Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 9, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Xsiv Advertisements To-Day, CoVeeto*■'• Notice—Internal Revenue Consumption—i)r. Morse. Houm Wanted. Pocket Book Lost. Chandler Honse—F. 8 Chandler Auction Sales—Ueury Bailey. Port and Co — Auluh! Meeting. Notice—C. Hodgkins. Religious Notices. Religious notices of twenty-five words or lead, free all excess of this amount will be charged ten COUti a line, eight words constituting a line. This ru c hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—(Pub. Putt. ry*Sabbath School Concert at West Chapel to moriow evening, at 7| o'clock HT“The Washingtonian Society hold meetings every Sunday evening, at S of T. Hall, 358 Congress street, at 7 o’clock. Public invi ed. Zj^John.1 chip. 10aed 11 versts—"He came unto His own. and Uis own rec.ived Him not," &c. This will be the subject of Rev. Henry D. Moore’s sermon in Central Church to-morrow afternoon, at 6 o’clock. ITAt Mechanics’ Hall, to-morrow, Conference at 10* A. M. car*Elder U Hunger will preach at Second Ad vent Hall to-morrow. The public are invited. Beats tree. fcT“Rev J. £. Walton will preach at the Third Parish Church to-morrow morning, afternoon and evening. w Home for the Biok and Wounded. The friends of the soldier are requested to meet iu the Senate Chamber, uew City lJuild iug, this (Saturday) afternoon, at 4 o’clock, for the purpose of perfecting ariangemerit* to establish a Home for the sick and wounded soldiers passing through this city. This is a most praise-worthy enterprise, and it is hoped the Senate Chamber will bo found too small to hold all the friends of the soldier who will feel inspired to aid in its speedy ac complishment. We arc informed that the Sanitary and Christian Commissions have both had tlii* matter under consideration, and are both dis posed to do ull that they can consistently in aid of the object, but they feel it is a matter in which the citizen, should generally partic ipate, so that our goodly city, rather than any society, shall have the credit of so noble a work. I,et there he a good turn out of the liberal-minded and christiau-hearted people of Portland, so that something may be effectual ly doue to establish such a monument of their benevolence and grateful patriotism as shall make glad the heart of the stricken soldier. U. S. Commissioners Court. W1L H. CIJrFOHD, ESQ., COM MISSION'EH. The examination of \YTm. Devine, for al leged larceny on the high seas, took place be fore the Commissioner yesterday, and was somewhat a protracted one. The Commis sioner decided that the evidence was sufficient to bind the prisoner over to answer to a high er tribunal, and be ordered that Devine fur nish sureties in the sum of $300 for his ap pearance at tbe U. S. District Court in Bath on the first Tuesday in September. Failing to obtain the sureties, Devine was committed. O. F. Talbot, U. S. District Attorney, for Gov ernment ; E. A F. Fox for prisoner. JIunicipal Court—July 8. Obttructing Commercial Street.—Mr. John if. Lord and Mr. Lyman A. Bacbelder were complained of for obstructing Commercial Street by unloading from the cars into their stores ou the northwesterly side of the street before 5 o'clock P. M., contrary to the ordi nance of the city. They both pleaded guilty and paid fines imposed of $3 and costs each. We learn that it is the intentiou of the City Manila! to follow up all cases of violation of the ordinance regulating the loading and un loading from the cars on Commercial Strett, and to strictly eulorce the ordinance. Melancholy Accident.—Lucia Maxwell, about eight and a half years old, child of Eben Maxwell, of Cape Elizabeth, was accidentally killed In that town yesterday afternoon. Her father had gone out haying immediately after dinner, and Lucia was left to clear up the things—her mother being iu the city. It is •opposed that after she had got through with her work she fastened tbe doors ot the house on the inside, and raised a window for the pur pose of getting out and going to her father. By some means, after she got her body out of the window, tbe sash came down and caught her by the neck, where she hung until discov ered by a little girl who was passing by. She was then lifeless. All means to restore her proved unavailing. Attempt to Escape.—Wm. Deviue, the fellow who stole the watch on board the steamer, attempted to escape yesterday while U. S. Constable J. S. Gould was couveying him to jail. Just as the w agon was entering the jail yard Devine threw himself from it aira ran. lie was swift of foot, and went up Fox street, into Washington street, through lanes .and over fields and fences, and finally brought up in a house occupied by colored persons, where he thought himself safe. But Gould had not lost sight of him, and was after him and soon had him by the collar. The fellow allowed symptoms of resistance, but the sight of Gould's revolver quickly brought him down and he was safely lodged in jail. Chandler House,Bethel.—This popuUr hotel, having been greatly improved, is again open for visitors. It is located on one of the most beAuliful spots in the most lovely village in Maine, aud commands a grand view of the rare and delightful scenery of that mountain ous region. Messrs. Coaudler A Co., the gentlemanly proprietors, look well to the com fort and happiness of their guests, and ample sources of enjoyment, such as fishiug, hunt ing, riding and bowling, are always at hand. Health aud pleasure seekers will And this a most desirable summer house. See advertise ment. Mortality or Portland.—The whole number of deaths in thU city during the month of June was 67. Of ihem died of Consumption, 14; croud, 4 J diseases of the brain, 7; small pox, 2; old age, 3; diptberla, 3; disease of the heart, 1; iufanlile, 4; typhoid lever, 1; dropsy, 2; liver, 1; Jung fever, 3; congestion of hraiu, 3; parulysls,;!: canker, il; erysipelas, 1; casualty, 2; measles, 2; fits, 2; bowel complaint, 2; sun stroke, I; child birth, 1; still born, 1; unknown, 1; spotted fever, 1; cholera morbus, 1. Ages—under 5 years, 27; between 5 and 10, 5; 10 and 20,1; 20 aud 30,7; 30 am! 40, 7; 40 and 60, 2; 50 aud 60, 4; 60 aud 70,6; 70 aud 80, 6; 80 and 90,2. Larue Seizure of Powder.—Yesterday D.puty Marshal Wentworth discovered a large quantity of powder Iu a stable In Dee han’s yard on Yoik Street, which parties were • lgaged in taking from casks and pulling it Into cans. The floor of the stable was covered with powder. Complaiut was Immediately made to Alderman Messer, who, in company with Marshal Ueald aud Deputy Marshal Wentworth, seized 249 cans aud fifteen kegs of powder aud conveyed it to the Arsenal. The powder belonged to Patrick DeeUan. Strike.—The Irish laborers iu discharging vessels have struck for higher pay. They have been receiving twelve cents per ton, making from four to four aud a half dollars per day, and now ask sixteeu cents per ton. We are informed they threaten any one who works for less than the price demanded. Au appeal to the City Authorities would probably be attended to, and such measures would be taken as to secure laborers, who choose to work for fair pay, from interruption or danger. Festival.—The shoe and leather shops in this city will be closed on Monday next, that day being the one on which the aunual festival of tie shoe and leather dealers takes place. The programme of the lestival will he put lished la (he morning papers on Monday. Pencils.—Meser*. Bailey A Noyes havt for sale some pencils which are just the artl cle for reporters and artists. They have beet tried, proved and found to he just Uw t]iin( wanted. rr m mi — ■ • n w~ “The 'Potomaa. and the IUpidas Rev. A. II. Quint, Chaplain of the Secoml Massachusetts Regiment, and well-known cor respondent of the Congregationalism has em bodied what lie saw and heard iu the service in a volume with the above title. The book is a valuable contribution to our war litera ture. It is furnished with a valuable map. Published by Crosby Jc Nichols, Boston, aud for sale in this city by Bailey & Noyes and Ilall L. Davis. Woolen Mill Destroyed.—We learn that the woolen mill of John D. Lang, in Vassalboro', was entirely destroyed by Arc about 10 o’clock Thursday night, with all the machinery, and about ten thousand dollars worth of wool. We have no particulars. The mill was a new one, the old one having been destroyed last year. There was uo insurance ou the property. Maine Camp Hospital Association.— At a meeting of this Association, Thursday evening, the following persons were added to the Board of Directors:—llev. L. C. Holies, James E. Feruald, E<q., Mr. aud Mrs. Abner Lowell, Mrs. E. II. Merrill, Mrs. Virgil (iris wold, Mrs. Josialt S. Little aud Mrs. Edwin Clement. Theatre.—Mr. Mters inteuds to have Mr. Keau Buchanan and his daughter Virginia upon the Portland boards next month. These performers have been on a tour to Australia, and California, where they have created a great sensation, bt-sidea Ailing their pockets with the yellow boys. Portland will give them a welcome. Aid For Soldiers.—The following sums were received for sick and wouuded Maine soldiers: • From Hebron, $4*. being the contribution last Sabbath in aid of Maine soldiers, by the hands of A. C. Herrick, Esq. From Z. Hunter, Esq., Clinton, In aid of the same ohject, $10. D, Harpsvvkll.—This is oue of the pleasant est seaside retreats in this neighborhood for the hot weather. We hear ouly praises of the new house recently opened there by Mr. J. T. Smith, who spares uo effort* to make the stay of his guests agreeable. Tenement Wanted.—The gentleman who advertises iu the Press to-day lor a tenement, has been in search of one for six mouths past, ami uecouung uesperaie, uas ilecult d to invest, to a limited extent in advertising. We hope this last recourse may be successful. who are truly diseased should ap ply at once to Mrs. Packer at the Portland Healing Institute. A lady who has had eleven years experience can hardly fail to be useful to this class of complaints. * The Mechanics’ Association are mak ing arrangements for their annual picnic. A committee has been appointed to mature the plans. Change of Service.—'The Sabbath after noon service in the Central Church will he held, for the summer, at 0 o'clock instead of 3 o'clock. BY TELEGRAPH -TO THE KVKAIHG PAPER*. --«•»., From Washington. 0 Washington, July 8. It has been decided by the internal Revenue Bureau that, with the exception of transpor tation, distilled spirits in bonded warehouses cau be removed therefrom only on the pay ment of the internal duty, at the rate of $1,50 per gallon. The transportation bonds pre scribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, un der the act of March 7ta. may be used lor the removal of spirits, coal oil and tobacco, under the sixty-tlrst section of the act of June last, the oath being omitted. Gen. A. !’. Howe has been ordered to the command of our forces in Maryland, vice Gen. Sigel ordered to report to Gen. Hunter. Urn. Caurh ttryes tlm Raisiny of more Troops — Rrbel Forces Around Unrprr's Ferry. Philadelphia, July 8. Gen.Couch has sent a dispatch to Mayor Henry to use his official influence at ouce to raise men under the recent calls of Governor Curtin. Baltimore, July 8. Advices from Harper's Ferry this moruiug, show that the rebels have left. Their force iu front ol Frederick yesterday is not believed to have exceeded 2,OlX). The stories told by prisoners of their having a large force beyond South Mountain, were probably mere boasts. Xo large force has yet been discovered by our scouts or rcconnoitering parties. * from Xrtr Or leant. New York, July 8. The steamer Yazoo, from New Orleans 1st, has arrived. The steamer Creole arrived out on the 4th Inst. There is no military news iu the papers. Brig. Gen. Dwight has boeu reunited from Gen. Banks’ stall'. Cotton ou the 1st was higher; middling 1 00. Sugar 30 12 a 21. Produce and provision) higher; flour 10.40 for choice. Gold 2.15 a 2.30. A Daring Exploit. New York. July S. Capt. Ousting, of the U. S. Navy, iu a cut ter, with only sixteen men, run ashore near Wllmluglqn, on the 34th tilt., captured a cou rier with a valuable mail, took several prison ers, and run the gauntlet of the rebel gunboat ou his return. He was gone three days. The Times dispatch says numbers of Gen. Wilson's men come into our lines daily. Wil sou’s loss will be cut down to 1,000. It is understood that Secretary Fessenden will not contract our currency. From California aruf N rrrn/a. San Francisco. July 0. M iuing stocks are higher. The Nevada Constitutional Convention has adopted the name of Nevada for their new Slate. The bill of rights was adopted. It de clares that paramount allegiance is due from every eitiz.u to the United States ami Consti tution. The Constitution which was rejected by the people last year, has lieeii adopted as a basis for a new one. It is believed that a ma jority ol the people ate iu favor of a Slate government. From Frederick* Freisebick, Md., July 8, 1 P. M. The rebels have retreated fully lour miles from their position ol yesterday, ou the road to Boons boro' and Hagerstown. Geu. Wallace and stall' are already actively engaged. Everything looks well. Frederick is iu no danger. One piece of artillery was captured by us yesterday. The 11th regiment of Maryland one hun dred days men has arrived here. Itrtreat of the Raider.* New Yoke, July 8. Geu. Sanford this morning received instruc tions not to order the departure of auy regi ments to the tceuu of rebel invasion until fur ther orders. The retreat ol the rebels has increased con fidence in the money market, and certificates advanced 1-4 a 3 8. Gold opened firm at 2 7t), but gradually declined to 2 89 a 2 70; at 2 P. M. it rose and sold freely at 2 73 a 2 74. tjeu. Hall or'■ in i‘t irtult of the Itatiter.. Baltimore, July 8. Dispatches from Frederick, received at headquarters this morning, say that the one my retreated during the night from before that town. Geu. Wallace is pursuing them.— Keinforceineuu are rapidly goiug forward. HarperFerry Eeneuated by the It rite In, Baltimore. July 8. A dispatch from Harper’s Ferry this morn ing, confirms the evacuation of that place by the rebels, and says our troops again bold it. The old flag floats once more over the town. Appointment of a Xational Vtt.t, Washington. July 8. The President, in pursuance of the recom mendation of Congress, appoints the first Thursday of August as a day of humillatiou and prayer. Reported flarninff of FTai/er.toien. New York, July 8. Dispatches received here state that Hagers j town was burned by the rebels last uight. I BY TELEGRAPH TO THE Portland Daily Press. ————— "■ ■' - The Iiebel Haul into Maryland. Destruction of Property by Imboden’s raid Mosby’s Forces. THE REBELS REPORTED IN POSITION AT MIDDLETOWN. THE REBEL FORCE ESTIMATED AT ABOUT 5000. Philadelphia. July 8. j A dispatch dated two miles north of Ha gerstown, at 10 A. M., to-day, states that 180 picket guerillars from Imboden’s and Mosby’s camps, entered Hagerstown at 5 o'clock where they were robbing stores, and bad tired the engine bouse, Thorstoo’s warehouse and 200 tons of government bay. They also intended to burn Seels A Co.'s warehouse, and threaten ed to burn the turn-table of the railroad, which has not bet a disturbed as yet. The rebels were Wen with plunder. The rebel Cent ral McOoiisland, with bis brigade, was at Williamsport this morning, hut reports say that he will leave that place tOvday. * A high wind was blowing the fire up through tlie town of Hagerstown, and great destruc tion of property was feared. Late dispatches from Greencastle assure us that the main body of the rebels which entered that place have retired, it is supposed, southward, leaving a few stragglers still iu town. SECOND DISPATCH. Philadelphia, July 8. Geu. cuch has issued an order directing that all vehicles and horses, in charge of men, fleeing from supposed danger, shall be stop ped either before they reach or at the bridge across the Susquehanna, uutil further orders. This complies that the danger, if not actually passed, is not eminent or of a serious charac ter. Hundreds of farmers have left their ciops ! just ready for harvesting. Fbkdkiuck, July 8.—2 P. M. \ There has beeu no lighting to-day up to this hour, except some firing by our skirmish ; ers who were feeling the position of the rebels I during last night. , The rebels fell back from the line which reported to be in position in Middletown val ; ley, bolding the road to Middletown and Ha gerstown. two guns mounted in the gap. The rebel force is now estimated at about 5000. Gen. Wallace has received reinforcements. Business has been resumed, and the people seem confident that the danger has passed. FIVE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Nova Scotian. Tout au Basilic, N. F., July 8. The steamship Nova Scotian, from Liver 1KK)1 noon of the 27th, for Quebec, arrived olf here at 1 o'clock to-day. The Kaugaroo, from New York, reached Liverpool early on the 27th. The commercial news merely embraces the ; opening proceedings of Monday morning. The tlnal meeting of the Conference took place ou the 25th. It was purely formal, aud the war had recommenced. It is understood that at the last meeting the representatives of the Gorman powers read a i declaration, in which they threw upon Den 1 mark the whole responsibility, which Denmark entirely repudiated. A letter wa« read from Emperor of Russia, announcing that lie hail ceded his claims upon Holstein to the Duke of ; Oldensburg, and that these claims must be 1 considered as revived by the present situation. The Conference unanimously sustained a vote of thauks to Earl Russell, who presided at its sittings. Karl Russell reviewed the la bors of the Conference, aud expressed a hope, in which all the neutral Powers concurred, that whatever the issue in the con flict the independence of the Danish monarchy would be maintained. Prussia has sent orders to Marshal Von Wrangel to recommence hostilities on the 2»ith. A speedy attack upon Also is expected. It is stated that the German sovereigns had come to an understanding that Prussia, with the concurrence of Austria, should propose at the Federal Diet tha* the German confedera tion should declare war against Denmark. Political excitement in England ran high as to the course to he pursued, and the meeting of Parliament on the 27tb was anxiously awaited. There is no account of the promised minis terial statements. The Times believes that the Conference ended with the rejection by both belligerents of the proposals made by the neutral Powers, and that as Denmark has deliberately ex pressed a desire that the war should proceed, the British Government thinks itself not hound to interfere so long as the campaign re mains within the limits which must have been contemplated by tiie Danes when they made their choice. The conservatives are preparing for a de termined onslaught on the Government A meeting or the Earl of Derby supporters was to take place on the 2Sth to devise a plan of action. A protracted aud important dis cussion is anticipated. Capt. Winslow, of the Kearsarge, has ad .. lotto* to tl.A n.ll* Y.w. Ho .a.... --- - - - —J -— J ~ he did not send ary challenge, but that Se mines sent a request Hot to leave, as lie would fight the Kearsarge, and would only occupy a day or two in making preparations. Five days, however, elapsed before they were completed, ('apt. Winslow says that in the wake of the engines on the outside of the Kearsarge bad been stopped up, and down the sheet chains were stopped by marlin end eye bolt* which extended some twenty feet. This was clone by the hands of the Kearsarge, and the whole was covered by light plank to pre vent the dirt from collecting. It was done tor the purpose of protecting the engines where there was no coal in the upper part of the bunkers, a» was the ca«e when the action took place. The Alabama, towards the last ot the fight, hoi-ted sail to get away, when the Kear sarge laid across her (sows and would have raked her had they not surrendered, wtiich she had done and was trying to get her tlaga down and showing a white; (lag over the stern. The Kearsarge received twenty-eight shots above and below, thirteen below her hull. The best shots were abaft the mainmast and two shots which cut her chain straps, the shell of which broke the wood covering. They were too high to have damaged the (toiler hail they penetrated. The Kearsarge was only slightly damaged, and it was supposed that the action for hot work had just commenced when it ended. The Paris Temps gives a report that two Confederate cruisers were off Cherbourg watching for the Kea-sarge. P r steamship Peruvian. Cai-k Rack, N. F„ July 8. The steamship Peruvian, from LiverpooF June 2tHli and L mdouderry 3()tb, arrived off here at U o'clock ibis evening, and was board 1 ed by the Associated Press news yacht. The steamships Edinburg, from Xew York, arrived out on the 29lh, and the Virginia, from Xew York,on the 30th. (IrrenCiUlle.Juhj 1*1—The steamship China, from lioaton, arrived out on the 1st in.-t. Political news unimportant. Xo additional fighting in In the llouse of Commons on the 20th, Mr. Kiuglake propostd the following amendment 1 to the co .si rvative motion liri vote of cen sure, *' To express the salislactiou of Her Msje.'ty at this conjuncture,” and says she has hei n advised to abstain from ai med interl'er ence iu the war going on between Ueumaik and the German powers. The Times approves of Mr. Kinglake's amendment, and sajs he puls the question to the House as to whether the government has the right of declaring against war, yes or no, and the opposition is hound to answer the question. They caunot claim all the credit for delending the honor of the county, wlih out taking the actual responsibility on them selves. The Morniug Advertiser says the Ministers calculate on from twenty to iliiity majority. They probably will hate a majority something uudi r twenty. The conservatives' themselves are not sanguine of snevess. The papers discussed the Edinburgh's news. The Times says it is obvious that Grant only resorts to his present manoeuvres liecause his original plan lias been defeated. He has ex pended hundreds of thousands of men with absolutely no result, and begins, to all intents and purposes, a present eufr.paigit with disad vantage of an army diminished by enormous losses, and dispirited by obivious failure, and says it must be allowed that Grant and hit soldiers have maintained the character already i acquired for Indomitable perseverance, Congratulatory Lettrr of tho Xary liepart mont to Captain Hit-low. Washington, July 8. Secretary Welles has scut to Capt. Wiuslow, ! of the Kearsarge, the following recognition ol his services iu the destruction of the pirate Alabama: • Navy Department, Oth July, 1864. Sir :—Your very brief dispatch of the 19th and 29th ult., informing the Department that the piratical cralt Alabama, or b90, had been sunken the 19:h of June, near meridian, by the Kearsarge, under your command, were this day received, i cougraluiale you on your good fortune iu meeting this ves el which has so long avoided the fastest ships, and smie of the most vigilant and intelligent officers of the service, and for the ability displayed in this combat you have the thanks ot the Depart ment. j You will please express to the officers and crew of the Kearsarge the satisfaction of the government at the victory o\er a vessel supe rior iu tonnage, aud in the number of htr crew. The battle was so brief, the victory so decisive, and the comparative results so strik ing, that the country will be remiudtd of the brilliant actions of our iufant navy which have been repeated and illus.rated iu this engage ment. The Alabama represented the best I maiatime effort of the most skilled English i woikshops. Her battery was composed of weil-tried bi-pounders of the famous 08 pound er pattern of the lirit'sh navy, aud of the on ly successful rifled 100 pounder yet produced in England. The crew were generally re cruited in Great Britain, aud many ol them had received superior training on hoard Her ■ Majesty's gunnery ship “ The Excellent.” The Kearsarge was one ot the first gun boats built at our navy yards at the com, meucement of the rebellion, aud lacks the im provements of the vessels now uuder construe ! tiou. The principal guns composing her bat tery had never been tried in an exclu-ively naval engagement, yet in one hour you suc ceeded in sinking your antagonist, thus fitly ending her predatory career, and killing many of her crew, without injury to the Kearsarge or loss of a single lile on your vessel. Our couutrymeu have reason to he satisfied that in this, as iu every naval action of this unhappy war, neither our ships, guns nor crews have been deteriorate.], but that they maintain the ability aud couliuue the renown which has ever adorned our naVal annals. The President has signilied his inteution to ' recommend that you receive a vote of tbauks, in order that you may be advanced to the grade of Commodore. IJeut. Commander James S. Thornton, executive officer of the ' Kearsarge, will be recommended to the Sen ate for advancement ten numbers in his grade, and you will report the names of any others of the officers or crew whose good conduct on the occasion entitles them to especial mention. Very respectfully, (Sigued) Giiieon, Secretary of the Navy. To Capt. John A. Winslow, IT. S. Navy, com manding U. S. steamer Kearsarge, Cher bourg, France. The. ProccuUwjn ntjniuot General Hi*. New York. July 8. The Express gives currency to a rumor that Gen. Dix, in obedience of orders Iroin the President, will not reappear in the civil pro cess Instituted again.-1 him before Judge Rus sell, for shutting up the World and Journal of Commerce. “As at present advised,” says the Express, “ it is believed Got. Seymour will, if necessary, after showing the powerlet ness of the civil courts, call upon the militia of the State to aid in executing the process of the court, if the court should issue a war rant for the arrest of Gen. Dix and it should be resisted.” Col. Cleveland Winslow, of the 5th New York regiment, died yesterday at Alexandria. F'rotn Xeir Orleans. New York, July 8. The steamer George Washington,fiom New Orleans 2d inst., arrived this evening. The New Orleans papers of the 2J contain no news of interest. Gens. Granger, Uurlburt and Davidson have been ordered to report for duty to Gen. C’anby. Capture of a HtorkaUr ttuHHrr. New York. July 8. The British prize steamship Uoueu, arrived to-night from Beaufort, having been captured on the 2d lust., by the U. S. gunboat Keystone State. She was from Bermuda bound to Wil mington with a cargo of blankets, Ac. Commeretal, Ter steamship Nova Scotian off Port an Basque. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, June 27 —Tbe probab'e sales of Monday were 8A.0 bait* Breadstuff*—quiet and steady. Provision*—unchanged. LON DON MONEY M A KKET, June 27.—Consols cioatd at JKX&1W1 tor money. Per steamship Peruvian, off Cape Race. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, Juno&kh.— sale# ot Cottou for four day* were 45.000 baiea, in cluding 18,00./ to speculator and exporters The market buoyant and price* advanced 'ajd. but closing steady Ll YERPt H)L ItREAD8 TUFFSMARK FT.—Rich ardttoo, Speuce A C«»., and others, report F.our dull and tending downward Wheat dull and de clined l ft2d owing to tbe anti-warlike statements of the British ministrp; red Western 7* Pd a** 7d LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET—Beef quiet and Arm. Pork quiet. Bacou tiriu Lard quiet and tirm. Butter inactive. Tallow quiet and •toady. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE M ARKCT-Astics li-m. Fugar inactive. Coffee steadv. Rice—no sale*. Ro»in easier. Spirit* Turpentine quiet at 70s tor French. Petroleum inactive AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 3Hv&36di«: Erie Railroad 50. By telegraph to Ureencastle. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. July 1-t.— Sale* lor the week were 88,<l0o baiea, of which 14 OuO were to speculator* and 22,000 toexporer*. The market buoyant and advanced Id for American and jd for other descriptioi * * The sale* to day were 10.000 ba’e#, including 4 000 to speculators and exporter- The market dosing quiet and unchanged. The following are the au thorized quotation*:—New Orleans lair nominal; tuidd in* 40d ; Mobile fair nominal: middling &i;d. Breadstuff*—quiet and Arm with an upward ten dency'. Provis'ons—active ami firm LONDON MONEY MARKET. July 1.-Consols closed at for money. ffew Fork Market. Nnw Yoe*. July 8 ('zittnn_1* Kaltu*. .< 1 i f. «... dliug uplands. Flour—sales 2-v.OOO bbls; State and Western 2 a.25 bc-tler; State 10 75ft 11 86; Ohio 11 13 26; Western lu 75*1,12 23; Southeru tinner; sale-21 tfl bbls at 11 (X ft K o‘; C'auada2)ft23-j highet; sales 700 bbls at 11 60 * ft 13 00. Wheat— 2ft3c higher; sales 16,0(0 bushels. Mil waukee club 2 4 ft20U. Chicago Spring 9&>a2.7; Itiil Winter Western 2 68ft2 t>7 ; White Canada in ferior 2 78$; Tenues*.e cuoiee 2 06. Corn active and 3c higher; sales 85.OX) bush; new mixed Weoteru 1 03ft 1 66. Oat" -firmer; sales Canada at t8|ft95c. Beef—quiet; sales 800 bbls; Country mess 16 00 a 18 00. Fork—c'oscd dull, salt's 150 bb!»; new mess 40 00 fc46 75. Card—higher, sales 4460 bbls at 20ft21c. Butter— flrint r ; 8 ate at 37&44c. Whiskey—lower; sa es 3X0 bbls at 1 7«(a 1 75. Sug*r—firm; sales 17«J0 li hos; Muscat ad> 21 ci.f*<c Petroleum—firm . *dle> 6‘K) bbls crude 60c. Tallow—higher: sales 56,000 lbs We-teru l9«19ic 1* nights to Liverpool — firm. Wool—quiet; fleece hardly so film. A>«r Or leu tin Market. Ni:w Ohllam* July 2 Cotton irregular; good middling 1 40 Sugar ad vanced and quoted at 32c, Flour SlogOftllOO for choice (.old 2lift2 16 Freights— Molasses 60c; I Flour 90c; ( otton 1 6u Stock Market. New York, July S. Second Board.—Stocksdull. j American Cold. .....271 Milwaukie A Prairie DuChit n.60 Chicago A Rock inland.112 Chicago A North Western. 61 Cleveland A Pitfeburg.11] J Illinois Central scrip,. iao Krie.114‘ Hudson. J2n Reading .137 Michigan Central.134 Michigan Souiiiorn. *.*i» i Michigan Southern guaranteed..157 • Cantou Company. New York Central,.] 4 1 Quicksilver Miuiug Co. 74 leuuefvoc 8’s. 6; United States 6’s 1881 coupons.M I United State* one year certificates new . W i United States 5-90 coupons,.Ic3j * m Act for the Belief of Contractors. Tbe following Act was passed by Congress prior to its adjournment for tbe relief of tb“.-c Machine Shops in tbe country which con tracted to build engines for the “double-end ed” gun-boats. As our. I'ortiaud company and mauy of our citizens are interested there in, please publish it for their iuformation aud guidance. D. “All claims bas id upon or arising from the coutracls with persons who contracted with the Government of (lie Uuited States lor the machinery aud engines of the side-wheel gun boats commonly known as “double-euders ’’ be, and the same are hereby, referred to the t Court of Claims for examination and adiupica 1 tion; and said court is hereby authorized to r xam'n*' and report to Congress what amoi ut of material they have furnished in addition to their contract, aud what is the fair value for | the same.” Loan Palmkkstox stated in Parliament that hostilities would probably be renewed in Denmaik, and it is reported that tbe German 1 troops were prepaiingfor an immediate at tack ou the Danish positions, and that the I blockade of the German ports was to l>e resumed. There Is a statement that an order has been issued to bold thirty thousand Brit i isb troops in readiness to march. [- n..i,<b .. ..hJ MISCELLANEOUS. ___ : 1 !HI|WIJI S. A. BLOOD, Success*r to George Anderson, No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, .Signof Anderson’s Hoop Skirt Depot, KtLI'S constantly on band a complete assort ment of HOOP SKIRTB, of every size and length, made of the beat materials and wturauteu to ghe perfect satisfaction. Also on baud a full asao/tuieut ot Corsets and Skirt Supporter*, of the most popular male s, both >oieigu and domes tic, with other article^ properly belonging to a Hoop .Skirt ate;re. lioop Skirt* made to orucr, and re pairing done at short notice. l’ariie* uea iug with this establishment may rely upon getting goods of the very beat quality and at prioe, a* low ms a really good article can be afforded, i'ortlaud, July 6, 18*14. d6w NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goods! MRS. A ROBERTSON has taken the New Store. No. 31 tree Street, comer qf Center, and has selected a Superior Assortment ot MILLINERY, Which she will be pleased to offer to her friends aud the public, on and after the 6th inst. t. S. A good assortment of MOURNING Constantly on hand • i hret or four good Milliners can receive steady employment by inquiring as above. ap4 deodti GRANT S COFFEE & SPICE HILLS. OltIQISAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. a-BA N T , Whole-ale Deaftr in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Snlirratus * Cream Tartar, -Vet. Cofee and Spice Millt, 13 and 16 L'nion street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices tut up'or the trade, with any address, in all variety ol psekages, and warranted as represcutel. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. All gc oda entrusted a t the owner'* risk. march lodtf Portland Oom’y. I^irrEK* Hundred Share. of New Stock of the Company are to bo i,»ued. The preacut Stock holder. have the right to take the eaine lor ten days, vir : nulil July 50tb. sub.ciiption Book, arn open nt the office of the Company cu Fore etrtet, nod it the l'ortlatd Sav i"K» Bank. JOSEFII C. NOYES, Clertt. July Std BRADFORD * HARMON, " Pension and Claim Agents, (Established in 1861.) STILL continue to devote their special and exclu sive attrition to the proet-cution of Claim* ior reunions, liountio, Arrears ol Pay and Prize Money, And ail other claim* against the Government, hav ing been «iuly liceused ther for. CP** All advice free. Term* as low as at any oth er Agcuojr, and no pay required until the claims are obtained. Oflice 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. F BRADFORD, •Iun.2,-d,f ^ K UABMON. The Cabinet Organs made exclusively by MASON & HAMLIN Are the be»t in-trununt. of their ela.. in the world. If early all the moat pronilnen' art in. in the couutry hare given writtou te.timony to thia effect, and theoe in.irument. are iu con.taut im in the concert, ol the root di.tiogui.tacd arti.t.—u oott.chalk and 6ther»—a. Well a. iu tue ru in the princtpal cit ing » hnnevor each in.truiueur. are required. Price #16 to 80OO e—cli. Theee instrument. inwy he found at the Mu.‘c Boom, of the anb.criber. where they will be .yld it the manufacturer.' prices. II. S. EDWARDS, .No.StJj Stewart’. Block, Cosgro St. ___ aprUdtt Icc C'rcaiu ! Ice Cream ! ! -At Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, - Xo. 152 and 154 Exchange St., Opposite the International liouse. __ mavTdtf IF VOL HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OK. if you have an old one that don't exactly suit vou. don't tail to examine the very best pat tern now iu nse, the POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For sale at the Furniture Rooms of WALTER CORET, 52 and 54 Exchange street. June6,1804.—d2ra THE FIRST LATIOML BAM Or PORTLAND. Holders of U. 8. 7-30 Notes, Can have them exchanged for six per cent, twen ty year bonds by leaving them with this bank. The interest on the notes will be paid in coin, at the rate 7 3 10 percent, to July 1, and the bonds will be de livered here as soon as they can be prepared by the Government. These 20 year bonds are the most de sirable of any of the government securities. Con version* must be made iu sums of £500 or its multi- • pie. A commission of one charter ol one per cent, will be charged. W. E. GOULD. Cashier. Portland, May 25, l$G4. may25eodtf For tlio trillion ! Lane'* Patent DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE. rilHK first practical Washiog Machine that has A b< eu p aced before the public. Every family can i hi* machine is having a rapid sale, from the fact that rr recommend* itself. Laities wishing a pleas ant an J protitahle business by taking the controleof a county, can obtain the same by casing at 229 Con gress street next door to Mew City Hall. jal» Tdlm WINSLOW'S M ACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER S BLOCK, UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, M ANl'FAOTTK1.B OF Steam Engine*. Steam Boilers, Shafting Pulleys Heat mg, and all kind* of Machinery Also L ixv and High Pressure rt'eam Heating Ap paratus tor Factories, Public Buildings and Dwelliug House*. Iu tins De par, incut tue e* ablishmect has been uucom mou I v successful. Steam Cock*, Valve*. Whittle*, and *t< am. Water an 1 Ha* Pipe and oonuection* furnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and luithfully Dole. In conn ctioB with the above establishment i. ,n Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of patttuna, and b 1' auin.- Mill, where wood pianingof all kinda may be done. maySdtf mmc H. OSGOOD,! DENTIST, No 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. J3T* At tificial 1- a: d I . fM-v bate. All c-perations tcnrranttd to give ^atihiaciion, juneoOeodisly’04 STATU COLLEGE Agriculture and Mechanic Arts ! rpf!E undersigned. Commissioner*. appointed un i uer a resolve of the last Leg is atuie, an > author ; iz'.-d Mid (liutitM by «hI resolve to invite and rt- ! ee:vA dona ious and benefaction* in aid of the pro i»ose » "CoUege for the beuelit of Agriculture and the M rh i t ic Ar t." and to reooive proposals for the oe-i'ion thereof. hereby give not on that they are i pr pared to receive »ach donations, benefaction* and piop-a-al . and request tha* all communications touc .iiq: the same tnav be made before the tirst day of September next, addressed to the undersig ed. WM. H. CROSBY. Belfast. WM Ci CROSBY, JOSEfll EATON, Samuel f. perley. o MRtl United States Claim Agency! Itmiiily. I’ll/.*' nouey A PeiMlom, Cl AN be obtain* d on application to J SWEAT A CLEAVES, Attorney* at Law, No. 117 M ddie street, Mursey's How. may21eod0ui Singe Not ioe ! For Not ill Conway, N.II. Tri. Weekly Line. 1)AS^EX(, I'ES leave 1'orlUml ot 7 46 a. m. over the V it r. K K Moudavs.Wt-dnvsdat a aid Kri Jav, via (1 ,, Stsndlsb.Limlngton, Ccrnirh, Hi ram BrowndvW aod Kryeburg, arriving at North Conwavatttl o'clock V M. returning by the tame route* Tac-viava, Thursday, and >aturday,. arriv ing at Portlami iu Staton to take tb, Boston iteam era. I h" ex,olid t accommodations and remarkable sooner, arc not suruameu by arv other route JOHN W WtEKS, , . Proprietor and Driver. June 11 :im I . r~ ~ - -| - MISCELLANEOUS. —” ■■ ■ T-.JL - NOTICE . -TO Til* BOOKSELLERS! — A»D — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! — AS D— pi bmsiiiyu noise. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, IJortland, JVtaine, W Are now fully prepared to Supply the Trad©! Lowewt WholeMale Prior*. By 'iNcial contract, recently made with the Bo*. ton and New York Publisher., we are enabled to •upply any and All of the School Books,1 feed io thia Slate, on The Most Liberal Terms. Havingparchaaed the STuaoTvra Plats? from O. L. SAsaoan k Co . of thi. elly. we .hall in fu lure pubii.hlbe valuable Serle. %f ScaooL Boose heretofore putli.hcd by them. Thi. .eric, togeth er with our former publication., will make the fol lowing List:— Norton’*. Wold and Quackenbos’ Gram mar, The Progseuive Grammar, By We’d k Qaackenbos. The Progressive Parting Book, By We'd k Quackenboe. Weld's New Grammar, Weld’s Grammar, * (Old Bdition ) Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Reader, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson’s Arithmetic. B. k Ji.. also publish Hbsbixas'. Axti-Axoc lae Ststsx or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Kigbt Part*, with printed copiu. at tha head of each ptge. In exact imitation of the Author', beau tiful atyle of PRJNMANSHIP. We call special attention to theee New Writing Booled, A* they are admitted to be the most practical Copy Books erer offered to the public; and they are now being rapidly introduced,having the full endorse ment of tho Ssperiiiroilnl of Pihlic School. «f the Stale if «. .. Bt-.ide. the above lift which wepablivb, our spec ial contract, are for the following hooke — Progreuive Series of Readers and S'jellorr. Hillard’s Series of Readers ft Spoilers. Sargent's Series of Headers ft Spellers. Colton’s ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleaf s Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONE|RY —AMU— fiOOM PAPERS! A FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N. R.-Bookfdlers or Country Dernier* who are not coming to the city, may writ# to ui stating abont what amount they purcha-m at a time, and we will send them a MST OF PRICES, It wantod. Bailey <Sz> Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 36 and 38 Exchange Street, ^Portland, 3Vle. maySSdtm Portland Army Committee OV TUB U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T B. lUye., roovlre. Store. at 110 Kid dle (trert. Treasurer. Cyru. Sturdivant, receive. Kcney at 74 Commercial vlreet. Secretary. Henry 11. Burgere, receive. Letter, at Si) Commercial .treet. Andrew J. Chare, Dr.W. It. Jolinvon. juuelSdtl , E,NTEKTAL\ meats. Turuvereia Picuic? Tu* POKT'- NDTUKKVWUINwUJ „ X js,xeunuoA» 10 ■kittle Chrbcagne Island, Wednesday, July 13 h, Accompanied by tbe Baud of (h* 17,1, C. ». lulniilr/. Th« Pcauc Ann l»VITAl>. ... _ C .mui tttcs qf Arrangements : ! 8: «"*• j cSLVSSS-I^A’* "barf at 1 Au tppo tuuity will be given all parties to 1 , dAtelng. snlnge, W U:l, ui other glln. , J t v1.11'? I*,u * ?*-vicUiw*°“*«* ® d'lt by uciiiU*™ cl tbe 1 uiuvtrcio *» l-artio. will furnish heir own refre.lment. I.. water iu abundai cc suppled ' rokeulOoentteneh-mn, ho precurtd at d L Dnvu Rule k -Noyes , (.rosrngo k Co’s, k. ban. J * •. H. r. tuuiniingi', or of V*° M* Mow*- cHAI. 11. 8awvxb John C. u»n*is, J*»u* LMhaw j.iy^K“v"' U 1ST 1 O N Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1 INCORPORATED by tbe STATE Ob MAIM’. Charter Perpetual. Organised, 1SU. Dl REt TOR'S OFFICE. OR Stutc Street, .... Boston, Maw. President—HR XR Y CROCKKR Pice-President—DASfEL SHARP. Secretary—If H HOLLIS TM4t. U. G. WILSON, General Manager of Agenciee an the Xem Ragland states. Assets. 3UI Leermber, IMS, 98S f.OSS.41 Lossss Paid to date, 97SO.OSO.OO Dividend Paid in Cash to date. 9340,030.00 11IITS Company offers peculiar advantages toper. . sons intending to ineure tneir byes, la its sa>ety aud stability, a-quu-rd iu its touitteu years'enpvri. enee; iu i s asse a, whi.b, .wiibiut its capital ol Slb'.uuu.janiouiits to own thiee^ju.rtersoi a million ol dollars, beiug more iliau two hundred iboasaad dollars in exoess of lU lietnliUee lor Iha reinsurance ot Ailoutstanding risks; iu tue faeiliues presented in its accommodating system ot pay meats of premi nm-: iu tbe large number,diversikcdconditions and occupations, van u, ages and localises of Uvea in sured, gi. iug tbe largest requisite scope for tbe ope ration of tbe lawi of average uiormlity, nod tre am plest guaranty to the insured for th. benedu tbere ol; la the divisiou ol proilt-, tbe nnnnat apportion meat of which baviug lor tbe pwst fourteen years averaged huty per Cent ol lhe premiums paid. Policies are i-saed upon all tbe plate usual with Lite insurance t omp.mes, aud at as low rates as la consist, ui with a view to squity and solvency Parties desiring Agencies in .owns where the com pany lia- euouo, and those wishing Traveling Agen cies within tbe sew England 8ta es, will apply to ti. II. IVlLjHyE, 61 6Late St-eet, Itostoa, giving such re'treute. or lulonasti ia as to si , present and past wi 1 enable him to term Jada meat iu regard thereto juaeltdim PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! —AID— Are obtained lor Wounded Soldier* (diocUar/rcd and the friend* of deceased soldier* who are entitled to the *«ine by BYKOV D. YCBRILL, .Ut»n*j ad ComkIIw, it It. 117 liAdle Stmt, -1>U Lioemort Agent for all the department* at Waahmgton. Portland, April a, 1864. art. eodOtu A Few Hurds about the Portland Itralinx Institute. TQE treatment pur»u d at tbe above named la stitau-. commenced tteteber 1HS3, bv Ur Hum phrey T. Packer ol Cambridge, and I* bow no ling er a matter of experiment. The Ur , aJlh'O/n a stringer to tbe eitueLa of Portland, has gradually but silent! r won bis way to tbs hearts of the people without a word of commendation from a single per son save one lrum the Purnaati Unity Press It vra* not ft om any waul of name, w hich might l.ava been used a. references suclt as the following :—ttev E 1 A Eaton, lion Allred Authonv of Froiidecce. U. A. E Newton formerly editor of bpirtiuii Age. ' L. It Monroe, Prof, ol El >cution, Boston, tut tbe Ur very modestly prefrred to wet uulil be could give i the people of 1'ortlsLd some Atone ttitimcnt. tel et - ing last bis <-X>rts w m d be appeeclalvd in due lime bucb now appears to be the esse beyond the exntc tuion Ottbs Dr hita-elf 11 there are any who are now doub le* whether th-. bad better put ihem se vs under tu* care ut tbe Ur nod receive tbelreat meat purs ted at the Institute, we, citisens of Port land, uurdiailv invite all such to call upon aa aud learn more fully what we knewtr the Ur. and the treatment pursaed by him and bis wile It nu.i now be remembered that Mrs s it Packer has oe come permiBeatiy ass ,tiled wlih the Ur lathe la borso bis profession. I Ins lny brings with her th-experience of mors then eleven jeers prec'ioc i with disease which affl Ced only the female t rgta i-m lo her is committed the care of the Ityarluenl loose Jesiriog for her information arc invited lo call an (he subscribers or at ihe Inti tule cantor or Congress aud Chestnut stre-ts nuar New 4 I J Util. C. L Pari*street. Mu. A Mu* Paxxctsll Cam. S3 Brown St , Jana P. Mci'oiLort.u, U3 Miodlc street L. *. Usxicl*. 11 M. rile street Portland, Juue tit. 1*04 — Tuft bah aim 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh M. Phinney, IITOI 1*1) inform hi* Triad* w*t«l former cuatoaer* v ? th »t he ha* taken the Store *V« l*Jt> Axekamge Street, where he intend* to carry on tho Stove and Furnace Business, lit all it., branches STOVES,ut all kinds, of the newt*! aud moat approved pattern*. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. KJ^Second hand Stove* bough*, or taken in oh* 1 chaugv lor now. STova*. Kamub*. Kubbacbo. and Tim Wash repaired at abort notice, tu aTaithful manner. Grateful for ormor patron**-, he hope* by atrict ittention to bu.*ine*«. and fair dealing, to receive a K'*uerou» *hore ot p«bilc Ivor. ma>33dtf For the Islands. On and after Juue 13th the at earner CAsCO will until further notice leave Gurnhatu’* Wharf, ior Teak * tnd rashinc * 1» anda at 9 aud 10.90 A. M., and 3 Mid 3 90 IV M. Returning will leave Caching'* Uland U 9.49 and 11 16 A M.. aud 2 46 aud 6.16 I*. M Ticket* 26 cent*, down and back; Children 16 eta. June 9-dtf DUaOllltiOO. ■ UVMIIUBOKUII, |I AHdrreTMru X Counsellors a* Law. i* this dav dissolved by mu tual coiiM'Dt. Either parti er will attend to tba eet ! lenient of of the business of the la’e dttu Mr. lioaard will c >utiuuo to occupy t>fft;eJl MU Ue *lrce\ over Casco Bank. Mr. Strout will oocnpy office 105 Middle street, opposite brad ol I'luab street. Joasm Howaih. 8 swall C. Steoitt. I Port.'and. June 37. 1504 — t!3w Bmi dolu 4 ollrge. 11BE Annual Meetirjf of the Overseen of Bow 1. doi ■ 4 o1i?k« will b* held ,t ihnr Koom in lb, L olle*c ( h» »l, on TumIiv tbc wcund da. of Au (u.f neat. ,t 2 o'clock f 11 A. C KOBPINS. S-c t. Brun»»lck, July 8th 1864. julyidiU Bowdoin tollegr. XllIF. Annual Ma ting of th* 1’r.wiJcut and Trus X tees of Boardoin Coil ge wil< be ueli at Banister Had. iu the College Chapel, on Tuesday tbs 2nd day Ji August neit, al t-n o clock in the tort noon. JOHN ROGERS, Secretary. Bruuswlok, July 6, 1*>4. julyTdtd’ Bowdoin Colltgf, r|VIF. Annual Kxamioaticu ol cvalidatrs for ad X iulsiou to Bowdniu C ollege ail) takcpacon Fiiday ’be fit h day ol August era*, at 8 o'clock lb be fore; ooi.iu the new Medical Hull; and alio on 1 I'bursdar. tie twentv-htth day <-.f Au.u»r beat, in he same place, and at the same hour ' LEONARD WOOD#. Brunswick. July 6, 1;C4 julyTdtd Forlland l.iiiimlry Does all kinds of family* work, or- , dern left at F. A SMITH'S. No. 115 Federal it., wist he promptly attended to _j*27d2w* _ SAM'L LEWIS. Honrdin-. A FIRST CLASS piiva’e toardiug House. n*wly IjL flitted up. paper* d and tmutrd. |u>t opened at 17 Frveiiree». for tiugle gentlem n. or gentlemen alth tlelr tamili-s. Saits of rotm^ lor faru*lies. KT A good Cook wau td Julv (Mil* Notice. STRAYED into myend- sure Friday, .lure J4. a dark red Cow. J he owner can have her bv raj ug bills JOHN bolt TON. Gorham. Jure 27. ISL4.—d8w • Notice. MR WALTERS SWAN it admitted a rarlner iu dur firm from this <ia:e DANA BR 8. Bo.ton, July 1, 1S6I. Jy< ood3w T» Btnlilcrs. I.'V'II „|. low, iho Sanil on th* lot corner of ! I Mouulltirl and Sumner MrecK. Appl, to JOHN W. Ill ASK , June 13. 18d4. junel5dlm° For Male. It 11S two atory brick lloa-eNo. IDm ktrect 36 by S3 and barn 16 by 2l The lot I. 6) r,wl Kjotre. j vith good uater aud carden ipot. For further pvr iculars enquire ol BENJAMIN KNIGHT. Strum l*acket Company, Atlantic Wharf. july6olw For Sale. TUE valuable estate ou the westerly corner ol ( High aud Spring stro< t», for many Jrais owutd i lud occupied b the late Get rg* Barto*. J. k K. M BiND, 123 Middle St. Julv 5, 1561. julytkilm _ __1 FOK SALE* TUE s*orv and hall House. No. 18 Cedar street Lot 371 b 7 5'JJ H has seven finished rooms, am ple clouts, plenty of hard and soft water, audgas ihroughout. Everything in perfect c rder. For Thr ill r particular* enquire of JOHN F. RAND. No. 6 Clapp • Block, Congress street. juned30d2w AUCTION SALKS. Horses, larri,i|(«s, Ac , at A union O'i8* ■'<*■}-. II o’c.ock A 11. os ys Lirne 6ti,e . W. .hall aril at iiibl.c ► net ton. C»rrf *■•'* PK*f Mil U Cci'Cura u is, KocK*vy»y, Jeonv Ljuus, liari« hs, ac., kc J>4aia kiLsm bailbi a io..Atct’n. K. M. l-Ai i t.V, AUCTloS LLlt, 12 kxcbZLgt bt. Hare A Valuta b.e 'hells at Anctlou. ( 1 July 12 U, at 10 o’e och a M. and g ,"1'. . d * l,D'’ mwcrtment ot b fella .‘jgiVJy*- ant. Indian Ocean*. i I n ,ol™“,hU-' Mr- •'•‘ •'■•au. weii ku .wu to lha Portland nub ile reject tiliy mtjJta bw old pat icon to eo leetioa. bate will to continued until e»e.^ Im w Valuable Rcsl Eclair, Wharl, Flats, *V For Sale. TO clot# the eclat# of the Iste Char)#, jftdan „ Offer hr isle tf o following deccnb- d prot on t ■— » h.rf and Haw, comp htiug alout ninety tfou/aid ft-et o daw, with a frontage of ore hundred twestr *U Sutton Comma.cial .ireot, with tU tildui. the eon: loor lot* ou the weetcrly .ide ol Cornmor it ! V'-i”,12 **/ 100 each: a lot adjoining ou Ho* 5i tf’- ,•* *** iwttl.Oo loot deep: lot ou imk iirtet ?*,**! “4i stut« on corner of l urk and York •iron tot»b,lu; a.weo.tagehca.. u lork atr^t Tol eoJ2i * ,ot 01 l*nd <'n blate etreet Bti feet trout houM hilthV'®,“ ,ho"**‘* fee*. With a cottage lot: the ihov.5^;;iS| £ Ji'M "r«t. large the.utccrifeara. *° Jone2Jdtd OAKbMiR JolUiAS. ASai.i. W.|>, Sale. „ Cspe Eliz.brth at Audios. pL'HSI AM to a liience from the lloa the Jni,. a»aa“-’2s.*jii£rrs« •il' ‘He ot thu Bui/ell Bead in ( 9u+ helng part of the bome.te.d . ? EH.VTiSLV *"»« Tbert, lot. aro loa.ud Tu * Leultby and gotd neUbboihooo. uVoV-., H i bit wait» ,*‘rt*r' **“ Wti «<1 currueud CilARLKt L M A It RAN. Adaifn’etretor July St —did"MV fAJUt* a Cu., ABMliaaaaa. Ship u( Aaciioa. ^)1lILur"<,,,y•Jtt,T ,4,h *• II e'elork a a aa Mm'S *i£ tn“d ***“ iv-"aS? J.lvA^d.U BAJUY * «*- AcoW.„„. Valuable Heal Estate la Cape EU anbelli at Auettau. O*.'*'^d"«‘.rt*r. J«l7 20tb, atSo clock r X oa i"h »*'£ ud'ou tog th# I H « I' Uailrued, aontaiuiag shodtwel.i tea of fin. ,Ud 1 of upland. Tu-reT. oa It a dw«U ’ rag l.c.-e a h arkcmith .h. p and . are! i.i, tTTrJ urater building*'.bout »ih, ]»t r«ciill7l, . JT tanualaetonn.. ur. l>o»es requiring water co tutu ..tea'foa. boui nao a. the Kai.road oo ore side and the usthe Hi*, s” war., on ,b. otber-ih/al^.. ta !?.* know of ao other sack lot la thovtointtV Jn’ortlild fur sal* now dale positive- the mas* A am » ? easy lars please call on p ““ partjea J>,j dU HENRY BAILEY k C<K, iwt'n. EDWAHD n. PATTEN. Commission Merchant A .toctioieer, Hm romovad to Ihs rpactcua store IS Kichnun atrr-t, four doors below MeroJutai'a JCxohA&ie, Will receive consignments of kitrcl ai.dise as SB6FS? s£srS« prompt sale# and returns. m.thlidly * TO THE AFFLICTED I DK. W.?i. DEMlilti, Medical Electrician, Mo. II Clapp’s Block, COKJiAA 0*C0X0XMSS AiiU MLM aXMMJtTa WOL'LD rospactfally scnoaaeeto 'Jpeeitireas as rortlaB.! and vlri'uity, that hq >T rotated is tills City, baring me i!^2?..V inat a * have boeu lit Iowa a/bare cured seme ol the worst loriu. ot dlvarH-li, persons w£l .JTtotod otbsr tor ms of treatment in Vain *5 "Vilhort * '*“• question U otwa' nsked. do they star eared » To answer th’ oumto? •e will s.y ti„ .Al ,h.« dc act t,y *a'id dtwtor th* second time for nothin. ’ * m Dr. 1>. iXD# u-eu a I rkcucai frJeetriciAA fc r tnott. JMywn, isd liilra a regular aruassua >.t.% .m.. - ftDrtriaty to perfectly AdSpted U ch^i£ }■ *or® <■*« *«rvo«r or *iek heA4*che d. urou a n the head, neck.or sx irsmitt. “comam tfoa Cu,! f* the aoate stag!- or where the laa»« are Dot'***,I Inspired; acute or chronic rheumatism, morula hla tieeaecs, wsitesweiiinp, spinal rtarwi .arviiirs ot the spur, contracted mMcleiTSIfortiTtoLu p»Uy or paralyeis. m. Vitas' banc*, dra^u«Vi?i^: •enrgor liDiiiroy cf «pmh, <W«t*fn>iA iisdi***. Uio. eonsUpstioa and Brer comoUinrLliL^r^ presented: asthma broach tuc^-*s-- of the Cheat, and all km effhainaa By Hleotrloity IJ?* “*• «*•*, «» 1— and tfc* lasy JW tnlh toy, and mere with th* anlUty and aiastk. [A* ol ?/”*£*■ Imtod train is cooled; th* turn hfttea limbs restored, the aaeenHi deformiiWri. mored , kiotmma converted to vigor, weaknm to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to bear and the (aisled form to move apright; the blemishes cl yomth are obineratod; the iJd«b, of ^“« |iU prevented; the calamities of old age obviated a* active oirealabon maintained. “• LADIES Who have cold hands and teal weak stomachs .ame and weak backs; nervous and stah bSSIfhl -’ d Laziness and swimming in the head wlthto.11.7lA Uon »»<1 constipation of the bowels; ^mn ia tho'ddo and back; leacorrbraa, (or whites I thili'a. .* to womb with internal enaoert; tamolal womf- .5? all that loag train os diseases will *ld,ln,,£toeti54. ity a ear* means of earn, for painful meastraatioz tvo profuse mt nsiruatioD. and ail of those lea. lto or troahlse with yoa«g ladies Went Hetty ie a certain Kg®B* afc&SB b« restored to BatirAi ftprigth ab4 visor fc* *»— Am of tmm Are. to sipht PaIjIv * ' ** “• > ;°^"7 to*V w.^.’ “ *• » *•*•! 1* CoaaaltaMoa *Voa. lylatsod BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT T« •ulwcrlbera having on the Tth day of Mar lormed > copartner,ldp ander the name of MeCnrtYiy it Berry, For tha purpose of carrying an the BOOT AND SHOE BCSINES8 In all its branches, and having a'l the facilities for get'irg up Hr,t class work for gentlemen tad ladies .ear. are now n ady to execai* ell order, with usl' one. and oispntch Our work will be made of the •est ot imported >tock. by the beat of workmen end sarrauitd to givep-r.ect t.'Ulactiia It la oar aim that. nr wor^ shall not be second to any in the l’nil ■HI attlrl. Wo have also completed a stock of ready-made work ot the d-at quality, ler f met Ion, Quail,mea, and Chldrwn'a Wan •elected from Mew Fork aad Boat on markets Onrlrndte.’ work ta the celebrated Bart, Manf/fictcrp of fitw York. for Geatlemen's w-ar .. hare the beet asaortment eeer offer d tor sale in thia city; such ns line French latent Leather Boots: Glove (alt aad Call ( on gixtr. L,r getttLmcu’s wear; haunt Leather Con eresa, and ( all C, agrees Balmoral, and t ew Ftt neb Beck.a Boots. B,w ,,T,» CBlMrCD-FEGMl 81 C KLE BOOT. now made by Meter'by ft Fer -y f For neatneae. corn tort anil beaatv. it surpasses anything ever got up in thia city. Call and see tt; samples aluaj t on bond at the old stand of FI Mc Carthy, McCarthy a berry. No. Ud Exchange Street juneldtl Cm*riages, (Jumu^es! F.rnily Hut It aud Ntatjj F nisktd. J. P. LIBBETt No. 20 PrebJe St.f i OFFERS for sale, at Ma eaiablisLmeui a rsriety I ol l art tapes matte in the t eat, at at < moat at b * '"i'V *r- Ibe a-anitnui t e, m| t aesnil tbo I to 1 “U thi moat favorable terms, l era. ns Intend "f,’:' '''I'-cbsu. Carriages wdl Hud it f r thee Inter I .'•i to ctltand examine before bi) iir e aewheri*. junelBilt! Pro|M>xaU lor Reservoir. Proposals *iii bew fved for tui'u in* a km* er.oir on bt. John ptr td. at tee c i-y freuir er'e Ull'ice a util Thursday. July 14 th, fl 'o cck r If. 9 IMami and ecidcatio'* of tb« aarne tuay ieiteu at fl fho office ot tie City Eu ’inter. The Co aiuittec ie<*rve therigM to reject an? bid* which may not bt> deemed for the interval of tile ci»v. Per Order oflfcc Committee on Fire Department . . , ^ F.C. MOODY. Chairman. Portland .Tune 90,1^4 —tilw Calumny Henited7~ I EAKSlSG tbat reportsare in circulation preja 7,1 d'.Vi* i° Ihf' clJaracler of tbs F olio* Hoc-n. ; * . . u * common ga»b!U»g tdaoe." the ^roprmtor lecU calkd upon to fiiro tie ^Uc .bat Biuce h«> i had cUaige rfthe ll u<* and to IB \* certain knowledge tor a: 1. tut ih* laa' 'o r vrifta 9 iFr*nhiaJLT *,0'hr:" P*»* ®J a game of au* kind on t bn premia## net ecen .hcqnaia or back-gamaun; aid luring that llm« there h-t* Jiot been aeeu in the H Qourtf- aotbl a chequer or dre* and he chaJlengta 1 Env one to prove te the the ooutrary I Jy4dlw* $. W. SKILLJN, Proprietor. Board. A FEW more Boarder, can be ao--oirmodsted at I 7J Uanlortb atiect.two door, above I ftppiy aoou Juljt1' 1

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