Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 22, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 22, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY '“f VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 22, 1864 WHOLE NO. 6R7 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. JOHN T.OILMAN. Editor, txMlsned It No. 82* EXCHANGE 81 REM', by N. A. FOSTER* CO. ls.1 Portland Daily l’axssia published»t #8.00 psrvear: it pAi-i strictly In advanot, a discount of • l.Ofi will be mule. Single o&pies three oonts. Tua ViAJuubTATi Panes in published every Thurs d»> morning, at *3.0* per annum, in advance; Si.26 if paid within sin months; aud S2.bc, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Hut«« of Advertising: One Inch of jpaoe in length of column, constitutes n 'squaRx.” •1.60 per square daily Uni week; 76 oents per week after; tin ae insertions or lees, *1.00; continuing eve ry other dav after first week, to cents. Half square, throe iusonions or less 76 oents; one week, *1.00; 60 c- nls per week after. Under hend of Aa'Osxmxnts, S2.i.j persquare pet week; three insertions or leer, *1,60. Special Notice*, £1.76 per square first week •1,00 per square after; three luso rtiom* <»r lees. •1.26; half a square, three Inenrtiocs, *1.00; ono week, •1.2*. Advertisements inserted in the Maine Statu Free* (whioh has a every part of the State) for 60 oentr per sqoarein addition to the •hove raws, for each inac -Uon. I.EOAL Notices at usual rate* Trnnaientadvortleements must be paid forin ad vtKioe •oerniee Notiob*. In reading oolnmns. 12 cents per line for one insertion. No charge less than fifty c no tor each insertion. U*~Ail oumranzuoations intended for the paper sliruld be directed to the "ifdifor qf Ike Press,7' and those of a bustossr oliaraoterto the Publishers. C3f~jon mrxrtxo ol every description exconted wttn dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. Fn.'Uy Morning, July 22, 1864. Twelve Ye*r* iu a Kentucky Prison. I-VTERE'TINO NAKUATIVE. " I Nome weeks ago it was nooounced that Lt. Oov. Jacobs of Kcutu -.kv had pardoned He v. ' Calvin Fairbank outol the penitentiary of that State during the temporary absence of Oov. Bramlette. A correspondent of lha Chicago Tribune, who has recently had an interview ■with Mr. Fairbank, gives tile following inter esting narrative:— In November, 1861, Hev. Mi. Fairbauk was la Louisville ou busiuess couuevted with the Oberlin (Ohio) Institute, and while there was made acquainted with the case of a young slave girl, nearly white, who was endeavoring to escape to the free States. She was the pro perty ol one A. L. Shortwell ol Louisville, and was named 'Tamar.' The story she related to -Mr. Fau bank—though such as thousands in . he r condition could truly relate—so worked ou bis leeliugs aud so aroused his sympathies aud iudignauou that he determined to render her escape certain. On the night of Novem ber 2, they crossed the Ohio from Louievilie to JetTes son villa, Indiana. The girl secreted hers ell in a Held, while he wentiu pursuit ol a horse aud buggy. Before daylight he got her, cold aud be numbed, into the buggy, and that day (.Yov. oil) drove thirty four miles into Indiana, pi te ed her antoug friends,aud himself returned a i tli tfie horse and buggy to JefTersouville, where be remaii <ed about a week. Ou bis way to ' church the following Suuday, be was assault- * ed aud seized by William ltonald, then Mar shal of Louisville, Kentucky, (nowSheriffl, and one i»ta tnlelt, a vt'Etchmau, assisted by said Shortwell. awl thus kidnapped, he was taken by force from Indiana into Kentucky, lie was thrown into prison in .Louisville, where he lay about five mouths awaiting trial, bail being required in the sum of fire thousand dol lars, which he of course was unable' to procure in that State. v/u cue aiui vj reuruary, leet wwiuu was arraigned for trial. Although no direct evidence was offered and nothing hut tho slightest circumstantial evidence given, s a- his being seen in Louisville on tho sat t® night the girl escajied, still being determine t to punish him under the slave laws, they con- 1 vioted him under their statute relating’to en ticing slaves, and he was sentenced to fifteen Tears imprisonment. During the time of his imprisonment he was subjected to the most brutal, wicked and inhuman treatment con ceivable. When he first entered the prison, the orofils arising from the labor of the pris oners were divided between the Stale and the Wardi n or prisou contractor. Each prisoner was req uired to perlorm an allotted amount of work, wi'ich was equal to what a strong, well man could do at the utmost exertion of lilt strength and endurance. Mr.'s strength and health soon fail ed him he was utterly incapable of performing his tasks. Then commenced the horrible bru tality to which bo was subjected, lie w as put at the hardest, dirtiest work, and orders were given by Newton Craig—the then Warden— to ‘kill him.’ The insulting language constant ly audressed to him, the hated tones of voice and iueoleut and abusive mauuer, to say uoth iug 01 the horrible oaths directed to him. were enough to prostrate a man of bit relined and sensitive mind. But all this was nothing com pared to the horrible whippings indicted upon liis naked person 1 Forced to ieau forward over a stool, chair or bench, he was made to strip, and then, with a sole-leather strap eigh teen inches in length, two inches wide aud it- ■ bout three-eighths of an inch thick, toxked hr water and fastened to a handle about two feet loog, he ,was flogged sometimes daily, some- , times lour times a day, for net performing a ’ heavier task tha., it was possible for him to do lu his state ol heslth. He was given from two to one hundred and seven lashes at a time. uuwvMUive mv nwuiu r-v. m i«ii ■ , uontli.aud once six month* pasted oil with o 'it bis beiug whipped. During the lime he »■» * imprisoned, be was brutally Hogged tnon* than one thousand times because he had t ot, through weakness and exhaustion, fulilUew' la*k« imposed upon him. On one occasiuu, during lest winter, a keeper named Whiteside,, and the only humane con nected with the prisou management, had di rected Mr. * airbank to cord up a lot of wood. Wink- doing this, au under keeper named Jeflriee came along and askd Mr. KAirbank rvugiu T, what he was doing that for. Mr. Fair bon A replied that he was do ing it lay order o' Mr. Whiteside. Jedries ordered him not to cord up any more wc-ad, and Mr. Kalmuck replying that he must do as directed by the officer highest in authori ty, Jeffries iu a rage seized a stick of woo-1, aud struck Mr. F. over the temple a blow that cut to Uie skull, knocking him biind and senseless, red which placed him in the prisou hospital for several weeks, »ud from which, owing to tl te shock to the brain, as iu the esse of the asae olt upon Senator Sumner by Bally Brooks, he has not yet fully recovered. How many time# did the heart'of the poor prisouer sink withiu him, how many limes he prayed earnestly that death might end his sufferings; how he v,*as kept alive, aud was permitted to hope ou, aJ d live, is known only to Ills God. Yet it is a g. -eat wonder how the mind could have been pr starved from utter wreck and ruin—how it vva » that insanity did not deprive him, loug since, if *11 conscious ness of the cruel wrongs he H’i* obliged to suffer aud endure. But have we not the explanat- on in the knowledge that he surely ^>osac» s«d, that there was a loving and devoted hea.'d, made all the more loving, devoted aud const ant, by his civil bondage, and the honor* to vvk ich he was subjected ? Was it not that he kue w, or had faith to believe, that her efforts in his l*e lialf would never cease ? And that he ow ed it to her, if not to himself, to endeavor to bear with Christian patience and manly lorti tuda the grievous affliction} which he was ( compelled to experience? At the time ot the imprisonment ot Kev, Mr. Fairdauk, ho was engaged to be married 10 Miss Madona Tilestoo, of Williamsburg, Ma"., a young lady of rare ipersonal attrac tion* and mental endowin'*nits. And the qualities both of mind and l uart which this estimable lady possessed will be best illustrat ed by stating that during all tl,» time of his imprisonment, (from November, 1851, to Apr. 1864.) Mr. F. was tbe one particular ot.ject of all her thoughts, and ail her devoted affec tions. Her loving, cheerful, and hopeful let ters were the staff ot life to him. Though stripped of ail his money, elothiug and prop erty when he was imprisoned, after bis other means faiied, she sent him money with which to supply his wants—turnishcu him a bed, l«dding, towels, linen, and fund* with which to supply himself with suitable food, coffee, tea, Ac, and to supply him with such com fort* as it was possible to do. and that he might not be obliged to eat the miserable prison fare which was supplied by the Ward en. She visited him in pereou in 1853,1855, 1859, I860,1868, making constant eff orts to obtain his ptrdon. At length, after twelve years, one month and six days Imprisonment In tbe State prison at Franklort, beside the four months be was in jail at Louisville, Mr. Felrbenk received e p irdon from Lieut. Gov. Jacobs of Kentucky, and was restored to his liberty. During (lie last six years Miss Tileston has been residing in Oxford, Ohio, as a teacher, win-re she might be near Mr. K and where she could be enabled to furnish him with con tinued means. As soou as lie was set at liber ty he repaired at once to her place of reside nce, where they were married a few weeks since. On leaving the prison he was furnished with five dollars, from the pri-ou fund, and au old suit of clothes, sueh as a htxf-earrier might wear. None of his personal properly wli sur rendered to him, the preseut keeper lelusing to give it to him, saying to him, all this pro perty is mine! Seventy-five dollars sent to him was withheld and kept by the warden Newton Craig. And after almost thirteen years of imprisonment at hard labor, stripped of ail his means, lie boarding himself during his incarceration, be is again free!" Practical Patriotism. Gerrit Smith. with several of his townsmen, has issued a circular to the people of bis lown asking lor a geueral towu meeting on the 13lh iust., to decide how large a bounty shail be paid to raise the quota of that lown towards another regiment, which he thinks should be raised in Madisou County and at once sent to the scat of war. It will be remem bered that to save his town from a draft when the last call was made, Mr. Smith paid au additional bounty from hi* own means ot, we think, #300 to each voluutcer. In this circular, Mr. Smith’s remarks are characteris tic of the man, and sound, of course. He says: “Ever since this guiltiest of ail re bellions began, our supreme duty to God and man has been to help put it down. During ail this tune we have no right to be suen Dem ocrats or such Republicans or such Abolition ists or such auyttuug else, as would in the slightest degree interfere with tiie faithful dis charge of this pre-eminent duty. To lend the Government men and to lend it money are the principal ways iu which we can help it overthrow the rebellion, lu both these ways we have done something—hut not enough. Every person who has fifty dollars to spare, should lend it to the Government. Hu will get a liberal interest and the punctual repayment of the principal. Backed as its be.mis are by the boundless resources of ili a gieat nation, they cannot fail of being paid. 9 But the loans to our Government should he made far less in the spirit of gain than of patriotism—since it need* them to sustain it self in its life and death struggle with these muititudious and demoniac rebels. Moreover in making such loans we are doing the very best thing for our property. For our country lost. all is lost. Of no value to us then is a large properly. But our country saved we are rich ill her salvation; and the more we shall have reduced our possess km* by our generous efforts to save her, the richer we sbaii feel ourselves to be. A little with a country i< more thau much without a country. The secret of gelling truly rich is not in hoarding but in using. Whoever has put his possessions to good use is truly rich. -Who ever lias withheld them from such use is truly poor. Thousands of brave men have gone from our country to face the fu* . A thousand more-should go. And they must go soou, if they expect to bring an end to the rebellion the present year. A Madison Couuty regi ment should be raised lorthwith. • ••••* s • Jiy obtaining these men wow we shall ac complish 1 wo objects. First, we shall exempt our town from the approaebiug draft: Second, we shall afford more seasonable help to our loved ana imperilled country.’’ We hope an example of this kind will prove contagious. Mr. Smith is right. Now i« :in: time to strike blows that arc effective for the salvation of the country. ihe Petersburg Express.' < . t. Coflin, Esq., who over the noni de plate of “Carleton’’ has written some of the mo.'t lively (ketches of the war, in a late let ter from uear Petersburg, says: By the way, General Smith is running what Vs calls the Petersburg express, which runs very tlfteen minutes, day and night,one way, n;o the city; aud the messages do uot fail to t. It is not a twohor.-e hourly, hut a ifle.i . bell from the battery on Spring Hill, tear the Friend House, 'i he city is iu full iew froio that point. Tbe swift messenger, whistBng for waul of thoubgt,’’ cienves the ,ir and eras.'1®* into tbe town. T lie re i'. goes, is 1 wrote th.0 word “crash,” at this hour of trectsely 10. k’O P M. Listen'. Ten, tifieen, wenty, thirty sscouds, nearly, 1 hear the deep tud hollow rumb.'® of the explosion among :he brick walls ana’ i“ the streets. I rode up to Gent. ral Smith's quarters this tveolug. It is not far from the battery—a Ut ile on its flank toward*' the town. The bolls Sew past us every seven and a half minutes. The “express" l*s' l een doing double duty JaU evening. The rebels have been pounding rur iines a good deal to day, and therefore ihe increased tire. It was really quite iuter Mttag to sit there beneath the refreshing shade }f the trees and hear the bolts go by, knowing that they were powers used *o punish treason tnd crush rebellion. But it was not quite so igreeable to see tbe fla-sln j of tba rebel loag ■ange guns across ilie Appomattox, and bear the ilngiug iu the air—corning nearer, louder. Where will it strike? Will it goby? Will it fail sh-srl? or will it take me ? You would like to shrink to the stnalliows of a mustard wed. Ah? K fell abort. You feel easier uml unconcerned now. You would just as lief have them keep It up all night as uot. You feel well a niinnto, but the old feverish, resi le^, nervous, apprehensive lecling comes back soloug as you remain iu rauge. General Smith remarked that he was pay ing the rei-tls bait' for what Stuart did at l arlialc, Pcnn«vlvai'ia, one year ago today. It was the week of .Gettysburg. Smith was at CViisle with a soub't force. 'Stuart, with his ten thousand cavalry • appeared before the town. He flt-t tent two shells into it, and tb-'i --eut iu a flsg of truce demanding its im mediate surrender. If not surrendered he would fifteen minutes fo.'tbe women and children to leave. He refused 1° surrender and told the worn, a and chiMiet' to take to the cellars. Stuart commenced »'i» "belling when the fifteen minutes expired, am.' kept it up ail day, but did not take the town. Now Petersburg lia- its turn. >oouer or later all things are made even. The wheel turns tru’/ and surely. I 3ST I O N Mutual Life Insurance Oo. lNCOBPORATKD by the STAIR OR MAIN I' O' ter Perpetual. % Organist/, 1M9. IIIRERTOR'S OFFICE, fis state Street, .... ilo-toii. Has-. mtUeut—UKIfB V CROCKER ViCfRnsUtent—DANIEL SHARI' Secretary— H' II. HOLLISTER H. (i. WILSON, (it.i.ra Manager of Aycnriee in the AYii Ennlaml state*. Assets, olet Lfcctm^r, 1&>’5, fiS.'i?,i*SS di s Pmd to dau. Du'i tend Paul in ( A to date. $8 ri'tflS Company offer* peculiar advantage* to per A son- int. uding to iet-ur* their lives, iu it* «*'•:> aud stability, acquired iu it* fourteen y. ar*’ (>x\«ri* once; in ita a* sc e, win;!;, (without it* capital of J?1 * ,000 lauloiiuts to over three-quarters ot a million of dollai*, being more tliau two hundred thou* and doiir.r* iu cxtv.-s of it* liabilities for the reinsun .uce of all out-standing rick*: iu the facilities pn seated ia it* accommodaiiug stem of payment* ofpr.-mi urn*; in the terge number, divtmfi-d conditions aud occupation*, vaiiou* ages and localities of live* in sured, atviug the largest requisite* scope for tlm ope ration of the law* of average mortality, aud t‘je am plest guarauty to the insured for tlm benefita then of; iu ‘he division of profit-, the mum*' ap}«ortion mint of which having lor the past fourteen tear* l'olicit** an issued upon all the pin* * usual with Lite Iti*t»raiice t'ontp-uir*, atid at a- low i-ates as I* consistent with a vlev to equity and solvency. Parties de*iriug Ag« ucic» in .own- where in* com pany hare none, and t ho-c wishing 1 ravelin Ag€B cie- wuisiu the 'c* England sta'e*, will ai-ply to (i. ii. WILSON, OS Stat*’ .street, B-*ton, giving •ucu re'ereace, or inform iti**u a* to ag*', present aud past bu«in<-**,a* wi 1 enable him to t»>rra judg in' nt iu regard thereto jum Ud'm Siugc >oti«*«v! For North Conway N.II. Trl-Wwhljr Liuo* 1NASSENGEP3 have Portland at 7 46 a m over . the \ A. r. k.ii Muuda% s.W' dn*-dav * ar.d 4 rt dav* via fiwh»», St-ndi-h limington. C< rut*h. lii raui. Brewnflold and Krytburg. aiming at fiorth Con wav atftj o’clock P, H. returning by the same route ise#a**». Thursdays and Saturday*, arriv ing at Portland in mmou to take the Boston *t«an §r*. • 1 be eiCttilrti accommodation* and remarkable aeenerj areuot turpa-eeu by any other route JOan w weeks. rroatbUr and Driver. June 41 —dim MISCELLANEOUS. * THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors. Pox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., / PORTLAND, ME. Attention is resgKni'fally invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in ! THE liEST STYLE OF THE ALT. Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. I _ Our Katablislimert is furnished with all the ap proved ^tODEHfl MACHINERY, And our collection of Book, and Fancy Types ill b^ar favorable comparison with any establish In the city. Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, style and eo.t PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Hill-llend* Hated and Cut in the N’rat l e«t Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS; Of every ilen.'riptiou executed in the bett "lyle. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with proDiptnen tnd «d«4ity. ixsvha*< r. rot. in Kg, bills or lavish, * TIME TABLES, nn.l all eort, of LEU At. OOCVtoEST<. at ikort not foe. t ^natw, Efforts m<t all kii<i< «f riaphln<, Put up la enperior ntyln. Bron/.iwt and Colored Labels For Apothecary, Merchant*, and Fancy Dealert*, got up in the beat style ol the art. 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We have in con stant use one of HOE'S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing o®2oOO Sheets an hour; ono of Adam's Power Presses—the best book prose in the wor d ; Adam s aud Potter's FasP Machine Job Presses , Buggies’ superior Card Pres : Adams' and Union large Hand Presses, btandin* Presses, andalj^ihe machinery necessary for a well appointed office.* The Daily Prwi Job Office U believed to be as well , furnished as any similar ofabliskiucniTin the State. Tho-? sending order from the country may rtly on receiving prompt attention. We execute a 1 orders in the shortest possible time and in theueateat aud best manner. Wc will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap a* any other establishment In the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must h directed to the Daily Press Job <* ■• , Nu. ^2 l-\change street, Portland. Me. juf juui'uicsi} mm i in« persons i fupervision of the senior proprietor, who U the CITY 1'KINT* l.K. asd i* hinM*if an experienced practical wort man. and employs only well-skilled mechanic* in this department ef his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest d Ally paper cast of Boston, and having a larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combined, is published at the Ofliee iu Fox Block. 92 t-2 Kxchmsge street, every morning— Sunday except! d, at $M,00 Pt*r Annum, From wliicL ft-2 per cent, is discounted for advaxck PAYMRJfTX. Semi annual and quarterly subscription* pro rota. Lees than three months, .sixty cents per month, or 15 cents a week. Single CvriEH SC'xirre. Newsdealers t-upplicd at the rate of two and cms-tu'trd dollars per hundred THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, is 1 published every Wednesday, containing all the tews by iua:l a d telegraph, important reading ' matter. 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WEBB A 00 , Wholesale Dealers in Flour, \ street, »p]4 PORTLAND, HP. dtf BURGESis, P0BE8, & CO., XAicr;"'^* •* Japan, White *ine, PaiM«, And Ground polorn, AMD PM LIBS IV Drug* Medicines, Pa cte, Oils As Vanishes. /•<!•«( am4 Colin- Riclory, Xo:2» Mmij -y at., Oltiro A. Snli'«roonM, SO (.'onitnrrciaI St., Urosiap Block.) Hksry H. Brno is, PAP11 i\n UP Cba&lis 8. i oBkf*. rWiMSP. nr.. maylHdtf BLAKE, JO.A KS A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And He vers of W estern anil C ad inn lVoduee, 137 Cnmmerriai Str*,%*, ... Gr-initr JWrrJ'. iharle* BUke. \ Henry A. Jone s, J PORT LAND. It. W. Ua^e. \ _ junoldtf JOHN LYNCH ^ Car^ W holesale tir oeevs, AND COMMISSION MERCHAN1S. Granite Stores, - - Commerci al street, (Opposite head Widjarj Wharf,) John Lvtieli, ) reltrj? Barker, J PORTLAND, 31K. Tho*. Lynch ) juntlutf polk & noonv, OWN KRAI COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And \\ ho!et>alc Dealer* in FLOUR. CJRN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Comxnero'al St, K^UCU^y. ! PORTLAND, ME. _ junelutJrn Iv.WE A L1TTEE, Who't>aie Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AND "W’ oolons, No. M » jVfid<llo street* A. Little, j FORT LAN D, ML. __ juneTritf E. H. LEMONT, Carriage Ranufacturer, Preble Stieet. . . Portland, Me. HTCartiageeand Sleigh, on liand and made to ordcr- _ junelodtf C. P. KlflBALL, MAXVrACTOUB OF .. Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street, (Near PrebleIIon*®.) PORTLAND, ME. SnU Booms, 110and lit Smlburf/ St., Boston, Most. juoeltf NOfiTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Vloxiv, livaiu Produce CouusiMi imlinK io.l Uiii*r»‘ hmit. 0*c<ami Worth*use No. 6 daft Block, C* u*rr cuU Street. Wf offer for sal© to the trade, ma ty rht cc* anu well-known Brands of Elonr. from St. Louts.I ' Wiccoiuin, ft©., which we are constant! receiving. N . ( A Co . are also Agent* ig Tittmau A t'a/i, and othc* brands of mauufaotured loha-.o. '**h advance.- inad© on all consignineoM Portland. June 1. 1R04. jnMtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON. DEI'I'IKT, Insert* Artilicial tenth on hold. N:lv*r and Vulcan ite Kubbor, and warrant th* n» iu all ca-< to be a perfect lit. Dr. J. »Uo gives special a '-«t.on r<* / d»ft Teeth. Ofliw Jfctj < otigrci* street, two doors we*t froa the « »«rt ll- it*. Portland. Jt*n«* 1. 11<M.—eod2m S3 Removal. 03 J. M KNIOHT A SON font ill i«» i o n tlrrrhiiiili, And dealer* m Country Produce. hav< moved to No 93 Commercial etrett. Portland. May 1 *!b, 1%4. wtylOdil PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Thi© Company will !«?u* Police* to be free after the payment ot »ia. eight or ton Premiums at th© ©ptaou of tb© ineared and at rates a« low as any other Company. 1 be twit* of Kr*e To icics render* It at the least ‘ ,aaJ it not suiwrmr to tb# yartieipah oa MaMahe. O«oe Wo. 108 Mlddl© 9t. CHARLES HOLDEN. Preft. . I _BUSINESS CARDS. BRA DLF1 , MOILTOX & ROGERS Wholesale Dealer® ;« Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, ROBERT 7< >; ALKY, \ o. m MOULTON, [ PORTLAND, ME. A. O. BOOKRB. ) raa>3dtf W. VV. CARR & car Having taken the Fruit fcroio tcrmerl} occupied b a. 8AWYER, !\o. A i^Khau^e Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and wall m.looted stock of 1 Foreign and Domestic Fruit 1 Wholesale ar.d Retail Orange* *pruee Gum. Uteasea t»rmo in. t unary Nerd, Caudles, Mate*. Lemon Syrup, Honey, r'ruuet, Corea Aiutau Elga, Cltrou, Xuix. nil kind*, Daiea, Olives, RaUlua, Tebarre, SarftinfK, Cigars* Wmuey Cmulles of nil description. octiJ dtf IRA WINN, Agent, INJo. 11 Union St., la prepared to iurotali a ISAM ESGIHK8 and BOILERS, of various siaes and patterns, Slow Pipe imI iitww, Mil! S««rir.<, Ikiftmt, Eight IIobse Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in building ¥ OBTXFIC ATI ‘Jh J*. IrunStair« and otnci A rchi tecturai Work. liousco, Store**, and other LEldiugs, fitied with ft,, Bud Steam In the beat maancr. In oonnectka with the above !s as Iron Foanlry, widi a largo r. 'rtment of Pattcrne, to *hich the uieuUoBof M-.obiui«t>, Millwright,.,and 3 hip-Soild ■iri U iivrtei-Mii ill a.nit* u* Caettna* lurnUheO at ehort notice. Sy~Urdcr, (or Machine Johbieg. Patters, as* F rgit^a, promptly (xecated. o«3dtf * i ii a *: «»« SEWING MACHINESI WOODJUSI, V HUE A CQ., AGKN18, X*». 14 ail H.little htie.l. Hcrdletaat Trimmlagealwayt oaken* ■ >uttr A CARO. DR. S. C. FERNALD, ttEXXIST, No. 176 Midcil Street. Kt*iil'(Ctt .Du. Ha cob and Biwui. Portlaad May 16. im. If Dr. J. II. HEAL.D HAVING deposed ol hli entire interest in hif ( Tco to Dr. S. C FKUN ALD, would cheerfully r:*co<>Tun*:nd Lira to hi«> former parents and the pub lic 1>»-. FuLh.iLD, (tom iouff experience, it prepar ed to i-. rt Artifl \ tloaaiteBaaa,” and Jotbei tu- ihods Lnown to the prrfc**ioa. Portland. May U. 1%3 tf WttOli AMI 4.DAL C HEAT TOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, l.F.HfGU, llkZII.TON, SUGAR L'iAF. OLD CoMl*ANV I.F1IU.H. I.o CCS! MOUNTAIN JOHNS. DIAMOND. '.TF.BS IKItai.d BCACK ItbAitl. 1 beae Coal* are ol the vary hc«t ijuality, well relied ant picked, and warraated to give satieftictiou. A Go tor .ale heat of IIAItn AVII SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. 1/»»k « UdimaaciAL Sr., head of Fraukii* Wb*rl. s. norN 1>» & sox. f-.M* dly _ wiKHCV!i inpoHvs i* K1 UK A N U WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -A * I» Gravel iloollng FUR Ft AT ROOFS. IC. HKIIHEY, A*i*nt, It/ • N«. W Union itroet. ALBERT WEBB «* CO., - DEALJULJ IR - Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAJJ O* KUi 'U'S W HAS/, (\gctcr>UI i'rMlim m, M«, MMf EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN Cora, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Rock Salt. CoinmiKsioii Ylrrcliaut JTOR PERCH ABE AED PALSO Y Harley, Rye and Oats. rjTt ara lovkd with Coruin talk tree of charge. Hitrefaoiise No. 120 ('ouioirfinl Nueet, And Citt Mills, Deeriog Bridge. jEuoleod6m JOHN {'. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, ( ODHAN BLOCK, atchl.dfrwtf I'tani 8i*«tr. Scotch Canvas, -rf>« HALS JAMES T. PATTEN t CO., iiKik, He. C%f\J | BOLTS Superior Bleachad aUU 9)0 do All Long 1lax "Got oraatct contract/’ 800 do Extra Ail Loag Cm 9Ki do KiTjr Fine Dfciir* red In Portlaiid or 1l<Woi. *at!r. Arrlltn. 1S«3 Alma Works, Arbroath. i *pn<itf M. PEARSON, Silver Plntor, AND XkXTTrA( TURK* Of SILVER WARE, ay8 jontrro ,« tit., Opp. Cuart Homo Portland,Me er*All kin. o^WAHK, taoh ss Knives, kork», Spoons, Ciko b •«*.’<», C'evtor*. 4c . pitted in the ■ keel runner AI*o, RF.PAt.WKH sad HgriXlSHtXG Old SiiverWsre. Jac2S d«m "rem o v a lT dr. j\i:n m\ HASixm,»edhi*kWi«ie«ic* to Xo. 37 Middy Htrrri. corner cf Frink'in meet. OtLcd •• brrvtotoro. hr. Mb Street, In NobV* Block. ml< *to«r«. Office hoar# from t to 10 A M from 2 to S, n. J frora Hot o'clock P. M l>r N. *u! coniu of, in cc Aun'ion with n-nnraJ rri**.Ka to rivoiuMiii attention loDISFASKS OP PFMALM3 ootldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, I* 1, IT >1 It K It ! mint ov Force Pumps and Water Closets, HO. I’M IIU’IIIKOESTKEIT, roKrLAKP. mr Horns, ('old itr,4 ftfcnwrr MMh*, H >««k Howl*, Bm*« A Silver IMntod Focki* E^VKIT d«*cr:pUon of W «i»‘r HitiNifr-r l>ml* i j*»»tV Itn>14toy. IWm A c . arranged in i set uj id Um U*«t manner nod oil orders in u «n or > taithfVU eneented All kind* of loKbit,ir |tn>u.i>»iy at« nded to f««'*»t!» on kind LEAD PIPES. Still T LF.All nad IKK.I PITMPfiofa!ld«» rlfitinn* ir»dtf Thf lht*rt|»Ptl Agency Mj^oR eoPcr* i f rUc *• « of claims irirtny from m the war i# tint of tfcc * “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION" to which the expense* nr** controlled by n dilator* ••tod Kie utlve Committee. _ Apply in person, or by !*ttor. to OKORGK F. EMERY. otct the Portland Post Officr, Sd itory. fitly MERCHANDISE. a tick met nek Ship Timber* OAK. Uackinatack. and Hard Wood Plank,Tree nail* iroai 12 to 28 inches. Treenail Wedges, 4o. 4c, by L. TAT LOU, june28<tfra Galt's Wharf, Port'and. Treenails. 100,000&HL™°*K n:EENA,LS’for SIMrdNTON k KNIGHT. .... . , Commercial Wharf. Portland, Juno 13.1S6*. junelSdtf ‘'Hoar)." 7 It'd. PRIME CL HA HONEY, for tale in bond I on duty paid. THOMAS ASKNCIO A CO. June 10.—isdtf Sugar and .Kolaasea. IIHD8.) CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U 10 TCS. ) GAR. 3*1 HHDS oipwior Muscovado, and 2* TC’d C’lajed Mola?i*v9, il BBLS from Merra Jforena, .Now landing and loraale by 1 HUM Ad ASKNCIO 4 CO., nmygtf diatom Home Wharf. Slrrra Mornm Tlolasets. Q‘»~IIUt>8 , / CHOICE KIKRHa MORENA 30 TIKltCES i MOL *88718, Id HBI.f ' Now Landing from Brig "C. 11. Kennedy” THOS. ASKNCIO A CO., May».—tf c. U Wharf. Scotch CanvAM. 1*Er t BOUTS—from the factory of David Cor* s*s * * sar A Sous, Uoith—a sail doth of superior duality—just recoil d per-Jura'S and lor .ale bv McGII.Y ERY. Rk AN A DAVIS, mchdo dtf ldi Cniamcroial Street l\ A NTS, LOST.FOIJND BflinWe igi-ute Hanirtl. / 1 KNTLKMKN of nt'gg ar.d iatyr.i,. m • cry VI t ouoty iu Mai’O, to represent a Ion, establish* cd. drat ris. Life Insurance ''owns ay The bmt nc<m i. ca-dlr loaned —no .apnal it r.emrcd—».d tl. ■ profits ur r.-rtaia and cuntinvotis ,\|i an-ea ury advantage, and in.tinetioa will he s*» had parties \rbo wish to undertake l.u T bicb can becouduited ait’^r • xelu.lictv o la colair tion with other ccrapattom In.vaiiiatc reel*** (with referenc i) arc re*,‘i sted imm ' I: s and <y *trg. Address K . tie--ml Agent. Prchl* Uws, I'wt an.t. Jiaoat lsM8s ON the l«th last., a State dated Jaly loth. HC4, and iravabl * to the order of Amt»a Sawyer oa d m*Bd, Tor the sum or Ut'j Mills. Said note was sifted by l eorgatawyer Pi* meat ol «aM Not* is her* by stopped GR< >KGK h* W Y KR. P rrlen.l lair ltd*., l»d VAVtlt bflnalioii HnuirS. Hk a jounc man nan old. Kabnam |hn. atsd lonr years .iprietet ta a itrst clan. ocry ia Huston. hlao n> e year* aa earrv clerk. Addre-sJ. 8. K at »Us > ttt<— ti»d3l* Currant* Unulcil. TBIHE Mibsdriber wants fnnO) to.VJ barheU Sirt l /.'•/. • urramtA, for whicti he will par tiie hlcli* • *t inarart at hia ‘tore in Sarcarat ta , II. S. CLAY, jyiairvtr CurrauiN Wauutl, ritilE E best mark *t pile, paid for rip Currants, a iu any ouanHtiet. GBKENOUGH A MORMC, ,, . . No. 20 Market Sonare. Portland, July 10.—JAwtf Bonisl lYiutltuI BT a '. oung man and hi* wif ; within ten’ walani the Post Office. Address, .dating hca tjon, t» mu 4 c. ) . • C. B./* Lock Box No. 42. P. O. . jy19d»t "W anted.! ]> v a lady with two children a situation a* Itw. A-foper. goteiness, or tea the : would do s wiug. Country not oMecttd to \ hutae.aowar-s r oair rd. Au y toME8. COOK, ( ity llo-el Portland, "_ jylfdlw IVnllcl l.oAt. ON Thursday, July litii. rn Commercial street, tear Tbomaa Pluck, a Loath, r Wall,* contain ing between -ixty and *i rooty dollars The tinder will bo liberally rra aided by leaving tt at ti e count* Itg room of the Daily l’rr . djalylhlw Pilot Wontrtl. 1 STKADY, competent and capable uuo, Ioniag ^n. a tlwraih *>no* ledgeof PirtlenU 11 mi bur and itaont r approach* *, i- want! fo ; j •«. f the 51m aa.-.L i • Pa> meam-hit Company'* Liver* oo! aud Gla-tguw IJnt of ttiesmm iht com ing wiuur. The Pilot engaging for thi* tervic* will b. required fo board the Hfearner* on>i«ie of the Bulwark auoal and Al-<* n * Rrck App’iuti* * re ceived by JAMES L FARMER jylk «3w No. lo Kxcnangt Sir*11. HaUtlHl. A BoY, m I leM thin sixteen years of • .. t.mct -a.\ as Carrier. Mutt curve w#!I reconi 1.— A* ply at the Counting Room eft be Prets. j> Bdtf LoM. SrKAYEO from tU. pasture of M l'.ti is Rob ert-. Westbrook, last mouth, a thiee yi-.:r old gray Fair, «iuall >ue ; whoever *.i r-*:ura b,:a or Information when he may be found, will be suitably uwarded, by calling at No. ib spring >t. FRANCIS k. t MERY. Portland, Jnly 13.1364 —<ttf Subitifulci.l VNY oct w’antiug a Mioatifu e, for onr or three year*, cau be supplied with one by calling upon J. M. Todd. 11 air-Drearer, corner ol Middle and Exchsi ge at reef s. J M. TODD, tJP** One whj believe* the Rebellion can be put down by the Union forces. July r.3tod3iv * liilorniHUoa Wnnft'd. WILLIAM COLLIN'S. WILLIAM OUDAKD and JullN K. LACEY*, who were -opposed to be native* of Portland, having died in the United 8ta*o»‘ **r\ ice. tlteir heir* can hoar of valaable infor mxtiou on application in per-on * r by 1c ter to BRADFORD A HARMON. No. S3 Exchange str«*et, )u)yGdAw3w Portland, 5ie VV unit'd. A SITUATION wanted by a young man. In a wholesale store. B*»tof ref n oce given. Inquire of A ll 11JLDKN. office near rout Office. jy4 d3w -'W Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ing. while in Pierce'* auction room, a Calf Skin Pock* t Bovk confaiug W4 in money, a note agaiurt Charles Hocgdoa. Gorham, for *6o,»ud our agaiust Charles Hooper for $13. The above reward will b*» paid for the recovery of the property aud the detec tion of the thief. " -tf GEORGE BE(K Board. QUITS of Uooms, with Board, can be obtained by k7 applying immediately at 30 Danforth etieet. May 11th. muylxdtf A. & 8. SHURTLEPF & CO., SON. .VI A .16 MIDDLE STREET, 1" O K T I. A N D Manufacturer# and Dealer* in Men’* Boy*' and Youth’* Thick, Xip and Calf Boots, Women's Miaae* and Children** Ooat Kid and Calf Balm train, Hubbnri Bhoo Biooh, Findings, Ac. our rape nor far! >tk*» for mxanUc'ariag. M mini a lar«- ax peri-aco in the i»u«ia« *» wo are al*!e to «ou a* low *« in I'«h:«u or drew Hera Deal* ra arc partftUjr in*it#4 to tali aa4 ex • mint onr <toek before purvhaataf. (tg*Ofd*n br mail uroa|>tl^ atta«ui*-4 to. Portland. Ai niaa, l->$ 44m NOTICE. \V ► the tins*, wcnetl hating to'd oar M«wk »i 44 t< al ud w.d»Dt« 4 oi »/• f r t A-, 4o chceria'lf r*t'o«mo»4 them to mo for«.»r cnrt*®ef* A»1 fwrwoa# havtog bang against a« are r gnaat»4 to pn»oi l*rator«Mie meut. a ad alt p-r-om indebted to on ar» regn*>ted to make immediate payment it the aid ****** « bee* one ot the undendpwd maybe fcmad foe the t»T*wt •AfTRI h W H IT h| f Pcwi 1*B«J. inna 4. 1*64. Janol&tkn Coni and Wood' r*tl(* HbwnM ha’taa IM Mock o 1 *'tti iti *w«, •«. tfk.i *i» Matil mwl' m«|M hr Meanra tmmftr r «"»,'»». * am »nw |a MMl, rkat, fmrmvr pvmM *a,t tha i «fc *» •natalT, wttk I tor i-Mrtimt 4 rin picihd A\r> tcpsMirprt Old ( nmpwnt Irhlik. *“€«' I owl Uklfk, Mairttwn Irkkk. l«OM Moantwln Jwha'a, While Hud R-,1 i.h, IMatwowd and lafkrfrr T tt^rthw with thr hr*t .,<rantv af Cumberland Coal ! A Superior fW.ftir Him AtmUk* Ala*. Hard and Salt W**d, Dallryrad in ovlrr la aar part af tha altf. Tha l«rm»r njetntnora of Sun Sawyer A If hit Mr »r raepnctlalle invited to aivau a call basdall. mcalustbr a co. I'or t lard Jana IS, IS** —dip CLOTHING. RBMO Val! JOSIAH BURLEIGH ■ At* IIKOVBD TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141& 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIOHj Wholesale and Batail Dealer la C otliing.Coths, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AHD GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, N»« 141 A 143 NMdle Street. JOSIAH RHKLEI6H, Agent tor ©* ver A Biker's celebrated Sewiiiy; Machines, Hos 141 ft 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will to his irie&di that ht may be touud at Bur lelgh'e, No. .41 ft 14i Kiddle stieof, nbert ha will b« plea-ed to wait upon hie forme r eutoaen. ^i'ortland. March 34. 19*4. dXg just received! ROLLIXS ft UOXU, HArilfi, r fitted rttir ««,, tad neHnd a large aeonn.tiof ELEGANT STYLIS c I. o TIIB! AKK bkKl'AMFD TO Show Them to Their Cutionen. A uk>. Clothing <k Furnishing Goods, Is Grew Variety, NXiclclle Street. majPtf FIRST \\TIO\AX BANK -OF — PORTLAND, designated repository —of mi— UNITED STATES. Thi> Rank It prepared to r-ceira; tatxcrtptlsaa tor ' the Bear “TEN FORTY LOAN,” which i* dated March I, 1*64, beano* interest at in P<*r ct*at. a yoar, PaYAIJIsK in coin. redo tushie at the plm-ereoi the Uovsmmeut after ten > tare, and payable in forty yean from data. lute re. t ua Bonds not orer oar hundred dollan Pay*1 arise ally, and on all other Honda semi annually. Bonds enn bo had la sins of abb, a UO. MOP, 91000. • WM, IDW. OOOLn. mehSI dtf Cashlor. Ueorfft W. Han won. GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 71 Middle Street, Pottland, He. A share of patronage rmpcifally svUcitud and satisfaction given. Orders from the connlry promptly a'traded to. Addreer George W. Huron, ;« Middle street. Room Bo. 10. up stein, Portland, He. Jnne 14—d3m UP-TOWN 8H0E STOKE! SAMUEL BELL. 353 CONGRESSST., HVt> constantly m hand a large and well select cd stock of Boots, Shoos, illilALL UTHLU IS TS.IT LIJI, for the D*S ol iataic-. t.ruth iin-o and Children. fo which bo ia i tte* the attention ot there about to make purchases a* having on- of the best in the city. Custom Work and Repairing don* wth neaterm and dis patch. ■ Portland, June 21— dtoangl Co pari net-whip Notice, -AND i BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT Tlll't 'utocriUrd bavin*? on the Ttb d*jr of Jdmr J, formed a copArtHf ander the name of McEftrlViy 4c tterrv. For iht put pone of eirrjii^ on the BOOT AND SNOB BUSINESS In all it.- hrauches, and having all the facilities for gi t ing up nrst clas- work for gentlemen and ladt**, wear. are now rr*dy to execute all ordera with amt nos in i dispatch Our work will be made of the Lest of imported .lock, by the Let of workmen, end warrui-rj to give ptr.ccf tatirfartiou It Is oar aim that i nr wori shall not be second to any la the l nit ed States. We have also oompl-tid a stock of ready-made work ol the drtt quality, lor Ladles, Oentl'men, nod Children's Wan Rch'Cted from Xrw York aad Heston markets Our l adle*’ work Is from the erk-bratrd Herd* .VoNe.ioi-forg of Slew York. tot i-cutUmia'a want aa kavethr beat araorSiarat ever oil r. d for mb-in thir city; sack us Is- Preach l-alint l.«alber lioota; Glo w half aad t all t oa gri-a I r geetli men • wear; Pat-at Leatlw-r t oa gre-r and i ail t -ngr».« Ha,moral aad lew Preaab Burk - Boon liar, von a- a the now at,I- I 1.1 WfCD-1 Rout BLi ALE Poor, sew made by Hei aj-ky 9 hoa ry ’ tor ueatarm. -wmtort aad besety R mraeem* aa- tl irgeear got up la thi-cat] t ail aad aaa M samples always oa hand el the aid araad *f M He-' Tari by RrftRTNt A BIRR I, I «T%TE COLLEGE Agriculture and ■•chamc Arte I TlTa *!*•..>. . *f tfcr IM ifl'llm u'wlkx •*•4 **4 4«**t* i V* m mp— a kka * - «W*P 4"l Hi— o»4 k*a*i*»ipp*» a o— ml ik* at* H***4 • i aft*** hr tk* 1ih» *f 4*. •**''•.** —4 Ik* VvkPM. M|k* «B4 — *•«*■*• |ipi| ia» — i***i»p* H*mt kppiky (><* ax a ka it** a yriH*l — n— i— *** »pa*'i*»i i—a up** *■* *n*i ■»:• *aa »*>,•***ar » *aaa*aa*p—aa ka—M <k* m** **| a hpA* ! ***** ik* fan day •f k***»K* *«i p*t«pn ii« a »k* »• a»*p*k*«e. M i. i kpi—x Fa,« nMMf, j.*«r*H Ulua. « »*m m> r reei t r jaW* katc «kil ___ At a I «ar* a !>***»* k*ta *■ Niikpl «w|,tw , fkr tk* r —at* a* ' »*»Wrtaa4. *a ik* a** r*» *•* «* % ■ *f aa* L**a * **. *a kaa<w4 **4««ty..*** «»■' t* H tkM *r ka*4*( |Pia.nAk*. ~i- * ■ . ^itua.J ••MC-A? ******** * 14 la M* I*tk uw-ak* aaaal aam* '.••«***» t»tta* hm <”>'• • -«***»."•* 4a». Ik** M caul i*i.i» a a. I;"*«**• a**k*rttp My k> ***** t. tk* — M .trl, of ik* i*pI wui **d Mia.ii x aa* ax* ama rk*T*t t* .«***•* tk* Maan txk M *ar ty *aM pp*«tp*i tat* Hba. * »« 'kktiA. rkai tk* aM ratMiaas* r» **■ Mae t.. all ymu lal*r,*l*4. ky ,*aa<P( ***>*• t* k* paklt«k*<l I a* w**k la tk* ■ *)»• (lap* rr*a*, **4 •*taa 4*ri |* III* {1*11* »•**, r,rf*t*4 *' r<irt at 4 tkat tkf* aai a****! *i p rr*a*l* mart MksfcaMM ■aid Paritaad. *a tk* tklr4 ra**4ay *fd*l> a* tl. at taa of tk* Plsck la tk* k—ooa a*4 tksw ppapp. If aay tk*) ka*», aky Ik* «aa»* tboaM **t b* fraat *4. _ JOHX A. WATIRMAS. Jad(*. A tr». K'PT. Hi'eruKF.r ii|kt« )ilyll4f4kw1w* MI8CELLAN EOU8. jptOPOSAUI FOR MATERIALS FOR TUE NAY*. Nm Ocrmiin!i, Bcriac or CoctrtioT axd Racnrrrnro, July 18th, 1864. 6£ALK1> PROPOSALS to fernbh material* for the Ifaey. for the year «mding <>>th Juoe. 1861, will be re ceived at the t urvau of Equipment and Raaruldng until th« thirteenth day of August next, at tea o'clock: AM, when the ifid* wfil be opened, without ngn»il to u> wcUmtal foUptka of maib or other cause* The material* and artet!a* embraced in the ttnrars named tie partienlarir described in lh* urtojad ub. any of which wRl ba IdnMtad to arch as Mr* to offer, on application to the commandants of the *»• spretiv* \ ards, or to the Wry ageut nearest thereto Sun .platen U> th. UtM reeo. I his division into cleaves l*-in< for tha ronfe ♦ nience of dealers on each. *uch portions only will ha rurnuhrd w amrtiull, tr^alr-d Mr bi.ii Th. com. mono.nt and narj »«*rt of«ch -tation will, in aJtli tkin to th. w-h-Uu'. of rlouM at IMr own TarJf, haw * rfhhiid-a of thr ether two. !‘<4W4Mfww ■ tarn onl, ftom wMrh St may ho jn Igwl whrXr'Tt will 1 -*■ * 'w Oflrn unut ba oiailr Mr th- wbrir of tb-Wawi at anr vart upcaatw oflh. priutc.l *b«lujaa. or lw atrtrt coa. torwiity Ih-r-wtt.,, n, th>« wilt not ba -anAhtwh la rompurinf. th- nato- frww <uiwd iu. prfc— will hr th- .Un-taal, at>4 thr wtnoi. of U,. -ia— will ba -a*ri-4 out a—rr-lia^ to th- p%-w»tav-l It ia r—tttiwt-4 iif bul'i-r- ta awa-l —rw—wiwi na4 aubati* tattoo of Him. aaU ta m tbn n» aawnata in iwctij -am-1 out. T — ruutrart- will ft. awlM-4 to th- lAwwt bow. 44a 1444-r who p»r jwwrw wataif t>- k. ^ _l may he a* tha — r ~ ami in all nsurrU eabjwt ta im ’S&ffS&iAZ JS«*M a— or panwular hu, ~4yl, H*afl«Mi hwfw IMC ^ . ._. . hj a «tuw ,.ia>w«(, th- Mm of •hbh m tomdoafom gtoew aad a to by . metofonre Meg ^ c I I afirr a- practicable hhbh they •nU^m ca«a within uu leys titer if* recto] r at the poet odka or' nary agwnrr mawed by them. The contract* pid hear data the toy the notification to fimn Mto deli rectos ana ba dscuaadrd. 8amtbi in the fuR arm uut «U1 be required to sign tha contract, at d their f**poiHMlHy certified toby a United States didnetjudge, Lartodptatee district attorney, coi betor, or navy agent Ah ad Iltloaal security twenty per centum will be withheld from the »mount of the bub until tha oontrurt shall have been compb ed; and eighty pee centum of #*-\ch Mil, approved hi tripHrar* bv the commandant* of the respective y ards, will ha paid by the MTJ «R»nt at the puinU of delivery— unless requested by the contractor to be paid at another nary agency—wijhin ten day* alter warrant* shall have Wan passed t»> the Secretary of the Trca- urv. It bstipnbted in the contract ttou if drfoufc be made by the par tbs of the first part in delivering all or any of of the artie'es mehtiooed m any clam bid for in the con tract, or the •laattty at such time and place* above pro. vi<bU than aud in that case the contractor and hb surv tb* will forfeit and pay to the United Sum* a a m of money not exceeding twiee th* amount of each dam. wnbh may be recovered from time to time, according to f *, * ron*Tr*- dithat ease provittod, approved March 3, 1H46. No hi<U tor more than one yard must be enclosed la oaa envelope, aad the same mu,, be dbttoctly endorsed u* the ouui«)e. "Prcqiosab tor Materials for the Nary, for tha Navy-yard at (name the yard),** amt a idrvmed '•To tha Chief tif the Barmu «d Eqaipnu-nt and Recruiting, Navy Department, Washington, D. C.w FORM OF OFFER, Which, fmm a firm, must be signed by all the toetohtoa I.-. -»f-. in th* 8late of-, haawhy agree to furalsh aud deliver la the respective nayy vnrds afi the artlcba named ia thedmww* hereto•naaavd igrmaklj to the provisions ol the schedules therefor, tad la <0m formRy with the adurtiwasent of tbe Kurvwa af Baato. tnvnt aad lUcruitiag. dated July ll«h, Ihfifi gj rdfer be accepted. I request to b* adJrv**od at —. ami the contract teat to th* navy agem at —# «* to ’ for signature ami certificate. ‘Signature ) A R. Date. WUaMM. The srhsdafe whirl lh* biddar tnr^sn must ba laatod to thb offer, aad «nch of them Mgand by bbm Opaatito •nch arti-b in th* srbedub the price awt ba*v«, th* amount b* cartird oat, the aggregate footed tip to*a*h gbh ia seeds. If ma » pbee where the a* asromln limb o4he a a b* hlhub. FURM or CUARANTT. Tbe utubrdgtmd.—, of-. in th* §tot**#>_ amfe—, *4-. la the fitoto »f-. haevby m, e water that ia cnee the furrgjMng bid of—me any *f the cb*Mw therein named ba accepted, be ar they vtf, wttMa mm day* wltcr «b me dps «g |he nntmn u ton po«t Ufef named, «v navy spent dedgnatod, emcato th* contrart fi r the same wtta gawd wad aafibbal mis ba. aa I in case tm said -sbsU foil to rswr Into Tirntrmt, w aforeaoi 1. wc yvanau* to asaka fr«d th* dtifotone* be t seen the offer <4 th* *ai t—-and that which mav ha accept wt. i SUgaatores of tw* iwrmtm.) C. I b r. Wita.eM. 1 hwhj c*tuty that tk kkn nrrl — kaov% to mo a* B«a nf Tvf^pcrty, aa4 abk to ataka gaaJ tlufc ruafaaly f^fmtaia.) 0 H. (MA) To irn kgiecrl Hy rba United ^tateo Lutrkt Judge. C»l ted State* TUnrtoi Alter b»t, ('ntkrror. or Blaay Agent. The Bdlowtuf are the rlaasee moulted at ike mat ure nary-yards KITTKRT—MaINF., N« 1. Flea lantes amt Twtne; Sa. i. Sam Gtl: So. ,, tankini I’tenaua; So. 10, Leather: So. IT, Leath er llnae; No 3 Lantern* No 1* Tallow So 21. Otattou err;So 23, Hardware. So 3e. Ship Chand err: ho 27. Or) Ooode; So 29, Firewood; So. SI, Tar Oil, and Nea:> fcot Oil. CBABUSTOnN-MA&i.uHlSh'TTS. So. 1, Flax ('anrae and Twice. S. 3 Sperm Oil: So. ?, Choking L'tenalfa. No. S. Storee. No, 10. Lratntr: So. 11. Leather Bora; So 12, In tlKhe for Knpr. So 3, Stnat Iron : Sc. is. Soap end Tallow: So 9'. lirtudiea, so. & Stationery . No 23, Hardware: So. 24 Ship LhandJwfy; So 26, topper Wire, So. 27, Dr) Uioda, No. 29, lit*, wood; So. 31, Whale. Tar, and Neat - loot tell BROOKLYN, KBW YORK. No. I, Flax Oenvaa and Twine: ho. 3. Iran Sails Sheaie Rivet*, air.; No 4, Tin Zuic, ale., So. 6. Soenu OH: So. 3, White Flee, A»h Blark Walnut, ear , Ne 7. i'ookinf l ieneila, So. 8, Slows end LObkin* I ebeome No. 10 Leather. No 11. Leather Hi*-. So 12. Ufnnm rtwp; Mo 13 tanteen* and latnpe hho 18 Sap aud tallow So 20 Brother. So 22Siauooar) ; So Ahiiardware. So94 Ship ('hand ery ; No !T Dry Qoodr, No *f 1 Dewood No 111 Neateh-.i Utl. FUILADKLFUIA. PENNSYLVANIA. Sol Flax Cant a-a and Twine, No5 Snwrm CU- Nw T i'ookinf l'ten* 11*: So l<t Lewther: So ll U ather Htaw: So 18 Map and Tallow: No 9t brush**, Na Q dear teaser) Na 23 Har-lwarw; No 21 Shin Lhabdlery : No 17 Der woods No » Ftrewreei No *1 Va, Uil end Seal*tool (Mi. W.L-HINUTON D. O’. So 1 Flax t'aaeaoe aud twine. No 4 TT*and lint So t Sperm Oil; No 8 Storee and Looking ( ehoraee Sts Id leather N.. 12 Lumamrita*. 7.0 18 Lantern* Se lf dean and Tallow: No 9' UrinOiae; No 22 Slalamer* No 23 Hard ms re No 21 Ship I'nandlert: No 2S i aaper Wire No 27 Dre Ooode. No 38 Ualicry li«.o So 34 t train *-y * So 38 Walnut, Mahispan* and A*u, No 3u I nfou C* ppm* _ _ jyHr *aw4w WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MAKL't'ACn.'KKK S BLOCK. UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, kgtnt, marrtorma »» •tMB Eaciaw. Maas Bulan, SbalUa* hhn Omria«. ato v4 Ww, a». Low aa>] Hlrta himia. ■•nn iimtaww At fntmtttr i aiUM. r*kto Bai-Aaaaa am Ito* Im* )I«hm la ita tv _ _ Wm aaovaiaoal»aavwaa lal Maaa CmIi. Taltw tFaiahi ,,n u4',wi> .m tt- a nti Ti m BtolWK.a to aaaaii _I » F Itlnil . I»<# tom* a toav to MB f !•••»a 4a AM | \ jwmAaa twSLLwa**** '«• •* a*, a ka» »>w*w ■» «». toa. |a* Bw* «**'** -»'•» »-••« Ml to a a. • to- »aa BiMBi i <■* iM>w to «•* ‘WArtln»i«aalBaMKa 4»ltow „ aiaa atot ’toaai waawaaa Mao mim a7„ aa4 a*****.. rtoji*. niatoM aloia «a atomata aw laaiMaa warn ato Aatia awaitm to «•* to*. _ J5t5*"2 to totoaaiiaa a,'t. faiaa tt A ^ » ■ ■ Ato aaalx | r ■ iHAlUal tx>t t.MTl '•p* Kv«m»«i i cm <V wi4i» luot t % r Mm J.ll f | , Tto matoal anaatoa to aar H*to-, a ,a ». to •to ato,• aou-a aa tba Pruroai aa,r. ^ toitolatj ofaU tkoao wow a • twin, i .. at _n c *•"«*»> r of, kr-a«a~ aaailwl • oaiaN a tw. S!SS tom to a tom. ton hv» aCXl L w jor Ilial wUfc to» gap'a. f„t tbo -. ato, a.a aaio.-. Ntoto, tto aaaatoc to to Arawa will ba kamW bLw lLo*« wlaaaai; arallaWato.antoaat^^ tor'Mtu. JACOB Mc-m.l ay *,T„

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