Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 18, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 18, 1864 Page 2
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The DAILY PRESS I FOHTLJLSD, MUSE. - ■ ----« —.—.-— Monday Morning, July 18, 1864. The circulation oj the Daily Vreu* i* larger than any other Daily paper in the State,and double that of any other in Portland. rasas—**.00 per year: if paid strictly in ad nomas a discount qf SI.00 will be node. tr Rrailiu* Mailer an all Fear Posen, UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TESNESSEK. For Electors. AtLarge—JOHN' B. BROW.N. Portland. ABXEKSTE rSON.DainariscoUa. 'l*t DUt.—KICUAKD 11. CUAPMAN, Biddeford. id DUt.—THOS. A.D. FESSENDEN',Auburn. FOB GOVfiBNOB, SAMUEL CONY OF AUG VSTA For Member* of Congress. 1*< Diet.—JOHN' LYNlH, ol Portland. •M District—SIDNEY PEKHAM, of Paris. Oapt. Semmes self-convicted. This pirate Captain wrote a book which was published in 1851, entitled,“Service Afloat and Ashore." It narrates a portion of the ser vice rendered by our navy daring the Mexican, war iu which the author wa« a junior officer. He lays down international law iu the lan guage which follows: To render privateering available to her [Mexico | uuder the law ol nalious, it was nec essary mat a msjority of the officers aud crew of eaeu cruiser saould be citizen*^ not citizens made ad hoc, iu iraud of the law, but bona fide citizeus; aud any vessel which might uave attempted lo cruise, uuder a let ter of marque aud reprisal, w ithout this essen tial requisite, would have become from that moment a pirate. * • * Without the ob servance ol these principles, no man can trans fer his allegiance to another country, and claim the protection due to citizenship uuder ita taws. It would be a monstrous doctrine, indeed, if, ou the eve of a war, or auy lime during'its existence, either of the belligerents might in vite the citizeus of other nalious, ad libitum to take partin his quarrel, and, with a single stroke of his neu, make them citizens pro hoc rice.” It had its origin in remote aud com paratively barbarous ages, and has for its ob ject rather the piuuiler of the bauditlhan hon orable warfare. « » » in short, they [privateers] are little better than licensed pl lates; aud it behooves ail civilized nations in foreign trade, to suppress the practice alto gether.” Such were the opinions of Capt. Semmes thirteen years ago. Now none of these req uisites were complied with in the case of the Alabama crew. A majority of them were Frenchmen and Englishmen not only by birth but by nationality. According to bis own shewing be is himself a pirate in common with his crew, for it is requisite that a majority of both officers and men oil a privateer lie citi zens of a Slate on whose behalf she scours the seas: otherwise she is to be regarded and treated as a piratical vessel. No wonder lie sought refuge on board the Deerhound. How much there is iu the Scripture saying."O that mine enemy would write a book!’’ Lieut. Joseph £. Colby. We hive received a long biographical anti obituary notice of this gallant officer, a worthy and estimable citizen of Rumford, who died in the rear of the army near Petersburg, Va., June 25,1804. Uuable to make room for the article in full, we give the following abstract. Lieut. Colby was born in Coucord, N. B., but removed to Rumford many years since, where he has been engaged chiefly in farming, though at limes he has had something to do with mercantile business, and been called by his lel'ow-citizens to All many offices of re sponsibility. In every position in which he has been placed be has acquitted himself with fi delity and honor. Be was a public-spirited man, and a liberal contributor to the support of churches, schools, etc. He was an unconditional patriot, believing In standing by the Ciovermeut to the last man and the last dollar, and be proved his devotion to his country by dedicating his efforts and life to Its service. He was commissioned 2d Lieut. In Co. B, 32d Maine regiment, his commission bearing dale March 10, 1804. He left Augus ta with his regiment for the seat of war April 20th, w as in the severe battle of the Wilder * mss and engaged with the enemy during the bloody days which followed, receiving a wound In life wrist which disabled him. He became a victim of that terrible scourge of the army, chronic diarrhea, and was advis ed to resign or at least to avail himself of the benefit of a furlough, but he refused to turn his back upon the conflict while he could share with bis comrades the toils and daugers of the camp. Carrying out this determination he went to the front, but died as above stated. His body was embalmed and forwarded to hi* friends for interment. The funeral rites were performed at Rumford Centref July 4th, with masonic observances. Large delegations of masons were present from the Lodges in Mexico, Bethel, Paris, North Anson and Port land. Lieut Colby was 44 years of age, and is sur vived by a wife and six children. What a Soldier can save. A private in the 13th Me. Iteg. hail on the allotment roll $10,00 per month reserved to be deposited in the Swings' Bank, reserving on ly $3 per month to speud for himself. After twenty mouths’ pay the allotment was discon tinued. Two hundred dollars therefore were deposited. Out of the $3,00 per month, and by taking what money is allowed if clothing is sot drawn, he managed to save aud send home at one time, $25 for a watch and some other things, at another time $21, to be forwarded to his lather In Nova Scotia. Within a few days $250 have come by Express to be also deposit ed in the Bauk. The State and city bounties for re-enlistment are yet to be paid, which will swell the sum, with interest accrued, to up wards of $750. At the close of the war at this rate he will have a big pile for himself. We commend this example for the imitation of all other of our brave soldiers in arms for the de fence of our country. Economy and good hab its are the secret of all this. Neither tobacco nor liquor has been used by him. See, then, what a common soldier can save! Tub Centennial Anniversary of the town o.f Lancaster, N. H., was appropriately celebrated pn Tuesday of last week. The ex ercises consist*.'! ofa national salute, music by a Cornet Band, a procession, an oration, Ac. At aa evening eutertaiti^>«nt speeches were made by Hon. J. B. Browd, this city, and Nathaniel Wilson, Esq., of Orono. Letter from e Mama Oitiaen, now in Eng land. Cahhiff, June, 2h. ld(H j. To the Editor of Prcst It is not that I have anything very inter- | esting to commuoleate that induces me to ; write you at this time, hut having, today, a few leisure moments, I will send you what- I ever thoughts turn up. If they are of uo value, they w ilt do no harm, perhaps. Of course you have read many accounts of I the siukiug ol the Alabama by the Kearsarge, j hut 1 trust you have not been annoyed, as I I have been, by persistent misrepresentations of the affair, and the mo>t uauseating praise ol (.'apt. Serames, his officers and crew. The accounts here have goue so far as to assert that the Kearsarge had sixteen guns while the Alabama had but live; that the Kearsarge was vastly larger than the Alabama, had a much mare numerous crew, etc., etc. And again, they say that the Alabama was fought lieller.her guns better aimed and quick- . er llred, (two to oue) and that her crew only wauted a chance to board the Kearsarge, when they would have made quick work ol the Yankees. I have carefully read all that 1 could see in the papers, aim compared the very conflicting accounts. 1 believe the following statement to be essentially correct. The Alabama was 11S1 tons, the Kear sarge, 1031. Her crew numbered lll5; the Al abama’s 147. The Alabama had eight guns, the Kearsarge, seven. The Kearsarge is spoken of as being irou-ciad. Hie was no more iron-clad than the Alabama might have been. She simply had chains banging over her sides to protect her machinery. Two shots from the Alabama struck these chains. out UlU no serious injury, it nas seiuoui been the case, iu a naval engagement, that the lorce was so equal. Capt. Seinines knew all about the Kearsarge as well as his ow n ship, and doubtless thought he should con quer, or he would not have made the attempt. Had he succeeded, these same papers, the Times, Standard, Telegraph, etc., would have 0,-eu astonished at the presumption of the silly Yankees, iu thinking they could stand any chance with "the brave Capt. Semmes and his gallant crew." The Western Daily Piess, published in Bristol, says “the Alabama was much iuferior iu every respect to her an tagonist, but the brave Capt. Semmes could never see a yaukee man-of-war without doing all he could to engage her." This in the lace of the notorious fact that he has always run away from them until this time, when he tiled his hand and got splendidly whipped. The same paper says that "his crew,who had been so gallantly employed far two years, could not patiently wait iu idleness three months for the ship to repair,”ifre. Gallantly employed!! in burning unarmed merchaut ships that were unable to make any resistance. It is very clear . now to every one. that the “Deerhound," of the Euglish ltoyal Yacht Squadron, acted as a tender to the Alabama throughout the whole affair. There aie various opiuious in regard to the escape of Capt. Semmes. Some think that Capt. Winslow's personal regard for Semmes was too much for his sense of duly, aud that he gladly connived at his es cape. It is evident that he could have brought the Deerhound to with a shot if he had been so disposed; and I have been told in London, that while he was there he was heard to speak of Semmes in the highest terms of admiration, sayiug that they had been ou terms of the greatest Intimacy—hud worn each other'* clothe* etc.—aud Ibis too to his own officers, ou board his own ship. Ou the Sunday preceding tha battle, I came down the river from Antwerp to Flush ing (00 miles) iu company with Mr. Thornton, first officer of the Kearsarge, and Mr. Smith, an engineer. Wc were iu the Euglish steam er Dolphin, bound to London, but stopped near the Keareargc to put those officers ou board. Mr. Thornton's appearance impressed me very favorably, aud I see lhat great credit is awarded him f >r his conduct durimr tile ue tion, particularly l'or his excellent gunnery. He is Irotn Coos County, X. H. Why do the English sympathize so freely and warmly w ith Seminas ? for certaioly, to judge by the tone of ail their commercial pa peis,and Lite talk ol their commercial men, one would take that sentiment to be all but universal. I have often asked the reason, but have failed to elicit any satisfactory reply. I have been told that "it was sympathy for the weaker party!" All gammon that. There is very little sympathy lor the weak among any class in this country. Their sympathy is ail lor the strong. The true reason, I think, may be found in the old adage, "a fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind.” So many com mercial men have taken shares in blockade runners, and so many of all classes hold the Confederate loan that their sympathies lollow their interest. They have engaged in unlaw ful transactions, in assisting knaves, traitors and pirates, until their minds lean to. and sympathize with rascality and villany gener ally. When 1 have asked them If they sym pathized with the weaker party iu all the previous cruise of the Alabama, the only reply was "Oh I that is a ditfereut ease." 1 trust the day will come when they will find it to be “a itifl'erenl case,” when Great Britain will pay tbe U.S. for all the injury iotlicled on our commerce by British pirates. The English nation is at this lime in very had odor on the continent. The Danes com plain that Eugiatid, after encouraging her to go to war, has meanly deserted her; and the Prussians, agaiu, say that had it not been for the treachery of England iu giving Denmark to understand that she would support her, when she had no inteution ol so doing, there would have been no war. England is there fore regarded with perfect contempt by both parties. They express their derision of Eng land iu every possible manner. I saw Pictor ials in Coulentz and iu Cologne as ell, in which every tliiug English was treated coii temtuously. English horses; English dogs: English lood—as roast lieef, hton .hop, plum pudding; English driuks— 1', rter ’id ale, were all represented as lx i turn, d from with loathing; and even Shu -• speare was despised; the interior of a th .e being represented in which a p ay of his was being uerformed. slmwimr on tbs bilk lliqt the ninth eace were all turning away their faces an«l stepping their ears. England has in this case tried to please both parties, as she did with us iu America, and with equal success She lias earned and she receives, the contempt of all. Her conniving at building and Biting out pirate* to prey upon our commerce, will prove the dearest piece of treachery to her. This invention “will return to plague the in ventor” ten fold. Why stands Eugland in such a humiliating position at the present time ? t Is it not because she acts from no principle, but only studies expediency? Two things are wanted to renovate Eugland, and they would do the work effectually. Abolish the right of primogeniture — that barbarism i planted in Eugland by her conqueror, Wil liam oi Normandy, “the son of a French 1 prostitute, the plunderer of the English na tion,” to whom royalty traces its pedigree, and calls it "the fountain of honor”—and es tatdish common schools a> iu New England, then would the regeneration ol England have been well begun. Hut governed as she is by a privileged class, with no principle except to retain and make secuie their unjust privileges, this proud nation is a mark of contempt to the world; when, if lightly governed, she would he a beacon in the path of liberty, and a guide and friend to all nations who are on the march for freedom. She would tbeu be admired as much as she is now contemned. I must now break off suddenly, and can only write, Yours, as ever, j. H. Thihtekntu Maims.—It u reported that the 13th Malue, re-enlisted veterans, are ex pected to arrive la this city in a few days, on a furlough. 1 u... ■ ..... CmiONTc SfiTF.Ffi.Niis>.—The editor* of the Springfield Bepublicau—a paper claiming to have all the literary merits, Christian vir tues and polished embellishments rolled to gether in its composition, aud withal is ex ceedingly loyal aud ami-slavery also—allow its columns to be defiled, in an elaborate re port of Amherst College commencement ex ercises, with such a paragraph as thin: As I clo-e this report, George Thompson, the ex Knglisli M. 1\, who Uas come over , here to leach us abolitionism aud to replenish his needy parse, is holding lorth at the village church. George Thompson, aa accomplished gentle man, lecturer, scholar aud statesman, who . has ever stood the last lrieud of America iu bis own country, both in and out of Parlia ment, and who, since our troubles culminated in civii w ar, has been unw earied iu his efforts to make his countrymen uuderstand the American question, aud has opposed all the movements ol the Kuglisu rebel-sympathizers, , visits the country he has labored to befriend, aud a prejudiced quill-driver, influenced hy a spite of thirty years' growth, thus assails him, aud a paper supported by loyal, ireedoiu toviug people opens its columns to such uu rebuked slang. The “holding forth" of Mr. 1'hoinpsou, so sneeiingly referred to, was no more nor less than tue delivery oi the annual Phi lieu Kappa oration at the anniversary ol a New Kuglaudcollege! Such a spirit irorn one of our leading papers towards a friendly Kuglish gentleman and statesman, is iu equal ly had taste with the ►ueers at everything in the Northern American Mates in the London limes. Sons of Tumi-kranck.— The. Quarterly Session of the Grand Division of the Sous of Temperance of this State, will be held Iu this city, commencing Tuesday, 2flth imt., at St 1-2 o'clock A. M. There are to be several social entertuiiitueuts aud au excursion to the islands during the session. BY TELEGKAPH -TO TBIC EV EH1AG PAPERS. --«•«-. Tho Sffj/f of T* tr rtthurg— Haiti up Jut nr* Hit• *r—L apittr* of u i orpitio—Urn* rul IVuliucr KWIpw/ bp iirnrfnl l pit r. Skw York, July 10. The Herald's aruiy dispatch says that the 13ih Massachusetts regiment left tor home on the 13Ui Inst., their lime of service haviug expired. There was nothing new respecting the siege on the 14tli. Operations are steadily in pro gress for the reduction of Petersburg. A raid was made up tire Jauics Hirer by Lieut. Chambers and 130 men of the IVnn-ylvania artillery and lOtli Connecticut volunteers — Our forces made an assault on a rebel staiion where 300 men were stationed, capturing fourteen. Tbe rebels were then burnt d out of their quarters by setting them on lire, and were compelled to give tight on open ground. They were punished severely in killed and wounded.and dually driven oil'. Our loss was one man. Lieut. Chambers captured a torpedo which the rebel* were about to siuk In the river, and destroyed a large quantity ol grain. Also a grist and saw Uijll. I.Ieut. Chambers is to be promoted. The Tribune's Washington dispatch says Gen. Wallace has been relieved from com tnand in Baltimore by Gen. Tyler. The Herald’s dispatch says the 0th Maine regain nt has left for home, their time haviug expired. .fuckmon, Hi**., Oicttpini bp our Troop*. Cairo, 111., July 15. The Vicksburg Herald ot tbe 13 b slates that our forces moved from Black Liver on tbe 3d. under Geu. llenuis. Geu. Slocum joined the expedition at Champion Hills.— The whole numbered less lhau 3,000. The enemy were not encountered in any consider able force nutil tin- 5th, when they were found strongly posted ou the east bank ol a creek three mile* w est of Jackson. A Hanking force under Col. Coates of the 11th Illinois, com pelled them to abandon the positiou. l>ur forces occupied Jackson last night. The following day as our troops were leav ing town, a citiaen climbed to the lop of the Slate House and signaled the rela-l cavalry, who were drawn up in line of battle north of tbe tuwu, for which be was summarily shot. The enemy attacked our advance In strong force, but were driven back. The next morn ing tbe rebel* assaulted i nr roar near Clinton, and were again repulsed. The ground was strown with their dead and wounded. Our total loss is less than 100 killed and 50 wounded. We captured thirty or forty pris oners. Xo cotton w a* brought In. Tbe railroad from Vicksburg to Jackson is lieing repaired. Communication will soon be had with the iutfrior of the State. f. Am Vmh ..A Cairo, 111., July 15. Brig. Geu. I’ayne is assigned to this district, and w ill probably be commander of Paducah. Adjt. Gen. Thomas is here. The -teamer Magenta, from New Orleans 10th, Yickslmrg 12th and Memphis 14th, lias arrived. She has quite a number of discharg ed and luiloughed soldiers as passengers.— News unimportant. The steamer Kvening Star left for New York on the Inh. witli the mail*. 1,114 bales of cot ton. and #115,000 jn specie. The Picayune has resumed publication, and announces its intention to support the govern ment of the United Slates, advocating all measures lor the re-establUbiuent of its au thority in all parts of the country. The cotton market was nearly at a stand -till, notwithstanding liberal receipts. Ordi nary $i;iO: good do. £1 31. There was some inquiry for sugar and molasses, but little was ottering, and that at very high prices. West ern produce firm. Hour bo a Hi,25. Pursuit of the Pirate Ftorutu. ll.VI.TIJJORR, July 10. The loilowiug from Pot lies* Monroe proba bly has some connection with the pursuit ol the. Florida: The steamer Uulted States, from Boston, reports on the 13th, 5 P. M., oil light ship in New South Mioal, l>< aring north-west from the main land, distant thirty miles, heard heavy llring X. N. W.; heard twenty guns by sound. Should judge tiring to he tweuty-foiir miles west from light ship. On the 14th, at 11.14 I’. M., spoke the U. S. steamer Ticoaderoga, autl reported the above to her. She steered in the direction of the llring. No news from Oity Point. From Wu+hlnytoH, Washington. July ltf. The Star extra says that a part of the rebel raider*, from 350 to 500 strong, passed lhrough Little Washington on their wav to Gordous ville Thursday night. They had 150 horses aud twenty-live prisoners with them. They passed CreigheraviUe at S o'clock, ami half an hour afterwards a small force of Union caval ry made iheir appearance and started on afur the rebels. The rebels seemed in a hurry, having received Information that Sheridan wax between them and Richmond with a large cavalry force, smashing things generally. Nkw York, July 10. The Secretary of the Treasury has been iu consultation with Mr. Chase today, relative to the proposed foreign loan. The I’ost says there is not much prospect at present of its negotiation on satisfactory terms. The report that the hanks refused to make a loan, except they were made general depos itories and llscal agents ol the government, is not correct. They propose to loan fifty mil lions and make the payment the same as in great commercial countries ol Europe. From Mrjr4ro. New York, July 10. The steamer Ilavana brings Mexican news to the JOth tilt, via Ilavana. Maximilliau had invited President Juarez and other liberal chiefs to come to the City of Mexico, and consult together on a plan for the restoration of peace, and the firm establish ment ol the Empire, guaranteeing lull protec tion and safety. It is said they all refused to hold any communication except by arms witli the agent, Allnrl: by mill Hrpulne of Guerrilla*. Nkw York, July 10. A Washington dispatch says: At sunrise this morning about fifty-sia 0r the Home Hoard, stationed near Accotuck, Fairfax County, Va. were attacked t>v 10o guerrillas, who were speedily driven o3' with the loss of one killed. Our cavalry have been seut to look after the rebels. E»rapr ft/ friMMri from Port l.afayrttr. New York, July 10. j Repot t says five prisoners escaped from Fort Lafayette Thursday ulglit, shootiug the* guard. Some others who attempted to leave were captured. The steamship City of Baltimore took out •2:10/MW In specie, and the New York •8,700. la—MgwBgjjiLjei ji1 ■ jgi aaesagi ORIGINAL ANIi SELECTED* |yif yoWjwould grow up to tlie kit", you must be planted first low in the dust. HTloung Indy, get your lover upon his knees, butdon’tlct him get you upon them. yThe yellow fever is prevailing in Nassau, 1 N. P., and many strangers have died of it. yffell executed fives on the Hingham (Mass.) Batik, have made their appearance. A& The price of all the daily newspapers in , Boston will be increased on the first of August. E3f The champion college raoes, on the 29th iust.,are to lie held on ijuinsigamynd. £3F Mr. .I. S. Samis is raising a company in SaC", fov one hundred days service™ y .W potatoes ate selling in Lewiston at >•2,00 per bushel. y Why is a bridegroom worth more Ilian a bride. Because she is given away and he is sold. y Clouds never send down to ask the grass and plants below bow umeh they need; they ram for the relief of their own full bosoms. yThe British have sustained another defeat in New Zealand, with considerable loss, includ ing several prominent officers. y Blockade running still continues quite brisk, but is daily becoming more risky to the operators. aSCThe Boston Post says the General-Fremont papers out West arc shaking in the knees, and begin to squint towards Lincoln. y An ivory tusk weighing eighty-one pounds was found in the stomach of an elephant recent ly killed near the Cape of Good Hope. yMicheal Moran, a carrier for the Bangor Times office, died from the effects of sun stroke on Thursday last. y Lieut. A. W. Turner, recently of the Maine ,’td, is raising a company of one hundred days men, in Bath, for the service of the country. -{TDeputy Collector Bimuntou, of Camden, recently made sctiure of UK) UUds. of smuggled salt at the islands in that vicinity. y.\ Boston bookseller took a bill in pay uient on the back of which was written—“Please dont spend me for ruin, or butter at forty cents a pound!'’ yThe Baltimore American compliments the colored men of that city for their promptness in responding to the call for volunteers for the army. JJTThe mining regions of Lake Superior, iu consequeu joof the large demand and high price of copper* arc exceedingly lively the present season. OTTwo thousand eight hundred and ninety - six i>cr9ons have been saved from death hy ship wreck on the British coasts by whnt is called the mortar and rocket apparatus. !5TThedrouth is very severe in the eastern part of the State. The farmers think there will not be half a crop of hay, but iu this they are frequently disappointed. 0F'Hob. James F. Simmons, one of the oldest manufacturers of Rhode Island, and for several years a member of Congress, died at his resi dence in Johnston, July 11th. 3jTQuit*a number of buildings, in the neigh borhood of Maskinonge, C. E., were struck by lightning, and burned down, during a tbonder storm which took place on the 26th ult. fyihe Montreal Witness sajs a recent shock of earthquake, lasting from seven to nine sec onds, took place at Malbaie ul>out 7.30 1\ M., on the ‘Jth inst. lyCoI. Frank T. Sherman, of Boston, chief of staff for Major Gen. Howard, was surprised and takeu prisoner, witli his orderly, while on a scouting exi>editiori iu Georgia a few days since. df The Waterville Mail sa>s Mr. Horace Getchell, of that village, was seriously injure*! on Tuesday afternoon, by getting his foot caught iu a mowing machine with which he was at work. SPAn attempt was made to burn the build ings of Seth Tisdale, Esq., of Ellsworth, bn Tuesday night, by settiug tire iu the stable. The hay used for the purpose was gretu and the fire did not spread as the villian intended. . W On Tuesday of last we*k, a little boy, son of Mrs. Robert Given of Brunswick, aged five years, fell from theK. & 1*. Railroad bridge into the river, nearly forty teet, but was rescued by a young man who hastily threw off his clothes and plunged iu after him. STThe Paris correspondent of the N. Y. Times, says that Gowan, the brave sailor who had his thigh crushed while serving one of the guns of the Kearsarge, die*l on the 29th ult., iu the hospital at C herbourg. A monument is to be erected to his memory. 3T The Portsmouth Chronicle say s shipbuild ing up the Piscataqua appears to be discontin ue*! for the present outside the Navy Yard. The splendid steamer Gan. Grant, recently launched, is yet lying at the wharf, uncompleted. There are also three small vessels on the stocks. QPTho European letter which we publish to day, was written by John Hayden, Esq., of Bath, who is now in Europe on business. Mr. Hayden is a Keen observer, and understands meu and things a* well as almost any other man. jJjTNew York city daily pupeia are to be raised to five cents, on and after the first of Au gust. The increasing cost of all the materials that enter iuto the manufacture of a newspaper, has made this step a positive necessity, and one which could no longer be deferred. ■TfThe Lewiston Journal safs a small carpet bag was stolen from the Brunswick depot on ThursdaV. coiitainiiii? nothinrr Imt ..1,1 «... and a box of salve, valuable only to the owner, who ia a cripple. The thief ought to lie kicked by cripples until he needs the -alve and rags more than the owner. y Letters from Madrid state that the Span ish government has decided on sending out an expeditionary corps of large amount, some s«y as many as 'JO,0(10, to quell the insurrection in St. Domingo. A large army of 90,000; line half as many men as Maine has furnished for our army—nearly. y A Massachusetts paper gives au account of the total destruction by fire, caused by being struck by lightning, of “the orthodox meeting house, in Portland, Me." To say nothing of the mistake of sixty miles in locality of the celes tial confiagation, the above calls to mind the case of the green Vermont boy who, on arriving in the modern Athens, inquired for his uncle Joshua, and said he lived near the Boston meet ing house I y The Mayor of Augusta, will, we under stand, pay a reward ot five bushels of stale potatoes for the difeovery of the brilliant genius who has recently labored through the columns of a Portland piper, to make out the citixeus of that place a set of mere fools and (hallow-pates;— so shallow as to withhold their sympathy and business from the commercial centre of the State because of an occasions! newspaper squib or pleasantry at their expense! The Mayor is de sirous of presenting to the aforesaid genius a leather medal: on the tot of a eery thick boot ’ y The Advertiser contains an elaborate lead er, revamping and rehashing Buchanan's silly twaddle, that Staten can not be coerced; that while it may not be strictly constitutional to break down tliia Union, there is no |wwer under the Constitution to prevent it, or to preserve the Union against the machinations of rebels and traitors. The most appropriate answer to such quasi-treason is that single monosyllabic reply once made by the now venerable (ten. Fessenden, when in his vigor, to the late Elipha. let Case, after a half-hour’s tirade of the latter against abolitiouisui. yTbe Argus coutiuues to tiiug at Vice Presi dent Hamlin, because, instead of going as a pri vate to assist in garrisoning Fort MoUlary, he did not volunteer to go to the front. When the editor of the Argus will do as much as Mr. Hamlin has already done, his suggestions will come with better grace. At present, while Mr. H., who is exempt on two sufficient grounds,— age and official position—has shouldered his musket as a private and gone to the defenoe of our territory, the editor of the Argus, able bodied and exempt on no ground, but fit for a grenadier, prefers staytng at home aud practic ing on a squirt-gun charged with the dirtiest kind of water. ii!Mf A .- . -Jg.. \Ug_JJgSM Letter from the Pod era! Capital, Wasiukotox, Juty’13,1804.1 j To th Kd or of the t’r- eg,■ Another invasion lias txunc, and though not gone, as an auctioneer might say; ts, so far as we can judge, fast going. Tiie rebs have come, seen, plundered, and appear to be ske daddling. Although, owing to our strong fortifications and the presence of a goodly number of soldiers,—officers are never lack ing here you know,—we have not been thrown into any such ferment of excitement as our Baltimore neighbors, yet cut oir from railro id and telegraphic communication with all the , oulside world, except the little town of Alex andria, eight miles down the I'otomae. de- 1 priced ol mails, and afraid to show our heads outside the city limits, assailed at both ears by all sorts of secesh labble, we have been, ] there is no use iu denying it, a little on our nerves for three or four days back, with the gray backs popping away, now at Fort Lin coln, und now at Fort Sleveus, all wilhiu plain hearing. We could and did sleep very well, but wlieu awake iu broad daylight we might be excused (or keeping a sharp ear for the cry of the newsboys, though nothing is more de lusive, and a sharp eye for the last extra, though with no more news in it than medicine in a homeopathic pill. Now, however, the peace and ipiietueas in which we were left by the adjournment of Congress, and which was so rudely broken, begins to return. The clerks who have been doiug guard duly night ly are doubtless congratulating themselves upon the prospect of being relieved from their unwonted service, and the Quartermaster’s force, which went to the Held last Sunday, is probably about ready to return laden with laurels. 1 he great event of the iuvnsinu, hovfever, was the muster of the District militia to-day at the City Hail. Weil might it have struck dismay into the hard and leathery hearts ol Ewell's veterans could they have beheld what l saw, and part of which I was. Even when telegraphed to him by some inside secession ist, as it probably was through signals of some sort, the demonstration produced a decided i effect. 80, though after waitiag a good while, wo received permission to go home till further orders, we have a right to feel that we did not rally in vaiu. Some, indeed, affect to believe the retreat of the rebs immediately after to have been iu consequence of the timely arriv al of the Oth Corps from before Petersburg and the 10th from the South, but I am bound to believe it was the terror of the eitizeu sol diery that started our unwelcome visitors ou their return, indeed, I do not question that another such demonstration might make some impression upon Richmond itself, and in the present dearth of any new projects lor the capture of that stroughold, it may not be pre sumptuous to suggest this easy and bloodless plan of attack. To-night an attempt is to he made to‘re establish railroad communication with Balti more. Doubtless travel between this city and Xew York will be resumed in a few days, and tooue dweller in Wasbiuglon at least that event will be very welcome. T. 8. P. Rkpkksentative to Coxuiikss.—A com munication from an educated eitizeu of this county, complimentary to the Union candi date for Congress in this district, did not come to hand in season for this number. \Ve thank the writer for it: not because it is needed to make the people think well of John Ltncu, but became it is refreshing to contemplate a candidate ofaucii s ter I iug integrity and manly worth. Mr. I.yuch is no mere fustian man: he has real, substantial worth, and .will do hon or to the district. His election js one of the surest things of the future. The communica tion will appear to-morrow morning. SPECIAL NOTICES. For seven years I « a« luid now Everybody is a-kiuy me now my hair become so ihirk For lull direction-* send your address incloeicr fin etc. Box, 441 Worcester, Mass July Id, ISM. julyla dlw* Editorial Convention. Thu Editors and Publisher* of tUo State of Maine are re*pectfully invPed to meet in Convention at AVie City H•»//, in Portland, on Wedneaday and Thnraday. August 10 hand llth, tor purpose# of con sultation and the organization oft State Associa tion of Editor* and !*nb ieh«jra. The Convention will assemble in the Senate Cham Per in the New Cit* Building, on Wednesday, at 10 o'clock A. M. Ample arrangem tut* will be made lor fully carry iug out the busiuo* and object* of the Convention and for the entertaiuineut and com ort of the member* from abroad. OHHHtittewvj' Arraaf/rmtnis—Jaaeph B. Hall, of the Courier; K. H. El well, of the lrauticript; Brown Thurston; N. A. Poster, of the Press M N Rich, of the Pr ce Current; Chas. A. Lord, of the Chris tian Mirror; .John M. Adam*, of th»* Arjrnf: Chas. P Ilsley. of the Advertiser; .Jair» *. S. Staples; Rev. W. H Shaller, of /ion'* Advocate; Cyrus 8. King. j Cltaiies A. btackpole; F. G. Rich, of the Temper auc** Journal; B. F. Thorndike: Geo O. Goes*, of the Argus: fc P. Weston olthe Northern Monthly; Dr. B. Colby, ol the Press; I. N. Eelch, ct the Cou rier; R. W. Lincoln, of the Press: C. W Pickard, of the Traussript. Portland .lup5, 1804. Papers throughout the State are requested to pub lish. Hay Your Stuiiouery Package* At Drennor m, 91) Ezchaage ntreet, **- per do:-h, or V* cents each. UT VgenSw anted, address L. DKESSKK. Port land, Me., Box 132. _ _ jylldtw* THOM AH G. LORIXJ, DRUGGIST, -Asn — PHAOTICAL TIUJ88 FITTER, ('•riser of Kirhnn«r A KrdrralSt*«. A perfect lit guaranteed. The poor liberally con tidercd. _ mclOodtf Portland Photographic Gallery, HO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, He., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12,1864. may 12d 6m ‘•L. IV' Atwood9* Hitter*, Price 38 C’ta. Thorsrt*r. Me., April 26, 1868. Dear Sir —A lady of my acquaintance was troubled with severe attacks of sick hesdach for a number of years, and coulu find no relief until t be tried L. F. Atwood’s Hitters, which (fleeted a per manent cure. M .• daughter wax troubled w ith attacks of s:-\ere headache ami vomitim-. which have b. eti cured by tneae bitters. I have myself beau troubled with dyspepsia, which ha» already been relieved by th.s remedy. 1 always keep it on hand, at* 1 be ie\e it to be a speedy cure for all d-rangerm-nt* of the st tnaoh and liver: and f*r ferua’e complaints when ari-iug from debility ol the digcMive organ-. Yours truly, (.‘has. Whitsby. KP"* Counterfeits and base initiations, in simi lar bot’le and label are iu the market and so/d by unprincipled de item. The genuine is ugn-d L. F. Attcoo*!, and atm* hare an extra label, on white prper, countersigned H. //. HA Y, Druggist, Portland, Me , sole General Agent. So/d by respectable dt'dtrt in medicine generally. |anyl6eod&w6 “Buy Me, and 1*11 do you Good.” Usel>r. Langley9* Root and Herb Hitters For Jauudice. L'o-Uveue**. Livt-r Complaint. Hu mors, indigestion. Dyspepsia. Piles, Dizziness, Head ache, Drowsln s*. and alt d -< aser arising from dis ordered stomach, torpid liver, aud bad blood, to which all persons are subject in sprit a and summer. They cleanse the system, regulate the wels, re store the appttite. purify the blood, and give souud ness of mind and strength of bod* to all who use them. .So d by all dealers in Medicine every where, at 25, 50 and 7"* cents per bottle GEO. C. GOOD WIN A 00.,37 Hanover Street, boston, Proprie tors. _ ap2 dtra Cough* and Cold*. The sudden changes of our climate are sources of Pulmonary,. Bronchial, and Astamatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple remedie- of t«*n act speedily when taken iu the early stages of the disease, recourse should at once be had to “Brown’s Bronchial Troches," or Lozeuge*, let the Cold, Cough, or frntation of the throat In? ever so slight, as by thia precaution a more serious attack may bo effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will And them effectual for cleaiiug aud strength* u ing the voice Soldiers should have them, a.- they can be carried iu the pocket, and taken as occasion requires. jnnel&dfc wlm Teeth like Pearls and Breath of Swikt mksh ubuinyu by tue use of that p* p Jar Dentifrice Fragrant “So/ doot.'* a composition of the choic est aud recherche ingredients, the three most impor tant re luisite*. cleanliness efficacy ami convenience b-ing present in tin high at posaib o degree of per fection It removes aft disagreeable odors, scurf aud tartarous adhesions, insuring a pearl like white ness to the teeth; gives toue to the bieath and a cool delicate aromatic frag ranee to the mouth, which makes it really a toilet luxury. It seems to bo iu great favor with the ladies. 8old by Druggists everywhere, at 7ft cents per bot tle. mchal dlt « P E C I A L NOTICES. C/LAKK ’ S DTSTILiTjEI> restorative FOR THE HAIRj Restores Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND IS A MOST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. -oOo— CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Ucrtore* the Color. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Eradicates Dandruff. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Promote* Its Growth. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, ProPentsits falling off. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is an unequalled Dressing. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, • , Is good for Children. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Ladies. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Old People. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Is isjrfectlj harmless. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Oil CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is not a Dye. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Bcautidee the Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is splendid for Whiskers, CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Hair in its Place. CKAKK’8 RESTORATIVE, Cures Nervous Headache. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prevents Eruptions. CLARK 3 RESTORATIVE, Stops Itchiug and Bnrning CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Head Cool. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE. Is delightfully perfumed J CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Sediment. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Gum. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Polishes yuur Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prepares yonr lor Parties. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, Prepares you for Balls. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, All Ladies need it CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, No Lady will do wlthontit, CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Cost* but *1 CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is Sold by Druggists and Dealers Every where. Prieo $1 per bottle.—« bottles lor go. C. G. CLARK k CO. PaornmTOKS. W K.rillLLIPS, Portland, General Agent. March 3,1864. mchSeodly A New Perfume for the Handker chief. Phalon s "Night Blooming Cereus.' Phalou's "Night Blooming Cereus." j Phalon s "Night Blooming Cereus " ; Phalon'a "Night Blooming Cereus." • Phalon’s "Night Blooming Cercas." , Phalon's “Nigh* H.ooming Cereus " Phalon s "Night Blooming Cerens." ■ A most Exquisite. Delicate au1 Vragraut Perfume, distilled from the Hare and Beautiful V lower lrom I it takes its name. Manufactured only hy Pft.ilON t N. Y. VW*Bewar*of Coanterfeita. Ask for Phalon'a— Take ho Other, bold by Druggists generally June3l’64d3m tT* CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly print# at this office. It Boston Stock List. Salks at the Broker*' Board, Jclt 16. 1000 American Gold....249} 7.000 .do. 260 «."0n 2 3fW)4 12 50u United States 6-30’s. 108} 1,'KO do small' 1061 1.000 .do.. 106 4000 United State# ( urrei.c. Certificate* .... 94} 8 CViO U S Coupon Sixes(1881). 103 13,0 600 .d».108| 6.000 .do.lug* 2.6(0 ... do . 1«8; .Mai United States 7 3 Wths(Aug».Iu6' (Oct).10| 500 do( *ug).104j 1 Boston and Maine Railroad. 139 f> Eastern Ball road. 112} 1KAKH1ED. In Detroit. Mich., July 13. by Rev Geo Dutfield. D D. Henry B Brown, formerly of btockbridge.Mass. and Ui*s ( aroline Pitts, formerly of this city In Augusta, July 3. Horace 1* Leighton and Mia# Arvilla M Scribner In Keadtieid. June 9o, D E Currier, of Farming ton, and Mim Abbie A Elliott. In Bingham. July 3, Wilson Hodgdon and Mr* gophi- 8 Clark. In West Boyle* ton Mass. June 11, 11 fc Morton, of We t Poland, Mi and Mits Nellie F hendall DIED. In Rockland, July 6, Miss Nancy H. daughter of E 1 Jackson, aged 19 years. In Calais. June 13, Mr Elisha T l avlor. aged iv In Williamsburg. N Y.. July 4. Mrs Lydia J Mer ritt. formerly of Hath, aged 42 years In Bangor. July «. Mr Horae* Jeunees. aged 46 yews: also. i)ea bamuol Ktnery aged 66 years, lo Hudson, July 4, Mr Joseph Wilsou.aged 53. In Bangor. July It*. A P Guild. Km. aged 54 year?: same day, Mr Jona C Taylor, aged 69 years. PASSENGERS. In barque Linda Stewart, from St Jago — Andrew Robinson Mr* Catharine Bringno and tire childreu; Mrs Cataline Turoa and two children. IM PORTS. ST JAGO. Barque Linda Stew art—197 bhds su gar. to h t burchifl k Co: 200 hhd* do. 90 bbla to Geo II Starr: 1 cylinder, Matthews k Moore. Phila delphia. SAILING OP OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. BT1AMXR FROM FOR BAILS Westminster- Liverpool .New lurk .July 2 Pennsylvania ..Liverpool Now York July 2 Edinburg.laverpool.New York ..July 2 Pama.-cu- Liverpool.... bee.July 7 Europa.. Liv erpool.Boetou.Julv 9 Boruieda.Southampton New York July 12 Beigiaa.Liverpool.Quebec . ..Ju y 14 8cot:a.Liverpool.New York . July Itf Virginia. Liverpool New York July 19 liecla. New York.. laverpool July 2 > Asia. Boston .... Liverpool_July 31 9 Peruvian.Quebec.Liverpool_July 23 Evemug Star. .. .New York. .New Orleans .July 25 Australasian.New York Liverpool_July 27 Golden Rule. ... New York.. Aspinwaii July 27 Etna.New York . Liverpool_July 2H Damascus.Quebec Liverpool ... July SO Westminster.New York.. Liverpool. ... Ju v 30 Edinburg.New York.. Liverpool_July «*> MINIATURE ALMANAC. Monday,. July 18. Suu rises. 4 40 I High water, (am*.10.40 Bun sets. 7.82 | Length of days.14 52 MARINE NEWS! PORT OP PORTLAND. Saturday.... . Jnl, IB. ARRIVED. Steauur Forest City, Liscumb. Boston. Barque Liuda Stewart. Perkins, St Jago Sch Mouroe, Dawes. Ellsworth. Sch Valiant. Harris. Belfast. Sch Rost. Gup{j), Saco. CLEARED. Steamer Potomac. Sherwood, Now York—Emery k Pox. Barque Norton Stover, Stover, Matanzas—Emery & Fox brig Almou Howell, Smith, Carden a*—Phinney k Jackson. Sch Bramhall, Kicker, Boston—J It Browu&$on«. SAILED—w ndSW—ship Rochambeau; barque* C B Hamilton. Norton Stover; brigs Coquette, A J Koss, Aliuon Howell, George Harris Minnie Miller, Harriet; schs Maria Cousins, Bramhall, J U French, L A Pauehower, and others. Sunday .... Jaly 11. ARRIVED. Baroue Emma L Hall, Keiuedioa. Sch Utica, Thorndike, Rockland, [BY TIL. to MllrHAm' KXCUABoe.) Ar at Matanns 8th Inst, brig Lillian, tm MachJas Sid 8th, barque Sebra Crocker, lor Portland. Sid tui tiuvajR 9th inst, barque Albion Lincoln fbrNeuvita*; brig Renthaw, lor New York. The new schooner "Susan R Lane, ' built for Reu ben Carver and others, ai Carver's Hart or. is to be tsunched to-day. She is to be commanded by Cant Hiram V Laue. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—[By till Arl4ih. ships Win Wilcox. Mantei, liostou. Sid 12th, ships 1 1 Chapman, Miller, Callao; 14tb, Panama, bouk-, New York. *Mt)RL—eld loth, brigs Phillip Larrabee, ljraU(le* Greenlcaf do. Ar 14th, brig General Banks, liaud, Beaufort NC. *ch* a Howard: Wave, Merritt, Dri«ko. Boston. I W 141,1 • '•hip* Cultivator. Russell, LiverpoolI: Klleu Austin, French, do; sch I L Snow, Ac bom, boston. n.^r J?th. acns L^Hle.Cook. Lingan CB: Baltimore Dix. Calais: Hyena, Gar diner, and llo cu McLeol. Ihurstou, do; Sure Cain,and Julia A Rich, Lelaud. Machias. Sauil Lewis >\ uod, and Jas Tiidcn. Davis, Ellsworth; Andrew Peter*. Lord, do; City Point, Matthews, Bangor; (devia Buxton. Gould Augusta: Emm* < takes. Brown, Portland; Marie). Gilpatrick. Saco; Henry Perkius. Uortou, lio-non. ilarriugfou Ryder, Port Eweu for Boston; Brutus, Dodge and Bound Brook, l'erry, Fall River; Lion, Furbish fin Port Eweu lor Portsmouth; Union Pinkham, do tor Salem. Liu loth, ship Compromise, Caulkins, Liverpool; ban|ue ilaus in Gregor.- . Gregory, Boston. Ar 18th, basque Beuetactor," Berry, Yokohama via Foochow. PROVIDENCE — 81d 14th, sch Hannah, Means. New York. PAWTITKET—Ar 15th, *eh Elmira Roger#, Ers kina, Garui er. NEWPORT—Ar loth, sch Kenduskeag, Mitchell, Bo dout for Bostou. HOLMES’S HOLE-A r Ilth, schs Jaoe k El za. Richards, Elizatethpoit tor Boston : Sarah Culleu, Cullen, Philadelphia for Bath; Maryland. Cat hart New York for Lingau CB. Bid. bngs, Wtri aker. Ar 15th, sch Gertrude Uortoa, Jameson Choptank River tor Camden NEW BKDIoRD—Ar 15th, sch Delaware, C rock ett. Viuaihavt-n. BOSTON—Ar 15th, barque Mary Klsou Balti more; brigs Essex, Bain, Glace HavfB A <>wen. Frisbee, Georgetown DC; C Mathew* IVtt grew, Philadelphia; rvathl St*vcn* KoberG. Roiidout; sch Trident, Thumps* n. Philadelphia: Rtdingion, Clark, Eiizabetbpori: Maracaibo, Henley, do . Peunslyva ilia, scon. Bath. Snip Wallace. Lane, trom New Orleans, arrived in the bay. and was ordered to Bangor. C d loth, brig Lucy Ann, Brvaut. K y West: seb* Eliza Franc* s, Bogart. Fortress Monrre; Jno Boyn ton, Keed, Calais; $ K Hart, Lansil, Ba-.gor Ar ldth, sell# Nautilus Pi isburv. fin Vinalhareu; Charlotte Aun. Andrew?, Rockland C a lbtl^bngs Tornado, Dodge. Fertres? Monroe; Geu Mar-nal. S aples. Bangor; schs Juliu Price. Nickerson, Philadelphia: Mazurka, Kimball. Belfast PLY MOUTH—?ld 12th, sch spartan, Harlow, Tor New York. SALEM—Ar lltli, sch Gen M*ade, Ferguson, Tin Bel fast aid loth, sch F W John-on,Thompson, L>ngan CB G M>UTESTER—Ar 13th schs Senator, Orue.trcnt Boothbav lor Boston; Jas Garcelou. Audersou, Bos ton for Portland; M Lamar loe.Steven#. do for Bris tol: Edwin, H U, uo tor Fortlaud. BANGOR—Ar 16 h. »«hs C i Younf, Hutohinson, Philadelphia: Henrietta, looie, Bostou. C Id Bib, brig* Executive, Gorham, Madeira; Tim Field, Cony, Curacoa; *ch k!iza Ellen, Novts.Uretu point. BELFAST—Sid 13th, schs Sarah Buck, Grover, New Y« rk; OlncauUs. Watermau. Boston. ROCKLAND—Ar lltli, kL* Lookout. Fortlaud; Jas K. Kobinsou, Gardiner F’rceport, Farnsworth, trom do. Sid 13th, barque Chas Brewer. Wilson. Matanza*; sobs Lizzie, Glover, aud Geatile, Getcbell N York Charlotte, Andrews, Salem. rt)KKH>5l PORTS. At BmIid Mav I'R * bin Josephus (Br) Paine, nuc; barque Pericles, Suow. do. aud other*. Ar at Kangoou April 2b, ship Reamer, Wilson, fm GaJIc. At Calcutta May 21. ship* foineralda. York, for Bombay: Hamlin. Whcelwiight. Im Akvab. ar 17th: St Albans, Pike, from do: heoart*. lliuckky, and Yorick. Moore, for Liou^Koiig; Nicholas Cumin. Chase, for the Gulf. Dingo, Buckminster, unc, and other-*. At Leghorn 23th ult, ship* Molocka, Berry, for N York Julv I Oth: Mary Richard*, <Br Sc At, lor Bos ton, nearly ready At ( aund dum ult,ship* Shooting Star, Drinkwat er. (br New York: Albatross, Laughlin, for Naples; barque M L l*o ter, Tapley. tor New York. At Deurrara June 23. brig* Sami Lincsay, Clark, for Maasaiiilla 2 day*; r M Tiuker. Carii*>, lor Boston, ldg: Lizzie Bernard, for Turk* Island* soon. Ar at Kingston 27th ult. brig Leonard Berry. New York (and sail d 4th t-»r out port*. > Ar at Cienfuegos ddih ult, brig R S Ha-sell, Ha* sell, 8t Thoma Sld 22d. baruMS E A Cochrane. Pendleton. Phila delphia: brig Mecosta. Dunbar.Boston ; 29th. barque M It Stetson, Baals, do; 3d inst, brig Fannie, Uub bard, do. Ar at Trinidad 30th ult. brig Chimborazoo, Scott, Aspinwall. 4th inst, J D Lincoln, ttaulofl. At Nenvita* 2T*th alt. barque John Cn.liv, Sylves ter. for New ) ork next day. At Neuviuu 2bth ult. barque JaaK Ward,Tib belts, ldg: brig Tubal Cain. Coring, ldg. bid fm iiavaua 6th inst. wrig<« Manaanilla. York, for Sagua: ( H Kennedy. Look, for Cardenas: 7th. barque >arah B Crosby, t rot by Boston. bid Hu Matau/x* 4th. brigs Anna D J rdan. Part ridge. Sagua. Abbv Watseu. Dsrt. Philadelphia S'd tin Cardenas Tth inst, brig Alcarc la. Need, for Boston Ar nt St John XB 11th last, sch Highlander, Nick el*. from Boston. Ar at do 10th inst. ship T/anhoe. Bixbv. Boston: Cld 12th. ship Clam Wheeler, Wilmarth, lor Lir MpMi. SPOKEN. May 29. in the Straits of Gibraltar, was seen «hip Beg* nt, from Malta for tjur-bec. Mar 310. lat 23 88, Ion *>1 24. ach Ocean (jneea. Free man, from Weymouth NS for Dominica. iC*pt tick with -mall box ) . I> • NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. (.liAVD OUt. t\ CONCERT -AT CEVIUAL CHURCH, -BT Cr. W. MORGAN, tOrganist of Grace Church. New York,* assisted nr F. A. CHASE, Basio, (Also of GraceCharch Choir,) TUfSDAY EVEN!KG, July 19th. 1864. TICK FIB. •"*) Cents—to be obtained at Paine's Mumc Store and at the ( hureh. Doors open at 7. to commence at 8 o’clock precise ly- J>18 The Dest Yet ! Fine St. Sabbath School and Congregation Hold their annual FIC-NIC at LITTLE CHEBKAGIE ISLAND, —ox — Wednesday, July 20. They start frem Steamboat Wharf, foot of State street, ia Barge iomu>rt, at 3 o’clock A. M, and leave the l» aud it 5 P. M precisely. K»pain*h*»s been spared by the Committee in their arrangements to have this no exceedingly in teresting ocean n An abundance ol owing* aud 1 oot Bails will be at the tree a*e ot the warty Should the weather on \Ycdue*day b*- anpropfti ous, the Amt lair day after A grand time is expected. Fare—Adult 4UcU.. Children 2n cents. Per Order. D. M. C. Dunn, P. A Smith, C S. Gcmxnv, C K Ladd. jy 13u8t Safes \ Sates \ \ FOR *ALK AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealer, 162 MIDDLE STREET* PORTIA YD,.|ig jy 1643*1 I.hw Hurlnershlp. HOWARD A CLEAVES. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office VI Middle St., over Chhco Hunk, PORT! AKD. MR .'OKKPM HOWAUD MTII1N ILIAN 78. 17 ltd A n. 3m t'OAL FKflMillTM. Pittou, \■ S., to I'l inlirokt Mttiue. ,t Any »iicd Ves-eis. Forctiu or Amrrl -gli icon, w at. i ed 111 ft eight Coal a, a bur*. KJn r***f foe discharging are lower at B.»«ton. and tli<»rn are otR r facil •JSflBL nie-». Apply to or ad>in>Ha t_ WM. k COVEIN tt CO . Bjfton Also r few Teasels wautei to brlug Coal o other ports juh U l*2m Valuable Farm lar Mule n( a Bargain. IN Went Scarborough, on the Buxton road *ight mild* from, atd fix unlea from s»#o, co* taming 1H6 acre>«of which5 • acres are wo 'diand, with a two s ory ho 11 no. barn, aud wood shed Will be aold low cither lor canh or on mortgage, or in ex ohaugc for real ♦ state ju Forda* d. Ap^ljto DARIUS H. 1NGKHAM, 101 Mijdle St , Port'and. July 16th, 1664. jiflyl*' tillw Houm' and Laud lor Malt* at a Bar gain. rilHE 11 story brier House No. *> Portland .true*. 1 The lot is tig ieei on I'uitland street, runuing haik to Oxford street. Said hou*e i. s tuated in the renter of the city, oil lha dire, * line of the llorre Kail read, Frie *1700,00, *900,00 of which can re main on a mortgage. For further particulars in quire of WM A 1.Lv N Jr., lylSeodtf Nos 13 and 15 Exchange Street. Pilot H allied. A STEADY, competent and eapab'e man, having a thorou >h ‘ no. led. eof Portland ila. boratd tsouter approaches, is wauteJ for the tilo’agecf ;he Mohtukal I'cia* Stiasahip foirist's Liverpool and tilaegow Line of 8 earners tho con. ng winter. The Pilot engndng for tbl* service will to required to tontd the Steamers ou >ide of the Hulwark Sooal ami AM-n*. Kick Applications re >e v,d bv JAMES L. FARMER JyU dJw No. 10 Exchange Street. Wauled. A n°* leaathin sixteen years of age. toad a«Um.t. Must come w>H recommended - kpply at the Counting Room of the Prett. JyHdtf NEW ADVEKT1SEAlEMb. Lcliciti Ueiimiiiiiie (ml'MiiKtl IK th« Po.t Office ml Portland,.State of Uaina, 17tli flay o. July, 1864 rr**io tbiiunauy of these let ten, the afplicant mu6t call lor 'advertised letters,’ give the utte of ihiet hat, and pay one cent for advertising MT* * if not called 1or within ont month, they will be sent to the D ad Letter Office “l"tee Delivery of letters by earner9, at the re«J dencu of owners, may be atcuied by observing the following hales. “i. Direct letters plainly to the street and n«m her, as well as thi Post utthe and Mate. •2. Head letters with the writer'spot 1 office and State, street and number, sign them plainly with fall name, and request that auswers be uirtcud ac cordiagiy. •8. Letters to Grangers or tronsclent visit rs in a town or city, whose special address may be un known, should be* maikcd, in the lower left l and corner, with tho word •Transient.* 4 /dace the postage »ta*.p on the upper right k ind corner, and leave ipace between the stamp and direction for pest marking without interfering with tbo writing. LADIES' LIST. Adams E B mrs C ark at Knight Nathaniel mrs Anoerson Lizzie Lo * ell Alb e R Atkinson Lucia Logan B hum Arnoi i saran J mrs * Long lay brown *t Bullock A M mr- Ling Elsie 1* Blake A E Long! How K Mason mrs our us Albert m*.-* Lswage> Maria a mrs Brag Joa Abby A mr- l.uut Sarah mr- Brackett Matuo berry Eiltu st Man Mary mis Men ill A L mrs Brow u Mary M mrs cape e Vi .ntgunicry A J mrs I ourns mrs o iuaiu<-«t Moore Biitunia Burns Mary kliiliaen t arolme f Brown sarwh mr- MeMeLiu D mr* Barsto e Mary mrs M rstou when uirs Carter Carrie M McKeauey Geo mrs j Cosgrove Ellen* ohu mrs Cl«rkEDtnr» McDonald Josep ine I Cade E i/a mrs Jtoarston Louisa J mrs Cobb Haiti* J mrs plumb Me Laiu* Mary Ann •t Morton Mary I tort Cwrior Judeth mr? Merii.i aaun N mi* Cates Msrgar t mrs Miniken earah E • onnellv Mary Millet! narakmr# Cotton Mary mrs Burris Anu r.r* Chick hiduv mrs O»*ood Beine Cnan lo** .soptua mrs l> t ountii Elizabeth Che-ley Sarah E <>’• onelJ i».j B w^soo anue Dc ounor anew mrs Did Abbie mrs tale st O'Dounoity Ma y mrs tnnsmor. Chariezmrs O.Her Mazy mrs Dow ns Caro iue Pomeroy Auuie M mrs Drown Lydia Penley Adr anna Doran Mary for Matthew Pearson J* loieuce G I. Tiernt/ Pilsbury Louisa U did r Dvcr Martha mrs Potter L-ura mrs Binsinorv Melvina M mrs Prince Mary A Dcviue Rosy Robertsou Amelia Aan r,vau* Mirths cro:»st Elliot George mrs Ross Abby M er Hears dim Mobmaou k rank mrs cape E<1 wa; dp James mrs E Kldcf John mrs Rideout Harriet E-4 Emeley Mary J—2 Spear Anna t> Fidrhlge Phebe himontou Albert II m/s French < arrie Stev«n* Laiha in* Fo s Katy Smi h E M mra nupa r-ck Mary mrs M*«pk-* gun iff I idler Mary Ann turn Smith Emma E e urloog M A >hack lord tram is mrs tEn Sarah bveti Georgia G Agnes mrs Shaw J -tni.i L state st Gcraid t arrie—2 Shaw John-ou mis Grifhn Luzie Seavey Jane Maria 1 Gould Edward mr* Sbanco mrs union ft Goa d E izs A mrs atioa? Martha M mra • iervrd Fanny—2 Hp ague Mart t.a j Gray Julia A mrs blank) Mary mrs Gik-Jenoio VV mrs Shorten ui « winter st ' Doodah? Liars for mis- t.rauy v» ribbon Mary wJdowSoel* Smitl Wire summons st Thom..~ Addie F. Gmhust Sa ah Jane mrs Ihompaou c'axriw—2 Giles ienui* mrs Trahay K ka Ham* Addie 1’ Tyler 1 Em* Harmons A-eneth K tall man Ms.;. II ui-« Hugh** Annie M Lnderwqod Henry E mrs Uansccni Adoie S \ernil Hannah M B Hanson Georgia Anus \Vhi.e’.-oa-e Aun mr ni a Wade Annie II.) net llanLmh 1 mi* Whittier t ale r wri ueteiiine .Mary inrt Wluttier C.tharine 8 mr» Uaekeil X .ru W>n# Clara L Ua.krll Mary F. Woodnory JnlMtt D are drier Addle U Wood Marta* u Jordan Etta Wed.Mary omit Jordan Ellen M Wilcox mhi L an Johnson Nancy C York Jo-ipb mra GENTLKMEN’8 LIST. Entile f J care portlaadkeatiug John an JTMtriek ■s M I Co king J 116 t-zunatr tt ivrn John U Kingthufy if <mci AyerJuhta htuuta J vs Aui rcwo Kufiu Knight Leonard P ‘sSSMJUta tar mr'K‘(f‘ho-’-«»«i»inw. Adam 4 rauauel F Lctb Adolphus liuruham Adoiaiiaiu Leighton Kiwis V Hnrnt Andrew Levegor Francis for Jo Beane Andrew J arpli Karan orown Alexander Ubb, Geo W ler mrt M J Baker Alfred green tt T Libber Brown l/run J or E Li ightun John Ulark Daniel for llaanahLlbney James for mis Ki ri *ck ia W B Chapman Barkacale Hour, 61 gwrgaLittltiiaJd nr zer art Mil at rabeih Adara Barrv J h Her .piscopaJLaki man Malthrw lo» mra residence Sarah Straharo Long I Brau Jotiah C Lord Wm A Burgee* Jobe for mra Her-Morrill A k nnpl riot Bargees Mann Aw.o. Buiinga until or Moron Andrew B • r Menton Ba.ihulomeweot Bodei riiomaa II tha az Beckett Wm A Merril or Morrill B V Bartlett Win tor mitt Lu Mor e 1 hailtt A oj Fialz M *ore f it Borrr Wm II Moure Frank B»a» Wm Mcttiuley Oto Cant—a Child* Albert McOo d/kk John t oruiug C il Lieut Col Mormon John for mite Cobb Charles A ttopbia M M orrwoa Commanding officer Co EMyore Joua t, «th regt Me rol Met tiler Joan Chase C C agent MaggronMorgan John A l liaae Charlaa f McLelai John Lieut (olloenor Co ton Eli Mm.-ti John M cape F. Clara Edward L Morrison James ChaseEdwin Ma ab Jacob t urtls Henr* C—3 Miller Jaa T brlek * *k,-r C high James M Murry Lee ior George l arrehon James Farrell Cautey Jeiemiah Uu rj Michael Jr Waah Chhill Michael iagion ,z Conloa Michael centre at McAoany Michael lloUJmau Norris for uzraMcUregurv k -hert for miss Lucinda • londman uarne hut*.el (liaae Pullllp 18 croak at Matdoaald (hue < apt t.r scan T ler miss AunieMcl.aar W'a.*hingtoa Met nuk Mitchell rim Cole Wm 1 Co I 9th MeMienola Cap! Charlaa for rol Taos L Nutter Cooper WiaActg Maater aNirtrion Fred A 24 middle male L BN at Pub an A » Maj Newcomb Joseph Davit C 8 for miaa Mar-Nile, h .than it I Hon gmret Daria O’Gradv Martin Don t hartes o no 22 freet iagot.d Xeviwniet . •* O’Brit-n Tatriek S cenire Diuamore Charles at 'or Jvhn WNaoa De ham < orn'liut O’Brim Wm soldier Dyer Edmund W 1'olaad A rm J Dana George as—2 Turku*. B A uudley John Her Viroe E D Doughty John Ttum-uerED Dennison Lewis Cezeitou Mann I Dayton Levi U Pen ley N at na N Dev an Michael t'ail. r B tt -2 packaaea Dali*an Hubert Peachy ThotC weatbreok , Uunaier Wm K Pe length Wm Empty Johu A Kandau Cha-H I- .etcher Alvin F Bussell a ben Foeeett A geruoa Hour r A—book Fisk F rederick Koes Johu George C It ch res A Hoskins mesrs Foot John H Mire Simeon for mrs Bar Presiv-r John L 81 tederal ah lime at—1 Xugg Wm P F uetiy Patrick for Bid s-avue *er Christian dy Fah rtr south < ha'a W Be In Flah'rty Thomas llbby a parts at corner weatl rook Smith t ha t O Foley Thomas 147 silver atsloaa Daniel for Michael BcDotioughShiruian Ernst Pmr.i Thnanii hi Im*vni..» a. k_ kronen W K Dr Sear* Free* an Green Andrew Su»vrn* Fr* derick Gooch Cunt Hi Smad Geo for mri D • .uptiil Cuaiie* Small Gammon Enoch Smith Henry K plea-ant at * (.rant Joseph Sh<m*« Janie. 7th me rent G onion John care of cap't ciiu turn, ding | (iibba Owen Si e John (.off Patrick congreae at Sornru.-nide John C lieut Garland Whitmore K ~3 Smith Ja»e* Hind* Au ehn S Siaii not J W Harmon A F smaT tMirer Uarria AH S mall < Mirer T liollie ( bai lea H bpragie iVtii U Hob'^n CaptCo I 17th MeSprague I* It HaH ( yin# b| nrr Sumner Heyl«y Charlee Sawyer S W Unit. or Falby CharleaSiilnraa Tim no—cotton <t 292 tilt *t ski.linga Wm 1’ Harding David T— 3 Shea Wm flaaty tienata centre st Sawytr W t) lliuhcick a Bee Smart Wra W Heald hranklin I h maa J P Hutton Frank D Thorn* n Mike Hard) Geo Li Thomaa Ma b'l Hayden — \ ine it Tutta Stephen E tiuut S fhomaon Wm. Harriott John Otic Var* ey Mr aewing roach James ireag i for uira Maiv Mtldretb Mel ( ►. «ler Hlggina Miltou for mr«Varn«y Henry Yeoh 1 t Jrnebe Garland huI reivalnr II tnkioa K C Dr W«l« B F aerg't HoveyTF Woodbur ( La a O Hogau 1 A T Jamea Wadflcigh Edward ilarmon W M merchant Whe, i«.r Etrrv Haakell Wmagt AmWbipWortU K I* .»Co ... o Wester t B a a cone; Harmon W B survey Itigereoil E Hou Walker Frank A lugeraoll k C Hen M ( —SWHwell F W cap't Jsck-ol KUmnnog W Webber Geo r dr Johnson Fredericks W- odtion*c Ueury Jackaon Dedore Wyman Itaiah Jutie*Oweu Whittaker I G Joac* S S W’heian P fore at got ham K night •< Chariot corner ka-at.arh l*aao Wecoti Ki t.ant 1* KadardJohnJr Walton S L Han't SHIP LET f KBS. E L Tavlor US C. S S Corwin John A B i.oud,»Uip Flora Southard Cap t W W midwwiu ach’r Globe J 0 Herbert I* S X. r S C naitf rd Cap’; Albert Staph**, aeu'r »aca Downing John XJrchali Bright, IWarie** Cap't Viaal G Samp her. Bn* S Thu*i»ton. A.T DOLE. Pn*ttna**er. Dr. Ira Warren s Great Work! THE HOUSEHOLD PHYSICIAN. N EW and enlarged edition can be obiai ed in thu city, fur a abort time >1 the pu'lishrra J- SI. C., A rent, post ottiee * JjlHoodlw Atal(arra Ktilite. NOT1CF iahercdy riven that Josiah F l>»v 0r Portland, on the eighth day of July A ' l> '**, made an m.lgnmeut to the undersigned’ of all bis real and personal esiale. lights ai J credits ex er pt n hat la by law exempt fiom attachment for the bonetit of suoh of his credit >rs as shall be coma parties thereto and I have ac -epted said tiu.t Three inon'bs trotn said eithth day of July are allowed to creditors to become parties to satd a.sign GARDNER JORDAN Amiens. Port’and. Juljllth 1«64 £ Dissolution. THJ5 herot ‘ft>r« cxifltiQf b®fw®eu M. Sweat ind 1 iMu'i u Attorueyi * Ian ■ thb> day oi mol red by mutual ©onseLt The alr®i.-* oi ih® la*® ttriw will by adju* ©d b* either L-arty. M . Sweat will ooaticu® in buiiuen m , vA 117 Middle st«et.Mt..s.y'. Ro "“* P#C* !,<K *.*tb* °flf.oe 01 !,ow*f<* A Cleaves. No. J 91 Middle street, over Casco bank L. l> M SWEAT Portland. J.iy ,«R. «***»“* *

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