Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 13, 1864 Page 3
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TQBTLAND AND VICINITY. Xets Advertisement* To-Day, Removal—St- phen Whnteirore. Copartnership—Fling k Whiitemore. Lancaster if* 1—Prot. Mazzuui. Notice— oitlandGas LghiCj. Lost—Colt. To whom it may Concern—Emery k Fox. Copartnership—G.L. Storer k Co. M. C. M A —special Meeting. Barnum’s bating House, ItmUe St. Strayed—Horse. The Proposed Soldiers' Home. It will be borne in mind by tbs ladies and gentlemen selected as Directors of the Home tor sick and wounded soldiers, in this city, that they have a meeting appointed for this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, at the Senate Chamber, for organization. This is a very important and philanthropic movement, aud should not for a single mo ment or for any consideration be allowed to Blumber. It is one in which persons of all shades of religious belief aud of political an tecedents may consistently work together. Large numbers of sick and wounded soldiers, arriving in this city in too feeble a condition to go forward to their friends and homes w ith out rest and refreshment, call loudly upon the humane spirit of our people to provide a re treat where they may find that care and sym pathy, free of expense or auxiety to them, which perform so important au office in keep ing up the spirits of our brave boys and thus In restoring them to a condition of soundness and strength. Heretofore all such accommodations have had to be sought at our hotels, aud though all has been done that well could be uuder such circumstances, it is nothing against the hotels to say that they are not. and cannot be, the mot t desirable or comfortable places lor the sick head, the wounded body aud the fainting heart. Quiet, calmness, careful nursing and the most assiduous attentions—such as cannot be found in the crowded hotel—are what is needed, and these can be best secured by hav ing a house specially titled up for this specific purpose, with a suitable matron and the other helps aud agencies necessary to sucli au es laoiisnmenu And shall we have such an institutionWe will not doubt it for a moment. Our citizens will be glad of an opportunity to make con tribution to meet all the needful expenses.and it will, we hope and trust, be well established in our midst, and become one of llie noblest and proudest monuments of Porllaud pbiiau. thropy and patriotism. Wbat precise plan may be adopted by tbe Directors to make tbe enterprise a success we have no means of knowing, but we have implicit confidence in the good judgment and executive ability of tbe large board of Directors, and feel quite sure they will project a plan worthy of the object before them, and worthy of tbe city. An Important Case. In the U. S. District Court yesterday, in Admiralty, before Judge Ware, there was a case involving an important principle to ship owners. Thomas Trecartin, of Kastport, 2d mate of ship Uochauibeau, Capt. Snow, libelled the vessel for Ike balance due on bis wages. It appealed that be shipped on board said vessel at St. John, N. B., April 1803, at tbe rate of $23 per month for tbe voyage from St. John to London and back. The voyage was made, aud, without signing the ship’s papers libel lant made tbe next voyage in the ship from St. John to Loudon, stoppiug at intermediate ports in tbe Mediterranean, and thence to the United States. The ship came to this port with a cargo of salt, which was discharged here, and the vessel was sold and tbe crew discharged. In paying off the men they were offered U. lx currency. Libellant refused to receive that and claimed that he should be paid in St. John currency, which is about equal to gold, or its equivalent This payment was declined, and hence tbe libel was brought The amount admitted to be due tbe libeilant is $15456, which, in St.John currency at $2 30, would amount to $385 95 in our currency. It was contended by counsel for respondent \ that libellant was bound to receive bis pay in \ the currency of tbe port of discharge. Couu \ sol for libeilant contended that the currency \<)f the place where the agreement was made Should goveru. The case was ably managed by\Mr. O’Donnell for libellantaml Mr. Putnam (Evhu* & Putnam) for respoudeut. Judge WatAtook the papers, and will give his decis ion ne\t week. Anniversary at Westbrook 8eminary. The anniversary exercises of Westbrook Seminary, took place yesterday at tbe Semi nary Chapel, and were bigbly creditable to tbe youog ladies and gentlemen participating in them, and to the accomplished principal, Mr. McCollester, and bis assistants—and we could but rejoice that we have in our neigh borhood an institution of learning of this grade, so well couddcted and so liberally pat ronized. The pieces were well written and we'l de livered, especially, we may say, tbe composi tions read by the graduating class of young ladies, one of whom—(thejyoung lady from Kendall’s Mills) who read a paper on “So ciety,” in which she said that God when lie inane uit* norm, sain u was goou, anu wuss he made man be said it was good, but wheo he made woman, said it was tery good—re minded us of Grace Greenwood, as well in her person, as in berquiet humor. The oration by Rev. Mr. Dillingham, was abie and eloquent, and the poem by Mr. F. W. Bakeman of this city—now a member of Watervilie College—contained many fine pas ■ ages, and was, altogether, a production of more than ordinary merit A Handsome Vehicle.—Mr. Magner.tbe celebrated hcMse-tamer, returned from the Eastward last week, an.l made his appearance in our streets last evening with his famous stallion attached to the handsomest buggy that has ever been seen in our streets. The vehicle was made at the carriage man. Olfactory of C. P. Kimball, Esq. It is oue of the cricket style, and weighs but 182 pounds all complete. The finish of it is of the finest order; the painting of the body is so pcrlcct It glistens like a mirror, and it has all the lat est improvements of axles, springs and tills. In short, it is as complete and pretty a turn out as can begot .up any where, and reflects credit upon the builder. It is furnished with a light water proof covering, that can be thrown over the body and seat In rainy, mud ■fy or dusty weather, and thus preserve the beautiful painting from iojury. To 1h• Editor of Ike I'reit As it is now pretty well understood by all that the Government is iu waut of men just at this time to defend the Capitol, and railroads Ac., in Maryland, it has been generally talked on the street that it would be a good plan to raise a regiment or battalion of young mer chants for thirty or sixty days, and tender the same to the Government. If the right onct would start a paper there is no doubt but it would succeed iu two or three days. Why not have a paper started and left at the Mer chants' Exchange with good names at the head. Yotxo Mlucuaxt. Gouham Seminary.—We have received the catalogue of this institution for the yeai 1864, from which we gather that the Seminar] was never in a more favorable condition. Tin whole number of pupils during the year end Ing July 15th was 476. The Board of Iustruc tion consists of J. P. Webb, A. M., Principal Miss II. E. Douglass, Preceptress, Miss A l Speed, Preceptress for the Summer Term,am a competent corps of teachers and assistant in various branches. The annual examination will take place thi afternoon and to-morrow. It will be, as usual a very interesting occasion. Attention is called to the advertisemeu of a colt lost. New Buildings—Commenced or Contem plated, Messrs. Benj. Stevens and Isaac Jackson are building a block of two dwelling houses, on High street, 02 feet by 70. three stories high. The inasou woik is done by C. H. Steward <fc Co., and the carpenter work by Mr. Colley. Messrs. S. C. & 6. M. Chase have nearly completed the mason work on the Morton Block, on Congress street. This block is three stories high, and has live stores, which aro to he finished iu modern style. The upper stories are to t>e finished for dwelling houses, offices, and halls. It is built by Hon. J. B. Brown The Messrs. Chase have also nearly completed a double house on Carleton street, built lor themselves, for which they would not refuse a ; good offer. They are also building houses for Capt, Inman and for William I’. Chase, on the Promenade—these are to be elegant buildings. lion. J. B. Brown is making an addition to his residence, in a portion of which is to be a • picture gallery. Mr. Drown is buildiog a store on Commer cial street, between Union and Widgery's wharfs. 24 feet front and 74 feet back, and three stoiies high. Hugh Dolan is finishing the machine shop formeriy occupied by Mr. Winslow, on the corner of Fore and Union streets, iuto stores and dwellings, making some six or eight stores and as many tenements. William II. Stephenson is building an addi tion to his beautiful residence on State street. Mr. Joseph S. York is building a two story house on Atlantic street, of modern architec ture. Messrs. S. C. A G. M. Chase have a contract for building an engine house lor the Kennebec A- Portland Railroad Company, at the ter minus of their road, iu this city, near the Boston depot. Dr. lleaiil is building a two story addition to the brick house recently purchased by him on Congress street. The Engine house and Ward room on Mun ' joy Hill is nearly completed. It is a neat and substantial building. The work on the new Custom House, ot which mention has been made, will be com* tnenced immediately. house on Munjoy street. (juite a number of persons, who were in tending to build the present year, are hesitat ing on accouut of the scarcity of materials and high price of labor. The Ecclesiastical Council and Rev. Mr. Walton. The affairs of the Third Parish (Orthodox Congregational) church, in this city, have en grossed much attention for several days past The church and parish, with a remarkable de grec of unanimity, iuvitcd Rev. 3. E Walton, of Albany, N. Y., to become their pastor. The time was appointed for his installation, aud an ecclesiastical council convened to ex amine the candidate for installation honors. The council met pursuant to invitation, but the examination proviug unsatisfactory, they declined to proceed and consummate the new pastoral telaliou. It has been stated in our columns that the action of the council was based, iu part at least, upon the alleged unsoundness ot the candidate on fundamen tal doctrines of Christian Eailh, but wc have uot been able to ascertain definitely the points at issue. The Christian Mirror of this week, however, affords some light upon this matter, and we quote from it as follows: Although the council see no reason to doubt the personal piety of the candidate, or his siu cete desire to know the truth,—yet, as his views on several fundamental doctrines ditier w idely from those generally held by the Con gregational Church of New Ettglaud. aud taught, as is believed, by the Word of Uod, aud as Ills mind is confessedly unsettled on several important poiuls, thereupon resolved unanimously : That the council is uot satisfied with the ex amination and cannot proceed to the installa lion of the candidate. Wc understand that the candidate atiirmed his belief that Christaius aud Chris tain ministers, in proportion to their failL, are as really inspired a» were the prophets and apostles, and that this inspiration is as author itative to themselves as is the word of Cod. That Clod dwells iu every Christian i:i some such sense as he dwelt in Christ. That the puuisUment ol the wicked may not be eternal, but end iu annihilation, aud that heathen and others not hitting bad the privi ege on earth, may iu another wor.d lutve the offer of salvation. The also gave the council to un derstand that his views had undergone a great chauge during the last year, as the result ol au Interview with some Christian friend. Ou several iinportaut points he distinctly stated that his mind was not made up. Municipal Court.—July 12. Patrick Dcehah, charged with keeping gun powder, contrary to the regulations made by the city lor the safe keeping of the same, pleaded not guilty, and waived uu examina tion. He recognized in the sum of MOO for hie appearance at the July term of the Su preme Judicial Court. Messrs. Sweat and Cleaves appeared lor the defendant. VasAmbi’HOh's Mbs ag arie.—1The people "of our city are on the tiptoe of expectation to witness this craml caravan, which will exhib it here oil Monday and Tuesday next. So large a collection of animals, aud in such good condition has never been seen in this State.— They are gathered from the four quarters of ! the globe, and it will be the most attractive show, as well as the most interesting, that has ever been seen iu Portland. Temperance.—Mr. John Hoffatt, a well known and deservedly popular Temperance Lecturer, of Canada West, will address tbe citizens of Portland on the subject of Tem perance, at the new City Hull, cu Sunday ete" uing next. Mr. Motiatt is an earnest and elo quent speaker, and an honest and ardent laborer in the cause. We hope to see a grand rally of those who may or may not bo inter ested in tbe question. Valuable Heal Estate.—The sale of the Jordan property on Commercial, Yotk, State am! Park streets, will take place to day, at 11 o’clock, on the premises. This is the most valuable property that lias been offered at auction iu this city tor many years, aud it affords an excellent opportunity for capitalists to make a good investment. See advertise j ment. Lli.eudkmain.—Prof. Mazzoui, as will be noticed by bis advei tieemeut, opens Ids entcr taiomenta of legerdemain at Lancaster Hall this evening. In addition to the fun to be de rived iiom bis magical tricks, he will distrib ute a large number ol gifts to those wiio may be fortunate enough to draw numbers from the wheel. Comfortable.—Iu this hot weather, when a person does not wish to w alk a mile lor his dinner, he can lie accommodated at Daruuiu'a in Temple Street Saloon, where the best ol viauds are served lip and the waiters arc oblig ing aud attentive. Portland Council Xo. 1, U. L. of A., will hold its regular ineeliug this evening, at t o’clock, at the usual place. The question ol changing the evening of the meetings of tilt council, will come up for consideration. Per Order. In consequence of the advauce on paper the publishers of Harper, • Atlautie Monthly Prank Leslie and Godey, have gradually iu creased tlieir prices, till at length the retai price of each has become JO cents. ! Episcopal Convention.—Tbe 44th An i nual Convention of the Protestant Episcopa Church, iu the Diocese of Maine, meets at St s Mark's Church, Augusta, oil Wednesday ant , Thursday of this week. Kissinoen Water, to be had at Crosmat t & Co.’s, Middle street, is just the drink for tin season. ! BY TELEGRAPH roiHB Portland Daily Press. ____—^ - — —- ■ ■ ■ Tin* Rebel Raid into Maryland. lie- Occupation of Frederick bp the Federal T -oops. Rebels Crossing the Potomac with their Plunder. Gen. Franklin and Staff Passing South. Baltimore, July 12. The American has received information 1 from Frederick that the rebels yesterday were again driven out ol that place, aud that the old flag again floats over it. About 9 o’clock yesterday forenoon a divis ion of Cole's cavalry came dashing in aud a tight took place in the streets between our j troops aud a small rebel guard left there ol ! only 100 men. The rebel captain was killed I tutd the balance of the rebels driven out and pursued in the direction of Monocacy. The ; rebels had demanded a contribution of $20,000 iu greenbacks tor not interfering with citizens j and their property. The money was paid aud the rebels neither molested persons or proper I t.y. The only property destroyed was the | (iovernment stables, which were fired ou. i During the time ol the rebel possession of the town foraging parties went out into the coun try aud brought in droves ol cattle, pigs aud sheep. At times the main streets were liter erally tilled with horses aud cattle, all of which were driven across the Potomac iuto Virginia. My informant, learnt that Bradley Johnson had crossed the pike at Canal’s Manor at 9 A. M. yesterday with an immense traiu of cap fared horses, going towards the Potomac. As he had command of the raiders in this vicinity it may be presumed that they have all gone towards the Potomac. The rebels did very slight damage to the Monocacy iron bridge it was so strong. t'he conductor of the 9 A. M. Washington train reports that there had been no lighting up to me time ne ieiu ai 1:4,1 1-. ai. me I teiegtaph was cut. * 1 learn Irom Annapolis Junction that the revels obtained possession of the road at I'e(Js vilie and Bladensburg aliout 1 I*. M., and up ! 1.0 tile latest advices still held it, amusing j tuemselves by destroying the bridges and teuring up tbe track. They are said to he in considerable force. There is no evidence of tbe appearance of any rebel forces, even of guerillas, iu Balti more county. All has been quiet around the city to-day. The work of strengthening the fortifications is progressing with gieat energy under Gen. Ord's direction. Gov. Bradford has issued a proclamation calling out the entire militia force of the city, who will proceed to the defences to-morrow. We lerrn that 150 of Gilmore’s band arriv ed at Townstown last night returning Irom the burning of Gunpowder hridgp. They had with them in carriages, Gen. Franklin and I stair. They remained until IhidnighL They | had a slight skirmish with our pickets near Sheppard asvlnm and one of our men was j kiled or captured. Demoermtlc Conventions. Indianapolis, July 12. The Democratic State Convention met here to-day and nominated Joseph E. McDonald for Governor, David Turpie for i.ieut. Gover nor, and for the balance of the ticket, includ ing the Judge of the Supreme Court, the ; present incumbents. The indications are that I ihat the platform will embrace a moderate war policy. tiosuiuuons were passed by tbe convention i this afternoon denouncing arbitary arrests and the suspension of the habeas corpus, suppres I stou of newspapers and general policy of the 1 National and state governments, favoring i »peedy peace and prompt payments of soldiers ' and complimenting the troops. A resolution endorsing Vallandigham and ptedgiug the State to stand by him to the last, amid much con fusion was rejected, and a sub stitute adopted pledging the democracy to uiaiutain civil ami personal liberty at ali haz ! arils. Montpelier, Vt., July 12. The Democratic Stale Convention, for the nomination ol candidates tor Male oilicers and two electors at large, was held in this place to-day. John Cain of Rutland, was chosen chair man, and C. A. Badger of Rant oiph, and Wal do Brigham of Uyde Park, Secretaries. Speeches were made by Hon. Timothy P. Red held and others. The nominees of the convention are as fol lows : For Governor—lion. T. P. Red field of Montpelier. I.ieut. Governor—Chas. N. Davenport of WilmiDgton. Treasurer—Robert McOrmsby of Bradford. Electors at Large—E. Chamberlain of Cat donia County, and J. J. Deavitt of Franklin County. A series of resolutions, mainly devoted to denunciations of the present administration, were adopted. About 250 persons were present. Confirmation of Capture of lien. Franklin. Havre i»e Grace, July 12ib. There is no doubt ol the capture of Gen. Franklin, which is continued by Lieut. Col. Mitchel, w ho was present at the time and af terwards escaped. The retiels have destroyek 450 feet of Gun powder bridge, including the draw and 500 feet more were partially destroyed. The re pairers expect to tlnisb tbeir work within four 1 days or a week. The construction train returned safely this I eveniug, the railroad and telegrcph men hav ; ing accomplished their objects. night lor Baltimore, lias been ordered back ! to-night. It is probable that the steamer Maryland will also be used by the government for the j transportation of troops. Tlte rebels ouly destroyed only about one ! dozen telegraph poles at Magnolia. Prom the South tre»t. St. Louis. July 12. Brig. Gen. Pell, of the colored recruits of Missouri, fas been ordered to the tleld with a brigade of negro troops. Gen. Ewing will have charge of negro recruiting iu tlte State, and will prosecute the work with the greatest vigor. Gen. lioiecraus’ order No. 10T is being very generally responded to throughout tlte State. Citizens are organizing for self-defence, and a determination is everywhere manifested to put down hush whacking and pluuderiug. The Olive street Hotel was burnt last night. Loss $35,U00; insured $8,000. Humors Conrrmtm/ Washington. Philadelphia, July 11. The w ildest rumors arc afloat here of the capture of Washington. New York, July 12. There is probably no truth iu the Philadel phia story about the capture of Washington. Baltimore. July 12—5 P. M. Nothing is known of the state of alfaiis at Washington. All the wires are down. l.ater.—We have nothing from Washington but street rumors. No dispatches, no papers, no trams. Militia of \cfr York Ordered to be in llvadi neett for Duty. Albany, N. Y., July 12. Gov. Seymour has issued an order for all regiments of the National Guard to hold themselves in readiness for immediate service; also an appeal to the people to join the Na tional Guard. Euless this lie done at once, he cannot respond to (he call of the President He implores all citizens to lay aside passion and prejudice, aud cordially unite iu measures e sc .tial to the preservation of tiie National unity, the power ol our State aud peace aud good order of society. Th< Wounded at Monoctteg ultrarrd for. Philadelphia, July 12. Intelligence reached here to-day that the wounded on the battle-field at Monocacy were uucared for. A special train left this evening for Gettysburg with fourteen delegates of the Christian Commission and ninety-two boxes of stores. The Cei.tial railroad furnishes transportation to Gettysburg, whence the Commission send stores to the battle Held. Everything that is pmssible will be done for sufferers. Proclamation by the Governor of Seir Jersey. Trenton, J., July 22. Gov. Parker has issued a proclamation. After stntiug that he has not received any requisition from the President or Governor of Pennsylvania for troops, he says he views the expedition as more serious than an ordiuary raid, and thinks the National Capitol serious ly threatened. He calls on the citizens ol New Jersey to immediately organize into companies for thirty days service iu Pennsyl vania, Matylaud aud the District ot Columbia. Various Items. New York, July 12. The 84th X. Y. regiment left this evening i in a transport for Washington, accompanied ' by a gunboat. | The schooner Howard, from Cat Island, has ( arrived and report* that she wa* captured on the 10th inst. by the pirate Florida, and bond ! ed for $0000. Sixty-two persons captured ■ from other vessels were put aboard aud lauded at Cape May. lf«w York Market, New York.Ju*y 12 Cotton—sales 803 bales at 163ial70 tor middling uplands. Hour—sale* 19 00M bbls; State and IVettern 26.<•. oOclower; State 10 76; Southern dull; salts 9o>} ob.s at «17oft 4 60; Canada 26®40c lower; .salt* 700 bbl* at 11 50,0,13 25 Wheat—sales69,000 bushels; Chicago Spring 2 3-® 2 8; vlilwauitee club 2 4 «2i0; Keu Wiuter Wes tern 2 62a 2 67 Com—closed dull; sale* 42.000 bush; new mixed Western 1 62® 1 63. Oats -dull; sale* Canada at 98® 1 00. Beef—dull. Pork—lower; sales 1503 bbl*; new mess 46 00® 46 .5. l ard—dull, sales 800 bbl* at 2M®21$c. Butter—Ann; 8 ate at 37@43c. Whiskey—heavy ; *a<e* 700 bbl* at l '0a 1 74 fcugar-sale* 42 lihds Muscovado 22, a.26c. Naval Stores—quiet. Petroleum—easier; crude 63@67e; refined 93&95c F*re*ght» to Liverpool—steady. Wool—RAle* 112,0.0 lbs medium to prime tk*ece at 1 00®l 1ft. Stock Market• Ntw York, July 12. Second Board.—Stocks bitter tmencan liold.275; United States b's 1881 coupous.103$ United States 5-2o registered. . .1 ‘• 4 United State* 6*Xl coupons,.l' SJ united States one yearocrtiticate* new. 93; Canton Company. 36; Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 57 irie.113, 'Jew York Central. 13J; dud-on.123j Heading .127', Michigan Southern. >3; Uiiuois Central scrip. 127 Cleveland ft Pittsburg. 1'6J Chicago & North Western. 49 Cleveland ft Toledo,.13 \ Chicago ft Rock Island. Ion Chicago, Burliugton k (Quincy,v.12*1 Yew Boat for llariiswell. On and after Monday, July 11th, 1864, the new and superior steamer RVARCfiNA J()in*i01S, Will leave a» follow*: m Leave Custom IIouae Wharf at 9 30 ! ■SiTmC A. M Or Harp*well.tou hingnt lVak’s 1 rnlai.a on t urv t in uul iaudirg t arties at Oia mono < ove or t heoeague Islands when requested. Ki t iruiog, leave Harpawe'l at 4 1*. M., touching as above excursion tickets to Harp«\vell, 75 cents: Peak’s island. 2 i cents: Diamond Cove or Chebeagoo Is iands, 60 cents. Single tickets same as above. Large parties taken at reasonable rates The public are invited to inspect this boat, it being utted up in a »upetior sty.'e, and is by far the sales excursion boat in lhcse waters. For turtle, r particulars inquire of GEO. W XTER 1IOC8E, Agent, otihoaid, or J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 R i: .71 <» V A L ! S. Cohen <Sc. Co., Wholesale and lit tail Dealers in V viimmngs, 7,ep\\> vs. Worsteds,Corsets, Skirts, &c., Have removed from 21*11 to No. 192 WASHINGTON STREET, OPPOSITE M A RLI1 )kO' HOTEL, I ^ • | Stoie formerly occupied by i>enrge H". H'arrtn. Boston, July 8, 1664. Jyl2dlw To I lie Public! OWING to ill health, Ac.. I have sold mv stock aud vtaud to J. F Linnv. aud most cheerfully recommend my customer* to unu, aud would boIicu | for him the generous patronage that has been be I stowed on me. O. C. FKO&T. Livery and Him k Notice. HAVING bought the Hacks and stand of O. C. b host, on Centre street, and added a Hue let ot uooe* aud Carriages tor Livery, 1 am prepared to accommodate the nding public with Hrstciat.- tt ains, for pleasure or business Prompt, careful drivers wilt be uriiisbej for hacks at aii times. A very few boarding norses can be taken. 1 wo Hrst cI&bs hor-i wanted. J F. LIBBY. ju \ 12dlw IF l’OI HA VUATA REFRIGERATOR ! OB. if you have an old one that don't exactly suit you. don t tail to examine the very best pat tern now in use, lh*» POLAR REFRIGERATOR For sale at the Furniture Rooms of WALTER COKEY, 52 and 54 Exchange street. J«»ne6,1864.—d2 in United States Claim Agency ! Bounty, Prize .Hour) A Peu-ious, Cl AN be obtained ou application to / BWEAl k CLEAVES. Attorneys at Law, No. 117 M ddle street, Musury's Kow\ may21todCtn Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! .At Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon. No. 152 and 15ft Exchange M., Opposite the Internationa! House. mav"dtf A Few Molds about the Portland Healing Institute. rIlUE treatmeut purru d ai toe above named in X stitub*. conunnuced OcU her ls-,3, by Dr. Hum phrey T. l'acaero! Cambridge, aud is now no lung era matter of experiment The Dr., alt h ugn s stranger to the citizens of Portland, ba* gradually but mleutlj wou his wav to tb* hearts of the peopl without a word of comme^dAtiou from a siugk- per sou save one from the Fort.aud Daily Press It iva not from any want of name* which might have beei i used as references, such as the following :— nev. E I . A. E Newton, formerly editor of Spiritual Age L. B Mourot . l’rof. oi El<>cution, Boston, but the Dr very modestly prefared to wait until he could gm ■ the people of Portland some komt fea<Mn«M t. betiev - iug taat his efforts wou d he appreciated in due time Such now appears to he the cim- hey ond the expec tation of the Dr. linn elf If there are auy who an now doubling whether they had letter put them •e»vs under th« care ot the Dr aud receive the treat ment pursued at the Instituto, we, citizens of Port laud, cordially invite all such to call upon ts am learn more fully wl at we kuowci the Dr. aud th* j treatment pursued by him and his wife. 1 u m*' I ' uow Ik* n-membered that Mrs S B Packer has be ! come permanently associated with the Dr in the la | borso his profession. This lady bring- with hei th expe ience of more than eleven vears practice with disease which atli c»ed only trie female organ i‘iu. To her is cv> in in it ted the care of the Aruta/* ’ Departtnent. Those desiring further in forma'ion j are invited to call on the sub-crib^n* or at the Inst; ! tute corner of Congress and Chestnut streets, near I New city Hall, j C. L Cook. 35 Paris street Mr. A Mrs Faasr iaii Chare,33 Brown St., j Jakk P. Mcf oLLoroH. % Mi >dle street, L. K. Dsxixi.*, 11 Myrtle street Portlaud. June 24, 1*64 —Tufcba&wSut I Porllanil Compaut--Xoticc. flIHE St ckholder of the Portland Company an j A hereby notified that the annual nice mg of tie Corporali u wi;l be‘held at the office « f the Com pany, at their works, on rue-day the 2fhh day oi July iutt. at 8 o’clock iu the atterncon, lor the fol I lowing*:— 1—-To hear aud acton Reports of Directors and Treasurer. 2 —To choose Director* for the ensuing year. I 8—To act on any other bisiuets that may come { belwre the meeting. JOSEPH C. NOTES, Clerk. Portland. July 9th, 1364 -dtd For (lit* IkI.-iihIm. jgBW* tin and after June 18th the steamer *. ,ia,« x rAM ° U*H1 further notice leave Burnhams wharf, for l eak’s , aud Cushing’s Is.aud* at 9 and 10.30 A M.. and 2 i and 3 30 P.M. Returning will leave Cu*hing’s Island at 9.49 and 11 lb A. M.. aud 2 45 aud 5 15 P. M . Tickets 25 cents, down and hack ; Children 15cts. June 9-dif Bowdoiu rollt'ge. fflHE Annual Meeting of the Overseers of How A doia College will he held at their Boom iu the ' College ( ha--el, on Tuesday, the second da of Au gust next, at 2 o’clock P. M A. C BOBBINS. Secy. Bruuswick, July 6th 1864. julyTdtd How Hoin Colieve. fill IE Annual Meeting of the President and Trus ■ A tees of Bowdoiu College wiP be uel i at Banister j Hall, iu the College Chapel, on Tuesday the 2nd day ! oi August next, at c n o’clock in the forenoon. JOHN Hot-KKS. Secretary. Brunswick, July 6. 1864. julyTdtd Uowtloiu Cnllep’. 1 njlHE Annual Kxaniinattcn of candidates for ad A mission to Howduiii l ollege will take p’ac on Friday the tif'h day of AuguC next, at 8 o'clock iu •he foreroo%iu the i*ew Medical llali; and also on Thursday, (he twentyday of August next, n the same place, aud at the same hour. LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick, July 6, 1F64. julyTdtd DchbN Drum for, a. DKAN‘8 Drum Corps will promptly attend to all ordersfor Drumming for Parades."Marche.-, Ac. All orders to he left at 1> White’s ■‘tore, Market Square. S. Dean. Drum Major june2T E 1 HALL. Clerk. Diiuoii«l% l^iitiHrille Raaxl 18 bow ready to furnish Balls. Cotillon and Pic Nic Parties on the most tavnrat la terms. All orders left at Paine’s Music store (163 Middle street) will receive prompt attention. jyl2dlm Notice. MIC WALTERS SWAN is admitted a partner in our firm from this date. DANA BK’>8. Boston, July J, 1864. Jyi eodSw • _ . - - - - MISCELLANEOUS. s. aT. blood , Succe*»CT to George Anderrou, No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, Sign of Anderson's Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on band a comp ete assort ment of H OOP SKIRTS, of every Fix* and length, mad* of the best materials aiul warranted to give perfect auti*factiou. Also on hand a fall assoi tinea: ox C orsets and Skirt Supporters, of the most oopuiar mak s, both oieigu &ud domes tic. with other article* properl) belonging to a iloop .Skirt store. ilnop Skirt* made to oroer. and rx pairing done at short notice. Parlies uea.iag with this establishment may rely upon getting g *tds of the very best <]uaUty a'nd at pticea a* low a* a really good article can be aff rded Portland. July «, 18*4. d*w NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goods! YT RS . A ROBERTSON has taken the New Store i"A No. 31 tree Street, corner qf tenter, and ha* selected a Superior Assortment of MILLINERY, Which she will he pb'a-ed to offer to her friend* aud the public, on and after the 5th inst. 1*. S. A gooi^asscrtment of MOURNING , Constantly on hand - Ibrei or tdur good .Milliner* can receive stead} employment by inquiring as above. ap4-deodti ' GRANT'S COFFEE & SPICK MILLS. OHIV ISA I. ESTA BL/S1IMKX T. J . Gr IrL A T , Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Sala*ratu*» A Cream Tartar, New Coffee and Sjdvr Mills. 13 and 15 Union street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices put up'or the trade, with ary addriss. iu ail variety of prekages, and warrant*c a* represented Coffee roasted aud ground for the trade at snor notice. tT" Allgtod entrusted a t the owner’* ri*k. _ inarch lOdtf Portland. Oom’y. CM FI LES' Hundred shades of New Stock of the holders have the right to take the tame for ten day*, viz: until July 10th. oubsciiption Books are open at the office of the Company in Fore street, and at the Portlat d Say i g- Bank. . , 0 a JOSEPH C. NOYES, Clerk July 8td BRADFORD & HARMON, Ptnoion and Claim Agents, (Established in 18T.1.) STILL continue to devote their special and exclu sive att .ntiou to the pros*cu:ion of Claim* :or Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize .Honey, And all other claims against the Government, hav ing been duly liceu- nl tber f r • VST All auvico free. Terms as lo vasat any oth er Agency, and uo pay .equirea until the claims are obtained. Oifioe 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. F BRADFORD, T , Z K. HARMON. June21—dtf m Bin MTMi ti m OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. 8. 7-30 Notes, Can hav# them exchanged for* x percent, twen ty year bond- by leaving them with this bank. The interest on the r.ot s will be paid in coin, at the rate 7 3 10 percent, to July 1. and the bonds will be de livered bay#as soon as they can be prepar<d by the Government. These 20 year bonds are the most dc -irablenf any of the government seen rilies. Con version* must be made in sums of 9600 or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter ot one per cent, will be charged. W. E. GOULD. Cashier. Portland. May 26. 18#4. ma>26eodtf WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER 8 BLOCK. UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MANUKAOTUBIB OK Stesin Kugines Steam Boilers. Shafting Pulleys Gearing, and all kinds of Machinerv. Also Low and High Pres ure steam Heating Ap paratus tor Factories, Public Buildings and Dwelling Hoases. In thi- De par, meet me es abli.-hment has been uncommonly *uee**s«tnl. Steam Cock*. Valves Whist]***, and 't am, Water and Ga« Pipe and connection* furnished at wholesale er retail. Repairing ptomptly and laithlu'ly Done. In conn ction with the .bore e.t.btiabmeut i« »d Iron Koamlry, with . I»r*c Mortment of ptitnu »nd . r.»mu,- Mill, wtien wood planing ol .11 kind, may be done. in.,: dtf m>C. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, No. 8 Clapp s Block, Market Square, P OR TLA XD. HP*Artificial Teeth inserted on Cold, Silver, and I'mcamUf bate. All operations warrant'd to give satisfaction, j(iuoo0eodi-ly’64 J. T. Lewis Sc. Co., Mauutacturers and Wholesale Deale * in READY-MADE CLOTHING, ANI> FlT If N IS III N(i GOODS, Chamfers - - - Kos. 1 cud 2 Free Street Block. (Over H. J. Libby A Co..) I f; roBtLAND. UK. j>1Idtf Carriages, Oarriages! Fiimly'Hailt and Neatly Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS for sale, at hit establishment. a variety of Carriage* mare in the neatest ami most stb -tant a! manlor. The a.»*< itment e< tnpris* * all tl:e different atv le* of Light Carriages, and the) will be 'old ou the most favorable term*, Terse n- intend L.g to purchase Can i.ges will find it for their inter est to call and examine before buying c sewhere. june2£dtf STATm CaLLAfiE Agriculture and Mechanic Arts ! iUiE uudersigued. t ouiuiiaaioners, appointed uu aer a resolve ot the ia»C Leg is ature. an auth *r ized aud duecteu by *a<u re.-oiv® to iu ite and r • cove dona iou* ant! benefactions iu aid ol the pro posed “College lor ibo beuelii ol Agricmiturr >u»tl tkr Mtck-ihir Arm," and to receive proposals tor the ooation thereof, hereby g*ve mat they are prt pared to receive eucU donations, Lt nefactn ns aim proposal .and request that all comiuuuica ions touching i he same ma> bo tuade before the first cay of September next, addressed to the under* g ed. WM. G. CUuaBY. Belfast. WN. G CKooHV, jo>etu eaion, Samuel f terley. ju’vftl&wto sertl $500 bounty! MivoR’s Orrics, I July 12, 1*04 j SEVERAL citizens being desiious ot furnishing revesentarive recruit* for the anuy. I am au | 'horiml bv them to offer a b» uiiy of tl\ K ht> DEED DOLLARS, to Vrtikass or A tens not subject to dr»f, who n ay enlist h* representative I *ec uit* for the term of three years into in* array ot *'nitfd htat« * I he bounty of *f> H.» it.clu«i« * the St*!.* Bounty, but i* iu addition to any United Xs-s Bounties and will be paid to the recruit as ! soon a* mustered into ihe United States service. M>P ication* for enlistment* may be made at this 1 office JACOB MjLELLAN, Mayor. , jul)12dlw "Wanted! {>ARTIES who can ai precis**- a first class iuv*u tion. < ounties will be sold iu Maine at such , price*, iu oouipansou with the uiTimi ed demand, j a^ will insuio »he greatest ru ces«fo parties buying. ^ 1 he article is already having a rapid sale in other j States, and is uo* equaled bv any article be ore tb i public upou whit h \ ou cuu make money so sure and I rapidly. InatftOia e tii.'oual application bi parties having -sliiOor upward' a' then immediate com mand. will meet with attention a* 22b Congress st. L CHATMAN, Jr. July 11 —d4t Sub*tlilnt(- Wauled ! fllllE sub.-cribo- wishes for a sub* itue in the Army -JL tor *U e©year* or the war. He must be a citizen, j uutsubj et to or aft. believing that the rc belli* o eas • and will bo put down by »ue Union Armi s and ready and desirous of iloiug hi* p*rt iu this work. A veteran would be preferred A re suuaole bouus in addition to the State fcoun tv am’ nid from the city, will be paid to such a sub stitute EDWARD FOX. JulvTl. 1«>4.—dlw Substitute*. VNY one wanting a Subsiitu'e. for one or three year-, eau be supplied with one by calliug upou J. M. Todd. Hair-Dresser, corner ot Middle and Exchange streets. J. M. TODD, One who believes the Rebellion can be put down bv the Union foices. July i2eod3w * Nolle e. TIMS day 1 give inv sou, W Y. Hodgkins, hia time U> act and trace for himself; 1 shall not claim his wages or pav Ida debts <\ HODGKIN*. Attest—C. B. Sand*. Dauitl Kioeznan Fortland, July 5,1864. Jy9tUw* EKTERTAINMESTS.r L J fa h fa ? < l '5 8 l 1 0 s r* tr 1 g * & i H g ;; |> ’ H A .Maiou Via Anrici k ( o in again appearing before the people oi America, desire to state that their present Menagerie contains AN ENTIRE NEW Collection of Animals that were captnred by or un der the immediate snperrt eion and direction of the great VanAmburgh Himself And are the products of an expedition to The Try Regions of the Xorth Pole, k-m_The Pampas of South America, C ffiMil 1 nr lhfrr" Africa. i r r jHn And the Jungles of Asia. J All of which were caused to contribute the choicest speci mens cf Animated Nature to be found within their respec tive realms. They arrived in NY late in the'Fall of ’f3 where sn unparalleled and most tiinmphant success a waited them. Flushed with new laurels of success a trav elling paraphanalia was de signed of the roost transcen dent magnificence possible to conceive which through their immense resourses sprang into existence as if by magic. Cages of the mod gorgeous deserip turn ; Wagons of the most costly character ; Harness of surpassing 1 - <>;- <■, . I! • . , < the bed Arabian blood: Mammoth utnegatfd Canvass of immense proportion ; And an entire retmue of unequalled excellence are here to be seen. Human intellec conla not in its grandest moment of codception originate any thing more grand and daz zling to behold. The verita ble Van Ambnrgh, (whom en vious persons trom his long absence from America have taken advantage, and caused the press to announce his de cease) will accompany the exhibition and head the TRI UMPHAL PROCESSION its entrance to the place of exhibition vftUch wtiI rep resent in oriental splendor ■K_SSfV A Moving Panorama Nearly one mile in length. VANAMBURGH Th» original Lion and Tiger Turner. The following list was ta ken from the living AntinaU therasalve* in the Company* Building, 139 A Ml Broadway N Y. on the 23 d of March, and therefore may be cousid ered A Correct I a ■/ of Ammds ; Prof L-xnfWorthy'aTrained Animat* African Lion, A* at«c Lion, Naiu. I. ian LiatMK, Hracillian f»c«-r. Bengal Leopard* S*ne:«l Leopard, K» .th A awrican Jaguar, peri rand b> him at each entertain went. Living Giraffe, only one in Artifri j; Great Performing K.-plunt. Tippo S'i \ exem** i l*v f*rar»l» Vx«h , Bli'k AfricanIMnch. xe f •*« high; S A Grew UMmh . /•■• r ; . Pa r ->i Whit- Bear; *‘air young la c . California Grixr'v Bear, very I »n:* ; Be next Leopard an I Young, African Panther, Kugii»h Fallow ifoer. >*•! vcr Strip. \ 11 v -1. Affirm s • l Hyena. Am»r.n Panther nr ru ■ . P<x»n«h «r Hintoo-nin B «r. oror one in A " ■ r *a ; A trio -n l l >p. A • .. atle Lion. B-nxtl Leopard. Ym>u Lion A year* old, Bmiiun Tier, S. A. Jaguar, Afr> *m Leo|>*rJ. ltoy. al Bonga! Tiger. only one in America; Burin. *e or Barrel I'ow, Ice nr I* lar Bear, Kooky M ti: i WllJ Cat. Japanese Swine, African Gatelie. Virti 11 P *«oaa. a «*ncan HI «*k Bear. • hm - . ! >!• 1>>;.. NVw II ! I Ki . A * ri can Crown* I Crane. Black Wugg Grey Wolf, Lzyp. a > u-•»%.-, African P-TMipinc. r-:\ r - ; I*, i • s,n! liall Crane, White Sr uric, v ry large; Black Swan. Affirm Prtioan. 5pan Uh an! Amer ran Fowls. Siirev fhpiiinti, Uoi l--n Ph* s i Sj. m- | uh \I .Mnd A-TI..a . - A., c* Sh* ■ p. Cash iv*r-' Sl<?*u, W bit** lnm». I t-.*'. K«.| and Yellow Cre«t < '<*k »t- I'»rr •(* i .| Durr« ; Monkey* and i J lV* *{,r md Guinea Ant-Ea i*rmJ Cwut-.m Hi-■ i a:. 1 Wi: •- Kuce-i Mun-.y. W jJ Dti-k* anlt'arn-r Dove-*, l.on<arm-i tii^Vir-. K.x-ky Mountain It• * r. Australian MkmI Paro-}ue;t«, ''Uite Kit* and Mi Wiidah Bird*. Hla k Vfiiiiy,-;. (’.*• •tiU, \fri- *:»«:»• v Harr t«. 1 *nii i o ! t tl N* » Pur.feq'i . rui.iii lii»eU*. liAri PafoquefN, Lin I.nnlt H:n Parr -:-. S. A Hi- ■ •-. Cl»i:t* «* Par. oquatl*. Kin* an! ijaifiMt larr-jl*. K ■ -* Cock at s i:a H.-s-t P.r quett, Enr<«p» \ J t> ■. jaai a !•?. ‘ i? •.»r-it AT I K \I.l \ X H1KD S*t«»W, con-t*t*n* «t **i »:m non** nu;ul>« Bird* of *-ti*ry v in*: y and j.l in Prectviinx th«* *.'• *r procession on it - arrival ; th»* place of exhibition, tie ?t»en the coi.OmaL <,« DEX (Ml V1UOT coimini Otto Hoax's a wtxer Uavi>. Will Exhibit on WESTERN PROMENADE, near Uu* Artemi, Monday and Tuesday, July 18 and !9. Doom opoa lj and 7$. Atnij«iou only 2* cent* — No hall price. _ jaoe2S-29 30julvl3-U-lS-16 184 n* Turnverein Picnic? Inn: poim. iXDTUkxveueis *iii mike » . fe.xcur.lou 10 Little Cuebeaguie Island, Wednesday, July 13ih, Accompanied by the Itniitl of tin* ITili I’, 11.funny. The Pc it lic auk Ikyitid. 1' mniUtee Qf Arran g- iu nfs W O Fox, hi. R. Thurston, Kdwd. A. Noyes, Aug.M. Steven? S. R. Wai’«\ Ja«. K. Conor. Alex. 1 h r. <«eo. M Harding,.la- S bediov, Jotiu C. Siaoll. (.ha,-. \Y. i it*ruv, John li Holt. The Ra-ge Comfort will leave Atlautic Wharf at 7 80 A M Aui ppo tuultjr will b» given all parties to j . in iu dancing, ** tags, foot batt, and other gxui s. There will*l-tob<-a gvmna-ticexhibition a?'Jo'cl'k, i by member? of the i'uruvtrdiu. will tun ish heir owu refreshment*. Ice water iu abuudai ce supplied. T cket* 60 cent* acb—ma« be procured at kl. L. Havin'. Ratio 4 Noyes’, Cru-man 4 Co’a, E. Dana, J»’s, H T. i ommiiga', or of l.tto M. down, ( has H.Sawykb, John c. ukxai9, Jon » 1 Shaw, A D Kuava*. T*»**.- M> Evas. julvCdtd Portland Army Committee Of TIIB U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. K. Hayes, rece ive* Store* at HO Mid dle 8tn*t Treasurer C?ri!#Sturdivaut, receives Money at «6 . Couuu<‘teial atrt et _ A. Secretary. Henry II. Barges#, receive* Letter* at 80 Commercial street. And ew J Chase, Dr. W . R. Johnson. Iunel8dtt _ Tin- >i-w <Jyui,ia-lie milK last opportunity to c* mmenee a course ot J. le?«on9 at th« reduced rates will be given Wednesday. July 18th. ChRdien meet at 8 o'clock P M , and adults in the evening. New clas-es will be formed tor beginners as needed. jy XI DRY GOODS. CLOSING OUT I SALE’ -AT • \ C. K. BABB'S, SUMMER DRESS GOODS! $ f ' NOW YOUR TIME TO BTJY, -rom— WE SHALL GIVE GOOD BARGAINS! I To All in Wont ol MOZAMBIQUES, POPLINS, TAFFITIES, STRIPED ALPACCAS, ' I Plain Alpaccas, IVIourning Organdie MUSLINS. American M uslins, I 4-4 French & English 1* R I N T S ! SUMMER BALMORALS, Sii n ITmbrellaSi Kid Gloves, ANGOLA FLA AXELS! Shawls, Shawls! VERY LARGE STOCK. CABAS B. BABB, Congress Street. julylKU«od‘iw AUCTION SALES. ■ • M. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER. IS Eachcnge it. Valuable Real Eat ate at Auctioa. fllu e!°ic ibe atita °f tbe lat« CbailM Ji rlu, no X ter sale the fojfewiuf cJecrib d property r “*”*nd *■ ***•> comp i*ioj( about ninety thoutaid «*et o flats, with a fri ntuge ot me hundred twenty* six feet on»l street with tie In idiis* the eon; four lots on the wester)? side ot Comnttr* C aL??Tt ^ *7 100 each; a lot adjoining on hark ETV8 T* *r u1,66 ,tel de<p; lot on » a k street ?4o ol ou corner of lark ana York street l°* r6 80“** co fa«* holl*# 451 ' oik street 1«4 8« by 80: a lot ot land on Mate tt e»t 86 feet »ront. eoii’ainiDg about ten tbo«sand feet, wltn a co<t»M hontem lho rw; tpo ,od > Tali dory medoa built bourn 66 Yu k atnet, cuutoii lux Ik room. <u *• 'V*,*' lot.: No. 9 fyng M ert lot W by luO; eotuyn b ia e ko. 11 Tyor airoot largo lo»: the oboro iropa.ty • 111 bo oold ua rauy tmaa*. and all not dl.p wd 01. will bo raid at Aaulionon tf.daeadiy, July II o'clock |.< the Tot rooon ob the prom mi for partlcalar* apply to tboaubarrlkon. CtiAKLEA JORDAN, „ UAKlrNEE dultUAM. JaaeUdtd Eli allure at AutPon. 0N\.wr,D**d,>,"'dlJ’13,11 »' » o’clock A X tro V ibad mb the Furniture tu hoe.. No NW caa. •uu5?liL'r£l' dirfc,l>' oppoolteibo tool el Nruoo TTi''w“'!*,ll,*or *<<•'•» »«■•* Choi a bck.a, u* ”0,h tita ixu-iitkiu, i banaler eeta. ««ciKrtiJrFiJj'i;r“d C€ok 6,u’** ',u ,fc* BA1LET A CO. AaoUoaroia Aiioaiui* raim’a Note. Hoaw Lola la I opr I ln.brth ai Aaciaea. P1,***! A-'Ttoaikctaoftowthr Ho a IL. Judge ot n‘•■tils for tie C'eeatv of * umbenuLd I -hall ell at public auction on fe pirn bars i hnis d!iijui1/ 14ftt;*t 10 °’c,<*k A k . f.uroi mo.e vai uahie liouse Lot* 01 na t an acre etch on he south. e«l rice of f 1 e BuxreiJ K* ad to C» ne k irab* lh aid bc.»*p«t ftbo ■ d I .ho l.t, Jabaa H Mnrvan these tuts are iocited in a «■>*»■■ mv « ■> a Moalibv lid -ood ceirht. rhoou, and e- aio .t d o !li.e rioar at ti.rbor, liluiti, the bit auc aa,round, lag country. I HARLEgL MAhKAN, Admla^trator HENRY bAll.KY o Cu, oaetluuMn July 9.—.ltd ’ sbija at Aucilva. OV, July llih at 11 »'ekek a v u alio noa l.t. at Frai kilo VI kart. Poll ai d to ■J'*1“,fc» */'V> tmorpe el Ft.a Hand edauo la rat Toon, ball la IM arl. found °brr H J 11 and 3. oi — bllro bo tv • ai o U.t.n.d «it h copper and ye I a ... n. m, 1. a luoruarh built "!d^T«T'aaouod .hip bob po.1 ivo. ‘ Jalr!i^d.dT * uw • ABCTioomm. tlor-t s. ( arrlagra, llaratiMi dkc . at Auctiaa. OT Sa'ardgjr, July Iftb. at II o'clock A M oa Lime Mice . Morse*. L*rria*e« H rnets«s fee July ll^Atg>Y Valuable Krul (Hair at Amcuwm. O' Monday, July Mtb.a* 3 o'.leak I. M. oaiha VP prembr.. » large, ooable uooWea Hearn b.s > xud x ou I rrcr stre.t, oouiaiaiug tig ,u*u hubb •d rooms, a large brick n Irru ia tbe rein, m.a ■ug two cosefor able tenements. 1 ot is Yi ,,ti . oat by sboa< 54 feet b«ck. A>-o a cue sou a bait sore ly.axeowaaneI r»t. aoJ iUli.g at* re, so tea ag tloiehed room, lot 2tj Wet iront by about 8* leet deep, -ale podti.e—u:lt dee -trria saT ** j.irt^r^ ““Ltv i miuitblr K. ai (.Mule in i apc a.t_ /»brill at iaeilM. ()X Wedae^y.JalySOth. at Ju ekmk P. H 0, VP tbe premixes. w> stall .ml ib v very de.iraHo J**? "I >"Vrp *■ C*»~ . know, „ Aw* p a i p ItT ‘■'“'T'* •*> lag <be “• 8 * ^ KkJ‘fOkd, contaiuii g *bo«i t«r«Jve miii • eu oi lists aud 1 oi ip aud Tu-s» la oa 1 a dwell ing li -uxt a b’ack-mnh sir p aad a area auu has* g ivabered buudiug of *bou> ft, by lip feel fn poses eo aectrd si h snip building Ibis is a si La. •Hd puce of p openy tor snip - uudlng or mailibe luring purposes rerjul irg water comm. Leak a nouaded b ike Hal road ou o> e aide aud tbe tsar * bor with Hurst er oa the other—the acce-s la ai "V* •*•(- *• » how oi no o her each lot ia tea el ciatty oipuritaud for sale note, hale Po-i'lea- the osaer a uuu-r. .ideal-title elsar, terms ea r Pee plan and'ars please call .a 7' ,BC Iy9 did ttE.Mll HAILEY ft CO., kam'ra. LUIMHU PAITM. Commission Nrrcliunt A tirtlettr, Hu removed to the ► psciotas Mora n Exchange litre* t. tour doors below fterakaiii'a kinkam*. Will reoeire aoesigniuoaU of Morobaadiaa si *01 p*h*ic ,r P»b«te saw. r aka of Heal Estate. Veaaels, t argues, blocks aad her -haudlse wise led. task anvaaese maoe suh prompt lain tad rttarai. SiMd'," TO THE AFFLICTED I OR. W. n. PKfllllf), Medical Electrician, M*. li ClMP'i Stock, CORSMH OFCOXORMSS AXD MUM STMMMTM WOULD respectrelty aaaoaaeetoteeeluaaaa at Portland and v icinity, that he ha* permaat at y located ia this city. Daring the eiovwa moL the hat . e bar, been in town we bar* MM M* H he worst forms ol disease ia persona who hart tried vthrr forma of treat meal In tain, aad cartas m ients in s.. short a time that lb* question is eftea vsked do they stay cured? To answer this uoeetioa re will say that all that do sot *tay ea> ad wa will loetor the second time for nothing Dr. D baa Owen a praeuoai Electrician Hr t weary years, aud ia also a regular graduated physician skectricity Is perfectly adapted to ohrewic diseaea* a the form of nervous or sick headache neuralgia a the head, neck.or extremities; consumption when * “" »*»•* «»*« Of where the lungs are not’ rally avowed; acute or chronic rheomaUMB, scrorala hrn liseaace. whiteswelling,, spinal its ease. curvature >t the spine contracted muscle,, distorted limbs. ,atoy or paraiyrie. htjttas' pease, deal usee, .laaw aenngor hesitancy of speech dyspepsia. indices (jn. constipation and liver complaint, p5ee we ear, cry case that ou be presented : asthma brewehl of tho shut, aad ail taa* of tau* •By Blootrlolty Th* Hheumatic the goaty, the lame aad tee lai* *P with joy. aud mote with the agility and alas, it • ty of rowth; tea heated brain Is cooled; the tr> ft •itten limbs rtstored, the anooath dafcrmitlee re sored; faiatntwa converted to vigor, weaknsse a Itreogth; tee blind made to see, tbe d«af to hear i id te t aided torm to move upright; tee blemtehes el couth are obliterated; the oeesdewTs of mature Hia MV.*, »mr1 • fit* -Mh»»»r*W-' aM A«-tla(.J 2 aa active oirculatioa maintained. LADIES Who have oold tteee. — ■«.. weak etomaahai a me aad weak backs; nervous and tick beaded.#! liaainoM-- J —1 -— . . t on and i_ ud back. . somb with iu»„ um Mute.. tuuiorv. poiypaa aa* dl that long train os diseases will had In kiectrit* ij i ur. pi care, f or vtmni wunmtiw too prolaK Beuslruuion. ud ell of than leu Use of troubles with vouu* Min. HoctrioitT to a oertala •peoiBc. ud will. In n short timo. riots re tho safaris o tbe slgor 01 bealtb. wr»h»«rt Il4ltn-Cknucal dnsrsltl tat iJttraotia* Mineral I uuua tr. m ihesrstem. such at deroar>, Aatiawaj, Arsenic, fee. Uudred. who ira troubled wltbstiff joints, weak books, aad sari, its othordiffloaltios, tbs direct eaate af which, to tine octet oot o' ten. 1s the efbet ofpotoonoaadraaa, me be rostered to nstnrai ntvnetb ud otter hr tot t«> of from lit • to citbt batbt 0® je hoar- from S o'clock A. ■. to l F. a.; U I; art! 7 to IF a. Coasaltatioa Fen. tTl« laad UNITED STATES In to 1*11211 Revenue. Collector's Notice. I NATHANIEL J jmILLKK, collector of the y Fwai i ol ec'ion District, L* the Ma e ot Maine, ah, eOy give notice to at* p ruoit colc inea.tbet I nave received iur cof!ectiun. the Tu»ra Col lect ion Isiat. made ana conai'ifd to me ly \u. ai* -**+or ttureof, in accordance with the aet of Cen tres*-nii le • “An Act to pro*kt interna' iotui »osupport the Go*eminent aau o pay in'errei <i the public d bt,” approved July 1 18o2 ana tbe eai ndraent* thereto; that tho aeterai out tea, 'a**-* (ou income. ca ria<e» ann plate,) aud It tkai, as.-e-* < d euntn ra’ed and contaurd ia -aid lie',have become- du. aud payable, ai d tuat tv.II i»r*ou or by Deputy, attend to colleetiaa aud netting iba a i ore-aid du id 'axes and liceiiwa. aaond lid ay able withm the tone tv of < umhertaDd, ia said Dl*trict, at my «#€•, Jta. 25* d rchemae *tr- et, I ert land, from tk- Vbl tin* oj Anb to the mth tap a/ Ju'p. A D 1S54, that I aid. la Ukc maimer. art ud to coiiettug and l e reiving du* run. taxes an J li~en«e* a* at* r***» d, aa»ee#eu and payable wi'hin tbe Cuuaty of York, ia aaki D sir ct. aL th* •uiloAiog dr-ignatod t.taea aad pile.a. to wit at Sao, at the Motet kept bp H:\fu* M lord, am Mon day the 2faA Jntp7\'-M: At the Hnldcjbrd House m Hut leford. Tuet lay July 36. ’l*4t At kmnebwek, at the Momomm Monte, Wednttdap, July *7. 1*»4; A* the Ifetcickaaantii Monte. ia South Herrick, T.nrytay. Jnfy th, \&*i. At Limerick, at the Motel k*pt by Amo* Fetch, Sat urday Jml* aWh, 1364 And l further give notics 'bat all pe*aoae who neglect to pay tbe duties, tax-s and tie me* aaee«s ml upwu thfB u a orepaid, to me or my r«tu'v, within the lime *bove specified, w 11 becoaipel td, under the provbi ns o- Sec 19 of the 4ct ot ton* aieaa afure-ai 1. “to pay tea per eeaimm additional up o'be amount tnoreot " Fer-i u> iu the County o York, i*eairoaa of an do rg.c«u pav their taxea at my Office No. 22 Ex JKwg — stiect, I**' A 'dnr Intt-a-'tlk f*ay it Ja* cy. 1664. NATHANIEL J MILLEK, I/O ai C'Or of luv t • at Collection D.» of Ma. Ho t'ao.l, July ", 13H4. &T So other aiouey man Faired State* Tr* a»nrr Note* or Not-* ot National B. nkt. or Cold at d Sil ver Coin will bo received torTaxca atter thi date. JyMtd Proposals lor Reservoir. PKOl'O* A LS will be received for building a Bea urvoir on 8t John street, at the Ci»v freaanr er’t office uutil Thursday. July 14th. • «.‘clock * M. Plan* and M*>citlcatir>n» of the name may le seen at the office o» the City BaHaeer. The Committee reserve the rigM to reject an* bids which may not be deemed for tbe Intereat of tbe citv. ^ Per Order of tbe Committee on Fire Department. F C. MOODY. Chairman. Portland June 30.1334—dJw Bear! A Gentleman and bia with, and three or four • fu rl- gentlemen can And pleat apt rooms with board »t M Cumberland Street. jylldSw* C. CXAM.

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