Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 4, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 4, 1864 Page 4
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HUMOROUS. Beat ’Em All. The liev. Solomon Stoddard, of Northamp ton, tha ancestor of all the Stoddards—and a troop they are of worthy sons of a worthy tire—had a black boy in his employ, who was, like the most of black boys, full of lun aud mis chief, ami up to a joke, no matter at whose ex p, me. He went with the parson's horse every morning to drive the cows to pasture. It was oti a piece of table-laud some little dis tance from the-viilage; and here, out of sight, the neighbor’s boys were wont to meet him and ‘‘race horses” on Sunday morning, l’ar son Stoddard heard of it, and resolved to catch them at it aud put au end to the sport. Next Suuday morning he told Bill he would ride the mare to pasture with the cows, aud he (Bill) might stay at home. Bill knew what was m the wind, and taking a short cut across the lots, was up in the pasture away ahead of the parson. The hoys were there witli their horses, only waiting for Bill aud his master's mare. He told the hoys to be ready, and as the old gentleman arrived to give the word, “(io!’ Bill hid himself at the other end of the held, where the race always ended. The parootf came jogging aloug up, aud the boys sat demurely ou their steeds, as if waiting for “service to begin.” But as the good old man rode into line, they cried “(io!” and away went the mare with the reverend rider sticking fast, like John Gilpin, but there was no stop to her or to him. Away, ahead of all the rest, he wout like the wind; aud at the other end of tiie deld Bill jumped up from under the fence, aud suug out, “I know'd you’d beat, inassa! I know’ll you’d beat!” One of tbe best things wo have heard for •onto time, fell under our observation a day or two since. Our friend Jones wauted a servant girl in his family, aud went to an intelligence otiice and made known his wants to the pro pr etor. Says Jones— “Have, you any first rate servant girls for the kitchen ? 1 want one that can mind her own business and attend to tier work.” “Oh yes,” says the proprietor, “any quanti ty—let uie show you one.” Jon's is at once introduced to a daughter of the Emerald Isle, and is greeted with— ‘ An’ does you want a servant?” “Yes,”says Jones. “How many hev yer in yer family ?’’ Jones auswered. “Aud hev yer hot and cold water?” Answers again. “How many children hev yer? and do yor tnulfd t or arirlc wauh UnmluI’. O I. 111., elmeol, far away?” # AH these question?, with about fifty more were answered heroically by Joues, when he thought it about time to take the laboring oar himself. ‘ You look,” said Jones, “like a pretty nice girl, but I want to a<k you oue question: Do y ou play the piano ?” “No." “Then,” sayb Jones, very blaudly, “you won’t answer iny turn.” And away went the astonished Celt, feeling for once that she had caught a Tartar. CITY OF PORTLAND. In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and dirty-four. An Ordinance concerning Uondsof ffce Atlantic and ht I .aw renew Railroad Company held by the City of Port laud. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com mon Council <f the City qf Portland, in City Coun cil assembled, as follows:— S*o. 1. Wbeuevor the Atlantic and St Lawn-no? Railroad Company or its swi^i,. shall uuliver to tin : Citv treasurer, to be cancel.ed. auy of the certificate* I of City dsbt issued in aid of said (ompauy, uudi r j Ui« act of February 13, loo2, together with all th oounuus, paid or unpaid, belonging to the same, it • ball be tins duty of the City I reasurer to surrend- I er a orrespouuiug amount of the Mortgage Loud- j of aaid Company, bed by the City as collateral fer j such debt, aud toe certificate ot City debt aud cou pou* ao delivered to the City Tieasunr shall be im- j mediately cancelled by him. tino. 2. It the Atlantic and 8t. Lawrence Rail road Company, or 1 a a .signs, aba 1 deliver to the City Treasurer, to be the property of the tity, any 1 of the certificate* of debt, or bouds of the biate of j Maine, payable by the State at auy ii,oe not earlier ' than lbi’i, with the uupaid coupon*belonging there to, it shall be the duty oi the City Treasurer to re- | bei.t- the dime, and to surrender then-tor a corres ponding amount of the mortgage boudi of said Cou.- i pany held by tho City as coh*t *rat for the deb: in curred by thocity in aid oTsaid Company under the I act of February 13th, 1862, and such certificate* or bouda of t e State debt, shall be held by the City | Treadurer to meet the certificates of the City debt Incurred under said ac:, or may be exchanged for i the same, with auy bolder, whenever it ran U- done alvm’ageoudly to’the interest of the City, under the direction of tho jjiut Standing Committee ou Fi nnic?; aud in case any certificate of the City debt shall to be receive! by the City 1 reasurer he shall j immediately cancel the tame and tho coupons be longing thereto Approved, June 28,186*. JACOB McLELLAX, Mayor. Copy Attest: June at—.42w J. M. UF.ATII. City Clerk. Proposal* lor Loan, luMAnfur Department, I June 20, 1604. j SKA LED offers will be recicved at this Department ui der the Act of March 3. 18tS8. until noon ol Wednesday, tho Oihol July 1864, fur bonds ot the 1 Luiied Msid. to the amount of Proposals for Loan, dated nth instant. The bonds will bear an anuuai interest of six per centum, payable semi-annually in ! cola ou the lirst days of July and January ol each I year, aud redeemable after the Aith of June, 1&8L Each offer must be for fifty or oue hundred dollars, or tunv multiple ol oue hundred del ait and mu<i MAie the sum, inducing premium, offered for reel, hundred dollar* in bonds, or for ftf.y, when the off r 1 is tor no more than fifty. I wo per cent ol 11m? pnu- | cipal, excluding premium, of ih* whole amount of- , fared must be deposited, as guaranty l«»r payment ui subscription il aoc« pu d. with the Treasurer of tin Ignited State-at Washington, or with the Assistant 1 Treasurer at Mew York. Boston. FhUedrlpItla. or St 1 Lou*. or with DtoJgna'ed Depositary at Baiiitnere, I Pittsburg.Cincinnati. Loeicvifte, < hioagi. or or with any RationalHanking Association author»tc<1 to receive deposits which may consent to transac the business without charge Duplicate eerlidealr of deposit url l be issued to depositors by the etbe^r era*s?» Nation receiving * hem; t be original* of which must bef rwarded with the offers to the Dr-partm.i t ' Ail «bjKHiu?ls«il4 be made In time for advics of of- ! for* with certificates to rtm«.h Washington not lator j than the morning ot July 6. Xo offer uot accompan ied by Hs proper certificate of deposit wi:l be con- j sldcred. The i oupon and Registered Botds i**ccd will be of the denomin^ti us o* fflisi. *;>*•. aud »l,iOo. Kegi-trrod Hinds of S5.000 and flO.OW) will also In I issued i« required All off-rs received will he rvw»»nri on W..Jn*«*t the Cth of Jnlr, by (heb.cre ary or one of tliiAnis tant Oecrt-tariea Tbo awards will be made by the Jlwretsry to the highest offerers, acd notice of ac- j Cc plane* or declination will bo immediately given j to mo respective offerors and in case of acceptance , bonds of the descriptions and denominations preh-r red will be sent to thesubsenber* at t e cost of th« j Dei artment, on final payment of instalments. Tin ; original deposit of two per cent will be reckoned in ] t*ie last instalment paid by successful offerers, and j will be immediately n.turned to those whose cffun> ra:iv not be accepted. T' e amount oi accepted offers must be deposit* d with tne Treasurer or other officer or association au- . thorized to act under this notice on advice of accep- 1 tac.ce of offer, or as follows: One-third on or before j the 10th; one-third on or before the 16th; and tin I balance, including the premium and original tw o per i cent deposit, on or leiore the 20th of July, inter | ost *ou bon^s will teg'll with the dale of deposit Parti -s prefering may pay the accrued interest Iron , date oi bead, July 1, to date of deposit. dff«n umliT tins notice should be endorse 1 “Offer j for Loan," aad addressed to the Socrefary of th* i Tmeirr. N*» offer will be considered at a lees rate of prcmi- j cm than four per cent. 8 P. Cl! ASK, Secretary of the Treasury. LB Notice to officers rcceix ingdeposit* under this I nlr»rtfg>mt»t: The preliminary certificate of de posit of two per ceut most not be credited upon youi accounts current, as it is to be iucludcd iu the final deposit. juue 23 d k vr july & INTERNATIONAL Fire Insurance Company 1 Of New York, Ofice 113 Broil way. CASH CAPITAL SI,000,GOO. W3I. E WAKUEN, President. HAMILTON HKLCE, Vice President. GEOUIjE W. .SAVAGE, Secretary. f Portland Board of Deferences Jon 11. liaowN k Son, Hkrsxy Fletcher & Co. II. J. Libuy k. Co. Jomn Lym.ii k Co. The undersigned having been appointed Aorni ! and Attorney for this C* mi>a» y. is now prepan*! to 1st ie Policies on Insurable Property at current rates. EW* Portland Office, 163 Fore Street. JOHN W. MUGGER* Agrnt* June 3.13*4 —off NOTICE. WE, the undersigned haxingso’d our Stock o! | OoaL and Wood to M• ssr* Paudalt.Mc.4h*' l ter It do chierm’ly riciruracid them to our former cust-marr AU persons having demand agaiust us are requested to pr* sent* lor settle- ; mei’T. and all perons indebb-d t«i us mrm rtii—uUlt to make immediate payment at the eld stand w bet* our ol the undersigned may befouu*! for the present SAWYKE k WurrtfKY. j Portland, Jane 6,1864. junelfidSw rionl mi<l Wo»,«t! fpilE subscriber having purchased the stock r.t I foal and Wood, and taken the Maud recent)x oectt|*i»*rt by Messrs >mwyer t Whitney. hea*l ol j Uniu* M'sterf. are now prepan d to su| ply their | former patron** and the public generally, with a fine a-sortmeut of WELL PICKED ASD SCREESED Old ( om|Muy l*i high, Sugar Iztul IHiith. llazrlioii 1^ high. IztcuM Hounlain. John's, While ami Red Adi, lliaaond and Lorbrrry. Together with the beet quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Fnptrlar Cunt for ftorl<M,,. *1.0, Karri itn«l Moll XX mod. Dellrorod to order In is; |>vt of tlw dry. Tbo fonsor co«tmn*r« of Mown S*w> i r ft Wbi,. Be, v., In,'tod la glroMicill KAM'AI.L Mi ALUSItk ft CO. i ortUn i, Juke 11.1*64,-dl; | HOTELS. OTTAWA HOUSE j PORTLAND HARBOR, MAINE JASON liEKKY, Proprietor, Will open for the kuod, on Thursday. thelCIh inst. Thi* popular Wittriiig place, with it* ROMANTIC SCRSRR T, , And HEALTHY LOCATION, tit uatcd on CUSHING'S ISLAND, 2$ miles from the city, is unsurpassed by any Sum- ! mer Resort on the New England coast. N. k. Positively closed on the Sabbath to all i transient visitors. The steamer will leave Burnham’s Wharf for this ; Liana regularly. juuclGJGw BRADLE YJS HOTEL, -ON THI American and European Plan*, Cor. of Commercial & India Sts. This House is si nated 'directly opposite j the Grand Truuk Kaiiroai Depot, aim head ; ot Boston and Portland Meaim >s’ Wharf | Connected witn this House is a tlrst class Prater and Dining Hell. J h M EH BEADLEV, Jr., ti U, Proprietors. | J. Bradley, Jr. P. H. Bradley. junel5i!6m _* - -- . ■ Atlantic House, SCARBOKO* BEACH. Tills House having been enlarged and fi tr ^refitted throughout will open for the hta J1 DU UU Monday, June 13, 1NG4, E GUNNISON. N. B.—Positively closed on the Sabbath to all transient visitors. junell Ocean House Re-Opened! IX The undersigned having lea cd for the xxEuSfcseason this welt established Watering place, J'Ml'Mch*rii"ne'y ( n ou**r verge ot • H*,e ^lizabetli. With unrivalled lacili l flP7 Mti»iM lor Bathing, Boating, and Fishing, Will open tor transient and permanent guests on and after Tuesday, the 7th day of June. vwu.vuivuic « 111 ur r UJIJUU U IUI the plea-urc-lid com'oris ol it* patron* with legaid to the i oqu ire uicntsaud character oi a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. We feel assured that c ur exertion*, added to the uuusual attraction* oi the house i:*elf, will»ecu re us the approbation and patronage of the public. tST" J'osittreSy closed on the Sabbath HILL k J UHL) AS, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth, June «, 1864. dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE; CAMDEN. ♦ j The Subscriber# take pleasure in an nouncing lotht ir fkiouiisend ail mu-rested i | in hndiiig a Urst oast M>a-side iioUl accorn J i iuoda;ion*.tnat their new and spacious ilo ie< ... . no optn early ioJuiu It contains ail the mod ern improvement* and every convenience lor the | comfort and accommodation ot the travelling pub lic. It is finely lecated. commanding an unr.vailed view of the 1'eUubscot Hay i he advantage, ol sea bathing aud the Ucilitit* lor Ushiug aid boating, are unsurpassed. For its beautiful scenery and de lightiul* aud walks, Catnoeu is already favor aoi> kuow u as one ot the most eligible and delight tul places in New Kuglaud. Connected with the Hotel is a fine Livery htable, horses and carriages having been selected with great care. The ! carriages are from the best establishments iu the count* y, and on the most approved styles, btcam boat lanoings easy ot access; steamers touching ev ery dav ju the week telegraph communication all pari* of the country. J tune wishing to se cure good rooms w ill do wel* to apply soon, as many are a*ready turned. CUbUINti k JOHNSTON, Proprietors. Camden, June 18U8.—dtf Fl.‘u»aul Bultuiliuii Hesort. c^vpisic^kousii:, WEST BROOK. This e.Vgaut suburban Watering Place, located upon a pleasant eminence near Ca* pisic Pond, buta$ nnh t from Portland, hav* 'mg been placed in the most ample order by , -.the fcuti'cnber, he most respectfully solicits ' tne auentiou of the public, and cordially invites a call from his old lrn nds. llie bouse is pleasant, retired an*'- quiet. The lumiture au*l furnishing* tre all new, ami the room* cosy and sightly. Jhe tabic* are supplied with all the dciacacie# as welt as the substantial* ol the sea son, and the service of one ol the very best cooks in New Kugland hav© been secured. Extensive sheds and a fine stable with roomy stalls 1 are among the conveniences ot the establishment A nice Bathing House sufllwient for tliu accommo datiou of several hat hers has been erected with steps projecting into teu loot of water, and the whole se cured from ohservat ou by a filiating screen. Smoking Arbors grace the hank* ol tho Pond and invite the iudulgeuce of the lounger. Hoping for a st are of the public patronage the un dersigned proimsts to spaie no effort lorjn© en er tainment of his guests. GfcO. W. flL'UCH. V\ «-t> rook. May 21, 1864. may2Idtf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHiTE HOUSE, (rOXMBRLY WILCOX BOUBB.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel has recently been pur phased by Mr Milicr ot the Albion i and has been thoroughly refitted, renovated and rt •!. and nun** reu* « vc» li. ui alterations •hbmmbJ ill* <-v. at. d Oli 11.* ' .. A tot:, ■bo ji lour miles from Portland, affording a beautiful dm© ovtur a goed road, and last about far enough for pteasur*. It has a hue large Dancing llal!and good Bowling Allay*. Iu c!o«e proximity to the house is a warm aud roomy stable, containing twenty nice stat.*. There is also a well sheltered 4>Ued, loo Rot long.lor hitching hor*t * The choice- -t poppers will be got up for sleighing and dancing parti*-, who will find it greatly to their plca«ore and ad vantage to resort to the White House. No effort will be sperod for the cuteriainmext ol f—* _decULdtf halloweliThouse R E O PEN E r> ! HW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! B.O. IIEVNI8, l*i oj»i i«-ior. Or The public are specially informed that the spacious, convenient and well known IIallowbll lloues, in the center of Hallowell, two mile* from Augusts, and lour mi'es from Togas Spring, has been refurnished, and is open for tfc© reception of company and permanent board« rs. Kvery attention will be given to tb© comfort of gneetg. ST A BL ING, and all the ususI conveniences of a popular hotel are amply provided. Hallowell, Feb. 1 1804. mcli25 eodrf pA-- THE AMERICA!) HOUSE, Hanover Street .... Boston. The Largest and Best Arranged lintel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Profrii'tw. oo!61> Oroam of Lilios, FOlt TIIK HAIR.* TIHIS elegant preparation for the Hair it entirely fret from acohtd, spirits or any Injurious sub stance wkaierttr. it poetesses a>l the dcnimHe < qua'tttes nj thy b*st, ami none of the < bjections <,f the inferior couipouu 1s. The high reputation wh ch this preparation has gamed in private circles, in this j city, ha* induced the proprietor to place it before the Pub ic. The CKKAM OF LIMES imparts a luxurious brilliancy to the Hair, removes ail unnatural dry ing* atul har*lme*g from the llair—is in.|H-rviou* to dampness and perspiration. Jt is the cleanest mud best dressing for the hair ever discovered. Every Lady should try a lUdtle. Prepared and sold by T*0*8. G LnKING. Druggist, cor Exchange and Fedi rai ts. tnd. June 1. m»*. jwy upi PAIUKIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company wi’l issue Polices to be free after the piyment ol six, eight or ten Premium* at the option of the lusun 1 and at rate* n* low a* any other Company. *1 he issue of Free Policies lender* it st the least «<jnal if not superior to the participation Companies. Office No. l(Kl Middle Rt. HOLDEN. Pres. KDWAKD SHAW, S.*. Keb 1« d % «r tf. Citt or P<»ktla»d Jr r* Eld. 1864. SEALED Proposal* «iil U rectued bv the c\mb nnttee on New Streets. Ac . at the lifts* of th< t.'ity 4 ivll Fiigiucr for grading tlia* \# ns not High Street between !>****ring and lumtertaiid Mr***-t Auv r«r,»ure-i intormatiou mav be obtain* d at »t»« Engineer’* Office Propott!* sill Is rietived until Saturday, July Ji. at 1 o’clock, P M Per Order Committee J. K DOKXCLL, ( lisinuan. June T\ —*lt«I < o|>nrii*«-**>l*i|» Kollrc. N’OTICF. I. Itrrr. Ill ,l*rn II it tlx Urn of M ||(i lit* tbi* dav been dissolved by Mr. Whitetv. fh«* one psrttH>r of *aid Dm. «i,h>lrft«ii<i hi* whaT* of tit an 1 p rsonal service*. All debts du« »ai*i arm are to be paid to Mr Hradten’y, , and all«laims aga»»M said Arm contracted before this da’e, to b-paid by ««id M Hra«lt. and from this date the bn-inesa will be under the entire cun fro! and st) le of HKADT. June 1**—dSw John Riiikinmi, Gr A 8 PITT3DR, —ABl>— Dealer in (ih* Fixtures, And GasA Ki rowne Cooking Apparatus. Tbe public arc invited to examine and teat these new Intentions, which are highly recoin mended for summer nee NO. 55 UNION STREET. Portland .June 14 - t*od3m 1 FOR SALE & TO LET, j SOUSES AND LOTS FOB SALE, ■ITUATSD ON Franklin, Alden, Washington, Montreal, Fox and Sumner Streets. PRICES FROM SI,000 TO *1,600. Also, TWO SMALL FARMS, in Capo Elizabeth. Terms liberal to suit the purchaser. Enquire of KL.BIUDGK GERB1T, ap23 dlw eodtf No. 5y ILgh Street. Valuable Turin for &ale. Situated iu Falmouth, eight miles from Portland, ou the oiu oiay road, opposite black Strap Monu ment. me farm contain-. 45 acres _-good laud, well divided into tillage, paaiuriiig unu wood lots. It lias a large orchard, and bunding* ail in good repair. It is well watered and a very pleasant situation; will be sold lor casu on reasonable terms. For further particulars inquire ot J. F. KANO, No. C Clapp's Block, or KUsUS KANO on the premises. juueiGukw* Valuable Heal Eolale for bale. \VrK have for sale a very desirable House, cen f? traliy aud pleasantly located, finished and furnished from garret to collar; every thing iu aud about the house iu perfect orilt r; will be hold with the F urmtuie, which <s in good taste and iu fine Ol der. immediate possession giveu. i he house and lurniture can be exainiued ui anytime, and inter uiatiou give by calling ou llF.NKk BAaLEY A Co., Auctioneers, maylddtf Laud on Free street for Sale. r|1 HF: valuable real estate on Free street, known A as the “F urbish property." The lot is about lwj nut on F ree street and extends back about 174 leet. aaul estate will be sold as a whole, or the easterly halt ot the dwelling house, with lot about 40 by 176 leet, will be sold by itself. Application may be made to James F urbish, Flaq., on tne premises, or to liRu. R. it. J AClvauN, ju.yldti OH Rxohuuge street. For Sale, N'FiAR Turner's Shi» Yard, Cape FJJzabeth, a large two story dwelling house, nearly ntw .well ariangid aud couVouieut for two families—finished in good style, with a large lot ot land, ai.d with wa ter privilege, ihe above property will be sold at a great boigam by opplying to PEKLF.Y A RUSSELL, Commercial Wharf. June 22,1864.—d2w* For Mali*. rpHE Paoa property, so called, on Windham Hill, j X in Wiudham, containing about ten seres. 1 here are on the a good Two Story Dwelling ; if ou m* and Barn, with other our-buildiucs. The property is pleasantly situated aud the neighborhood j uui»u jniwuim-. rur imu«, olu., ly iu DEBL018 tk JACKSON, Portiar.J May 18,1864. .r/J Exchange bt. maylSdtt For Kale. A SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acres ot wood laud, on the south aide oftha river j St Law ranee, iu Canada East It is iutercceded by two considerah e river* with eligible Mill sits. Well wooded with every description ot timber, auch as , pine and spruce in large quantities, and maple, bercb. beech, tamarac atm bass wo d t« auy amount. Enquire of ii. I. MACHIN. Portland. j Portland. Feb 1864. tcbrtoodtf For Kills* or to Let. CLIFF COTTAGE, coatatclng over IV rooms.large -table aud shed* -situated two aud oue haif miles from Portland, and tbs 1 finest situation in Caps Elizabeth for a wa tering place, and summer boarders. For particular* enquire of GEO. OWEN, ap7 dtf 31 Winter 8treat. Portland For Kale, FI1IIK Stock and Fixtures of a first class Provision X Store, now doing a good bus ness, sold only on account of the ill heaitu of the proprietor. Address • VV.“ Box 1928, Portland P. O. June 14—d8w For Kale. AH0U8E and Lot on Steven’s Plains Road, ad joining the bt miliary Grounds, a very deeira blejloe at ion. Also a number of building lots near the same. Enquire of K. B FOHUEi, on the Plains. Jnue 10th, 1864.—eod3w* For Kale. A TWO story House and Lot. situated on PorT land street*, with stable aud other out buddings. Also two adjoining lots containing about eight thousand square feet. Enquire of N. STEVEN8. No. 47 Portland street. juuePuif For Kale. rpilE two story 1 rick House No. 2 Deer street, 3G X by S2 and barn 10 by 24 The lot is 60 feet square, w ith good water and garden spot. For further par ticulars enquire of BENJAMIN KNIGHT, 8t« am Packet Company, Atlantic Wharf. junelS,.2w House For Sale. 4 TWO atory wooden house. No. 18 Adams street, A 11 finished rooms, convenient for two tamilies; plenty of good water. For particulars inquire ot B.J. WILLARD. ! Portland, May 14,1861. may Hoodtf For Kale. A NUMBER of Houses and Lots in the south part of the city. Terms liberal. Inquire at 21 Brackett str*ef. juue22eod2 a • For 8al<*. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new, can be used for one or two Horses, it ha* Pole and Shafts complete. For price Ac., call at No.4 Free Street Portland, apr 1 eodtf To l^»C. (3TORE now occupied by us. Possession given kJ immediately. Also, a Front uffiooin Hanson Block. JanH dtf II. J. LIB BEY A CO. --—- | To Lfl. ONE STORK in Galt’s Block. Apply to II. T. MACHIN, ; ap22 dtf O F F I C K O F T 11 K ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 2«, 1104. rilHK Trustees, in conformity to the Charier o' the X Company, tut nut the following statement ol it* afliir* on the 3!st D* cembi r. tHn3: i rein iu ms received on Marine KDks, from 1st January, 1803, to 31st De cember, 1863, 91,214,398 93 ! Pr. inium.H cu Policies not marked off 1*1 of aunary, I'***, l,70S,fU2 24 i Total amount of Marin© Premiums. 8lu,u06.0ul 17 1 No Policies have beeu issued upon Life Risk*; nor upon Fire Risk* disco.. nectid with Marine Risks. Premium? marked oil from 1st Jan., 1663, to 31st December, 18 3, 87.597,666 56 Losses paid during the same period, 3,806.661 04 Returns ol Premiums aud Expense-*, 1,082,967 48 The Company has tin* rol!owing Ass© s, viz: Unit'd b 1 ate*and Stst ol New York btoc*, City. Bauk ati I other blocks, 83,492 631 3h Leans secured by btnck*,ai«dotherw ise, l,45o.7u0 U) Real E date and Bonds and Mortgages, 193,760 00 Dividendsou Stocks,It terest 011 Bonds and Mortgages mud other Loans,bttu dry Not«*, reinsurance aud other claim* due the Cotnp'y , estimated at 104.964 61 Premium Notts and Lilia Receivable, 3,270,676 63 Cash in Bank, 744,013 bn Total amount of Assets, 89,966.466 32 Six per cent Interest on tb© outstan mg certifi cate* ot profit* will by paid to the holder* thereof, or their legal representatives, on aud after Tuesday, the Second of February next. After reserving Three and One halt Million Dollars of profits, the out-tauding certificates of the issue of 1862, will be redeemed and paid to the holders there of, or their legal represent at iv. p, on aud after Tues day, the Second ol Febiuary next, from which date all interest tliereou will cease. 1 he certificates to be produced at the timeot payment, ana cancelled A Dividend ot Forty Per Cent i- declared on the I net earned premium* of the Company , tor the year ending fli-t December, 100?, for which certificates1 will be issued. ou aud alter lue-day, the Filth of April next. The Profit* of the Couipanv,ascertained From the 1st the 1-t of Jau . 1*63. for which* ertificates were i**ued, amount to 014,32-4,880 Additional from 1st Jau., IS-VI, to 1st January, 1864, 2.630 000 Total profits for 21} years. fl4.958.8Nu The Certificates previous to 1862, have teen 1 . deemed by ca ll, 11.690,218 Net earnings remaining with the Com 1 any . pn 1st Jauuary, 1864, 06.263 670 By order of the B>*id, W TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. T II V STB E8. John P. Jones. Dai id Lane. Charles Dem is, Jam©* Bry*e, \V It It Moore. Win. Sturgu. Jr., Tfio*. Tftcstun, 11. K. Bogert, Henry C it, A A. Low, W t . Pickersgiil, Win b Dodge, lewisCurtis, Deuni* Perkin*. Cha* II Ku«*ell, Joe. GaiL'ard. Jr., Low IllJulbriok, J. lieory Burgy. P A llargosis, Corneiius t.nuaell H W Wf»to»». C. A liai.d, Royal Ptielp , Watts slier man, < aleh Barstow, E E. Morgan. A P Pillot. B. J Howland, Leroy M Willey, HenJ I at’Cock Daaie S Miller, Etetebrr Wewtrav, M. T NicoB. R B Minium.Jr.. Josh’aJ Henry, G W Burn).am, Geo G Hobson, Fred.» bauncey, Jane* Low JOHN*D JONES. President I UARLES DfcNMb. Vice President. W 11 H MlNlKL Id Vice Preaid* nt. Artdiatiou* forwarded and Oris PoLKixn procured by JOHN W. MI NORU. Agent, No. 100 Furs afreet, head of Long Wharf, PORT LAX it. AIR JuueS - w2wfc*odtojati29 American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! Of NKW TURK. Capital *1100.000, laaarv HaUdinga. Merrbaadlav. Ilaaae b#M Karallarr. Krala. Uawa. Vva> ar la an Ibv Marita, and alhrr I'rr aaaal Frajrnj al lav Law val rrlra. RAMLKL MROVVN.FrwIdfiit. WILLIAM RAriiOU, Seerataf. KDWAKD SUA\T Agmt, 101 Middle Street. •OtJT ly.od RAILROADS. FOR CHICAGO. MILWAUK1F, And all parti or the Wnt. IKTRSI0.1 IKKIIS 10 (filCAGO, MILWACkll, And all other points at the WEST, SOUTH & NORTH WEST, For sale at the reduced rates of fare at the Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., W. D. Little, Agent. Junt24dtf FOR THE WHITE MOUNTAIN^ UBBHI «ggK Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, ax/) hkruns. Excursion Tickets for sale at the REDUCED RATES,’ By W. L). LITTLE, A«ent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, juneUitf 31 Exchange street. BB REDUCED RATES ! IMPORTANT TO TRAVELERS -TO TH* West, North West& South West! W. I). LITTLE, IS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit. Milw aukie, Laleua, Oskosh, St. Paul, LaCrosse, Orcen Lay, tjuiLcy. fct. Louis, Louisville, IndLuapolis, Cairo, etc., etc., and is prepared to furnish I iikok.ii ficKKia from Portland to all the principal cities and towns in the loyal States and Canada*, at the lowest rates ol taro, and a.l needful information ehe* rful'y granted. Travelers will find it greatly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the Union Tieket Oflice, 31 Exchange Street, (UP STAIRS,) W. 1_). LITTLE, Agent. t3T Passengers for California, by the Old Line Mail Steamer and Panama Kailioad, may be secured by early application at this office. fickets to Montreal anti (Jiubrc and return (via the Draud Trunk Railway) may be obiaimd at this agency on lavorable terms. ina\‘kGJA w ti Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s (treat Combination oi JCJ _A_ u JCVOA U I For the Season of 1834. Tickets flood to Retain to November 1st* ITS Mfr-f3pg«P .Rl—Ta: ■ - GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY. From l’ortluml —1TO— WhitP Mountains, Montrenl. Quebec, De troit, Chicago, M ilwnukie, Niafuiu Fails, and return AT TERT LOif KATES OF FARE. Only $10 to Chicago or Milwaukie, $2o out and return, da. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Return, all rail, $35, Also, lo Boston. New York, uptbe Hudson Hirer Saratoga, Lake George. Returning from Niagara Falls titter by Grand Trunk Railway, or by tbe Royal Mail Lint through tne Tbeoaand Islands and Rapids ol tbe bt. Law rence. aiserieaa Money taken at Far fer Tickets, bleep ing Care and at Refreshment baloons. Arrangements bare been made with tbe 1’roprie tors ol tbe principal Uuteis in MouartaJ. Quebec aud L)i troit to take American Money at par, charging New York Hotel prices. 8 * For Tickets or infirmation apply to Aiisst of Grand Truuk Railway. E 1* BEACH, Geueral Agent, 1179 Broadway,N.Y. tj'is f towsus.taetjru Agent, Bangor Juno 11.—d4w GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of OnnaclaS SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. MHD On and after Monday, June 27,18f4, WB55SR trains will run daily, (Sunutys taotpt edj an til mrtber notioe, as tbllowe: I'p Trains. Leave Portland lor Island Pond. Montreal and Quebec at 7.00 a. ■ and 1 25 r. a. Down Train*. * Leave bland Pond for Portland, at« 30 a. a and # 15 r. u. T he Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding *50 in value, and that per sonal, unless notice is given, and paid lor at Gio rata of oue passenger lor every »SU0 additional valu-. w n i it LC, JcbUV tia' ***u»(t'ng Director. 11. RAILkl, 8nDerint«cdeDt. Portland, June 2ft. 18C4 nCr6 PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC R.R. SPRING k SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 traiii* leave Skowhegan for »i»«i and 8.4 >A M , Au gusia. li.ou A M and Bath 12 10 l\ M. Anvnata jjr Portland aud Boston at 6.80 A, u ; Bath G.3u A. Portland for Ba*h, Acumta. WatcrvilJe Keudall’i Mills aud Skowhegae, at P. M. Portland for Bath and Augusta S H P. M. Paaseogtrs for nation* on the Androscoggin Kail road will char ire cars at Brunswick. 1'ho 1 Id »*. M. train fom Kortlaud connect-* at Keiidah s Mill* with Maine Central Railroad lor Bangor, Ac., arriviug saute evening ^Stanes leave Ba h lor liooklaud at 9 A.M. aud 3 StAges leave Augusta for Belfaatat 4 P. M. Mages leave Skowhegau at C lo P. M for Anson So on, Ac. Through Tickets for all the stations ou this and the Aadroaeofgin Eailroad, can he recurred in Boston at the Lantern or Boston ami Maine stution*. B. H. CU8UMAH,Superintendant April 18. 1864 ap*23tf York* CuinberliUMl Itailroud. SUMMER ARRANGEMFINT. ■I ' F- On end sfter MONDAY, April 1th., 1864, train* will leave a* f Y ftillnars until lurltw r nr.till . 0 )■» x »*co Kiver lor Portland at 5 46 (Freight Train with Passenger Cars) and 9.16 a. m., and 8.80 r ac. Leave Portland lor taco Kiver, £45 a. m. and 2.00 and 6,20 r. u. The 2 00 r. u. traTu out, and 6 46 a. M. traiu into Portland, will be freight trains with passenger cars attached stage* connect at Saccarappa daily for South Winaharn, Windham Center and Great Fails. At Gorham lor West Gorham, bt\iuin>h. Steep Falls, Baldwin, bebago, Bridgtou, liirani. Liming* ton, Cornish, Denmark, Browniield. Lovel. > rye burg, Con way, Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and La ton, N. li. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonnev Ea gle, bouth Limiugtou, Limiugtou and Limerick At baoo KJv«r tri-weekly, lor Hollis, Limerick, Gssipee. Newiield, Parsonslield, Kthugnam, Free dom. Madi-on, t aten, Cornish, Porter, A c Fares 6 cents less wnen tickets are purchased ia the Office, than when paid In the Cars, DAN'. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,1864. dtf MAINE CCNTKAL UAILUOAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. nmmnn rrain- leave Portland, Grand Trunk fMEsiHstfttk'n, ter Lewiston and Auburn, at 7a.m. For Bangor and intermediate stations at 1.25 r.M. RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.30 a m., and arrive in Portland at 8.80 a. m. Leave Bangor at 7.30 a. m.. and arrive ia Portland at *J 15 r . w. Both ttu-so trains oonneet at Portland with trains for Boston. Fright train leave* Portland at 8 A. H., and re timing is due in Port land at 1 r.M. BtagiM connect with trains at pri^sipal stations, daily for mpst of the town* North and Last ot this 1 ne. C If MORbK.bnpt. Waterville. N vwnber, 1868 deo!4 PORTLAND, 8A«’0 A PORmoi TH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, . Commencing April 11th, 1S64. nmMHmr: Passenger Trains will leave the Bta NHK tion. Canal street, daily, (bendays ex eeoted a* lollows. Leave Portland for Boetoa, ut 8 46 A. ■ and 816 r. m Leave Boston for Portland at 7 80 a h and 3 06 r. h Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 a. h and B.tD F. H. These trains will take and leave passengers at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston dally. KRAMTfi tllAbh, .Superintendent. Portland. Oct 30.1863 oc31 edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. Aaguata, Maine. TllE Maine Insurance Company insure again-t loss or damage by Fire, Building-. Merchan dise and 8 armtare. on terms as fat ora tv a* it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five Tear* J. L. CUTLER, President. J.U WILLI A MS. Secret ary. CDWAHD SHAH-Ak'-m. Ho. 102 Kiddle Streot. mHmhUf Ordlnanr*- A(»Ir«i City ut Pubtlatd. M.kmials Oyticb. I M.r »l. 1*54. | j 8m tv*• x 1- No dog -hall be permitted to go at | larre or loose in any street iane, alley, cturt or trav eled wav. or iu any uninclosed or public pl*eein this city, uutil the evntr or keeper of such dog, or tbe heed o* tbe family, or tbe keeper of the house, store, shop, office, or other place where such dog is kept or harbored, shall have paid tbe Cit> Marshal two dollars for a liccse for such dog to go at large. Hao 7.—In case any dog shall be found loose or going at large, contrary to nu ot the l»r»g ir>g provisions, the owneror keeper thereof, or the head of the family or keeper of the house, store, office, or other place where such dog is kentor harbored.shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding ten dollars aaayfcttm JOHN 8. 1IKALD, City Marshal. Board. AUcbtlemin and hi, wilr. And tbr« or four ,in* (1- ireutlemen ciu And ploutut roouj. with bourd «t M t umUrltud btr.vt Junau d«»* •. CHAU, I ■ STEAMBOATS. - —un n , Portland and Penobscot River, Bummer Ar rangement, 18G4. TfltKkW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS STEAMER LADY LA AG, Built expressly for this route. CAI*r. WILLIAM R. ROIX, jpw* "’>'1 compuuce her Summer Ar ^^gSJSA^r.ugtmcul ou MONDAY MOUN June 6th, Leaving Bangor ev ery .\lo~d*/. VVedne.Ua> aud P rid ay Morning* at 5 o’clock. Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of | State afreet, Portland, every Monday, Wednesday | aud P riday PNeuiug*, at 10 o’clock, counectiug with the Eastern, Bouton aud Maine, and Portland, baeo and Portsmouth Railroad*, from Boston and Way Station*, leaving Bo.-ton at 3 o’cloc/, P. M. The Boat will touch at Rockland, Camden, Bel fast, l’.ucksjroit, Winter port aud llampdeu, both ways. Passengers ticketed through to and from Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem and Lynn. P or more extended inlormatlon, apply to J. O. Kendrn|K, Baugor; tne local Ageni* at the various la.'ding!; the Depot Master* of the l*. 8. A P-, Eastern, aud B. at M Railroads; Abiel Som-rby, Portland; Lang & D < ano. Boston, or CUAS. .SPEAK, General Agent. June 4.—isdtf ! Montreal Ocean Steamship Oo. - , ja One of the following flrat-cias* 8teai,jer* °f thia Line via:—Peruvian, Iill,oruia, North American. Jura, Uel aflMHii.riaii, Nova Scotian, Moravian, Da mascus, Hi.J sail from Quebec, kviuv bATUUDAY j lor Liverpool via Londonderry. Also the Htearners St. David. bT. Gkorok, 8t. ! Audbuw. St Patrick, tri monthly from Quebec | for Glasgow. Prepaid aud return tickets issued at | reduced rate*. P or passage apply to li. A A. ALL AN, Montreal, or to J. L. FARMER, I raaylGdtf No. 10 Exch&ugo street Portland. ---——. International Steamship Company. Eostport, Calais A St John. TWO TItIFS PE It WEEK. On and aPer Monday, March 28, the *uperior ‘•ea-goiug >t,amer NEW BRUNSWICK, Capt. E B. _ Winchester,* will leave Railroad I Whan, loot o! State Street, every Monday at & I o’clock PM., ami the Steamer NEW ENGLAND i Capt E. Field, every Thursday at 6 o'clock P M * I for EMtport and St. John. N. K , connecting at Piastport with steamer Queen, for Kobin«on, 8t An drews and Calais, and btaae coache* lor Ma chias, aud at at. John with steamer* tor Freder icton and with steamer Em eror lor Digby, Wind sor and Halifax, ard with the FAN A. tiailioad I for bhediac and all way station*. I Returning, wi I .cave St John every Monday and Thursday ai 8 o'clock A. M . for P-astoort. Portland ana rtoston. Through ticket* j roeured of the A gent* and Clerk on board Steamer*. freight received till 4 o'clock P. M . Monday■ and ThurxiaT* _«»>«<» 7_C. C. BATON, Agent. Pori land and Boston Line. the steamers Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal Will, nntj) further notice, run nt iLLg!IL/gaC' follow.: Leave Atlantic Wharl, Portland, ercry Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. at 7o'clock P. M . and India Wharf, Bueton. every Monday, Tueeday. Wednesday, Thureday and Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M. Fare in^O ’’ on Deck. 1.16 Freight taken as usual. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding 260 m value, and that person al, unless notice is given and paid for at the rata of one passenger for every SOX) additional value. Feb. 18,1863. dtr L. HILLINGS. Agent. Portland and New York Steamers SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. • r-^ The splendid and fast Staamshlpe - V POINT, " Capt.. W.llxtt, V^^m'and -POTOMAC.” Captain SHEal ■tScrsMSail WOOD, will,until further notice, ran as follows : Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY , at 4 P. M.. and leave Pier »North Hirer, New York, overy WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at S o’clock, P. M. These vessels are Btted up with Sneaooommodatiene - for passengers, making this the most speeds, safe and I oocafortableroute for travellers between New York i and Malna. Passage S7.00, tnelndicg rare and state Boone. Goode forwarded by this line to and from Montreal Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Anguta, Eastport and St. John. Shippers are requested to send their freight to the Steamers aeearly as 2 P. M , on the day that then leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to -EMERY A KifX, Brown's Wharf, Portland. H. B. CROMWELL A CO., No. 22 West Street, Hew York. Doo. 2.1882. dtf IHHH PATENT BOOTS. riTIJL above Boot* and shoe* are comfortable from X the dnt wearing ami require no “Breaking in/' and therefore much more durable. PLUMER PATENT BOOTS. Men's Pegged Calf Plumer Boots, *5 50 .1/ew'n Prgged CXuf Plumer Boots, 6.U0 Men’s /’egged Calf Plumer Boots, 6 50 Men’s Ptgged Calf Plumer Boots, 7.UU Men’s Sewed Caff Plumer Boots, *T.5C Men’s St wed Calf Ptumer Boots, b.UO Men’s Pegged Caff Balmorals, $8.50 Men’s Pegged Calf Balmorals, 4 uO Ju§t received, all ihe varieties of the finest nnallfe. light and heavy Men's C ali Bo t*. Our Boots are made of eight different width* and are designed for a genteel else* ot leet not hitherto titled by ftetuly Mamifacturtti Boots They are made of the b« st , stock, by the most careful ar.d skillful workmcn.and wery pair in wa* ranted both in reference to stock and work man ship. From Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. Brooklyn. May 9, 18»»l. Dr. J. C. Plumer.— Dear Sir. — Had my Boot* been bom on me they could not have fitted me better.— rhev were more comfort* tie the very tir*t day than tuv boot* generally are after month* of usage. 1 cannot prai.-e them too highly. They have but one serious fault, they will make all other boots seem uncomfortable. By the way. you carried off my la-t* They were the rig; t ones, and 1 took them out with my own hands and know they fitted. Please Bead them to me again by expr« 1 am, very truly. \ our obliged servant, H. W B EEC HER. LADIES* BOOTS. I.adios’ Plumer Potent Balmoral Boots, *4 00 Ladies’ rlumer Patent Congress Boots, 4.50 The above boots are mado from the best stock, and expressly to my ovu order. Every pair is warrant ed. the Name as if a measure was ta» eu This work is the same as sold by the first class retail dealers in Bo-ton, amt pmnouuced by I hem superior to the best New York work. Lariie*’ Balmoral Boot-. Indies’Serf Balmoral Boots. il 75 Ladies’ Serge Bain.oral Boots, 2 hi Lad es' Serge Balmoral lioo<«. 2 25 1.allies’ Merge Balmoral Boots, 2 An Ladies’ Merge Balmoral Boots, 2 75 LADIES' COMiRESM HOOTS. I Julies’ *erg* Congress Boots, *1 n> 1 Julies’ Merge 1 on gross l>u<8<, 1 ;& Ladies' Merge Congress Boots, 2 (.«> Ladies’ Merge Congress Boo**, 2 25 Ladies' Merge Con grass Boots, 2 |n IjmIm**' I nion Hoot*. Ladie*' Union Boots. 2 O Ladies' taws Boots, 2 25 Ju-t received, aTl tbe varieties of the purvwt quali ty of and A hildrcns Boots and .Himww. and lor sale st fair prices i > l 11 EK Mt Middle -f June 1st. Pw.4 jnnellw WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS M.VNL kaCTl 8 IILUCK. U N IO N STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, ■iicr.orriii a. Slum F.ajioa*. Steam Jloilm. Shaft!,, rail,,, Ml ki»d. ul Mammary klw Low and Hull l“rw.,r* IlMktln, Ap paralu* tor kicturiea. Public lluildln,, UU'i l»w*!IlUf Uou-r. lu lb.« 1W ptr.mmt ttM eaahll.hmrat la. !"'.*• unco*mo.,!, .UCCrMful Stem Cork. Vake. Whittlm. -t. am. Water and i*m Pip* and coriurrtl-to- la retched at wkolewl. ur retail. Kt-paiiini: promptly and luithlully Done. la roan ctioa with the abora r-tablubment I. an Foundry, with a large a.rort men t of pattetne ' and a Planing Mill, where wood p.amng <>t all kind. ■VUwm, ma> dtt ; Maine Sabbath School Depository fllHE iarge-t snd best selected Stock of BOOKS A for MABBATU SCHOOL LIBRARIES may be found at So, Al Ktehange Street, Portland. New book« are received every week from the Sun- : day Mchool Societies and Publishing Houses in Phil ade'phia, New York and Hovtou. Moisned un as sortment, comprising book* adapted to the capacity of the child a* well as adult, cannot be found in any one store in New' England. Mchool* in the couutry, by sendiug a catalogue of the books iu the Library, cau receive a lot for ex amination and return at my expense mch as are not Approved tjae^tioa Book* for >abbath Mcuools al eadv ou band. Discounts for Library Books al lowed, a* in Boston Also Miscellaneous Theologi cal aud School Hooks, Letter, bermou and Note Pa per of all *u< s. with Envelope* to mat^h. Photo graph Albums, Portfolios. Fortinonnaies, kc., kc , all ot which will be sold at the lowest cash twice*.— Orders solicited. U. PACKaBD. June 1st, 1*04. dtf medical. liExir! £IUir DR. WRIGHT’S REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OR, ESSENCE OK LIFE. Prepared prom Pure Vegetable Extracts CONTAINING NOTHING INJURIOUS TO TBI EUR DELICATE. TITHE Rejuvenating Elixir is the result of modern discoveries in the vegetable kingdom, being an entirely new and abstract method of cure, irrespec tive of all the old and worn-out systems. This medicine has been tested by the most emi nent medical men of the day, and by them pronounc ed to bo one ol the greatest medical discoveries ol the age. One bottle will cure Ceneral Debility. A few doses cure Hysterics in females. One bottie cures Palpitation of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation. From one to three bottles restore# the maulincs and full vigor of youth. A few doses restore the appetite. Three bottles cure the worst case of Impotcncy. A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restore# mental power. A few doses bring the rose to the cheek. This medicino restores to manly vigor and robu health tho poor, debilitated, worn-down, and do spairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, enervated youth, the overtasked men of business, the victim of nervous depression, the ndividuai saffjringfrom general debility, or from weakness of a since organ, will all tind immediate and permanent relief by tbs use of this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price 92 per bottle, or three bottles lor 96, and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to auy address. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. DH. W H. M EH WIN * Co., 8DLE PROPRIFTTORS, No 62 Liberty-ft.. New Tork. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR. HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, . For the removal of Obstructions, and the Insurano of Regularity in trie Recurrence ot the • Monthly Periods. They cure or obviatethose numerous diseases tha spring from irregularity, by removing the regular ity Itself They cure Suppressed,Excessive and Painful Men struation. They cure Green Sickness (Chlorosis). They cure Nervous and Spinal Affections, pains in the b»ok a ud lower parte of the body, Heaviness, j Fatigue on ilight exertion. Palpitation ot the Heart Lownoe, of Spirit,, Uyeteria, Sick Headache, Gid dincee, etc., etc. In a word, by removing the Irreg ularity, they remorethe cauie, and with it all the effect, that spring from it. Composed of eimple vegetable extracta, they con tain nothing deletcrioua to any oonatltntion, how ever delicate—their function being to anbstitota strength for wenkneae, which, when properly used, 1 they nerer rail to do. All letters seeking information or advice will be i promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions aocompany each box. Price 91 per box, or .ix boxes for 95. 8ent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of price. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. H. MEHWIN * Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty-,t., New York. f>^>«T<odAenwly Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct- j ing all disorder* incidental to the feminine sex. That rhe afflicted may teal assured that this Cordial is truly valuable ami worthy tlieir confidence,- not oue of those secret compounds purposed to destroy i healthy action, I add a tew testimonials from phys icians wnoui all, favoring the Electncand Reformed Practice ot Medicine. respect. DR. WILLARD C. GKoUGE,formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, Mass., speaks ol it in the following terms: • “ I have used the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by DR. gEo. W 1 SWETT. 106 nanover Street, and I regard it as oue of the best Medicines for Female Complaints that can be fouud.” DR. J. KING, Author of” Woman: Iier Dii- • eases and their Treatment,” says: “This Medicine appears to exert a specific Influ j once on the Uterus, it is a valuable ageut in all de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs.” DR. SMITH, President of the New York Asso ciation of liotanic Physicians, says: *• No Female, if in delicate health, shoud omit the s timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much ot ray succoss in midwifery to the use of this Medi- « i ciue.” MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. The followiug from Dr. FAV is worthy your no tice : “ As a geoeral remedy for Female Complaints this * Cordial’ is a very valuable one, but by the 1‘rofee- I sion it is esteemed more hlghlv for i s good result : during Confinement in relieving the great suffering attendant upon childbirth I acknon-i«*<itre with Hr smith that much ot my success in midwifery is duo | to the use ot this medicine, it strengthens both mother and child, lu each case* 1 follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to use it a few weeks previous to contin^meut, as by the energy it impart* to the uterine nervous system the labor will be very much facilitated, and remove* the scraps which many female- are liable to. No , woman. if sho knew the groat valu^of this Strength- ! ening Cordial would fail to use it." i have received numerous ttwtimonials from diff erent parts of the country where used. Knowing the good it is capable of doing, I w II warrant every bottlo or my •* Cordial" to be satisfactory in its re sults. 1 be following symptoms indicate thoae affections in which the JVmo/e String« Curotal has proved invaluable Indisposition to Exertion. Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Depression of spirits. Trembling, Loss of Power, Pain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging beusatlon at th* Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor. Ach ing Along the thighs. Intolerance of Light and Sound, Pale Countouance. Derangement ot the Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Br#athiug. Hysteria, Ac.. Ac. It is a specific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, ' Chlorosis ot tirecn Mckne**, Irregularity, Painful- I uess. Profuse or Suppression of Customary Dis- ’ charges. lA*ucorrhra or Whites. Scirrhus or Ulcer- I ate 8tate ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac No better Tonic can ponuibly be put up than this. I and none less likely to do harm, and it is composed * holly ot vegetable agents, and such as we have known to be valuable, and have used fbr many I year*. PKICK, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottle* for *6. Should your dmggist not have it. send direetly to ' us. and when six bottle* or more are ordered we wfll 1 pay all expenses, and have it securely packed from observation. lie sura and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot 1»W llar «. ♦ r St Hoeton iiEO. \T 8WKTT. H D ,Proprietor. If. VI. IIAYy Agent, Portland. mch? eoddm STATE■EXT OF TXX fCIna In.nrancr Company, OF HART»OKD. I'OKR., i»a tke l*t de? of N.nemher.A. I> IO.uti.iin4 kj Ike Uw> Of the State uf Xkia,. ntCMoi stock t,.m iw.os. •O uift !W tmrpimt it imrrtitt at foH-mt • Real eetafe. •maenad- red. Mf.Mi 1» I'aeh la hkk<l. a* deceit, aad Is tffvik' IM.W Id Ukiiod Metre Stock,, MlMS M State and lUjr stock,. end Ton Basie. Mk.litn OS Haakeetd Tract ( ueupauj St.■eke, 1,«»I7 J7- HP Mortgm<fe Ikoade. SS1.SC0 c. I Atiaatee Selee. lac. Ca'kectip. 110-1, U.W t* ' Total Aeectc. M.<Ht f, i Atkoaat of Liabimiee tor Loccec aot dae or artjurted, S17&.411 tl Amount at n-k. eattmeted. 116 il» «7» pr THOU A. A l.RXAJIDU. t-reetd.a’. Lrctrk J. Ha anas Secretary. Hor-at. Mat. T. MSS. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, So. 1 Iron Blork, Portluuel Plrr. deeSdtf Dirigo Insurance Company or tiim iirr or roRTLAxn. I OIBt-e No. SS Ctf-hunge street. Capital $800,000 r|tHM Company ie now prepared to leene polieier 1 ou all km.I, of property torureblc araiu.t are ; 1 at entrant rstt* A. K. 3dL'KlLKF, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. DimtcToss. J. B. Brown, R. 8. Spring. D W. Clark, J. B. Carroll, John Lynch, U.l. Robinson. Teubtkxs. St. John Smith. 1 If. M. Payton, C\ H. Haskell, Andrew spring. N. O. Cram, Philip H. Brown, 11. N. Jose, J«re. Dow. C». W Woodman, II. J. Libby, II. J. Robinson, J N. Winslow, 8. C. Chase. AlvahConant. Wm. Moulton. Portlsnd, May 4, 1864. mayBdtt To Huilders. FOR ealo low, the bund on the lot corner of 1 Monntfort and Sumner etreets. 1 Apply to JOHN W. CHASB. I Juuc U, 1864. JttuclMlm* MEDICAL. Lvon's Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops1 ABB BKTTEB THAR ALL Pill*, Powders & Quack Prepurataoa*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! -ABB Sure to do Good&nd cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS' The Great Telltale Keiurdy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ABB BBTTBB THAN ALL FlLLS'POWDKRm QUACK PRKPAMAT/ON> LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS: ARK SCRK TO VO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Lyon’* Prriotliral Drop* the great female remedy Lyon’e Prrimliral Drop* RMM isMTTMIt THAS ALL PILLS, FOWOMR* RSD QCM K MMUiCUrta. Lyott’v Periodical Drops Ar«* Hur* to do Good and cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great TeutiUe Itemed?. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ABE BKTTKft THAI ALL Pills, Powders and Qnaok Preparations* LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS —ARB BURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Lyon's Periodical Drops THEQBEATFEMALEHEMEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pill*, Powder*, And Quack Preparation*. Lyon's Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Bottle. Tor nl« by ail DroyrUU. At wholmaU by W. t Phillips, H. 11. Hay A Co., Portland, turn wdlr CATARRH! -AID NOISES IN THE HEAD I ! CURED BT IN BALING A Harmless Flitid,, or AGREEABLE OIIOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Of the Head. THE SENSE OF TASTE AND SMELL EKSTORFD DR. R. CiOODALE’S CATARRH REMEDY.) Dr. Goodale has combatted Catarrh until be ha* ! fought it down. It ha* been a long war, but his tri umph is complete. Through all coming time his Ca- | tarrh Remedy will bo knowu as the only one anti dote for a disease which soporticiaiists Lave declar cd incurable. Catarrh doctors, so called, spring np like inushroons ou all sides. Ihe object of these j pocket practitioners is money. They use dangerous instrument*. Their violent manipulations irritate the already indented membrane. Thay never cure, j Dr. Goodtle's treatment is medicinal, not mechani cal. He dOM not tx>!ii>vs ia tha f. irft>.numn ■ t.lnin 1 which h working so much mischief. His remedy passes through the absorbent*, to the seat of the dia- i rase, and obliterate* it. It does not relieve merely > for a day, but for all time. Lastly, it cost* a dollar a bottle—no more. Dr. Dodge Auburn S’. T. After haying witnessed the effect* of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speak* of it;-It is truly and un conditionally a Herculean epeddc lor the * hole dis- ; ease, huch an article ought not to be “bid inner a bushel,“ aud suy m«u who can invent »o trulv an I efficient aud port ive a r« uiedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be conquered on# of the tor* of hi* race, and bis name and the effects ol his skill perpetuated. Your* rt-peettu L . 1>. L boiMii:. A. X. Pliny Mdee, the well-knorm TraccHer, And whose family iihvslcian Dr t.ooda.’* was for • many years, revs—“If Dr. Uiodalc says ho can cur# Cat an h. he can care It,*' Ac. Price $1 ,s«*nd a stamp for a pamphlet Dr K tiO* »D ALL’.S Office and Dep<’C , 7A, Hloekor ■*rect, one door wrst of Broadway, hew Yatk. II II. liar Agent <br Portland June 2d. IMS. jonsldly T.iltK a \ao\ Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, FOR VESSEL*? BOTTUSI. Ta Oxnrn *n4 1|RMm ol Vrurlv TMs -apenor article to o«hrtd with tho fttteot e« Advace W hen applied to WOODM BOTTOM VUIKU it will he We ad o prfcei «wts«Mat» tar Poppet Hhoafhing and a • •>«) I Ml PkMH.V AllV) tf*m w«*fccMia. RarmAf'tkn <,kam a« v*. •els trading te tho W*et India and kvedert Pacts wUI And H parttf wiariy tot <Mr intrr»»t t* as* la# fsrkst MkT«uii' vat orraa Psinr The prop rtr t«c« will >n seat y cm# gas ran try. aw* emhf that (hr »r Copper fiitt »• *ot swot to any now ta aw. hat also *« an * ta*i ha* has hovntslots *f. f rod la Ik* pahttc Printed dies si teas hr irsnai *t y sash ras. Pot sale tksiwth and rvtalTvf th« Baaafho tarots* A fowls, LYMAI A KA1R1TT. Ship Clinndlors, Na. Ill t awmm III BlrrH, »P*> *»•« ta rullUlD TOCLEAK THE Hltl iCOr fUlk, I’d AXfbr*i (Wsdswksd LIGHTNING FLY-KILLEB, k »oat. cheap at field, easy to oso. h«»rv shook a 01 till a qwwrt. Bold oot nr where JaaoidAwOw THfi ROhTO> FIKi: BKIt K knd Clay Retort Manufafttarms Co.. Works. IN federal street. »>®c# ead W areowwse J Liberty Iqaarnaud 7 ttatwrymarch 8t. nuiantactaro lire ttnek. ail shape* no<l •»*«*. for 1 ureas** rwqnirvd to tana the most iuten-s h-st eisj Paraacw Hiovk* tod Slabs, Locomotive Kire B ock*. Bakers’ tivea md u reea-house Tiles. Clay R-torts and n< ce naiy riles to set them, hire Ceuiout, Tire Clay and Kaolin The undersigned will give their special attention , hat all orders tor the above manufhctmrvare eaecu ed with promptness. JAMES K MOM) Jk CO. SiLLtnu Auisn, 12 Liberty Square, Boston, mchll eodt>m J. W. SYKES, ruchusei lor Eaetera Account ow ■OUR, GRAIN. SEEDS. PROVISIONS, LARD. BUTTER aud WESTERN PRODUCE renernlij. Particular attention riven to ahtpplnr bv quickeat nd cheapest routoe. No. 152 SOUTH WATER ST r. o. Box 471. t htcago, Illinois. Rivanawcn—Meeari Mavnard fc Son*- H * W hlokennr; C.U Cummin*, fc Co.; S.O.Bowdlenr , iCo.; Charlee A. Stone: Hallett, Dnvl, k Co., ol ioston, Ma**. Caihler Elliot Bank. Boston J. N. Newton Bank, Jewtou. C. *rr*u lkU** * “<>»». New York CltT. Jj* ’U4Ty. ’ MEDICAL. MORE TESTIMONIALS! m MRS. MANCHESTER I*constantly receiving unsolicited testimonial, el the ojfimi.Aiap cures preformed by her, Among many recently received are the following, which are commended to the notice of the aifiictvd. 11 rs Mae ah ester may be consulted it No. 11 Clapp’s Block,Room No.6. _ e A CASK OP SPINAL DISK ASK CURKD ' This is to certify that 1 went to see Mrs. Marches ter last Marob with a daughter of tuinetr. ntii-d with spinal disease, for which ihe had been dcctcrrd foi dve years, and by a number of of Made; and she has had twenty-one applications electricity spplied, but all to no effect; but she con Unuaily grew woreo. 1 came to the oorclnsioa, the list reeort, to go and see Mrs Manchester, sad did so; and to my great surprise shatcid moth* erst a use cl the distil, and how she had been from lias to time, which euoouragei me to try her medicines. 1 fkdeo. and new my daughter te able to he around •ha house ail #1 the time. She also rides ten or II miles wtthoat any trouble or dteonvenisasraad I 'btak in u short time the will be rsetorod to perfect h«*itk Since my daughter bee been doctoring, I have heard ef a greet many aaaaa that Mrs. Man.a-1 lsrtitiv*l I thlah If any ptnes desmee fit ronnge. it la iha one nuo tru. to presarto tha hc.ith of tho aiok and seff-naa: aad I Isvi that she 0.0 aveey steel whsah Mae U her Sower to beaedl ha* psttMle. iaa> a L. h eiooTs, Wauses hui'-uve, Anark h s OMVU, __ , _ Kjsaa ll tslt. •rnsmcf, Marne, An j net Mg. OK K OP THE QJIKA TEST CCS MS on RRCOR Man. MiSCnneTnm -Deer Jfndum—Thlnkti , a sutement of my sase may he of service to others shsilariy aftleted. I hasten to give k to you. This is briedy my eoao-1 wan lakes sick aboat lh moatbs ago with tha Liver Complaint in a very bad form. 1 applied to four different pbyaioian., hut re acived no benefit until I culled on you. At that time I had riven up buslueu. und was In a very bad etate, hut after taking your medicine for a etert time I be gan to recover, aad in two months I was entirely well, und had gained several pounds of gerh, und otn truly say that by your skill 1 am a perfectly heti ’ Jooanu Davis. Bottom t Maine Depot, PortUmO, Me. A REMARKABLE CURB OP A CASK OPDRO BT CURED BY MRS. Manchester. This is to oertify that I bavo been cured of the Dropty of tiltecn years standing by -tfrs. Mane bet ter. 1 have been to physician, in Boston, New Tork tad Philadelphia. Thev all told rh.t iv« -.. do nothing for me. nnlers they tapped me, and at. •■rad me that by tapping I oould live bat a short time. I bad made ap my mind to go homo aad lire as long ae I oould with the disease, and then die. Oo my way home I ttayed over night in Portland with • Mend of mine, and told them what my mtad ww» n regard to my diteaae. They finally partaaded me to go and tee Xrs. Manoheetor. She eaamiaed me and told mo my ease exactly. 1 waa to much astonished to think that she told me correctly, that 1 told her that I would take her mud U etnee, aot haring the least fhith thkt they weald ms any good, or that ^should get the slightest relist from any soars# whatever; finally 1 took the medi cine sad went home. la oao wort Item the Urns I ocmmtaeed taking the amdloino, 1 bad one these gallons of water pace me la seven koan; aad my fel low saCtircrs may be ease red that It waa a great rails I tome. I had-not beta able to ttedowa la bad al atght before this for two years. Xow I esa lie do' with perfect ease. I hove takes her modi*las eight months, aad am as wall as eay maa eoald to bo, and ao signs or dropsy. I weald udvti that are sisk to go sad soaraK fifes. gssSt area If they have been gives ap by asbar , eirlaae. 1 have seat heraaatabar af eaeaa af a dkaases. aad sbo bee oared thorn alaw. tee and for yoareelvcs. 1 had ao fkttb. bat low my fhlto eenaot be ekrtad la her skill la telllag aed earing glasses. Csttiwll nitiea, liui B. Hansom, ■any A. Sesaot. fiaagsr, fifoOas, April Id. Owwioa Bono-Prom 5 A. H.ttll IP. IL snsIt Inkoata ,-dly DBs I. II. HIIUHBI CAB an POCUD AT PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. .1 Temple Street, WHERE be cen be oonsolud privately, end with tbe utmost coulidenov by Ike efilicted, at all hoars daily, from S a. a. lo II r. n. »v. U. addressee those who are -uiThring under the aitlietion of private disease, wbetber arising trom Impure connection or the terrible vice ol sell-abuse. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of tbe medical proleeaioa, be lee I, warrantee in (lean i.vrssuu s Cm is tit Cun, whether oflou standing or recently contracted, entirely remoi in tbe drags of disease from tbe system, and making perfect and PERMASKST CCKK. He would call thoattontion of the afflicted to i fact of bis long standing and well earned reputation furnishing sufficient assurance of bis skill snd -ao •css. CAUTION TO TDK PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person mutt know that remedies banded oat from geueral use should hive their efflcaoy established by wall-tested expo Oian. who*e preparatory study hi* him lor all tha duties bemustluldU; yet the coo airy is hooded with poor nostrums and cure-alis, purporting to he the nett in the world, which are not only useless, bat al ways iajunoaa The unfortunate should be ruhTio ULaa in selecting hu physician, aa itfw a lamentable y-Pt iacontrosertable fact that many syphilitic ap pend are made miserable with raiued constitution* by maltreatment Dorn inexperienced physician* in general practice; for it ia a point seat-rally conceded by the best sychllogrmphtra. that the rtciiy ami man agement of there complaints should tourers ti e whole tune of those who would be competent and auccessiul in their treatment and enre. The inex perienced general practitioner, having neither op portunitr nor time to make himself ac*|uainud with ■Leirpathclogy, commonly puarucs one system of tn atment, in most cases making an Indi.c-muriate are ot that antiquated aad dangerous want ua, Mar co ry. UAVK COMIDEKC AU who hare committed an eaoeea of any l ed, Wiattiar it be the solitary rice el ycetb, or the sting ing rebake of misplaced ooaiidcaea la matursr years, 8KKK TOR AM AXTIDOTR IX SMAROX. Thu Fait* aad Aches, in! l areiiade and Nervoa* Trust rat u,n that may follow impure isuue at a the Bari »>-:* r tu the wb* a ay at. a Do aot trail for the r.-aaaamaiioa thaf la sure le lat iew. do aot watt for Laoghtly l lean, ter Dtaahlod Limbs. for Lora of Beaaty aad Camp law law. hHWMAXl TWOVSAXOa CAX TBKTtMt TO THta r r vmuatt r xxrrtrawrR Towag Maw treaUed with emwstwra ta * ., ■ a •ompfalnt tew*rally tha mat af a Nad hob.' ta ysmth, trrwtesl setoattBaatty. aad a frttal wan a ar rested or ao charge made ■ardty a day ptaam hat we aee aammfmd bp saw or mure yoesg mew with Urn above ie-s-. up, m4 whoa ere aa weak ac nes-t-'-l m Mwmh they had the awwawaapiMso. aad by ths r m-ats -app.* * 4 he hare It AH aarh e mm sietu to the pe end aaiy eormut aaurm er treat m> at end m a abort >,m* are made ta fafeies la .earn it health M1DDLB At. ED There are ataoy aeea at toe e.. M —retted wtth taw huail Ittieees- seeai <h* thdfor.eheeuiiaitiiiftytiiatt msmt aa bandhf ■■ umahia. aad eaimes (he 04.0 to a ■■■••» •*» yddfoat eaaaaa uerowsu sue tty .Saw latag artaary dap- attu e raws adam a«i afore ta Mwod. awd' -meatman eased. roaetwwt dean aa •Mbmb has. aaam a imaging m a dm k a*4 raetrd tlparttu Those aee muate aeea ate dm af 'tee dHboatty tpaasomtef Mtsaamm atmhfotta •fotfojffo it aim ox am mi* At ricigrt. I eaa warewat a peemo* ease m awed man end a ft... awl iwalttf eeuteeuCiru ef the ttfeact erjaaa Ndaama whuaaaowi i««eeea. aeo-afo the hr . MR 4# M fry * rHifod Ift ft fMRMI ••ARM R -<dnbRRft| ftfta ft •f tfr*4» jhfo-R—I ftftl «fr» Rf WRiMi *41 fr» frTRftr<i4 iRiWiMiHy 41t MrtMJIftR llM» •RrtRtlf MklRUAl 444 HI frft MlRTRi i M MtM A tdrua _ Dfo ! a HUkla, V*Baada£ap fow dMaate ** **4-'1 ™ r*rUa*4' Eclectic Urdical IftlrMury. TO THE LADIEft. Dft HLUMU yortwalarly laefoaaail I tdtti wad •Mil R ■•'Aloft. RiflMf, M iftil r« t*am rvdiRi H«. wUi 1,4 D» H-'tJkaleeu. KeaeeatmtMedMdaoeafwaartwal o-l It efomty aad eapactur . use ia renUtlae alt f»m»lelrew«alarft>er These actK-a i* -peel Beaud mrtaiw of prodaciaa reliei in a short time oADIfcB wiliflad it Invaluable la all case*ef ob 4,1 —mediae hast bean tried la t>lB If •» pw»*y eegetabir, coataiaic i nothing la he least lujerlou* to the health, aad may hr taken eitk peeloot safety at all timed Seal to wy part eftheooaatry with fatldireo loaa lyvldroetiag Dlt uctiHKS Ma » Temple Street , eoraer of Middle. Fort aad. ® b.—LADIKJJdeelrleg mayeoaaalt on* of then 4 0| cai^ri#no0 in eou^ftet ftM^ni iRRl<14w!v JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LI BERT V SQIrAKK, . . IIOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable rates. I OLI. (ESS autl ULENOARNOCK PIG I R O > , Liao. BAR, SHEET, J BOILER PLATE IROS, of Knglith ind Scotch Manufacture. We *halleontlnue to receive. In addition to our Lmcrican Brick, a regular aun ly of INULISU. SCOTCH. 4 WELCH FIRE BtlUL atchn eodSm

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