Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 11, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 11, 1864 Page 4
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POETRY. Written for the Press. No More. TIm grass grows grwn in the meadows, The work of the sower is done; And through the whispering woodbine <1 learn the rays of the dying sun. In the cottage door-way, a woman Sit* calm In her easy chair, And a youth just huddiug to manhood Is kneeling beside her there. And far from over the hilltops, And In at the cottage door Come the dy ing groans of the heroes Who were slain st Baltimore. And the mother speaks in a whisper, ••Thou’ri dearer than life to me, Bnt I give thee to thy country, And my prayers to Him for thee.” The snow falls thick o'er the meadows, The woodbine is leafless and bare, Aad beneath its faded branches Stands vacant the mother's chair. Tliere's no smoka in the cottage chimney, The rooms are cheerless and still, There's a new made grave on the battle-field, And another upon the hill. Louis Claus* From the New York Mercury. . • HERBERT AND L BY DAISY HOWARD. *■** - We had quarreled, Herbert and I, or rather 1 we were esuauged—aad yet we loved each , other better thau the lile God had given us. The rest of the household had gone to a con cert, and I eat by the library-tire lonely aud despairing. After all, it is a very bitter thing to quarrel with the one we love best on all the earth. 1 i went to the window, and Uidiug myself behind 1 the heavy curtain, 1 looked out on the busy streets. All outside was dreary. The wiud was lubilaut, the sky was gray, and the moon light colder than nil. ~ll______j 1_ Broad waves of crimson flooded the library floor, from the bright anthracite coal burning in the open grate. 1 thought only I and the servants had been left at home. What, then, was my surpriae to see Herbert enter ? He came so noiselessly In his slippered feet, that I never heard him till the door opened. He looked pale and sad, and the broad white brow, and dark, mournful eyes had lost their usual calm expression. I noticed how weari ly he sank down In the great chair, and bow his One mouth was compressed as though in pain; it set me to thinking. I remembered how long and well be had loved me, and a tierce pang tore my heart as i thought how well 1 Was it not going to cost more than it would come to—this lover’s quarrel f I longed to pnt my arms round his neck and tell him so, but i was too proud. I knew he was going to-morrow, and I knew the fault ot our estrangement was all mine. Wonld 1 see him go and make no sign ? Could 1 ? Would I ? He bowed his bead upon bis bauds and , moaned. It thrilled me through and through; but the ugly little devil tugging at my heart kept aayiug, “Don’t humble yourself to any man", while my guardian-angel, looking over my shoulder grew sad, and said: “Let not the sun go down upon your wrath.” Already ten tuns had set since 1 had array ed myself against Herbert. I was distracted between the angel and the demon. In all his life Herbert Graham had loved only me; at least he had told me so, and 1 believed him. You oad bet to look at his calm, truthful eyes to feel (that a lie had never sullied bis pure eoul; besides, my Herbert was one of the kuui blaei of God’s servants. By and by he lighted the gas, and went to writing letters; bnt the sadness ol his face did not abate one whit. He wrote rapidly for an hour and a half, during which time 1 wrestled with my stormy eoul, listening alternately to the angel and the demon. 1 have thought since, that night was the turning-point in my life. I thought of the fu ture, which might be so bright, or so dreary, just as I willed it. 1 thought how Herbert bad built up all his hopes oa the future we were to share together. Only a fortuigut ago he had drawn me a Claude-like picture of the dream he was in the habit of dreaming, under the sunshine, with i eyes open wide. A home, darling, where the orphan, Her bert Graham, will be lonely no more. A home at last where the tripping of woman’s feet, snd the sound of woman’s voice, will sound like music 1 A home where a sweet wile will sit by the ttreside that has been so lonely—a small woman, with flowing robes and soft fall ing hair; without oruameut, only a narrow strip of rich lace around the white throat and dainty wrists; s woman that will All every nook and corner of the pastor’s home ami heart.” This he had said, with his fine face aglow °“iy a little time before, and now it was all over. The home would never be, and the wo man who was to bring alt this joy bad been tried and found wanting! 1 sank upon my knees, uuder shadow of the window-curtains, and carried my desolate heart to God. The face of an angel was very near to me then, and I would not listen to the demon harping: “Do not yield; If you yield to him no a you will always have to; it’s just as you be gin.” I wept and prayed alternately, and thought of the past, present, and future. Then forgetting to pray, my spirit looked dome aka .__M_IJ .fsL. _ lo where a youth aud maiden stood by a new made grave and pledged their faith; and later. I how the same youth and maiden stood be- 1 trothed lovers, with my parents’ sanction, and Gad's bleating; full of glad young life; rich with immeasurable hope! aud now—Idespaii ing, and Herbert full of auguiah, but bowing j meekly, because he was a servant of the Moat High, and kuew this trial was God appointea. Herbert finished the papers and once morn aat down by the fire. Last Sabbath he bad preached his first ser mon as an ordained minister of God; preached it with this sorrow I had caused him tugging at his heart. 6 1 I thought of his loneliness; how he had liTed in his father’s old home, with only a wan-aervaut, for Seven long years; aud how now, being charged to fill his father’s place, hi would return aloue to the old place, and the old kmelmeas. The clock struck eleven. I knew they would soon be at home, my aunt and cousins; so, listening only to the angel, I stole out from my hiding-place, and kneeling down be aide Herbert, laid my head on his knee. I bad no words to offer, only my tears; and he, that brave, strong soul, that never knew weakness himself, accepted my mute prayer lor forgis neaa. lie spoke only a few words regarding it, for he knew the repentance must be very deep that would bring my proud soul to bis feet. I will not tell you what the error was. enough that Herbert has forgiveu me, aud my life is ouce again rich with immeasurable hope, and each day's suu rises and sets upon a home where discord never enters, for the white-winged angel of peace spread her wings over it, when we came to dwell here, and we have lived under their Bhadow ever since. I read of an estrangement to-day, that end ed less happily than ours—death to oue, and a life-long remorse to the other—because the oue in fault was too proud to ackuowledg> abe bad erred. Living with Herbert, I have come to undei stand the full meaning of the word “proud." it is not “spunky” holding out against an other; It is not being “high-strung,” or “in dependent.” It is being too proud to “hold on” to our opinion, or to yield to our own feelings, when we know that another is right; too proud to have our own heart condemn us secreUy, to oppress the weak, or break any law, human or devlue. It is when one I estranged from one’s lover, being too proud to let our temper gaiu the victory over our heart and judgement, so that we cannot see clearly where the right is. At any rate, if one loves a man it is not to very hard a thing to yield to his reasonable wiahw; aud then to yield is olteuest right and always graceful and womanly. John Jtin»man, Gt AM FITTER, —AMD— Dealer in Gas Fixture*, And Gasdc Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. pobllc arc invited to examine and test these summer^ae00*’ 4r® highly recommended for NO. 55 UNION STREET. Portland. June 14.—eod8m Is AWE A IsITTLe, Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Qoods, AMD W oolena, No. 148 Middle street, A. Uttli. } POETLAKD, UK. Juirttf HOTELS._! CHANDLER HOUSEj Botliel. This Hotel, located In the most beautifal and romantic \i!iage on the line ot the ,™t.iand Trunk Railroad, 2u miles Jrom tior N U.. has been recently built, with sp. ciai j etcreuce to the wants of the plcasure-trav eiiujc public. It ooutaina fifty spacious, well venti lated and neatly furnished rooms, from all of which views of grand mountain fernery may be had. No pains wilt be spared to make this a lavorite resort tor the tourist ami pleasure-in kers. Particular attcu tiou will be paid to Sportsmen, and conveyance to the lakes, aud all places of interebt will will be fur nished on reasonable terms. Horses aud carriages aud saddle horses to let. A good bowling Saloon is connected with the house. A Carriage will be in constant attendance to con vey guests of \he house from and to the depot, on the arrival and depaiture of passenger tia ns. Transient and permanent boatders fo’lted F. 8 CilANLLKK L CO , Proprietor* Bethel, Me, July 9 —dim 8ea-8idc House, HARPS WE EL NECK, CASCO_ BAY. ' This elegant aud commodious Ho- j tel, situated ou the extremity of Harpsweil Neck, about half a mile b«* ow the welj-kuown Mansion 1 _ __ House, ha-* Jus* leru completed after the Uc»igu* ot H M H aHDiMi. K-q . Architect, and \ under his superintendence, and will be open for company Oh and nftrr llie Fourth of July, The House is the largest establishment, construct ed expressly for the purpose of a Hotel, #t any Wat ering Place on the coast of Maine. It is situated in the centre oi a dense grove ol old trees, with ave nues aud vistas opening to the waters oftlu Bay, but a few yards distant ou either side. Nearly Mirrounded by the set, and abundantly shaded by trees, the House has a spacious and beau tiful verandah extending orer throe hundred and thiriy met on three sidts of the building, with wide and thoroughly ventilated hal.s and eorridorsiu the interior, so that visitors can ci^joy the most comple e protection from the summer heat'. The steamboat wharl ai d boat landings are ou the West side, but a few steps from the House. Ample facilities are at hand for boatiugaudfiehing. On tin east side is a line gravel botch, wheie the luxury of sea-ha hing car. be enjoyed at all timed oi the tide At a short distance on the northeast, across an arm of the sea is Orr's Island, celebrated by Mirs Beech er Stowe’s wen known novel. The S<a Side House is accessible by land from Brti us wick, fifteen miles distant, by one of t be finest drives in the State, aud by daily steamboat from Portlaud through the inside passage among the Miami# oi me i>ay. Visitor# coming from tbe Kennebec and other parts of the interior, cau leave the railroad at Bruns wick, and proceed bv stage to Harpswell, or contin ue to Port laud and take the steamer, which runs down and back twice a day. JOHN T. SMITH, Proprietor. )r*tr_ _ Ho! for the Atlantic House! Persons wishing to spend the day at the (Atlantic House. Scarboro* Beach, will find a food Coach at oak Kill Depot upon the arrival of everv train. Fair from the Depot to the House, 60 cts. jut)2dtm E. A. LIBBY k CO. OTTAWA HOUSE, PORTLAND HARBOR, MAINE JASON BEltUr, I’ltoi'iUKTOu, Will open for tliu imioii, oo J h-m .day, the 16rh inst. Thin popular Watering Place, with it, RotfixTic scRxsn r, And ilKALTil V UKillOS, eiiuated on CUSHING'S ISLAND, 2] miles from the city, if unsuri •**#<*! by any Sum mer hesort on the Hew England coast. K. H. Positively closed on tbe Sabbath to all transient visitors. The bteamcr will leave Burnham's Wharf for this Island regularly. juaeKMQw BRADLEY'S HOTELj Amttriian and European Plans, Cor, of Commercial a India St«. This House is si naied .directly opposite •the Grand Tiunk Kai.roai Depot,audhead ot Boston tud Portland Moanur* Wharf. | Connc.-ted with this House i# a first class J_kOysteraud Lining Hall. «J aMES BKADLEY, Jr., k CO., Proprietor*. J. Bradley, Jr. P. H. Bradley. juneI6d6m Atlantic House, SCABBOBO’ beach. THIS House having been enlarged and refitted throughout, will lor the sea son on Monday, June 13, 1864, v „ E t.CNN 1 SON. B.— Positively closed on the babbarh to all trausien: visitor* jtitiell Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having lea-cd for the awn ttii weii(*pUbii»h*-d Watering place, charmingly situatid cn ;ho outer verge ot t ape Elizabeth. With unrivaled facili ties for BikHtfenir, Boating, and Fishing, Wltl open lor transient anti permanent guests on and after Tue»day, the 7th day of June. Every desirable convenience w ill be supplied lor the pleasure and cum on# u> its parrons with regard to the requirements and character oi a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. Wo reel assured that < »»r exertion*, added to the uuusual attraction* ot the house i:»ell'. wiilsecurc us the approbation and patronage ot the public. tJT*/‘ositutly closed on the Sa!d>ath HILL A J OK LAM, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth, June 7,1864. dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The SubucrlU-r* take pleasure iu uu ouuuciug iu Uieir frieuu«*nd all in Hading u lii«t c!a», llotrl uccom 4_ ■odatlons.that their ue» and sjnciou. Ilu tei oi.iue op- nearly iu June. ItcouUin, *11 ilu mod u .u.j/iv. niivmn muu ery convenience lor the comfort and accommodation ol the travelling pub lic. It is finely lecated, commanding an unrivalled view of the PenobMOt Bay. The advantage* of *e* bathing and the f Realities' for fishing aLd boating, arcunsurpa-scd. For it* beautiful Reentry aud dt lightlul drives and walks, Camden u already favor abii known as one of the most eligible and diligh’ fai watering places in New England. Connected with the Hotel is a fine Lirery htable. horses and carriage* having been selected with great care. The carriage* are lruut the best establishment* In the count] y, and ou the most approved styles. Steam boat lancing* easy of access; steamer* touching ev ery dav in the week. Telegraph communication with ail parts of the country Iu-mm wishing w si cure good room* will do veil to apply soon, as uian, are already engaged. CvSHiNO & JOHNSTON, Proprietor*. Camden, June it, 15ti8.—dtf Plca»aut Siilrurltuu U«»un. CA.l>I81C~lTOTJSE, WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Place, |!oca ed upon a pleasaut eminence near fa pi^ic Pond, but 2* mile*from Portland, hat • .ing been placed in tin- uu>st ample order b> - — ■■ ^the subscriber, he most re*pi ctfully solicit* the aueution ol the public, aud cordially invites a cal] Ironi his old friands. The hou*e in pleasaut, retired an t quiet. The lurniture ami furnishings ire all now, and the room* w$hUy. The table* are supplied with all the dolacacie* as well as the substantia!* of the sea son, and the service of one of the very best cooks in New England have been secured. Extensive shed* aud a fine stable with roomy stalls are amour the convenience* ol the establishment A nioe Bathing House sufficient for the accommo datiou of several bather* ha* been erected with steps projecting into ten feet of water, aud the whole se cured from observation bv a floating screen Smok ing Arbors grace the banks of the Pond and invite the indulgence of the lounger. Hoping f jt a share of the public patronage the un dersigned prommts to *paie no effort lor the tu er tainmeut of his guests. UK<>. W MURCH. Westbrook, May 21,1Sd4. may21dtf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (UOUlfaBLY WIL80M BOUftU.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel ha* recently been pur iCha.««d by Mr. Miller (ot tbeAltiinjand has been thoroughly relitted, renovated and re paired, and numerous excellent alterations Jmado. it j* locatf-d ui, the Saccarappa road __— .jut mile* from Portland,affording* beautiful for'phaauro rvfcd> and Just about far enough .55 *“■ *ifln«;,Brff® dancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys.' In close proximity to the house i* a warm and roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stalls SmS “*el,erw, ^106 *“• iod*‘ tor■ The ohoieent Sapper, will be got up for elelrhine >od deucina pwitii., who will lied it greatly to their pleasure i>nd «4»,uU*t to retort to the White Mount ho effort will he spued for the entertainment ol «“!!*•_ decW-dtf HALLO WELL HOUSE REOPENE D t HEW FPRHITPRB ft FIXTURES! S.Q. DEVNI8, Proprietor. •W* The public we .peciaUv ioformed tint the sriacioa*. convenient ana well known Hallo will uoobx, in the center of Uallowell, two miles from August<1, and lour mi’es from Togu* Spring, ha* . ed’*nd iH °P*n for tb® reception of company and permanent boarders. guasuT7 *tt<,nlio11 wili ** ff*veB th® c®“^ort of BTA BX, ING, “e^»p,lh5■VA“lSde0dBTt"“,,ncc, of * P°P“’" Mwllowel', Feb. 1 1864. mcMtaodtf THE ANEKftCAk HOUSE, (lanover Street .... Boeton, The LttrgfM and Be*t Arranged llotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWI* RICE, Proprietor. Mil ly I FOR SALE & TO LET. Valuable Keal Estate for Sale. i WE have for sale a very desirable House, cen- * traily aud pleasantly located, finished and furnished trout garret to cellar; everything in and about the house in perfect order; will be sold with the Furniture, which ut in good taste aud iu flue or der. Immediate possession given, lho house and furniture can be examined ut any time, aud infor mation give by calling ou ItENKl BAILEY k Co., Auctioneers, j raaylMtf Laud on Free strefl for Sale. fllUK vAluaflie real ostate ou Free street, known X as the "Furbish property.** 1 he lot is about 108 feet on Free street and extends back about 174 leet. Said estate will he sold as a wnoJe, or the easterly halt of the dwelling bouse, with lot about 40by 176 feet, will be sold by itself Application may be made to James Furbish, Esq., ou tue premises, or to GEO. E. B. J ACKoON, julyidtf do Exchange street. For Sale. rpUE n*Da property, no called, on Windham Hill, X iu Wiudh*iu, containing about ten acres. There are ou the premises a good Two Story Dwelling House and Barn, with other out-building*. The property is pleasantly situated aud the neighborhood unexceptionable. * or terms. *«., apply to ^ DKBLOlb A JaCKSON, Port ia iu? May 18,1864. f>9 Exchange fet. maylSdtf For Salts A SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acres of wood land, on the south side of the river St. Lawrence, in Canada East. It is iuterceedtd by two considerable rivers with eligible Mnl sits. Well wooded with every description o! timber, such as pine aud spruce in large quantities, aud maple, oerch. beech, tamarac ana bass wo 'd toauy amount. Enquired H.T. MACillN, Portland. Portland, Feb 1864. feb26eodtf Farm for Sales A GOOU Farm of 07 acres, suitably di/ided into tillage, pasturage and wood buds, 6 mites from 1‘ortland, two minuteswalk lrorn Oak Iiill fetation Depot, Scar boro. For particulars apply to FRANdfe L1BBEY, jy4 dtt on the premises. House and Lot for Sale. A TWO story wooden. House, No. 18 Adams Xm. fetieet, 11 finished rooms iu good ordor, plenty Of water, well Arranged for two lamilie*. Inquire ou the premises to B. o. Willard, or JOHN 0. PROCTOR, jy4 d2w Lime Street For Sale. TWIHE two story trick HouseNo. 2 Deer street, 36 X by b2 and barn 16 by 24. The lot is 60 feet square, with good water and garden spot. For further par Packet Company, Atlantic Wharf. juiyGulw For Sale, TliE valuable estate on the wcste*Iy corner of High and spring streets, lor tnaur years owned and occupies bv the late tieorge Bar to). J. 4s E. M R4ND. m Middle St. July 6,1864. julyOdlm FOR SAXE. fflHE story aud hall llon-e. No. 13 Cedar street. X Lot 374 by 62|. U has seven finished rooms, am ple closets, plenty of hard aud soft watOT, and gas throughout. Every thing in perfect erder. For far ther particular* enquire of JOHN F. RAND, No 6 Clapp s Block, Congress street. juned30d2w For Sale. 4 TWO story House and Lot, situated on Port l\ land streft, with Stable aud other out buildings. Also two adjoiuing lots containing about eight thousand square feet. Enquire of N. STEVENS, No. 47 Portland street. june&dtf Home For Sale. 4 TWO story wooden house. No. 18 Adams street, j\. 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families; plenty of good water. For particulars inquired B. J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,1864. may 14eodtf To Let. FOL K Oflicff, ringleor in tnilei, over Store* No,. 158 ind 154 Exchange Street, oppooite the Inter national lieu,e. Apply ontheprcmi,e#to J}4dtr A. L. Itlioff N For Sale. ON FI Flxpre,* Wagon, nearly pew, can be used for one or two Horae*, it bas hole and Shaft, complete. For price Ac., call at No. 4 F ree Street Portland. apr 1 eodtf To Lot. . (JTOKE now occopied by ua. Poaaeaaioa given IJ immediately. Also, a F ront OSloeln Hanson Block. Jana dtf11. J. L1BBF.Y A CO. To Let. ONE STOKE in Oalt'a Block. Apply to U. T. MACHIN. ap22 dtf O F F I Cj K O F T H K ATLAMTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 26, l£64 r|8i!P Trustees, in conformity to the Charter of the X t ompauy, suozmt the following statement of it* aiTtirs un the 81st Dtcembtr, »8“3: Premium* received on Marine Risks, from 1st January, 1863, to 3i*t De cemb r, 1863. 83,214.398 93 i Premiums on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1863, 1.706.C02 24 -- Iota'amount of Marine Premiums. ? 10,<06,001 17 No Policies have been it sued upon Life Risks; nor upon Ftre Risks discon nect* d with Marine Risks, i Premiums marked off from 1st Jaa., i 1863, to 81“f December, 18 3. 87,597.666 66 Looses paid duiing the same period, 3.806.661 04 Returns of Premiums and Expenses, 1,082,967 48 The Company has the foliowiug Asse s, viz: Unit d 2>ratesand Mat. of New York Mock,City. Bank and other .Stocks. 83,492.631 36 Loans «*cur< d hr Blocks,andotherwise. 1,460,700 00 Real K-tateaixl Bonds aud Mortgage*, 193,760 00 Dividends on Stpcks,Interest on Bonds aud Mortgages and other Loaus,sun dry Notes, re insurance and other claimiF due the Comp y , eatimated at 104.064 51 Premium Notes and hills Receivable, 8,278,676 63 Cash iu Bank, 744.813 88 Total ameunt of Assets, f9,2G6.4r»6 32 Six per c*nt Interest on the outstan tug certifi cates oi profits will bu paid to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on and after Tuesday, the Second of February rest. After reserving Tlirto and Ore half Million Dollars of protPs. the outstanding certificates of the issue of 1083, will be redeemed aud paid to the holders there of, or their legal represent stiv< s, on and after Tues day, the Second of February next, from which date all interest thereon wii!< ea.-e. 1 he certificates to be J"'iniirwi uirm, suii rnilFt'lll‘U A Dividend of Forty Per Cent, is declared on the net earned premiums of the Company, lor the year ending 31?t December, 18i3* for which certificate* will b. issued, ou and after Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profit* of the Company.ascertained From the 1st of July. 1842. to the 1st of Jau , 1803, for which Certificates were issued, amount to 814.33B.8S0 Additional from 1st Jan., 1363, to 1st January, 1864 , 2,630 000 Total profits fur 21 j years, 816,968,830 The Certificates previous to 1862, have boon rcut-emeu by ou»h, 11,600.210 Net earnings remaining with the Com pany, on 1st January, 1864, 83,263.670 By order of the Board, YY'. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. T R fT 8 Til E S . John D. Jones, David Lane, Charles Dennis, James bry*e. YV II. II. Moore. YY'm. Sturgis, jr„ Thos. Tiie-tou, 11. K. bogert, Henry Coil, A. A. Low. YV C. Ihckeregill, Win. E Dodge, Lewis Curtis, Dennis Perkins, Chas. 11. Kussell, Jos. GaiPard, jr., Lowell Holbrook, J. Henry Burgy, P A. 11 argons, Cornelius Griuuell K. YY'. YY’eston. C. A llacd, Koyai PhelpJ» Watts Sherman, ( aleb barstow, K. E Morgan, A. P. Pillot, B. J. Howlaud, Leroy M YY'illey, Benj. Babcock. Daniel S. Miller, Fletcher Westray, 8. T. KicoJi. R. b. Minturn, jr., Joshua J. Henry, G. YV. Burnham, Goo. G. Hobson, Fred. Chauncey, James Low. JOHN D. JONES. President. CllAKLEs DKNNlS, Vice President. YY’. H li. MOO UK, 2d Y’ice President. •a^Applications forwarded and Orm Policiw procured by JOHN W. MI NCER, Agent, Mo. 160 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MM. June 3. w2w&er>dtojan2^ American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OK SEW YORK. Oupiinl SaOO.OOO, Kulldilixa. Mor.’hundUr. Hou.r •»W Furniture. R»u. U.wh Ve. eela .u the Storks, and other I1,,, annul Proper!, al too Low rat rrlra. SAMUEL BROWN, Rrwkleit. WILLIAM RAYNOR, Secrour. EDWARD SHAW A,eat, 1M MiddleBtroot. •ot27 lyeod P1 HTMII’ATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 1 his Company will issue Polices to be free after the pa\ ment of six, eight or teu Premiums at the option of the insured and at rates as low a* any other Company . The Issue of Free Policies renders it at the least equal if not superior to the participation companies. UBioe No. 102 Middle St. CHAKLE8 HOLDEN, Pres. KebD-HhwU EDWAMD 8HAW,S«<. OT¥ OF PORTLAND. Ma voit'e Office, l July 2, 1864. | C11TIZKN8 who from age or other causes are not * liable to draft, and ar • desirous of being person ally represented in ih»»armyt by • represent at ire re• rntit. as provided in Provost Marshal General’s cir cular No. 26, of June 2*3th last, are hereby notifiied that representative recruits cau he thus furnished through the recruiting agents of the City. A turn not less than two hundred aud teu dollars (210) will h«* required to lmdeposited from each person wish ing to thus furnish a recruit. Parties will have re cruits assigned to them in the order in which their deposits are made. Names aud deposits may bo left at the office of the City Tr« asurer. lulyfidlw JACOB McLELLAN, M»)or. RAILROADS. ! FOR CHICAGO, MILWAUKIE, And *11 part, of the West. lULRSiOM TICK1TS M CHICAGO. HlLVAtklK, And all other point! at tha WEST, SOUTH St NORTH WEST, Fonale at tbo reduced rates of throat tbs Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., W. D. Little, Agent. JnneiMdtf FOR THEWHITE MOUNTAINS, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AND HE TURN. Excursion Tickets for sale at the REDUCED RATES, By W. D LITTLE, A^ent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, juuo24tf 31 Exchange street. isss REDUCED RITES J ■important to travelers -TO THE West, North West & South West! W. D. LITTLE. XS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica* go, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit, Miiwaukie, Galena, Oakoali, St. Paul, LaCroase, Green Bay, Vtfumcy. St. Louie, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo, etc., etc., and is prepared to lurnndi Ihroioii Tickets from Portland to all the principal citiee and towns in the loyal States and Canada*, at the lowest rates of lare. and ail ueediul information cheerfully granted. Traveler* will dod it greatly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the Uaion Ticket Office, 31 EichaugcStreet, (UP STAIRS,) W. L). LITTLE, Agent. HT* Passengers for California, by the Old Line Mail Steamer and Panama Kailroad, may be secured by early application at this Tickets to Montreal and Quebec and return (via the Grand Trunk Railway) may be obtained at this agency on favorable term*. majMdfc wtt Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s «reat Combination oi EXCURSIONS! For the Seaton of 1864. Ticket* Good to Return to November 1st. CBAND TRUNK RAILWAY. From Portland White Mountain*. Montreal. Quebec, lie. troit, Chicago, W ilwaukic, Niagara Call*, and reiuru AT YMRY LOW RAT MS OF FARM. Only $111 to Chicago or Milwaukie, $35 out and return, tia. hamia Line. To Chicago aud Hetnrn, all rail, $35, Also, to Bouton, Kew York, up the Hudson Hirer Saratoga, Lake George. Returning from Niagara Kail* either by Grand Trunk Railway, or by the Royal Mail Lone through the Theusaud Hlluds aud Rapid* of the St. Law ! rence. American Money taken at Far for Ticket*, Sleep, iug Cars aud at Kefrethmeut Saloon* Arrangement* have becu made with the Proprie tor* ot tho principal Hotel* in Monareal, tguebec aud Demit to take American Money at par, charging New York Hotel price*. * * Kor Ticket* or information apply to Aoanr of Grand Trunk Railway. I E. P. REACH, General Agent, 27* Broad way, NY W* Kluwkus, Eastern Agent, Banger June 11.—dlw , ORAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canada. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ! JHB On and after Monday, June 27,1S«4, mB train* will run daily, (Sunday* oacent edtantH farther notice, a* follow*: P Up Train*. Lear* Portland tor l*l*nd Pond, Montreal and gnobcc at 7.0c a. n. and 1.26 r. at. Down Train*. Lease lalaad Pond Ibr Portland, at 6 30 a. a and 9 16 r. a. The Company are not rcsponslbla for baggage to auy amount exceeding *60 in value, aud that tier tonal, unless notice is given, aud paid for at the rat* of one passenger for every 3600 additional value. C. J. BHYDGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY, Superintendent. Portland, June 25, 1064 nov6 PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC R.R. SPRING A SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 28, 1864 ; Passenger train* leave Skowhegan fot *Mk^5®B|rPort auo and Boston, at 8 4.j A. si , Au gusia, lt.ov A M. and Bath lj Id P. SI. Auvnsta for Portland and Boston at 6.3u A, u ; Bath C.3o A. Portland for Bath. Ansnsta, Waterville Keudall'* Mill* and Skowhegat. at 1.10 P. M. Portland for Bath aud Augusta 8 16 p. M. Passengers for <<ationson the Androscoggin Rail road will change cars at Brunswick. The 1 Id P. M. train f.otu Portland connects at Kendatl'a SI ill* with Maine Central Railroad ior Bangor, kc , arriving *aine evening ^Svage# leave Ba h Tor Roekland at 9 A M. and 3 Stage* leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P M Stage* learo Skowhegan at 0 Id P. M for Anson Suoll.fcc. • Thrcugh Ticket* for all the station* on this and Androecoggju Railroad, can he procurred in Boston at the Eastern or Boston and Maine stations. , ,, «. ,«.?• H’ CUSHMAN,Saperiutendaal. April 18, 1964 ap23tf Y*rk Sc Uuiubcrliind Kill I road. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after MONDAY, April 1th., itrttt, trains will leave a» follow., until itirther notice. ! tl*n.v DU..s 4<v, I». 1 p s r i Freight Train with Passenger Car*) %nd 9-16 a. m., aud 3.30 p. a. Leave Portland tor Saco River, 7.46 a. m. aud 2.00 and 6,‘JU p. m. The 2.00 r. xi. train out, aud 6 46 am train into Portland, will be freight train* with pateeuger car* attached Stages connect at Haccarappa daily for South ! Wiudham, Wiudharo Center and Great Falls At Gorham for West Gorham, blandish. Steep falls, Baldwin. Sebago, Bridgtou, Hiram. Liming ; ton, Cornish, Denmark, Brow nfield. Lovel. Frye burg, Con way, Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and La , ton, N. ii. At Buxton Center for West Buxton, Bonnev Ea gle, South Liruington, Limingtou and LiiucricV At Saco River tri-weekly, lor Hoilis, Limerick, Ossipee, Newheld, ParsonstRld, Ltliugnam, Free dom. Madison, faton, Cornish, Porter, Ic Fares 6 oeuts less when tickets are purchased in the Offico, than when paid in the Cars. DAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,1384. dif WAIVE CENTRAL RAILROAD, SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, jaan Train* iaavc Portland, Grand Trunk S»3/'™WUStationI pjr Lowuiton and Ankara, at 7 A. M For Bancor and intermediate station* at 1.25 r X RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.80 a. u., and arrive in Portland at 3.80 a. n. Leave Bangor nt T.30 a. and arrive in Portland at 215 r. u. Both there train* oonnoct nt Portlaad with train* for Boston. Freight train leave* Portland at 8 A. and re timing l. due inPortland at 1 r. ■ Stage* oonnoct with train* at principal ttatioan, daily for most of the town* North and Kart ot tine l ne. C. M. MORSE,Sup’t. Watervill*, November, 1868. deo)4 PORTLAND, SAt Od* PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. S V M M R R ARRANGEMENTS. Commencing April lltb, 1384. Passenger Train* will leave the Bta *■*■1 tion, Canal street, daily, (Sunday* ex cepted) a* follow*: Leave Portland for Bo*ton, at 8 46 a. x. and 8.'« r. a. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.80 a. a. and 8.00 r. a. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, nt 10.00 a. a. and k.80 r. a. . These train* will take and leave passenger* at way •tations. Freight train* leave Portland and Boston daily, FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland, Got 80.1868. oc31 edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. Aagnata, Maine. THE Maine Insurance Company insure against lost or damage by Fire, Buildings, Merchan dise and Furniture, on terms as favorable as it can he done bv any solvent Company. Folioies issued for One, Three, or Five rears. J. L. CUTLER, President. J.H. WILLIAMS.Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Agent, Ho. 102 Middlo Btreot. ■villa Mly IliTER Af ATIO.% A L Fire Insurance Company! Of Xew York, OJHct 113 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000, WM. E WARREN, Prmident. HAMILTON imUCE/Vice President. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary. Portland Board of Ptfermce*: Johii It llnown k Sox, Hehskv Kl*tobx« A Co. H. J. Libby k Co. John Lyhi h k Co. The undersigned having been appointed Aonxr ■ and Attordyy for thi* Compa.y, i* now prepared to issue Policies on Insurable Property at current ! rater, IPortland OJHct, 166 Fort Strtrt. JOHN W. MINGLH, AfeuL Junes, 1864^-dtf 1 STEAMBOATS. Portland and .Venobscot River, Summer Arrt ngemeut, 1864. THE NEW, 8TAUNC HAND COMMODIOUS STEAMIER LAM LAN«, Built exprestfly for this route, C APT. WIUiIAX R. ROIX, Will commence her Hummer Ar ou MONDAY MORN June 6th, Leaving Bangor ev ery Monday, Wedneada> aud Friday Mornings, at 6 o'clock Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State street, Portland, ev.n-y Monday, Wednesday aud Friday Evening*, at 10 o’clock, counecthig with the Eastern, Boston aud Mr Jne, and Portland, Saco aud Portsmouth Railroad*, ■from Boston and Way Station*. lea\ iug Boston ai 6 o'clock, P. M. The Boat will touch at Rockland, Camden, Bel fa*t. Buck sport, Wlntorport and Hampden, both way*. Passenger* ticketed through to and from Beaton, Lowell, Lawrence* Salem aud Lynn. For more extended information, apply to J. O. Keudrica. Bangor; the local Agent* at the xarioua landings; the Depot .Masters of the P. 8wBc p., Eastern, and B. fc 31. Railroads; AUiel Homer by] Portland; Lang Bt Deiauc. Boston, or CllAH. SPEAK, General Agent. Juno 4.—isdtf Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. One of the following first-class steamers of this LinevisPeruvian Hibernia, Xortli Ameriean, Jura.liel gian, Kota Sootian, Moravian. Da mascus, »i.i sail from Quebec, svtav Satuuday Mokninu. for Liverpool via Londonderry. Also the steamer, St. David. St. Gkdrox, 8t Audbkw. 8t. 1'aTbick, tri monthly from Quebec for Glasgow. Unpaid and returu tickets issued at reduoed rates. Foi passage apply to H t A. ALL AN, Montreal, or to J. L. PARMER, maylSdtf No. 10 Exchauge street Uorti.nd. International Steamship Company. Eastport, Calais A St John. TWO TIUPSPEB week. On and after Monday, March 28, the superior sea-going .steamer NEW BULKSWltKTcant. E. B. „_ Winchester, will loave Railroad Whari, tool of State Street, every Monday at 6 o'clock 1’. M . and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capl E. Held, every Tburaday atb o’clock J* M for Eastport and St. John, N. B , connecting at Eastpurt withs'eamer Qaeen. for Robinson, St. An drews snd Calais, aud with Stan coachea for Ma chias, and at at. John with steamers for Ereder icton and with steamer Km,eror lor Digby Wind sor aud Halifax, and with the E. k N. A. Railroad 1U( rin-uiat aim ail WS \ nillUDf. Returning, will leave St John every Mondftr and Thursday at 8 o’clock A. 31., for JCaatport, Portland and Boston. Through ticket* procured of the Agents and Clerk on board Steamers. Thuntf*1 recei,wi 11111 F. M., Monday, and _f_C. C. BATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS f oreit City, Lewi*ton and Montreal jg* r«J™J!”tUhrth" BoU"-« Leave Atlantic Wharl, Portland, thand'T Fare in Cabla. at an " on Deck. t '« Freight taken ae n.uaj. The Company are not reenoaeiUe for baggage to any amount exceeding «u In value, and that nno* al, an lee* notice i« given end paid for at the rate of one paeeenger for every *600 additional value. Feb 18.17138. dtf L. BILLINU8, Agent. Portland and New York Steamer* SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. ^ t-lTfrand -POTOMAC.” ciptain SH«i acBSk^Mlwooo. will,until farther notioe, run M follows : Brow”« Wharf, Portland, every WXDNM e>w\lhB»i®ATH?*JAw’ *14 P M.. end leave Pier • North River, New Tork. every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at8 o'clock, F.V Theee venule are at ted upwJthflneaeeomaodatiene for paevenger*. making thu the moetepeedy, eafc end oomfortable roau for traveller* between New York and Maine. P»aeage S7.00, inelnding Fare and 8tote Booms. Goode forwarded by thl. line toand from Montreal, ?ohi**' B“*#r’ ***** Eaetport andSt. Shipp. r« are roqauted to uad their freight to tke eteamer* aeearly a* I P. M., oa the day that than leave Portland. s»srsTssxvu H. B. CBOMWKLL k CO., No. M WutStraet, Mew Tork. ’ Deo «. IMS. 41r Rood Sew* lor the I’afortoaate. mi LOHO bought ron DISCOVERED AT LAST. Olierolcee Remedy -AMD ClIEROKEE INJECTION. i COMPOUNDED FROM MOOTS. BANKS AMD LI A Y XV CHEROKEE REMEDY, the great ndian Diu ! «‘tie, euros all *li easss of the Urinary C gang, such as Incontinence ol the Urine, lntiaination of the ! iKidueys,Stone in tfee Bladder.stricter*, Gravel, Gleet, Gonorrhea, and is especially recommended in | those cases of Fluor Albtut, {or Whites in Females) where ail the old nauseous medicines have flailed. it is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the dose only being from one to two teaspoonfuls three times per day. It is diuretic and alterative In Its action; purifying and cleansing tke blood, causing it to flow in all its original purity and vigor; thus removing from'the system al! peruicious causes which have induced dis ease. CHEROKEE JEJECTlOX is intended as an ally or assistant to the CHEROKEE REMED Y, an should be used in conjunction with that medicine Ik ail cases of Gonorrhea, (fleet, Fluor A lime or White*. Its effects are healing, soothing and demulcent; re moving all scalding, heat, choadee and paiu, instead of the burning aud almost unendurable pain that is experienced with nearly ail the cheap quack injec tiont. By the use of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and CHEROKEE IXJECTIOX—the two medicines at the vame time—ail improper discharges are removed and the weakened organs are speedily restored to full vigor aud strength. For full particulars get our pamphlet iYem any drug store in the country, or write us aud we will man tree 10 any snores., a lull treatise. Price. CHEROKEE REMEDY, *2 per bottle, or three bottles for #4. Price, CHEROKEE IXJECTtOX, 92 per bo e or throe bottle* for #4. Seut by Express to any address on receipt of the prioe. Sold by all druggists, everywhere. DR. \V. R. >1 ERWIN A C«., BULK FHOPRIKTORS, No. at Liberty 8L, New fork. Cherokee Cure ! TBit URRAT I X D l AX HEDICIXE, coo rot's HKD mux boots, barks ahd lbavbs. An unfailing cure for Spermatorrhea, Semina Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, aud all disease* caused by self polutlon; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude. Pains in the Back, Dimness ol Vision, Premature old Age, Weak Nerves, Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, Wakeftilness, Eruptions on the Face, Pale Countenance, Insanity, Consump tion, and all the direful complaints caused by de patting from the path of uature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which all can rely, as it has be n used lu our practice for manyyears.aud.witbtbousaudstreated, it has cot failed in a single instance. Its curative ' powers have boen sufficient to gain victory over the most stubboru case. To those who have trifled with their constitution j until they thiuk themselves beyond the reach ot 1 medical aid, wo would say, Oripairnof the CHER- i OKEE CURE will restore you to health aud vigor, I aud after all quack doctors have failed. For full particulars get a circular from any Drug store lu the country, or write the Proprietors, who I will mail Dee to auy one desiring the same a fall treatise in pamphlet form. Price, 82 per bottle, or three bottles for *4, and 1 forwarded by express to all parts of the world. Sold by all respectable druggists everywhere. DR. W. R. MERWIN A Co.. SULK FBOFRirrOBe, febs eodAwly No. 6# Liberty 8t., New York. Sl'BIlBOX UK.MRtL'S Omi'K, 1 Washing! u City, Jnneii, 1344. I Vlf ANTED— Surgcrmi and Attitlaml : urp.oaj IT for Ike Colored Troops— Candidates must ho Graduates ol some ttegular Medical College, and must be examined by a Board of Medical Officers to be convened by the Surgeon General. The Board will determine whether the candidate wnl be ap pointed Surgeon or Assistaut burgeon, according to merit Applications accompanied by one or more test mordals from respectable persons, ss to moral character. Ac., should be addresied to the Surgeon Genera!. U. S. A., Washington. D.C , or to the As sistant Surgeon Genera). U. S. A., Louisville, By. Boards are now in session at Boston, New Yo-k* Washington, Cincinnati, 8t. Louis, aud Now Or leans. Also wanted. Hospital Stewards for Colored Reg iments Candidates must possess a ta r English Ed ucation, aud be familiar with the eoinroundiug aud dispensing of Medicines. Applications must be made ss in the esse of Surgeons aud Assis aut Surgeons I ompeiisation rroin *23 00 to #83 00 per mouth, with ciothiag, rations, tuel aud quarters. Job K. BAKNE8, juljl-2aw3m Acting Sargeon General. _medical._ DR. WRIGHT’S REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OK, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Prepared from Pure Vegetable Extracts CONTAINING NOTHING INJURIOUS TO THB MOST DELICATE. fllHE Rejuvenating Elixir it the result of modern -*■ discoveries in the vegetable kingdom, being an entirely new and abstract method of care, irrespec tive of all the old and worn-out systems. This medicine has been tested by the most emi nent medical mon of the day, and by them pronounc ed to be one of the greatest medical discoveries of the age. One bottle will cure General Debility. A few doses cure Hysterics in females. One bottle cures Palpitation of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation. From one to three bottles restores the msnlines and full vigor of youth. A few doses restore the appetite. Three bottles cure the worst case of Impotency. A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restores mental power. A few doses bring the rose to the cheek. This medicine restores to manly vigor and robu health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and do spairing devotee of sensual pleasure. 1 he listless, enervated youth, the overtasked men of business, the victim of nervons depression, the ndividual suffering from general debility, or from weakness of a singe organ, will all And immediate and permanent relief by the use of this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price *2 per bottle, or three bottles for S6, and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to any address. 8old by all Druggists everywhere. DH. W. B. MERWIN * Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 69 Liberty-st., New York. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR, HEALTH PRESERVER,' CERTAIN AND SAFE, For the removal of Obstruction,, and tholnsnrana of Regularity in the Recurrence of the Monthly Periods. They core or ohvistethose nnmerons diseases tha spring from irregularity, by removing the rregular ity Itself. They care S oppressed, Excessive and Painful Msu strnation. They euro Green Sickness (Chlorosis). They cure Nervous nod Spinal Affections, pains in the bosk and lover parts of the body, Heavlacss, Fatigue on slight exertion, Palpitation ot tbe Heart Lowness of Spirits, Hysteria, Sick Headache, Gid diness. etc., etc. In o word, by removing the Irreg ularity, they remove the cause, and with it ALL the effects that spring from It. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they eon i tala nothing deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicate—their function being to substitute strength for weakness, which, when properly used, they never foil to do. All letters seeking information or edvioe will bo promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Fall directions accompany each box. Price fl per box, or six boxes for M. Sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of pries. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. B. M ERWIN * Co., SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. M Liberty-st.. Now York. feb&odfceowlr Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct* ing all disorder* incidental to the feminine tea. That the afflicted uiay feel assured that thia Cordial U trnlr valuable and'worthy their confidence,' not one of those secret compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, 1 add a few testimonial* from phys ician* whom all, favoring the Electric and Reformed Practice ot Medicine, respect. DK WILLARD C. GEORGE,formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, Mass., speaks ot it in the following terms: " 1 have used the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by DK. GEO. W SWKTT, 166 Hanover Street, and 1 regard it as oue of the best Medicines for Female Complaints that can be found." DK. J. KING, Author of "Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment," says. " This Medicine appears to eaert a specific influ ence on the Uterus. It is a valuable agent in all de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs." DR. 8Mim, President of the New York Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians, says: "No Female, if in delicate bealth.ehoud omit the timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much of my success iu midwifery to the use of this Medi cine." MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES The following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no tice: " Asa general remedy for Female Complaint* this , * Cordial* is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sioa it is esteemed more highly for it* good result duriug Confinement in relieving the great sufienag attendant upon childbirth. I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my success in midwifery is due to the use of this medietas. It strengthens both mother and ehild. In each cases I follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to use it a few weeks previous to confinement, as by the energy It imparts to the uterine nervous system the labor will be very much facilitated, and removes the scraps which many females are liable to. Ne woman, if she knew tbe great value of this Strength ! cning Cordial would fail to use it." I have received numerous testimonials from diff erent parts of tbe country where used Knowing the good it is capable of doing, I w 11 warrant every bottle of my ** Cordial" to be satisfactory in ite re sult*. The following symptoms indicate those affections in which the Female Strengthening Cordial has proved invaluable: Indisposition to F.xertion, Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits. Trembling. Lose of Power, Pain in tbe Back, Alternate Chills, and Flashing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at the I At we r Part of the Body, Headache, Languor, Ach i ing Along the thighs. Intolerance of Light and Sound, rale Conntenance. Derangement of the Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria. me., me. It is a specific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis ot Green Sickness, Irregularity, Painful ness, 1'rofuM) or Suppression or Customary Dis charges. Leucorrhca or Whites, Scirrhas or Ulcer ate 8tatc ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac. No better Tonic can possibly be put up thau this, and none less likely to do harm, and It if composed wholly of vegetable agents, and such as we have known to be valuable, and have used ft»r many years. PU1CE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or bottles for t5 8hould your druggist not have It, send directly to us, and when six bottles or more are ordered we will pay all expenses, and have it securely packed from observation, Be sure and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot. 106 Hanover St. Boston. GEO. W. SWETT, M. D.,Proprietor. H. H. HAY, Agent, Portland. mcMeodflm STATEMENT OF TH .Ctna Insurance Company, Or HARTFORD. CONN., On tb* ltt day of November, A. 1>. 1S68. a, reqaired by tb* Law* of tbs State of Muoe. rho Capital Stock U.SI.600.000 and with the surplus is tnussUJ as follows: Real cattle, unincumbered, S87.MIS IS Caab in hand, on dapoalt. aad la agents' bands, 216.960 (A Cnited Stales Stocks, 612,847 60 State and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, 869.460 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,047,178 00 Mortgage Bond*. 881,980 00 Atlantic Mutaal la*. Co's scrip, 1862-8, 16.888 60 Total Arnett, 83,006,879 74 Amount of I.iabilitiea for Losses not due or adjusted. 8176,411 84 , Amount at risk, estimated, 116,616.470 Of TUOS.A. ALEXANDER. President. Lucira J. Uaudbi, Secretary. Bardord. Nov. 7, 1868. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agont, No. 4 Iron Block. Portland Pier. deo£ dtf Dirigo Insurance Company or Tilt CITF OF PORTLAND. j Office No. *S Exchange street, Capital 8200,000 THIS Company is now prepared to Issue policies on all kinds ol property Insurable uguin.t Are. ut current rates A. K. 8UUBTLKF. President. JEREMIAH BOIV, Secretary. Diructoks. J. B. Brown, E. S. Serine. D. 'V. Clark, J. B. Carroll, John L>nch, H I Robinson TausTaaa. St. John 8mith. I II. M. l’ayson C. H. Haskell, Andrew Spring. N. O. Cram, Philip U. Brown, U N. Jose, Jere. Dow. I*. W Woodman, H. J. Libby, H. J. Robinson, I J. N. Winslow, 8. C. Chase, Alruh Conant, Wm. Moulton. Portland. Huy 4,1864. mayGdtl Board. A Gentleman and his wife, and three or four tin- , J gl« gentlemen cun find pleasant rooms with 1 board at 64 Cumberland Street. \ juu30 d4w» C. CBAM. 1 MEDICAL. 1 Lyons Periodical Drops TIE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops!; ABB BBTTItB THAB ALL fill.. Powder.At Quack Preparatoon*. f Lyons Periodical Drops! -ARM-. 8nr« to do Good&nd cannot do Mam. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! j The Great Female Remedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ABB SBTTBB THAB ALL PILLS,POWDMRS t QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! | ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drop* THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARM BETTRR TUAN ALL PILLS, POWDMRS AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are Sure to do Good and oannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ▲ MM MMTTMM THAM ALL Pill*. Powders end Quack Preparations* LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ■DU TO DO GOOD AN ii CANNOT DO HAUf Lyon’s Periodical Drops Til OB1AT flKAliI IIMIDT Lyon’s Periodical Drops An better then all Pills, Powders, Aad Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good end cannot do Harm. Price, 91 nr Bottle. For sale by til Druggists. At wholeeale by W. F Phillips, H. B. Buy ft Co., Portland. aa«M todly catarrh! -A*D— NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! TCHAD BY IXHAUNG A Harmless Fluid, or AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYKING1NQ Of the Head. THE SENSE OF TASTE AND SHELL BESTOBED DR. R. CIOODALE’S CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Goodale has combatted Catarrh until ha has fought it down. It has been a long war, hat hia tri umph is eomplate. Through all eoalag time his Ca tarrh Remedy will be kaoarw at the only one anti dote for e disease which .uperficiaiists have ft tier ed incurable. CaU'rh doelors, so called, spring up like mushroons, on all sidee. the object of these pocket practiUoaen it money. They use dangerous instruments. Their violent manipulations Irritate the already ialamed membrane. They never cure Dr. Goodale'e treatment it mediolnal, not mechani cal. lie doee not believe ia the fo roe-pump system, which ia working so much mischief. Bis remedy paseee through the ebaorbeute, to the seat of the dis eaee, and obliterated it. It doee net relieve merely fbr n day, hat for all time. Lastly, it ooele a dollar a bottle—no more. Dr. Dodge <y Auburn X. X. Alter haring witnessed the effects of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it;—It is truly and un conditionally n Herculean Specific lor the a bole die ease. bach an article ought not to he "hid nuder a bushel." and any man who caa invent so truly an efficient and positive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to bo considered ono of the bene.'ee tore of hit race, and his name end the fleets 01 hfc skill perpetuated. Yoare reepectluliv, D L DODGE. A. B. Pliny .Wiles, the wr/l-fatura Traveller, Aud whose fondly physician Dr Goodale wee for many years, ears—“If Dr. Goodale says ho can ftire Catarrh, ho son can it,” Ac. Price Cl bead a stamp for a pamphlet. Dr. K GOOD ALE'S office aud Depot , 76, Rlcekei •'root. one door west of Broadway, New York. U. U. Uay Agent for Portland June 2d, ll«*. Juns2dly ■ -a nwnu. cm nunswil'S Patent Metallic or Copper Paint* FOR VESSELS’ BOTTOMS. To Owners mad masters of Vessels. This superior Article is offered with Um fullest con fidence. When applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS it will be found a perfect substitute for Copper Sheathing, and a COMPLETE PRESERVATIVE ttvm WORMS. BARNACLES* GRASS, to. Vea seU trading to the West India and Southern Ports will iiud it particularly for their interest to ase tn Patent Metallic on Cor ran Paint. The proprietors will in every case guarantee, not only that their Copper Paiatis superior to any now in n*e. but also to any that has been heretofore of f-red to the public. Printed direction* for use aceotnpany each can. For sale, wholesale and retail* by the Maaufac turns’ Agent*. LYMAN A MAXRXTT, snip OliancllerM, 11® Commercial Street. ap303taw3w PORTLAND. TO CLEAR THE HOUREOF FLIES, tr.« nutckrr't l eUbrattfl LIGHTNING FLY-KILLEE, A Bttt, cheap article, easy to me. Every .beet wil* kill* quart Sold everywhere. Juno4dftw3w THE BOSTON FIRE BRICK And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Work*. 3M Federal street. Office aadWareneuse 13 Liberty Square and i Buttery march 8t, tnauulacture Kir* Brick. all shape- >ud slzee. fer furnace* required lu ■tana the ino*t iutenre bent alio Faruacu Block, ind Slab.-. Locomotive Fire Block*. Baker*’Uven ; tnd Green-bouie TUe*. Clay Retorts and neee ..ary . rile* to let them. Fire Cement, Fire Ciny and Raolia , The under-igned will give their ipecial attention , hat all order- for th* above uiaaufhcturisre execu te! with promptae.*, JAMES E MOM) Aft). SuLLina Aobvti, 13 Liberty Square, Boatoa. ' mehll eod6m J. W. SVKHR. Purchaaer tor Baiters Accout or .OUR, GRAIN, 8KKDS. PROVISIONS, LARD. BUTTER and WESTERN PRODUCR generally. Partioalar attantioi given to (hipping by quickest nd oheapeit route*. No. 161 SOUTH WATER ST r. o. Box 471. Chicago, Illinois. Rxfxxxfcfi—Heart Xayuard ft Sou; B.ft W. Ihickering; C. H. Camming* ft Co.; S. G. Rowdiear i Co.; Char tec A. Stoue; Uallett, Davis ft Co., of loaton, Mas*. Cashier Elliot Bank, Boston J.N. laeon, Eeq., President Newton Bank, .(ewton. C. I; Cogs; >urre» EUia ft Sou, New York Cttv. 1 lyttldly. WC* i * 5*L jSrw, .■« .'XMKL * '"AtrZ..K[ -i30r MEDICAL. - i . mA-. ■■■■— -, ■■ -, MORE TESTIMONIALS ! MJIS. MANCHESTER is oonsUntly receiving unsolicited testimonials 01 ttu ostonssAmgr cures performed by her. Among many reoently received nr« the following, whieh nr* commended to the notice of t ho mulcted. Hr*. Men Chester muy be consulted nt No. 11 Clapp’s Block, Room No.«. A CASE OP SPINAL DISEASE CORED This Is to certify that 1 went to see Mrs. Munches ter Inst March with n daughter of mine troubled with spinal disease, for which sho hud been doctored foi •vs years, and by n number of physicians of kinds; and she has had twenty-one applications electricity applied, bat all to no effbet; bnt she eea tinually grew worse. 1 came to th« conclusion, the last resort, to go and see Mrs. Maneheoter, nod did so; and to my great surprise she told me the tret ease oi the disease, aad how she had been from Urns *° time, whioh encouraged me to try her medielnea. I did to. and now my daughter is able to be around the house nil oi the time. She also ridee tea or fit teen mllea without nay trouble or inconvenionon.ead I think in a short time the will bn restored to perfbot health. Since my daughter has been doctoring, 1 have heard ofngreat many eases that Mrs. Manuhss ter has eared. I think If any person deserves pat ronage, it to the one who tries to preeerve the health of theatok and suffering; and I know that she uses wg^ttwllllllt.totot power to benefit her s*™" Ikias L kiiesTS, UnoHon h »lours, Annv *. KniunT*, Mnmama*, Moom, Ang^ one op ram ore a test cores o* eecor Mas. MancHnsTun—Dear Madam.-—Thinking statement of my cue may he of service to others similarly affile tod, I hasten in give it to yon. This to brieffy my naon—I was takes siok about 11 months ago with tha Liver Complaint in a very bad form. I applied to four different physicians, bnt ro neived a* benefit on til I called on yon. At that tim* I had given np business and was in s very bad state, bnt niter taking your medicine torn short time I be gan to reoover, and in two months I wns entirely well, and had gained several pounds ef desk, and eaa Inly say that by yonr skill 1 am a perfectly heal ky man. Joaarn Daw. EooUm t Moms Depot, Portland, Ms. sff EEMARXAELE CURE OP A CASE OP DRO ST CURED RT MRS. MAN CHESTER. This to to certify that 1 have been eared of the Dropsy of Moon yean standing by Mrs. Mdnrtej 1st. I hare been to physicians in Boston. New Tork and Philadelphia. They nit told me that they oonli do nothing B>r me, unless they Upped me, and as •ared me that by Upping I coaid live bnt a short * ““ “no* up mj nun J to go acme ud Uv* •» long u I Mold with the disease. ud then din. On Wf wny home I rtuyed over night in Fortiud with • Mend of wine, ud told them whet my mind wet n regard to ay dieenee. They (nelly peresaded a* to go ud eea Mia. Mucheoter. She examined me aad told me ay eeee exactly. I waa ao aaeh astonished to think that aha laid at correctly, that 1 told her that 1 would toko her —at daw, not huviug the leaat frith that they woe Id mo uy good, or that I ohoald get the slightest Midi from uyeowie whatever; (nelly I took the medi al a* aad went home, la oao weak from the time 1 oommeaaod taking the medleiao. 1 had ever three gaUoanof wulerpum main seven hours; ud say fei 'low euterera may ha a tured that it waa a great reliel torn*. I had not beam able to lie down ta bod at night hater* thi* for taro yean. Now I can lie do' with perfect eeee. I have takes bar ——“r*— , eight month*, aad am a* well auy mu oonld , to bo. ud ao aigaa of dropey. I would advitc that ureeiuk to go aad ooaealt Mrs. Mamehu. vvea if they have been given up by other ) eieiane^ I have mat her u number of oaeee of oiV. dfrname, aad eh* hue eared them uleo. Go ud tor yoormlvne. I had ao frith, but saw my fuH . aaaaot be shakod ta her skill la tea eg ud earing dfroaan. camusuiuui, (UULliUM, DR. J. B. HlittUKI CAB BB rOUXB AT BIS PRIVATE MEDICAL BOOMS, #«. 4 Temple Street, WHERE he ou be eoneuited privately, ud with the utmoet eoaldeaoe by the afflicted, at all hotit dtilv. from 8 a.m to m • *r. H Addresses those who Are Puflferin|f under the emotion of private dieeete. whether araiag from Impure connection or the terrible vice or eeli-abuae. Devoting hi* entire time to that particular branch od •he medical profrmtoa, be feci* warrantee la Gcaa ABTsaiaa a Coax ta all Caobb. whether of Ion •tending or recently contracted, eoUraly reaovia tits dregt od itieneat from the system, ud making perfect Ud RBRMAXBXT CCBB. Bo woald call the attention of tka a •hicled to t feet of hit long atandiag ud well earned reputation farniahiag a a motes t naeuranoe at hit aklll aad tat CACTIOH TO THE PCBLiC. Every intelligent ud thinking person matt know tkfri remedies handed out from general neu rhon'd hn»n their efleaey aulabifehad by wall tueted eapo rmana ia the haad* of a ragaiarly educated phyvt Maa, whoa* preparatory study lit him ter ell Ike duties he mast mllll ytt thetoeatry tsdooded with poor nostrums ud eure-aUs, purporting to be the bmt In the world, which are not only me I eea. but el wuy, la/eno«• The ufortunute should karanne tTLAB In selecting hie phyaiciu, at It la a lamentable ye* incontroverteble fuel that muy typbiUtio ap Genu ere made atieereble with rained coneUtaUon* by aaalircatmeat from inexperienced physician* la gwuM practice: ter it la a point uamruliy conceded oy the beet ryphilograpber,. that the study ud man thee# complaint* should eagroaa the whole time *f those who would bo competent aad snoceeslul In their treatment end rare. 1 be inex perienced general praetitknur, having neither op portunity nor lime to make himself Acquainted with their pathology, commonly puerile, one eyatt ra of treatment, ia most oaeee making u indiscriminate ns* of that v»liquated aad dangerous weapon. Mur eary. HATE COHF1 HEM CE, AD who have committed u excess of uy, whetoer H be the eolitary vice efyoutb. or the »t>ug Lam rebuitf of misplAced ooaBdcucia niAturcr ysats SEEK rot AS ANTIDOTS IS SSASOS. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude end Nerve** Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that Is sure to fol low. do not wait for Unsightly Utuers. for Disabled Limbs, fur Lorn ef Beauty and Complexion. HOW MAS I THOUSANDS CAS TS STITT TO THIS M T VSHAFT T SXFMRlSSCt. Yoang Men troubled with emissions In sleep, a complaint generally the result of a bad habit la youth, treated aateatWoally. and a perfect earn was muted or wo cWm wait* Hardly a day pa**>« bat wo are consulted by owe or more young men with the abot* dlsetme. some *| whom are as weak mail emaciated as though they bad the ooasutsptiou. and by their friends J to have ft All sash e sees yield to the proper aad only correct ooiime of treatment, aad la a abort time are mads to ruicioa la perfect health. MIDDLE AGED Thar*are maay sun at tana*. _ c ... o-Vtoiar* troubled with too fotvrasat eracaattvus from the bladder, eftea accompanied by a slight smarting at burning vernation, and weakrniag the system in a manner the patient cannot aocoaat for. On eaaia ining urinary a rope aadlmcst wUl slun be fomad, and sometime* .mall partieh . of semen or albumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milhteh has. agate .hanging so a darb and turbil appearance Thare an maay men who die of this difficulty Ignorant of the cause, which k the SSL OSD STAGS OF SEMINAR WSASSESS. 1 an* warrant a perfect can in such oases, and a fall aad healthy netoration of the urinary organ ». Persona who cannot personally *ou«nlt the Dr., ea* do so by writing la a plain manner a description of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be (brwEriltHi imuiodiateiv. All ©orreepondenoe strictly confidential and will bo returned if deeired. ▲ddreet. DR. J. B ULtillRS. No. 6 Temple St., foorner of Middle] Portland. 0^8oad Stamp for oiroular. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DK. HUGHES partioalarly tnvttu all Ladle, who need a medical adviser, to call at bis rooms. No I Tempi* Strut, whleh they will Sad arranged for heir especial accommodation * Dr. H '* Eclectic Renovating Mediclae.areuartTal ad In efficacy and superior virtue In regnlating sll female Irregalaritii. l'bolr action Is -peciSo and lertain of producing relief in a short time -.ADIKS will Sad It invalaable la all eaauof ob traction, alter all othar remedies have bun tried la rain. It Is purely vegetable, containing nothing la he laust injurious to ft. health, aad may butdaS rlth per fact safety at all tlmu. * Baat to any part of tba tonntrv with fa!! direction, >y addiualag DR HUGHES. Ma. I Tampl, Strut, corner of Middle. Portland. M 1.—LADIES desiring may eoanlt oaa af their »asex. A lady of experience ia constant attend laaldhaly JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, . . BOSTON • IESr*SP.a§^ENSrARN^V0"bl* r0LT‘ PI G I R O > , Llso, BAR, SHBST, f BOILER FLATS IRON. of Enilisb and Scotoh Manufacture. WoAhalleonUnue to receive, iu addition to our l meric an Brick, a rvgular supply of INGUSH, SCOTCH, ft WELCH FIRE BRICK mooli eodom

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