Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 22, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 22, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. POllTl.ASTi, maisw. Friday Morning, July 22, 1864. The fir relation, of the Daily Press is larger (Aon any other Daily paper in the State,and double that of any other in Portland. rnun—#•*.00 per tear: if paid strict Ip >■> ad ounce • discount Of *1.00 mil is mads. 0r Km41*< Mtint mm all raar Pum. UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PRESIDENT. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or tiuaou. FOB VIDE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, Or. TMSUKSSKK War Else tor*. AtLargi—JOHN B. BROWN. Portland, ABNERSTBI'SON.Damariacotta. 1 a DM.—RICHARD M. CHAPMAN, Uiddeford. Xd DM—THOS. A.D. FESSENDEN,Auburn. FOB OOVBBNOB, SAMUEL CONY or AVOUSTA. For Member* of Oonsrm*. \tt DM—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. %l District—SIDNEY PERHAM, of Pari*. War and Faaoe Demount*. The Democratic papers, la anticipation of whai tbe coming Chicago Convention will do, are hard at work to convince their readers that the war and peace democrats are whistling through the tame quill, aud playing the same tuue. The Argus is especially anxious that the distinction between these politicianssbould not only be ignored, but entirely lost sight of. As a matter of policy aod political strategy, they do well to foster aod encourage such s belie!, for the Jameson wing of the party in this Stale still lives, or many members of It, and may do them great iojury at our next State and Presidential elections. True, this wing has lust some of its fair plumage, and therefore cannot soar quite so high in tbe pure atmosphere of patriotism as It did some year or two ago, but there are yet some leathers left which can lift U from the earth Into a higher and more loyal region. Tbe copperhead journals would fain make theii readers believe that tbe distinction is without a difference, bat the fact is not so, and out anxious cotemporary will find it out next au tumn. AU true war democrats have not yet for saken their party. They hold on with tbs bops that loyalty to the government id I hi' Its hour of severe trial, aud a purer patriotism —one tar elevated above mere partisan preju dice and feeling—will yet control,the council* of this once respectable and powerful political organization. The time Is fast approaching we apprehend, when these loyal meu will find that their hopes have rested on a weak and treacherous foundstlon. Tnere is an element at work In the party that Is gaining powei every day, and it will yet become tbe mastei spirit and rule tbe Chicago Convention; anti that is the Vallandigham-Wood element. It stouts for peace at auy price. These cunning leaders and quasi traitor* Judge others by themselves. Looking Into their own hearts and| finding nothing there but love of pelf and power, they Imagine that others are governed by the same motives; but we tblak they misjudge, at least, so far as many member* of tbe Democratic party arc concerned. They know Tery well that polit ical prejudice and party feeling go a great vay in controlling the opinions of men; alsc that they can blind the eyes of many, and keep them to tbe traces by a pretended advo ency of the Union and the Constitution, and that the more Intelligent of the party are a* corrupt as themselves. Now here is the rock on which they will make a wreck of the old Democratic shiy th*s tailed aloug over tbe troubled sea of pol tiles so stately and to triumphantly in days goo* by. Intelligent Democrats, who read for themselVM and mtke up their own opin ions, and whose hearts cherish a love for the Old Flag that has given our government pres tlge and power among all the civilised nation* os* the earth, can never be induced to mourn the peace platform these demagogues arc busily constructing for them, nor be made u believe it* the divine right of bolding hutnai beings in bondage. Such intelligent, patriotic Democrats will leave tbe party just as soot as a slavery and peace platform shall be con structed. The lime has gone oy when » l politic* wire-puller* caa make honest Democrat! daace like puppet*. The time* have changed and men alio have changed. Floods n! lighl have been poured upon subjects which were once shrouded In darkness, and Truth no a stands out unveiled, bright and powerful.— Tha moral sense, the consciences of men have been stirred to tbeir profoundest depths and the evils of human slavery, aud the enor nous sin of rebellion agaiust a government that has always protected life and liberty, art seen In a light as clear as a sunbeam. O.s prejudices, old party feeling* and long cber Ubed ideas have yielded to better aud mor« enlightened influences. Old cobweb* ar< brushed away, old ruta filled up aud oUitera ted, and new channels of thought opened.— And what, is better still, the public heart ii filled wit i the love of country which has no* become a passion, aud no mere party prepo* sessions, however strong they may have been cau resist lu Impulses. Iu times of peace, when one's country sue government are not endangered by foes with out or foes within—when men are iuieut or their business or pleasure, aud the Ship o Stale la tailing along over a smooth sea, patri otamis mare »r lest dormant; but when the national flag is Insulted by a foreign foe, or spit upon aud trampled uuder rebel hot, tUen th* spirit of patriotism U aroused In the hearts of all good citizens, and political demagogue! have leas chance of making proselyte* to ar unholy cause. Ail these things will work to gether for our country's good. . That there have been two factions in tbs Democrat^party there can be no doubt, am! that division still exists to some extent.— True, these factious have hitherto managed t< Mow hot aud cold, aud with some degree o success, but Valiaudigham, Wood <fc Co, now demand au unconditional surrender of tbeii opponents. We confess they have a oiort sharply defined policy than the other wing and that g»T*» them an advantage which they will not fall M>pn>ve. Their superior tact wad TigilafMC Win tell on member* of th< coming>.. The war damocrat* wt<> *tlll keep wlthlt tVw charmed circle of the pirvj" &re not out spoken enough. They eringe, shrink a®‘ present any thing but a bold front. This U "jar**—it plainly VislUe lathe course llie Argus Is now ' pursuing. Anil It was still more palpable lu '< the management of the convention last yfar whan Bradbury was nominated. There were democrats In that convention whose hearts were right, but they lacked courage to let their 1 Impulses he fully kuown. They cringed, coax ed, shrunk, whined, but all to no purpose. Virgil Delpbiul, Samuel J. and others or like • klduey were the cocks of the walk. They rul ed the coaveution, aud obtained the mastery over better spirits than their own. What was left of the Jameson wing fell, and its orguui* ; astlon was lost and ceased to be a power lu Maine. Xnr how was this advantage gained ? Th“ case is a plain one and requires no profound philosophy to fathom it. As before Intimated, the peace party had a sharply detiued policy, and courage to opeuly avow it, while the oth ers were merely critics of the gn at liuiou par ty and did nothing but censure and Hid fault With it. Snell criticism and fault finding don't help a party in times like these when our gov ernment Is struggling lor its wry life. So good policy can be constructed out of such materi als. We have said the Jameson wing of the party fell and lost It organization and power. Such ts the fact, but then there are thousands ot democrats who will yet come out from that . party aud join the great U«iou party of the couotry. They are the bright leathers still left in this wiug which may yet preserve its ua ne, if not its orgaulzztiou. The true position of these peace democrats It beginning to lie clearly defined and easily understood. The line is distinctly drawn be tween the I'rieudt of out Government aud the aiders and abettors of the rebellion. The log j ic of events Is powerful. The true war demo crat is a mau who will not submit to peace i without Uuion, and who demands that the j rebels shslt laydown their arms and submit ! to the constitution and laws, or leave the ! country fer the country's good. Aud if the rebels will not do either oflhe9e, they must be fought aod subjugated. We use the word ad visedly. Y'-s subjugated; for what other course : can be pursued and save our Government aud i country ? The question is a-- plain as a pike staff, aud all the Vallandighams in clui-ten , dom, aided by the Argus, cannot w ink it out of sight. It stands out iu bold relief, simple, j plain, powerful, aud the democratic party must meet It. If they avoid it, or attempt to pass over it in any shape or form, they will sink to lower depths than ever before, snd lose forev er the prestige aud charm of the>r name. "Suicidal Monomania." The case of young Chamberlain, who recent i ly committed suicide in a public bouse in lios i ton.alTords a striking evidence of the existence ’ of a peculiar derangement of themeutal fac ulties which leads persons to do a thing that , their judgement and reason would prompt them not to do—an impression that follows ' them day after day that they must destroy their own lives while Hie to them has nu n w ] ous endearments, and the grave no charm. In the ca«e of young Chamberlain the deed was pre arrauged in a most careful manner and foretold In his journal. There could be no reason for the act other than that he was laboring under that menial derangement ci.ll ! ed “suicidal monomania" which has been the cause of a large proportion of the suicides. ‘ Tho oti<.clion that existed between young Chambetlalu and his always indulgent parents, was of the most ardeut character, lie- had just completed bis sophomore year in Harvard ; College, and reached a rank quite In advance of that which he had formerly held. He was In the inid«tof annual examinations, through which he was going honorably and pleasantly, and which were contlrming his rank. His re latious to his class were ol lbe happiest Mud; and the sad history of the close of his young and pure life is one of those mchiuchoiy myste ries which caunot be explained or accounted for ou any other ground than the one state.'. ; In conversing with an intelligent farmer in this State, upou the my stery that enshrouded a case of suicide in his town, be said it was no mystery to him. He had expel ieuced for years the suicide’s desperate struggle wita the temptation to deatroyihis isle. When a fa vorable opportunity to throw' bimseil into the river,or to draws razor across his throat, occurred, there would seem to be an al.n< st ir ichstibl# influence brought to bear upon him to thus end his mortal existence. For yesrs he resisted these constant ternpta lioue to commit suicide, until he told a friend what his thought* were, when the spell » as broken. The ouiy cure for this tnouomauia - seems to be to talk freely with iutlinaie fiieuds upon the subject, while kcepiug it uu entire secret is almost sure to result in the commit la! of the deed. Une ol tue inoat reuiiirkaole caret ol - ui clde Unit has come to our knowledge, occur red iu the eastern part of the Stale about three year* ago. The genth man referred to, was strongly attached to LL family, was um versally respected, always seemed to be in good spirits, was especially attached to children, and passionately loud of music. lie would get the young folks together and spend an evening iu singing, while his daugb ter would play the piauo. lie had invited iu a company of young folks to have a sing, on the evening on which ho committed the deed, appealing to be in his usual good spirits. It was remembered alter the act was perpetra ted that he had occasionally dropped a word that would go to prove that the thought of suicide was iu his mind. This was a marked case of “suicidal monomania.’’ • Oilier cases . have come to our knowledge, of persons whose relations iu life were of the most i pleasant character, aud pecuniary circum stances the most prosperous, who imve taken their own liras. We have no doubt there are many persons who are constantly tormented with the temptation to put an end to their mortal career, and persons too, who have the strongest ties to bind them to earlu. Let such persons make their I'eWiugs known to their friends aud the dinger aud anxiety will be v«ry much lessened, if not entirely removed. Another Minis»er Going. We understand that Kev. Wilijam B. IIat DEK, pastor of the New Jerusalem Chtucb (iwedenborglan) of this city, Ins received a unanimous call to the charge of tii-> V w J< - ’ rusalein Church In Cincinnati, an 1 that ho has accepted the invitation. The salary i- *%C0 aud the society ranks Among the largest. ‘ wealthiest anl most intelligent <>t tbit rapidly increasing body of cbristlaus. While we con gratulate him upon such an enlarged spin n lor ministerial labor, we do not hesitate to say j that his departure will he received wi lt re .ret, not only by his own society, who are a aiuiiy attached to him, but equally by those who arc not in theological harmony with him. Mr. iiaydeu has been settled here fourteen years next September, and is therefore me of the oldeit pastors in Portland, lie is a g.-utlemau of ripe, extensive, and exact learning, a clear and 1 igleal writer, an earnest and iuteresii ig speaker, aud of most undoubted Christian char acter. He is the author ol several staudaid works in vindication or tbe peculiar doctrine* ol his church, and Iu this respect t: gell as a minister, he takes rook with tbe ablest of his ministerial brethren. The New Church of Cincinnati may well congratulate themselves upon obtaining such a pastor as Mr. liayden. Ol'EM VueroHlA is losing her popularity and the conlideuc* of the British people. It is intimated that her cou«i*.t indicates more than ineie eccentricity ol mind. JJer Inter Terence with the mii±uui»truiion m atfaiia is thus spoken of by the Glasgow iheJInintr : “ rue feeling grows, the word is freely passed, that lu the privacy of the palace ministerial action is directed and conti'oHed in an uncon stitutional mannner, and that the united will of a great uatlouis threatened with subjection ’ w ^dividual irresponsible authority.’' Letter from the Upper Eoniebee, 8n.crtraEG.\:<, July 20,1864. To the StUtorrfihe Pr a: Thinking It might be refreshing to your dusty town-dweller* to get a whiff oi country air occasionally, I propose to send them a lew puffs from Ibis pleasant “down east’’ retreat. In these dry, hot days it is an agreeable thing to get away fiom the dust aud noiso of town, and breathe the air of green fields aud woods. Portland, it is true, has a klud of couutry look, from the garment of green in which I she has robed herself, but with all her beauty ; she is wedded to traffic, and her virgin fresh ness has departed. Wo willingly leave h«-r behind for a season, for the pleasure s or the actual country. This place, lying on one of the Uvorile av enues ot summer travel, the route to Moose head Lake, has iu itself some of the prime. : requisites for a hot weather resort; good air, good hotels, good horses aud pleasant drives; I while the various ponds aud brooks 111 tile vi cinity afford rare sport for die gentle lovers ol i the Waitouun art. The beautiml blue lakes in tbe neighboring towns of Madison ami | Stnithfiehi are rich iu shiuing pickerel, and tbe brooks of this region bold many a shelter- j ed pool of marvelous depth aud coo n ss, win-re tbe delicious salmon trout have their chosen haunts. The true w ay to enjoy this short is to have jour hamper pack*d over night, your party—let it not be too numerous —ready in die caily morning hours, and give | the whole day to the woods. Talk not to me.j oh dweller by the sea side! ol lltc delights of islaud chowder and clatn bake. Hast thou ever tasted the luxury of trout seirod alter the gipsy fashion? \ou lake the pretty, gay colored thing Irom the hook, and dress it as only the angler knows how, then detily en velope it in lold a ter fold ol iresh leaves, aud cover it just deep enough with the embers ol your tire, in due time it conies lorth, juicy, i J # steaming, fragrant—a morsel lor the gods. Shade of Alexis Soyeri—but we forbear. Iii-re one may indulge, uurebuked, in any extent or d gres of idleness, Very pleasaut j we flud it to lounge away long mornings un der th ■ shade of murmuring pines, walchiug the diin hillsides twinkling m the summer beat, the litile breezes dimpling over the liver and whitening the foliage of the wil lows, or listening to the soft mris/i of scythes through lb-' d ovy grass, an I the 'inkle of a ! distant cow-bell beyou l the wooded hill. All is so quiet here, so peat - ful and secure that it 1 is hard to realize the contrast which might tie found on those pleasant farms ot Matyiand fill'I 1 tUUJJ i ‘ UUI-I n UIV.U uvv o 10 u»«o iu-t over-run. Not that we can feel much compassion for the class, as a w hole, who hive bctu sufl *rt rs. The spirit of pusillan imity which ih y have shown, not alone on titla, but on previous occasions, would rouse us to Indignation If the weather were not j quite too hot for the indulgence of auy feel ings so decided. It is provoking to think of the poor spirited hums tunning away by thousands at the llrst approach of an enemy, and calling upon the men of the more north ern Mates to rush to the defense of their homes and property. It is not thus that the men of New England treat raiders. \^e seem to have heatd 01 an occasion when troops were marched from Boston to Lexing ton and Concord, on an errand connected with certain stores of flour and powder, and of a Held where the "embattled termers,” armed with such weapons as their bold hands could ttrst lay hold of, made a stand for their own, the fame of which has echoed round the. world, a..d at Vue memory ot which we thrill even now. A little of their spirit a nong tho-e IVunsyivauia lartnerv would h we given a different aspect to the results of this rebel raid. In this region the farmers—au anxious c'ass—are more troubled by the long contin ued drought than by auy fears of rebel inva ioli. The hay crop is much parched and dried, and other tbiugs are suffering severely for want of rain. Extensvle firm, too, are raging in many parts oi the stale, aud seem to d iy all efforts to subdue them. Still the sun ’•Ail in a hot aud c ,pper «kj” seems to look dim releutlet-ly. The air ut night is full of smoke and deed leave.-, and ii we do not have raiu soon much mischief must ensue. Another foe, even more destructive, so far as it goes, thau the drought, has made great ravages In some localities. We r.ilude to the army worm, which has been on a "raid,” through some parts ot this coulry. leaving behind it a lamentable p.ub of devns Utioa. Extensive tracts have been swept bare of every grerlt thing. We were shown a growth of you tig trees covering many acres, which had been as completely stripped ! av if by the winds of autnm i. I h j trees do not, however, seem to be destroyed, but | are beginning (o put forth green leaves. The ladies of this place have been from the llrst, untiring In their labor* tor the benefit u! o ir sick aud suffering soldi :rs. Tue amouut : which they have raised and distributed in food, clothing aud comforts for the sick : counts itself in thou-auds of dollars; aud their efforts are still imren.iltcd . Their last pro lectin ail of the good cause was a promenade concert which aff irded much pienure to those who attended, aud it is to be hoped proved profitable to its managers. The mu-ic for the occasion was furnished graluiluons by Bigelow’s Bind, aud Mr. Brewster of the 1 Skowbegan House kindly gave the use of bis floe hall for tha purpose. Success to all such enterprises. But this letter is already quite long eoough ! for dvys when the mercury goes up among the nineties. Some ittrfh-r items which I had thought might have Intel as t for your readers 1 must llier. foie lie over for the present. More anon. Kpsiloji. Hon. Ezra B. Frenob. Mr. French 1* a citrzcn of DamarUeotts, and now (Ills the responsible position of Second Auditor, lu the Treasury Dewar uncut. A late number ot the Wusbiugftu Republican ! contains tin* I'ollowiug testimonial to his eoer gy and worth: “Affaibs is tub Sbcobd Ai oitoh’s Of Fits.— iu fudy appreciate lUe many oos tacit» aud delays which imcuuit-cr business iu this office, aud winch could liadl. Im stiruaouui ed by any oil* of |e-» invincible determiuatiou aud eireigeliC iniiU'lry lhau is possessed by its Auditor. Hot. R. U. Freueii, it is necessa ry to know somewhat, of the nature ol the business here transacted, and the manner in i which it it carried on. The heads and employees of this office arc always in a special hurry, and never have time to stop. I'he work must be pressed for ward Without inlersni-siuu, because those de pending on its woik, lUe allows, children, or other legal heirs of deceased soldiers, o ten iu ludigeut circumstances, eoutlni wait Toe. in I plicate the arduous duties of this office. Die i Second Audi or has to depend upon uumer 1 ous other offices lor Uie reports, aud other pipers, which are the material necessary iu the transaction of the business ot his office. Hi* assistant-, too, arc alt new to 1I12 buslin *», and require the most carclul oversight, as this bureau is of rt cent construction, growing out | ol tlio necessities ot the present war. The 1 Auditor himself sets his ciutks llic very best possible example, in the matter ot untiring industry aud rigid punctuality. He is always at the l. 'ard iu advance of his subordinates, and the systematic discipline which reigns in i hisofliv is worthy of the very highest com mendation. Vo coming In late—no running In aud out dating business hours. The Gov ernnt nt L well and faithfully served by Mr. French. Commencement at A'ale occurs on tut SSth of ^ uly. On the Sunday afternoon previous the ; (Usc.dtureaie scrip on vnii be preached by Prof. W. B. Clarks. On Tuesday evening tlp> Condo ai CltruM will be prevched. The Aiumui meet ing will be held nit Wednesday morning. Hou. S B Ruygles, LU Lh, of New fo*; WM deliver si afire**. lb*ssuivsrsiry of tbs Phi lieu Kappa 3v>c;ety will be held on Wednesday even lug. Qrator, Rev. R. 3. Storrs, D. I)., of Brooklyn; Post, Rev. A. L. Stow, D. D.,of Boston. OMGIS.LL ASD SELECTED. <~3j~A holy alliance between Russia, Prussia ' and Austria has been consummated. y Prime samples of Circassian women bring i $100 at Trebizond. yThe government propotesto build an army I hospital in Troy. y fh« Norwegian settlers in Iowa dedicated a college at Decotulr on the 30th of June. yOeorgo Fmncis Train is chosen a delegate to the Chicago Convention from Nebraska. SP Nevada Territory has, within a month, Collected $30,000 tor the C. S. Sanitary Fund. 9T A New Turk 'speculator was recently ! “.stuck” §300,0 0 on pork. y Sulphur in the stockings wioks the cure of ] gout and rheumatism. y Look out for counterfeit teas on the Bank of Rutland. *yThe hay crop of this state bids lair to be entirely cut off ! y The Kennebec Journal says Beale’s Hotel at logus Spring is in lull and successful opera- J tion. y The prices of the weekly papers in Bos ton are to lie raise I about the middle of Au gust. y The region of Lancaster, N. H., was blessed with a heavy shower on Wednesday evt uitig last. 9P leu thousand Swiss emigrants are now at ( Havre and other ports, awaiting pas sage to the United Slates. y A valuable horse belonging to Isaac T. i 0 ir> ills, got hung by his halter a few days since j aud choked todeath, iu Lewiston. y A notice of the late Washington Ye ilkr, j by S. L. Carleton, Eaq., is unavoidably lad over t'll to-morrow. IT The British Government is prosecuting another man in Liverpool fur enlisting men to serve on Confederate ciuiscrs. y The Palmerston Government has been i again defeated by a majority of two oil the Ox ford religious tests' question. ’TA woman iu London set ber buib and afire when he came home drunk, and eryoy ed the con flagration far more than he did. y According to naval laws Capt. Winslow's pnz mouey will be nearly $10.1,000, aud each j of the crew about $1,500. y Jits have grown nine feet high in Califor nia this serso*, an 1 woul I have reached higher but for the dry weatbur. y Drees bonnets in Paris aie made without : crowns—flowers, butterflies and llami lace suj ply what little covering is considered necess it y y Helen .Martin, an American girl has taWm the first prize at the school fur midwives in Paris. 3jTll iwthorne said, “Somehow, though why I could never d scent, I hive always observed that the popular instinct chooses the right uiuu at the right time.” y The concent ration of troops at Montreal and Quebec, and the fortiftrationg of the latter city, have been under consiueration in the llr.t ish Parli intent. QTMexico is going into the cotton raising j bunuess extensively. Maximilian was sent to that country to be overseer for that great plan ter. Napoleon tbe Third. y The late King of Wurteuiburg is said to j have been the richest individual in the world— his private tortunc amounting, it is reported, , to more than £13,000,000 sterling 1 y Shoes were 636 a pair at Petersburg on the 1st of July, owing, we may suppose, to the necessity that there is for “making tracks” from that city. 'Sa' The last and best definition we have seen of a copperhead is the following: “A creature which lias all tuc instincts of a rebel, without the pluck to be one openly.” y The W ashington Republican says it is es timated that the plunder carried ott and the damage inflicted by the rebels iu Mary laud w ill amount to two millions of dollars. y Printers of newspapers might profitably take lessons from tbe Kennebec Journal in the r.u of in iking up. It is one ol the neatest papers in New England. yThe Bangor Whig has been sold about ! that last “scare. ” The waggish “Doctor” of tbe Advertiser got that up for homeamu.' tuent, not for exportation. y The Clarion says a little girl named J. Eu.c Whit tier, eleven years oli, wav drowned at Madison Bridge on the 141U lust, the was in to bathe, and got beyond her depth. y The Union Convention for the 4lh Dis trict, to nounuate Ciudid.ites for Congress and for Elector, w.U be hell iu Biugor August 17th. y The Lewiston Journal says a large party of Irish liburers commenced on the foundation of the Catholic church in that oity, on Wednes day last. ETMa l dogs are running wild iu some coun* tits of Pennsylvania, pirticularly in Cheater and Dauphin. Between the bites of the dugs aud the nips of the rebels, the Dutch farmers were driven nearly craty. ~3T f he South owes the North in mercantile obligations only §300,060,006. New York holds 6156,060,060 of this; Philadelphia, §34,000,060; Baltimore, §100,066,000; an t Uvston, §7,000, 000. "S^Thcre are now about 140,000 sick and wounded soldiers in the hospitals throughout the country. This includes all those in cauip hospitals, of which there are about fifty thous and. jy Maj. General Butler has ordered that the bitlerj in the rear of the Curtis house, before Petersburg, heretofore mown as water battery, hr name i B ittery Spoffurd, after Lieut. Col. W. P. Spofford of the 11th Maine Volunteers. ;y The Chronicle ».ays a sailboat upset ofl Portsmouth harbor on Tues lay last. It con tained five men, four of whom clung to the boat an t mast, while the fifth sw.arn a mile to the shore aud proourei assistance. -yi'he Farmington Chronicle says there was a terrible tornado at Farmington Fal s on Mua d ty of last week. It uprooted trees,demolished fences, unroofed one barn, and wrenched and ba dly injured other buildings. 22FThe Manchester Mirror says the Print Works in that city h ave declared a dividend of 29 per cent ., au l this is he fourth 20 per cent six month*’ dividend, or 80 per cent in two years. 3F“An intelligent officer in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, writing to a friend in this city, gives some information of Grant's operations which indicate that a crash at Petersburg mij he looked for at no distant day. j3Tft requires a pretty extensive gullet to swallow all th» dispatches in relation to the Niagara Falls Petco negotiations, between Geo. N. flinders and Horace Greeley, ant the two gov r intends. [3?*All along the lino of the Grand Trunk railroad the Ares—kindled by sparks from the engines—h ive done more or less damage, in de stroying fences, stauding wood, etc. The sever ity of the drouth makes the dinger from fire doubly fearful. ;2F Peter Almy, commonly oailed"Old Pete,” a vtll-knowu colored pensioner of New Bedford, died a few day s siuoe, aged ninety years. 11« fouglil under Commodore Porter in the old Essex, and had a clear recollection of “Middy Farragut.” jyWm. Fields,formerly of Udtiinore, who US- shot by .'Jr. Isbmgel Day of Bn ore coun ty, while iu the act of taking donp the national flag in front of Mr. Day's house, died at the West Buildiugs Hospital on Friday. The physi cian who dressed his wounds counted more thin two hundred buckshot in his body. He gtid “Old Day gave nim a pretty good load.” cy’W.vSUlNOTO.V urriRiLT 'shocndxd,” was the alariqlgg cry of a newsboy, as he pattered his bare feet on the heated planks of the Qreat Bridge. “Washington surrounded,’* exclaimed * “•U-kpowu number of the d ibanded Homs GuarJ, snatobing a p!,"**’; "Wh«’» " »»hinE tuu surrounded by f” “ ’Srouuded by ' with lots o’ guns, and they want help to man ’em. Won't you go, mister?’’ .^“According to cf innate there hat been taken in open boats, 1 etween tustport and the north end of the isle mi of Catupobello, Maine, a distance cf about six ta les, at least fifteen thousand quintal cf pollock the present sea son, being a much larger catch than for many years previous. ^*[f the two Maie.e boys who obtained $54, 7i'J at the mines of Idaho, will leave their names with the editor of some newspaper in the state, with evidence of tht fact that they got the money, they will remove doubt from the minds of thousand;) who have read the state ment in the papers. jyon Wednesday afternoon as the Kenne. i bee Engine Company, No. 1, in Bath, was going J to the fire in the southern part of the city, a ; little boy between 8and •years of age, named 1 Charles Whitmore, sou of Daniel Whitmore, of Bath, was van over by the machine, the \ wheels pa stug over the lower part of his atom- ! „ch. 1’he injuries, the'l'inies says, were regarded as very serious. ry Rev. Henry Powers, of Mittenaque, Mass., and Rev. Edward Hawes, of Waterville, Me , hive just completed a lectin tag tour in theprut- ' eyed towns in Vermont in behalf of the Chtis j Commission. They report the people of the green mountain state every where loyal and reidy to res|R>ud geueruusly to appeals for the . rel ct of our suffering soldiers. Tncsc two gent lemen ha.e together addressed some 51) meetings : the last two monies, and collected over $10,000 for the Commission. - i BY TELKGKAPH -TO THJt KVKNlNtt PAPEKi. Allujnt Confirt ucr of iteb< l aud Ftderul Fast43 Commissioners. Slw Vokk, July 21. The lie:aid’s Xiagaia Fail* dispatch »ays ill. Gieeley, iC.ompu.i d by Mr. Hay, the puvaiv dctieiary ui Mr. Liueolu, hail au iu Hivit-w with ilr. Ueoige N. Hauders aud others, elaiuuug lo ho Peace Cumuuasioneis iruui th- rebels, The Comuiioekmen w.iuu d to visit Washington aud hiing a stale until ol of the terms upon ivuicp such a visit utigln oe made. lliey w ere accepted. The limes uas a two column article about the peace negotiations salil lo be going uu at Niagara Falls and Kichiuoiul. 1 wo weeks ago fitorgu X'. Sanders wrote to Greeley luai C. C. Clay, Jacob l hon p.sou aud Holcomb Were duly recoguized Coiumis sioiin* ol lUe Confederate Government, aud desired to know tue terms of peace. He add ed that they were not authoriz'd lo urgoliate lor a cessation ol hoslihliea, but they would •ike to have a lonnal coulert-nee. These lacis w ere Communicated to President Lincoln, aud he advised Greeley lo act as he thought proper, aud he (Lincoln) would at any lime be pleased to receive propositions. Greeley having settledpieluuinaiies witbLiu coln, proceeded to X .again. A cut respondeuce was opened w ith the Commissioners, and as a final result they made me following propositions lor the restoration of the Uuiou ou this basis: 1. All negroes actually lreed to be secured iu such freedom. 2. All at present slaves to remain so. 3. War debt of both parties to be paid ba ilie United S'ates. ^ 4. The old doctrine of State right* to be recognized in the reconstruction. 1‘iiese propositions were laid before the Pre-ident, who telegraphed, proposing a lull aud complete restorailou ol the Union under conditions w hich, while respecting 'he prop erty-rights ot loyal men, afford ample security dgaiusi another war. After considerable cor rsimmdeuco the entire matter was referred bach to both Governments. All negotiations hr ving terminated, Greeley aud Hay called ou the Cummisoioucis at the . Cii'iou House, aud had a very pleasant inter- ’ view. It is also stated that the Commissioners are holding a conference wiih the leading Demo crate, and have prepared a letter lor the Chi- 1 cago Convention, containing strong assur- i *uee» of the restoration of the Uuiou. From Charleston. Xjsw VoBK,Ju!y21. The steamer Fulton, trout Hilton H.-au, ar rived this morning. Geu. Ciaktou is among her passengers. Tue rebel otHcers' have been placed iu build ing- on Cummings' Point. < hariesum is being vigorously shelled. Fort Sumter Uas been subjected to a very Ueavy lire Iroin Morris I-land All ttie troop- had returned from the recent expedition. K fuzees report that the Union prisoners in l liarb stou are treated iuhumuiily. 1 he Fulton towed the steamer America to ihi- port, -lie having been disabled. The Palmetto Herald givis au account ol th.- recent exuediliou to John's Island. The rebels in ide two furious os-aults on our fort -, but mured with heavy kies. It is believed that troops nave been with drawn from either j. -e or Johnston to the number of 10,(KM lo deiud Charleston. Defeat oj the H< t‘ t den. thirty—Citfiture of (•on. i. iht if. Wasuixotox, July 21. Tim Star say* a dispatch iroin Geu. Hu iter report- the following just received from Geu. Averb!: .Veur IFincIo.-Jer, July 2').— Rrecklnridge divined hi- lorce* at Kerry vllie U-t night, sending Early to Winchester, and the other division towaidi Millwood. 1 attacked an I detested Early to day in frnut of Winchester, killing and wouudkig over 3tK) ■ •dicer- and in n. and captured lour camion, -e eral hui dred small arms, and about 2J0 prisoners. Gen. Ldlev is seriously wounded and In our bauds. Co'. Heard, of the 50th Vi-glni* w«* kkled. The cannon and prison ers have been sent t^ M irtinsburg. The enemy’s loss in itUcer* is heavy PtU onersadiuit«Iji-ir lorce to liave been 5000. Tne forces of Imboden and Jaek<on were not in cluded iu the m utioned strength. From Con. >hermaH,e Arm;/. Wasuixotox, July 21. Tue National Republican ha* the follow ing : “ The Government ha* received dispat die* from Gen. Sherman thi- tnnrnlug announcing thu the enemy assaulted the army three times yesterday, and were repulsed each time With slight Id-s to us. Most of our men ■ought behind earthwoiks, hence the Slight loss; but the enemy coining oul from the de fences ol ilie c-itv to offer liable, le-caine more exposed aud suffered create- low." Foreign Vos tag*. Wasuixotox. July 21. It is officially announced tnat hereafter the postage to the Briil.-h West Indus, Cuba, As pm wall and I’aiiam» will las ten cents per half ounce, p e paid. Postage t n newspapers will be two cents each, and established rate* on pani|Thlets, Ac., pro-paid. In future the rate on »H letter* p ts-ing between New Brunswick and the United States will he ten cents per hall ounce, pre-nay uicnt optional. From Jiertnmitt. New Yoke. July 21 Bet umda papers of the |:J u iu»t. contain no news In m iiie 4 U to tue lltb iust. Fire steamers had arrived mere from Wil iniugton, widi an uggreggio of 30U) baica of cotton and a large quantity of tobacco. Three steameia clear d ou the Till ult. from Wilmington. Tue Little Ilattio had returned in di-tress from being chased by a Federal gunboat. Haiti, th ing on (\l Lrr.burtj Vaster-lop, FiiiEAnELPiiiA, July 21. Tlie Bulletin's Wusbtugiuu dispatch says an orderly, who arrived here early this morning, states that be left Fairfax Station yesterday evening at 9 o'clock. He reports an eugage m lit going on between the rebel* aud our forces yesterday at Leesburg, and when h« lell the long roll was lx lug beaten From Missouri. Sr. Joseph, Mo., July 20. Thornton, with boo gueriillas, is In Carioll county to-d «y, and will probably make an ef fort to cro-s tin- Missouri river. Gen. Fh-ke i- pressing Ids band, but his lorcc is ttxi small loo effect Hindi, 'f ile loya i-ts are rallying, h never.:It. l North yiasouii will soou be tpo hot for lie in, Croat Fir. in ('<t Slhton. A. 1. Poughkeepsie,N. Y'., July 21. A large tiro is raging in Castletou, seven miles south of Albany. Tins inhabitants arc ill the li li|s Hatching the tfeslrqgtipu of theip dwellings. Jr Is Van. I that the gfegter jxir tiou ol the town will be destroy ed. Xhe Float• b.mmti to be UoasnM. New Tohk, July 21. The Herald's Washing on di-patch *ay* the Of State has determined to make a fottnal demand upon the British Government . lor the sui tender of the pit ate Semmes. < 1 !»J.JL . .. .. ■ i SPECIAL notices. Prompt Voilertion .1 Uiiis. Merchant., Phvdciane, M onaulc and a'1 o'Uer* wl.hli g prutnpt eulce'iun of th' Ii I 111*, »til rectivo prompmud jeisoux. attention a^d *ieeuy returns from JACOB Ft OST, Jimctloa Mi Id c and r>». m« up *tair*. Ey Post 01 ce adure-s. B„x ITi'i. Port a. d, r. O •■■/■runcu—T. C. Utr-py, it. . Wotdaaaa, A. T Dole. Jj2MSw* Editorial Convention. TLa Fdltora and Publishers of the State of Maine aro respectrully invi’ed to meet iu Convention at JVeu* (ity Hdl, in Portland, ou Wednesday and Th*r»d g. August li hand llih. iorpurp often of con sultation end th© organization of a Suite Aasocla- ! lion of E iltora and Pub Mu ra. The Cumfutiou «iil a semble in the Senate Cham- : t>er in the New <■ .1 - Buiicing, ou Wod-eaday, at 10 J o’clock A. It. Ample nfraBftm-jutft nfilbe made : lor tally carrying cut the bueinea* and objects of the • < on ventioti and for the entertainment and coni oit , of the member* from abroad. Committee c>f Arrangement a—Joseph B. llall, oi thoCouiler; E. U. Elwcll, of the transcript; Brown Thurston; N A. Foster,of the Prose; M N. Rich. ' of the Pr-ce Current; Chaa. A. Lord, or the Chris tian Mirror; John M. Adams, of th Argus; Chaa f. I nicy, of the Advertiser: .fair** 8 Staples; Kev •V. d. Shaller, ©f ZiouV Advocate; Cyru«S.Kiug; f hailea A. stackpoie; F. G. Rich, of the Temper ai co Journal; B F. fhor*eUe; Ge> O. Go «e of 'be Argus; E 1*. Weston of 'he Northern Monthlv ; Dr. B. Colby, oi the Pre»a: 1. N. Fetaa. tf the Coo- , rh r; R W. Lincoln, of the Press; C. W. Pickard, of the fraua-ripr. Portland Ju p ft, li?A4. Paper* throughout the State are requested to nub liah. Hny Yonr Stationery Package* At T)reHHr*r OO Exchange ntreeti f 2 per <Ju:hh, or 25 rents each, -y- V e**Nwtn*eJ,aJdres«L. DRESSER, Port land, Me., B jx 132. • Jylld4w# THOM VS G. LORIXG, DRt’GGIST, -A5D PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, C.rn.r of Exchange & Federal St'.. A perfect fit guaranteed. The pour liberally ocn Idcrcd. mchaSdtf Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., POllTLASD, Mt., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12, JS64. ' mayRMSm L A K K 8 niSTILLKD It ESTOBATI VK FOR THE HAIR, Restores Oray and Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND IS A MOST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. -0O0 CLAEK S RESTORATIVE, Reform the Color. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Erad cate# Dandruff. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Promote* It*Growth. CLARK S RLSTORATtVE, PrereuU Its falling off. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is annnequallcd Dressing. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Children. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, * I* good for Ladles. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, I* good for Old People. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I* perfectly hsrmle**. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contain* no Oil. CLARK S RESTORATIVE Is not a Dye. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, IV amide* the Hair CLARK'S RESTORATIVP, Is splendid for Whisker*. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Keep* the ilair In it* Place. CKARK’S RESTORATIVE, Carer Nrrvon* Headache. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prerent* Eruptions. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, St ps Itching and Bnrnisg. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Keep* the Head Cool. '’LAIth S RE3T08AIIVE, Is drlightfully perfumed CLARK S RESTORATIVE, 0 Ccntainino Sediment. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, Contain* no Gum. CLAHK'S RESTORATIVE. Polishes your Hair. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prepares your lor Parties. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prepare* you for Bulb. CLARK'S UESTORATIVK. All Ladies need It CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, No Lady will do without It. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Com* but di CLARKS RESTORATIVE. IsSoldby Druggists mud Dialer* Every where. Price dl per bottle.—6 botties lor Sh. C. G. CLARK ft CO. Paoruirrona. W E. PHILLIPS. Portland, General Agent. March 8, 1*64. mchSeodly A New Perfume for the Handker chief Phalon’i "Night Blooming C'ereas." . i’htlon’? "Night Blooming Cereus.” Photon’* "Night Blooming Cereas. *• i Photon’* "Night BloomingCerem." Phtlon* "Night Blooming Cerous." Pillion's "XlgUl b.ooming C'ereas." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." i A tn*ft Exquisite. Delicate ant Fragrant Perfume, distil Ue* from the Kate and Beautiiul 1 lower fiimi it takes i*s name. Msnolactarod only hr FHALOK k Sn&, X. Y. Be^xresf Counterfeits. Ask for t ha'an'*— Taos no Other, gold by Druggist- gen* rally jant2C64aG(n "Buy Me, and 1*11 do you tkjod." Paf l)i*Lfin«lt‘yh Hoot ittui Herb Hitters For Jaundicr. CostireBe'-*, L v r Complaint. Ho more. Indigestion, Dyspepsia. tiles, Hit. -re*. UraU acbc. Drow.iu s*. and al d teases arising from uia oruered stomach, torpid livir and tad Mood, to w hich all per<*uus ar«-sutje tinnpri g aud summer. Toar cleanse tbe sy?tt m. regulate the w Is, re store the appetite, purify the blood, and giro sound ness of imnil ami strength o: b<>d tu a»l who use them 80 d bv all d-*q’^re in Medkdr.e everywhere, a* 25,50an<l 76 oeots per bottle (JEO. C/tiOiD VVIN & OH.,ST Hanover street, Boston, Proprie tors ap2d*m C'onshs aud Cold;*. Tho sudden changes of our climate are sources of Pnhnanary. Bronchi**. c>1 Asthmatic J fictions ' Experience havlog proved that-lmpl* remVdie- o*- i ten act speedily wh* n tak*u iu the early stages of the di*oa«*. ronu^H should at once be had to "Arora'i Hr+nchial Trasks." or l o2er.-res. let the C old. Cough or Irri*a'ioii of the throa* be ever o slight, as by thi p»-ceaut on a more serious attack may be eft ctual v warded»IT Public Speakers and Sinners will riud them * ff ctu *1 tor cMaiing aud strengthen iu *th* voice Sui t ers should have them, a* they can be carried ia the pocket, aad taken a« • ooasiou rt quire*. jaue25d*wlm Posotkixt.—W» have tried ?!» Fragrant * Hr,o doi t, and cordially agree with fcyrgr* d-* of other. *° *lirV *** w j mv? **' ^ 1“ Pronouncing it one p« the bt.t aud mo.-t fragrair article lor the tee b aad gum*‘ that ha ever besu introduced to the pub lic — Portland *r<jus Fors*vcn years i vra* Bill ujw Everybody is .'km, me I ow my heir become .1 tl.iclt. 4 or .Mil diiveUon, •imhi xourad.irre.* 50 ;ta. Itox, 441 Worciur, $6. ISG*._ja') 16 d3\* * EM 0A kOS .ud b.LL libAU. U..414 print. —t (hi. (lit. 1.. i, D-’IlfOH .rein w.ui oi »n> kiuaol rtUNTISG eat! »t the li.ih Free, itttce tt MINI ATIRK ALMANAC Fr,d“r ..July **. g»« Heoe.4 411 Ui,{h water. 1 W I Bun «U. 7 1*1 I<enjt!i of Oa^e, . 14 41 Hr.tton Mock List* Sals* at Tux Brukcbb* Boabd, Ji lt 30. 5 600 Amo tean (iold,.768 610. . .do.. 31 V •.do.. .. .7, 16 U57i 16 0 o U 3 Coupon bixes«13*1 >. .12/ 1 •' 1.too 2.000 Cuitou *t tea 7 3 iut»s i^ct>.10 j 6X1 .« o ( a ug).A.1**4/ 2 60) United b at_* 6-20's..1 4 £3.0 1 000 .d .Kh] 2.000 .do.l«v>j 6 0.'Ot-iuaiij.10ft| 10 000 United States Currency Certificates. V3, 1.W-0 Maine .V a*e Mixc« (1 v-0j..lH) 1 Eastern kallroad.1 9 „ [Br ?> epbeu Hrowu At bro* ] ‘A’0 Rhode I- and state *lx«i. .1004 S.nOo Bath Ut> SixeM 1H91)., Brighton and ( ambfitlje Cattlr Market. Wednk81»av. July 13. 1*»!4. j A^rnarNt 1015 t>* ef cattle,- tores, 4.0* alwefc a (1 Iambs, li&i >wiu*. I'UktH-Jit*/ t at tie — Extra 913 Oft« 1360; first | quality H6rtaji3 0 ): second do 11 <kn&ll 6i; third do 10 26^10 75 yvr l*.4)Ibs. . j The loiio* mg sales were made at Brig1too. ArtBi6«r. frir./*r Li >h mb /r Wt Oae lot... 15.12.00].wi do ». Wj. Of . I£.9 do 4.Id.<* ] .1*07 do 10. 2.4>_ 1 4* do lo.11. . ;i6.1.V3 do &n . c? . 82 124| do 59 .il.uu]. lo 3 do 24. il. 4i. ,.vi . do t>4.14 .*1 .12-0 ’ do 2ft. 31.o0.. 1 71 ““ w.. U) i0).1117 riie-u wa. a .orger .apply ol c t e ,l market Hi u '»* week. !»,.• „«■! crm y I. on y c ,i. I Price. Mr* duo load 10c per no U iroin lum neck l io uopmud hat U'. u .cure. Will, the exception u | . orkn (roxou and nillcn cow*, ih re yy'e.e no .tore at mullet. H'< neiag Orm—No sties uolicrti. < a .—Ml. <»J to. 55. M.«.. ;.. *krrp«*it Lam'i—Ttuin t,r lamb, at »4f0 175 » 51. 6.«50. S’,, and sheep 54 to 7|o re lb. /'ir II «>— lveyll) I Va' I’alets—sa lu 12. »•;« l****** S3 io 8SO, or 23 *0 88c per lb. Hales—11c. * TUuSw— llgllje. J‘h S**M—Obibrid, Kc: wool. S4 10; Lamb ; k ni, tl iio. CARRIED. In Belfast, .Toly 1", Marcoll . s R Cooper and Mias Obit A Ha., fo.o, luCni.a July 17 SI!.. Cnrmmeit, of C. and liw. I Abnin I: Worthing ol Palermo In North Faye tie July 12. BeuJ F Bryant and .Una Augu ta A ftfevena. iner. July—, Hereon Cxrnev and Mira II ! A Bickford. boili oi U.eiirj. lu laruiiuginu. July l.. John W Anitin. of B< !• <r'de, a.d M‘» Sab i. a h Wiliameoj, or New sha on. In skovrbegan, Juno 2g Ahvio Mclatirv. ofS a tl Mi^sCIa a Fletcher, o- >oKm. In Norri t-ewoei, sarni llopUne. E q. and Mi r ! Maria 8 9awtelk. I:i Newport, Me. rharlea Brnwo. of Exeter. ao«S Miss 1» Aui.i-* iiiac’-cetr. : I Htnn u In 'kojrh'vaii Ait** ' M Dins more and Miss Man K l'citcu. lotu ol Al.-oq — ■ I I. .. .1 ■ I. ,1 ■■ .1, mmmm DIED. lu this city. July 21 Mrs O J O wuon. wife of J C ko k. ageu 3d yeans !y“Puneral (Lib (Friday) af err oon, ct 4 ©cock at No »7 ALchsitic street. Herat.ves »Ld f ieuia art invited to attend. iu Wintarport July 21, Ur Joseph L Mu g ridge, ot Forward agua 33 tears Id Westbrook. Jury 19. of cnn-uiuptlon. Mrs Julia L. wile oi Li ut *1 bos A Mitch .ton. a* d on * daugh ter of »he tarts Altred knight, oi tam,ridgcpoi t M*»# . a*ed 22 >e*i» 5 mo ..tbs. ■dK'Funeral on Sunday a'ternoen, at 3 o’clock, at i lo t hip* 1 «t Woodford’s Cor. er Iu Now \ ork. J ly 19 Mrs l:«thfv wife of the laie John barker, form riy of this city.” In Lym-n. June lo, f'oiiua ti,'wife of Wm Jose, aged 54 yea « 5 raontiw. lu Bust1* Berwick. July 2. Mrs O’tvo Elizabeth, wile or John G Thompson, aged <31 yikr«. Iu le&a-*. Ap B 25. Lory Frontio*.'ol Ssco, sged lfi year*—member Co tl. 3ib Me Keg. in Augusta. Jul> II. in ho.pita'. Joshua Knight, of A-btou, aged 34 years. MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Thur*dnr..»»|, , A it HIVED. Steamer Montreal. I rince. Boston. Steamer New Eug.auu, Fields, from Boston for St John N rt. Sch Maracaibo. Henley. Boston. Sch C C Farnsworth, tirav, Salem ScU Aiiel, Treworgy, Calais lor .>ev Haven CLEAKED. Brig Wappo, Dolan. Sagua — Phir.rrv k Jackson Sk i l >wil>c (Br > t in| bell, Mai.and ns — A D Whidden. SAILED—wind NW-brig William U Parks, and others. « DIS A ST ERI. • Ship Annapolis, at Baiiimore, from Liveryool. re* ports, uu the fa -age, iv.l iu wi.h t. e wrtek of trig (Jiga. ^but.doi oil shig W| gt d Arrow, from Boston, arrived at San Fr&nCiKO Ju!) ltf, with )o»4 of m.lMliatl. DUMBS i ll PORTS. ALF X ANDKJA—Ar lMh, i*«h Maria Hill, Gar lic id. luisiou. BALTIMORE-Ar 17lh, hsh Wm Carlton Tack- t •ni. Ar 19th brig I rludelen, from Portsmouth. Belov l9ih, ship Auuspolis, picketi. tu-ui Liver pool. * H1LA DELPH1A —Ar ISth. vehg ^tarl ght, Yo k. , Poitsum; J B Liichde.d Crockett.Key West; I oca t onus. Berry, MLA Conaa , N*. ion. Boston *. 1 »«l 18‘h* brig E P S la wan, Sagua; sch Martha ’ NickI #. Small, Bostou Ar 19i •, "0ti Linden, Rogers, Caiai*. Lid 13th. snip Catha me. Kree.uau l>tw! i eg. Fe^ig • barqu Sarah B i antou. O.cut>. Bo^ioi.; hug u lie. Berry Barbados. S;h. Robert B.vce, hr K4.f tL stoi-; Te-m-b-ec. W* os er. i urtland; Sea Breeze Ceoml s ii »: 1 .a, B.uke. Yarmouth Ar l9th sch* ib W W#IUugio«,We Is, Crja n* Wm Mc< ••bo. Cblpmau. Bucssport; om vo £ brV u„ Boston. F fc 1 A* 2 ’h barque Mary Hcntl«y, Civs Rrmedi... brig Abby V\ atom Dei.t JWtaaza*. Cld 1> h, hrtg Fro tie , Boston. NEW kORta—Ar lMh. snip Urj«0o. Pratt, from Pmbrok *p,**uu» * ©ughkecpsie !/ A. 2oiu. ta que t.rac AJgoa Bar CG1I Jon * v urti? csy]vistar. Ntuwas * MiWh,»t,ii -Kuig ri.iin-p hlc^ford S»n Frsn McmIhic. iui) 5Ici.i.verv, ,«■ La rcl. Parker Bangor. Ml nkb. rh F* t..iU5l»rM, O. Ellen Ansiic. W’O) Wi t H C Wintiifop Cultivator t UoYIDENCE-Ar 2d h. brig Wm A Draper U* ca Ba.igor; sen I a o Ai*o Kclbn. New 1 ork s.d 2 1 h. sch Marcel oi a eimik. Beiiam PA'* ILi KET-sld :Dth sch admit a Roger*, Er* kino. New k ork tor t» at (lit er.) NEWPORT—Ar Mlb, sch Huth 8 Hodrdou, Hall Provi*entt for New kork *r 20 h t anova. from L alai- for Bridgeport; Am do for New Haven. Yolan'.ira ki «». rib l< i i New I ork ; Ut pzibah. fm Bargortordo. Glaaroy iui Lardi. • r »« r tl.»; N u a.o. boston it i do. FALL Rl\ EH —Ar’2*dh. befg Lyra, Pre-eer Bau gor; sc-* June-, Wo oh . p w, do HULMF.S 8 ttOi E— Ar IMk. sch- 8*d na. Slir «n*>n*. Bet is* I .oi Kii'hoo Muur a; Vo.a t.f’oue u ElUwo »b lor New Yoik; Flo eu e. Crockett aid llCrvsb- s-e*t Bangor or do; Lucy Aim* , Fiat • Mor*. new el i v Island lor do; Ada Aau*«, Aim-#, m Spruce H i.d f r doj Luiirude Loalwad Kasipon lor d : Sam Na b. lh »«p-( n do for New Ltavtu Ar 2 th *eh* Palmyra, smith E irabethj ort ior Boston; Lott, li>»ckiaud f »r New kork. BOSTON—Ar 21st. fob* Mayflower, lie ue’r-or Kluab (h|ort; Oliva E UabetU. uamiltvn. Houdout! Abby Bra^kv » Th rndik*- do. Ar 21st. brig Ad Iwa. Homes. Philadelphia; •ch El /a Le au«l lie's d ou. lorthwen: Lirn Kear uey 1 hand u, and Ahar^di., do; hue. 1 Below, barque tituMn (Jrcgorr, from !Tew York ll»l 21-t -l.ip Spoilsman. ua«*ou. >| ut Urqun* Bale ca Godaaid. lolley* ttjuhi, N Lt , T*l«v<ra. Morn bow. Bai^r. to i iU* Lau.p* brifr Win It Sawyer It tv. Lilian CB: V.h’ Mevei !*. Hi ibour. Wash 11-ton; MrliaJa-e McK Rj'k'WI. do; lompmc . furr^r, LuUo; l>.m V\ 't h A V\ cud, iiakir. G*iu Lcr.t* *0.1 tor ililiou litad, SALEM—-%r IWti, brig Catharici Boxers N ewton KH/abc bpOit; pcU Mu:y F. Gage. H^Pkiiw, im N w \ork GLOUCESTER—Ar lfltk »cU L I* Morton. McCor mick Hau-or tor ih-’or. ArlSib,* h Goo Henry. Harding, fm Ban >or for Bo-ton: M*i> LI xa. apairvw, ttanxor a r 19th. *ch# t er 9 Stanley Im t a a»- for Bristol Fjhcx, K m r Kaueor I r Bo-ton. NLA til KYlOLT—Ar 90 1. »*ii. 1 c Herti.sbtd in.i adolpWw; or tv man. Hi lings, kiiakc hpi.rt. l't>Hi'MuLTu—Ar 29 b. ach Flat fm UccUat .1 8 hi '§tli «eHC rc rd Flint «• cklaud BANGOR— Ar WaUaee. La.. * Wi»ca«'et to load f<>* • ork , teb Idaho. Lam be. t. Portland. ROCKLAND—Ar io It. brix Walter Hon.a. froir. Bangor. \and ailed I7ih loiTUitiiuore); »ch iiue. »Hk Keitnebank. SlJ lib, barnue Aliea. Staple*, f r D’^cpfow •, lSth, rca k n.eport, k'tfuw.rlk, lh,»;ou FOREIGN POUTS. S!d m Fa erino 2Sd hit, b .rqtto Ca»riua, P.ukhrm New York. Bid ur Liverj ool Ad Its ahip Tiber, Metcalf fer New lurk. .\t Sombrero. Ja y 14. barque Flor d *J Mar Wi*. well from n*w York. *r 2*»ih uit, lor I biiado i’i i> t dar Hill*boro N B £ih inat, bng Caledonia Brow '. Pin .land; 9 h. sch Voigt. GtiUonj . <jv> Ar at liicliibucko ih iuat. biig Clara lire! man I avne. ftr-w 1 > rk l Id 11th. barque OntyiHe CroBstL for Eng’and Ar at St John K B Mtk iu$t,sch Lay oue- 1 V* In ip h»y. B*ngor. * Sid 1-th ult. *hip Boswell garasue, Whitmore, for 1 onarth Load**, ^ l r'er bteam«blr Damascus. at Qui bee 1 SM Im Liverpool €th injt, Webster, Norris & m Albiou. Locke, New York. Lnt ont tJrh. Eli**, Nickerson. for Calcutta. Ar at L* nd<>u 7th iu«t, Auuie Word PuugltM. fro New York. S Id ftn Card IT i b in*? Robt Leon a: d. Huron. for New York. Ar at Foochow 31ay ft. M t> Glover, Ku*h* *. from Shanghae; !6tb, Sarah Hcvnao, Cfbb, aud UrltfD, Whitting. « o s d May 9 Cover iiuut. St anghac: l^tb. Endeav or, Uoinr. do. Ari>t \V; o?uor Mm6. Emily B.nnniuc Fellow*. S*n FraiiCBco: ISt , Ne*t<»r. t loudman Nagasaki. sd Way 6th. Luxoti, Robbrsou. New York; 7th. Cataiepa. Stevens, Naturaki; •?*»*. 4.#orx«si Wil. iams ti eg Kong; Suith./u Crown, eaundeni Nagasaki; l?th Sami iiu s I. Kurd ck. Aro»»y . lvth St Paul. Crowell, rtong K< ug . Kt oia, lyavauauxh. Cbengv. Arat Maul main Apnl &>, Sarah Park, Yashin, Calcutta Ar at lliti'l urr A h Inat. Chapiu Hall. Cal ao. , Ar at i'UAba> cu 4 h In*I, Granite State, Cat ao Ar at Antwerp &*b i ft Alice Gr y. M * Fhiladei\ hta Ar Iz Fluabiug Roadi 8d inat, Niagara, (US#) fnnj Antwuip. SPOKEN. Jufv 7 lat 27 04. Ion 66 16, brig Matin#, 13 dara fm B wiou or Ci.hi ♦ Juhr 7 lat 87 4^. loo 6-1§, brig Olivo France#, from Bath fur N -s-mj >1*. July 19. 'a 43 lon699f>. barque Cba# Biewar from Bangor lor Malania* new Ai)vmaiaMit.vi3. "grand excursion ' PLEASANT COVE. Portland Div. Iv0. 95. S. cf T. In company with ih« Grand Division of Maine, Wi 1 make their annual Ex cun Ion to l*!ea ant Cove, on Wednesday next. Jn’y 17th. POPPENBURG’S CELEBRATED BAND! Wi.l ac oil pan. the parljr ami diicourss tom* of their swee:o«t uiupic fur DANCING AND I’UONKN ADING, A MAMMOTH CHOWDER! T .*« her with Me a a. Ico, &c. iu .bu d •cc», wi.l be lot u.i! uu the giom d. Uau’in/ S*i'.-£*, t-'oot &c., wi 1 bu amorg t t« AlU’l tuu u a. } Wat r fe«.at” coutau u^ Ice Water, fit©to all, Will a.ct u.c i a ty. Comm lit eg »y Arrangements: Am. ChasKra'ucU Lo I. *, Xa h’l Wa ker. fa. U. “icll, h. U. liv*u, J.»# | . u O .A. Bette, V, H aiiJUp*, >1. u ole W«. Ticket* (A *>*/*—CtiMmi ti drr lo. half rrr«. r r -AA«? bv t itt* torn mil i ve o . it p al ut TliAf igo lofui-It Wall ■*•«« tiAii » »n bar I a! i t»k«i 10u'vivc1a. m. ^rtci'siy, it-usiiai « »t % ut lOUdbia b adr. -*P" 1* i* dealrnble thvt u 1 who c>n t boud g<> ia n * J’c*uC* biea', *« a laigo uu Ajg-n u it >iu tl.tb *U ^liilueiUuc.dwk Luat. JjJttulU H« a! I.NUtti* til ,%uciioia. ON Monday Augu-t 1st., at 3 r w, on the pirnv. we-lial* ml a \ aluabic proj e t% o- ttfror* * rOi Wa* ins on and Ox fold ■*ti».. c %t. slating • f a and * huff sto> $ ft oden turns*, with u U» u, kLd a Pina l wo de*. tut uni< c»e<l ai d i-ow > c u »»ed » * a I? rt e V Shop » U* Lou-** as It* tiu > a* * • oiu iu it. as d a good •tore uu .a it. » fi*» ri Tire •r po»tf is >». w- Biripr real, b • pa mg jM «j int o *Hy The budding* are new t»| hi lly a u tbon urfc .» i.ui t hv the ds>l.i 11 0. Toe lot <* about f.3 ft ft. • m WifhtUKloii ai. aau 4* Kl o** lx ur« It i «e*y <1« MraoU prapt rtj ft.r it**u'm. *.t the ti*. • .§ and i h»- «x •• w i I i e i o it ir . w/wilaS** ,i,LK‘ " ™ Tf iiimu i.izttatpj For » term of »car«. a dwcl’.i, . 4tt4t. “»-« act iu tjuiad *- v. .0,1 Ittlamn pm- primed. Ad*,r*s« B«>x 2 M, Portland J v Part laud. July 22.— dt: llnuns p ,ihi , .Hfdii't e , [I* ail form m«> ha Vtuaid at 1,. non. of P. H. Cole, worthy, r'Mfcuye at., »bi . .he ,«b Cn *!>/> *‘11 *Bt ,rulu o> A a u lit i OC. CLP M. Ol. Cana ro ea< <1 m jO bo1 li» t> i .t Keferato uil L t a k, M. Uou a. d C n r.irr. J,*Wl«r JJ. scAVaY m- MMMHMHHI , ,r mm ... Summer DRESS FA3RICS, BIDUCED PrtljES. K. I'. Hafiiiltou Sc Co.’« Comer Coiigri?* aut! Preble £*8. Jjrl6eoc2w H. OSGOOD, DENTIST. Ho. 9 Clapps Block Market Eqaftre, PORTLAND. ^F" Artificial luteil. J r.a r,o'J. S ’ rr aait IwMiitr (die. All cptratH.n- l to*, ira fdu.iaciioo, lao,.,, . , ' B. F. HAMIi/fON&.CO. ® aocr .**•»* t j C. IV. K<sfoiu*on A Co. VV ^ »t*ry /ufpecUully all former pa* f f ti«M to t U-»u* , aud th pub;iogk>uerxU> o * ■ Our " . t :.i *. W 4rh . *0C-and do-e at eti'iou ©th* wants of customers. a adheringstricil) tv The CASH SYSTEM* ®e’l*w*ug it to be be t* r f »r tb* buyer as well as tb# **‘jer. wsfhope ta merit * large, shurge ot pa re. a*.*e. ^ 5*,teral lo > of ftoot!s to wlw*t- cu-ap to room N K W GOODS. Mr. W, N. Prince, togcrher with the nnployrfi 4u toe st r*.’ are to o* re aiued ana will be hupiy to *eu all the r customer* a* for* er.jr. B. F. »l v MIL- ON k CO , Corner longrvs* ana Preble street*. janelTeodtf At,antic & St. Lawrence R. ii. Co. 1!aE i*t ok holders of tt e Atlauiic aid St rtu*-e Kaiir at loinpao. are Hereby* n- ‘turd Ht th* ir A. Dual M* tih * ai i he Ik »J a ? n. *14 City Mail iu P r la d.» n Tu -d »h. 2-5 i # ©f Au IWi, at 10 o'clock A. M. lor the loiif* », * • *r. h>o*e*. vit. " 1 1—To make choice of laue liinciurs f« f the tn i* ing > ear. J To consider the rulj ct ol th* Co jnra^y’» mo«*. 'Me h* lids rusts; ing * f» il i«. IMA* mi d •© t l« •GchioM'ntc lie 5 may « itiaiie.o pruv iuo for the same. II. W. HKKSEY Clerk Port!; nd, -Tuf? M ISM ® * STATE OF MAINE. Exscu.iv* DtrASTMrrr i - a. , , August;, ju • i.. 1S 4. J An adMurruni * «ion o» tun Kv(*cu(im t o:i *kj will b« h Id at t*»r I'ounci! hansl^r in u.bttiM „a lloudav.t^e ilghth d*v of Aoktu i aext I -ViS?t: VI IN' JH.. Jv •ld*d StrrrUsrjf •/ .stats. nwfllius ZKtu. for *»!*•. f * two »'o J ilw«n B( Iwb.hi OB f’oc*r. •« a;, a i i n.u>ly oppo-H. hu «»■ t-i .i.d V.U. ,J - i. AAfcCtrli ». r. q ,,id ■ C .j | ,.f Ll) .wroad lii. l.oi.« r ren iiur .fr, fin-lid in If wc’l »1-i>t,'.l lo aicon inorl.i. two m i m. *11 fcp r» . ut hui.A ujj. • i.l. «. Ac . acd • w li i k cr iu tho y*r,». A ,arx« purr ot th. luiI.ii. in' n pm Ik on lucr'iffg.' ,i a ,tr d Tli r T-r.ipcrlT wl , r d nd at due io onlvi>lnt of Auguf,, u not fold before. 4 . , .. ALi.KS iJAISTS. ortlaml, Julyil, U -4 HIE FIRST V1TI0VH UU OF PUHTLIND. Holders of U. ». 7-30 Notes, Can have them exelisag. d fo: • a per cent, twen ty year bond, by le.rlngthem with th< , tins. Tua i- to t su tha note, will te pa i 1. t _,|n. at ihs ra « ill1 roent. to Jaly 1. and the baud, ail) be dr. dvercil here as soon M they eai- be [, e, »r ,! by tbs Government. Thee* JO year boat. are thr meal dr. tirableof an/ oft ie govern meat sw, rl the. Con. voraionimnet be made la nat of «'bu 0r jt, *,),(. p.e. A commi-*!on of ore onartvr ai one p»rc»nt. will be charged. 'T t. liiiCi P. Cathice. Po.Aland. Ma; 3fi. IHt mayS'o utf >ow Nteam Mill* l oot ol Crete, bet vi. a Fun, fc Commercial «•.. WIKSLOW. DOTES & CO , YITcTlLD InUrm their former euai. ra r* .a '“V *SJ"er >'.«haltn»;. haven t d an - er Now M l wiO, N- w Mtchlrcrv... d are . Zy 'odo r In ,a<r. VUrk.xp Jni „ Sw„ J and i. ircu ar sawing, t* cU Tar.,, y fr.. have iu operation one ol H- -ra. (irav A W.odsnow mprov-.d i' , ,or ■ UMM1 OFT I F WI M !>. ll will plana Wi ll the rml-n iccuiac nop, < Irak in thickuca. to lfitioii .ljuri. A -., * -i.v L-o.iSH fit.r r tr loxq, For tawiur h, in plank and eg, „ bo. rtfe, Varliculu ailenli, nghriitoplaBiiig chip Liai'tu^rn h, stiu heavy r *nhjr * For tha scrotum wlaiiou ui u aim and other, hay tag .arm lot sl bsaro, ,o p ane, w, harem couaec UJ*i»edto* ,U‘‘ J • ► '.w-ro lent oi y.tU room. A Few Hortlauhoiu ibe IWl.imt Hrtliu lnatltule. ilUlE tN-.atbioat par u datl.e above „am d la. A ..I .. d • h.r 1- .1 kv L' m pnrey 1 Packer ei Cambridge. ana ,,'uownol erfcioaticr oT aniwrinubl The Dr ,alih uaa*a airan.-rr lo the citiw, oi Portland baa »•". ,» , but allot ll aou tii. wav to ih • hearia, f I)*, J, t without a word t cemmeedatio., |,0m a all eon aa«e< the l or: anu Dam j>u... ' \ „ not f.oia any wan- of names wt.ioh in ch. l,„. h » nr.d a. relorotcea ,uch e- .ne to,£ A F» ou ii,in A .r,d Ambon, iru,,. ,-. c- K I . A.r.. >«nrtou lormerly tuilor ,„ epiriiu.idge L. H Monroe Prof ei B-maMna, HeatoLAo: .Vg? .cry nntdeafiv prvfer.d to aa t aolil lie c.u d .,7 lie people of Vom -ai.. p,„, „ , , >*J lug ie: h.r edbrtit w u u be a) predate.) in d-.e iyme Dach uow apaearalDbe thv cam beyond tl e ,.r lathiii ol the Dr, hi n elf. inhere ai< .nr ZJkfL uow douh it % wno'ber thoy h«u ht*.ter .,Ml . •eve uudt r fii care ei. he Hr an', rte.-ire their at. taaui pu.d a> the li„iitnr» *e. cltic- n» ot port, laud, os.oiadv iavile all «,-.oB to call »i»n a, and learn aior* fully -tat k. •» 1 t ,n Dr. aid tiaar-n, at pars,-Ml;. Mu. aid lit. win 1 ,. n,t uokfc he rc.iKMu^if*» rha* Mrs ^ H l ae^er has vr 0 u.t penuAuvH ly aa» etete4 »* |th ur ,a ihs la bors »» hw pro? ii4oh. I t«i« ls»*> htiiafS * i h Itft ih e\pj ieK.eot tuer tha** sitye** \e r« » raetjto *'i b Uj ♦ s^e whu h o «m on ? tun i» nD-*f© . firnn. 1 m. io W t» .ahu*. wr<4 H • OA-e oi th« t*m,«/« p lHowe t* iur her iu or in* {,» *ro iuviUU to c-Ul °li the -» Uf*orib- rs or st %\ % lrit:. tutu corner of c .ugres, and Chastnul .tre.ta, nawr N w • k y Ms 11. C L. C* tx 85 Part* et Xh. fc M» FHADGia H , «»•>. s; Brown St •«« ?• MoCool ■,; *'•» _ >*•<.]>‘»IH,SJ 11 MyrllesirtM-t ’ Portland, ybue 34, I’M -TttfcSDfcwHa

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