Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 6, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING. JULY 6, 1864. WHOLE NO 623 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T.OILMAN. Editor. (•blitLed at No. 621 EXCHANGE STKEE1,by N. A. FOSTER A CO. Ill a Porti-asd Dailt Pause la published at *8.90 per year; if paid striotly in advance. a discount ot aim will be made. (single oopies three cents. I hc Make state Punas Is published every Thurs day morning,at *2.00 per annum, in advance; *2.26 If paid within six months; and *2.60,If payment be delayed beyond the year. Rates of Advertiaing: One Inch of space in length of oolumn, constitutes a “sviUAUa.” • 1.60 per square daily first week; 76 oents per week after; three insertion! or less, tl.00; continuing eve ry other dsy after first week, 60 cents. Half squara, thro.' insertions or loss 76 oents; one Week, •1.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head of Akcgxxikts. *2.00 per square par Week; three insertions or less, *1,60. SrioiAL Notices, 81.76 per squara first week, •1,00 per square aftor; throe insertions or less, tl.26; half a aqnare, three Insertions, *1.00; one week, •l.« Advertisements inserted In the Maixb Stats Press (which has a large oiroulatioa in every part of the State) for 60 oents per souarein addition to the above rates, for saoh insertion. Lboal N.itiobs at asnal rates. Tranaiontadr-rtieemeate mast be paid forla ad vance (tunnies Notices, in reading oolnmns, 12 cents per line Tor one insertion. No oharge lees than fifty Csnis U r each insertion. KF“A::«-, lu.aumoations Intended for the paper Ibould bo duel led to the “Editor qftke Press, ’ and those of a business character to the Publishers. gyjos Painrina of every deeortpticn executed With dispatch. F. Tracr. Traveling Agent. COMMUNICATIONS. . Kingdom of Greece, Td the Editor of the Preee: * Frequent references have been made of late to tbe troubled state of things in Greece. King Otho the First the Greeks have abol ished and sen thome to Germany. They could endure him no longer. They have since elect ed to the throne of their Constitutional Mo narchy another King—quite a young man— frbm the royal family of Denmark—who, in some respects, seems to comprehend his sub jects, and bids fair, it is thought, to be popular, at least for a time. Still, little paragraphs come along every few days indicating that all things are not perfectly satisfactory as regards the Government, though very lew particulars are givea from which the cause can be inferred. As the writer had an opportunity, some years since, of spending a good portion of a winter in Athens, where be had rare facilities for as certaining the sentiments and leading charac teristics of the Greeks, he would take the lib erty to mention a few things not universally known perhaps in this country, and which may throw a little light upon what seems the un settled state of affairs in that Kingdom. Let me say, then, that the Greeks, rJniosl without exception, are great sticklers for pop ular rights. They believe that the people are the power, and have the right to govern themselves. They acknowledge no gradation of rank in society, have no orders of nobility, .and never will have any with their own con tent. In the Constitution which they extort ed from King Otho more than twenty years ago, there is not a vestage of it. They are rank Republicans, unmitigated Democrats— unsurpassed, In this direction, by any other people in the world. They want no king to reign over them, and would uever have had one if they could have had their own way. When they achieved their independence of the Turks, who bad held them in abject subjec tion for nearly four centuries, the allied pow ers of Europe stepped in aod said, “you must have a king.” In the condition in which they then were, they were obliged to submit. Rut they have never bad any affection for Otho, and rarely, if ever, did 1 hear him spoken (f even with respect. The common remark about King Otho was, “he has no brains.” If the little kingdom of Greece, with its inhabi tants—about one million—could by some means be put through the Straits of Gibral tar, aud anchored on the coast ol North Amer ica, depend upon it, they would becoinu a Democratic Republic in less than forty-eight hours. They admire our country, its repub lican institutions, its free schools, its civil and religious libeity. They have adopted our sys tem of district tree schools in all its essential features. In the University and Gymnasia of Athens, during the winter 1 spent there, not less than 1200 young men were there pursu ing acourseof education. Their “Gymnasia” are a kind of Normal schools, of a high order, for the training of teachers. The whole race has a strong thirst for knowledge, and a high relish for intellectual attainments. The press Is unshakled, the. Word of God is free. Athens I think, has not quite so large a population as’ Portland; and yet it publishes not less than thirty newspapers'. Such a people cannot long be quiet under any form ol despotism. If their new King behaves himself tolerably well, they will keep him, it may be, for a few years; if not, lie will have liberty to go home and visit his friends in Denmark. These facts, and many others of like nature which cannot be alluded to at this time, are amply sufficient to account for any political ripples or surges which may from time to time appear in Gre Though I am writing in the midst of green fields and sweet flowers and refreshing breezes in this “Dirigo” Stale, I will nevertheless subscribe myself, Aoa.uku.nox. Near Mars Hill, June JO, 1804. A McClellan Veteran. The Trenton (N. J.) Gazette tells a good story of a McClellan veteran soldier, whose person bore the scars of service on the hard fought battle field of Gettysburg. It teems that a noisy copperhead politician was pro claiming the popularity of “tattle Mac” ia the cars, between New York and Philadelphia. Discovering a soldier in the car, he approach ed him and inquired who be weut for for Pres ident. The soldier replied, “George B. Mc Clellan.” The Copperhead made loud procla mation of the fact to the passengers. Tne vet eran soon became a Copperhead lion. Elated at his sudden popularity, he took off his coat and showed two wounds on his arm, received at the battle of Gettysburg. At this interest ing juncture a military detective eutered the car, and confronted the McClellan soldier. Af ter a little conversation, he left, but Boon re turned with two soldiers. The wounded war rior of Gettysburg was unceremoniously ar rested and handcuffed. It turned out that he was an escaped prisoner from Fort Delaware, and belonged to the Ninth Georgia llegiinent. He had got of in the stolen clothes of a Union soldier. Of course, his new friends loved him all the better for this, but they didn’t like to manifest it under the circumstances. Chicago Convention and “Regularity.” The morning papers contain the announce ment by the“Xationai Democartic Committee” of the postponement of the Chicago Conven tion till the g$ltb of August. It appears, how ever, that the principal opposition members of Congress have determined not to recognize the action of this committee, either in the matter of postponment or of calliug the convention at all. It is asserted that this Belmont com mittee is not “regular,” never having been chosen by the National Convention of the “democratic” party, and that its assumption to act for that organizntion is invalid. There is a rumor already that another committee will soon assemble, and call a convention in , conformity with the usages ot the party.—fN. y.Poet. Hawtliorne'B Funeral. Mr. Hawthorne died in the town of Ply mouth, New Hampshire, on the 19th of May The moment, and even the hour, could uot be told, for he had passed away wiihout giving auy sign of suffering, such as might call the atleutiou of the friend near hint. On Monday the 23J of May, his body was given hack to earth in the place wheie he had loug lived, and which he had helped to make widely known—the ancient town of Concord. The day of his burial will always live in the memory of all who shared iu its solemn, grate ful duties. All the fair sight9 aud sweet sounds of the opening seisou mingled thei r enchantments as if iu hoinagt to the dead master, who, as a lover of Nature aud a student of li'e, had given such wealth of poetry to our New England home, and invested the stern outlines of Puritan character with the color of romance. It was the bridal day ol the sea son. perfect in light as if heaven were looking on,perfect in air as if Nature herself were sighing for our loss. The orchards were all iu fresh flower, One bouodb-s* blush, one white empurpled shower hit mlogUtl blossoms; The banks were literally blue with violets the elms were putting out their tender leaves, just in that pleasing aspect which Raphael loved to pencil iu the backgrounds of his holy pictures, not as yet priutiug deep shadows, but only mottling the sunshine at their leet. The birds were iu full soog; the piues were musical with the soft winds they sweetened. All was in faultless accord, and every heart was tilled with the beauty that flooded the landscape. The cburch where the funeral services were pertormedwas luuiinious with the whitest blo ssoms of the luxuriant spring. A great throng of those who loved him, of those who honored his genius, ot those who held him iu kindly esteem as a neighbour aud friend, Ail ed the edifice. Most of those who were pres ent wished to look once more at the features they remembered with the lights and shadows of life's sunshine upon them. The cold moon beam of death lay white on the noble forehead and still, placid features; but they never look ed fuller of power than in this last aspect with which they met the eyes that Were turned upoD them. In a patch of sunlight, fleeted by the shade of tall, murmuring pines, at the summit of a gently swelling mound where the wild flowers had climbed to flud the light and the stirring of fresh breezes, the tired poet was laid be* neath the green turf, l’oet let us call him, though his chants were not modulated in the rhythm of verse. The element of poetry is air; we know the poet by his atmospheric effects, by the blue of his distances, by the softening of every hard outline be touches, by the silvery mist iu which he veils deformity aud clothes what is com mon so that it changes to awe-iuspiriug mys tery, by the clouds of gold aud purple which are the drapery of his dreams. And surely we have had but one prose-writer who could he compared with him in aerial perspective, If we may use the painter's term. If Irving is the Claude of our unrhymed poetry, Hawth orne is its Poussin. This is not the occasion for the analysis and valuation of Hawthorne's genius. If tiie read er wishes to see a thoughtful aud generous es timate of his powers, aud a just recognition of the singular beauty of his style, he may turn to the number of this magazine publish ed in May, 18C0. The last effort of Hawthorne,s creative mind is before him in the chapter here printed. The hand of the dead master shows itself in every line. The shapes and scenes he pictur es slide at once into our consciousness, as if they belonged there as much as our homes aud relatives. The limpid flow of expression, never laboring, neve'-, shallow, never hurried nor uneven nor turbid but moving on with tranquil force, clear to the depths of its pro fouudest thought, shows itsalf with all its con sumate perfection. Our literature could ill spare the rich ripe autnmu of such a life as Hawihorne's, but he has left euongli to keep his name in rememrbauce as long as the lan guage in which he shaped his deep imagina TTohncx, m Atlantic Monthly for At^y. Mr. Lincoln's Prospects. The Philadelphia Ledger says that uoless there should be some defeat of tbe plans of the Government so complete as to prove a hopeless incapacity in the present administra tion of the Government, withiu the next thrte months, the prospects of Mr. Lincoln’s re election are all that the most perfect unani mity of the powerful body represented in the Baltimore Convention can secure. The un impeachable honesty of purpose and well kuown integrity of character in Mr. Lincoln have done much to secure this result. His moderation in opinion, and the feeling that he now has more experience of tbe ropes of the ship of Slate than auy one who has not been In power during the last four years, have all tended to produce this nomination, so honor able to the President. There has, no doubt, also been a desire to show respect to one whose honest devotion to the Uuionhaa made him the mark of such gross personal abuse and misrepresentation throughout the South and even abroad. Gov. Sevmol'B of New York makes him self unnecessarily uncomfortable this hot weather over theiefusal of the graud jury to iudictlhe persons guilty ol suspending the World and Journal of Commerce for publisn ing the bogus proclamation. He has written a dolorous letter to District Attorney Hall, in which he says it becomes his duty under the express requirements of the constitution “to take care that the laws of the state are faith fully executed;” thaj if the graud jury, in pursuance of the demands of the law and ob lirt-if'mi u f kf filer it* naf lia linrl iiw.nle.wl S..*,. matter given them in charg* by the court ami the public prosecutor, their decision, what ever it might have been, would have been en titled to respect: and as they have refused to do their duty, the subject of the seizure of these journals should at once be brought be fore some proper magistrate. If the govern or’s success is equal to his zeal ia this matter he ought to be amply satisfied. INTERNATIONAL BANK! Special Meeting. The Stockholder* of the International Hankkare hereby notified that a Special Meeting of said Stock hold i* will be held at the Hank on Wednesday, the sixth day of July next, at three o'clock P. M , to consider tie expediency of surrendeiing the charter of said Hank: and a Ido to consider the expediency of converting the Hank into a National Hank under the charter or certificate granted to the First Na tional Hank of Portland, and to adopt any proper measures ia relation thereto. Hy Order of the Director*. W. K. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, June 22,1804.—dtd 126 Exchange Street. 126 TTugli M.. Fhinney, \VOU LD inform hi* frind* aud former customer* It that be ha* takeu the Store No. 126 Exchange Street, wher** he intend* to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, lu all it* tranche*. STO VES, of all kind*, of the newest aud most approved pattern*, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. IW Second hand Stove* bought, or taken in ex change tor new. Stove*. Ramie*. Fuknacks. and Tin Wake repaired at short notice, iu a faithful mauner. Grateful for iormer patronage, he bores by strict attention to Lusines*. aud fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public tavor. inay23dtf THE FIRST Mlum BANK OF PORTLAND. j Holders of U.~S. 7-30 Notes, Can have them exchanged for six percent, twen ty year bond* by leaving them with this bank. The interest, on the notes will be paid in coin, at the rate • 3 10 percent, to July 1, and the bonds will be de livered here as soon a* they can be prepared by the Government. These 20 year bond* are the most de sirable of any of the government securities. Con version* must be made in sum* of 8600 or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter of one percent. ♦ will bo charged. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, May 25, 1804. may20eodtf M1SCELLANEOUS. UN ION Mutual Life Insuradce Co. 1NCOKPO&ATBD by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1849. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, G8 State Street, .... Boston, Muss. Pretident—HENRY CROCKER Vice-president—DANIEL SHARP. Secretary—fY H HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSON, General Manager of Agenciet t'n the New England states. Assets, Slit December, 18S3, $858,088.41 Losses raid to date, $750,050.00 DivitUnd Paid in Cash to date, $340,036.09 f|lUIS Company offers peculiar advantages toper -1. sons intending to insure tneir lives, iu its satery ami stability, acquired in its lourteen gears’ experi ence; in its asse s. which, (without its capital of 810 ,000.) amounts to over three-quarters ol a million ul dollars, being more than two huudred thousand dollars iu excess of its liabilities for the reinsurance ol all out-standing risks; iu tlie facilities presented iu its accommodating g>stem ol payments of premi um-; iu the large number, diversilird conditions and occupations, various ages and localities of lives in sured, giving the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the laws of average mortality, and the am plest gu&rauty to the insured for the beuedU there ol; 111 i llC division of nrotit.. the AD ntuil annnrfmn. iucnt ol which having lor the past fourteen years averaged Forty per Cent, of the premiums paid. l’olicies are i.'eued upon all the p!ai.s usual with i Life Insurance Companies, and at as low rates as is consistent wit ha view to equity and solvency. Parties desiring Agencies in .owns where the com pany haveuoue, and tho*e wishing Traveling Agen cies within the - ew England States, will apply to . G. II. WILSON, 64 Mute Street, Boston, giving ►ucn re'erence, or information as to age. present and past business, as wi 1 enable him to lorm judg ment in regard thereto. junel4d3m V. S. 10-40 LOAN '. FI It.S I N ATIONAL BANK -OF PORTLAND, DESIGNATED REPOSITORY -OF TUB UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive' subscriptions for the new “TEA FORTY LOAN,” 1 l whioh is dated March 1,1^64, bearing interest at five per cent, a year, payable in coin, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after ten years, and payable in forty years from date. Interest on Bonds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi annually. Bonds can be had in sizes of $60, $100, «500, fJOOO. WM, EDW. GOULD, mchol dtf Cashier. FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, NO, 81 MIDDLE STREET, (POX BLOCK), Are Again. in the Field -with Divisiono, Brigades & Regiments! -or NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOR THE SPKIN’G. _ Ladies of Portland and vicinity are respectfully invited to call and see the many hcautilul styles ol Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods Jt'ST received: Also, the great variety House Furnishing Goods ! 8uch as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, Table Linens, Drillings, 1 ickings. Denims, Stripes, Ac. Also, just receiving, the latest styles ol handsome Spring Balmoral Sltlrts And the moat fa.liinnaLle SPHIHO SHAWLS. A complete atock of CLOTHS ANI) CASSI.HERK9, FOB BOYS’ AND MKN'S H’KAE. CLOAKINGS ! CLOAKINGS !! An elegant assortment. We are Just ready to manu* facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any of the new and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warreutedto suit. FfiiCUTWANGER & ZUNDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. 81 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Maims. P. S^— Ladies need not a*k for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none hut sound and fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprltf D. ~ w7 CLARK DKALXB IN Silver Street lee Iluuse, and Office No, 3'J Exchange street. A LL Orders promptly attended to and customers xV supplied with the best quality ot ICE. Price of Ice for the Season, 1801. 10 lbs a day, lrom June 1st, to Oct. 1st, £0.00 1 i». 8.00 20 •« “ ** «« •• 10.00 Forty rents per 100 lbs. To those who take Ice for the season, it will be de livered earlier than 1st June and later than 1st Oc t-Over, at the same rate per month aa during the sea son. When not wanted for the full season, it will be delivered at the rate of £2 00 ptr mouth for 10 lbs. per day. Notice of change of residence, if given at the of fice ias'cat of the driver, will always prevent dis appointment. Any customer leaving town for two weeks or more at one time, by giviug notice at tho office, will be en | titled to a proper deduction Comi laints uga'nst the drivers, for neglect or care I .ssnefth or any other rau-e. must he made at the of fice, and will be attended to promptly. Portland. May 13.1804. iuayl3J7w Hanson Block, Middle SI., No. 161. Scholars Inns good in any part of the United States kne Principal has had *J0 years experience; is always on the spot, and attends to his business, and prom ises, as during the past 12 years, no pains shall be spared in the ffctare. 1 ive hundred references of tno tirst class business mm, with many others of this city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett's Plan, the founder of Commercial Cwlleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain timtv will be devoted to Commercial Law' elucidations.— Como all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and 1 will guarantee to you success. Application solicited for Accountants. Separate in structiou given. Students can enter any time. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Uentleweu that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, lu either Book-Keening, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Uigher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence. Caro Marking, (and teaching from printed copies and * Text Books will bo avoided please call, or address tie Principal. R. N BROWN. 1 Portland, Oot.2,1868. oc28 eod fceowly BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. J. !P. Libby, MASUrACTDUEtt OK Paper Boxes, Of every description, such as Shoe Boxes, JewelryBoxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, bhelf Boxes,, Powder ttnxe*. Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, &c. 144 Middle St., (Up gtairs) Portland, Me* janeld3m Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Lutber Dan., , Portland, Woodbury Dana,} __ , John A. S. Dana ) Tl il 1 D t*. jnneldtf «T• Smith tfc Oo., x.ncfactuiiers of Leather Belting, Card Clothing. loom Strips, Belt leather Backs aid Sides, LRATURR TRIMMlUa 1, fc., Hanson’s Block, 144 Kiddln 8t.. Portland. Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewitton. H M Brkwkr. (jnld3mi D. F. Noyes JOHY T. KOGFK* A CO., Oommisaion Merrhanta, AND WHOLESALE D1A LKKfl IX Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 01 Commercial Street, } PORTLAND, MK. __ juneldGm AVholesale and Retail. L. DAVIS, Bookseller, StvUioner, AXD HANCKACTCarn OP Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No. 63 Exchange Street, Portland, Mo. Juneldti CHAS J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, 1*^4 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MR. CT Work executed iu every part of the Stato. juneltf RUFUS DUNHAM, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in B RITANNIA —AND— Plated Ware, No. 218 Fore street, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17tli, 1884. mayl7dtl M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, NO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apl4 PORTLAND. ME. dtf BURGESS, F0BE8, & COT M A HU K ACTL’RBRf* Of Japan, White Lead, Zlnr, Paints, And Ground Color*, AMD DKALIRftIM Drugs, Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. /•dint and Color Factory, Xo. 20 Munjoy St., OMcc k Salesroom*, 80 (’omnu rcinl Sj., (Thomas Block.) srs»H8B5Ssr’ hbusp, ii. mayl8dtf BLAKE, JO* ESA CO., FLOUK& GRAIN DEALERS,' # And Receivers of IVestirn and Canadian Produce, 137 Commercial Street, - • - Granite Block. rharle« Blake. i Henry A. Jones, J PORTLAND. K. >V. Oage. ) juneldtf JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale Gr occrs, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores. - - - Commero al street, (Opposite Lead IVidgery Wharf,) John Lrnch, ) Pel** Barker,; PORTLAND, ME. Thou. Lynch ) Juneldtf BOLE A MOODt'T QtSKRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And ll holeoale Dealers in FLOUR. CORN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Com mere :al St, mnrk«nTC.M0«dy. } PORTLAND. ML. jsneldSm BROWN & CROCXER, F LAST RS, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL STUCCO AND MASTIC WORKERS. Oak (treat, between Oongreaa and Free St(., PORTLASD. fcP* Coloring, Whitening, and White-wishing promptly ittended tu. Order, from out ot town so liiMt.wl 1...... 1.1. F BYRON GREEHOUGH & CO., Manufacturers of And Wholesale and Retail Dealer* In Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, B. (irwuough. I .... A. L. Qilkey. } 1 OKTLANO. _ Jnldlf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Sti eet. - - Portland, Me. CT^'C'ariiages and Sleighs on hand and made to order. junel5dtf C. P. KIMBALL, mahukactubeb of Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street, (Near Preble Ilouso,) PORTLAND, ME. Sale Rooms, lloand 11) Sudbury St., Jioston, Muss. juaeltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., FUmr, Grain X: Produce Couimiskioa StrcLwIs, and Silers’ l»en!s. Office and Warehouse Mo. 6 Halt Rlock, (o turn ti dal Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known brands of Flour, front St. Louis.I linois, Wisconsin, Ac., which wo are coustantl receiving. N., C. A Co .aroa'so Agents L>r Pittman & Co.'s, and other Lratal* of manufactured Tohacou. ff^Cash advance* made on all consignments. Portland, June 1, 1864. juldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON, I_I DENTIST, Inserts Artiticial Teath on Cold. Silver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrant* them in all cases to bo a ptrfect tit. Dr. J. also gives special attention to Filling Teeth. Office 229J Congress street, two door* west from the Court House Portland, June 1, 1834.—eod2m 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commission Merchants, \ And dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 68 Commercial street. Portland, May 10th, 1864. may 10411 BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MOULTON it ROGERS WioiuiLiDuicu i* Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, HOBIET BI14LKY, ) e m.moclton, j PORTLAND, AIR. A. Q. ROGERS. ) _ maySdtf W. \V. CARR & COT Having taken tho Fruit Store formerly occupied by Q. SAWYER. No. S Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well selected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale und Retail Orange. Spruce Gum, Lauengcs ■ •email.. Canary Seed, Candle., Clme», Lemon Syrup, Haney, Cranes. Oocea Mule. rig*. Cltrau, Nuts, nil klada, Dales, Olive., Kai.iua, Tobnree, Sardine*. Cigar*, raney Candle, of all dr»erlptlaa. oot# dtf TD A TJn I XI XT A_a AWXJL VVJLXlXlj HgUlU| I>To. 11 Union St., Ie prepared to famish STEAM ENGINES and B0ILER8, of v&riooj sizes and patterns, 8l«*a Pipe iaJ Futirw, lilt (earing Skaftitg. PkUeyi.ii. Liqbt Hoot* Wom of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required tu building k'OUTiyiCATlOKS. Iron Stairs and other Architertnral Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Gas and Steam in the best manner. In connection with the above Is an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of Patterns, to whioh the attention of Machinists, Millwrights.aud Ship. Build en is invited—and ail kinds oi Castings famished at short notice. *yOrders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and forgings, promptly executed. ooJdtf SINOEB’S SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, Pfoa. 64 and it .... . Kiddle Htreat. II eedles and Trlmmlngs always on hand, mohlltf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 170 Mi. U11 Street. Kiniivou.Dr* Baoom and Bbulxv: ForUand, May 26,1868. If Dr. J. H. HG4LD HAVING disposed of hi* entire Interest In hi* Office to Dr. S.C FERNALD, would cheerfully reocomxnf nd him to hi* former patients and the pub lic. Dr. Fbuhald, from Ion* experience, is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the "Vulcanite Base," and all other method* known to the profession. Portland. May 2fi. 1S68 tf wool) SSn COAL CHEAP FOR FASH ! STRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH, HRZILTON, sn.i it i it aw in ■> I'itvnuv v i wtiis ii ■ <i CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WEBS IKR t'iil BLACK HEATH. Those Coal* are of the very beet quality, well screened ami picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Also lor vale beet of IIAHD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. . Office CoukfiutciAL St., head of Franklin Wharf. 8. WOUND* A HON. fable dly WARBE.VS inroitVED FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AKt) Gravel Rooting FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. HERSBY, Agent, Jan2« dtf No. IS Union 8treet ALBERT WEBB * CO„ -DIALIU tl — Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD Or MK&KILL’S WUUT. ('.MB.rcl.l Sir*.!.. - P.rtlaad, Ma. l.ntr EDWARD H. BUrfOIN, WHOLKAALK DBA L KB IN Corn, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Bock Salt. €0111 illiasioii Merchant FOE PUICUAIK All) SALBOIP Barley, Rye and Oats. !y*< ars loaded with Corn in bulk free of charge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial St-.eef, And (Tty Mild, Dcering Bridge. JuneleodSm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK. mi'hlTdfcwtf Txmplk Strkbt. Scotch Canvas, -FOR 6 A LI BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Biith, He. OAA BOLTS Superior Illench.d 300 do Ail Long flax ‘Gov- ., Wa eriuneui contract,” 800 do Extra All Long flax Artrt“* 800 do Nnvy Fine Delivered in Portland or Boston. Bath. April *0. IMS aptldtf M. PEARSON, Silver I3 later. AMD MANITACTUftKR OF SILVER WARE, 238 Confrrosu St.,Opp. Court 11 out©.Portland,Me. £Sr'All kinds of WAKE, such as Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac., plated in the best manner. AUo. REPAIRING and RE FINISHING Old Silver Ware. Jan29 d6m rT E IsA O V .A. L . ' HR. M U r«\ H’AS removed his residence to A'o. 37 Middle —Street, corner of Franklin street. Office as heretofore. *Vt>. Ilf, Krehange Street, in Noble's Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M., from 2 to 3, and from 8 to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue. in connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES 01 FEMALES. ooSldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 124 EXCHANGE STREET, rOUILAN 1), ME. Warm, Cold and Shower Hath*, Wash llowlf*, liras* dr Silver Plated Cocks, INVERT description of Wat*»r Fixtures for Dwel A ling Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops, kc., arranged and set up in the beet uiauner. and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly ou hand LEAD PIPES, SIIEEl LEAD aud BEER PUMPS of all descriptions. ap9dtf Tlie ClienpeM Agency IjlOB collecting all classes of claims arising from the war is that ot the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY, over the Portlaud Post Office, 3d story. dawly i MERCHANDISE. Hackmetack Skip Timber. OAK ' Hackmettck, aud Hard Wood Plank. Tree nads Horn 12 to 28 inched, Treenail Wedged, fco. Sc’.b7 L. TATLOK. June28d3ra Unit'd Wharr, Portland. Trapani Salt Afloat. J HHOS. Trapani Sat cargo of ship •Rocnambeau” for sale by Juno 18d8w DANA k CO. Clarified Cider, FOR eale by MOSES MORRILL, Agent, JuuelGdlm* 204 Pore atreei,Portland. Treenails. 100,000.neT °AK TREENAILS, for SIMONTON k KNIOHT, _ , 18 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13.1884. JunelSdif •Honey.” 7TCS PRIME CUBA llONEV, for tale in bond on duty paid. . THOMAS ASENCIO k CO. June 10.—iadtf Sugar aud Molasses. 300 HUDS.J CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U 10TCS. ) GAR. 371 UHDS ouj#»rior Muscovado, and 3, ICS CJa>ed Mo!a.»sed, Now lauding and iorgale by 1UO.UAS ASfcNCIO k CO., mt\utf Custom liouju Wharf. Nierrit Mortua .Xlolusaes. OO'f 1 CHOICE SIEKIIa MOHENA UO TIERCES I M JLas.iKS, XO BBLS ’ Now landiug from Brig "C. H. Kennedy'* XUOS. ASE.SCiO fe I May 3.—tf L il Wharr. Scotch ( iinvuss, 1 X>XA BOX-l'S—from the tactory of David Cor Am" jar k Son», L^itb—a sail cioth of superior quality—Just received per "Jura'*, and for sale tv McUlLVfcilY, KYAN k DAVIS, mehlhdtf 161 Commeroia] Street. WANTS, IjOST, FO UN I) Wanted. V SITUATION wanted by a voung mm, in i wholesale store. Best of reUreccj given. I Lijuire of A B. II ^LDEN. olfije near Post Office J>4 d3w Stray Cow, / 1AMK into the enc osure of the subrcriber a light V' reJ Coar, ten year- eId. brass balls on horus. The owner in rexjue ted to prove property, pay charges and take her away. . PETER GAMMON. T alraouth, June 3), l-M. jy4dlw» Boy Wanted, To Learn the Book and Job Printing Businesi. V SMART, active, intelligent Pot, about 15 year* of age, who has had a goo.l common school ed ucation, is wanted immediate! v at TUCKER'S Book and Job Printing dffi'p, d* and 71 Exchauge sheet. Portland, Juue2S, ISM - lw $300 B O U NTY. V. S.NWY \ W A TV T K 1> . For United States Steamer Pontoosuc, NOW IN PORTLAND. or »__ . fcl/ W VUUibU, 15 Ordiuary Seamen," 73 Landsmen, 10 Firemen, 16 Coal Heavers. Apply to Naval Rendezvous, foot of Exchange St, JOHN 1*. HEATH, Commanding [unelCdtf Lost. IN this City on Saturday, June 25th, a I la k'(utt er l'ock Book, coutaimng abt>ut 9i0 in bid*. to gether with two prombsriry note*, payable to my or der, oue draw n by A M. laimon for *5/, and one bv K. Hacnehier tor ¥19: alaoaome receipt- * • tied bill*. Ac. Whoever return the pockrt-bo »k ai d content# to this office or to J M hmlallA Co. Si? Congress -treet. sha'l be bai doomely rewarded. * |unt29dlw* J. E. F. CUSHMAN. Ilouiii'krrpi'r IVaiilt'd. VKKSl’BCTABI.K Araericau Woman. or robust lit alth. desiring a situation as hou* -ke« per iu a family iu the country, will please address, with ref erence*. HoUSKKkkFXK, Plena Ufl C jUlioXSdlw IVnnird lmm<-ilint<-ly. AN Agent of either «e\ iu ••very t u*u and village, to euga*e in a .ight aud profitable lu-i<e-s. by wiiich tVoui fis.OO to *12 per weekcao b • made Tor sons having leisure evening* can make t «iu .»_• to • 1.00 per eveuing. A sample with full put icular*, scut by mail to all who end -*e one 3 cent stamp, and address A. C. bPAt LDING A < O.. }uoe21dku lm# West Hampstead. N. 11. Compositors Wanted. ONE or two jirst rlatn f ma*e compositor# will find constant employ went, and the h gl.e-t ra*» • pa>d iu the city, on application at TU16 oi HlK. may2Sdtl $25 Kcw§rd ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday F.vett ing. while in Pierce's auction room, a Call 6kin Pockt t Book contain* *T4 iu money, a noli* against Charles llodgdou, Gorham, lor #50.and sue against Charles Hooper lor #12. The above reward will be paid lor the recovery of the property and the defec tion of the thief. Tuue 8.—tf GEORGE BECK. House W auled. WANTED to purchase for rasa, a convenient H«ws suitable lor a $m*U family, with usual convenience#, centrally aud pleasantly located.— Price not to exceed #3.000. Addre*# ••Taylor" at the Press Office. msylSif Uoard. SUITS of Kootn,. with Hoard, c.u U-obtaiat-d by .pplyiuif immodiately at 30 Daufortli street. May Htb. mayl'idtf A. & S. SHURTLEFF & CO., NOS. U A 50 TIIDDI.r STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturers and Dealer* in Men's Boys’ and Youth's Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women's Mtaxes and Children’s Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, .Rubbers Shoe Stock, Findings, &c. VirlTII our superior fscilitit s for manufacturing. M and a large experience iu the busioeas. we sre are able to sell as low a* iu Boston or elsew here. Dealers are respect folly invited to call and ex amine our stock before purchasing. cjr~» >rder« hv mail promptly attended to. roruaua, April za, imh. acm NOTICE. HAVING sold our interest iu the Dry Goods bu tiuess in l'ortiaud to Messrs B. tHamilton Sc Co . we wish to acknowledge the liberal and cun ptautly Increasing patronage we have received fyr the past eight years and to recommend all our cus tomer* and the public to the new concern. Mr. C. W. Kobiuson will rttnain at the store for the present to settle the accounts of the concern. All ! persou* ha\ing unsettled accouul* wi.l couftr a fa vor by adjusting them at cnee Mi . Uotduson will also continue to act as agent for tlie Weed Sewing Machine Manulacttring Com pany. » W, KOfilHkON fc CO juuelTcodtf B. F. HAMILTON &CO. Successors to • C. \V. Robinson A Co. WOULD very respectfully invite all former pa ttens to the huu-te, aud the public generally to a free * xamiuation of our goads at all times. With long experience aud close attention 10 the wants of customers, aud adbcriug strictly to tl:o CASH SYSTEM, IWieving it to be betti r for the buyer as well as the teller, we hope to merits large s barge of patronage. Several lot* of goods to cl one cheap to make room tor N K W O O O l) « . Mr. \\ . N. 1‘iince, together with the employees in tho store are to be retained and will be happy to see all their customers a* forirerly, B. F. HAMILTON k CO , Corner Congress aud Treble strict*. JuuelTcodtf tieorjfr W . Ulanson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Street, Portland* Me. A share of patronage respctfnlly solicited and satisfaction given. Orders from the country promptly attended to. Address George W. Manson, 74 Middle street, lioom No. 10, up stairs, Portland, Me. June 14—d3a CLOTHING. CUSTOM CLOTHING! N. S. GARDINER, 62 Middle St., Opp. Post Office, la rc.irlof weekly the LA TEST and MOST ELEOAXT STYLES —or— Freucb, Engliah and Americun DoeaUu, Casaiiueies and Coalings, Wh eh we ire prepared to maoaracture iuto Gar meota not turpatted ta StyU •/ Ott.aod workmaoablp, by any bouaein tbla City or State. HR JOHN H. LARKIN, Attends to the Cutting of Garments in this kjstabluh meut, whose refutation as a FashionuUe, Tasty Cutter- i* well known in Portland ana other cities. e,5.av* on *‘anJ mad ar* coustanljr receiving all the uiflerent varieties of GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, l aually kept by tboae la tbe baalseaa. June 14—cod4w humoval. JOSIAH BURLEIGH NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGHj Whoieeale and Ketail Dealer ia C othing.Cotlis, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AID GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 & 143 .Middle Street. JOSIAH BUKLEltiH, A(cnt for Grover k Baker’celebrated SewMiig1 Machines, No. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN OOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be tound at Bur leigh’s, No. 141 k 14-3 Middle street, where he will be plea-ed to wait upon his former customers. Portland, March 24. 1864. dtf JUST RECEIVED I ROLLINS tc BONO, HAVING refitted their storo and received a large assortment of ELEGANT 8TTLE8 c L, O T H S ! ARE PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Cat toner.. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Coeds, mum RMtrui vnneiXf -AT— !).”> Middle Street. Blyttf THE GOVERNMENT LOAN —or— $200,000,000. Thi« Loan is authorized by Act ol Congress Ol Marchttb, lv -i, nhieb p-uvldee for its Kioizrnos in Coin, at any period not less than ten nor more than forty years Iront it* date, ut the pleasure of the Government. Cut 1 its Redemption, tls e percent, interest is to be paid wml-annaally in corn. Its Kxemption from State 'led L?cat Taxation adds from one to three per cent, per annum to Ita value. The Rate of InUrett on th's loan, although bat flvo per cent, in coiu Is ts much greater ia currency a* the difference between the market value of car rency and gold. As a Rule, the five percent, specie securities of all solvent governments are always par or above, and currency now funded in the National Loan, will be worth its lacs in gold, besides paying a regular and liberal percentage to the holder. So Securities offer to great imiuemmte, it is be lieved, as tho various descriptions of U. 8. Bonds. In all orher tonns of indebtedness, the taith or aiil ity of private parties or stock companies or separate communities only Is pledged lor payment, while for the debts of the United Slates the whole property of the ceuntry is holden to secure the payment of both principal and interest in coin The Funded Debt of the United States on which interest i. payable In gold, on the 3d day of March, 1364, wss $,63,965,060. The interest on this debt for tbecoming fiscal year will he S45,937.12*. while the customs revenue in gold for the current fiscal year, ending June 39th 196*. has been so fsr at the rate of over $100,01-9,600 per amount largely in i excess o! the with of the Trexsury for the pay nai t of gold interest. The-e bonds m»y be subscribed for ia sums from $50 op to any raagui'uJe, on th. same terms, and j are thus made equtlly available to the smallest land er and the largest capitalist They can bs convert, ed into money at any moment, and the bolder will hive the benefit ofthi ii.terrst. The authorized Amount ol thi< loan is Two Hun dred Million Dollars. I ho smuuut of subscriptions repo-t.d to th* Treasury at Washington, is over <70.000,000. Suh-erlptions will be received in currency by the I’irM ISntloaal Bank, Portland, Malar, A\f> nr ALL SATIOSAL MASKS which a*e depositaries of l'ublic money, anil all Teepee 'able Hi mbs and Bankers throughout the country, (acting as agent* of the Nt tional Depositary Bonks.) will famish further infor mation on applicati uaud Jfbrd Rrtry Facility to Subscriber*. Juuc27d4 .v2w Talk about Plats ! JI'ST MEtl HARRIS' NEW STYLES. June 4—dtf INTERNATIONAL HOTEL COMPANY. STOCK SUBSCRIPTION. PhK Jrt58 dwirouH of aiding in the* construction of a ir-t-clr** llo'el lor I*urtiaud. ar9 rcqiM'Ml torallou Mr M. N. Rie\ Merchant KxolMM. on and after the 20th inrt. when a book will be opened for subscriptions to Meek of the above cowpany and will reru«iu open uLfcil Jui> 2Utb, IrkU Juue 17—dim UPTOWN SHOE STORE! SAMUEL BELL.353 CONGRESSST., H AS constantly on hand a la»geand well eject ed ftock of Boots, Sliocs, And all AUTK Lna i> that iisi, fbr it,** mi of Ladle*. tieulfncn and < hildi* u t„ which hi* In vite*. the atti utioa ol those about to make purchase*, a* Laving out of the best in the city. Cuatom Work aud Kepairiug dona wth nealr.ra and dia patch. Portland, June 21.—dtoangl Co|»artner«ltip Koiire. TkJOTICB i* herewith given that the firm of M. i. v Bradt It Co. has thin day been diasolred by Mr. \v hitely, the oue partner oi raid firm, withdrawing his share ot Investment and p rsonal service* All debt* due said n* m are to be oaid to Mr Bradt only, and all daiins against said firm oontraoted before thl* da e, to be paid by said M Bradt, and from this date the business will be nuder the entire eon trol and style of M. BRADT. Jane IS—48w MISCELLANEOUS. NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goods! MU* A. B0BBBT80N bu liken the New Sta n. No 11 Aw Street, corner qf tenter, and baa •elected a Superior Assortment of millinery. Which sheI will be pleased to offer to her friend* and the publle. on and after the 5th last r a. A good cwortmenl of mourning ConetaatlyoD hand . Ihreeorfoor good BUllaere can receive steady employment hy In.) el ring as above. ip.deodtr OS AIT’S COFFEE A SPICE MILLS. ORIGINAL MSTABLISBJtMMT J. GRANT, Wholesale Dealer la all blade or COFFEE, SPICES, Salic rains dk Cram Tartar, Were Coffee and Spice Mille, 13 and 15 Union street Portland. Me. * Coffee aad Spices fat up 'or the bade, watb ear addrees, in all variety cl peckagee, aad wartaattd MS represented. • Coffee roasted Mod ground for the trude Mt short lotlce. or All gc ods en tr u* tod a t the owner'* rUk __marahlOdtf Copartnership Notice. -AID BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT TII* subscriber* baring on the 7th day of Mar formed a copartnership under the name of McCarthy k Berry, For the purpose of carry in* on the BOOT AMD SHOE BUSIHE88 In all lt.« brancbe*. aad haring all th* facilitie* far get’ing up Brat data work fur gootlooMa aad ladlaa wear, an uow ready to execute all order* with Mai ne*. *ml aiepatch Onr work will be mad* of th* beat of imported atoek, by the beet of workmen aad warranted to give peneet latiefactloB. It I* oar aim that our work (ball uot h# aecond to any la th* Call ed State*. We have alao completed a atoek of raady-mad* work of th* Brat quality, lor 7 Ladles. Gentlemen, end Children's Was ■elected from New Tork aad Boeton market* Our Ladle*' work le from the celebrated Boru .Vmfactory of New Tork. fur Ueutlemeu'i wear wahavtthe beat aeaortmeal ever offer, d for eale la thi* city; each a* (ae rreach I'at.-nt leather Boot*; move Calf and Calf Coa gree* lor geatleiuea'e wear; latent Leatber < ** «**». and Calf Cuagraea Balmoral, aad is* rranch Isuck.e Boot#. Mav* von *een the sow atyl* cRlMI'ED-FBONl BLCXLK BOOT, now mad* by Met art by a Sor ry? For caatneae, contort and nirpaaae* anything ever got up la thi* otty Call aad ■*• It - earthy* 0D h“d “ tL* •*<* "aad of If. Mo ’ McCarthy jl beRby, No. tW Kiehnage itraet. juaoldtl United States Claim Agency! Bounty. Prize Money ft Pcuiost, Cl AN be obtained oa application to > SWKATh CLEAVES. m.yaieodffm d<"* '*"**• k#w' BRADFORD ft HARXOH. Pension and Claim Agents, IEatabllahed la MSI.) STILL ooatian* to derote their epecial aad osc.'a ■Ive attentma to the proeecatioa of ''‘-‘thi tor Penaioaa, Bonntie*, A near* of Pay ud Prise Moser, And all Other a 1 aims awainst rKm n. > v_ Ilftwa da*r liceusMl tb«r»for. VST" All savke free. Terms as low is it u* oth er At etc/, 0X1(1 DO poj ;equirea until the claims or* obtained. Office 88 KxchABfc street, Jos* Block. F. BRADFORD. J.nell -d.f * “ UA“°* GREEN HOUSE AND UEDD1NG OCT PLANTS, IKe-pectfully latorm tha public that I haia am hand a large aeeortment of Green UotM and Bedding-oot Flame. for Spring >ale. of • a per lor qualltr. tit: ViiBiiia, Diaiiia. PaiaaocBi l’M9. Paxpbs and Kohm Also, a tins collection of Asm ('LlXT*. Ac . Ac.. Ar. A •faction may alwey. be foand at Randall ft Wnliney ., Market Square. Grdere left there w«l ha promptly attended to. ALBERT DIRWANGKR, Horiet. ro,Gft.dCoMTr ,f North “4 *oa'T“[Z£? The Cabinet Organs ■ADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the beet inetrnmente of their elaae la the world Nearly nil the moet premium- artlate in tbecoeatry hare gtrm written teetlmoay to tble effect, and than* inatriuneatB are In eon.taat'nee la tha concern ad the noil di.tieguiatud nrtlete—aa Gottecbalk and othere-aa well ne in me rae in the prise pel ett ie. whenever rech In.’rumente are rwi-rtd. Prion *15 to *5nO each Theee Inrirummt. may ha found at the Mu.ic doom, of tha eobecrlber. whan they will he.old at the mauufactnren' price#. II. 8. EDWARDS, No.349) Stewart'. Block, Congreve St _eprltdt! Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! -A.t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 1S2 ftwd 1S4 Exchange si,, Oppocitc the Interafttloftftl Uoaae _•_ mayTdtf IF YOU HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OR. if yoc hare en old one that don't exactly •ait rou. don’t Ihil to examine tberery heat pat tern now in nee. tha POLAR REFRIGERATOR, ror aala at tha rarnitnra Room, of • WALTER CO RET. 51 end 54 Exchange .treat. Juue6.lll64.-dlm CITY OF POKTLAXD. ATTENTION la ca'led to Section 31 of the Or dinance it-.peeling Interment*. If Buy oereon .hall be do-lrcue to more out uf the l ity the body of • deceaeaJ |>eiion for Interment, he ehall make application to tha Snperintaadeat o« Uarial. for parmieeioa >0 to do. and .aid SCpeila t niieu! .hail grant mrh permineiuu If no eaaasihall appear for witnholding the Mine. and ahnll nllmd ■uni rviDovu id pfhou. or employ one of the on dertakerx of the city to attend thereto Penalty for violation of thie Ordinance not 1cm then five nor more than twenty dollar*. AH violation* of thie ordinance will be proeecnted According to law LOUIS BlS'r'., Superintendent of Barfnle. Portland. June 10, lvH - dim Evergrffu Cemetfry. 1HIK. Superintendent of Kvergreca Cemetery mill te at ni* office, in New City Bui dmg. entrant on Mvrtle Street, from 1*1 o'clock M. to 8 o'clock P. H., every d*y. except Saudeye. to attend to any call* in connection with said Cemetery. Order* m %y be left at at any time. «p.*'iroaugl H. C. BABB. Ouperinteadeat Copartnership. ffillK undersigned have formed a copartnership i. aadar the name of Kiuixak BaoTasae. and have leased tlie store formerly occupied by Twite hell A t ban pi in No 85 Commercial «treet. where t^y propose to carry on the Flour. Tea and Tobacco bu«ine*c. JAM LB FREEMAN O A , * bAMUKL k KKBMAN. Portland. June 9.—dftw LAKE A LITTLE, WhoiMale Dnlen in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, ▲no W oolona, No. 142 Middle Htreet, A. U.U., I POBTLAKD. MB. ___ JuneTdtf R uro G h a n o e ! MALE .{• FEMALE AGENTS WANTED TO travel In nil part, of the Stale In a pleaiaat and money .Baking ba.|neu.»a .alary or oom nu-aion Our aguut. are making from *4 to M per tlay. \vr will Mud unip'M with Ja«truc'k>oe, on tne receipt of 36 ceata. rieaM call or addre.. s. a cerrntu a co., . S3 Congrvai .treat, rortlnad. JunoH-dbn To Builders. PUR tale low, tbe Sand on the lot coratr of Mouuttun and Sumner «trwl«. Apply to JOHN W. CRA8K. Jane U, ISM JnnelSglu*

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