Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 22, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 22, 1864 Page 3
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PORI LAND AND VICINITY. JT««e To-Day. Auction 8x>—U«nry Bailey A Co. M dicin' •—M. ot-avoy. W«tt" \?*ut d. Exourtiou~8. of T. The Semi-Annual Examination of Public Schools. The semi-annual examination of the public achools in our city, commenced yesterday with the examination of the High .School.— This school occupies the first and second floors of the sew school house ou Cumber land street, for recitation and school room?. It is universally admitted that ia architecture, nealuess of finish, and general arrangement, this building has not its e<(U«l in New Eng land. Mr. William P. Tucker has been Principal of this school sluce it has occupied the uew building, about one year. lie is a thorough scholar, and we learn has given very general satisfaction during the time be has occupied his present position. Mr. Joseph H. Harden, an assistant master, resigned a few weeks since, and Mr. Prenyice Cummings lias been appoint, d his successor. Miss Hariette J. B. Dalton, assistant mis tress; Miss Sarah A. Gilpitrick, Miss Katha rine B. Larraliee, Mrs. Harriet F. J. Adams. Miss Julia H. Woodman. Miss M. Louisa Mer rill, Miss Lydia A. Lord, Miss Harriet A. Den nison, assistants. The whole number of scholars belonging to this school is 290—the average attendance during the term 2-17—number not marked ab sent during the term 120. Charles A. Has kell has not been absent a single day for four years. Joseph A. Cbickering, Charles F Gil i_siau, Elward A. LeProhon, George L. Tur ner, Harriet Blanchard, Annie E Daveis, 1 Henrietta II. D.-lande, Eliza belli W. Dyer, E'iza L. D-nnison, Amelia M. Fitch, Mary E Hall. Sophia E. Hart, Frances A. Haskell. Ag nes M. Lord, Margaret E. Maxwell, Mary P. Phillips, Mary E. Raymond, Caroline E. R >b liiaon, Elizabeth H. Smith, Henrietta B. Thorpe. Mary A. Weymouth,*,received “merit cards” for each week during the term. Mias Amelia M. Fitch has been present at every session of the school for four years. The clashes exhibited a good degree of proficiency In their various studies. In the ailernoon the annual exhibition took place in the boys' room ot the High School.— Tlie large room was densely crowded with scholars and visitors, every sluing and stand ing place being occupied by persons compress ed to much less than their usual dimensions. Tim exercises consisted of music—Saluta tory by Edward M. LeProhon, in Latin—Ora tions l.y-J ones Ilinkley and F. U. Jordan— DfclamatlSns by John S. Mathews, R. C. Cushman. B Chapman. G. E. Bird. Geo. L Turner, James MrCobb, Henry E. Bacon —U-a ling of very interesting school papers by Mary S. McCo,**b and Anna E. Daveis— Dialogue by Chari*.* A. Haskell, Sarah A. Fairfield and Auua L Daveis, in French Reading Shakespeare by .tight young ladies— Compositions by Martlia E. Worcester, Mary E Raymond, Caroline A. R-.'binson, Amelia M. Fitch. iu' sbuuui iuuiu war ucauuiuu* uc wi ' « with flag*, banting and evergreen mottoes.— All wfin took part in the exercises did tbem aelve* much credit, speaking well lor their own industry and application to their studies, as well a* the faithfulness of the Principal and Assistants. It was remarked by member* of the committee, who have been for several years on the board, that this was the most satisfactory examination and exhibition that had laken place for several years. The school was addressed In a brief and ap propriate manner by Dr. Carruthers, after which J. C. Noyes, Esq., chairman of the B >ard of Committee, presented the graduat ing classes with Diplomas. There were six teen in the graduating classes, as follows: Joseph K. Chickering, Charles II. Haskell. James Hinkley, Fritz II. Jordan, Edward M. LeProhon, Mary Carlton, Anna M. Ernst, M trgaret Maxwell, Amelia M. Fitch. Eliza I.. Dennissn, Caroline A. Robinson, Mary A. Jones, Mary E. Had. Mary A. Davis, Ellen M Worcester, Mary E. Raymond. Nathan Webb, Esq., addressed the classes in kind and encouraging words, urging upon each the importance of improving, ty a life St usefulness, the advantages drawn from the opportunities they had enjoyed. The valedictory, ou the part of the girls, by Ml** Dennison, was a poem of rare merit, and read in a clear and distinct manner. That of Joseph K Chickering, on the part of the boys, was au address of rare merit and well deliv ered. The examination of Willis School for girls, Brackett St. Grammar School for girls, Cen ter Grammar School for girls, and Congress St. Grammar School for girls, takes place this forenoon, and the Park St. Grammar School for boys, Center Grammar School for boys. Congress St. Grammar School for boys. Fourth Grammar School for boys, this afternoon. Death or as Offices.—We regret to an nounce the death of ( apt. O'Neal W. Robin son of the 4 b Maine Battery, which occurred at the residence of his father in Waterford last Suudiy, from disease contracted in the service. Mr. Komuson was a lawyer by profession, and had taken up bis residence in Bethel,where he had a large practise. Nearly three years since lie offered his service iu putting down the rebellion, and was appointed to llie com mand of tiie 4th Main Battery, and hat been in service ever since, until about three mouth* ago, he was compelled to return in conse quence of ill health. It was hoped the North ern air might restore and invigorate his en feebled system, but tbe disease had taken too deep bold to be eradicated. A long acquaintance with the deceased gave us a good iusight as to bis character. Open, frank and generous, he was beloved by ail who knew him, and his death wiil be deeply ia limited by all who had the pleasure of his ac q laiutancr. Guam* Tuukk Bailwat.—We are re quested to state that the paragraph in the Ar gus of yesterday, that an injunction had been granted against the Grand Trunk Railway, is entirely eroneous. Tile Commissioners have examined the road aud track, and a hearing was to have been hsd on Tuesday la9t- But the commissiou of Mr. Sewall, one of the commissioners, having expired, the hearing was postponed until the vacancy should be filled. We are further informed that the company are doing all iu their power to place the track in first rate order. They expected to have had 2.400 tons of new rsils on the road by the 15th of July, but were disappointed—only ait hundred tons having been delivered at that time. Tho rolling mills, botlJ In this country and Canada, are taxed to their utmost capaci ty, and it is impossible to roll out the rails as last as they are wauled. The intention of tbr managers of the road Is that the track, if pos sible, shall during the autumn, be placed Iu a condition equal to any railroad in this country. Linsa.—A letter was received yesterday from Capt. Charles C. Chase, of Baker's Cav alry, in which he stated that !>e was w ounded In the battle on the 24th of June, and was taken prisoner on the 2ibh. Ois wounds, which were Iu the bowels, were at first considered fatal, but they afterward* look a favorable turn, and he hope# soon to he well. The let ter was dated at Petersburg, July 4th. The Sabre Zouaves last evening, unari monsly voted to join the battalion for the de fence of the city. Fill them up to one hun dred. The Odd Fellows leave for Gardiner this morning at 8 o’clock; returning, leave Gardi per at 6 P. M. Supreme Judicial Court. LAW TliUH—WESTERN LISTKICf.J Thuksoay.—The follow lug cases were dis posed of: CCKBKBLAXD COCNTY. No. 79—Caivh: Edward: a id aJs vs. Stephen j Gale. Argued. Woodman. Rand. No. 3J—Mechanic* Bank vs. Isaac ldyvr.— j Exceptions overruled by consent. | Haines. Vinton & Dennett. No. 80—Edwin S. Hovey vs. Aim on S. Iloh j son. Argued. A. Merrill. J. d- E. M. Baud. No. 88—Daniel C*. Emery vs. Piscalaqua Fire aud Marine lusiiraace Co. Argued. Guo. B. Emery. .1. * E. M. Rind. MuuicipaLCourt.—Julv 21. Micliaei Sisk, lor keeping a hog sty too near j the street, was fined tlv dollar* aud costs.— ! Committed. John Gulliver, for assault ai.d battery on Mai V Small, was lined two dollar* and costa. Committed. Tile police arc after some of the o.her boys who were engaged iu assaulting the dwelliug of the old lady. Obx. Bitleb's Kites.— Benj. Frankiin sent it kite skyward and brought down light* ning. B iij. Franklin Butler seuds kite* sky wn J and drops down among the rebels, flut tering hundreds of copies of the President’s Amnesty Proclamation. Old Ben is a case.— These papers thus dropped produce a strange sensation am >ng the reltels. It is said he Is ‘ great in the examination of deserters, and , cross qties i ms with such keen logic, that the i rebels are forced to tell the truth whether they are disposed to do so or.not. The Am nesty Proclamation has caused many deser tions to our lines as these examinations prove most conclusively. Look to tocr Chimneys.—Yesterday we cau'ioued people to bo particularly careful where they dropped any lighted substance during this extremely dry season. To day we cautiou them to look well to their chimneys, and =ec that they are not foul. One of the police officers informed us yesterday, that a dwelling bou-e on Myrtle street came very near beiug destroyed from this cause! a few m tilings since. As it was a considerable quantity of bed clothing was destroyed, and it was only by hard wotking that Ihe building was saved. Sixth Maine.—About 100 member* of Ihe Oth Uaiue Regiment, under command of Cupt. Theodore Lincoln, Jr., arrived in Boston jes ter day morning, aud will leave that city for Augusta this morning. The following is a list of the officers: Surgeon—Witt. Buck of Bangor: Captains —Theodore Lincoln,Co. F, D-miy-ville; Levi j L. L Bassford, Co. B. of Calais; L. Smith, Co. 1. of lliagur; Fred il l!, <’o. C, ol Ma cbias; Fred B. Ginn, Co. E, of Bucksporl. Lieutenant*—John C. Honey, Cn. B, of Ban gor; 11. S. Hobbs, Co. A, of Bangor; J. L. Pi ri^ Co.C, of Macbias. The Collector of Internal R :venue requests u* to say that he cannot receive, in payment for taxes, any othpr money than United Mates Tr-a-ury NRes, National Bank Bills, or Gold or Silver coin. I ers.ixal—Major George \V. Sabine, 1st Maine Artillery, *«f a passenger on board Ur boat for Listport, yesterday. Major S. was wound J in both legs, but is now doing well. Sor-niKits Home.—Sir. William H. rium ni'-r has been appointed Superintendent of this institution, not William II. Pence!!, as we had it yesterday. Tun degree of Doctor of Laws, wa<- eonfor t d on Hon. Wm. Pitt Fessenden, Wednesday, by the Faculty of Harvard College. JlEAriQr.UtTEB* 7t!i Kog't Me. Vols., I July 1.5,lmu. > A'[j. General John L■ Uo'UJon, ■ Attgutla< Maine. Snt:—I have the honor to forward to you a list of the easuidties in this Regiment in the la::- teflon ne:r tin- defences of Wash ington : Mr,Jnr James P. Jore*. Mt:M. Lieu l John K. Baity, wnuud«d. both leg? tertrw. Cupt. Uro II. I’ukrr. arm. COMPACT A. < •*ie C. w Johoso i, wound in log, nrrrr*. Prir r. rvW Ho . arhu. killed COMPACT’ a Corp L-vi* Not©*, wound In arm, flight. 1’riv ^ K Uovrcli. hip, » .t. COMPACT C. Corp Frank Un*. wound in fid«, ferer*. Prir J I.irUeik.d, thigh do compact r». Prir ITm Bacon, wound in aukk>, Rcrert COMFAxr I. Scrgt 'V F.frrar. wout.jl In kn€*. *>y. rr prjy rt *Cvruuui morUiiy compact p. IMt John Pocket killed, Jiljh K inx. ki ted Ak*x Uuuwc. wound iu tra. Alight. COMPACT I. Prir T k Rpm wound :>i hd»*i wren Cha* duo*, thoiidrr, aerere. 8 Coadou, d*\ d •. m COMPACT X. Corp Suinne! N r»rr wound in bead, ktciw Prir Jos urwenlow, foot, do. I have the houuor to be, Genera’. very truly and respectfully, jour obedient servant, Tiros. W. II tdk, Lt. Col. Cotn’d'g 7ih Maine Vols. Tub Usiosi Tbisonehr is tue Cosfed kbate State*. Major Mull'ord, agent of ex change of prisoner*, ha* given authority fur the p. ication of the following statement for the beueilt of those who have relations aud friend* iu prison at the Soutii; Nearly ail of the prisoner* recently captur ed, together wiui tu *e formerly confine; at Kidiinoud a id 1,) uebburg, been reuiove ed to tseorgiu. The officers’ pii-on i« located at Macon, aud the priucipai depot bur eni-tad men is at Audvrsouville, tia. Mo-lot the citizen pri soners are at Salisbury, N. C. aud Columbia, S. C. All letter hv Sag ol truce should be en closed to Msjor Ueuerai Butler, Commanding Department ol Virginia and North Carolina, or to Major John L. Mull'ord, Agent of Ex change. Out page of li tter paper Is all mat is allowed to be written, tnu ihe coulent wbolly of,a peisoual natuie. Ten cents iu Union cuiieiicy must bo enclosed In eacu let ter to pay postage iuside of Ihe rebel line*. U eel ol Ihe above regulations wht in sure the speedy forwarding of letter*. In couseiiuence of active operations at the front and the uncertainty of communication no boxes destined for prisoners at lha South | had better be forwarded till further notice. Bhital Affaiu —We are informed of a bruial alfair vvh'ch occurred at CfiigeV Miiis—about fix mile? from Mechauic Fills— oil Wednesday last. It looms that a boy wa< playing sum mischievous th* n.h not mail cions tricks in the woolen mill at that place aud an overseer threatened if he did not stop to throw him into a vat containing soaldlng wa'er. The boy continued his sport, and the brutal fellow executed his threat, scalding the boy so badly that the skin peeled Irom bis body, ami death is likely to result. We understand ths msu has b»eu arrested, but declares the net wss accidental, though the boy charge* tbit it was purposely done. Such are the facts as w have heard them stated second hand. Aid a vn Com pout t.i the Coppeeukad* — I'Ue If’ot'lJ cxg rly tills two < f ts columns w ith a rep irt of Dr. Cheever’s spt cell, deliver ed at lha church o; the Turban* mi M,inlay evening, win rein Tresidcut Lincoln is mi-rep resented, caricatured, ridiculed, aud held up to reproach as ituiiecile, unprincipled, etc. Tics illustrates the way iu which Dr. Chcever aud a lew others are now playing into the haBdsof the party which hales I tie negro and is in sympathy with the rebellion. That the I'r sident deserves to be rebnkid for some tilings t'iai U in- d n ■ an I ofih rs tint he ha neg'ectc t to u.j, is our rvn ot conviction,and we till k the Mend* of th- -Jjve #hoi 11 not . withhold such criticism as may lie cyicuiated 1 to convince him of ids errors and lead hi in to ■ do better hereafter; but the criticism which Copperheads 'Toll as a sweet morsel under their tongue*” is uuwonhy of Abolitionists, or any one who ha* the (merest of the coun try at he*rt.—(Anti-Slavery Standard. TOTHt . Portland Dailj Press. -. Correspondence vith the so-called Hebei Agents. Buffalo, July 21. The correspondence w ith the rebel ageuts show that Uo'is. Clay, Holcomb and Sauder* ! asked on the 12th of Horace Greeley the nro j lection of the President or Secretary of War to Washington. Mr. Greeley. ;n reply, on the 13 b, under standing they w ere mere bearers of proposi tions from itichinond looking to peace, ten dered the sale condact of ilie President. Tuey replied that they were not accredited with such a pr position, but were in the con ttd> nti d employ of their Government, and felt authorized to declare, if the circumstances di-closed i i tliis correspondence was commu nicated to Uicniuond, they or some other gen tlemt u will be iuvested with lull pawers. They ask a salu conduct to Washington and thence to Kidunoud. Mr. Greeley answer* that the state of fads behig materially different from that under e’oud In exist by the President, it was advisa ble for him to communicate by telegraph with him and obtain instructions. Alter some further correspondence in rela ’i n to Mr. Greeley’s communication with President Lincoln, the following was received Irom the latter: Executive Mansiox, ( Washington July 18. ( To TIon. Horace Greeley: To tchom it tuny concern—Any proposition which embraces lire restoration ol [e-ace, the integrity ol the whole Union and the aban donment of slavery, ami which comes by and with an authority that can control the armies uow at war against the United States will be • reived by the Executive Government ol the United S'a'.e-. and will lc met by liberal terms on other substantial and collaterial point., amt the bearer or bearers thereof shall have ,-afe conduct both way*. LSlgUeU) AH AM LINCOLN, President ol United States. Major Ilay, on the 2H1), in a note, asks Holcomb and others if they have any commu nication to send to Washington bv bim. Holcomb replies outhe 21 *t, regretting that he has been delayed by any expectations ot an answer to his communication to be deliv ered to the l’re-ideut of the United State*, addin? that the communication was accepted a* a response t o the letter of Messrs. Clay and Holcomb to Mr. Greeley, and to that gentle man ha* the answer been transmitted. The letter to Mr. Greeley says, a'tcr allud ing to the tender of safe conduct to Washing ton on the hypothesis that "we were dniy ac credited fro: . ! .i-hearers of a prep etition looking to the establishment of peace. The assertion was accepted as evidence of un expected but moat gratifying change i.t the policy ol the President. A change which we feel authorized to hope might terminal*) in the conclusion of a peace mutually just, honora ble and advantageous to the North and the South, exacting no condition Imt tual we should be duly accredited from Richmond as b arcta of a proposition looking to the estab lishment of peace, thus proffering a basis for conference :u comprehensive as we could de sire. I; seemed to us that the President opened a door which bad previously been closed against the Uonlederate Slates tor full tulerchiuge of sentiment*, free discussion of conflicting opinions and untrammelled efforts to remove ill cau-es-of controversy by liberal negotiations. We indeed could not claim the benefit of safe conduct which bas been ex tended to us In the character we bad no right to assume, and never expected to possess, but the uniform declstations of our Executive and < ongress, and their thrice repeated and as often repulsed attempt* to 01*01 negotia tion*, luruislt a sutlkient pledge that this con ciliatory manifestation on the part of the President of the United States would be sent by them in a temper of equal mignaintty. We had, therefore, no hesitation to diciare that if this correspondence was communicated to the President of the Confederate States, be would promptly embrace the opportunity presented for seeking a peaceful solution ol tbls un happy strltc. We feel confident you must share our pro tomid regret that the spirit which dictated the tlr»t step towards p ce had not coutiiiued to animate the councils of your Pi sident. Had the representative* of the two govern met. ts met to consider this question, the most mo mentous ever submitted to human statesman ■hip, in a temper ot becomiug moderation aud I equity, followed a* their deliberations would have been by tne prayers ami b mediclious of every |*lilot and Christian on the habitable gobe. whojs there so bold as to pronounce that til - irigliitut waste of individual happi ness ami public prosperity which I* daily sad dening the universal heart, might not have been terminated? Or if the desolation and carnage'if war must still lie endured through weary yens of bio. .4 and suffering, that there might not lie at least Infused I tup, [is conduct something thereof ul the spirit which so ulteu and panially redeems tu brutalities? Iustesd of tafe conduct, which wo solicited, aud which your lli»; !“"“r gave it* every rea son to snppoee would be ntltrme. tor purpose of Initiating a negotiation, in which neiiher govcruRjet t would compromise its rights or its dignity, a document ha* been p esonted which provokes at much lud gua Uou as surprise. It (.ears no features 01 resem blance to tba' which was originally offered, and i« unlike any paper which ever before em anated fr. m I he constitutional executive ol a free people, addressed " To w hom it may con cern.” It precludes negotiation, and pre scri ats in advauce the let i ts and conditions of peace. It returns to the original policy of ‘ n 1 bargaining, 1 no negotiations,* * no truces w th rebels except to any their dcaJ, until every man shall have laid down his amts, sub mitted to the government, and sued for mer cy.' What may be the explanation of tills s idden and entire change In me views of the President,of this rude withdrawal of a cour teous overture'lor negotiation, at a moment wliou it was likely to bo accepted, of tlieir emphatic*! recall of words of peace just ut tered, and fresh blasts or ■ war to tfce bitter end,’ we leave for the speculation of those wh > hive the tin an- or inclination to pene trate the mysteiies of his cabinet, or fathom tb > captive of hi- impo i®1 will. It i» enough 1 r us to say we have po use whatever lor the p p r which has been priced in ottr hands.— We could not transmit it to the Preside nt of the Confedt rrte State* without offering him an indignity, dishonoring ourselves, and re ■ eiviug the wreii merited scorn of our conn t ymeu. » Hi..*' an ani'-nt do* I re ior peace parvwdi » the people of th 1 Confederate Mat* we re joice to bciizve there are few, il any. among 'liein who would purchase It at the’ expense of liberty, honor and self-re*pert. If it can be secured only by their submi-sion to terms of conquest, a gen ration unborn will witness its restitution. If there he any military autn c ,i in tlie North wrlio i* entitled to prolE r eord.ti'ns of this manifest, there is tome in the .*>* Hi -ii authorized to entertain them.— Those wlio control our armies are servants of the i" op!*-, i ot their mover*, anti they have no more inclination titan they have a right, to lu* vert social institutions of sovereign States, anil to barter away their priaeles* heritage of self government.” Th* JlttOel Haiti into Maryland. Wasuixotok. July 21. Eg'nty-onc pil* have be n brought hero from Sandy Hook, Sid. They state that they weie in charge of one of ihe plunder t do*, and w re oveitakt n uear Snicker's (Jap by a | * i it oi (leu. Crook’s forces. A light immediately ft l owed, but tbe guatd tl ding it impossible to save the train de atrojed it by lire sell retreated. A !> t'er received by an ofli ier in Washing ton front 8..i dy Hook, Md., states that many siragg’tws from the rt treating teb l forces came iuto that dsiiy and give themselves up. Them i re worn down byriptd marciiiug, and many are barefoot and their clothes are urn to tatters. The S'ur learns from a former citizen of MatIUou County, Va.. who for some time ha* b c i -oj mrning in Fairfax County, tliat lie ha r< lisb'e infnnuation showing that tbe rebel raiders have met with so many mishap* in getting a ■ ay with their plnrder from Maryland that what they have managed to keep w ill hardly pay them for their trouble. i artou* linn*. New York, July 21. Argust Schmidt Frederick Vnu Troneldu, the purser oi the steamer America, from Bre men, and three other*, have tieen arrested on the cuar^g of {smuggling and robliery. Cape Hack, N. F., July 21. The weather lias been thick singe this morning; wind S \V. N "It "g . eo of the steamers City of Balti more ami Nova Scotian, otii ward bound, the former iroui New Yolk, and the latter from Quebec. 1O0 Daf/t Men Liable in Draft. Albany, N- Y , July 21. In addition to an inquiry by Got. (Seymour of the Provost Marshal General Fry, he is In formed that 100 days are. liable to be drafted, but their 100 days will be credited on their terra of service under the draft. [ FROM GEN. SHERMAN'S ARMY. ! A Brilliant Flanking Movement. Rebels Repulsed before Atlanta. j Nkw York, July 21. The Herald's Nashville dispatch ol to .lay, ! says Gen. Sherman lias, by a biilliant flank j movement iu the teeth ol llieenemy, iu strung j lorce posted at Atlanta and by a rapid move ! meut, thrown his whule army to tue lull ol : Atlanta, on tho railroad at Decatur, tints sev ering rebel communications with Kichinoud. Oil tho 17th the army moved to within 6 I utiles of Atlanta, the left, under McPherson, j occupying Decatur. 1’hc enemy appeared to be in force iu tho woods about the city, our army occupying a i Hue forming an arc of a circle, north cast ol I Atlanta. On the 16ih Hooker's oorp- was going into position on tho left of McPutrson. Otbei troops were marching to extend the line still further southward. The army is iu the most encouraging con dition. The investment of Atlanta must eventuate ; only in its surrender. Nothing has been received lo Indicate thal Johnston has lelnlorced Richmond, on tin i contrary it i< believed Johnston cannot 411011 south of Atlanta, and that hi* army will be j forced into the wotks of that place. Later reports from Gen. Sherman state that Johnston yesterday moved out of Allauta am. attacked tha left wing of onr army at Deca tur. The assault was made with great vigoi and resulted iu a bloody repulse to the rebels. «ho retired to their work*. It is not known whether the a'tack was made to rover a r* - treat by the Macon roads, or was intended as a rally in hopes of defeating 11s. The de struction of tiie Roswell Factories ha* l*et‘t. a severe blow to the rebel. ' .Vo Propositions of Prarr Ttoeclre.l by the President. Washington. July 21. The Administration h s never l.a.1 In tore them for consideration a. y proposition from the rebet authorities relating to peace, nor is it known that any such l a* bten received , And whatever may las the acts conce 1 ing the reported conference at Niagara, the pre-ump tion here is, that, while there has lieeu no lo - mal action on the part of the Gov. rum. id looking to ini tatorv measures lor negotiation* of peace. It is not indisposed to hear from Ni agara or els. where whatever prominent reb el*, acting etiher as volunteers or authorized commissioner* may have lo say regarding tub important subject. The Repubiic.ii, in commenting on thl 'opic. « tys M.ij Huy m ly converse with peo pie in Canada upon his own responsibility, but lie 1* not there in any oftleia! capacity. From the St. Louis, Mo., July 21. The steamer Yellow Ntnn». from rim Upper Missouri, reports GVn. Salley’* Indian expedi tion at the mouth ol the C.iunon Ball r.vei building a new lort. Hostile Indians were seen In force between Fort Rlr> and Fori Union, and large uurnber were said to bit some miles back. Father de Schmidt, who was sbosrd the Yellow Slone, bad two councils with 300 Sioux Indian*, nesr Flat Berthelen. They expressed anxiety to make peacy with the whites. Twenty-six Idahoe mint rs eame down on the Yellow Stone with over #200,000 in gold. O/fi or rs Aire.tetl for Soiling Government Horsts. New York, Julv 21. The Commercial’s Washington dispu'ch says it it expected that nearly ail the p'under carried out of Maryland will lie reriptured What is captured does not revert to the losers. Several officers have been arrested for sel ling Government horses and pocketing the avails. A* this business has been carried on a good while the Government loss is large. Gen. Hunter Driving the Itf hole, Baltimore, July 20. Gen. Hunter reports tha' he has driven the rebel* from Winchester. Berryville, and all other points w ithin 40 or Mi mile* of the road, and no apprehension as to its safety Is now felt. A large number of freight trains are wait ing at Harper’s Ferry to go west, and at Mar titrstiurg to cotnc east. Defeat anti Fnr.uit of Guerrillar, Kansas City, July 21. Capt. Mos. s, with forty-seven men. on Sun day night, hail a bloody fight with o'S) guer rillas. The former lost six killed and four wounded, and the rebel* sixteen killed and four wounded. Major Richards, with 250 men, immediately pursued lh« guerrilla-, who broke luto small bands taking to tlio bush. te being fitt.d out at n'UmIngter, Foiituess Monroe. July 20. tOveral refug es arrived »t 1’ ini Lookout yesterday, from Richmond. They report twe armed transport- being fitted at Wbuiingtoii, N.C., to go to I’olnt L okout to arm and liberate 15,000 rebel prisoners now at that place. Arrival of Escap'd Prisoners. >Ttw Yokk, July 21. The Port's Wa*h!ngU>n ofopatctf ea>8 sev eral escaped prisoners from Richmond, be longing {<) regiment!, have arrived here. They Mala Unit most of the prisoners captured during Gen. Grant’s camptd«n are m Rich mond. i Netr York Market. N?w VuUl.Ju'y 21. Cotton—*ale*4» bale? at 130&I62 tor m.d(iliiia upland*. I* tour—26c lower; *a!t* 1$ 660 I bl*; State 1000; Ui-uud iloop Ohio 1‘fv’ul C*»J: to interu .0 ,i 4il W\ Boutht ru li avy ; sale- 2d00t>!> Kxira 1 • 00 ■0-13 25; i aiiOila *k lower t t-a.t* *o bbl«; l.xtift lO&XftlS (*. Wlicit-6a,"c lower; Bale* 76.UI0 t»nah: Chicaro Spring 2 3»a I.waaara club 2.3 >u.l 46; Ked Wihtor Weaten 2 64*'06. < ru—-iaiuc 44 <mj bu*h; mixed Wo* Urn l#>a, 1 63. Oa*s-—flruivt. <••!.;.« * 'ii»a;}n af * $ i«'» Btof— dull, tile* 2uO bbl*; coaun me** 16 0' a 15 00. - Pork—lower; *al*- 0100 Ml *; new mess &3O0'«< WOO < ut Meat —qnict. Lird—W* r, sale* 1070 bbls at l&o lOjc. ttUtUT-Maifi -u a iZc. Whisker—*•<(’«> 15*4*bbIk at 1 74'<£! Kiec—dull a' 14; a 16c 'or lfati,ooii k'jjrar-qaiet: ale* <*10 hhd> covado 20o21c Cdfoe-ioactire. Moias.-*—dull: **lw 6*) bbh New Oil amity Naviii Store*—,iu?i f n<ght» to Liverpool —arm thvck Market. N«w York, July 21. 8?<xmd / ward.- Btocladnll, American Gold.. . ..2*9 Unit'd State* 6 « 1*81 registered.](m United state* 6’* 19*1 coupons..prj Uidled Btctea 6-2b coupci *. 103? Unit' d S;a’epon -yoat corn: cake new. 9i, Mis* -uri <»■», . «.*»' (*aral*erlaml Coal c. ompatw prtf ,«*a . fr-, Sew York Control,.. .131 fr.iio.....1081 Liud-on...,..)20 Reading.!31i Michigan Central.. IS Michigan Southern,. .\. Illinois Central aerip..128 Chicago A Noith Western. 49] GhiCAgP k Rook Inland.lo.j PENSIONS! BOUNTIES 1 —~ann BAOI5L FAY ! Are obtained for Woandc-i Soldier* (lincharged ami the friend* ol ‘Iveeaaid soldier* who are entitled to the #*tue by uvinv »». vmtnii.i., Atlornrj ud Cwuidlor, it IK Jiaidlf Stmt. -AND Ijiceneed Agent for all the Departments at Washington. For laod. April 23. 1804. ' t' 259 »i'tn John Kiuttiu;iti, GAS XITTJBH., —A3TU — Dealer in (kte Fixtures, Ami (IftsA Kerosene Cooking A p pa rain?* 1 he public ait* invited to examine and te*ttli,*e new iu’tutious, which are highly recoumuLtled for tummt-r nge. xo. o.rj rxrox street. Portland. June 14.—eixdlm t'oj’ Xea' korU tyiili Ol-p.itch, The fine schooner Ko»., CpI.Gilpat rick W»u e<I, the LuU ol IX) barrels. Apply 10. K. G. YORK A SON, No. 15. bead of Loo* it barf. Iuly211w_ Attwiilloii Itaiial on. \ta*eUug of the sixuen to lorma 'l) it Corps’' tor th* purpose 01 defending the c ty in c.,-e of eraereercy, to be ui der the direction ot th May r. will be held at the V> d t’i y Ua'I, on >atur dav Kveoip«? uext, 2Fd i*»et . at 7 1-2 o cl- ck. lor the choice of ofhoera, <rgauU*ticn Ac. Kv rv member i* rt ^uetatpa to be plgacnt. |*er Pwiu»-*t. July2ldtU _ ___ ii > #K U. TkeTU LT!t i; PeaHL* AKO IllU.ATd pg SwiET vxba obtained tv t> e n*e ol that mu lar LFutifiice, Fragrant “Sor norta C‘uipoanib ■ ol tin cldc* e*t and rer' erche ingredient* the thr» e most imp r tant re malt** cleanlim** eflicaev and c uv« nience b -ing present in the l igh ft po«'ib <• degree 1 cr feCi*?n' •’"ra0'"* ab diragreeab e odor*, rcurl and tartarou* adhedor *, insuring a pearl like white noM to f>ie teeth; given tone to tin* b e*»th and * deiica:* aromatic ftwg'anCe ti ike u‘h. wi.Uh uiake^ it realiv a toilet luxury. It reem? to be In great fkvor with the ladies 8old by Druggist* everywhere, at 76 o*nt* per bot. tla. mrii2l d it miscellaneous/ Mt-w Boat for ]lar|tswrll. j On and alter Mondiy, July 11th, 18<H, the new and supplier steamer fUUL'£VA JOHNSON, Will ioave as follows: Leave Custom House Wharf at S 45 kl t j ui. .tt, j. avr llarpswe 1 at 4 I\ M., touching I a* ub ive hxcur i >n tf ;kets to Uarp«wc)l, 75 cents: Teak's I Maid. 2 centsmDir.moud Cove or Gh* bcague Is l**'i>, tide lit-. Single tic £<r.4 saa.e as above. Large parties taken at leasoflftbteialts. 1 he pabdc are in\ Pod to inspect this boat, it beiog I til ed up u a • u, ti jor siyio, ana is by far the safest j »*xcur>i n boat in wateia. for tort hr nuiticular» inquire of GKO. WATKK HOUdlk, Agent, on "o»-d, or J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 Ai.JBICHS PATENT Wu i er EUevator ! 4 I’AiKsi com lining more good aid less bad XV «,Ui:i i « ih in au> t «*. flxtu e iu u«*e for house weiis. Do 'i tail to *oe it brnore >ou toy any pump or drawc- now i use it w rks to easily in t * child «igitt ye rs’old can dr«w it. it is lea p ic d; tlea tsuoi.1 g iu the w Ur to ir-Jureif; it does not Irene; it i. simple; Jt is not likely U itl < ut of order the buck** has io valve ai.u omP ***4 i'seit. 1 ou have •. our well all open or eov uri d at p ea-ur*. »nd is just tu-’h a siuipV fl .ture a« ever) ntau net d» who values ture water for f.miiy u*e. ilf“i)rawe:s and Town and County Eights for ale hv BOYNTON A HIGGINS. 13 and lo Wa« rou Ataiket, i ortland. jylt* !3<n tn\v Purtiiei M.OWAUD A CLEAVES. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Vlidille S|.,ovrr Ca>«;o Bank, PORTLAND, M£. •tar-l ru HOWARD. VATJIAN CL1AVW. J. lSdkw in 3. A . BLO OID , Successor to George Anderson, No. 317 Cougrrm Street, Portland, Sign of Anderson’s HoopSkM Depot, KKEI'8 constantly ou baud a complete assort ment oi HOOP S K T R T S, of every fin and length, inane of iln* Jvenl m t’eria!. and warranted to give perfect «*tisfac'iou. Also ou “and a lu I u -jituiein oi Corsets and Skirt Supporters, of the moo popu a- mak s. both o eign and domes with other a-tie!*- \ roperly belonging to a Hoop * r* *t-r Hoop okirfs to ore er. and n pairi g doue Ht bhort notice. I’an 1-8 « fa lug with this **t»Vi»l went mav rely uj i»u getting gwd* of die very best quality and at price u- lo* as a re .hv goodartfcle can bd aff rd*-d i -inland, July 8, ISii. a6w J- 'i.1. ijQwio c5z> Co., Ma.aractnreca and Whelraalc l)c«|e r In READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND Ki'HNISillNt; GOODS, Char'?,. . . . y , j L,.,i 2 v»r#,( (Over 11. J. Libby k Vo.,) j v. Portland, me. __jjiidtr Ciui-iu ge«s, Cl arria ges 1 I'iimly limit and Neatly FmitlKd. J. F. LIBBEY. No. 20 Preble St., Of tLtljj for tale, at I*;?- v3iat»ii>! tu< r.t. a variety i t < attia^is tui e In the neat, hi andiou*i*ii£ Muit kittWMir. i bt totui i;ut ail the ” , , rt 1k- *e® °f Light Cairiis***, aud t!>«*> will be m id on tli most favorable term*. raraotiK inicisd* I urchaH* Carriage- will find it ior their inter e*t to cio_*»a examine before buy uigo!#vwbore, juneaadtf Pori laud Company —X olive. 'iniV St ikholder of the l'oetland t’oni.any me Hereby not,h.d lint the! lit ime of the Corporal in ni l be lh!c! „i the vi| e:< .) the (urn P'ny, at til Hr tv .'L, on Tuesday the iili day of , v last. • t 3 o‘cIo k in tLe altt iULUu, tor the ful* lowii,,. ptirp 1—To liuar »od act on Reports of Pirectors and Trea urer. ^ — fo clt;>o-c Direct* r* for th* ri**tilDir yrar. d—loaet ■ 11 any o.h,.*r bu»iue.-c that nuv como before tbe owning * .... , . , A ,Jo EPn C NOrrs.Tlerk. For Hand. July 9t!i, lv4.-dtd BRANT’S COJFEE & sriCK MILLS. Ofiiai.VAL xstabl 1 sumIXT. J. G-BANT, Wholesale Dealer In all kindeof COFFEE, bPICES, ?*:s!;vsaitis & Cr rum Tartar, .Vetc Of. and Spier .1 !>\U, IS .radii Lnivn dr .l. J dtbiud, it,. Coflbe and Spice, I Lt up'or the trade, with ary adort.K, In ad rar.'oty vt Ifckape., and warrant d w 10; I'pseuto 1. CcaVt roasted and prosed (by thc tyjdf a* eaert MTA1!* ud,< c' * itbe owner*- riik. mirchlMtf » Kfinovtl. HIV XG r. m.'v. d frurn my o’d stand to the p ore So. »i. Commnraal stre 1, and associated |u J *1 to bn inest nliliMr Henry FI u*. 1 wuull ,UKr ' •*1' ' \ V ** 'uuitt 10 ihatuk mv customer* lor past ravo^. a:u von id r-*jce»iuDv ,» i.;jt t;4, tH;Ure pvrojifcgi* 0, the aim i i rlieg * Ay' i t> mart* r, MfcFtifcli Willi 1 fcbnKK. 1 ‘.’lilaud, July 5tl», l 901, JuljUdiw Cop.irtiiprslilp Noflre. rI1i!I. uudeisigued havetlf sdtj foimed a Copart J. 11. rbhip under the name ai d sylo of F.iug k \\ nittemofe. and have tvh n the store formerly oe lvj i d h U nry f i"e. No. 91, Com martial •tract, w ernt .ov ln?rn«td fug a Commit’ion aud Whole »a!v;b«*ue‘t, iu Tew*. Tooaooo, W. I (.ioo. ■, (iro seiirsand i', ori-ioi *. IIKXKV FLING. ,,, „ STEPHEN WUJITRM08E. Portland .tn'.i « IP 4. dtf Foe tlv© >Iillio« ! Lnne’M Patent DOLL Alt WASHING MACHINE. ItllE rt practical IVtPhtn* Machine that has te en n ace • befo. e ! . public fcverv fondly can i !i > d to have o e. ' . tdsma-i;i ■ I-bavins a r«pU! «ale. from tbc fact ‘-s' it recotnniei ri, itetdi. l'aitiea nUhnic a plea» mt and priidtab!. bu-iir^sby takinz the .outvieof t c unty. can obtain tt.r ,tm, by caTlfii, at 129 fon fro— St eet next doorto New Vl'y Hall ju! Tdlm * 8'or the I*laitdN. , -?n*I1<* after Jane 13* b the steamer A *Bl until further notice ^ ■ l» »0' Burnham's M'barf, for Peak's md C . h»n*** I m dsattand 10 30 A. M.. a d 3 11,(1 3 ; 1* M. 1U turning writ! leave Cu-diing’* Ldand It V' f Janrl U l'i A. Si., and 2 45 nr.d 5 15 1*. M V K’ *-2". doan and back: Children I5cts. Jum 9-dtf lee ('ream ! lee Cream ! ! -AA Tirown’s Oyster aud Ice Cream Saloon, N'u. 1 >‘l and 131 Exchange St., OpposIH Hie luternttioutl Uouw. ___ may’dtf Payment of Andro&coggin Ccnpo..8, rpiiC. and retir ed will pip Coupnrj of th» An* l dwfcdif^iii k K Bo .(l*. teonrrd hj he second mor * go-of s. id Kadroa'C with iute c«r to this lat to th &*r>o; ut ot »7,fc9.4£. pavin'* such e u [>oas a- shall flr-t be present* d ut i f* « file.- 31 Kx :l-augo St . Portland, among tho»e that tell «'ue pri ir to th' > *ar IKfil. JABFZ C WOOD WAN, I rrea'Urerof i rus cos ol tue Thi d Mortgage of A K. K Co. Portland, June 3d, 1^54 jy!>dAw3w Notice. rftniS day 1 giro my son. W. F. Hodgkins, his * time to no: and tr mo for himself; 1 shall not sla m hi* wu^e» orpav Ids debts. <\ IlOIM.KINS. Attest—f B. San*!*. hank! Freeman. Portland. July b lSd4* jy9J2w* Dr. Ira Warren's Great Work! THE H OUSEHOLD PHYSICIAN. N'EH and enlarged edition can be obtei ed in thi* ctttr, for u short time, at the puHisher's i»ricel»y adiirifsitg J. M. C., Agent, post Office Box 210 , JylSeodlw* r|!UE copartnership heretofore existing between J. Sweat and Cleaves a* Attorney* a: Law, is this day oisaolved by mutual consent. 1 he affairs ol the la o firm will I c udjus ed by either party. M . Sweat will continue in business at office No* 117 Middle street, Mu^-ey'sKow. Mr Clear* g ai the office o! Ylowatd A Cleaves. No. )l Midik* etrtvt, overt asco Ua :k l 1> M. SWEAT. NATHAN CLK* VFS. Portland. July Ifith. is* 4 jylA a n F'«»r Snip. VVALl.’ ABLElot of lat d.-ftnated In Westbrook, n ur tin- lot t t»f the street, from the S’evott's 1 ain’s road to tie county road Lem Bi*i ca'e to Wo df.r ’s«.0'U*r; live jmit *\*gk lotto Horse k .ilioad, containing abort six a*'re«, thirty.two r son i-ai couu’v road; this lot is vBluab e f r . buil ing lots or cultivatloi—ip mo fly covtred whh a hard** m--* mat ]* gr«.v« For term* apply to W. B. liOODKl U, btsisn’i P'liui. jv»4 2«* Hoard. A FP.W more Boarders ©an be aecnmra elated at \ /V 72 Danforth street, two doors above Brackett. Apply soou. juiyi MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE -TO TH* | 'BOOKSELLERS! ( *— AWP — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! i —A FD— PI lil/tSIII\(> HOISE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Bookseller* itu«l Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Blaine, Are bow fully prepared to Supply the Trade! -AT TH* l.owrxt Wholesale Price*. H, special contract, recent!)- made with the Bos ton and Sew Inrk Publishers, we are enabled to topply any and All of the School Books, t in Ails Sr*t«', on The Most Liberal Terms. Ilaytcgparchosed the Smt-TTrc Plai «. f 0m O. L. Siiaoia ft Co , of this city, a s shall in fu tare publish * he valntbk* Serna uf Sra» .L Root* heretofore paUiahed hp them. This .erics, to* th er with our former publication., will makr t!,r f.j. lowing List Norton1*. Weld and QutekenW f>ram. , mar. The ?rog»e»*ive Grammar. By We'd k Quito k*nb”«. The Pxogre**ive Far»ing Book. B>‘ " k Quarket»bo*. ^ Weld'* New Grammar. Weld'* Grammar. (Old EdiMuii i Weld'* Parting Book, Weld * Latin Lesion* and Reader, Holbrook'* Fittt Book in Arithmetic, Jack*on’* Arithmetic. B ft X.. also publish IlsaatM.ta's Avti-Aiuh-. LA* Skf»:xm or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In tight Parts, with printed copies at the head of each page, in enact imitation of it* Author'. t«ao Hf«l style of F’SMIvl A.TTSPHF5. We call .pecial attention to these \cir Writ in- Hook*, Esther arc admltlod to be the most predict! Copy Book, ever ofllred to the public; and they ate now Leiag rapidly lulrodncod. having tt» roll endorse, incut of the S*p*riM«s4fii »f PiUk Sfiwnl, ,f Stale »f laiit. Be,idea tbe above li*t which we publish, eur Spec ial contracts art for the following hooka:— Progressive Eerie* of Reader* and Enellers. Hillard'* Series of Reader* A Speller*. Sargent's Eerie* of Reader* A Epelle**, Colton's A Fitch’s Geographies Brown* Grammar*. . Green'eaf* Eerie* of Arithmetic*. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY —AXD— ROOM PAPERSI A FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! 0 N. B.— Booksellers or Country Dealers who art not comiujf to the aity, may writ* to as statin* about what amount they purcha-e at a time, and wa will send them a or ruicKs, If wanted. "Bailey <5& Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 36 and 38 Exchange Street I * \ Bortland, Jvle. ma>>WiSm i . Yatimble Farm for bale at a Kurisatu. IX TVnt Scarborough on the Btixtnn rod eight mil *f-om v. r !»• d. » d .ix o Hr* from S» o. on* tkining iMft sere*of whiehacre* *r* wo d and, with > two , „tf l.nuw, bury. «n.l wood »hrd Win b* *<>ld low e’tlv'r tor c..h or on mortgtgo or in cx. 1 change fo r»»Urtm> ln Vo »lrd Ap ly 10 UAKII'S t INORAHAM. Dl Mi dost Vort und. < July 16th, lSd4. JulyldedSw J Dolin'* Drum Cor *. DKAK'S Drum Corpi will muv'V .. - , .. order* for M umwlng IP' * Vl^k..*0*.?!1 All utdrog u hg Ur* . .rude*. Marcher, to. ■ougi. A D-“ •« ° W hite’i .tore, Market JuDrt"' *n' UrBm M^or j0BB*’ r. I. BALL, Clerk, j ENTERTAINMENTS I. O. of O. F.~ ANNUAL EXCURSION! rheOdd Fellows of Portland Will hare an Excursion to Gardiner, o M FHIDAV, mi Hind, Over the K. k p. r it I _ THE Pib-bic will be helilinata-aatifu'y Grove I ot a mn nom ibe Depot, a j ItmgwSeht.tlj l oonty r air Ground, a,..,. which ,r« Hut.diufrr. one of them will he n»ed u. Oiningkc .booth.,no. D-nc..." rii, Pair Groand. *f, eve mi acraa will afford am ! roomtor loot Hell, Swing,, and other amu-e I menu wh Qh » ill te provided. Tea. < offc and He Ireehm nts * III be for rale at the Pair Bui d nun Ice w ater in abnnoance will he p orli.e.! by tbe tird. r lucre i« a »icam car wi icfi inn. beiweeu Gardi ner and Angola, givl gltcwewho with aa opnor tuuify to t tali that place " i °'J bellow, are rat|ne,ted to meet at the Lodge Ro un at o'clock, where thiy will torm a preercaion at d u.a ch t<> the D pi in lull tttga ie -Vlu-ic by R.yuotid'. (It rnicrly lli.ndler'a uuad ri 1m La d ^ the public are Invited to j In in tbe Kxcovcion ‘ "• »>" **»*> 'h > Depot at H e t at oi M rite 8t at 8 ,.clock A M Returning Icate Gardiner at C d C 0«»fc P M. Ileketatl bad at Ra ley k Boy,.-. t'n° *.,!**o.*" 01 uf '"he. o tlet ommitt-e *•“ £' u V*'. [ew * Jol“ i'owrgton a li a' A ■•’»»» 1 Kieh Rufu, Manlev. D. -Vnuh. . ha, II K ch Jo lab Lnrle.nb. JyiMtd' °'”m"te* 01 tlrrangem nt,. THE CHESTNUT STRUT SABBATH SCHOOL & SOCIETY MTill hold thrir ANNUAL PICNIC -AT— PLEASANT COVE, TH>\i» VV, July Mill, 1864. The Bar„c Comfort wil.lviveC u.iom Houae whari at -7 '* elect. li.k • *f *r Adult".&)cen*»; Chi'dr^audertwaive 30cput —fo Lad st Hail y A Noye-\ Kxehau*< trw or W Vi. Lothrvp, Middle )UM(. aud 1 urt (•mmitite Ic<« < <taut* ill b -for »a>>. Aron MDp&tg «tll| be p ovided. >u hat root Ball. Swiii*-, ae. BBBB M:\VS K*oi* rite People! THE MECHANICS' GREAT ANNUAL PIC-NIC! Will take p ace on On Tn33day next, the 26th inst., AT Blt(\*\\|(k. The UIBcors of the Coll, gea hare tciilrrod te the Co0*01 tLo uec cf their Sphi did Gro?e k Spac ous Co.lege Ground*, I3ue of the rao*t b>au ifol places in Maine, cff ring amp'ero >rn lor the tbo«nniiC« that a.aait attena Ibm* ia.ori?r excursions. .•* *** f rnl^h free of expetsa a LJ*GE tL -VR »h tk time* RuR lUSUlSG Ai»o ft win its, Fuo; Bal.s and ice Water. MUSIC BY CHANDLER'S BAND. i *rs will loave KenneW Depot at 8 o’clock. 714:k*t§ 7J ( at*—to be had &t Lowell k Seotsw’a. A Duu>nu *. I'aine's Music Store, and ol tht lorn e furnish of iftod.rarj 'a s f >rall that desire to go * * ►E Ice (*reaai aud other Refreshments lor salo DU th" JffOULii. S. Kmkhsos. ] Committee A r. riant a, J ot JolT20-4-d “ BtA“' ' Arrangement. Grand Scottish Gathering! The Portland Burns Association \ In con nerlion with the SCOTTISH CLUB, or BOSTON, IN FULL HIGHLAND COSTUrF, with rutik pirta. Will hold their FirU Annual i'ic-Sic and Gian, ea Little Chebeague Islai d. Tuesday, Juty 26th, j When the t Mowing Gem,w 11 becumpeltd for: Ncilc—Frod'-ienc" In Highland Tip* Mule, lhatrupeyr. Merabi, Keel,. Dascihg—Gill. Cal urn or Svrcid Dance, ai d lighlanj F iog iu coeiumc. A prli# of Kiny Do;. *-» will bo a»arde.i to Hie boat dan cut. PLTTIXU THE STONE. Qroita—A l'rire ot ft 0 ai lb, co-^ud ,or ,K. ween the P r. laud Burn. J ,nd toe Bo* «».Sowt'ah Uub firming <A. Ha-rmtr LkarinG —High Leap, tong Leap. Kacia—Foot *ace at (.<> yarda, Back Rac^ 8mxTT-An opportunity will be girin to all par tea to join in the abore game. The Bar; a Comfort will 1 ara tialt'a Wharf at * j t. M. l'.niea nill turni-b the tr own Refreshment.. Ticketa 3^ cent. each—can be had at Croecman * Ve. Loeeii * scoter's I'aiae a Mu-ie 8to-e. and ,f ( apt J J. Boyd. 115 Enehange St 1 noaWnrgeea ron ana Co'a Work*. \<u. Me A Ley under C b. do,el, Alox Tarior.&OCommeic al St Edw. Walcb 00 Coogrrea Street, D B. Saimoi d Grand Trank freight Depot, Al. r. C.quburt at W. Corey'. Ex 'h .nge St The cumber ol ticketa ia limited and 'arlr appl cation only a ill a, eur# them. An invitation ia gtren to all pa.-tiee to join in Den ier, Saiugaand oibec game.. K Qtiadrile Ilaud will be ia Attendance. OP" I he Portland Pan a Aaa d lion and Souttbh I 1 ub o Boston, hea led by their I’ip-.-ra. will ira e> o proctecIon Irt-ai ibelr Hall, bxcban .e St, to the »»r»e J)» did Safes \ Safes \ \ FOB AALB AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealer, 102 MIDDLE STREET. POBTLAKD,.UK. jvl^dkm Pori laud Army Coiuiuittet ©» TUB [J. S. Christian Commission. _____ » Chairmen, T. R. IDyw, receivau Store, at ID Mid- I lie at re* t. Trev* srer ( vru§ Sturdivant, received Moser at 7ft ,'oinua* rial str«et. ' ' Secretary, Uenry H. Barged*, receive* Letter* at 0 C orum -rvial »t»eet. Aml-ew J. Chase, Dr. W. R. Johndos unolSill Maine Wesleyan Saminary and Female College. pc. Fall I>rm will commaraaon Monday, Aug S udi eta will a admit’- d to any cl*a* in th» Bnm H',r0. o Itgt -r Jfornnl Cvurat, l -r rurh -h.i are r* ar»tl Beud lor a Cfaioguo. Kanfa Rill, J.iy rwiW«» ju!vl6 d| w. Kowiluiu College, rllK Ani.u* Examination of cm 'i«iafe* for ad mitiou to Howduin < oPegc «lh taker'aceon r ida> *he AT h day of Augas* n»*», at 8 o'clock is ho forenoo .hi the sew Mt-iiea! Melt; acU also on rf.ur!‘il»?,t',e twenty tlltL day rf An.aat Lest, is he dame place, and at the same hoar „ LEiOiAKD WOODS. Brat-wick, July 6, 1?*4. Jsl>7dt4 llt»\%cl«>au College. rUE Annual Meeting of the President and True tev* of llnwdoin College wil* bo ucki at Banister , :lai, in tb© College Chapel, on Tse*day tb«2ud day ■ >i An,*n§t next, at t- n o'clock in the toenoon JOHN Ki Hi KKS. Secretary. Brunswick. July 6, 1164. Jalj7dtd Botvdoiu College, rHF. Annual Meetlrg of the Ovrreeer* of Bow doi*» College w ill be held at their Rook la the j /ollegeCha H. on Tae*div. the second day of Au u«t next, at 2 o'clock 1*. M r. w II .,wJ,C'IO,WW'^. ! Brunswick, July 6th 18 4. Ja'y7dt<S VHlut) HUioilml So--* .IT ft HF Ain ual M ating of tk* „ . * 7: 1 b Bala.-- - M»i"a H .'oricnl fc~ luwdatn V 11»«* ' .m Kcon a «f il a So. • ty, ly-u .* * Hrunawirk, m Ihcr. i--t. Ana * . uo'r oak a m _ K. 1W AHli DALLABP, K«jra’»TT., July 1». l<m. JyRX M Board. A Gentlrnan and hi. wifa. and tkraa of four .In. .V gl- gantlaroau cun flud plaoaant room, with >onrd at M Cumtarlaud Stmt. JyUdJw* C- CRAM. AUCTION SALES. Horses, Carriage s. * Horn* strl >»■ 4 union. 0** Sanrdav, July 13 I at ,1 oVocE a If., c. Liuib -tier , Uoim, leiuj, an,l a iZ •a1*- ,0P '“*•* -• <OB*o,„ Jeuu, Linde, Exprt.» Wagon ana u.,Le „ ’ •t ftch ne* and *econii b*r d. Jyl9 ltd u EX a E BAILEE S Co., Auet rc. LM. FAfriUI, ACCriOBEEK, 12 kxckiD|t nt. H<*al Cviiiic at Auction. YV’Jlh °“ ,w« n-day. July 20,b at halt 1 * * clonft on the prun e, i oirnndl. > >d«d qvaiL-r , art oi a .,t u l.,Ud cuntMu.oc, b at ■lireo ae.u», on Bid |D ,r m “ ratory. Loan,lid b> longiee*. Mmuitoro aid Uuu JB •« », b, it go- the Hi. ot ffitUi , “S. oad. rid. very ce< rab e prcper'y mil »< ,.b^ve oo i.rm. toen.t purehae.r. wl.hont the Bait . i hf »•«»• talc a-ijonrnad anti Monday Jni» »• * '■ * 5 * * be X„ J u!iSB P*rt,cu)»r»«'l on .The Auc Valuable HcuI ft.stale ut Aut nuin, CAN Monday. Jalyiah.a’>n\lick » M outba * '*'**• <-et.b e aoeorn Bear* and 8 on 1 ,acu eireet, ooo.ainin* <i» .urn aio-h . diooui.. a Urge b.Kia ei.tern in tka oella. tn-». ng two c lutor able in.en.ri.te nil f0 tai.nt •y ab.u MUwtbeck. AI.el.Hlt. a .Ml . i,, l " * r eojet'leg ab ve, to ta ...u? I -Jr flanked room.; ml III, ie. t r«*t by aJTat M Jninajf Meat Kniate lor hale h, ss*V. AT fuble Aue kin on Thureoar Jcie 28 h at 1 .*ir.lo a **,? ‘i0*** on Un» » atroct, 24 by 47 four ur» oia-ll tu, we. k, t.’v* ’*• on .bar Lo 4ub l^ K.ufo? .» n *a “4 O e 2j sio y Cuti«Ku aiuum o i*,-. i, uonfl room?; bMXl.rei/i.r^rir; Two of the abqra b notia b.ina made recant -nr 5KraiK2:«-torf • °“ 0lto'd- L*» Enqu.rr of A GOl'LD, jyl«-!2w 74, L> ittafn. m a AB it **• if a sis is. Merrluiit & Atutn+etr, **££££■£ ;*?„;? i^V* Meronani’a AhXiW.V. * < Bea, be tale V»..*T. > All I bainltaa t iit Miiu* ; *‘<1 * eale. and retnrne ** 1^*12 un‘'k TO TMJS ilffllCTUD / I»M. W.J%. DtflllUi, iVIeciical Electrician, **• *• «■»>’< Blacl., jORM MM Ok’i,'OMifftMSS AMD li.p MTMMM1A WOULD mo«f«m announce!© theeitiuae of Portland aa«* . jcuary. that he ha* Derai* y locate-i »* tfcie city. J*at *e have otoa ia U>wu we Lave cart dun.* o! 'iL!rZ2 ol **»—«*» persons who bave tr»*4 h her tor au of t real aim r in tain, ai.u curia* • *. tieate la eo abort a time that tbe Qu*>«tioa u *, tiJL “*«-■ du they .lay cured f lo u.?*ar ibi ouaetloa '• »,1) ••T 'hut ,11 that do sol M, e, Jo 23 loetor tke wcoud tune tor um> Iny* ‘ * **“ Dr. D. uae bwu a uraeutai rlectn«t*>. •« » y*are. and ie aleo a rt-gulgr graduated t h\ bk-ilc* -CJoctrkuy w i-arieeUy aaapted u> ebroi** owiiej© >o tbe form of aervonaor *ick headache aenrei*^ ■ u* *~J wok.or *ntre»5tS, c‘“»*pt£o"2i," a the acute *ca«tM or where (be lanaa are uotrnf! ia\olved; aoute or chroaic rbewamtwai *croiwia It* «yass.trSSSSE .«rec»« .h.i*.n btHTs of tk, itM us ,n krai •/ rareala Electricity Tbe Kheumatic. the goaty, the tame and tbe !*,• JO?. »nd move with tbe agilitv aed elaetK* l*7 of yoaib; tbe heated brain la oooled; tbe licet rftten limb# reetored. the uncouth deformities re* moved; faintnea# converted to vigor, weafcne*# <a •tri tu'h; the blind made to tee. the deaf to bear tad t ie Lauded iorm to move aprigtt; tbe blemwieeaS yoath are obliterated; the accidents of mater# prevented ; the calamith* cf rW obviated m.mZ am active circulation maintained. “« ladies w.ave oold beau* bbu ,M> I*nM..k., loae and weak back*; ner voea and nick iiailnc and .wtuimjv „ tbt «=«1 coaiuiipatiga, i? ,b« bowel.; patore t aad hack, leacarrbma, for white©)- fa’iln* oi the •OMb wltbreiarualMBcre; tamo.;; poly faaTaiT yi that loa, uala o. diarere. will and to btoctri tip a re re mean. o / cure. For paiafni tonaatnunci tF“ bil l U »1~X—- .-v-AnaralUM )XtractU| )liuerml 1 VWJ» ir. a. ,u. .ntia k re Hercare Antimony. Areeulc, kc. H«r>drndT wW are troubled witoati# Joint., ml !*,»., n, vrefc oat othorditf.calttee, the direct cauu. of which in tine ere*, out ot ten. a the elect ot rotrescu,dnuT ton be reetored to n tore > nren-ta ud xlM. k. iC •wof froto«reto.l*htBatan. ’ *• 0»oe hour- from Ia'atoak a. ■ re 1 , ■ . ta t; tad 7 to * » a. 1* erewbidw Kw, 1,14■--« L/iMiJjjj aujiu^a Internal Revenue. Collector’s Vuiire. ¥ JATHaM'L J iili.L1 K, « oik ©tor of tbo Ay It st « ol to*ion Diatrkt. in the Mkico'Jojir «o> g v* notice to a! p r#o. • oo*.e incdfihat / iave received lor ©oWctn n. tb* Tu ru Ann. al Ol i-ctk'i Li»t. nadviiia e»anii'fa i. mt b> t». A». ©Mortb reof, in »cc* ruai c# with lie- let ot tea reeeeau !e. *Aa Aci to pr.t m Hums .titan© ‘"•■Pi ort ihetto.ernmeiii su>. op>\ ii.letve >a .he public 4* bt,** a| prov#d July 1 and tbe IB Klnirutt thereto: that the *»\rrai ettke, •ave* (on ii come, ca rla.r* an> p’ateja d 'l «i,,t i*-e# rd ri uw ra’e** and c- atau . o > »a« ur h*va oecomedu* and payable, s. d ttat Ivl | t»i»on or by Dipuiy. attend to eolUc’in, aou r*e>iving iba •ove-Bld du’he iax«« si.d IteeiMS sse»*«d»)d a>ab.e with n theioa* ty • f • amberlano. in *• 4 Di-iiic*. a* m> *•» ee. A*. 21 * xekamme sir- *t, i «e• .»nd.jmmth Vbi dnp o, JuJ, fw tie i* tk 00 of fu p. A. L». JH 4, betk f»<7a*«re, tin I n| < In lAe man er, a»« no t«d>l lei tu g ai d teevitb p ca* ri*e, lese- and lkmie< as a>*»»••* a. a»*e**e« sr4 oayable wi'hia thr C« nuiy of Yn>k, m D Mv rt ♦yh* following doigoaied t.mes and |iaa • la Saco, at the Motet k*pt Ay tfn/V» .1/ Lard, on An*, dap the 2.VA Ju p. 1UJ4; At the Itiddf/ord Monet in Riddtford. TneoSaw JnJm 24. 8*4} 9 9 At Ktnnclnnk, at the Youeom H> msc, Wtdneo av Joiy 17 1*4; 4' fA« Mtwichaieawf b •• <r~*#v &,rrj,L r ur, d». Jul, ». 18 ir ****** At Limerick, at tkt Unirl k p4 b% Amos / Irk Mat ur*a» Amt- *,*, lfc,. And I inrther (b. otioe hr all who e.u-ei 10 pav tu. dntto-. t.a- • ana Ire i ».> ... ■d up nib m re a ora>,id. lo me ■ r b> ] ei b t xritbii 'In lire* • bore x| retted. * i) be^niel.i’ • Oder IHe | rovbl na « See 1» of ih- *e, , 0,: i.e.aai r. ai .''lopnyian ,«r «nm. addtki^ p u lb 'am. uot n " Pen, n* tu iba • on, ty o Tcrt, erelrenxofao f*a r* e n pay loe r taae, at ht o»„. m0, q Kk. hai.C" anoet. l'o ,1a. rt., rl..r in,. . .:.ih r,, ,, Jn. cy, 18*4. MllMMl.l. J MILtaF C..I1 n'ox o' the F tat tol iciKa lif Me’, rf Me '■o" «> d dnlr v, lb«4. I ** tr X.i other m . e> t»a» b-Hed Stole. Tr. eanrr VO e. nr Sot*, ui Mari oral « ntr.. r . oW ai * si. W»"’* ree.ivnd nrTaae..Her HI data FIRE! FIRE!! FIRE!!! JOB R SON’S Portable Fo"re Pump! PH exfinraishinf *.%•• »«mfVf rooA, rear I’CS. wmNmc wta Pin,. ant«fe< d«akivt hat in* h lies, mettii jr ta 1- pan p. L* f| ar I'roni boa’s.wsrcm f strvrtp ai»<« par an r,»pna) hag 1 qsius to* <iestr«')iiiir C»f-’pn!ais ai d tiiLti b >« eta •it trees rUi.t* and shrabb«*r\ . k>\ P i- I unp »•*% . r- ▼»<» iMlt'o,roaror »be Boat .aloabU »i;\ tufior* for don»>fic sse. at d bos. a ho hare them w. a d i o pat with h. b at at; pika, nvtdf d bo mo * werr t a# bliittM Ins por*sb #• aid £* Bpart and a ill throw tl* r al 1 ntoiwsnrjjsr mtrui” fualtt IOihi. It eaa be easih a ait* 4 U> • ad • I iw- errata It Is stmpla I" constp c |r»B. i ot HaMe »o fat oat *f order, i d every inset.>n«* is warm ted. 1 ha r ee is s«> low tha'oi a st« nld bf »a rt»ry family, •c!uv-l oa-e. factory b"l!iH a a* ail tniirry, % Kaah pai'p is p or ded wiih a oxt.a Xozzl*, tor .print line ( all ana exam!** iretirciial* >cm the I’re^ld- r •» of the prti«> If • Insarai e« (' at ante*«I Mas* |. ehaiet.K, tbe t hi f higlwro ot ite l oron aidob er Are dreartnents. a* d ot »r %< d pu<chase ols of these lumps J. L WIMUCI * H., Winslow’. M.chine Work*, W habss'a at d Ret> it Acer's. Brown's ulco*, Ubioostieat Fort and. Me jyiodtf IP TOT UTEN'T A REFRIGERATOR I OR. If yoa halt mo old oae that <*ea't mcllr >olt *oa. oon't (ail to tiaula. ibc tail baal pal lara to* la aat, tha POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For .ale at tb« Furultara Boon, of WALTER r^MTi bland M ban •’on.A. iMI.-dtm i'OAL P*'. iomTk. Pit-lou, S. A, jo Pembroke. Notre. . 4L i ft a V«* cle Fori.* it Anctl >vJY tr.a*, aai trd to tietpb. ( oa1 a. ab »• flia rat*. f.»r u Kliar.>|., a . I..r< r ■* B^r-nn a**d Ilia'-* are o fa I iref’ ^^SBT Ititi Aoj't to. rail r*. « U fc. < OFFI* A CO . B >• •■ a Al< * a 'aw VMania n aiaa la b.iu* l‘<a ■> c fat r p r . Jnl.'MH*. To Lei. CHASnrRS crer rfot. -'to »» d trt Ftdrral Sf. Apply to J. COt’LllK. k a Co . «t c< mowretel.tmi. Pcrtlacd, Jnly T -dpr

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