Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 25, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 25, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY July 25, 1864.' Daily Press U larger in the State, and in Portland. 1 sus — 98 00 per ptar: if paid ttrictlp <n ad ijh^ a discount cj 91.00 mill be made. W* Kendiug Matter ou all Four FOR PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN OF ILLINOIS. FOR VICE-PRESIDENT. ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TKNNSSSSS. For Electors. AtLarat—JOHN' B. BROWN. Portland, ABNEKSTE rso N .DamamcoUi. U1 Dirt.—RICHARD II. CHAPMAN, B ulde ford. •d Jitt.—THOS. A.D. FESSENDEN,Auburn FOB GOVBBNOB, SAMUEL* CONY OF AUGUSTA. For Members ol Congress. IKl T)i*t.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. •M D strict—SIDNEY PEBHAM, of Paris. What ha* been Gained ? In April 1801, when this wicked rebellioi first br«ke out, all the territory South o the Poloin&c River and East of the Missis* ip pi Iliver was wrested from the Government <>f the United States, and we had no eflicieui civil power In Maryland, Virginia, North Car olina, South Carollua, Florida, Georgia, Lou isiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tenui see, Kentucky or Missouri. This was a large ■lice to be taken from the power of the gov ernment and placed under rebel rule, and u< wouder the natious of Europe looked upon this large extent of territory and inferred from It the magnitude of the rebellion. There is nothing mysterious in the fact Ihat we looked upon the rebellion as being of much less magnitude than those did wlto were far re moved from it. We could hardly be brought to believe that so many of the citizens i f our Republic, who had growu rich and powerful under the folds of the old flag of the Union, could be wrought up to such a degree of mad ness as to buckle on the armor of traitors, and tear down that flag from its staff where it ha* floated triumphantly for so many years and won the respect and admiration of the lovers of liberty the world over. Rut so it was, and the fact will yet form one of the most remark able pages ever written by any histoiian. Fu ture generations will read it and wonder how euch a people could have become so demented and so lost to all emotions of a pure patriot Ism as to rise np and rebel against a govern ment of their own choice, which shed ita bless ings upon them as gently as the due falls from heaveu. And the wonder of coming genera tions will be so Increased as almost to create a disbelief in the truth of the historic page wbeieon is recorded the appalling fact that the euslaviug, buying, selling, whipping and working human beings, furnished the motives for such a rebellion, and laid the foundation for the uprising of a people agaiust the mild est aud best government the world had ever We believe the time is comtcg wbeu the fu ture Inhabitants of this same territory, now covered by rebels, will be astounded when their eyes fall ou the pages of the history ol this outbreak against good laws and good gov •rmnent- It la unquestionably one of the most remarkable, unreasouable, wicked, atrange and causeless rebellious that has hap pened since the angels rebelled in heaven and lost their first estate. But we mitt br ak away from this episode and return to the question, wbal has been been gained ? Our government has repossess ed itself ol several of the States above uamed and reduced the military power of the rebels to a circumference embracing parts only of Tirgiuia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Georgia, with their de tached possession of the most of Texas. Now has nothing been gained ? The god Ternii nus has always been rttrta ing lu spile of some 1 lb. ir successes ou the battle fields, and their eleto* have been followed immediately by the bai on eut ot whole states orlarge districts. More u<ii ha f of their territory is gone from them forever, and more than half their resour ces have been cut off by Federal arms. The stars and stripes now float over some of their largest cities, and Grant is now thundering ai , their Capital. And the joyful news now greet* our ears that Atlanta has talicn before our vie torious arms, and Gen. Sherman can now af ford to rest awhile and refresh his brave sol diers who have been marching and fighting on a long road, but thanks to heaven, it Is a road that has lead to victory. The loss of Atlanta is a severe biow to the rebellion, it has hit it between the eyes, and It staggers under it. Jefil Davis aud his trai tor sa'.leJites must now be silling on tenter hooks. The capture ot Atlanta cuts off the rebels from many resources which are evseu tial to their very existence. They^vlll feel this loss more severely at the present juncLure of affairs than they have any previous one. Even the fall of Richmond would not so seri ously damage them. True, in the loss of Rich mond they would lose prestige, hut not so much power as they have lost In our capture of Atlanta which is the heart ol rebeldom. »»uai uas otcn guinea-ooi ouiy large ex tent of territory, cities, towns, rivers, prison ers and munitions of war, but what is still bet ter, more enduring and more highly to be priztd, au enlightened public sentiment, an in tense love of liberty, a just sense of the rights of humanity aud a conscientious and firm be lief that God hath made of one blood all na tions of men to d.aell on the face of the earth. Iu view of all the surroundings of the war, and of its varying aspects, we cau see no rea son for despondency, but on the contrary, the skies look bright and give token of better days. Uen. Sherman will now find lira ■, we Uus*, to pull off his boots, a feat he his uot performed for forty days as we are credibly luformed, aud one brave boys cau rest a short lime ere they are led on to nxws victories. Header, the rebellion is tottering to its fall. I .el not your courage ooze out, but be of good cheer. Revolutions must have liino to work out their legitimate results. Aud the forces at work lu crushing out this rebellion will tell on future ages, and produce results we little dream of in our philosophy. We are not lighting for our selves alone, but for lutute generations. Let us then keep on the harness until the work is accomplished which Is given us to do. Cop perheads may retard these forces which are working for tire benefit of the race, but only to give them more power and strength. “ Tir sscU tuliure tirtux." We believe we can say wlib truth, all's well along the line. Ji ■ s . y Letter from late Surgeon Day, Maine 2Sth. HliAIKJl AItTKKS 20rii Mainb Hei.t.. I Uorganza. I,*., June 25, lbtH. J fo the Editor of the Peers: layout issue of J me 7th, I see a notice of -he dismissal from the service of Surgeon Jo i.ah Carr, aud Lieut. Strict, of the :50th .vt&ine, aud Lieut. Kings!), and tnyself of the .0 h, for mustering aud pressing into the ser vice a man iu each regiment, manifestly unfit for military duty. Iu justice to myself (and ' my justifications w i.l justify the other officers j concerned,) I wish to explain the circumsUn j es in the case. And first i will review m\ ! iwn case. While iu Augusta txauilulog li mits for this regiment, a man was brought to ne hy the enlisting officer for examination. I -mow the recruit personally. He was a porter it the Augusta House, where 1 boarded, and was a smart active young man. 1 examinee | iiitn thoroughly aud accepted him. lie tea* j tad if as able to t|g duty us auy man in this •egimeut. And now a few words as to the j iiani/tal unfitness of this man for service, j lears ago he liad his elbow dislocated, the i left one 1 think. The dislocation was never (uiU) properly reduced, and iu cotisequenct ie cannot extend the arm quite straight, but -till it did uot Interfere with a free use of the irm and perfect use of the musket, I satis fied tnyself that lie could do the duty of a oldier and I took him. Under the same eir u instances 1 should do the same thing again. •Veil, this man was sent to General Hospital vhen we commenced the Red river expedi ion, for disease contracted In the service, t'here he has been ever since, and this arm has been seized on as an excuse to report me u Washington. The true reason of the re port of I)r. Carr aud myself, is simply this. Vl the battle of Cane river there was a gal laut charge made on the enemy, driving them from their position; iu tills charge a Maine officer leading Ills regiment, had his leg brok en by a musket ball. The leg was examined hy the surgeons of the Miine regiments, aud sve all congratulated him on the fact that he need not loose his leg. Weil, he was pul on ihe boat Alexandria and sent to Xew Orleans md placed in tCe hospital of Dr. Gordan, who vas in charge of the boat. The next day Dr ioidan calfcd to see how he was fieliug, so as o tie able to inform his friend' here, and found that the leg had been amputated. That hi tad been put uuder the influence of chloroform iy the surgeous for the purpose, as they said, if examining the wouud, aud when the officer - -.-turned to eonsifiousues' he found his ley t u off. When Dr. Goriiau came hack and reported the fact to u» we were perfectly thunder-struck. There waa not oue of us Maine surgeons that would have been more surprised had we awoke In tho inorniug and ound our own leg off. Dr. Kugene F. Saw yer, of Bangor, Medical Director of this corps, called at tho hospital to learn if possi i blc why this operation had been performed, b it could get no satisfactory reason assigned. With much dirtleuty he succeeded iu getting permission to examine the broken bone after it had been disserted out fromjlhe leg. This examination only couttrmed him in his former opinion, aud he told them so, and the result j .ras been that Maine surgeons are at a dis count in New Orleans for pre*tmiing to ditf-i from an Assistant Surgeon in the regular viny. There has been a disposition shown to do every thing possible to injure the repu tation of the L'iUli and 30 th Maine regiments, by the people in Hew Orleans. It ia reported that these two regiments are tilled up with br keu dowu men. Did the L’bth act like broke* down men when they held the rega in-nt to the position at Sabine Cross it rads under the most disheartening circumstances? . Did the 30lh act like a set of broken down cripples, when with Col. Fessenden at their head, tin y charged on th- rebels at Cauo Bri er and drove them from their position, leav ing some fifty of their men dead on the field? It is a pity that we could not have a few more just such broken down regiment* in this department. It is true that many of out men are new sick; tru* that man; of them are now broken down and will n.ver be good for anything again. But what is tho cause? Not because they were not able soldiers, stout tneu, when they left the Suite of Maiue, but because they- were brought from their Northern homes In mid winter, placed in an almost tropical climate where malaria abound-, rushed into tiie li :d River expedition winch was oue of the hardest campaign* of the whole war, unaccliinaled, unaccustomed to a soldier'* life and a soldier's rations. Was it to be wondered at that out of 3k) or 4(JO new recruits, many should become disabled ? And yet, when tie- .a ineu are sent to General Hos pital, the regimental surgeons are reported to the Secretary ol War lor dismissal, for accept ing men who were never fit for service! In justification ot Lieuts. Kingsley and Strout, the mustering officers, I wish to say a few words. They were both Innocent of Buy attempt to deiraud the government. They were appoiut to swear in the men after they were accepted by tho surgeon; they knew nothing of the physical condition of the men, but relied on the surgeon’s judgment, and mustered such in n as he accepted. Lieut, blrout is dead.— He died for his country, faciug bis country's foes; died as a man should be proud to die. I euvy not the man who, by .bis uialiguaut re- ' port, by this stab in the dark, lias endeavored to throw obloquy and disgrace ou the uuine ot a brave officer Whatever course the government may see fli to take in ihe case of Dr. Carr, Lieut. Kingsley or rnyselt. we all unite iu saying, re lactate Lieut. Strout. Never let It stand ou recoid '.hat the authorities at Washington have disgraced an innocent man who has lain his life on his country's sltar, si.d who. i! in erred at all, erred unintentionally. I do uol doubt but that some men got into service who should not. The large bounties Offered are an inducement for many to try and get into the service who are not really rtt. and such .men resort to every means to de ceive the surgeon so as to pass, expecting to get the large bouuty and then as soon as call ed on to go into active service, to go to tin General Hospital, get a discharge, go borne and get another bounty. If it could be understood that such men would not be discharged, we should not be troubled with them. I am. sir, yours respectfully, Josiah F. Dav, Jk , Late Surgeon 29tb Maine Regiment. The following certificate explains Itself: ICaj/j/ Qf ,/oesitear tn nr .Secret,try gr ITirr. HRA&qtjARTEHR 29th Maine, I June 27th, IfStM. ( This Is to certify that we, the undersigned officers of the 29lb Me. Regt. know Edward Brennau, for the passing and mustering of whom Surgeon Josiah F. Day. Jr., and Lieut. Kingsley were dismissed Ihe service. I'lie said Brennan was employed as a porter in the Augusta Ho .s ■ at Augusta, Maine, where we i’l boarded, at the time of his enlistment; lie was a stout, active young n an, aad lo all ap pearance was well qualified for a soldier, (Signed,) Gitas. C. Graham, 1st Lt. Co. E. Cvuub T. Watkkuocse 2J Lt. Co. E. Alfred L. Turner,Capt. Co. F. ( it as. Thompson, Quartermaster. Lt. Waterhouse cerUAes that he often drilled Brenntu, and that tie handled hi« guu as well ns the best man lu his company Dr.Sanger, Medical Director ol the 19th A. C., has sent to rl.e Secretary of War a certltl cate that Dr. Day was one of the best and most effleicut medical officers in the corps. I *9 A steamer has been put upon the Portland and Kennebec route, but not, we take it, fur publio accommodation, or to secure public pat ronsge; at leabt we infer this from the fact that while it is advertised in a city paper working only SOO copies daily, papers working from 1G00 to 3400 daily are ignored. We have heard of wire-pullers notifying caucuses by posting the notice behind the postofficc door, face to the wall, so as to keep the tiling dark from thost not desired to attend, but we never before bean) of a similar policy in business advertising -—:—*—l;_- .. _ _■ "" From the SpringSeld Repuli'can. Material? for a Platform. At the present high price of lumber, it Is found, by one party at least, exceedingly difficult, to obtain materials for a political plat- ! lorui. Indeed, this party find it so difficult to I obtain those that arc. good lor anything, that i they propose, to defer building. Perhaps they car, be helped lo something by those who ex- , perience uo difficulty in gi-Uiug ail they want, and who, having used all they want, are will ing to help their neighbors. We propose not to saw the planks, or suggest the manner ol carpentering, but to furnish the logs, and let | those Interested saw .them out and put lie ui together. They shell 1)3 facts, with the bark j on, and butted at both ends. l»t. The democratic party permitted the government to go to pieces in its hands, hav ing had control of the government fir many years, and having been the chosen political issociates of the whole band of traitors, north and south of Dixon's line. 2d. The democratic party were aware of the tnachinathus of treason, and, through the mouths of some of its chosen leaders, had as sured the plotters of their sympathy, and pro mised them their co-operation. 3J. The only sympathizers with the reliel liou, in Congress and among the people, have been uniformly found in the democratic party; and all the northern opposition which the gov ernment has met In its < fforls to suppress the rebellion has come from those who professed to be democrats. till. The only men in the nation who hare proposed a compromise with states in armed rebellion, or have called lor peace atauy price ,f honor or territory, have been democrats. 5;h, Tue democratic patty has for mouths regarded the failure of the government to crush the rebellion as its only ground of hope lor recovering Its power iu the nation; and to Jay there is nothing it desires so much (we speak of the leaders of the party, and those who represeul and act tortt,) as the failwrc ol Grant's campaign. Oth. Iu general and pat ticular. this party^p gards the success of t lie government as the worst tiling it b.u to (ear, auu the deleat ot tile government us in cessary lur the luilllmnit of its highest hopes. 7th. The reliels de«ire nothing so much ss re establishment ol di mocraticiuie in the Un tied IStale«, aud have publicly i ucouraged themselves and their people with the prospect of tue asceuuaucy of a peace- party, uudcr de uoc raise leaders. 8th. *l lie democratic party, through its re presentatives in Congress, have ,iu*t voted down, almost unanimously, the proposition for the constitutional abolition of slgvery, a system of wrung on behalt ol which this rebel lion was begun, aud in consequence ol which numlreds ol thousands ul brave men, embrac ing hosts of their own number, have beeu called to lay down their lives. It. This party has just given welcome to one who comes from banishment—a bitter foe of tbe government from the thst.iu itsetlorts to suppress the rebellion—a man couviclcd of affording aid and comfort lo the enemy by a competent court—crowned him with an ova tion, and stand teady to receive him into the national councils ol the party, to which his Democratic lellow-ciliaens have elect- d Liut. We submit that here are materials for a platform which ought to satisfy the party.— I’liey are genuine. lucre is no humbug about them: and such skilllul men as Fernan da Wood, and Cox, aud Vailundighaui, ought to be able to make something out of them on which their follower* can stai d. There would p.-r-sihiy ire a refusal ou the part of a potjfon of the party to adopt the- planks; but alrlbe traitors, all the compromise men, all who hale the President of the United States more thau they do the President of the Confederate States, all who pray for the deleat of Grant, all wlio prefer party success to the redeinptiou of the government, all who think Vallandig taam is a marty r, all w ho believe in human slavery, all who are wi.liuglolcl all the blood that hav beeu shed and ail the treasure that ha< been expended go lor nothing,—all these would be satislied. It is a sin aud a shame that the name of a party which once included tho patriotic Jack sem should come into possession of as arrant a set of political knaves as ever infested the republic. The party, as a patty, with princi ple-and living issues, is dead. It had some good traits, for which history will give it credit; but the party as It now exists is be coming a stench and a by-word in the house of its old Iriends. Letter front the State Capital. Augusta, July kdd, IStfi. To the Editor of the Preen: The Gonrnor has appointed Beuj II Hinds, Ksq, foiuterly of this Stale, but now a resident of Washington, as Military Stale Agent, vice Col. A. II. Far we II, resigned, ou account of ill health, a ueceesity veiy much regretted by ail concerned, in cenaequence ol the able aud ac ceptable manutr in which lie has performed his duties. Mr. Uiud* is a liberally educated’ affable gentleman, formerly ol Bristol, which town he has reprv sen led in the Legislature. He will promptly and cheerfully attend to all letter* or personal calls from those who desire information or aid in regard to our wounded soldiers in Washington or vicinity. What with raids accomplished and autici. paled and the call ol lie President lor live nuudred thousand additional volunteers lor one year's service, there has been some little excitement in didervcl parts of the State aud no little communication, both personal and by lttlle,with the Governor dating the gasl week. The subject of coast ded uces has again bten A ...._.1 it.. It.___... I_...sL oiizid the Governor to raise a Company tor the specific purpose ol gariisoniug Fort Pop bain, at the mouth ot' the Kennebec river.and it will be mustered into the service ot the United Slates for one year. This is as it should be. With some guns mounted, but no ammunition, nor any one stationed there to man them, the Fort couid easily lie taken by half a dozen determined men, and at their pleasure be desnoyed or turntd against the very committee it was desigued to protect. This state of things will not long exist. A Company of 100 men is ip be raised immedi* a ivy, fifty of which are to be recruited in Bath, twenty in Gardiner, and thirty in Au gu'la. Companies will bo raised for thu de f nee of oilier exposed poiuts along our coast, as the exigencies ol the public interest may require. New regiments will not be. raised under the call of the President fur G00,0U0 men, as at present advised. The quota of this Stale un der this ca.l is 11,000, which, it is hoped, will be raised by voluntceis without resulting tua draft. T he folio wing commissions have been issued siuce uiy last, viz;— First Regiment Henry Artillery.—Charles C. Sawyer, oi Greenville, 2d Lieut. Co. E. First Regiment l) V. Vncniry—Joseph W. Lee,of Cams, 1st. Lout. Co.G.; Albert C'. Dam, ot Poit'.and, 2d Lieut. Co. 1; Calvin Wilder, 2J Lieut. Co. K; Hubert C. Smith, 1st Lieut. Co. 1); Dau’l F. Sargent, of Brewer, , Capt. Co. II. F.ightk Regiment Infantry—Buoy Williams, of Unity, Asst. Surgeon; Ephraim \V. WiUey, of S. arsmont, 2d Lieut. Co. II. Xineteenth Regiment Infantry — Charles i P. Garland, of W iuslow, 1st. Lieut. Co. H. Thirty-First Regiment lnjantry—Preston Fi-h r, ol .Orono, Asst. Surgeon; Uyrou C. Gliaii n. of Bangor, Capt. Co. F: Geo. G. Bol ton, of Bangor, Capt. Co. B; Almond IX. (lushee,ol Appleton, (’apt. Co. C; Stephen L). Benson, of Baugor, 1st. Lieut. Co. A; Geo. A. Dickey", of Bangor, 2d Lieut. Co. A ; Alex. Crawlord, of Skow hcgan, 2d Lieut. Co. G. Thirty-Second Regiment Infantry—John G Whitten, of Alfred, 1st. Lieut. Co. F; Albion S.Durgiu, of Biddeford, 2d Lieut. Co. F: Jas ' W. Goodrich, ot Saco. 2d Lieut. Co. K. Official Inljrmalion iia- been received of the follow ing discharges: Resigned—Dr. G. G. Kiehardson, Asst. Sur ge >n,Sih Keg .; 2d Lieut. Chas. E. Poor, Co. A, 11 Ui Keg. Discharged for disability.—Lieut. Colonel lleuj. F. Harris, tkhregiment; 1st Lieut. Jos. W. Whitmore, 2d Battery. Deceased. — Kev.»h Keely, Chaplain 13tli regiment; Capt. Win. XI. Shoppee,Co. B. ulst regiment; 2d Lieut. Samuel W. Rowell, Co. 1, 1st Heavy Artillery. A telegram from Col. Beal, of the 2SILU reg iment, siy* that communications lor all the Maine regiments except the 2d cavalry, that wire lately in the Department of the Gulf, should be addressed to Washington. Yours truly, Huuos. ■ ■■■■ ■ ■ ! .. 1 1 .LL1 1 ORIGINAL AND SELECTED, j 3TThe sobliers call "uions asrt other vegeta bles “antiscorbs.” 5?"Uen. Hunter’s request to be relieved from bis command has not been granted. JSTThecrop of smoked fish in Lubee is said to be very large this season. Walter S. Hodges, Co. It, .'lid Maine, of Lewiston, who has been missing for several months, is in Libby I’rison. jyNath’l Marsh, Keq., I’resident of the New York and Erie Railroad company, died at Staten island on Monday of last week. jy Reports from New Hampshire say the drouth is very severe in that State, and fires in the woods are very destructive. ;STA large number of cotton factories on the Chattahooebie river were destroyed by tlen. Sherman, and the operatives sent North. or The citizens *>f Providence have decided j in favor of running a horse railroad through the principal streets of that city to Olneyville. gSTThe Ammonoooac, a magnificent war ves sel, was launched nt Charlestown Navy Yard,on i Thursday last. Of the National Batiks, twelve are in j Maine, four in New Hampshire, seven in Yer* j incut, one in Uhode island, thirty-seven in Mas sachusetts and fifteen in Connecticut. eru s. steamer Wyoming, just in at New York from a five years’ cruise in the East Indies, has been ordered to prepare for sea immediately. Destination secret. Rain fbll in copious showers in Illinois on Suuday and Monday of last week. He who has ! promised that seed time and harvest shall not fail, is yet at the helm. jyTwo editors were whippet! by a woman j named Hern, in Dubuque, a few days since, be , cause they put her name in their Police report. . They fouud Hern “a case” not often met. QTA fire broke out in Seabrook, N. H., a j small village in the vicinity of Portsmouth, on Wednesday afternoon ancMestroyed ten dwel lings and stores. The next meeting of the Cumberland ; County Temperance Association will take place ! on the 17th of August, at Dunston’s Corner, ; Scarboro’. 3T Mr. Revelle is lecturing on Temjierauce to i the children of this State. A very important ! field of labor, as an ounce of preventive is worth | more than a pound of cure. Payment to the soldier* up to the first of July is be made as soon as Secretary Eesaeu ' den has completed armngemeuts for the new j loan. Of Several swindler* win* nave h. .u doing business through the Newton (N. If.) postoffice sre either iu jail, or have given bonds for their appearance at Court. i*27' The Sons of Temperance of Bath will make an excursion to this city on Wednesday next. They will be received by members of the I Order here, and accompany them to Pleasant i Cove. I ^3r.\ laud speculator having a piece of land | to let, had a placard stuck up which read as ful | lows: “Thisgood and des rable land to be let | on a lease one hundred and twenty yards long." J2T Steamer fares from New York to San Francisco are moderately up in the world. The following are the figures: upper deck, S400; main saloon, Sli75;seeond cabin, £!Ji;stcerage, 3TA little daugbterof Mr. John McLaurens, of Weld, fell into a tub of hot water, recently, which had been prepared to scald hugs, and was eo badly injured that she lived but a few days. r^-If the Navy Yard located in Kittery, Me., should be called Portsmouth Navy Yard, why should not the Navy Yard in Charlestown be colled Boston Navy Yard ? Will our tenacious neighbor of the Chronicle please tell us ? .7* Of the seven corps commanders who moved on Petersburg and Richmond, but two remain in the field, ▼)*.: * Burnside and War ren; Sedgwick was killed; Gilmore removed; . Smith aud Hancock, withdrew; Brooks re signed.’’ St. Paul (Minnesota) dispatch says heavy rains are now frequent and the crops are doing finely. A Milwaukee dispatch says Wis consin has been watered by heavy rains, which have druvvnod out the chinch bug and saved a portion of the wheat crop. rir’A young woman dressed iu male apparel sought to be admitted n member of a company iu Worcester, so that site might see her soldier lover now stationed at Washington. She would make a true-hearted "wife, if not a brave sol dier. . The Goal Templars, a Temjverauce organ zation which is very flourishing in the western States, ia now gaining in numbers quite rapidly in this State. Bodges have betn recently organ ized in Cherry field, Ihiver, and some other places in the State. 557*To a well known U. S. Senator, Gen. Grant said a few daj-s ago—aud that, too, while the rebel invasion was in progress; “/ aui just as certain to take Richmond and crush Lee's army at the tun it sure to rise." This is Grant’s opinion, aud he ought to know. iJTThc body of James Hall was found on the lfith hist., on the bank of the pond at Hast Ma I isoh. He started about the 8th of June last, to j cross the pond upon a raft, and has not been heard from until the present time. The body was very much dccomnosed. \~Ct‘Hun. Charles Beale, of Hudson, informs the Bangor Whig that alarming fires are prej vailing in that vicinity. The woods and fields are suffering seriously. Mr. D. W. Totier hist his house, ham, nine swarms of bees and other property. Much property is iu imminent dan ger. J3fTbe tendency of trade is now towards a cash basis. The wholesale dealer buys for cash, aud the retailer must do the same. This system will compel every man to lire within his income and purchase only what he can pay cash down fur, which will not lie a very had habit to get into. aTThe Argus- “local" needs to blush up a little on the geography of our own state. Fri day, referring to the Odd Fellow’seacnrriun, bespoke of thedelightfulnessof “a ri lethrough the farm country and villages along Merry Meeting Bay.” The Kennebec does not go in sight either of Merry Meeting Bay, or of any village upon its borders. Returned Heroines. Portland has sent quite a number of her daughters -as well as sons to labor for our common cause of patriotism, whose laurels are as green as those plucked by the soldier on the field of mortal strife. Among the names of these heroines who have devoted their unselfish lives to the labors of the hos pital, wailing upon aud ministeriug to the sick, the wounded and the dyiug, we recall the names of Misses Walker, Xewkall, Llupee, Pierson, Quinby, Titcoinb, and perhaps there are others of whoso names wo are ignorant. These ladies have beeu or now are in the hospitals at Aunapolis. Several of them have returned to their homes, having been angels of mercy to those who needed that kindly sympathy aud geutle aid and tender care which woman knows so well how to ad minister. MKsAdblink Walk kb, the latest return ed, left her home iu this city about two years since. She has been assiduous iu her labors of love to those In distress, and for her wotks'sakeis as much emitted to notice as those who have faced dangers, if more bloody yet scarcely more fatal, on the battle field. Miss Walker was In the same train of cars in which Gen. Franklin was made a prisoner by the rebels, but was not molested. A soldier who sat near her, and who had receiv ed her kind attentions In the hospital, antici pating danger, very prudently and thought fully handed her his money, and tvas soon after a prisoner, and is now supposed to be iu Richmond. Miss Walker knows his uame and will keep watch of his history, so as to restore to hint when opportunity otters, the $120 of which she was, in so singular a man ner, made the custodian. HY TELMG-BAPH -TO TBK «Vfc»lAI« PAPERS, from Missouri — final Xorth-Western Con spiranj liisooeered-hniyhts of the Holden Circle Armed. St. Louis, Mo., July 23. Much surprise was created litre a short time since by the arrest of several very prom inent sec essionists of this city, w hose offense was unknown at the time, but bas lately come to light, 'i'hev were connected with a con spiracy extending throughout the entire Mis sissippi vaiiiy, having for its object the erec tion of a Xm ih-Wcstcrii Confederacy. Pro vost Marsh .1 General Sanderson lias been gaiheiing evidence iu the matter for several months. This tistiiuony is now in possession ol the Washington authorities. It iinplica'es many promlueut men. aud shows that a very dangerous organization had been formed.— One of the parties arrested i9 said to have been so bully frightened that a band for a hall a million dollars was offered for his release. It is believed tiiat the recent guerrilla move ments in this State have connection with this great conspiracy, particularly as Thornton io a speech at Platte said: “The Knights of the Golden Circle are oagauized and armed, mil ready to rise throughout the Free States.” riiorutou a'so said iliat Yallandigham was w ith them, and that he ( Thornton) had troops iu every county iu the Stale, aud that his men were coming up from the South, and that l,400 men had been destroying the Hannibal and St. Joseph Kaiiroad on their march. During Col. Sanderson's investigation of this conspiracy, he discovered the intended re newal of boat burning on the western rivers, and was able iu several instances to avert most serious consequences. The affair at Plattsbu tg, Clinton County, was not so bad as reported. After Capt. Tur ner’s death Capt. Poe took command and made such a determined resistance that the guerril las lelt in the direction of Haynesville, thence meved yesterday into Piatte County. Tncir reported strength is N00. from Atlanta—1 hi City fortty Orrnpled by frtteral Troops— Tile Keren! Mottles. Washington, July 23. The National Kepublicau extra says the gov ernment is iu receipt of a dispatch to-day from the telegraph operator at Chettanooga via Louisville, in the loliowing words: "Atlanta is not yet taken. Our forces find a strong obpesition. It seems that we are iu possession ot a part of the city, but the ene my hold the rest,” Tlie paper also announces the following of Acial news of the battle befoie Atlauta on Wednesday: "An official dispatch from Gen. Sherman -tales that alter the battle of thst day Gen. Howard, commanding the J'.hcoriis, sent word iliat he had buried 2i*> dead rebels in Irout ol his line*, aud that a large number of wounded were scattered on the Held.” Gen. Hooker cotumauuing the 20th corps, in advancing his lines on Wednesday, that the enemy iu an open and most desperate battle iu.-liag several hours, the result of which was that the rebels were thoroughly whipped and driven from the Held. Alter the battle Gen. Hooker reported to Gen. Sherman as follows; I have buried 400 dead rebel-, and 4,000 wounded lay in my fiont. Another Infusion of Mur if hunt—Hen. Slw tnttn's I ictorf/. Nkw VoitK, July 24. The Commercial's Washington dispatch says a gentleman who saw the party crossing into Maryland, puts the number at 5,000 in fantry, artillery aud cavalry. The Post’s Washingt^p dispatch says it is a part oi Mosby 's cavalry, numbering not over 200 or 300. Whether there is more behind is not known. C >1. Lowell, ot the 2d Mass, cavalry, suc ceeded in removing a large amount of gov ernment property aud uiueh Hour by canal to (ieorgttown. OtficUl details of Gen. Sherman’s battle on Thursday are received. Our troops gained a brilliant success. Gen. Hood abandoned the Held, leaving Ills dead aud wounded. Gen. Sherman took newly 4,000 prisoners. Our loss was only 1,500. Fellow-feeling among Brethren. A recent number of the Atlanta, Ga., Regis ter takes courage from 4ts friends iu the Xorth. It says: “Ex-President Pierce, Stymour of Con necticut, Vallandigham, Reed, Wood and Richardson, and hundreds of others are as hostile to the war as to Black Republican ism. They are uot openly aud avowedly our friends, nor could we reasonably ask this of them. II they did no more than resist the centralization of Mr. Lincoln, that far they are worthy of our respect and sympathy. If they hold up the banner of State Rights, that far they are advocating a sen timent entitled to our admiration.” The Montgomery, Alabama, Mail says, re ferring to an invasion of the Border States by rebel hordes: “Let us invade them with our whole force. Missourri, Kentucky, Maryland, aud the Copperheads will swell our ranks.” SPECIAL NOTICES. C irinhir. The member® of the 6th Roaiwent Maine Volun t©’ is will report at tl e new City Hall, Portland, on W'wlnwnliy, the 27th ult., at 'J o’clock A. M., for the purpose of being mtfMercd out. B oruer of Col C. x. Edward*. F. G PAT I EHSON, j>25 Lieut, and Act. Ao;*itant. Editorial Convention. The Editors and Publishers of the State of Maine are respectfully invpi^ to meet iu Convention at X'-tr City H dt, in Portlard, on Wednesday Pnd Thursday. August krihand llth, tor purpose* of con sultation aud the orvaniratiou of a State Associa tion of Liitorm and Pub ish«*is. The Convention will assemble in the Senate Cham ber in the New i it/ Building, on Wednesday, at 10 o'clock A M. A tuple arrange mints will be made ior fully carry lug cut the business aud objects of the Convention and for the entertaiuuient and com ort of the member* from abroad. Commute* of Arrangements—Joseph B. llall. of the Cornier; K. H. El well, of the frauscript: Brown Thurston ; N. A. Foster, of the Press: M ». Rich, of the Pr ce Current; Chas. A. Lord, of the Chris tian Mirror; John M. Adams, of th- Argus; Chas. P Haley, of tb« Advertiser; Jairt* 8. Maples: Rev. W. H Shaller, of /ion's Advocate; Cyrus 8. King; Charles A. Mackpole; F. G. Rich, of the Temper ance Journal: B F. Thorndike; Geo O. Goss*. of the Argus; E P. Weston ©f the Northern Monthly; Dr. B. Colby, of the Press; I. N Felch, cf the Cou rier; R W. Lincoln, of the Press; C. W. Pickard, of the Transcript. Portland Ju p 6, 1864. P«|H'r*t throughout the State are n. guested to pub lish. THOM VS G. LURING. DRUGGIST, -AN!' — HKAOTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Corner at E,chan,r j. Federal S>’.. A perfect dt ga.r.ntevd. The poor liber.lly con sidered. mchtedtl Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, JUt., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12,1804. nrayiadtfm A New Perfume for the Handker chief* Ph&lon'i “Night Blooming < oreus." l'halou • “Night Bloomiig Cervus.” l'halou'n “Night Blooming (Yreu*. “ Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereal.” Ph Jon's “NigUf B coming CatMi." 1'halon - “Night Blooming Coreas.’' A most Exquisite, Delicate and Fragrant Perfume, distilled from the Bare and Beaut it ui Flower from it takes its name. Manufactured only by PHALON if SON, N. Y. ty&Mre of Counterfeits. Ask for Phalom't— Tike nft Other. Bold by Druggists generally june2i’<>td3<n **!<• IV* AttvoodN Hitters Price ltd Cts TrobnDIKK. MApril 25. 1863. Pear •$»»>. —A lady of my actjuaiutance was troubled with seven attacks of sick heedach • for a uumber of years, and could hud uo ielit l until the tried L. F. Atwood's llitttrs, which effected a per manent cure. My daughter was troubled with attacks of severe headache and vomiting. which have been cured by these bitters. I have myself been troubled with dyspepjta. which has already been relieved by this remedy. 1 at ways keep it on hatyi. as 1 be*iev© it to be a speedy cure for all d-rungem-nts Of th© st< mach and liver: at.d f r female complaints when arising from debility oi the digestive organs. Your© truly, Cm a*. Whitest. SIT* Counterfeits an*l base imitations, in simb lar bottle and label are in the market and sold by unprincipled dealers. The am nine is signed L. F. Atwood, and also hare an extra LABEL, oh whi‘c prper. cxmntersigned H H. HAY, l>mggi$t, Portland, Ale., sole General Agent. Sold by reaped obis dealers in medicine generally. . |auylt*od4w’» i SPECIAL NOTICES. Prompt Collection cf Bills. Merchant,. PUy.icHn-. M chaulea and all other, wl,hlne prompt election „f their t ill,, will ,ic“lve I prompt and peraonal attention, and reVurn, • rem JACOB FKOST Junction Middle and Fro, st, no stair, EJP*ro,t OtBco adore,,. Box 17»t. purt and P b K'fertnoet—T. C. Merijy, (3. W. Woodman’ A T Dole. i) Sldiw* Huy Vour Siaiioaery Packages At Dresser',, Bit Lxoliange atreet, 83 p-r Jotc/i, or 35 cent, rook. , VvettMranted, ad Jre»« L. DRESSER. Tort land, Me., Box 133. iylldiw* cTark^s D1 ST I LI, ED It KSTO K AT IVK FOR THE HAIRj Re»tore* Gray and Faded Hair and .7. Beard to it* Hatural Color, AND IS A MOST LCXCRIOLS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD oOo ■ CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Restore, the Color. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Eradicate, Dandruff CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Promote! it. Growth. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prevent, it, falling off. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. I* an ant quailed Dreeing CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, lit good for Children. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, I* good for Ladies. CLARK S KK8TORATIVE, Is good for Old People CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I* perfectly harmless CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Coutains do Oil CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Is not a Dye CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Beautifies the Hair CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Is'plondid tor Whiskers. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Hair In its Tlace. CKARK’S RESTORATIVE, Cares Nervous Headache. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Prevents Eruptions. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Stops Itching and Burning. LARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is delightfully perfumed CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Containsno Sediment LARK’S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Gum. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Polishes your Hair CLARK’8 RESTORATIVE. Prepares yonr ior Parties CLARK 3 RESTORATIVE, Prepares you for Balia CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. All Ladies need it CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, No Lady will do without it. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Costs but tl CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is Sold by Druggists and Dealer* Every where Price tl per bottle.—6 bottles lor S3. C. G. CLARK k CO. raop&iBToaa. W F. PHILLIPS, Portland, General Agent. "Buy Me, wnd I’ll do you Good.” IT*e Dr. Langley** Root and Herb Rittera For Jaundice. Costtvenee*. Liv-r Complaint, Hu mors. ludigestion. Dyspepsia. Piles. Di/rine#*. IIrad neba, Drowstl sc, and all d'sease* arising fruin dis oroered stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all pcr*ou* are subject in sprit a and summer. They cleanse the system, regulate the wels, re store the appetite, purify the blood, aud give sound ness of mind and strength ot bods to all who use them. So d by all dealer* iu Medicine everywhere, at 36,50and 75 cents pier bottle GEO. C. GOOD WIN k CD.,37 Hanover Street, BosIod, Proprie tors apl dim Coughs and Cold*. The sudden change* of our climate are sources ol Pii'tnith'irp. Bronchial, ami Ailawmtic Affections Experience having proved that simple reraedie* or ten act speedily wVu taken iu the early stage# of the di^ea**. recourse should at once be had to "Brotrns Bronchial Trochesor Lo/enge*, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be «(T ctual> v warded off J'nhlir Speakers and Singers will Hud them effectu rl lor clearing and strengtn#n ing the voice Soldiers should have them, a* ther ein be carried in the pocket, aud taken m '-cession requires. _ june2&dfcwlm SotoooKT.—We do not often - peak oi tho various article* which come to u« for notice and trial, hut the article with the above musical naiu i# au exception. Three or four ladies a»*d cluldn n among our immc diate friends and relative# havn used the “ Soxo dont,' audit ha# certainly done all that is said in it# favor. It not only removes every blemish rom the teeth, but reuder* them clean and white. It al so rivet a font to the breath, ud leave# the month with a p'ea-ant fragrance. It is decidedly the best preparation we have ever used for the purpose, »; d . we recommend the t rag rant bozodout to our iriend with great confidence — Boston Mvtnuy Kapoctt. inch 18 It For seven years I was Bald now Everybody U asking me how my hair become so ihiek. For lull direction* send your address inclosing ct*. Box, 448 Worcester, Mass July 16. If d jdTylt»d2w* CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly print* at this office. tt KT“11 you are in want of any kind of PRINTING call at the Daily Pro#* Office tl Ilo»ton Stock List* Salks at tub Buokkrb' Board, July 23. 7**0 Amo ican Gold,.J53 7'*).do..163 2.»YV» . do (N. Y. Check) . 1 ium United State* Currenc Certificates .... 16 3.000 .no.15 7,600 t b Coupon Sixes ( 1861 >. 18 500.d » . |upj 93.000 Cm ted States 7 3 lot La (Oct. lo 1 600 .do(Au g».1041 2 000 Cuiteu States 6-20'a.1«4J 2,6; 800 .do (tinalh. 1Q4? frO. do (small).104» 2t*«0 Ogdt-usburg 1st M.,»tgag«* lioud*. 106 16.000 Ogdenshurg 2d Mortgage Boml*. *1? 40 Eastern Railroad.107j hakried. In thia city, Jnly 24. by Rev If M Blake. William Kuruham aud Miss Helen McKeuuey, bo h of this citv. In Biddeford. July 2. Jaroei B Rand, of B, and Mias Abby J Gile . of Waterboro. In Lim ngton, July 8. Davenport D Meaerve, ot Brownfield, and Mi*s Eliza A tjuiraby, of L. In llallowell. July 14. Wm F Bragg, of II, and Miss 8u»au Harr, of Wa-hington. Me. In Ellsworth July is, Wm O McDonald and Mis* Annie A Austin. DIED. In Saccarappa. July 20 A*euatb, wife of Wm V Hannon aged 41 yearn 6 month*. lu Sa earappa. July 23 Mrs Harriet 11, wife of Wm H Neil, aged 48 Years S mouth*. £ Funeral this (Monday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. Relative* and friend* are invited to a'teud. In Grafiou. May 10 Mr John York, aged 80 yrs— a *oldier of the war of >812. lu Bethel, Ap il 28, Mrs Nancy A, wife of the late Isaac W E»tes. aged —. In Bethel, May 23, Elijah W Bird, aged 10 years; June 13. Eunice V Estes, aged 3 year*. In Biddeford, Frederick L, sou of George Bryant, aged 9 months. IMPORTS. TRINIDAD. Brig Prentiss Hobbs—a lihdasugar 23 tes do. 20 boxes, hhd* m Masses, 40 tes do, jo bbla do. to E Churchill A Co HltlOt' X.s. Jiri* Kudorss-351 tons coal, to C Staples A bon. SAIL1NC or OCCAM STEAMSHIPS. BTBAMBK .ROM TO* BAIL. Horuseia..Southampton. New Y'ork July 12 Kangaroo.Liverpool.New York.. July 12 City Washington. Liverpool.New York July 13 Belgian.. . Liverpool.Quebec.July 14 Beotia.Liverpool.New York July irt Virginia.Liverpool.New York July )9 Africa.Liverpool.Bostou July 23 Saxouia. bouttiampton.New York. July 2d Persia.Liverpool.New York \Jul> ft* Evening Star. New York .New Orb ins July 25 Golden Rule New York . Aspiuwaii_July 27 Damascus.Ouebec . Liverpool . .. .July Jo West minster.New York.. Uv^^ool . . Ju > 30 Edinburg.New York . LJmvpool. . . July 30 America. Xew lork Mloii .July So Europa.. . Boston__ .Liverpool.Aug 3 Olympus.New York Liverpool. Aug 3 Costa Kk a. ..New York . As; Inwall .. Aug 3 Belgian. .Quebec.Liverpool.Aug 6 SooUa.New York.-Liverpool.Aug 10 MINIATURE ALMANAC. [ Monday,.JhI) 95. Sun rises.4 46 J High water.. . 8.50 I | Sum *BU. 7 20 | Length of day a.14 pj • MARINE 1ST ICWs! PORT OF PORTLAND. Sniardur..July #3. ARRIVED. L' > steam cac.-r Jlslioulns, Wgbstar, New York. I Steamer Montreal, fringe, Boston. f»ch iioxt-r, furrier, York. Sell Sarah L.uabetli. liaupt. Wsldoburu. cleared. ^Ste«m.r fotomac. Sherwood, Xew York-Emcry J;!' B; Master*. Walton NS—master. NS—S f Rau'iallllou,e' <“'» far,shore Sel' -lohn Ba:;le,-, ,Br) Willigan, r«rr,boro NB seu S V Coonan. (Br, Dlokson. stJohn Nib ibm ter. Sell Voljta.lBnGiliespie. Hillsboro Ml-master Sell Albert Clarence, Preemau, Bslumore—II R 8tiekney. Snuriay . Jnly *4. ARRIVED. Barque Mary C Fox, Koaa, Flizzbethport. Brig Trentf* Hobb*. Fibs, Trinidad. *S«h Ji« li Deputy, Sturgis, Albany. 8ch 1* .8 Uudaey, Finery. New York. [fiT TKL. TO XiaCBANTa' KXC HA>OK.j BATH, July 23—Br brig Mary llatlieid, from j I'ictou NS, with coal, tor Augusta, went ashore yea H-rday in fiddler * Kt-ach. ab>ut llfM BUM befl>w toi* place*, and punk iu IS fathoms water. She wan probabiy be a total lots. DISASTERS. bch Bound Brook, (of IhomMton) Terry, from New York tor Net * bury port, with a cargo of corn put into Newport night o- the Slat, iu diatitaj, hav ing collided with a. unkeovtn ciooutr aame night, ot! Toiut Jujith, and carried away Jtbbooui, auu CfoUacd the vcaael to leak badly. ling 8 Sum 1. (wt Deer I ale) Torrev. from Terth Amboy for I liomMion. pue into Newport R!d foi re pairs, having lo.-i bowBprit, 4c, while in collision with achooner Bound Brook. DOMESTIC PORTS. GEORGETOWN DC — Ar 20.h, sch Exchange, Uamdton. Portland. Cid l»tb. brig Monticello, Moure. Boston; sch N Doaue. Halt, New York: Uichmoud. email, Bath. Ocean Wave. Turner, Boston. ALEXANDRIA—Ar SlUtb, barque Buy State.Spar row Glace Bay CB: ach Ambrose, Stahl. Boston. BALliMoiiE—Udllst. barque Templar. W1 son, Montevideo; brig bPchsrd k lorrey, Khtery, Me Cld 22d. sch Jmia Newell. Cushing. Boston PHI LA DELPHI A—Ar 2lst. schs l anary, Pitcher, j Calais: Boundary Johns n Cld 2l*t. barque AUino Keuoett, Penssc ,1a; brig Fiiza Ann. Ay>«s, itemedios . tch it >> C*jp»nier. FdmoMl*, ai d Juliana. Harui g, Boston. Ar 2 »t, sch Emma Furbish. VorrlU, New York. Cld 21st, sch* Jaeon. Sprague, Portland: Bonn i darv Johnsou, and < ha# M< ore. li.gcrsoil, Boston. NEW YORK— 4r 21st, brig* A II Co k. Sp ed. Port Royal SC; schs N Chase Dane. fm Baracoa. Evelyn. Crowley, Newbe n NC for Boston; Martha tun. Sargent, tm Fostoprt; Mecca. Par er. Lubec; Agnes. Maples, Bangor; PjiIo nico. Went worth, aud Andes, l ari. Elizabethport lor Bos’ou; F, Flow ns. Matthews, do foe Providence: Abbie Wi lard, Conley. Bangor; Eliza Hamiltou, Baker, Lowell; Maggie Bell. Gilkey. New Haven. Cld 2 ist. ship Progress, Wood war J. Liverpool: brig L W Flaton.(Br) Wi dsor N.v Ar 2M, ship Britsnia. Hill, Cardiff; barquts Laura Russ. Brown Cow Bay CB: Scij. Hume. New Or leans; brig Montrrsc. Hall. Ponce; sch J A Wood house. Thomas, I.iugaa t B. (id 22d, ship Cons antiue, Creovay, for Liverpool; barques Ardugton, Bait ett, Cadiz; Elizabeth, Me Kiiinon, do; *»ate Mam er. Dax-is. Tortugas; brigs Criwea, Patterson, Pictou: m k Msrv. Jordan. Bridgeport 1 B; sell* Vtmia Stai.wocd.Litigau CB; Crusoe. Kel'or, Machias; (abet, Phiuno , Bo*tnn Sid 21at abip Mount’u Warc; barque R H Knight; brig Lech Lomond. PROVIDENCE—Ar 22d. brig AlfaratU. Bibber, from Picton: schsNeptuue, Bi lings, St George NB; ! Catharine Peals Haskell. N* w York. NEW'PORT—Sailed 2Lt, tab* ilarmona, Benner*, from. St George lor Philadelphia; Panova, fin Calais for Bridgeport; Am Eag e. ftn do for Now liaren. Volant, tm FI sworth for New York; Hepxibah. fm Bar go r lor do; Glenroy. fm Gardiner for do; Vin tage, fm Boston for do. Ar 221, brig *4 Small. Torrey. fm Perth Amboy for Thomaston (see disasters): sch Albert Mason, from Ellsworth for F'all River; V< ndova. Calais In port, brig M A Ue rera. (Hr fm Cardenas for Quccustowu. repg; Bound Brook, Ptrry, New York for Newburvpon. Holmf; vs HOLE-Ar list, tclis A J Dver. Rog ers. K'uabothport for Boston: Prize, Mayo, N York for MiilbrMge: Michigan. McCarty, Boston tor New York; Julia Maria. Gott. Cal sis ffcr Newport Ar 22d, brig Shibboleth. Johnson, Philadelphia for Boston; J Bickmore, Tracy, F:iizaU tbport fordo: Union (Br)Rced. New York for St John NB; *ch« Ruth 11 Baker. Knight Hal iinoro for Boston; Dol phin. Talbot, aud Michigan. Sauud> rs, Elizabethport fordo; Adeline, Sprague, Poughkeepsie for Pem broke. BOSTON—Ar 23d, barque Mary Elizabeth, Noyes, i Picton : schs U B Poster. Trafton. St John N 3 May Flower, Sanbarn Machias; II*ury, Carter. Bangor. Harriet, carter, Bnugor: Harriet, Post, Rockland; J P Xarrfam. Cla k. Belfast. Cld 23«l. ship Harriot, Mooney, for New Orleans, barque Noupam’. Fliun. Glace Bay CB; brig mad Plummer. Picton; schs okoloua, 1 hatcher, do; May Flower, Fare Gou.’dsboro Ar ltd, Ittha Oneco. Post; Cl avpiou, McDonald; FIben Herbert. Snow; Adeiire Uamlm. I.ansil; Ada Frances. Perkins; T B Hodznnn. Britt: Wa*er’oo, Smith: Rockhill. Booker, and Seth A William.Wal lace. Bangor. Edward Millikan. Ellsworth: Majes tic. Mclotire Bristol. Ouward, Blatchford, Rock port: shop Bloomer, Higgins Eden. Cld 2*d. ships Martha. (Bn King. Liverpool; Ger trude. Deane, do barque L*conia EMridge. Giace Bay CB; schs C W Dxer. Pierce. Charlottetown: TsutamouuL Davis. F'ortrcs* Monroe; 1 L Snow, Hizgias. Rock lard; R P Cha e. Collins, Fraukf rt. Damascus, Church. Gardiner; October. Williams Bath. SA LF'.M— trill schs Index, Cousins, and Coche co, Peudlotou. Ellsworth; Max flower. W'eymouth, Bangor. Pt-u man. Hobinscr, nrla'd: Ne poo set, Ingraham. Rockland; C C F'aruswortb. Gray. Port land. GLOUCESTER-ArEHh. sch Rio, Wallace. Bos ton for llarpsxvcll. Ar21st sch« Romeo, Hodgkins, fm Boston; Laura Mav. Lord. Bnugor for Norwich. DF'KR ISLFj—Ar 16th. sch F'annie, Lcnsgv. from Portland for Gouldsboro. BELFAST—Ar 14th, sch Sunbeam, Pierce, trout N>w Orleans. Ar 17th. brig Orient. Gi more, fin Bath: sch Eliza Matilda. Pendleton, Button FOREIGN PORTE. Ar at Wcoeuuc May 6 Emily Banuiug. Fellows, sap Francisco; 12th, Ne*tor Cloudman Nagasaki S!d Bay o«h. Luzon. Robbic»oii. New York; 7th. CataJepa. Steven*. Nagasaki; .2th. George* Wil itarns. Hong Kong; Northern Crown. Saunders, Nagasaki; rSth. Sami Ru sell. Kurd ck. Amoy; 19th St Paul, Crowell, Uoug Kong Kcoka, Karauaugb, Chnfoo. Sid fm Malaga 2uth ult, barque Young Turk.Hard iog. New Y 'rk. Pas-eil Gibraltar?.^ ult. barque It mt Uirg Billow, VidulkU, from Malaga for Gorec aud New York. SPOKEN. June 24, lat 42 N. Ion 3ft 17. !>hip Merchant, ftom Callao for F.ugiard. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. RE-OPEN ED. Ttw< aol -crib»r' would rr.po tfullv irm ui„ numerous iri.nd- aodth" publictbat they have thoroughly Repaired- B-fitted and Bafurni bed The popular and eeutially localo I EATING * HOUSE, —at — No, 77 Middle Street (FOX BLOCK,) * Which will be cptn on and after HO* DAY, JULY i5lk lrab n«i Unties at all burs of ike hv u4 Iieaiae. 1 C K C K K A M 8 . PLAI\ AM) FAXCl CAKE, FRt IT, CONFECTIONARY, 1 oustantly ou hand: SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s Ta cnt Ice Oram (Soda) Kuun tain, with Kruli Sjrups. PARTIES SUPB1ED AT bllOBT NOTH B. Wo shall be harpy to weal! oar old friends and make m host of uew ones, ju.d tiust that none will ha*e cau v for complaint. CALL AND SEE US l ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. 4-tK__tf CITY or poktund! 1 , Mavom'a Crrici.Ju jrM. l-<s. OK too ioformation o. these drtircui of enlisting as /.♦ prt sent afire Hr cruit» or N<,A*I«<nJ*s. the following state mint respecting bounties, 4c. is given: au enrolled persou may furnish a subs'itnfe of a person not liable to draft for one, two, or three years, in si'hrr the inur or navy.which will exempt the {tarty thus furnishing, from draft during the term of rervice. It enlisted fur thtee years a Bute Bounty of one hundred dollars is paid to the substi tute. No United Siates BouuticH * t paid* Any citiien who, ft in over age. or other causes, is not ruin red by law to perform any in itary ser vice*. may firuish a repre»entative recruit for three years u the army. A State Bounty » i KAO to te paid wh u mu-iered iu. and a l nited Mates boun ty of #3 0. tavable in instslliut-nts. tog*th»r with the sum of $K)0 paid bv the person who i> r«yro*ent* cd. lank inc a total of $800 received by the repre sentative rec uit. H he i a ve’vniu or afi*n. V« lunt- ers receive from the Mate $*00and f on the United States *.V>. making a total of SIlGO Bounties, | a.d for tine years seivice Kept* outative recruits wH be t u If rtf d by the City on the (a ineut cf $110 lor the party paving the same, in the or er in which rectur* are received. Applicative* for enlistee ut may be made at this oflfs. JACOB Mi Ll-I.L VN Mayer. j>25-edlw Argus and Courier copy. s^.l.oo K1AVAKO. ~ ST HAYED OK STtfLEN. VRay Mare, square built, ia good order, weighs between W • and 1000, switch tail, has a little white iu her forebead, travels wide before, and to- s in. Whoever will retu u her, or give information 1 where she may be found will receive the above re ward, br addrex-iug a line to GKOBGE B. GORDON. < Jj26 New Gloucester Lower Corner NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. $30.00 REWARD. HORSE AND BUGGY STOLEN. A P-r8fin calling hi* name John Wood*, called on xYth©»ub«cri er, tbe SJth iust , ai*d hireo a team to go to Staodinh au J re'ur'i the dav following. Aa tt© iniu ha* not rrturct'd with tho hurt© and boggy •• 1* *• believed fe ha* mn away with them. I ho mau wu about5 f©©t rt inche* high, from 25 to •to » ear* of age, would weigh *0, 130 pound*, of clear complexion, with dark brown o*- b ack hair at d «*) ee. »le bad on, when he went awgv, dark clothe*, coat gray, a »ilk liat. old *tyle. Ileah>*» wore a pair of gU-*«M that xpriog on to the uu*c Tho bugg> wa* '*«». built thi« rummer, by J M. Kimball, of thi* citv wat of the half bcq New York pattern, trlm m-d wi^h brown broadcloth. /Ilnrre toa year* old. 16 hand* l inch high, light reddiah gray color, away back, high b »<*—a g. <>d driver and road* er. Har o*-* new. dark mounted, bae c *e «-d turrit* and wa»er*h ok Whoever will retn n said property w.ll be paid $50 or $36 for tbe »hiei W. A FKALKY. Portland, July 26. lwdA w F ee Street. .. 11 .. "'! 1 Willis School for Girls. (1ANDIDA IKS for admission to th*» WiliitFchool J wiil present tb©m*olve* for exainiua.iou at tho Sc tool Kuo a, on Cheatnut Street, on Wedneaday uevt. at 8 A. M. precisely. jy26 dSt By order of the Committor Letters Rcmalniiii IncUine* IS the Punt Office at Portland,State of Maine. 2t h day of July, 1894 m?*r..TO,0hUl,“ of theao letter,, the applicant lie' a-c'r«*«d/(rlltf,/ give the due of nu lint, and pay one cent far advertising. r»,*?!r~l ATr?^for "l*hin "eat*, they will tie «)Ut te I ne D aa Letter Office ■ Pree Delivery of letter, by oirrtere, at the real Mtowiaf £££* n"‘)' ^ b> ub*»r«*»« ">• . “*• Wroct letter, plai.iy to the Mreot and nan, bif. *t well a. the Poet otb e and ntat«. -2. Head letter. with the writer .j,oir o/fce and St ’lt. tlrrtl and number. ,iga them plainly with lull u line, aud requeet that an.wera be ameted ec cordiagly. "3. Letter* lo,tran.['rt or traneeient vialf rein a town or city, whoee special addrcr. may be aa knu«a. .bouid be maik.d.iu the lower left hand corner, vv th the ward ‘Transient.' 4 /'face the poe age limy on the upirr riakt Viad corner, and imrt tpner i etween the aiaup aad lirp.Mitli fur t rrt/iri-fMn *Hhnut • — *—m -* k ihe writing. LADIES' LIST. All n F II mn Sylraaiar Julia E an Au tin F J mn Sawyer Jo epe tl ara Allen G .urge ar* 8aw,er Mary F Auilenon Jwaio s*va,e Margaret Allen Mary 2 Sanford Me.lnda tiut.ock A mn 2 Swan Saiah Beau C W mn Ski.liugs soloma mn Sowene h.i*a A an aum-Thorut >a ttauuali iner at rroil Mary A B Uig.- E bridge Smn Clia r Lucinda mn uuca ilaunab L We.kir Ad i.e M u<u«John mre spring at Whitenoase Ana mn Berry Mary k Walk .r A M orya i Maggie lima Aoh a J out . ,Uj* Wad ee teh* A 2 UrorasOivo Ann William* Chance mr. rt irtou Koaaana o.ark at mr* ourtoa More mra William* Daniel aar* B.odg US A mn Wmoeuk Emily Chaiuberlam Aba mr* Whe I r U M mra cane F Cook Cyras L mra Window Henrietta It oooper Emma J mr* Week* Jane dan forth it ChauHer Elixa mr* Whim Malinoa an Clark Florence are Wood Sarah O are Creagan Hanora an can Wo d*ida Henry S mr* tou*t Young Laura A mr* La k ey Jane E an 2 Cole Lucy A mn Abbott Charle* Cnstimau Mary E mrt Arnold A Co John Cutter Mari* A Allen B A carter Mercy Arrae Roger 8 11 wa'rr Utiandler huth vllle st Devine Brio get Arehanhae Toueaint Dunn t .ara E Hei.jaain Alaord Dri*ej|l Ellen canter rt Krebrook A BrownCyrua J Daley Ellen T B naer nnaf Doe nag Mania \ B ara Bum Edwin E rev Dyer Olive E mn Bate* totem baeemjm Eaton A Smilh mu Maker Ger II Kill* i home* mn Lartell Geo busier Annie u mr* BamfordGEDr buiier Andrew J awe Blake Geo » Cor mn Abby beeory t athiine mn F H.ake r Fn ler l airie J Beck U £ Feruald Lime an raan hBrajtett Henry E H -•****, Bhrilll Hiram bo-a Salome B mn Boyd Jamee no I york el Grant Abby Hngg. John A GraSainAU Bray John L Goodwfu Abigali mn Barret Jamee Greoie. Annie V Bin Mini John Gurard Carrie 2 Bent John A Gonrd Fannie A Carrie Buck Jamee H no 1 cruet Green Uaneah A mn *t eet Gilbert Olive J m>- Huhop lAfayette F Ga. vey Tboemr. Barry Patnex , Gelleeu Josephine Bailey Bober t •larihaa Amanda llachaa Rrine nun Baruey llaouah mra BarieitSX Hall Janetta are foot ofBraoke-t Sieplien M „ Babb Warraa Uautll Mary E lie ley Wa B •imdertun Mary A Bailey Wa U HwsliaKer Margaret mreCn.hiog it .aphrey Mary mrs < train E P ttenderteu Mary I. Capea F. U lldey Mirri an Carhonn F J tapl there Jane. Anna L line ran way Jacksou Ellen < a.hman t rader ck A Jordan it. met an cape nc'srtia Henry a Jackaon V It are t nee Horace B Knight A E Cha.e John t* Knight D J art Canetou J«me* H LoriMf Agurs C'orawa!! lohu i* cart Lird Annie Crockett Jm Lobby Abby Carr Jamee LulLilirA Chaadl -y Joeeph K Libby .s*r*h * bate L onard Soon Clara « oleaau Mle ael Merrill Eunice K Camming* Saa B McGrath Nellie Collin* Simon McKeuHe Gordon an < larks T D Mcintueb Jain-s an Conner Tboaa* Mi liken Jane Chose The aaa U Mile bell JaaS mr» Crow T C M iddietou Mary J Cronia Johnny or Toaay Martin Mary M Doan C C eorp M-doi Mnr»a-«f rnri wath-Delaaor F.m-lio iugto .*t Dove John for aim Clara Million Manuel an L Dove Merrill M Dai ef John E S.yna d Mary S on Doo;hty Levi long Inland M usgrove M C 2 Devaay Mtrah M uiche.ier Uanh t Dillon or oilloa Matt Myar* Sar.h D iwnmg Richard •NoytsCa-rie E Doming Timothy Paine A Willie mra Dyer Wm Place George oVr* Dow W W Pmaam Ocoie an Durden Wa with Mr Eel I’elarton Sarah E an ley no 4 India at Plnma.r Serna Katun Aahel G for aia ProcrorS A mr* for Frank Mary A Eaton A Wiliet* Eaoe Antouo noli york *t K .yaowl Alice M b ilingwood leaae K-He tvCautrine Ka.iiuan Si aa Reynold* N-Hie Eat. a S M e pt Read Elm Fiteb Daaiel W It* > nor MaryS Field Geo W coheld Acdio LI Fratee Maaael cotton .1 • m th Addle M ior lobn Decoeter 1wan Annie Fuller Richa.d vamp*m Ann r reman saa'I rapt '»wver bJuahetb are French S apnea snell Klim A mrt 6 Fairbaak* > <1mt shea Florence W mu Fox 1 hoa«« 'twl» Hulda J mn F.aney Thoaaa no M Stereo* Harriet L mrt Laaoh et oaria at GENTLEMEN’S LIST. Fitch Wm J J M Moody FioAett V\ Lewis Naan s uJ W messrs G *u.d Aipbeu* A O orjn- Dean's Fa* si oreeue B v O’Med David hum he ld u*ruuer Christopher iug uutun st Guiuaea Darnel fuwkes-Otis John bury s court O’ b< ten Lewis G jidmwau U Pool Calvin urnut hue Perkin* Geo I ur-nthaiu Isaac Poiu.r John C 2 uilnuu John E Pollster Le«G W ^ott Jau>«« Pen ley Nathan N <.ooaed K B Parker W J or mrs Lu Gordou Wm c'dlar maker tber L Nutting uoodiag rtaUio «» MKtehirdsoa Alvorado Gooding Randall cam* Hasty Andrew 32 federalK eu Cl a. » •tree! Ro erts DC A Pcapt Rose aUmuud iis^k U A P capt k mo aiiuaiittei da 1 Chas 8 Randall E W JlUrit David Kioe u If daichiumm E cape E Rn«a Jouu M for mrs Ma~ diil K.i ward riauna Cook dea.n rrauk wr miss 8>Ri<ievut John A piua UuiOj« Richaru Monsieur ilu.chersou Henry S K-a*dou Mike Hunt lrviag s gram deal Rictmrds « Hoskins mrv Henry John C in H uuaa James D Riggs Sumner C 11 Hey James no I bank stKvao h iu .« Heuue- sou John A Scuu lar Albert E Hilton J M St iron lias i« cotton st 2 iia>keli L 8 Seaton C C Hume Mansou capt SUckpolo chas T Hutchins Sidney ileut Smith Chas U 8 hospital U lton Tbo. T Dr 8eamman Chas R « urchin» W m 8 Smith l heater Dr Hewitt Wm Smith EdaiuK rianiev Wi.ber cape E Steele Edward T Hsll W E capt Scovill E N b. com l.t dereey Fictett ehattuck K D Hanson George B for WnoScoth-td Geo for miss Asia Uiason L Saudi*.U Jordau Dominions Smith Geo J for Wm W Jones Enoch bmi h Jordan Henry Sproui Hiram B Joitu.on 8 Soaie Josiah 8 Jordan Wm Speed J Joruau Wm H 2 **rsk Peter Jordan W T NtwjtrMn'l Keller A no 19 India it Sullivan Tu s Knight CD Smith Timo.hy K<aierU tt Sawyer W»n for mrs Ue% Knowles Joseph G en M u Sawyer Kimb It W 8 Bop her Wm F Li by An'hony Sweet Win H merchant Litchd Id Charles I S.*\«r W O 2 1-aite Daniel E Stag barn or Lingham W m Libby Edmund Joshua Sears Lewis Horace D Trask rerun L rkin John Talbot Geo W Lord Nathaniel 427 st Trome J W for mrs Trei. • Loud R D l recartin (bus L. eke W S licut K Q M Via. iug Chas I5lh Me Varney Mr sewing lua M rntl Davis X ctuiu agent for mrs Ma* Moody DS ry Elder Moore F for Edward HillWov.waid Andrew J Mack Fred A master Wellirgfou A J Met ar ey Florence cotton Welch albrt P »t»cc*t Wilson Cha** a McAlister Henry Watte David M«s eager Henry M Westcn Daniel C Mo Donald Dame lor mrs Worcester D S sergt Sarah S McDonald Wt itcrurch Euwia Maguire John 99 dan forth Wallace K J wtrcmt Wheeler F A Mudge t Joseph G WaitG li XIarts James Waid Heibert II Xlahn Louis 11 Waterhouse I*aiab McCarthy Michael tyng st Walsh John Macky Michael t o 19 in W*right L F dia «t Whabn f ake Merritt Major Waterhou t* Mr Martiu R G Weston O b cape E frriv Moore Roswell Whittier Men art Morse Se-srd I* WE ley Bam I Morgans 8 Wo Kirean Wa> laud J Morse Wu» Y«atou F C Morneou John Xoui g J D SHIP LETTERS. B F llotvell soh Anne J Kus ell Frederick R Uutseli Brig A J Ko*scapt G Smith John W Ray sch Cheriot cap; A N Co.e ’apt Ambrose Hamilton sch E XI rHman NederinR AveriU barque Lucy A Nleads capt Ja< Ford .'apt Geo F Keen master of sch Little Mac hoe M St ute capt sch Moses F Jdy Apt Edgar Orr sch Mary Hunter hoina* Trccarer sh-p Uochambran 'apt Chas XV Dickson ich S V Coonen 'apt Smith D Maeon a.h Woodruff 8 m* j T DOLE, Postmaster,

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