Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 12, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 12, 1864 Page 3
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mmmmmmummmmmmmBKBmmmm PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Ktta Adrortisamenta To-Day. Drou Goods—C. K. Babb Substitute—J. M. Todd. Ketn jvaJ— 8. Cohen 4 Co. To the Pub'ic—O. C. Frost. Hack Notice—J. F. Libbv. Dimond’s Quadrille Band. Wickersham Nail Machine. Mr. G. A. Sconscia exhibited yesterday at the Exchange, some of the nails manufactured by this patent machine. Instead of manufac turing one nail at a time, as is done by the machine now in use, this machine can cut from a twenty-inch iron plate, eight two-and-a halt inch (eight-penny) nails at one blow, and can make four blows per second, thus giving tbii~ ty-two nails, headed and pointed, in a second. The same machine will make one hundred and sixty brads per second—forty at a time, or about thirty-six hundred pounds per day, including all sizes of small finishing nails, at a profit of at least four cents per pound. By the old method, be it remembered, but one at a time is cut. The cost of cutting is not over one-tenth that of any other method. Two machines, employing one hand, can make one hundred kegs of eight-penny nails per day.— By the old method, two machines, employing two hands, make from two to eight kegs per day, according to the skill of the workmen.— One of our largo factories with fifty machines produces fifty thousand kegs of uails per an num. Fifty Wickersham machines will make seven hundred and fifty thousand keys per annum. The patent has been purchased of the pa tentees, and a stock compauy bas been form ed, to which Mr. Sconscia is receiving sub scriptions. The stock is uearly all taken up. The Shoe and Leather Dealers' Festival. This very respectable association, embracing some of our most enterprising business men, made an excursion to Cushing's Island yester day. They were bound to have a good time, and had It, and no discount. Some fifty gcn tlemen dined at the Ottowa House, and did full justice to the excellent viands placed before them. They passed the day in fishing, ramb ling over the Island, and other amusements. The day was very fine, and the cool breezes from the ocean swept over the rock-bound Isl and, aud made the temperature of the weather very eDjoyable. The dinner was prepared in JUI. uvziiy o ucui aijie, aim VIKU IS DO BlilUl praise. The Ottawa is most admirably kept. The landlord is a young man, but he knows what his guests want, and they are supplied with a liberal band. We know of no place on wur extended sea coast where seekers after health and pleasure can be better accommo dated than at the Ottawa House. The laud and water prospects from the house are mag nificent, and a purer air was never drawn into human lungs than the ocean breezes that play over this island. The gentlemen of this association closed their stores for the day, de termined to invigorate their systems and ani mate their spirita by drafts of pure air from the bosom of the deep blue sea. Such recrea tions are iuspiriug to the business man, and make him feel stronger and happier iu all his social and business relations. Board of Trade. A meeting of the Board of Trade was held at their rooms last evening, President Hersey in the chair. The following gentlemen were elected mem bers of the Board:—W. S. Philbrick, Henry Dennis, P. Chase. The subject of the establishment of a sys tem of pilotage was brought before the Board by the President, and the subject was referred to a committee, previously appointed, consist ing of Messrs. Perley, Cram, Merritt, with the President added, with instructions to re port at the next meeting. The committee, to wiiom was referred the communication of the Hon. John M. Wood on the subject oi finishing and furnishing the Marble Hotel, reported that they have attend ed to the duty assigned them, and report— that after several interviews, they find no sat isfactory arrangements can be made with Mr. Wood, and asked to be relieved from the fur ther consideration of the subject The com mittee appointed at the meeting held at the City Hall concurred in the report. The re port was accepted and the committee dis charged. Adjourned to meet uexl Monday evening. Bchool Examinations. The examinations in the Public Schools, at the close of the Second Term of the current school year, will take place, under the supei visiou of the members of the Superintending School Committee, next week and the week after, as follows: Thursday, July 21sf.—The High School bYiday, July 22d. — Forenoon — Willis Krhtxtl for twirls. Hrarkptt Street (iraniinar School for Girls, Center Grammar School lor Girls, Congress Street Grammar School for Girls. Afternoon—Park Street Grammar School for Boys, Center Grammar School for Boys, Congress Street Grammar School for Boys, Fourth Grammar School for Boys. Thursday, July'IHUi.—The Primary Schools. Forenoon—No. 2, No. d, No. 8, No. 3, No. 10, No. 11, No. 13. Afternoon—No. 1, No. 0, No. 4, No. 6, No. 7. No. 12. No. 14. Friday, July 2SiW«.—The Intermediate Schools lor Boys. The vacation of each School will begin at the close of its examination. The next term Will commence on Monday, September 5th. Proposition of Gallant Soldiers. Col. Edwards, of the recently returned 5th Maiue, and the officers and men of that Regi ment, are ready to enlist for the protection of Washington, for thirty or ninety days, or as long as Washington is threatened, and by his request Mayor McLellan has telegraphed Gov. Cony to that effect. He and the Mayor are of opinion that from five to eight hundred men can be had at once, in this vicinity, for that purpose. Gov. Cony, In answer to the telegram of the Mayor, requests Col. Edwards to inform him, by telegraph, what he can do so that the Governor can communicate to the Secretary oi War lorthwith. Col. Edwards’ reply was that he thought the larger portion of his regiment was ready to go at once, and that it could he filled up here to the number of four or five hundred, so as to start by Wednesday. Law Decisions.—At the term of the Law Court in Augusta, in the case of the City of Bath vs. Gilbert Miller—replevin of a large quantity of wood attached by defendant as the property of the Androscoggin Railroad Co., but claimed by plaintiffs as their proper ty—the Court ordered a judgment of non suit, aud ordered the wood to be returned to the officer. The amount involved by this de cision is about $7000. In the hill in equity of the Androscoggin & Kennebec Railroad Co. vs. Androscoggin Railroad Co., to compel the latter company to change the guage of their road to that of the former, (now Maine Central Railroad; the Court dismissed the bill. ACKNOWi.KDOMKNT.-The undersigned takes great pleasure in acknowledging the follow ing receipts: $50 from Hanover, by M. A.H.Tl.topp; also $25 from Mr. St. J. S.; $10 from Mrs. J. F. and Miss O. F.; $2 from Mrs. L. W.; $1 from Mrs. W. S.; $2 from Mrs. H. F. ; $10 from Biidgton Centre; $32-50 from Children’s sale at Preble House; $.5 from Mrs. 1).; $1 from Mrs. A. W.; $4 from Mrs. D. C.; $2 from Mrs. II. M.; $10 from Mrs. J. M.; $1 from Mrs. J. R.: $236 from Gallery of Paintings; $5 from Mrs. W.; $5 Irom a Friend; $130 from Brunswick; $4 from Bar Mills; $1 from Mr. O. R.; $100 from K. T. H. Society. by Mrs. Alfred Dyer, for the Maine Camp Hos pital Association. Geo. W. Woodman, Treasurer. Portland, July 11, 1864. PlCNIC.--*We understtnd that the Pine Street Sabbath School are to hold (heir annual Picnic next week. Pee notice will be given. I City Affairs, In Board or Mavob and Aldermen, 1 Monday Evening, J uly 11. J In the absence of the City Clerk, who was I sick, John T. Hull, Esq., was chosen Clerk pro tetu. Orders Passed—Appropriating $2,500 for the purchase of the Morse lot on Brackett street; appropriating $400 for the purchase of a lot adjoining the City farm, owned by the heirs ol Abigail West; for the stiaightening of Congress street from Casco to Oak streets; refunding Mrs. David Driukwrter $1:5.50, said ' amount having been paid by her for the privi lege of entering the City drain—which privi I lege she did nut avail herself of; authorizing the City Treasurer to hire a sum not exceed ing $14.5,000, on a term of time not exceeding twenty years, the same to be appropriated to the payment of notes given tor monies lAst year to pay bounties of soldiers; adding the sum of $10,000 to the assessment of taxes— the same to be as a reserve fund for addition al appropriations, and to be made; that the appropriation ot $2900, in payment for the Morse lot and the lot at the City farm, be j charged t • the reserve fund. Popart* of Committees—Of Committee on Public Buildings—in favor of purchasing the Morse lot on Brackett street; of same com mittee—adverse to erecting a temporary gal lery in Ike new City Hall; of Committee on laying out new Streets—that they had laid out a continuation of Preble street; of Joint Special Committee on Water tanks—that the same are inexpedient at present. Petitions presented and referred—Of CIias. Staples et ills., for a lamp on Commercial street, at the entrance of the passage-way from York street to Brown’s Wharf; of officers and members of Falmouth Steam Engiue Co. No. 2, to be reinstated as a company, without pav, until a new steam engine is purchased. The ordinance in relation to the compensa tion of the officers of the Fire Department, having been correctly eugrossed, passed to be ordaiued. Alderman Stewart offered an order, retn^v >nK Harris C. Barnes, Esq., Irom the office of Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, and declaring the office vacant, alter the passage of the order, and until a successor shall be chosen. The order was passed by the follow ing vote; Yean—Aldermen Donnell. Hayes, Smith, Messer. Stewart—5. ., A ays—Aldermen Beal, Moody—2. The Mayor decided it to be a two-tliirds vote, as required by the City charter. Aldermen Beal and Moody contended that it was not two thirds of the Board of Manor and Aldermen. These objections were overruled by the Mayor, who said that he hud no vote except iu case of a tie. That he had no vote in the making ol officers, and therefore no vote in removing them. (in me imibih ui Olllinoil tJOUIlCII, IUC Or der was rejected, it not receiving the vote of two thirds ot all the members of that branch] The following are the yeas and nays in that branch on the passage of the order: 1'rujt—Whittemo c. Howe, .soulo, Burr, Nowell, Morgan, Gilson, clement, ISailtv, l’hinmy, Mew art, Johnson, Tliurstoi —H. AVxyi— Ham then (l’reaitltntl, Brown, Snowman, Gilman, Corey—6. Subsequently the vote was reconsidered, and the order was passed, in concurrence. See proceedings of Common Couucil below. In the Board or Common Council. Alter the order removing Mr. Barnes had beeu lost for want of a two thirds vote, Mr. Hamlen, President of the Board, offered a preamble, resolutions and order relating to the matter. The preamble recites the proceedings in the case. The resolutions are:—1st—That Mr. Barnes’ printed statement is not sufficient to justify l)is removal Horn office by the City Council; 2d—That the City Council regard his course iu rendering the accounts between the Department and the Uuilud States, and himself and the City, as wrong in precedent, wrong iu principle, and ought not to pass un rebuked at our hands; Jd—Ueconuuendiug the passage of an order providing that a com mittee of three on the part of this Board, with such as the Aldermen may Join, be ap pointed to adjust the gunboat Acacia account, giving the Fire Department credit for what it is entitled, and to deduct a reasonable sum for per.-oual services rendered and responsibili ties incurred by the Chief Engineer, and that Mr. Barnes be required, on such adjustment of his account, to pay into the City treasury such sum of money as may be fouud due to to the city. The resolutions and order were supported by Messrs. Hamblin and Gilman, and opposed by Messrs. Bailey, Ladd and Brown. The resolutions and order were rejected yeas 5, nays 14. The vote on the order removing Mr. Baines was then reconsidered, and the order passed. Yeas 15, nays 4—Mr. Brown, of Ward 1, changing his vote, and Mr. Ladd, who was not present when the Urst vote was taken, having come in and voted yea. Mr. Bailey offered an order, declaring that the order passed June 27th disbanding Kal mouth Engine Co. No. 2, and dismissing the Engineer of the same. did not remove said Engineer, as it was not (lone according to the provisions of the City charter; and moved that the order be laid upon the table. Car ried. Third Parish.—There was a large meeting of the members of the !id Parish Church last evening. The report of the Committee of the Church in relation to the proceedings of the Couucil was accepted. The report of the Council was laid upon the table. It was then voted to continue to employ Itev. Sir. Walton for oue year as pastor of the church. The vote was taken by rising, and no one rose against the motion. Personal*—We had the pleasure yester day of welcoming home, in our sanctum, Hon. L. I). M. Sweat, who relumed from Washiilff ton on Saturday evening. He is in good health and spirits, though somewhat thin in flesh—the result probably oi hard work and hot weather. Mr. S. speaks encouragingly of the prospects of the army, and spurns the idea that the nation is not able to bear up under the burdeB of vindicating its own authority. Stkaxiehs taken uy Govern went.—It was reported last evening that the steamers on the Portland and Boston route had been takeu for Government purposes. Such is not the fact. We are informed by Wm. Kimball, Esq., that the Government thought of em ploying the Forest City, but subsequently concluded that she would not be wanted. Goiiham Skminabt.—The annual exami nation of the pupils of Gorham Seminary takes place oh Wednesday afternoon and Thursday of this week. The closing address will be giveu at the Congregational Church on Thursday evening, by Rev. Dr. Adams, com mencing at 7 12 o’clock. Closing Out Sale ok Dnv Goods.—It will be seen by reference to our advertising columns that Mr. C. K. Babb, Clapp's Block, being about to close out his Summer Goods, offers good iuducements to purchasers. Our lady readers will do well to give him a call. S. J. Court.—It is next Tuesday, and not to day that the Law Term of the Supreme J udicial Court rneeU in this city. The time has been changed since the card, by which we were governed, was printed. Fire.—A small shed on Washington street was destroyed by lire about 4 o’clock yester day morning, together with a quantity of wood and two hogs. It was the property ol Patrick Kelly, and is supposed to have been set on fire. Sts Maine.—The furlough of the members of the 5ih Maine Regiment is further extend ed. Notice will be giveu them as to the time for them to assemble. Good News kob Musjoy.—The work of layiug the track for the horse railroad to Muu Joy commenced yesterday, and will be com pleted with all possible dispatch. Bangor State Guards at Fort McOlary. A correspondent of the Bangor Whig, who went with the State Guards to Fort McClary, says: The compauy was handsomely received, about a mite from the fort, and escorted iu, by the Lewiston and Norway guards, under com mand of Capt. Cobb, who are to he relieved by Capt. Morse’s company. The appearance ot Coni piny A elicited general commendation on the road. Vice President Hamlin, for soldierlike and meritorious conduct, was pro moted to be sergeant of the color guard—the honor of which position ho bore with accus tomed meekness, i think the men will be comfortably situated alter they get settled in their quarters—although their sleeping ac commodations are not of course so extensive for each man as he might secure in a flrst clase hotel. I TOTH* j Portland Daily Press. -. .. The Rebel Haiti into .Maryland. Capture of Maj. Gen. Franklin. SEVERAL RAILROAD TRAINS DES TROYED. Hebei forcett commanded by lirerh inridye, Imboden and Early. LONGSTREET REPORTED AT GOR DONSVILLE. No Fears for the Safety of Washington or Baltimore. Philadelphia, July 11. Tlic rebels got posessiou of the w ires at Magnolia, about fourteen miles from Balti ' more, anil intercepted a large number of dis patches, among them one from Stanton to Gen. C'adwallader. We have no communica tion with Washington and there Is great ex citement hero. The Bulletin lias a dispatch from Wilming ton, Del., which says that the report of the burniug of tLe bridge over the Gunpowder river by the rebels, is not believed. The mansion of Gen. C'adwallader at Mag nolia, was burned by the rebels this morning. Philadelphia, July 11. The following has been received by 11. F. Kennedy, Supt. of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad: "1 was conductor on the Xo. 17 train. The rebels attacked the train at Magnolia. They went through the train after we stopped, cap turing all the officers and soldiers, among them Maj. Gen. Franklin. They also robbed most ol Hie passenger's pockets of watches and money ; also unloaded baggage. They set lire to my train, burning three ilrst class cars, one second class, the baggage cars and North ern Central engine on sideling.’’ (Signed), J. K. Mi xshowek. Philadelphia, July 11.—•> P. M. It is now ascertained that two trains were destroyed upon the Philadelphia, Wilmington ami Baltimore Railroad. The engineers of faith Onp. linwpvar «.-ah rohfa><1 nf his money and clothing, except his shirt aud pants. The fireman was shot dead. The mail on the early train was taken from cars before the passeugers aud divided among i the captors. Nothing has been heard yet of the express car, but of course the tbeives did not overlook it. No apprehensions are felt in regard to the regular train, which left here this morning, aud the extra train which left at a later hour as they cannot go further than this side of the Susquehanna. Dispatches from the conductor of thelfsec oud train captured, says Gunpowder bridge is destroyed. This information lie received from the rebels. Alter firing the train they started it back and it went half way over the bridge where it stopped, causing the bridge to take fire. Havre iie Grace, July 11. About two hundred cavalry under Harry I Gilmore appeared at Magnolia, 18 miles south of this poiut, on the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad, and captured the 8 30 A. M. passenger train from Baltimore, by tiring a volley into it, causing it to stop. The ten o’clock express train shared the same fate. The conductors of both trains were robbed of their money and watches. The reliels tired the trains, also the freight house at Magnolia, which was consumed. One of the trains were fired, the engine re versed aud started towards Gunpowder bridge for the purpose of setting it on lire. It is very probable that no damage resulted to the bridge, as it was guarded by a heavy force. Passengers were not molested except in a few oases. The rebels then started in a south erly direction. Passengers are arriving here. A battery ol U guns from the Phiadelphia Navy Yard arrived here to-day. <>ue section of it proceeded to the rear of Magnolia, where the rebels were found in force, causing the section to return. What the future iutentions of the rebels ate is all conjecture of course. The steam ferry boat Maryland is sale, aud the town and ferry are well defended by the gunboat Cunicuck. A large detachment of troops and mariners from the Philadelphia Navy Yard, are here with other forces, aud the country is scoured by scouts. There is uo truth lu the report of the burn ing of the Conotningo bridge over the Susque hauua. 10 miles north ol here. The telegraph lines south of this point arc badly damaged, but it is thought, the railroad is not injured to any great extent. Gen. Franklin was captured on one of the trains destroyed at Mongolia. Tue rebel Giinore avowed his iutention of : going into Baltimore to-night. Artillery firing has been heard since 8 P. M., iu a southwest direction, perhaps at Birch River. Philadelphia, July 11.—10 P. M. Tlie train from here this A. M., went as far as Perrymanville and then returned. The 12 o’clock train went ouly to Wilmington. There was no signs of any rebels at the lortuer plaee. The return of the trains was merely prtcau tion&jy. Our gunboats had commenced firing on the rebels at Bush Hill, ou Bush River, the river nearest to Baltimore. Later.—Our guuboats drove the rebels off at Uush Hirer, aud recaptured one of our en gines. There is a pobability of telegraphic com munication being opened lo-igbt with Balti j more. JliALTIMOKK, July 11. The news from Washington is exciting.— The Star says skirmishing on the Rockville road commenced early this forenoon, and w;is continued by the advance of a rebel force to a point about four miles west oi Tenallytowu. There their progress on that road was stop lied, and they disappeared in some other di rection. Subsequently we hear of them skir mishing between eleven and twelve o’clock in and around 7th Street Turnpike, near Clagget farm. 11 is reported that they burned the res idence ol F. 1'. Blair, which is in this vicinity. There were 800 infantry only in the force 1 that encamped at Rockville last night. l’auic stricken refugees arriving to-day (rom the viciuity of Edward’s Ferry, suite that the rebels were crossing to the north side of the I’ot imac at that point yesterday and to-day in large numbers, some ssy 12,000 strong and others -10,000. Breckinridge- was believed to be in command of their advance in this direc tion, and Imboden commands tbeir cavalry, who are now hanging around our fortifica tions. All quiet in front of our picket lines upon what is known as River Road. H'l'lie Star says up to noon to-day the reports of the numbers aud purposes ol the rebel in vading force are cotilusiugly conflicting. We have just received the following from a source of great reliability: The rebel army of invasion marched down llie valley with 45,000 men, including 8,000 | cavalry, under Gen. J. Early and Brig. Gens. Breckinridge, Ransom, Imboden and McCaus land. Longstreet was at Gordonsville on Tuesday last w ith an additional force to join the army of invasiou, and the purpose of that army is to attempt to capture Washington by surprise. The Yiigiuia Ceutral Railroad has been re paired, and is running to Staunton, i Mosby has 242 men in his command, and ex pects to have his force increased. In the fight at Aldie Mostly captured eighty one cavalry men, killed twenty, and captured a major aud one piece of artillery. 12 pounder. Knickles aud his command is operating ucar Fairfax Court House, and iTear the Occuquau. Later.—Up to 2.15 P.M., the state of af fairs in the vicinity of Rabbit's Branch Post 1 Office remained about the same as during the morning. There has been no general engage ment, but cavalry skirmishing is going on at intervals. The enemy lias not made his ap pearance anywhere within range of our guns, and so tar lias show u no disposition to do so. No casualties have been reported ou our side in the fight this morning between Lowell and the rebel cavalry. Three rebel straggler* were captured and brought in from the front this morning, but they refused lo give the names ol the regi ii.a ilS, or to tell by whom they were com manded. They are inclined to brag, and place their numbers at very bigii figures. Some rebel stragglers who were picked up yesterday, and brought to the Provost Mar shal’s office, admit that they belonged to the invading force, and that the Intantry consist ed of Breckinridge’s aud Early’s forces, and that the cavalry was under Ransom. When questioned as to their numbers, they differed i widely In their slatemeuts. The rebels were in force at Silver Spring tnis A- M., and up to last accounts kept their poslliou. During the morning their was some tiring between the pickets, and two federals were wounded. —BH8H——mtUiSS?. IL It is stated by persous coming from that vi cinity that they are confident that the main body of the rebels are at this place. Prepa rations have been made to receive them iu be coming style. The rebel lorce is said to be 15,000 strong at this place (Silver Spring). Later from the river.— Yesterday after noon a force of rebels made their appearance on the tow path of the canal, near Muddy branch, where there was a camp of a squad : ron of the 8th III., and four companies of the I 2d Mass. Regt., when our forces who had or ders to fall back, started towards the city.— i They had uot retreated far, however, before j another hand of rebels were seen approaching from the direction of Rockville. Some shots j were exchanged. I No one was injured. When three miles ' from Muddy Branch our forces made a shore ; stand, when quite a skirmish ensued, in which the rebels brought to bear on them one of their four guns. We had three persous 1 slightly wounded. Our forces then started 1 for Georgetown, where they arrived this morn ing. The rebel*, who at times showed a con siderable force, seemed to direct their atten tion to the canal, which they damaged cousid , erably. Our men report the country full of rebels, 1 and that there were several skirmishes yester day, in one of which Capt. Morris, of Co. M., ! 8th Illinois cavalry, was killed^ Various Item*. Nkw York. July It. Mayor Gunther has written a protest to j Gen. Sanlord against sending away city regi ments. The Mayor entertaius grave appre I hensions that their absence would lead to riots. Secretary Fessenden to-day met several bank officers, with whom he had a lengthy consultatiou. Col. Thomas Jefferson Stanton has been ar rested by Gen. Dix, at New ark, lor denounc ing the government. Telegraphic communication southward has been re-established, but is liable to be destroy ed at any moment. Another f'eteel Iteatroyed by the l-ioriilti. Fortress Monroe, July 10. . AV0Ut daylight tills morning the pirate h lorida captured and burned a bark, name not as yet known, whilst in tow of the steamtug America, iust outside of Cape Ilcury. The crew of the bark escaped- on the tug, and reached here at 10 o’clock this morning. Three gunboats, the Moutleello, Mount Ver non and the Ino, started Irom Hampton Roads in pursuit of the pirate. The 1‘iratv florid". i Cape May, July 11. *-- — '-.v wo '>• hic uni < iftirnr da, Berry, Greenland and Selinda, numbering 00 men, left here today for Philadelphia, to be followed by five of another vessel. All these vessels were captured and burned Fri day last by the Pirate Florida off (Jape Henry and Charles. * J JWir York Militia tit hold thctnaelve* rmih/ for Servin’. _ Albany, X. V., July 11. The Governor will issue shortly an order to all the military of the State to hold themselves ready for service, and a proclamation urging the citizens to volunteer into the National Guard. York Market. „ „ _ , New York, Ju’y 11. CottOH—Arm; .ale. 800 bale, at 1 68 lor ini,idling Upland#. Flour—25a,Wc bettor; #a)e» 19 000 bbls; 8outbc*rn ?I?*7'.:,,*i",:M0Jbb‘*: ““ad* HiqiOc better; a.:,! 12"0 bblr. Wheat—betti r; sales 86,000 bushel.; Chicago Spring 2 40a‘2 6 ; Milwauxee club 2 42<i265 , i;“r!,T,al,,, 38.000 bushel-; new mixed Wceteru 1 t*>U,l il(j. Oat.-—dull: aate# Canada at Pftgl 00. aud : ***1 ce200 bbls; Countrv mess lSOOqdSOO; prim* 9 00(^10 00; repacked Chicago 20 Ott-MdB 00; prime mem G4 t.0^36 00. ™ firmer; sale# 8800 bbia; new mess 40oQ$ Lard—higher, sales 1700 bbls at 20j rc2‘c Butter—Arm; S'ate at Sigliic. Whiskey—dull; sale. 6pi bbia at 17iVgl 75, Sugar—Arm; .ales 00 hhd. Mluoovado l.">j<il4*c In boud : 220 boxes Havana 22 jc. Coffee—higher. Naval Stores—quiet. Petroleum—Arm, sales 800 bbls crude 67c Tallow—quiet; sales ltiOCi lb* ale. Freights to Liverpool—steady. Stock Market. „ . _ Nnv York, July 11. Second Bottrd.—Stocks heavy. American Cold. .282 United State. 6*. 1881 coupon..104* United States 6-30 coupons.!!!!!!! 1' 41 United States 6-20 registered. Treasury 7 3-10thp..;q J Missouri 6'..yj,' Canton Company.....35 Cumberland Coat Company preferred. . 62i New York Central. loi? trie,.ui Hudaon. 12 ,* £®»din* - .,•.:::.:::::::::::::::::i3i}, Michigan Centra;.. Michigan Southern.F4J Iliinoi# Central scrip,.. 12 4 Cleveland & Toledo,.. . Commencement at Amherst College. John B. Gough and IIou. i»eo. Thompson, of England, announced to take part in the exercises of commencement week at Amherst college. The exercises will begiu next Sun day with the baccalaureate sermon by the president, Rev. Dr. Stearns. The prize decla mation wili take place on Mouday. Tuesday, annual meeting of the Phi Beta Kappa society; address by John U. Gough ; address before the society of enquiry by Rev. Henry B. Smith, I). D., ol New York. Wednesday, meeting of the alumni; oration by Uou. Geo. Thomp son of England, and a coucert by Gilmore’s Band iu the evening. On Thursday the con cluding exercises, consisting of the process iou, etc., will take place. North British Review.—The May num ber of this able organ of the Free Church of Scollaud. has been received from the Amer 14*3*11 r.p. 1 > 11 K1 ielinr. T C....44 i. V__ V Coutents: Lord Elgin.—In Memori.-un; 2. A Fortnight in Franco; 3. Energy; 4. Mr. 'I'rol lope’s Novel; j. Day-Dreams of a Schoolmas ter; ti. Christian Missions;?. The old Anglo Scottish Dialects; 8. Hambies iu the Desert of Syria; 9. Sporting Hooks; 10. Our Foreign Policy. New Boat for llarpswell. On and after Monday, Jaly 11th’, 1804, the new and : superior steamer ITIAKCCNA JOHNSON, Will leave as follows: r Leave Custom House Wharf at 9 90 V M. for Harps we! Mounting at Teak 's Island on every t-ip, and landing parties at Dis moud Cove or Chebt-ague Islands wheu nsjusatnl. Returning, leave Harp*well at 4 T M , touching as above Excursion tickets to Harps well, 75 cents; Teak’s Island, 25 cents; Diamond Cove or Chcbeague Is lands. 60 ceuts. Single tickets same as above. Large parties taken at reasonable rates ! The public are invited to inspect this boat, it being lifted up in a superior style, and is by far the safest I excursion boat in these water*. For further particulars inquire of C»RO. WATER IIOC8K, Ageut, ou board, or J. II. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 J\ T. Lewis & Co., Mauuf&cturer* and Wholesale Dealer, in READY-MADE CLOTHING, and ffknishing goods. Chambert . . - Ko». 1 and 2 Free Street Bloch. (Over H. J. Libby fc Co.,) j; }•' PORTLAND, ME. , ; Carriages, Carriages! Firmly Built and Neatly Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., Of f EKS for sale, at his establishment, a variety i of Carriages matte iu the neatest and most sub stautial manner. The asscitment etmprist* all tl»e , different styles of Light Carriages, and they will be sold on the inoat favorable terms Tenons intend ing to purchase Carriages will find it for theiftnfer e^t to call and examine before buying e'sewhere, junettdtf Portland Compaii) — -\olire. THE St ckholder of the Tortland Company are hereby notified that the annual mee ingofthe ’ Corporati u will be‘held at the office (f the com , pauy. at their works, on Tuesday the 26th day of July inst, at 3 o'clock iu the alter ncou, lor the fol lowing purposes. — 1.—To hear aud acton Reports of Directors and Trea*urer. 2 —To choose Directors for the ensuiug year. 3—To act on any other huainers that may come before the met ting JO*El'll C. NOYES. Clerk. Portland, July Sth. 1S64 -did Proposals lor Reservoir. PR0T03AL8 will be received for building a Res* ervoir on k»t. Johu .-ireet, at the City Treasur j er's office until Thursday. July 14th, 6o'clock r. M. j ;,n* specifications of the same may be seen at the office ot the City Engineer - I «Tl*u reserve the right te reject any bids i *“**“ be deemed for the interest of the ! olty. i Ter Order of the Committee ou Fire Department. | I ...... F. C. MOODY, Chairman. I Tortland, June 90,1£<H. d2w _.l-SSt&i MISCELLANEOUS, s’. aTT Vl o oli5~ Successor to George Andeison, No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, Sign of Anderson's Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on hand a complete assort ment ol Ji OOP SKIRLS, of every sire and length, made of the best materials . aud warranted to give perfect autipfaction AUo ou ZiauU a 1'u'l a*soi tm-_*ut of Corsets aud Skirt Supporter*, of the most popular mak s, both oicign aud domes* ; tic, with other article* properly belonging to a Uuop i Skirt store. Hoop SkJrtn made to oruer, aud rt pairing done at short notice. Partins dealing w ith this establishmeut may rely upon getting goeds of the very best quality and at prices as low as a really good article can be afforded Portland, July 6, 1W4. dtiw nevFmillinery store. IVe w Goods! MBS. A ROBERTSON lias* takenthe New 8tore, No. 81 Free Street, corner of Oilier, and has selected a Superior Assortment of MILLINERY, Which she will be pleased to ofTer to her friends and the public, on and after the 5th inst. P.8. A good assortment of MOURNING Constantly on hand . three or four good Milliners can receive steady employment by inquiring as above. ap4-deodt! GRANT S COFFEE &8PICK MILLs! ORIGINAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. GRANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Saiu-ratUK A Cream Tartar, New Coffee ami Spire Utile, 13 and 15 Union street Portland, Me. Coffey aud Spice, put up 'or tlio trade, with any address, in all variety ut package*, aud warranted as represeuteJ. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at snort notice. fcff*All gc ods entrusted u 1 the owner's risk. inarchlndtf Portland Oom’y. 1 FIFTEEN Hundred Share, of New Stock of the ompanv are to be i*sued. The present Stock holder* ha.e the right to take the aame for ten daja. via: until July SOth. subscription Books are open at the office of the Company ou Foreetreet. and at the Portland Sar isgs Bank. JOSEPH r vnvvs pi.-a BRADFORD & HABMON, Pension mid Claim Agents, (Established in 1851.) I ILL continue to devote their special and excln five attention to the prosecution of Claims lor Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Puy and Prize Money, And all other claims againat the Government, !ia». iug bon duly Iiccuxed therefor. C^r" All ad vice free. Terms as low as at any oth ef A.«ellJc>’* u° I »y inquired until the claims are obtained. Office 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. F BRADFORD, •tune21 -d.f * K' THE FIRST UTIIM lift OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. S. 7-30 Notes, Can hurst hom exchanged for six percent, twen ty year bond, by leaving them with this hank. The interest on the notea sill be paid in coin, at the rate 7 3-10 percent, to July 1. and the bonda will be de livered here a* soon aa they can be prepared by the Government. Theae 30 year bonda are the moat dc •irabieof any of the government aeenritlea. Con veralousmust be mode in aunia of 9500 or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter ot one per cent, will be charged. W. K. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, May 35, 1554. maySScodtf IP YOU HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OR, If you have an old one that don 't exactly suit vou, don't fail to examine the very best pat tern now in esc, the POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For sale at the Furniture Room* of WALTER COREV, 52 aud 54 Exchange xtraet. June 6,18G4.—d2m WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER'S BLOCK, IT NION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, HAKCPAOTI RKB OT Steam Engine*. Steam Boiler*, Shafting Pulley* Hearing, aud all kiodx ol Machinery. Alao Low aud High Preexurv Steam Heating Ap paratus lor Eaetorie*. Public Building* ana Dwelling Uouxe*. Iu this De partment the establishment ha* been uncommonly Buccp**ful. Steam Cocks, Valve*. Whittle*, and Hteam, Water and Ha^l’ipe and coouectlon* furnished at w holesale or retail. Repairing promptly and faithfully Done. In conn-cllon with the above establishment ia an nh *.lar>!t’ assortment of patterua, and, 1 laning Mill, where wood planing of all kinda may be done._*’ * may3dtf H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, No. 8 Claim's Rlook. Market Can... — - - - PORTLAND. XT*Artificial Teeth insert'd ou Gold, Silver, and * utrimite hose. All operation* mirrattted to give siti> faction,jane30eodi*ly'64 STATE COLLEGE -OF Agriculture and Mechanic Arts! fpilk undersigned. t onuniMionere. appointed un A der a resolve of the last Legislature, am author ized aud directed by said resolve to invite and re ceive dona ion* aud beuefactinua in aid of the pro posed “College for the benefit of Agriculture and tk? Mechanic Artand to receive proposal, for the location tiu reof. hereby give notice that they are pn pared to receive such donations, benefactions and proposal . and request that all communication* touching the same may be made before the first day of September next, addressed to the under*igi ed HrM. G. CROSBY, Belfast. VYM. G CROSBY. Joseph Eaton, . , OJ. SAMUEL f. per ley. ju>y8dA wto septl United States Claim Agency! (toiniiy. l’ri/.e Money dt Pensions, AN be obtained on application to J SWEAT A CLEAVES, Attorney* at l aw, No. 117 M ddle street Hussey's Kow mavlleodCm Fur the hlantfi. °n ai>d 13th the steamer > will until further uotice u have Burnham's Wharf, for Peak'* and Cushing'* Island* at l* and 10.80 A M.. and 3 aud 3 30 P M. Keturuiug will leave Cushing's Island at 9.40 aud 11 16 A. H.. and 2 46 aud 6.16 P M Tickets25ceuts, down and back; Children 16ct*. June 0-dtt "W anted! PARTIES who can appreciate a first class inven tion. < ouutiea will be sold in Maine at such price*, in comparison with the unliirPed demand, as will insure rhe greatest slice*** to parties buying. 1 he article is already having a rapid sale in other States, and is not equaled by any article beiore the public upon which you can make mnuey so sure and ’ rapidly. Immediate personal application by parties having SI60 or upwards at their immediate com- , maud, will meet with attention at 229 Congress »t. . , „ , E CHAPMAN, Jk. i July 11.—U4t Substitute Wanted ! f i!HE *u be fiber wishes for asub.-ditue in the Army -1- forth ee years or the war. Ue must be a citizen, not subject to draft, believing that the rebellion can and will b* put dow n by lue Union Armi a and ready aud desirous of doing Id* p*rt in this work. A veteran would bo preferred. A reasonable bouu* in ailditiou to the State boun ty and ajd treat the city, will be paid to such a sub Btitutojr EDWARD FOX. July II, 1874.—dlw Fmr 9 ale. CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over MO ! rooms, large stable and shod*—situated two aud one-half miles from Portland, and the finest situation in Cape Elizabeth for a wa tering place, and summer boarder*. For particulars onqnire of GKO. OWEN. •P7 31 Winter t*treat. Portland. Kollft*. TIMS day 1 give mv son, W. F. Hodgkin*, his time to act aud trade for himself; l shall not claim hi* wages or pay h«s debts. V HODGKINS. Atte»t—C. D. Sand*. Daniel Freeman. Portland, July 6, 1864. Jyftd'iw* The* W«*w GymmtHilcs. rpilE last opportunity to commence a course of m. leiHoua at the reduced rates will be given Wednesday. July 13th. Children meet at 3 o'clock P M , aud adults in the evening. New classes will be formed for bt(inner*as needed. jyll MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE -TO THE BOOKSELLERS! — AID — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! — AND IM ItLISIII V, HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 50 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, ATaine, Are now fully prepared to Supply the Trade! -AT THE Lowest Wholesale Prices. By special contract, recently made with the Bos. rubluhen, we are enabled to •upply any aud All of the School Books,’ Used in this State, on The Most Liberal Terms. • Haringparehaeed the Stkukottpit Plat** from O. L. Saubobx k Co., of thi»cify, we shall in fu ture publith the valuable Seriee or School Books heretofore published by them. Thi»«ri«, togeth er with our former publications, will make the fol lowing Lut:— Iforton’s. Weld and duackenbog’ Gram mar, The Progieuive Grammar. By We’d k ^uackenbo*. The Progressive Parsing Book, By Weld k Quackenboi. Weld's New Grammar, Weld's Grammar, (Old Edition ) Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Reader, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson's Arithmetic. B. & N\, also publUh Hkukihan’s Asti-Abuv LAItSTBTKlt or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Eight Parts, with printed copies at the head of each page, in enact imitation of the Author a beau tiful style of PENMANSHIP. We call special attention to theee New Writing Books, A« they are admitted to be the moat practical Copy Books ever offered to the public; and they are now being rapidly introduced, having the ftill endorse ment of tho Sipwinlesdcil of Psblif Sctools of the Stole of Boise. Besides the above list which we publish, eur Spec ial contracts are for th* _ Progressive Series of Readers and Spellers. Hillard’s Series of !Readers ft Spellers. Sargent’s Series of Readers ft Spellers. Colton's ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenle&fs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, stati o>i:|n v — AMD— ROOM PAPERS! t FULL ISTOCK j Always On Hand ! N. B.—Bookseller* or Country Dealers who are not oorning to the city, may write to us stating about what amount they purchase at a time, and w e will send them a lAST OF PRICKS, It wanted. Bailey eSc- Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 56 and 5S Euliaiigr Slrrcl, Bortland, iVTe. Portland Amir Committee OF TUI TJ. S. Ohristiaj_ Commission. Chairman, T. R. Hayes, reoeivea Stores at 110 Mid dle street Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at 76 Commercial street Secretary', Henry H. Burgess, receives Letters at 80 Commercial street. Andrew.I. Chase, Dr. W R. Johnson, JunelWU ENTERTAINMENTS. Turiiverein Picnic! The Pi iRTI. 4xd TERN VTIIKI.N Will auk, „ Lxcursiou to D Little I'helicagiie Island, Wednesday, July 13th, Accompanied by Ibe - Band ol ili« 17th ft. infantry. fax Public arm Invitbd. Committee of Arrangements i K. Thurston, Kiitrd A Voves Aug. B.8tere»», S B Waite. Ja. k ’ Ale*-Tyler. „ Geo V. Uirdlif, Ju. 8. B«<tW John ( .Small. Chi*. W. Pierce, John il Hail. ’ I 7 J)b v Bir/?C < omfort "Hi leave Atlantic Wharf at | An oppo tunity will b? given all parties to JoIb in dancing, swings, foot ball, and other gann s. I here will also b. agymua-ticexhibitionat2o’crk by members of the Tunmreiu. Parties will furnish their own refreshments, ice water iu abundance supplied. Tickets 60 cents each—any be procnred at II. L. Davis , Bailey A Noyes’, Oomuiu k Go's, k. Dana Jr’*, H T. Gumming*’, or of Gao. M. 1 tow i, ( ham. H. Saw ykb, John C. Dennis, Johb L.Suaw. • . A *J. Rxavxa, Taos. McEwai jttlyfidtd IT N I O N Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by th* STATE OE MAINE Charter P"p(tuai. Organiied, \m. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, ON Slate Street, . . UoMon, Mam. President—HBXR Y CROCK Bit. I tee-President—DAN IEL SHARP Serretary-tK ll HOLLISTER. H. O. WILSON, General Manager of Agencies in the New Bn aland •states. Assets, 31*< December, 1833, $H.Z‘*,0SH.41 Losses Paid to date, 0,0X0.00 Dindend Paid »» Cash to date, $.140,u:ui .09 fllUIS Company offers peculiar advantage* toper A. sou* intruding to ir.aare tomr live*, in iu aaiety aud stability, acquired in its lourteen y«ar*' experi ecce; iu It* aaee *. which, (without it* capital of BlOo.UUU.l amount* to over three-quarter* of a million of dolJars. being more thau two hundred thousand dollar* 111 excess of its liabilities for the reinsurance of all out standing risk*; in tue facilities preaented in its accommodating system ol pay menu of preai um»: In th** large number, dtv ersilGd conditions and occupations, various ages aud localities of lire* in sured, git 1 ig the largest requisite scope for the ope ratiou ol the law* or average mortality, and the am. ple-t guaranty to the insured for the benefit* there of; in the dirjsion of progts the apportion meut of which having for the past 1 >«rteeo year* •v25Wd forty per Cent, of the pr< miam* paid. _ Policie* are i^ued upon all the plai.* usual with Life in suranee Companies, and at as iow rate* a* is consist ,-nt with a view to equity and solvency. 1 arties desiring Agencies in .a Whk wh»ra Anm. pauy n»re none, and those wishing Traveling Agen cies within the *ear Kugland Maes, will annlv to G II WILSON. 64 State Street Bo*Ion ‘giving such ro«ereuce, or intoroiition ax to age, present and past buxine**, as wi 1 enable him to form judg ment in regard thereto. Junel4d3m PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -AHD I Are obtained tor Wounded Soldiers discharged and the friends of deceased soldiers who are entitled to the same by BYKON D. VERRILL, Attiruj wi UumIU. ai k 117 liidle StreS, -AMD f°r ^ “** D«P-*‘n»enU at Portland, April *3, 18*4. ap25 eod6ra 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh AT. Phinney, WOULD inform hit frlnd, and former cnatomen nr baa taken the Sturt #„ 12U Kxch.nye a.rr. (, where be tateuda to carry on tba Stove and Furnace Business, In all it, brioche.. .8 TO rES, of ail kind*, of tba newest and moat approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. UfT-Secoud band Store, bought, or taken in ex change lor cetr. STorti. Kawoeu. FcairxriB, and Tin Vili repaired at abort notice, in a faithful manner. Grateful for .ormer patronage, he hope# bv rtrlet atteuuon to butince., and fair d.aiiux, to receire a generona abara of public taror. _ _ may 33d tf The Cabinet Organs HADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instrument- of their class in the world. Nearly all the most promiu*n< artists in the country have given a ritten testimony to this effect, and these instruments a;e in constant ux« tD the concerts ol the most distinguished artist*—as GottxchaJk and others—a* Will a» in the * ras in the prioc’pal cit ies vi h. never such in^rumeuts are required. Price f *6 to "cOO These iaxtnim*>nts may be foued at the Music Mooins of the subscriber, wher* they will bo. old at the manufacturer, price*. II. 8. EDWARDS, Ko.S4t»l Stewart'. Block, Conxrcw St. __ aprI3dtl lee Creaiu ! Ice CreaniYT -A-t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, Mo. IStl nail 154 Si., Uppaaitv the International Uoua*. _ _ mayfdtf Nlnge IN ol i<»«» ! For North Conway, N.II.Tri.Weekly Line. 1) A$sKN i.iKUS leave Portland at 7 46 a. m. over the \ Ik (!. a K Mondays,Wedm-idavs and Fri day*. vim Gorham, SfsndL-h.Limington. tArui.-h,Hi ram. iWownfifld and Kryeburg. arnving at North C’onwav at «j o'clock P. N. returning by the same route Tuesday*. Thursday and Saturday*, arriv ing at Portland in season to take the Boxtou steam ers. Ihe excellent accommodation* and remarkable scenery are not -urpa**ed bv any other route. JOHN w: WEEKS, Proprietor and Driver. June >1 —dim tli© million ! l.ane’M Patent DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE. fllllE first practical Washing Machine that ha* X been p ace! before the public. Every family cau afford to have one. i bis mmchiue ts hay ing a rapid sale, from the fact that it recomnu-uds itself. Patties wishing a pleas ant and profitable buxine.-** by taking the controleof a county, cau obtain the same by cadiug at 2&t Con gre-i* -t'eet. next door to New City Hall. jal)7<!ltu At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within und for the County of Cumberland, on the first T<n* day of July, iu the year of our Lord eight een hundred and sixty-.our. SAM I’Ft, 11. bK ADLL nil. having presented his petition, representing that Solomon Thayer, late ol Portland, iu saidtVuuty. deceased, old in his life time make a it gal contract to convey to True Brad bury, certain real estate u esc n ted iu said petition, and prayiug that authority may be given to the ex ecutrix of the last will and testament of raid Solo mon Thayer to execute the necessary deeds to car ry said contract into effect. It ic »,« Ordrrrtl, That the said Petitioner give no tice to ail persons tuter.vfd, by causiug notice to be published one week in the Main* State Press, *i d seven days ia the Daily Press, printed at Portltud, that th> \ may appeal at a Probate Court to be he d at said Port laud, on the third Tuesday ofJulv next, at teu of the clock iu the forenoon, and show cause, if auy they have, why the «ame -hould not be grant ed. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, Attest, EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register. jilylldtdA wlw* DiMOlutiOB. THE rirmof Howard A Str-ut. as Attorneys and Counsellors a* Law. i* this dav dissolved by mu tual consent. Either will attend to the set tlement of of the business of the late drut Mr. Howard will c rntioue to occupy ofhoe^l Mid dle street, over Casco Bauk Mr. Strout will occupy office 105 Middle street, opposite head of Plumb .« reet. Jo.icrii llOWABD, SiwuL c. Strout. Portland, June 27. 1964 -d3m Bowdoin College. fflUF. Annual Meeting of the Overseers of Bow X doin College will be held at their Room iu the College Cha el, on Tuesday. the second da/ of Au gust next, at 2 o'clock P M A. C ROBBINS. Sec y. Brunswick, July 6th 1804 julv7dtd Bowdoin College, TITHE Annual Meeting of the President and Trus X tee# of llowdoiM College will be held at Hanis er Hall, iu the College Chapel, on Tuesday theTnd day Ol August next, at DR o clock in the foreuoon. JollN ROGERS. Secretary Brunswick. July A 1964. julv7dtd Bowdoin Collfgf* rpUE Annual Examination of candidates for ad I mission to Bowdoin College will take place on Friday «b. ttPh day ol August next, at 8 o'clock ia the the new Meaical Hall; and also on Thursday, the twenty-fifth day of August next, in the same place, and at the same hour LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick. July 6, 1964. July Tdtd Boitrrfin*. A FIRST CLASS private boarding House, uewlr fltied up. papered and painted, Tust opened at 77 Free street, for single geutlem -n, or gentlemen with their families. Suits of rooms for families. UP" A good Cook wanted July 6—dlw* _ ___ notice. MR WALTER S SWAN I* admitted a partuer in our tirtn from this date. DANA BROS. Boston, July 1, 1464 jy4 *od*w AUCTION SALES. I M.PATra, AUCTION Shit, U Exchange M. Hare A Valuable shells ntAuction. O r rr*z?iJ!'LK V '1 °'e °®k A « *“d * Uom fh« wZl!L~ • li,,e •••onn*t Dt ©i hheik rc-tuertinr^*^0-*nd 114,1,110 Oceans. ibe public are Mrnauy .l^rdooan *° ,w® ««Ueetion on Ib^TSi* 7.H!.kn?’rn 10 *h® Portland pub 00 lect£u grt*aa^;_y P«ro»* to v.ri* tbi. , told. * 1 ** continued until ere. y lot in *• *' ,,Aflt:y^Tl^^.lil— Valuable Beal Estate at Auctions fflO uloae tbo tattle of the iate C lietle. i * off-r lor .ale the foilowin. de.erth d Jord*B' w* Wharf and* lata. comp,l"u,*«t®'^b,‘dpr0{'»r<)' - feet o' Hat.. with. tbont.™ o?o».h.Sd,yJ£o,UBCd «lx feet on Cwnimeiciai »i!h“n,?',d. ,*®U,T ■he eon: tour loTon ihe^'^teru lL o! «•“ ld‘»«® CI»1 street 22 b/ lOueacH- a lot JaJO**0* <-°®®«r street, 78 lent /rod.£ aUt do. ? P«rk M bv.09: dtora on corn.* oM&k .»7v *Lk ac^vTo^ ^fft^.rsTn*f.?ro<>**"^ 40 by 1U); cotUtru boose No *11 T»« itieet, lot !o.: tb. .borTVr^ZZ *£ £, and nil not preciously di.p ,eSJSiiT7 Auction on Wedneadiy, Jult iSh ni n Kf* “ forenoon on ihe ur-iu .. . , ? aleck In tka tbetabacriban ““c^, June22dtd OAKOBAK JOKliAB. Furniture nt A anion. 1 u*d, Murk mud kxteusiou l»U« rbimia» « 1** K**«teada. Hair MaUrt^e*., *£*’ ron, ( rockery, Claw, nn and Woo*. iKJt *1'' »,nJS**x BA,LEY fc co' A®*u»-®" AdiniDi.' rutor’a Hair. Hoaac LoUta < «pe Elizabeth at Audios. PIKS.-ANT '® ® "ccorc from the Hon the Jadae ot debate lor tb* County of Cumberland 1 .nail rail at public auction on -be preniUel Tbt'ni , day July 14tb. at 10 o'clock A. M , Lur or doll .IT u*ble House Lots, of ha f an mere each on erl. .ide Of tbeBttxrell Hoad In ( ape EHaabrtEud betn* part of the Home.toad -f the l.»T*22; B Tbe~ ‘Ot. are located to “ito2a“Jji tunl.lijf iu4 #ocd hviahborbood and r<mn>m> t ■ iug^tnU'Tl0r‘ tU •urruund. HKNKT Admi.tatr.tor July #.-Utd BY LEY * Ship at Auction." ON Thur«lay, 11 o'clock A w . ahe now Ilea at Franklin WkaorPo^JL £ cjOM .coucera. tbe Hip ffroroe viV.- B Handled and iutotv Tom, bum in 1X40 ,*.!?«B t* in chain, anchor., aail. and rigiinr—mmwZla S’*®** tuber 18i>2. u and 2- oi -bilge tofteo with copper and je low metal, she la a tbnram^i budt and baarily fa.iened.btp Sale nrii rwS^ *k J»lrtk—did * ABor,«i»mu. Horses, Carriages, Harnesses,*e . at A union. O'*, Saturday, Jaly lstb, at 11 o’elaok a M J.lyli^dtS “A,LLV fc Co.,Au«U*«m„. Valuable Heal ft: stair ON Monday. July Mth, at 3 o'clock ¥ g on lkT prembes, a large, double wnodou u«mk» o aud 8 ou 1 each .treat, eeataiuiug Mabteeu^nah ed room., a largo brick ci.tera iu t" JSIr iS" L * l?0 CJmfor,*t'le tenement., l otls So liii r??Ii by ^K,at H4 Set beck. Aim . oao «d . k3?l bvuieoaitBietirMt, auioitiin* ah.,,.* , #,lr dve doLb^ rooms; lof^t? E2V?SS,tt Jnlvl2-dtl “ B*,Ltr Aaotlou^ Valuable Heal Eautle 1. tap«Tu zabeita at A act ion. ON Wedomday. July joth, at 3 o'clock P M o> the premia-, a, ,h*n ..u ih.i Ver* K?a,Sl',T,y Mil.hetl-, kuoS^M1^ In-1 Ship lord, on turner'. Uland id nni!. -if. P S A P Railroad, containing .boat -—.1.‘ 5- 'k* ten of 8its and t oi i-p’aud. 1* erlo. iHTSSS' lug house a b .cksmith shop mad l"*1*' timbered bnildiug of .bout Si b, IS) Het pose, co necled wi,h snip baOdlor Thu L2*J5? did puce ot p open/ ior\bip baildiag^J boandcub the Rat road oa o.e.ide »ndthTksI? bor wub uoe wr«r on the oihnr—tlta -_* .“*fi **} * rmy. 11 e k now of no o< her inch lot ia the cintty ol Portland for ml. "ow £»l.£J.tu,?!t£. owner n non-r, rtd.nt_ml. clenrieimSYwv P?? P'«?* particular, pleam mil > a 7 ,or Jybdtd likhRI HAILEY k CO., Auet'rn EDHAHD g, PA1TEN, Commission Merchant & Auctioneer, ^wAh^^^o *° lhe cions »tor« n KzobftQ(6 8lr0*t, four doors h. *!■ Cut-reliant’. Emhnng. Will receive cou.lgnment. of hicrchaadim •very description for public or private .ajeh.ll K,U,« ' 1 Sfgcun. Mocked k" chnudiie solicited. Caah ndvaaem mao. i,*h prompt .aim aao retar... rnokUdlj* TO THE AFFLICTED! DR. W.N. DfiMUfi, Medical Electrician, Na. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORNER ON CONGRESS AND ELM STREETS the wont tortus of dimaw ia perwa. whoka?,Trmd other lorm. of troatmeat la vain, Hd tirt.. ^ tienu in ao short a time that the sJmtioa a *t£,a naked, do they nay cured ? To answer this,? we will .ay that all that do not - lay cumd doctor the second tint- for nothing* ** llr D. has bean a practical Uectriehu rr , one years, and is also a regular graduated ahVwkb!! 1 Electricity i. perfectly adapted to chronletUmmal - ta the form of nervous or sick headache' BmraTd. la the baud, nock,or eatremities^r^p^1^ ia the acute wages or where the lungs arc not’run? Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scrofula, bin, white .welling., spinal dimmiT mJrvttJS of the spine, contracted muscle., dist. rted lints Palsy or paraivai., 8t. Vita.' Hum, dcainma na*! meriag or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia indue*. t4>n, constipation aud liver comp lain t/pUm—we onm orory oaw that can be prmented. asthma hroushi. ti, ■w.tsm of the ohoot, and til fbim/of tawA By Blootrioity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lain leap with Joy. and move with the agility and elaau£ Vl.ot y<*«hb; the heated brain i. cooled; the treat moved; fa.intne.-M* converted to vigor. —^-ff »tren*th; th# blind made to Me. the dewfto hear.!* the palsied fonr. to more aprlaht; tlx blemiik.. yoath are ebiiteraied; the irnadi ata of —— ... preveated; the catamltiea of oM ace obviated aa aotiTe oireolatioa maintained. *"* LADIES Wbo hareoold haaaa and feet; yrtfik .tomaoha lame and weak back.; nerroo* and ,kk headache I diuinuaa and awimmin* ?a the head, with indUra Uoa and ooaatipatioB of the bowela; paia |B the aka and baek; leecorrbma. (or white#); Iklll.. of tha womb with internal eeaccra; tumom, polmna and all that Ion* train oa dlaaant will fndTntOectrt.. ity a rare mean* of care. Per yainiui mewtraatloii too profs** meuatrsalion, asd all of tboae Ian. ihT. of trouble# wi;h youcp ladle*. Wectrieity I. a curtail .pecifio, and will, in a ahert time rmtnre IN. . to th* rljtor of health.-tneaamrer on. other difficulties, the direct caeae*of wbieh*^e nine oaaea oat of ten. 1* the edbot of pokoaomdru? can be reatored to s .tnral atrenctb and rtcor be the aae of from dye to eicht Bath* ^ 7 .;0®“k%,?u:.,#'*iookA-*-w 1 *•*•»** Conaaltatioa krdb. Itltllad UNITED STATES Internal Revenue. C olfector'M Notice. IN ATHANIt'L J Ml I. LfcH, Collector of tbs y 1- u»t Collection Uinirict, iu the suit of Maine, he cDy give notice to alt p*-rmjLS concerned, that I have received for collection, the Torn! Anuaai Col lection Li*t. niadc ana committed to ms by the 4*. <e-*4or flu roof, in accordance with the act of Coe gress ©nil,ini "An Act to provid. internal revenue to -support the Government, ana o pay interest oe I the public d*.bt.” approved July I. 1>*S3, and tbs aui-ndmcnts thereto; that the never si dsties, ’***' (on income, ca-ria*** auu plats,) and IWshi, Asses v*d euuiu-ra'i-vl and contained in »aid list bavs become »!u* and payable, and tuat 2jv.11 iu person or by De pots, attend to oolfeoting and receiving tbs aforc-aid duties taxes and lici'ott'i, amessed ard i rayable witbiE tbscointy of Curaberlnad 1b said District, at my 5l®ce- Mo. 22 Rj change Hr ret, Fort land,from ike *W day of JuH to the 9&th cay of July. A. D 1994, both doy* m<7ms«re that I will Ie like manner, attend to collecting and receiving du ties, taae« and licenses as mforesad. ss-essec sod payable wi’liin tbe County of York, in said Djstr ct. af- the ♦oliowing designated times and places, to wit at Saco, at the Hotel kept bn Rpfks M Lord, oa Mon day the 2[>ih July, 1864; At the R iddeford House «a Hiddyford. Tuet day July 39, 1*64; •df k>naeinnk, at the Mousam House, Wednesday. July 27. 1964; ' A‘ the Hswichammic* Battik Bertrick, Thursday, July 3S, 1991; At Listen 1, at the H del kept bp Amos Fetch, Sat urday July doth, 1994 And I further give ootid that all persons who m-gleei topsy th-i dutie4. taxis and lictnses assess rd upjn them as a*ors»aid. to me or ay Deputy witliis the tune »bove specified, will be compel edl Mnder the provisijns or Sec 19 of the Act ef Con gre« aforesaid, "to pay ten per centum additional up n the amount thereof'* FerSkrn* lu the County o* York, desirous of so do ng. c*n pay their taxes at my OAoe. No, 22 Ex -tlmsirt. wrlor tnthertth day 0l Jn cy, 1964. NATHANIEL J MILLS M, CuUcStar of the First Collection District of Ms. Po tland. July h, 1864. tr No other money loan United States Treasury Note* «r Not*** of National bt nhs, or Gold and 811 vsr Coin will be received lor inxss after this date Jy9dtd Board. A Gentleman and his wrife, and three or four eta cl*'gentlemen can find pleasant rooms with board at 54 Cumberland Street jyjldlw* C CBAM|

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