Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 23 Temmuz 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 23 Temmuz 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY TKESS. POST LASSf JfA IKS. Saturday Morning, July 23, 164. ^ _ The circulation of the Daily Press is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. run—WOO per year: if paid strictly la ad- I •aace a discount of «1.00 will be made. nT- Reading Mailer an all Fear Page** UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PBI&aiDBNT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or ILLINOIS. FOB VIOE-PKBSIDBHT. ANDREW JOHNSON, ON TB.YNKSSSM. For filaot rt. At Large—JOHN* B. BROWN. Portland, A BN EK STK r$ON.D*uuuikcolU. l,t DM.—RICHARD M. CHAPMAN, Biddeford. UDiet.-THOS.A.D. FESSENDEN. Auburn. FOB OOVBBHOB, SAMUEL CONY OF AUGUSTA. For Members of Congress. let Diet.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. 8d District—SIDNEY PERHAM, of Paris. The Olifton House Peacemakers. The promlueul secessionist* composing Ihi •onclave over the borders, are Ur. C. C. Cla-1 of Alabama, Jacob Thompson, of Miasisaip I, Kaveily Tucker, of Virginia, and George h. Sanders, of no particular domicil, who arei. vary pleaaant and romantic quarters st tLe Clifton Uouse. it is decidedly a more plea. ant place to live in during the summer mouths than either Richmond or Petersburg, especial ly since the indomitable Grant is circulating round la the vicinity of these cities. What would these gentlemen have our gov eminent do under all |he circumstances ? Dr they expect that the President of the Unitei Stales will so demean his office as to gir. the rebel* and traitors a bearing ? Do the) for one moment Imagine that oar governmen will make any propositions for peace to them, or to rebela in arms? These men are not au thorized by the to-called Confederate Govern meat to make overtures of peace to us, bn ore only “in the confidential employ of the ) government,” according to their own thorn to* They would be exceedingly rejoiced, no doubt, to be Introduced to our President, tee him kneel down and make offers ot peace: and still more rejoiced II they could be the bearer* of such offer* to Jeff. Davit and his rebel crew. But such a' degradation on th. part of our government these rebels will nev er have the pleasure of witnessing. The ag tation of this peace question is in the custody and nnder the special manage ment of Northern copperheads, directed and manipulated by Southern rebels. The dreg and profligates of the country are with tbh peace party, and all are under the dlrectioi and Influence of men who once held plac< and power and desire to do so again. Tin object of ih't movement at the present lime i> manifest, and lie who runt may read and un demand it. Vallandigbam’a hand is plain!) to be seen In It. These copperhead politiclai s believe the time is propitious for making such movements. Some political capital must b« laid up for the use of the coming Chicago Convention, for, according to present appear anecs, their stock in trade will be rather small and unavailable. If the Ciifion Douse coterie, aided b) northern copperheads, could succeed In mak ing the people lalieve the Washington Gov ernment had refused to listen to overtures 01 peace, or refused terms offered in good faith •ud on a reasonable basis, they would Inau gurate the first atep towards creating a feeling ot dissatisfaction with the administration on the part of the people, and thus would gait' something for the benefit of the traitor cause. But they will fail in this as signally as they did last year, by the agency of northern cop perheadi and the invocation of the mob spi lt In our large cities, to oppose any succeasi barrier to the Invincible power of Govern mental authority to crush out au Infernal re WHUWUt Ws are glad that President Lincoln has pet himself Just right in this matter. Recogniz ing noanthority of tbe Clifton House gentle men, he says, “to whom It may concern, ’ that peace may be had at any time by laying down rebel arms, submitting to constitutional au thority, and annihilating forever the cause 01 our present trouhlet. “On this line-’ onl\ will he fight out this question, and in so dt lug a patriotic people will never desert bin . We are fully aware that the rebels have no seen a time sluce they waged this war upoi tbe North when peace was so desirable t< them as it is now. But in order to obtain b they must first lay down tbeir arms and asi for It through proper and and legitimate chan nels. No conclave at the Clifton House, or unde> Table R zck, baa any power to make proposi Uous of peace, or any right to evject oui government will enter into diplomatic neg. - tiations with them. Tbe agitation on tin subject of peace at this time shows the weak nets of the rebels. Such agitations have oc curved before, and their object has been cieai It understood by tbe loyal people of thi North. There Is nothing strange or unnatural In the fact that cerlalu lickspittles of. Jeff Davis ar making inquiries shout the disposition of lb loyal States towards tbe rebels, and the term on which the Uulon might be restored. L they could only get an offer from our govern meut, however objectlouable that offer might be to Jeff. Davis, they would Imagine some thing had beeu gained to the rebel cause. Upon such an offer they could erect a plat form on which might be played some curious tricks of political jugglery. And Uiat the members of the Chicago Convention would act well their parts la such a play there can be no question. But they are destined to wait a long while before our government will condescend to sue for peace. When the leaders and master spirits of the said convention are engaged In the work of constructing a peace platform, we advise them to incorporate rise following man ifesto, which appeared in the Richmond En quirer not long ago, that the people may clearly see what grounds there are for hope of peace and our government be not disgrace ed in tbe eyes of all civilised nations of the earth. The manifesto embraced tbe following demands: Recognition by the enemy of tbe Independ ence of the Confederate Slates. Withdrawal of Vankee forces from every foot of Confederate grouud, Including Ken tucky ami Missouri. Withdrawal of YaDkee soldiers from Mary- 1 land until that Stc'rs shall decide, by a free I vote, whether she shall remain in the old Colon or ask admission Into the Confedera cy’ Consent on the part of the Federal govern- j ment to give up to the Confederacy its pro portion of the navy as It stood at the time of secession, or to pay for the same. Yielding up ail preten-ions on the part of the Federal government to that portion of the old Territories which lie west of the Confed erate States. An equitable settlement, on the basis of our absolute independence and equal rights, of all accounts of public debt and public lands, and the advantage* accruing from foreign treaties. These provisions, we apprehend, comprise the minimum of what we must require before we lay tlowu our arms. That is to say—the North must yield all, wc nothing. Question and Answer. “Does the Press mean to be understood as aasertingthat Mr. Vallandigliam, voted against the Critteuden resolution?—[Argus. The Press does mean to assert most em phatically, that Mr. Vallandighatn. though in his seat at the time, refused to vote for that porli >n of Mr. Crittenden's resolution which declared "that the present deplorable civil war “has beeu lorced upon the country by the “dlsuuionlsts of the Southern States, lu re volt against the constitutional Goveru “meut-” The Press would further assert that this declaration was voted for by every Republican member present, and It found only two Dem ntocrats who had the brazen-faced impudence lo vote against It, though several had the meanness to hold their tougues when their names were called—to decline speaking for the country at a juucture when it was em phatically true that those w ho were not for the couutry were against it. The Pies* said, aud now repeats, that it i not true that the deplorable civil wur w* waged”by us,or by the Government ot th United States. The civil war was waged l> the rebels; it was foreed upon us, and n have been compelled to accept and pruseeuU it to save the national integrity and nations life. This was the view taken by the Senate, where the word “waged" was stricken out ana the word “prosecuted’’ substituted. The reference of the Argus to “'soft heads’’ it io decidedly had taste,and must he genera !y understood to be a parallel to pot caiiiiq settle black. Sofi-hcadeduess is a quality m t ilways fully understood by those wbo bain ) he word as an epithet. Tue more some edi ors allude to such heads lu their column, th more wiil their readers’ attention be attracted to their own; therefore it is decidedly lie belt T policy to let such subjects pass m l silent io. Musical and Dramatic Gossip. A theatrical writer in the N. Y. Times says the gifts presented actors on ’heir beneli’ lights are never genuine. A mau iu that city >wns a watch he has lent to be “presented” ti i arly one hundred actors, "and only one ol hern," he says, “a confounded Irishman, hi d the 1 npudence to attempt to keep it.” Desiree Artot has reappeared at the kilim ipera in London, after four years absence, in tltechrracter of the Fiylia drl llfjginiento. o w ich she gave the most splen lid effect. Mare tick has engaged a cliotus from II - vana. His New York one struck too high a o e for his picket. It !• proposed to hold a billiard tournament in Hartford, Conn., In August, for the “Cham pion cue of Contec icnt.” A new dance called “LaDuches»e,” the in vention of a Pole, has been set agoing at the Theatre Dejazet, Paris. Saratoga is to have an opera house. Charlotte Cushman is said to he iu England “trying to push Mrs. Bowers.” The Davenport Brothers have gone to Eng land, under engagement of Harry Pa'rnor. Max Slrakosch is coucertiziug with .Brig toli, Susini, Mancusi, and Miss Phillips, in lauada. Liszt, the pianist and composer, writes to a Perth paper, contradicting the statement lha> >e is about to enter a convent. The celebrated Impresario, Lumley, firs’ -ngaged Jenny Lind to sing iu London, 1x40. lie called her the “coy songstress,” becaust ie had such hard work to make an engage cent with her. She was shy about visiting London. He gave her four thousand eight mndred pouuds for the season, reckoning from he 14ih of April to the 20!h of August, be .idee a house free of charge, a carriage and s ialr of horses to be at her disposal. He also gave her the privilege of cancelling her eu ;agemeut if, after her first appearauce on tin1 K>ards, and her success falling short of hei ■xpcctatlous, she felt inclined to quit, The world knows what her success was. Meyerbeer had more decorations of order of nobility, It is said, than any man living, not of royal blood; hut the N. II. Kegister suggests that as far as bis observations go, Meyerbeer wasn’t a circumstance, iu popularity, to Lar zer-beer. EaDlacbe, the great buffo, was a remarkable man. His style was as grand as bis person was large. “There were giants In the laud ii those days.” So all thought who heard him Mthougb his style of singing was so gran et there were no subtilities too nice to esc apt tispowerof delineation. When he and Jem, > Lind met, no two beings on earth were raon sociable. Their conversation was fascinating to ail who heard it. There was & greatness about these genuine artists to which no paral lel can be offered. Theatres In our large cities are rur,t log low ind suffering the usual imbecilities of tin u miner season. During tbe vear past va«t urns of currency have been scattered at then daces of amusement. They can atlurd to la) ip lor a while. Quilia Gris! Is about going through a new eties of Farwell Conceits in England. It U ter tifth within nine years. George P. Morris receired twenty-five did ars for his song, ‘ Woodman Spare that Tree.” Tbe Borchard, Castle, and Campbell English Jpera Troupe announce the somewhat familiar ipera of the "Bohemian Girl,” for this week .t theOlympbic, New York. Religions an! Eoclesiastical Items. A leading Baptist clergyman of l’hiladel hia is attempting to Initiate a new order ol laptlsts. He proposes to retain the di-tin j '.uisblng doctrines and ordinances of the do j mmiuiikm, but to change their church gov j rnment to the Episcopal form. In his first Uempt to exercise the rnle of a bishop, le has succeeded so far as to split his own •butch. On Tuesday, the ltlh Inst., the Penobscot ! (iulsterlal Association, assisted by two | ■rethreu from other Associations, met at the 'J. la pel of tbe Theological Seminary in Bingor, and Hocused thirty young men as candidates for the gospel ministry. Three persons were baptized in Auburn on 1 Sunday,by ltev. Mr. Moulton of the Court, j St. Church. Thirteeu persons were baptized at Sabaltis viile ou.Sunday, by tbe Calvinist and Froa ! Baptist clergymen. j - I Fire is Boston.— A destructive fire oc curred in Boston, on Merrlmac and Causeway streets, yesterday morning. It took in the large sleaui plaining mill of John F. Keating, and before It was extinguished a large amount of lumber and other property was destroyed. Last evening’s Traveller had full details. Wa young married lady, traveling a few days lince from New York to Syracuse, suffering from consumption, had been laid carefully on a i pillow in the cars by her husband while her little girl remained by her side. At Little Falla she | fell asleep, and ths child commenced fanning her, say ing, "Mamma is sleeping.” A passen ger, however, noticed the peculiar whiteness of her lips, and on looking closely at her, discov. I ersd that she was dead. Eoclesiftgtioal Oonncili, To lh« Editor of lha Prtss: I hard been glad to see that tbs dally paper* have, to a considerable extent, refrained from discussing the recenttlecision of sucli a council In this city. But I have also noticed inci dental remarks and paragraphs calculat ed to make a lalse Impression In regaid to the necessity and design of such councils. Will you allow me to make a bruf statement of the principles held, as I suppose, by all Congrega- ' tionalists, including Unitarians, Universalists, Orthodox, and Baptists ? A church, being a body of persons holding substantially the same form ol doctrine, em ploy and settle a pastor, among other objects, to act as a public teacher, for their families, and tlie community. He should therefore bo qualified to instruct, ami should substantially agree with them iu doctrinal belief. It is not less important, certainly, that his qualifications should be first ascertained, in the case of a teacher iu public schools and seminaries of liarning. Hence it is that, in all denomina t ons, some tribunal is provided for this pur pose. In most congregational denominations, this matter Is referred to an ecclesiastical c mncil. It is sometimes said that each congregation al church is independent. This is true, to this extent,—that each church has the right to be independent. But, generally, churches of the same denom ination in a community, or Mate, enter into certain mutual relations with each otiier: and iu such case, when a pastor is to be ordained or settled, the question ot his tituess lor the oiHce is determined, not aloue by the church over which he proposes to be settled, but ny a c mncil from other churches called together iv such church. Experience has proved I he visdoin of this arrangement; or, at least, that i i method auv more lax should be adopted. N r is the congregational or democratic el inent in this way impaired. The church it eii selects the other churches to be repri leuted, without interference, or restriction. Vnd the other churches, whose advise is desir d, are represented no! ouly by tlieir pastors, hut by log delegates also, chosen by them selves. These are generally intelligent, able uen, who, though they may not take a proud' i*>nt purl in the examination, have an equal voice a d ntluence in the</; islon. That sue h i council would ever wish to interfere with he rights of a church, no one ran have any fear. But if it could in any case be otherwise, it has no power to to do It. Its decision is mi re !t ftdvlunrv. It is true, the churches being associated to gether for certain purposes, when th; advice j of several is sought by one, it is expected tliat it will be followed; otherwise it ought not to | be asked. If disregarded, a proper self-respect, and regard- for that order which is lor the peace and safety of all, would require that the church so acting should forfeit ite right and privilege iu the association, fellowship, or con ' ference ot the oilier churches Nothing less would bo expected: and uo one would coiu j plain of It. This simply leaves such a church | in that condition of t-mire freedom and inde pendency which is the ultimate right of all. j There is certainly nothing tike arbitrary pow er In this. N ir can the candidate for the ministry light tully complain if the council does not advise In j settlement. It Is a tribunal before which he ' B tlunlariljf appears, selected tcif/i his cunrur j rrace, under a system of church polity Iu \chich he assent*. II.* knows, or ought to know, the articles o'’ faith iu which the churches are agreed. Unless he substantially agrees with them, he ought uot to oif r himself for a pas torate or accept of an iuvitation. If, on im portant points, he has a different belief, or uo belief at all, hecertaiuly c*unotex|ieet a coun cil to advise his settlement. A Uuilariau church would uot want a pastor who lielievca iu the triulty; nor a Uuiversalist church one who believes iu endless punishment. It very rarely happens that a council dc | cliues to advise the settlement of a candidate; and still more rarely that the advice, if against I a settlement, is disregarded by the church Uni this uniformity of action shows,—not that I ihe calling of a council is merely a matter of form—not that its action is of no consequence, and may be set at nought, b it—that the ne cessity for harmony ot views is so apparent, that no man is likely to offer himself as ihe pastor or accept the call of a church, to whose doctrines he does not cordially assent. Laymas. Letter from Mrs. Mayhew. City Point, July 9,1*04. My dear Miss F.-—Though nearly suioth ■ eted by the dust aud hsat, and excessively I annoyed by the flies which abound here, I will j attempt wriing you. 1 left Washington on tbe 5lh Inst, iu good health aud arrived here ou the tiih, alter a passage of M hours, stoppmg two or three hours at Forties" Munroe ou our way. Mrs. S impson returned to Washington on Monday, aud Mr. Hayes left hero for the atne plvce this morning to be gone a lew J»)*. s There are about 1,250 soldiers in this hospi tal, and 5 or Ooo in .the Cavalry Hospital. Nearly all of these are slightly wounded or -ick. Among them, ol course, are many Maine men. A gnat many of them are able :o come to our tout lor themselves, and for I those who are too sick to come. We try to ascer aiu their needs cud supply them: for with the generous supply of nice things you •end, we are able to do so, and for a rauiti I 1 d ol brave soldiers Iroin other slstos. 1 believe it is Cvuceded on til sides that we are , not a very selfl3hh.*f<tfe” organization. A number of other states are represented by similar ageucies, but 1 think the Maiue Camp Hospital Association, better supplied as to quantity and quality. I have sent sup plies to several of our regi.usuu iu the trenches during the week, and shall continue to do so ss opportunity occur*. I am hoping to be aide In go myself aud take some, lit a few days. There must be pressing need of all we can get to them. 1 cannot imagine how the poor fellows live burrowed iu the earth in this intolerwple hot weather. I can give you uo idea ol the dust. Sunday.—To-day the two remaining Div isions of the Olh Corps are moving North. Mauy of our 5th, 6th,and Till meu have call ed, among them, Gov. Cony’s son. 1 have just been interrupted to give a shirt, drawers and stockings to one of our men for his brolher-iu-law, who was shot on picket tvis m iruing. He is having him embalmed t) s<nd home. Another saddened hornet Oh, when will this cease! Let me hear from you soon. Uutii S. Mayhnw. Washington Wilks. To tht Eii*tor of the Pre$$ The paragraph in your paper of yesterday anuouueing the sudden death of Washington Wilks, Esq., of London, w ill not fail, where ever he was known, to cause deep regret and sorrow in the heart of every lover of his racv and especially in the people of this country, who are trying to sustain and uphold all that | is worth living lor, a tree government. It was my fortune while in Europe to hear much of this champion of the North, and his advocacy in favor ot the preservation ol the 'Union, and I ain happy to say that at the last meeting, and one of the largest I attended in England which was held in the Free Trade Hail in Manchester, Mr. Wilks was one of the ! speakers, aud as a lover of humanity and ever) thing that is good, I was very soon iu love with him; simple, artless, but bold, elo quent, anu mighty for the truth, he swayed the hearts of the thou-auds there assembled almost at will, aud more thau otic* did tho tears start from the eyes of thn strong men present, while he portrayed and held up belore that audience some of the wrongs which hare teon, and still are heaped upon the poor and 1 the downtrodden of earth. No man in England has a I hied a keener Wade or given more home thrusts at the aris tocracy, and I feel sure that no mau in Eng land would have been more deeply mourned by the lovers of civil aud religious liberty than Washington Wilks. The mighty has fallen by the baud of death, but his noble deeds, his de- | fence of tho right, shall live when grauite and marble shall have mouldered to dust. Let the good people of the North, who are putting forth all their energy for tho tnain tainauce of our loved country, tench their children to love aud rememtier the name of Washington Wilks, the (riend of freedom. 8. L. C'AELKTOX. Portland, July 22, 1864. Maine Soldiers in a Georgia Prison. Pkison Camp, Macon, (1a , j May 211th, 18<i4. j T> iha Editor (\f the Pres* For the iulormatiou of friends I forward a 1 Hat of Maine officers now coutiacd as prisou- j era of war at this place: Oho* P Mattock*, Major 171!* Maine, raptured at the , battle of the i>4ern«wt*. M*v ft, 1864 Geo i Pend e on, Maoter, C 8 S, Yarmouth .Georgetown, 9 C, Jan 7. *864 .1 III) »y. U apt 31 Maine, Wateni le, Gettysburg Ju’v 2 IH 3-3- ! M A Cochran Capt 16th U9 Infantry, Litchfield, Chick aumtiga, Sept iO, 1863. 9aini il Piilst>ur> . Gapt 5th Maine, liiddefonl. July 24, 18*33. v\ in 11 Limbec. l*t Lt 7th Maine, Dan vile. \\ i der ue**. M ij 6, 1864 Marshall d Muith. let Ltl6th Maine, Livermore, Wil der, t.-^, May ft. 1864. L C lliidwe, l*t Lt 16th Maine, Canton Mills, Gettys burg July 1 1963. u u- II Stevens, 1st Lt 5th Maine, Acton, Willfordu Ford, Dec 1 1*63 G. «* A Deering, l«t Lt 16th Maine, 8aro, Gettysburg, July i 1*>3 ffaiul fcl Cary. Lt 13th Mum,Gorham. | J t Xorcroev, Lt 2d Ma** Cavalry, lurmiugtcu. Geo U Hi«bee 2d Lt 16th Maine, l’eru, Gettysburg July 1. 1863. Melville «, Wadsworth, 21 Lt 16th Mal e, Pitt ton, Gettysburg, July 1.186*3 Jauiea *% i liibl*, 2d Lt 16th Maine, Farmington, Get tysburg July 1 19o3. G»-o A Chandler. 21 Lt 5th Maine. Lewiston, Julv 24, i9G3. Nath A Robins, 2d Lt 4th Maine, Union, Gettysburg, ; Jul> 2, 1863. »i N Whitney, 2d Lt 21 R I Cavalry. Raymond. H M Auder-on Lt3(Maine Richmond v\ in C Mauuifig Lt 21 Mass Cavairy, (Oldtown) is now held a* a hottage at Simsbury, N * . W ii Fogg Master'* Mate I J X, Hath, raptured or. the Rappahannock, in the Sattehtc, Aug 1H33, ij now here These t llicers are generally in fair health, and are patiently waiting au exchange. Soma | of them have waited in vain for nearly ten months. Letters should be addressed with thesimple name and rank, unsealed, w ith prisoner of war one the envelope; also Macon,Ua.,by 1 flag of truce boat. Truly Yours, Pin eos Kit. University of New York. The session of the Medical Depirtraent of this institution for 1*04-5, will begin on Mon day, Oct. 17th, and will be continued until the ! 1st of March. The faculty embraces the best I talents within the command of money, and that in Medical Instruction as iu most other things is omnipotent. The following requisites for the diploma will be found interest!) g to those contemp lating a visit to tlie institution tor purposes of study and graduating: 1. The candidate must be 21 yeara of age. 2 He must have attended two c mrse* ol medical lectures; one of which must have been delivered iu ihe medical dvparimeut ol tile University of New York. 8. He must have attended a course of Prac tical Anatomy in the Dissecting II mm. 4. The candidate mu-t have studied medi cine lor three years. (ihe terms of attending lectures being included in these,) under the direction ol a respectable medical practi tioner. 5- He must write a mrdienl thesis, either iu the Kiglish, Latin or French language. Three Commencements take place annually in ihe University, at either of which candi dates who have complied with the above requi sitions may graduate. The llrst takes place early In the month of March, the second about the middle of June, and the third at the opening of the winter course. Ft ix. Full Course of Lectures, $1('5; Matriculation Fee, So; Fee f.r Instruction by the Demonstrator, $5; Graduation Fee 4:50. A Uomantic account of the self-instigated mi-siou of Col. James F. Jaques of the 73d I linois Volunteers, to Kichmond, and Us in terview with Jeff. Davis. We should judge him to be a sort of Northern George N, Sand ers. We may publish the account in our next. BY TELEGRAPH -TO THB KVEXIXU PAPtS^ »om ftrn. Sherman—Ur hold* th- HnUrnatU lowurds At tchmund—Everything Eroyrt»s \u\j AnvortiOiy. Washington, Juiy 22. Official lutonuation troui lieu. cmci man iep resenio every thing progressing highly satis lacuirily. Day before yesterday our army was engag ed ail day with the euemy, who were steam y dnteu ou iulo tiuir eiitrcuebiutLls. iue eity is in plaiu view ol our troops.— Our suells can reach it. Our army is in excel lent condition. Five miles of the railroad between Atlanta and Ihcatur have been destroyed, and the road rendered useless to the rebels. I ne National Republican has the following: “ Official advices from lieu. Sherman le ceived this morning, cover the operations down to last night. The work nl investing the city is fust going on. The hard lighting of ytsteiduy resulted ill the repulse ol 1 tie en erny iu their efforts to dislodge our troops._ | Gen. l’aiuur advauced his lines to a uioie ad vantageous position. Our loss during the day was small. Geu. Sherumu hold* the railroads leaning from Ailauu towards liichumud, iheieiore d.illusion cannot escape by that route. The only chance of leaving Atliula is by two roiitl* south to Uacou, and south-west to West i’oint and Mobile. if Johnston escapes by ciiher of these routes, he Viit he obliged to move quickly. It is a well settled proposition iu mi liary circles that the rebels can better afford to lose Atlanta than Johnston’s army. It may possibly bo tru ■ that LongMrtetis al ready in Command ot it. From Charleston—S' rerr Fighting on Johns Island. Ntvv Yoiik, July 22 The Herald's Hilton Head correspondence of the 13th says that revere righting had taken place on Jehus Island oil Thursday. A ugi inent was sent to charge a battery, and they did it so furiously that the eunny retired iu confusion, barely gelling off tucir battery. On Saturday, the enemy having received reinlorcements, made an attack, lint after tii teen minutes’ sevete lighting were r<q ulsed. Being strengthened again, they returned and attempted to carry the position by assault, when our troops opened at close rauge wiih grape and cannister, doing great . xecuiinu.— Io ffl'leeu minutes they weru scattered iu all directions. Our loss was only 82—theirs 252. The ob ject of the expedition was accoihplishtd. and our forces wire withdrawn. Thr Firn at Cast I* tun, X. 1*. I’olHiBKKEPHIK, N. Y.. July 22. 'Die lire at Castlcton was lirst discovered III tile might house ol' Barge & Co., and spread so quickly that it entirely destroyed that building, a large hotel mar Hie repot, four dwellings and two barns. Iu Hie might house there was a large quantity of hay at*d grain. Loss ¥50,000; insured for £10,000. Tho Clifton lioimr Xt-yotiations. Nkw York, July 22. The Tlibune says of the Niagara Kails nego tiation, its editor has been engaged only iu en deavoring to bring lace to face Hie antagonists in amicable rather than in a belligerent atti tude, with the view of an earnest effort for peace, to be prosecuted at Washington. Tile movement has no immediate success. Col JaqncH' Errand to Richmond. Nkw York, July 22. The Commercial’s Washington dispatch says the errand of Col. Jaques to Richmond is of no importance whatever. Jeff |)a\ i- plain ly informed him that no proposition would be entertained that ignored Ibu independence of the Confederacy. 0$n. AverUVt Eight with the Rrbch. New York, July 22. The Tribune’s Winchester, Va-, dispatch says (Jen. Averill’s light lasted three hours — Our h«s was not over 245 killed and wound . ed. Nous are missing. .. 1— —-II. . HI. ■ 1,1 line* ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. ] jy Will the great syareity of water improvo the quality of milk ? ~7{f~ flic Petersburg papers have suspended publication. Jii Alexander Dumas has commenced public readings from liis own works, in Paris. yThe terms of the New York Evening Post are now $12 a year. r~ST The house occupied by .fere. Spencer, at Argyle, was destroyed by fir0.011 Wednesday. y Commencement at Howdoin College, Wed nesday, Aug. 3d; at Waterville Aug. 10th. iy The Lewiston Journal learns that on the ' 20th ult., the Maine 8th had 215 inen tit for duty. y Two hotels have l>ecn ‘.pencil this season in the town of Oxford. yThe Bath Times learns that Fort Popham • is so far advanced th it fourteen more guns can readily be put iu position. y The Governor Ins authorized the Mayor of Hath to organize a company of State Guards under the existing law of the State. ySi'verulof the Bangor merchants have re s lived hereafter to sell goods only on the cash principle. y Prejudices are like rats, and a man’s mind ! like a trap; they get in easily, and then perhaps can’t get out at all. y The produce speculatorsin New York are tumbling down, and no one lias the slightest compassion for them. jyGeo. Peabody, Esq., the eminent Ameri can Banker in Loiidon*hascontributed $10,000 to the Sanitary Commission. y .\ friend in Fryeburg writes, “the drought hereabouts is very severe, and the heat almost insupportable.” y A waggish friend says he has never had LL. D. attached to his name, but he often finds it written with a Dr. attached. y The publication of the Round Table — an ' elegant and talented literary paper in Xew York —has been suspended. y The City Crier in Bangor fell from a hay mow on Tueday, aud fractured three of his ribs. JZTThe theatres in Washington arc all closed. Shoulder straps are not very common at that capital. jy A company of nine hundred Mormons, most of whom had emigrated from England, 1 left Xew York on Wednesday for Utah. y Watermelons the size of an infant’s head, are sold in Alexandria, Va., for one dollar each. ;yA fire broke out at Seabrook, N. H., on Wednesday afternoon, which destroyed ten dwellings and stores. 3T" North River travel was never so heavy as this season. The railroads and the boats have all they can do. • jy William S. Ilrown, Bugler 6th Maine Bat tery, died at the Portsmouth Grove Hospital on the 16th inst. iJCWhy is a drunkard like a Copperhead ? Beciuse he is always sticking h s nose intomeas er s to hurt the Constitution I 5?* A company of one hundred able-bodied men is being raised on the Kennebec to garrison Fort Popham. Fifty volunteers were obtained iu Bath in five hoars. STl‘he Farmington Chronicle learns that another shooting case his occurred in Temple. Anuis Ames is s >id to h ive wilfully shot at his sou-in-law, badly wounding one arm. ;y A levee iu aid of the Maine Soldiers’ Re lief Association, under the auspices of the Sons ot Temperance, was held rn the Congregational Vestry, in Brunswick, last evening. John Hopper, son of Isaac T Hopper, the celebrated philanthropist, died suddenly at his home in Milton, on the Hudson river, on Mon day. jyWe shall be greatly obliged to our Auburn friend if he trill perform the service to which he refers. We propose to beat “Old Bow loin,” and hope to see him there. 5SF*Geu. Dis has ordered the arrest and pros ecution of E. II. Fuller, editor of the Newark (N. J.) Journal, for the publication of an arti cle inimical to the draft. ~3~The Belfast Age says a U. S. gunboat ar rived off Castineon Sunday night last, and has since been lying off Lighthouse Head ready to engage any rebel bluenose craft 'hatlnay enter th it bay. J3T In Collinsville, Ct., on Tuesday morning, a drunken woman set fire to her bed, and her link boy of two years was burnt to acrisp.aud h s sister, two years older, received dangerous injuries. ine lutwiu express, tne last uermau piper in Ohio to Advocate Fremont, pays that “unity and loyalty, un<Ur existing circumstan ces, are identical;" an 1 it therefore runs up the Ualiimore banner. rSTA national convention of colored citizens is c tiled to meet in New York city on the 4th of October. The objects are not clearly defined, but appear to relate to the general interests of the race. 57*The Hartford Courant says a gentleman from Ohio stated the other day that the farmers in his section were packing butter away and that in his county alone there was enough “salted*' to supply the New York market for the winter. ETA coxcomb, talking of the transmigra tion of soul*, said: “In the time of*, I hare no doubt I was a golden calf.” “Very likely,” replied a lady; “time has robbed you of nothing but the gilding.” y An English married laly has consulted her lawyer ou the question, whether haring married her husbind for hi* money, and that money being all spent, she is not a widow and at liberty to marry again. Demina reserved. *7" Ihe town of Mount Washington, in Mas sachusetts, his neither church, postuffiie, cler gym in, lawyer, doctor, income, license, carriage nor plate, and pays not a cent to the internal revenue department. 17 Speaking of the probability of ladirs wearing pantaloons, nn English writer saye: “Only I do hope they won't get into the habit of standing with their backs to the fireplace and their hau l* in their pockets.” y Governor Seymour will not appoint a State Agent to recruit at the South, but if cities or counties choose to pay bounties and appoint agents for this purpose they can, and the State authorities will give them such facilities a« the act of Cong rose directs. y The Ellsworth American puts forth some very sensible views, adverse to the exceedingly democratic practice of rotating men out of eles: tive offices just as soon a* they have acquired sufficient experience to btcjine useful to the country and an honor to tluir constituents. y The tonnage of coal from the Pennsylva nia mines now reaches the very large aggiegute f .r the middle of the summer of over 5,OOO.OOJ tdus, nu increase over the tonnage to the corresponding time lost year of over 300,000 tons. VIWU S3 >»IC sighed Flora, pensively, ns she pointed with her thin, dalieite finger to the hetvy, funereal m isses that floated lazily in the sky. “ l think they are going to thunder !” said her brother. jyA printer whose talents were but indiffer ent, turned physician. He was asked the reason of it, and replied: “'In printing all the faults are exposed to the eye, hut in physic they are buried with the patient, and one gets ofl more easily.” J2f"*‘01d lady, I have bad news to te'l you. Francois, who went to Mexico with us-” “Hi ! hi ! hi ! Is my poor boy dead ?” “Oh, , Lor! no, be has lost Ins leg.” (Wiping her eyes) “No wonder! He was alway s losing his things!” ~JTThe New York Post understands from private sources that, in anticipation of the cap ture of Richmond by the federal forces under General Grant, the rebel authorities havecaused all the archives of the Jeff. Davis government to be removed to Goldsboro’, North Carolina. WMr. Dinghy, editor of the Leriston Jour nal, hasboen on a visit to New Brunswick—the land of the Blue-noses—and gives an interest ing account of his trip in a late number of his paper. The passengers had a jolly good time iu being sea-tick. W A correspondent of the Evening Post wrote thatpaper the other day, “M.v boys gave ' np their Fourth of July fire-crackers, to aid the onion-fund of the soldiers, so, of course, I am compelled to cut down the diurnal expenditure for cigars, and enclose the result, ten dol lars.” y Copperhead papers have been quoting of late what purported to be an extract from Mr. Webster’s famous seventh of March speech, fur political effect. The whole thing is a base for gery. Mr. Webster uttered no such language.— It is a base copperhead attempt at imposition, like the Clifton House proposals for peace. isfif H e understandt that the Lewiston Mills, 1 Magging Co.) propose to erect a new boarding house at an early day. The recent addition to their works calls for larger accommodations in this direction. Hags arc now only oneof many articles manufactured by this company.—[Lew iston Journal. y.An exhibition of “native art, manufac tures. specimen*of agriculture and live stock, with useful African produce of every kind,” is to beheld in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in Decem ber next, under the patronage of the Governor and other high officials. Medals are to be given and other than African urticles are to be exhibi ted. , ■ y Excellent paper is now being manufactur ed from corn husks. The editor ef the Provi dence Journal says : “We have never seen more beautiful, or firmer, smoother, or toucher pa per, of every variety, from the coarsest to the finest, than that made of corn shucks; indeed, they excel any wc have ever seen from cotton or linen.” jy flie appeal of the ck-qfctary of the New Haven W ater Company to its customers to use water sparingly is adapted to many sections of tliis State. He says; “Our streams are lessen iug, the earth is ashes, and the heavens arc brass. 1\ ithuut relief from above, ‘want, like an armed man,' will be upon us. Let us prec tice economy,‘that nothing be lost.’ ” y A preacher, whose text led him to speak of the prophet Jonah, among other things, said—“I am of the opiuion that Jonah was a cleanly old gentleman, neither smoking nor chewing, from the fact that the fish retained him in his stomach so long. If the fish had swallow ed the house where we are now worshipping, doubt, have vomited himself to death.” iy The Giraffe in Van Amburgh's Menagerie is valued at SAi.OOO. They »re a very delicate animal, and very seldom long survive a trip across the Atlantic. The one referred to is ea’d to be the only one now known to be in captivity except one in the Zoological Gardens, London, and the only living animal of the kind exhibited in this country far years. tiT tmciei a. Dickinson was orator of the day at Oswego on the Fourth of July, and in the evening of that d ij a sealed envelope contain ing one hundred dollars was handed to him as 'an acknowledgement of his highly satisfactory •ffort, but Ms. Dickinson handed it back with the request that a committee of ladies should d "tribute it among the poorest families of ab sent soldiers from that village. ry "> are indebted to Mr. L. MiUiken, Scar boro', for a specimen bunch of what he calls potatue onions—a very fine sample—grown by him the present season from the seed, the larg est of them measuring nearly three inches in di ameter. Mr. M. considers them fully equal to the liest specimens brought from other States._ After a salt-fish dinner or a beef steak garnish ed with these fine vegetables, we expect to write Some very strong paragraphs. 3T The Piscataquis Observer will be suspen ded for tlie space of two or three weeks from the tlth of August next. The editor says “he wants some relaxation after a toil of forty long years in a printing office; besides, he wishes to collect the debts due him, and we trust that he will not only find relaxation health-giving and pleasant, but also fill h:s coffers with the need ful. It is a good loyal paper, and we hope it will be well sustained. jy Samuel Jackson Gardner, late editor of the Newark (N. J.) Advertiser, die! at North Conway, N. II., July 14, nged76. Mr.Gvrdner graduated at Harvard in 1807, practiced law for several years at Roxbury, removed to Newark i ■ 1838, became editor of the Advertiser in 1830. and continued to edit it until 1861. He was a Webster Whig aud a Channing Unitarian; a man of refined and scholarly tastes, and gener ous and honest impulses. A volume of his es says, Autumn Leaves, will soon be published. SPECIAL NOTICES. Editorial Convention. The Editors and Publishers of the State of Maine are respectfully invi ed to meet iu Convention at Atm City Hill, in Portland, on H’ednettUty and rhurnl August 10 hand 11th. lor purpose* of con sultation and the orcaui/aliou of a State Associa tion of Editor* and Pub iah-irs. The Convention will a hratio in the Senate Cham ber in the New Cit/ Building, on Wednesday, at 1C o'clock A M Ample arrangera-inta will be made lor fully carrying out the busine-s and objects of the Convention and for the entertainment aud com orl of the members from abroad. Commit tee *>f Arrangement* — Joseph B. Hall, of the Cornier; E. lb* Elwell, of the Trauscript; Brown Thurston; N A. Foster, of the Pres- M If Kich, of the Price Current; Chaa. A. Lord, of the Chris tian Mirror; John M. Adams, or th* Argus; ( ha* P lisley. ol th) Advertiser; James S. Staphs; Kev, W. H. Sha’ler, of Zion * Advocate; Cyras 8. King; Charles A. Stmekpole: F. G. Kich, of the Temper auce Journal: B. E. Thorndike; Goa. O. Gos*e, of tho Argus; E. P. We»tou of the Northern Monthly; Dr B. Colby, ol the Prc-s; !. N. Felch, cf the Cou rier; K W. Lincoln, of the Press: C. TV. Pickard, of the Trana-ript. Portland Ju p 6,1%I. Papers throughout the State are requested to pub lish THOM IS G. LOR IX,, DRUGGIST, -AXD PRACTICAL. TUUSS FITTER, Corner ,f Ei«haa|c fc federalS»’e. A perfict at goerantcod. i he poor liberally con ildered._ mchS&dtf Portland Photographic Gallery, HO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, Mt., A. S. DAVIS, B’fopiifior. Portland, Slay 12,1864. morI2d6m A New Perfume for the Handker chief Phaim’s “Night Blooming ( creus." Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereus." Phaloo s “Night Blooming Cereus. “ Phalon’s Night Blooming C treus.” Phalon' • Night Blooming ( treus.*’ Phalon's “Nigh* B.ooming Coreas.” Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.' A most Exquisite, Delicate an t Fragrant Perfume, distilled from the Kaiear.d Bt-autilul Flower iioiu it takes i»a i amr. Manufactured only by I'HALOS 4r SnS, N. Y. * ft* He'rare qf Counterfeits. Ask for /‘h-ifog's— rote no Other. 8o:d by Druggist- gen» rallv june2t'Glc3m 4‘L. F.’’ Atwood'* Bitter*, Price 38 i’ts TaoRm i»k, M>:., April 25. 1868. /tear Sir — A lady of uiy acquaintance w is trouble! w :k severe attack* of sick httdavh torn n u in ter ot year-*, and cor In find uo relief until the tried L. F. Atwood's Hitters, which effected a per* manent cure. My daughter was troubled with attacks of sever* heMd&che and vouiilin*. which have b.tu cured by these bitters. I hare m\>» ]f been trout!, d with dyspepoa, which lu» already been relieved by th.s reiutdy. I a! ways ken p it ou baud, a* 1 be iwe it to be a speedy cure for all d-rangenu nts ot the st maeh aud liver: aud f r f. maV comi faints wleo arising from debility oi the digestive organ-. \ • urs truly, Ch*s. VYh>tjiby. 1-F* Counterfeits and base i.-a*/afi«>ns, iu lar boAt'* and *at el are iu tb*1 market aud sold ly unprincipled dealers. The genuine ts signed T. F. Atvy od, and also hare an HxritA lahkl, on whi v prptr, countersigned II. II. 1IA Y, Hruggist, Port Lund, Ale., sole General Agent. Sold by respectable dealers in mediane generally lanyltkoUA w 6 TTTTTth so rou Tii* rwrrn —the Fragrant 80ZODONI appears to have taken a prominent place anting the most approved deutrlfrirea oi ti e •*av It is a very popular article tor the toilet, high* ly recom-uended by all who have used it as a b» atm tier a*d preserver of the t ‘eth. refreshing the mnuMi, sweetouiug the breath, arresting the pro* an ss f leoav. aud otherwise bouefftting the u»er — Bosto . Traveller. mch24 dlt CARDS and BILL U&ADS neatly print, at this office tt BF"I i you areln want of any kind of PRINTING Mil at the Daily Press Offiot■ ti SPECIAL NOTICES. Prompt Collrclian <vf Ril!«. Merchants, Physician*. M cbanica and all others , wishing prompt collect Jon of ihtir bills, will receive prompt and porgona! attention and speedy returi , ffora JACOB FMOBT, ^__1, Junction Mi id e and Free Ms up stairs. r*71 0,|t 0Kduress. Box 175*3 Port and, t. O i Dola n#C*“T‘ C* Birfcy*11 * w Wotdmm, A. r. Jj 21diw • H«»y \ our 3uttion©iy PuckascH At Dresser Of> KichangoaireAti *2 per down, or 25 cents each. Agents wanted, address L. DRKd^FR pnrt land,Me., B x 182. 1 ort* t _ __ _ jylliHw* I “Buy Me, and I’ll do you Good.** Use Dr. LstugleyN Hoot and Herb Hitters For Jaundice. Cottireucs, Liv r Complaint, liu Iudige*tion, Bjrspeptde, Piles, Dizziness, Ilf ad ache. Drou.iin hr,and all d sease* arising from dis* oruered stomach, torpid iirer, mud bad blood, to which all persons are subje t in sprii g and summer. ' They c!?au«e tho system, regulate tT»f wela, re- , store th»- appt tile, purify the blood, and give sound u<*ss of mind ond strength of bod to all wtiouiw them So d by all dealers in Medicine everywhere, at 26,60and 75 cents per bottle UKO. C. GO«*L> Wlrt k CO.,37 iianaver Street, Boston, Proprie tors ap2d>m Coughs and Cold*. The sudden changes of our climate are #oorce§ of Pi monary, Bronchial, and At tamo tic Aff> turns Fxperiene » having pr< ved that simple renieilie. o - i ti n act speedily when taken iu the early stage* of the ditea e, recourse should at once be hid to " Provo's Bronchial Troches/* cr L«>zeng:s, let the Cold, ! Tough, or Irritation of the throat be ever so slight, a* by tlii< p recant on a more seriom attack may be I ctT-ctual y warded off. Public Speakers and Singers | will bull them eff ctaxl for ch'aiing and strength- n iwg tho voice bul<t*ers should have them, as they cvn be carried in the pocket, and taken as occasion squirt*. juni*25dfcwlm Sozonoirr.—Thisi- a word that has be:n staring ever) bod) in the Lee the last two w.eks, and it £ a t getting into nearly everbody'* mouth. A most ! desirable tliiug this feozdont. for sevping the teeth clean and the mouth sweet.—Portland Daily Press mcht71t For fl*ren years I was Bald now K very bod v l« a-kmg tne l ow my hair become so thick, tor mil directions sen-1 your address inclosing 50 cts. Box, 441 Worcester, Mass. July K 18*34. jaJyY6 d2w* -"i » ■ ■ Roaton Stock LIM. Salks at tii k Brokers' Boakd. Jolt 22. 2 d00 Ame ican Gold,.?f,7i ! .do.1571 2 600 L nit- d State- Currency Cert, fl cates ... 2,5 U s Coupon Sixes (1881),..1 k ft »-•<».do.ii27 2.0,» 1* 2i 6.000 (Tilted States 7 3 lotus (Cct*.1J. J (small)..104 11,001 United S ales 5-20'*.]o4 2t> 0 )|>4 2000 .d ..KM* 1.000 .do.. .io* j l.'RO .riot small).KX» 10.000 Maine State Sixes (18*9).loT I Jo Fasten* Kail road.y$ 1 Boston and Maine Kaiiroad. 138 HARRIED. I In this cite, July »>. by Rev II I> Moore James B Tracy aud Hit* Martha Klleu FIdridge, b th ol Lew iston. j u Farmington, July 10, Leonard Holley and Ml*# Irena Hr ckett, o Witemile In Partita*«. July 7. AltrcJ Mitchell and Mia* I’nsciUa M Maxwell In P e**ino Id*. July 4, Merchant L Stewart and Mix- Mary O Dow At Kon Fai field. June 25, Timothy B Crtjmnvtt and Mi»* r«rrie M Sterling. Id Read h id. Juue 3J. D F Currier, of Farming ton and M xx A hie A rllfot. In Hampden. June 26 llirarn W Webber, of Her mo:i and Mim Lncind' R Smiih. In Hampden. June 2»», Capt Joshua Ethinnauand V lei* Jeu&.it' i hillips. __DIED. In beaurort SC, June 24. or bilious fever, Thos II Smi h. of bidde or I a «cd —. At livan fort C, July H, of typhoid fever, Mia# Ju la A Wheaton, O' b * on aged 24 y ar«. In Macliiaa Juue 2ft. Mr* Jaue. wife of Sir John Bower* a^ed 21 v ears lu Columbia. June 7. Mr* Helen II, wifeofCha# A MTt f *11. aged 37 years. i lu IIol i*. Jul * 1ft. Mr Porter tiilman. aged To y rs 1 10 month*. In New Sharon. July 14. Melvins. daughter ol F tV and Ijuira A Fnlx>m. aged 3ytar*. Iq Au.uda July 14. * dec h, only child of Cha# F and Lizzie aver, aged t3 mo (th*. In Va-*alboio. July Id. Mehitable S Flight, aged 70 year* & month* At Key W*et, June 11. FrcJk II Dyer, of Belflwd aged 18 years 9 month* rf-E*The tune'al **r fees of the late Jox Magridgc will take nlate i hut (Saturday j atu iuocn, at 3 o'c ’a at No 33 Hampshire street. 1M FORTH. MAITLAND NS. Sch Kdiduer—120 ton* plaster, to A u Vi hiddtu. HAILING Oft' OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. dlAXII PBuM FOB f AILS Furnpa.Liverpool.Boston.Ju»> 9 Horuiv.m .Southampton.New York . Julv 12 Kangaroo.Liverpool.New Vo.k...July 13 City Washington. Liverpool.New York. July 13 Be.gjau.Liverpool- ...,«4uebcc Ju y 1ft Scotia..Liverpool.New k ork July l» ( Virginia. Liverpool . .New York. .July *9 Africa.Liverpool.Bostou.July 2-* Saxouia..Southampton New York. July 2d Persia.Liverpool.New York Jul’. 3u Northern Light.. .New York Aspinwall... .Jul? 3 Peruvian.guebec.Liverpool_July 23 i • - Lkvaq Australasian.New York . Liverpool.... July 2;j Fvennig Star . . New York New ork an* July 23 , tiohien Rule New York Aepiuwali. . July 27 birowcw.. . gut bee . Liverpool . ...July # Westminster.New York Liver poc 1.... Js y 80 Ftliuburg.New k ork .Liverpool.... July 9* America New k ork Bremen .July .V Kurops .lio-tou.Liverpool.Aug 3 Oninpu- .New York Liverpoo1_ Aug 3 Coata KivS.New York A*; inwall . Aug 3 Belgian.SJuttxc. . Uvt rpool .... Aug d Scotia.New York.. Liverpool .... Aug 10 MINIATURE ALMANAC. Saturday. July ¥3. Sun rises. 4 44 I High water..2% Sun set*. 7 26 I Length of dav*.14 44 marine Sews. PORT OF PORTLAND. Frlil*y . J*li -* AHKIVED. Steamer Potomac. Sherwood. New York. Steamer Yoreat City, Lwomb. Huston. Steamer Lady i aug. Koix, Hangor Ste uicr Suotia, Kimball. Augu-ia. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester. St John NH. tor Horton. Brig star of ii pe.. ue\r. of Bo»tou) Nickel*. Ken nebunk. Sell Reindeer. (Br) Stuirt, .Maitland Ns Sch Jeraaba Baser, Barbaric*, Boston Sch Beam .a!- Rfc<*r, Bo»tuu. Sch Coll* ojr. Lii.daav. Li 1-* worth Sch Foreat Colaoa, M tile ridge. Sch Alert, Wallace, Phipshurg. CLEARED. Brie Calednuia. Br) Blown, Hillsboro NH—master Sch Texas It'**, bo ton— H (■ York k sou. SAILED—wind RW—Scb rea Serpent, for Boa* tou, and other*. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW i'BLKANs—Below 12tb. ship* Seba**opM, from New York; Elizabeth Hamilton, lmdo; barque An • to. t ha*e. 1 uui Philadelphia PORT ROYAL SC—C14 4m iu»t. brig J M Sawyer, liourue, t hiiadtipbia: 12 b, sch J F Carnr, Bam* * ill. Morr § Jiiautl; 16th, ba.quc Ihm«u. i rowed. Baltimore. B ALTIMOKK—Ar I9(h. ach Julia Newell, Cash* iug. Poitiaud. ArkKu. *• h Ssrah McDonald, York. Horton. P«IILADELPillA—ar lcih noli 11 W Wehngtou. Well-. Calais; Win HcCobb Clupaaau. Ilticksport Ar 2>th. -chs Madura C wjinb*. tra Bangor: Pilot. Tbouip-ou. Newport; Elvira. J* hL*ou, Boston. CidJOib. brig Sa np-o i. i>#-lauo. New Yotk Ar2Dt. brig Leonard Mjert, Mummy. N Orleans; sell E P Howard, ii pki •. an -alvadir. Cld 2d Ii. brig* ( V William*, 1 hump-on, Tiinidad; Frontier, Litledeld Bo»ton. Sid 21*?. barque LI iiigwo<*d. L1IL gwoo.1, Bo«ton At Delaware Breakwater l»th tost, barque Path, finder, irom Piu.aielphia lor Boston; sec- G*i.eral Mead**, and LUctnc Ligh , do or d>: J It Mat er, do tor Providence; C Fautauui, and Loutu»ia, do forllith; B L Cougdoo, do for Th^dR-iou; Geoff* gia. do for Bel th*t. A Lit - N t — sld 20* h, sch Mary l. ua Nickerson, for Portluud NEW YORK — Ar29th. brig* Eleanor, Plummer. Rio Janeiro; ih»an 11 a\ell-r. Kr *eihev Neu vitas; C F O’Brien. (Br) Gibara. Cuba: S Small, t yrr>, Perth A i bjjr lor ltu>m.-o *chs Auwlopc, Me •'lurch, ill auxaa; Jo-Turner II *dgdou, iui Glace Ray l B: cU A E Wil a*d. Hoang., tt.i gor; Liz* zi-^. Gb*ver, K • kl. ud; Ma i tta >.m h. Ki* v. l*oit laud or oa h u*t u. on*, c rd Nawh*irv»>*»*t. Arils’, ba q o Harriet SpauHng Wallace, Caw Bay Utt; wus uir Dt'x«r. Young. Kit.-worth: G«-u »l*e, tietchell. t»ocklai.d; Ague-. S ap e-, Bangor; Maria Cousins, Rankin, PoitGud; iu/ie Gupuii. Gupnll, I*u .rh I* and. l id 2 at. flip*Connecticut Luca*, for Uierpool: Chattam oga, Ham it. u River Asgaeuay; trig Loch Lonio- d, Stoele, Glace Bay l II. Model, Haakon, Bangor Ar -2d. *Mp Lawrence, from Liverpool; barque Sc o, from New nr;* ans. PKOViDLNC E—S d21*t. -chs Kedondo, Tate, for New Y rk ; t » alien*;*, Kent. Hirer ll* ad NLW1 OLT — In port 21-t. br.g M A He re?a iBi) fm l ard* a* tor Queenstow n; kIh iluriu* iu i.v • net*.St Georg tor 1 h ladv pbia: l atova. ftu Calai* lor Bridgeport; Am E*g e. fm do for New Haven; Volant, fm Haworth for New York; Hepzibah.ini Ba> gor Iwr do; Ghnroy, fm Gat diner tor do; Vin tage. tin Boston for do. At Dutch l-.'ai d JI a tor 19th, brig Geo Washing ton. Carr. Sear*p**rt or Waahiagton. HOLMES’S HOLE—Ar 2 rh, b i,»* Surf, Swiet la- d jheorgetowu lor Boatot., \Yiu Nickles. from Calais for Philadelphia; robs ilarbiug* r. Kyd^r, fin Port Ewtu L r ILstou; W H Kitchie, Freethy from Perth in boy f* - Baugor; Wil ow. Small Lu bee for New York. Mabo llall. llnll Lhigau I B fordo Nathaii C iff -rd. shute, Gloucester tor Philadelphia Ja* Henry. Kay. Haiixor lo< li idyeport. * Ar2l*-,bri$* Teiu^ist. Wilson, EHzabethport for Boatfui; B*1 ic. fr m Cow Bay Cli for New York; *ch- Ja- Br op by. Thompsou, fm Jeremie for Boatou; Ja* Bit*;* Hatch. 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Cbaae, Per?H u„r““i“,cu: ab‘rl«T. MWloo, aud Mandarin, ar 16th ’ b*r,l«c Madillua. game. Ironi Boaton. SOFmXiu KWhaTTsSS c.15Avr.? -itlTc^pte te'rzL,or Xor,“AoHr,c»* Coi“®r.i Bwiton*1**"* Ml>' M' 'h,p °rph'u*' Holway, for U^£8Brna?.,i&C,,e"MA- B“- ®b‘P O-bor. CiCi'ia a'"’"" H‘h “'*• *hIp Btn»r"J. Uaoei. from YorkS<hb r0U “ “h D'**°n' P,J,,0B* *>® Ha. Baltimore!^'**X 1T'h ini"’ K“ Mercj P"k®r'trom 'Per ateauaaltjp Guropa, at Boeton.; < id at IJrerpool 7lh Inat, Sarah A Bell, firan. spezz a . ‘ errant. S.d Sill. Jane. Hatfield. Providence. ,,f,dv ''n‘1: B«:g>»". Ja) f.r Quebec Iph Zouave USi tona built at Kichmond in liWJ. .oraaie mCld at lAmdou #th inat, George*. Mouraej for De* ^ 0^ PBlmou,h :tb l»*G Montezuma. Atkina, for U?d'*" Sw*I:’®* **k' F,,*®®'». Broekach, for Path N~Ipo“ “ri!,0‘ :'h in,‘- CBrlt0". TrecarU,. for t_bld fm Greenock 4th, J p Wheeler, Gadd. for .New ^d fm Ardroua. S.h, Georg, Be». Parry. f„r Melbourne!*''* ^*y Pb»«T. fo, | , Barrachee May 25, Romulo., lord, for Glr I Ar at Bombay May 28. Tiooudemg,. Rice _ I ,',.Blt• Gongwi od. tTterSa, Liverpool; ; on. W eati rn F.n pi, c, W oodworth, t a c tta P In port 8th nil. Lepan o. Martin; iianfa bit. Steeijq aid Viok burg Soon, for G1.,“t2 ■**vB C‘-*U- for Man main, to load timber rfooteaf^ut.1 rAT.uim.:n'* M*y ** “W®-.* I SFI Ma, V,. Cal iop*. Simmona. Mauriitua Ar at Mauntioa May IJth, Coaraer, GiitSn. from iO'M-n New Yhirk*9'Ar*°n*"t' XortoB <frBn> Manilai for '° M *“*• F- *** I'hilalelphia.1* 5'b A"'' *>r SPOKEN. «li^7folr1lSi,.“;*Aj' ““ ^ J ™‘t- «**• July 7. of Holyhead,.hip Martian,I fm Llrem ol tor 1 ranrmco. v , ■lBl)' “■ 1b,®‘i l°a 76 M. tch Sarah Fl.h, from Boitluiad for lielim. Juiy 19. mi«i 8W of rape liaffrn«, brir Sarmh 8 tf«wby. from Havaug for New Tor a * Nodaif. {by a vo.-rei at Caieiita May 30 ) ship J N Cashing. Iroia Loudon for linugoou. 7 V NSW ADVEKT1SEMLNTS. Dr. Mora* on Copsuoiptioa. Latent Conenmption. LLTIEU 50. XIX. To the Editor of the Maim Steele Trees. bint—I come now again to ifeak of Ccnsumi. t«on—*»ot>joct before which, la importance to mi. c-oc and humanity. m >t olherc iiak into iuaigaia canoe. WY.ea a patient hae all the rympt-meof coo sumption strongly marked, it requi aa sery Uttlo .kill in the physician to tsU the nanus of h»di rare rherv are inauy obscure cases ari-ing from Uba.clei u the long., that are not marked by any ouiward dgns by whi h iheir attare may be known, witch teat to the utiooa the diagnostic skill ol the physi cian These casts are d under Ike nan e •• a teut consumption,” becau-e Ih'o tubers ee a e in a laivni or qu - aeeut sin e, pr, ducu.g neither cot ah Apecloratoi .aorepull. g ot Moos ib«t , ■ imp torn. lutbia fo.m ot c usumption t. at n-i.ta lute lytotho luuga. the expel! nceu ph ueiaa j it. their atiaent ol palm, nary wcu u be | Haul. In lime iu the countenance what wouiu 1 ad mu to make a careftu e.aminat.ou ot ibu el eat *h a he geuo al pract.t.ou.. Iitm .iuiit. u tan. ri me in the phy logoomy of coiaumntiee c .ex would uot detect xu> iuiug beyond ihe tact that urn a:lent tvx. -lowly dec iuiug xud gruwiog wexkcr l-lli se cases tberuis uo e-ugh uopain in the cneox nor expectoration, which would oau-e tha au a to tie overlooked altoge.hcr umi! tome one of these ■y upturn, arise, and that, iu latent eoua uudmn ima i u U the last stage acts In and tha . no i. ntar it mud. lit* nae« ot thin kind often co on au?u»pec*c<* vr ph.aicteaaand rereads, until the oailani h p<„ i,Z take cold, which often caueea pain in the .)a. „r Susa, other a mptom which may cause tb-g lungs to bo suspected, lu caa s of this kind th« . J ally a capo-ition or latent *» in the 'uUf, iu , .IT". -Ule. and the patient may keep mioSI i“ * f bfo slate tor many wtnths. withont kuowYgibn .acre hf Ins weaxn-a. which may be attributed by the physician or f i. n'slot, e bxd state el be stomach or li.-r for welch he mill be dally taking m diciao without realising aay Improvement hot gradually Aronriiijr worst'. * * I would not be uudereto-d that 1 think lha malar "y of physicians are igooaat ot the means ol dmg a, but that their CAperione ■ is limited and iktir I ime so occupied and min is so absorbed by attend snoe on a-u e utsesse that they are extremely »p, J, overlook cirouio ad c'.itii • of this uaiure ' ' I bare .aid that I ho: e we e a.. eyn,p vote iu latent cou-umption whl-h indicate disen.s ol the lunwe and often no symptom. ot a-y kind tulheieai to o' oouut for tka deo mmg health of the patient Rot this i. uot aiwa.a the case. 1. man, clue, the Ym treat-alfor. severe y from ludigealio . or Auuieuce and irregular action of the bowels: when suchi. tho -are, there ta some excu-e for mistaking, fora t raw th» na urc ol the di-eese. It u v. ry impor ant that general practitioners should wake irvqn i t t xamin at ousortbe eh; st iu all obscure t use of diaoaae It must n it be supposed that let Mena mpl nisrare tha <TD«f«r nuithtr of cum* of cou-uoii tu>n tie 1*1 tent, and it is rerv common to And tab- rrU* tn tbo luugs iif perat us dy lug of w at wan -apposed to ha other dl-ua-e, th.y never having-i.own dming l.f-any sy mptuirs of consumption. A great Lua b r of ttrst attacks are mi.rakeu for eo ds Mauv Aatiar th-uts-lrea that they aie m no dan. gcr ol eiusuutption he.auae the> hatched no e a h uorpaiuin the cheat no expectoration, u i- _ common remark lor patient. to make, that the* know tneirlan.tcannot be tA'e’ed, because tbs* heve not exp rienctd „> , n«s> nr i an. m tl ,m rhi usands who have not hid t.-eee -natil.xisis re. day carrying about iu the lunge ib': reed a . r the r ow.ideitru.tiin All p».a>na whoa einhid healih without kuowmg why .bauds* p cl me luags ms the enure and uatergna: satiated until they have submitted them 'o a rare ui etamjra o u bo'h i r •houH mote s r ngl. cx-ite tb-ir fears ik.J lemc told their -live." 1. dl-t seed A great mait-r ity ol-'.oh oa»ea turn out In ihe end to he cases of tnsaa d or latent consumption. I'iakiado ,0n sumptie n <c the m >1 eur.ble Itoe ecie lu tutnr and pronerlv treated, as be strength aud vita I T is min reman ingm rhn a. stem ’ An enjy application of the proper remedies to tha tarts tUbo'crt iu exso of latent eou-uinrtion hr Cold Medic tied inhxla ion, a cure mav he t ffeett'd iu n«arlv every ^I>rsoae living at a distance caa be treated by l#« Your Obedient Se-vxnt. CIIAS MOUSE, M D rhyaieixn for Ui-rases of the Throat and Lnera Oiboe No.8 Bmith etna*. Portland ». ** . djoymwlw STATE OIF MAINE. IUaOQI- \UT*B«, ADJl-TA>TGrSEt!AL'»OFrlC*. I AHfnuta, July I lb. 1«H|. I General Order, Ho. W (AXTRACT ] **••••••.. X L’nd.r War Department Ordi r No. 527. of lha " h m.tant (Ju t r.c t»<M,?rortecr..i i g U r.rta a ° **'7* *■ rebellion, .nimble pe ao.a Kill ba an narir.d b. Ike more nor span me rrcomni.nde uon. t< MU t iu Dial aerviceln behadoinoi t illea. > o» n« and Hat tat i ua and ante c'atioi a ol ei n ini m n and other, aamay elect <hut ’o Mil tii>I nuotaa and procure aub tit at. a Keimbutaement of aa lor 1/ d Slate h. unties for \ oIuLt o»s t'ns ^tfaJaed, wi I be made a* *oo*» as the M«te is oreditc*' a? be V ju ant 4,enAral »i)fflee n \*ashing*' o will. *** la^uirit:? roil* anil papers arr aied IU this offca. * * • ••••«• Uy erdar Of tha CommstcUr-in-* hie'. , ^ JOH!t L Hut HP05, jy« 00da«r&a3t Adjutant Utters). ru n dollars reward. LOST.—In Market .“(itjar'. or v cii.ltv, a roll of Ban. Bill, ooutai in* betKfen aev u a- d eight dollar.—ot-a MOO kill on at o M' una and irad.r'. Hank. Portland—other bil.aof dnf.rtat iletn rat... o ... on (' ban... Ilk It Dt*L KEtVAUD will be paid i n the ratetu nf tbo same to Bill It LEY * Hi YVE. J *3-S« 18 Market Square. fpuleil t*iopoaalu \\rILL be recalled br the <\ mnmtre on P a n. v “ and Sewer-, uuiit Jui> 8 th. 18 *. tore'net. not ing a comm n Sewer tt rough Congtra* atreot irem Blue to ow .tre- ta Plan, and SpacidOeHtUa mar b - aeen at the aril Eigln-er . , (Bee “1Jr Ttmeomm tteu tea rvlngthe right to reject air or ail bida not deemed watiafaotnir. Per Or er of t on mlttee. . WILLIAM H STEWART. JjrUdlw Chairaau,

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