Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 15, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ——nr-irr"ir—— ■n.ii— ■'■■■■■ ——n——— " * "" 1 ' ' l""1 — — ■■ ■■■■■■■■■ — 11 t ^^ __ _ VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 15, 1864 WHOLE NO. 631. PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T.OILMAN. Editor, published at No. 821 EXCHANGE STREET,by N. A. FOSTER* CO. Tam Poetlakd Daily Fanes it published at S'.00 par year; If paid strictly in advanoe, a discount of •1.00 will be made. Singleocpies three oente. Tun Si Ainu Statu Fanesis published every Tburt dsj morning,at #2.0$ per annum, in advance: #2.26 if paid within six months; and »2.60,if payment be delayed beyond the year. Kates of Advertising : One inch ol space la length of oolumn, constitutes n "aqhABt.” #1.60 per square daily first week; 76 cents per week after: three insertions or less, *1.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertions or less 76 oents; one week, >1.00; 60 oents per week after. Under head of AHuenaaiiT*, *2.00 per square per week; three insertions or less, *1,60. 8FB0IAL HOTiona, *1.76 per square first week, »1,00 per square after; three insertions or less. #126; Ulf a square, three ineertions, #1.00; one week, #1.26. Advertisements inserted in tho Mains Statu fanes (which has a large circulation in every part of ihe State; for 60 oents per square in addition to the tbove rates, for eaoh insertion. Lboal Notioss at usual rates. TraasientadrvrUsenaents mast be paid forin ad vines 3UIINSAS Nortons, in rending oolnmnr, 12 oents pel Une for one insertion. No oherge less than fifty, eenti for each insertion. ST All communication* intended for the paper •hold be directed to the • Editor qf the Pre»t, and the. of a basinet* character to the PubUthert. ef“Jo* Pmnrrare ol every description executed tttdlspitcb. Tracy* Travdlm A com. COMMUNICATIONS. Letter from the South-western Army. '/V the Editor qf the Preaa . Near Marietta, Ga., ) June 21,1*04. ) At my last writing, the right wing of our irmy was at Dallas. I believe 1 gave you some account of Wood's (of 4th Corps) as sault upon the eueuiy’s right on the 27 ill ult. Gen. Wood is confident be would have car ried the position had he been properly sup ported by Jobuson (14th Corps) on his left. The latter engaged the enemy, but did not make a vigorous and determined assault, aud darkness, together with a suspending order from Gen. Thomas, came too sbon for a re newal of the attack. I can only give a general outliue of move ments aud operations since that time. While in the vicinity of Dallas, the rebels made some attacks of minor importance upon our lines, but were readily repulsed. Our army gained ground to the left, follow ing up the flank movement made by Gen. Howard, on the 27th May. Our Cavalry made a dash to the left, and seized Altoona K. It. station, located in the Mountain Pass Mouth of the Etowah river. Very soon after the Iufautry closed in on the Cavalry, Mc Pherson shifitng from extreme right to the • left, and occupying Acwortb, the next K. U. station South of Altoona. This was accom plished with little fighting. We rested a day or two—refilling our wag ons, aud meanwhile, building the K. K. bridge across the Etowah river. When advancing, the left met the enemy a little bejow Big Shanty B. it. Station, about four miles from Ackworth. The right met them ut Lost mountain— the centre of Piney Mt. We pressed them at all points, Scofield having the right, Thomas the center and McPherson the left. The last mentioned came upon them at Kennesaw Mt. and adjoining ridges, some three miles South of Uig Shauty. The 4th Corps nearly enveloped l’iuey Mt., at.d it was there in its front, on tth 14th lust., that the rebel Gen. Polk was killed. Piney Mt. had grown too hot for them, aud the succeeding night they evacuated—draw ing back their center about a mile, but still keeping their flanks upon Kennesaw on their right and Lost Mt. upon their left. Gen. Howard followed up closely, supported by Gen. Hooker on the right aud Gen. Palmer on the left. He carried their first line of works in the new posiliou, but louud their main line so strongly posted that be made no assault upon it. In the night he worked clos er upon the rebei lines, and during the night of Ihe 10th iust., got batteries in so near— operating with Gen. Hooker—that the enemy again evacuated during the night. On the 15th, one of Gen. Hooker's Divi sions (Gray) got quite hotly engaged and lost heavily. They attempted to carry the main Hue of the enemy’s works, but found it too strong. Again on the 17th the entire center and tight of the army pushed forward until they ame upon another strongly fortified line a mile or two from the last. Early on the 18th the skirmish line of the 4lh Corps pushed forward vigorously, Geu. Howard being determined to know whether the enemy were attempting to withdraw again. The skirmishers were reinforced and drove the enemy from their outer line, cap • turing some sixty prisoners. The troops were encouraged by this success—(the brig ades of Hooker and Wagner—Newton's Div.) and with the gallant Hooker to direct, fol lowed up their success charging aud seizing upon another line of works stronger than the first—evidently constructed for the main line, hut afterwards relinquished and held by an advanced guard. We were now very close upon the enemy’s works and they opened their artillery—firing also with musketry from the main lice. Gan. Howard was constantly with hh ad vance troops, directing the location of bat teries and adjusting tbe lines, keeping con nection between divisions, and with Hooker on his right and Palmer on the left. He found that he had struck a salient point in the enemy's line, and immediately put in position enfilading batteries. It was found too hot to work them without cover from the enemy’s fire, aud therefore earthworks were construct ed,—our rifles keeping the nearest rebel bat tery silent while the entrenching was going on. Darkness closed the fight Gen. Thomas expressed himself well satisfied with what the 4th Corps bad accomplished, aud wrote that Gen. Sherman was “ at last very much pleased." It was proposed to make au as sault in the morning upon the salient point developed by Gen. Howard. I should add that the rain was pouriug incessantly all day, and all the succeeding night. Under cover of the darkness Johusou again retreated, snatching from us the opportunity of crush ing in or breaking through his center. Gen. Howard felt very confident of success, and Gen. Thomas concurred in his opinion. Again we pursue—the 4th Corps leading.— The enemy's right does not mure materially in McPUersons's front, resting all the while upon Kennesaw Mt. and the ridges extending to the other end of it. Geu. Howard ugaiu came upon the enemy just west of Kenne saw. He forced back the pickets aud Gen. Thomas, finding the enemy had uot yet re treated beyond Marietta, ordered up Palmer ou the left and Hooker on the right of How ard. Skirmishing became very brisk in the front of the latter. This was on Sunday, 19th inst. They fired with artillery from Kenne saw and adjoiqjug ridges to the southwest.— The 4th Corps took over 200 prisoners; loss es, about fifty killed aud wounded. The other corps were very little engaged Williams’ Division, 20th Corps, had some brisk skirmishing, and a company of fortj men drove a rebel regiment lroin a hill, tin latter running away almost at the sound o (he charging cheer. ^Yesterday, 20th, Scofield was ordered to cross Moses Creek 011 the extreme right, aud the other corps to demonstrate with artillery and skiimishers. Gen. Howard took advan tage of this order to secure an important hill in front of Stanley’s Division, Vhicli he be lieved was not held in any great force by the enemy. When, therefore, the artillery opened all along the lines upon the enemy’s works, Whittaker's brigade charged the hill. They drove the rebels headlong, capturing twenty one pi Doners including two officers. The rebels made five attempts to regain the bill, hut our troops were promptly supported, and in an incredibly short lime had thrown up a protecting breastwork. Once when the reb els made their most strenuous attempt to re gain the hill, charging with three lines, Gen. ' Howard was upon the hill beliiud the breast work. He commends highly the conduct of Whittaker's meu—especially the 21st Ken tucky. 40lh Ohio and 90th Illinois. The first named lost eight officers in the charge, includ ing their Colonel (Col. Trice, wounded in ^chest). Once the rebels forced back one regiment (35th Indiana), and some of them got within the works. The 40th Ohio came to the res cue and drove them out with great slaughter. The rebel dead in front of one line upon the hill are not less than 140—making their loss five or six hundred at that point, not reckon ing that they carried oil' any of their killed. Our losses amounted to about 200 killed aud wounded, besides fifteen captured when the 35th Indiana were driven back. Gen. Thomas again expresses his satisfac tion with what was accomplished by the 4th Corps yesterday. Scofield succeeded in cross ing Moses Creek wilhout loss, the enemy bc iug too much occupied by the operations in the center to offer much resistance to him, his attack being upon a point less vital to them. Some of our rilled shots will wake up the people of Marietta. We hope soon to be firing beyond Marietta and towards Atlanta with even a shorter range than we now have upon Marietta. After we gain the works in our present front, they will probably not be able to make another stand this side of the Chatahoochee. Our operations consume time, hut General Sherman with his able army commanders has thus far been able to economize human life and still steadily force back the euemy. With the favor of kind Trovideuce we will continue to press them hack or will defeat them in gen eral battle if they accept battle. We have ev ery reason in human view to be confident of success, and none in this army seem to have any doubts. Alma. B. F. HAMILTON & CO. Successors to 43. IV. It obi 11*011 A Co. WOULD very respectfully invite all former pa trons to the house, amt the public generally to a free examination of our goods at all times. With long experience and close attention to the wants of customer*, and adhering strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Be’isving it to be better for the buyer as well as the seller, wo hope to merit a large «barge of pa'ronage. Several lots of goods to close cheap to make room lor , NKW GOODS. Mr. W. N. Trine*, together with the employees in the store are to be retained audVill be happy to aee all their customers as formerly. B. 1 HAMILTON & CO . Corner Congress and Treble streets. junelTeodtf Hanson Block, Middle St., No. 101. Scholarships good in any part of th« United States . ne Trincipaf has had 2(3 years experience; is al way « on the spot, and attend* to his business; and prom ises, a* during the past 12 years. no pain* shall be spared in the future. Five hundred references oi tue first class business men, with many others of tins city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistant* secured. Bartlett's Tlau, the tounder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain timer will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidation*.— Come all who have failed to be taught a business b&nd-wiitiug and I will guarantee to you success. Application-solicited for Accountants. Separate in struction given. Stuaeuts can enter any time. Sep arate rooms for Ludies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that de?:r*. to take lOMQM. or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing, Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching trom printed copies and Text Books will be avoided please oall, or address fie Principal. R. N.BROWN. Portland. Oct.2.1863. oc29 tod fceowly To Carpenters and the Public! A NEW ARTICLE. \V hiimore** Fatrul Blind Fastener and Handle Combined. BEING a thoroughly effective fastening, and a handsome, convenient handle, tEd a* they can not be opened from the outside, are so tar. protec tioa agaiu*t thieves; its u«e preventing the dirtying of hand* or breaking of Huger nails in opeuing or closing blind*. They are Japanm-d green, and can lx* put on oi l or new blind* by anv per*ou in five miuutes. For svlo by all Hardware men. Whole- j sale Depot 15 Winter street, Bosto i G. D WHITMORE. Store oi Whitney Brothers. janelwSrt Agriculture and Mechanic Arts ! rpilfc uudersigued. Commissioners, appointed un 1 der a resolve of the last Legis ature. an ■ author ised end directed bv said resolve to incite and r. ceive duua ions auu Lent tactions in aid of the pro posed *'College for the benefit of Agriculture ami the Mechanic Arts.” audton?Leive proposal* for th« location thereof, hereby give notice that they art prepared to receive such donations, benefaction* and proposal-, and request that all communication* touching the same may be made before the first day of September next, addressed to ihe under* g< ed. WM. G. CKObBY. Belfast. WM. G CROSBY, JOSEPH KATUN, 8AMIEL f. fekley. july844wto septl To Whom it .Hay Concern. fllHK following goods received per steamer CUesa* 1 peace, from New York \ia Halifax, March 21, 1” »1. still remain uncalled for. The owrers are r< • quest*d to call ut once and settle the freight, genet a: average, and other charges on said goods ai d take them away; otlu rwi*e they will be told to pay sgs-i charges Read field Woolen Company. Pieces Woolen Cloth. Ci at be r 4 Caver hill Quobec, 1 b->x Hardware. Unknown, 1 bale Bedding. Nat Palmer, i>amari*cotta 10 boxes Soap. E. Postern fc Co. Quebec. 27 boxes Spices. No mark. 1 ca*e kmcknac?. Inknowu. 3 small Clocks. EMERY 4 FOX. July 13, 1851.— dlw INTERNATIONAL HOTEL COMPANY. STOCK SUBSCRIPTION. ■pERBORS desirous of aiding in'the construction J of a first-class Hotel for Portland, are requested to call ou Mr. M. N. Rich. Merchant* Exchanre, on and afur the 2uth inst.. when a book will be opened for subscriptions to Htock of the above company,and will remain open until July 2Utli, 18*5# Juut-17.—dim imrtnrr«*lit|> Notice. f|1UE undersigned have formed a copartnership A under the sty e of G. L Storer 4 Co., and tak eu the store and s'oek of Storer, Cutler 4 Co., when they will constantly keep a large stock of goods for a ip.-iif ral jobbing business. GEO. L STOKER, FRED STOKER. CHA8. H MKbERVE, „ , , , H. F. LOCKE Portland, July 12.1864. jyl8d8w Board. A FEW more Boarders can be accommodated at xA. 72 Danforth street, two doors above Brackett. Apply soon. jnljS MISCELLANEOUS. II 1ST I Mutual Life Insurance Oo. INCORPORATED by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. . Organized, 1849. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, C8 State Street, - - - - Boston, Raw*. President—HENRY CROCKER Vice-Pretident—DANIEL 5 HAHP. Secretary—\V. II. HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSON, Otneral Manager of Agencies in the Neto England states. Assets, 81 st December, 1863, $852,088.41 Losses Paid to date, $750,050.00 Diridend Paid in Cash to date, $540,056.00 fit UIS Company offer* peculiar advantage* toper JL sous iutcuding to insure tueir live*, iu it* saiety and stability, acquired iu it* lourtten }car*' experi ence; in its aaae 8, which, (without it* capital of 310 ',000,) amount* to ovcrthree-quartersot a million o! dollar*, beiug more than two hundred thousand do lap* iu exc«‘-> of it* liabilities for the reinsurance of all out-standing ri*ks: iu tne facilities presented in it* accommodating system of payments of preiui uni-; in the large number, diveraiti- d conditions and occupation*, vai ious age* and localities of live* iu surtiJ, giving the largi st requisite scope for the ope ration of the law* of average mortality, and tbe am plest guaranty to the insured for the beueiits there of; iu the division of profit-, the annual apportion ment of which having tor the past foar tee u year* averaged Forty per Cent, ofthe premiums paid. Policies arc i-mjtied upon ail the pla> * utual with Life Insurance Comp *nio*, and at a* low rate* as is consistent with a view to equity and solvency. Parties desiring Agencies in I own* where the com pany have none, and tho-e wishing Traveling Agen cies withiu the - cw England Ma cs, will apply to <• II. WILSON, 6i State street, Boston, giving such reference, or information a* to age, present and past business, a* wi 1 enable him to lorin judg ment iu regard thereto. junel4d3m PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -AND BACK PAY ! Are obtained for Wounded Soldier* (discharged, and the friends of'deceased soldiers who are entitled to the same by BYBON D. VERRILL, Attorn-y and Coonsrllor, at No. 117 liddlt Slwt, -AND Licenaed Agent for all the Departments at Washington. Portland, April ?3.1864. ap26 oodCm 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh NX. Fliinney, IITOULD inform hi* frinds and former customers ▼ T that he lias taken the Store No. 126 Exchange Street, where he intends to carry on tho Stove and Furnace Business, In all it* branches. 8TO VK8, of all kinds, of the newest and most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. fcJT'Second hand Store* bought, or taken in ex change lor new. Stoves. Kanos**. Fcrxace*. and Tin Ware repaired at short notice, iu a faithful manner. Grateful for former patronage, he hope* by strict attention to business, and fair dealiug, to receive a generous share of public lavor. mayStdtf The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the beat instrument* of their class in the world. Nearly all the most promiuen* artists in the country have given written testimony to this effect, and those instruments are iu coDKtunt’use in the concerts ol the most distinguished artists—as Gottschalk and others—as well a* iu the ras iu the pnucipal cit ies. whenever such instruments are required. Price #x> to $600 each. These instruments may be found at the Music Room* of the subscriber, w here they will be sold at the manufacturers' prices. II. 8. EDWARDS, No.849j| Stewart** block, Congress St. * aprlSdtf Wlage Notice! For North Conway, N.II.TiMVeekly Line. 1)AS8KXGERi leave Portland nt 7 45 a. m. over the X fc (’. K.R. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri days. via Gorh«m, St«udi*h.Limingion. Cornish,Hi ram. llrown field and Kryeburg, arriving at North Con wav at 6^ o’clock I'M. returning by the same rout#* Tuesdays. Thursdays and >aturdays, arriv ing at Portland iu season to take the boston steam ers. The excellent accommodations and remarkable scenery are not surpassed bv any other route JOHN W. WEEKS, Proprietor and Driver. June 21—dkn For tlie Million ! Lane’s Patent DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE. rilllE first practical Washing Machine that has X been placed before the public Every family can afford to have one.’ ibis machine is having a rapid sale, from the fact that it recommends itself. Parties wishing a pleas ant and profitable business by taking the coutrole of a county, can obtain the same by calling at 229 Con gress street, next door to New City Hall. jalvTdlw Rare Cliance! MALE d FEMALE AGENTS WANTED llO travel in all part* of the Stale iu a pleasant X and money-making business, on salary or com mi’sion Our agent* arc making from *4 to *6 per day We will scud -amp es with in-tructious, on the receipt of 25 cents. Picase call or address S. H. CITTING A CO., 2*29 Congress street, Portland. June 14—dim % CITl OF PORTLAND. Mayor'* Omen, i July 5. 1*64. » rilUK attention of our citizens is ca.led to the an X tc*ad circular from the 1‘rovo-t Marshal Gen erai's office. It gives to every one interested iu the success of our arm*, ai d lrom age and other cause not liable to give their personal services to the cause of the r country, an opportunity to be represented among those who are fighting tor the hoLorofour National Flag. It appeals to ail tlx se who arc able to show their new devotion to their country's ser vice by this con'ribuiion t«> dll up the rauks of our soldiers by these new recruits, representing as they w ill the renewed constancy amt patriotism of our citizens. For land lias heretofore been behind none iu its efforts to furnish mt n and means to suppress the rebellion, let u- now again nobly respond to th.s new call upon us. JACOB MtLELLAN, Mayor. War Dkfaktmknt. ) Provost Marshal General's office. ;• Washington, D. C. June 26, 1864. ) Circular Xo 25. Persons not tit for military duty, and not liable to draft, from age aud other causes, have expressed a desire to be personally represented in the Army In addition to the contributions they have made iu the wav of bouuties, they proposed procure at their ow’u expense, and present for enlistment, recruits to represent them in the service huch practical pat riotism is worthv of spec al commendation and eu coiiragem«-nt. P. ovost Marshals, aud all other offi cer* actiug under this Bureau aro ord red to tar nish all the facilities iu their power to enlist and muster pr •lnptiy the representative recruits present ed. iu accordance with the desigu herein set forth. . The name of the person whom the recruit repre sents w ill be noted ou the enlistment aud descriptive roll of the recruit, and will be carried forward from those paners to the official records which form his military history. Suitably prepared certificates of this personal rep resentation iu the ssrvices will be forwarded from thft office, to be filled out and issued by Provost Marshals to persous who put in representative re cruits. JAMES B FRY, Provost Mar-dial General. jttlyfc Ptawlw At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within und for the County of Cumberlaud, on the lirst Tues day of July, iu the year of our Lord eight een hundred and sixty-.our, SAM I’Ll. 11 BRA Hill KY, having presented his petition, representing that Suloniou Thayer, la’e of Portland, iu said County, deceased, cid iu his life time make u h gal contract to convey to True Brad bury, certain real estate described in said petition, and praying that authority may be given to the ex ecutrix oi the lait will and testament of said Solo mon Fhmyer to execute the neoessary deeds to car ry said contract iuto effect, It was Ordered, That the said Petitioner give no tice to all persous interested, by causing notice to be published one week in the Maine State Press, and seven days iu the Daily Press, printed at Portland, that they may appeal at a Probate Court to beheld at said Portland, on the third Tuesday ofJuly next at ten of the clock iu the forenoon, and show cause if any they have, why the same should not be graut JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy. Attest. ' EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register, jalylldld&w lw* Notice. mills day I give to my twro sons, E. J and Cha. X Randall, tneir time, to set and trad • for them selves; 1 shall not claim their wages or pay their debts. T ( RANDALL, Kez r Falls, Me. Witness, Mary Pillsbury, Mary 8. Pillfbury. June 27.1864. june28 Bean’s Drum Corf *• DEAN S Drum Corps will promptly attend to ali ordersfor Drumming for Parades, Marches, Ac. All orders to he left at D White’s store, Market Square. S. Doan, Drum Major. I june27 E. I. HALL, Clerk. MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE -TO TH* BOOKSELLERS! — AMD — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! —AMD— PUBLISH IXO HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers anil Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, Are now fully prepared to Suppljr the Trade! — AT THE Lowest Wholesale Prices.’ By special contract, reoently made with the Bos ton and New York Publishers, we are enabled to supply any and All of the School Books, Used in this State, on The Most Liberal Terms. Having purchased the Stereotype Plate* from O. L. Sanborn A Co., of this city, we shall in fu ture publish the valuable 8erie« of School Book* heretofore published by them. This series, togeth er with our former publications, will make the fol lowing List:— Norton's, Weld and Quackenbos’ Gram mar, The Progressive Grammar. By Weld A Quackenbos. The Progressive Parsing Book, By Weld A l^uackenbos. Weld's New Grammar, Weld's Grammar, (Old Edition.) Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld’s Latin Lessons and Reader, Holbrook’s First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson's Arithmetic. B. A N., also publish Heruiman * Anti-Angu lar System or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Eight Parts, with printed copies at th» head of each paga, in eaact imitation of the Author's beau tiful style of PENMANSHIP. We call special attention to these New Writing Book's, A§ they are admitted to be the most practical Copy Books ever offered to the public; aud they are now being rapidly introduced, having the full endorse ment of the SiperidmJcit of Poblic Schools of Iht Slots of loins. Be-ides the above list which we publish, our Spec* ial contracts are for the following hooks Progressive Series of Readers and Spellers. Hillard's Series of‘Readers ft Spellers. Sargent's Series of Readers ft Spellers. Colton's ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK books, stationery -AID ROOM PAPERS! A FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N. B.— Booksellers or Country Dealers who are not coming to the city, may write to us stating about what amount they purchase at a time, aud we will send them a LIST OF PRICES, It wanted. Bailey <Sc. Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 30 and 38 Exchange Street, Bortland, Ivle. mr%d2m BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX IQANlIFAC'rORV. J. R. Libby, MAXUPACTDRER OP Pa per Boxes, Of every description, such m Shoe Box**, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, shelf Boxes, Cone nological boxes, PowderBoxe*, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, Ace 141 Middle St., (UpStairs) Portland, Me. juneld3m Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dana, i Portland, Woodbury Dana, J John A. S. Dana ) Maine. __Juneldtf J. Smitb cto Oo., M AXUPACTCCKRIOP Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Loom Straps, Belt Leather Backs and Siden, LEATHER TRIMMINGS, Sc., Hanson’s Block, 144 Middle St., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. M Brewer, (jnld3m> D. F. Notes JOIIT T. K0(.KKMA t0.7 Commission Merchants, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, cSS^B.BaSS. I PORTLAND, MK. _ juneldtfm AVholesale and Retail. L. DAVIS, BooVseWer, Stationer, AND M AND PA ('TL'tBn OP Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER If ANttlXCS. No. 53 Exchange Strett, Portland. Me. jnneldtl CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MR. V Work executed in every part of the State. • juneltf RUFUS DUNHAM. Manufkctuivr anil Wlioloiali Dealer in BRIT ANN IA —AID— Plated Ware, A’o. 21* Fore street, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1$®4. maylTdtl M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, *0.81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apH PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., MAKCKACTrnaan or Japan. White Lead, Zine, Paints, And Ground Colors, AKD l>KALKl<e IS Drugs Modicines, Pa nts, Oils A Varnishes. Faitit and Color Factory, So. 29 Munjoy St., OOlee k. Salr»ro«mi. 80 Commercial 8|., (Thomas Block.) IIRHRY U. BUUOF.H*, BADVl till HI CHARLES tt. Fubib. rWKUlUB, SI. maylSdtf BLAKE, JOAES & CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Re vers of Western and C adiait Produce, 137 Commercial Street, ... Granite Block. Charlc* Blake. ) Henry A Jonea,} PORTLAND. K. W. tinge. ) juneldtf JOHN LYNCH & C0.,~ Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Commercial street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf,) John Lvnrb, ) Fate* Barker,} PORTLAND, ME. Thos. Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE A MOODV, OgSERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holesule Dealers in FLOUR. CORN AND PRODUCE. No. 5 Oalt Block, Commero'al St, FraukUnTicily. } 1'ORTLAND. MR. janelddm BROWN & CROCKER. PLAST ERE FIS, PLAIN AND OltN A MENTAL STUCCO AND MASTIC WORKERS. Oak street, between Congress and Free Sts., PORTIAS T). EF' t'oloring. Whitening, and Whlte-waAbing promptly attended to. Order, from out 01 town so licited. junetdtf E. JL LEMONT, Carriage 31 anutorturer, Preble Stieet, - - Portland, Me. 1ir Carnages and Sleighs ou hand and made to order. juttul5(itt' C. F. KinBALL, MAMl'FA CITHER OF Carriages and Sleighs, Preble Htreet, (Near 1'reblt Hoqn,) 1*0BTLAND, ME. Salr Rooms, 110 and 112 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. jUQCltf NORTON. CHAPMAN & CO., Flour, Ur.uw 4c Produce Commission Mcrrhants. awl Millers' Agents. OjHceand Warehouse Xo. 6 Halt Illock, Commer cial Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known Brand* of Flour, from St Loui*.I linois, Wisconsin, Ac., which we are constant! receiving. N , C. A Co , are also Agents f jr Pittman A Co. •, and othe- brand* of manufactured Tobacoo. STT^Cash advances made ou ail consignments. Portland. Juue 1, 1864. jnldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON, DENTIST, Insert* Artificial Teeth on Gold. Silver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrant* them iu all cases to be a perfect tit. Dr. J. also gives special attention to Filling Teeth. Office 2291 Congress street, two doors west from the < our* Uous - Portland. June 1,1884.—eod2m 63 PL era oval. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commissi o n Merchants, And dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Commercial street. Portland, May 10th, 1864. maylOdtf PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Till* Company wiH issue Polices to be free after the payment ol six", eight or ten Premiums at the optioa of the insured and at rates as low as any other Company. The issue ot Free Policies renders It at the least equal if not superior to the participation companies. Office No. 102 Middle 8t. CHARLES HOLDEN, Prof, EDWARD SHAW, Sac. 1 Fab 16 dAwtf. BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MOl'LTON A ROGERS M'holebali Dealers IB Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, 1 hornaa Block, ROBERT BRALRT, \ l.Z'ouS*’’ j PORTLAND, MR. _ may3dtf W. W. CARR & CO., Having taken the Fruit btore formerly oocupled b O. SAWYKR. No. 3 Exchange Street, Are prepared to offter to the trade a large and wel selected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit ! Wholesale and Hut ail Oruugr. Spruce Gum, Lozenges Lruaoua. Louury Seed, Lundies, E|iiue., Leuiou Syrup, llouey, Uruuea, Cocoa Nu»., Eig.. Lllrun. Nufz, nil kind.. Dnlra, Olirea, Kalaina, Tobnreo, Sardine.. figure. Euuey ( audit, «r nil description. ootS dtf IRA WIRN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., I« prepared to furnish bf EAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of variou* sites and patterns, Slt» fip« lit Fiitiri*, 111! taritf, Skaftur, h%i,fc, Liobt UoU6b Won of all disoriptinna. aad all kind, of work required iu LuiMmg FOKnriCATlOKB. IronStiUra and other Architectural Work, Homo., Store., and other building., fitted with Oas and Steam in the boat manner. In connection with the aboTe 1. an Iron Foundry with a large iL.ortm.nt of Patterns, to which th,' attention ot Mschinuta.'i Ship-Baild craia inrited-and all Uad. ol (.'acting, furuwhtu at short notice. la^Order.for Machine Jobbing, Pattern, and Forgings, promptly executed. ocldtf 8 1 If ii E R’S SEWING MACHINES! VOODJUJI, TRUE * CO.. AGENTS, Rea. »4 aad fi«.Middle street. Noodle# uaU rrlmmlug»ulvuy« oa h»ad. mohiatf A UK a». DR. S. C. FERNALD. DENTIST, No. 17f> Midtll Street. Iimucifl.Dre. Baoo> and Bauuv, Portland, May ‘it. im. u Dr. J. H. SIE AI.D • HAVING disposed of his entire Interest in his Office to Dr. S. C FERNALD would cheerfully reccommcnd him to hi* former potion's aud tbo pub lic. Dr. Kerxald, from lour expcrienoc, i* prepar ed to insert Artidcia: Teeth on the" Vuiaxnit* Hare/* and another methods known to the profession Portland. Mar 26. ISSJI tf WOOD AND ~COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH, HKZILTON, SUGAR LuAK, OL1J COMPANY LKttIGU. LO CUST X OU N IAIN JOHNS, DIAMOND, tvr.KS 1EP. and BLACK HEATH. These Coala are ol the very best quality, wi>H screened and picked, and warranted to give satisftetion. Also lor sale best of IIAHD A*D SOFT WOOD. delivered to any part of the city. Orviua Constant, ia L St., head or Frank in Wlutrl. 8. ROUNDS <V SON. febIB dly WAKHE.VS i.TlPOKVIlD FIKE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AXD Grravol Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. 1^* HGKSEYi Agent, dtf No. 16 Union o-reet. ALBERT WEBB A CO.. - DlALHa zb Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OP MERRILL'S WHARF, Ceanralal Street, - - Partlaad, Me. _ letttf EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLESALE DEALER IX Cora, NleaV and Flour, Also. Ground Rock 8&lt. Commission Merchant FOR PURCHASE AMD 0ALBOF Barley, Bye and Oats. ar> are loaded with Core In bulk freeof charge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Stieet, And Citt YIilis, Deering It ridge. _ juneleodBai JOHN F. ANDEKSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODJAk IILOCK, mob 17 d&wtf Temple Stuket. Scotch Cnnvns, -FOB SALB BT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, Me. i)A/ Y BOLTS Superior Bleashed «v/U 300 do All Long Ha* "Gov eminent eontraet,” ■ . .f11 • •00 do Extra Ail Long Han Arbroath. •00 do Navy Pine Delivered la Portland or Boetoa. Hath. Anriiio.isa* anlldtl M. PEARSON, Silver Plator, AMD MANUFACTURER OR SILVER WARE, 238 Congress 8t.,Opp. Court House Portland.Me zM AH kind* of WAKE, such as Knives, Fork*, Spoons, Cake Baskots, Castors, Ac., p ated in the best manner Also, REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old SilverWare. jau29 ddm RE MOVAlT DR. XEWTOft HAS removed his residence to No. 37 Middtr Street, corner of F'ranklin street. Office as heretofore, Ao. 116 Exchange Street, it Noble’s Block, up stairs Office hours from 9 to 1C A M., from 2 to 3. and from 8 to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES Of FEMALES. ooftldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKKK OR Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1*21 EXCHtNOE STREET, PORTLAND, UK. Warm, Cold and Shower Rath;,, Wash Bowls, Brass A Silver Plated Cocks, • - INVERT description of Water Fixtures for Dwel J ling Houses, Hotel*. Public Building*. Shops. Ac., arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country fhithfuMv executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of all description*. ap9dtf The Cheapest Agency F>U collecting all classes of claim* arising from the war is that ot the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter* ested Executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY, over the Portland Poet Office, 3d story. dawlj | MERCHANDISE. Hackmetack Ship Timber. { Hackmetack. and Hard Wood Plank Tree ■ * uaite irom 12 to » inohex, Treenail Wnlnx ho *c, by I- TAYLOH. ’ june28d3m Galt’x Whart. Portland. Clarified Cider, FOR a ale by MOSES MORRILL, Agent, juuelOdlm* 2u4 Fore atreet, Portland. Treenails. 100,000.ZW* OAK TB“KAIL8'•* SLUjnTON h KNIGHT, 48 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13,180*. junelhdtf ••Honey.” 7TCS PRIME CL BA HONEY, for tale la bond on duty paid. THOMAS ASF.XCIO A CO. June Ml—WS Sugar ami Moluascn. 300 ««*»•• ICUOU* MUSCOVADO SU 10 TC8. j OAR 371 HHDS superior Muxcorado, and 3 ICS Cla,ed Moiaexex. il 1111LS from sierra jlorena, Now laudiug and lorxaieby lily Mas ASfcN'CIO h CO., maybtf Custom House Wharf. Siierru Itloreuu dlolaatea. Q‘> K iiUDS . OO'J I CHOICE 81ERRa MORENA 30 riEKCESj MyLaBSES, 10 BBLs ' Now landing from Brig ‘*C. II. Kennedy” lays. AsE.sclo k Cy . May 3.—tf C. U Wharf. Scotch Cunvaat. 1‘W k BOLTS—from the factory of Darid Cor aavr xar A Sour. Leith—a aail cloth of auperior 4uauty—Juat received per "Jora”, and for aale by McUILVEKY, RYAN k DAVIS, mch25dtf 181 Commercial Street. WANTS, LOST.FOUND Lost. S I U.V YED from Hut pasture of Mr. F rancis Hub erts. Westbrook, Iasi moutn, a three year o d gray f'olt. small site; whoever wil return nlm or If ve Information where he may be lountl. will te sultabl) rewarded, by callinn at No. is* >prm* St „ FkAKClS E. EMEkY. Fortlan], July 13,18(4.—dtf Strayed, I’Bum tlie pasture in Scarboro'. a gray Mare, be tween »ix aud seven year, old. a little lame ta tne left bind toot, and bavins a mark of ''Hirateh* •*” on the rislit bind foot. Vt hoover will retarn said maretoMAurtN Fl.ANI.AX, t.rand Trunk Fae •enrer Depot, will be bandaomaly reward. yyl3dltv# "W-anted! PARTIES who can apprecia e a first clave inven tion. i ouutiee will be void in Maine at such price*, in comparison with the unlimited demand, a* will insure the greatest success to parties baying. The article is already having a rapid amie in other Stages, aud is not equaled by any article be ore tb# public upon which yon can make money so sure and rapiuly. I ui wed in e personal application by parties having ? 150 or upward- a; their immediate c«»m maud, will meet with attention at 22^ t o ogres* it. . , „ E. CHAPMAN. Ja. July 11 —d4t Subatitiitc Wanted ! milE sub-cribcr wishes for a «hb»'itae in the Army X for th ree years or the war. lie must be a citizen, not subj ct to draft, believing that the re bell* a can aud will lie put down by the Union Armi « and ready and desirous of doing his p.rt in this work. A veteran would be preferred. A reasonable bonus in addition to fheSta+e 1 can ty and aid from the city, will be paid to such a >ut stitute by ED >VAKU k oX. .Inly 11. 1*44.—dlw ft iib-tit ute*. VN1 on* wanting a fiubstitufe, for one or three year-, can be supplied with one by calling upon J. M. Todd, Hair-Dresser, corner ol Middle und Exchange streets. ^ J- M. TODD. . One who believes the Rebellion can be put down by the Union forces. Jnlyi2eod3w* Wauled. * To hire a moderate sized House, pleasantly situa te*. for a family of three adults. Any one hav ing such a house can secorea prompt paying tenant, aud who will take good care of the same, by add re**. *nK C. D. V) Commercial St. July .*eedl w Information Wanted. WILLIAM COLLINS. WILLIAM GODARD ana JoHN K. LACEY, who were supposed to be natives of Portland. having died in the United Staec’ service, their ht ir* can hear of valuable infor mation on application in person or by is ter to BRADFORD A HALMON, No. W Exchange street, Julybd A m3 * Portland. Me. Wanted. 4 SITUATION as Book-keeper, by one wbo has 2V b .lb taught and practised t be art of B jok-keep iug. Whole-ale Store prefect Lee: or reference given Enquire at No *# Exchange street Portland, July 6, lb#4. julyTdtf Wunted, \ SITUATION wanted by a voting man, In a wholesale store Beet of ref recce given. Inquire of ▲. B 11JLDEN, other near Post Office Jy4 d3w # Wanted Immediately. VN Agent of either sex in every town and village, toeuga ♦ in a light aud profitable bu-ine**. by whi :h fioui #4 00 to *12 per week can b j made. Per sons bav ing leisure ev euings can make 50c to #1.00 per evening. A sample with full particulars, sent by mail to all who cucl *e one 3 cent stamp and aidless A. C. »PAULDING A iO . jutieSldkwlir* West Hampstead. N. H. Composlun Wanifd. ONE or two 1r$t clatt f.malc compositor, will Hnd court sol employ meal, an J l be h ftliust rates pa d In tbecity, on application at TU1S OF EIlE maylMtt Reward ! SfOLKN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ing. while in Pierce s auction room, a Calf Skin Pock* t Bo,.k contain* $M m monev, a note against Charles lloogdou. <*orham. lor $60,and wur against Charle* tioeper for $12. The abov e reward will b paid lor the recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief Tune 3.—tf CiKORUK BECK Board. SUITS of Rooms, with Board, cau be obtained by applying immediately at 30 Danldrth stieet. May llih mayttdtf A. & S. SHURTLEFF & CO., XOS. VI A Hi MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturers and Dealers in Men * Boy*’ and Youth’s Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women's Misaea and Children’s Ooat. Kid and Calf Dalm'rala, Rubbers. tihoe Stock, Finding*, &c. \\riTU our superior facilities for manufActuring. 1 f and a large experience iu the busmees, we we are able to sell as low as iu Boston or elsewhere Dealers are respectfully invite 1 to call and ex amine our stock before purchasing RTOrders by mail promptly attended to. Fortlaud. April 23, 1**4. d6u NOTICE. VirE. the undersigned. having sold our Mock of vf Coal and Wood to M ssr* Ha*<tall.\/cMi$’ t*r 4r ftCb>*» do cheerfully rt .uu.ueud them to our former customers. A>1 persons having demands agaiust u* are requested to pn sent t* em tor settle meut, ami all per*oas indebted to u* are rt<|Ue»ted to make immediate pavment at the old stand when* one ol the uaderrigueu may In- found for the present. S A w YBE k WHITNEY. Portland, June 6, 1*>4. junel3U3w Coal aiul YV ood J f|^HK *ub«crib<‘r haviug purchased the Stock ol a. Coal and Wood, end t«k*-n th* Maud recently occupied by .v«w*e«*r |r »rfc, bead of .t/aiNe ll'iarf, are now prepaidd to *U| ply their form r patrau* and rhe pubic generally. with a tine assortment of WELL PICKED AXD 8CREEXED Old Company l^high, Su^ar Loaf l^hieh, lla/Hton I .thigh. Locum Mountain. John's Whitt* and Red Ash, Oinmond and Lor berry. Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal/or BlarkswUths. Alto, Hard and Soft Wood. Delivered to order in any part of the city. The former customer, of Meier. Sewyer it Whit ney are respectfully invited to give ui e call. KANDAI.L. McALLlSTKR A CO. Portland, June 13, IStM -dly Talk abput Hats ! JUST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. June 4—dtf CLOTHING. CUSTOM CLOTHING I N. S. GARDINER, @2 Middle St., Opp. Post Office, Ii reeiviog weekly the LA TEST and MOST E LEO AST STYLES —or— French, English nnd 4— rftn P ft wiring. I ae.linetes and Coating., Which we ere prepared to manafMtugimto tier, mente not turpatird in styU y ent, u4 workmanship, by toy houee in thW City er State. MR. JOHN H. LARKIN, Attends to the Catting of Larin*ufa in this Establish' ment, whnee refutation u a EutkionuUe Tattu L'ultrr ia well known in Portland am otn.r citlee * We have on hind nnd mre conatmnly reeeivln. nil the oiKerelfl raiie'lc* of 1 “* GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, I'MUlly kept by thoae In the btaiaeee. Jane 14 —eoUiw REMOVAL^ JOSIAH BURLEIGH ■At lUfOVID TO .NEW STORE, EVANS* BLOCK, Nos:141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholeenle and Betall Dealer la Cothinic.Coths, Tailor#’ Trimmiofs, -AID GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, »«• IA> * MS Middle Street. JOSIAB BURLEIfil, Agent for ti‘”mr A Baker‘e celebrated Sewing- Machines, Hog 141 a 143 Middle 8tr##t. NATHAN G00LD Will say to his friend* that be may ha Found at Btr leifb'i.Ko. *41 h 143 Middle itrM, where he will be pleaded to wait upon his former castomert. Portland. March 34. 1364. 41/ JUST RECEIVED I ROLLIXS k BOND, Having refitted their itore tad received a law aMortmeut of * ELEGANT STYLES C5 L O T H 8 I ARK PRPPARKD TO Show Them to Their CaiUmere. Al»o, Clothing <& Furnishing Goods, In Great Variety, -AT Do Middle Street. V. S. VO-Aft LOAN * first national rank -OF —— PORTLAND, designated depository -OF THI UNITED STATE 8. ThitBank !• prepared to receive; vabeertptiaai fcr the aew “TEX FORTY LOAN which i« dated March 1,1 -64, bearing internet at Are per cent, n year, PAYABLE IN COIN. redeemable at the pleaiare of the Ooreramat attor ten yean, and payabla la forty yean from date, lutereet on Bondi not orar one haadrad doilara payabla aanaally, and oa ail other Boado aaaU annually. Bondi can he had in lixea of $60. $100. $600, BJOdO. WM. 1DW. QOITT.n mcti31 dtl Caihler. tteerge H. Hansen, SOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Street, Porttaad, Me. A share of patronage roe pet fully solicited aid satisfaction given. • Orders from the country promptly attended to. ▲ddreee George W Manage, 74 Middle street. Boom No. 10. up stairs. Portland. Me. June 14—«13m UP-TOWN SHOE STORE i SAMUEL BELL. 353 CONGRESS ST., HAS constantly on hand a large and veil select ed stock of Boots, Shoos, And ALL aancLU ■« t«at Lina, for the dm of Laalra. benth-mea anil Cbildtra to which ho la. vite, the attention ot these abont to taako uurchiHS m haring oa- of the belt m the cits Ctutoai work and Kepairiug done wth ueataoaa *.. da* patch. i'nrtlaad. June 21 —dtoaatl Copartnership Notice. — A*B — BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THK oubscribtn bavin* on the 7th da j of lfor formed a copartnership under the name of Mt*('sUrl\\y it Berry, For tho purpose of wry tag aa the BOOT AMD SHOE BU8I1E88 In all Its branch**, and having all tha fhcilltia* for got tag up nrttclaaiwotk for gentleman and ladle*, wear, are now ready to ex rente all order* with neat uee- and uispatch Our work urtll be made efthe teat ol imported stock, by the beat of workmen, and warranted to give per *el taMsfaetk n It la oar aim that car worg •hall not he aecoad to any la the Call ed State*. w’' '**" eompleted a stock of ready-mada work of the drat quality, lor Ladle#, Oentl-men, and Children’* Wan Selected from Now Yark and Barton markets Our Ladles’ work is from the celebrated Barit Vanf/ueferg of ties York I or (.entlomen’s wi at sa have the heat assortment ever offer <! tor sale la this c ty . such ss dim French l’ateut Leather Boots; Llove Calf and Calf Coa gre-s lor gentk men’s wear; I’at-nt leather Con gress. and Call Congress Balmoral, aud i aw Fisneb Buck c Boors. Have vou seen the new style CRIMPF.D-FROH1 Bit KLE KW’T, now made by MtCar hy k Ber ry* For nea’uess. comtert ana beautt, it turps sees ant tli I g ever got up io ibis eity. Call and see It: samples always on hand at the old stand of M Mc Carthy. MCCARTHY A BERRY, No. »6 Exchange Street. junelUU John Kinsman, QAS FITTER, —•*»!>— Dealer in Gaa Fixtures, And Uas A Kerosene Cooking Apparatna. The public are invited to examine and teat theta new in -eations, which are highly recommended for summer use. XO So UXIOX 8 TMM ST, Portland, J nae M. —eodSa

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