Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 18, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 18, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. »t* Advertise men Is To-Day, (jrand Organ ( oncorl—Tuesday Evening, l'ilot Warned—James L. Farmer. Di-solution—''weat k C.eavta. Tartuerahip-Howard & Cloaves. House for bale—WTm Allen, Jr. 1‘ieNlc— Widi.esday bate*—Jas. Bailey k Co. boy Wauted—Press Office Warren's Household Physicians. Return of Maj. Gen. Franklin. Maj. Gen. W. B. Franklin returned to this city Saturday noon. In the evening quite a number of citizens, of both sexes, assembled in front of the U. S. Hotel, and accompanied by the splendid band of the 17lh U. S. Infan try, proceeded to the residence of the General on High street, where a serenade was given him. In response to a call Gen. Franklin ap peared, and tendered his thanks for the com pliment paid him; excusing himself from making a speech on account of his great la tigue. The crowd gave him three cheer* aud he retired. Gen. Franklin denies that any lady pointed him out in the cars, as has been alleged, and by which means it was said his rank was dis covered. He further says that more than half the stories told about his capture, are mere sensation articles, and are without the least foundation in truth. Municipal Court.—July 16. Three lads were brought up for larceny— William D. Roach for larceuy of a copper faucet, the pro;>erty of Rufus Deeriug; George Brown, for larceuy of a quantity of pewter and copper, the property of George Unwin, and John Hyland, for larceuy of a quantity of bank bills, the property of Mrs. C. W. Jor dan. They were all adjudged guilty,aud sen tenced to the Reform School during their re spective minorities. Michael McDonnell, charged with larceny of a quantity of wood, the property ot D. Robinson, Jr., was adjudged not guilty and was discharged. J. O'Donnell, Eiq., for the defense. The 100 Days Men. From the following letter from Gov. Cony to Col. Edwards, it appears that the 100 days men, proposed to be raised for the defense of Washington, will not be wanted: Augusta, July lrt, 1801. Coi.. Edwards—Dear 6ir:—I have a dis patch from Secretary Stanton, who says that as the President will immediately call (or 12 mouths volunteers, the raisiug of 100 days men would he likely to interfere with the call, and uuless there is a more pressing emergen cy than now appears probable, oue hundred days men will not be needed. Tours truly, lu baste, Samuel Cony. Van Amuuhgh'a Grand Caravan will enter the city this inorniug about nine o'clock, and the grand procession, headed by Mr. Van Amburgli in person, will psss through the fol lowing streets on the way to the mammoth pavilion, which will be located upon the Wes tern Promenade: tbrougii Daufurih aud Fore street* to India; up India to Middle; through Middle to Market Square; down Federal to Exchange; through Exchange, Congress, Piue and Brackett streets to the place of exhibi tion. The display ol splendid horses and lichly ornamented cages, with the superb golden chariot, will make a pageant well worth see ing aud at the same lime will give the specta tor a (>etter idea of the exteut of the estab lishment than could otherwise be obtained.— The menagerie will he opened to the public both afternoon and evening, and an immense concourse of visitors may he expected on each occasion. Maine Bible Socirtv.—At the annual meeting of the Bible Society or Maine, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Kev. Alexander Burgess, President; Eben Steele, Vice President; Kev. T. B. liipley, Corresponding Secretary; R. II. llinklcy, Re cording Secretary; Oliver Gerrlsh.Treasurer. Trustees, Joseph C. Noyes, Edward Gould, Rev. W. H. Sbailer, D.D., Allen Uaines, S. W. l.arrabee, Ii. Packard, Kev. O. P. Tuckerman, Kev. C. F. Allen, Rufus Deering, Rev. E. C. Bolles, Augustus E. Stevens, William Camp bell. Auy person may become a member on pay ment of oue dollar to the Treasurer. Base Ball Match.—The Freshmen Club of Bowdoin College and the Narragansett Club of Gorham, play ed a match game of base hall, on the College grounds, last Friday—the Nar ragansett being the challenger. The Bowdoin boys came off victorious, scoring 20 to their opponents 11. I bis result did not satisfy the Gorham hoys, and another game was played on Saturday morning. It was more closely contested, hut the Bowdoin Club was again victorious, scoring 32 to the Narragausetls is The Bowdoiu Club gave tbe Narragausett Club a spleudid supper Friday evening at the Tontine, where mutual good teellng prevailed. Attention ! City Battalion.—The home guards are mustering, and the list led at the Merchant's Exchange is rapidly filling up.— No time should be lost. Our young men are all wanted, or middle aged, and our grayhead ed. to alternate, or to act as a reserve. We know not what a day may bring forth; but this we know, that if we are caught nap ping as we were when the Caleb Cushing was run away with, we must not depend upon another miracle to save the city from fire and pillage. To arms! To arms ! J. N. U. 8. Christian Commission.—Cash re ceived for the U. 8. Christian Commission not belore acknowledged: A few friends, Oardiner, #.>4.00 Union S. 8. Pic-Nlc, Naples, 30.00 Citizens of North Lebanon, 1000 Radies’ M. E. Society, Auburn, 73.43 Pic-Nic at Lyman, 0.00 Hiram, Me., 5 00 Soldier’s Aid Society, Limerick, 00.00 Cyrus Sturdivant, Treasurer of Atiny Committee. Fob the Defense of our City.—A pa per was lelt at the Exciiange Saturday, for signatures, for the purpose of forming a guard for drill, for the defense of our city in case their services should be needed, it received a large numlier of signatures, mainly among the young men, though some of an older class willingly put their names to it. There were some who were uuwilliog to pledge themselves by signing, although they said, their services would be ready if wanted. The services of such would not be worth much in case of a sndden invasion. Organ Concert.—Mr. G. W. Morgan, Or ganist of Grace Church, New York, who opened the big organ in Boston, will give an organ concert at the Cential Church, to-mor row eveniDg.on which occasion he will be as sisted by Mr. F. A. Chase, basso of the Grace Church. Commerce of Portland.—The following is a statement of the amount received for du ties on imports at this port, for the past seven years: 1858, $240,677 20; 1859,$284,411 35; 1800, $255,276 95; 1861, $199,240 70; 1862 $593,056 99; 186:}, $637,045 45; 1864, $842, 481 36. ____ Railroad Accident.— The passengei train from this city to Montreal, on Thursday ran off the track near Northumberland, Vt. The engine was thrown over an embankment and the engineer and fireman padly scalded The lormer, it was thought, could not sut vlve. * The Ladies Friend for August has bee received at A. Robinson’s, No. 61 Exchang Street. This periodical maintains its excel lence, and is published at the low price of tw pollan per year, Military Organizations.—The several i informal military organizations now going on in this city, are raised expressly for the pro tection of the city, in case of a “raid,” either by land or sea. Although we do not appre hend anything of the kind this way, still it will he a good thing, and keep us posted up lu the use of arms, and iu case anything should turn up after dark, we should be prepared.— It would be a good plan tor all our several or j ganizations to put themselves upon a war fooling, and then when called upon there would Ire some head and they could be very 1 easily organized. * ! Is rr all Right?—The Waterville Mail, assuming that certain obstructions needlessly lay iu the way of a prompt settlement with i the returned soldiers, asks, “Is it all right?” It calls upon the Press to give the reasons for tile alleged delay. We are unable to afford light; we have heard none of the complaints alluded to by the Mail, and have no means of information upon the subject. If the Mail ; has the right of the facts, tbere is certainly great injustice somew’bere. Sai.r of Railroad Bonds.—E. M. l’atten sold at auction Saturday, by order of an ad ministrator, kT/lUO of the consolidated bonds of the York & Cumberland Railroad Com. pany. They brought lk 1-2 and lu 1-2 per cent on the amount of the bonds and the in terest due thereou, the latter amounting to I ueaily as much as the face of the bonds. A #100 third mortgage l>oiid of the Andros coggin Railroad Company, was sold for twenty per cent. Accident.— Mrs. Baxter, widow of the late Dr. Elihu Baxter, was seriously injured by being thrown from her carriage last Satur day. The horse started and she seized the reins, w hich brought him round short, upset ting the carriage and damaging it badly. We have not learned the extent of the injuries suffered by Mrs. B., hut understand they were very severe. A Youthful Burglar.—< irtlcer Cole yes terday arrested a boy eight or ten years old, | named James Cocklin, for breaking into Knight's Ealing Saloon on Uuion street, and stealing therefrom a lot of edibles, besides five or six dollars in money. lie entered the building through a broken pane of glass in the cellar window. The American Illustrated papers for this week have been received at the book aud pe riodical store of A. Robinson, Xo. .71 Exchange Klnul Fobeigx Exports.—The total value of foreign exports from this port last week amounted to $10,042 50. The Law Term of the Supreme Judicial Court, for the Western District, commences its session iu this city to morrow. Sick and Wounded Maine Soldiers. The following Maine soldiers were received into the hospitals of the !Uh army corps for the five days ending July 12th: Thirty-fint Regiment.—Sergt. II F Smith, Albeit U Preston, A S Townsend, L S Sweat, Ueuj. F Salisbury, A S Warren, S E Combs, Geo. A Livingstone. Thirty recond Regiment.—Lieut. S A James, W L Grey, Jonathan Damon, Freeman Co bum, Geo. Bnlaske, J A Locke, Gilbert Wins low, Johu F Hand, John Dawns, Cyrus Goff. Camattia in the Kighlh Regiment.—Capt. K. A. True, commanding the *th Maine vol unteers, forwards from Petersburg, July 4th, the following correct list of the casualties in that regiment in the present campaign up to date: Lieut. Col. II Boynton, hip, severely; Msj. Win M McArtliiir.abdoiuen, severely; Capts, W F Laue, shoulder, slightly; C B Knapp foot, severely; A I) Miliett, thigh, severely; A K Willis, arm aud prisoner; E ii Reynolds, foot, siighily; Joseph Small, srin, reverely; 1st Lieut. L 11 Rogers, shoulder aud leg, se verely: C F Monroe, hilled; L Afford, knee, severely; K G Guplill, arm and leg slightly; J L Taylor, side, severely; F A Wood, side, slightly; 11 ETuzier.arm,slightly; 2d Lieut*. John oleveus, killed; Horace Watts, missing; Seth Dillingham. arm aud tbigh, severely; II N Parker, thigh, slightly; Walter H Hill, killed; A F Keyes, both thighs, severely. Foreigx Ixterfebkxck.—Chicago may prove a second Charleston to the Democrats. The New York World evidently discovers the signs of such a result, for It states that George X. Sanders, with some twenty or thir ty rebel politicians and officers, is at Virginia j F'ails, on the Canada side, iu communication with copperheads ou this side, plotting mis chief. Oue of their objects is to get coutrol of the Chicago convention and nominate an out-ai.d out copperhead or break up the Dem- ! ocralic party. Bates’ College.—This being the first collegiate year of this institution, there is, of course no graduating class, and will be no regular “commencement.” The public exam ination will lie on Friday, Saturday aud Mon day, July 22d, 23d aud 25th, A variety of litei ary entertainments of a high order, will be served up for|thc multitude that will doubt- i lees attend. Fires ix the Woods.—The Machias Re publican says a large tract of second growth i wood and timber, belonging to citizens, and to those of the neighboring town of Hachias port, lias been run over by fire and destroyed. Mr. Wm. Pennell, of Machlasport, estimated his loss at not less than $n,000, while the Meserveys have lost their entire wood lots and some fields of grass. < fthers have also been sulVerers. About three-fourths of a mile of railroad in Macbiaspoit was burned, and by a lire burning at Whitneyville, a mile and a quarter of the track ou that end was de stroyed. A careful man, who is used to such estimates, says that $50,000 will not pay for the wood, at fifty cents per cord, that has been destroyed. At the same time a heavy fire was raging in Whiting and Cutler, which has destroyed immense nuantities ol wood aud timber, cut aud standing. Pi etc York Market. New York, Ju*v 16. Ashes—‘toady; salts at 13 &>$18 76 for Pots aud 15 00&16 60 lor Pearl*. ua ju—qu.ct and without material change; sales 150 bales at 1 62 a 1 63 (or middling uplands. Flour—receipt* 13.3*8 bbls; sales 18,000 bbls. in cluding 1,000 do «xtr* State deliverable August 20th at 11 50; State and Western more active and 7 c higher; S ii>-r S a»e 9 76*1" W*. Lxtra lu 2Vgrl0 60; choice do 10 003^10 75: hound Hoop Ohio lo 75$ 1125; choice do 113:$1200; guperflne Western 9 76®10 00; common to good fcxtr* do 10 <>0.211 26; SouuierT—decidedly ft.m*-r ; sales 1600 bbls; Mixed to good 10 SO$11 60, i ancy and extra Jl •OA'&lflOO; Canada 76.* higher; sale* 900 bbls; emmon Lxtra 925o$ld 50; extra good to choice 10 65® 11 75. Wheat—10&tf»c higher; Chicago Spring 2 40; Mil. wautee club 2 42; No 1 Milwaukie 2 45*2 46; Red Winter Western 2 5 <22 52; Amb*r Michigan 2 66» 2 70; common White Indiana 266; inferior Winte' Red Western 2 41. Corn—h art and lower; sales 27.000 bush; new mixed W e-stern 1 57J&1 58* Oats—haw; sales at9GQ|9fc forCanada and State, 9*;** c for Wt stern. Beef—dull and unchanged. Country mess 16 0(va 18 4X1; pilme 9 00^1000: repacked Chicago 20 0 a. lb 00; prime mess 34 10@B6 0J. Pork—higher aud more active; sale* 3.100 bbls; mess 38 00; new do 38 0?@40w, tlie later price chock in two day*, new prime 3800; prime mess 39 00. Cut Meats—quiet; sa’es 126 pkg*; Shoulder* lr^ 16c; Ham* 18$19c. • ard—firmer, sales 1000 bbl* at 18^*19^0. Butter— wi bout material change ; Ohio 33240; Sta.H7a43c. Whiskey—a shade firmer: sales 16i0 bbls at 1 C2g 1 66 .or hiate and 1 66 for Western. Kice—dull Eugar—dull; sales 165 bids Muscovado 20£»223c. Coffee—dull. Molasses—dull. Naval gtorea— quiet aud steady. Spirits Turpentine—3 6fi^3 70; crude nominal. He-in >46 00fi66 0X Tar—22 00*23 00. iron—tirin; sales Scotch pig 80 00. Leather—very firm wltc a ait derate demand. Fi-h—quirt. Oils—quiet and firm; I.inseed 1 75@1 80; Petrole um is active, with -ale* of several cargoes of erude for export a 5 <$-64, aud 200o bbls refined in bond <U8;i$64; refined free nominal at 87£S9; Lard 166 $},£; Sperm 225($2 30; Whale 1 46*1 60. I Hides—more steady. Lead—firm* r and xnsett'od i Tobacco—quiet; sale* Kentncky 14t§40. Tallow—in moderate demand a' lower prices; good Wes cm at 184; 20,000 tbs very common do at 1G4 j Freight-to Liverpool—fir*; flour U8d; grain6d for wheat iu ship's bag* I Wool—quiet bui rather more stcodjr. ! BY TELEGRAPH TO THE Portland Daily Press. TIIKGE DAI'S LITER FROM EUROPE. Arrivtu of the America, at New York. Nkw Yokk, July 1". The steamship America, from Southampton Oth, has arrived. The steamers Belgian arrived out on the titli, and the Saxouia in Cowes Bay on the fitb. DTsralie moved a want ot confidence reso lution in the House of Commons oil the 4th. Mr. Gladstone denied that England's influ ence had beeii lowered. Mr. Newgate moved an amendment, declar ing that the independence of Denmark ought to be guaranteed. Mr. Kingslake's amendment, that England’s policy was lor peace, was also offered. On the 5th, Mr. Cobdeu spoke at great length, and alter debate the Commons ad journed. On the Stli inst. Lord Malmesbury will move a similar resolution in the House of Lords. The French papers state that the Prussian and Austrian troops In the Duchies have been increased. Prussia intends possessing all the Danish islands and afterwards attack Copenhagen. The Pressf says King Christian has person ally requested Napoleon’s protecting Interven tion. The Czar of Bussia intends visiting the King of Holland and Hague. Jutland has been placed uuder Prussian au thorities, who collect revenues and customs. Two Danish war vessels recounoitering oft Ancona were tired on and withdrew to An cona. The Prussian dispatches printed in the Lon don Post on the Holy alliance are pronounced bogus. Pretty certain information establishes the fact that the pirate Semines, his officers and crew, have got the Uappahonnock, and intend to sail soon from a French port to attack the Kearsarge. From the Army of* the Potomac. Washington-, July 17. A letter from tlie army ol the Potomac, of the 14th, says night before last the 2d corps marched out to tne works throwu up by the tSth corps, uear the Weldon Railroad. A (lank movement on tire part of the enemy was an ticipated. (leu. Hancock had his corps massed near William*' house. The enemy did not ap pear, though we wailed night ami day his couiiug. Four men rambled outside the lines, were surprised by guerrillas, and two of them were captured. The rest made good their escape. A 1st Lieutenant in the army lias been found guilty of cowardice and sentenced to have the insignia of his rank torn oil', his sword broken, bis head shaved, and to be drummed out of cainp. This officer, though two yeats in service, by artful dodging, man aged to keep out of every engagement in which his regiment lias taken part. XewYork, July 17. The Times correspondent writing from in front of Petersburg, 14th inst., says that the arrangement between the 5th corps and the enemy, to stop skirmishing while doing picket duty, is a great relief to the men of boll, sides who arc enabled to walk leisurely about. The enemy are constantly making new works and strengthening the old ones. Deserters continue coming in. Senators Wilkinson, Chanlei and Sprague are on a visit to the army. There is great joy inside of the rebel Hues, perhaps at the Maryland raid. Dispatches from Butler’s headquarters say the rebels continue to tire on transports from a moving rifle battery. Our gunboats follow the battery and shell it. Otherwise all is quiet. The Herald’s Xew Orleans correspondent says about about 1100 Union prisoners are ex pected trom Texas in exchange, under the new cartel. From Hnthinaton. Washington. July lti. Information received direct from Loudon Valley, says the reM force on tins retreat from Maryland and Washington, is moving dowu that valley towards Uordonsville. The rebels seem to be marching rapidly. Our forces who arc in pursuit captured Gen. Bradley John son uear Edward’s Ferry, but lie was subse queutly rescued by a bold dash ol his own men. It is reported at Georgetown that a division of the 0th corps met 150 or 200 rebels on the river road. A soldier ol the 07tU Xew York regimeut was hanged yesterday at Poolesviiie as a spy. Persons from near Manassas say the rebels are not repairing Manassas Railroad, as re ported. All was quiet in the Army of the Potomac yesterday. An otiieial report to the Post Office Depart ment shows that mails for twenty-eight dill'er ent cities were burned by the rebels at Gun powder bridge. Railroad trains left Washington this fore noon for Philadelphia direct. It) P. M.—There is uo confirmation of the report that the rebels are moviug trains up to Manassas. The city lias resumed its usual quiet, but has increased its military watchfulness. Interesting news is daily expected from Geu. Grant’s army. FROM GEN. 8IIERMAN*8 ARMY. ReporterI Capture of 6000 PriMonert—Rebel* falling hark to the <mt< r j oil i/icatiou. Louisville, Ky., July 16. To-days Nashville Times says at last ac counts our forces were still entrenched at the Chattahoochee river. There had been no pursuit of tbe rebels aud no advance from the banks of the river toward Atlauta. Passengers by the evening train to day state that rumors prevailed in Nashville that Sher man hail captured 6000 prisoners, but the time and locality not stated. It was reported that Gen. Sherman had or dered a correspondent ol a New York paper out of his lines. New York, July 17. Advices from Sherman's aimy state that three of our strongest corps are south of the Chattahoochle river strongly entrenched in the abandoned works ot the rebels. It was rumored that the rebel Gen. Mancy had lieeu wounded. The rebels have fallen back to the outer for tificatious of Atlanta, three miles from the city. The works are very strong, with 3),000 militia in them. The rebels arc moving all their supplies to Augusta,feariug a Iluuk movement aud cap ture. Another report says Johnston has fallen back to Cedar Bluffs, eight miles in the rear of Atlanta, thus virtually yielding that strong hold. I'rvtn California. San Francisco, July 15. The ship K. Buckley, loaded with lumber, from Puget Sound, has been wrecked at Point Orniaid. and will be a total loss. The Nevada Constitutional Convention are debating the proposition to exclude mines from the list of taxable property. Sax Francisco, July 16. The contractors of the Camanche have sixty-uine men at work putting her together. The materials have been libelled by the wreck ers for salvage, but the work will uot probably be interrupted. The bark Lizzie, for Kong Kong, takes out nearly half a million dollars in treasure. The low price of greenbacks aud the fear that they may be offered in settlement of ac counts, has caused the merchants to adopt the no credit system. From the Southirrst. St. Lol ls, Mo., July 16. Geu. Koseerans has issued an order for two steam tugs hereafter to keep on a full head of I steam, day aud night, to tow burning boats into the river, and made other harbor regula j tions. A dispatch lrom St. Joseph says live com panies of militia have pretty much all gone over to the rebels under Thornton. Mobile papers are very desponding, fearing raids by sea and land. A steamer recently run the blockade at Mobile with a valuable cargo. Gen. Lovell has been restored to the rebel service. Mosbi/'s Guerrillas near Alexandria. Washington, July 17. Mosby's guerrillas made their appearance, about 100 strong, Friday morning near the head of Washington's old mill, six miles lrom from Alexandria. Tbe Alexandria Journal says, with the ex | ceptlou of the above the guerrillas were never more quiet than they have becu during the past ten days. Death of a Maine Soldier. Fortress Monroe, July 16. Among the deaths reported is that of B. F 1 Belcher, 8th Maine. Movement» of Guerill a t Nashville, Tenn., .July 16. The dwelling of women named Battle*, live miles fiom here, where a party of guerillas were entertained, was destroyed by pursuing party of lederals last night. The river here is falling. Twenty laborers of Waverly were attacked by guerillas Friday, near that place. Three were killed and the rest robbed and drawn up in a line to be shot, hut were saved by the | rebel chief w ho liberated them, they not being j soldiers. The guerillas then destroyed their I cams and left. From the litockadinq Squadron. Philadelphia, July 16. ; The supply steamer Massaclvusett*. from the ' South Atlantic blockading squadron, lias at | rived. She briugs no report of military or naval operations. She has thirty-two rebel prisoners, 300 passengers, and a cargo of salt i and cotton Financial. New YoBK.July 10. Gold closed at 2.56 12. The associated banks agree to take #50,000, j 000 either in treasury notes or 7 3 10 treasu ry notes. They will pay in greenbacks, and will uot require that State batiks be made de positories of government monies. Commercial. Per steamship American, at New York. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARK ET, July ft —The sales ot C.ittoii for two days were 1S.00O bales, In - eluding ti.OO.t to speculators and exporters The market closed at fSjd siuce last Kriuay for Ameri cao. LIVERPOOL BREADS ana MARKET -Rich a'daou. Spence & t .... and others, report F our 1 higher. Wheat 2i higher. Corn ad,sue*d Is6.!a LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET—Beef Arm. Pork ii. in. Bacoo steady. Lard tirm with a sl.gbt advance. Tallow dull at 4 I 0,4Is. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARK ET—Petroleum dull: redned 2s Id. Ashes downward, nugar dull. Coffee quiet. Rice steady. Spirit, Turpentine nom inal at 69s for French. LONDON MONEY MARKET, July 5.—Consols closed at 901 cytsq for money. Why is It-.*—Tbc Philadelphia papers ar rive at the Boston post office the next morn ing after their publication—in season, as we are iuformed, to be sent by the morning train to this as to arrive beic by noon, t'ljr a long time they were not distributed in the Boston office in season for the morning train, and arrived here at night. .Vote we do not get them until the next day at noon, or two uays and a half alter their publication in l’bil adelphia. The Springfield Republican, which should be received on the evening of its day of pub lication, lavs over in the Boston office and is not forw arded until the next day. Will the postmaster at Boston enquire into this matter and remedy the evil. To Rent. 4 CONVENIENT U0C6K, centrally Iccated.con 1Y tatuing 13 finished rtom* stable, wood bouse. &c. Posaetsiou given at once if desired. Lent #250. ALSO. FOR SALE, A lur.e portion of the Furaitrre, Fixture*. Ac , be longing to the present occupant of the hou-e. to gether with *omo MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, including cue flue ti octave Melodeon with hand some rost wood Piano cu e; and one German Si ver Instrument adjustable to several keys—just right for a band oirhesrra. Apply at 3o2 Congress stre»t or address box 1107 I*. O. jylSdSt Hep Boat for Huri>s\vell. Ou tml alter Moudaj, Jaly lltb, 18.H, tbc new and superior sttaiuer ITI4HCCNA JOHNSON, Will leave as follows: r x tfP"*" x. Leave Custom House Wharf at 9 #n «aperHr435JE A. M. for Harp* well tou hingatPeak s Island on evt-rv t'ip. and landing jartie«* at Dia mond Cove or CUebcague lilauds wheu requested. Returning, leave Harped! at 4 P. M , touching as above. Excursion tickets to Harp*well, 75 cents; Peak's Island, 2 coals; Diamond Cove or Cbebcsguc Is lands, 60 cents. Single tickets same as above. Largo parties taken at reasonable rate s. The public are invited to inspect this boat, it being titled up iu a superior stylo, and u by far (ho saieai excursion boat in hese water*. For turtle r particular!- inquire of GEO. W ATER IlUl'SK, Agent, onboard, or J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 _ Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College. THE Kill Term will commence on Monday, Aug. X 8rh. Students will te admitted to any class in the Sem inary, Co'lege or A or m li Qmrte, lor such they are pro, and. bettd tor a Catalogue. .. H P TORSEY. President. Kant's Hill, July 14th, 1604. July 10 dl w. Payment of Andrqscoggin Coupons. THE uud rrij^ed will pay Coupon* of the An droscoggiu K K. Bond*, secured by the second mortgage of said Radroad. with inta eat to this date, to the amount of #7,£2y 45 pa>iu r such c u pons as shall first be pre*enteo at hi- . dice 31 Ex change St , Portland, among »hr*e that tell due pri or to the year )861. JABK/.C WooDjuAN, Treasurer of 1'ruj ees ol the Thiid Mortgage of A It K Co Portland. June 33.1864. jvl0dAu3w DINE AT BARNUM’S Raring HouNe, TEMPLE STREET. Portland. July 13th, 1864.—dlw John Kinsman, GAS FITTER, —AND— Dealer in (tuh Fixture*, And (iasAr Kfiosonn Cooking Apparatus. The public are inv ited to examine and teat these new inventions, which are highly recommended for summer use.' NO. 65 UNION STREET Portland. June 14.—eod3m l’or the 31illion ! ■mIUC'« Patent DOLLAR WA8HING MACHINE. fflilE first practical Washing Machine that ha* X been placed before the public. Every family can afford to ha* e oue. ibis machine is haring a rapid sale, from the fact that it recommends itself. Patties wishing a pleas aut and profitable business by taking the controleof a county, can obtain the same by railing at 22b Con gress street, next door to New City llall. jai>7dlm Stuge IVoti<*o! For North Conway, N.ll.TrI-Weekly Line*. l)A88EN(iKR8 leave Portland at 7 4oa. m. over I the V % C. K B Mondays,Wednesdays and Fri days. via Gorham, Standish.Liniingion, Cornish.Mi ram, Brownfield and Fryeburg, arriving at North Conwavatfij o'clock P. M. returning by the same route Tuesdays. Thursdays and vaturdays, aniv iug at Porllxud in season to take the Boston steam ers. The excellent acconunodatiou* and remarkable scenery are not surpassed by any other route. JOHN W! WEEK8. Proprietor and Driver. June Jl—dim DimoncT* <liin<lrill«‘ Rand 1 S now r< ady to furnish Balls. Cotillon and Pic Nic Parties on the most favorable terms All orders left at Paine s 31 usic store (103 31iddle street) wiil receivc prompt attention. jy ltMLm HOBSi; It V II. ROAD ! MHCTu* stockholders who have -B1,01 I**1*-! for their NEW c- ^FuL^S^SLSSiLSz^m >T(>( K are requested settle i for the same previous to the 20ih inst. No stock will be reserved lor them alter that date. l'er Order. M G. PLc 31 >IER, Treasurer. JylSdlw Bowdotu College mHK Annual Exauiinaticn of candidates for ad* X mission to Howduin College will takeplac on Friday the ttf'h day of Angus' next, at 8 o'clock m , the forenoon,in the new 3Iedical llall; and also ou Thursday. the twenty-filth day of August next, in the same place, aud at the same hour. LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick, July 6, 1864. julyTdtd Boutloin College. TITHE Annual 31k ting of the President and Trus X toes of llowdoin Coll* go w ilt be held at Banister Hall, in the College Chanel, on Tuesday the 2nd day oi August next, at On o'clock in the forenoon. JOHN ROGERS, Secretary. Brunswick. July 6. 18*34. july Tdtd Btnvdoiu College. TITHE Aniiual Meeting of the Overseers of How X doiu ( ollege will be held at their Boom in the College Cha- el, on Tuesday, the secoud da/ of Au gust next, at 2 o’clock P. M. A. C ROBBINS. 8ec’v. Brunswick, July Gth 1864. julyTdtd Wnllel LOM. ON Thursday, July 14th, on Commercial street, rear Thomas Block, a Leather Wallet contain ing between sixty aud-evenfy dollars. The finder wi 1 be liberally reward-d by leaving It at the count* iug room of the Daily Press. dJulylGlw Board. A Gentleman and his wife, and three or four sin gle gentlemen can find pleasant rooms with board at 64 Cumberland Street, jyUd2w* C* CRAM. ' MISCELLANEOUS.^ S. A . BLOOD. Successor to George Anderson. No. .317 Cougnss Street, Portland, Sign of Anderson's Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on baud a complete assort incut of HOOP SKIRTS, of every ^izeand length. made of the best material! aud warranted to give perfect •atiid'actiozi. A Nook baud a full as«ji trncut vi Corsets and Skirt Supporter*, ' of the most nopuiar mak a, both ouign and domes tic, with other article.' properl) belonging to u Uooj. Skirt ©tore. Hoop bkirts made to order, and rt paint g done ai short notice. Parties uiaiiug with this establishment may rel> | upon getting goods of tbe very beat quality and at price* as lo w ah a really good article can be afforded Portland, July 6, 1804. dGw GRAET'S COFFEE*SPICE MILLS. Olir IXAL ESTADUSUMBXT. J. G-R ANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFP’EE, SPICES, Mala ruins A Cream Tartar, AT«w Ccffee and Spice Mills, 13 and U L'nim street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spice. put up 'or the trade, with an, address, ID all variety ul packages, and warrantia as represent.-1. Coltof rousted end ground for the trade at .licrt notice. BE” All If, od 1 entrusted a (the owner’, risk. _ ___ Portland Oom’y. 1,311'I KEN Hundred llia-r, of New Stock of tbe , Company are to be i sued. The pren**ut Stock holdtr. li.vf tl,.« r.gbt to the nmt for tet days, viz: until July fcOtb. ,, Subset iption Kook, are open at the office of tbe L jmpanv ou Fore street, ai.d at the l’ortlacd Sav ing. Hank. July sid JOSEPH C. NOYES, Clerk. ilKAlffOKu * HAKafUJU ' Pension and Claim Agents, (Established in IS.'jJI.) SI I LL continue lo derofe their special and exclu elvoatt ntiouto tbe prosrcu’ion or Claims lor Pension.’., Homilies Arreara of Pay ami Prize Money, And all other claim, against the Government hav my been duly lkeuasd thersfot. IT All aiivK e tree, terms as Iowa, at any otb ei A. oner, and uo pay require, aatil tbe claim, art obtained. Office 8$ Exchange itreet.Jooe Block. 1 . li HA DEO ED. t... 91 ... Z. K DAEMON. June 21.—dtf WINSLOWS .MACHINE WORKS MANL'FACT'.RER'S BLOCK. U N Ie> N STREET. J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, Juscnwniu or Steiin Engine-. Steam Bnilore. Shafting pulleys Gearing, and all kind* of Also Low aud High frees ore .i'rtm Iie8tuig Ap paratn* tor Factories, Public Buildings An l Dire liujj House* In tb:* De par.ment trio cm a! Ifahinrnt hu.* toen uncommouh '•ucjemfo). ot*MBCock«, Valves. Whittlou, aud t.aio, Water ana <»a.» Pip<- ami corn -ction* famiahed at wholesale or retail. Repuiring promptly ttutl liiitblu'ly Done. la conn ction with the above oftabli.«htnpnt i« an . houndiy, with a large asMortment of ijtiotnw an i » I >auiO£ MUJ, where wood pniiing ut all kitni* may be dot e,_ ma,2dtl J- T. Lewis <£z, Co., Manufacturers and W holesale Deale • in READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, CAomVrr . . . Sr,. lc»J2/Ve Street Hurt, (Over H. J Libby 4 Co ) J. T. Lew's, J. P. Lewie, PORTLAND, MF. jylldtf Carriages, C) arriages! Firmly Built aud Nearly Fiuklud. J. P. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., | kl l Klis for sale, at bl« ratahlBbaeit, a variety , ' «* ' in the uenti >t ami ruo.t .ob rf'ifr" .al manner. I he bmi itmetit t nm| rno all ti e dilf-rent sty lea of Light t writers, an i they will Ik io.d on the most favorable term*. Person, intend lng to purchase tartiugfa will hud It f r their liner pst to o-all and examine before bay iug e sew here. JUUP-ft'J 11 K E MO V A L! S. Cohen <£z> Co., Who .snleand Retail Dealera in 1 vimmings, A^liyrs, Wontods,Corsets, Skirts, Ac., Have removed from 291] to No. 192 WASHINGTON STREET, a rrosrrx m Mamio' Horn., A'lor- firmer Ig ne-ujHtil by George W Warren. Hast or, .Inly \ IK*. yy w Pori [and Company. -Notice. '•THE Skrck holder of the Portland Company ate .. hereby n.xiti.U that the annual ru e teg of the (oryoi-aii u will be held at the oft ce t f Hie Com pvuv. at tlmr works. „n Tue-day the IB h day ol Jn.y met. at S o’ciOak iu the aitornavn. for tne'fol lowing purj>. «.•* _ 1—To hoar aud acton Report* of ptr. ctora and rr*gftort*r. 2 -To choose Director, for the ensuing y ear. 3 -1° act on any other business tbat may come before the meeting. . , , JO-EPTI C. JfurEB. Clerk. Portland. July 9!h, lStst.-dld Kemovnl. fTAVIKG removed from my old stand to the * * *,,or? lNu “• Commercial street, and as.ccialed m self iu b«*iness with Mr. Ileorv Fling. I would take ibis opportunity to thank invrustomrrsfor past favo-s. and would r. spectiully solicit their future patronage ol the tirm of Fling 4 Wt.lttr more ... . , , - STEPHEN WHMTEMORK. I ortiand, July 8tb, luo*. . JuJyHdiw Coparliiprsvliip Notice. TIIIE undersigned have this day formed a Copart under the name and s y le of Fling 4 vt hittemore, and have taken the store formerly oc cej.i d by Henry L iiig.No.dl, Commercial street, vvrere they intend doing a Commi'sion aud Whole sale business, in feus. Tobacco, W. I l.oods, Gro ceries aud Provision. HENRY FI.1NG .. . , , . STEPHEN WHITTEMORE. Portland Juh 9,19-4 J dtf ■ IIIC IMiailQM. On am! after June 13tlithe>teamFr CASiCO will uaii! further notice leave lturnliam'. Wharf, for Teak’s and ru«hln(t’s Island* at 9 anrt 10 30 A M. and 2 and 3 30T.M. lieturning will leaveC'u*hinr‘sIsland at 9.49 and 1115 A M and 2 45 and 6 15 T. M Tickets 25 cents, down and hack: Children 15 ct». June 9—dtf $500 BOUNTY. Mivue# Or kick, I July 12,1%4. | SEA ERAL citizens being desirous ol turniahing representative rootuits lor the aunt. 1 ttm au thorized bv them to oiler a bounty of > 1VK HUN DRED DOLLARS, to Vitkrans or A’ieu* not subject todralt, who may enlist as representative recruit# for the term of three years iuto tbs army of the L »ih d State# The bounty 0f $500 includes the State Bounty, but is in addition to any United Stite* Bounties and will be paid to the recruit as soon as mustered iuto the United State* service. Applications for enlistments may be made at this office JACOB MoLLLLAN, Mayor. Julylldlw Ice Cream ! Ice t ream ! ! ,A.t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 15*4 and 154 Eichaage St., Opposite the International House. _ mayTdtt Foreign Emigrant Association Portland, June 2ff, 1*64. Hon. R D Bic«. President af the Foreign Emi grant AjjgociaHon *■/ Maine : Sir—the undersign*d. Directora ef the above nnmt-d Aw >ciation. request you to call a Special M< etiug ol the Stockholders at the t reble House in Portlaud, on the2i“h day of July next, at 3 o'clock iu the af ernoon. tor the purpose of r visiug and amending the By Laws, and the transaction of any oth r business that may be properly brought before them. * Joy as H. Pkrlxv. John Lvncii, \\ O. CRAM. A SPECIAL MEETING Of the Stockholders of the Foreign F.miurant Asso ciation ot Maine, will be held at the time and place aud for the purpose named In the fireg ing request K. D. RUE. Pres't. June 28, 19f-4. jyl4dtd Copartnership. fMBE undersigned have formed a copartnershii h under the name ot Freeman Brothevs. aue have leas- d the store formerly occupied by Twitchel & Cha-npliu No 85 l omm*-rc*als rtet, whe*e th#»j propose to carry on the Flour, Tea and Tobacci business. JAMES FREEMAN. SAMUEL FREEMAN. Portland. June 9.—dflw • For Sale. 4 VALUABLE lot ot land.situated in Westbrook n«-ar tho foot of the street, from the Steven Plain’s road to the county road from Bishop s U Woodford’s corner. Rtti alnutcs walk to the flora Railroad, containing about six acroa, tbtrtr-tvi ro^sou said county road; this lot is valuable fo: buiMiug lots or cultivation—is mostly covered witl a handsome maple grove. F or term* apply to W. B GOODRICH, Steven’s Plaint. 1 Jfl«2w» HWTFRT A I VMDVrnu I DEERING HALL. For One Week Only! Commencing Thursday, July 14th. MORESTE’S jOKICrllVAL KAVEL COMBINATION* P A N’T 0MIME TROUPE. 1 M. D« ( TlALEMRAfX, This Coopers, MAfiic Flute, 1C* rim Monster, Mauic TRrispEr, Tax Bi: garde, TolAn-Vsht, Niuar Owl, Ac. Admission 25 cts. Reserved SenA 50 ott. Door* open at o’clock—coiuiu’lcw at 9. F K.IN’K ANU909T B nine. Manager. ! Oscar D. Rheas, i , .„ ... i K. Fraser. | Belentitlo Artists. Jjlldlw VANAMBURCH & COS MAMMOTH MENAGLEIE, _txMbttion and EGYPTIANCAEAYAN, I Wirt Colossal Htatj ...Mijuflit Vaz Ambtrch A Co in again appearing before tbe people of America, desire to state that their present Menagerie 'contain* AN ENTIRE NEW > Collection of Animals that were captured by or un der the immediate supervi sion aud direction of the great Van Amburgh Himself Aud are tbe products of an expedition to The Icy Regions of the Xorth TVs, The Pampas of South America, T he lkserts qf Afrmz, I And the Jungles of Asset. All of which were caused to contribute the choicest speci mens cf Animated Nature to be found within their rest ec tire realms. They arrived in N. Y late in the Fall of *63 where an unparalleled and most ttinmphant success a waited them. Flushed with new* laurels of success a trav elling paraphanalia was de signed of the most transcen dent magnificence possible to conceive which through their immense resonrses sprang Into existence as if by magic. Cages of the most gorgeous descrip tion ; Wagons of the most costly ; Harness cf surpassing beauty and elegance; Horses of ^ ^g^L the best Arabian blood; Mammoth mKJJA . vanegated Canvass of immense proportion , And an entire retinue of unequalled excellence arc hen to t^^^m&lxseen Human intellec eonla not in its grandest moment of codception originate any ^ n * thing more grand and daz I W zling to behold. The venta lw— J'VfV ble Van Amburgh, (whom m vious persons from bis long ^‘ absence from America have taken advantage, end caused the press to announce his de -e’-'ln cease) will accompany the exhibition and head the TR1 JT7T rMPHAL PROCESSION its entrance to the place of exhibition which will rep retent In spleudor A Moving Panorama Nearly one mile in length. VAN AMBURGH - ^——w: 4 rt The original Lion and Tiger Tamer. Th* following list wu ta- J | ken from the living Amrail* S/\ thom-elves in the Company* jQ \ Building, 539 X 541 Broadway kTK \ N. Y., on th** ‘23d of March, and therefor* may be consul* M JL ^ .1 Correct l td of Antm-th w \ Prof i*aiuworthy ’» Trained Animal*: 1 African Lion, Asiatic Lion, Namid i*n Lioness, Bniillun Tiger. Bengal Leopard* Senegal leopard. South A- ^m mertran Jigu«% performed by him ! at each entertain ment. \ (Living Giraffe, only one in America; AfilMNE \ Great Performing Elephant, Tippo I A.!*». exercised by frank Na«h *, V Black African tKi non. nine feet hi,h. ll S A Grey Ostrich . Zebra , Pair of J"^il White Bear. Pair young Lion*; RmB ^1 Calif rma Grizzly Bear, very l «rge . < B-n;*l Leopard and Youiw. African Panther, English fall vr Deer, S||.‘ ver Striped Hyena, African Spotted Hyena, Amen< an Panther or Puma ; Poonah or Hindn**tan Bear, only one in America , African Lion. Asi atic Lion, Bengal Leopard. Young Lion 5 years old, Brazilian Tiger. S. A. Jaguar, African Leopard. Hoy al Bengal Tiger, only one in America; Hurnieee or Sacred Cow, Ice or Polar Bear, Hockv Mountain Wild Cat, Japanese Mishin Swine, African Gazelle, Virg; na Pi*.«>:n, American Black Bear, Chinese *•.! Mczina Dogs, N--W Holland Kangaroo, Afri can Crownel Crane. Black Wolf, tlrey Wolf, Egyptian Go*ae, African P*r>npine, ▼ ry rare; Blue s.»nd Hill Crane, M hit? St >rk. very large; Black Swan. African Pelican. Sp*n. i*h and American fowls. Silver Pheas tnta. Golden Pheasant*. Span, hah '1 ice MTS, A I , ca Sheep, Ca*hm»re -Sheep. White Lama. Tiger Cat, He-1 and Yellow Crest Cockatoos. Parrots an l Dove* . Monkeys an 1 l>ogs, Jai » Hare ami Guinea Pige, Ant-Eater an 1 Co.itlm manda. Bubo >n and White faced Monkey, Wood l>u«-k* and Cnrrn r Dovee, 1 1 Mountain H tiger, Australian Shell Paroquetts, Whit- Kais and Mu** . Bird*. Block Sjulrrel, Co. atils, African Gjoy Parrot*, Tampico PrrroU. Love Bird*, .African lllng Neck ParosjttetU. Australian K<xell.T, | l.on Parqsuetts, Lori Grand* King Parrot*. S. A. Parr its. Chin.**.* Par j oquatt*. King and ijuceii Parrot*. Ho«s Cockatoo, §atin Breast I’iro cuelt, Europe* i .1 ’V-J. just added the Great Al’l KALIAN BIKDMiOW. i * j con***ting of xn immense nnmher of B B.r I* of every variety and plumagf Aj. w Precedin' the cordon t \ procession ou its arr i v;ti inti /fan Y^ \ th* place of exhibition, iu he m»**n the (H)LOSAL trills- Jf mrm 1>EN OH \K1()T containing £9 Otto Horn’s Coaun Hand. • Will Exhibit on WESTERN PROMENADE, near | the Arrenal, Monday and Tuesday, July 18 and 19. I>oors open 1} and 7$. Amission only 25 oeutu — No hall price. june28-29-3‘>Ja!vl3-14-15-16 18A1W Portland Army Committee OV TUB TL’S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. K. lUjon, reoalran Sloraa at lit Mid die street. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, receive* Money at 75 Commercial street Secretary, Henry II. Burgeaa, receive* Letters at 80 Commercial street. And.ew J. Chase, Dr. W. R. Johnson. JiulMIl DRY 0001)8. CLOSING OUT SHE —AT— C. K. BABB'S, — OF S TJ M MK It DRESS GOODS! NOW —It— YOUR TIME TO BUY, WE SHALL GIVE GOOD BARGAINS! I To All in Want of MOZAMBIQUES, POPLINS, TAFFITIES, STRIPED ALPACCAS, Plain Alpaccas, Xs^ourning Organdie MUSLINS. American ALtislins, 4-4 French & English P R I !V T S ! SUMMER BALMORALS, V Nu 11 Umbrellas. Kid Gloves, ANGOLA FLANNELS! Shawls, Shaw ls! VERY LARGE STOCK. tWntS k. BABB, Congress Street. jol^UiModXw >—-g-*—I - - — AUCTION NAUK8. Om nibii^e^ at 4union. /"kN' Tiu -day, July 19 at 3 o'cl ok }\ M . m <he i \r Inni. i o ihe u« u, ,»,* hoi.e K»U kcad, ou 8p tug ftirt-ot to do*,, a c>ucero i wo Uinu l»u-e-f the in *»s tor one ; i *Jl0tttLe 4I» two W*xfto.A»; amj|it It*** «*, { *°'kc Ail* caud ha.n w, rilili. * |.« si i>«. HKNRi oAiLfck * L'o , m ucliobtai* I only l*y —tlrd *<• ini)* it a cut'll i«. 0N *^da: Jll\ Wlh« 1«> uUik A M , at t oils abtl \ hu—thiuh ai.u tu u hv a vbd t U! ! drey*. La*. nd Miits, pri ci al > tiik~ &c .kc The ot iuroKes nj b po*|. live iaatruc iou* to ciotc tl e.u uui. r i i *,*V* * * to., i[cTi0lvu. •i uiv o—aid fc. M. PATTEN. AUCTIONEUt, Ultocl»!i|e »t. I>ry (loods, Fhbcy floods, 4c. ut Auctioa. ON lu.mlxj. July lOib.M 10 A. M , u .„oir tnout ot 1 >ry bond* eoin.ii. iug nparioi Biuod. clotb*. Cojm‘mere* *at.»*.eii*. bits* buodn. t» *nl* tiiMiit, r»6 e Lioeu. nkirt*, liaiin<*»l>, lahlo • ut ••>>•. Letter and Note Piper. Al. AhiU Im.i 1*1.1,|l|.dip ll.cli, i UtiU, lull XI Codee, Aten At 10} o c!ot!t <rcund baud Ateno, 50 yd» O 1 a sln^ Jfacbixo J;,4jld t.M. Tabu, AOCIIOKlKK, 1J kxeluu,g» bt. Iteal Eslaio ut Aitr'irn, W«h^.Td °? WiL "***1*1 * « idj 20 h.»* hill «e.: k.n .rr, lbr« «,e,. on *ailJu, t„„ u k‘ w “JrX uml'. V 6 * °"K «*• “■ u iillufi ». u AJ.,1 n.Mif M,re i.tetign rb. Ii, e .1 h, M _ , .... 'Oid. Thi, .pry m rib i pn mu wi.l Uih.ii rri.f i i*U l,r*“ *“ **•* **‘c‘ »-»■ it,. 1. / U Tid " *“d P*r,lc* *" cull on the Auc ion. or. ewuiiuio n III r.Miiif in « ap* zabeth ai Auc-iion. ON Wtdoerd.y, Jul, '-Otb. aiSo'dock r. u oa i\u pie-nm,,.. ue .ban 4*11 ,h , ,,r dt.liable .mco.fpnmer! luCape r.l /met . k.own tut. tr ■ Snip Ynril, on turner’, ii ad on inn 1 be *’• b * *■ Hai.ruad. CilMUl g ab .nl tuelte acm .■ii at fl«'« an i 2 ot *p and la re ia on i a dm* u mg b-u e a b a -a-R.iin ah panda araeaoube Imi.ered but’ditig of Ik,u 3 i,j 13U ft iu. poeeaeo iiraied at ha,Ip building. Jbn laa.iieu tdp.ceet p open, t i .n.p ni.augur a.u. u .e turtng pu.po-e* rtqal I g warn n ma. mg. oouetled 0 he 1UI read ,.n .. e aide auo the tlar. bor win. lue aa ei on the otlmi— l.e are--a ia at. v«>« e«.\ . We knew Ol no o her kueb ml in ti a vn. eicliy ol I’ortlaud fjr ..i* o je I ,* * ,,*! o.ner a .on -r.. 1 ni-mi. tta ar. u,Iw plan a*d part cn ara pl*a«e rail » ’ Jr9 dtu UiNKl BAILKI a CO.. A net it. tuliiubic Beat tsialr ul A it, non. ON Men. ay. Jul v Sbth.a a *\ l . M on ibu pretone*, a large, noub o » oou. u lion** *,* » *u<i »oi t ttAcu Airojt. cuuimiumg tijf.una ttui*b» d roo.o.. u lar*e briea ci-ieru iu ina ceUai uim. iu* two c .aioriab.e icmuinie uiniu til on lit byab.u M ket beck. A n.ataeibd a Lari • uia beuaeouaa_ue..r«t. auj .King ab ir co ta mug ae an.Bed ruoiua: lot 21, i*et rout by about m iGetdeep. ml* p.»i:lre—uiieclta — i. rin. ta.t JulelS—diu**lki dtH.fc.Y A CO., Auctioneer*. BrlU Entail! lor —u Eabkrg. AT Pabl'e Aiic’ton on Vimnetay July Bib. at 3 oeiockf. ii limit** prev*ouiJ/ a*po>*Acf mi puvatei-ae. ••f’T M' »soon Sixirh BtrMt. 16 U S4, milh •' bard ana *ott water. 0"C 3 torv Home on Linco a 'Tret. 74 by 47. four >€W'Old—11 ttuf-htd room*; kt»w o /»,<! *r.U *•'»' Lor 4ub MO. k. nil* for #3 0 JP. bJ non*" o Frlkak In with 8 floisued room.-*; brleit cifftera, Ac Loi 80by Tto ofth^ abore h >n«^ b Ing ma/*e T-cant far tnc j’u tor-o of *a*c of Hie aaoie, Jmiuccitte po^i i u ui!) bo ht>. AUo. • i^fit h.»a«r L -t«. •t'nt’fri oa Oxford. LJa oo*n, S*nia* aud Cu«ttu«rU «u $ *. huquiro of _ dnaS S GOULD, jy,4 *4 $ **.!, l»’p Staiw. irUMAHE a. kAl ltlk. ’ Commissiou .Mrrch-jut & 4uctio»r«r, Haa removed to the ,p cicua rtcre IS hxohnbdv k>tr* t, tour do.i. below dAeroiumi’a Arxotuursa. Will respire eo; .igntrect* ol litrcbandiaa ai every de.oripticii lor public or pih u.t .a * ,,n, ot Krai £.tate, Vo«e;.. i a, go,/ Mock. * er ebaudjae Catb aurance* a act atib prompt taler and returut »tbli dip TO THE AFFL1C1EUI OK. Medical Electrician. Mo. 11 Clapp’* block, UORNMR OF CON ORMRS AND MI.M SThMMlA WOULU ro»pec»Uiiij uboubmIo tb, . .. Portland and vicinity. that he ha» p.,n B»,, »>* if located in tbit city. During the ottJtu months that ©ehave been in towu we have em<u a* a.e ot the worst forma oi dt«e*iw iu pm ret* f #Vt. tr^,j other toim* ot treatment in van., anti cnnrr no tienta in so ahutt a time ttet the qm-ettoa k ott» # aaked. do they stay cured ? To ae-wer tbi* question wewi.isay ’bat all that donot ta> cn eo, wr will doctor the ntikd time for n* ti h»* Dr. D. has been a practical Elect rn*i»D ter twenn one year* and i»al*o a r. gtlnr graduated ibystcitii R.ectne2ty is reneetly acapted to chronic direaeea in the term ct nervous nr nek heet'Wfhe; newrala** la the head neck,or extremities, c* n«umprlcn when ta the acute stages or where the long** are aot »*liy Involved: acut* or chronic beuman-m scrofula, hir disease* whit* -w^Jlingr. spinal <*>*«*•*§, cvrvatan oi the spin* contract* u lauacit* >♦, rw d hmta palay or parutv&Js. st Alias’ i ruev, u»i rta», atam yrinf- r hesitancy of speech dyspepsia. <To>ge*». H u.nonstipatioL and liver eoirpaiif j ilee- weca « • e-’orj ca*. »batcarh# f»tss*T*r*«* weaa tr»i.h» ti. nf the ©heat and ail form* ©* thmala complaint*. | By Bleoirlolty The Kheumatic tn© goaty. the tame and the huv Uap witn joy, and move wi.:. ib© agum and elnauc. «»y o» yovth; the heated brain is cooied; the Irogi bitten Umb* restored, the uucouth detonaitiev re. sored; taint ness converted to vigor weakness to ctrength; the blind made to aee, the neat to bear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemiabe* o. youth are obliterated; \hv aroitfrntt of mamn In# prevented; tb<- 'alaini'i— *4 »•«*" age obviated aae an active circulation maintained. LADIES #110 uifcoold htna. .o, iki. a I Ek ,(,Mkk , I. n» aa<] «««k btcki: otnooi .(ck b..d,c).t <1 iiiiMMiBd -wimiaiB, id thr head, with Itdlti*. t a and «>n#ttpstior of ttirbov U; pair i. tb# ,id. kid t>»rk. t. ocorrl'u-m. (or whitm); tkllto. thk w irnb with lB»rrn»l *,nn r»: tun,or., nol>i>ai, ,b4 k!l thkt ionptroiB <>» dlM4>» will nod u Hntrio l*T m oirr mean, cf care for painfhl r-ra.traattoa »•*> jirolh.emenetruttion. •bbiII of »bo»e le», Hb« of troubln with voub^ ladle* k rctriclty «e a eertais .pkcltii.aad will tr • .hort time rrelorr theHfirtt to the rigor a health. tW~# o tlb-:n»-Cktmieml Appmrmn* in rxtractiiy Miarra . .evu in a .rtk,T*t.iD, itok ae #rrear> tatlmoBj, An»mc. It, UaBkiwar who are tr.tutled with .tiff joiair, weak took,, ih tori* oak otherdifhealtf*. thr dtm-t eauee of which, ik a mo caw. okt of ten. I. the effrci oi (oieoBoof drart, eao be rwtorvd f o e tar. I .'n r *t h and »i*o» hr the I* of from #t* to elfht Rathe. Office hoar, from do'alnck A. W. to 1 Mill «; aBd? ro Hr*. t'onw.lfatle* Weee. IrltlHd UNITED STATES Iiitoi*nnl lleveime. Collector's Notice. IXATBaNDL J JiiLLFR, * ollretor of the f Ell st loliec'ton l> sttikt. lathe Mivo: Maine. *© .©0> giv-# uoiice to a! p mote colc roe i. that l have received tor collecti* n. the Third Aaui ai Col* ivetiou List, made mu c* mmitu-u t* me by th- as* se*-or th- roof, In nccortlai.ce with »h*» ret of Con* gresamti )e "An Act tt> prevjd iitmii intuue to sopnort the Uoh erumeui inu o pay itt*crrei >n the public d br." a* proved duly 1 ld^2 and the tui Ldoients thereto: that the so%eral cutiea. tii'o- (on income, ca rla.c- inn p’ate,'tr d‘i ti<*ea« asse* rd oluiu ru e * ai.d cccta»trd n -i d Ms*.have become du» and payable, a* d tint 1 ar.l! t>. vrraon or by Deputy. attend to colifctin. and nc*»ving the a (ore.'aid du'Mt tax^a and !icein#s. ii-rtHd aid ayab’c with n thev oni ty *»f t ittrieriancf. in sa t! Di-tric*. at my of c *. A<*. 22 h rckanar rtr- tt, / « r» land'jrom tk' 22#/#»y oj jut* to thr »rk *«y of Ju y, A. D. 18 ’-4, both <1 |tfin/KWvr tba» I vti in hke man < r .i • ». r collet tit g a - d leet h ii g da* ti» s, taxes and li~ei»re*» s’* a,**r**»’€i. aa*e**e« »nd payable wi'hin 'hr C» un'jr of Yo*k. i»» *aki D sir ct, at th-:* otlowiug de*ignaied times and places, to wit: at N'at'O, at the //. tel k»pt by R\fk* M lord, on Xon• </.!$ the 2Suh Jm y. 1«6I; U the Bidd./jrd Ho*** in Bid itford. Tket up July 2>. SO * • At Kmnrtnnk, at thr r our am liLUMt, fVtdnu'ay. Jnipt: 18».4: A‘ (ho Xen'i ha-rori t Honor, South J'rricicl, T Hr9*ap, July IS 1« 4: .41 Ltouric'A, at the Hotel L pf be Amos T Ich. Sat• unlay Jul 81/A.I804. Amt I lurther give ..otic- 'ha- ail pe •• ns who ucKtect u> pav tti*» untie*, tax* s aud lie- 1 ae* see# #*1 upon th> m as a oresaid. to m© « r tm J ei n y, witlii rh-lime hove specir.ed, v I teounpel«d, under the pioviri as o s*c U of th Ac* 01 ton* gte.-tsalYrw aiu. "to |»av ten per ctn uin up u the atm nut ttereot " Terscns in the • ounty o York. # ea mo# of do i' g c u pay meir tax—« at rov i-iflc© No. 22 Ex* liana*- otiext, To i)a «». prior *»tl e *»th *,»y • I Ju cy, 1864. NATHANIEL J MILLiF. C*»li c or or the E ist bol tetku Diauict cf Me. Eo't aLd Jnlv >*. 1S.4. UT" N*» oth«*r iaoi ey t an I'nifed States Tr» xfury No t*a **r Not* a o* Nat’oi ai H nka,« r t o’d ai d Nil* verf’olp will to remived urluxesatfer ill d*te. II l'Ot HAVfcA’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OR, if ▼«>* have an o’d one that «*or't exaotly fuil v hi, floi 't t»i> to exuuiuo ibi*vir> btit |«t t«ru tow iu» b . th* POL \ R KFFRIOFK VTt'K. For sale at tie Furniture heoma of WALTtl^rOKKY. 62 and 64 Exchang* stroe ’«•'(»« ® 4— R«ttw. THIS day l g sou, w F. Hedgklns, hla time to act end tiaue lor h m-mlf; 1 shall hot claim his Btiti or tay his dcbis. claim ae 0. HODGKINS. Attest—C B Sand*. Danlai Freeman, Fort and. Jaly S 1SB». JjWtw*

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