Kunal. A-a li DouahaeJohn Kam«deil Albert C Dud ey Ueut A AG Kundall Albert I Dayton Leri H _ Rohereo . capt Cape ElPh Dalton N B for mr* J URichardaou c A lor mr* B Dai-ou Sarah Todd Dobell Richard R Rlchardaon' EageatFrof Dougin-. Stephen P Norwood—2 D. er Simon A Rlrhard oa C E D nukuater WmC Ricbmoad Car mi Dodg* Wm Long I-land Riak David Dordan Wm Henry No titleharda Emery B India at—2 Robiuaon E M capt Edward* George T Randall John W tor Wm E. ton J -mee D Randall Elliot John U Riebardaon J .S Noll Wa Einery Leander terman at E-iea H Ruber'aoa mr Main at for Ulialhoa miaa Marge el Nictul-en fccelatou Wm Ruaaeil USA eofor War Pilch A 1 MaJ ran B Withered I uiler Char lx p Robaoo Rvlart Porayth E E R.y Samuel Pry# Geo C Kichard«"n Thadeua J Pugg George Kamaev Wm U PrauerG KeadWmU P'oator Henry T Kobiaaon Walter O—* Farrtn Jexe Kaw.ll Waller G Png* J B for mra 8*aar.starb rd Albert for mb* _» , , Aaole Star bird Plarherty Michael Scott Al> sender Pogg N P 77 ailrer at Sawyer Bradfo-d e a hart y l’atar h haltu.k C P Fitfe-d S B Btone t har t. Pitta Wi liam Capt forsieret a Charlx Wm Cuahman Staple* Charlea for mix Griffln Arpbeus J Louisa statlai I’ridla Anguitui Steves * Curas IsrifBn Aipueue for miesgtov* r < A It >van* A Col bey Htrout D rsn*. V G u.liver Andrew Sherman F-rutt Grover Abel Shepard Edward for mra Gonid Alpbonao S Sarah B C*up Greeley toward M South Gilman Gordon Geo W Spurllug Go K orN ctnt Good wm U W for mieesturJlvent Henry W L Halen Boo lb by .-hod Henry L> Golden Geo Ma de-Horaiio fuller 31il Gardner Gamaliel for Cor- Me Vote—2 naiaaC'ai* S.mmon. Jo« pb 8fcr mra Grealev U B private U.h Pamelia Simiaoua da Mavol true rotv pe Gray John St John Johu Grmnh'e John clerk at small James Gitdeu Richard « plea*-Smith Jamea U eat at Sullivan John Pleasant at Uookiu Seth Storar Sa wood L U Gordin H F Smith Moern Gaaa W L Staple. Marlon Gray John Hnee Martiu UoaaJabe G for mr» LuoySheldon Nathan W rev A small S wifi Newton Holland Bartholomew Sma l Oliver T Herbert Charlea Soule Kuiua N Heli oapt com of arctic su-arra RJ tor mieaDtl.a eap.dttion Kent.b on U Oden Daniel for mbegc >'t Sami P-1 Martha r Holden Stuart Solomon H ) den Darnel for mrt Bsoott Wm U F Sawyer Scott Walter Uj net or Iltncyee Ned Swett Walter K-J «T—* Trane Fraageaccn Signor Hu.ton Eben s Thempao j Jatuee o oapt HarruEuaa Do W aer-Th. rtton Joaeph gent—3 Titcomb Jo' n A llaunaford Frank A capaTredn k J M for tun* An E. nie t Tredick Hall Henry Tucker John A Cotton at'on Henry C-3 Tbarra P S Uauchett Jauie*—M Tuft* Stephen lor mra Lii Uurley John— 2 tie S lrvine Stone at llarrb Jemee A Thnratou Stephen Jr Hackatt J C Tretelhen 4 Clap, tmeera 3 Henry John Varney a F earn *t Coole UeweaJamreT k es Match Libeoaa Vaiaey Joaeph llawtx Mr tor mra Me WJaon A tilde D Whitaker Wait Barnet Howe Mr Waldroa Charlea A Houdlettlt Wtlklr a Charlea 11 for mra Uamlltou Sylvanua Sophia c Brackati Hall Serrior Lari William* i harlr* U-lley rhomai So 3 hraak Wil»on Charlea fhr mlaa a't at court I me- E Mi non Pal eheu Timothy Wi berforc* * has W Uu-toe Thomaa Whitney 1) T Haiah Wm Jr h F lleley laaae Wail EJ hou*e painter Jordan Beni cape E » minor Milder Gao L Ja*iuee Char a* Milton Wood* G H Jordan Fi ana S Ward Geo K Jackeon Geo W Vs lace Hiram Job i-ton HallAoo. mramWarren lleaiy C capt J*ue« Jamea N Wood* J for mra Anno Jahoaton Johu Fi rgcrald J nu.on Joaeph Walker J 11 lleut Kalor D B h saott Jo ia'i P King Frank Johu Kcuiicdy Geo C Ward Miehael J—2 Knight Jamea Went A manual Cnion it heady Jerry for Joha Cel AVaM. il Matthew—'a *m Wioelow N W oapt Killeen John Whelan P Fote at Gor h night Geo hi ham's corner icr David Knight SD Grier huight Stephen D Will y Sun! K amen* 1 home* Whalen 1 hoe H’T'**1?'1*" W-aetar Crump hen Littledeld Araanlaa M"abater Wm ' j*'“ Houng H D Foreatoapt ii Lombard B#uj U N U V Leonard D U Toung Nathaniel SHIP LETTERS. Capt Waldo P Laurence, ach Joan >> ard, brig Boaton— J L npt Kt-uben Crowell, brig Brill Capt N ▲ K«d, brig Bi'low John Kelley, surgeon steamer Corivan lapt 1 hoa J lira), #ch C l Fam*orth Capt 8 F Brown, brig IKKell -v Capt Henry Brothers, barque ► leanor Matthew Kelley, ach 1 izib W Dyer John Cara, oare of enpt James A Scott, brig La cel* •tor Kbeu W Hmton, U 8 *ch Frank Feirco John K Buuker. I’ Sack Frank Peirce ( apt Daniel O Davia, barque l ileua John S Bogrett, ach Fan Lie A Hartley- 2 Wm 11 Herd, care of capt Littlejohn, •hip lltnnio Weal brook Stephen L Ba »bidge, brig Itasca, can. oZ cant t Q H abbulgo - 2 Albeit W Manhall. brig Maaatlan l apt Joaeph Uill, ach Mearenaer bleuihere Sinpht*rien. «oh Oriental Cap* Jarntj* 8 rbompson, ech otte? Kook, care of Ball k I ron Pcbuyler W Clark, capt of Red Fo* Freeman I Kicker, ma ter of Br aoh Rod Fo* I'haa W Dickson, tch 8 V Coonan-2 ▲. T DOIJl, FootmMior.

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