Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 16, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 16, 1864 Page 4
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miscellaneous TJ NION Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1849. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, H6 Statu Street, - ■ - - Boston, Mass. President — HRXR Y CROCKER Vice- President—DA A' 1KL S ha HP. Secretary— H . II. HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSON, <»« tural Manager of Agencies in the Xew England dates. Assets, Slsf Pectmber, lSti3, $852,088.41 Losses Paid to date, $750,050.00 Dividend Paid in Cash to date, $340,036.00 THIS Company offer* peculiar ad\antage* toper sou* intending to iu»ui« tueir lives, iu it* -atety and subilLy, a quircd in ib loorkfu year*’ ex peri euee; iu t * .test* a, whijh, (without it* capital o* ilu ,000,)amouut* to over three-quarter* ot a million ot dollar*, beiug more thuu two huudred thou-auu dollar* iu exce»» of it* liabilities for the reinsurauce of all out-standing ri»k*; iu tue facilities prcsentea la it* accommodaiiug s>»tem ot payment* of premi um'i iu the iar^e number, diversiti d conditions anu occupation*, vaii Usage* and localitie* of lives in sured, giving the larg. s* requisite scope for the ope ration of the law* of average mortality, aud the am plest guaranty to the iu»ured lor the benefit* there ofs m *he division ot protlt , the annual a portit n m*-nt of w hich hav ing lor the past fjurteeu year* averaged Porty per Out. of tbe premium* paid Policies are issued upon all the pla * utual with Lite lmurauco «;omp nies, aud at as jow late* as l* consist ut with a view to equity and solvency. Pa: tie* desiring Agcncie- in own* where the com pany haveuoue, and tho-e wishing Traveling Agcn oies wit hi u the e * England Maes, will apply to G il. WIL8DN. tit htate Street, Boston, givinv sucu re ereace, or in'ormUi vu a- to ag . pr».**e«t and past bust. e*s,as wi 1 enable him to form judg m*nt in regard t i»reto. juueUdSto For the ]>Xillioii ! Lane’s Patent dollar washing machine. THE fi st practical Washing Machine that ha* been p ace i befoio the public. Every faintly can afford to nave ou«. a his machine i* having a rapid sale, from tbe fact that >t recommends itself. Patties wishing a plea* ant and profitable business by takiug tbe controle ol a couuty. c tn obtain the same by ca ling at 229 Con gress *t eet next door to New City Hall. Jtil 7dlm The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instrument* of then class in the world. Nearly all the most prominen artists in the couutry have given writteu testimony to this effect, and thest instruments are iu constant use iu the coucerts o the mo^t d sti^guishod artist*—a* liottschalk anu others—a* well a* m the ra* iu the priuc pal cit ies *♦» ♦-never such ins*rumen'* are ro-m red. Price • <6 to # 00 each. These last UHuta may be low d at the Music booms of the subscriber, where they will besjld at the manufacturers’ prices. II. S. EDWARDS, No. 84ftj Stewart's Block, Congress st. aprlSdtt Stage otiee! For North Con way, N.H.TrU Weekly I.lne. PAS8KNGEK> ie*\e Portland at 7 46 a. m. over the T. % *\ H R. Mouda>s.WeuDesaa>s ai d Fri day# Tin Uorfaxm, 8t*udi*h, Limingiou. Cornish,Mi rain Bowntkld a<id Fiyeburg, arming at North Co u wav at«j o'clock P. M. returning by the same route luisuavs. Thursdays and .Saturdays, aniv lug at rortiaud in season to take the Boston steam ers. Jhe excellent accommodations and remarkable scene r., arenot surpassed by any other route John w. weeks, Proprietor and Driver. Jaae 21—dim CITY OF PORTLAND. Mayor's OrncR, \ July 6. 1*64. f fptlK attention of our citizens is ca led to the an A »e ed circular irom the l'rovo-t Marshal Gen era ’* office. It g*ves to every one interested in the cuocess of our ann4, at d irom age aud other cau*< B<>t liable to give their per* nal set v ices to the cau* oi ihe r country, an • pportuuity to be represented among tuose »h t are bghting tor the honor ef our k stioual Flag. It appals to all th» se who are able to abow their new devotion to their country's ser vice by this con ribu ion to Mil up the ranks of our eoldkrs by these new recruits, representing as they w 11 the lenewej constancy and patriotism of our citizen* Tor land lias I ere ofore been behind noue ln its < flj t« to lurnish m. u ai d means to suppress the rebellion, let us now agaiu uobly respond to th * new call upon os. JACOB McLKLLAN, Mayor. War Department. } Pro-oxt Marshal oeueral's Office, > Washington, D. C. June *6, 1>64. > CtrcuHr yo 26 Persons not tit for military duty, and not liable to draft, from age and oth« r cause*, hare expressed a desire to b * personally repr rented in the Army. In add tlon to the « ont ibutions they have mail** in the wa of bounties, they p opose to procure a* their own expense, and pres ut f r enlistment, recruit* to r spn-sont them in the service r.ucli p actical pat riotism is wnrthv of spec al c 'mue nuauou and en couragement. P ovost Marshals, and allotherofti cera act'n< nuder tnis Buretu are ord red to fur nkh all the facilities in their power to enlist and m rater pr mp'ly the representative recruits present ed. lu accordance with the design herein set forth. The name of the oerson whom the recruit rep re •cut* "fllbeuoted on the enlistment and descriptor roll of the recruit, and w ill be car ied forward fiom those t »n*-rs to the official recorcs which form his aailitarv hi lory. 8u tahly pr-pared certificates of this personal rey resent iiion in me s-rvioe- will be forward* d from th-s office. to be filed out aud issue by Provost Marshals to persons who put m representative re cruits JAM*-8 B FRY, Provost Marshal Genera’. Jalyfi ptaw2w Ordinance office, War DepARTMfvr. Washington. July 4, 1D»54. Sealed proposals will be received at this office un til Monday, Jui) 26, at « P. M., lor IOu.OOj sets oi lofauuy Accoutre Aieu s. calibre 6«. to be delivered lu the toll jwiug quauthies at the undernamed Arse na a. via : fldiXJuawU at the New York Arsenal, Governor’* lalauo. 3u,0u0 seta at the Frankfort Arsenal, Bride# burg. Fa. >20.000 sets at the Aleghany Arsenal, Pittsburg 20 000 acts at the St. Louis Arsmal, Mo loQOJ set< at the Watertown Arsenal. Uan. T0H»e Ace *u i emeuts ar$ to be made in strict con formity with the n<tc pattern sets, to be seeu at the Arseuals above named, with the fo lowing excep tions, viz : ill*; than tier 0tIt will he tui two in ches aide, aud no sh »ulder ncll-plate will be fur* ni«bt*d ; ti e inside 11 p of the cartidg. box and cap pouch, are to be leu off, and the tm# arc to be aewii O i the ou’er flap : the letter* U. 8 . with u birder, arc to be stamped upou ti e oartridg box, the unto size aud style a* ou the plate wh cli It re place* ; tu* cartridge box is to l*e #s wed with niut (V) and the cap vouch w i h tdu .10} sti.cbes to tb*- inch beparam bids wi 1 be receive* lor the macula, tuie of tnete Acc >utre uents oi pure oak leather, of mix ed tannage o tk finish. and all hemloeh. Ihe belts are U)U«o grained leather. Sample* ot toe<*e Accoutrements are to to seen at the above uarued Ats mats ou or about the 20;li Inst. 1. i* lobe dtstiuc: y understood Thar this D-part meut is to nave the privil*«e oi inspecting the work dou - under any contract t m >y awa d, in all s*ages of its pro/res#, a id e p -ciallv to exmniue the *tock before cutting. They are t<» be subject to iuspectiun at the Arseuai whero delivered, before being receiv ed for tie G iverument. None areto beacc p:od or naid for CXCeot fU.-h a* are Mi.tirmid I. uon. Deliveries must be made in lots of not !e>s than one-tweit b (l-j2ib) per week of the whole number contracted lor The mst delivery to be made on the 14th day ot August, 1#04 Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will •nbj jct the contractor to a forfeiture ot the number be tuty fail to deliver at hat time. The Accoutrement* must be boxed iu the u«ua! manne r ; tu»* boxe« to be charged at cost, to be de termined by t ie iuspee or Bidders will state explicitly the Arsenal or Arse nals wli »re they propose to deliver, and the number of sjta they propose to deliver at such place, it lor more thau one. No bid- will he con idered from parties other than regular inanuf»cturers, and such a- ar<* known to this Departm. dt to be fully comp t- nt to execute in their own shop- the work proposed lor. Hhouid an« party obtaining a contract offer Aooout remains oth er tnan tho-e m ide in his own shops, they will be rej < ed and the contract rendered null and void The name and place of manufacture of each part) obtaining a contract must be stamped on each part of each a*t o! Accoutrements. GUARANTY. The bidder will be r- q aired to accompany his pro position with a *uarant«, aign< d by two responsible perso-s, that in case his bi i is accepted, he will at onoo execute the contract tor the *»me, with good auu . uiiiocni •ureti* s iu a sum • qua1 to the amount of the ou itract. to deliver the artic e proposed, iu conformity with the terms ot th sadvertis^meut, and in ra*e ihr* said bi «der should fail to enter iuto the •wlitraet, they are to make good the difference be tween the off r of said bidd* r and the mxt respon sible balder, or the person to w hom the contract may be awarded. Tue rts{H>Dsibilify of the guarantors must be shown bf tb • c jrt.iicate or rhe Clerk of tit" nearest District Court, or of the luiied Htates District At torney . iiouds iu a sum equal to th< amount of the con tra t signed t*> the contractor ai d both of his guar anttif. wi i be required of the*ful biddtr or biide.s upon «ig mg ti e contract. F*>KM OF GUARANTY. We, the undersigued, resident* of_in tW County of-. and State of-hereby Jointly and severally covenant with the U b*Hte aud guarantee, in case the foregmug bid of—___ be accepted, that be or they will at onee execute the contract for tiie Stme with good and sufficient sure ties In a sum equal to the amount of the contract td f'trui-h the artie’e* pop<seu iu conformity toth terms ot the adv r?i*> went. dated Ju > 4. 18»>4 un. r er wol h the 1 id was mad i ; and in cas • the said -shell fail to enter iuto a contmcq as aiore said, we guarantee to make good the difference e tween the offer of 'he s>id-and ti e next low est r* spo.isible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. f Given under our hands and seals \ tlis-day oi — 1H6 . Witness: [ cal. 1 * [Seal. 1 Tc this guaranty must be appended the official dprtificvic above nuutb ucd. • JSarh party obtaining a cortrsct will be obliged to enter into i,ond with approved sureties lor its faf*hful extent on. uJpon the award b« lug made, successful bidders wii<‘tfc not tied, and furni,bed with form* of con tract atd b^nd. T Dep«r»ment reserves the right to reject anv or aM bids if not deemed satisfactory, and e pec in ly tHose tnidebv i artier who have failed to make time dllirsri*1 uud r previous contrao»* without fu nish Inr siffifst ory rea-oi * lor such del i quency Pro <jj I* * jibe A dressed »o *• Frig?;di- rG*rer Al Goo O. Rara-av. Chief of Or discs, Wa hing. t n. D C .” an*f endorsed, " Mr posals fur infantry Aooontre-»*ents." G^O. D KAMSaT, Brigadier Chief of Ordnance HOTELS. CHANDLER HOUSEj Botlaol. Thi* Hotel, located iu tLe most beautiful [ar.d romantic vi age on the lire ot t..e <jrami Tr»ji'k huili«>ad, 2n mile* iioniHor* iam, N. Ii.. has been recently bunt, with -pecu- e.ereuc-j to the wants of tue p!ea-ure-trav eliug public. It contains fifty spacious, well venti lated aud neatly furnished rooms, from all ot which views of grand mountaiu tc* mry may be had. No pains will b•* s* arcd to mate this a favorite resort lor the tourist and p easure-seekeis.’ar atten tion will be pa *d to bportsmen, and conveyance to the lakes, amt all places of interest will will be fur uished on nasouable terms. Horses aud carriages and saddle horse* to let. A good bow ling Saloon is connected with the house. A Carriage will be in constant ait* ndar.ce to con vey guesm of ■ Ue house from and to the depot, on the arrival aud depaituie ofpasset gor Yia i.s. Transient and pe*rnanent boarders so ited. F. 8 CtIA.MH.KR A CO., Proprietors. Bethel, Me, July 9 --dltu Nen-Sido IIoiin<‘, HAKPSWELI, NECK. C ASC 0_ BAY. This elegant and commodious Ho tel, situattd on the extremity of liarpswe i Neck, about halt a miie i be ow the we! known Mansion 1 ’ House, ha-just been completed after the uosigiis 01 t, M H akdivo. K-q . Architect, and under h s »uperiutcndence, and will be open tor company On ii nil after the Fourth of July. The House i- the largest establishment, construct ed expies*l> for the ptirp* se of a in tel, s t au> \\ at eriug Place on the coast of Maine. It issituated in the ceuti* oi a dens1 grove of old trees, with ave nues and vi-tas opening to the waters of tli; Bay, but a few yards distant on either side. Nearly surrounded by the sea, and abundantly shaded by tree* the House ha* a spacious and beau tiful verandah extending o er thi.;<> bundled and thirty «Cct on three sid*s of the bwihii g. with wide and tooroughl.v van i a»ed I al.* ana corridors in the interior, so that visitors can enjoy thu most coniple e protcctu. n from the summei I eat. The steamboat wharf and boat lami ng* are on the west side, tut a lew sui-p* fr« ni the House. Ample facilities are at hand for boatiuganu fishing On the east side i* a liue gravel hevch. wlie-e the luxtuy of sea-ba hing can he ei Jo\ rd at a 1 timea ot the tide. At a short distant# on the northeast. across an arm of the sea i- Oir’s Idand, celeb.ated by Mrs Beech er Stowe's w h known novel. The 8 a Side House i- accessible by land irom Brunswick lift* eu mile*distant b> or e o» the finest d ives iu the State, find b» daily steamh -at fr in I'o-ttaud through the iuside passages among the island* of the Bay. Visitors coming fr^m the K'linebec and other parts ot the interior, can lean the railroad at Bruns I wick, and proceed bv s-age o Harp-well, or comiu 1 ue to Portland ami take the steamer, winch runs ' down aud back twi„e a day. JJHN T. SMITH, Proprietor. _ Ho! for the Atlant c House ! l\r*<>ns wi-liing to spend the day at the Atlantic Home .Scarboro' Beach, will find i ool Coach at t>ak II*' 1 Depot npon tne irriva- of every traiu. Fair from the Depot I , o the House, 60 eta. | julUdlm E A. LIBBVfc CO. POUTLAMD 114KBOK, HAIM. JASOX BERUV, Proprietor, Will open for the season, on Thursda)f, the Kith inst. This popular Watering Place, with its ROM A XT IC 8CRXRR Y, And HEALTHY LOCATION, situated on CUSHING’S ISLAND, ' 2j miles from the city, is unsurpassed by any bwwi j mer hesurt on the New England coast N. H. positively closed on ihe babbath to all transient visitors. * The blearner willleave Burnham’* Wharf for this I-lan j regularly. junelOOCw BRADLEY'S HOTEL, -OB TB» American and European Pfuus, Cor, of Commercial & India See. This House is si uated directly opposite ithe Grand t runk roa i Depot, ami head foi Boston and Portland £teauo re Whai J t onne i- -i with this House is a first class _|Ov*ter and Dii-mg Hall, o »BRADLEY, Jr., A CO.. Proprietors. J. Bradley, Jr. p. li. jur*«Uey. juoel546m Atlantic House, SC Alt BOKO’ BEACI1. THIS House hat ing been enlarged and refitted throughout will open tor the sea son on Monday* June 13, IMfll, E. CUNMSON. N. B.—Positively closed on the haul a. h to all trans en visitor*. janell Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having l*a-ed for the QCKC^',ea!*Oii t' it- wei. estabii.-hed VVaterina place, JJ^J^JMcharaungly situated u ihe outer verge ot El»**beth. With unrivalled jacili 1.1 ■ i ics for Bailmi^, Boating, and Fishing, W ill open tor t ransient and permanent guests on and after Tuesday, the 7th day of June. Krarv desirableconvc ience will be tupplied for the measure and com or;* ot Its patron* w ith legard to the iequireni' nt.-aud character oi a FIRST CLANS HOTEL. We feel assured that i ur exert on*, added to the unusual at<ract«ou» o: the house iiself, wulsecure us the ai protut on and patronage ol tin public. T4T Rotittcdy dosed on the :a‘ tn*h. lllLL 4 JORDAN', Proprietor*. Cape Elizabeth, Juue 7, lbd4. drf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN The Subscriber* take pleasure in an Inouuciug o their lnenusand aU interested iu finding a first c-a -M-a-side Hotel acvoin aioua'ious.tuai their new and spacious Hu tu. *i..uio|) nearly in June, itcoutain-ail ihe uiid era improvement* and every cuu>>uience lor the comlort and accommodation ol the travelling |ub *ic It is duely lecated, comma ding an uur,vailed view ol the Penobscot Buy. ihe adveatage* ol *es bathing and me 1 ciiities lor hohiug aid boating, aie unsurpassed. Tor its teautitul scenery undue lightiui drive* and walks, Camden »* alieady lavor aoi au..wn as one oil he most nigible and dtli/li tul place* iu New England. Connected wi.h the Hotel is a flue Livery Mab.e, hors, s and carnages having been selected with great care. The carriages ar»- iroui the best eai a id.abluent* iu ihe couuti y. ana on the most approved «t> lu.. bteam boat Ian tag* easy ot acet-v-; steamer* touching ei ery dav iu ihe week. telegraph communication w th ail parts of the ccuntrv. I to se wishing o *e curt good room - will do wel. to apply soon, as many arearreauy tngag- d. C U all IN * • 4 JOHNSTON, Proprietors Camden, June 2, ltjt#.—dtf Plensiiiil knbiik hulk ir<>. C^YULSIC MOUSE, WEST B ROOK . TH« *} egaut suburbau Watering Place, Iloca ed ipou a pleasant etmneute near Cm i late f'o iu, but 4} n.iics from Portland, hav ing been pavu in the most ample erder by <h«* suitfCTtber. he most reepecttulh aoliciis lUeatieniiou ot the public, and cordially invitee a call troin bis oid frituds. the house is pleasant, retired an quiet. The furniture aui furnishings are ail oew, anu i lit-room? cosy aud sightly. Ihe tables are supplied with all the ueiac&cie? us n't*! a« the ?ub?tauuai* ot the sea son, ami the service ot one ot the eery best cook? in ; Mw E" gland have been secured. Extensive abed* ami a line -table with roomy stalls are among the coni euieuces ot the establishment A nice Bathing House sutli lent tor the accommo datiou oiMterul batheishas been erected with steps projecting into ten hwt of water, aud the whole ?e cur d from observat ou by a floating screen 8molting Amors grace the backs ot the Pond and invite the indulgence ol the lounger. Moping tkr a snare of the public patronage the un dersigned i roin s « to spare no effort lor the < n or taiumeutol his guests. OEO. W MUBCti. _ z>cthr°<>k• May 21. 18S4. dimv21 dtf Splendid Pleasure Uesort! THE WHiTE HOUSE, IFORMBULY WILSON HODPX.) J.P. MILLEtt.PKOPKIKTOB. This popular Motet ha^ recently been pur iChaseu by ill. Miller(o; theAlbiouiand has I been thoroughly relitted, renovated and re lijpaired. and nutuerou- .-Ac»-ih.-nt nitcrathm? ——It is located on ib< >uvcarappa roa ), about iour miles from Portland, affording a heautitui drive over a got>d road, and just about far enough for pleasure. It has a fine large Dancing Mali and good Bowling Alley*. In close proximity' to the house is a warm tail roomy Utable, oontatnii.y twenty utee .tails. There w also a well sheltered Shed. 106 leot lone lot hitchmtf norses The uhoioeft Supper, will be *ot up for sleighing and dauciuu parties, who will liud it Kteutlr iu their pleasure and advantage to resort to the While Hou.c No eflort will be sparec ior the eutertainment o) *»««“• deoWdtf HALLOWELL HOUSE R E O PEN E I) ! HEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.C*. DE.^NIK, Pro|»ii« (or. CB*" I he public are specially informed that the spacious, convenient anJ well known Hallowki.l Houax, iu the center of liallowcll, two mllM from Augusta, and tour nii'e* from Togo* spring, has J**® relUrniahed, and in open for tte reception of company aud permanent boarder*. gu««urj *kUeUli01'W*11 *** *,vt n t0 ,he COD^ort Of stabling, ES&ssar*-"of “ «•«. Hftllnwel , reb 1 1891._mcbMOodtf THE AHEKK AN HOI SE, 1 [Hanover Street .... Boiton, --IS The Lareeot and West Arranged Hotel IN N hi W ENGLAND. EJWI8 KICK, Proprietor. 00I6ty __ _ 6 l 4 . FOR SALE & TO LET. lloutt- uud lluu.e LjIo FurSi'le, Located in lftfSbr^ok, about Fro minu eawaik from tU# llorae Car? a. Woottfoicrscorner. Also, ific pieasan ly located two tor* Dwelling tiou e and Lot, re- | ceutiy oc-cupiea by Mr. J. C. Keuuck. l'h©lot con tains about two acres, and i* one ol tlie finest loca tions lor a genteel loaidence to be lound in the sub urb* of I », being le-s than two mile- trom me l*o. tland i'osi Utlicand CwliiiuanUs a lino view ol ; the city. 1 »r further particulars cell on the undo reigned at 21s Fore .Street, corner Union Street, jy 14dif HI KU8 DUNHAM. Valuable Heal BMatt* lor hale. llrK base for sale a very desirable Ilon*c, cen U trally and plca-ainly located, finished and furnished trom garret to cellar; every thing in and about the house in perfect Old* r; will bo sold with the FnrnJtttre, which s *n good taste and in ftne Ol der. Immediate posaestiou given, lhe house and furniture can be examined at any time, and infor mation give by calling on UENiil HAiLKV It Co., Auctioneers, mayl^dtf l.uml un Free street Tor Sate. fit ill. vamable real estate oil free street, known X a- the “Furbish property ” l he Jot is about 106 ltet on Free street and extends back about 174 ieet. baid estate win be sold as a whole, or the easterly hall ol the dwelling House, with lot about 40 by 176 feet, will be sold by Itself. Application may be made to .lame- Furbish. Esq., on toe premises, or to GKO. E. H. J ACkaO.N. jaiyldtf 69 Excbauge street. For Kale. rI^IIK r»ana property, so called, ou Windham Hill, 1 in Windham, containing about ten acres. I here are on the premise* a goou Two Story Dwelling Douse and Item. with other oui-buduin*.*. The property is pleasantly situated ami the neighborhood unexceptionable. > or te. ms. Ac., apply to DEiJKOlS & JACKSON, Portland May 18,1864. 69 Exchange 6t. mas 18dt t For Kale. A SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acre* ot wood iauu, on the south side of the river St. Lawrence, in Canada East It is interceeded by two considerable river* with eligible Mi.l sits. Wei! woo .led wtteOTory d—oripi on .»t tksbsr, task as pine and spruce in large quantities, and maple, oerch, beech, tamarac ami b&stt wo d t< any amount. Euquire of il. T. MACU1N, ^ortiaud Portland, F< i< I8M. ftUSsodtf For Kale. * CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over 10 room*,large-table and shed*—situated two and one-half mile* from Portland, and the Un. st situation in Cape Elizabeth for a wa j ,_ tering place. and summer boarder*. For particular-enquire of GEO. OWEN, ap7 dtf 101 Cm?re«» Street. Per Hand. 11 oust* find i,ot for Kal#». V TWO story wooden House, No. Is* Adams St eet. 11 tluiftbed rcoiu* in good order, plenty | of wa’er, web arranged for two families. Inquire on the premises f*.» H (y. WiHard. or JOHN C. PRlK TOR, jy4d2w Lime Street For feate, THE valuable estate on the westerly corner of High and spring -treats, or in «nv years own'd and occupied by the late <ie«>rg«* Bartol. J. ft E. M. U »ND. 123 Middle St. July 6. 18**4. julyOulm For Sale. 4 TWO story llcti-e and Lotsituated on Port d.V land stret, with MaWe and other out building*. Also two adjoining Jots containing about eight thou-and square bet. Enquire of N. STEVENS, No.47 Portland street. juueOdtf House For Stile. V TWO story wooden house. No. lK Adams -treet, 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families; 1 plemy ol good water. For particulars inquire ot B. J. WILLARD. Portland. May 14,1964. iuayl4eodif To Let. FOLK Offices, single or in suites, over Stores Nos. 152 and 154 Exchange Street, opposite flie Inter ua foi a! Uou-e Apply o i the premises to j)4 dtf A.L. BROWN. For Salt*. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new. can be used fur one or two Horses, it has Pole and Shafts complete. For price Ac., call at No.4 Free Street Portland. apr 1 eodtf To l.el. tJTORE now oooupi.d by u«. 1’oiieiflon glren kJ i tamed t,t el y. Also. & Front Otbcein Hanson Block. JknSdtl H. J. LIBBET A CO. To Lrl. ONE STORK in (.alt’s Block. Apply to H. T. MACHIN, ap22 dtf O 1 FIOI i > F T 11 E ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 26, UG4. "FUR Trustees, in couiorinity to the Charier o'the A Company, ru nrt the following -tateim-nt of it-allots on th* 8ist I) cemb*r. s* ,T: Premium- received on Marine Risks, Irom lstJanuaiy, 1863, to 3I«t Dc oemb-r, 1863, *0,214,899 93 I’r nimm* on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1863, 1,706 f(*2 24 l ota) amount of Marine Premiums, 810,u05,«Jl 17 No Policies have beeu i sued upon Life Ri-ks; nor upon J*ir»- Risks discou m»-t« d with Marine Risks. Premium- marked od from 1 $t Jaa., 18'iJ, to 31.-1 December, 19 3. .*7..'*97.666 56 Losses (aid duiing t*e sarn* period, 3.S"5 651 04 Returns of Premiums and Expenses, 1,082,967 48 The Company ha- the following Asse viz: L'ul d a*a *--and St*t of New ^ ork Moc<, ( it) . liauk un f other .Stock-, *3.492 631 .‘JO I oanss« curi d b) sto.*kstaudeibor w ise, 1,450,700 00 lleai E-taU aml Bonds uud Mortgagi,., 193,700 00 Dividend-on Stock-,Ii terest on tioud* and Mortgages anactlier Loans,suu dry Notes, re i surarce and other claims due the Comp y . estimated at 104,964 51 Notts and bills Receivable, 8.278,676 63 Cash iu Bank, ',41813 88 Total amcirt of A--els, 99.265 4:.« 32 Six per c nt inltrest ou tlm out-tan mg certifi cates o, p-otits will b * paid to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on ami alter Tuesday, ihe Second of February next. After resen ing Three and One h-lf Million Dollars nt prod's, the outbuilding certificates of the issue of 1902, w il be redeemed and pi id to the holders there of, or their legal re r reseat at iv, s. on and after Tues day , the Second of Ft ruary next, from which date all inti rest thereon will cease 1 he cert idea lea to be produce r at the tinieot pay meut, au«i cancelled A Dividend of Forty Percent, i- declared on the net earned pr* miurn- of the Coropan;. lor the year . nding31 t Decetnb r, Ik1}1, for which certificates will l* is-ued. on and after Tuesday, the Filth of April next I he Fronts of the Company .ascertained From the 1st of July th* 1-t of Jan . 1963. for winch Co rilR dates were issued, amount to £14,329,890 Additional fn tn 1st Jan., 1868, to 1-t January, 1664 , 2.680 000 Total profits for21} years. *16,958,880 Th** Certificate- previous to 1*62, have been redeemed 1-y ca h, 11,690.210 Net earning- remaining with the Com pany. on 1st January, 1664, 95,263.670 By order of the lizard, M TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. THl'ST E E S . John I*. Jones, David Dane, Charles Dennis, Alamo* Hry«*e, W. ki ID M»ore Wui. bturgis. jr., Thoa. Tile«ton, H h.Bogert, Henry C. If, A. A Low. W C., Wm. E. Dodge, Lewis Curtis. Dennis 1*. rkins, < ha*. ID l{n«sell, J. **. (.ail anl, jr., Low li Holbrook. J. Henry Burgy, P. A. llarg >us, Coriu-litis.Orinnell K W Weston C. A. Hand, Royal Phelp . Watts Shermnu. Caleb Rurstow, E. K Morgan, A P 1*11 lot. II. J Howland, L rov M Willey, BenJ. Babcock. Danio v Miller, Fletcher Westray, «.T. Nicoll, H. B Min’urn.jr., Josh’a J Henry, (j. W. Burnham, Geo. G. llobson, Fred.t hauncey, Janie.- Low-. JOB V D .luXK>. President. • liARLKs D NMs, Vice president. W. li. il MOORE, zd Vice President. W Applications forw arded and (>m Policies procured by JOHN W. MIJNGER, Agent, No. 100 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MR. June 3.«-w2w-&eodtnian29 American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW YORK. Oapiial 5*300.000, I u mare KuilditigH. Merrhnniliae. IIou»e hold Furniture. Reul«, l<eaarn, Vr«« •el* ou the Stork*, and other Her* so mil Property ut me Loh e«t rrtr*. SA51UEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR. Secretar. EDWARD bit A VV Ag< nt. Middle btroet. • ot27 lv.*<vt TOCUS4KTHE mu >1:01 flii s. Use Butcher'* Celebrated LIGHTNING FLY-KILLEE, A neat, cheap article, easy to n*e. Every sheet w ill killKjuart. bold everywhere. june4dJtwSw Dissolution. fpWR iirmol Howard A St rout, as Attorneys and X Counsellor a* Daw, is this dav dissolved by mu- ' tual consent. Either parti er wii) attend to the set tlement of of the hudueMtof the la'e linn Mr. Howard will c mtiuue to occupy otti jc91 Mid dle srreeDover Casco Bank. Mr. btrour will ooc*«py office 105 Middle street, > oppoattohend ol Plumb Mreet. Josfph Howard. S • WALL C. bTROUT. ForCand, June 27. 1S64—d8m 1 lie \ew O) miiaMics. TtUE !a»t rpportunftr to commence a coarse of lessons at the reduced rates will be given Wednesday. July 18'h. Childicu meet at 3 >’clork P. M., and adults in the evening. New classes will bs formed tor beginners as needed. Jy 11 \ RAILROADS, FOR CHICAGO, MILWAUK1F. And all parts of the WH. IXUMSII.'I TKUTS W lUICAW), MILIAlhlE, And all other point? at the WEST, SOUTH dr NORTH WEST, For* ale at the reduced rates of fareat the Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., \\. D. Lillie, Agent. jn»fj4dtf FOR THEWHITE MOUNTAINS, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AND RETURN. Kx our* ion Tickets for sale at the REDUCED RATES, By W. L> • LITTLK. Agent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, juu<2ltf 81 Exchange street. 1 REDUCED RATES ! i.uroHTAnrr to thaii:a, ,,, -TO TH1 West, North We3t & South West! W. D. LITTLE, Is Agent lor all the great leading route? to Chica go, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit. Milwaukie, Galena, Oskosh, bt. Paul, LaCrosse, Green hay, Quincy, bt. Louis, Louisville, Indian apoli?, Cairo, etc., etc., and i* prepared to turjj)?h Ihroioh Tun Rift from Portland to all the principal cities and towns in the loyal Stans and Canada*, at the j lowest rates ot lave, and ail needful information I cheerfully granted. Travelers will tiod it greatly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the Union Tieket Office, 31 Exchange Street, (DP STAIRS,) w . L). LI T 1 LL, Agent, tr l’a-seogers for California, by the Old Lino Mail Steamer and Panama Uail'oadf n»y he secured by earlv application at thin ottice. Tickets to Montreal atnl Quebec and return (via the Grand Trunk hallway ) may be ob aimd at tlii, agency ou favoralktenn-. ioay2ttJ&utt Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s Croat Comhiaatiou ol EXCURSIONS! Tor the Season of 1864. l tckrls Good to Return to November 1st. CWAIW TRUNK RAILWAY. From l'ortlunil —TO— White Mountain*. Montreal. Quebec. Ib<. •roil, Chicago. W ilwuukie, Niagara Falls and return AT VERY LOII RATES Of KIRK Only bill to Chicago or itilwautie, yej") out and return, via. Eamia Line. To Chicago and Return, all rail, Also, to Boston, Now Vork, up the Hudson River ha'aio^a, Lake t.eorgi*. Returning from Niagara Kails t itter bv Grand *ru..k Hat way, or by (he Royal Mail Liu- through toe rhtututuu Islands aud Itapius of tbo bt. Law renee. Anurigi» ifonty taken at Par for Tickets, bleep ing car- and at Relrwbmeut saloons. Annulments hae been made with the Proprie ’ tor, ol the principal Motels in Mouareal, onebto aud lktG It To rake Americau Money at par, coaming New Vork Hotel prices. ’ V ' * u* Kor rickets or inf rmalion apply to Aukkt of Grant! trunk Railway. E- P. BEACH. General A gent, 279 Broadway N V vtw Fpuw*b», Eastern Agent, Uaugor. Jure li.—diw 8 UUiSD TRUNK RAILWAY Of Onnadu. BUMMER ARRANGEMENT. 3HK On and alter Monuay, dune 27,1964, RE—fll trains will run daily, (euotuu except ed) uni turther notice, as follows: l’p Train*. Leave Portland tor t-iand Pond. Montreal and Quebec at i.Oj a. m aud 1 26 r. a. Down I ram,. Leave Island Pond ior Portland, at 6 39 a . a and 9 IS r. v. the Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding *60 in value, and tem per sonal. unless notice is given, and paid tor at the rate of one passenger lor every Sion additional vain* If. baileV’'to^^X***** Dirw,or l*ortlaud, June 20. Id4 noth PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC H.H. SPRING A SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing: Monday, April 25, 1864 -itwjsHPTt Passenger traiue leaveSkowbegan fot Port au-> aud Boston, at S 4.1 A At . Au gus.a. H u a. M and Hath U Hi P. At. Auensta lor Portland ana Bo-ton at6.8d A, it.; Bath G 3d A Portland for H> h. Auaosta. Watervilk Kendall's Mill- aud Skowbegai , at l.ltt p. M. Portland for liatt; and Augusta s 16 I* M. Passengers for latlotison the Audroscogain Rail road will chaure cars at Brunswick 1 nt■ II: ■ . M. train f oin Portland connects at Kendau s Mills with Main# Geulral Railroad lor Bangor. Ac , arriving same evening pSM*eS le*Vt- Bl> h l0r Kocltlat'li 81 9 A. M. and 3 Stages leave Augusta for lteirast at 4 P. M. btages leave Skowhegan at 6 ID P M for Anson, CO OU , flkC. l Urcngh lickut** for all the ntstiona on thi* an ! the Ahdroecojrffiu Railroad, can be procurred iu Uotfton at the Kaotum or lto<rouau<i Sdfeiiu fetation*. . .. B-H. CU81IMAN,8upennten«l*ai. April H, 1864 ap*,W tf --- - — V'tUt SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On aud after MONDAY, April lth., 1864, trains will leave a* follows, until further notice Saco Kiver tor Portland at 6 46 (Freight Train with Paasenger Cars) and 9 16 a. m , ana 3.80 r m. Leave Portland tor Saco Kiver, 7.46 a. m. and 2.00aud 6,90 v m. The *i 00 f m. traiu out, ami 5 46 am train into I ort land, will be freight traiu* with passenger cars attached stage* connect at Saccarappa daily for South YYiuuhaui, Windham Center and Great Fall* At Gorham tor West Gorham, St mdish. Steep Falls, Baldwin. Sebago, Btidgton, Hiram, Liming ton, Cornish, Denmark, Brownfield. Lovel. } rye burg, Con way, Bartlett, Albany, Jackson aud La ton . N. II. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonney La 61®. South Limiugton. Limingtou and Limerick At Saco River tri-weekly, lor HoJUs, Limerick, Osaipee, New lit Id, Parsousfield, Ettmguam, Free dom. Madison, i all n, Cornish, Porter, h c Fares 6 cent* less wtien tickets are purchased in the Office, than when paid in the t an*. DAN. CARPENTER,8upt. Portland April 7,18*4. dtf MAINE CENTBAL KAILKOAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. "MBBC Trains leave Portland, Grand Trunk W^9HStation, f.r Lewiston and Auburn, at 7 a.m. For Bangor and intermediate station* at 1.26 p.v. RETt KN1 N(f— leave Lewiston at 6.70 a. m., and arrive in Portland at 8.80 a m. Leave Bangor a! 7.J» a. m.. and arrive in Portland at 2 15 p. m. Both these train* connect at Portland with train* tor Boston. Freight train leaves Portland at 8 A. M., and re tarningis due inPortlacd ai 1p.m. stages connect with trains at principal stations, daily for most of the towns North and East ot this l ne. C M MORSE,Sup't. Waterville, N vember, 1*** dool4 PORTLAND. SA4 OA PORTSMOUTH KAILKOA D. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April 11th, ls64. "■■■E Passenger Trains will leave the 8ta NHK tion. Canal street, daily, (Sunday* ex cepted» as lollows: Leave Portland for Bocton, at 8 46 a . M. and 8.1 a F. M Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a. m and 3.00 p. v. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 A. M. and 6.80 p. m. These train* will take and leave passenger* at way station*. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland. Oct. 30.1S68. oc31 edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. AuguMH, Maine. THE Maine Insurance Company insure against loss or damage by Fire, Buildings, Merchan dize and Furniture, on term* as favorable as it can be done bv auy solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five years. J. L. CUTLER, President. J. H. WILLIAM8.Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Agent. No. 102 Middle 8treet. MlfsAdlV IV T i: K\ATIOV\L Fire Insurance Company 11 O.f Xew Tori, Offi.-t 113 Rrtxt.hrny. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARREN, President. HAMILTON BRl ( E, Vice President. GhOltGE Y\ . sa\ AgE, secretary. Portland Board of Peferences. John B. Brown ft Son, Hbrriy Flrtchrr ft Co. II J. Lmnv ft Co. John Ltnch ft Co. The unde-sigue I having been appointed Agent < and Attorney for thin Compa y, is now prepared to issue Polic es on insurable Property at current rater. ZTPortland Office, 160 Fore Street JOHN W. .HUNGER, A*, nt. J uue 3,1®64.—oil I STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, isoi. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS HiBATIIIC LA BY L A.\G, Built expressly for this route, CAP f • WILLIAM II. KOIX, jjapws* Will commence her Summer \r* i ^^ggJS^^raiigemcut on MONDAY MORN-i «U!WS^IS(i,Jane6 h, Leaving Bangor ev- 1 er> MoA.Ua/, Wednesday ana Friday Morning* at 1 5 o’c'nck. Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of1 State street, Portland, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening*, at 10 o'clock, connecting w ith the Eastern. Boston and Maine, and Portland. Saco and Portsmouth Railroads*, from Boston and Wav Stations, h aving Bostou a! 8 o'clock, P. M. The Boat will touch at Kockl.iud, Camden. Bel fa*t Bucksport, Winterport and Hampden, both way*. 1 a venger* ticketed through to and from Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem and Lynn. For more extended i Dio Filiation, apply to J. O. Kendrick. Bangor; tue local Agents at the various la .dings; the Depot Master* oi the P. 8. A P , Eastern, and B. *• M Railroads: Abiel Somurbv, Portland; Lang A De ano. Bouton, or CHAS. SPEAK, General Agent. June 4.—isdtl Montreal Ocejm Steamship Co. m r* One of the following tirst-Cia** ysA: steamers of thin Line via:—Peruvian, T. ITT.* Hibernia, North American. Jura,Bel ■rlCTS—lTrSa giau, Nova Scotian, Moravian, Da ins'tu-, AVi.isail trom Quebec, uvkkv Saturday Morning, for Liverpool via i.ond' uu<*rr>. Also the steamers sr. David St. George, St Amdrrw. St. Patrick, tri monthly Irom Quebec forulasgow. Prepaid and returu tickets issued at reduc -d rate*. For passage apply to H it a. ALL AN, Montieal, or to J L.FAKUER, maylHdtf No. 10 Exchange street Portland. International Steamship Company. Eastporf, Calais \ St- John. TWO TRIPS PEU W EEK. On aud afrer Mouday, March 28, the superior *ea-gnmg steamer NEW BRUNSWICK. Capt E. B. ■ Winchester, will leave Railroad Wuan, tuv» oi state Street, every Monday at 6 o'clock P. M-.and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 5 o'clock P M * for r a*tport and St. John, N. B . connecting at Eastpori with reamer Queen, for Robinson,St An drew* and Calais, aud with btture oo<t«*h«a tor Ma chias, and si at. John with steamers for Freder icton and witn r-teaiLcr Em, eror lor Dig by, Wind sor and Halifax, and with the E. A N. A. Railroad for Shediac aud all way nations, Returning, wi 1 leave kit Jofau every Monday and Tburaday at Hu'olock A- M , for Eaxtport, Portland and Hogton. Through ticket, procured of the Agentsaud Clerk on board Steamer*. Freight received till 4 o'clock I\ M , Mondays and Thursday* m»y6dtr_ C. C, EATON, Agent. Portland aud Bo*ton Line. THE STEAMERS foreit City.Lewiiton and Montreal Wil1' anti] further notice, ran a, fo,low* **S*^^a Leave Atlantio Wbarf, Portland, every Monday. Tm-eday. Wednesday, Thoraday and Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M., and ludia Wharf, Bouton every Mouday, Tneedtv, Wedue.daj, Tburaday and Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M. Fare in Cabin.*1 60 " on Deck. 1*25 •Freight taken a* usual. The Company are not reeponsible for baggage to any amount exceeding In value, and that peraon al, unlcw notice I, given and paid for at the rate oi one pa meager for every »o00 additional value. Feb. 13.13&3 dit L BILLINU8. Agent Portliwd and New York Steamers SEMI-WEEKLY LINK. ■ The eplemild and faet Steamahlpi fi* "I-OCLSl POINT," C«pt .Wilutt, — l^faml "POl'OMAC," Captain Shbb SWjailw.Kj-j, wiU,until furthar notioe. ran L follow* Leave Brown* Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY. and 8ATLKDAY, at 4 P. M., and leave Pier 3 North Hirer, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 3 o’clock, T\ M. Theca ves*el« are* tied np with line accommodation* for paancngera making thI«themo*t*peedy, aafe and oomfortable route for traveller! between New York and Maine. Paaiage 37.00, iuaiedin* Ear* and State *oomt Good! forwarded by thU line to and from Montreal, Suabea, Bangor, Bath, Auguta, Eaatport and St ohn Shipper* are reqaeatod to tend their Weight to the rt-amfre aaeerly aa 1 P M , on the day that the* leave Portland. r For freight or plarege ipply to ICIdEKY A FOX. Browng Wharf, Portlaad. a. B. CMOM WELL A CO., No. 44 Weal Street, New York. 1 Deo 3,1301. dtf flood News lor the ( nfortnnate. TUB I.OKO SUPdHT TOR DISCOVERED AT EAST. Cherokee Remedy -AMD CHEROKEE INJECTION. COMPOUNDED FROM ROOTS, BARKS AND LBAVKS CHEROKEE REMEDY,the great nditn L)iu etio, care* ail «li ea*.* of the Urinary t graus.sncb a- Incontinence of the Urine, Intiamation of the jKidney*, Stone in ti e Bladder. Strict! re. Gravel, Gleet, GonorrlitA, and i* especially recommended in thoi'e tut* of /'(nor White* in Females) where ai! *he old nauseous medicine* have failed. It is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the dose only being from one to two teaspoon iu Is three times per day. it is diuretic and alterative in its action; purifying and cleansing the blood, causing it to Cow in all its original parity and vigor; thus removing from the system ail pernicious eauK S which have induced dis ease. CHKROKEK IFJECTIOX is intended a* an ally or assistant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, an should be used in conjunction with that medicine in all cases of f •onorrhta, (Heet, Fluor Albunor White*. Its effects are bca'iug, soothing ami demulcent; re. moving all Ncaldiug, heat, choadt-e and pain, instead of the burning aud almost unendurable pain that is experienced with nearly all the cheap quack injec tion*. By the use of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and CHEROKEE IXJRCTIOX— the two medicines at the same time—all improper discharges are reuiot ed tnd the weakened organs art speedily restored to full vigor and strength. For full particulars get our pamphlet from any drugstore in the country, or write us aud we will null free to auy address, a full treatise. Trice, CHEROKEE REM ED 1,92 per bottle, or three bottles for So. Trice, CHEROKEE IXJFCTIOX. 92 per bo e or three bottles tor £T>. bent by Express to any address on receipt ot the price. bold by all druggit-ts, every where. 1>R. W. R. M ERWIN X Co., AOLR PROPRIETORS, *o. Gil Liberty bt., New York. Clierokee Cure ! THE GREAT / X n r A X MEDICI X E, OOEPOrMJEl) ruo* ROOT* RAKES AND LEAVE*. An unfailing cure for .Spermatorrhea, Semina WeaanoM, Nocturnal Emissions, aud all diseasia caused by self polufion ; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude. Pnius in the Back, Dimness oi Vision, Premature old Age, Weak Nerves, DiUculty of Breathing. Trembling, Wakefulnea*. Eruptions on the Lace, Pale Countenance, Insanity, Consump tion, and all the direful complaints caused by de parting from the path of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which all can rely, as il bas be n used iu our practice for inauv years, and. with thousands treated, it bas uot failed iu a single instance. Its curative power* have been sulhcicut tu gain victory over the most stubborn case. To thoso who have trifled with their constitution until they thiuk themselves beyoud the reach ot medical aid, we would say, Drtpairnat: the CUEU OKKR Cl UK will restore you to health ajid vigor, aud after all quack doctors have failed. ^ Eor full particulars get a circular from any Drug store in the country, or write the Proprietors, who will mail free to any one desiring the same a full irealise in pamphlet form. Price. 82 per bottle, or three botUes for 8i. and ' forwarded by express to all parts of the world. Sold by all respectable druggists oreiywhere. I>H. W. R. MERWIN A Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, febS eodkvvly No. U> Liberty St . New York. Si E«; ICON UKMtHtL* OFFICE. | Washingb n fitv, JuuekJ, 1*54. j Vtr ANT*r>—Snrpt* ns ami £ Hrpeons tt for fh, i'.i l-wi'l Troop*—Candidate# must be Graduate* of some Kegultr Medical roilege. and must beexamiuod by a Hoard o! Medical Officer* to be convened by the Surge ou General. The Board wi 1 Uetenniue whetner the caudidat© will be ap. 1 pointed .Surgeon or Anautant burgeon, according to merit Applications accompanied by one or more teat mobialft from tc«p»ctal>h- p©j*<m*, #» to moral cha-acter, Ac., rliould t>e addri*»ed to the burgeon General. U. 6. A , Wa-dim^ton, L>. 1' , or to the As- j Mutant Surgeon General. L'. S. V, Louisville, Ky. B>ard*areuow iu ses»-iou at Bnsrou, New Vo k] Wachfugton, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and New Or leans. Also wanted. Hospital .Stewards for Colored Reg* imeuta. l audidatt* mu.«t posse-s a ta r EngiLh Ed- ! ucafiou.aud be fanrUar with th*com on tiding and i Dispensing of Medic lues. Applica'ion* must bemad© a* in the ©«soof eurveona aud Aflflrgnt Surgeon* l ompeuaation from *2,3 00 to *33 00 ptr month, with Clothing, rations, fuel and quartern. JOb K. HaUaNLS. julyl-2aw3m Acting Surgeon General, • ~~ MEDICAL. l,El,T! DR. WHIOHT'R e,,I,r REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OR, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Prepared prom Pure Vegetable Extracis CONTAINING NOTHING INJURIOUS TO THB MOST DELICATE. rilHE Rejuvenating Elixir it the result of modern discoveries in the vegetable kingdom, being an entirely new and abstract method of cure, irrespec tive of all the old and worn-out systems. This medicine has been tested by the most emi nent medical men of the day, and by them pronounc ed to be one ot the greatest medical discoveries of the age. One bottle will cure General Debility. A few doses cure Hysterics in females. Oue bottle cures Palpitatiou of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation, from one to three bottles restores the manlinei and full vigor of youth. A few doses restore the appetite. Three bottles cure the worst case of Jmpot^ncy. A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restores mental power. A few doses bring the rose to the cheek. This medicine restores to manly vigor and robu health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and de "pairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, enervated youth, the overtasked men of business, the victim of nervous depression, the ndividual suffering from general debility, or from weakness of a singe organ, will all find immediate and permanent relief by the use of this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price *2 per bottle, or three bottles for *5, and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to any address. Sold by ail Druggists everywhere. DR. W R. MEHWIN & Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 69 Liberty-st., New York. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR, HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, , For the removal of Obstruction*, and the Insurano of Regularity in the Recurrence of the Monthly Periods. They cure or obviatr those numerous diseases tha i spring from irregularity, by removing the regular ity Itself. They eure Suppressed,Excessive and Painftil Men struation. They cure Green Sicknws (Chlorosis). They cure Nervous and Spinal Affections, pains in ■ the bask and lower parts of the body, Heaviness, Fatigue on alight exertion, Palpitation of the Heart Lowness of Spirits, Hysteria, Sick Headache, Gid diness. etc., etc. In a word, by rumoring the Irreg ularity, they remove the cause, and with it all the effects that spring from it. Composed of simple vegetable extract*, they con tain nothing deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicate—tfceir function being to substitute strength for weakne**, which, when properly used, they never flail to do. All letters seeking information or advice will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions accompany each box. Price 61 per box, or »ix boxes for S6. Sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of price. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. R. M ERWIN ft Co., 80LE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty-st., New York. febfkodfteowlv Female STBEN GTHEN IN 0 COB DIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct ing ail disorders incidental to the feminine sex. That the afflicted may feel as.ured that this Cordial in truly valuable aud worthy their confidence, not one of those aecr^ t compounds purposed to destroy healthy action. I add a lew te«timonia)* from phys icians v.-bom all. favoring the Electric aud Reformed Practice o: Medicine, reepect. DR. WILLARD C. GEORGE,formerly Profe**or in tile Worcester Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, Mass., speak* oi it in the following terms: “ 1 have used the Female Strengthening Cordial simi’ar to that preparation by DR. GEO. W SWEPT. 106 uanover Street, aud 1 regard it as one of the best Medicines for Female Complaints that can b« found.” DU. J. KING. Author of" Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment,” says: “This Medicine appears to exert a specific influ ence on the Uterua. It is a valuable agent in all de rangements of the Female Keproauctlve Organs.” DR. SMITH. Pr*indent of the New York Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians, says: “ No Female, if in uelicate health,shoud omittho timely use of this >aluable Cordial. 1 owe much of m> success in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine.’' MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. The following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no tice : ” Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this ‘ Cordiai’ is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sion it Is esteemed more highly for iie good result during Confinement in relieving the great suffering atfe-ndant upon childbirth. 1 acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my <ucce»* in midwifery i« due to the use of this medicine It strengthen* both mother and child. In each ca»es I follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patient* to u*e it a few weeks previous to confinement, as by the energy it impart* to the uterine nervous system the labor will be very much facilitated, and removes the scraps which many females are liable to. Ns woman. if she knew the great value of this Strong* h ening i ordlal would tail to use it.” I have received numerous testimonials from diff erent part* of the country where used. Knowing the good it is capable of doiug. 1 w 11 warrant every bottle ot my 14 Cordial” to be satislactory in its re sults. The following-ymptoms indicate those affections in which the Female Strengthening Cordial Las proved invaluable: Indisposition to Exertion. Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Derr -ssion of Spirit*. Trembling, Loss of Power. Pain in the Back. Alternate Chill*, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor Ach ing Along the thighs. Intolervnce of Light and Sound, Pale Countenance. Derangement ot 'he Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria, Ac.. Ac. ltis a specific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis ot Green Mckness, Irregularity. Painful ue**. Profuse or Suppression of Customary Dis charges. Leucorrha-a or White*. Scirrhu* or Ulcer ate State ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac. No better Tonic can possibly t*e put up than this, and none less likely to do harm, and it i» comixwed wholly ot vegetable agent*, and such as we have known to be valuable, aud have used for manv years. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for 65 Should vour druggist not have it. send directly to us. and when six bottles or more are ordered we will pay all expense*, aud have it securely packed from observation, Be sure and get that prepared at the New England Botauic Depot. 106 Hanover 8t Bo*tou. GEO W 8WETT, M D., Proprietor. II. H. HAY, Agent, Portland. mch.3 eod6m STATEMENT OF THE iKlna Insurance Company, or HARTFORD. CONN., On the 1st day of November. A. D. 1*63, as required by the Laws of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock i*.91.fi00.t00 and with the surplus is invested as follows: Real estate, uuiucumbt red. 987,963 18 Cash in band, on deposit, and in agent*' . bands, 216.960 56 United State* Stocks, 512.847 50 State and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, 669.450 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,047,270 uO Mortgage Bonds. 331.960 00 Atlantio Mutual Ins. Co's scrip, 1862-3, 15.886 50 Total Assets, 93,026.879 74 Amount of Liabilities for Losses not duo or adjusted, 9176.411 94 ▲mount at rnk, estimated, 116.516,479 (* THUS. A. ALEXANDER, President. Lucira J. Uari>he. Secretary. Hartf ord, Nov. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. deefidtf Dirigo Insurance Company or tub vn r or Portland. OtU«e No. IN Exchange street. Capital $200,000 THIS Company i« now prepared to Imui- policie. on all kind, of property insuiablr aaaln,t tiro, at current rates A K. 8HI RTLKF, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. Directors. J. B. Brown, K. 8. Spring. D W. Clark. J. B. Carroll, John Lynch. H. I. Robinson Tru#tkes. St John Smith. II. M. Payson, C. H. Haskell, Andrew Spring. N. O. Cram, Philip H Brown, H N. Jose, Jere. how, l*. W Woodman H J Libby, H. J. Robinson, J. N Winslow, 8. C. Chase, Alvah Conant, Wm. Moulton. Portland, May 4, 1S64. may5dtt To niiihlers. I .TOR sale low, the Sand on the lot corner of Mountfort and Sumner streets. Apply to JOHN W. CHASE. June 13, 1864- Juuel&dlm* |< MEDICAL. _ I Lvon's Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ARM BETTER THAK ALL Powders A- Quark Preparation*. Lyons Periodical Drops! -ARR 8ure to do Goodand cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Remedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARB BKTTKR THAW ALL PILLS,POWDERS f QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops the great female remedy. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARR BETTER THAN ALL PILLS, POWDERS AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyon Periodical Drops Are Sure to do Good and ounnot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARK BKTTKR THAW ALL Pills, Powders and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pille, Powder*, And Quack Preparation!. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Botlie. For nle bj *11 Druxgiit*. At wholesale by W. W Phillips, H. H. Hay k Co., Portland. aug22 eodly CAT Alt R II ! -A9T> NOISES IN THE HEAT) 1! CURED BY nCHALIHG A H armless Fltiid, OF AGRF.EABLF. ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Of the Head. THE <*EN«r. OK TA-TE AND KMEI.L RESTORED DR. It. UOODiLE'8 CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Goodale has combatted Catarrh until he has fought it down. It has been a long war, bat bis tri umph is complete. Through all coming time his Ca tarrh Remedy will ho known as the only one anti dote fora dieea-e which snpeiiicfcCist* have declar ed incurable. Cats’rh doctors, so called. spring up like musbroou* on all sides. 1h» object of those pocket practitioners i* money. They use daugoroe instruments. Their violeut manipulation* irritate the already inflamed membrane. They never cure. Dr. Good*le** treatment is medicinal, not mechani cal. He does not believe in the force-pump system, which is working so much mischief His remedy !•&***• through the absorbent*, to the seat of the dis ease, a ud oblitrratee It. It does not rsliev*- merely for a day, but for all time Lastly, it costs a dollar a bottle—no more. Dr. Dutlge »/ Atburn X- 1*. After hat ing witnessed Iho edicts of this Bom-dy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it;—It is truly ai.d un conditionally a Uetculean Specific tor the » hole dis ease. Much an article ought not to be ’hid unuer a baftbel." and any rttsn who can invent so truly an efficient and positive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be cou»ioered one of the bene ac tors of hi.- race, and hi* name aud the effects ot his skill perpetuated. Your* respectful!-. D. L DODGE, A. M. /Viup Mitts, the tttU-Lnotr* Tract 'ter, Aud whose family phvsician Dr Gooda'e was for many years, sava—’’If Dr Gcodale say* he can cure Catarib. heron cure it,” Ac. Price SI Seu«i a stamp for a pamphlet. Dr. U GOOD ALIO < Mile* and Liepvt ,75. Bleaker street, one dour west dt Broadway. Sew York. H. H 11 av Agent for Portlaud. June 2d, 1803. June 2d I v TARK A WOAMOA’S Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, FOR VKSSKLS’ BOTTOMS. To Owner* ami HuMer* of YmeK. This superior article is offered with the fullest con fidence. When applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VE8SEL3 It will be fouud a perfect substitute for Copper Sheathing, and a COMPLETE PKfcSKK VAI1VF from WORMS, HAK.\A( I.KS, UUA>S. Ac. Ves sel* trading to the West India aud .southern Port* will find if particularly lor their interest to use tit I*atkjct Metallic ok Cor pur Pa i jit. The proprii tors will in every ease guarantee, not only that their Copper Paint is suf ener to auy now in use. but also to auy that has been heretofore of f-red to the public. Printed directions for use accompany each can. For sale wholesale and retail, oy the Jfanufac furors’ Agents, LYMAN & MARRETT, Slilp CLmndlors, Mo. 11.) Commercial Slic l, .|>d0 2taw3m PORTLAND. THE BOSTON TIRE BKICK And Clay Ketort Manufacturing Co., Works 8W Federal street, Office aud Warehouse 13 Liberty Square and 7 Batterymarch St. manufacture Fire Brick, ail shapes and sixee. for furnaces required to stand the most luten-e heat also Furnace Blocks and Slabs, Locomotive Fire Blocks. Rakers’Oven and Green-house Tiles. Clay K tort- and Dcoe ssary Hies to aet them. Fire Cement, Fire Clay and Kaolin. The undersigned will give their special attention that all orders for the above manufacture are execu ted with promptness. JAMES E MONO 4( 0. Skllino Auimp, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, mclill eodtim To the Public ! OWING to 111 health. 4c.. I have sold my stock aud ’-taud to J. F. Libiiv, and most cheerfully recommend my customers to him. aud would solicit tor him the generous patrol %» been ho*! •tow ed on me O. C. FROST. Llverj mid Him U. Nolle,-. HAVING bought the Backs and stand of O. C. Fkihit. on Centre street, and added a Hue lot of Norses and t arranges tor I icoommodate the t idiug^nblic with lirst elais teams, lar pleasure or busiueas. Prompt, careful drivers Kill be titruished for hacks at all times. A very few boarding nurses can be taken. Bff^Two first class horses wanted J. F. LIBBY. Ju’vttilw Fvprgreeii Ceneiery. 1HIF Superintendent of Eu-rgreen Cemetery will be at Ids office, lu New City Bui ding, entrance m Mvrtle Street, from 12 o’clock M. to 3 o’clock P. H.every day*except Sundays, to atteudto auy calls u conueotiou with said « emetery. Orders may be left at the office at any time. ip26dtoaugl U. C. BABB, huperiutendent. , MEinUAJL. HHRE TEST!NOMA |AS ! MRS. MANCHESTER Is constantly receiving unsolicited testimonials of the astonishing cures performed by her. Among many recently received are the following, which are commended to the notioe of the afflicted. Mrs. Man Chester may be oonsuited at No. 11 Clapp’s Block,Room No. A. • A CASK OK SPIRAL DISK ASK. CURED This is to oertify that I went to see Mrs Manches ter last March with a daughter of mine troubled with spinal disease, for which she had been doctored foi five years, and by a number ot physicians of kinds; and she ho* bad twonty-oue applications electricity applied, but all to no effect; bat she cos tinually grew worse. 1 came to the conclusion, the last resort, to go and see Mrs. Manchester, and did so; and to my great surprise she told me the hrst au*e oi the disease, and how she had been from time to time, which enoouraged me to try her medicines. 1 did so. and now my daughter is able to be around the house all oi the time. She also rides ten or fit* teen miles without any trouble or inconvenience,and i think in a short time she will be restored to perfeot health. Since my daughter has been doctoring, I have heard of a great many oases that Mrs. Manoh* s ter has cured. I think ii any person deserve* pat* ronage, it is the one who tries to preserve the health of the siok and suffering, and 1 know that she me* dV2Z.!ffort wbiob lla# la po w to benefit bet patients. Sabah L. Kmioiit*. (incut** KaiuHTt, Amt It. KmoiTS, Kum. Kaiaam. Bnmtmck, Mat we, Augutl s«*. O.YK or THE UREA TEST CVRE3 ouRRCOh Mb*. Mabohbst.b—near Madam:— Thinking •tBteraent of my caa* may be of nrrioe to otter, timilarly afflicted. I hasten to give It to yoa. Thh is briefly my oaao—I *tu take* uck aboat la month, ago with the Liver Complaint in a very bad form. 1 applied to four different phyuotaa., bat re ceived no benellt until 1 called on yoa At that time I had given up bu.lasM, and was in a very bad atato, bat after taking yoar atedioia* for a. hort tim* I be gan to recover, and in two month* 1 wu entirely well, and had gaiaed .evoral pound, of fle.b, and oan truly tay that by your .kill I am a perfectly heal hy man. Joeura Dana. Bottoa t Hat at Depot, Portiamd, Mi. A REMARKARLB CVRR Of A CARR Of DEO SY CURED BT MRS. MARCUKSTRH. This is to certify that I hart been cared of the Dropey of fifteen year* funding by Mn. Man.-het tor. I have been to physicians In Boston, New York aad Philadelphia. They all told me that they eoal I do nothing for me. unless they tapped mo. aad aa -tarad me that by tapping I coaid lire bat a abort tima. I had made up my mind to go home and lira ee long as I ooald with the disease, and then die. On my way home 1 itayed over night In Portland with a Mend of mine, aad told them what my mind wit n regard to my difeaae. They finally persuaded me to go and tee Mrs. Manchester. She examined me aad teld me my case exactly. I was so much astonished to think that the told me eorreetly, that 1 told her that I would take her medl itnee, not having the least ftith that thsy would me any good, or that I should get the slightest relief From any coarse whatever, finally 1 took the medi oine and went home. In one week from the time I commenced taking the medicine, I had over three gallons of water pass me in seven hours; sad my fel low talT rers may be as-ured that itwaa a great relief tome, f bad cot been able to tiedown in bed at night before this for two years. Now I can lie do - with perfect case. I have taken her medicine eight months, and am as well as any man could •. to bu, nnd no signs of dropsy. I would advli l that are sick to go and consult Mn. MmeRtti , tsea If they bare been given up by other pi. * dcians. I hare saat her a member of eases of o. l diseases, and she has eared them also. Uo and for yourselves. I had uo faith, but now my faiU cannot be shnked in her skill in telling and eurlag disease. ChablbsS Hsurca, Sabah E. Babhob, Mabt A. Hahmob. Bangor, Mame, Afrit Id. Ornos Botrae—From 8 A M.UIMP. Ml. aaw!7 laAoata! adly DK. J. It. CAB BB FOCBD AT BIB PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, Mo. !i Temple Street, WHERE he CAB tie eon,lilted privately, end with the utmost confidence by toe afflicted, at all hour* daily, from 8 a. m. to Sr. n. Ur. 11. addressee those who are suffering under the affliction of private disease, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice ot sell-abuae. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, he feels warrantee in i>caa ANTaaino a Craain all Casus, whether ot.oa, standing or recently contracted, entirely remov in the dreg* of diseA'-- from the system, and making perfect and PERMAXEXT CURE He would call the a: tention of the afflicted to , (act of his long standing and well earn* d re putation furnishing sufficient assurance of Us dull and im ; »»• _ CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every in’eliigent and thinking person matt knew that remedies handed oat from gent ral use shea d have their etficae) established by weil-Urted rape rience in the hands of a regular!* educated \ hvn oiau, whose preparatory study hi* h>m lor all Us duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrum* and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, which arc not only u <less. but al ways injurious The unfortunate should be r a ktvc pl au iu -electing bis physician, as it is a lamewff&la yrt mcoutr. vertable fact that many sYphiliiic ap ti«nf* are made miserable with ruined oouetitnUuas by malirc-atment from ioexpcrMuad ph)siciaas la general practice: for it is a point gen* rally conceded by the best syphiiograph* ra. that the study and man agement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and succe-sfWlin their treat incut and care. Ike inex perienced general practitioner, having neither op portunity nor time to make himseit acquainted with their pathology, commonly out •> -tern of treatment, in most cases making an indiscrimtrate use of that antiquated and dangerous weapon, Mer cury. HAVA CONklDAMCm. Ail who have committed an excess of anr kind, whet lit r it be the solitary vice of youth, or t!w sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in mature* yearg, SEEK FOR AX ASTI DOTE IX EM A SOX. The Uainx and Aches, and [.a-situdo and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Tuition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the comm it. mat ion that is -ure to fel low. do not wait fbr Unsightly Ulcere, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. BOW MAX I THOU SAX D3 CAX TEST IF Y TO THIS B r UXUAPP r EXPMRIEXC M Yeung Men troubled with emirsiors ta sleep, a complaint generally the result ot a bad habit in youth, treated scientifically, and a perfect cure « ar raut* * or no charge made. Hardly a day peases but we are consulted by one or mi *- young men with the above dixt use. «>we ot whou are as weak and emaciated as though they had the cousuuption tr.d by their friends supplied to have it. All such c tses yield to the pr<n er nod only correct course ot ireatmeut, and in a short time are made to rejcioe in perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men at toe a*«. „ Moare troubled with too frequent ey*ewwx*wwe from the bladder, often accompanied by a slight "martins or burning sensation, and weakening the »y*iera in a rnanuer the patient cannot account for. O® exam ining urinary dep* sit* a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometime# small particles oi semen or albumen will appear. or the color will be of a thin milkish hue. again changin ' to a dark and turbif appearance. There are many bud who die of this difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGS ON SSMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in such caste, and a full and heallhy restoration of the urinary ori;aue. Persons who caunot personally coti»u!i the l»r., oxn (to so by writing in a plain manner a deecnj :ioa of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. A1I correspondence strictly coutidt r.tial and will be returned if desired. Address. DH. J. B. HlOHFiJ. So. 6 Temple St., [corner of Middle] Portland. K#“dt nd Stamp for circular. ficlrdir Wedical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DK.HUGUE3 particularly invitee all Ladles whs need a medical adv ?.er, to call at Me rooms, ho. 6 Temple Street, which they will find arranged foi their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Eclectic Konovating MedicJnesareunriral led in -flcacy and superior nrtue in regulating nil female Irregularities. Their action is peciAo aid tvrtain of producing relief in a thort time. a.AD1E^ will And it invaluable iu all case* of ob structions after all other rrmedU* have* been tried in rain It Is purely vegetable containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may betaken with perfect safety at all times. 8ent to any part ofthe country with fnIMtrectlone by addressing DR MI'GIIKj*. No. I Tempi*Street eornerof Middle. Portland. K B.—LADIES desiring may consait one ofthclr owifNix. A lady of expert?*1** iu oon.<taut attend anoc. lanldAwtg JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. HOSTO.N Are pr« to order at favorable rate#, COLT. NESS anti OLENOAUNOCK IP ia IRON, Abo, BAR, SHEE T, f BOILER PLATE IKOJf, of English anti Scotch Man ala. tar.. Wo shalleoutinne to rocelvo, tn addition to onr American Brick, a tegular supply 0f ENUL1SH, SCOTCH, A WELCH EIRE BKICK mohU todSttl

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