Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 20, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 20, 1864 Page 4
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THE MARKETS. ] Portland Wholesale Prices Current. Kxpittftly corrected for the Tskss to July 19th j by Mr. M. N. Rich. A ak#i. I d. Pearl ** lb.U*1U Pot.lljllj Aeplei. Green f?bWi,..6 00*8 00 Sliced t» lb..13 *14 Cored 4* lb.13 * 11 ' Bread. Pilot i* loo lbs. $a‘ *3. Slop. ■ *'i Crackers per bbl. $**8t Crackers, $r 100. .60 *ouc Batter. Family t» lb.30 @32c Store.30 1*20 Brest. Marrow V busbj3 00*3 jj Pea...270*3i*i Blue l’od.. .3 00*2;o Candles. Mould $» lb.18 @18j Sperm.37 i*4o CkecM. Vermont *» &>.18*20 blew.17*19 Ceal—iKetaii.) Le&gh. *10 Chestnut.131* Cedes. Java ¥ .** ®68o Cane.40 * 47 JUo.18*66 Cerdeae. American «Mb .19j*20J Buasia liemp. 23*21 Manilla. 2a* » SOI trope, Kutsia 30*8: do. MauiUa. 30* 3. Cement. F bbl.82 10*22 Drags mad l>ree. Alump lb.ii*7p Aloee.47 * 4 Arrow Hoot.17 *40 Borax.46 *46 brimstone (roll)... 61*7 Bi-ilarb. Soda.lo*lu Bulphtur. *1" Sal Soda...• • 54 S* Camphor.1 ‘6*181 Cream Tartar.W *lu Logwood ox. 18* Magnesia.38 *6“ 1 adieu Sd'la.flue 16**26 Madder.19»rd20 Opium.$18 00*# Khubarb.8*0*381 Alcohol.I «i8 * 8 *1 Fluid. 8 » *4« Saltpetre.17 @31 Vitnol.38 *33 Dyeweede. Barwood.*1® Brasil Wood ... 18 * Camwood . * 8 Fustic, Cuba.41* “ Satan villa .34 *6 Uvpcruic.6* 8 Logwood, Cam peachy.II® pt Domingo.3}t* Extract Logwood.17 19* Die Wood. M . Peach •* . 4|« Bed " . 6*« Sayan " * Quercitron Bark.. 2) a Bed Sanders.7 *1 Daek. Kaveus . ®100 romuiu, DO. O.dvuu tv •• No 10. 143*14. Mary.S'r, No. S •* “ No. 10. 141*14 I’M. Cod large ^<|Ut#*2-'*7& •• —>91.6 009 6 0 Tollook.3 76 *4 6 Haddock. .2 00* 8 0 Hake.200 *3 90 Herring, 8bor*«HH.4J*6J do. Labrador.. none, do. Soaled4»bx 40*46 do. No. 1.80*86 Mackerel 4* bbl., Bay No. 1 #1600*17 0 Bay No.2 ...1200*180 Shore No. 1 1600*17 0 V “ 2 .1200*126 L4'«*.. 1076*11 2 Brail. Atinouue— Jordan p lb, Soft Shell.30 * Shelled.42*46 Currant..22 * 2 Citron, new.88 *4" Pea Nut*.• 94 6 Pi*«. common.... 30.^8 New Eleme. . @2' JL#e,ncms,|*boxP9 W® Ofk Jrangoa-box .S000@90( Bunch IB box 600*6 21 Layer.4 76*601 Date..16*16 Prune, new. 1*2 Blear—Portland Imp Superflue .... *960*10 (> Fancy.1000*10 5 Extra.II 00*11 6 Doable Extra .11*0*126 Extra Superior 12 53*130 Wee torn extra. I1*!! 6 Ohio extra.. .1000*110 Caaad* No 1 10 00*10 0 StLoni«FavBrd'« 1300* South'n, 13 (>0*14 0 PatapMoFamUy . 16*00 Corn Meal . 71*7 Buckw't Fl’r #75»*9l>r Grata. Kye.1 86*1 ft Oat.. 96*10 South V el .Corn. .170 *17' Corn, Mixed ... 166*16 Barley.110*1 2 Gunpowder. Blasting.#61® 6 Rifle and Sporting.7J* 8 Presf/d' p net T.#22 @2.1 Loose.20 @22 Straw.Cl Hide, nad Skin*. B. A. Hidea.32* 3 Western.26*2 Slaughter Hides.. 0@lOc CalfHkins.26@30 Calcutta Cow— .Slaughtered . 19<V@21< Green Salt.186@2(* Sheep Pelts, Ur’n.l 70*1 71 H«|S«a >irst Sort, 1868 .20 @25 I rsu. Common. 10 60 “ Refined .. Ill Swede.15&O0 Norway.. .00®17 Caat Steel.36*65 German Steel —42 @46 English BUs.8teel 42 a(M Spring..26 @26 Sueet iron. Engl.. mil Sheet Iron,Russia. @83 do. Rus im’t 20 @22 Lard* Barrel, ? !h . 12.320 Kegs, *> tto. 1*@2Q idfatkcr* New York, light.. I7@39 do. md. wts. . 4oa42 do. hoary.40.0,42 do. slaughter. .66 ® American, )60^18v 4m. Pig® 100B>.920*521 sheet and Pipe.. 21* 522 Lime. Rockland, cask... 116®12u I.umber—From yard. ] Clear Pine,No. 1.988 5 40 do. >o.2. .37 1m 39 do. No. 8. .285 30] Shipping Lumber.923 Spruce.w 9175*0 Hemlock.™.. log 12 Box Sh ks,(piue).70 g76c Clapb’ds, S ext. .914 glti do. P “ ...90 »32 Shingles, Cod. ext 3 87&4 do. “ No.1.9)5 do. ext. Pine.44g 6 Laths, Spruce— 13.^130 do. Pine.16Qg 2 26 Red Oak Staves. 26 530 Mol. llhd. Shooks & Heads,city. .2875300 Sugar do. city 2 87 53 00 do. do. C'try.lu0gl26 Green Co’y sa d.. 9051 00 Country Riff Mol. Uhd.Shooks.. .I605176 dUrnh.100&120 Uoop*.93) gJ* Hackmetack Tim i ber, i> tun.10520 ! Molasses. Port liioo. 91205120 jCieafuegos.10 5 lu6 ; Cuba clayed--- 85g 99 do. do.tart” . Taytfi . do.Muscovado”.. 95gl00 jNew Orleans. none Portland Syrup, hbds 725 do. bbls 5 74 Nulla. Cask.. 910510 60 Naval Stores. u Tar(foreign)® bbi.931531 (Pitch (Cool Tar).. 93*g 68 Koein.44 5448 turpentine fgal.3 765400 ; Oakum. 1 American.13,514* • Oil. Portland Kerosene j lllaminat'g Oill'KXg 100 1 Sperm Winter.. 2605250 ; VV hale, ref. Win t 1 60gl 60 (Grand Bank and Bay Chaleur. 936 5 38 {Short.33*586 Linseed........91 Hlgi 81 (Boiled... .1 8*h5 Lard Oil.16*51 76 OUve Oil. 52 75 Castor Oil.86 ‘5400 Neats foot Oil.... 1 26a1 40 Oaiama — 'BernuiOa *plb. 7® 9 ipbush.90 Ougo 00 I Paints. P tl’dLead.inoil92(Va2< 50 Cumberland L’d, 19 <4,19* Pure Dry Lead. 20522 French Zinc, **0 • OOgiiO 00 Amer. Zinc, “ 13 25gl367 !Rochelle Yellow. 6g 6 , Rug. Ven. Red. ... 5® 5 j Litharge. g2o Red Lend. g£0 Planter (Per ton Soft. (§360 Hard. @800 Ground_,....70Og7 60 Pravi«iaas. i Ch’go Meet Iloef.922 593 i luniuiu uu P'tl’d ext. do. 27 00@28 00 HPork, extra clear 46 @47 •’Pork, clear. 43 @ 46 i Pork, meM . 4300 (£43 00 .Pork. Prime 37 @38 00 Round Hogs.none. Hams.20 £21 City Smok'd Hams 22£23 Prsdacr* BeefpqnV? &. .11 @14 jEgg*. 4> do*. 24 @25 vPotatoes, t>bbl.9S ■ o@326 M hickens.22@ 25 ...1H«J 20 uTurkles.22 @25 »uiee*e. uout 'Veal.10 @12 Rice. Kico t* tb..12} ®!3 Ran.. (Portland distilled @2 25 Salrratas. Saleratus |Mb 10} @11} Nall. Turk's Is., p bhd (8 bus.)....*7 00 @7 00 Liverpool.■< 00*7 00 Cadis.none. Eagliari.7m®7 0© r'd Butter Salt. 38 ® Starch. earl.11@12 Potato.7 8 7) > Shat? 100lbs »;.}al5 'Drop.• a 2, i Buck. @27 i Soap. » Family do.138/13. I No. 1. 14} a 15 (Soda. 16) @16 ) (Heine.14jal6 i/Castile.IB @25 i Crane'i.. ... 815 Spices. ' Caeaia p tb .©0®95c I Cloves.65 @ (■iuger,(Race)....46® 60 i (linger, (Africa1. 45 @50 i Mace.1 0" @ 'Nutmegs.176@2 on • Pepper. 49® 6« ' Pimento.45 @ 50 Sagar. Portland A.none - do. A A .. 822 | do. Yellow_22} Extra Yellow.none Muscovado. 22.8* i Havana Brown . 2© a 29 I do. White, on® 00 i New Orleans.00@«i Crushed. ®32 (iranulated. @92 Powdered. fe 2 • Teas. Hyson.*00*0 00 » Young Hyson OnOgOOO Oolong. 1 15,a,l 2k do choice 125 @180 Sonchong.95 ®lli T abaees. i'lk 10’s best br’ds. 70@75e do. medium .65 ®70 do. common. ©0 *65 half lbs best br’ds. 75 Sir) do. mod.good.70 @75 do. common .. 66® 70 Natural Leaf, lbs ©1 dl 27, Navy*pounds ..,b0® 90 \V m8. Hard, retail ..*©60*10 Son. .6 @6 Varnish. .Furniture—*3 50® TOO .Coach.8}@ * Damir.225® 000 V.'aol. P'sece. 75@100 Pulled.80 @90c Eirkanie. London—600. nominal. Portland Dr? Goods Market. fcapresaly corrected for the Prus to July 19th, b' M. N. Rich. COTTON GOODS. inches. Price Henry Sheetings.87.f5 w 70 Fine 44 36.624 fa 67 44 40. 66 fa 8»» 44 44 £-4.«5 fa 76 Medina 44 37.42* fa 62* light 44 37.3o fa 37 Shirting.27 to 80..... .271 (ffl 32'; BLEACHED SHEETING. Good Blenched Sheeting ... 36.614 fa 62 44 44 “ .8-8.67 <§ 66 w “ " M .&-4.66 & 70 "Medium 44 __36.40 fa 47 Shirting..27 to 32 - 30 fa 371 DRILLING. Henry Drilling.30.CO @ 66 Medium 44 30.624 5*4 OOTTON FLANNELS. Henry Cotton Flannels.66 @ 76 Medium 44 f6 3 <>4 STHIFEDSHIBTIKG. ■lenry Striped Shirting.80........67 @ 66 “ ,r 44 .27.624 fa 674 Medium 44 44 .27.37} fa 46 TICKING. Henry Ticking.,\...C24 ® 70 Medium 44 .»J g 571 OOTTOHADKS. Henry doable and twi»t.n DENIES, Henry Denims. Medium 44 . CAMBRICS AND PRINTS. Colored Cambrics.. Best Print*, . Medium 44 . DELAINB. DeLaiuee... CRASH. Crash... BATTING, WADDING ItC. Cotton Batting,.00 1 Cotton Wadding.45 fa lb Cotton Warp.000 lb Wickiug, unbleached.G6 fa 100 WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jean*,...70 @ 874 Satinet*. 75 ® 100 Uuion Meltons. ..60 fa 112 Jill Wodl do.1124 (fa 1 26 Black Union Casimere*.100 fa 125 Black all wool Cram more# .1 25 m 1 75 Black Doeskins.1 76 (fa 2 60 Fancy Doeskins.••••150 ($8 00 KepeUaut, 6-4.2 CO fa 2 60 _ WOOL FLANNELS. Blot-Mixed Twilled Flannel*..58 ® 80 Scarlet <• ..1 ;o) 75 £i“e •• *• . 57* <§ 80 White, plain, *• .60 fa 80 Printed «« .60 § 75 DAILY PRESS STOCK LIST. For the week ending! July 19, 1964. COERBCTBD BY WM. a. WOOD. •took and Exchange Broker, Exchange St., Portland , DueriptUm Par fain, Ofler'd. Aeked Soreromenltjs. 1891,. 1031 lu4 Government 6-20... Iu3i pn] Government 7 3-10. Kajj 104! State of Maine Bonda,.•. 100 loj Portland City Honda. M3 log Bath City Bonda,. 101 103 Bangor City Bonda, 20 years, 101 M3 Calais City Bond. 101 103 Bank of Cumberland,. 40 49 60 Canal Bank.100 107 M9 International Bank, (uew».100 M4 166 Casco Bank..100 If* 110 Merchants' Bank. 76 79 91 Manufacturers ft Traders' Bank. 60 61 63 Mechanics'Bank,. 100 90 95 Portland Company,.100 66 66 Portland Gas Company,. 5u 61 C6 Ocean Insurance Company, 100 106 108 At. ft St. Lawrence K. K. 100 102 do. do. do. Bonds,.160 92 96 And. ft Kennebec R. R. Stock, too 08 10 do. do. do., Bonds,..100 98 99 Maino Central R. R. Bonds.... 96 gg ! Androscoggin R. R. Stock, 60 worthless. 1 do. 1st Mortgage Bonds,. 76 gg Kan. ft Portland R. B. Stock,. 100 worthier*. 1 do. do. do.. Bonds, 100 90 lot) Portland ft Forest Arenne K.B.100 108 ’ 105 Portland Glass Company,.100 none for sale. Portland Shovel Manufae’g Co.100 nonefortale. Portland Steam Packet Co., —100 none for sa> Richardson's Wharf Co.,.100 90 10. Cape Elis Wharf and K. Co. to nominal. < mm mi ■ II WMJI 1 ^ litmumm m HOTELS CHANDLER. HOUSE, Botlicl. This Hotel, located in the moat beautiftil i [and romantic si!.age on the line ot tu* f»irand Trunk Railroad, unles Irom lior J_Iham. N . H . has been recently built, with Hinviat leiereuct to the wants of toe pleasured rn\ • eliug public. It contains tKtyfpftHnu, well veuti- . lati d and neatly furnished rooins, from all of w hich j vTnwaof grand mountain scenery may be had. No ' pain* will be at ared to make thin a lavorite resort lor the tourist and pieaauitNMekers. Particular atteu- i lion will be paid to bportsmen, and conveyance to the lakes, and all places of interest will will be fur- , ft is tied on reasonable terms Horses and carriages aud saddle horses to let. A good bow ling Saloon is connected with the house A Carriage wi*l be in constant attendance to con- ' vey gut«i* of Hie house from and to the depot, on the arrival and depaituie of passenger tra ns. Transient and permanent boarders soiled. F. 8. CHANDLER A CO., Proprietors Bethel, Me, July.W —dim Non-Side House, i HARPS tVE El. NECK, C A S C 0_ BAY. rTmitfili&Hk . 4 This eiegaut and commodious Ho- j tel, situated on the extremity of ! Harp.*weil Neck, about halt a mi:e beow the well-known Mansion House, ha* just been completed after the desigusoi l» 51. Haiidino. Esq., Architect, and under his superintendence, and will be open tor company On aud after the Fourth of July. The House is the largest es<abli*hment, construct ed expressly for the purpose of a Hotel, »<t any Wat ering Place on the coast of Maine. It is situated in the centre ol a dense grove of old trees, with ave nues and vi*tas opening to the waters of the Bay, but a few yards distant ou either side. Nearly surrounded by the sea, and abundantly shaded by trees, the House has a »pach>u« and beau tiful verandah. extending o^cm three hundred and thirty *ect on three*sides of the building, with wide aud thoroughly ven*Hated bal.* aud oorridom in the interior, so that visitors can enjoy the most comple e protection from the summer heat. The steamboat wharl aud boat landings are on the we*t side, but a few steps from the Uouse. Ample facilities are at hand for boating and fishing. On the east side is a tiue gravel betch. where the luxury of •ea-ba hing can be enjoyed at*11 time* ot the tide At a short distance oti the northeast, across an arm of the sea isOrr’s Island, celebrated by Mrs Beech er Stowe's woU known not el. The 8 a Side House is accessible by land from Brunswick, fifteen miles distant, by one of the finest drives in the State, and bv daily steamboat from Portland through the inside parages among the islands of the hay. Visitors coming from the Kennebec and other parts of the interior, cau lea** the railroad at Bruns wick, and proceed bv stage to Harpsw’ell, or contin ue to Portland god take the steamer, w hich runs down and back twi*e a day. JOHN T. SMITH, Proprietor. jv4tf Ho! for the Atlantic House! Persons wishing U> spend the day at the (Atlantic House. Scarboro’ flcarh, will find a good Coach at Oak Hill Depot upon the arrival of every train. Pair lroin the Depot to the House. 60 eta. juljZdim E. A. LIBBY k CO. OTTAWA HOUSE j I PORTLAND HARBOR, JUAINE JASON BERRY, Proprietor, 1 Will open for the season, on Thursday, \ the\6th ins/. This popular Watering Place, with its ROM A XT TC SCRXRR T, And HEALTHY LOCATION, situated on CUSHING’S ISLAND, 1 2) miles from the city, is unsurpassed by any dim mer aesurt on the Mew England coast. N. K. Positively closed on the Sabbath to all ‘ transient visitors. The Steamer will leave Burnhams Wharf forthi* Island regularly. junelOdtiw BRADLEY'S HOTEL, -OH TH* Aini'riian and European Plans Cor.of Commercial & India Sts. This House is «i uated ^directly opposite [the Grand frank lai.roai Depot, and head oi Boston and Portland at. anu r*’ V\ ban Connected with this House is a first das* _iOyater and Dining Hall. J asIEs BRADLEY, Jr., k CO., Proprietor*. J. Bradley, Jr. i\ il. Bradley, juu-lodbm Atlantic House, SC A KUO KO’ liK ACII. THIS House having been enlarged and 'refitted throughout will open lor the sea H'jii on Monday, June 13, 1864, E. GUNNISON. ». B—Positively dosed on the >albath to all transient visitor*. Junell • Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having leaded for the •o-u-ontbis wefi established Wateringplace, charmingly ait uated cn the outer verge ol Cape Elizabeth. With unrivalled lacili* ties for Hathing, Routine, iiitd 1'isliiii", Will open lor transient and permanent guests on and after Tuecday, the 7th day of June. Everv desirable convenience will be supplied for , th** pleasure and com on* ol its patrons with regard to the lequirem* nts and character ol a FIRST CLASS 1IUTEL. We feel assured that < ur exertions, added to the unusual at itactions ol the house itself w ill secure u* the acprobat.on and patronage of the public vsn *osi/irdy closed on the t-abb ith. HILL k JORDAN, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth,'J une 7, It->4. Utf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subscribers take pleasure in an nouncing 10 theif JrieuMsand all intorestea in finding a lust class sea-side Hotel accom - j modal ions,that i tg ir km and giukmi Ho : tei wiu oe op nearly in June, it contains ail the mod* I eru improvements and every convenience lor the comfort and accommodation ol I bo travelling pub lic. It is finely lecated. commanding an unrivalled view of the Penobscot Bay. The advantages of sen bathing and the facilities lor li.hiog and boating, are unsurpassed. For its beautiful scenery and de lightful drives and walks, < auideu is alieadv lavor abi* known as one of tlie most eligible and delight ful watering places in Mew England Connected with the Hotel is a fine Livery fctable, horms and carriages having been seiecieu with great care. The carriages are lroin the best establishments in the ' counti y, and on the most approved sty Us. Mcam boat landings easy Of access; steamers touching ev ery dav in tho week. Telegraph communication with nil parts of the country. These wishing 10 se cure good roouia will do well to apply soon, as many ai e aireao y t f gay<. d. 0TislilNH k JoHNSTON, Proprietors Camden, June A, lsob —du i'ieasam siibuiuau fttoori. CAPISI^"HOU8E, WEST BROOK. This elegant uburban Watering Place, looa ed upon a pleasant enmi-oice near OR i/isic Pond, but'ilnule* from Portland, hav ing been placed in the most ample order by .leiubfcriber, he most r*ep«-ctfulh solicit* luV.4t*u,ullou public, and cordiallv invites a 1 from hie old friend*. Th© hou*© is pleasant, retired an quiet. The furniture and tarnishing* ar© ail new. ard theroom ooajr dud sightly. Jhe table* are supplied with all ! tlie delacacies as well as the substantial* oi the sca •on, and the service of on© of the very best cooks in New England have beeu secured. Extensive shod* and a hue stable with roomy stalls are among the conveniences of the establishment ▲ nice Bathing House sufficient lor the accouiiuo dation of Sherri bather* ha* been erected with step* projecting into ten feet of water, and the whole se cured from observation by a floating screen. Smoking Arbors grace the barks of the Pond and invite the indulgence ol the lounger. Hoping for a share of tin* public patronage the un dersigned prom sts to spate no ©flort tor the en er tainment of his guests. frEo WMUKCti _Westbrook, May 21, 1*44._ wa*21dtf Splendid Pleasure Kesort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (formerly wilaom hour*.) J.P. kllLLEti,.PKOi'lilETOK. This popular Hotel has recently been par >chx*cd o> Mr. jUheiio! tin Albion ) and has [been thorough iy refitted, renovated and rc i,shared, and nun: mu* ©xuiknt alteration. iw oA'.*-. It h ,1 cated on th< >.i'.carappa n- wi »ut lour miles from Portland, atloriiug a neautitai ruTpA»ur„a'{oa'1 ri;ad'“d ju,t aU,ut ,UT It bu a tine Urge Dancing Dali and good Bowline Alloy,. In clout.* proximity to the hoo^e i» a war-i, and roomy Stable, oontaiuing twnty nice italic There i, also a weil «heltsrad Shod, 105 loot ion*, for 1 hitching hortiti. *’ The choicest Supper, will he got up for ,lei.Inn, and dancing par not, who will Uu.l it ereatlj wi their pleasure and ta#e to rwurt to the White Donee. I No effort wi.l be spared for the entertainment oi 1 «—*._* _ deelf-d If HALLOWELL HOUSE REO Pi: N E III NEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! 8.0. DENNIS, I'ropi ietor. t'A The public aVo menially iufornted that the spacious, convenient ana well known Hai.lowrll the center of lialiowell, two mi!©* from I Augusta, and tour rabes from fogus hprhig, ha* been refurnished, and is open for t!<© reception of i company and permanent boarders. xvery attention will b© given to the comfort oi gaests. »T A BL, ING, I™ ^,Vlh;pUrrMCed“VeUienCt'‘ ,f • ^'luUr 1*otul Halluwel . Feb. 1 1884. mc!,26eodtf I , THE AMERICAN ROUSE, ] Banover Street .... Boston, ' The Largest au«l Best Arranged Hotel IS SEW KKQLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor, »el« ly I j ' FROFlMink PH.OFOS.A.LsI -Fyjl Materials for the Navy. Navv Department, ( Bureau rf SteamBuyinhering, July 10, 1864.1 SIEALED FKOl'OSALb to furnish materials for f the Navy for the liscal year ending June 33th, ltxio, will be received at the Bureau of Mi earn Engi neering, until id o'clock ol tbe l2;li day ol August next, ai which time the opening will be commenced. Bropota!? him; ne endorsed * Proposals tor Male rial* tortile Navy,” that they may be distinguish* d fiom other busiue? • ie.ters aud duecicd to the Chief o! the Bureau oi biearn Kugiueei ing. The material? and article? embraced in tne classes j named are particularly described iu the priu ed ! schedules. auy oi which will lv lurni-hed to such as desire to offer, ou application to the commandant* oi the respective > ar^s, or to the Navy Agents near est thereto, and those of all the yaids upon applica tion to iho liurtau. Ini? division iu to clause? being for the convenience of dealers in each, such ciarses only w ill bt lu.- ni*h »*4 as are actually r%quired lor bids. 1 he l ommaud* *ut and Navy Agomt ior each station will, iu addi tion lo the schedule ol classes Of iheir own yard?, have a Copy of the schedules oi the other >aids f«>r examination only, from which may be judged wheth er it will be desirable to make application lor any ol the classes of those > aid*. All other things being equal, i reference will be given to article* of Amer ican manufacture. Odors must Lu male for the whole of the class at any yard, upon one of the printed schedules, or iu strict coniormity therewith, or they will not be con sidered. I'pop application to the Bureau, to the Command ant ol auy yarn, or to auy Navy Agent, the loriu of otfer, ol guaranty, and other ueoe.-»ary iuiorination respecting tne p opo ais, will be furnished. The contract will be awarded to the lowest biddor who gives proper guaranties, as required by the law ot August IU, IMG. t e Navy Department reserving the ligut to reject toe lowest hid. or any which may be deemed exorbitant. I he contacts will bear date the day the notiflea tiou is given and deliveries can be d. manded from that date. buret ic? in the full amount will be required to sign the contract, aud tueir responsibility ci-rtihed to by a United Stales District Judge, United State* Dis trict Attorney, Collector or Navy Agent. As addi tional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amountof the bii.s until the contract*shall have been completed, and eighty per centum ol each bill, approveo iu tiiplicate by the Commandants ol the respective yards, will be paid by the Navy Agents at the point* ot delivery, in funds or eertihcavs, at theopti -no tho Government, within tea days af t~r tne warrant for the same shall have been passed by the Secretary oi the Treasury. The following are tbe classes required at. the re spective navy-yards. KIITERY, MAINE. Class No. 1, boiler iron, 4c ; No. 2, pig iron; No. 3, boiler felling No. 4 gum packing, Ac : No. 6. sperm oi ; No 6 linseed oil 4c: No 7 lard oil; No 8 metaiic oij; noU tii.ow aud soap: No 10 engineers' stores: Noll « uginr. i*’ tool*; *\o 12 eugim eis' in struments . No 14 w r,ught iron p pe «c; No 15 tubes; Maid •;*•! . N•> 17 iron lii.ii', l< . - i.t.d i copper; No 19 tin 4c; No 2 j white lead ; No21/inc paint; No 22 colored paint*; No 23 stationery; No 24 flr«wood;ho34 cotton waste, packing 4c: No 35 eugiuotr*' ftcye*. CHAlt LEbfOWJS, MASS. Cla*s No 1 boiitr iron aud rivet*; no 2 pig iron .no 3 boiler felliug; no 4 gum packing, rubber hose 4c; no 5 sperm oil; no 6 linseed oil and turpentine: uo 71arduil; uo " metal io oi no!) tallow and soap; uo Id engineers’ stores; uo 11 engineers’ tools; no 12engineor*’ instruments; no 13 steam pumps; uo 14 wrought jrou pipe, valves, 4c; no 16 tubes; uo 16 steel;uo 17 irou nails, bolts,nuts, Ac; no 18 copper; nolDtiu. /iuc. 4c, uo ‘JO white lead; no .1 zinc paint: Hu 22©» orodl>aiuta, drgt-r* 4c: no U3 sta tionery ;no*26Jhiokory and ash plank and butt*, no 20 white pine; uo34 hemp and cotton packiug, 4c; no 1 33 engineer*' storis, 4c. BROOKLYN, N Y. Claw no J boiDr iron ; ro 2 nig iron; no 3 boiler 4 gum pack jug, rubber hoee, Ac; no 6 sperm oil; uo 6 linseed oil, turpentine, alcohol, Ac; no 7 lard oil; uo 6 lubricating or metslic oi s, no U tallow aausoap; no Kletiginoor*' stores: uo 11 eugi ; neera’ tools; uo 12 engineers' instruments; no 18 ! s'eaui pomps, no wrought iron pipes, va.ves, Ac; not5 tubes; no 16 steel; he 17 iron nails, bolts, nut *, Ac; no 18 copper; u > lJ tin, ziue, lead, . no 30 white lead; no 21 zinc paint: uo 22 co ored paints, dryers. Ac; uo 23 stationery ; no 24 tire wood ; no 26 1 hickory and ash p ei.V aud* butt*; no 26 w hite pine; no 27 black walnut and oherry; no 26 mahogany whit .• holley ; no 2d lanterns; no A) ligi umvit«e ; no 31 drudgeons, numps. Ac; no 32 sour flour, cruci bles, Ac; no 33 patented articles; no 34 cotton and hemp packings, Ae; no & engineer** stores. PHILADELPHIA. Class no 1 bailer iron. Ac; no 3 boi’er felting; no 4 gum packing, rubber hose Ac; uo 5 sperm oi ; no 6 hasted oil and turpentine: no 7 lard oil; no 'j tal low soap, Ac; no 10 engineers stores; uo }l engi neers’ tools; no 12 engineers' instruments; no 14 wrought i On pipe, valves, Ac; no 15 tubes; uo 16 steel; no 17 iion nails, bo t* and uu's: no 18 copper; no; no8> white load; no 21 zinc paint ; no 2d oo.ored p«ials and dryers, uo 23 stationery; no 24 Are wood; so 34 cot tell and hemp packing, Ac \ no 35 engineers' stores, Ac. WASHINGTON. Class no 1 boiler iron, Ac; no 2 pig .ron; no 3 boil er felling,Ac: uo 4 gum packing,rubb* r hose.Ac; no 5 sperm oil; no 6 liusetd oil andturpentine; no 7 lar i oil; no 8 lumber . no 2 tallow and soap; uo 10 engiiiees' stores, no 11 engineers tools; no 12 eugi nee s' instruments: no ,J3 am pumps; no 14 wrought iron, valves, Ac: no lo tub-**-; to 16 s eel; no 17 iron nail , bol s, nuts, Ac; uo 16 copper; no ldtiu, lead aud zinc; no 20 white bad; uo 21 ziuc paint; no 22 colored paints, dryers, A ; no 23 stationery; no 24 tire wood; uo 84 cottou aud hemp packing, Ac; no35 engineers' stores. Jyl5 law4w ORDINANCE omCK, Wan DaraETMEVT. Washikotob. July 4, 1864. Sealed proposals will be received at this office un ttl Monday, July 25. at 4 1*. M., tor 100.06J sets of lulantrv Accoutrements, calibre 56, to be delivered in the following -juautitie* at the andernatned Aree na s, viz : A) 000 sets at th6 New York Arsenal, Governor's 1 ala n<J. *0,000 sets at the I rankfort Arsenal. Bridesburg, *40,0*0 sets at the AJeghany Arsenal, Pittsburg, la. 20.000 sets at tbs SI Leuj*> Arsenal, Mo l ifxxj setsaf the Watertdwn Arsenal. Mass. These Accoutrements are to be made in strict con formity with the new pattern sets, to be seen at the Arsenals above named, with tb fo lowing excep tions, viz : 1 he thou1 tier belt v til be tut two i» choi wide, and no shoulder belt-plate will lie fur ui*U<d ; ftl.* Inside fl .p of the cartiidge box and cap pouch are to be leu off. and the iais are to be sewn ou the outer flap ; the letters U. 8 . with a border, are to be stamped upon the cartridge box, the same size and st^ e as ou the plate wh ch it re places; tuc cartridge box is to be sewed with nine(<d and the cap pouch wi h ten 10) stitch* a to the inch. Separate bids wi.l be receive-’ lor the manufacture of these Accoutrements of pure uaL leather, of oiU ed tannage oik rim *!t. and all hemlock . The belts are to b« oi grained leather. Samples of those Accouf rofnents are to be seen at the above named A i venal* ou or about the 2mh in»t. It is to be distiuctly understood that this Depart ment is to have the privilege of inspecting the work done under any ooutract it may-award, in all stages of its progress, and e pecia'dv to examine the stook before cutting. They are to be subject to inspection at the Arsenal where delivered, before being receiv ed for the Government. None are to be accented or 1 paid for egeept such as are approved uron luapt-c tion. Deliveries must be made in lots of not lew than one-twelt-h (l-12th) per week of the whole number ' contracted for l'he litwt delivery to be made on the 13th day of August, 18*^4 f ailure to make deliveries at a specified time will ' subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number lit may fail to deliver at 'hat time. 1 lie Accoutrements intuit be boxed in the n*ual , manner ; tn*» boxes to be charged at cost, to be de* terrataed by the inspector. Bidders will state explicitly the Arsenal or Arse- I nals where they propose to deliver, and the number | of s -t* they propose to deliver at such plaes, it for morethau one. No bids wiil be considered from parties other than regular manufacturers. »ud such as are known to | this Departmedt to be ftilly competent to execute in ! their owu shops the work proposed for. Should any * party obtaining a contract offer Accoutrement* oth- , er than those made in bis own shops, they will be rejected, aud the coutract rendered null and void j The name and {dace of manufacture of each party ! obtaining a contract must be stamped on each part 1 of each set ot Accoutrements. GUARANI V. The bfMer will b* rrqufred to accompany his pro- I position with a vunranty, signed by two responsible persons, that in case his bid is accepted, he will at once execute the contract tor the same, with good and sulhcier.t sureties in a sum equal to the amount 1 ot the contract, to deliver the article proposed, in , conformity with the term of this advertisement, and in ca.-e the said bidder should fail to enter into the ! coutract, they are to make good the difference be tween the off r of laid bidde r and tHe next respon sible bidder, or thffperson to whom the comract may beawrarded. * The reapoMibilityoftbe guarantors must be shown \ by tli** official certificate of the Clerk of the nearst District Court, or of the l'oiled States District At- ! torney. Bunds in a sum equal to the amount of tlic con- | tra-t. sinned by the contractor and both of Mb guar §ntoie, will be required of the successful tiddtr or bidders open fig ing tt« contract. FORM OF OFARAN1 We. the undersigned, residents of-in the | county of-. aud State of-, bercbv, I jointly aud severally covenant with the U. States', and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of be Accepted, that he or they will at once execute the contract lor the same with good and -uffici- nt sure- ' ties iu a sum equal to the amount cf the contract, i to fwoldi the article* propose j iu cou<crmifv to the . terms oT the adv »rflst-ni6nt. y 4, 1864, un er wnichthe bid was mad); and in ca-e the said -shall ’ail to enb r into a contract as afore said, we gusrauue to make good the difference e tween the offer <>! the said —--and the next low est responsible bidder, or the person to whom the ! contract may be awarded. 1 Given under our hands and seals (this-day of-1R0 . Witness l eal. j | cerimcaie a novo mentioned. j Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged , to enter into bond with approved sureties lor its faithful execution. Upon the aw ard t* ing made, successful bidders w 111 be nof lied, and furnished with forms of con tract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids if not deemed satisfactory, and especial)* | those inadeby parties who have failed to make time deliveries uud r previous contracts without furnish ine satiafac'orv reasons for such delinquency. rropoit Is wj 1 be a dressed to “ Brigadier Gener al UM I> Uam-ay. Chief of Or • nance. Washing ’ n, D. C., and exidorstn, Pr posals for infantry , Accoutrements.'" GKo. D. RAMSAY, ' JfUiSOdtd Brigadier Gen . Chief of Ordnance l>is*oIutiou. 11HK ilrmof Howard k Strout, aa Attorneys and . Counsellois a* Law, is this day dissolved by mu- ' ual con sen t. Either partner will attend to the set- j lenient of of the business of the late ilrin Mr. Howard will cintiuue to occupy otlnebl Mid lb street, over Casco Back. Mr.'Strout wfl' ooe <py office 106 Middle street, J ppoaite head of Plumb street. Joheptt Howard, 8> WALL C. JdTKuUT. I Portland, June 27, IS64—<18m - - ... .■ - Board. A FEW more Boarders oan be accommodated at A- 72 Daulorth street, two doors above Brackett. | kpply boob. July! - _ --- - - " ■ -«*u RAILROADS FOR CHICAGO, KILWAUKIE, Anil all part* of the West. ililBSlO.V Il'kMS TO (B1CAG0, WLWAlkll, And all other points at the WEST, SOUTH * NORTH WEST, For sale at the reduced rates of faro at the Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., W. D. Little, Agent. Jute94dtf FOR THE WHlfE MOUHTAINS, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AND RETURN. Excursion Ticket, for sale at tlic REDUCED RATES, By W. I). LITTLE, Agent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, janc24tf 81 Exchange street. sms REOUCEDRtTEsT IIII’.lIt','A,VI' TO THAVEEEKS -TOTH* West, North West & South Westl W. E>. LITTLE. IS Agent lor all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit, Sliiwaukie, Daieua, Osko.h, St. i’aul. LaCrowo, t.neu liav, Quitter, bt. Louis, Douisville, Indianapolis, Cairo, eic., etc , aud is prepari-d 10 turni.h Timor on Ticket, from Cortland to all the principal cities and towns in the loyal States aud Canadas, at the lowest rates of tare, and all needful information cheerfully granted. Travelers will Uud it greatly to their advantage to procure their tit hots at the Union Tieket Office, 31 Exchange Street, (UP STATES.) W. D. LIT11'LK, Agent. Passenger* for California, by the Old Line Mail Steamer aud Panama Railroad, mav be secured ! by earlv appMcntion at this ofhoe. Ticket* to Montreal and Quebec and return (via ihe C.rand Trunk Railway) may be obtain* d at thii agency on favorable terms. m&y26t]&wtl i bummer Tourist a & Traveler’* Great Combination ol BXOUHSION8! For the 8easou of 1864. Tickets Mood to Hetnrn to November l»t, GRAND THINK KtltHAV. From Portland —TO— White Mountain*, Montreal, Quebec IV. Woit, Chicago, Wihvnukte, Niagara J’alU, and retnra AT TERr LOW KATES OF FAKE Only #10 to Chicago or Milwaukee, $Sj out and re turn, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Heinrn, all rail, $35, Also, tolkwton, New York, up the Hudson Uir-r Saratoga, Lake George. * Returning from Niagara l ull's either by Grind Iruok Railway. or by the Royal Mail Lin. through toe Theu»anil Island, auu Rapid* ol the St haw. ronuci. ’ American Money taken at Far for Tickets, Sl«»n IngGsrrand at Rolreshnietit Saloons "P Arrangtmeats ba-ebeen made with the Propria tors ol the principal Hotel, in Monaregl, yuebsc and N^YorVlMcf “rk«*“ *°UVy " f&UKuk&SST*** ‘pWj uP E. P. BKAi H (,eiiera! Agent,*79 Broadway.N Y June U.^tw “»■**«• OH AND THINK HAiLWAl Of Canada. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ■■E . 0n *E<1 hfter Monday, Jane 37, 18ft, trains wnl run daily (Sundays except adj until turther notice, as loll owe: ' Cp'Traiua. Leave Portland lor island Pond. Montreal and yuebecat 7.0ua. ■ and 1 a r. ■. Down Trains. Leave lelesd Pond lor Portland, at Ol a n and 9 15 p. w. the Company are not responsible tor baggage to any amount exceeding »oo In value, and that per •ona!, unless notice is given, luil paid lor at the rate of one passenger for every s50u additional value. H Kart ay J>- BR'i *Un**iuK Director. H. nAILr, i , Surorintt-Bdeut. Portland, June 24, 1864 aov8 PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC H.H. SPRING A SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Mondity, April 25, 1864 Peseengsr trains RavcSkowliegan foi °rt an*, and Jtostou, at Hu x Au gu. a, ll.Oo A. M and Bath 12 10 r. M Ausnsta for Portland and Boston ato.Hu A, x ; B.tho So A. Portland tor Ba*b,Aug«.te, tfaterville,Kendall's Hills auu Skowbexur, at l.ju T. M. Tortiand for Bath and Augusta » ]fi p. m. yiMsearirs for rationson tl»*? Audroacorjrin Bail* road will ebanearn at BruiidWick. fiie 1 1U **. M. traiu f oui Tortlaad connect* at Kcudau a Mill* with Maine Central Railroad for lunror, Ac , arriving same ereuiiig. ^Su^es leave Ba h tor Kookland at S*A.M.and3 Stjgw leave Anj^U for Belfast at 41*. M. Stages leave Skow began at 6 10 T. M. lor An*on, Soon.Ac. i hruuxh Ticket* for all the stations on thi* and the Androecoagin Railroad, can 1* Lrocurred in Boat on at the r.aptern or Boa'on aim Maine htativn* April 18. 186?: H CgSH><A*1 SBp0r,n^"' ' i orii ft lumberiumi ttuilroad. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Ou aud after MONDAY, April ltli., 1864, train* will leave a* follow*, until further notice : Saco River tor JA-rruod at 5 45 (Freight Train with Ta.seenger Cars) and 9.15 ▲. x , and 3.80 r m. Leave Portland tor Saco River, 7.45 a. x. and 2.00 aud 6,20 r. x. The 8.00 r x. train out, and 5 45 a. x. traiu into Portland, will be freight tiuiu, with pa*»enger cars attached. stages connect at Haccarappa daily for South Wiuuham, Windham Tenter and tin at Tails At Gorham for West Gorham, blandish. Steep Falls, Baldwin. Sebago, bridirtoii. lliretn. Liming* tou, Cornish, Denmark, Brownfield. JLovel, Frye burg, Conway,Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and fla tou, N. H. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonney Ea gle, South Limington, Limington and Limerick. At Saco River tn-weekly, for liollis, Limerick, ■ Osalpee, Newfield, Pardon* field, EtT'ugnam, Free dom. Madison, raton, Cornish, Porter, Ac Fares 6 cents le*a when tickets are purchased in the Office, than wheu paid in the Cars. DAN. CARPENTER. Supt. Portland April 7,1864. dtf HUME CENTRAL RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRAHGKMFftl. Trains leave Portland, Grand Trunk Station, f r Lewiston and Auburn, at For Bangor and intermediate stations at 1.25 r.x RETURNING—leave Low Mon at 6.20 a. m., and arrive in Portland «t 3.80 a. m. Leave Bangor at T.30 a. x.,and arrive in Portland at 2 15 i*. x. Bolt thee.- trains connect at Portland with trains tor Boa ton. Freight train leaves Portland at 9 a. m., and re tmrningis due in Portland Bt 1 r. x. Stages connect with trains at principal »tations, daily for most of the towns North and East of this line. C M MORSE,Sup’t. Watervil.'e. N vember. 1861. dool4 PORTLAN D, SACO At PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD* SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April lltli, 1964. .gfiBijunr; Passenger Train* will leave the St a- , t1on, Canal streot, daily, (Sundays ex* cent el) a* tollow*: t-vave Portland for Boeton, at 8.45 a. x. and 8.f€ j p. x. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a. x. and 3.00 P. x. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 a. x. and 6.10 p. m. These trains will take and leave passengers at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland. Oct. 30.1963. oc31 edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. 1 AtiguMa, Maine* fllllK Maine Insurance Company insure against JL loss or damage by Fire, Building*. Merchan* ' dire aud Furniture, ou term* as favorable as it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued i for One, Three, or Five years. J. L. CUTLER, President, J. H. WILLIAMS.Secretary. EDWARD SHAW - - - Agent, No. 102 Middle Street. •MllSINtlV IVTi;K Y ATI OVAL ~ 1 Fire Insurance Company! Of AVw for/., Offlc, 113 Broadira,. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. m WM. E. WAKEKN, PrtUtml. HAMILTON BHL'CE, Vie* l'wtident. ! GEORGE \V, SAVAGE, Secretary, f Portland Board of Pefrrencet: . j ' Johx B Brown & Son, TTeusev Fi.ictchicr & Co. 1 H. J. Libby A Co. John Lynch A Co. The undersigned haring been appointed Agent i ! »nd Attorney for thi* Ccinpa* y. i» now prepared 10 issue Policies on Incurable Property at current i ' rates. I XW*Portland Office, 166 Fore Street JOHN W. MlWC-FR, Agent* June 8,1864.-otf I ---___ STEAMfiOATs. __ Portland and Penobscot River, Rummer A .mngeniimt, 1861. THF. NEW , ST AI INCH AND COMMODIOUS STEAM Eft LADY LV\<„, Built a xprossly for this route, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, . - - Wlil oommeuce her Sommer Ar r»ngement ou MONDAY MoKN V, ' TT, u’ Jul'. 01 h, Leaving Bangor ey eo,Munday.> and Friday Mornings, at Returning will lonve Railroad Wharf, foot of State street, Portland, every Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at 10o'clock, connecting with the Fmstcrn, Boston and .Maiue, ami Portland Saco and Portsmouth Railroads, from Boston and'Wav Stations, leav ing Boston at 3 o’eloca, P. M. The Boat will touch at Rockl.ud, Camden Bel fast Hucksport, Winterpori and Hampden, both ways. Passenger* ticketed through to and from Beston, Lowell, Law rence, Salem and Lynn. For more extended information, apply to J O Keudrica, Bangor; tne local Agents at the various landings; the Depot Masters of the P 8 k P Eastern amt B * M Railroads; Abial Somerby! Portland; l.aug k Delano Boston, or Jjune4.-i.dU C'UA>' St'KAK' A*BD‘ Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. a» One of the following first-class j p i: W*v steamers of this Lino viz;—Peruvian, * 'yLsiyr Hibernia. North American, Jura, Bel ItVtWMtaa ,'ian. Nova Scotian. Moravian, Da mascus, wi.i sail from Quebec, svzhv Satuudat llusziMi. for J.lverpool via Londonderry Also the steamers St. David. St. Gkobok St A«dr*w.St Patrick, tri monthly frum uuebec for Glasgow. Prepaid and return tickeU issued at reduced rates. F or passage apply to U. A A ALL AN, Montreal, or to J. L. FARMER mayioutf No. 10 Exchange street Portl’snd. International Steamship Company. Eastport, Calais & St John, j two tiupTpeb week. Ou and af cr Monday, March 28, the ftuperior -^•gcniir Manner NEW BRUNSWICK, Uapt. LT -- Winchester, will leave Railroad W bari, loot ot state Street, every Monday at 6 i oclockKM.. and the Steamer N L W ENGLAND* Capt. E. Field, every Thuraday at 5 o’clock P M for Atatport and St. John, N. B , connecting ,t ; F.astpurt with steamer Queen, for Robinson, St An- • drew; and Calais, and with stage coaches for Ma chus, and at St. John with steamers ft,r Erode*. 1 Icton and with s'eaa.r Vj*G eror lor Digby, Wind-' *ur and lial..aa, and witVt the V- k N. A. Railroad I fur bhedmo and all way stalluns. uruaa | Returning, w-i 1 leave St. John every Monday . IT&IV.8oclock A *•" iortilSd: on hoard StM.mers '8Cll,e<i °f ** A*en‘““d dork rhurtdnv.^'^ UU 4 °'cl#8k P M “<>»d»l* »«d __ C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Poreit City, Lewi*ton and Montreal fom)w;”<:,1J'ur,‘,', "otle#’r" “ Leave Atlantic Whart, Portland, every Monday, Tueeday, W ednesday, Thursday and Fridays at , clock P M , ami India Wharf, Boaton, Than4* “<• * ara in Cabin. *1 50 " on Dock... i S5 Freight taken aa naual. The Company ar* not responsible for tarvarc to any amount exceeding *60 in value, and that pertou al, unloss notice it given and paid for at the rate oi one passenger for every *600 additional value. Feb. 18, led*. dtr L. B1LUWUS, Agent. Portland and Slew York Steamers SEMI-WEEKLY LINK. JS -a- _ The «p!endid and faat Steamship* LOCUS! POINT," Capt .WiLX.rrT, ^ "POTOMAC." Captain Suit ^na^Mwoou, will,until further notioe, rma Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, everv WEDNka. *DNoTrt?nS^r1LV?DAlr- V * r M *“d “» LYMrda rZ 3r0OtJocCrTUW,LD* KaDAT These*e.i*ei* are fltted up with floe :ctommodation* rorpaMecrer*. making thw the un^et speed* #afe and comfortable route for traveller* between New York nod Maine P***tg* 97,00, including Fare and'Stat# HOOD*. OBoda forwarded by tills line to and from Montreal, ?ohn*°’ BaS*or' A»*uata, Keatport and St. Shipper, are requeated to tend their freight to the aanwrortSutL7 «’ * F. hi., CD the day that thop For freight or passage apply to 9MERT A FOX. BrownV Wharf, Portland. Kni Terk*OMW*I'L * CO" H# M Weet Street, Deo. 6e 1863. dtf FOR SALE & TO LET. House anil House I.ota For Sole, Located in Westbrook, about live , minutes walk from the Horse Cars at Woodford's corner. - Alto, the pleasantly located two j --'Hot' Dwelling Uou.-e and l.ot, rc oei/tly occupied by Mr. J. C. Uemick. The lot con tain.. sb ,ut two acres, aud is one of the truest loca lions lor a geutcel resideuca to be found in the tub urb* of Portland, being lesa than twe miles irorn tnc 1 ortlaud 1 oat othce, aud commands a fine view of iw City. p..r further particular, call an the undersigned at SI. lore .-treet, coruor Union Street jjrl4dtf Bl PUS DUNHAM. House* mill Laud for Sale at a Bar Rain. rl^i? *.i ?!“r>' I'tick House No.!. Portland ttree!. , X i he lot M 63 loot ou Portland btrtot. running back to Oxford ptret-t. Said home is * tuated iu the ceiiT. r ot the city, on the direct hue of tho Horae Railroad. Price Sl70o,0«>. StAJO,00 of w hich can re main ou a mortgage. For further particulars in quire of W M a LLEN Jr , j> 18eod11 ^ Nos 13 aud 1.5 Exchange Street. Valuable Real Estate for Sale. \lrK have for sale a very desirable House, cen * * trally aud pleasantly located, he is bed aud 1 farms hod from garret to cellar; every thing in and about the house iu perfect order; will be sold with i tho 1- urniture, which •• ui go<>d taste and in fine or- 1 der. 1 laiii'unite |H>-Kt>t>lou given. The home and furniture cun be examined t» t anytime and in for- ! ination give by calling ou R^^ BAILED A Co., Auctioneer*, may 1*1 u l aud on t ree street for Sale. rilllE valuable real estate ou Free street, known' 9- us the 'T urbish property ” The lot is about 106 feet on t ree street and extend* back about 174 teet. Said estate will be gold as a whole, or the easterly hall oi tho dwelling house, with lot about 40 by 175 loot, will be sold by itself Application may be made to James Furbish, Esq on the premises, or to (jEU. E. B. J At kaON, ’ julyldtl_ 59 Exchauge street. Tor Salt*. 4 SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acre* 1m. oi wood land, on the south side of the river 1st. Lawrence, in Uauada East. It is interceded by two considerable rivers with eligible 31 id sits. Well wooded with every description of timter, such as june and *pruee in large quantities, and maple, beren, beech, taiuxrac ana bass wond toauy amount Kuquircof H. T. MACHIN, "ortiand. i ortlaud, Feb. 18^4. feb^5eodtf For Snip. CUFF COTTAGE, uontaiuicg over It) rooms.lurgr stable and .bed. -situated two pud one-half miles from Portland, and the dues! situation in Cap* EUauhitb tor o wa terlng place. aud summer boarders. For partioolar?enquire of GKO. OWEN, •?7 Jtf 101 Congress Street. Portland, For Sale. fltllE valuable estate ou the westerly corner of X High and dpriug streets, lor many j ears Jw usd ! aud occupied by tl>« late George Uartol. J. A E. II. IUNO, 128 Middle St. July 6,18t>4. julythilm For Sale. V 'l Wo story House and Lot. situated on Port land street, with stable aud otherout building.. Also two adjoining lots coutaiuiug shout eight thousand square feet. Enquire ol N STEVENS No. 47 Portland street. juueBdtf House For Snip. A TWO story wooden house. No. IS Adams street, IX. 11 nui.hed rooms, convenient (or two urailies plenty ol good water, lor particulars inquire ol , , B. J. WILLAKU. Portland, Msv 14,1SS4. majllemltf To Let. t^Ul U Offices, single or in suites, over Stores Nos. 1*4 ExchangeStreet, opposite the Inter national llcu-c Apply or the premises to j>*dtf A. L. ItitOWN For Sale. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new. can be used for on» or two has Pole and Shafts iomnlete. Fur price Ac., call at No. 1 Free street Portland. spr 1 eodtf To Let. STORE now occupied by us. Pcstcssloa given immediately. Also, a Front'Oflioalu 11 an "on BRml JanS dtf H. J hlUh V ft CO. To Let. ONE STOUfi in Gull's Block. „ to U T MACUIN, ap22 Utf Sriunoir OKMaAi/juime*. ) Wushiugt' nCity, June *24,1<*64. J MTANTFD— Surperus anti A s si* t ant turyrous y? for ftlornl Trc*>p»—< andnlates must bo * rad title* of come Kegular Medical College, and oust be cxHmined by a Hoard of Medical < Hficera to ie convoned by the Surgeon Gei t ral. The Board rill determine whether the candidate will be up. Kiinted Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon, according to acrit Application* accompanied by one or more ert mortal* from rt^pectabb persons, as to moral harftcrer. ftc., should he addreiood to the burgeon ienoral.U. 8. AWashington, D. C , or to the Aa« ibtant Surgeon General, U. 8. A . Louisville. Ky. ' toard* are now in session at Boston. New Yo*k Vashiiigton, Cincinnati, St. Louie, and New Or- 1 ran 9. Also wanted. Hospital Steward* for Colored Heg- ' uiente. Candidate* must possess a fair English Ed- I cation, aud be fauidinr with theeom( oanding aud I iapensiug of Medicine*. Applications mu*t be made I ■* in the cine of Minicnns and Assis’aut Surgeon* ! ompensation from #23 00 to $83 00 per month, with i t lOthing, rations, fuel aud quarters. I c JOS K BaKNES. Julyl*8aa8tu Acting Surgeon Geuerai. * MEDICAL. liEiirt ~ On. WHIOHT'8 REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OK, ESSEKCEOF LIFE. PREPARED FROM PURE V AORTA EL* EXTRACT* CONTAINING NOTHING INJURIOUS TO TH* MOST DELICATE. rilllE Rejuvenating Elixir it the result of modern A discoveries in the vegetable kingdom, being an entirely new and abstract method of cure, irrespec tive of all the old and worn-out systems. This medicine has been tested by tho most emi nent medical men of the day, and by them pronounc ed to be one of the greatest medioal discoveries ot the age. One bottle will cure General Debility. A few doses cure Hysterics in females. One bottle cores Palpitation of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation From one to three bottles restores the manlines and full vigor of youth. A few doses restore the appotite. Three bottles cure the worst case of Impotency. A few doses cure the low-spirited. On* bottle restores mental power. A few doses bring the rose to the cheek. This medicine restores to manly vigor and robu health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and do spairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, enervated youth, the overtasked men of business, the victim of nervous depression, the ndividual suffering from general debility, or from weakness of a tinge organ, will all Hud Immediate and permauent relief by tbs use of this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price *2 por bottle, or three bottles for H, and forwarded by Express, on reoeipt of monsy, to any address. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. DB. W B. MEBWIN A Co., SOLE PHOPEIETOE8, No. 68 Uberty-et., New York. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR. HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, For the remoral of Obstructions, and the Insnrano of Regularity in the Recurrence of the Monthly Periods. They cure or obvintetbose numerous diseases tha spring from irregularity, by removing tha regular ity Itself. They cue Suppressed,Exeessive and Painful Men irruatioD. They cure Geen Sickness j Chlorosis). They cue Nervous and Spinal Affections, pains in the bark and lover parts of the body, Heaviness, Fatigue on slight exertion. Palpitation ot the Heart Lowness of Spirits, Hysteria, Sink Headache, Cld diuess, etc., ete. In a word, by removing the Irreg ularity, they reniovethe cause, and with it all the effects that spring from it. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they con tain nothing deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicate—their function being to sabetitnte strength for wenkn-ss, which, when properly used, they never fail to do. All letters seeking Information or advice will be promptly, freely and diacreetiy answered. Full directions accompany each bon. Price FI per box, or aix boxes for SS. Sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of price. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. B. M EH WIN ft Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 69 Liberty-st., New York. fobdcodfceowlr Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct ing all disorders incidental to the feminine sex. That the afflicted may feel assured that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their oontidence,- not ona of those secret compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, I add a few testimonials from phys icians whom all, favoring the Electric and Reformed Practice or Medicine, respect. DR. WILLARD C. GEORGE, formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, gnd President of the Electric Medical Society, Mass.. • peaks oi it in the following terms: "I have used the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by DR. GEO. W SWATT. 106 Hanover Street, and I regard it as one of the best Medicines for Female complaints that can be found." DR. J. KING, Author of *• Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment," says: "This Meilioiue appears to exert a specific influ ence on the Uterus. It is a valuable ageut in all de rangement? of the Female Reproductive Organs." j DR. SMITH, President of the New York Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians, says: " No Female, if in uelicate health,shoud omitthe timely use of this valuable Cordial. I owe much ot iay success in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine." MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES • ^ The following from Dr. FAY b worthy your no " As a general remedy for Female Complaints this * Cordial' is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sion it is esteemed more highly for iis good result during Confinement in relieving the great suffering attendant upou childbirth. 1 acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much »f my suooes? in midwifery is due totb? use of this medicine. It strengthens both mother and child. In each canes 1 follow the di rections of l'rof. King, by allowing my patients to use It a few weeks previous to confinement, as by the energy it impart" to the uterine nervous svstem the labor will be very much facilitated, and reinovts the scrap* which many females are liable to. Ne woman. if she knew the great value of this Strength ening Cordial would fail to use it." 1 have received numerous testimonials from diff erent parts of the country where used. Knowing the good it is capable ofduing, I w 11 warrant every bottle of my "Cordial" to be satisfactory in its re sults. The following symptoms Indicate those affections in which the Female Strengthening Cvraial has proved ini aluable: Indiepoeitiou to Exertion.*. Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits, Trembling. Loss of Power, Phin in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging Sonsatiou at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor. Ach ing Along the thighs, Intolerence of Light and Sound, Pale Countenance, Derangement ot »he Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria, Ac.. Ao. It is a speoido remedy iu all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis ot Green Sickness. Irregularity. Painful uees. Profuse or $uppref»ion of Cuatomarv Dfe. charges. Leuoorrhwa or Whites, Scirrhu* or Vlcer ate State ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac No better Tonic can possibly be put up than this, and none lees likely to do harm, and It is composed wholly of vegetable agents, and such as we have known to be valuable, and have used for many years. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottle# for 66. Should your druggist not have it, send directly to us, and w lien six bottles or more are ordered we w ill pay ail expense?, and have it securely packed from observation, lie sure and get that prepared at the New England Botonic Depot. 106 Hanoi er St. Boston. GEO. W. SWKTT, M. D , Proprietor. II* H* HAY, Agent, Portland* mchSeodfim STATEMENT OE THE .!](iia Insurance Company, OK HAKTIORD, CONN., On the let day of November. A. D. 1863. as repaired t y the Lave oi tho State of Maine. The Capital Stook la.*1.600,000 and Kith lie surplus ie iuresled ae foliates: Real estate, unincumbered, *87,963 18 Cash In hand, on deposit, and in agents' hands. 316.960 66 Lulled States Stocks, 612^847 60 Slate and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, 669 460 00 Bauk and Trust Company Stocks, 1,1*47.370 uO Mortal** Bonds, 331,960 00 Atlantia Mutna! In*. Co's scrip, 1863- 3, 16,886 60 Total Assets, *3,035,879 71 Amount of Liabilities for Losses not due or adjusted, *178 411*4 Amount at risk, estimated, 115,616,479 if Til OS. A. ALKXANDKR, President. Liu ids J. Ha Hi* nn, Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1S63. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, Mo. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. 1 dcc5dtf Dirigo Insurance Company ; Of Tilt CITY or PORTLAND. Olllce Mo. *48 Exchange afreet. Capital $200,000 IUH9 1 ompany I# now j»rpp$rod to i*#ne polled on $11 kinds of property insurable ag$iu»t flee, it ourrent r»tc» A. K SHURTLKF, President JEKKMIAH DOW, secretary. . .» wa Directors. \ • “■ ®row“* K »• Spring, I>. \Y. Clark, l. B. Carroll, John Lynch, H. I Robinson j Trustees ! _ . 8t. John Smith. 1. M. Piyson. C. H. Il$*kell, Indrew Spring, N. O. l*r$m. *lulip U Brown, U N. Jo»e, kre. Dow, G. W Woodman, I. J. Libby. II. J. Robinson, L N. Winslow, 8. C. (.'h$«e, J Llvah (,’onant. Wm. Moulton. Portland. May 4. 1H*4. mayodtf Notice. r 11HI8 day I give to mv two rona. E. J. and Chas. Randall, their time, to act and trad • for them- o five*; I shall not claim their wage* or pay their H ebt*. T O. RANDaLL, Kea*r Falla, Me. ii Wltne**, Mary PilUbury, Mary S. PilDbury. June 27,1S04. juueft •• MEDICAL. Lyon's Periodical Drops TME GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyons Periodical Drops! ABM BBTTKKTHAM ALL Powders A Quack Pre parnfcoB*. Lyons Periodical Drops! -ARM Sure to do Goodand cannot do Sam. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Remedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ABB BETTER THAN ALL PILLS,POWDERS f QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE great female remedy. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARE BETTER THAN ALL PILLS, POWDERS AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are Sure to do Good and oannot cio Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS AH* BKTTKS THAI ALL Pill*, Powder* and Quack Preparation!, LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS -All 8URK TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HASH Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE OBBAT fEKALI BBMBDT Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pill*, Powder*, And Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sura to do Good end cannot do Harm. Price, 91 per Bottle. For Ml* by all Dr«ggi*t*. At wholMll* by W. F Phillip*, H. H. H»y ft Co., Port land. llftU ftodly CATARRH ! -AID NOISES IN THE HEAD I ! CUBED BY IN1IAL1NU A. Harmless Fluid, OF AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLKNT SYRINGING Of the Head. THE SENSE OF TASTE AND SMK1.L RESTORED DK. R. UOOOALE'9 CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Goodale has combatted Catarrh until he ha? fought it down. It has been a long war, bat hit tri umph is complete. Throueb nil coming time hit Ca tarrh Remedy will he known as the only one anti dote for a disease which superficial let# have declar ed incurable. Cata rh doctors, no called, spring np like mnshroons on all aides. Ihe object of these pocket practitioner# is money. I hey use dangerous instrument*. Their violent manipulation* irritate the already inflamed membrane. They never cure. Dr. Uoodtle'i treatment is medicinal, not mechani cal. He does not believe in the force-pump system, which is working so much mischief Hi* remedy payees through the absorbeuts, to the seat of the dis ease, aud obliterates it. It does not relieve merely for a day, but for all time. Lastly* it coats a dollar a bottle—ao more. Dr. Do<ly i/Auburn N. Y. After having witnessed the effect* of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it; —It is truly ar.d un conditionally a Herculean Specific tor the » hole dis ease. Much an article ought not to be “hid under a bushel." and anv man who can invent so trulv an efficient and po»r.ive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be considered one of the beue ac tors of his iace, and his name and the efleets oi hit skill perpetuated. Yours respectful*-. D. L DODGE. A. M. Pliny Mi!<4, the wel/-£*oK*w Trarettrr, And whose fltniily physician Dr Goods’# was for many years, *avs—“If Dr. Gcodaic says he s.iu cure Catarrh. heeuH cure it," Ac. Price &>1 Nend a stamp for a pamphlet. Dr. R GOOD U.K’fi office and Depot , 76. Blceker street* one door west ot Broadway, New Yojk. H. H. Ilav Ageut for Portland June 2d, 1863. jun*2d:y TAKK A tVO.\SO.\»S Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, roll VESSELS’ BOTTOMS. To Owners mid .nutters of Vessels. Thl, superior article i. offtrt.l with (he f.llttt ecu Idence. When applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VESBEjLS it will be found a perfect aulstitut** tor Copper Sheathing, and a COMPLETE PRF.SF.RYATlVE from WORMS, liARNACLEs, GRASS. Ac Vta *eU trading to the !fwt India and Southern Port* will tied it particularly for tlieir interest to uto ti.e Patkxt Metallic oi (otrta Paibt. The proprietors will in every case guarantee, not Duly that their Copper Paint fa anpener to any bow iu use. but also to auy that has been heretofore of fered to the public. Printed directions for u*e accompany iacb can. For saio. wholesale and retail, bv the Xaautac turers’ Agents, LYMAN & MARRETT, Sliip Oliandlors, No. II V ('oiumerriml Hired, .paoauwan,_ roKTLAW p. THE BOSTOV FIRE BIIICK knd Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works. :«*4 Federal street, Office and VVarehsu-e 13 Liberty Square and 7 Battery march St. mai.ulactnre k.ire irick, ail ahapea and al/ea, for furnaces required to taaa the moet interne heat also Furuace Blocks ind Slabs. Locomotive Fire Blocka, Bakers’Oven iud Green-house Tilee. Clay Rjtort* and nece aaary 'ilea to act them, Fire Cement, Fire Clay and Kaolin. The undersigned will give their apecial attention Kit all ordcrafor the above manufacture are execu t'd with promptness. JAMES E MOXD A CO. Skllin'.i AdisTs, 13 Liberty Square, Boston. ( achll eod6m The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN ire the beat inatrumenta of their cla.<i in the world. , I early all the most premium* artists in the oouutry are given writteu testimony to thia effeot, and theae ustruments are in constant u«e in the concerts ol he most distinguished artists—aa Gotti chalk and thors—as well as iu the ;j^ru in the principal cit ja. whenever such lusirumeuta are requred. Price to $500 each These instruments mav he found t the Music Rooms of the subscriber, where they rill be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. II. 8. EDWARDS, io.3491 Stewart's Block, Congress St. ] aprl3dtf Evergreen Cfinciery. rHK Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will J be at nls office, in New City Bui.ding, entrance a Mvrtle Street, from 12 o'clock*!!. to 3 o'clock P. [.. every day, except Sundays, to atteudto any calls i connection with said Cemetery. ^ Orders may be left at the office at any time. ] l>26dtoaafl H. C. BABB, Superintendent. ~ mm i.—a,x .. _MfclJiUAid. MORE TESTIMONIALS ! m MRS. MANCHESTER Isooastantiy receiving unsolicited testimonials ol tbe aitonuktag cures performed by her. Among many recently received are the following, which are commended to the notice of the affilstod. Mrs. Man ohester may be consulted at No. 11 Clapp’s Block,Room No. 6. A CASA OK SPINAL DISK ASK CUR KD This Is to oortliy that 1 went to tee Mri. Munches, ter last March with a daughter of m.ue troubled with spinal disease, for whioh she had been doctored fot' live years, and by a number ol physicians of kinds; and she has had twunty-one applications electricity applied, hut all to no offset; but she oca Unuully grew worse. I oame to the oonolnsiuo, the lust resort, to go uud see Mr*. Manchester, '.ad did so; and to my grout surprise she told me the flrit ause ol the disease, and how she had been from time to time, which enoonragad me to try her medicines. 1 did so, and now my daughter is able to be arosed the house aU ol ffio time. She also rides ton or at teen miles without any trouble or tnoonveoncce.acd 1 think in u short Urns she will be restored to perfect health, siuoe my daughter hot been doctoring, 1 ; aBT° “®"<l of » great many oases that Mrs. Manchs s ter has cured, ltbiaklfany person deserves pat i ** 0B® "h0 t« preserve the health of the sick and satoripg; and I know that she use uIS^Sf0nWhk*“U,l,lwr i°w'r *° »••«« hef pau.nts. Bauau L. Khiouto, •iUOMIIS OSitiHIs. Acute. Eatonr* Brwuwict, Matos, August fob** 8u.eure. ONK OF TUK ORKATKST CURAS om mm mm Mau.MAWonsTum-Amr Madam... .Tw,kl itstsmatefwymemy be of serV0. *, similarly affllored, 1 haetea Ui give It' o you This is briefly my oaee-l was take „ del about l« months ago with the Uver Compfejn, In a eery bad form. I applied to four diflbrur i phyeiciaite, but re eelrod no beneflt until I oa'iwj 0u you At that time I had given up business, and was ia a very bed ..etc but after taking your medicine for n short time I be gan to recover, and in two months I was entirely well, and bad gained several pounds of 8««h, sod oan truly say that by your skill I am a perfectly heal OctPm f Matos Depot, Dorris-d^Ms!* ”UAT1*' A RRMARKARLR CVRR OF A CASR OF DR(J ar CURRDBT HRS. MAXCHXSTgR Thl* i.Jo that I have been oared of u Dropay of fifteen years standing by ifrs yM, for. I have been to physician* fa Bn ton, »r*w Tort and Philadelphia. They all told me that they woni: do nothin* tor me, unlet# they tapped mo, aad »4. scfod me that by Upping I could lire hat a .hort time. I had made np my mind to go home *Bj lire a* long ao I ooald with the dicta*, and than die. On my way homo I auyed over night In Portland wi'h n Wend of mine, and told them what my mind was n regard to my disease. They finally paranaded me to go and too fin. ltaaehuetsr. bht examined m» aad told mo my aae# exactly. I waa ao much aotoaiohed to thiah that oh* told me aorrvctly, that 1 told her that I would take her modi else*, not having tho leaot frith that they womld “7 *aad' at 1 ahoBhl get the aUghlcst rnliel frem any eonro* whatever; finally 1 took thu modi oln* and wont home. Ia one week from the time I tommenoed taking the medJafne, I bud aver three gallons of water past me in (even hours; and my fal low saArers may bo aaaared that it waa a great reliat to mo. I had not boon able to lie dowa in bed at. Bight before thia tor two year*. Now 1 con Uo do •• with perfect case. 1 have taken her medicine eight month*, and am aa wall aa any ecnld * ,t to ho, and no tlgao of dropoy. I wonld advk i t that arc tick to go and ooaoult Mri. Jfamcfiaa. j evonifthey hare teen given up by other ph detaaa. I hare eeat her a camber of eaoee afot ditaaeet, and the haa cured them alto, uo Ud tor yoartelve*. I had no frith, hat bow my frha aaaaot ho thakod ta her okUl in telling r.nd caring fiivanao. Ciauml. Hiiaoa, Uau x. Haim, Ktni-fiiuoi Emm, April IA Ornci Houma-Pram S A. ■. till Ir. m. anrIT tnfeowtal cdly DK. J. B. HUtiHEfi oil aa rorts at bob PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, Ho. } Temple Street, WHERE he esa he eonaalted artvataly. aad with the nUBoat confidence by the afflicted at ail boar* daily, from 1 a. a. to * r. a ’ « *“ Hr. H. addresses those w ho are soAring under the aifiiction of private disease, wbtlber arisiug irom. Impure connoctiou or Ihc terrible vioe of scll-atss* Devoting Ids entirs time to that particnlaj branch o* tbs medical profeseioa, be feel* warranted in tlrta ABTiBinu a Ctranta ALL Casks, whether of Ion standing or recently contracted, entirely removia the dregs of disease from the »7jtem, and makinr perfect and PKRHASKST VL'RR * He would call the attention of the afflicted to , feot of his long standing and well earned repnution to rniehlag sufficient assurance of tua skill and tea' CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every Intelligent and thinking person matt know that remedies handed out from general use should have their efficacy established by well-tt *it>l cxra rtenoe in the bauds of a regularly educated pin si •****• whose preparatory study fit* him lor ail the duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with noor nostrums aad cure-alls, purporting to he the best in the world, which are not only useless but al ways injurious The unfortunate should be pastic CLAtt in Selecting hi* physician, a* it is a lameu'able y t inccutrevrrtable tact that many syphilitic an U.-nt* ar* made miserable with raised constitution* by mainoatmeal from inexperienced ptivtieixus la general prxetiev: for It ia a point g« mrill> conceded by the best syphilograph. ra, that the stadv and auu: agercent of these oomplaint* should engross ft* whole time of ttuuo who would be oompetent and aucoesstol in their treatment and care. The inex perienced general practitioner. having neither on Kunity nor time to make himself acquainted with rpathology, commonly nusruc. one •.stem of treatment, in moat cues maxing an indiscriminate ase ot that aatiqaated and dangerous weapon. Msr onrjr. UAVK CONFIDENCE. All who have committed an exoeaa of any k id.. whether it b« the solitary vice of youth, or tha sting lug renuke of misplaced confidence in uaturer years, SB SB BOS AX AXTUJOTS IX fSASOX. The Pains and Acha*. and La-aitnd* and Nervous Proatration that may toUuw Impure Coition, art the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the con. tmuulion that is sar* to tal low, do not wait for L'nsighUv Ulcers. for DtsableJ Limbs, tar Loss of Bcaoty and Complexion. HOW It AX t TIIO U SAX OS VAX TSSTIBT TO THIS B T V X HAP P rSXPSXISXCS. Y rang Mon troubled with emisslop. in sleep, n a moluint generally the reenlt of a had habit in youth, treated edeutiaoally, and a psriect ears war rant or no charge made. Hardly a day passes bnt wa are consulted by oae ormur- young men with the above disease, .onto el whom are as weak anti emamuted as though they had the consumption, and by their friends supposed to have it. All aach c tsr* )laid to tbe proper and only eorrrwt coarse of -roxtm.rt, and la a short timo nr* made to rajelco la perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men at tneiw, * . „ „o»r* troubled with too rregueat ev truest* n, trom the b'adder, often accompanied by a alight smarting e> burning sensation, and weakening the system in a manner Ilia patient can not account for. On exam ining urinary dep sit* a ropy sediment will often ba found, and sometimes -mail particle* of semen or alharacn will appear, or the color wU te ora thin miikish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. There era many no n who die of this difficulty, ignorant of tho cause, which is the SSCOXD STA'IK OB SSXIXAL WSAXXSSS. I 01 u warrant a perfect cure In such cases, and a fall and hoalthy restoration of the urinary organa. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., oan do so by writing hi a plain mauuer a descrti t.rn of their disease, xml the aporapriafo remedial will bo forwarded immediately. Ail correspondence strictly confidential and will b j returned it desired. Address. DR. J. B HUGHES, No t Temple St., (corner of Middle; Portland. Ejr-.-»nd Stamp for oircular. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DR HUGHES particularly la rites all Ladles vha used a medical adiiser, to call at his rooms, h* > Tsmple Street, which they will dad arranged tot :heit especial ac oommodatiox. Dr. U. t Eclectic KeuotittnrMedicine-are nnrival ad in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all female Irregularities. Ibclr action it sped do and b-rtain of producing relief In n short time. -.ADIES will Hud it invaluable In all cases of ob tmotion after all other remedies have been tried ia r iiu. It Is purely vegetable, containing nothing ia he least injurious to the health, and may he tataa rith perfect safety at ail t iroes Sant to any pan of tha country with fall directions ly addressing DR HUGHES Ha. i Tempi*Street oornsr of Middle. Portend. E. B —LADIES desiring may oat of theft in sex A lady of experience In constant attend mu. innldhwly JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERT* SQUARE, . . BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable ratee, COLT JESS and ULENGAKNOCK PIG IRON, Jso, BAR, SUSST, t SOILSR PLATS 1S0X, of Mngliah tml Scotch Manufacture. We Ahalleontinae to receive, in addition to oar .merican Brick, a regular supply of POLISH, SCOTCH, k WELCH FlkE BRICK mohll eodfin

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