Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 22, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 22, 1864 Page 4
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J’UhlUV. Eug»no—not lost, bit gone before. », .Close the u\ea now dim and rat lew, Let the fashes sweep his cheek ; Pirt the soft aud silken tresses. From tile brow so fair and tueek. Kiss the 1 ps now pale and moveless, P.are his hind upon his breast, Lay him where the flowers blossom, There in quiet let him rest. But a little wtTle he lingered, From his bright, eternal home: For a little white Got! lent him, HeW on earthly soil to ruaiu. Heaven with all its boundless visions. Opened gently on his sight,— Then with outspread wings he floated To that mystic land of light. Softi af Apau in yonder msusion*. * ‘ ■'(i/' at kooi>, on Jews' breast, IFluve no sin nor sorrow cometh, Where the weary are at rest. * MW that hand of holy angels. Jill that gen tit* cherub train, Eugene dtctLetk, fearing never flick nr*, trotthle, sadness, pain. f* thy heart, oh wiflowt'd mother, Steeped m anguish sore and dumb .' Listen, ‘Uf ttjo 8 tepherd speaking — *' Let the little children come." f Gently, then* bear with this trouble, ’11s the holy will or God; Whom he kweiA he ebaitbeth— Bbw beneath the christening rod Heavenly’Father oh be with her, H'*aJ cue torn and bleeding heart, Give her strength to do thy bidding. Gift her strength from him to pari. Than wnen her irrni berk is auchoral Far be.oml our mortal sight, M-*v she meet thoa> loved ones yonder, In that holy world of light. Kmma. 1 Wsstbrook, April 8, 1804. Making Oamc of a Sportaman.—The Parisian* ufcftr ia*l to get up, ou toe return ol the bhoouug season, a number of aioriea illustrative oi «*m ol their favorite weakness* e». Thu latest of the*e annua! biographies tells bow “a g<jOti comlortabte papa,’ having provided himself with the regular shooting per mu, a guu, -£ uuie-bag, waier proof shoes, aud so ou, went out last week for a day’s •hoouug Auiiit unurona oi this city, aud bow, coming Lack iu the eveuing tired to deain, aud bis t-a# empty, but u reading the Jokes of hi-* friends if be returned borne empty bauded, addressed a ms elf to the master oi a famous ^a»ir«mooiid shop, aud desired him to fill his tug wild game, adding that he would call for it in the course of a lew minutes. True to bis promise, too disappointed sportsman re turned to the shop, received bis bag from the shopkeeper—who bauded it to him with the knowing audio of ooe who understauda the weaknesses of human nature—paid without a murmur the heavy price demanded, aud re turned boldly to his house, where lie knew that eertaiu of his cronies were wailing to learn ihe result of his day’s sport. We!!,'have you made a good has?” cried 0”<> td hU friends, as be made bis appear ance. spor^raan said nothing, but opened his Dag, and drew out proudly amidst a chorus of exclamations indicative of equal ad mi ra tion and surprise on the part of bis friend**, first a rna^nlOccnt hare, next, a couple of quails, Utu a couple of partridges, tlreu, a w ild duck, and lastly a boiled iobst* r J •‘The explosion of laughter which followed the appearance of Uik» crustacean J* continues the slory, “may be more readily imagined than dejeribed.” Ha,tB'.r Cj.nfuskd. — Mr. NoMbI«Moni Jriuk r.ther more than his usual allowance of hot rum and sugar one cold night last winter: iu couseqncnce of which he gave his wife the Ml..wing confused account of bis conduct, on Jiis return home: “MV, Smith's grocery ftore Invited me drink Cousin Sam—and you see the weather was dry and I was sloppy—>so I said I tiidu't mind punching one driuk—and it's queer how my head went into the punch, though! The way home was an dirziy that I slipped upon a little dog—an old gentleman with cropped cars and a brass collar on bis neck, he said he belong** to the doc—and 1 wa»—yu under stan— he—that is I don’t know nothing more About tt." 126 Exchange Street. 126 Xiugh jVT. X^hinney, WOULD inf »rm hi* triad* and former customer! th-taebm taken tbe Store Aro 12« Hrchanir Street, where he iutend* to carry ou the Move ami Furuace UuwinpftM, In a!i it* Lracohet. STOVES, of Mil kind*, of tk< n- wed and most approved pattern*, Furnaces and Ranges. Tin and Hollow Ware. tySreond hand Store* bought, or taken in ex change »ornew. tiTortB. FumwAowi, and Tijr Vati repaired at%ort notice, in a faithful manner. Grateful for 'ormc r patronage, lie hoc** by *tric: attention to baainea*. and f^ir d.atinr, to receive r geuerou* share ot public lavor. aayMdtf <J F F I O F. O F T H E ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, »hW YORK, JANUARY 26,1864 TUT, Tru»t*o*, in couiorinity to the Charter o1 th Cumpau>.tu m»t the UdJowing statement o itf nff»»r* vii thr 3l*t Dtcombir, *■ -IF: i r< loiiii'i- received cu Rariue Ilicks, Iron 1st January, I8i>3, to Slit De ceolrf iStfS, ' »«5,214,31*8 9 Pr inftiTD* on policies not marked off l«t January, )8C3, 1,706 ff>8 2s iota' am.>untof Marine Premium*, #10,o06,001 V No Po ich*. Lav* boon Loied upon Lite Risks: no» upon h ir»- Hutks diaeou ii'*;t* a with alfnne &**«. Prt Munv marked ofl from 1st Jan . ll t. t- 31* Decam tw r, 18 8. fxw.e* paid during t*e same period, 3.806 651 04 Re torus ot Premium* and Expenses, 1,062,967 4V Ti»c Company has the following Anae>. viz: Uuit d *>a fraud fct*t of New York ttoc<, City. Ban* an I <»tnor stocks, $3,462 631 3 Li ana secured bp 5to< k* and ••titer wise, 1,46*.»,7US t» Rea £ tat© and Loud* aud Mod gage*. I9j,7t>0 0 Divide ndton Stocks,Intere*ton Boude t;nd M ‘rtg»g«* ano ct4«r L aus.suu* dry Wold*, re i aorwci- and othor claims doe . he Comp’y , estimated at 164,664 Si Nous and Lills Receivable, 8,2/8,676 6. Caeh ia Bank, 744 813 6 Total amount of /Iwtt*. #6,265 466 31 .xpe e-at latoreet ou tn>» outatan mg certiii ''i p efit* will by paid to The holder* thereof or their legal mpro-enUtive*, oa Ifi4 alter Tuesday the Scoood *f4>«4m*ry •«*!. - After reserving Throe and Onr hail Million Doliiri of profltf. thi outstanding oettiUcntes of the ligat oi 1662, w li be redeemed and paid to the hola.'ts there of, or their le^al i • present *: iv • *, as aid after Tut* dar, the Socond Of let rtury next, from which dwH all iSftereaULtroom will retro. lY»e oertijlfate* to t* product* at the tine o; Ray mast, ana cancelled A Dinkfenf of Forty Pit Cent. I* declared on th* . IVtUMpUl, ior tl i D-ooioh r, livit, for which oertifcaU will p* i-»u vl.vtt aud alW Tuesday, tha Filth o Apnl next. The Prods* of the Coinpaoy.aaceiiainad from the 1st of the lat of Ja*i . 1863. for w inch Ort ideate* were inHiorf, aoMunt to #14,328,83 Aoditiouai tr tu lat Jan., 1543, to 1st January, ioo4. 2.630 06 *» oral profile for 21| years, $16,668,£8; The Certificate# p> avion# to lrkffi, have Ueen route mod by <fc»*h, 11,690.21 Xiot sartdnjr# fwaitU^jPfi with the Com* l any, ou lit January. IsX, #5,263,C7 Bv order of the Board, VT. fUffh'SEVO JOKKi, Secretary. T H l 8 T EES. JOlr* I' .Tone*. Da rid luiae, fhark? Deni,!#. .Isaac* Bry.e, VV. li. H. Moore Win. Stargi*. jr.# J'Uof. frk^ton, li K. Bogert, JI«nry CHt A . A. Low. W O’. P/Ckers^id, Wm K. Dad re, Lewie Curti*, Deunis lVrkinn, Cha«. J. ft iiwfc^ll. Jo«. (iail’ard.Jr.. Low li Unfit do#, J. M* nry Burg' P. A. llargou*, Co^at-lius LricneH ». W. Wc-U'i. ii. A. Hand, trial Pheln , Watt* febermau, Okie# Hu AM w» F K. Morras A, K. Piljot. h.J Holland, Leror M. Wftlcf, hjibeock. Danio 8 lliiler, Fletehr-e Wf*tray, S. T. Nie It, K. B Min'urti.Jr., Joeb’aJ. II wry. G. W. Burn ham, Geo. G. HoUo®, 1 red. Chaancey, JkUlU: LOW. JOHN D JONKS*. Pn»*!dent. tUsKI.K* D NMS. Vice President. W. H. U MOOKfcC. *1 Vice President. wo-Application* fot warded and 0999 Folicxh procured by JOHN W. MUXGER, Agent, lio. 100 For© Btroet, bead of Long Wiiari PORTLAND, MR. Jaue 8. -w2vrfcv‘©dtojansa TIfF firm of Howard k StiM *« Attorney*net OtonfcP&Hor* •* Uk, i* thi* da* dissolved by mu taal couNBt. Kitber parti er wid gt.aRd 1° the *et tlcfiftocf nf of I he baJneMof the la’e firm Mr. Howard will mntioueto occupy office 81 JIU die • treat, ovor C«aoo Bank. fr. ird* oocipy office 105 Middle *treet 4-apositrfiiead of Plumb if root. Joscfh Howard, S a WALL C. STBOUT. $'0fU$nJ; June 17, 1684 —din* HOTELS._j CHANDLER. HOUSE, j Botliol. This Hotel, located in the most beautiful aud romantic vil ago on the line ot t:,o Grand Trunk kailroad, So miles from Lor ism. N . i» , ha- *»*n retfriiUy built, with H ■ u»i .»• emcee to the want* ol tuo pien-ure Ira eling public. It eoutsius fifty spacious, Well venti lated and neatly furnished rooiup, from nil of which view# of grand mountain act-aery way bo had. No pains will b3 #> an d to make this a lavorito resort for the tourist and p casure-aeakei*. l art.cular atten tion will be pa ii to sportsmen. and conveyance to j the lakes, auu ail places ol imor-st wail v ill be fur- j n is hod on reasonable term* Horse* and carriage* i and saddle horse* to Kt. A good bowling 8 a loon is : connt* f< d with the house. A Oimwe wW be in constant attendance to con vey guest# ot • he house from and to the depot, s-n i the arrival and departure of jiassirgor tra n*. . i Transient and permanent boarder* soiled. V. 8. I'll AN DI.kK .v CO., Proprietor# j Bethel, Me, July fi -—dim ■ Nen-Nido House, HABI’VWCLL KECK, • GAS CO BA Y . This elegant and ootriuodlou- Ho- ' •©!, situated on the extremity of Harj.-woil Nsck, about half a mbs 1 tM 1 i'H nw tiiC "* 1 -known Mansion •fiL House, ha® lust been ootn pie led after the otsigosoi n M. UaroIXO, K-q . Architect, and under his superintendence, aud will be open tor j company On rind After the Fourth of July* Tb House is the largest establishment, construct* i od «xprw»ly for the purjHSt ol a u-tcl, *i auy Wat- j eriug Place on the coast ol Maine. It isaitnatod in ■ the centre oi a dense grove of «hi trees; with avr»- 1 utie* and vi«ta# opening fo the water* of th. Bay, but a few yards wist on either side. Nearly Vurrounded by the sea. and abundantly 1 shaded by tr^e# the House ha# a *paciou« and besu t*fdl verandah extending o cr thr;*o hundred and thir>v (M»t (S< ftgpexid#* of the building, with wide ; :iud tiioitJaghlyfmn f rrd hal.s and corridorv in the interior, so that visitors can enjoy the moat complo © protection troxu the summer b» af. The steamboat whari ai d boat land ngsaie on the west side, but a few step# from the Horn*. Ample facilities are at baud tor boatiugauafirbiog. On the east side is a fin© gravel beach, w lo re the luxury of soa-ba Ling can be er<joyod at ail time* ol the tide. At a short distaucenn the northeast.across an arm of the #*»a is Orr’s lulacd, celebrated by Mrs Beech er Stowe’s w Ii known novel. The 8 a Side House is accessible by land from Brnuswlek fifteen rail** distant b> ore o< the flrest d* ires in the State. and b / dally steamb >#t fr. m Po ! and through the inside passagt* among the inlands of the Hay. Visitor# coming fi'*ia tbo k-*neh©o aud other parts oi the interior, cun leave ih- railrviadat Bruns wick, and proceed Nr scago »o H.arp«xrsll* or coutin ao to Portland and tak* the steamer, which runs down tad back twL© a day. JJHIT T. SMITE, Proprietor. jT*tf__ ___ Ho! for the Atlant c House! • Persons wishing to spend the day at the |Atlar.t:r M -i -r ■ 1 * s. u, v.Ill find [kiosdCoidi itUHi Hi ■arm* of every train. Fair from th* Depot lie* the House, £#) Cti. jui xuim K. A. LIBBY k CO. OTTAWA HOUSE j POKTLANO 11AHHOK. 1KAIKE ■TASOV BERRY, PBOPMKTon, Will open for the season, on Thursday, thehith if?*/. This popular Watering Place, with it# ROM A XT fC SCRXRR r, _Wki* • ' And HEALTHY LOCATION, situated on CUSHINGS 1SLAN E>, 1 21 miles from theci'y, is nn«u’-pa®scd by any Sum ' mer ties rt on tlie New England coart i N. h rositiveiy clo^d on the Sabbath to all , transient visitors. The 4*team«r will leave Burnham'# Wharf for this I-daou rogularly. junelt.jnw jCJJK/IUJLiXJ rtU±\tiJUj -OB THB Aniericin mill E'.iiropiuti lVan«. Cor. of Commercial & India Ste. * This* Ho; »e is si uatcd directly opposite the Grand Trunk wairoa* Depot,ai.uhead ot Bcstou an rt Tort laud it* aom* Wharf Coune rtod with this House i- u fli-t class I _Oyster aud Dining Hall. ! •» »Jlh3 MKAdlLY, Jr., 8t CO., Proprietors. • J. Bradley, Jr. i\ li. Ar-dley. JvBoUdtm , Atlantic Houso, SCARBtlRO’ BEACIf. THIS Pour having l*"en enlarged and refitted throughout wi i uj i-n lor the #es» «)tk on Monday, Junr 13. K- (iLAMaON. K. B.—Positively closed on the Sabbath to all trausien visitors junell Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having ls*«f*i for the season tbii* weue-tabiMn-d Wat. rinrpiact, charmingly situated 11 the cult r verge vl \ ape Elisabeth. With unrivaled vacili ities for I Bulimia, BoalhiR. and 1 i«hiii|t. r Wi;i rp.ij lor trauhi.m mu nl/m--i< nu an; 1 4 tier Tueaday, the 7th day of June. Everv desirable couve ienro will be .upplied for the* tdoaoure and com or;* «»i it« patrons with ic-gaid ! to the i oquiremtnt* and character oi a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. We fssi assured that c »tr exertions, added to thf unusual aiiraalipu# ol the house i'welf. wi;I secure u« the ai.prohat.on aou jgtronage of the public. t3Po$itu *lit ehftifos ihe babtxnlI HILL k JORDAN, » r/ipr»etor*. Capo KH/abeth. June 7. W>j. dtf BAY V IEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subscribers take pleasure iu an nouncing -o tln ir fneuu* end a,* interu-teo in finding a first class tea-side Hotel acoom _i •oaaiions.tuar their «-w and qacious ilu Ite. «... ucup ucurl) lujubr. itcoutsn.* hlilhtinuti eru improvements and every coi ws.fence lot tn, comfort and accomtnodntion ol the travelling pub lic It tS iiu« .y located. comma Qaiy. an uni. varied view of the Penobscot Bay. The ol sea bathing and tne t.ciiitn* tor Urhing hhi boating a<euu*urpa*acd. > or it - beautiful sesnery a..u at 1 lightiui drives and walks, lac*d< u is al.tady favor aoi Lcwn a> out* or the cr.o-t eligible and dcluh - ful watsriug pluses in >tw Kughtud. Connected with the II<‘Ud iso hue Livery oiatne, horstn aud carnages having been c*i*cteu will: great care. Tin ; carriages are from the bent catablailments iu iht count* v. ana on the most ar proven style# fcteum boat la.’; ings easy ot oce-re; »t: aruer* ioualung ov* , #ry day in Um week, inkgrapb eommutiicatiou w*th al! parts of the c* nntrv. I in. -c wielJug o hi cure genii r*»)Bii will do wel* to apply'soon, a* main are aircauy aup d. CI'cThn* k v'f>IiNSTOV. Proprietor# ) t'ftxdh r, June 2t lSw> - -aIt INi-atiwnt 8uSmi«*aii llf.orl. C . YI * IS I C~i IO USK, WEST 3 ROOK. Tl.s *vegnnr suburban Watering Place, lodged upon a pleasant eminence near fa , i- c Pond, but ti mile# from Portland, hav ing U*en plac*. d in the most ample oiuer by 11be subscriber, he ino»t respect *uJly solid. * tun » of the public, and cordially invite# a call Irvin hi- old ftpsth the hou«e is p!ea.-ant, retired an t quiet. Tb | turviture an i lurn.'shuigi- sre aii ur-vv, ana i he room ( c »sy aud sightly ’Jh? laMe* are supplied with ail , the dolaeaciet* ** well a# t*. ■ Hiibrtantialf oi t).e —a son, ai d the service o! one of the very best cook* it; | England have been secured. * Extec-:ve shed-* and a flue ► tabic with roomy stalls, j are am> ng tlie couvomeno*»ol tin t•?eblinhmcnt A nice Baihing House sufli.tent for the acc^iumo dation < f sc*\ ■ r I batbois been t rocH*d with ntep** \ projoctiu^ into ten l.-et of water, aud the a hole #e i cared Lryjtt <»ori vat on l.y rf.losriug screen hruoklng Ariw>rs grace the bank* *>i the Poiol ami j invite the iudulgeun^ of the lcunger. Hoping fvr a h are of tiw public patronage the on ; ccrrfgiied prom #.# to spa.e » <• rnort t. r ih** en er ttinru.-ut o.‘ Lip gu.->tr. bEO. W MU ECU. Wa#tbrook, May 2», 1H64. mm 2ldtt Splendid Piea>ure Kesort ‘ THE WHITE HOUSE, (V9BHIIT WIL30W BOU«».) J. P. MILLKR,......... FfrOTaiFTOB. This popular recently beta pur '|r .I;IW MHi-A:L .' if: .At It»- ■ r.d re |P« red, and ntrm Bbiade. It i- : wi •<! «.■ ,s,m trappa about lour mil - from 1 ortlatid.a.’for abocut.ju! t drive crer a good road, and Jun about tar enough for pleasure. It has a flue large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Alley*- in Clowe proximity to the botue i* a war® and rt'oroy Btablo, containing tv^rr nice stall*. • There u afro a v«U sheltered bhed, 106 fret i^ty. lor hi.- Mug hor?%a ike ohoiooet 8 uppers frill bo got up for ®!eighing and dancing parka*. who wii’ fled it greatly to their pleasure aua Advantage to rctwvt to ph?i Whiu- iiouae. No effort srlil bo ^papbd for the enPtxMunb.ynt ol gu ■*?. d<jOl»-dlf HALLO WELL HOUSE REO PEN E E> I NEW FURNITURE' & FIXTURES! S.O. DENNIS, Proprietor. •SF* The public are specially informed that the •paciou*. convenient SDfl well known HaIIOWiil llocea, iu the f ilter of UakoawH, two mile* from AttgUem. and lour ml'ea from tog..* spring, ha* , beanfce&nUahtfd.andi* open for Vo rvcrpuouvl company and p* rtuaueut boarder*. Krery sttention will be given to the comfort C4 j gucHe. ST ABX,I3SrGt, and all the u*u3i ^tivcnfooc'-? of a noonlnr hotel are amply provided. * pop"!ar Hotel, Hallow*! , Feb 11*64. mchigaodtf THE AHFRICAg HOLSK, [Hanover fevract * * - • Bouton, — —re "■ I Tb. Large*! and Best Arranged Motet IN NEW ENGLAND. ^ J^KVjtj RfCEf Proprietor. ruoi’osw.s. PTR OPOSALS. PROPOSALSji'OK TIMURR AND MATLK • #ALS tuK i*i t NAVY. Navy DKrAnTMtNT, i Bureau oj uct:<m Jiepair, J June OH4 4s64. Seaii <1 Proposal* to furnish Timber and Materials for tire Navy, Tor lire lineal year ending June 30, Av.w, will receive i at the Bureau of l oastructiun aiid iiepair, until 10 o elueK ol *he 1st «»ay ol Au- j gust ueat. ut whlca time the opining will ba com* I msuotd. Proposals must be endorr d “l'roposals lor lim- j btr nnd materials ror the Navy.” that they may be ; d.atiuguisbcd from other bUStfcerS letters, and di rected to toe Chief Of the Bureau ol construction f aud Repair. Thu inatei i*ls and article* embraced in tae classes uanud hto particularly described in tho pliu ud ( schedules any ot whi. h will ue luruiehed to such a* ’ •desire to offer, on application to the commandants ! ot tLe respective yar .it, or to the Navy Agents near- : est thereto and those of all the yard? upon applica tion to tlu* Bureau. This division iuto classes being for the convenience j of dealers iu each, such cia-'cs snly will belu nieh- j *d a- are actually required lor bids. The Command ant and Navy Agent »or euch station will, in addl- I tiou to the sc leauie oi classes cl >heir own yarns, j nave a c^py of tbe schedules ot the otnp r y ard« lor oxatnii.atiou only, fiom w» ich may bo judged wheth- ; or u will be desirable to make application for any ol the classes of those yaids. All other things De ng j equal, reference wiu be given to articles of Atnei icau manutacuire. UfTsra must M male for the whole of the class at any yard, upon one of the printeu schedules, or in strict Conformity therewith, or they will not be con sidered. Upon application td the Bureau, to tho Command- ' ante! any yarn, or to auy Navy Agent, the lorui of offer, oi guaranty, and other ne.e ary iu.oimatiou j reapectiuK toe p ono als, will Ik* furnisbed. The cost met will lie awarded to Hie h<weft bidder I w ho gik(A proper guaranties, as riqaiied by tbe Jaw oi AagWflO, 18*6, t eNavy depart meal reserving ’ the to reject tuc luwoet bid, or any which may i op deemed eaoibiiant. I be conLaof* w id hear date tho dvy tho notifica tion is given and deliveries ran be d inanded from that da e BurotivS in the lull amount will be required to sign tbe contract, aud their responsibility e<.rlined to uy j a United a au*s District Judge, L ulted 8 ate* dis trict Attorney. Collector or Nkvy Agent. As addi t ton si sonority, twenfy per centum will be withheld from thi amount ot the bids until tho contracts shall have been completed, auu eighty p r centum "i each bill, approveu iu triplicate by u.<- i otnmaadant* ot the respective y ards, - tii be paid by the Mvy Agents at tbe points ol delivery, in luuds or ccrtihcwt. s, at theoptirno* the liovcrumeut. ..ilmaiea days ai t**r tue warrant for the same shah have been passed by the Secretary of tue Treasury . Th following are the classics required n* the re spective uavy-yjuda, KITTERT. Class No 1, White oak Logs; No 2. White Oak Iveei ami ivoLou PieCt-s; No 3, White Oak t urvo Timber aud Ku *e*; Vo 4 Waite USf Blank; No 6, Yellow B»u«* l#ogs; No 7, Yellow Pine Beams; x*o 8, Velios Bin* Ma-tn aud spur limber; Noll, White l*in- B.auk. amd Puaru*; No 1*2, Wl ta Bine a d White oak l><* » Blank; No 13. Ash Log* aud thank; No 14, A-hOart: No 15. ufokory B;itt«; No 17, Cedar Board**: No !*, Locust; No 18, W hi to Oak Start-and Heading: No 2 .* sprues; No 23. Lignumvita ; No25, Irou, round, fiat aud square; No 2*3, OteOi; No 27, iron Spike#; No 28. Iron N alls, wrought and cu ; N- •' Ix utl; No 3l,T*u aud Zinc ; No 33. Hardware; No 54, loo.- for Store*; No 86 While Lead ; No 87. Ziao Paints; No 38, Colored Baints d yers NoBJ. furpcutuic, Varnish: No 40, Linseed Oi ; No 41. Glass; No 44, H-h Oil; No 43, ! Tallow, Soa^; No 47. 8hip Chandlery. CHAULK0TOWX. Cla*«No 1. White Oak Logs; No 2. White Oak Keel Pieces: No 3. While Oak < urvi-d limber; No 4 White Oak Blank; No 0. Neilow Bine Log-. No 1), White Bine M^-t* acd par limber: No 11, W bite Bine Log- Blank »u ; Boards: No 12, While Bine Deck ard 8 a<e Blank ; No 13. Asa Logs and Plank; No 14. Ash oar.-*: no 16, Black Walnut aud Cherry : No 18, Ljcu-’ ; No iD. Waite Oak Stave# and Mean ing* . No 2d, Black Spruce ; No28, Liguumvita-; No 26, irou: No 26, otee.: no 27. Ir »u Spikes; No 28, lroc Nails wrought, and cat; No 30. Lead: No 31. Zinc, Tin and Soid*-r: No 83, hardware; No 54, Tools for Stop Ac; No 36 White L< ad ; No 87. Zilc i Paint-; No38, Co ored Paiuts; No 3b, lurpumine rud Varnish; N\» 4 . Liu*i -l 0.1; No 41. Ola*#; No 44. Whai«* Oil; .No 45, Tadow, So«p and sweet Oil; No 47, Ship Chaudiery. CUuw No 1. WhiteOak Log*; No 2,Wbi'eOak Keel • Pie*-*-; So 3, White oak Curved Timber; No 4, WniloOak I lank . No 6. Yellow Pine Logs: No 7, Yedow Fine Hearn*; No 8, Yellow Pine Mast auj Spar litnb-r: No9 White Oak Hoard- and Plank: , No 11, W hi e Fine Timber aud Log- . No 13. Ash ** auk : No 14 *ahOars; No 15, Hickory liar* aud Hand spikes; No 16. Bia* k VYaluiitaml Cbeiry; No 11, Cedar; No 18, Locust; No 19, White oak >< *ves and hr* mg; No 20, Hla« * >puce: No it. Mahog any . No23, ( iguamvi a ; No 25 Iron, round, t! it, awl -.juar.-: No 26. Hud; No 27. Iron Ntoktt; .\o 28. Iruu Nails, w rough and cut; .No 36. Lean; No •il.j^uc, lin: No 33. Hardware; No 34 Tools fir > "i- No 36, White Lead : No 37. Zinc Paint; No Ev Coiore i Faints, dry«-r*: No 31). Yarni*(i; No H), Liu-et d Oil; No 41. Gia-*; No 42. Brush**: No44, Kish Oil; No 45, I allow : so 47. Ship Chandlery. 1’HILADl.Ll'HI A. < ’ass No l. White Oik L »g>; r*o 2. White Oak Keel Pier*--; No 3. White Oak Curved Timber: No 4, WhiteOak Plank;No 1* White Pine Ma.-t and fcpar Timber; No 11, hit- Pine l’.auk row! Boards: No 12. White Pine l> ck Plauk anu Stag** V auk: No 13, Ash Log* ami »Tank , No 14. Ash o*r* : No 16, Hack Walnut, Ch rr>, Mahogany; No 10 Litre* and Cedar: No 18, LocuFtTr- erails; N* 2d.BlackSp-uce; ; No 23, • ignuruvi v . No *26. Iron, round. f!*t. equate; No 25 ><*.!, 7 iron spikes) No 28. lr u NaiU. wrought, cut: No*). Lead: No 81. Zii.c. Tin, and Bolder; N * 33. Har ware; no 84. Tools for Stores; No 36 White Lead; No 37. Zinc Faints; No 38, Col onic i Faint*, dryer*. %c; No 39. Yan-i h; No 40. Limned (Ml; Nn 41. G’aes; No 44. Kish Oii; No 45, TaTow. s«ap. Sweet OIL N<>47, Ship Chandlery: No 4- Oakum: No 6*Ingot Copper. WABAIMlTO* ( 1 s*Nog. White Oak Knee Piesea: No 11, White i Pine *lank uuT Hoards, No li Ash Flank No 14, AthOais; No id. Black Wa nut. cherry, ana Ma hogany; NolTCjren; No «0, spruce Pine 2>pa*Bj Yu *2 » ejdai. No 25, Iron, round. tli» and square: No 86, tet* el; No 27. Spike-; No 28. Nails; No 3», Lean; N'o81 Zine, tin. and Solder: No 33, ♦•ard wart ; No 34, To tls lor Mores; h > 3)5, White Lead; So 37. Zinc P*iut; No G> Color-d 1'ainlr: K0 Hu. Tu petition aud Vanish; No 4**. Linseed Oil; Nofl, I (lias-: No 45, fallow, Soap, ftp; No47 dMp t/hand lory; No 48, . akiuu; Ss4,', l*uk iron No 80, In got Copper : No 52 Poles; Solti, Bellows. ju*y *-dlttw4tt OKD1N4M. E OFFICE, Ijai DxpAirrtiAXT. Wa*hi»otox, Jy:y i. 1964. fieajad proposals will be received at this office un til M.u.Uy, Jmi* 25. at 4 I*. 31., tor 10U,00) sets t>l Accoutreii.on,s calibre 5a, to be delivered iu the lollowiug < at the undfrupmod Arse oai, vu ; 30 00useta at the New Y’ork Arsenal, Governor's ; Inland. 2»,0n0 Stt* at the Frankfort Arsenal, Hridesburg, Pa 80,(k*» sat* at th* AlegUany Ar-cuel, Limburg, j r« 20.000 nti at the St Louis Arsenal. Mo. 10 iKM sets at the a ter town Arsenal, Mas*. Theae Acu »u«' vmeuU age io be made iu strict eun I fortuity with the tuw pattern set*, to be seeu at the Arsenal* above naiut-ti. witu the fo lowing excep tion*. vi/ . the thwifrr belt will he tut two In cite- wide, and no should* r oelt-plalc will be ftir j ni-h-.d ; tie inside ll p of the cartiidg* box and I cap pouch are to be leit oft, and the otiiare to be : -tv. :\ on ’he outer flap; the letters L\ B . with a i border, a/e to be stamped upou ti« cartridge box. 1 th*- same tue %nd style s on he plate winch it re-^ places . tu* cartridge box is to be wwei with nine»'.) , at d the esp pouch «*i b teu lnj*tiich*s fo the iuch w<-parate l»ia> wi 1 be receive* for (he u*uiuta.ture j of those Accent remeuls o* pure bdJP leather, of if*/r i erf tannage n it faith, and all hemlock. IJ.e belts . arc ti; 4fe Oi gtwineii leather. .Sampler kf Accoutrements are to be seen at ! the above named ArseaaU in or about the 26ih inst I I l- to b<* distinctly uudtrtftood that ihL depart ment is to have the prtvi)*»e oi inspecting the work doll* under an> contract It raiy award, iu all s’pgot * of its progr^aj, j;od o p ciuiL to exaiaiue th*' itciK'k befoiT* cuttiug They »v.- :•> J>e subject to Inspection «-<l f -.*r th<* wvefkm*kt. None are to beacc-p’ed or , paid for except *942; M arc* approvetl upon iuspec .ion. } Deliveries must l*e <:*a<le In iot^of not le-s than Ohe-tweli li (H2th) per week of the prh< k number I contrnctsd lor The u< >t delivery to be made op t^ie loth day <»t August, 1m>4. t<ailuroto maxr detiwrios at a spt-ciflt d time will i subject the contractor to a forfeiture ol the number j he may fail to deiisur r.t hat time. lb ' Accoutrements must be L./icd In the usual manner ; tb»- bo.v* t<» beuhirged at cost, to be de terminal by the mapecor hiddurs will state explicitly the Arsenal or ArsC I uai- wh^rc they pro( o*u> to deliver, and the number Of set* they propose to dg!|v. r at such place, it for more than one. No bids will be con* id* red from parties other tpan regular manufaeturem, aud such as are kn<>w*i. to tliia i (epartni* dt to b*' »ully ciiup-t-nt to execute in their own shop* the work proposed ibr. HbouM .tar pariy of* dui <g a eeii tract offer Accoutrements oih er than those :u his own shops, they will l*. rejected, atul the contract r*,rje,ed null and void. ; Th* name and place of inanulactare of each party obtaining a contract a»a«t be stamped on each part of each set of Aoroutroment#. OLAKAM1 The bld-lti anil be r quirv4 tq oc •mpanv his pro ponltioB v ith n . t-igiod by tw>* reaper stble person*, that in tun his bi J is accepted, he alii :it ! unoeevs'Ute the c out rue t lor the *«me, with good and *uitio«eut sureli*in a sum tqua to the amount ! ot tin? contract, to deliver tno article proposed, in oouforrnitv with the term* of th * advertisement, aud : t**r lilt I Till j ciitraci. 11 - ai** to m ik< mol the diflVrtnoe be j t w. on the otf r ot M|d bidder and the n«xt respon sible bidder, on he person to whom the contract may { be awarded. i no rreponaildlity of the guarantor- must be shown • by th * official cjrtifleate of »no Clerk of tlm mtir-at District t eurt, or of the United Mates District At . torney. ’ u4.' in a «um equal to th amount of the con • tr.. . si*red t»> the contractor at d both of hi* guar antor*. wiU t*. required of tii* tUA^tnl Liddir or | biddeis upon sig ing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTY. We the tinder-lgned, reaitjv*** of —— in the ' county of-and State of—— .hereby, joint!) and severally covenant with the U. Mat pa, • aud guaranioe, in case tim foregoing bid of— be accepted, that be or the> will at once execute the contract for the s m « ith'good and suffici nt sure ties it.uonoinp.ini to the amount of tbe contract, to f'irftifthtbe urtiole* prop -am in coDormitv to the terra* of the adt rfiartbeM. dated Ju y 4. ISfil, up | er wni lithe lid wav uwi j ; apd in '*a«e tho sjijd i - shall ‘nil to fut^r into a uautr&ir, as afore said. we guarantee to niske good the tifti rrnew. e twet u the ofl. r of *he ssld-and tie next low •*t r> spomdUe bidd* r ortho person to whom the , contractniay bu aw ardc d. I #.ljlvfcU un?er oy band* and coair l tb|S —~ fifty 0f-jjUj < Witness l^wal j l Seal. J To this guaranty i ust be append*, n !**• official ; certificate above wi*-nttoned. Kaoh party obtaining a contract will be obliged ♦o enter into bond with approved sureties for its I faithful execution. Upon the award being made, successful bidder* will be not.Cod, and furnished with forma of con tract and b 'nd 1 •'«» Dept rtment reserve* the right to reject any or all bids It not deemed catiafaetorv, end cfneeia ly tho«e made by parti* * who nave retied to matte time deliveries uud r ffreviou-* contracts without fu noth* i iua *a<irfao ory reaaoua for auch delinquency Proms U »> ]tk a dressed to “ Brigadi* rG'eer I ®1 Geo D Ramsay. Chief of Or'nance. Washing ton, I). C.,** and eudor.-d, •* Propoaala for infantry Accoutrement. ” GKO. D K A MS AY, Jylltodtd brigadier Gen , Chief of Ordnanoa EL'iwg'WB 1 ir.» ' .i» r RAILROADS. FOR CHICAGO. WILWAUKIE. And all part* of the Wed. EXiCRRIOK TP KHS M CBICICO, MWAtfclE, I And all other points at the WEST, SOUTH & NORTH WEST, y at the reduced ratoe of tare at tho Uuion Ticket Office, 31 fxthaege St., I». Little, Agent. juc<24dtf FOR THEVWHITE MOUNTAINS, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AXI) HR TURK. Excursion Tie! ets for talc at the IIE DU € ED HATES, liy W- I). LITTLE, A«ent, VKIOK TICKET OFFICE, juiu2Pf 31 Exchange street. « REDUCED RATES T inrOUTANT TO TRATELERS -TO TUB West, North West & South West! W. D. LITTLE. P Agent for all the great leading route- to C hief.* go, Cincinnati. Cleveland* Detroit, Milv. aukie, Galt* -a, Oekpeb, lit. Faul. LaOrob$o, Gr»cu Bay, tQuincy. fit. Louie, Louisville, ludunapcii*1, < aiio etc., etc., and is prepared to lurmMli Tuuocoh Tu kiiK from Fortiaua to aii the principal cities and towns in the loyal SU:ti and ( auadas, at tte lowtat i ate- or laic, and ail necdlui mini(nation cheerful y granted. Traveler!* will tind it greatly to their advantage to procure theirti jket<* at the Union Tifket Office, 31 Exchange Street, - (ur STAIRS.) Wf 1>. LIT I LK, Assent. UT Paasengers for California, by the Old Line Mail 8teamer and Panama Itaihoad' n ay be secured by earlv appJicnUi'U ax. this oil ice. Tickets to \fafo.irenJ and Qu*t*c and return (via the Grand Trunk Kaiiw»> ) may be ob ained at tin: ajp.Lcy on favorable term*. m*\26uAwt! Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s Great Combination of Exourtsiosra! Tor tiie 8eason of 1864. Ticket* Good to Hcliiru to November I*t. OHA.tiU THUNK HUUtAV. From Portland —TO— \\ hitc Hoi'.ulaHi^ Montreal, Qm Ik.*c, I>e« tioit, Chicago, W iltvaHkie, AiRgara I rtlis, and return AT VERY LOW RATES OF FARE. Only $10 to Cfticayo or MUwaukie, out <uul return, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Return, nil rail, $3.% Also, to Boston. New York, up the HudsonHirer Saratoga, Lake George. •• ’ Returning from Niagara Fail fitter by Grand Truv.k ttai way, or by me A . d-d Lun through tue 1 n* u-anu Island* ana Uapfa* of the bi. lst 1 renoe. An. riean Money taken at P ;r ter Tickets. Sleep ing Gars aud a; ruiie-hino.t ratoon* Arraugt meats ha • h.-en uu-.d,- with tl.i Proprie tors ot the principal Hotels in Monareal, ^u«-o.c aud D m it t<»take Anieticau Mot.e> at par, charging New For Tickets <»r mf rnmtion apply to A«*»t of Grand Trunk Hallway. K. P. BF.At tJ. General Agent, 279 Broad way, NY W« FlowBEB, Lantern Agent, Hangar. June 11.—d4w OHANB TRUNK GA1LKAY Of Canatlu. HlilMbU ARRANGEMENT i9BBH l,u and *iur UouiU), June 27, 1SC4, w:.l run duly, (i*uiid*7. bxcvpt* ad) until lurtliei notio*. m tclloirt: Up Train*. boar# Portland ior i-lu* • p;,t.d, Montreal and tfuetce at 3.0.1 a. a and 1 25 7. u. Down Train*. Etiax bland Fond lor Portland, at« at a a and » 15 r. m. I he Company are pot rctponilbk t.r Lav-dare to any amount txocodiiig nu> in value, and i .tVr. *ot*l. uole*. ncUoe i* given, and paid lor at t!i« rat* of cue pMMiigcr lor every «0u additional value. C. J. BRYDGE8, Managing Director, j M. BAILEY, Seperiiitendefit. Portland, June 25, bmp e0Tg PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC R. R. SPRING tSUIlMEa ARRANGEMENT, ; Commencing Monday, April 25. 1864 ■5 ra,»engcr train, leaveSkovhegac for * V*P* 1 «rt an and Boiiot., at 8 4.i a ai . Au *-u- a, li. A. M and bath Iv Id P. Al. /.u-n.ia gj*" *'urlJ“d and Uoatou al 5-3.1 A, a.; Rath o ) A. Portland for lta h, Au.utta, Watervil EeadaU’a Mill, and Skowhogan, at l.jup. M Portland for Rath and Augusta 8 15 p M. 1*ugtra for ‘>(|tion.’uDiQ*,OK(i& UrB rt*yi will change car* a» BruiiWick. It-.r I 1: M. train f oui I urtlsnd connect* at kcndait • Mill* with Maine Central Railroad ivr Bangor. Ac . arriving igjno evening. leave lla h lor Kookland at 9 A M and 3 ■ P M. Stags# leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P M. fctages leave bkouhogRri at 6 10 P. M for An« a | Soow.kc. 1 hr ugh Iickf ts for all the station* on V «* ' • the A r.droec, f-gio Ituiircad, can be procuried in Boston at the Fas tern or Boa-on at,<i Mai. e •■tatior..-. B. U.G’USUMA>lbtapt-rwteBd4at. ApMi is, la»4 $ m-231 f Vorfti Ac ClIItltMTlUlftd SiBliltMUl. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Ify-. -''il’Ws.v Ob and after MONDAY. April 2J lii*., !*'••*. train* will lea T L-i l . jgiT f«>li»»R further notice: Saco Ui\ t*r lor Portland r: 6 4L l,irrt ■Ml Train with Fa*otngtr Caral and 9.15 \ . u , w.d 3.3<> r u. Lestf PortUud Hner, T.45 a u. ai cl . 1U0 and 6,'A' v u. The iOOr u. traiu out. cud 5 4," a m traiu into 1 ortland, wil. be freight trains with passenger cars attaci.t d. .* tu»res eouiKfCt at *aecarappa daily for South Wiua ham, Windham Center aud Great falls At Gorham lor West Gorham, St*udish. bleep Fall*, Baldwin. Stbaao,Bridgtor, ilijani, Limw-s • tou, Corpiph, Denmark, Brownfield. Level Frye burg, Con way, BArticU, Ai*a»iy, op t.:ti m . ton. N. li. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonnov Fa git-, south Umington. Limiu^ton and lam trick , At sac ■ River tri-weekly, tor iioUit, Limerick, ! Oaaipoo. Newfifld, far i s field. F.t! i»i/ an. Free dom. f aton, Cormeh, Porter, Be , Far^fft ccnfi'tea* wnen'tT,iL'.'t4 ve purchased in the Olfiee, thau when paid lib the < ar». DAN. CAKPEN l £B, Supt. Portland April 7, l *4. SUMMER CRRAXUEHUST. naraHHarj Trains leave Portland, Grand Truck iQK5SBIsh»ii‘ B,fv? Uf *ton a »d Ant arc. at 7 a. a. For Prvtjgor and interned!* t :»H« b* hi 1.2C p.m. RKTUBN.f.J9G—laart Lcwteton atftlOA.M and arrh•;* In Por laud at S CO a. m. Lea'C Bangor at t ?«£ a. £.. and arrive ii Portland at 2 15 p. m. Both there train* at Per?’*** with train# for Boatoa. Frotaht train leave# Portland a4 * a. m., and re turning Ip duein Portland at 1 p.m. oocnect with train* at priaoM station#, daily for of th® t£*p# North and E*»t of this line. i.’. at jitiKto*. Sup'i. I . WatervOle f? vetnber, Med. a*o:4 PORTLAND, ft AUO4# PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD, - SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April 17th, 1864. »*%53W2 i a“ 'T,u”-r ‘ ' * dl leav** tae 6ta lion, L’anu: >r .ail; . ^Sunday® ex e:f a* follow?: avoPori*.v ifor IiuMo> S;**»a.m. and ".(•■} j V. M • Leave Boston for Porttenc -t 7.30 a m and 8.00 ' P.M. Leave Portsmouth for Portiao3 at 10.00 a. M.aad ; 6.80 p. m. i These trains veil! take aed leave p**#ti»Kcrs at way italics^. Freight train* leave Portland ..nd Boston daily. r RAM 18 CU1BE, Superintendent. Por land. Oct. 9). 1S68. ocSl edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. AugQHta, Jlaiut. I milt: Maine la^uisnu Company insure again t I loss or damfcge by Fire. Buildings Meri-han diro aud Funiiture. on term# a# favorable as it car bo done bv any solvent Company. Policies Issued for Oue> Tftf#***. °r Five year*. j. L- CUTLER, X’ruddect J. H WILLIAMS,Secretary. HOWARD SHAW-Agent, No, 10? Middle Street. m i llVATlO i \I, Fire Insurance Company 1 Of Jt>K» Yo''f:, Office 113 B reunite ay. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. 1 WM. E. WARREN, 1'reaid nt. HAMILTON BRICE, Vice l*resident jjLOfiGE Yf. a Ay VG B, secretary. * Portland Board of Pefrrmcei: j Jomt II. Brown 4 Son. Hkrset Fletcher 4 Co. H. J. Libbv 4 Co. John Lynch 4 Co. The undesigned having been appointed Agent and Attornfy for 1 hi* Ci’tnpa y, m now prepared to i*#ue Policie# ou iu.-uralie Property at current rates. fcy"Portland Office, 166 tore Street. JOHN W. HUNGER, Aftut. Juntl, lW4.-utf * STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot .River, Snmmcr Arrangement, 1MC4 . TUKNEW, STAUNCH AND COMMOD IOUS S1HHLK I. A 111 L A \U, Built expressly lor tills route, i f. WILLIAM R. ROM, Will commence her Summot Ar ra gcmiril <»n MON DAT MO.HN 1NG, Juuc 6th, Leaving Bangor ov er* Monday . Wednesday and T ridav hlormi g*. at 6 o'c.ock. Returning will 1 are Labroad Wharf, foot ot Stab slr«-et. Pcrtland, every Mouday, Wednesday and Friday Evening-, at 10 o’clock, connecting with j the Eastern, Be.-ton and Maine, and Portland. Saco j and Portsmouth Kailroao*. from Hogton and \\ ay I Station*, lea* ing Boston at 3 o’clock, 1*. M. The Boat will touch at Rockland, Camden, Bel fast. Bucksport, Wlnterport and Hampden, Both way*, i aasengera ticketed through to and irom i B -ton, Lowell, Lawrence, Sal* maud Lynn. For more extended in lor mat ion. apply to J. O. Kendrick. Bangor; tue local Agent* at t‘he various la-diugg; the Depot Master* of the l’. S. & 1*. Eastern, and B. * M Railroatia; Abicl boiuarby, i'ortland; Lang k D. ano Boston. «»r CilAb. SI EAit, General Agent. jlj • Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. a, One of the following flr*t-cfa«g *t earners of this Line vizPeruvian, C *r. Hibernia, North American. Jura, Bel IBB!-M>BH>No* a Scotian, Moravian, Da laascu-. mi..-ail irom Quebec, kvmv Saturday Moummo. fur Liverpool via i.ond' neerry. Also the ateumer* st. David bT. Gkokok. St AM’uaw. St. Pater k/ tri month > /ruin Quebec for Glaagow . 1’r. paid and return ticket* issued at reduo d raU*. For passage Emily to H A a. ALL AN . Montreal, or to J L FARMER, may 16dtf No. 10 Exchange street Purtl *nd. International Steamship Company. Oastport, Calais A St John. TW O TUII'S |’I,H WEEK. On and after Monday, March 23, the gaper: or rca-goiug at earner NEW BKUN8WH K.Capt. E. B. Winchester, will leave Railroad Wtiari. i'*o< ot Statu* street, every Monday at 5 o'clock P. M..and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, ('apt. K. Fi Id, every Thursday at b o'clock F. M., for ragtport art! bt. John, N. 1) , connecting at Ka«tport with VKimer Queen, for Kobingon, bt An drews and caiais, and stave coaches lor \ta cbia*. ami at ot. John with steamer* for Fre ier ictoi* and with Era. <ror lor Diubj, Wind sor and Halifax, and with the E. & N. a. n.aiiroad for bbediac and all wav nation*. Returning wi ] leave st Jehu every Monday and Thursday at 8 o’clock A. M . for Lamport, Portland and Boston. Through tfckeia p«»cured of the Agenteand Clerk on Loaro bieamera. Freight received till 4 o’clock P. M., Mondays and Thurgdavg. maytidtf C. C. EATON, Agent. t*ortlau<< anil Boston Line. THESTEAMERS Foreil City, Lewiaton and Montreal Will, anil) farther aofloe. rac as follow*: ,, 1*,are Atlantic Wharf, Poitlend, SHJY Monday, Tuistiay, Wednesday, lliursday auu Friday, a; , o'clock I*. M,, and India Wharf, Boston, arcry Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday,Thursday aud Friday, at; o'clock l-.M. Far* in CUda.«1.60 ” on Deck. 1*4 Freight taken as usual. l ht Company arc not responsible for baggage to any uicunt easeeding (5<i >u value, and that person al, uuiee* untie1 i* given aud pmd tor at the rate ot on, passenger for every #500 additional valae. <■ ’ I 'M d!f L. l'l LUNCH. Agent Popflsud Mint New t ork Steamers 8KMI-WEEKI.Y LINE. j. J. The splendid and fast Stoamshlc# d *&A "LOCl'ST POINT," Cape. WiLcrpr, "FttTfi.MAC," Captain Sh&u. wt^anrejawoeiD, wdl,until further actio., ran as follow* Leave Browns Wnarf, WbDKIA DA 1, and SATURDAY, r.t 4 I', it , ia'd ;,4Te j.(tr # North River New York, every WEDNESDAY and »AU KDAY. at S o'clock, I’M. Three resscls areSttedup v»ithdnoacooir.modaUons for peMengan. making bathe m.xt,1-t. 1 y, safe and oomfortable rout for travellers between New Tork nnd Maine. Passage #;,«, traludicc Fart and S*»te Rooms Goods forwarded hy thlr Mre to and from Montreal, Quebec, Bangor, hath, Acgusfa, Kwtport and St John Shippers are requested to send their frtikftt to the itewu-rs asearly as 3 P. M . on the day that then leave Portland. For freight or rsssege apply to EMERY k FOX. Brown « Wharf, Portland. H. B CROMWELL k CO.. No. M West Street, New York. 1 Deo. 3. I8G3. *i\f ■■ —''I ■ I M. _ FOR SALE & TO LET. lion*© and Uoumc Lot* Fur Sf|c, * __Located in Wt tbrook, about five . k minute-walk from the Horn* Car* •an ^e'WT^ *l " oodlord’a corui-r. [B ** * VaU AI«o. me phasantly located two jc\ Dwelling Uttu-t anil Lot, rc i c**tly occupied by Mr. J. C. Kemick. 1 he lot con '*ms two ncrev a d t* onool tho finest loca tiou for a gi nu« | v» salei wi to bt* tout'd in the sub ! ot Pori land, being le«» than two mUe> from toe I’ l\>.wt niiiC". aud commands a bee view of ; the city. f >r further particular* call on the undersigned at 1 ore Street, corner Umcu S truer j j) 14d f IU'I>'U8 DUN1|£M. House iiiul Lautl f or Sale at a liar* train. 11' i' \l story brick tlm o N\> ;• Portland rtreet. j 4be lot is 63 loot on Foitiand treet, running Luck iv Da ford itreet. Said bou-o i- » tuated iutlie 1 center ot the city, on th« direc*. line of the llorst' iUilroad. i’ii t £1700,00,£900,06 of which cau re main on a mortgage, l or further particu.ars in I ‘iUirt ot w M. aLI.KN Jr , j) lSeodif ^ Ko*. id mid 15 &xchange street. Valuable* H< .U E*tate lor Nitie. \ Y7 L bare for sale a very dotdrable Home, con* f? train aiiU plci-autlv located, fir-i-bod aud fnrni«bed trom garret to osliar | every thing in aud abcu* tin- hou* • in perfect ord« r; will be -old with ttu Furniture, which a n good Vait* and iu titeOr ti< r Huint diate po*peA«.|oL given. 1 he bonM and furniture can be examined u anytime, ami in for : aiu .ion give by calling on HKNHY BA1LKY k Uu , Auctioneer*, mi) L-dtt • dud «it Frue direct for **nle. fPlllF. va u*bl® re*I cet§to on Fret- street, known I a the "t t»rbi- b property ” The Jpt i* about 106 iut on jiiee•trfut «i:dO'-tei dp bnck about 174 fett. i Said tv * w i!l be sold a* a wit !c, or the eaiterly . hall ol inerts* iiog house, wiib lot about 40by 175 : leet, will lie aold by itHrlf Applicatiou tnay be made to Jame* Knrbtob, K<-q., fn L.e p-ouL-cs, or io ofc*U- K B. JACK>ON, | Julyldtt £41 l.x hange street. t or Saiit, i SQIJAUK bloekofland, of about 79J00 aorea £\ oi wood laud, on tho south *ide of the river , Law r m . in Canada Last It fe intercteded by twoeonaiderable rivers with eligible Mnlsit-. Well wooded w»t« every 04-^cripUou of timber, »uuh as 1 nine and spruce in large iiaLUfities, |0(1 rnapie, , be rob tccch, tamarnc ami ba?i» wo a tetuiy amount, huquire of H. f. UACttib. - ortland. Foreland, Feb. 1W4* feb&eodtf — — ror sp.jf, CLIP# UOI I AGE, oobUiuiug over 10 roouwjarse stable and shed#—situated two •'•'l ono-h*!T milf« from Portland, and the i.uift -itnation in Cap© Elisabeth lor a wo* taring pl*po, and aurntwr b orders. Far I particular. oaqiarf ©« * EO. OTO, •pT c*f 101 C'oifrcu Street. ForCand. For Male, rJ'HE \>IubMp rstato on the westerly comer of 1 itigl: and spring street#, !pr mane years qwned ’lid occupied by the late George Bartol. J. A E. M. KtND, 123 Middle St. July A 1SA4* July 6dlm For Mile. V TWo atory House and L<>t situated on Port «nd stre-t, wit la .Stable and other oat buddings. \iso two adjoining i..4^ containing abou* eight thousand wiuare I it. an. qirv of N. iiTEVEjitf, No. 47 Cortland street. ' juacOdtf For Sale. VTWO story wooden house. No. 18 Adams street, 11 finished rooms, convenient tor two Dunlin**, pltu > ut good water. For pamuuiani inquire oi B. J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,18£4. niayl4eodif To Lot. DOl'K Oft*c*iugleor in sqitef, over Stores Noe. X 1&2 an i 154 Exchange Street, opposite the I liter* natiouui Htu e Apply q.»the premise* tq jy4 dtf A. L. BROWN. To Fet. SfOBf new occupied by us. Possession given immediately. Also, a Front OUiot-io Hanson Block Jan8 dtf U J LIBBEY A CO. To Ff*l. ONE STORK, in Gait s Block. Apply to H. T. MACH IN, ap22 dtf •ilXHWN Ul5KR\L'8 0mil£1 » Washing: uCitv, June24,1854. J ■VIT ANTs'D— Surpe- u > ami A*s ttat,t my tom VT fur t*c ' lore- Tr />*— i amlidstm mint be Graduates of some Regular Medical Coll*-e and 1 must hr* exatniiu <» hv h Board c! ^wdjca! Oitioer* to . be c i»,eutd by tn** Surgeon utie*&}. The Board [ wi ! «kt( rinit.e w In t r the candidate uni be ap pointed surgeon i>r Assistant Surgeon, according to merit Applic itHns accompanied by one or mun I t **t monial* ft out re'ptciaoh j isri s > to moral [ cbu"ficter. &o.,rh u d b© m!^jre> etl totfce>urgein j General. U. 8. A., Washington. lb C , or to‘he A* sistant Surgeon General. U. S. > Looi-' tlla. Ky. u w ,0 #pgs,' M ;*4 pootcil. #ivw po>|( Wa/bln|lou, Uihcinppti, St. pcai* and Now Or* I leant, Also wauled, lio-p'.tal Stewards for Colored Reg iments. Candidates u»u»t pop*©-* a lair English Ed ucation, and be laini’iar w ith the coin; curding and ' dispensing of Medicines. Applications must i>e made a«ju the c«se of Mir oom and Aaaia aut Surgeoua. Compensation from *23 00 to S3S 00 per month, with nothing, rations, tuel and quarter*. jos k barnes, julyl-Ssw.lin Acting Surgeon General. nimoixre Ouiulrtilf Maud 18 110" r< ndy to ftirnia~h Rail*. Cotillon end Fio Nic l'artia, on the most tavoraUo terms Ail order* left ai False', Mu-ie ,tore (lt-8 Middle (treat■ will receive prompt attention J) UMlm _ME m CAL. liEnrI on. wiiiQHT’s K,ixir REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OR, ESSENCEOF LIFE, Parr Anon no,H Pc*# Txchtabi.ii Extracts CONTAIN I H.i NOTHIN!) INJURIOUS TO TUX MOST URLP'ATK. rJllIE Rejuvenating Elixir it the result of modern discoveries in the \egotahls kingdom, being ■n eutirely new and abstract method of cure, irrespec tive of all the old aud worn-out systcny.. This medicine has been tested by tho most emi nentmedical in u of tho day, audby ihempronouuc ed to tie one ol the greatest medical discoveries ol tbe age. One bottle will cure ilenerm! Debility. A few dosea cure Hysterics in females. One bottle cures Palpitation of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation. From one te throe bottles restores the manliiss aud full vigor of youth. m A few do’es restore the appetite. Three bottles cur, the worst case of Impotoner. A few doses cure the low-spiriicd. One bottle restores mental power. A few dose# bring the rose to the cheek. This medicine restore# to inauly vigor and robn health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and do • pairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, enervated youth, tho overtasked men of business, the victim of nervous depression, the adividualsatr.wingfrora general debility, or from weakness of a stage organ, will all find immediate and permanent relief by the u»e ot this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price *2 por bottle, or throe bottles lor *5, and fofwardcd by Express, on receipt of money, to any address. bold by all Druggists everywhere. DH. W R. MEBWIK 4 Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, J«o. bit Liberty-st,. New York. 1 CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR. HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, For the removal of Obatreetiou. and tho Insurano of Regularity in tne Recurrence of the Monthly Periods. # They cure or obviatethose numerous di*ea»e* ths spring from Irregularity, by removing the regular ity itself. They care Suppressed, Excessive and Painful Men struation. They cure Green Sickness (Chlorosis!. They cure Nervous and Spinal A fleet ions, pains in the bark and lower parts of the body, Heaviness, Fatigue on slight exertion. Palpitation ot the Heart i Lowness of Spirit-, Hysteria, Sick Headache, Gid diness, etc., etc. In a word, by removing the Irrrg. o lari ty, they remove the cause, and with it all the effects that spring from it. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, thej con- t . tain no tiling deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicate—their function being to substitute strength for weaknr-ss. which, when properly used, they never fail to do. All letter* seeking information or advioe will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions accompany each box. Price SI par box, or six boxes lor So. Bent by mail, free of postage, ou receipt of price. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. B. MERWLN & Co., SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty-et., New York feb*k od&eowlv Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried e fttcacy for correct ing all disorders incidental to tho D turnin' sex. That the afflicted may feel assured that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their confidence, - not one of tho*e seer t compound* purposed to destroy healthy action. 1 add a few testimonial* from phys ician* » Dom all. Javoring the Electric and Ktiorictd Practice ot Medicine, respect. DK. WILLARD U. GEORG E, formerly Professor in th*- Worcester Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, Jkta>*., *peaks oi it in th.- f« llowiug terms: '* 1 have used the Female Strengthening Cordial •imilar to that preparation b) DR. GEO. W SWEPT. 106 uaoovt r Street, aud 1 regard it as one of the best Medicines for Female Complaints that can be found.” DR. J. KING, Author of” Woman: Her Dis ease* and their Treatment,'' says: “This Medicine appears to exert a specific influ enoe on the t ter us. It is a .aiuabie agent in al> de rangement# of the Ft male Reprooactive Organs.” ? DR. SMITH, pr* sident of the New Yorx Asso ciation of Botanic Physician*, says: " No Female, if iu delicate health, shoud omit the timely use of this valuable Cordial I owe much ot mv success in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine.” MOII1EKS AND MARRIED LADlEa ■ Tho following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no tice : ” Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this * Cordiai1 is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sion it isesUemid more highly for i:s good result j during C'ouiincau-nt in relieving the great sufiering attendant upon childbirth 1 acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my •ucces? in midwifery is due to the usc» ol this medicine It strengthen* both mother and child. In each ca*cs I follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to u«e it a few wifks previous to coi.fin* mtut. as by the energy it imparts to the uterine nervous svstem ♦he labor will be very much facilitated, and removes the scraps which many female* are liable to. No | w**o|fia. if•h*1 knew tho great value of this Strength i enlng cordial would <ail to use it.” 1 have received numerous testimonials from diff erent parts of the country where used Knowing the j^ood it i* caaabic ofduing. I w ii wariaat every botiic •; in. ** \ <ud*ai” to bv satisfactory in its re 1 suits. The following-ymptoms indicate those affections in which llie Ptm*nt Strengthening Coccm.' has proved 10* aiuable: Iuii*t>osition to Exertion. Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits, Trembling. Loss of Power, Pain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Headjpfeo, Languor Ach ing Along tlm thighs, intolercuee of Light and Pwie Coun nance, Derangement ot he Stomach and Bowel*, Difficult Breathiug, Uysteria, Ac.. Ac. It is a specific remedy iu all Uterine Di<caa»*. Chlorosis of Green rdeknes*. Irr^gultrity, Painful ne*s, Proftoe or Suppression or Customary Di* charge*. Lcucorruaa or White*. Scirrhus or Ulcer ate State oi the Uteri*, Sterility, Ac No better Tonic can possibly "be put up than this, and none less likely to do hfrm, and it »# composed wholly ot vegetable and su< h as we have kopfi-n to oe valuable, and have used for many y«*ars. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for A5. Should vour druggist not have it, *«rt;4 dtreotly to u*. and w hen **x bottles or u*.*rv are ordered we will MY fill expanse*, and h*ve it •oeurely packed from ob’crv.tiou, sure and get that prepared at the Now England Botanic Depot 106 Hanover St. Boston. GEO. W SWETT, XL D., Proprietor. H. 11. U.\Vt Ag«ui, Portland. mohS tiodupi statement qt the . Etna Insurance Company, OK’HAKTJOKD. CONN., in the 1st day of November. A. D. 1183. a# required by tUu Lawa of the State of Maine. The Itepital Stock I#...•1.600.CM) amd with ihe avrpina ia in ratted oj foi/owa: it* al estate, unlncnmb< red. s»£7,v.H33 1$ Cash iu baud, on djjjun*. ana in agent#’ baiids. 216,960 M | United States Stocks, *12 *47 60 State and City Stock*, and Town Honda, u t» 460 00 1 ! Hank and front Company St^k#, 1, 47.27V u© Mortgage Bondi. 900 00 Atlanta Mutual l$a. Co'* scrip, 1802-3, 15.»se 80 Total Assets, *<*.(£5,879 74 Amoco: of Lw4biU>>«» for Lomc# not due or adjuvted. *175 411 t4 Amount at risk, eatiinfttcd, .116 516,479 (H lilt>S. A. ALEXANDER. President. Lucius J. Haudks. Secretary. ff 'irir'ord, Xt-v. 7, 1>$3. J. Q. CGUaOHILL, Agoni, \u. I Iron Wlock, l’orthtml Pier. dtr Dirigo Insurance Company or TUB CITY or PORTLAND. Office No. !!8 !'\cliaiige street, Onpitn? $200,000 ri’.UU t pu,(«ny t» uo« prci«.rod to i,„uo rolicl,-r X ou »>) kmd! of property iu,arable airnm-t dr, at ettirrnt nu-a B A. K. 8HL1 KTLt.K. rre.ideut. JEKKS11AU DOW, Secretary. , _ UlWI«M. J. I . Brown, E. S. >uriu - U. \f. Clara, J. H Carroll, .Jutm i.Vncii. U I. T»r.Ta*j St. John Smith. H. M. Pay son. ( U, UsUali. Andrew Spring, N. O. Cram, Philip Brown, li* N.Joae. Jers. Dow, i». IV Woodman, U J. Libby, If. J. Robinson, J. N. Winslow. 8. 0. Chase. Alvafi Conant, Wra Moulton Uav 4, 1864 * Notice. fllHIS day 1 give to mr two sons, E J. and Chas. X Randal], tLeir time, to act and trad for them* reives; I shall not claim their wages or par their debt*. T C. RANDaLL, Kez^r Falla, Me. Witnom. Mary PilUbury, Mary S. PUlsbuiy. June 27,16<H. Juntft "medical. 1 - JsiV'.JWK •••■« rML ■ a:-STgry-a^-7--=*-———--- ---_ Lyons Periodical Drops THE GREATFEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ABB BBTTEBTBAK ALL Powders Ar <£ua<k PrcpuritHoBA. Lyons Periodical Drops! -ABB Sure to do Goodand cannot do Harsa. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Ureal (Ym:il<- lieineily LYON S PERIODICAL DROPS! ABB RBTf EB THAR ALL PlLLH,POWDFll2 f QUACK PRSPARA TION8 LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOODAND CANNOT DO HARM. Lj oil’s Periodical Drops the great female remedy. Lyon's Periodical Drops ARE BMTi HR Til AX'ALL PILLS. POWOBLb. AND {fi’ACtC MEDICINES. Ijyoii’ii Periodica! Drop* •*^rw to do (food ami cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPF The Ureal reiimle Keiuedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ABB BETTER T3A1 ALL Pills, Powders and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS 8UKE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO IIAKM Icon’s Periodical Drops TBH QBEAT FEMALE BEMEDT Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pill*. Powdery And Quack Preparations. Lyon's Periodical Drops, -ARX Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, 91 per Hottle. For rale by at! Dra^ists. At whciwal' by W. F Phillips. H. H. Uijr k Co., Portland. aurfU eodlr < A T A R It II ! —ah d— NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! CUBED BY IN HALT Vi» A Harmless Fluid, Or AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SY KINGING Of the Head. TIIK ftKNSK OF TAHTK AND SMK I.L KESTORKL DK. K. GOOD ALE’S CATARRH REMEDY. L»r r.oodale has combatted Catarrh until he ha fought It down. It has bet-n a long war. but his tri umph is complete. Through all coir ing time hte Ca tarrh Komt-dy whl he known as the only one anti dote for a disease which superlicla iets hate declar ed incurable. Catarrh doctors, so called, spring up all sides, ilia object of thoao pocket j ractitioaers is money, they use dangeron* instrument*. Thttr violent tnanij ulaii us Irritate the already inflamed membrane. They never cure. Dr. lioodsle’s treat ment is mt dicinal, not mechani cal. He does not believe in the torce-pnmp ay stem, which is working *v» much mischief. His remedy pa-ses through the absorbents, to the seat of the dis ease, auH obliterates it. It doe* not relieve merely for a day. but Tor all time. Lastly, it coeie a dollar a bo?t!*—no more. Ur. Dotfge Auburn X. F. Alter having witnessed flu* effects of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it :-)t ia truly ai.d uu conditionally a Her culeau specific tor the • holt- Uis «a*e. Suok au article ought not to be -hid uniter n hnsbt‘1,*' and auv man who can invent no truly at efiioent and jkvi he a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to b* col-iu4-red cue t.f the bene ac tor* of hi* race, and his name and Die effect* of bis skill per|>eluated. Your* respeett'uil . D. L DOLHiE, A. M. PH*y JiTtUt, the weli-kitor* Trm■>. 'Ur, Aud whose family ohrslcian Dr Loodale was for many years, *av*—"l I t)r. fieodaie say r he cau < um Caurih, hero* cure it.” Ac. Price 5*1 hi ud a stamp lor a j amph’et. Dr K UlX»DALL’> Office ana Dep»'t . 75, (Meeker s*rett, ono dour west ol l!ro* l wav, New Vwk. II. H. liar Agent Ibr Portland! June 2d, IMS. jnmlUiy TAKK A WO\ Patent Metallic or Copper Paint* run vessels’ bottoms. To Owucia. nud lluMm ol Ve«wl». TUia superior erUclu is oft rut with the fullest con Monte. When applied to WOODiVN BOTTOM VFSSELS l« will bo found a p-rfect substitute for Ceppct Shoathinir, and a COMPLETE PliESEK VAIl\ l from WORMs. BARS St 1 ES, GRASS.*; Tr|. set, t' the West India and noorhrru Por: wiil dud it particularly fcr their interest to nee t t tAHST ilLT.1 LHC 04 C»l esi: PAISr. rhe proprietors will n every ease only that their t opper Paint i« eu.eiier to any now iu ue. hut also to any that lies bee" hereto tote ul. I red to the public. Priuted direct ioiu fbr i»osct «mitipy e.zch can. Fcr sala, vhoMtoale and retail, by (ho Afauutsc turer*’ Agci.u, LYMAN & MARHETT, ®lilp Olvanciloi’s, No. Ill Itiiiiineieml Street, ap30 2t«w3a»_PORTLAND. THU BOSTON CIHE BKICK And Clay flctuyt Manufacturing Co., Works, 3S4 Fodwral »i***t, Ottice and Warchouto IS Liberty Square and 7 Battervmarch St, man u : act are 1 o\ Brick, ail shapes and «tzw, for turuac .required to •tauu the mo*! intense heat *!**> a urn ace Block* zud Slats, Locomotive r';r* blu*ks, Baker*’Oven zud Ureeu-lkHij lib.*,Clay t: rort- »nd nec»< files to sot them, Fir#Cvmoat, Fireclay and kaolin The undersigned will give their zp* i&l attention that al> order* for the above isAUurit*. lure art- execu ted with prvoiptnee*, J AMES V. MOM) A C O. Sbllino Amis re, 13 Liberty Square, Bus ton. inch 11 codSm The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY B\ MASON & H A M L IN kre tbt: best instrument!) of their ela*s in the world. Skarly all the mostpromlaen* a.~t>*fs in tbe country lave given writtenteatimoBy to thia Hfeot, aud these • usirumeut* are in constant'u-* in the conceit* 01 ho »uu*i d'Htinguiabed arti*tn—a* t.otteohalk aiw\ >there—as well ** iu too . ras in tuw priuc q-A ett* • os. whenever such in**rtimeu!i age roomed. Vri^ z<6 to *500 each. Those instruments may found it the Music Hoorn* of the *ul>»c.ibt r. where, they eill be sold at the inaaotaot'^rera' prices. U. s. El)TV ARDS, <6. SWj Slower.e P'uck, Contcruse jt. __aprl.T dtt Evpi'Br«*«*ii Cemetery. IIUK Superintendent of Everirrcen (Vine Wry will be at his office, iu Ktw City Bui din<. outran.*) m Msrtle Street, Irom U o'clock M. to 3 o clock P. II.. erery day, except Suudays. to atteudto any oails o connection with said Cemetery. Orders may be left et the office at any time. rp3udtoaayl U. C. BABB, Superintendent. r~r ~ wimi———i mi —• AlhLUCAJL. ii 8TMM0S lIST m MRS. MANCHESTER isoeustaatly receiving aaaaiMtcd testimonial* Cl the a& ceres performed by hoc. Among many recently received are the following, which s/e oommemied loth-; noticeofthe affisted. hire. W r,m Chester may be consulted si So. 11 Clapp's UI<vck,Kootn A CASK Of SPINAL DISK ASK CP KB O' XhL is to certify that 1 went to see Mrs. Muneboe> ter list March with a danghtcroi minetreulled with spinal d sease. I'or which she had Lw u doct-red lor livey»»rs, and by a number ol phy tulaus o( kinds; and she has had twenty-one application* oieelricif y applied, bat all to no effect; bnt she .ten • tnuaily rrew woree. 1 ram* to the eem-latioa, the last resort, to go and see Mr*. Manchester, and did so; and to my great surprise sho told me the u. -l »cse el the disease, and how she hod been from time to time, which encouraged me to try her medicintp. X did so, and now my daughter is able to be aroerd too house all oi the time. She alsm rides >o or Hi teen miles w.thou. any trouble or iucenvenienoo.aed l think in a short time she will be restored to perle-.t health. Since my daughter has been doctoring, I flnvs heard of a great many eases that Art. iian.-u e ter has oared, i think li any pertca deetrvee y rename, It it the one who tries to preserrs to# heal- t Of the uok and SWfcrisg; and I kno t U. , every effort whhih lies to her power to beaebt tec paUents. Sanaa L. *2,^ Snc.;ei Kr;»w«s, Aanv k. Kmuutd, . . .. , ffanaKwicnss. flrwumc*. Mao*. Augntl H», ON* or TUB GKKATKSTPVKK3onHKCOP Man. Mammnrr«»— Dior Mtuuun. —Xh,ahteg. itatement of my ease may be ofservioe to otkira similarly aldicte-i, I hasieu to give it to yon, Xhia 1- brietly my case—I waauki a tick aboat lg months ago with thr Liver Complaint in a rery bad form I applied to fbur dift-ronf physicians, but r#. aelred no bensdt aati! Ioailed on yoa. At t mi Uu>s I had given up bu-tuees, and *r in a very bad sue, but aftertakmg yonr mtdiolns for a Sheri, time 1 be gan to recover, and In two month* I wu enfj.-tiy well, and had gained several pounds #»' at. oan truly say that by your skill 1 am a purree• h m hv man. fossrsOate Avstosi t .Mmsw h.pot Portland, M*. ! * RMMAMEAJiLB CCRE OR A CASH OF) jgo a r CVKKD B T MRS. MAX CUP F jj This la to certify that I haw been ur A of Drop-yof artsei, y«u..tBnd,a,r by tie. Mnu ter. I hare bees to phy,tcli.„iu T>oet.-a, Xew Y ,ri and Philadelphia. They all told ms 'ntt It r 3,.u , do nothin* for ms, unless they tapped me, an;! sured mo that by tapping 1 oould lire hat' a o time. I had made op my mind to to home and Hr »lo«* •* I oocld wi<h the disease »nd then die. i my way home I stayed orar night in Por’.ai d ofe a friend cf mine, and told them what »y mod **', n regird to my disease. They dually pern, j to *o and see Tn. Tbaacbsf'.r. 8he oxan.i-iVp.j, »’ 1 Sold me my case exactly. I was «o much astenlshed fr think that jj* ti ;j aorroctiy, that 1 told her that 1 wou’d ’ Ue r . alnes. not hat in* th- ietst tilth that they wcaid mi nay *oj>d. or that I ehoald gchtb-.- ai' T .., irom any course what-rer; baa’ly 11 th, n else and w< tit home. Inonewe.k ,eem the time 1 ' •immsaoed taking the mwiicins , Uid 6re, gallane <-f water pas. mo in see ,, boars- and my in low saArsre may be atemrad . „ Hlu » gntt , 10 me. 1 tad not boon if .. lo d„, iB bul „ night before this for iwr H< * l ran Undo' with prrfec',ease, 1 b„, ,»kcn ter modiciar c ,ht moaihd. wad ary as well as any aura conic to be, an t no tigs . of dropsy. I weald adel v that arc e.ok :a ko and con.alt ' rt. U i*eru "von if they ’.are been giren up by other p .« tt'taas. I hare seat bar a aamber of ewes afc_. diseases, nod she has eared them also. Go and I bad no fr ith, bwt bow my lkitc oiaaot he .la k.d In her skill in selling end var us d-'seasa. Caen Lae S Us a*a, Sanaa K. Uauccw, _ „ , klaar A . Haaaow Bwrngtm, afossse, April Id. 0PV1UB HOCUS— e>OTn a A M. till I r. ■. saarlT tuhi-.atal cdly D K. J . B . H H-TIEh oaa aa mi-id at w.b PRIVATE KECICAIi ROOffiB, No. A Teitijslp strwt WtiUKK he can be cosanitod privately, sad with the atmostcualideacuby the mllieteti. at ad noiir* daily, from 8 a. h. to y p. *. .ml'.!■*J1**" Ib,“e *h» *»• -ulfcriB* i.actr the *,diction of prjr ala disease, wheifcr wj-s.l -rom impure connection or the terrible vitae ot saU-ahnsa. nevoriag tus satire time to that ps-ctecu ar brsnet of th- medical profession, he feels wsrra> to, m i, 1 , a sstsbiscoji Cvuia, w’mihcr oJl-/a •taudm* or recealiy contracted, entirely reaiona the dress ot <•*•»»-• from the ty.tmn, and matin* prefect and PEllMAXBXT CL’s£ * Ue would call the attention ot the afflicted to i C ot ot hie long .taadin* and well earn- -i reputatlos f rnis.Mngsnh.-cisnt seeurauoe of I'm #kul aud fas' CAUTION TO TUB PUBLIC. Eyery late! igegt aad flunking person mast ktow lust remedies httuded oat from general see s'c i d have their <-ff.cscytstabli.htrt by well-tasted can*., r nvo in tin- nmds of a regulaily odn situ .nj-i ona. wlio-e preparatory study uti him u.r si. tt« deuce he must fulMI; y»t the eoantrv I- :’oodld wl'la * icir nov'rcm.i end core-all* .purporting to be the ”!-ly-^,W5'ldi.Tbt«by* »®t Uf'i ueeitus, bat Al waj * itijnrioue i he unfortunate should he rs-i-rir Vvab in o Ivctiug hie physician, we »• “ - ‘rimnH- i y . iuootlrsvertsble fact that min; sj pluiil.c t i. ti nte are made missraIlls with ruined eeneiituiloua by malircatnicntfrom incaperieasud physicians in f.-nerai practice. for it le a poidt gen rsl'v , ‘*trt,rt y the beat sv; !uio*r»ph. re. thstetuJv and man agement of these complaint. sK a J .a auoietimeof theweaho wenid be crirteient aad seoccMfuI in thair treatment an<! cure. T ie n ex perienced general practitioner, bwvfrig neith.r ep po.iunitT nor time to makt atmseli acoBAintfu with t cirpslholoty, ecamoaly oMsruos on. e-sjon. of an iad.-ri arils oury1 ,fc*' “u dsi oron «rs, on. Mer have contoknck. All who have eommI<ted an ixcesu at ur j» i , * heftier it be the-solitary Tier si yoath. or uio, ... Ing rebuke of misplaced coohdcuoe in uiliTir .ryrr.rt SERK FOR AX AXTWOTE f.\ „■* ASO.V. Tb< Pa'-u ami Acbos, se.J Lasaitada and \ . .. Pro-tration that may fellow ImpureCnftioa »rs the Barn®, ter to the wb -'.s system l'o not wait fer the consentins'Lin that is lire to ful.. •twDM .W."‘ l01 Lr',,*b“'' Lleers, for UtosMiM Limbi, ior Low t,f U»autT ftBii ror«p4mxioii. "OWMJLX1 TBOUXtSDE CAX TESTIFY Tu THIS BY VMP IFF T MITE >■■ IE V. f:% TourK Men troubled with tail,.ioSi in , , n # lomr'aint reuerally the r,.nli o> a b» j |,Jv.J ,* >09 treated wianuticaly, and a peUcet ntre » ar* »B or uo charge made. * Ha > a day pause, but we nr. coa.uttcj b- on,, arm.ioyran* men with tb' abu?» dlaerae, wh.-m area, weak a cl o'.iaciatrd a. tt u-h the. had the mnwtin. a-«i by their menu. .:r|K««S to hive it. Ad such? #•#. jk-V.I to the prt| .1 ewiy comet crap* o' tma-ment. «,:d ra a abort (tea are a.ade to rejoice tepe.-twt health. “* JIJDHLE AUI1) Those are raM’y men at tna t.. u jar-r ironbfcd with too fro^Mt evacuatm* from M: bladder, often accompanied by a •lirfet unariu* or Lands* aenration. and weak ..ategil*, “jttom in u. uuuaor tbo patient cannot sccvuai lor. o* exam l-na* nrinnry dep< sit* a rosy sediment w ill o n n bo ioand, and sometime * *mail particle of seam or * ytm?\wlU *PI***» or tbooolor wui u 01 a thin milkish hne, again chancier to a d#r* mi tortid apLe'arauoe. There art many m#n who u.» of* his a iniquity, irUviict of Uaaause. whic». i» the SSCOND STAOM OF SEMINAL WMaKNKS I oau warrant a perfect care iu *uch ea.-t-e, i. ; a fall and UwUtby rjj.craiion o* Ibe arinarr c:. me. i>r*oss who cannot peiwoaaUj co&i'Uat to* I’r. eau tio to by writiBir in a plain mnnaer a onerij tier. Of thair ditvtasc. and the appropriate remedied v> ii£ bo foraai<led iutinodiate!>. All corrcsj-onu^ace firicUy eenfidt ^tial and will be returned il de^iTtd, Ad-lrcaa, *>K. J il HI«J1RS, Ho. 6 1 t-mpie dt.. f earner at Middled Portland, ataaip for o.ri ular. Vrltcfic .tl'dinil lufirinr.ry. TO TWE LADIES. DR HUGHES parti'll :»rl) invite. »>i Ladle# wha need a medics’ advUer, to rali at lil-rooil \c 5 laple Street, which they will dad .rracea.l'to,' their "veci#: ueowaodatioa. w mr Or If ’. Eel i c Kci oralia g Maaieiao.artuarlral HdlauSoneyaad superior virtue iu rogulatine a!i reeealelrreawlanUo# -.heir acticu |, -rTlHuiT *trtt . - e< rnxiuci gruli'i lit athorttm-e • 1 Til t'ii «rP. Sail .♦ nvilaahU lw _ti I h»addiMtaV,*a,’<,,,*C**B:-iK,|aoHMC!lC"' No. 6 Toiae'.i struct, ,• ,rn«r # M'.dslc .’crtlaad. unS£'Lt^iS*a,' ' •< coosai* *»• »l thclf ° c** i v * i. * ia constant. , tead % _ JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, . . 1IOSTO.N Ar# p-epared to order at favorable rate, (an NESS and GLEN C A KNOCK x» I U IKO^j, A1.0. BAR. SHEET. I BOILER FLATS IEOJ(. of English and Scotch Manufacture. We ihaUeontiuue to receive, iu addition to our JLmiWui Brice, a i.gulir supply of EKULISII, SCOTCH, h W ELCH URE BRICK Rcull codtfou

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