Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 21, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 21, 1864 Page 4
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^ POETRY. " ~ Her Foots taps. I awoke at ennly dawning, A-igel f «ot-tc,w l did heir; For i knew to is birth-day uiornlng, Thou wouldn't come my soul to cheer. Ah ’ mv heart is sad and weary, For life's sweet aroma's gone! And its journey seems so dreary, Since hath died my darling one. IT upon the land or ocean, W heres> «Ter I may be— 'Mid the dim of life's commotion, Angel footsteps follow me! And when s orms are wildly raging, All tin* eartu *eeins dark and drear Then sue conies mv fears a*suvgiug; Angel footsteps Unger near. Nightly as I Ur and listen, 1 omc the strata* my a’lgel sings; I can see her bright robe* gli»t*u— liear the rustling of her wings Vrs arreted in white and asure She Is decked divinely fair, On her feet are peony sandals— k lowers immortal iu her hair1 Thus U is I *<■« her i ightly, Through toe sunset's golden door: Bear her footsteps treading lightly lieaveus starry spjugled floor. And at silent hour of midnight. Through it* gloom her form I see: Vanishing at e*rly daylight, At the Saviour's feet to be’ Softlv as a pasting shadow Flit# across my dhainbor floor. Hoc dear voioe and footstep* haunt me, flouudiug as in day s of y ore. Uke the flowers this sweet spring morning, bursting from the darkened earth, Thus at resurrect on's dtwt.iug, Thoa wiit Lure a glorious birth! And as gent'.e as their b coming, Ev*r come tue*c sounds of thee, Moralug—noonday—and at gloaming, Ever, ever follow me. Lot me ever feel thy presence! Let me daily, hourly, henr Thy d-ar foj;*:ep.« close boaid* me — Ever feet my angel near! 1«M. Mari. A Romance. The traveller who has been no very unfor- , tunale a* lo ail beside an unknown beauty iu a railway carriage, aud bad his conversational power* uroughi into play by her spirit of so ciability, can comprehend Uie bliss of a good looklug bachelor, wuosc car adventure we are about to relate. Tot* worthy gentleman was a passenger on the Central Railroad on Monday last, aud happened to be iu the car that was pretty well i stocked with humanity, lie had managed to retain a seat from tue commencement of tbe jeuruey, until the train reached a stopping place, where a fresh supply of passengers en tered it, when he gallantly surrendered it to ] an old lady aud made up his miud to stand I awhile. Now it happened that a young and stylisii looking lady uoliccd the act, aud so wen pleased was she to see an old woman treated politely that she at ouce removed her carpet bag from the end of the seat she occupied, and invited tbe gentleman to take its place, nothing loth, our hero accepted the modest Invitation, aud was soou engaged iu airiendly conversation with the belle of tbe traiu. Tney chatted in lively stye until the “shades of night were sailing last,” when the lady's utterance grew slower, then iudisliuct, aud then altogether ceased, for she was asleep. Not being dispssed to lollow her example, the geotiemau amused himself by watching his fellow passengers, and was reminded ol hlscompaniou's preseuco by her head touch log hie shoulder. Morpheus had her complete ly iu his folds, and by a series of gracelul nods she unconsciously sought the support ol her railroad acquaintance. The bachelor was delighted at the first gentle touch, hut his pleasure, when in the abandonment of sleep, her iorrn nestled down on til its wnole weight bore down entirely up on him, baffles description. The belter to support his lovely burden, he placed his arm around her waist, and then gave himself up to the delirium of tbe moment. After passing the next station, a gentleman entered the car containing the couple belore referred to, aud commenced examining the faces of each occupant, as though in search ol •ome friend. In tbe darkness of the hour he passed the sleeper and her supporter without noticing them, aud it was only when he turn ed to retrace bis steps that tbe scene attracted hit attention. Iu a moment, the shade of anxi ety on his features was succeeded by a frown, and he stepped quickly to the side of the fair sleeper. As his hand descended heavily on her shoulder, she started, opened her eyes, sprang to her feet “blushing celestial rosy red.’’ Before the bachelor could speak, the new comer politely informed him that he could take care of his owu wifo if he had no obfeeilous. and straight way led the lady to another seat. The explanation that ensued unfolded the fact that the lady had been absent on a vMt for some time, aud was then returning to the faithful husband, whose impatience led hitn to meet her hall way. Eager to meet her, he had entered tbe car only to find her in the arms of a stranger. Of course the stranger told how it happened; but the frown did not pass sway from the brow of the husband until they left the car. Ladies should lie cart ful how they fell asleep on the wrong ves: pattern. O F FIGS OF T H K ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 26, 1864. THK Trustees, in conformity to the Charter of the Company, nr.uiit tbe following statement oi lU affairs uu the 31st Dtcemlxr, *868: Premium** ieo*iv«m on Marine Risks, from 1st January, 1803, to 31st Dt eemb~r, 18*3, *5,214,898 83 Premiums ou Policies not marked off 1st January, 1S63, 1#70* f02 24 Total amount of Marine Premiums, S10,u06.U01 IV No Po tai*« hare been Dsoed upon Life Risks; nor upon fire Risks discon nect* a with Marine Hist*. Premium- marked off from 1st Jan., 18*8, to 81st December, 18 8r *7.597.666 66 Losses paid dating the sain*- period, 8 806 661 04 ! Returns ot Premiums and Expenses, 1,062,867 4« i The Company has the following A -»se'g, vl* : Unit d 8»a esa"d SUl ol New York btoe*,City. Bank an t other stocks, *3.492.631 Loans securt-d by btocks.audotberwim-, 1,460.700 tt) Real E ta*«and Bonds and Mortgage, lflj 7do Ou f Dividends on Stocks,Interest ou Bonds and Mortgages ana ether Leans,sun dry Notes, re i iiurance and other claims due the Coinp’y , estimated at 104,964 61 Premium Notes and bills Receivable, 8,273,670 63 Oash in Bank, 744 #13 Total amount of Assets, *9,265 456 82 81x pe, c-nt Interest ou the outstan ing certiti cates 01 p oits will bo paid to the holders thereof. ’ or their legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday the Second of February neat. After reserving Three and One half Million Dollar- i ?I^ro#?f ;lbe ®ut***ndiug certidcatos of the issue of 1W2, w ll be redeemed sud ptid to the holders there ol, or their legal represent at iv. *, ou and after Tues- ! day, the Second of February next, from which dat. all interact thereon will cease 1 he certificates to bv produce4 *t the time ot pavtneut, and cancelled A Dividend ot Forty Per Cent is declared on the netearr.ei premiums of the Company, mr the year ending Ji t Deccrab r, 18*lor which cor •iicates 1 will b- issued, on and after Tuesday, tbe Filth of* April next. The Profits of the Companv.aacertained From the 1st of July. 1842. to the 1st of Jaa , 1863. for whichCerti finales were issued, a .count to *14,823 r$o Additional fr in 1st Jan., 1863, to 1st January, 1864, 2.660 000 Total profits for 211 y**r*. *16,958 8*» The Certificate* previous to 1862, have been redeemed by ca-h, 11,680,210 Vet sarniups remaining wilh the Com pany. on 1st January, 1864, *5.263,670 By order of the Board. W. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary TRUSTEES. John D. Jones, David Lane, Charles Dennis, Ja ne* Bry-e, W. U. H. Moore. Wm.Sturgis.jr.. Thos. Tile-tun, II. K. Bogert, Henry Coit, A. A. Low, M .C. Pickersgill, Wm. FI. Dodge, Lewis Curtis, Deuni* Perkin*, Chae. H. Russell, J4R Gaillard, jr.t Low 1. Holbrook, J. Henry Burgy, t ir w*®01' Cornelius Gnnnell K. W Weston, 1; A II aid 5°' S! EMp • Wait. Sherman, E K. Moron. S’ f' w i‘u',1 ** •* llowlaud, rCr0.' J *T' K“'>J Rahcock. panlf .M. Miller, Fletcher w„traT, ! «. r >;o jl. It l! Minium,Jr Joah a J. Henry, G. W., Goo. G. Hoboon, Frod. t'bauncey, Jiuics Low. JOHN D JONES. Pro ident. CH A RLES I) - NNIS, Vice President W. H ki MOORE, id Vice President. ‘ 89*Applications forwarded and Opxx Policies procured by JOIIX W. HUNGER, A*ent, So. 100 Fore atrset, head of Irons Wharf, PORTLAND, MB. June 8.—w2wkcod(oi»n29 * Dissolution. THE Arm of Howard A Strout, no Attorney'awd 1 Counsellor* a* Law. in this dav dissolved by mu- | tual consent. Either parti er will attend tothesot- I tlement nfofth** business of the lu*e firm Mr. Howard will continue to occupy offljeOl Mid- i dls s*reef. over ranco Baok. Mr 8troutwjl* occupy office 106 Middle street, i opposite head of Plumb street. Joseph Howard, „ _ 8*wall C. iTnerr. fortland, Jans27, 1844.-4lm h oTe l s . " CHANDLER HOUSEj Botlaol. This Hotel, located iu the most beautiful j aud romantic visage on the Ulc ot t ,e | i.rand Trunk i.ailrottd,2umiles IremGor <*in. N • H-.has beeu recently hurt, with ' kci-i •« to the wants 01 tee plea-ure-trav- ! ingputd.c. It contains fifty i-patious, well venti- i la*eel and neatly furnished looms, from all ot which views oi grand mountain scenery may be had. No I I aim* wilt best ar« d to make this a lavoritc resort ibr the tourist aud p-'easaie-seekvis. ITit tu nr atten tion will be pad to Sportsmen, and convey auce to the lakes, ami all p sees of interest will will be fur nished on reasonable terms. Horse.- and carriage and saddle horses to let. A good bowling .Saloon is connected with the house. A Carriage wi 1 be in constant attrndancc to con vey gues s of ihe hou.*c from and to the depot, on the arrival and depaituie of passenger t r a ns. Transient and pe'-manot t hoarders so ited. V. 8. CHANDLER & CO ,Proprietor*. Bethel, Me, July 9 — ului Nca-Side Housse, HARPS WELL. NECK. C A8C 0_ BAY. Thi« elegant and commodious Ho tel, tituuUd on the extremity of llarpsveJ Neck, about hail a mhe be ow the weli-keown Mansion _ House, ha- just been ccmpleudaflUr tire Uc igus ui ii M. IIa uuno. F.-<j.. Architect, and under lira superintendence, ana will be open tor company On nud after the Fotirih • f July* The House is the larg.?st e«.ab;Hhmrut, construct ed expressly for the purpose <»t a uitel,»t any V\ ar ering Place on the coast of Maine. It ie situated in the Centre oi a dense grove ri old trees, w ith ave nues and vidas .jcnngto the waters Of th * Bay, \ but a few yards distant on either side. Nearly lurrou uded by the sea. a« d abundantly \ shaded by trees, the Hooss luu a spacious and beau- j tiful verandah extendingo rr th . e hundred and , thirty »ert on three sides of the building, w ith wide | and tooroughly veu i a>ed Labs ano corridor* in the in'erior, so ti>at visitors can enjoy the most cample e j protection from the summer host. In steamboat wharf a d boat land'ngsaro ou the wc-t side, but a tew Siep.- from the llou*e. Ample facilities are at hand for boating and Ou the | ea-t sidi* Is a fine gravel bekch. who*e the luxu-y of sea-bii hiug cau bneijo.vcd at a I time* oi the tide. J At a short distuuceon the northeast. across an arm of the sea i-Orr’s I*lai d. celebrated by Mr# Beech- I cr .Stowe’s w li known novel. The S a Side House i aee *s-iblG by land from Brunswick tiftcoa miles distant. by ore of the finest d free in the State. . nd iw daily steamb >at from |*o Hand through tbe inside passages among tbe id,tod* of the Bay. J • | Visitor* coming from the k nnebec ar.d other parts of the interior, can leave the at Bruns wick. and proo^od bv s age to Harp- well, or cant in- ■ ue to Portland and take the steamer, w hich runs dowu aud back twict a day. JOHN T. SMITH, Proprietor. Jvttf__ Ho! for th9 Atlant c House! Persons wi hing to spend Iheday at the ■ Atlantic House Scat boro’ lbach, wiP find x :ooJ Coach at Oak llid D< pot upon tae KiM^rfiva- ofevvy train. Fair from tbe Depot If., the House, 00 cts. jut. Zuiui E. A. LIBBY % CO. OTTAWA HOUSE. POIMLAM) 1I4HBOH, ItlAIKE JASOX BEUilV, Pboprirtob, L Will open for tho wmuh, on Thursday, fkt Wk inst. Thi* popular Wfitcrinj Place, with its ROM AX TIC SrKXKR Y, Aud HEALTHY LOCATION, situated on CUSHING’S I SEAN D. 21 miles from the city, is uu»urpa«>ed by any Sum mer ittsvrt on the New England coast N. H. Positively closed on the sabbath to all transient visitor*. The 8Learner will leave Burnham’s Wharf for this island regularly. jui.t lGv.tiw BRADLEY'S HOTEL| —OK TUK Auit' and Kin ope,n Finns Cor.of Commercial & India Sts. Thr* House i* ri nated directly opposite |t <- Grand Trunk D«y**i a; u h* ad (ot Boston and Portland ot« am* ra " hai i Con no • i dRhr 1 >y*t<r and Dining Hall. .) i.illls BRADLEY, Jr., A CO., Proprietor*. J. Br«dicy, Jr. r\ il. tiruUvy. jun.TSdora Atlantic House, SCAKliOKO* BEACH. THIS House having Ween enlarg'd and Irt littt d throughout will o; en lor the m a •un on Monday, June 13, INC I, * E. DUNMSUN. N. B.—Positively closed on tbc 8anla h to all trausien visitor*. Junell Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having Joa’ed fo** the season this w e estabdrhed Water me place, charmingly sjfuauu i. he ouici v#ig» i t*Elizabeth. With .acili LnJltivs for Bitihififr, Boatixii:, avid Fiahinir, Will opcu lor transient and porma:.cut guests on and alter Tuegday, the 7th day of June. Ever, desirable conve ience will be *upplied for tile pW»uteuitu Com or:* ol Ha pa Ions wna itgaid to tue jequtrein-uts and character oi a FiitfcT CLASS IluTEL. We feel assured that i ur exertion®, aided to the unusual at'iaciioiis o> ttiv liou»i‘ iterlf. wi 1 secure u* the mi probation and j atronage ol tht public. ‘otiiiwfy closed «,» the sal’bath. HILL & JORDAN, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth, June 7. ltitiL dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subscriber, take pleMnre in »u uouucu g .0 their IV It II... Vi.u ait interested in finding , first clas- seaside iiotri ,ctcm uiouAiiuus.t vat thei' new si u spscmusUo te. »«.. ucop n curly Ill June. 11 couLsin. ui] the intd ern itniirovetuent. ai.d every cunv.iieee, ter the 1 c Mulort uun aecumin<id»in.n ,.l lb, tr»vt lling ,UL- i lie. It is finely lected, cumin*’uni.. an near ot the P-.uobs-. ut Buy. T(ie advant.tge. ol ,... batning »ud the f.cUitns lor inning uid boatiue are un.ui puswd tor it* beautiful soeitery and ae ligbllul drives aud walks, (. amden is aiteady lavor abi aut tvngsoue of the mo.; i liable uiiitli- : ful watering places iu itetr Luglaud. Cuuuected tviih the Lloiel is , Due Livery Stable, hots., aud c.riiages having bleu setectau with great c,re. The carriages are In.m the be.i establishments iu ib. coaiitiy, aud uu the most approved stylis. stt uin boat l»u iugsea<y ol accis-; steamer, tou:b!t g ev ery dav iu Lite week. Itii.raiii tuumiuu,cation tv.tb ail parts or the country. Tin se’wishing to sc cure good iooin, wtitdo wel. toapply soon, as many ateaireaoy t iicay d. CIISIIIM, & JOUNSIUN, Proprietors. Camden, Juucil, 1 os.—dtf Fieasiuii SiihiukuM itisuri. c^Y3jisicTliocrs3i:. WEST BROOK. ^ 1 h:s » • gaut suburban Watering Place, ^ZXlSlsi^KM-^d upon a pleasant eminence near t*a iftMwiB1 ** A'aud. but D u ilc.s from Portland, hay *'i‘flvl11>K keen P “c< a ,n ,,Je a,0*“ ntnple cr» er by !/■"* athe *m>scribei. he most respect: all V6clicii* u«. auutmoii oi the public, and coidixlly invite* a Wl! ftP® hi* old friciius. the bouse is ple**ant. retired an quiet. The furniture *,|,J lurui*lmig* aroall uew, and the room* c'•y *l,d aiijMly. 3hj table* iu o supplied with all tho oetacacie* a* well a* the aubstwiiiial* oi the *ca •oii, »*u the aervicc ol one oi the very best coos* in j New Erglana have been cured. Extensive abed* aud a fiuo 'table with room) stall* are among the eon ■ • haaci t A nice Bathiuv lioux* suOi.ient lor the acc«>u:mo oatiou c|sever-1 been erected with steps projecting i«fo leu ted ol water, aud LUo whole se* , cun-d from nD^ervat nc by afloiTintr *cretn bruokiug Ardor* grace the bank* ot tho Pond ami . invite tho inuuiaeuce of ih« lounger. * Hopiug f.-r a *:>are ol the public palror.itge the un* oer*tgned prom s-s to spate no * Wort tor the en er tairiueutot his gn<«t*. oEo. W. MLKCti. A e-tbrook. May 21. 1F>4. u>aviD)tf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (VOUMBBLT WlLftOH HOUPB.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel La* recently bsen pur* I chaaeu by Mr. jtjj|*r(oi tlieAlbion)and ha* ; thoroughly rehttcd, renovated and n - paired, ami Lunmrou* excellent alteration^ -—jtnade. It ie localcd «#u tin bmcarappa r<.>. . aboui lour mi.oe from Porftand. affording atoautilui f"p..««rre ‘!MUrU‘il>1Q<l ^B*t ‘lout It hu » Luo large Untieing lull nod good Sowlic; Alley., In elude pruxinuiy to the house it a warn rh.Ji0"/ 8,%bi?' oouuiuiiig twenty nice null There 1« also a well sheltered abed, lift .t.,i ioug. lor UlU'UlIlhonurs. Oboio<‘,'t 8“I'Pers will bo got op fur sleighing and Juicing pnrtit-., who will nod it greatly to theft pleasure and aJ vaiitug.. to resort to the White llou.. . iNo effort will do spared ior the entertainment ol _decW-dtf HALLOWELL HOUSE R EO PENE Dl HEW FURHITUBE & FIXTURES! , 8.0. DENNIS, Propiiptor. W The public are specially informed that the spacious. convenient and well known Mallowbll the center of UalloweM, two mile* from Augusta, and lour inf es from Togus Spring, ha* been r« furnished. and is epen for t e reetptionof compauy and permanent boarders, gttssts* altentioli wili k* given to the comfort ot stabling, lre.ral!lypUr'“"de.rVtI'i'nC<'1 oI » ‘,0>'ul‘r Hnlbiwel , P‘, b 1 lftH, mcbilSeodtf | flit AMERICAN HOUSE, _[Hanover Street .... Bo«ton, j The Larpcst and Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW KNOLANU. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. oelCly I PROPOSALS._| PRO F»O SAL S7; PKOttOSALS FQJt 11MP.LK AND MATLKi- | 1-VB Tufc. A A r\ Navv Department, i linreaitof torn/ruction und hepair, , June 30, 1884. ) Sealed Profow1* to furnish Timber and Materials j for the Navy, fit the ii.-csi >eur ending June 30, , w in be receive i at me Bur au oi CousiracUon j ami Kcpaii, until 10 o’ckc* ot no l f * ay ot Au* * gunt ut-xt, m whicu time the epcuiug will be coni tuuhctd. Proposals must be endors'd “1 ro,-o8a;a lor Tim ber »Ai,d materials lor the Navy.” that tlity tua> be i d Htiuguisbtd from oih.r buriiuet* letters, and ai- j reeled toineChieio 1 i. u Bureau ol Construction and ilepair. Tbe material and articles embraced in the desses uaunid i r< put liculariy desciib-u in tbu priu ed ■obeduks any ox whi- »I will nt- mini, bed tdiuch a de-ure to oflbr, ou application to tbu ccimoandauts oi tbe re pi cure Yai s, or lo tbe Navy Agents h« cr est thereto, and ittose ol all tbe y aid- u^uii applica tion to ib Bureau. inis ui%’iaioniuioclasses b'ingfor thecouvonienco of dealers iu cacti, »uci ula.-AOS only will b< su ni®h eu a» aie actually r.quired .or bids. The Cominafld aut and Nary Agent ror each siution will, iu addi tion to the sc i-uuie oi classes oi heir ow n >arus, nave a c*.py of the scbidnl-s ot tbe otn*r yards lor exaniiiaiiun ouly, f«om w icii iu.i be judged wheth er it will be desirable to ui*M up. licati -n lor any ol the claves ot those > aid- All oihti things hung equal, i reference will be given 10 ar ticles ol Amer ican manufacture. Uffwip must to male for 1lic whole of the class at any yard, upon one of tno priuleu schedules, or in drier conformity therewith, or they wiii not be Con fide red . Upon application to the Bureau, to tbe Command am oi nuy > aru, or lo au> Navy Agent, rlie lor oi ul offer, ol guarauty, and other ue.e ary i«i*ormaliou respecting toe p opo alt1, wiil bo luiri-be*J. The cot* mci will be awarded to tbe lowest bidder who giv«* prep guitfaulios, ts ftquiicd by the law oi Angus: 10, 18W, t eNavy department reserving tbe iig ,t to reject t e lowest bid, ui any w hich may be derated oaoi bit ant. 1 he couLacU will bear date the d»jr the notifica tion i- given and de;iv<.rie» can be d maudtd from that da u. burothsiu the full amount will be required to sign the comract, and tneir respunsibiliiv c. rtiiud to by i t’ci. f >1 o ales Uin.risi Judge,' United 6 atea hi - trie! Attorney, CoLecior cm Navy &g*Ht. A- addi i ou ! security, twenty p,-.i centum wilt be w.thhcld irom tbu annum ol Hie hi Is uutd liie contracts shall nave been completed, hum uglily p. r centum oi each bill, approved ru triplicate by t:.e commandants ol tbe respective ) ards. ah, bu paid bytlicAavy Agents Ui tbe points ot delivery, iu funds or certificates, at li-Mjpti »nu Hie Oovoruincut, within ten dav s at i*t ta* warrant lor (lie asm shall have been passed by tue Secretary of the Treasury. I h trio wing are tbe o.asses required at tbe re spective iitvy-y aids. KITTKUV. Ciass No 1, White oak Lo.:*; No 2, White Oak Koet arm K-olsou 11 e N -j 3. White O -k Curve Timber and Katas; No 4 White Oak Plank; No 8, Yellow rd»- Log**'. No 7. Yellow Piua Beams; No8, Yellow Pine Ma t-and f*par limber; No 11, White I in • 1'iauE and Boarus; No 12. NY bile l itre i d W bite Oak Deck Flank; No 13. A h Log* and P.auk: Nall, A-h Uin: No 16. niukorjr Bums; No 17. t etiar Board*; N.< 18, Locust; No 11*. Whits Oik Btave-anil iieadin :: No 2 , B ue3 Spraoe; No 23, hignumvi’a:; No 26. iron, r >und. flat :iud square; No2t, £teei; No27. Iron Spike :No2H iron Nails, wrought ami cu ; No , , L* t.i; No 3l,Tii; and Zinc; No 33. Hardware; No 84, roo.sf'm* x:o“ s; N-» c.8 White Lead; No 87. Ziuo Pan ts; No 34, Ctlord Paints ci yer; NoJl, TurpouLne. Y'arui-»h: No 40, Linseed Ui ; No4l N\» 44. Tub Oil; No 46. Tallow, boap; No 47, ship Chandlery. CHAELKSTOWX. ClsmNo 1. White ( ak Logs; No 2. Wlrite Odk Kiel Piec* •: No 3, White Oak Curved limber; No 4 White Oak Tiauk; No 8, l e low l'ine laip; No 1*. White l*ine Ylaetsaud ~par limber; No 11. A bite Pine Logs 1’iauk aa I Boards; No 12, White Pine Deck and S a*e Plank; No 13 Asa Legs ami Plank; No 14. A*h oar^; no 18, HUc* Walnui sad Cherry; Su h l. n-'im : So ll*. W .it • * ).ik si'a. bs and lii-a • iug#; No 20, Black Sprue* ; No Jo, Lignumvifa*; No 26, Iron; No 2>. o»oei; No 27, Irou Spike.-; No 23, IrorNai * wrought, u»»d cat; No 3 *. Lead; No 3 , Zoic. Fin aud Solder; No .iU, Hardware; No 34. i *>«nH lor Store, A j : No .7*5 L a»i; No 37. Zu c Paint-; No 88, Co ored Paint*; No38. lurpen inu aid V i * nidi; No 4), Liu-c d CM; No 41, Gia-*; Ntf* 11. Whale Oil; N<* 4o, la.iow, Soap and Sweet Oil; N© 47, Ship Chandlery. BKOOKLT5 C1a*s V© 1. Whl’eOak L>g*;N*o2 .WliPeOak Keel Piee *•; No 3, White *>»k Curved limber; No 4, White Oak i lank ; Nod, Ye u.» i’iio* No 7, Ye »ivr P.ue beao»i| No 8, Yellow Pine Oja*! ana Spar Timb>r; No 8 White < >©k Board* a.ui Plank; £••11, VVni o Fiae liu-er aud Log ; No 13. Adi ►*a:i*: No 14 Anil Oar■*; Vo 15, . tfokorr Bar- and Hand Spike*; No 16, Black Walnut and Cberiy; No 17, C dar; No 16. Loo i-t. N*« 19, Whir* Oak * its and **e* mg; NplfcL B’hc >p uc* ; No 2;, Mahog aii' . Ni)2-1. iJgnumrl *» ; No 26 Iron, round, flit, and square; No 26 *3 .1; No 27. Iron bp‘kef; No 26. Irou Nails, wnnigld ai d but; NoflO. Leaa; No M.Ziue. liu; No 83. Hardware; No 34 tools f*r S <> t>: No3$, Whits Lead; N‘*67, Z ac Paint; No is. Color'd Paint*. drv«.-r#; Ko 39. VafiiDhf No 4", Liuw'tdOil: No 41. Oias*; No 42. Bru^he#; No 44, k i*h Oil, No L\>. 1 allow; x» o 47. Ship C handlery. PHiLApEbrillA. C*aa# No 1. White Oak L > 4-; r*o % Whit© Oak Keel Fiice ; No 3. White Oak < urved JiuCtr; No 4, White Oak Plauk ; No Id While Pine Maul and Spar Timber; Noll V* bite Vine P.ftnk and Boards; No 12, White Pine Deck Plank anu Stage P ank : No 13. AthT'Ogt aud * ICKik; No 14, 4*b is; No 16, Hack Waluui, Ch try. vluhoga it; No Id C\jie * and Cedar; No 13, Locu*t Trenails; N 2d BlankSp-nee; No 2 . 1 ignamvi:«c: No 26, I on, round, ft it. t-quare; No25 Steel; No *7 1 ou >pike ■, No 23. ir 11 a at is wrought, cut; No 30, Load; No 31 Ziuo. Tin, aud bolder; N" 33- Har ware; No 84. Tools for Stores; No33 Wh t Lead; No 37, /:nc Paint- ; N««3S,Ci 1 orde t Pain * drier- VC: N«» 3*. V'art i h; No 4<‘. I.iqMSd (>1 ; N • 41 c> a*-; No 44. Fish Oi ; No46, Ta’Jow. S ap. Sweet ul t No47, bUp cl aiulievjjr: No ii, Oakuiu; No 6", Ingot Copper. WASHINGTON. Cl m No 3. WhUeOAk Kne Pieces. No 11. WhPe liui - lank and Board** Noli Ash Plank; No 14. A-hOais: No 16 Black t*anu*. clurr>. ana kia hogany: Ku 17 cjr t; No -0, Spruce Nps-r: No z2 ‘‘1 pi ur; N.> 25. Ir «c, roua 1. ft P ami aquar?; No26, Sue N > 27. S)ike-: No 28. Nails; No 3», Lea* ; N08I Zinc, liu. aud Solder; No 33, *■ aid ware. No 34 l'i) m> ftfoMi*: N 1 06. While Lead; No87 Z no i’. i'it: No 3' Color d i’a«nt«: No Hi. i’u penfh, a.i«l Vanish, No 4 ', Linseed CHI: No 41, iiias-; No ib. Ta i *w, boa**, an; N 47 S' ip < hand ler) ; No 48, aktiwi: No49 Tank Iron; No 60. lu got < "pv»**r: No 62 Polo*; No 54, Bellow*, jn )bdlaw4vv ORDINANCE OFF I CL, War Dkpahtmint. Wahhiaoi'u.%. Ju.y 4, 1%4. Sealed proposal* will l»(; Molted at thi* office un til VI uulav. Ju.y 25, ai 4 P. M., tor lOu.OO • #*t« of : trements. iu the tollowiug qaanli:ie* at the umicrnanuxl Arse ua *. viz : 3d Odu sets at th3 New York Arsenal, Governor’# Island 2d,0<)0 Sits at the Frankfort Arsenal, Bridesburg, Pa. •_8,(X>0 sets at the Alighany Arsenal, Pitt-burg. Pa. 20 000 at the St. Lou!* Arsrra], Mo. 1 1 O n ant# at me A atertown Aoenal. Ala-**. T1i**hc Aec *u» -emeuts araio be made in ttrict con foruriiy witii the n*to pat’ern feta, to b** t<eu at the Arsenals above named, wit a the fu lowing excep tions, viz : iho hUuii <itr brit will bo iu; two iu ctiO's viae, a..d no shoulder te't-.laie will be fur lU'hfcd : tie insKie tl p gt the cartiidgc box and capf ouch atats In i^ii « ft. and tl*e ea>aare to be mvn ou the outer flip; the letters U. a . with a the ouac size aud *i « h- ou the plate wh ch it r©-> placer: t.i« cartridge box i» to © w,-d with uinr (y aud tho cap poucu nth ten 10) stiichcs to the iucti Separate bids wi 1 be receive ior the e ot tlie-o Accoutres eutr o: purs »xiZ- oi vilc— td taun age n ti i.<h and «t / htmi *•!;. 1 he Leila are to b»- o grained leather. Samples ol these A couirouunt* are to be seen at th*-above named or about the 20hiu*t. 1 i* tobe dtatiuc; y understood that this D.-part .inent is to Lave tho pnvil e ot inspictiug the work don*- under any con (met it in*»y muni, in ail s'ages of its progress, and c p ciadv to examine the stock betyre cuitiug. They are t*» be subject t<» inspection at Ilia Arieual whero di kvort-d. Uotore b iflg r-.c de ed for the Government. None are to Teacc p ed or paid for except such as are approve*! Ujon inspec tion . Deliveries must be made iu lots of not Je * than on* -twell Ii (i-12tli) per week of the win Jo number contracted tor t he urst delivery to be made on the 13th day ol August, 1;64. f ailure to make deliveries at a specified time will subyjot t)v contractor to ji 'oj Hi tare ol the number he uiay foil to deliver at hat time. 1 h • Acc •atreirtcnt must be boxed iu tb« u^ual manrer ; in-huxc-i to be charged at cost, to l e de term inf d by the mspcc'or Bidder* \fri!l state explicitly tUo Arsenal or Ar^ nils wlmrethey pro post) to deliver, aud th*- number of sets they propose to da!iv«r at »uch place, u for, more than one. So bid-, will be con Iderel rrora parties other than regular ittMUfoctuprrx. *ucb as are known to this 1> partmedt to be u ly to . p put to execute in their own >IiO|)n tho work proposed for. Should anv party obtdini ig a contract o lor Ace >utn in u;s oth er than tho-**- made in hi* own shops, they will l>e nj*-c ted. and the contract rot dm <1 null art! ,r*id J he name and plac-of inmu facturo of each party obtaining a coot rac*. must b stamped ou each part oi each »it of Accoutrements. GUARANTY Tho bidder will bo r -juiced to accompany his pro- ! prsplot. wTtb a i narAnt*. H »md hr two i*»pci «bl© perso:a, that in case ids bid i« accepted, 1m will at once ex--utc the contract lor tiie same, with g -od ! and sufficient suretc s in a sum iqtm to the amount ! ui th*ooutrac*. to deliver the article proposed, iu ! Conformity w i ll the term-of th sadvertui. raent, utid ' iu < «se ill.. said I,i ld* r should tail to enter Into tho , c ntract, tlw-y aie to oiake goo Mhe diff-renc -be twuea ilie oil i- of ► . H bidder and t*u* n* xr re-por. Bbk bidder, or the per* wto whnjuthae m&v b*‘ awarded. 1 ..*» r* sponsbiMty of the gunrantfrs must be shown i by th offleia'c jrt.hcate of *he Olerk of th - in ar st ' District ( ourt, or of the Uni ed States- District At torney. Bonds in a sum equal to th> anu-untof th© con tra t. signed t*> the c-ntractor at d both of his guar- , nutuis. will bo required of thi fut\.«-*siul Liddtr or LiuUeis upon mg iug ti e contract. FORM OK GUARANTY. We. th© undersigned, rrsidents of-in the county of-. and Mato of —-.hereby, io.ntl) and severally c *v*-:>ant with tlm U. Matos’, ' and guaran:©*-. in case the furegoiug bid of__I bu acctjjted, * iiat l.e or they will at ouc**execute the contract tor the s«me w jrti good aud sutfiei nt sure t.e* iu h sum equal to the amount of tb© centra* t, >o birni-h the artie'e* prop* sen in conformity t0t),P terms ot the adv-rtis- ment. dated .Iu y t, 1864, lit - er wnijithc bid was mad) ; and in case the aid • —--shall tail to ©nt* r into a coutrsc , as a*ore ! ►aid. w© guarantee to make good th© difference e tweeu the offer ol he said —-and th© next low - i-t r, spousiblo biddtr, * r th© pirsoo to w hom the contr-Oituny beawardt d. ( Givou und#*r our hands and seals 1 .... I this-day ol-18(1 . Mitne.s: I j .. . (Stab j , To this guaranty most b© appended the official ceihficau* a’ ove mentioned. Ka* h party obtaining a contract willb© obliged to enter mto oand with approved sureties for its I lai'htul exocut tm Upon the award b itip made, s*tce»<e*ful bidders will benot tied, aud furubhed wiih forms oi con tract and b i*d. Tn© Depsrttnent reserve- th© right to reject »nr or 111 bids if not deemed sa'i-ftetorv ao»1 o-peci ilv ' tfo*i© madebr parties who have tvTod to make time ieliv©*i *s und r previous cout acts without uiruish nn sstisfsc orv rea*oi s for such delinquency Tro* os Is * i l b*- a *ir-ss**d to “ Hrigadi-^r Ciepcr-i il Geo D. Ramsay, C’hiel of Or nance, Wa blog n. D. (’ ” an-1 endorsed, " pr nosals for Infantry i kccoiitre-uents/' Gf*0. D RAMSAY', jyll.codtd Brigadier Gea., Chief of Ordnance 1 RAILROADS._ FOR CHICAG3, MILWAUKIE, And all parts of flic Wwt. IXtUEMM T1 KMS TO (IllflCO. MtLWAI KIE, And all oth'^r points at the WEST, SOUTH dr NORTH WtST, Foraale at the reduced rates of fare at the Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., W. I). Little, Agent. jur.e‘J4dtf FOR THEWHITE MOUNTAINS; wwi'.wmi Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AND hKTURN. Excursion Tickets tor sale at the R K I> V C £ I) R A TES, liy \V. D LITTLE, Assent, UXIOX TICKET office, )une2itf 31 Exchange street. iiBB REDUCED RATES ! iiUPOltTANT TO fUAVELEBS -TOTH* West, North West & South West! W. I>. LITTLE. IS Agent for ail the great leading routes to Chica go. < incii nati. Cleveland, Dctrcit, Mil*ankie, I Oule a, Oskosh. St. Paul, Lat rost-e. Onto Pay, Louis, Louisville, iudUnaj oils, Cairo, etc., etc , and pnpu«d to iaratio Thbocob Tickets from Portiau t to ail the principal cities and towns in the loyal Staies ami ( anada*. at the 1 lowest rates ol lare. and ail needful iuioriuat«cu , cheer luVy granted. Travelers will liud it grea'ly to their advantage to j procure th*-irti}ket* at the Tuioit Ticket liftin', 31 ExchaugeStrret, try* stairs,) Wr. 1-). I-iIT i L* Dj, Agent, VP' I'avenger* for Califon ia. by the Old Line | MeiJ Stcxnnr ami Panama Kail oad*,may be secured \ by earlv application rl this rfhee. Ticket* to Montreal and (Judnc and return {via ' the i.rand Trunk Railway) may be obiaimd at this agency on favorable term*. maj 26dk wtl Summer Tourist’s & Traveler's Urt at Coiiiltinutiou ol isxctmsioKra! For the Season of 1884. Ticket!, Cowl to Return to November 1st. OMA.\l> THUNK RAILl.AY. From Portland —TO— White Mountain-, Montreal, Quebec. De ll oit, Chicago, H Rwuukic, Mogul u t all-, aud uuuui AT VMBT LfH- BATHS OF FAUK. Only #10 to Chicago or Milwaukie, out and return, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Return, all rnil, $35, Also, to lkwiun. New l ork, up the liuiUou River Sa'atoga, Lake <-gorge. liciurniog from Niagara Fall-* cither by Grand iruuk Hallway, or by ihoKoyai Mail Lint through tuo ibtSMna laissda aud iiapiu* of the bi ia*w reuee. si.ttriea* Monty taken at Far fer Ticket*, Sign ing Gar* aud at kLutn shutout balcuns Ariang. incuts ha e been made with the Proprie tor* principal Hotel* iu Montreal, v* neb c aud 1J tri it to take aiu licau kio»ey at pai, charging New 1 oik Hotel prLtn. For Ticket* or ini rmation apply to Aokst of Grand flunk Kail way. F. 1*. BFAC ii, Cieueral Agent, 27.) Broad way.V Y An t L«iw*i;a, u-a twin Agent. Bauaor Juno 11—-d4iv 6 OK4NO THUNK RAILWAY Of Cutuula. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. i'Jttagg. 09 «r1 ««c-r Monday, June 27, 1W4, train* Win iu«i daily, (ounoave except •d) uuui xuriher notice, a* loilow*: Up TiaiUH. L^are Portland lor Mand Pond. Montreal and Quebec at V.IM a. a and 1 25 P. M Down liaias* Leave lniand Pond tuf Portland, at 080 a m. and 9 10 ». m. 1 be Company are not ropcn*ible fc r baggage to any amount exceeding *60 in value, and mat ptr soutti, unle** notice i* gives, aud paid lor at the rate oi one passenger lore*try $5w>additional \aiu*. u u . .. V- J- 1 UOkJi, Managing Director. 11. BjaILFI , Super? nt endec;. Portland, June to, In'* • nor6 eOKTUNI) AND MENNYIllPH K. R. SPRING k SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Comm«ncinjf Monday, april 25 18C4 -Pa aocgrr train* leaveSkowhegan for •^^SdSBSi’ort an < and Ike* ton, at 6 4 a .u . Au gura,li.o A.M.and Haiti 12 lo P. M. Au *n»:a ior »“d Boetcu at5.80 A, u.; Bath A. Portland for Ba h, An. aria. Waterville Kendall * , ii«ana nkowhtgHP, at Portland itr Ba*\ ami Augusiao 15 P ii. Pi-nt.jugi rs for catiouvon the Audro*coggin Hail* road will cb.mic car* a- ttnmswick. Fbe l 10 M. tratu f cun t ort.aud connect* at Kct-da ! * Alili* with Maine LVmraJ Kaiiiuudior I Bangor, *c . arriving aamoerenfrg. leave Ba h tor Kocklai.dat 9 A.M.and 3 St »ge* leave Aqgu-ta tor Belfast at 4 P. 31. btagt *’. leave Skowbegan at t> 10 p. M tor Anaon So on. & c. Through Ticket* for all the station* on this and the Androscoggin Paiiroad, can be procurrtd in lio*dcn at the Lantern or Bos on and V; ioe -.tatM ns. B. H. CUSHMAN, Superintendent April 18. 1864 nu'mr York At C'ti hi inf t £:t iifi iiiiitrond. SUMMER aruangkmln r. *yyv On and titer MONDAY, April 1th., 1864, train* will leave a* LC l Tl*l31 ful*uw4. until iurthtr notice: 1 Tvi.j»j * Saco River tor Portland *t 5 45 “ d " 1-1 *■ 1; treiglit Train w ith Pe^engtr Car*) and 8.16 a. m., ai d >.80 p. x. Leave Portland lor ba*.o Liver, 7.45 a. m. and 2.00 and 6,20 r. U. The 2 (1* P M. t. aiu out, and 5 45 A M. traiu into I ortiand.wiitbe iroight Goins with paMonger car* attmuc-d ?tuge* connect at >accarspr« daily for South YTit.a!inm. Wind http Ct titer and Grt at Pail* At Lor haul tor West Gorham, St*udiah. Steep Falt«. Baldwin. Sebago, Liui^Ri . Hu ant. Limiug ton, Coruiah, Deu rum*, Brownfield. Level. Frye burg, Conway. Bartlett, Attany, Jackaou and Ea ton, N. il. At Huxtop Center for West Buxton. Bonnev Ea gle, South Liming* on. Liuiiugtou au«l Limerick At nac > River tn-niekJy. tor Hoiii*, Limerick, Os*ipec, Newfieid, Pttr?ou*iit-;d, Kfiiugoam, Free dom. Mxdi - on, » at cm. » urn kb. 1 prut, a c Faro* 5 ceuta lent w non ticket* are purchased is the uifioe, thau w hen t aid in the ( ar*. DAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7, 18»4. dti iflAIXE CENTHAL KAILHOAD. SUMMER A R RAN Q EM EM T, ' Train* leave Portland, Grand Trunk Ys»r^S5a!‘’fatio%,.f.r I.«wi*ton end Auburn at 7a.m For Bangor and intermfdieu cut lorn at 1.25 p m RETURNING—leave Lcwi-ton at C ID A m. aud arrive in Portland at 8.80 a. m. Leave litD£or at 7.30 a. m .. aud arrive iu Portland at 2 15 p. m Both the*;* tralus connect at Portland with trains ior Boston. Freight train leave* Portland at 8 a. m., aud re*’ turning i« due in Portland r,(lrn. Stages connect with train* at principal station*, daily for3io*t of the town? North and East eg (hi* lino. < M MORSE,Sup t. WatcrvIHe, K vember, 1*** doc!4 POIlTLAN D, SAt O «V POKTbMOI/TII RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April 11th, 1h64. •^eaBsasejn Paarenger 1 run. will leave the Sta .TAiMLf p tion, CauaJ street, dally, 'Sunday* ex ctptedj a- follows; Leave Portland for ikatou, at 8.45 a. m. and 8.(0 P. M Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a m. and 3.00 P M Leave Portsmouth lor Portland, at 10.00 a. m. and 5.8*) p. m. There train* aril) take and leave naMcngers at way station*. Freight train ■* leave Portland and Boeton daily. F RAN*'IS CUASE, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 30. l^W. oc31 edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. Augusta, Maine. fjjlHK Maine Insurance Company injure against X lo** or damage by F'ire, Buildiiiir*, M»m hnn dir<* and Furniture, on term* a* favorable a* it can b»'dnnebv auy solvent Company. Policies issued for One. Three, or Five year*. J. L. CUTLER, President. J. H. WILLIAMSecretary. EDUAltll Nil A W-Agent, Ho. 102 Middle Street. I \ Te K VATlOti I, Fire Insurance Company^ I Of -V.«e York, Offlct 113 Hroarhray. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARREN, President. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vico I’Midont. GEoKl.E \V. SAVAGE, Secretary. I Portland Hoard of References • .Tohw B fiaows k Sox, IIersfv Fi.etcher k Co. II. J. Libuy k Co. John Lynch k Co. The unde-*ignei having b«*eu appointed Agknt | and Attorney forthl*C mpa y. i* now prepared 1 to iMoue Po'ioes ou Insurable Property at current rate*-. Portland Offer, 1G6 lore Street. JOHN \V# .lll.XGLR, Agent. Juno 8,1904—atf I _STEAMBOATS. Portland. and Penobscot River, Kuvimer ArriiiiermeMl, I8C1. J TUI, NH IV, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS iSlKAflfcH I.AliV I.A.V<», limit exprussly ior tills route, t.Ai*i. hillia.ti k. hoix, t-'-slySAU-r.7- I'f™,no,,cJ t,rr '"’■mmer Ar , C?-1,'*<-*n*ut ou kvONOAV MOkN I ~“V < r'ja^7e7r7>‘du<ll'jh*vkn«tl.0if and knot? K.uuuu,-, »t lOo'cloca c .nnectiug W.t', i ihe h«ter.i,«,, ,uuUujne, and; , i ad Portsmouth Kaiuca *. trom Boetou anuvvkv | fetation*, having Boston at 3 o'cloc* PM * Tne Boat will touch at Hockl.nd,’ Camdea. Ii<.i i last huok.'t ort, \\ iutorpori and iiamnocu, | wavs. 1 a »ei!gtTt* tickond through to and trom it* s;on, J.owcll, Lawronco, Sal< ruaud Lynn, i Tor more extended iuiormation, apply to ,1 o Kendrick, Bangor; the local Agents at the vanoa* I la ding ; the Depot Makers of Urn l*. 8. & p Kasu>rn, and B. *■• M Jtadroads; Abiei Somarby’ j Portland; Lxug & Do ai.o Boston, or Cli AS. SPEAK, General Agent. June 4.—isdtt Montreal OceanSteamship Uo. One ol the following first-class i stcauier* of this Lin©vizPeruvian, 'Villiii' Hibernia, North Amcxicau, Jma.Bel Lrftftf—iau. Nova Scotian, Moravian. Da iox»ou- w*a rail Irom Quebec, hvkuv Satikdav 1, lor Liverjtioi via i.oud tic.errv. Also the steamers St. David 8t. leoboe. St j aiu>ksw. St. P^Tftiv k. tri mouth y trom Quebec for Glasgow. I n paid and return t ekets issued at retluc -d rates, foi pass^go apply to U. A A. all I AN, Moutieal, or to J L. FAR'.EK, I may Bid;t No. 10 Exchange street Portl mfl. International uteamskip Company. Eastport. Calais & St John. TWO TRIPS PEIt WEEK. On end *Per Monday, March 2S the .uiienur sea-gmum Muetuer NEW bill NSW ICK, Capt. K D. . Winclu-ter, w.ll leave Kailroad Wlinri, u.o. ol M«te Street, every Monday at 6 °,c*w* 1 ■ M-.and the Steamer NEW K.NULAND . Cap: k. ri-Id, every lhursuay at o o'clock P. M* I for ■ as (port and &t. John, N. B , conuoctin^ at l Euntpun «ith a: ami r yueet>. fur Kubikavn St. An j drtwsand ( alaht, and w.tiibta e couches lor Ma , chi*?, and ar m. Johu with sU-anter* for Prcdtr ! ictou and wim s eau # r Km, rrer :or Digbv, Wind ; ^or aLd Laliiiu., aeii with the K. ANA. kailroad ior !“ Mediae anu all way *’ aiu ns. Returning, wi 1 eave St John every Monday and I and Boston' 8 ° °l0Ck A' M *ior Kastport, Portland ' °l the A*en“*lld Clerk Ui'4 °'0,,cl[ T- Ho^y> “<» | _C. C. EATON, Agent. Poi'llaiid and iSo»ton S,iiie, THE STEAMERS Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal fS:0n-,UflirUW U°t,0t’ r“ “ -•‘WfeMBSSk Leave Ailantie Wharl, Portland, crery Monday, lu. Mlay,, Thurrmiy and bnj.y ai , u u.oek 1'. M., and India WharC button, erery Monda;. lucdav. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday t 7 o'clock 1. M. Farcin Cabin.ftt fin ’• on Dei k. uj Freight a. usual. The Company ar. not responsible tor baggage to any amount eaoet ding die in lalae. aud that person al, uujnotice i« given aud paid lor at the rata ol on • passenger Tor evory *600 addiiional value. I eh lb. 1x15,7. dti 1. blLLUil.H Portland and !*>w York fcteantent SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. P. f. . tnd fast Steamships . ’LOILM PttlNT," Capt..WiLi.*TT. R,t^ “POTOMAC,” Captair. Shkk r&akSSrf wood, will,until further notice, run at ioiiow*. Leave Brown* Wliarf, Portland, ever? WEDNE8 ?£LiUf,!*ATV£VAl' " 4 »*• M..TH leave ihfr 8 NortV Hirer, New York, everr WEDNESDAY and > AI CKLiAY , at 3 o'clock, lh°*e ve-Mfi* are fitted up with finoiccomaodaticiifi for I'EAM-Dger* making thit the moat speedy. *aic and comfortable route for traveler* between New York aud <aiue. Passage $7,00, ineladiDj Fare and State Room-. Good a forwarded by thi* lice to and from Montreal. Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, F.astport and St. J ODE. • Sbipp< r«»rer».1nMled [ j send thoir freight to the »to»m-r. MWrly <■> 3 P. U., on the dsylhutthrp ie»vo Pottiene. For freight or pussage apply ta EMtKV* FOX. Brown .« Wharf, Portland. H . B. CHOMWKLL k CO.. No $6 West Street, new York. Deed. 1883. dtf m*-m i mm iMnmmannwM! FOR SALE & TO LET. House atul House Lets For S.-le, Located in Wertbrook, about five L mi<>it i.-* iroiu the liur.-e Car* . a. WtK>dto:d’e corner. —. A»«n. ft© p:ca.«»niijf located two •'tor* L>we hug iloue and iof, re cvuuy Ov t iiju© l b, Mr. J. C. Bewick. Tin* lot cou imu> . L ui two acres, and i* oue ol the tiuot loca UoUfr tor a Ktu.cel rc.-ulokco to be found m the sub j urhe ot forward,being it* # than two miles from tiif* 1 Pont Office, and command* a tine view of the w*tv, *' •' further particulars call on the undersigned at -is i r* Mrcet, corner L u.. n ntreet. 1 JflW’T UO US DUfiUAM. Mouse Land lor Palpal a Bar I _ . (lain. •IVtK 1 j story brick UcuseMo. 8 Portland streot. X- i he lot is tjj levt on Poi t and ptrs ot, running I Luck to Oxfoid street Bald house i- * mated iu the y u‘fr el the cay, on the dlret-. line oi the tlor-e Katiroad. l’ri « *’i7O0,O>*. ^JGd.oo ol which can re main on a mortgage, l or further particular* iu quire ol YYM. ALLEN Jr., jylfleod i No* 13 uud 15 Exchange .Street. Valuable Meal Estate tor Sale. \VTL bav e for sale a very dctdri-ble IJouje, cen > f traliy and picaeantiy locattii. finished and iaruihhed Horn garret to cellar; every «hiug in and ******* the bonne in perfect ord« r; will be tcld with the turniture, which a .11 good taste and iu fine ox «K r I mm diate p<>-tM**iou given. 1 he lit ,us 1 and 1 urnitufe chij be ext.mintd -i any tiu e, and iulor* Jon give by calling on HENRY BAILEY A Co., Auctioneer*. ina> Haiti' Iii'Kl »h S’r,‘e street for "sale. rrtHR vniugbierealestate oUstm Iltiil. known »• ,!«>' > nrbisli property ” The lot is nhout 100 Uet on Free atreet ande.vU-r d* brek about 174 feet. BaM estat * will he toldfts a whole, or the easterly hall oi the dwelling huuae. with lot about 40 by 175 feet, will be old by itaelf. Application may be made to James Farbiah, Eaq., on toe p/euuaea, or to GEO. £ B.JACKoON, i jU-ylJtf _ 60 Exchange street. For Salt*. A SQUARE block of land, ot about 71000 acre* ol wood lanu, op the^outh aide of the river 5>t. Law ranee, iu Canada East It in iuterceed d by two comdUe ruble river* wnL eligible Mul bits. Well wooded wit.! every d^cripuou ol.limler, such as | Line and cprtice in large qaautitie#, ai d maple, berch beech, tainarac ana ba*» wo dt< any amount. Entjuiroof il. T. .MACHIN', Portland. Pore and, Fei> lSf»4. lebA'eodtf * ait Mr 0 t CUFF COTTAGE, containing over 20 £ rooms,large -tabie and sheds—situated two * al'‘* one-half miles from Cortland, and the * ftft-s-M Oncst situation in Cape Eliza belli for « wa . JxSkJl place, and summer boarders, l or particulars enquire of GKO. OWEN, »I>7dtf 101 Congress 8rreet. Cortland. For Saif. tpUK valuable estate on the westerly corn? r of 1 i- j.batid spring streets, or mitiv year* owutd and occupied b\ the late (jt rge Bartol. J. A E. M. It \Kl>, 123 Middle St. July 5,1 -tv4. julyfijlm For V I WO st >y and Lot. sCuatod ou Tort laud *t re t. w ;th Stable and other out buildings. j Amo two a’joiuiug Jots coutaining sbou* eight thousand square l it Luquire of N. 81 EVENS, No. 47 Cortland street. jttueOdtf Iffo|ta»r For ShIo. 4 TWO store wood oil house. No 18 Adams *tree», ! *\ 11 tiniGied room«, comeuiout tor two families-; i plenty ot good waier. For particulars inquire ot . B. J. WILLARD, i Portland. May 14,18C4. ma>14eodtf To Lot. por n Others, single or in suites, over Stores Nos. • 1 152 and 154 E.xc ange Street, opposite tlu* Inter national Hcu-c. Apply o j thepn nnses to j>4 dtf A. L CROWE To Ufl. STOKK now oooupi* d by u». Pot,fMion «i»«n immediately. AJ»o, a Front Office iu liau-on Block. JgDldtf li. J. LIBUEY A CO. To Lei. ONE STORE in Galt's block. M14f Apply to H. T. MACIiiN, ap22 dtf * Surc.kok (iE.vua’e Orpti n, i i Washing!' uCitv, June-4, 1$M. j VirANr-H—&ur<je< ns ami Aaaintaut urpeons ’I X>r fhr ('?ort>f Troop*—t. aiuiidate-* must be Grsdua es ot some Regular Medical College, and li.ust be < xnmined by a Board of Medical Officers to be convened by the Surgeon Gtreral. The Board wi l determine nrhcti cr tlie candidate vi I be ap pointed Surgeoi- or Assistant Surgeon, according to merit AplicGUus accompanied by one or more te-t moi ial- from re-p«etat>k persons, r* to moral . c’ a acter. Ac., Ik u d re sddre- ed to the Surgeon General. U. S. A., WaG ingt* n, 1>. C , or to ’he As- . sbtant Surgeon General, L. S. A .. J.ouGville. Ky. I Hoards sr«? now in ge.->i*ii at Boston, New Yo k, Wa-hington, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and New Ur- I leans. Also wanted, IIoep;tal Stewards for Cnlore * Reg. j intents. Candidate? must posse-* a ta r Etgii«h Ed ucation,and be fkxndiar with theeora OHiiding and i oisp* nsipg of Wedicim s. Apf>)?ca’toaa must be made :n ;n the c *ae of >urve >rs A<si» ant Surgeons, j Compensation fVoni $2300 to M3 00 per month, with oiothing. rations, mol and quarters. JUS. K B \ R x E8, July l-3aw8m Acting Surgeon General. IHuioud'- ((uiKlrilif ltmtil IS row r(»dyto furoiib Kail*. Cotillon mil 1’io 1 Kic l'artiMoii Mi molt larorable term* AU ora.-rs lef; at Caines Mu.ic »tor. (103 Middle | ttrwi) will re .-live prompt aitenUeu J> ljdlm 1 | _ MEDICAL. f.ooil News lor the (Tnfortiinnt«. TUB LONO SOUGHT FOE DISCOVERED A T LAST. Cherokee Remedy -AND CHEROKEE INJECTION. COMPOUNDED FBOM BOOTS. BABES AND LEAVES CHEROKEE REMED Y, the great odiau I)iu I etio, ciiraa all «ii eswes of fch© Urinary (. gau*. such as of the trine, liiflamahon of the ■iliidncys, Stone in tie Bladder. .Strict*;re, Grave], , Cioet, Gonorrhea, and is especially recommended in those cases oi Floor Albast (or Whi.e* in Female*) where ail the old nauseous medicines have failed. It is prepared in a highly concentrated forte, the dose oulv being from one to two teaspooululs three i times per day. It is diuretic sod alterative is its action; purifying I aud cieaaaiug the blood, causing it to flow in all its : original purity and vigor; thus removing from the system all pernicious causes which have induced dis ease. CHEROKEE / f JECTION Is intended as an ally or assistant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, an I 1‘‘°uid be “'ed in conjunction with that modiciue in ^ c*<a“of e®»«T*o«. Gleet, Elw,r Albu. or White*. Its effects ate healing, soothing and demulcent; re moving all scalding, heat, choadco and pain, instead oi the burning and almost unendurable pain that is experienced with nearly ail the cAeop t ions. By the nse of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and CHEROKEE INJECTION—the two medicine* at the same time—a.I improper discharges are remow d and the weakened organs are speedily restored to full vigor and strength, For full particulars get our pamphlet frem any drugstore in the country, or write as and we will i mail free to any address, a full treatise. Frice, CHEROKEE REMEDY, *3 per bottle, or three bottles for *6. # Frice, CHEROKEE INJECTION, *2 per bo e or three bottle* for So. Beiii by Express to any at! Jre** on receipt of the prioe. Bold by all druggist*, everywhere. DR. W. R. MERWIX Si. Ce., *OLE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty St., New York. Cherokee Cure ! THE ORKAT INDIAN MEDICI N E, \ OOMrOCJ»ED FROM ROOTS. BARKS AND LEAVES. An unfailing cure for Spermatorrhea, Semina ' Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases oaused by self polution ; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude, Fains In the Back, Dimness ot Vision. Premature old Age, Weak Nerves. Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, Wakefulness, Eruptions on the Face. Pale Countenance. Insanity, Consump tion, and all the direful complaints caused by de parting from the path of nature. Till* medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which all can rely, as it has been used in our practice for many years, and. with thousands treated, i I* has not failed in a single Instance. Its curative power* have bees sufficient to gain victory over the moat stubborn case. To those who have trifled with their constitution I until they think themselves beyond the reach ot medical aid. wo would say, Drtpoirnot; the CHER I OKEK CCIIK will restore you to health and vigor, and after aU<|nack doctors have tailed. For full particular* get a circular from any Drug store iu the country, or write the Proprietors, who will mail free to any one desiring the same a lull treatise in pamphlet form. Price, S3 per bottle, or three bottles for *5, and forwarded by express to all parts of the world. Sold by all respectable druggists eveiy where. BE. W. R. MERWIX A C... BOLE PROPRIETORS, febS oodtwly No. 59 Liberty St., New York. Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of loug tried efficacy for correct ing all disorders incidental to the lemiuine sex. That ihe afflicted may leel assured that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their confidence, not one of those seer, t compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, I add a few testimonials from phys icians wnotn ail. lavoring the Electric and Hclormed Practice o> Medicine, lespect. DR. WIU.A Hi) C. GEORGE,formerly Professor iOthe Worcester Modieai College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, «wass., speaks 01 it in tlie t dlowing terms: " l have umhi the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by DR. GEo W SWRTT, 106 uanover Street, and I regard it as one ot the best Medicines for Female Complaints that cau be found." DU. J. KINO, Author of” Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment, ’ says: ‘‘ Tills Medicine appear* to exert a specific influ ence on the Uterus. It is a valuable agent in aL de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs." DU. SMITH. Pr bident of the New York Asso ciation of Botanie Physicians, says: " No Female, if in delicate henUh.slioud omitthe timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much of my «ucc€«a in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine" MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. The following from Dr. FAY' is worthy your no tice: *’ Asa general remedy for F'emale Complaints this • Cordial1 is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sion it is esteemed more highly lor its geod result during Couflneuicnt in relieving the great suffering attendant upon childbirth. I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much »f my success in midwitery is due to the use of this medicine. It strengthens both mother and child. In each ca*e» I fohow the di rections of Prof. king, by allowicg my patieuts to use it a few weeks previous to coufin'iuent, a* by t!»e energy it imparts to the uterine nervous system the labor will be very much facilitated, and removes ( the scrap* which many females are liable to. No woman, if she kuew the great value of this Strength I euing Cordial would Jail to use it." 1 have reoeivtd numerous testimonials from diff erent pa ts of the country where u*ed knowing the good it is capable of doing. 1 w 1! war ran. every bottle oi my “ cordial’* to be satisfactory in its re sults. 1 he tollowtn* .ynptoms indicate thott afffctlona in which the ifemale Strengthening Corami tas proved invaluable: Indisposition to Exertion. Wak fulness, Uneast nc s. Depression of Spirits, Trembling. Loss of Power, Pain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging bensation at the Lower Part of the Bo4y, Headache, Languor. Ach ing Along the thighs. Intolerance of Light and Sound. Pale Countenance. Derangement of he Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria, Ac.. Ac. It is a specific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis of Green sickness. Irregularity, Painful . ness. Profuse or Suppression of Cnatomarv Dis charges, Lcucorriura or Whin s. Scirrhus or Ulcer* ate State ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac No better Tonic can po-tdbl) be put up than this, and none less like!v to do harm, and it is composed wholly o! vegetable s^en’s, and such as we have known to be valuable, and have used Ait m»ny year*. PRICK, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for 65 Should your druggist not have it, .send directly to n>. and wh.r. six bottles or more are ordered w e will pay all expenses, and have it secnrtly packed from observation. Be sure and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot. 106 Hanover St Bbston. GEO. W. 8WETT, M D.. Proprietor. II. H. HAY, Agent, Portland. mch" eodOm STATEMENT OF THE Wua Insurance Company, OF H.VKTH)BD, CONS., On the 1st day of November, A. D. 1*63. a* required by the Laws of tbe State of Maine. The Capita! Stock li.91.500.000 and with the surplus is invested as follows: Heal estate, unincumbered, 987,963 18 Cash in hand, on depokit, and in agents' „ bnnds, 216.960 56 United State* Stocks, 612,847 50 Stare and City Stocks, and Town.Bonds, 689.460 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, l.< 47,279 00 Mortgage Bond*. 331.9*) 00 Atlantic Mutual In*. Co's scrip, 1S62-3, 15,886 60 Total Assets, 99,609.879 74 Amount of Liabilities lor Losses not due or adjusted, 9176.41191 Amount at risk, estimated. 115,61b.479 (f TllOS A. A i.KXANDLK. President. Lucius J. Hauukic.'Secretary. Hartford, Xou. 7, 1*83. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. 4 Iron Kiock, Fortlaml Fier. deo5 dtf Dirigo Insurance Company OF TllX CITY OF PORTLAND. V Office No* *48 Exchange street. Capital $200,000 flllHS Company is now prepared to issue policies A on ad kiuds of property iusurable against tire, at current r itoa. A K. SHUBTLEF, President. JERF.M1AH BOW, Secretary. Di nacrous. J. B. Brown, K. S. Spring, I>. W. Clark, J. B. Carroll, John Lynch, II. 1. Kchiuson , Tbuatek*. St. John Smith. II. M. I’ayson. ( II Haskell, Andrew Spring. N. O. Cram, l'hilip II llrown, It N.Jo*e, Jere. Dow. O. W Woodman, II. J. Libby, II. J. Robinson, J N. Winslow. S. C. Chase, Alvah Con ant, Wm. Moulton. Portland. May 4. 1*84. mavMtt Koin-o. , THIS dav I give to mv two rons. E. J. and Chas. Randall, their time, to set and trad for them- i solves; I shall not claim their wanes or pay their ] debts. T C. RANDaLL, Kcz r Falls, Me. i Witness, Mary PUlabnry, Mary S. Pills bury. June27,18.4. Juiic28 % »i I MEDICAL. Lyon's Periodical Drops THilGaiZATiEMALJJ REMEDY. Lyon's Periodical Drops! A RB RBTTPK TUAM ALL Powder*& Quark Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! — A»1 Sure to do Goodand cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! I The Great Female Keiaedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! | ARB BS n THAN ALL PILLS, POWDERS f QUAtK PUS PARA TlOHi j LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS. ARE .SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Lyoii’» Periodical Strops the great female remedy. Lyon’s Periodical Strops ARK RRTTKR TttAX ALL PILLS, POWDSKi i AKD <+UACK itSDIClAKS. S, yon’s Periodical Drops ^pe tsare to <lo Good mut cannot j do Warm. ! LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female ICeiuedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS AR« BKTTKR THAW ALL Pills. Powder* and Quack Preparation. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS -ARB 8CKE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO 1IAKU Lyon's Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pill*. Powder*. And Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, -ARB Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, SI per Rotlle. Kor rale by Ml Druggist.. At whole,M, by W. 1 Phillij*, 11. H. limy & Co., PorUtad. *ni(23 oodlr CAT AltK II ! — All) NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! CVHKB BY IMJALIXO xV Harmless Fluid, or AGKGEABLF. ODOR. MO VIOLENT 8YRINOINO Of the Head. TDK SKX'E OF TASTE AXD SHELL HESTORKIl DK. U. GOGUALE'8 CATARRH REMEDY. Dr Good ale has combatted Catarrh until he ha: fought it down. It haa been a Umg war, but hi* tri umph is complete. I hrouch all cwwing time hi* Ca tarrh Remedy will be known a* the only one anti dote for a disease which superticiadot* hare declar ed Incurable. Cata rh doctors, so called, spring up like mushroom on all skies. The object of these pockt t practitioner* is money. 1 hey use dangeroti!* instruments. Their violent manij ulaii ns irritate the already inflamed mentiaiie. They never cure. Dr. Goodsle’streatment is medicinal, not mechaui cal. lie doe* not believe in the force-pump system, which i* working so much mischief, iiis remedy parses through the absorbents, to the neat of the dis ease, aud obliterate* it. It does not re.'iiv* merely for a day, but for all lime. Lastly, it coats a dollar a bottle— no mare. Dr. Dodge of Aubmm X. T. After having witness'd the effects of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it;—It is tmly and un conditionally a Herculean >pecific tor the v hole dis ease. huoh au article ought not to Le "Lid tinut r a bushel." and any man who can invent »o truly ac efficient and po«i ivc artu»edy tor men a loathsome disease, ought to be considered cue of the bene ac tor* of his race, and his name and the eilects ol Lis skill perpetuated. Yours rvspecttu’l . D. L [*)L>GE. A. M riiny Miles, the well-knoien Traveller, And whoee family phytdetan l>r Gooda* was for many years, »av*—"It' Dr. Gtodalc *aya he can cure Catari h. he e«in core it." Ac Price M beud a stamp ier a pamphlet. l»r K G ODD A LE'S Office and Dep *t , 75. Rlciktr •♦root, one door west ot Broadway. Mew Yosk. II. H. Hay Ageut for Portland June 2d. 19» J. juut2dly TARR A. WO.tiO.VS Patent Metallic or Copper Painty FOB VESSELS’ UOTTOSS. To Owiicis aiul llaslm of Vessels. ThUsuperior article i, offered with ihe fulleet con fidence. When aj pii> d to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS It will bo found i perfect substitute for Copper Sheathiug. and a COMPLETE PfcfcSFKYAI 1VE fr^iu WORMS, HaI(.NA( 1 PS, (.KA>S,ic. Vis sels trading to the west India ami &entberu Por»» will tind it particularly fur their interest to us* tu. PATExr Metallic ok <. or fku Pai»t. The proprietor* will >n every cat* puarantee, not only that their Copper Paint i« snverier to any now in use. bur also to auy that has been heretofore oi f red to the public. Printed directions for n«e accemrany each can. For sain, wholesale and retail, by the Manufac turer*' Agent*. LYMAN & MARRETT, Slaip OliandLlors, No. I I F Cuiiimerciitl Slm i, apSO 2taw3;n PORTLAND. Tll£ BOSTON I IKK ItliM K And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., W orks. 394 bederal street. Office and VVarelieus** *3 Liberty Square and 7 Battery march St. uiauutacrun lire Brick, ail shape* and size*, tor lumac< - required to Uaua the most interne heat also Furnace Blocks and blab*, Locomotive Fire Block*. Baker*'oven lud Oreen-houae Tile*. C.ay U torts and Ncvtory rile*to*et them, Fire Cement, Fir*Clay aud Kaolin The undersigned will give their special attention j that all order* for the above manufacture are execu ted with promptness. I JAMES E MOM) ACO. Skllimo Aobmt*, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, mchll eodftm « The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY I MASON & HAMLIN kre the best instrument* of their class in the world. ( Nearly all the most premium' artbt* in the country « lave given written testimony to this effect, aud these a ustrument* are iu constant use in the concert* ot he most distinguished artists—as Lotfsohalk ruub ►them—a* well a* iu tne . ms in the priuc pal cit es whenever such in*’rument* are re-fu r»d. Price to # UOeacli. I hose imt-um"nn* may be found it the Mus e Rooms of the subscriber, where they rill be sold at the manufacturer*' price*. II. S. EDWARDS, lo.349j Stewart s Block, Congress St. « __ apr!3dtf Evpnim>n frmrirry. rHE Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery yfl J b* at Ilia oSaa, In New City Bui .Mur entrance .n Mvrtle Street, from U o c ock M. to 3 o'clock f. (.. every day, except Sunday., to attend to any eaii* n connection with raid Omi trrv. i may »• left at the office at any time. i ptWtcaagl U. U.UABB, Supu'ruitemloat. I eg—g im mm wmm* ■jbux— jt"~ MhliiUAij. WORK TESTlilOMiloS ! MRS. MANCHESTER Iseoactaatly receiving unsolicited testimonial* of *bo cut out »fun$ cures performed by her. Among nanny recently receirod are the following, which are comraeaded to the notice of the afflicted. Mr*. Man Chester may be **t tualtud at No. 11 (;iapp>t Block,IVooni Nv.«. A CASK OP BPMAI, DI8PA8S CCRSD Ifci* if to certify that 1 west u> ,,.e n,,. Uancfisa ter last March with a daughter of mine troubled with spinal disease, for which she had been dce.vred tot Ore years, and by * number oi physician* of kinds; and she has bad tweaty-cnc applications electricity applied, bat all to no effect; bat she ren iinually grew worse. 1 came to the conclusion, the last resort, to *0 and see Mrs. Manchester, and Jld so; and to my groat surprise she told ms the Bret aussot the disease, and howsbo had been lion tints to time, which encouraged me to try ter meutoinee. I did so. and now my daughter isable to be around tbs ’.cute all of the time. She also rides ten or at '.eon miles without any trouble or iaconveel'nee.and l think In a short time she will be restored to perfect health. Since my daughter hat been doctoring, 1 have heard of a great many oases that Mrs. blanches ter has cured. 1 think if any perron deserves pat ronage, it Is the one whotnee to preserve the health of the-uok and suffering; and I hrowtiat she u,s-. "very effort which lies la her power to henei.t Lei cation's. hanas I_ kniosTe Ononeu n jti'-htx, Aubt E. Kh ohts, . . .. . . tnnnku uuiu. Bnmtmek, Mart, Augrti ilk. OSS OS THE GREATEST CURBS on BSrOJt Mae. Mi no Harm— Dour .VaP-tts .-—Thinking tatomcut of my cue may be of aerrlse to oibi’s similarly afflicted, 1 hasten to give it to yoe. This is briefly my case—I was taken sick afoot IS months ago with the Liver Complaint tn a very bad form. I applied to four different physicians, but re* mired no benefit until I called on yon At that time I had given ap btalmesa, and was in a vary bad state, b«t after taking your medicine for a short time 1 be gan to recover, end in two months I was entirely well, and had gained several pounds of tlrsh. end oaa truly say that by your skill I am a perfectly he«J b7mae. Joesra Davis. Hoiton ( Moist Depot, Portland, Ml. d BBMARKADLB rrRB OS A CABS OS DRu s r cured b r mbs. it ah c uhb i b a This Is to certify that I have been eared of tts Dropeyof flfteen years SUE.|:og by Mn Mmx-Ses tor. 1 have been to physiettns in Boston. Hew Torh and Philadelphia. Tb# all told ms that they oocl1 do nothing for mo, anlesa they tapped ms, ud as sured me that by tapping I eonld live but a short time. I had made up ray ra'n J to (to home and Uva aa long as I eonld wl*h the, ird then die. On my way home I stayed over night in Portland with n friend of mine, ud told them what my mind was n regard to my disease. They Anally persuad'd me to go and see Mrs. Manchester. She examined me and told me my ease exactly. I was so much astonished to think that she told me correctly, that I told her that 1 would taka her m-dL c-nee, ant having the least tfcith that tb.-y would mo any good, or that I should get the siigbtoet nllel from any course what, ver; Anally 1 took the medi cine ud wont home. In one week from the time 1 commenced taking the medicine, I had over three gallons of water past mo In seven hoon; and my fol low sufferers may be snared that it was a great reiiei to me. 1 had not been able to lie down in bed at might befora this for two yeore. Now i oea lie do - w .liperf-c* ease. 1 have taken her medicine eight momhi, ud am as well as any man could to be. and no signs of dropey. I would mfrl ; . that are sick to go and consult Mrs. MmoAu even if '.hoy Lave bees given up by ether I sl ians. I hare sent her a number of case# of a.', diieaso* and she has cured theta also. Ho ud for yonrselvee. I had no frith, bat now my follh cannot be staked L-her skin In Piling and curing disease. Ciaai.as9 Usama, Sabas K. Haaxox, Hast A. Hannon. Bangor, Maimo, April id. Oaatcn Herns— from * A t». till S P. M. •erlTinaoirt*' edly DK. J. B. Hl’GHEl 0A» SI VOtJKD AT BIS PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOKS, No. S Temple Sirtet, WUI.KE he can be con-oiled privet-1;, sod with the utmost conndcueo by the afflicted, ot oil h«an doily, from 8 a. m. to 9 r. u. Dr. U. addresses those oho ore citrine utsdrr the a’Hiettou of private disease, whether arising trim impure connection or the terrible vice ol (ell-si are. L'evniiug Lie entire lime to that particular brassU of the medical proieooioa, be teelo warrsf-t«.- in Ol - a atrrwuino a Ccsata all Cash*. whether oflea standing or recently contracted, entirely remo is tie- dregs of disease from the system, and niaaing p. rf cl and PgXMASKH T Cl'BK. lie would call theattention of the dEicted to , M oi air long standing and wail earn, i ion fbrnULIngtuTioient aoauranee ol hi, skill and sue eete. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Erety in shigent and thinking perron matt know that remedies handed out from general u,e alu d none tiiotr cihcajy established tv well tested txp*. r’enco in the hands ot a regularly lUaiaud j hysi. cian, whore preparatory sictiy *t» turn lor ail th# duties he must lulail; yet the country ia Uoodesi with » »r nostrum* and cure-ail,. purporting to le the best In the world, wluch are not only naelea*. bat al ways injurious The unfottunau mould be ram 1C CLAK in selecting hl> physician, as it u h kimentable yet ineontravenabio Ucl that many typuiuuo q tiento are made miserable with rultn-d Ccauttthtir n, by maltreatment from isexya rtati- pLysioinn- in Cenetai practice; for it io a point gi n* rail; Conceded y the beet syphilogrsphi rs. tin-the stucy and wan a so cent ot these complaints should engross the w hole tints oi those tv ho would be competent and stiocor-ftii is their treatment snd ruse. Ibe on perienced general practitiouer. having neither «p. furl unitv u r I ni to nahe himseit acquainted with r.olrpatln logy, commonly t sanies oae system ol tieauncnt, in moat cases nulling an indnciMucato »»o of that antiquated and daagarona weai on. Msr OUT. HAVE CONFIDENCE. Ail who have committed an cxecae of any kind, whether it to the solitary rice ot youth, or low si -ag ing rebuke of -usplaced coat! icnoe la malarer y ■ .n, sksk ran ax .uttidotk a -kasox. The Pale, and Aohes, and Lassitude ard Nervoit Prostration that nay follow Impure Tott en, are the Barometer to the whom system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fbl low. do not wait for Un-ightiy Ulcers, ftr Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. BOW MAXI THOCSAXDS CAS TXSTIFT TO this b r csnjppy gjpgxitxi x. four* Men troubled w h etui-clot • in slc-p, a complaint generally the rvenlt ol a i,d habit in > ou'h. tr-ated scion tides, iy. and a perfect cure a or ran tee or uo charge made. Da ply a day pesaes but we are run cited by owe or mou young men with the above direr k, -ome .j, whom are as weak anti emaciated as I bough they bsd the consumption, ind bv tbeir friend, suppise J to hive It. Al! such e Mrs yield to tbs prcpci snd only correct coarso of treatment, and ia a abort time are made to rejoice in permit health. MIDDLE AGED There aremsny men at tneau,.. .... uOdrb troubled with too fro-went evacuations iron, tii# bladder, often acoompAuicd by a slight smarting or burning seusatiou, and weakening the -ystem in a manner the patient cannot account tor. Oo taum iuing urinary dep. sits a ropy sediment will on, n bo lound, anil sometimes small particUe oiwSitii tr albumen will appear, or the color will bo ot a thin milkwh hue, again changing to a dark aud torbid Ippearance. There are many men who die of this ‘ 11,cults,ignorant of the cause, which is the SKCOXD9TA0K OP Sg.VI.VAL KKASXggS. 1 can warrant a periect cure in «ucb oases, snd a tali end healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., tan do to by writing ia a plain manner a i‘i«ori( tlen if their disease, and the appropriate rt medics w ill forwarded immediately. All correspond* uce strictly ooaitdeotiai and will to returned it desired. Addrtsei. 9R.J S HUJIUB. No i Temple St. [corner of Middle; Portland KVt-eud Stamp tor eiroular. Kflcclir nfdkKl Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DU HUUHKS particularly invite* ill Ladle* whe need a medical adviser, to cal! at hie roi a.c }j0 ' Temple Street, which they will dud arrange’! Tor heir especial accomraodrUcn. Ur. 11.’a Kelt. sc Kcnovntlng Met!iclne’areuurival »d in efficacy and superior virtue iu regulalii i all '(malt Irregularities Their action is peeing aad • rtain of producing relief in a short time. seAUlES will find it invaluable In all caeeaqlob ■ructions after all otharremediee have been tnfdla cia. It i. purely vegetable, containing uctnisg in he least injurious to .he health, and may ho taken rithperieut safety at all time*. " Sent to any part of the ooautry with fulldlteailcm* . addressing DR. HUGHS*. No. S Temple Street .oornet onC'ddle Portland. !f. B.— LAlMKSdeeiriug may ocaeait one or their wn Mix. A lady of oxi-rienoe In constant r> vnd *■*" a.ise.i, ' JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 3 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable ratee COLT, iESS PIG IRO]\, Ll(0, BLR, SUEMT, f BOILER FLA TR IRON, of Kngtieh and Scotch Manufacture. WeshelWntjuue to receive, in addition to our jncricau Brick, a regular supply of INGUSH. SCOTCH, k WELCH HR* BL1C* ntchU euddnt

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