Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 20, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 20, 1864 Page 2
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TUB DAILY PRESS. PORTLAND, MAIN*. Wednesday Morning, July 20,1864. --. — < . ' The circulation of the Daily Pres* is larger thin any other Daily paper in the State, aiul double that of any other in Portland. rinita—*8.00P*r year: if paid strictly t» ad samo* a diseoam of S1.00 sbill be mads. UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PBESIDBHT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TtXXKSSKR. . ' SM For Elector*. At Lores—JOHN B. BROWN. Portland, ABNERSTE I'SON.Damariscotta. l*f Diet.—RICH ARO M. OUAPMAN, Biddeford. MAri.-1THOS.A.D. FESSENDEN .^uburu. FOB OOVBBNOB, SAMUEL CONY OF AUGUSTA For Member* of Congre**. I,f Diet.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. •id District—SIDNEY PERHAM, of P*rl». A Eebel Outlook. To those who are distrustful and despond cat regarding our military affairs we commend ihe following clear aud comforting summing up of the operations of our two great Armies, by tbo Georgia Constitutionalist of June 2tfih. The accouut is from a rebel stand-point, aud shows clearly enough how matters are viewed 11 Dixie. We presume the editor wrote out bis honest couvtclioDS “The magnificent army of Sherman has, without loss and without battle, lorced bars one of our best armies, under a favorite Gen eral ; and if he only had iuieuded a raid, the destruction of the vast agricultural iuterest ol the grauery of our Stale, is a loss winch we we are ill prepared to endure, aud totally un prepared to retrieve. The evil is, first, the withdrawal from market ofessential food; sec oud, the iucreaoe of population caused by re fugees, which makes an iucreased demaud ou the producing capacity of the State; third, the increased prices, which tend to depreciate the currency, bear another one-ibild repudiation, Toeu if It be more than a raid, aud Suerman holds bis trout by fortitlcalious, and ais rear by guards, it D an actual lues 01 empire. 'therefore, with harm actually done, and with Atlanta aud the great railroad interests Involved in the fate 01 a battle that Shei man may or may not risk, is it wise to tell our peo ple that tue iuvasiou of our Slate is but a 'stu pid biuuder' of the enemy. Just eight hours before ihe battle of Baker's Creek, a General high iu command told a lady iu our hearing, that the crossiug of the Mis sissippi by Gcu. Grant placed him at our mer cy, aud that the ouly tuing to tear was, that he would take the alarm aim escape to his gun boats oelore we could make the attack. Twen ty-four hours later, our brokeu columns wen hurrying along the same road in retreat, aud the lady wuo had believed the General could not aave even her wearing apparel. That General was uot named I’embet ton. Instance after instance of this kind have wv had durtug use war. aud yet grave papers, with able editors, talk of the certainly that Sherman Can never lake his army back to Chattanooga, aud congratulate the country tint be has marched into a trap. We ouce had some ex perience with an old rat that always sprang mu steel trap ITom the uuder side, and always took off the bail aud sever got caught. 1 lie Yankees bare a peculiar faculty of marching luto traps aud staying there. Our ouly com mentary upon such writing is, that such trap-, as ualf a State, aud the best haif at that, are so expensive as to awaken smiles iu the North aud ia Europe when we boast of them. In like manner do we talk about Gen. Grant, aud amuse ourselves over a set of facts which are far from amusing. We are perfectly satisfied that ilia comman der of the armies oi the United States might have reached the result uow aim d for with but a small portion of the loss he has sustain ed, and that with all allowance for the pecu liar Couiedrrate anhmetic which kills Yankees to rapidly—ou paper! Lieut. Gen. Grant was greatly mistaken in his ilea that, haviug turned the Hulk of Gen. Lee iu crossing the Kapidau, there would sim ply be a loot race for lt.cbin>ad. But two things hare since been demonstrated, aud bom are serious. First, that the army of the Uulou is so large aud powerful that the usual military axiom, • Flunking is more dangerous to the flanker than the flanked,’ does not ap ply. The strategy of Graut, which consists in simply withdi awing one wiug at a time be hind tUe itnurecnable masses ol the center aud other wiug, would be fraught with peril were that ceuusr aud remaiiiieg wiug con tracted enough to be enveloped, or weak enough to he broken, bol is perfectly safe as U is. Therefore he is at liberty to play tricks In plalu sight and without peril, simply because he is too big to catch. Consequently, in a succession of tricks, eveu by one of the only in ale rate ability of Grant, there is dan ger that one not seen or foiied at exactly the night lime may catch us. Such a result wou'd uot be destruction to our army, for Lie also ia to big to hold, but it might do ns harm. The second danger is of the siege of Rich mond. Some of our contemporaries, and the rn-wt of the correspondents, laugh at this ; and yet Grant has it iu his power to besiege the capital, or force an attack on himself, or force an evacuation ot Richmond. Not that ne has bis choice of these three things, hut can force that choice upon us. Iu Grant's moving up the south of Rich mood aud threatening James river near the city, Gen. L>e has choice of two evils. If hi' keeps ahead of Grant and holds the Peters burg line invlolated, that flanker necessarily gets between him and Richui >nd. ami walks Into the city at his leisure. If L'*e keeps be tween Richmond and Grant, the latter of course gets between him and the {southern {states’ communication, and cu's off the onlv source of suoply now left, as ihe valley of Virginia is In the hands of the enemy. Ii Lee want* to save Petersburg and K chin and both, lie will have to attack < ran', iu one of his craw-fish movements, and will have to at tack the positions and intranchmeni* which the grand -fade and-pick army never exists an hour without. Iu our judgment the plan of the campaign Is at last developed. Western Virginia, the ▼abey and its resources, l«, by the movemeut on Staunton and L“xlngton,to lie reudeted unavailable for provision*. Grant is to throw his army into lortlBcatlons aern-s the rail road* from Richmond south, and »o cut off our armv supplies. Thus the starvation of a selge will be as effectually secured, as If an army could he found large em ugh to sur round the legions of Lee, as Grant did Gen. Pemberton; provided, of course, that the Danville road shares the same fate that the Weldon road probably will. If Gen. Lee chooses to stop the game by a fight, he has to put hl« Anger on the slipperv Grant aud stop his flea-like flanking*; and having found him and stopped him fur a fight, he will have to charge the hills Grant will oc cupy and the trenches Grant will dig. If President Davis concludes to swap capitals, and giving Grant Richmond, starts off ahead of him for Washington, we will have the ar my to subsist in desert waste between the two capitals; have to make time ou foot that .will beat the transports on the Potomac and on the Chesapeake; have the fortifications of Washington to storm, and a selge to stand should we get, Inside. We 'ose Richmond If we hpto the Weldon and Danville rail-roads; we lose the rail-roads if we save Richmond, or we attack Grant in nightly trenches If we try to sa7e both. It Is true that Gen. Beauregard could still keep south of Grant, and prevent raid* Into Caro Una, but oouM not keep him from stopping i the roads aoull), unlesa he has enough men to attack Grant lu reverse, and place him be tween two lires. We hope Graut thinks he lias. This Is a game with no possible hind rance, perfectly plain to even such untniittary comprehension «* our 0*11, aud we respect fully submit that there isjno tun in it. The writer is aware from personal observa tion, that there is a personal popularity aud enthusiastic devotion to Grant amongst his soldiers, not equalled by anything seen in ' that army before, nor surpassed in the army , of Lee, and Very much like the love ot the Old Guard for Napoleon. Therefore he can ; flank and fight for some days yet, before they get tired of it.. These are lacts, and plain as tltpy are, it is not good sense to talk of tho trap that Sher man occupies, or of the bull headed Grant j hutting his brains out against the ramparts of Hicbmoud.” We think the writer of the above takes quite a sensible view of our military situa tion, much more so than the Richmond edi tors, who seem to be whistliuc to keep up ; their courage. The writer appears to be ■ well posted up and discourses very intelligent ly. Let croakers and copperheads read care fully and attentively, without prtjudice, and we thiuk they will haul in their horns and say i there is yet hope of the republic; if they do not, it will only be another proof of the old saying, "There's none so blind as those who will not see.” • The National Sailors' Fair. We published a few days since, a circular in behalf of the National Sailobs’ Fair, to be hel l iu Boston in November, the pro ceeds of which are to be invested in a Home for disabled sailors, marines, aud others of our naval service. I. Is a most worthy aud needful charity, aud it becomes the patriotic and philanthropic people of our sea-bordered Slate, so many of whose sons arc iu this at m of the natioual service, to take hold of it 1 earnestly and generously. We kuow how liberal aud coustaut have been (heir contribu tions in behalf of the soldier, who by his valor aud devotion, has earned all and more than all 1 that his fellow cltitens have done or can do for him; aud the willing spirit and the untir ing purpose to provide for the wants of the soldier which have bean so nobly manilesteil, are among the most cheering and hopelui of the slgus of the times, for they assure us that IUC Will But how little comparatively, iu these three years ol suttering and trial, and of grand charities, has been done for, or thought of tbe ; equally lailhfui and heroic seaman! Having j no open euerny upon the ocean, the tuemBer of the navy have Uad but few opportunities to perform brilliant actions, and from their being placed beyond the lines of easy and frequent cominuuiralion with our centers of news and information, their exposure, their sufl'erlugs, their fidelity, aud their passionate love of the ! old flag, have not been understood or acknowl ; edged as tbey should have been. In explanation of the object of this entcr ' prise and tbe reasons which have led to it inauguration, we subjoin from the Boston Transcript au article written by E. P. Whip pie, Esq , to which we beg to call the atten tion of our readers. Aud it is with great pleasure that we anuouuce that iu this city the matter has beeu placed iu lire charge of a most competent committee, consislingof Mrs. ,1. B. Brown, Mrs. J. Si. Little, and Mrs. U. I. Robinson, whose names will be a guaranty that our city will be faithfully aud honorably represented at this great Fair of New Eng land aud the North: National Sailors’ Fair.—A vigorous and earnest efiori L uow in the course ol be ing made, having lor its object the establish ment of a Hour ruu Ugaulao Sailors ■ and Marinas of our Naval Service, and proposing tor its means a great National Sai lors’Fair, to he held in Boston in the early part ol November next. Tue ladies aud geu : Ueineu connected with ibeeulerpiise hope to enlist in iu favor all classes ol their fellow citizens, aud to be aided iu their work by rep resentatives of every tiraucb of mechanical, ' mauUlactuiing, commercial tiud business. The Navy of the United States, at the be ginning ol this war consisted of only 90 ves seis, manned by 7(500 sailors; at the present i time it contains 3:17 vessels ol *11 kinds, tin ' pioyiug between oU.OoO aud 150,000oHirers and uien; aud the ships of large nmage, now in the course of coustrucuou. will soon add so j largely to the navai force, both in vessels and , seamen, as to uiske tbe f ailed Mates the first naval power u! tile world. As it is, the navy of Euglauil, excluding me Coast Guard Ser vice, employs only 4S.000 seamen, anil that of France ouly 49,000. Iu less than a year, our navy will have iu its active service at least 05,000 meu, or uearly nine titn«-s the number it had ou the breaking out of the war. The present arrangement of the Govern i meut for sick, maimed and disabled seamen and others of the Navy and Marine Corps, are aiu gelher inadequate to meet tbe exigencies of the present war. aud the claims which i spring irom tl e Vast increase of our naval i power. A sa lor can be admitted into the Na : val Asylum at Phiiadedpoia only after a ser 1 viceoi twenty year*. 1' insane be can be put iuto tbe Army and Navai A,yluui at Washing ■ __ If slat, a- u. „n,L.<4 l.o la .1 I from llie Natal Hospital when cu ad, may be, when pronouuced incurable. For the immense majoiiiy of casus,—of which some, distressing examples have come within the knowledge of the ladies and gentlemen connected with the proposed Fair,—the exist ing rales of the service makes no provision. A sailor whose constitution has been hopeless ly shattered by disease or exposure is cast upon the world, helpless aud without the means of getting a crust of bread except from I charity. If he lias been disabled by wounds he is allowed a pension, but one entirely in sufficient for bis comfortable support. It is evident that such a state of things op erates disastrously against enlistments in the Navy, and the keeping up of our Naval Fo ce j to its lull efficiency. The service must be pop . uiarixed, as the} military service has been, by a demonstration of interest in our gallant tar on the part of the whole community, and by a practical movement to relieve the misery ol 1 those who have hoeu maimed or broken iu constitution iu their country's service. It i j evident tiiat arrangements, suitable icr ape rind when the nation was at peace andemp oy ed only 7600 sailors, cannot meet the necessi I ties of a peiio i when ihe country is at war. aud requires ttj,OUO seaim-u. We have sprung, 1 as by magic, to the position of a naval power of'h -. first rabk, without a thought of the nb lieaiious, both of benevolence and jus Ic ■, , which such a positiou creates, The present movement lor s great National Sailor’s Fair is on a scale proportion-lie to the ; important object sought to he obtained. 'It is warmly recommended by the tn st promi nent men in the community, and is managed lit a Committee trained for the work bv pre vious experience in great Fairs. T> e Boston Academy of Music has been hired for the purpose. Nearly a hundred Bub Committees have been appointed, representing every class aud Interest iu Ihe community, to solicit mon ey or articles of taste and utility of their Iriends and connections. As Massachusetts has nearly 15.000 men in the Navy, aud as the New England States taken together inn-t have contributed more than a third ol the whole naval force, evert seaport town, every village and locality, iu the .State and in New England, has an interest in the success of the Fair, and will be counted on for active svinpa thy in the cause. The Committee confidently hop* to obtain a sum sufficiently large to es tablish a groat Sailor’s Home, which, while it shall relieve seaacn who bate stiff-red and sa crificed everything in the nation’s service, will, at. the same time, symbolize the nation's gratitude for the deeds of its defenders on the seas. Slightly Obfuscated. The New York World of a recent date con tained two articles, both editorial, and priuted in adjacent columns, which Indicated a mud died condition of mind on the part of the wri ter. Both related to Oen. Or tilt's operations, and iu one of them occurs this passage: “ Gen. Grant's selection of a route was in obvious deference to a strong preference of Ihe President. The consequence was, tiiat twice as many men were sacrificed in reaching the James river as would have sufficed to guard all the avenues of rebel approach to Maryland.” I The other urticic says: “ Gen. Grant has been allowed full liberty to ’ move his troops when he pleased, where he i pleased, and how he pleased. He. therefore had no drawbacks from the administration.” ’ ' Such “irrepressible conflicts” are inevitable when reckless lying is the policy. But never ■ mind. Any thing for a point against Grant ' and the Administration. Eelirious and Ecclesiastical Items, Rev. Henry W. Dexter, editog of the Con- I gregationalUt, having been called to an ac count for exchanging pulpits with Rev. Chas. , Beecher, says: “In the exercise of confidence In the soundness of his heart, au*i of she es, , seutials of his doctrine, aud in testimony of | my aborrence of tbst spirit which would 1 thrust a good man—whoso labors Christ ao- ' cepts—out of the miui try, because hU pin- j Insophy of theiHogy Is different from his own, * I exchanged pulpit services with Mr. Beecher 1 —he being the Orthodsm Congregational ist , pastor of an Orthodox Congregational | Church.” The Congregational Union of Canada re cently passed the following'resolution in re gard to our war. It brenth<*s the true spirit. j It is no more than should be expected from an enlightened body of chrUtiau men: IJesofceii,—“That while it docs not come wilhiu the province ol this Uuion, as a reli- 1 giuus body, of another nation, to express our opinion on the political aspect* aud issues 01 this unhappy war. we do hereby reiterate the i expression of our intense abhorrence of the Inhuman system of slavery, rejoice in the , wide-spread determination to exterminate i this nefaiious institution, and earnestly hope aud pray that the result of the apparently un- ( toward events now occui riug may be the to tal and final overthrow of that wicked sys- j tem. We further record our respect for the j large sympathy and benevolence that have j been manifested by the Christian churches of I the United States, in their t florts to amelior ate the condition of the lluedmen, aud to render comfort and sympathy to the widows I and orphans of those who have fallen in bat tle, and to the sick and woifuded soldiers.”’' The Congregational church at South Paris have invited Kev. Francis Soutbworth ol' Westbrook, to occupy their pulpit for a time. The Trustees of the Maine Missionary So ciety wiH meet in the chapel of the Theologi cal Semiuaiy at B&ugor, on Tuesday the 20fh inst., at 2 o’clock, P. M. The Anniversary of the Theological Semi nary at Bangor occurs on Thursday, July 20. The examination will commeuee on the Tues day previous, at 10 o’clock, A. M. Kev. Wheelock Craig of Xew Bediord, is expected to preach bclore the Alumni,and Rev. Messrs Walker of E ist Arlington, aud A. U. Qiiul of Xew Bediord, are to address the societies. The annual meetaug of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Maine was held in Au j gusta, last week. The convention sermon was preached by W. W. Kites of Wi-casset, and the missionary sermon by Kev. G. W. Darrell of Bath. Interesting statements of missions and work were presented at the meeting of the Board of Missions. It was voted to hold the convention next year at Portland, July 12, at St. Lake's church. ,y As a party of four young ladies were in bathing at Madison, on Friday last, a log on which they were sitting, rolled over, and all were plunged into the liver. Three were imme diately rescued, but Miss Annie Whittier, of Madison, was drowned. It was with difficulty - that either were rescue). 5 VV TKLfjEG RAJPH -TO Tms The Pursuit of thf Rnidrrs — Psdrral and Rebel Losses. New York. July 19. The Tribune’s Washington dispatch says our forces were at last accounts seven miles beyond Leesburg, iu pursuit of tile rebels. It is believed that Gen. Evans was left behind wouuded severely. There a as heavy firing yesterday near Ed wards' Kerry, supposed to have been nu at tack on the rebel rear. On Saturday the reb els were iu strong forcu half way between llrainsvilie and Leesburg. The rebe l killed aud wouuded before Wash ington will exceed two thousand. They rep resent sixty-three regiments and live divisions. The 2d Mass, cavalry lost iu the tight at Aldie, July (lib, over eighty in killed, wouud ed and missing. Captain Stone, of Newbury port, died this morning. Msj ir Forbes, Lieut. Amory aud Chaplain Humphrey were captured. lUbel Telegrams from Atlanta. New York, J uly 1!». The ltichmoud Enquirer of the iOib has the following: Atlanta, tin., July 14.—Two brigades of Yankee cavalav crossed the Chattahoochee at M. >rris Bridge, nine miles from Noouas, last uight. They were met by a brigade of caval ry uuder Arui-troug, and driven hack and the bridge burned. There is u ■ change iu the state of afiairs at the front. The enemy are tiring artillery oc casionally. Atlanta, Ca„ July 15.—Gov. Brown being advised that certain persons' refused to report at Atlanta for tlie defense of their State and homes, has otdered them to Ire sent under guard to the front. Gen, Sherman irithln I'our Mile, of Atlanta —Prom Petersburg. New York, July 19. An officer from Sherman’s army says that one-e'ghlh of the army is across the Chatta hoochee. and i» within lour miles of Atlanta. The 11 th and 12th corps are consolidated forming the 20tli, under Gen. Hooker. The steamer .Shenandoah weut to sea in search of the pirate Florida on the 17th. The Philadelphia Press’ Army of the Poto mac correspondent says heavy tiring occurred that day, Jasliug two hours. Our shells burst on the embrasures of the rebel battery, des troying three cannon and forcing them to keep quiet. They lost at least six guus. Secretary 1‘es.rnden’. J.aan. New York, July 19. Nathaniel Marsh, President of the Erie Kailroad, died at Staten Island this morning. The Post's Washington dispatch says Secre tary Fessenden will soon Issue proposals fur a In'g.*r loan than fifty millions. lie reports that confidence is felt In the government by the bankers of New Yoik, which was the gratifying featuie of his visit. The Post's money article learns that Secre tary Fesseqd II w ill put a loan of one huudred millions in the market. l'rom Mexico. Nkw York, July lit. The steamer Northern Light, from A-pin wali the 18li, arrived this morning. The sloop of-war Cyaue sailed from Panama on (he Oth for Acapulco. The Saginaw is at Acapulco. The French Occupy Acapulco, but the Mex ican- are in po-iriun on tlie out-kiru of the town, preventing the French from obtaining supplies. No other news. Steamer Chatted by a Pirate. New York, July 18. The steamer Northern Light brought a quarter of n million in treasure. She reports was ohit*e<l by a schooner rigged profiler, with Engli-h lings (tying, on the 17ih. P. M , lat. 84, loug. 74. The chase continued one hour and a quarter, when (he propeller steered south, accompanied by a schooner, which sremed to he billowing the movements of the supposed pirnte. Capture of a ltioehade Rtinner. Wa-uixotox, July 10. The Navy Dpai tmem has information of the capture of the steamer Ida, with cotton, from Sap. !o for Nassau. Also the schooner Pocainnta-.ilgoni (jharleston for Nassau. Admiral Fairagut reports the destruction of a blockade runner, which was ruu ashore recently by a boat expedition. Another Rumor of the Capture of Atlanta. Fortress Monroe, July 18. The Norfolk New Kegime says: We have information from the front that a great bailie has been fought Iti Georgia, resulting in the complete overthrow of the reliel forces, the capture of Atlanta and 15,000 prisoners. The above report is uo doubt premature. Removal of Fmiom Prisoners South' Fortress Monroe. July 18. M»j. Mulford states that the prisoners are uoiv removed to Georgia a< soon as captured, the officers to Macon, and the Boldiers to An dersvilie. Letters to them require ten cents prepayment for rebel postage. from Charleston. Chareemton, July 10. The enemy have evacuated Johua Island.— Transports are busy moving the troops to Morris Island. The bombardment of Suuiter Is kept up. QJIIGIXAL AXI) SELECTED. JJP The chinch bug is making sad work with the Illinois wheat crop this year. y The rebels have rumors that Gen. Canby has htnded at Mobile. r§T" Hay has been sold in Saoo. direct from the field, for $25 a ton. y Commencement at Harvard College to day. y Ross Winan's carriage and saddle horses Were seize! in Baltimore for cavalry. A/~ The re!>el Gilmore recruited fifteen hun dred men near Baltimore. y The milkmen of Albany have raised their price to eight cents, in consequence of the scarci ty of water.—(Troy Whig. y It is rumored that the Rothschilds will open a bank in Mexico, with a capital of fifteen millions. iy A large party of students frutn Brown University are on a pedestrian excursion to the White Mountains. y The New Orleans Picayune lias received jiermisslun to resume publication, provived it will sustain the government. ST The Legislature of New Hamjishire ad journed tine die on Saturday last. The session has been rather an exciting one. Mrs. Emma WHlatjd, wiio was on the train cajitured by the rebels at Magnolia Sta tion, has arrived safely in New York. y The convention of newspaper iuen at Springfield, Maas.,on the 15,h, adjourned with out arranging any fixed rates of advance. y Ei Secretary Chase and Hon. Charles Sutnncr were at Newport, R. I., on Monday last. y The French Government has made ar rangements to receive 25,000 Circassian emi grants in Algeria. y The Steamer Clipper, purchased by Rosa & Sturtevantof this city, is to run between Sa co and the Pool. y The Methodist Quarterly Review says, that “Mr. rttllips’ sjieeches might, for several reasons, well be entitled PkilHppict." Major General J. II. Butler, of Bangor, the M big says, has resigned his commission as Maj. Gen. of the State Militia. Ey The Murchie Mills, Milltown, Me., cut 75.000 feet of long lumber, 150,000 laths, aud 50.000 pickets jier day. y Forty men turned out last Sabbath, at DaysviUe, Ot., aud cut and liaulod in the hay of a poor soldier who is dying in the hospital far away. y The hay-makers have had glorious weath er during the past week; not s cloud to be seen. But corn and jmtatocs are sutlering exceed ingly. The loss by the fire that occurred in Ports mouth, N. II., on Miyiday, wa« from $00,000 to $40,000. About thirty familie- have been ren dered homeless. •y Referring to the ease of the Third Parish i Church in this city, the Bath Times suggests that “the world moves and the church is taking lessons." iy Lieut. Col. John G. Chambers, of the 23d i Mass, regiment, who died last week of his wounds received at Petersburg, was formerly a reporter and printer of Boston. y The Worcester Transcript says: “ The rapid drifting away from all social economy among our women is the bane of our national prosperity.” yGen. F. P. Blair,in a'letter expressing his satisfaction at the nomination of Mr. Lincoln at Baltimore, abuses the convention for letting iu the the radical delegation from Missouri. y The centennial anniversary of the settle ment of Ticonderoga will be celebrated at the Old French line, on the Fort grounds of the town, on Monday, July 85. y A little boy five years of age, sou of John Brock, of Alfred, was burned so severely in that place ou Saturday, by his clothes taking fire from matches with which he was playing, that he lived but three hours. y Two large tanneries, at “ Ayer's City,” so called, til the southern part of Lowell, Mass., were entirely destroyed by tire, together with several other buildings, on Saturday night last. Loss about $150,000. y The Houlton Times says, the grass crop in that section will be very light, owing to the drouth which prevailed last mouth. Other cr<>|>* are looking finely, aa the occasional show ersof late have furnished relief. ^rriie rebels burned the mails that were oil board the trains they lately captured between Philadelphia and Washington, first opening some of the letters for money, but meeting with [«iur luck. The little brig Vision, which reeeutly sailed from this country, bound for England, was spoken on the 6th instant by a Gloucester fishing schooner, on the northeast part of Georges*. y Some of the Copperhead paiiers are couv" paring Semmes, the pirate, to John Paul Joues, our Revolutionary naval hero. The difference betweeu the two is this : Jones captured guns< and Semmes chronometers. It is the difference between a warrior hud a highway man. y Yesterday afternoon a race of a novel character took place ou the Mile End Race Course. It was between Mi. Austin’s stenfti wagun and Mr. Lafiamme’s pacing mare, two heats out of three, and was won by the animal. —[Montreal Witness. y Albert A. Burleigh, in Baker’s Cavalry, sou of lion. P. P. Burleigh, of North neus, was severely wounded and taken pris oner by the rebels, during General Wilson’s late raid on the Danville and Petersburg rail road. Sf By depositing one hundred and twenty5 five dollars with the State Treisurer of Massa chusetts, any patriotic person not enrolled or liable to enrollment, can secure a “representa tive recruit.” Persons liable to draft rannot procure substitutes in this way. "5T A clergyman had just united in mar riage a couple whose Christian names were Benjamin and Ann. “ How did they appear during the ceremony?” inquired a friend.— •‘They appeared both animated and benefited," was the ready reply. I5T Mr. William B. English, well known as a theatrical manager, died on the 15th inst., of dysentery, at Stratford, Canada Vest. He was returning from u professional engagement at the South, via Canada, where ’Mrs. English, who had come North a few weeks earlier, was daily expecting his arrival. yy l'he Washington Chronicle says, “among lho first of the forces that came to defend Wash 'ugton iu the hour of its past trial wore the 1st Wisconsin volunteers, under command of Col. Allen, and the tith Maine. Their term of service had already expired, but they expressel a de termination to remain on duty as long as there was any danger to the national capital. 3T" The Annual Prire Declamation of the Sophomore Class of Bowdoin College will occur on the evening of July Stith. The speakers are selected by ballot from the class, embracing those who are adjudged to be the best speakers. They areas follows: C. M. Beecher, S. B. Car ter, H. L. Chapman, J. G. Fcrnald, F. H. Gcr risli, J. P. Herrick, W. 1*. Hussey, O. W. Kelley, H. U. Lawrence, G. E. Lord, U. D. Woodman. jyThe Washington Chronicle says that Hon Salmon P. Chase has determined to visit Eu rope during this season, and report has it that he is now iu communication with Secretary Fessenden at New York iu reference to the sub ject of negotiating a foreigm loan. It is to lie hoped the distinguished financial ability of Mr. Chase may be made available abroad iu what ever steps may be adopted to sustaiu the nation al credit. ar At a Sanitary Fair iu the town of Cata wissa, Pennsylvania, the male cilixeus agreed to decide by vote who was the prettiest girl in town, and it was declared in favor of Miss Hattie S. Kiefsnyder, by a majority of two hundred and eighty votes. Each vote was accompanied by the Bum of twenty-five oeuts, and the proceeds were given to the Sanitary Fair as the contribu tion of the favorite beauty. What makes the matter more interesting, is the fact that Miss Kiefsnyder is nursing wounded soldiers in the Army of the Potomac. l)igniiaMl"of ^en^McOeUanT^^1-11 W*a do uot refer in lids caption to tlie die mUsal of Gen. McClellan ftom tha Army of the Potomac, but to^n much more recent date. It is well knatvu that the uibst adroit management has boon resorted to to foist hint upon me kttiuoctaUc party as their standard bearer for the next political campaign. But his roc«nt West Point oration seems to have been ihfe feather to break the backs ot the West ern Peace Democrats, and that veteran cop • pet head of Ohio, and fkst friend of Vailamiig haui, Sain Medary of the Columbus Crisis, tho-' old wheel horse of Western Democracy, refer ring to said oration, thus mildly and sorrow fully dismisses the‘‘Young Napoleon” forever: I “ Politically, General McClellan could not have done a more imfortuuate thing for hiui : self, nor a more uutonunalo tiling for the ' Country than to have advanced such sentiments just at this time. Satisfied from his actions here iu 18(11, while under Governor Denni-on, and from ail his actions since, where political , opinions had any connection with his actions, that he wag uot the man to place at the head ! of the Democratic party as a political leader, we have as tenderly as circumstances will ad , rnlt, so indicated. And what hot ambition and “policy”ever caused tbe members of Con gress to adopt bim and try to force him upon the people as the leader of the Democratic pai tv, we never could comprehend. His ami ability of character, Ids personal attachments i to the Democratic party, his sciantillc educa tion, Ills devotion to the art* of war, ail these are well enough, for aught we know, but there are miny men of Hue acquirements w ho are the most unlit of ail men to whom to ent’U't | the liberties of a great people at such a time : as this.” Review ot the .Market, For the week ending Ja y 19.1864, prepared ex pressly lor the l-nhCH. by Mr. M. N. Rich. Note*—We wish it to be understood that onrqno ’at ions n ; ritont prices of large lot* from first hand*, unless ot'McrwBe stated, and till in tilling small or ders, higher rates have to be charged. For Market Quotations See Last Page ASII ftS.-Pot A-bes remain steady at the advance noticed in « ur last i*sue. ami we con.lnuo to quote t both Pots aud Pearls j1 « ilj p It.. APi LEV.—Green apple* ere tow about ont of market aud price*are nominal a* fifWSSp hbl I>ri d* ApoleS are steady amt quiet at ISfcu 14c fi* lb. Stocks light. BREAD— Wo not-: a further advarc i for all kinds of Bread rince the cate of onr las* i-stte. and now q loteas fellows: Pilot Bread fib fjO<vj; Ship Bread i O ' a.7 50 p 10 tbs, aud Crackers U)j£j6 25 P brl . or &Xi00c per IDO. B1 CARD SODA—prices are somewhat higher and now range at about 10@lCMc |> lh. Sales light. Ul ITER—continues in limited i-upply a: d receipts light and prices have an upward tendency from our qu tarioas. which aro now for choice table Batter M‘dd2c. fair quality country ball Butter 80c. atitl More Butter nominally at 25^ 26j P lb—stock unimt>o-tau'. BEANS—Pea Beans continue to offer moderately, and the market is s'eady and quiet. We continue t » quote 2 76 a 3«4) Marrow*- remain s'eady at *8 8 20 and B*u> -2 5ua- ”5 P bushel. BOX SHOOKS—The marke* nominal at our quo ta'iou*. although there is considerable inquiry as yet. rhe-e is « uch confidence o higher prices when th • season open*—the demand .s a heavy furlong lumber aud pu*-ch m-m cuuld tiardly to etf cted at i tr*-*nt iucriased quotations, some mannlacturers ho'ding a* high as *1. COOPERAGE.—The market for Cooperage has ruled quiet throughout ‘he week. The enuro ab fcn -sof t ity m o« Shooks renders prices nominal and bnaint-s* unimportant. ih re is nothing doing <n Cooperage a d our quotation,-. for ad kinds remain unchanged. CHEESE — Receipts are light and price* have re cently advance*. We now quote New York a d Vermont 17^«0c. )dr choice diarir*. Inferior quali ti <* are selling a? a lift e b*low these quotations. COfcFEr.—A further considerably advance in Gold and Exchange continues to favor the export movement, and there is a1 so more inquiry for con I fun.pti n, tm u*h the purchases for home use ar* m-'sclv in -»maJ! 1 it# to \y immediate wants, our quotations now ra*»ge as follow*: Java 6$g69e; Rio 53®66, and Cape46&47c lb. COAL —Dealer* have made a rooeht advance on Coal. Wi Ite Ash,Lehigh and 1 rank in is nowsr-1 ling frum the yards a: r.iail for a oner ton Cumb erland coai 814, and Chestnut 813,60 per ten—mar ket firm CORDAGE—Manilla Cordage h~a twice advanoed since our last. iir*t to274c and Thursday to 2A<t2bc, American >djr% Al<c, and Manilla and Ku.-sia Bolt Rope 3 )ft32c p lb CANDLES—prices are firm and steady at the ad vance previously noticed, a» d vs continue to quote M .old ISftl^j. and Sperm 35.a;40e per lb. CKMKNT—liaa again advanced 6 to 10c cask, and dealers aro now asking 2 l"o,2 20 4* cask CREAM TARTAR—Pure Cream Tartar ha* ur d rgune a »ur(Ler advance, and is now him at 81 lb. Pulverized we quote fififi, DRUGS AND DYES—Drugs have undergone a veut-rai advance during the week, moo we now ad just our quotation* a* sollow* : Alum 7jC Aloe# 47c: Borax 45c; Sulphur loses >al S-'da ; Bi ('art »o;a lO&lOJc Cream l artar 50c a, fl: Maguetdafi*® 60ci Of>ian A19 p tb; Madder i9c: Vi rol 86c; Al C9f ol 3 6ott8 *2 and Fluid 360 4* gal. D^ewoods remain quiet aud uuchauged. DUCK.—pr!cov T are agzin advance, hut are nomi n 1 at present Quotations, as there is but little for *ale in the market and so *ro y anything dcing. We quote Portland No <.—200; No 10—142 and Navy Superior No 8. 2 0U£2 08, and No 1 * do 1 41&I 45 par-i. DRV GOOD*—price* hare nndergene a farther ihcbird ad tin -e tb« a predation on heavy Cottou b iug 5aH_* 4> jurd as will be noticed by our quotations t*Jsewhcr«. W t have it cta.-cd our quo tation* for all k nd« sheeting Shirt ng. Drills, Tick i g. Deuim*. CottoL ade-, ('ambries. Prints, De ) Lei nos. Flannels, Ac The market has ruled more quiet qu I g the pari week, a- the atT'titiou efcoun , try traders is now* directed more pariicu arljr to hay m’akiug aud attending to 1 ho crop# ft c. Y<ri the msrket maintain* faeat buoyancy for all kinds Dry i Goods. FRUITS—Trade in groen fruit is as yet nuimpor tau: as the s* a*ou 1* hardly »u the tenth- advanced, (>ran<e* we now quote fib 5 and lemons box. In Dri*d i<uus we would notice an advance *>• K^ldiis. and iiow' quote Bui ch box 4 76vp5 • 0. a d Layers 6 <*'a5 26 Cm rants are at.-ady at 2ivs23c aud t itrou 8S'^4«>c,and Figs ot>n 3k per lb. Pea Nurn are very scarce and higher, being now held at 84 60 ; v 1 #«b FISiT—Tlie demand is good and all kinds fi.-ih are Quick and .ettveat our «|uo:atiou* Large sales for Western market# continue to be made. Lar/e cod aro firm at recent advauct*. Hake and Haddock are dull at 00 p r at Pollock ate a little nigh ‘ er. and we new-quote 8 f6«£4 60^ qtl. Several fare# have arrivel during the week and cold at quotations FLOUR—'Trade ha* continued with considerable aulma :ou ifeughout the we k chiefl v 'orcousanip tion a'id then* haa Leeu less speculative demand than fertile two ot three pre.iou* week* owing to the unsettled state of ‘flairs around Washiugt n. The activity of the market h-*e not however material ly reduced stocks iua*inu h as a great bulk of prev ioua transaction* wine eapcuiaiion. The receipts have, however, been quite light f r the past two or 1 three weeks. The ? from ah*oad are more en couragiug. and. though thc-re is little or no mavg u on shipment* at present prices, it is quite probable tha* w© -hail witu as an increased export movement a< an oarlv day A t’ie close the market was heavv , wit» a drooping tendency troin the follow ing quota tions: Nupertine Portland In p- c»i >u 9 50ftl0— Fancy do 10,00u. 10 60— Extra do 11,00ft 11,50 —DouMe Extra , do 11.60 ft 12.60—Ex Superior do 125 (» 3 (»>—West ern Extras, do 11 a 11,50— St * qtiiv F*vor to bruods , do 13.00 ci,' 1 *,Ut>—Sou'hsrn Illinois d> 13 Q0ftl4 <X). Patapsaco Family 16®—Canada No 1 Super lbftll GRAIN—Corn remain* steady at about 170 for Sou1 huro yellow, and 1 05 f r We t rn m xed. Oats are firm and now qu ted a* %'il.l00. Rye Is steady t the advance noticed iu ourlait. K»rley remain# quiet and nominal a' 1 UVa 12*. Fh'Tts srd Fine ► **ed remain qu et at 4D&Vft42 <k) The N. Y. l*ric*‘ Current gvya the extreme pieuiit iio t* © local tinances has vwed all previous calculations with ru ga d to the Wheat market, and brought speculative transaction to a sudden -tand The decline iu pri e* stage our last is fully 6ftl0e, accord in • to actuvl I transaction, an * from the a-beet of affairs at the com* it is doubtfu if -ales could have been effected to any oouaiut-rable extent except at a furthc r reduc tion. GUNPOWDER—We notice an advance on Rifle and Sporting, and now quote 7 76ft3 and Blasting Powder kog. HIDE# AND SKINS—The demand from trade * Is oHv modern*#, but pric«aar< we’l sustained. So. American ar*> Arm and «t«-ady, and w r c n inuc to quote t2 « 31c. ai d Western 26 a 27c, oilier de scriptions remaiu steady as follows. Slaughter 9 l£l0: Ca f'kins a e unsettled : we now quote 25a80c ft-, tireto salt© lMiid©# ami Sheep pelts remaiu | steady but Hrmat pro* icua quotations. HAY—The market a dull am! prices nominal. We bow quote p eseed hay 832 (a 23, and loosed <ft23. Straw ia now werth *10 par ton. I UON — Tricot lov all de*cripticn* bay t* steadily ad ra-jeed insympahv wri h gohl, until towards the c oae, win n the advan.e was chocked by subsequent reaction of the gold m*> ket. *equot*a# follows: Coiuraou 10}; • ©fined 11 a 11}; Swede 16, Norway 17; ( ast 8t©el 23}: German and English B! a. steel 4lift4 »: Spring do 22ft2V Shtet Irons remain nomi nal at quotations. i \ Lv AD—We notice further advance on Lead and , n »w quoic sheet and pipe 24j, and pig Lead 23}c p Ih LEATHEU—A material advanoe has taken place on leather during the past «wo week'—we now quote N Y Lig>*t87 ftS4. Medium Wta W gj 42c: Heavy ► do. 40 a) 43 s.aug'tfor 55 d) 60c ; American Caff Skins 1,60ft ISO and l^jgh 44 ft 47c |* tb. I Li MBLS—market contiuues to entertaiu a strong I arward tet d“icy We now quo © No. r« and j 2's cl ,ar Tine f38A40 |> M; No. 3 $*2*< ft40, and No 4, ; $3,‘ft^2; Shipping 823a.25; Spruce417£20; Hemlock 10 a 12 M. Spruce scantling and limber scarce at #14ftli Joist are a’ao very scarce and tirin. Hackma tack l imber f 10^20 p ton. c lapboards Heart Extra are selling at $33; Clear do fflO&Si: No. 1. $ 13ft 15; Sap Clear 824-d25; do 2ds #20ft2l; Spruce Extra are : worth #17 00 ft2») 00, aud No. 1 $l2fti8 Shingles, Extra Pine are quoted at 84 50£5 no. ami Clear Pine 83 50ft3 75. Extra shaved Cedar Shingles are worth , $3 87 a,4 00; do 2d S *3 26§3 50 p M. Laths. Pin© are seuingat #1 50(33 25. and Spruce at 81 37,£ l 60 t> M Our quotation# for box shocks and cooper age w iLl be found elsewhere. LAUD—prices have slightly receded during the week, aud the market closed ye terday at about lJo) 2'*c V tb ior brl» or tubs. MET ALS—prices for Tins, Sheet Iron, Zinc and Sh a irg Me al# are t*i tirely i omiual at onr quota tions a# dea'erg de dine to make prices in the unset tled sta e ot the Gold ma ket MOLASSES.—Cijoic© grades are quoted higher | aud are general v held above buyers views, oonse qu iitiv transactions have been unimp rtgnt and p ices are i omiual ta a great extent. While there i< no disposition to sell on the part of importers grocers and jobVia purchase only for immediate waits. We it w q ote P< rto » ico 1 20. some are asking 1 25; Cienfuegoa 1 ' 0®1 05; Muscovado 96vg 1 00, aud Cuba Clayed 86£9Cc f»gai. NAILL.—Wo notice a late farther advance on Cut Nails, and now quote 10tftl060p*r eaak. NAVAL STOKER.- A reaction has taken place on syirits Tnrpentine. and price* have advanced to 3 i6o04uOper gal. Tar, Fitch aud Konn remain steady at previous quotations. oAKTiM—We notice an advance on American Oakum, aud now qioto 4jc. OffluNS—Eerrauda Onions are now celling a* ?£. 9c per ib. and coming in more AhI> . OILS.—The Kerosene Oil Co, have not made any price* for their oil for a week past. Jobber* are still hVdJnanmijday and Friday at 1 00 ^ gal. Sperm Winter oD Is higher our q flotation* now are2H) p *al md 1 oJ for whale refined. We also uoiico sn i*?T Liu*etU O-l and quo e 1 «1, and b iled iu “..Tfi ,<ard 0!l hM »'Jv»>»ced t > l 6S<tl 75; wjtoln .5, and Castor oil has advanced to Afifc® 4 00. Crude His<» Oils have also further adv*need o 3d 0 Y&38 00 xg bbl for Bank and B*y, and 33 5 £35 for Nlw-f, Herrin* sail is nominal at previous quo tations, an there is nothing doing as yet. ‘PAINTS —We notice a rt cent advance on nearly all descriptions of Leads. We q ote Portland le- d in oP2(Y3/23 80, Cumberland. 10a79 60 phiime phi.» lead 22t@£*3. Fore dry lead 2*2 #<* obeli* yellow and Ftiglfoh Venefig K d 5e and Litharge and Bed lead 19c market buoyant at the advance. FRODUCK—The market for the most part has ru ed quiet and steady »**• corac in fr*ely and prices have declined to 24v&25e. P« tatoes are scarce and there are very few, if any. gwod in the market— fair qualities now range trom 8ihi(£5 25 p brl cr ab u. l(M|>bu h l,airb bas slightly declined; 15 4fcl8e, weie the prices yesterday. Veal ranges a’l the way from &<&12. Betfis firm and buoyant at IZglic by the carcass. PROVISIONS.—The speculative muveraeat in Pork has eeeived a decided eheek, cliicflv in come queucj of the extreme stringency in the monev market and the consequent declinoin gold and a gen* • ral ‘'tumble dowu" iu prices took place toward tbo c’o4© vf t e wee*—the dec ine being fully 93 Oec. bol, and w<> quote prices nominal as folios*: — Kxtra cl>ar 45u47; cesp4 <ja46: mess do 4^48; prime 37 (6MK Hams remain steady at 20^2lc for Western, and 22g23c for Citv smoked—stoexs light. RH fc —prices still tend upward, and we again advance our quotations to 14c |> ib —■ no mnikiii nar> iuipu ' j vi' «u» i bi. - guiJ thr ugh most of the week, ami price* not quite a* strong towards the close a* gold continued to biaait down iu New York, but quotations are nomi nally the ssmo a* last week. Crushed, granulated aud oowdered were held at 31c and upwards with moderate sales. Mu-cudnsi d I avuu are with out change. Tr.e la*t sa'e* of Portland A A were at 22c, and yeJiow 22 jc lb. The N. Y. Price Current ray* It* lined descriptions are iu fair demand and again rather higher We qu* te other than Stuart’* Hard White 31c; heft do kSj adJj; and Yellow 2tbr 27-c net. 8A -TIHATCS.—We uotice another advance on Sal- j rratus.and uow quote 10J&U jc porlb. SALT—We notice a further advance for both c arse and ground bait ana at present rate* of ex change, stock* cannot be replaced at our revised quotations, which is now 7 00 per hhd for Liverpool, Turk* l-lauri and Cagliari Ground Butter Salt ha* been aiv anced to 36c per box. SOAP—prices are entirely nominal in this market a* there is none tor rale at the factories, hut in other market we notice an aivauoe of lull 3c tor ail de scription*. SPICKi—There is an increasing inquiry for the various descriptions, chiefly however, lor the sup p'y of the im sedate want* o• th** Trade, and prices, a* a general thing. have ra her an upward tendency. Cloves are higher, and Nutmegs Arm at 1 7'<&2 uO 4> lb. TEAS—The market for teas Is firm at advancing nr-oes Wc now ve y quote cbo ce Oolong 1 25& , 180;eommoQ do 1 2f»: Souchong, Ar.koi. and lower grades steady at 9&$11 0 p lb TOBACCO—Ton market lor manufactured has been lt-es active, yet prices are very firm with an up ward tendency for certain stylbs. Beaw sa'es of Tens in bond. Navy Pound*, and fine blight lobacoo har.- been made in N Y recently. some choice bran, t of Light crossed Tobacco realising 2 0u ft lb. W 1M>L—The market for Domestic Wool has be come eomparative’y quiet and de*o d of exetemert. busim s* being restricted b. he mu a'ness of supply and the stringency of the money market FREIGHTS—In Cuba Freights business continue* to be light As we previously remarked, tiicre is ' Treat reluc auce to ©nga*«- at present prices, which are considered scare* ly remui e> at've while outfits zro so high, and so mu *h difficulty i« experienced in gettiug seamen ffie ouly engagements t"at have been reported to us dunng the week for Cuba is Br brig Sarah, with ecantliug (a largo portion timber) or Mi $12 p M; new bark Star ot Hope, to K ad Boards for « ardenas or Matac ras, at *11 fa f» M. Furopcan Freights are active at very lair rates, and the following engagement* are reported for the week : Ship Wallace, to ?oad Deal* at Bangor to t^neenstown for onter* to discharge at sate port* i > hri-t*dor St. George'-chanLei,at >0sstandard; new ship Detrioi. <uow on the §» oks at ' artuouth) to load Lumbar for Buenos Ayres at f 16 p M Brfg Geo. Harris has bc-en c< artered for Glace Bay, i’ R, to load Coal for New #6 J> ton; trig S Thurston, for Glace Bay,C B, for Rath with Coal, at #5 2o V ton; seb Envoy, to load at Kichmoud, M*, with Hay lor Fortress Monroe, at £7 P ton pressed SPECIAL NOTICES. Bay Your Stationery Packages At Dre«»er'8, 99 Exohangp ntroet:. 92 per tlou n, or 26 cents cacM. BP"A<cnUvan‘ed, address L. DKLdiEK, Fort land. Me, Box 132. jyllddw* THOMAS G. LOR1XG, DRUGGIST, -AND PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Caraer «f Eiehaage k Federal Si*«. A perfect fit guaranteed. The poor liberally con sidered. mchft6dtf CLARK’S DI8TIL.L.EI* RESTORATIVK FOR THE HAIR, Restore* Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND 13 A MUST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. -oOo CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Restore* the Color. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Eridtoatei Dandruff. CLAUK’S RESTORATIVE, Promote! ltiGrowth. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Proventitt! lulling off. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Ii in unniunUod Dresein*. CLARK'S BKSTORAT1VE, In good for Children. CLAKE’S RESTORATIVE, v 1* good for lAdles. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Ii good for Old I'eorli. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I* perfectly hlrinlcdS. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contiim so Oil. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Ii aot . Dye. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, lieintulw the Iluir. , CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Uap!«odid tor Whisker!, CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Keeps the Hair in its Place CKARK’S RESTORATIVE, Cures Nervous Ueadacbe. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Prevents Eruption!. CLJAtK'S RESTORATIVE, Stops Itching and Bnrnlug. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, Keapa the Head Cool. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Is delightfully pertained CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Contains no Sediment. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Gum. CLARK'S RESTORATIVK. Polishes your Hair. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prepares your lor Parties. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prepares you for Balia. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Ail Ladies need it CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE. No Lady will do without!!. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Costs but SI CLARKS RESTORATIVE, Is Sold by Druggists and Dealers Everywhere. Prior *1 per bottle.—6 bottlea lor SS. C. G. CLARK fc CO. . PaoraiSToue. W. K. PHILLIPS, Portland, General Agent. March 3, IStH. tuch3oodly A New Perfume for the Handker chief* Phalon's “Night Blooming Coreas." Phalon’s “Night Bloomiug Cervui." Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereus” Phalon's “Night Bloomiug Coreus." Phslou’s “Night Bloomiug lersas." Phalon's “Nigh* b.ooming Carons.” Phalon's “Night Blooming Ccreus.” A m^it Exquisite. Delicat** an1 Fragrant Perfamo distilled from the Kareaud Beaatiiul Flower from it takes its name. Manufactured only by 1‘HALOK f SOy. N. V. Beware <f Counterfeits. Ask for Phalon's— Take no Other. Bold by Druggist* gemrallv Jane34't4d8m _» PCCIiL NOTICES. Editorial ConveSior. ltae Pd.torecDd Putliehore of Ike State of Haute are respectfully invPod to meet iu Convention at Arie City ffdl, in Portland, oi 1 Fedn<sday amt Thttrtd .y. August 10 hand 11th, hr purposes of con sultation and the organization of a State Associa- i tlon of Editors and Pub l»h*rs. The Convention will actable it the Senate Cham ber in the Sew City Building, on Wednesday, at 10 , o’clock A M. Amplearrangtinr.ts will be msdo lor fully carrying out the busiucssand objects of the 1 Convention and for the entertainneut and com oit • of the members from abroad. Committee nf Arrange au-nf*-—Joseph B. Uall, of 1 the Courier; E. U. Kiwell, of the fransoripi; Brown Thurston; S’. A. Foster, of the Pres?; M. N. Rich of the 1'r.ce Current: Chu, A. Lord, of tho Chri,- ! tiuu Mirror: John M Adauu.ofth. Argu<- ( bae P. H» 1*7. of the Ad.ortiaor; Jln>e, s s ,?J. fev 7k 7 8to;,y-»' f™’* Ad»«*ut,; Cyrue 8. Ki.g. Ch«lr-.A.StECkpolo: F. G. Ei«h, of the Temper. i uu«- Journal; B. F. Thorndike; Go, <». uow.of the Argus; E. P. We-tou oftheNerthern Mouthlv Or. B. Colby, ol the Pres.; I. H. Fe eh, or the Cou rier; R W. Lincoln, of the Preee; c. W. Pickard. ] of tlieTransaript. Portland Ju p 6, 1864. Papers throughout the Utatu are requests* to pub lish. *‘L« F.” AI woud’ii Hitters, Price 39 Cts. Thorntibk. Mi„ April 25, l&f3. Dear Sir —A laay ot my aoju»inlance w« ' troubled with severe attacks of sick bi'dach lor a | number ot year*, and coulu And no relief until ibe tried //. F. Atwcod's Hitlers, which effected a per manent care. Mv daughter was troubled with attack* of severe headache and vomiting, which have been cured by these titters. I have myself been troubled with dyspepsia, which has already been loli. voU by this remedy. 1 always keep it ou hand, a# 1 be lev# it to be a speedy cure for all derangements of the •tt mach aud liver; and fir female complaints when arising from debility ot the digestive organs. Vours truly, Cm a. Wh.trbv. f&r Counterfeits and bam imitations, in simi lar bottle aud label art in the market and told by unprincipled dealers. The genuine, is signed L. F. Atwood, and aim have ow extra label, on wki*e prper, countersigned H H. HA Y. Druggist, Portland, Me., sols tJsmtrml Agent. Sold by respectable dealers in medicine generally lanyldeodftw* Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, Me.. A. St DAVIS* Proprietor. 1’ortlAud, May 12.18C4. mayl2dhm “Buy Me, and I’ll do you Good.’* Use Dr. Langley’* Root and ^erb Bitter* For Jaundice, Costlvene.i, Lir*r Complaint, Bu mors, Iudigestion, Dyspepsia. Piles. Dizziness. ill ad* ache. Drow*in ss, aud alt dBoases arising from dis* oroered stomach, torpid liver, aud bad blood, to which all person* are subje t in sprit g and summer. They cleanse the system, regulate the wuls, re store tho appetite, purify the blood, and give sound ness of mind and strength of bod v to all who use t-iera. So d by all dealers in Medicine everywhere, at 25,50 and 75 cent- per bottle (iEO. C. UOoD WIH ft 00.,37 Uanorer Street, Boston, Proprie tors _ ap2dsm Coughs am! Colds. The saddenohauge* of our climate are sources of Pu monary, bronchial, and Astamatic Af>cticns. Kapevienct' having proved that simple rt-m* or. ten act speedily whi n taken in the earl* stag* s of the disegre. recourse slrould at once be had to 'brown's bronchial Trorhts,” or lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the throar be ever so slight, a* by thi-precaution a more virion* attack may le offcctual'y warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will And them effectual for clew: lug and strengthen ing th-3 voice Soldiers should have them, as they can bo carried la tho pocket, and taken a« cession requires. june^dftwlm ** Sv-zodowt” is now attracting very considerable attention, aud well it may. l he art ice reprrsenteo by this musics] name, isoin-of the best preparatir lf for the teeth and gums that has ever be*a t-fleicd to thenublic. W e have been fhmiliar with its resu ts for some years past, and have uever known a ca*e In which its ns© was not pfeajd”gand highly eati*faster?. It poli*hr< ihe teeth, hardens the gnus, and gives a wlolwSRU tone to th© month aud Wrath — Pr> r» denct Daily Prut. inch 16 It For seven year* I was Bald now Fverybody is asking me how my hair become -o thick Vor lull directions eead year address incloeing 50 cU. Box, 441 Woroeetcr, Mass. J uiy Id, I6»H. jaly Id d2w* tr CARDS and BILL BEADS neatly print* at this office tl B^ityoQ areln want of any kind ofPIUIfTnfG sail at the Daily PreasOAee tf Boston Stock List* Salk* at the Bcokera’ Boaup, July 19. 9ft>» Airr lean CoM. . ,W§ 7 O' M) tailed States Currency Certificates .... 94 loot) .do (Feb). 9ft 3Ajo U S Coupen Sixe* (1881'..108r 2.000 .do...103‘tf 1.000 .do.. 10*1 •>,000 United Mate* 7 3-l"ths iOct-. *•» 10 j 3.000 .do(Aug) .*• K*4 3.0 «>.do... lv>4 1.000 .do. .?04$ 2 cLg> . (small)..104 29t50*> Uultcd SUtea 5-90* ..1"S f/»tfi 8'JOO.d . .10* 60<) (small). 1 54 8.000 Oguen.-lurg 1st M~r’gig« Bonds. . I04j 13.000 Ogdcn.sburg 24 Mortgage BouJ*.82 lo Ei*tern Railroad.Ill 4 Portland, Saco It Portem'th UR. .114$ HURRIED. In Bethel. July 19. by Her .1 It Wheelwright, Tbo K T witchell. of Portl i>d. and Miss Fan nie s dangb I ter of Uou R A Chapman, of B (No card*.] In Limington. July 2. Davenport D M*>orve. of Brownfield, and Mi** Eliza A <}uimby, of Liming* tou. It Macbias, July 2, John II Albee and 3Iij>w Celia A Brown. lo Mac iasp rt July 7, Samuel A Glint* and Mr* Hannah E Travi*. In Harrington. July 8. Everett Col'on, of Cherry* field, and Mt*« Apphia CurtU. of Addison In West La bee. July 1. Solomon W Joy and Ml-* Aneeii-e Woodward. In Harrington. June 25, GeoG Gri.liu. of Bedding ton, and Miss Julia Z Na-h of II DIED. In Hollis, July 14. Mr Porter Gilman, aged 72yr» 10 mouth*. In Alexandria. Va July 15 of wcunds received in battle at Snot*yIvania Court Hoo-e. May 10. Joseph Lratitt of Co G. ftth Me K-g, aged 21 rears 5 mos. la Phipsburg, July 13, Mr Josepn Berry, aged 74 year* 8 mouth-. In Saco, July 12, widow Uepabah Dyer, aged 75 years 9 mouth* In Saco. July 16. two children of Richard Mar shall, ag-d 8 month*. In Limington. May 17. Franklin II. non of Henry and Sarah M Wentworth aged 9 years 11 mouth* In Lyman, June 15, Mr* Po.ina H, wifeof Wni Jose, a<ed 54 years 5 mouth*. In Calcutta, May 17. of chohra. Capt Stephen Thompson. of Kenlebu* k aged .' 4 y ar». In Hatupdru. July 18 M’S Elizabeth, widow oft lie late Simeon Stetson, aged 91 year* C^lhe fttn-ral of the late Mr* Ut urv Ils-ej will take place at 39 Danforth street, this (Wednesday afternoon, at 8 o’clock. IMPORTS. JOGGINS X3. Sch Johu Bagiev—To touacoaJ, to Geo il SUrr. SAILING OP OCEAN 3TRAMSHIPS. ITIA Mil VBOM VOK BAIL! Westminster.... Liverpool. . .New Y ork. .July 3 Pennsylvania . Liverpool. .. New York July 2 Ldiiiburj ! ritpoai.Nnr fan Jih t l^&iuifcud .Liverpool_uu bee. July 7 Europa. .. Liverpool.Boston.July k Huru^ia.Southampton New York...July 12 Kangaroo .Liverpool.New York. JuB 12 City Washington. Liverpool.New Y ork . July 13 Begtaa .Liverpool*—tjuelxc.Jn y 14 Scotia.- ..Liverpool.New Y ork . July in Virginia..Liverpool. .New Y'ork. .Julv Ik Africa ___ .Liverpool _Boston.July 23 Saxouia.. .Southampton New York July 2.; Ttraia.Liverpool.New York July8U Asia... Boatnn Liverpool.... July 20 K“dar.New Yorlr I fverpao’.Ju y 20 l. berty. .New Y'ork Havana. ... July 21 Northern Light. .New York.. Aepinwall... July 3 1‘erutian. .i^uebtc.Liverpool-July 23 Etna.New York. LL crpooi.... July 2:1 Australasian.New York.. l iver; oo! . . . .Jul> 28 Evening .‘♦tar.New York New OrUnp* July Guide u Kulo.New York Aspmwaii. . .July 27 i>amascu#.Guebcc Liverpool ....July do . Wentmiuatar.Now York. Liverpool Ju y Edinburg.New York Liverpool. Ju > 3“ America .New York Bremen. .July 80 Kuropa . . Boston.Urerpool Aug 3 Oi\mpu« .New York Liverpoo . Aug 8 Coda lti.a.New York Aiplnwal! . Aug 3 Scotia ..New Y’ork.. LB crpooi.Aug 1 MI VI AT C RE ALMANAC. WrdueMftay.J»Iy 20. Sun ri*ee .4 4t I High water, (ami 11 15 Sun seta.7 30 f Length of darn.14 MARINE MEWS. 1*0 KT OF PORTLAND. Tmemdmf. JnlT 1 »• ARRIVED. Steam' r L-, Height, Ho,ton. Steamer New Euglaud, Enid, St John X B for Bu-lou. Sch John Ragley. (Br) Wllllgan, Joggint NS. BELOW—A Br brig. CLEARED. Brig Sarah, (Br) Km». Mjuluu-U 1 Kubluton. Unrun-AI Cift Elizabeth. on Tuetday, from th* yard ot tt W I'leketi. a superior barque of about 500 ianv called the ••Minuet ta she m owned by the builder and othert, and it to be commanded by Capt Wiui’itls. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAX FRAX'CICSO — [By tel.) Ar Kith int\»hip Winged Arrow. Berry, bo.tun, baniuo Adel.ide Norit". Reed Haliimore. ALEXAXDRIA —Ar 18th. barque Starlight, Rar* no d. l.lace Bai CB „ , GEORGETOWN—Sid Hth. teh Sarah M Sherman, Be»rv. Provide ce _ PHILADELPHIA—Ar Hth. brig* Geo Burnham, Ihorntoii. Fortran Monroe: J«wie Khvaa*. Coomb*. Kail Kiier; Glendale. Guthrie. Beaufort Nl ; C M Carver. Treat, Boston;' sch J A Grifflu. 10#tar, 1m Civ n forgo* # j Ar I8tb, Mbs Pocahontas, and £ A Couant, from Boston r. NEW'YORK—Ar 16tb, sobs Au'Dtnn Irwin, and Union Dennison, Ma«.bias. Porto hico, Went worth. Providence. ar 17th. ships Jacob A Stamler, I awson, Havre; Kitty Simp-mu, Mayo.Boston; brig Mountain Eagle, Owens. Liugau CU. Ar 18th. shirs Ne pla« Ultra.* Liverpool; Wisconsin. McStocker, oo; sclis E'rai coma. Holt, Liiuan CB: Lnion. Calais, Enchantress. Hutkbs, Lubcc; Kurina, liuut, do: Orijr bon, J hn#< n, Gar diner; Billow. Was*. Addison; Ab(>y 1m do: Mirsuds. iiesgan. Boston; G W Baldwin. 1 borne, Gloucester; Avon. Park. Digit ton; Lebsnna h. Wall. Port Ewea for Boston ; Oaa Eeliow. Due.), Newark for Pembroke. Cld 18tli, BhiDs W’m Wirt. Clenterts. for Ant werp; 1 Chimborazo. Lsvergsher m Stephens NB: laique It fi Knight, Carman. Matanras; bilge#€ Clark, Brown. Sydney CB, Robert Mowe, Jr, HotcLkJaa, Harbadoes. PROVIDENCE—Ar 18th, Auu Elizabeth, Baker, Augusts. Ar 18th. sclis Planet, Dermot Calais; Georgian!, Philbrook Bangor: Gov Coay. Brown Aususta. N «* WPOKT— Md 17tb. brig Alpine. Killwau, (fm Cardenas) for Queenstown. HOLMES’S BOLE—Ar 1Mb. sch Minnie Cobb Ingraham, New York for Boston. In port 18th, brig Open eca schs Hannibal. Sak, L A Johnson. Caroline Grant, Jeddie. J g Lane Marvlaud. Arno. Gertrude Horton, Ottoman * C^H^Ar 1Mb, sch Frances EUen. DlGUTuX—Ar 17th, sch Planet, Cousins from Bangor. “■ . BobTON Ar 16th. rch« Dnnworth. Drew from *1 Macliias: Catharine. Anderson. Ellsworth; May? # Hoy Du nails, York; Dandv.; Iso. Lewis. U i.iol Ar 13th. sch Sailor Boy. Pinkhtnn Mil’bridtre MT-hal Dutch, Ceombs sTjohn XB; Lari/. Bollock, Rock port: schs Wmpkgeiuili Quinn, Bangor: Elvira. Warren, Catler. *' PORTSMOUTH—Ar I5tb, sch Edward A Frank. Nickels Philadelphia BaNGOR—Ar 18th, sch Arabella, Fisher, Port land. Cld !6jb. ship Australia, (Br) Rankin. Dublin; sch henry. Carter. Bouton. Wise ASSET Ar 18th. ship Wallace, Lane, New Orleans, (and was ordered to Banger.) • ,, rORBIGS PORTS. ln/“*w1*?SlP»<-.u|Tuk, Hard ..Alftfk'HW1 M *"*■ Annie Sherwood, r’addleto.d, Cuba. At Bueum Ayre* May 27. phij« PpcedweU Loarer fo,Callao; ftavid J Langston, ana; t.n* Nellie linn, for >ew / i ork At Rio Janeiro 7th u’t, ship Kv.nit,, «... Hin from New York for Sydney NSW, jJtjJ Uakv c s Pennell. Matcher. do for Sar. FraneW pnt |u'u**v • bar<iao CUflou, Uarrtt, u«c. 1 Cld at Drroer«a Z&J ult, brig Kollii* wr.VA r^i. i Una, st Jago ^ H Ar at A*ptawall 2btb ult. brig Olga. Gfcfo. fm se* At Trinidad 25th ult hr!** CTrea'itaan,.. phiu, ! <le<vhia; Premia* Hobbs, lor Fortland u#*xUt«v Hid ft* Hava»a3th taet. barque AjWoo ta-Vo. it hbcr. tor Neuvitaa; br»# l:» «*haw, &mith tir \ , York: Lorana. H* penny. l’bil»d*ltMa. A rat Matauzaa 8th iuat, brig Ll.llaa.8wM fm Mac hi as. • i oui. barqus So bra Crock**, Littkleld.lor IN*. im st John N "t 17th inat, chit's I aiii Pattpi auJ Sterling, Hal, for Lfrer; j-J_ I or do. v* SPOKEN. • - Jun* 5. lat 13 N. loa 31 W. barque «.•rtru.l*Tu»^^BteJ ML from Caliao for Rotterdam. Jura 25 lat 43 Ion 32. ubip gueea of th* fm j Liverpool for fcew York Jut* 3. lat t* 16. loo 31 43 brig Star ight. fm Liv- I erpo A for Mataaxa*. STE WADVERTISEMEtft£ j TOE CHESTNVT STRttT SABBATH SCHOOL & SOCIETY WilRioU ibtir ANNUAL PICNIC I -AT PLEASANT COVE. | WON®AY, July 33th, 1804. I the Barge Comfort will leave Cu»tca liott*e w barf I I at y e’cloen . Tick ;T» for Adulte, 30cco*ra Children untie- twelve. I 51 cent —to be bad at Baiter * Sore--. Ejtebance .fX,, street, or W. W. I-nlhrop. Middle tttroei. .od f tie I t wamittee lee t ream, will be for ,a'e. Amu event. wPl be I provided. ,u h a. Foot Rail . Swings, Ac. Jy3) i Grand Scottish Gatherin The Portland ! Burns Association I IaeoaiMciioa with ti« SCOTTISH CLUt OF BOHTON, IN FULL HIGHLAND COSTUM vriru Tur.tR rims. Will hold their hint Aijti,! lle-N'c and < .101.-1 Little Chebeague Island. Tuesday, July 20t: When the following Game* w 11 be competed U Mcsk— Froicioncv in Highland Pipe Mi Shaihapeys, Marches K ul*. Daw< ino—tittle Cal um or 5 word Dance, Highland Fling in coetume. A prize of Bitty J lare will he awarded to the beet dancer. PITTING THE STONE. QCoits—A Prize of llti wl?l bj competed fa tueeu the Port Land Bur*, a Association and tae ton Scottish Club. T%rs.tcimy thi U'tmuur. Lea r no —High Leap, Long Leap. Backo—1 I Bare at 400 yards, seek Knee. Sbixtv—An opportunity will be given to all ties to |oin in the above game Tbe Barge Comfort will Fare Galt's Whan'a A. M. Parties will lurtish their own KctVrsLim rickets e0 ceuts each—can be had at l n**mi Co’s, Lou ell A neuter's. Paine’s Musk Sto’e. of Capt. J J. Boyd, 116 Exchange St. The* liar. Portaua Co s Works, *V <o. MeAiney under L Hotel. Alex. Tayler, 40 t St. Edw. W 814) Congress Street. D. B. SaJnuud «*mml Ti Freight Depot. Alex. Uiqnhart at W. Core)'* change St The comber of tickets is limited early appl.cation only will w care them. An invitation b given to all parties to join In I ojf. 8 wings and other games A Quadril- Baud will be lu Atteudai 9TI1W Portland Bures tlon and Sea , Club of Boeton. healed by their Piper*. will n i in pro* salon from their Hail, E\cbaa»e St, to Barge. J>B)«duj iiOim NEWS ' For tii«* People ! I THE MECHANICS' GKEAT ANNUAL PIC-NIO® Will lake plaeo oa Ou Tuesday next, the 2Gth instSl! AT BKIJAaWlCK. The Oftioer* ot the CoiUuct have tet dertd to tfcftfl CoutiuiUr* the m of their Spier did Orore & Spao out Oo.k„e G.-cun<k,-H on# of the most baau iful place* in Mama, iff ring 111 ample r^ .m for the thousands that always auebd these favorite excursions. The ( omtult eo will furnish free of expet no a , LAnGL AX<jOH *n the Grow* WOK L> i A v. ISG. ▲iao. Seringa, Foot bah* and loo Water. XCSIC BY CHANDLER'S BAND. Car* will leave Kennebec Depot at 8 < clock. 73 C'nit—to bo bad at Lorn II ft Scoter a, I A Dituvun’*. t'ain/e Mua.c More. a. d it thi < • m- M j mitue. H. B.-R. K Co will furnish plenty of goui. easy cars for all that deeire tego. '4H 9 LwKiiaoa. \ Committee A. r, Fbkmkl, J ot C. H Blake, ) Arrangement* July »> —dtd Reliable 4geuH tinned, (~1 LNT LUMEN of energy ard integrity, to ove-jr^^fc F < uuaty i:i Mai v, to reprervnt a long estabhch* Vwhj ed. find class Life Insurance 'oiapauv the bus uea* i, easily iearred-no capital i* required—a 4* ttu* profit* are certain and c utisuou* Ai * 1 c 4«flB2 *ar> advantage* and inetrootion will te affo <!<• t RK p irt o* who wii-h to uuutruke his tu>m» ye. w bkb«Sl ‘ can be conducted t Ither txJu.'ivflv or iu com ti<m with ocwyltioM. Inrvtdiat* r<>i ln-^KS with refemuc-e) are r*»t n start font t ten a'4E« I c-jHHtry. AddrCM K . General Agent, 7 Feeble llou«e, Fort and J)XMSt bailie Historical Society, ^ rPlTE Annual Meeting of the Maine Historical 8o 1 cicty will tx> held at t! e Koowa ni ibe S«hu ty «n I Bowdotn C.dlege. Uruu* .vick. ou I hi'HMj.vy. Aug ■ 4,1964, at 8o’c ock a M Ki'WAKD BALLARD, Secretary. JBk a Brunswick, July 19. 1964 J\3Jutd Rah To Lif. 4 'ill AM BEKS over stores 110 and 112 Federal Sil^H V Apply to J- COOUDiJft ft Co , 81 Commercial street. | Portland July20 —d3w LOU. ON the 18th In«t , a Note dated Ju’y 16th. 19C4, I and payablo to the order of Aiu"*a Siw\ er oa jH demand, for the sum of fifty dollars Sai l note mi E aimed by George Saw) er. Pavm*at of*«‘d NotftM is berebe ■topped CKORuE mW' KH. wkS Portland. July 10th. 1864. Jv2 dSt* Situation Bullied. BV a yon nr mao 20 years old. Rsferarce* given. ■ Had four years t-xpeilenoe in a tt at class uro* gSftS eery la Boston . also 011 years a< entrv clerk. Address J. 8. E it this office fyawit* Jg

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