Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 6, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 6, 1864 Page 3
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% PORTLAND ASD V1CIXITY. The Base Ball Match. The contest in a match game of Base Bali between Harvard College and Bowdolu, was held on the level grounds at Camp Berry, out side of the walls of the barracks, on the after noon of the Fourth, a large, rellncd and ap preciative crowd irom this city and vicinity being present. Mr. John A. Lowell, of Bos ton, formerly of this city, performed the duties of Umpire in a very satisfactory manner. By the “toss up” the Harvard Club won the drat inning. The following is the score: HAItVABD. 12 3 456789 G. A. Flag*, c.,.1 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 1—6 F. W-right, p. and c.1 10 10 0 11 1-6 G. U. Harris. ..a.0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1-5 A. R. Irons. 1st b.I 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0-2 E D. G.eoulest, 2d b... .0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1—4 C. Fiske. Sib .0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0—5 B B Banker, UE.1 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 1—5 I). F. Abercrombie, C. F'.O 0 1 1 0 0 1 *» 1—4 T Nelson, K F. 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0—3 51493047 6-40 BOWDOIX. 123456789 C M Beecher, c.0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0—2 H. L. Chapman, p O 00000 10 0—1 I H Maxwell, a < .0 0000010 0—1 M J. lUII, 1st h.0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0-2 E 11 Conk, 2d b . 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0—2 J. E. Dow, Jr , 3d b.0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0—<J E. T. Turner. 1, U.0 1 o 0 0 0 0 0 1—2 G. E. Lord, C. 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0—1 I> . F Thompson, It. F . .0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0—2 0 2 0 0 0 1 7 2 1-13 The result, as seen above, was a defeat of the Bowdoin boys. Home runs were made by Harris and Greenleaf ol the Harvards in the second inning. The fielding of the Bow doins was for the most part very fine. The left Held was particularly noticeable. Cook made a Ann catch on the fly in the lourth inn ing. Thompson sustained the K. F. very well Turner was one of the best strikers in either club, aau had Beecher (son of the well known Rev. Ciitu. lieecher) succeeded better iu bold log the numerous “fouls” of the Harvards, a different result could be shown. As to the Harvard boys, Abercrombie made a floe catch on the bound iu the seventh inn ing, while Flagg held everything which passed the home base. Tbe muscle of the liarvards was shown by their bard hitting which well tested the wind of the Bowdoius. Chapmau, the pitchor of the llowdoins, was embarrassed by tbe new scale established in this game (the New York standard) which required the feet to be iu tile base while tossing the bail, so that ho made several “balks.” Wright, the Har vard pitcher, played to his side most effectu ally, we thought, by great rapidity iu deliver ing the ball, which was uuusual practice to the liowdoin boys, and this was tbe great causo of tbe discrepancy between the two scores, as above noted, the liowdoin boys be ing repeatedly caught out on ticks and misses by the unusually swift balls of lire liarvards. Tbe Harvards were attired in a uniform of magenta aud white caps and shirts, with blue pauts and light buckskin brogaus. The Bow doiu boys wore white Bliirts, blue pauts and the white naval cap for warm weather. Delegates to the District Convention. At the Union Ward Meetings, held in this city last evening, the following gentlemen were elected delegates to the 1st District Con vention, to he held in tills city on Thursday next Ward I.—Wm. Brown, Geo. W. Davis, J. J. Thompson, Joseph S. York, Robert I. Hull. The following resolution w as passed unani mously :— That the Union voters of Ward No. 1, are herei'y in lavor of tbe nomination of John LyncH, Esq., as the candidate for Congress, to be supported at the election i’l September next. B. F. IllNDs, Sec'y. Ward i■—Dorville Libby, E. P. Hauks, Henry P. White, Win. Weeks, Jere Howe. Ward !1.—Daniel W. Fessenden, Henry K. Uiiikley, James Bailey, M. A Blanchard, John M. Stevens. Ward 4.—Joseph Bradford, Nahum Libby, Edwin Clement, Orin Ring, Otis Cutler. Ward 5.—Nathan Webb, Wm. H. Smith, Win. II. Ayers, N. A. Foster, Wm. Gray. Iu this Ward a ballot was had for a candi date for Congress, and John Lynch, Esq , re ceived all tbe voles but one. Ward 0.—K. Cram. Wm. II. Stephenson* Edward Fox, Wm. U. Fessenden, F. G. Mes ser. Ward 7.—S. E. Spring. Lewis B. Smith, Ja nes L. Merrill, George F. Foster, Cyrus K. Lacd. Tbs delegates above mentioned arc requested to meet at tbe Countiug Room of tbe Press, at 3 o’clock this afternoon, for the purpose ol electing a delegate at large. Editori and Publishers Convention. i an bujuuinru meeuug ui me E.uiLors auu Publishers of this city, held Monday, the fol lowing committee of arrangements was ap pointed :— Joseph B. Hall of the Courier; E. U. El well of the Transcript; Brown Thurston; N. A. Foster of the Press; M. N. Rich of the Price Curreut; C. A. Lord of the Mirror; Stephen lierry; John M. Adams ol the Argus; David Tucker; Ctias. I’. Haley of the Advertiser; James S. Staples; Rev. W. H. Shailer of the Advocste; Cyrus S. King; C. A. Stackpole; F. G. Rich of the Teuiperauce Journal; li. F. Thorndike; Geo. O. Gosse of the Argus; E. P. Weston of the Northern Monthly; Dr. B. Colby of the Press; 1. N. Feleh ol the Courier; Ira Berry; K W. Lincoln of the Pres-; V. W. Pickard of the Trauscript. At a subsequent ineetiug of the committee It was decided to call the convention on Wednesday and Thursday, August 3d and 4th. The meeting then adjourned to meet at Thurs ton’s Couutiug Room, next Saturday, at 4 o’clock P. M., at which time it is hoped every ■number of the committee will he present. Officers of the Steamer Kearsarge. We tind the following list in the Blue Book of ’04;— John A. Winslow of Mass., Captain. James S. Thornton, N. H., Lieut. Couidr. Johu N. Brown, N. H., Surgeon. Joseph A. Smith, Maine, Paymaster. W. 11. Cushman, Penn , Chiel Engineer. W. U. Badlam, Mass., 2d Asst. Engineer. Fred L. Miller, Mass., Sidney L. Smith, Mass., ami Henry McConnell, Penn., 3.1 Asst. KDgiueers. John C. Walton. Penn., Boatswaiu. Franklin A. Graham, Penn., Guuuer. Eiieu M. Stoddard, Mass., David II. Sum ner, Conn., and J. R. Wheeler, Maine, Acting Masters. Ezra Bartlett. Clots. H. Danforlh, W. II. Veatou, all of Mass., Master's Mates. Municipal Court.—July 5. Edward Feeny, for resisting a police oilleer who was iu the discharge of his duty, was fined twenty-five dollars and costs. He paid it and was discharged. George W. Jones, for exposing his persou by bathing in public vi^w, was flued live dol lars and costs, which be paid. Meyer Waterman, was brought up on a search and seizure process. The evidence did not sustain the charge that he occupied the shop wtu^'e fbe liquors were seized, and he was discharged. J. O. Doanell, Esq., for the defendant. John O'Neil on a search aud seizure pro cess, was adjudged guilty, aud was lined twenty dollars aud costs. He paid up. Railway Tuakkic,—The receipts on the Grand Trunk Railway for the week ending June 25th, were $97,587 75 Corresponding week last year, 80,587 08 Increase, $17,000 67 There was an increase during the week of • $8,465 48 in passengers, and $13,595 10 in freight. The total ainouut of receipts from Jan. 1st to June 25th is $2,387,102 (18 Same period last year, 2,085,078 00 Increase, • $301,424 08 Bricklayer's Association.—We would remind the members of the Bricklayer’s As sociation, that they are to hold their regular monthly meeting this evening, at their hall, second door above Blake's Bakery, at 7 12 o’clock. It Is hoped that every member will be present, as business of Importance wiil come before the meeting. Per Order. District Convention, Arrangement* have been made by which delegates may come to and return from the District Convention, in this city to-morrow, on the Kennebec & Portland, Yoiti Cum berland and P. S. <& P. Railroads, for one faie. Tickets may be obtained at the several sta tions on these roads. Deebixo IJall—Mu. Mveii's Benefit.— This evening Mr. Myers takes a benefit, and for his efforts to please the friends of the drama in this city, he is nobly entitled to a full house. In the “Manaic of the Uleu,” Mr. Myers is perfectly at home. “Michael Earle” is not olten more felicitously personated.— This will be followed by '.he Minstrel Scene in the “Three Fast Men,” the whole to con 1 dude with “Dick Turpin.” All tastes will be gratified. The programme is an attractive one, aud the whole strength of Mr. Myer’s large sotnpany will he brought into requisi tion. This week will close the present season.— The company will open next week iu Norem bega Hall at Bangor. In August Mr. Myera will return to this city,with McKean Buchanan and his daughter, aud he w ill also introduce to ' Portland people that old favorite, Miss Kate Reigaolds, for three nights. Miss Myers, daughter of the le.-s.'e of Deer iug Hall, will play at her father’s beuellt this evening, aud though young, and not long ex p rienced, she is a natural aud charming ac tress, and bids fair to become a star in her chosen profession. Danokiious Assault.—William Quaile, a runner for Mrs. Musgravc’s Sailor Boarding House, was called out of a shop on Commer cial stieet, about*!! o'clock Monday evening* and dangerously assaulted and cut with a L- i fax Tlu. bnilo * t. ...1. Li.. I . r. _I. making an awful gash and cuttiug his tongue, lie was takeu to Dr. llascom's, by some oi his friends, where the wounds were dressed.— Subsequently officers Eickett and Floyd re moved him to his residence. The person who assailed him has not been discovered. Kissesoek Water.—The Empress ol Rus sia left St. Petersburg for Kissenger, on the 4th of June, and was accompanied to the fasiionable Bavarian watering-place by the Emperor. The famous Kissenger Water, a most agree able and healthful drink, and one which is ex ceedingly popular with the crowned heads of Europe, and should be with the socerei'jns of this couutry, may be had on draft or in bottles at Grosman A Co.’s, Middle street. Steamer Custom.—Parlies iu Boston having purohased a part of steamer Clinton, for the purpose of running her iu that harbor, she. will makfl her last trip to Harps wefl Thursday forenoon, the 7th inst. We also leant there will !>e a boat to lake the place the Clinton on the route to Uarpswell in a few days. Sabre Zouaves.—Thia company under command of Captain White, celebrated the Fourth by an excursion to the islands, and target practice. Tite prize, a silver shield, manufactured by Win. Senter Lowell, was won by private Robinson Williams,for the best average two shots. The company looked splendid, as usual. Personal.—Hon. F. A. Pike, Representa tive from the 5th District, passed through this city on Monday cveuing on bis way hon e from Washington. Coy. Cony and family arrived in this city yesterday afternoon, on his way to Boston, and took lodgings at the Preble House. Horse Railroad.—More than 5100 pas sengers were conveyed over the hoi se railroad on I lie Fourth—3300 in the city and upwards of 1800 to Evergreen Cemetery. The power of the company, both in horses and men, was taxed to its utmost extent. _•_ Strawberries.—We are indebted to Mr. Geo. E. Kimball for some delicious strawber ries raised in bis garden. Mr. Kimball has been connected with a printing office long enough to kunw that the bearer of such luxu- I rics is always welcome to au editor's sanctum. Map or Virginia.—Messrs. Lowell A Senter have for sale—price only 50 cents—the best map that has been published of the State of Virginia. It will be sufficient to vouch for iu accuracy, by staling that it was compiled by Professor Bache. Portland Council No 1, U. L. of A., will hold its regular meeting this evening at 8 1:.wL at. tile usual place. 'Pile election of otllcers for the ensuing quarter occurs this evening. PoiiTt.ANn Coup any. — Stockholders In this company arc reminded that their meet ing stands adjourned to 11 o'clock this after noon, at the Board of Trade Rooms. -- Fifth Maine.—The furlough of the te turi.ed veterans of the nth Maine Regiment, is extended to Tuesday, 12lh instant. Casualties to Maine Men. The following casualties in the Army of the Potomac are reported to the New York Tri bune of July 1: R Brag* co 1st 31e hand, T Henderaon M do thigh, J Emerson C d*> arm. Duuiel Sullivan I do leg aud head. <’h*» Mop L do body, Pha* 11 Dill A do th gh, A Sunahiie j G du arm, F Crowell, K do bip. A k Drew. D lat Me body, | Kobina Herod A do hip, H 0 Haxea K 17th Me, arm aud | hip. A llillwar*t lat Mu »idc. K Brewster K do hand. K : Patteraon L do finger. N M Pratt do toe*. J H Browu do Itf, .' ••ui fcubuur B i* band, A Libb> l do band, <• Lu nar? (i do arm, N l-**ii A do arm, F II lkmru <1 do arm. . lat lieut A J Hilton U do thigh, lid lieut A Harry do 1 thigh, wergt N M Miller do elbow J Wakefield II do che»t J G Hutching* 1 cheat, 8 Nuppy, 1. th'gli, J il Benner. K | thigh, Q M Sergt // Howell D eg*, scigt W A Howell D arm. lat Me, Sherlana I leg. J F Hayue*. I leg*, arui, J W Ltauaron 1> leg. corp < r arrimiworth, A hip and cheat K Cun nor // cheat, L I. CurtU E leg. K Kuuue • I thigh, J KiUhgcarla E thigh, Ira Smith C baud, H Dura IT. F * thigh. I. T Da\ia F hip. 11 Tibbitt, I leg T Hatch D leg. C A Gate.-, E leg, Lewi* lx»rat E thigh, C W Stewart A thigh. nergt A C Paeoy 11 cheat, D V Fogg K cheat. J j Br* tb.iry li leg. 11 Res-l I> arm. J Garland C leg. aergt , K FI J« nni-wi. li arm aud leg*. rorp W K Noah B rhea and thigh, corp L ’J’ IU>lf, M leg, Nathan lliggiua, M leg, t Sergt J M Smith C l«g. Lemuel Smith C hip, Win Bart lett H leg. lat Me, W C Warmi A leg, lat Me C if’ Thom tut kl ah »uider. 17tli do, J U*bell, H back J.-ergt D\Y let | tiugiil I* leg. 17th do 'V Straton, C head, i*t do, corp II 1 < ouJey Farm, corp K Jones Chips, W Tolbert B finger. l«t m/« // A, corp E * IHlaou 1 wriat do, J Olnoaher // thumb do, x*rgl A Budge A foot do. D K If'liit* Kbody do, § fhurber (.» thigh do rorp I W Wornster. ii aboabler, ; E Browu, L linger, ii Hooper A bee lat do. J Sturtwart E hand, 17th do, Mo*na P We* lat Me body, <1 W Joy A 17th Me k-g.* MIllow G do leg. lieut A Ea-Unau G lat • Menack, W GiD*»r H do arm. A Kelley // do leg W W B arren // do thigh, Goo Nile* L do leg, W D Raymond ; A do face, John B'arst, G do thigh. O FlUgerald. ki do : breast G I* Dure-. A do breast, leg. G Vf Doe, 1 do b.v k, j p ij. Mowao. A do cheat, C II Bennington, G do body, rorp M !Wa4y A do hand, S Allen B do thigh. W G But ler C do 1,0 id, J Fox a (’ do leg. B i'oaaena II do •heuldcr, corp Tt’ Kudghou U do thigh. 0 I’ Stole B baud. T V i Wav K do arm and hip A I'arfii 0 17th Me bead, eorp W 1) l»ix< n. L lat Me Idp, L P Scott I do bodj, 0 Dun bar D do ahoulder, h fttrly K do free corp G H Robin B lat Me finger, aergt (J # rufl«r 11 do thigh, J Croohea L t do hip. A Nuaou D do thigh, M Stanley Ldo hip leg* an I ann. li H Purdy G 17th Me leg. C H Dodge B lat Mearui tl Flauchard B do cheat, lat lient W K Newenban do th’gh. aorgt W A Webster do legs, a Elliot do bode. J Job• son li do shoulder. M Pareon K do leg. A Williama I G do arm, F U«vi* Gdo body, corp 0 II eavryer, II do hand E Griffin I»i It- I *•*»>• artillery thigh • orp K P Parka G tam <1 P Bliukaien V knew, John Richie A hip Calvin DoUglhusa 1 thigh. Jauica Kecte* II ?eg. aergt J F Sergeant (’ thigh, J II Maddin. I ann, I*t He. Wm Cham berlain l> lat Me leg. Ebeu l|*nwon G 17th Me body, j Ad; J W Clark, arm. M Tniuiau G arpi, N Church. P j hand. J Naaon C leg*, P Tliotna*, U bod?, rorp J Mc Kcller, F face, M Howard t< leg. P parkhur»( D t.***, J I. llobiiiaon F ahoulder, lat Me II Golaten I> leg G T tieu rja C hip, C W Johnson B thigh, F 0 Burr B knee, ii b.t<) V arm. E F Burn* A thigh. N Bruce A hand. W New belt fe $ngev, l*t lieut H Spooner leg lat lieut N F I or ter arm. K ( rift, r K arm 8 Whitcomb F ahoulder It Meta K bark.U Allan 0 %'m. *.,r;* W llarnioitd A leg, M S Brown A hip, E Mathew K hand. 8 Tboi^aa il ariu. J G Rideout, A back, N Straton II leg. 11 (Jilutan 11 fin get, G I* Hunter K thigh and arm, K Lord 11 hand, Win Page aide and gym lat Me. D Mahoney 1 Bth Me leg Geo F' Douglas* If iatkiis C'de and forttann, Auguatua Green low , C do thigh, capt B »■ Tai'k,;'' B do. arm. lieut G W Jiuaaey Edo finger. D P Sleeper D do aau*. James Cam well If Jo thumb, H T Iscighton li do arm (j T»l« B do back ami *11*. Cb* Jordan 0 do temple Arthur Downing K do leg, Wm Iseng <1m arm. Wm It Durk*. II do cheek and neck, W P Johm»<;u F uo lane, Alonso D Miller, do hand and shoulder, Dan I Badge A 40 <«int^aion, Alen Fa iilker. 1) d‘» a*W Alb ttfinumi D do ahnubbr. li B lllpier *10 do arm, F if Doaim li leg, corp A Johnson D I do finger. Jaum* A Kkc 1 do log. It A Smith do do hand, < FI F Cornell do do arm. Burnham S'^sepey, B do arm am putated, Col C tl Suilik do thigh. Mu; J U < itley d« hg Capt Wm Montgomery do do Llewellyn Copeland 11 do arm. Alex Talcomer D do do Wm R Dyke* 11 do neck, Chlis U Gould A do brea*t, ./«IT 11 Richard* Il do arm. ly Tlie Lcwiktoo l.iglit Infantry, now at Fort I McClary, will be rslinvej fpoti) Juty next Satur day, and will then return hums. ka? John \Vilson of Lawrence, Mass., while bunting l’or gull’s eggs on the southern head of ! Grand Manan, fell down a precipice one hun I dred fcet and was killed. wounaea name Soldiers. Capt. Samuel L. Allen, of Bath, who la now and has been for months past, laboring among the sick and wounded Maine soldiers in Virginia, has sent to the Bath Times the following list of wounded Maine soldiers, at ! City Point, Va , June 22d: Major C W Crossman. 1st Me., arm. 2nd Lieut. Edward T Foster, do, hip. I 2ud Lieut, John A Laury, do, arm and leg. 1st Lieut. II T Porter, do, right arm arnpu j tated. Capt. John Perry, I7tb, knee Lieut. J M Hall, do, arm. Capt. J J Juqueth, 1st, right leg amputat ed. Major G \V Sabme, do, both legs. Sergt. G \V Howard, 17th, neck. Capt. S tV Dagget, 1st. 1st Lieui. Thomas Foster, 1st, breast. Lieut. S \V Crowell, do, both legs, foot and neck. Private Timothy Codings, do, left leg arn p stated. Sergt. Edward E Inneson, Jo, do. Sergt. Daniel tV Pctteugill, do, mouth. Samuel F Hitchcock, do, legs and arm. Ctias. H Morrison, do, left breast. Sergt. Benj. M Foss, do, right arm arnpu j tated. 1st Lieut. II K P Spencer, do, atm and leg. Lieut. George J Brewer, do, arms and breast. Nathan Higgins, do, right leg amputated. Albert Hayes, do, ueck. S rgt. E L liauscoinb, do, left arm. Francis U Snow, do, left arm amputated. Everett Dodge, do, right arm do. Joseph W Batchelder, do, leit arm do. Cbas. H Dagget, do, left leg, do. Edwaid E Brown, do, light arm. Capt. James F Uobinson, do, shoulder. Lieut. Hiram F Swett, do arm and leg. Corp. George E Johnson’ do, left arm. Corp. Jacob Henry, do, left arm. Corp. Thomas J Libby, do, two lingers am putated, left hand. Ly man II Dolly, do, chin. O II Nelson, do, right arm. Sergt. Arthur 1* Budge, do, left hand. ii a »y ai vj, ug, ten >iuCi Chailts W Cason, do, two fingers amputat : ed, left arm. Corp. P M Griffin, do, left hand. George Harris, do, lelt leg. Charles Sawtelle, do, right arm. Corp. J F McKelloar, do, right hand and face. John If Carlton,, left arm. Elisha Richards, do head. ( Richard Alum, do, urui. Isaac Gardner, 5th, Portland. J G Bowdin, 1st H. A., sick. Corp. Rohe* Grindle, do, do. 1 John Wilson, 2Sth Mass, Bangor, sick. King S Hill, 32ud Me., sun stroke. George Wilbur, 4'b, thigh. James B Cauio, 3d, left hand amputated, fleorge J Uickcrsou, 1st, right thigh. Frank G Lancaster, do, left shoulder. E W Gould, do, hip S E Pray, do, bowels. S C Whitcomb, do, breast, arm and haud. John L Robinson, do, pack. Win. T llawbitt, do. hand. L Frank Haskell, 17th, right arm amputat ed. Leonard Pride, do, shoulder. John D Cole, 1st, wrist. K L Brown, do, arm. Cornelius Mediaw, do, lelt arm. W II Swett, 17th, right arm amputated. Chas. W Allen, 1st, lelt arm do. Joseph H Mcuior, do, right arm amputated. J W Andeisnu, Ullh, two lingers amp'd. Isaac W Tebbetts, I9ih, left haud oue fln ger. James H Hutchinson, 19th, left arm. lb M Richardson, 19.h, hip. Mayo Bickmore, 19th, face. John G Wilder, 1st U A, thigh. Uauiel E Owen, 1st H A, sick. Horace W Getchcll, 1st H A, lelt leg am putated. George W Taserley, 1st II A, both arms broken. Selden Rogers, 1st U A, right leg ampu tated. Alpbeus O Wing, 1st II A, left leg amp’d. Jas S Emerson, 1st 11 A, lelt arm amp’d. William A Smith, 24 U S S Msdersou. Jhs .J Rives, 1st H A, left leg amp’d. Willard Pomeroy, 1st II A, right leg am putated. John Dickson, flesh wound in leg. John Lood, wounded in arm, severe. Capt W 8 Clark, lslll A, left arm and left side. Adjt J W Clark, 1st II A, right arm bro- 1 ken. Chas J House, l>t II A, neck. Chas S liunkar, right leg amp’d. Thos Wentworth, 1st II A, neck. Win Wallace. 1st II A, side. Jas W Dutton, 1st U A, side. Albert A Waterman, 1st H A, sick. George L Fitzgerald, 1st H A, left artn and head. Kinsbury W Bowley, 1st H A, thigh frac tured. Thornton W Howard, 1st 11 A, right leg amp’d, left leg, head and neck. J 4m T Walker, 19th, sick, sunstroke. W L Miles, 1st H A, breast. Corp W K Nason, 1st II A, breast, diaries Larraliee, 1st II A, shin, both hips, i N'ebemiah Brown, 1st U A, right leg am putated. Corp A P Hinkley, 1st II A, left leg am putated. Jas A Nash, 1st H A, right leg amp'd. Audrew J Rowe, 1st II A, right leg amp’d, left hand. Huger. Chas A Gales, 1st II A, thigh. C H Sawyer. 1st H A. fool. Cbas H Ham. 17th,neck. Clias Erwin. 17iU, head. Walter Jordan, 1st II A, leg. Ezra l’otter, 1st 11 A, arm. •Sergt William A Webster, 1st H A, both j ankles. Clias E Dodge, 1st II A, arms. B K Cilley, 1st 11 A, hip,back. M Ford, 1st II A, head. Wellington Stratton, 1st II A, head. Alfred K Paul, 1st H A, wrist. John H Douglass. 1st 11 A, left shoulder. M T Emerson, 1st 11 A, through body. F W Stewart, l»t II A, leg. Edward J Keruiau, 1st 11 A, right shoul der. John n Dearborn, 1st II A, both legs. Alonzo J Wevens, 17th, foot. Simon S Parker, 17th, loot. Sergt Clias H Merrill, 17th. leg. Corp Cjrns T Wardwell, 17lh, thigh. Timothy Fernald, I7th, leg. Cyrus I. King, 4th, shell wound, bowels. Samuel Buxton, 17tb, leg. George W Hardy, Fryburg, 1st Mass, leg. Thomas Savage, 1st H A, hip. Si-rgt Albert W Chapin, 1st do, foot. Henry M Hawe, 1st do, both legs. G It Wiley, 17tli left arm and aide. Charles Thomas, I7ih shoulder. Zina Michaels, 1st II A, left knee and right shoulder. N S Brown, 1st do, right knee and side. A E Williams, colored, 1st do, right arm. Corp Moses P Wing, 1st do, thigh. George E Cruminelt, 3d do ,leg. Hollis True, 17th thigh broken. Corp Oriu Austin, 3d huger. Ilaitwell Hatch, 3d, thumb amputated. D Knowltou, 1st U A, foot. Henry Sleeper, do, do. John Burgess, 1st do, do. Charles Messing, 17th, left ankle. Trafton S Plaisted, 17th, left foot. Charles W Ituker, do, right aisle. Nathan W Moore, do, leltside. Josepti Moholund, 1st H A, leg. Granville W Joy, 17lh. light thigh. William F Butters, 1st 11 A. small of back, shell, slight. S K Alleu, do, right leg. C B Boynton, 1st do, knee. Philip C Keith,1st do, foot. Moses Howard 1st do, left thumb atnp'd. Harvey Heustings 1st do, right band. Lyman Puchard, I7ih,shell, side, slight. Simon llabow, 1st II A, amputated. John F Haines, 1st do, left leg amp.d, right leg below kuee. J C Chandler, 1st do, bead. Joseph Pooler, 1st do, arm. Charles L Metcalf, 1st do, right arm anim ated. John Jackson, 1st do, left leg amp’d Sergt Nathan I, Mills, 1st do, arm. Charles II Whittier, j*t do, left leg Mauley I, grown. )st (Jo, right thigh, Sergt Daniel W Brooking*, 31 Me right leg amputated. Sergt Albion Keunetson, do, right leg amp- l utated. Corp Charles W Mite, 1st II A, ankle. Lt William K Newpnghan, 1st do, both thighs. Capt. Ilunson (j ijujith, 1st do, head and arm. Private David V Fogg, 1st Me, wounded lu side, slight. I7TT be Soldiers’ Monument was consecrated ' at lfatqpden, on Monday afternoon last. The Whig says it is qf marble un<i stands nineteen feet in height from the ground. The whole cost ! of the monument, and the iron fence enclosing it, is oue thousand dollars. Thirty-two names , of Hampden soldiers and seamen, fallen in the “war of the great rebellion,** are recorded upon it, and recent events have added several i other names to the list of “unreturning brave’* wtio#e deeds qf valor and whose glorious death have honored the town from which th&y went, and whose memory that town will ever hold in fond remembrance. Hnpra to rui ! Portland Daily Press. -—, The ltebel Raid X'orih— Occupation of Har per *» Ferry. Baetimoue, July 5. It wa9 reported aud believed yesterday morning that Hagerstown i> iu possession oi the rebels, the operators having leu their posts between a and 10 o’clock under alarm. They returned about 1 P. M. and reported all quiet aud no rebels nearer than Falling Waters aud Williamsport, six or ten miles front the Poto mac, where it is said lighting was going on near Sharpsburg. It war thought that Mulligan aud Sigel would move to the Maryland side ot the Po tomac to succor Maryland Heights il attacked by the rebels. j An attack was made on Harper’s Ferry about l) or 10 o’clock yesterday morning by a loree estimated at some 2000 cavalry, with | more than as many iulantry. Gen. Webber, however, set abuut making a vigorous defence, aud up to lhe latest accounts was holding his own. Early commands the expedition which is composed of cavalry, infantry and artillery. Early is reported to be Ewell’s successor, liuu sorn is believed to have cosmaml of the cav alry. Their forces probably number not less than 12,080. Gen. Wallace is very active and making every preparation that prudence suggests. Gen. Tyler was at Tumocaey iu command of Gen. Wallace's forces. He is protecting the great railroad bridge of Tumocaey, three miles lrom Frederick. No aigus of the enemy had nppenred up to last night. The rebels are retimrsely eulorc iug the conscription, taking ail males between sixteeii and sixty who have left their homes. Every horse is taken on the liue of march, aud scouting parlies visit the country roads aud steal all whether owned by friend or foe. The capture of supplies and the diversion of i/niiwr In flrar.S urn llw> hie rea-oi 8 lor this raid. From Point of Kocks we learn that the en tire rebel force which visited that place yes terday did not exceed 1U0 cavalry, supposed to be under Mosby. Their whole object seemed to be to rob and destroy. They robbed loyal storekeepers u« well as rebel sympathiz ers, leaving nothing behind but such articles as could not be easily carried off. They were followed lo the river by citizens, who are said to have carried off goods into the iutcrior. LATEST. The telegraph is still working to Frederick. Up lo noon no rebels had appeared in that city. The excited has abated, and It was be lieved that the provost guard at that place could eMeetually protect the city from all the rebels that bad appeared In the vicinity 01 Point of Kocks up to this morning. Sigel and Mulligan’s forces reached Mary- ; land Heights about It o'el « k last evening. There is no doubt now entertained that our troops will he able to resist any attack of the rebels at that poiut. Keluforcements are on the way to Maryland Heights. Max Webber, who commands the post at Harper’s Ferry, hiss given notice to the people at Harper's Ferry to leave as he intends to open his guns on the town to drive the rebels out. The rebels arc all on the Virginia side of the town, busily engaged in their work of plunder and occasionally sending a shell over to this side. A pontoon bridge which crossed the river at the terry has been successfully re moved. and a span of the railroad bridge on the Virginia side has been destroyed to pre vent the rebels from crossing. Ou Monday. Mosby, w ho has a force of cav alry and artillery opposite Point of Kocks, tired into a train passing that poiut, causing the greatestexcitiment among the passengers. No one was hurt, except the tlreinau, who was shot in the leg. The train ran back as far as Sandy Hook, and the employees of the rail road company were this morning endeavoring to briug it to this city. A large number of the citizens of Freder ick have arrived here in the train which left Plance No. 4 at 7 o'clock. Considerable ex citement prevailed there at that hour, but there were no signs of the rebels. No rebels are known to be north of the Po tomac or east of Sharpsburg, unless it be the force that Sigel was engaged with, which lias followed him. Sigel succeeded in securing his train this morning. A number of bis wagons passed through Fredericksburg. Heavy tir ing was heard in the direction of Harper's Ferry this morning, supposed to lie Weber shelling the rebels in town from Maryland Heights. The 11 mjn (Jr m in t hetireen the hen re n n/e it nil Alabama—Semmre titer met hi/ In (it te h men — I/e mil ml fur the Itr nit i t i III! of the /'inure. New Vohk, July 5. The Southampton correspondent of the London Daily News says. Mr. Lancaster,of the English yacht Deerhound, lit-ing rei]Uest ed by the commander of the Kearsarge to save from drowniug the Alabama’s men, be pro ceeded to do so. When passing near a man nearly exhausted, one of the men in the boat cried out “ That's Semmes,” and the drown iug tuau responded “ X am the C’aptniu,—save me; I cannot keep up any longer!” lie was dragged iuto the boat, when he said : *• For Cod's sake.duu’t put me aboard the Kearsarge, but put me on board your yacht.” This was promised and Semmes was stowed away in the bottom of the b >at and covered with n sail to conceal him from those in the Kearsarge’* lu.aty U.OPO o.M.lo.,1r .. v.:_ He was then takeu to the yacht ami placed below. Mr Lancaster soon after hastened away, fearful he should be overhauled and his vessel searched. Thus was Somme* saved from the gallows by a contemptible trick play ed by a friendly Englishman. The Commercial’s Paris correspondent says Setsines was ordered to leave Cherbourg i>y the French government, on the demand of Minister Day loti, who bused his demand on fact that the Alabama did not come into port through stress of weather, but for repairs, which would take months to complete. Capt Sc mines finding It Impossible to stay and knowing that the Kearsarge was waiting lor him, seut her commander a challenge, which was promptly accepted. The Alabama, after being disabled, was sunk by a broadside. A demand has been made on the British govern ment for the rendition of those picked up by the yiclil From U nshinyton. Washington, July 5. I Mr. Fessenden entered upon the duties of his office this morning. All the bills p&M»'cd by Congress and pie sented to the President, have received his Mg- ! nature, except the bill providing republican Governments overthrown or usuiped by the rel ellion. The President has appointed and the Sen ate confirmed, Charles Duminer, of Maine, as Supervising Inspector of Steamboats, under the act of June 8th, 18tU. Xetv York Militia Calletl out for IOO days. A 1.11 A NY, N. V., July 5. The President has called on the Governor to furnish 12,000 militia.for one hundred days to repeal the rebel invasion. The President says the rebels, from 15,000 to 20,000 strong, have taken Harper’s Furry and threaten other places. Demand for the Surrender of I'etersbury. Washington, July 5. Pass* ngers from City Point say that (Jen. Grant sent a demand for the unconditional surrender of Petersburg. An answer bad not been received at latest dates Martini l.ate in Kentucky, Washington. July 5. ri he President has to-day issued a proclama tion proclaiming martial law in Kentucky. hexr York Market, Niw Yoke. Ju’v 5 Cotton—lc bettor; sale*850 bale*at l£4a 1 66 tor middling upland*. Flour- sal»*2G.0M) bbls: State and Western firm er; State U 7d<4,iO 10; Ohio 11 <0®i*2 UO: Western 1) 70 a.11 00 j southern firmer; sale* !<>0u bb’sutllOC i vOlKii'i t ai<uda *vadj j *a os U4» bbl*. Wheat—belt. r , sales 17,000 bushel* ; Mil waukee club 2 20; Amber MilwauH*e2 25o'i £5; Kid Winter Western 2 40; Aiubt r Michigan 2 45. Cornl a,2c lower: sales 53 000 bush; mixed Wes tern new 1 62 a 1 8j. Oa's—firm; sale* Canada at Beef—firm; rale* 200 bbls; Country mess ICOOa 18 <0. pork —without uraturia] change; salts 8000 bbls; new mess 42 25«t44 6u Butter—quiet; s ate at 86&42c. Whiskey —firmer; sails luoo bbls atlCOnl 72. Sugai— dull. Naval Stores—fitrn lh trnleum—quiet; crude 4^u *0c; rtfiued 8S^90c. 1« rt ights to Liverpool—steady. Wool— quiet. • Stock Market. Nrw York, July 5. Second Board.—Stocks rery dull. Ch’oago k Kook Island.113’ Chicago k Alton. . 0o Cleveland k Toledo,.140] fi’inoi* Central scrip,.132 Heading. 140 Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 63 "*w York Central.1344 Ere.115} Hudson.ISO Cleveland k Pittsburg... 1124 Canton Company. HS4 Cnited States 6-20'4j United State* one year certificates ntw. 004 Treasury 7 8-lQtha,.104 j I ll'1 "ini tW( m*roial. i*ef steamship C ity of Baltimore, at New Tort, j LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, June 22 —Tt sales ol Cotton fur two days were 12,000 bales, ii eluding 400j to speculators and exporters. 11. market c o^ed dull ami prices j q jdlower America being the least affected. LIVERPOOL BREA D3TL FF8 MA RKET—Flo® dearer \Vheat l£2d higher; red a estern 8s fS8* 6d red Southern 8s»d&8.-*tid Corn a shade higher / mixed 2*s £2Ss ftd. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET-Bee hrm. Potktlrm. Bacon ttcady. Lard quiet, lai low fi.-ni. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE M ARKET — Sugarquicl j Cone© and quiet inactive. Lie seed dull. Spirit Turpentine quiet. Petroleum inactive; refined 2 2 J : crude uomina . Latest via Quoenstow'n. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. June 23d. Saleslor two days were 12,000bales, including4,0UUf< speculators and exporters Mai Lot closed qui© I and unchanged. Breadstufls—firm and upward. Proviaons—steady. Produce—quiet and steady. LONDON MONET MARKET, June23—Consol dostd at 89j,a89$ lor money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 36j£35dis; Erie Railroad &2&&4. Major Samuel Moody. A lew days since we announced the death of the brave offl -er whose name is at the head of this article. He was a Major in the 27th Michigan regiment, in which State he had re sided lor several years. He was a native ol Falmouth, iu this State, where his relatives now teside. Major Mo rdy led the eallant 27th through all the hard lighting of the past month —both the Colonel aud Lieutenant Colonel being absent—and his skill and bravery have elicited the commendations, not only of the of ficers of the division, but the soldiers of his command, who say that he “goes into a fight as though it were a quadrille, and he wins in both." The Major was formerly a popular steamboat Captain on Lake Superior, and since then has been connected with the mining in terests of the Upper Peninsula. Michigan mourns with Maine the loss of her gallant son; the 27th remembers him through f lip t ruin r spnitoa nf k'novr;il., J i_ • " -- aud grieves that hu was not spared to see the end accomplished for which lie fought so well; and his many friends are tilled with sadness that they will see his cheerful face aud hear his hearty voico no more forever. 8ea-Side Houbc, HABP8WELL NECK. C A S C 0_ BAY. This elegant aud commodious Ho tel, situated ou the extremity of Harjnwe.1 Neck, about half a mite !.*• ow the well-known Mansion — ——House, ha* just been completed after the ueaigusui M. IIahdisu, Esq.. Architect and under hu* superintendence, and will be open tor company On and after the Fourth of July. 1 ha House is the largest establishment, construct ed expre*d> for the purpose of a Hotel, st any Wat ering Place on the coast of Maine It is situated in the centre ot a dense grove rtold trees, with ave nues and vi-ta* opening to the waters ofth,* Bay but a tew yards distant on either side. Nearly -urroundtd by the tea. aud abundantly shaded by trees, the linuse has a spacious aud beau t'tul verandah, extending orer three hundred aud thirty ;et t on three sides of the buildiug, with wide aud thoroughly veo i ated bab* and corridorsiu the interior, so that visitors can enjoy the most comple e protection from the summer beat. The Mteambja* wharf aud boat landings arc on the we*t side, tut a low *iep» from the House. Ample facilities are at hand for boating aud fishing. On the east side is a line gravel b»*ch. where the luxury of sea-ba hing can he enjoyed at all times ol the tide. At a short distance ou the uortheast. across an arm of the «ea is Orr’s island, c debratrd by Mrs Beech er Stowe’s w-i* known novel. The S a Side House i« accessible by land from Brunswick, lift ecu miles diataut. by one of the finest drives in the State, and bv daily steamboat from Portland through the inside passagt* among the island* of the Pay. Visitors coming from »he Kennebec and other parts of the interior, can leave the railroad at Bruns wick, and proc ?ed by srage *o ilarp-well. or contin ue to Portland and take the steamer, which runs down and hick twi.e a day. JJHN T. SMITH, Proprietor. Jy4tr GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Excursion Tickets ! Season I Mil. Tickets Good to Return to Hov. l*t. IjH)K Tickets ar.d general information apply to the « fHce o! the Br.tuh aud American Express t o , 9D Exchange street. Jliue24isd2w Propo-al* for Ke-ervoir. 13KOTO*ALS will be received for building a Res ervoir ou Sr. John street, at the City Treasur ers office uutil Thursday. July 14th, 6 o'clock r. M. Plan* aud «i»eeilJcations of the same may te seen at the office ot the City En winter. The Comrnitteo reserve the right to reject any bids which may not be deemed for the iuterest of the City. Per Order of the Committee on Fire Department. __ , , E- C. MOODY, Chairman. Portland June 30, E64d2w S t age TYotioe ! For North Conway, N.II.Tri.Weekly Line. 1)A8SENGERS leave Portland at 7 45 a. m over the Y. % C. R.K Monday s.Wednesdav* and Fri days via Gorh*m, St«ndi*h,Limingion, Cornish,Hi ram Brownfield and Fryeburg, arriving at North Conwav at fit o’clock P. M. returning by the same route Tue.-dlvs. Thursdays and Saturdays, arriv ing at Portland in season to take the Boston steam ers. Hie excellent accommodations and remarkable scenery are not surpassed by any other route JOHN W. WEEKS, Proprietor and Driver, Juno 21—dim Carriages, Carriages 1 Fir ml v lluilt and Ntinly Fiai»hed. T Xi T tdddv wr_ ein vi- r i n. w ? 41 Ul U A 1CU1C Ut.) Oh FKHS for sale, at his establishment, a variety of Carriages made in the neatest ami most sub stantial manner. The assortment comprises all the difPreut styles of Light Carriages, and they will be sold on the m >st favorable term*. Person* intend ing to \ urebase Carriages will find it lor their inter est to call and examine before buying esc where. juueWdtf Calumny Refuted. 1 EARNING that reports are in circulation preju J dicta] to the character of the Fultox Uousk, vi*:— “That it is a common gambliug place,” the proprietor feels called upon to *tate>o the public that since he na< had charge < f the Hou*«. and to his certain knowledge h r at least the last four years there h*s not h.ou play* d a game of any kind on the premises, not even • Lt*iue:s or back-gammon; and during that time there his not been seen in the house a c»rd. a cht.| mor dicj aud he challenges any one to prove to the the contrary, jyidla* M. W SKILLiX, Proprietor. Ho! for the Atlantic House ! Persons wishing to s|*end the day at the aAtlautic Home. Scarboro* Beach, will hud a sood Coach at oak llill Depot upou the arrival of every train Fair from the Depot to the House, 6o cts. jui/iviiiu E. A. LIBBY h CO. For Baltimore. Th good schooner L XV Pierce, Lor iug master, will •ail next week. For freight 10 the bulk of 400 barr «ls, apply to K. U. YORK A HON, 16 Moultou St., head of Loug Wharf. juneSOdlvv * Police. I HEREBY give notice that 1 will pay all the le gal debts of my sou. the ate Lieut. Col. Stephen B«>*< hby; and all perron* indebted to tin- same w 11 make pay incut to m . a* Lewistou, or to iluu. Jo*-iah H. Drutnmoud at Portland. HAMCEL BOOTH BY. Lewiston. Me., June.1!, 18J4. julyldlw FOKi SALE. r|!IIK story and hall House, No. 13 Cedar street. 4 l.ot 37$ bv 63$. It h%i seven tioished room-, am ple c!oa i*. plenty of hard a* d soft water, and ga* throughout. Everything iu perteat c r-ier. For fur h r i articular* rii(|ulteol JOHN F. BAND. No (J Clapp s Block, Congress street. juned30d2w Porllniid Laundry nOKS ALL KINDS OF FAMILY Work. Or der* left at F. A SMITH’S, No. 115 Federal St., will bvpromptly attended to _Jel7d2w* _ _ S AM * L LEWIS. Wood Lot for $alo. IN Cape Elizabeth, within three miles of tb*city, 10 or 1} acre* beavi y wooded with pine timber, sprucj amt hi inlock, will be so d wither without the land, to suit pure a»er. Ft r firther particular* in quire of .1 AMES SMALL, ou the pn-m ses. _JuncSbdtf roiRt* Coal. DIS< llAUGINb frrni brig George Harris, cargo oT nice Cumberland Cnul aud tor sale by JAMES II BAKEB. Jnm- ]s -dS» MtM d-*.ir- Wharf. Found, ON Peak’s Island, on Wednesday P. M , a sum of mom y. The owner miv have what remain* af ter paying txpeese*, tv up*.I vine to J M.'BUCHAN. At H. M Brackett's, Peaks Island. July2<13i4 LoM. fllHE subscriber has lost a ('ow—medium sue. k plain red. th>(-e vears «<ld. Whoever wi 1 give infonuaiion ol said Cow shall be suitablv r< warded. CHABl.Ed E. Ju8K. Portland. July 1st, 1FC4. jul)2 Notice. STRAYED Into rav enclosure Friday, June tfV a dark red Cow. 1 he owner ran have her hv pay* iug bills. JOHN HORTON. Gorham, Jure 2T. 18C4 —qSw* I^I* C. Iff. A. * TflHE regular monthly meeting of the Ma're Char L ital o Mechanic Association will be held In the Library Room on THURSDAY evening next, Juiv 7ih. at 8 o’clock. STEPHEN M ARSH, Jy4 dtd Seretary. f MISCELLANEOUS. e ' 0 r I f NOTICE f -TO TUI 1 BOOK SELjLEIiS! » I — AMD — ' Country Merchants of Me. • Wholesale Book Store! —AMD— miMMiiM, iiei^. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, -Portland, Maine, • Are now folly prepared to Supply the Trade! -AT TBI Lowest Wholesale Prices. By special contract, recently made with the Bos ton and New York Publishers, we are enabled to supply any and All of th3 School Books,' U»ed in this 8 ate, on , The Most Liberal Terms. Having purchased the Stersotti-e Plates ftom O. L. Sassoes ft Co., of this city, wc shall in fu ture publish the raluabie buries of School Books heretofore poLlishcd by them. This series, tog-th er with our former poblicatioos, will make Use fol lowing List:— Norton’s, Weld and auackenbos' Gram mar, The Progsessive Grammar, By We’d It t^uackcnbos. The Progressive Parsing Book, By We'd A (^uackenbo*. Weld's New Grammar, Weld's Grammar, tOld Kditton 1 Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld’s Latin Lessons and Reader. Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson's Arithmetic. B. ft N., also publish IliumAi't isn-Asor LARdTITZM or Rapid Mercantile Writing-, o 7 In Kight Parts, with printed copies at the head of each page, in exact imitation of the Author s beau tiful style of PE 1ST Ivl .A. 1ST S HIF. We call special attention to these New Writing Books, As they are admitted to be the most practical Copy Books ever offered to the public: and they are now being rapidly introduced, having the full endorse SaperintcaJent of Public Schools of the Stale of Iiiae. 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Johnaon. juueUdtt f'l u..» j. !■; SSSJSS miscellaneous, the daily press. CALORIC PUUhH JOB PRINTING OFFICE. N. A. FOSTER & CO.. X^ropriotoj .s. | Pox Block, 82 1-2 Exenange St., POHTL4ND. ME. _ Attention is respeu fully iuvittd to our unmaUed facilities lor executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART. Every description of BOOK AND JOB PKINTINO. Our fc-ubliahment H t'urni Led with all tb. ap proved MO]>Elt\ M AC H I * EH V, And ouroolleelion of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable eomparUon with anv eatall ab luent in the city. Business and Professional Cards, iOr every variely, atyloand coat. A 1 U) AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bi!l-Jlcuds Ruled and Cu! id lb. Neat est .Hminer. BLANKS Ay/) BANK (’//ELKS, Of ©very desyriptiou executed, in the b«st style. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with promptness and UucJity. /XSURAXCE POLICIES, HILLS OF LADINU, TIME TABLES, an l all tortsof I.KUAL DOCUMRSTS,*! sk rt noth*. SeriB«ns, Exports, acJ ail Linus of Pamphlets, Put up in superior .ly lc. 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Kail read Cars. 1 hur:h T« w*. t r in auv c» place, turn thediAouity of eontrseting th«n» and occupying a small space This en’irefy rwmovts the difhcultT, whi'e giving tbe Skirl the usuaI full and symmetri cal form, and the lightest. n»o-t stylish and grsceful appearance for tie street, ojera, promousils. or hou*** dA lady bavtug e-Joyet the pl.asure ami comfort and gi»at o'U.vtnieuce of one of the l>. p!ex Kl tptie Sprieg Skirts for a -ing ,* day, will never afterward* wi liogly dispense with the use of fhsur. They are also equally desirable, aid a great improve * cut over other kinds of Skirts for Mtsse* and Yeung Ladi * who wear short dresses, th«»)a«4taity aud rt xibility ot them prevents when coming ib contact witrr anytbiugcrowdiug the hocp closet* tnc person. from pushing out the other *id of the Hoop or dress: aud a«ai%ihey are »e much more durable aud not likely t * bend or break or g t outofsh'p** The butt m rod* M all the Skirtsare a*so double steel aort lie.c* or double covered to pre vent the covering from wearing otf the roc's when dragging down stairs, s'oue steps. Ac , Ac , which they are constantly subject to when In use. All are mid* of tbe best quality ofoorded Tape . and every part o’ the Skirt is of the very best ma'erials; It is gua^anteM in every respect to be by *ar the b°»t, most comfortable, aud most durable Skirt ever made. For sale iu all va-ietv of styles aud sues ty Fil'/GEKA Ll> A UODSLHlS. june29dlm 1W Middle St., Portland. % mmsjLL ■ ■ 1 ■' .. f" AUCTION SALES. e. m pat rex, auctioneer. 12 Exchang* at. OX Thursday, July 7tb, at lo A b , will be Mid u stock t;| i>ry and fcency Goods, comprising a general ■**ortmei.c lor Ladles and Genttenun’*; a so i sbie J.iueu, Cottons, Woolen*, with a Keu-r^il assort!, *i i oi yoods for famil) u«e. Alto a stock o: “-r.-t.iL ty, ta&cj Goods, Cloaks, Ao.t with .-me lie u lac* * of Clothing Avery ait*)!* muj*r . without reserve. BcSL'iV'itn lixtids at Auction. t >*»«• July 7tb, at 10 A. b , at Xo g bait's*, or ace stint ot whom it may concern, we *• <t l **l. a small invoice ol Gooct horn the wreck* J steamer i*o«jemia*i, c ,n* -ding of hroaccioths. Ce«*i mere* Linens. Table cover*, Tsi or*’ Trimming*, Cmrpoln, Carpet Lag*. Waiters, Ac., Ac ii AMI Y BAILAY A CO.. Auct'M. Guardtaa’i Male of Real Estate. PL"RSUAXI to a Ueo> »e from the lion. John A rt utertnan, Jud.e of Probate fer Cumberland county. 1 hereby giro Lotice thnt I ,l .n 0g„ for itl-Ht put* Ic auction ou Friday. July a. A It., Ii6* at 2 o'clock If. II. ua tho preininaa, out-eight part, in cointoon. atd uudlvid. <, ol n certain lot ol laind with tie dwelling hoaan on FrnikUa atmt, lirt • aLd. lormerly ttc property of I'aiker Iialay, daceaa 1 numbered r* on .aid .treat Fa.d o. e tigk'b port being the .hare of my ward, James licnr, L!*/, ea(1 Lydia bidding* Carr II*. »r la anhtprr perry . Dated at Portland this 231 h day of bay A . D. lent .... JOHN J. ADAMo, Guardian 9.,*5* '''mo *nd P1*—. tho retraining .even f. hi” d pro?*T'7 win be osered for »a e. "I ha i 2“?- ,hr» Unlaid rot ms. To# lot i. about 12 oy Jo :«ct. Jnn.2»!idtdBi “AILEr k CO.,Au*U*n**.. Hoist c, lurriagts, *c., ut Auction ()V ha'ur.lay, July nth,,t n O.clook A. b , ca ‘ball .ell at , ubli* .cetlon, Uor.«, Carr a a, Lxurtt. and Concord Wa.oi» E?eili''aJr' Bind., liarnew., heAc ** ’ J><dld Hf.XKt DAILEY A Uc.Auet ru. Valuable Real Ealatr, \t hart, PIm *, For Sale. ^ f|YO c!o«c the o-tate of the late l bar lea Jordan aa V L®;r b r M e t! a folk, wing de-enb. d properly .— Wharf and rl«t«, comp laiug about ninety thousand feet oi Huts, with a In ni*g© of on* hundred twontt »ix feet on CoiuBMici«l street. with tL« Lu Idin** Urn eon; lour tofu ou the witter]/ -ije ot Comm*r e;*l stifft 12 by lifts each; a lot adjoining on l ark street, id Iter mni.fii itet deep; lot on laik *ir*#i 3* bvflt) Store on ctmer of Path and York suett lot a.* by ; new cottage homo 421 York street lot 34 by HU: a lot ot land on Mate street W fret ir0nt containing about tea thousand ftet, with a cottage house in* the -ear: two and a tall s'ory model a built hou»e to Yo. k *tr< ef, containing )2 room* aas fk°K *****101: cot,®*« J»’°. 9 i/ng stieet, lot 4<s bv 1 ii; cotiftgo h >u^e >*• II Tyng street, large Jot; the above » r. perty » ill be *iJd vn easy term* and a.l not previounJv disn »ed ot. will L* mi uuonuu ou I July Uih, at 11 o'clock la Mm forenoon on ;he premises. lor particulars apply to tbe.nbavri an. CHARLES JORDAN juo^litd OARDNER JORDAN. Elilp at Auction. ON Thurcdsy, July Uih. at 11 o’clock a m., as »h- now lice at Franklin Wharf, l’ort.’aud. tc nBiot*i n’ ,bT ‘i?p ';'nrv '‘nrmtr. of rira llui, J* i>.l aud twenty rune. boiH In lath. well foam! in chair.* ftt.ciior*. ‘Ail* «ra rigging—atetAied in On tober IS aim! Js oi —bilge bofte i and fA»ten«>d with copf.t r and ;rtnv me’al. she u a tboroacb umlt mud hca« ily U*U>r.rd *hip hale positive i , BaILBY k CO., AucTioanxmA. Ju!y.>—did EUW4UO .n. PATTBN, Commission Merchant A Auctioneer, Has removed to the ,p« clous atcr* IS Exchange 8tre»t. tour doors below Merchant's Exohance. WillI rcceiva coLiignraeaU of Nercbaadlae ol lor public or prime talc. Fabt ?kUhV ***Se.' '’aaatl*.1 argoc. Stock* aad Rer obsudl.e tolicitcd. C a*h adtaacc* made with prompt calc* and rt tur pa. mchl3 dip Ak.t Lane’s KAU'lien Warehouse ! NO. 4 FREE ETPORTLAND. Jl'iT rrtarurd Horn New York with a large a* non meat of BASKETS, boih Traveling and Work. Abo a large lot ef HI III) CAGES, AU Sew Pattern* Abo, Fan* ot rariose kind*: Wlra window Srrc en*—pa.utcUiu color* and piaiu. A large *iooz of All kind* of .KITCHEN GOODS, A* u.‘uil: Wotilen Ware of all kind*, (kil«#*<»’« Carr at jf Toy* Ac. Alt Sold ( heap for War Times. June 11 —d2« Harpawell. ^ Wo mil's DAILY, j Sumtlapt ercepteA.) The safe and fact Steamer “Clinton,” C. KELLEY, Noefrr, NMp lla.lng beea thoroughly rangirt-d g- ,i^‘vt'V~‘u'1 r"kMed lor light I* eight and lute' - 'L -> nV Will eoiuineree her regular tripe to liaip.wdl. MON DAY, the Sith last icv. ing < uctoia : on*: t\ herf, ctESo A M and 1 E M L.-aro Liurpcweil at lo.SO A. M. and tr I wav ** °U ,h*1,0:1 Ul 'ide oflbebcague lclandeceh 4 are each way, Harf swell W ct*. t hebeagae kOet*. KxcurHou tickito llcrpawcU cud back. 7& cent* Cbebcaguc l*i*i d end back iji'ct*. Rods A Sl L UDiVANT, AgeaU MU noamm^p,,- L “Tbo Best is the Cheapest." .Try oaaot I'RRM T*8 da* Bogota, Hats! YOU IT/LL LIRA IT. IThe Best lo be lound lo tbo City. * ib H It \ , 13J MiUdla street. Jane 18—Jtt TO THE AFFLICTED / DK. H . J*. DEMI.\G, Alodical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORXRR OFCOXOSRSS AAD RLM RTBRR1A WOULD reapoctffcltr Acnoonce to the citianaB oi Tor;:Ami >Ld viemtt* the* > ■ kn. __* IV located ia this city. During the eleven months that we have been in town «(< have cured tome ot tar worst tortus of disease in psr»on* who Lev# tried other forms of treat aunt iu vui*. md curisc ns tientt in so short a tirn* that the question is often a^ked. do they slay cured? lo answer this Question we Ui;l say that all that do uot >tay cu>ed we will doctor the second time tor uot bin*. Dr. D. has teen a practical Electrician ftr twenty - one years, and is also a regular graduated pbyaicikn K.ectnciiy l* rerfectljr adapted tq chronic diooaics In the form or nervous or sick headache; CeuraJra la the head ueck.or ext remit ies; consumption when la the acute stage* or where the lungs are not’ fnliy laroirea; acuio or chronic rheurnttusm. scrofula bin *■*■»». .hit*.welling., .pul diaera,., inrr.t.ri o! thu .pior, contracted mu.cle*. uiatorp d I n',la, pj ,» cr paralyse. at. Vita.' Uuw. drain.*., .tu m ring or hcttancy cf .|>c*ch. clmfcpaia. tadlge*. t» c, w-'nrtipatioti and lirer complaint, pilw-we rat* •rerr oa** that can be presented: asthma, bronofc . t •. •trictnrva of the ohest, and el1 fbrms of ferns a »empla«itt.| 33y Elootriolty Tho RheumaUo. the gouty, the lame and the leaf Lap with joy. aud move with the agilitv and aiastk* Ity of icuth; the heated brain is oooled; the frost Mtton limbs restored, thv uncouth deformities »«• moved; faintrtMi convert*d to vigor, weakness ia rtwngtb: the blind trade to mo, the deaf to hear ai 4 the | allot! form to move upright; the flemishes cf youth are obliterated; the • *-ciUents of mature M*n prevented; the oaismiti** of old age obviated, and an ao.ive onculat'on maintained. LADIES Wao have cold hands and fast; weak stomasbs, ia ui-and weak backs; nervous and sick hvadscfcs| diuim** and pw:aiming m the hoed, with indigee ti *0 aid couslipation of the bowels; pain ia the side and buck; feioorrbssa. (or whites); tailing of th# w iPib With icierual cancers; tumors, polypus, aad ali that loeg train os diseases will find in Electric* Ity a sure means of cure. Kcr painful menstruation, I >o profuse u,i n. t: uaUoo. and all of those long line of trouble* with young ladies, Electricity is a certain sp*' »ttc, aud w ill. ia a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor oi health. Z9T We hare anil* -fro- (hrwucat Apparatus lor extracting Alincral i u-on tr. m tbs svst.-m, inch as M-rcurv. Aunocny. Arsenic. Ac. Hundreds who a*-* trouble with-titf joints, weak backs, aad vari ou othordithcsluis, the direct cause of which, hi a n- cases out of ten, is the ►•ffeot of poisouoesdriga, otn be restored to natural strength and vigor by tea 1*0 of fr* m live to eight Baths. 03.V' hours from 8 o slock a* ■. la \ r.M.; • ; and 7 to ** F. n. Do i*a!rsfl"B tyl4tesd IMPROVED bKIHT SUPPORTER 1 AXD C/I9ST g.XPAMDMM MRS. KF.F.D invi'es the attention of the ladies of F j.-’la id. to h*r new improved Skirt 3ap ! ’fir mi a t hot Expander, titling every term per ivctly, eo cutting »round the aim. the usual tom »la»ut of all other It: ace* No lady would be wtth >ut it for tW »u( port ol Skirts aiqiut, after w earns t. asit is ot grvat *u| port to the back. Itairoen ;>and* Ills che.-d, * ret gtht ns ibe lungs acd stomach, trd will ion** dy a very b.ul habit ol stcopiog. Also, a b tut tut style of I ust, iudisp«u*ab)e In a sdy’s toilet AI o, f>r ladies *• (Turing with I’roh p >U4 t’tni or tearing down, she has a »upperlar^aka •sn conliJ. n’ly ncoinmrril for this distressing eom .•lairt w hich w«4 cin«> uisto ua/h; It haaaetoual t i* tv- up ri* r to the nany mvchuLicai support, r* w«h1 iu such tit iug th*. for u perfect y It la ikeefkoua* and steel, ai.d erta’e- no liritatioa fives comfort and .as-, wthsuch an amount of mid >ort you would not think it ptaMble to do without AJao tit «up;>orters for Hernia or Pupture. Also, l lent I*nun's Braces with 3 u« binders on the >aire principle as lad it*. * Mrv liEj.D will take pleasure in showing the tbovo to all w-o * »H favor 1. r with a call, at he! Rooms No. .v. Dauft rhM.orn ladies' realderces rvl»l KN No. , i ' «pp s H:< ck, or with filAki vu 1‘LAfcJv, No. II Market rqua^e k-i 7d i w t heneod toc3 7 Notice. THIS e.v I gl»c to m, two too., E. J. Ch». Hatuii!!, tic ir time, to »ct anj ttad . tottb.m. »Fivp.; 1 eha;l not claim their wage, or mv ih»l» aeM. I f. BASD/U, Km rWti, Witiir.i, Mary I'iil.tury, Mary S. 1'tU.lury June IT, 1^.1.

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