Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 13 Temmuz 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 13 Temmuz 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JULY 13, 1864 WHOLE NO 620 PORTLAND DAILY PRE88, JOHN T. OILMAN. Editor, published at Mo. 82f K1CB AMOK 81 HkKl, bj N• A. FOSTER A CO. ThbPobtlamd Daily Pbb**1s published at *8.00 rjr year; it paid dtriotly in advance, a discount ol LOO will be mado. Single copies three cents. Thb MaikbStatb PubspIs published every Thurs 4a> *2.0* per annum, in advance; 92.21 If paid within six months; and 92.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Rates of Advertising: One inch ui space in length of oolurnn, constitute! a “BMWABB.** *1.60 per square dally first week; 76 cents per week after ; three iusertions or less, *1.00; continuing eve* ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertions or loss 76 oents; ont week. *1.00; 60 oents per week after. Under head ol Amubbmbntp, *2.00 per square pef week ; three iusertions or less, *1,60. 8pboial Noticks, *1.76 per square first week, •1,00 per square after ; three insertion* or less, *1.26; half a square, three insertions, *1.00; one week, • »**. Advertisements inserted in the Maihb Statb Panes (which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for 60 oents per square in addition to the above rates, for each insertion. Lboal Noticbp at usual rates. Transient advertisements must be paid for la ad* , vanoe Bubihipp Noticbp, in reading oolumns, 12 cents per line for one insertion. No charge less than fifty c n*s tor each insertion. 0^AiI communication* intended for the paper •houla be directed to the “Editor qftke Press, and those of a busines* character to tbe Publishers. PRiirriHQ ol every description executed Win- dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. Wednesday Morning, July-13, 1864. A Remarkable Shipwreck. HORKll) CASE OF SUFFERINO, STARVATION AND DEATH. Tbe following letter, says tbe Albany Jour nal, was written by Mr. Jacobs, United Mates Consul General at Calcutta. Its statements would be iucredible were they less authorita tively vouched for: Calcutta, April 20,18G4. Tbe following is me sutemeut ot Wimam Palmer, late second officer on the Ill-fated El viua, referred to in my letter of the lttth in stant: 1UO lalfiua ICll VBIVUim «ex7*.x>»siva,a —1 bouud for Boston. Her crew consisted ol Nathaniel Audrews, Siletn, Mass., as mas ter; Ills brother, b. G. Audrews, mate; Win. Palmer, G. D. Blake, Jas. Jordan, 2d, ;id and 4th males; John Teuylon, A. M. Bowden, Peter Nelson, F. Buuger, G. Peterson, J. An derson, T. Frasier, Thus. Brown, P. Johnson, John Wilson, Alex. Murphy, Jas. Williams, John Lewis, seameu; aud Francis 11. Bodges, Baton; James baud lord, Boston; Cambell Weke, New York; Ed. Lewis, Del.; Hubert Willarl, New Orleaus; Thomas Porter, N. J.; \Vui. Kdey, Portlaud; George Chase, Ports mouth ; thus. bcott, William Jackson. East Boston ; John Buckley,Brooklyn; Win. Law, Maine; Jobu Desmond. New York, Consuls men seut home to join the navy. Fair aud prosperous winds attending, moved them across the Equator iu tweuty-iour days alter losing sight of the land heads. The southeast trades spraugup in the south, ana all went pleasantly uulil the afternoon ot the lllih. The wind, quite fresh during the day, at 4 P. M. blew a sale,gradually increas ing iu strength as evening came ou, aud so continued throughout the night. Every pre caution at the commencement had been ta ken, the light sails and sticks sent down from the tope aud secured on the cabin's root, the other sails closely reeled, yet the Bhip bound ed ou as if lilled bodily Iroin the water. At three, the morning of the 2Uih, the spare mam topmast broke loose from its lasbiugs, aud roiliug back and forth over the deck, •love iu the cabin doors, the lasarette, the water casks amidships, broke down the stau chrous aud bulwarks, and finally went over board, pounding heavily against the side.— Every ming within reach of the lata! slick was made a perlect wreck—torrents ol w ater poured Iruui the huge casks iuto the cabin and down upou the lower deck—the damage was done in a moment. The ship now listed suddenly to starboard, and would not right either U> the shilling ol the cargo or from the water already rushing into the uold through the opened seams.— blie was then hove to ou the port tack, wind northwest, aud the main aud mizzen mast, with the remaining spars on deck, cut away : the fore-mast aud gib boom still standing, she paid oif before the wind, but even then tell, wearing round on the larboard lack, broached broadside to the wind aud sea, and iu one Vast mass the waves surged over, sweepiug away the cabin, the broken casks, the houses forward aud the straggling spars : bald by the rigging, the masts thundered heavily against the sides, destroying all hope of the crew meanwhile who had gathered upon the top gailaut lorecaslle, port-side, the only spot un washed by the waves. This afforded but a brief resting place. The bull was slowly sinkiug, but steadily, aud the crew sprang over-board live mmules be fore she went down, leaving the master and his brother alone, standing together. To gether they sauk and were not again seen. Gaining the floating spars, the poor fellows rested lor a few moments, until the cabin roof was driven within reach, upon which they clambered, to ‘-be number of eleven. The risal h Hti iliaMiiiiPMri'il ll»rn t inH tit t ho % no re they laid down upon the sails, and the sea washed over them. At seven, the wind died away, aud, tearing a shirt in two, they raised a signal ol distress. Two putnpkius, sole rel ies of the ship’s stores, were seen floating nlgb, hut uot within reach, aud they looked longingly upon them as they passed by. At uoou the wind again sprang up, blowing furiously as before. The waves swept tu multuously over the raft, carryiug away two ol their number. One, George Chase, swam back aud was assisted upon it, but soon, turn ing black in the lace from swallowing sea water, died. Ail through that day aud night the storm continued, moderating toward morning. Ttie sky was overcast the second day, but the wiud went down and the sea became more calm. The suu rose bright aud clear in a c.oudless sky the morning of the third day, and his beams beat most fiercely upuu their unsheltered heads. Maddened with thirst, in their agony some of them drank sea water and died. rue murth day dawned with a sun, though lustrous aud ardent as before. Another died. The survivois cut ofi his legs aud ate for the first time since leaving the ship—they drauk their own uiiue. Not a morsel had they eat eu, not e drop of water had they drunk for four days. The clouds gathered overhead ou tile filth day, but the suu burnt them ofi' and shoue more scorchiugly than petore. That eveuing one ol tbeir comrades slipped over the side, say ing, “I am going hoine, I can stay here no longer; 1 want to see my moth er: come with me, we shall uot long be away and will soon return.” They were too weak to prevent it, aud be swam away. Far as their dim eyes couid range, did they wistfully watch him swimming on, the sharks plasbiug their white fins by his side, till be was lost in the distance. The sixth day came and went, aud another died, The seventh morning fouud them hopeless and despairing: too weak to stand, spiritless and exhausted, they lay feebly clinging to the spars, and another died. Hut three were now left ol the eleven—aud still through the long foieuoou did the burning rays of that terrible sun tall botiy upou them. At the last mo ment reliet came. The French barque “Claire,” Robert, master, discovered the ran— their signal fortunately still flying—and dis patched a boat to their assistance. Tenderly were they lilted into it, aud from thence transferred to the ship. It would be but reasonable to suppose that misfortune had uow doue with them. Nut so. For whilst the officers aud seamen of the Clare could uot be too kind, dressing the wounds aud in every possible w ay adin nister ing to their comfort, the Master treated them with a harshness aud severity uncalled for, most cruel under the circumstances, and wiih a uiggardness that evinced a most mean aud contemptible nature. Helore their strength was r- stored, whilst their trembling limbs were yet swollen and cracked, so that the blood would ooze from their leet in walking he compelled them to do duty with the mem bers ol hit crew. With an abundance of live fowl and preser ved fresh meats, with ten casks of wine in tin bold, be yet confined them to an allowance o salt pork and beans for dinner and supper which, with coffee and hard bread for break fast, composed their fare — substantial!; enough, doubtless, but ill adapted to nourisl men so nearly famished. Ilis officers were re prlmanded for taking medicines from the ship' ghest for their relief. That he was one-qua ter owner of the vessel, aud too penurious to be at any cost, personally, in assisting them, is the only reason that cau be alleged for his conduct. The sailors and the officers, how ever, divided their ralious of wine aud food with them, and they recuperated more rapidly than could possibly have been expected. The survivors are Win. Palmer, George D. Blake and James Anderson. They were picked up at noon, January 2". having been seven days aud six hours on the raft. The Elvina sank in about lat. 2U south, long. 01 ea,t. Von have thus an aceouut taken from the lips Ota survivor Ota shipwreck, with all Its attendant circumstance*, oue of tlie most re ntal kabie on record. It may seem improbable that life should be sustained so long under such privation, accompanied with so much sufleriug; and yet there is no cause to doubt in the slightest degree the truthfulness of the narrator. Had you listened to his words, and seen his still attenuated frame, his blistered face, and limits yet swoileu aud scarred, with partially healed sores, there would have been no room for scepticism in your mind. Official BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A Proclamation. Whereas the Senate aud House of Kepre sentatives, at their last session, adopted aeon current resolution, which was approved on the second day of July instant, aud which was in the words following, namely: That tlie President of the United States be requested toappoiuta day for humiliation and prayer by the people of the United States; that he request his constitutional advisers at the head kol the .Executive Departments to > unite with him as Chief Magistrate of the na tion, at the city of Washington, aud the mem bers of Congress, and ail magistrates, all civil, military, aud naval officers, all soldiers, sailors, aud marines, with all loyal aud law-abiding people, to convene at their usual places of worship, or wherever they may be, to confess aud to repent of their manifold sins; to im plore tlie compassion aud forglvness of the Almighty, that, if consistent with His will, the existing rebellion may be speedily sup drcs«ed, ami the supremacy of the Constitu tion aud laws of the United Staltp may lie es tablished throughout all the States; to implore Him, as the Supreme lluler of the world, not to destroy us as a people, nor suffer us to be destroyed by the hcsiilty or counivance of other nations, or by obstiuate adhesion to our own counsels, which may be in conflict with U x eternal purposes, and to implore Him to euugnieu me lutuu 01 me nation to Know ana do ills will, humbly believing that it is in ac cordance with Ills will that our place should be maintained as a united people among the iatnlly of nations; to implore Him to grant to our armed delenders and the masses of the people that courage, power of resistance, and endurance necessary to secure that result; to Implore Hun in His infinite goodness to soften the hearts, enlighten the minds, and quicken the consciences of those in rebellion, that they may lay down their arms, and speedily return to their allegiance to the United States, that they may not he utterly destroyed, that the diffusion of blood may be stayed, and unity au 1 faternity may be restored, and peace es tablished throughout all our borders. Now, tbercl'oree, 1, Abraham Lincoln, l’resi deut of the United States cordially concurring with the Congress of the United States in the iientenlial sentiments expressed in the aforesaid resolution, aud heartily approving of the devotional design and purpose thereof, do hereby appoint the first Thursday of August next to be observed by the people of the United Slates as a day of national humilia tion aud prayer. 1 do hereby further invite aud request the heads of the Executive Departments of this Government, together with ail legislators, all judges, aud magistrates, and other persons ex ercising authority in the laud, whether civil, military, or naval, aud ail soldiers, seamen, and marines in the national service, aud ail the other loyal aud law-abiding people of the United States, to assemble in their preferred places of public worship on that day, and there to render to the Almighty and Merciful Ruler of the Universe such homage and such confessions, aud to oiler to Him such suppli cations as the Congress of the United States have, in their aforesaid resolution, so solemn ly, so earnestly, aud so reverently recom mended. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set ray hand aud caused the seal ol the Uuited States to he affixed. Done at the city ol Washington this seventh day of July, in the year of our Lord |L.S.] one thousand eight hundred and six ty-four, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty-ninth. ABRAHAM LINCOLN*. By the President: William U. Skwabd, Secretary of State. A REFUGE OF LIES. The career of the late corsair Alabama was probably llie most stupendous and systematic fraud ou record. 1. bhe prolessed to be Heb ei or Coulederate in oiigin and impulse, but was built with money subscribed or contribu ted lor the purpose by liiiiisli enemies of our Uuiou. 2. bhe was built as a peaceful mer chautmaut, being all the lime intended for do other use ibau that to which she was devoted. 3. She stole out of Liverpool, where she was built, ou preteuse ol makiug a trial trip, wholly unarmed, and with ladies on board to cover the deception. 4. A peremptory order from tile Government lor her detention, based ou proof furnished by our Minister and Consul ol her true character, was treacherously detained , on the way, so as to preclude its reception in season to stop her; her managers being mean time privately advised that sbe must make liersell scarce. 5. Though called Coulederate, sbe never dared eutor a Confederate port; uev er was under tbe protection of a Coulederate shore battery; aud never had eveu a tenth part of her crew composed of native or even naturalized citizens of t lie Confederacy. She was British built, with British money, of Brit ish timber aud iron, armed wholly with Brit ish guus. and manned by a British crew, and never fired a cartridge that was nut of British materials aud mauulacture. tl. Though a fu gitive from British justice and a flagrant vio lator of British law, sbe has been everywhere welcomed aud feted iu British ports, aud lias sailed over all seas, robbing and buruiug our merchant vessels by the help of coal, provis ions, cartridges, Ac., which have been ready for her in every British harbor. 7. Though calling herself a National ship of war, she has si rank from encounters »ilh such, save when ofl Galveston she decoyed the Haitera-lhalf her size) under her guus by hoisting the Brit ish flag and declaring herself the gunboat l’e trel. 8. blie was, iu spite ol all pretenses, in tip-top condition, as one of her officers tele graphed to Liverpool after the fight, “the Al abama was in tirst rate trim.” I*, blie was a sixth larger than the Kearsarge (1,200 to 1031;) bad eight guns to our seven; aud a full crew of 150 men, which was at least equal and pro bably superior to our number, as she was en abled to work her guos much faster than ours were tired. 10. Seraiues lought tin; Kearsarge only because he could not help it. Mr. I)my ton bad protested against the shelter amt aid given to the corsair Id a friendly harbor, ami the Trench Government liad leit constrained to order him out of port. Vet there lay the Kearsarge ofl' the mouth of the harbor; and, to get out, the Alabama must light, bo si e made a virtue of necessity, aud steamed oui. 11. blie chose her own time aud distance, op euiiig tire first, and shortening the distance ai pleasure. If Semmes had chosen to lay his vessel aboard ol the Kearsarge,the mano-uvre would have been welcomed, liut be found it hot enough w here be was. 12. The Alabama was thoroughly riddled, disabled and demol ished, and bemmes was glad to surrender his ship to save bis life, and sbe went down with her flag struck. He escaped captures iliioiigli British partiality, and is this hour rightfully Capt. Winslow’s prisoner. The Deerhound hud uo right to steal away with a p trt of our spo 1 ol victory, and did it bv deception. 13 beui “***’ pretense that Capt. Winslow tried tc sink liis cralt or her crew after she bad sur rendered is refuted by tile log of the Deer hound, his virtual ally. 14. And, as if he had not yet lied enough, upon reaching England 1 says one ol bis petty officers iu a statement It The Netct— i r1 the r rxittni tw m i,am> aud that the North and 4ouih wool i ucveraftttin be united.'* We never heard this matched but once, and then iu C&pt. Mari yatt's tale, where a most in veterate and immeasurable Iyer was dying, and being warned that the noise he was making was tbe death-rattle in his throat, gasped out —“No; 1 Imre known a man lire sis weeks making that noise"—and there his voice tail ed him forever.—.V. 1". Tribune. UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1349. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, W State Street, - - - • HoMon, Rhm, President-HRSR Y CROCKER I ict - President—DAJSi /EL S ha KP. Secretary— W //. HOLLISTER. II. G. WILSON, General Manager of Agencies in the Sew England states. Assets, 31 if December, 1353, SS.12,OHS.41 Losses Paid to date, $7.lit,0.10.Oil Dividend Paid in Cash to date, 41X40,9X0.09 flllllS Company offers peculiar advantage* toper JL son* intending to iusure tneir live*, iu it* saivty aud stability, a.quirod iu it* lourueu years’ experi ence; in i s *aa«j s, which, (without its capital of flu ,000.) amount* to over three-quarters ol a million oi dollars, being more than two hundred thousand dollars iu excoes of its liabilities for the reinsurance of all out-standing ri*k*; in tut* facilities presented in its accommodating system ot payments of premi urn-: in the large number, dhcrniti d conditions aud occupations, vaiime ages and localities of lives in sured, gi\ iug the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the law* of average mortality, aud tbe am plest guaranty to the insured for the benefits there of; in ihe division ol profit-, the annual apportion ment of which having tor the past fourteen years averaged Porty per (Vn/.ofthe premiums paid. Policies are issued upon all tbe pla s usual with Life Insurance t omp >uies, aud at a* low rates as is consistent with a view to equity and solvency. l'aities desiring Agencies inlowus where the com pany have none, and tho*e wishing Traveling Agen cies withiu the ew England Ma es, will apply to fi. II. WILSON, 61 .’State Street, Boston, gfrine such re erence, or information a* to ag , present and past business a* wi 1 enable him to torra judg ment in regard thereto. JuneUd3m pensions" bountiesI -AND BACK. PAY : Are obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharged, and the friends of deceased soldier* who are entitled ♦ n ttmit Itv BIBO* D. YE BRILL, Attoran tod Coius«!lor, i( X*. IK liddlf Stmt, -ASD Licensed Agent for all the Departments at Washington. Portlaud, April 23. 1864. ap26 ood6m 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh M. IPliinney, WOULD inform his (rinds aud former customers that ho has taken the Store No 12*> Exchange Strett, where he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, In all it* bra a chef. STOVES, of all kinds, of the newest and moat approx ed pattern*. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. kV Second hand Stove* bought, or taken iu ex* change lor new. Stove*. Kapok*. Fubkack*. and Tin Wakk repaired at short notice, in a faithful mauner. Grateful for ortner patronag*. ho hopes by strict t attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive a geuerou* share ol public lavor. may 23d tf The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instruments of their class in the world. Nearly all the most pmwinen artists in the country have given written tCftimouy to this effect, and these iuMtrum- nt(* are iu con-taut um- iu the concerts ol the most d.sti••gushed arii-t* -a* Gottscbalk and others—as well a* in tue ras in the priuc pal clt ie* *heuever roch ins’rumeii'a «re roou red. Price to $*00 each. Tlu-«e iu*tr'um*'ut« may be fou,id at tin Mi" t nooinsofthe subscriber. when* they will be sold at the manufacturer.-’ prices. II. 8. EDW ARDS, N0.349J Stewart’s block, Congress St. _ _ aprl3dti Stage Notice! For North C onway, X.H. TrU Weekly Line. I> ArvSfcNt, KKS leave Portland at 7 45 a m .over the 1 % <’. K.K. Mondax*,Wednesdays at d ••ri days x U Gorli«m, St-ndL-b.Liming on. Ci rnfsh.lli ram. Biownlield aud Fiyeburg. arming at North Couwav at ♦>_ o'clock P SI. returning by the same route Tue^daxa. 1 hum lax s and >aturdays, aniv ing at Portlaud iu season to take the Boston '‘team era. I lie excellent accommodations and remarkable scener, arc not surpassed by anv other route. John w. wPkks, Proprietor and Driver. June 21—dim For the million ! Lmc’i Patent DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE. WHE ti'st practical Washing Machine that ha* X been p ace 1 befoie the public. Every family can afford to have one. » his machine is having a rapid sale, from the fact that it recommend* itself. Fatties wishing a pleas aut and profitable business bv taking the controle of e county, cau obtain the same bv cading at 229 Con gress street, next door to New C'itv Hall, jal. Tdlm Rare C li u n e e ! MALE <t FEMALE AGENTS WANTED fpo travel in all part* of the State iu a pleasant X and money-making business, on salary or com xui-son Our agent* are making from *4 to #6 per day. We will send samp es with instructions, on the receipt of 25 cents. Please call or address 8. H. CUTTlKti A CO.. 229 Congre® « street, Portland. June 14—dim CITY OF POHTLAIVD. In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty four. A u Ordinance concerning Bonds of the Atlantic aud bt. Lawrence Railroad Compax. v held bv the City of Portland. 3 Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com mon Council qf the (Hty <f Portland, in City Couu cil assembled, as follow's 8*1*. 1- Whenever the Atlantic and St Lawrence Kailr-ad Company or it* assign* shall deliver to the City treasurer, to b* cancel od.auy oi the certificates of City debt issued iu aid of said ( otnpany, under the act of Fobru-ry 13,1862, together with all th« coupons, paid or unpaid, be'ongiug to the same, it shall be the duty of tho City * itasurer to surrend er a c vrresponuteg amount of the Mortgage Bouds of said Company, he d by the ( itv as collateral for such debt, and the ce lilicate oi City debt aLtl cou pon* so uel vered to the City Treasurer shall b» im mediately cancelled bv him. Sat 2. If the Atlantic aud St. Lawrence Rail p ad Company, or i « aligns, sha 1 deliver to the City Treasurer, to be the property ox the l ity, any of the certificate* of debt, or bouds of the Mate o! Maim , payable by the Ma'eat auv >i«ae uot earlier thau Hid with i'e unpaid coupon*belonging here to. it shall be the duly ot the City Treasurer to re i oeive the same, and to surrender therefor a corres ponding amount of the mortgage bond* of said Com pany held by the City a« collateral for the debt in curred by the city in a’d ofsaltl Company under the act of February 13th. 1862, and such 'certificate* or bonds of t e State debt, shall be held by the City Tn asurer to meet the certiticate* of the C ty debt incurred under said act. or may be unchanged tor tho same, with auy holder, wkentvor it can be done adv*D*ageously to the int, rest of th*»Cltv. under the dirreti >u of hejent standing Committee on Fi nance: and in ca«e any certificate of the ('ity debt shall *obe received by the* ity Treasurer lie sliail iiuracdiat !> canocl the pini' and the Coupon* be longing thereto. Approved, June 28. l^t>4, JACOB MeLELLAN,Mayor. Copy Attest: June 3j —i2w J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the first Tues day of luly, in the year of our Lord eight e n huudrod and sixty-.our, %JAM( ■ bu H bR A i>BU n Y . having presented hi? e Rct,*lo,l‘ ^‘presenting that Solomon Thayer, la'e of l ortiand. in said l\ uuty. deceased, oid in hi* I fe time make a i. gat eonttact to copvev to T rue Brat buiv , C« rtain r» a! estate tiescj, cd in said pi title u. and pray tug that aut hority u ay be given to the ex tcutnx.of the ia-t will and testament of raid Solo mon Thayer to execute the nectary deed* to car ry said contract into effect, ft teas Ordered, That the said Petitioner give no tiee to all persous lubr^ted. by causing notice to be published one week in the Maim State Frees aud ■even days in the Daily Pres?, priuted at Portland that they may appeal at a Probate Court to beheld at said Portland, on the third Tuesday olJuly next at ten of the clock iu the forenoon, and show cause if any they have, why the same should uot be grant JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, Attest, KITnKNE HUMPHREY, Register. JilylldtdA wlw* Notice. riTIllS day I give to mv two sons. E. J. and Chas. X Randall, tneir time, to ret and trad for them selves; 1 shall uot claim their wages or pav their debts. T C. RAN Da LL, Kiz r Falls, Me. Witnes*, Mary Pillsbury. Mary ti. l*illsbury. June 27,1864. junett MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE -TO THE BOOKSELLERS! — AED — 'Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! — AND— pi'BLismm mm BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, I^ortland, Maine, Are now fully prepared to Supply the Trade! -AT TH* Lowe*! Whole*ale Price*. By rpeciai contract, recently made with the Bor ton and New York Pobiisherr, we arc enabled to •apply any and All of the School Books, t’snd in thin State, on The Most Liberal Terms. Ilariugparcbased the Steheotv re Plates from O. L. Sake.ikk k Co., of thia city, we rhall in fn ture pnbllrh the valuable fierier of School Books heretofore pnUirbed by them. This eerier, togeth er with onr former publications will make the fol lowing Lift:— Norton'i, Weld and Quackenbos' Gram* mar, The Progtestive Grammar, By Weld k Qnackenbor. The Progrettive Parting Book, By Weld k (/nackenbos. Weld's New Grammar. Weld'i Grammar, (Old Edition.) Weld'a Parting Book, Weld’i Latin Leisont and Reader, Holbrook't Firtt Book in Arithmetic, Jackton't Arithmetic. B. k N., also publish Hberimah'a Amti-Anou larSyptbm OP Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Eijrht Parts, with nrinted conif* nt the IiaaH nf each pax*, in exact imitation of the Author * beau tiful style of PENMANSHIP. We call special attention to these Writing Books, A* they are admitted to be the most practical Copy Books ever offered to the public; and they are now being rapidly introduced, having the full endorse ment of the Siperiiiwdeil of FsMk Schools of the Suit of laiue. Brinies the above list which we publish, eurbpec ial coutract* arc for the following book* Progressive Series of Headers and 8*>ellers. Hillard’s Series of ^Readers ft Spellers. 8argent's Series of Readers ft Spellers. Colton’s ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS. STATIONE ItV —A HI)— ROOM PAPERS! ft FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N. B.—Bookseller* or Country Dealers who are not coming to the city, may writeto usstating about what amount they purchase at a time, and we will send them a FilST OF FRICKS, It wanted. Bailey <3r> Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, •SO and 3d Exchange Street, Portland., Ivle. 1 m»)28djin BUSINESS CARDS. paper bov iuasufactory. .T. "P. Libby, VAJfl'rAfTURlR or Paper Boxes, Of every description, ouch as Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, bhe.l’Bnx***, ConcuologicalBoxes, t'owderBoxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, ke. 144 Middle SlM (Up Stairs) Portland, Me* juneld3iu Buna & Co. Fisli and Salt, l»,human.. . Portland, Woodbury Dana. J John A. 8. Dana ) Mil 1116. janeldtf J. Smitii cto Oo., M *XUFACTCRKRS f >F Leather Belting, Card Clothing loom Straps, Belt Leather Barks aid Sides, LEA THE It TIHM MH01, fr„ Hanson’s Block, 144 Middle St., Portland, Or at the r*ard Clothing Manufactory, Lewitton. It. M IlttEwxR, (jnldlimi D. F. Notks JOII1 T. KOUERH AC0.7 Commission Merchantu, AND WHOLESALE DBA I.ERB IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No* 61 Cjmmercial Street, Tohn T. Rogers, l i'orti a vii wr< Chau. H. Rjgers. j IORTLAND, ME. juneldGm Wholesale and Irfcetail. I,. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AMD MAVUFACTCRKr. OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANOINUS. No. 53 Exchance Street, Portland, Me. Juneldtt CHAS J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 M id tile* Street, PORTLAND, MR. tJT Work executed In every part of the State. juneltf RUFUS DUHHAXT Manufacturer aud Wholesale Dealer fa B BIT ANN IA —AX D— Plated Ware, No. 219 Fore atrett, Portland Maine. ITtli, 1964. mayl7dtl M. g7 WEBB &C0~ Wholesale Dealers in Flour, SO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, •pit PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., MAVl’rACTURIKP or Japnn, Whit* Lead, Zinc, Paints, And (hound Colors, AID U KA LIKS m Drags Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. Paint anti Color Factory,No. 29 Munjoy St., OlBce A Salf«r«»in», HO C'out mere in I Si., (Tiomas Block.) Hknra H. lit R®xee, n/tDei i vt tia cbailm t». rosu. rwlWiP. II. B>av18dtf III. I It l .FOIES & CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And K<- ven of lVHin and C adinn Produce, 1ST Commercial Sir.el, ■ ■ . Ilranile Blort. Cbarlt* , lltnr> A • PORTLAND. K. VV. «.»*«•. | __ JUDtMtf JOHN LYNCH & C0.” Wholesale Growers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Qramto Stores, - - - Com me ro al street, (Opposite head Wfdfery Wharf,) John Lvncb, ) 1’eit-i? Barker,; POKTLAND. ME. Iho* L> ) juneldtf ■RdRI B.t A >■ At a r wviju am- I'liriF ir ■ y OMNRRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And l\ holesale Dealers in FLOUR. C JRN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Com mere al St, rS'C.Hftdr. ! PORTLAND, UK. _ jnneldGm BROWN & CROCKER. PLASTERERS, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL NTI CCO AND MASTIC WORKERS. Oak street, between Congress and Free Sts., rORTLASD. ' olortng. Whit,ring, ind White-w»«hiug promptly attended to. urdtra from out o town ao* lieited. juneldtf BYRON GREENOUGH & CO?, Manufacturers of Ami W holesnle and Retail Dealer* In Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, It. (ireenough, I lo,ltTl » vr> A.L.tiilkey. I PORTLAND. Jnldtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet, - - Portland, Me. 'Carriage, and Sleighs ou hand and made to Order. junelSItl €. I*. K1 flit ALL, MANl FACTl'KKB OF Carriages and Sleighs, Preble wtreet, (Near Preble House,) PORTLAND, ME. SaU Baums, 110 and 118 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. juueltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Flour. Grulu Ac Produce CoianiLvsiim Merchants and Millen* Agent*. Office ami Warehouse Xo. 6 Galt Mock, C+mmer cial Street W»> offer for sale to the trade. inanY choice and well-known Brand.*oi Hour, from St. Louis.I linois, Wisconsin k0., which wo are constant! receiving. N , < .k Co . are u so Agent* I r I'ittinau k Co.’*, aud othe- brands of mauufactuivd l'ohacoo. O^t’ash advances uiadeou all consignment*. Portland. Juue 1. 1864. juldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON, DENTIST, Inserts Artificial Teeth on Gold Silver and V'ulcau* ite Rubber, and warrant* them iu all case* to be a perfect til. Dr. J. also gives special attention to Rilling Teeth. Office 229j C ingress street, t wo doors west from the < »ur* Hou* Portlaud. .tune 1, 1864 — eod2m 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT Sc 80N, Commission Merchants, and dealers in Conutry Produce, have moved to No. ( 68 Commercial street. Portland, Uty 10th. 1864. m.ylOdtf ; BUSINESS CARDS. BRAD LET, MOII.TON A ROGERS Wholesale Dealers i» Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, 1 he mas Block, ROBERT, 1 ItSSSiSL*' j PORTLAND, ME. ____ maj.'kltf W. W. CARR & CO., Haring taken ine Fruit wore lormerly occupied b O. 8AWYEK, Ko. a Exchange Street, Art prepared to offer to the trade a largo and we, selected atoc* of Foreign and Domestic Fniit ! Wholesale and detail Uraugee Spruce Guiu, Lewaam Grmou., liiuary herd, Cnudlr., Mm», l,r»ioII Syrup, Huary, Prunes, Cwn Nuts. Fig,. Cltrun, Nuts, all kind*. IJutra, •ill tea, Raida., T.lniN, Sardines, Cigars. i Fancy Caudles of all description. ootSdtf IRA WINN, Agent, INIo. 11 Union St., !• prepared to furnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sizes and pal terns, Staaa Tip* and Futim, lillfiwii^ShfiUi;,, Light Horns Work of all de-wripti ins, and all kind# of work required in building F'oBTiricATioa*. IronStaira and other An hi ter turn I Work. 1 House#, store#, and othar buildings, fitted witl Das and Steam in the best manner. Ib connection with the abore is in Iron Fonndry with a large assortment of Patterns, to which ikt attention of Machinists, Mill wrighta.aud Ship. Build ere is invited—and all kinds oi Canting# furnishet at short notice. 1^‘Orderefor Machine Jobbing, Patterns aac Forgings, promptly executed. oojdtf S 1 N « E K’S SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN. TRUE M rn AGENTS, IVm. 14 and 44.Middle Street. Heedleeaad Trlmmlngralwaye onkand. mahlltr A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 170 M i(ldl Street. Kimnou.Dn. Bacon and Brulii, Portland, May 35,18d3. tf Dr. J. H. HEALD HAVING disposed of hi* entire interest In hi* Office to Dr. 8.C FERNALD. would rheerfUly reooommeud him to hi* former patient** ai ‘ he pub lio. Dr. FnavALD, from Ion* experience, iu prepar ed to izuert Artificial Teeth on the" Vulcanite Base,' and all other method* known to the profit-ion Portland Mav 36. DMA If WOOft AMI COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN. LKHIUII. IIWILTON SUli A K LOAK. OLD COMPANY LKIIIOII. LO CUST MOUNTAIN JOHNS. DIAMOND. WKSS TER ami HLACK HEATH. Tbeee Co^a are of the very b< st quality, well acreened and picked, and warranted to give antiefaction Alao lor aale beat of HARD AMD SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Ofpicb CoMKiaruL St., bead of Franklin VVharl. 8. RUI N Us At SON. fob Id illy WAKHCM'S IIII'OKVCO FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, Gravoi Hoofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HERSEY. Asce-nt, JantS dtf No. IS Union Street. ALBERT WEBB dk CO, -MALDI IW — t Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF MEESILL'8 WHARF F.BMrelnl Slr..l.- - P.rtlmnd. \J«. _ leaatf EDWARD H. BUROIN, WHOLtfALK DBAI.ER IX rariL m Also. Ground Rock Salt. ConiiiiittNion Merchant FOB PriCHASK All* BA LB OP Barley, Rye and Oats. ar< art load' d with Torn in bulk free of charge. Warehouse Sn. 120 Comnpn iRl Slitrl, Anil Citv Mill*. During ItridRO. _ juDelrodSm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODHiVK BLOCK, mchlTdltwtf Txmtlk Stbskt. Scotch Cnuvaa, -FOB BALB BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath. Me. OAA BOLTS Superior Bleached 300do All Lob* dax “Gov eminent contract,” 800 do Extra All Long flax 4rbronth. 800 do Navy Fine Delivered in Portland or Boetoa. Rath. April 10.10C3 BDlfdtl M. BEARSOlSr, Silver Plater, AMD MANUFACTURER OP SILVER WARE, 238 Congress 8t.,Opp. Court House Portland,Me fcf^AU kind* of WARE, such as Knives, lurks, Spoons. Cake Baskets. Castor*. Ac . p.ated iu the boot manner Alao. HEP AIRING aud RE-FINISHING Old Silverware. jantt Uftia R. E 1VC O VA L7 IIK. \H\VT«\ HAS removed hie residence to No. 37 MidAh Street, corner of Franklin street. Other a* heretofore, No. 115 Exchange Street, its Noble's Block, up stair*. Office hours from 9 to It A M., from 2 to 8. and from 8to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N . will continue, in connection with genera* practice, to give special attention to DISE ASES Of FEMALES ooSIdtf & WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLIIMBE R! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1*1 EXCHtNOE STREET, PORTLAND. ME. Warm, fold and Ahower Hath*., W a*h Bowl*, Bra** & Silver Plated f otka, INVERT description of Water Fix^ur^s for l>wel J ling Houses. Hotel*. Fubhc Buildings, Shops. Ac , arranged and set up iu *ho best manner, and all orders in town or country fabhfu lv executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to Constant ? ou band LEAD PIPES. SHEET LKaDbimI Pl'MPS of all dMorititisaa a*»9 dtf Ihe IhtiHpcvl AgfMfj TjlOR collecting all classes of claim* arising from l1 the war is that ot the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,’1 in which the expense* are controlled by a disinter ested executive committee. Apply iu person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY, over the Portland Post Office, 8d story. dawly merchandise. Ilackmetack Snip Timber. OAK Hackme'ick. and Uard Wood Plank Tret, uail. irom 12 to 28 iucben, Iri-i.ii Wedge* fco “•\by L. Ta a ’ juoe28d3m Gale* Wbar.. Port and. Clai tlied Cider, t^OK rale by MOSES MORRILL. Agent, jneibJlm* 2"i Kore «treei, Portland. Treenulin. ioaooo^;*- ,>a* tk££nails *>' olrtoaTOS A KNIOUT. „ . . . <8 Commercial Wharf. Fdr'lasri, June 1*. 1881 jun.lidtr • Hour)." 7 TOS. PRIME f * BA HOREV, for ealc in bond ff on duty paid. THOMAS ASF.NCIO A CO. June lo.—j.dtf Sugar and .UuluaeCe. 300 HBDS.i CHOICE ULSiOVAHO 8L io res. ) OAK. 371 HUBS superior Mti-co,ad<», nod 3 ita i laed .Huikaiiet, il UbL.s from oicn Morena, Vow lauding uud ior*aieby idOJlaa AaeNClO k CO.» •any9tf CuAtom ttou*» Whnrf. Sierra Morena iUola»we». 0‘)» auos OOO . _ I CHOICE SIEKRa MORENA 30 TIERCES MoL«0aLS. 10 BBLs 1 Vow laudiu* from Bri* "C. II. Kennedy" i’Hod. AoE.NClO * CU , May 3 — tf C. H Wharf. Scotch t'anvaM. BOLT*—from the factory of Darid Cor "*kr ft Sous, Leith—a tui cloth of • uperioi iUdiity jue*t received per “Jura", and for *aJe bi MctilLVEKf, K*AN ft OAV1S, mch25dtf ltil Commercial Street. WANTS, LOST, FOUND Wanted. Til hire a mulerate «ized Hoove, pleeiantlv titua U- ■. for a lamuy of three ajult.. Any out hav ing eucli a home can eecerea promp: pai iog tenant auu who Will take good care of the .a me. by ado re,.' lnK. , , ( H #6 Commercial at. July heed I w luforraa iou Hauled. nriLLIAM COLLINS. WILLIAM GODARD y, anu JtrllN I. I.ACEI, who wore .uppoaed to be native, ot Portland, having died in the i.bIIoi >ia es rvice, tneir b« irs can hear of valuable infor mation on application in person rr by l« ter to BKADFOKii k BAKflON, No.W Exchange street. i«1y*id*w3w Hortlnne. Me. Wanted. VSITl ATIOH a* Book-k'ej'rr. by one wbo baa b .tt. and prac taed theartof It lok-keep m*. # ftol.-.ale Store pretend Tea: of refer.nee given F.iiqul-e at No. **i Exchange street i on laud. JuU6, lbt>4. Julv^tf Wauled, VSITt ATI OK wanted by a young man, in a wholesale store Ben of ref re nee given. Inquire of A. B HOLDEN, office ucar root office. Jy4 d8w Wanted Immediately. AN Agent of either sex in every town and village. to < nga^o in a tight aod prod able business. uy wnuh Iron. 84 00 to *12 per week rat bs made Pei sous having leisure eveuings can make f. cm 50s »o §1.00 per evening. A sample with full particulars, dent by mail to all who end *e one 8 cent stamp, and a idtess A. C. ttl’AULDINU k y O.. ju'>c21d A wl* * West tiampsiead, N. II. Com |»o$ft lor* Wanted. ONE or two Jtr»i c/oss f-male compositors will Bud constantempio) ment, and the h ghest rates pa din the city, on application at Tills UA FI. E may2Mtl Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even* in#, while in Pierce's auction room, a CsD >kis P<»cki t Bod contains 8/4 in monev, a note against Char’es Uoogdou Gorham, lor S/o.and vu* against * harles nooper for §12 Theabo*e regard will b*> paid tor tb»- recovery of the property and the detec tion ol the thief. Tunc b-tf t.fcOHtiE BKt K Board. C' 11 s °r Kooma. with Board, can b« obtained by appl> in, immediately at 30 Danferth atinct. May llib. mayl'.Jtf A. & S. 8H0RTLEFF A CO., VOS. 51 A 56 U1DDI.E STREET, Portland. Manufacturer# and Dealer* la STen's Boys' and Youth’s Thick, Xip and Calf Boots, Women’s Misses wnd Children's Goat. Rm and Call Btlm rajs, Hubbers. Shoe aioci, Findings, &o. we are able to sell ss iow a« in Bodfou or stsewhere Dealers are respect f *»ly invite I to call and ax* amine our stock before par. having. s^r~ mders by mail nromptiy attended to. Portland. A^rii 23,1?64. dkm B. F. HAMILTON &C(X Successors to C. \V. It obi n won A Co. VI7 DCLD very respectfully invite all former pa* v v tiou* 10 the house. au*i th* Dublio ir-*ner*!K to * irce I tom union ol oar go >ds at all tint,,. With long r\j iritiiCi' and do.',' at'onilon 10 the wants of customs rs. ami aiikmng strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Be ievlng it to he better for the buyer as well a* the seller w • hope to metit % Urge slutrge ot pc >01 age Several lo s of to close cheap to incke room lor NT K \Y ( r O O D H . Mr. U . N. I’rince, together with the employee, in the «t. rear, to be r. ained and will be happv to tee ail their customers as formerly. B. K It CMII.ION *'CO , Corner Congress and I'reble streets. JunelTi odtf wiim. VlrB. the undersigned ba\ing*old our Stock of It (Vial and WV«»D to M par* Haufatt, Mc Alis t*r y |(\i., do chefT.o'ljr recommend theui to our former customer*. 4*1 person* haviug demand* against u are re*|ue«t»-d to pr» pent t'-em tor *ettu* meut. and alt per on* indebted to u* ui « rt^ne-ted to mat*- immediate payment at the old etand whirr* one oi tee undersigned tnav he found for tlie present. s V W V B It ft W ttITX t V Portland. June <>. l.v>4. junei*t3w Coal and Wo«sH T mil* Mib»eriber haviug purchased tbs .Stock of ft Coa' ant Woo.i, and t*ken «he stand r*ceutl> occupi.ti bv Mwnr# >anrper jr IVkitme*, head ot Maiur II nar/t are now p*«pnr«d to rui plv their former pat ton* and the pub ie generally, with n tine a-sortmeut of WELL PICKED AXD SCREMXMD Old < nuipnny Lehigh, *ng*tr Loaf Lehigh, Ifa/eltoii Lehigh, I«04*uM Mountain. John's W bite and Red A ah. Diamond and Lorberry, Together with tht beat quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior CoaJ/br Bin. Itmiikt. AI«o, Hurd Hni Molt Wood. Delivered to order in any part of the city. The former custviuer* of Metrt* Sawyer ft Whit* nev are respectfully invited t» give op a call HAND \l.l. Mr \ Li. IS I KK ft CO. Portland, Juue 13 1864.—dly LAitE .V LIT I’LL, Wholesale Dealt r* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, • AMO "W oolons, No. l-t'-J Middle atreet* P I ane \ POBTLAXD. MB. A. Little. I , .. . Juue.dtf Talk about tiats ! JIIST SEE HARRIS' HEW STYLES. June 4—dtf INTERNATIONAL HOTEL COMPANY. stoyk si BM KiPTiojr. PKKSofIS deeirou* of aiding in the construction • f a lirpt cl pa Ifo1 el lor Portland, are requrt cd to* a’lo'i Mr. M N Kic ». Mercian** txchan e. on and after the 2nth inat wh-ti a b 'Ok » HI be opentd fb subscription* to ete ck of the above company and will temaiu open until Juiy 2utb, 1*<J4 June 17.—dim Board. 4 FI-.W more Boarder*cau be accommodated at im. 74 Uautorih street, two door*above Brackett. Apply soon. July! ]” CLOTHING. _ I CUSTOM CLOTHING I N. S. GARDINER, 62 Middle St., Opp. Post Office, Is rcelrlng weekly the LATEST and MOST KLEG AST STYLES French, English and American Pitt»Irian. Cats!meits mid Coatings, Wb cli we sre p replied In mioafaeliuo into Oar meals not tsryssied in Style 1/ Car, and workmanship, by say home la the City or $lsti. •MR JOIM H. LARKIN, A'tead, to the Cattiugo'tisrmentsinthu LsUblish mei.t, whme re,«i»u..a 0 a tnetuomabte. Tatty 1 „<r*1 well known n Portland and utter citiaa. We have on band aud are constanly* all tne ©liferent vajJetMM of GENTLEMEN’S FL’KXISHIX© GOODS, Usually kept by the*# in the buniaooa. .lane H -foU4w RB1IO VAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH ■ AS IIMUVID TO NEW STORK, EVANS* BLOCK, Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer la C othing.Iodis, Tellurs’ Triminiafs, -AID GENTLEMEN’S fURNlSHING GOODS, M*d. 141 * 143 lltldie street. JOSIAH BVKLEI6I, Agent tor (i‘'ver k Hiker's celebrated Sewing Mackinea, Hot. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN OOOLD Will >ay to hi, friends that he may be toand at Bar leigh s.Xo. 141 A 143 Middle items, where be wUl hdt ntM.dd til mail i,rvcm LI. W----s_ furHand, March at. 196t. ’ dtf JUST receiyedT' HOLLINS A BONO, HAVUTG refitted their ftore and rewired a largo * assortment of • ELEGANT STYLES c L O T H S ! ARK PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Co* toner a. A Lao, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, G«et Variety, -AT 95 Middle Street. mayOtf L. S. 10-40 LOAN \ FIRST YATIOYAL BA\R % — OF —— PORTLAND, designated repository -OF TIM UNITED STATES. This Bank ia prepared to rewire' subscriptions (hr the new “TEN FORTY LOAM,” whioh is dated March 1,1 64. bearing tntereet at tr* per cent, a year, PAYABLE IN COIN. redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after ten years, and payable In forty years from dote. Interest on Bonds not over one handled dollar, parable annually, and on all ether Bead, semi annually. bona, can be had ia lues of V,0, 0100, 9600, *1000, rare, enm njm. — mchSI dtf Cuuhlur. tieorge W. Hanson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Street, Portland, Me. A *hur* *f patronage reapctfully solicited ud s*’(*f*rtioii given. Order* from the country promptly tttendud to. Address George W Mumd, 74 Middle .tieet, EoomKo 10. up itair*. Cortlaud.Me. dune 14—il-lm UP-TOWN SHOE STORE! SAMUEL BELL. 353 CONGRESS ST., HAS conMDtly on band i lam ami well select ed -loch of Boots, Shoos, And ALL AUT'CLb* I* Tr at Linu. for Me o*e of L*die«. Uruili-mvu ond Child,(u to vihkh he fa. vllettr uttentlot, oi th, -e shout to mete pnri-hi/r, u haring on of tu« beet in lb* uut. Cutvm •Vorknud Kepuiriug duu* nth neutneM and die patch fnriltad. Jane .‘1 — dtoaugl Ceparatmhip Notice, -AID BUSINESS ALVhKTISEMEKT rpHE •ub*crib«rs having on thr 7th day of May A formed a copartnership uuder tba name of Mtliftrtbv Ac Merrv, For iha purpose of carry ing on tba BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all its branch**, and hating all tba fhcilitie- fer | gat*leg up erst clam work for gentleman and ladies, *(■«., urn now r* a«l> to execute all orders w»th !••* ami ui^patcb Our work will be made of tba ! rest ol imported-tock. b* the best of workmen, ami warranted to give per eat ta’isfaciu n. It A* tur aim t hat < ur wor_ shall uot be second to any in the Unit Mi tttaia*. We have also completed a stock of ready-mad# work of the list qnaitty, for Ladiea, Gontl meu, and Chi dren’a Woa Selected »Yom New York and Boston markets Our Ladies’ work is from the celebrated Turfs .WtAMw/ar/t'nr ol New York. tor bcutlemeD’s w*ar we hare the beet assortment ever offer d for sale in this eJtv ; such jm ir e Y it nob Patent Leather Boots; Glove Cait and rail < on gre-s lor geuti* men’* wear . Pat* nt Leather lou vre** and Galt Cviigre** Balmoral, and i ew Fit neb Back e Boots. IIwe \ou seen the new style ( RlMl’F.D-KRt »N1 Hi t fcLE M»"T, now made by Mi Car hy k ber ry? tor un'iee com tort and beaun, it »urpai*ea vnvthing ever got up in this city. Call and us if; samples alway » on band at the old s and of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy & berry. No. 90 Kichauge Street. juneldtl John Kinsman, Q- A m FITTHH, — AID— Dealer in G ,s Fixture*, And Gasdt K»>roset e Cook iug Apparatna. T te public are invited to ex min*' aud test th»*e new in«mtious, which are highly rocoauaended Ibf •umuer use % NO. W UNION STREET. Portland, dans 14.—eodMn

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