Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 11, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 11, 1864 Page 3
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l'QRTLASD AXD VlCISiXY. lieu Advertisements Te-Itay. Auction Sales—Henry Bailey. Propeeal—Infantry Accoutrement. Letter List. Lott—Boll of Leather. Uvmon.tice—New Court#. Wanted—E. Chapman, Jr. Probate Notice. Clothing—J. T. Lewi, k Co. Stationery—L. Dretaer. Bitters—L F. Atwood. Editorial Convention. Substitute Wanted—Edward Fox. Soldiers Home iu Portland. Agreeable to a uotice published iu the Press of Saturday, for a meeting of those interested in the establishing of a Soldiers' Home iu this city, a meeting of the citizens was held iu the Senate Chamber, New City Buildings, Satur day afternoon, and organized by appointing Geo. W. Woodman, Esq., Chairman, and Lew is B. Smith, Secretary. A committee consisting of Hon. S. E. Spring, Hon. Jgcob McLellan, aad Cyrus Sturderaut, Esq., was appointed to report a list of direc tors, to consist of a gentlemau aud a iatly from each of the Parishes in the city, and they re ported the following, viz: First Parish—Mark P. Emery, Mrs. Sam’l Small. Second Parish—X. J. Gilman, Mrs. S. W. Larrabee. Third Parisii—Edward Gould, Mrs. Cbas. Staples, Jr. Park Street—T. C. HerseyJMrs. E. H. Bur giu. State Street—Henry M. Payson, Mrs. Ren sellaer Craui. Pine St, Methodist—C. K. Ladd, Mrs. Geo. Eaton. Chestnut St., Methodist—Cyrus Sturdevant, Mrs. J. B. Coyle. _T ,. Congress St., Methodist—Chas. A. W alden, Mr9. S. K. Leavitt. „ . „ St. Setphens—Frederick Davis, Mrs. Allord J>ist. Lute-Geo. E. B. Jackson, Mrs. Warren Brown. _ Central Church-F. E. Pray, Mm. J. W. U//tVA Street—J. B. Brown, Mrs. Calvin Ed .tbysanian Otttrch—S. E. Brown, Mrs. Casco St., Church—Bor- D. M. Graham, Mrs. Randall. Federal St, Baptist—J. B. Matthews, Miss Hattie Radford. „ _' _ Free Street—Lewis B. Smith, Mrs. J. S. La tnn. Sicedenboryian—Benj. Kingsbury, Jr. Mrs. Abner Lowell. _ First I'nieersalist Society—J- T. Gilman, lira. Leonard Billings, Second I'nieersalist Society—Ur. sad Mrs. 8. II. Colesworthy. St. Laicrence St., Church—Charles Bailey, ________ ______ Spiritualists—M. A. Blanchard, Mrs. Ham Ph'rJeble Chapel—Ur. and Mrs. Tuckerman. Cumberland St., Catholic Chapel—Ht. Rev. D. W. Bacon. St. Dominick C'/topM—Mr. and Mra. James McGlincby. Second Adeent—Jacob Mills, Mrs. 8cam mou. Bethel Church—Washington Ryan, Mrs. 8. H. Merrill. West Outpel—Rev. Mr. Tewksbury, Miss Haunah Sweets ir. The above named ladies .and g»utlemeu are requested to meet In the Seuate Chamber, New City Bulldiugs, on Wednesday, the 13th inst, at 4 o’clock P. M., for the purpose of or ganization. Guo. W. Woodwax, Chairman. Lewis B. Smith, Secretary. Papers in the oity friendly to the object, are lequested to copy. ^ Railway T haptic.—The receipts on the Grand Trunk Railway for the week ending July 2d, were U Corresponding week last year, J6,7.M 42 Increase, >1*,68ft 03 There was an increase during the week oi $2£ 34 10 in passengers, and ♦10,850 37 In freight. tie The total amount of receipt! from J*n- m to July 2d was ♦2,48.1.022 1.1 Same period last year, 2,162,41:1 Oh Increase, |&21,109 11 Shoe and Leather Dealers’ Festival. TM' annual festival of the Shoe and Leather dealt rs in tfiis city takes place to-day. This mom, ng they will proceed to Cushing’s Island la the steamer Casco, starting from Burnham’s Wharf at 9 o’clock. They will dine at the Ottawa House, arrangements for that purpose having been made. Bowling, Ashing, Ac., will occupy the spare hours, and a pleasant time all round may be anticipated. All the shoe and leather stores in the city will be closed for the day. Picnic.—The Tomvereln’s of this city will «.t. an excursion to Little Chebeague Is land on Wednesday, going down In the barge Comfort. The Band of the 17th U.S. Infan try will accompany them and furnish splendid music. The excursion is open to the public, ladies as well as gentlemen. Arrangements liave been made for the amusement or both sexes, but parties must provide their own re freshments, with the exception of ice water. he nmeured at the places named an the advertisement. New Custom House.—The plan for the new Custom House in this city has been sent to Collector Washburn, and by him was ex hibited at the Merchants’ Exchange last Sat urday. The plan was drawn by Isaiah Rogers, E»<j., Government Architect. The building is to be of granite; it will extend from Fore to Commercial streets, the fronts on each street being similar. It will he one of the most 'beautiful buildings in the city. Fob U ABPSWEtL.—The new steamer “Mar ceaa Johnson” will commence her trips to Harps well to-day. She Is one of the finest little boats that has ever run in our waters, aud has been fitted up with every accommo dation for the pleasure and convenience of parties of pleasure. Parties, who wish it, can be landed at Peak’s Island, Diamond Cove or Chebeague Island. To “As OtrreujKK.”—We fUlly aud heartily agree with the views expressed in your note, but do not feel that Its publication would be legitimately within the scope of the Press. More thsu this: while the matter Is uudergo iug investigation aud consideration by those who have a right to probe It to the core, we -do not think it necessary for us to forestall their action or their opinions. Y. M. C. A.—The regular quarterly meeting of the Young Men’s Christian Association will take place on this (Monday! evening, at 7 1-2 o’clock. The Secretary having returned from Nashville, request* us to ask a full and punc tual attendance or the members. He has been in the service ol the Christian Commission lor the past three months, and will make some in terestiog statements. Home Aoain.—The Norway and Lewiston * Home Guards, who have been garrisoning Fast McClary, Portsmouth, N. H , were re lieved on Friday by the arrival of the Bangor Company. They arrived in this city Friday evening, encamped at Camp Berry, were paid o(T Saturday, ana left for home Saturday eve ning. Firemen.—The pay rolls of the Fire De partment, preparatory to the payment of the semi-annual salary due the firemen, will he arranged at the Treasurer’s office to-day, aud the Treasurer will be ready to commence pay ing to morrow morning. The American Illustrated papers for this week have beeu received at the book and pe riodical store of A. Robinson, No. 51 Exchange Street__ Gymnastics.—Another cIosb in this health # ful exercise will he formed on Wednesday We refer to the advertisement. 8. J. Court.—The law term of the Suprern Judicial lijurt, for the Western District, wil open in this elty to-morrow. Foreign Export*.—TnC t®1*1 value ® foreign exports from this port wee^ amounted to #27,388 55. \ | Rkv. Mb. Walton. — This gentleman I preached to a very full house, both morning and afternoon, yesterday, at the Third Parish | Church. ' The refusal of the ecclesiastical ' council to Install him, without assigning $pee \ ific reasons for their course, and without irn | puguing his moral or Christian character, is ! likely to give him a degree of notoriety not i usually accorded to a modest, unassuming stranger, as Mr. Walton evidently is. We lls j toned to him yesterday afternoon, from the text: “The Truth as it is in Jesus,” and we ! could not avoid the conviction that he is I possessed of an earnest, honest, unassuming j Christian spirit, that he has a well-cultivated | mind, a clear, well-informed head, and is ad ■ tnirably adapted to the noble calling to which I he has devoted his life. Uis style is very im pressive, his manner earnest and yet pleasing, his voice well modulated, his langauge re markably pure and Well-chosen, his gesticula tions natural and easy, and his whole appear ance such as becometh the sacred desk. Without prcsuuiiug to interfere with the de cision of the council or to forestall the action of the church and parish, we still hope that Mr. Walton may continue to minister in sacred things in this city, for we feel quite sure that he will be found a valuable acquisition to the clerical profession in Portland. A business meeting of the church is to be held this eve ning. _ _ Van Ambuboh & Co.’s Mknagkbik.— This mammoth Zoological exhibition, which is to be in Portland on Monday and Tuesday of next week, has very recently been in Bos ton, where it was commended by the press in the highest terms, and where it attracted the largest audWnces ever drawn out to any simi lar exhibition iu that city. It is a long time since a large menagerie has visited this city, and the high reputation sustained by Van Amburgh’s establishment, in connection with the rareiy of such visitations, will undoubt edly result in bringing out imuieuse throngs of old aild young during the brief time that it j is to remain here. There are many unusually 1 rare varieties of animals comprised in this collection,—among others, the only living giraffe that has been shown in this country for years. ijball vliijs.— ne luaru luiv uie preliminary steps hare been taken to organize Base Balls clubs in this city. Several meet ings have been held for consultation and prac tice. The Arsenal grounds have been se cured. and those interested in this game are requested to meet there this afternoon at 5 1-2 | o'clock. This is oue of the most invigorating j and exciting exercises in which the young can j engage, and we have no doubt it will be en- i tered upon with a determination to sustain : two or more clubs daring the warmer months, i r . j Editors and Publishers' Convention. At a meeting of the Committee of Arrange ments, held last Saturday afternoon, it was 1 voted that in consequence of Commencement at Bowdoin College, occurring August 3d, and the National Fast on the 4tU, the Convention of Editors and Publishers be postponed to the following week, viz., August 10th and 11th. Various sub committees were appointed to make all necessary arrangements for the Con vention. Patents —Patents have been granted John Joliueon, of Saco, for improvement in treating ,gum for the manufacture of varnish. Ante dated June 18, 1864. Joseph K. Grows, of Brunswick, for improved liniment. K. S. Torrey, of llaagor, for improvement in mode of attaching car wheels to axles. Good Example.—Judge Fox, who, it will be seeD iu our advertising columns, advertises for a substitute for the army, sets a worthy example to meu of meaus. He is not liable to draft, and yet he wishes to be represented in the Union army. The Anniversary exercises of Westbrook , Seminary will take place to morrow. The ' exercises will consist of orations and essays by the students, an address by Kev. Mr. Dil lingham, and a poem by Mr. Bakeman. Ex ercises commence at 10 o’clock A. M. The Maine 4th in Portland. Winter port, July 6, 1864. T<f the Editor nf the Preit : During the passenger sojourn of the 4th Maine Regiment in your beautiful city, week before last, while walling little more than a day for the Rockland steamer, we were cour teously treated from several sources. The collation at the Depot, served up by kind hearts, fair faces and delicate bauds, was in striking contrast with the “manners and customs” which we had become accustomed to from the would-be ladies of Virginia 1 Next, our entire regiment was invited to a musical entertainment. 1 regret that I have forgotten the proprietor’s name, but he generously “did his own part in his own way,” to compliment a band of returning war-worn veteraus and make their tardy hours or waiting trip more lightly by. Last, hut not least, the regiment was next day treated to a sumptuous free dinner by Mr. Isaac Barnum, at hU spacious and elegant Eating Saloon. The bill of fare was fit for a king. It Included inviting substantiais of fowls, fish tank vegetables, delicious side disbes, aud a tempting dessert of pastries, puddings aud fruit; all in happy illustration of the classic motto upon the wall: ‘Edina- ut vivamui Aon vl>imu» ut tilauui. ' While the dinner did honor to Mr. Barnutn'a head by showing the extent of his accommo dations and ability to serve the public, it also did greater honor to his heart. If the Bar num of New York feeds the curious, the Bar num of Portland does more—feeds the Uua r.iry ’ May the success of the latter not be Una than that of the former. Having served with the regiment through its entire term of three years, I think I may speak for It aud say, that as we .vere nearly 1 all entire straugers in Porllaud, those courte sies w ere the more appreciated and caused us to led belter acquainted with your Foreat City. “Honor to whom honor is due.” We expect to be mustered out, at our origi nal rendezvous, In Rockland, next week, and become once more citizens. May tills wicked rebellion so soon be sub dued that no on: of any of these returning regiments need ever again be called to ex change tbe garments and duties of the citizen for those of the soldier. Truly yours, B. A. Chase Ctiaplalu fth Maine Yols. Inspection of Steam Vessels. We copy the fuliowiug sections from an Act of Congiess approved June 8, 1861, in relation to the iuspectiou of steam vessels, for the benefit of whom it may concern: Sec. 8. And; he It further enacted, That each engineer and pilot, licenced according to the provisions of said act, shall pay for every certificate granted by any inspector or inspectors, the sum of teu dollars, to he ac counted fur in the mode provided by law. Sec. 4. Aud he it further enacted, That the forty-second section of the act of August thirty, eighteen hundred aud fifty-two, be so construed as to require the inspection of tlm hu.'! aud boiler, in the manner prescribed by that act, pi every vessel propelled in whole or in part by steam, and engaged as a ferry boat, tug or towiug boat, or canal boat. III ail cases where, under the laws of the Fulled States, such ve-aels may be engaged in tbe commerce with foreign nations, or among tbe several States. Sec. ». And be it further enacted, That all engineers at* pilots of terry boats, tug boats, towiug boats, or canal boats, subject to inspection by tills act, shall he classified aud licensed in the same manner as are pilots and engineers by said act of August thirty, eighteen hundred and fifty-two. Sec. 6. Aud be it further euacted, That, - iu lieu of the lees for Inspection required by | the thirty-first section of the apt of August thirty, eighteen bunded and fifty-two, the fol lowing shall be paid: For each vessel ol - one hundred tons or under, tweuty-flve dol lars, and in addition ibereto for each one ; hundred tons, over the first one hundred tons, five dollar*. | BY TURGOT TO THE Portland Daily Press. ■ | Tlie Rebel Raid into Maryland. Great Excitement in Baltimore. Northern Central Railroad Reported Cut. VARIOUS REPORTS. lieporteel Capture of JOOO Pris oners. Washington, July 9. To Mqj. Gen. IJIt :—An official report from Maj. (leu. Wallace, just received, states that a ! battle took place between the forces under his command aud the rebel forces at Monocacy to-day, commencing at 9 o’clock A. M., and I continuing until 6 P. M.; that our forces weie st length overpowered by the superior num ber of the enemy and were forced to retreat in disorder. He reports that Col. Seward of the N. Y. Heavy Artillery, was wounded aud takeu pris oner, and that Brig. Gen. Tyler was also taken prisouer. That the enemy's forces number, at least 20,000, aud that our troops behaved well but suffered severe loss. He is retreating on Bal timore. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. . New Yobk, July 9. A special dispatch from Krederick Junction, Md., states thi*t in Thursday's fight 143 rebels were killed. Gen. Wallace evacuated Krederick at 10 P. : M., Friday, removing the sick and wounded, I stores, Ac. Five citizeus were arrested for I making signals to the enemy. The rebels advanced in line of battle on Saturday morning, occupying Frederick City. Gen. Wallace’s headquarters are at Freder ick Juuction, on which point the rebels are i advancing iu heavy force down the Baltimore pike. Frederick Junction will be held up to the last moment. BAi.TtuoKE, July 8.-9 P. M. If may, without exager&tion, be said we are having an excitement to-day. The streets are lecuiiug w nu luuucis uuiu iuu iruiu. acuu* arrangements are being made in anticipation of an emergency, which, it is believed, is only scarcely possible, not probable. Loyal leagues are being armed, aud the de feusiue works strengthened. The government is pressing into the service ail the hbrses they can lay their hands on, es pecially fast blooded animals of tbe disloyal. Passes are required to leave the city. Sus pected persons are vigilantly watched. At last accounts we still held our own on the Monocacy. It is understood that there has been some fighting. Oen. Wallace and his troops are concentrating and will give a good account of themselves. Baltimore, July 10.—S A. M. The excitement is intense this mornin.— Cnion citizens have been arriving ail night.— At 6 o’clock this morning the alarm bells were rung. Parties headed by a drum and fife are marching through the town to man the defen sive works. Our citizens are turning out with spirit, and mauilest a determination to do their utmost to defend the city. The enemy are now reported at Elicott’s Mills. Gen. Wallace is falling back toward the city. The telegraph is still w orking to Marriatls uiile, which is beyond Ellicolt'e Mills, so that the report of the rebels being there is prema ture. Tbeir scouts, however, are believed to be within 15 miles of the city. We are still not without good hope of beiug able to prevent tbe entrance of the rebels into tbe city. The secessionists who have property and stocks of goods on hand here are by no meaus pleased at the prospect of exchanging their goods for rebel money, much preferring green backs. 10 A. M.—Rebel cavalry are reported to be at lteistertown, 10 miles north of Baltimore, and supposed to be making for the Northern Central railroad to endeavor to cut our commu nication in that direction. The train wuich started out on the Balti more aud Ohio railroad, has returned with a number of wounded on board. 11-15 A. M.—The party of rebels at Heis terstown is said to be a small body stealing cattle and horses. Gen. Wallace was, at last advices, 26 miles from this city, falling bark with a force Iresh troops coveriug his rear. The enemy is not supposed to be following him, at least they are not to be seen on the road over which he is retreating. His artillery is safe. Our streets ai e swarming with citizens cotniug for ward well, and if well handled will help much in the work of holding tbe city. 11-3U A. M.—The only real danger at pres ent seems to be from a cavalry dash into the city. It will meet with a warm reception if it gets In, and the stay probably will be very brief It is reported that Harry Gilmore’s cavalry were at Westminister last night. He is said to have taken his supper there, while his men were employed stealing horses, Ac. 1 P. M.—The new recruits aud veterans fought bravely and gave away only when out flanked. The enemy was severely punished and it is thought this is the reason why they do not follow up our rear. The Union bridge on the west Maryland road is burnt. 2 P. M.—This city is wild with excitement. All the citizens have been armed and sent in to the fortifications to defend their homes.— Gen. Wallace is at Elllcott’s Mills, 12 miles from here. The Northern Central railroad has been cut by the rebels, and the Baltimore and Ohio Wallace reports that the mala body of reb els are now moving on Washington. 5 P. M.—The Northern Central railroad has been cut near Cockeyaville, and a bridge Is reportud burning. A rebel cavalry force, estimated at 1500, crossed the Northern Central railroad above Cockeyaville this forenoon, and are going to wards the Philadelphia railroad. They are expected to reach there before night. It is hoped that a force is now guarding that road sufficient to drive the rebels off. Confidence in the ability of onr forces to hold the city is gaining, aud there is less excitement. The ■ telegraph line to Washington is yet intact. As a matter of precaution, valuables, records, Ac., of banks aud other iustituiiou9 heve lean placed on board a ste mer In the harbor. ti P. M.—Sigel’s wagon train arrived to-day ' iu charge of a detachment. Oue of the of ficers who was in the fight says he has uever seen more desperate fighting, and thinks the rebel loss fully equals ours. Alexander’s bat tery is safe. Our loss iu prisoners is about 1000. 7 P. M.—The advance of the rebel cavalry is reported to be seven miles from the city on the York road. The troops engaged in the tight at Munoca ey bridge yesterday formed iu line of battle on tire left o( tire railroad and on this side of the river. The 2d Ohio regiment was thrown out as skirmishers. The latter was attacked at 7.30 in the morning by the enemy from Hagerstown pike, when they fell back across tbe river in good order aud with slight loss, fighting all the way. After crossing they suc ceeded iu checking the advauce ol the eueiny and held him here a long time. About 10 A. M. a despeiato attack was made by dismount ed cavalry, which were repulsed, aud notwith standing they repeated tried to dislodge our men from their position, they could not sue cued. Their loss here was very heavy. Our men bad the adrautage in using rides, while the rebels hal only carbines. After fighting until 3 P. M. a heavy body of the enemy was discovered moving upon our left flank, having . rro’sed the river some distance below, aud In consequence our troops had to abandon their position and fall back, the enemy following tor about lluee miles, but without Inflicting much damage. Our loss is said to be about] 1000 Wiiled, wounded and prisoners. Gen. 1 Tyler was In command of some of the 100 , days' men, aud how be was captured Is not | knowi. The eueiny levied a tax of $20,000 on Mid dletown. Tlie women are reported to have lieeu iueuit'-d, their clothes stolen, and num erous outrages committed, j The rebels are supposed to be of Kwell's corps. They are reported to be n >w march ing on Washington. They set fire to the ' Frederick depot and a ham adjoining. 8 P. M.—Intelligence has reached here that a portion of Gen. Hunter’s force, under Gen. Sullivan, has recaptured Martinsburg, and takeu lOuO prisoners; also all the captured stores and much plunder collected by the rebels at that point. HaRBISBUBG, Pa., July 10. Gov. turtle has Issuer! another proclama tion, urging the people to come forward to the defence of the State aud country. In the . course of his exhortations be says Gen. Wal lace, with 10.000 men, was compelled to fall back from Frederick. Washington, 10. The Star extra of one p. M., says a satisfac tory body of veterans are iu a position to reach either Baltimore or Washington before 1 rebels do. ln%mVr"1n tin ^nrtninni't>r’i l Department heie, ia ready for inatant service. The rebels have not crossed at Edward's j Ferry aa reported. There are uo armed rebels in the depart ment of Washington. Gen. Wallace telegraphs Sec'y Sewaid that Col. Seward is not a pris oner, and is not hurt. He behaved with great great gallantry. Philadelphia. July 10. A dispatch to the Sunday Transcript, dated Chainbersburg, July bill,says Couch’s cavalry adsauce, supported by iulautry and artillery, eutered Hagerstown, Md., yesterday after noou, and captured fifteen or twenty rebel stragglers who had been engaged in burning and plundering the day previous. Quite a number of buildiugs are destroyed, including both public aud private property. The rebels were, if anything, more severe upon seces sionists than Unionists, raising contributions everywhere. McCs'islin’s rebel brigade, iu consequent of this movement of Couch re ired in confusion along the Williamsport and Sharpsburg roads. Heavy firing was heard here last night, in the direction of Harper’s Ferry, Indicating a brisk Engagement going on between Sigel's forces and a portion of the rebel raiders. Noon—The War Department ordered Gen. Couch to muster in by companies, with the express understanding, that the term of the 100 days inen is to be from the time of mus ter. The mail carrier between this place and Rockville, about 14 miles distant, returned hastily from that place this afternoon, bring the report that the rebel troops were in that immediate neighborhood. He says be saw them and bad uo idea of their number. From the Army before Richmond. Rebel Attack on the 5th Corps. Washington. July 9. It Is ascertained from parties from City Point that the rebels brougut a battery to bear on a working party throwing up entrench ments near Petersburg. Ours ldieis brought up a battery to oppose that of the rebels. The , latter was soon silenced. Subsequently the rebels took another position, but fiuding they could accomplish nothing by their fire, they soon ceased to blaze away. With this excep tion all has been quiet tor the past few days. Xeab Petebsulbg, July 7, Evening. To-day the eueiny was discovered erecting a fort In front of our left centre. Our battery of 32-pounders opened upon them from the 5tU corps, which caused the work to be sus pended. An artillery duel has been going on all day. CapL Carter, of the 1 jlh Pennsylvania, has ueeu severely wouutieu. The Kichmond and Petersburg papers are jubilant over tbe raid into Maryland. The people of Petersburg have abandoned the city to tbe destroyers. I.ATKK July Sib, 10 i'. Jf.—Another artillery duel occurred to-dav. About 4 P. M. the rebels oppos te Gen. Turner's work sprang up with , a loud yell aud delivered a rapid volley of musketry. Our meu responded with a cheer, and opened upon them with shot aud shell.— The 13lh Indiana arrived with seven shooters aud poured in several close and well directed volleys, causing the rebels to retreat inside ot their works. Our batteries then opened generally, aud though the contest was brief, it showed that the rebels were there in force.— The object of the assault is unknown. Our losses for the day were no larger than usual. Both armies are strengthening their works, and all that skill can do is being done on both sides. Capture of 150 Feder&ls by Mosby. Wabbinbto#, July 0. A letter from Avondale, Va., 8 miles west of Alexandria, says a scout of 150 men from the 2d Mrss. and 12th X. Y. Cavalry, under command of Maj. Forbes, went to the vicinity of Aldie, where they met Mosby with a large force and one piece of artillery. Mosby charged on them,killed 10 or 15,%nd captur ed tbe whole party, horses and accoutrements. On receipt of tbe news Col. Lowell str.rted off at midnight with 200 meu from tbe 2d and 18th. Capt. McPherson of the ltlth X. Y. Cavalry joined him at Fairfax, wheu they proceeded to Aldie w^ere they found 25 wounded men and 11 dead, whom they buried. They scoured the country about that region, but found that it was of no use to pursue Mosby, a« he bad twelve hours start towards Upperville, where he had taken his booty. Our party returned last evening with tbe ' wounded. Capt. Stone of the 21 Mass. Cavalry, of Xewburyport, Mass., is lying dangerously wounded at Cenlreville. Thirty rebels were at Fairfax Court Ilouse, yesterday. I'arnsi limn. New York. July 0. The quota of 12,060 militia called for, to be taken from the first division of the State, is <000. A meeting of the officers was held to-day to decide which city regiment shall go. The hearing in tbe case of U. S. Marshal Murray, in tbe motion to quash the indict ment against him, for kidnapping Arguelles, came up this morning in the General Sessious. Mr. Brady, counsel for Marshal Murray,stat ed that finding the proceedings commenced by a grand jury, he would withdraw bis mo tion, and either plead not guilty or put in a special plea within two weeks. Judge Kussell thought the case might go over until Septem ber, and that Mr. Brady, if be so elact, might put in a special plea in the meantime. The case accordingly went over. Gold closed last night at 2 70. Eight regiments of militia for 100 days ser The iron double under gunboat Mehauge, was launched lo-day. There was a rumor In the city to-day that part of Gen. Grant’s army is on the way for the protection of Washington and Baltimore. From Fortress Monroe—Arrival of H omul eel Mains Soldiers. Fon t litas Monroe, July 8. Arrived at Hampton Hospital to-day, W. Pollard, 8th Maine, sick ; T. Uamsell and Gso. Ingram, 11th Maine, sick; G. H. Butler, Oib Maine, wounded iu loot. The steamer Guide from City Poiut, to-day, report* some tiring iu front of Petersburg ou Friday, but when tbe Guide left alt was quiet. Steamer Baltimore sails for New York to- | night, with a load of sick aud wounded. Steamer Tho*. A. Morgan arrived from City \ Poiut this afternoon with 200 wounded sold iers. From the Southwest. Memphis, July 7. The exciteunut here upon Gen. Wash burne’s order for retaliation, is intense. A , number of secessionists have been arrested aud put under guard. Arrivals from below report all quiet. Gen. Cauby was at New Orleaus carryiug forward important movement.- w hich will soon devel op themselves. Nothing has been heard from Gen. Smith lately. Ilrutal -tssault upon the Ameriran Consol ul Hermuda. New Yoke, July 10. The schooner Uarkuway, from Bermuda, briugs papers of the 20th ult., which state that a brutal aud cowardly attack was made ou the U. S. Consul by a gang of ruffians represent- i lug themselves to belong to the pirate Florida, then iu port. The riugleader of the outrage was arrested. From California. Sa.v Francisco, July 8. Arrived from Panama, steamer St. Louis. The Nevada Constitutional Convention has 1 adopted articles disfranchising disloyalists and declaring not to elect State officers at the time of submitting the constitution for ratifica tion to the people. The Assault on Krnsaw Mountain. Nashville. Tenu., July 7. i The reports oi the assault of the 27tu ult. ou Keusaw Mountain, published iu the West, are gieally exaggerated. The attack « a made by on'y two divisions. Uurlo.s was not over 2,0<X). The final buttle for the possession of Atluuta must soon take place. The Froveesliny* Ayainet lien. Die. Ntiw York. July 10. The argument in the case of Gen. I)ix for suppiessing the uewspajiers Journal ol Com merce and World, was heard in this city be fore J udge Bussell yestetday. Tbe.decision is to be rendered on the 1st of August. Tht Pirate Horiila. New York, July 10. The Brazilian brig Alivia, from ltio Janeiro, was spoken on the 7th Inst., in lat. .14 40, long. 80 50, by tbe pirate Florida, crulsiug. Haw Fork Market. Nxw Yobs. Ju'v 9 Ashes-tlrni; sales at 18 00® 18 60 tor Pots and 16 00 @16 60 for Pearls. cotton—to better; sales 900bales at 1 68 for mid dling uplands. Flour—receipts 16,581 bbls; sales 86,000 bbls. in 1 fludiag 11,000 do sstra State tor July aud August at —mOsset 'i. n i!K=a— Sup rliue State 10 6d®1090; Extra do li 26®11 66; choice do 1160*11*6; Hound Hocp Ohio 1160® 12 00; choice do U 1J®1800; Superfine Wettorn 10 60®10 95; common to good Fxtra do 10 76®ll 00; 8 juthoru—less active and drooping; sales 1200 bbls; Mixed to good 11 GO® 12 00; Fancy and extra 12 10® ®14 00: Canada 2Gc lower; sales 900 bbls; common Extra 11 25@ll GO; extra good to choice 11 00®1300. Wheat—dull and 2®3c lower; sales 142,0^0 bushels including 86,000 do at 2 55*42 60 for No 1 Milwaukee, part to arrive, aud 2 To for amber Michigan; Chicago Spring 2 30*2 0; Milwaukee club 2 86*266; Ami er Milwaukee 2 5>*‘4 61; Ked Winter Western 2 68® 2C6; Ainbtr Michigan 2 t»>*2 72. Corn—n eadjr, sales 47.000 bush; new mixed Wes tern 1 63*1 65. Oats—active and firm; sales at 99®l 0-3 for Canada and State ; 1 (.0 lor Western. Beef—firm and quiet: sales 303 bbls; Country mess 16 00*18 00; prims 9 00*10 00: repacked Chicago 20 OK®46 00; prime mess 34 v 0*36 09. Porx—opei ed dull and heavy and closed with more firim.esl; -ales 3,000 bbls; mess 42 00; old do 40 0; new do 48 26 ®t>; 50 on the spot aud 47 00 the regular way; prim 38 12 j a3300 tor old and new; pnme mess 40 00; also 10U9 bbls new mess for July buyers option at 4900. Cut Meats—firm; 5000 pkgi; Shoulders 174® 16e; Hams 18®19c. Bacon—nominm1. I ard—scar cel? so firm, mice 1760 bbls at 20®20}c. Butter—firm: Ohio 39*84; State 37® <4c. WhiBkey—favors buyers; *aie» 29U0 bbls at 1 70® 1 73 for State and 1 73*1 76 for Western. Kiee—dull at 18a!4c fbr Rangoon. Sugar—quiet; sales UuO boxes Havana21c. Coffee—dull. Mola*gea—dull. Naval Stores—quiet. Spirits Turpentiue—3 66*3 70; crude nominal* Kerin - 46*W) Tar—22 00®2300. Iron—firm; sales Scotch pig 80 00*85 00. Leather—quiet. Fish—steady. Oils—firm; Linseed 1 67®1 70; Petroleum is firm; Lard 165® 160; Sperm 2t20®2 23; Whale 1 40*1 42. Hides—quiet. . | Lead—less active and unchanged; Spanish 16®164 , Tobacco—quiet and fir u; saies Kentucky 14*45. Tallow—quiet and firm; sales 4CO00 lbs 19® 191c for inferior to tiair Western. Freights to Liverpool—firm; flonrls; grain 4d for wheat. Wool—quiet aud firm. S. -A.. BLOOD, Successor to George Anderson. No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, Sign of Anderson's Hoop Skirt Depot, KELPS constantly on Laud a complete assort ment of HOOP SKIRTS, of every rizeand length, made of the best materials and warranted to give perfect satisfaction. Also on hand a full assortment of Corset** and Skirt Supporters of the most popular raak s, both ’oreigu and domes tic. With other articles proper!} belonging to a Hoop Skirt store. Hoop skirt* made to order, and re pairing doue at short notice. Parties dealing with this establishment mav rely upon getting gjods of the very best quality and at price* a* low as a really good article can be afforded. Portland, July 8,1864. dfiw NEFMIMJNEItY STORE. IVew Goods! MRS. A. ROBERTSON has taken the Now Store, No. 81 Free Street, comer qf Center, and has selected a Superior Aetortment of MILLINERY, Which she will be pleased to offer to her friends and the public, on and after tho 5th iust. F. 8. A good assort men t of MOURNING Conctaatiyon hand . 1 hrac or four good Milliner* can receive .Icedy employment by Inquiring as above. ap4-deodti GRANT S COFFEE ft SPICE MILLS. OltlOIXAL K STAHL I SHU MX T. J. GR A 1ST T , Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Salirratns 4c Cream Tartar, Yew Cr.ffet and Spirt Mill,, 13 and 16 Vnum tirttt, Portland, Me. Coffee and 8pice? mt up'or the trade, with any address, in all variety ot pvck&ges, and warranted as representel. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. All gc ods entrusted a ithe owner’s risk. marchlOdtf Portland. Oom’y, I^lKTEKV Hundred Share, of New Stock of tbe ( orapaur are to be l-»oed The percent Stock holders have the right to take the tame for ten day*, viz: until July SOtb. , suloctiption liooka are open at the office of tbe t-Oinpany on Koro atreet, and at tbe l’ortlaad Sar logs Bank. JOSEPH C. No YES, Clerk. July Std BRADFORD-* HARMON, Pension and Plaint Agents, (Established in 1851.) STILL continue to devote their special and exclu sive attuiition to the prosecution ot Claims for Pensions Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prtae Money, And all other claims against the Government, hav ing hc«n rtulv licensed therefor. CP" All advice free. Terms as low as at any oth er Agency, and uo pay tequiicd until the claims are Obtained. office 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. F. BRADFORD, t oi .aw y Z K barmon. Jane 21 —dtf THE FIRST UTIUIU BASE OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. S. 7-30 Notes, Can have them exchanged fort's percent, twen ty year bonda by leaving them with this bamk. The interest on the notes will be paid In coin, nt the rate 7 3 10 percent, to July 1, and the bonde will he de livered here as toon ns they can be prepared by the Government. Three 20 year bonda are the moet de ilrableof any ofthe government aeearities. Con versions must be made in sum- of SiiOO or its multi ple. A commission of one <|uarter of one percent, will be charged. W. E. GOL'LD, Cashier. Portland, May 23, I“04. may25eodtf if YOU HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR !| OH. if you have an old one that don't exactly .•uiit vou, don't fail to examine the very beat pat tern uow iu use. the POLAR RKFRIUERATOR. For sale at tbe Furniture Rooms of WALTER COREY, 52 aud 54 Exchange street. Juueti, 1864 —<12in WINSLOW SflUCHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER’S BLOCK, UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MANurxcTruxa of Steam Engin«4. Steam Bollors, Shafting Pulleys Gearing, aud all kind* of Machinery. Also Low ami High Procure steam Heating Ap paratus tor Factories, Public Buildings and Dwelling Houses. In this Do par. meat the establishment has been uncommonly ^ccesxftil. Steam Cocks, Valves Whistles, and cteam, Water { and Gils Pipe and connections furnished at wholesale or letail. Repairing promptly and liuihlally Done. In conn «iou with the above ertabllehment ie an Iron Kuundry, with a large aaiortment of pattern., aud a Planing Mill, where wood plauiugoi all kinda may be done. maySdtf flifec. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, No. 8 Clapp * Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. flTArtificial Teeth icserud on Gotti, Silver, aud I'uU'nnite base. All operations trorrauttil to give satisfaction, juuefiOcodisly'64 STATE COULECiE ! Agriculture and Mechanic Arts! fpiiE uudersigued. Commissioners, appointed un- i A der aresoive of the last Ligis ature. ana author ized aud duecteu by saw! rtwoTve to iuvile and rr- I ceive doua ions and benetactious in aid ot the pro posed ''College for the benefit ot Agriculture and ! th- Meckctnie Arts," and to receive proposals for tbe location thereof, hereby not'ee that they are prepared to receive such donations, teneftetion* aud proposal-, ami request that all oommunicatious touching the game may be made before the first day of September next, addressed to ihe uudenrg: ed. WM G. CROSBY, Bel last. WM G CROSBY, JOSEPH EATON. SaMI'EL f. perlf.y. ju ySdfcwto aeptl United States Claim Agency! Bouiily, Prize Money Sc Pemlone, CAN be obtained on application to SWEAT A CLEAVES, Attorneys at Law, No. 117 M ddle btreet, Mussey's How. may21eod6m For the Island*. On and after June 18th the steamer AftJgK^i^CAbCO will until further notice leave Burnhaui’s tFhtrf, for Peak's aud Cushing’s Islauds at 9 aud 10.80 A. M., and 2 and 3 801*. M. Returuiug will leaveCuwhing’s Island at 9 49 aud 11.15 A. M . aud 2 45 aud 6 16 IV M. Tickets 25 ceuts, down and baoki Children 16cts. June 9-<lU MISCELLANEOUS. i ~ ' - NOTICE —TO TUI BOOKSELLERS! — AUD — f .Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! —AID— I'l BMMIlVG IIOI SK. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 50 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, Arc now fully prepared to Supply the Trade! — AT TUI Lowest Wholesale Price*. By special contract, recently made with the Boa ton and Hew York Publisher*, we an enabled to supply any and All of the School Books,1 Used iu this State, om The Most Liberal Terms. Haring parcbucd the Stkrboty rn Platu front O. L. 8axbobh fc Co, of thiacity, we .hall in fa lure pubiiah the valuable Sertee of ScaooL Booica heretofore palli.hed by them. Thi. wrie., er with our former publication., will make the fol lowing List:— Horton's, Weld and Quackenbos’ Gram mar, r The Progseuive Grammar, By Weld & tjuackenbo.. The Progressive Parsing Book, By Weld a (Jueckeaboe. Weld's Hew Grammar, Weld's Grammar, (Old Edition.) Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Header, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson’s Arithmetic. B. a M.,alaopabliab IUbbimab’* A-vu-Aaoc lakStstbw or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Eight Part., with printed copie. at the bead of each page. In eaact imitation of the Author', bean liful style of F»E 1ST IvluAe NSHIP. We call ipeaUl attention td theee Mew Writing Books, Aa they ere admitted to be the moo practical Copy Books ever offered to the public; aad they are bow | beiug rapidly introduced, having the full eidorae meut of the Saperiutradent if Piblic if I be Suit if Ur Bwidea the above lift which we publish, eur Spec ial contract* arc for the following book*: - Progressive Series of Readers and Spellers. Hillard’s Series of ^Readers ft Spellers. Sargent’s 8eries of Readers ft Spellers. Colton's ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, STATIOAEJRY | —AMD— ROOM PAPERS! i FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N. B — Bookseller*or Country Dealer* who are nolcomiug to the city, may write ton* stating nbont what amoaat they purchase at a time, and we will aeud them a LIST OF PRICES, II wanted. Bailey <Sc. Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 30 and 36 Exchange Street, Bortland., lv£e. mijtMIm Portland Army Committee Of THM U. S. Christian^ Commission. Chairman, T. K. Uayes, reoeivee Stores nt 110 Mid dle street. Treeeurer. Cyrna Sturdivant, receives Money at 71 Commercial street. Secretary. Henry H. Burgees, receives Letters at 8u Commercial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. K. Johnson. JunelSdtl ENTERTAINMENTS. Turnverein Picnic! T TlJliNvre,!E'* *«*.. I*ittle Chebeaguc Island, Wednesday, July 13th, Accompanied by tbe Band of the on, W. 9. iBfllBll.y. in* Pi-nmc ana lavirao w Of Atrant-unt, Aug. K sfeveni. “ B j^Wp r N°r**’ ttvte£0&t 7 »VuV C°“l0rt 1,111,«’r» Atlsntie Wharf at An oppo (unity will be given nil t, i. i. dancing, »«mg. bun hnil. aud other game. J ‘ there wiilajsoboagymuastie#ahibitioont2o’el'k by mem ben of tbe luruvereiu el *• l'artte. will their own refreshment, lo. water in abundance supplied. I’lCketa 50 cent, rich—toey be procured it H L PV“ • * Noyee’, CrosmauA Co's, A Liana, Jr i, U- T. Cuminiiign', or ol Oao M. Howg, (Ban. U. BawiEn JcHfi O. ug»«ig, Ji.h.LSbaw Tao*. McEwab XT N I ON Mutual Life Insurance Oo. INCORPORATED by th« STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Or fanned. 1601. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, OS State Street, .... Boaton, Mate Preeidenl— HKXR Y CROCK KR I ice-President—DANIEL SHARP Secretary— U' II. HOLLISTER. H. o. "wILsox. Central Manager of Ayenriet in Ike .Yew England Amty, Sill l.tcember, 18dt, $839,083.47 Losses Paid lo dale, $730,030.00 Dividend Panj i» Cask to date. $340,934.09 THIS Company offers peculiar advantages toper K son, intending to insure tueir livee, in lu «nietv and stability, acquired in its lonrtten years’ eapvri encei tu lie asses, which, iwithout Its capital of • UH.OOO, (amounts to overtbree-quartenol a million at dollars, beiug more than two hundred tbouaand dollars in mot. of it, HabiliUee for the retcsnraace of all out-standing risk,; in tne facilities presented ta Its accommodating system ol payments of promt urns: In th. large number,divemtj. d Conditionsand occupations, various ages and localities of lives in sured, giving the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the law, of average mortality, and the am plest guaranty to the insured for the benefits there of: in the division ol profit-, the annnai ,. portion, uient of which having lor the past fourteen yean averaged *o rtyper Cent, of the preuiam, p-ij _ Policies are issued upon ail the pia.s u.uai with Liu Insurance C'ump-uies, and at as low rale, a• i, consist-nt with a view to equity aud solvency. Parties desiring Agencies in .owns where the com pany have none, and those wishing Travelln. a... .. .... angiaDd kirn, will apply to O. II. IVILSIIJI, at diets Street. Boston aivine •oeu re create, or information as to ar preseat and past business, as wi I enable him to Iona jade meat in regard thereto. jitneUd3m PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! BAGS. PAT ! Ar2 h>r Wounded Soldiers Uncharged, and the friend* of deoeeaed aoldior* who ere e nut led to thesama by BVBOSr D. VEBBILL, *«•"*! "* C«Bi*lkir. K le 117 little S(red, w^?SAT11 for " *h* •» Portland, April X, ISM. ap» eoddm 126 Exchange Street. 126 F*hinney, WOULD inform hie Triads end former eastomers that he has taken the Start No t*j if Strut, when he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace BubIucm, In all its braeebee STOI KS, of all kiada, of the newest and moat approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. EWSecond hand Stores bought, or taken In at. tkang* for new. Stock. Root*. Fca-iaras. end Tib Vail repaired at short notice, in a lailh/DJ manner. Urateftil tor lormer patronage, he hopes by strict ■ttenikio to bnsineas. «d hl/Mat t* reirtr. . generous share of public Invor. f . ___ msjSSdtf The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the be*t lumunent* of their oil** in tb« world, nearly all the mo«t pronicun artist* in the country Imre given written testimonr to this effect, and ibeee instruments arv- In conetant'u"* in the concerts ol the mot; distinguished artists—nc Uottachalk and ollicm—as well u in the rat in the prise pal cit '**■ !’*m£nr •*, h iV'romens are reowred. Price *4 1° » ,00 each 1 heev instruments may be found it the Music Dooms of the subscriber, where they will be.old at the manufacturers'prices. H. 8. EDWARDS, *0-:«j Stewart's Bloch, Congress St. ___aprUdtt Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! A.t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, Ifo. 132 (54 Exchange hi., Oppoaiu the International Honae. j _axayWgf Calumny Betaled. I EAR VINO that report* art* la circulation preja J dicial to the character of tha Kultok Bouea. That it ia a cuaruou gambling place,” the proprietor frels called upon to state u the public •hat since be naa had charge t f the House, and to hiaceruiu knowledge lor at hast the lastfoar years there has not been played a game of any kind oa the premise*, net evea Fhc^aers or back-gammon; and luring that time there lias not beeu teen in the tionst a sard, a chequer or dies, and he challenges any one to prove te the the contrary. JyfidU* S. W. SKILLIN', Proprietor. N t age Notioe ! For North Conway, N.U.TrLWnkly Line. PASSENGERS leave I'ortlaud at 7 46 a. m. over the \ h C. K.R. MoLdav-.Wedncsdavs 11 d Fri day*. vi* Gorham, Cornish Hi run. Brownfield and Frvtburg. Arriving *t North Conwav at«j o’clock P. M. returning by the unit ro*to Tueaasva. Thar*d*y. and Saturday*. Arriv ing at Portland la season to take the Boston steam ars. I ha excellent aoeomraodatioua and remarkable scenery are not surpaned by any other roate. John w weeks. Proprietor and Driver. June 91—dim For the trillion !, Lane's Patent DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE. tfTHE fl*st practical Washing Machine that baa X been placed before the public Every family can afford to have one. 1 Li, machine ia having a rapid aale, from the fact that i: recommends itacli Cat Iks wishing a pleas ant and profitable businea* by taking the coutroleoi a county . can obtain the tame by calling at 229 Con gress street, neat door to New City Hall. jul-7dlm Dissolution. THE firm of Howard A Strout. as Attornevaaad Counsellors at Law. is Ibis day dissolved by ran tual consent. Either partner will attend to tbs set tlement of of the husiaeea of the late drat Mr. Howard will c mtinue to occupy offiyeul Mid- . die street, over Casco Bank. Mr. strout will occupy office lot Middle atrmt. opposite head of Plumb street. Joseph Howabu, 8 aw all C. STBOl’T. Portlaud, June 27. 1-04 —d3m Btmdoiu Coll(|c. rpUK Annual Meeting of the Overseers of Bow X dot* College will be held at their Room lu tb* College Cha el. on Tuesday. Ibe second da, or An i au,t neat, at 2 o'clock P M A. C BOBBINS. Sic'y. j Brunswick, July 6th 1864. julyTdtd ! Bowaloiu College. TITHE Annual Meeting of the President and Trus- ! X tecs of itowdoin Coll-ge wilt be nrld at Bani-ter Hall, ia the College Chapel, on Tuesday th«2ud day o August next, at tea o'clock in Ibe forenoeu. ' JOHN RtK.Ktta, Secretary. Brunswick. .Inly (. 1864. julyTdtd Boudoin Cal|p|f4*. fflHE Annual Rkiniait'cn of ctnlRfatfn fbr ui X uii-siou to Uowdoin < oll*g« will take p!mc ■ on Friday ihe fifth day uf August nt-x*. at 8 o'clock in 'he forotoo".lu the new Hall; aud ilw ou Tburiday.the twenty-tilth day of Vu, u*t neat, ia | the same place, and nt the tame hour LEONARD WOODS l<run*wk'k. July 6. l-#4 JulyTdtd Portland IsBumlry Does all kinds of family wohk. or- i ders luft at F. A SMITH S, No. 115 Federal 1 8t.. wi»» be promptly atUm<le<1 to Je2Td2W __SAM’L LEW 18. BonrdinK A FIRST CLASS private boarding Uoaae, nawly fil ed up. papered and painted, hist opened at i ?7 Free Street, for single gentlemen, or gentlemen I with their fhmlllsa. Suits of rooms for families , IT~ A good cook wanted July ft—dlw IfMkc. MR. WALTER S SWAN la admitted a partner in oar firm from this date DANA BKu*. Boston, July 1, 1864. Jy4eodSw T* Biiil<t«-rs. FDR sale low. the Sand on the lot comer of , Mountfort and Sumner streets. _ _____ I Apply to JOHN W. CHASE. i Jua* 11. 1861. JaaaUdlM* 1 AUCTION SALES. S.H> PATIblf, AUCTIONEEB, 1J Kxehll|t Bt, Hare * Valuable hbelli atAactloa. ON Tuesday, July II h, at 10 o'e ock a u. and I r. it will be sold a tins assortment or b bells irom ibo r*cido and Indian Oceans. jhs public aia rerpscifnl.y n i rtid to examine Ibis collection oa Air uaay atiernoon. ,.**'• kallrmaa, wall known to tbe Fortlaed pab I-111' hi* o d patroas to i/a ibio co lection. bate will ba conunuod nnUl •'“£ Jo* m Valuable Real Fvtnte, w hurl, Flats, *c., I1;* c:°(*e 1 *■« «*»'e Ot the late Charlae Jordan wo I . J I “le ,be fo"owit,K de-crib'd prope "i " n barf and a lata, comp. Irina nbont ninety Ibousan* leet o' flats, with a lrontage of one hundred twenty six lee ton t ommciclal street, with tbe tu .ultra the eon ; loar lots on the westerly side ol Commef street 22 by 100 each; a lot adjoining oa l ark «met 78 leet front. (4 leet deep: lot on Faik ,,£2 J* bv6»; More on corner of Park and York street JS*Sil*0:,“S'*.*‘V“-• York etroor. lot “f W: » lot of land on Mate street 86 feet front con airung ,b°«t ton thousand feet, with a cottas. housein the tear; two and a ball story modern built bouse 05 Yo.k street, containing 12 rooamgai it K 'V*r '<*i bon e No. 8 fyng *ObTVuO;cottogol«M«#H0. ll Tyng ifraet la'rme Lnd i • lit be aohf ea"rwln> termgL P/evloMrly di*p. »e«J Qif wjjj ^ W| *2 JanrUdU trABDNKB JOBDAN. Ad“lv“,e* UOO«> LolTu. tape F lu ebeth .. a PlTK8l ANT to i IImom from tKu lu ol debate fcrTeU0«5» •ball tell et public auction ra*fe 1 day July 14m, at lu o'clock A M Th«« uable House Lois, ot ha/fan act. ,,11 J ••*- . •il • Hde of the Burrell Bead in Cane being pm. of ,h. Howtsm.d • f .Wu‘'£ht.*Ld Man-iu Hie*© lot* are locifprl in .Ti* “ heahhy and rood n*irhbrrhoou_^ due view of Harbor, 1 Asads. tbai*FSJ3 •* tof country. * B*a "***+***• CflARLEj L. MARFaAX. Admhi*.#a.*« “A1L*1 * £££% Ship at Aactioa. ON Thnrsday. July 14th. at 11 o'olrok am — she now Lea at f ranklin Where PorTimli 2 coseacor.corn, the t*t> yJ Handled and twenty Tom. butt?In MM wri? in chains anchors. Fails and riwhinr —. 1. ■.. tober 1862. 18 and 2. or ‘tJiJf^f.r**^* > °» with copper and ja lew meial UbT I. . e£S55 “aRfuffigasasr Valuable Krai Etiaic lu Capa x»be»U at iurtlou ptfnew ,^55* IF* JJ asksmiu she p and a tarn ill t?11 «*-Wm?widSyytt.., Si b5 iaJT^JJ“2: pojaa eo-neeiad with ship baiWinr rSStJTJCt «*W pi.ceaf ptoperty fo,P.rap euftila,M ti» o, *.Jr«|ui; iag water Sriilhin. 1 be Hal.rued oa one side and UmFVbT' bor with fine wa*©r on the otiier—tb# lUU WIjriMy. W« kBOW of no nihm» .ask a i_ *1* viromnod tor sale uow m.i« no“ '* »idmt—title t^.tSSwdhSr ft! P fA ml ptrtie,ft" P3e**« call o« ^ Jy* dtJ HE.VKV BAILEY fc 06.. Awtia. EDWARD HI. PATTER, Commission Merchant A Inethnm /tmortd to the apaciotta iwa n four , door, SSr** ebandto, eoMd prompt sales aad ratarns. SSlldlJ * «) THE AFFLICTED I UK. W. If. BEKUff}, Medical Electrioian, »•. 11 Ctapp’i Block, CORNER OF CONGRESS aarr. arm STREETS It located la thto city. Darla* the elc > eid^TTi.' k •• E*” b*“ ** “>*-» we'haw the wont forme ol direct* in °! other forma of trmtnoat iu c»nL*!E tienta iu to short a Urn* that the daeelloa toalC *^*7 ***1 *art*d ? To aMtrer »t* aaeotioa «“*at all that doaot la, ea.W.^Twdn doctor the second Lime ter liwiiun* ^ Dr. D. her bean a practical Klettriciaa fee ‘ owyean,aadlealeoaregnlar^adoaud ph»I22 BWrtotty la perfectly adlpud fe In the form or aervoar or tick tieedaoh*■ * In the head, neek.or extremltie*. ~ la theseats stages or where the hin m w’*S XTOlred; aentfor clvenie rhSnmSEL^SriS.^ llaeaeee, whites,.,1W,. .plwl dto2L»?2r£*i5 Jfthe eplae. contracted mEclE*ELEr»2E *“• J“"' {*>~raaESi,52!: BMiiair or Miitiiejr of speech, dyspepsia. — «*wfelpatioa aad Hear oomplamCptlee—wawue '7*? that can he presented: ertAmabrcmekl tMWeJim of the ehsst, aa4 aU hni sIlSi By SMeotnolty Thekheamatle the goaty the lame aad the fee* tap with joy. and more with the agility aad alaetk’ Itr of roatti: the heated brain - -|i t n f I bitten IlmU roe to red. ilnTT^l moved; ihintnrae converted to vigor, wraSjle'ia itrength: the blind made to see, the deaf to heart.a the palsied form to mors upright: the blemishes reaih areoblttorated: tbeaomdaaj* of amiTn! invented: the calamities ofoldag, obvfemd Em ta aotire droolstioa maintained. * ■■ ladies Who hareeold haede .■* feast wnoa - - ame and weak banka: narrow aad feck ■ y**1' luxincM And-«imminA m the heed withim* # ioa nadeonettpetioa of the bo well j j*iB ta the date tad hack; Iwoorrhma. (or whlteal *felllae «f a. womb withiatenal rawer,; tnmonl wolewL .Ze til that long train oa diseases wUliadkalShiemli ty a rare means of ears. For palatel- ~ ' looprofewmewtraatloa.aadall of iwTCjT; bf troubles with yoang ladies, glssf itoflil .* B* ipedfle. aad will, la a short time.reetan the rnSSaw Lo the rfeor of health. -fehfemgp raa other dlflloal ties. (W directwmwVf wJLfem nine ceeee out of tea. to the eflfect of PofeoaowdramT i;05rT'ss7?os',’*tortA-*- *•1 CoaralteUoe Free. IrUlewi Carriages, Carriages! Firmly Bail! and Neatly Finished. J. F. LIBBETi No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS tor sale, at his seUblbhmeat. a variety of Carriages made ia tha neatist and most sata -tanfnl manner. The assortment*! tut riser *ii ih, Jid reiit stylra of Light, sadthey will ta ■old on the most favorable terms. I'ertcaa' tnlaad ing ta purchase Carriages will had it fur tbair talar esr to caR^and examine before baying anew bare. UNITED STATES Intenml Revenue. C ollector’ll Notice. IXATHaSIRL J. MILLER, Collretar of tha 9 *“•* cal lac ilan Di.inet, u the State of Maiae 11., eb) give uutiea to ail pi sons ooaosrwad. that I have received for collection, the fluml * Tins I Cat lection List, made and committed to ma by the As **«r thereof, in accordance with tha act of Cam gross emit lei "An Acttuprorids interaal revaaaa 10 support tha UovaraaMut, aad ta par iataraai an lie public debt," approved July 11 sea . am ndment! there to; that the several Un tree taxes [OU income, carriages aaa plate,) aad lleaaaaa asses ed ehucusra'ed and contained m f *d liat bare bi-oome das and payable, and mat 1 will ta iwinn or by Deputy, attend to collecting aad norma, the siore.aid duties taxes and licenses, ns*east? and • nynble within the county of Cumberland ta ad District, at my olkce. .Vo K Kxdumaartrett, Perl- . taiul,jrom th Zbi dag or Jala to the noth aaa of Jalp,\. D. 1th, Lit ils|i isciswrethat I win, ia like manner, attend to collecting and resell Ing da lles, taxes and licenses is aforesa-d, assesses tad payable witkia the County of York, ia said Dtatr st, it tbs Joilowiug designated Lures tsg pMesa, to Saco, at the Hotel kept kg Rufat M. lent, aa Moo ttap the t&th Jalp, 1464. At the Biddr/oni Home ha R-itdefortl. Taetiap Jalp 86, 1861; At K-aaekaal, at \ he gfnesem Hoatt, WtAartAap *«Wg S7, 1884; a .it .Vew’i A.neomrrb Hoatt, ia tail Berwick Tuu t lap, Jnlp 88. UJ4; At limerick, at the Hotel kept kg Amos Fried, Bat or Jap Jalp Bulk, llod. And 1 larther give notice that all persons wka utglec lo pay the duties, taxis sad lies uses neerse e 1 upjti tiu-m a« a oresaid, to mo tr my PeLBtv w tkni the Hate shove specilrd, will he compel rd aider ibe pruvnd an ol dee. Ik of the Aet efCoo gtess af.retaid, “to pay lea swr stmaw adauhmal open the am.uut Inert ol." Pars, us In the County o' Yo»k, desirous of so de og. c.a p»y their taxes at my OMee. Na. M Ek I hso *» stivet, Portland, piiiir tntha Sib (lev uf Je er, M«* NATHAN IEL J RILL. K Caltaatlaw DisL tel of Me. No other mu: ey ih«i Ualt«4 Mitro Trtfrr Notes a Not#«ot NsnoLal b«nk», «r vuM uki p|i. Terf.oiu tor Isxe* ibU <Utc. JyW<*___ Portland Company-Notice. THE Stvekholdurcf the Portland Company aro h.reby uolld.d li st -he sanael mreingoflha Corporal! -u »i I be ‘held at Ik.* olTce i f tha t om Ksy, at -heir works, oe Tue-day tha Nib day of Ir last, it 3 e'c'ock in the aflerncua, fur the fol lowing p irp me:— 1.—To hear aid act cn Reports of Direst ora aad Treasurer _ 8 —To choose Dlreotcrs for the ensuing year. 8—To set cu any other b.ainevs that may ooma befote the meeting JOSEPH C. NOTES. Clerk. Portian I. Jaly Stu. 1464 -did PropoNsils (or Reservoir. PROi 0 4AL4 will bs raesived forhtil'ufoga Res ervoir an SI. John street, at the citv Treasur er's offer notU Thursday. Jnty Uu, gTTe cek * M Plans aud specllicatiors of ttetame may ta scea at the Office Ol the City Sa-iprer. 1 The Committee re .,*» the rigM te reject say kids which may sot deemed for the iutervM of tha PeMjmMroYthe Committee on Fin Department. F. C. MOODY, Chalrmaa JMrtlaad, June 86,1*64.-d?w

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