Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 26, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 26, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Kpte Advertisement# To-Day. General Order No. 27. L’. 8. Marshal’* Notice. l'oitland Dry Dock Company. Auction Bale of Real Relate. Dr. C. R. Reich—burgeon Dentist. Rare Chance. State Normal School—E. P Wefton. L. J. Hill k Co. Bor»' High School. Btizure of Goods. bteam for New Orleans. One Exclusive Agent Wanted. Return of the Favorites—Sprague k Blanchard. Probate Not ces. Railroad Collision. The freight train which leaves tlu* Grand Trunk depot in this city at 8 o'clock P. M., left as usual last evening, and had proceeded about two miles beyond the Falmouth depot, when it came in contact, suddenly and with out premonition, with an inward bound spec ial freight train. The concussion was so great as to smash the engines badly, throw the cars oue upon another, and scatter the sleep ers and rails with which the special train was loaded, in all directions. The worst of the collision was that Mr. John Pennell ot this city, conductor of the special train, and who was on the engine with several others, had both legs broken and terribly mangled, be sides receiving other injuries. So badly was he injured that he died beforo being removed to his residence alter he was brought back to this city. William L. Shockley of Paris, fireman of the special train, was injured slightly. On the outward train there were five passen gers, among whom was Mr. Loring cashier of the Press OiUce. The first iutrimaliou they had of any dauger was the shock which scat tered them ail about Ihe saloon car in which they were sitting. Strange to say none of them received any iujury. Mr. Heury 1. Thurston of this city, brake man on this train, wus standing on a step at the forward end of a box car near the engine, manning tiie break. The shock tlircw the car forward of that back upon the one on which he was standing, breakiug both of his legs, an.I confining him so closely that it required some time to extricate him from his position, and this was only effected by the use oi axes. It is thought be will recover, though he may have to suffer amputation of one if not both legs. The saloon car of the outward bouud train, containing the passengers, employees, and wounded men, was brought back to the city by an engine dispatched for that purpose, ar riving here about half past teu o'clock. Ur. K tbinson was at the depot and did all in bis power to alleviate the sufferings of the injured ones. There is cerlaiuiy great blame somewhere for this melancholy occurrence, and we hope It will be sifted ont. Supreme Judicial Court. I.AW TERM—WESTERN DISTRICT. Cl'UBKRLAND COCJTTT. Monday.—No. 80—Arlluir 15. Nichols vs. Inhabitants of Biunswlck. Argued. E. A F. Fox. J. A E. M. Band. No. 7t5—State of Maiuc vs. Kirswell J. Car ter anil air. Submitted on brief*. Peters Atty. Gen. O'Donnell. No. 82—North Berwick Co. vs. New Eng land F. A M. insurance Co. Argued. IIayes*Shepley A Daua. J.A E. M. Baud. No. 83—Nancy Jordan vs. Tristram Jordan. To be submitted in written argument. Yerrlll. Drummond. No. 84—Daniel Eiliott vs. Bruuswick M. M. Insurance Co. To be argued in writing. Drummond. E. A t. Fox. No. 85—Edward Fox and als Kjrecutort vs. Plieuix Insurance Co. Argued. E. A F. Fox. J. A E. M. Baud. No. 80—William II. Baxter vs. Dennis Mc Carthy. Argued. Shepley A Daua. E. A F. Fox. No. 87—Benj. F. Mudgett vs. Isaac F. Ga ger and al*. Submitted on briefs by defend ants. Shepley A Daua. Drummond. No. 88—John A. Holmes vs. Francis O. J Smith. Submitted by plaintiff on brief; by defendant without argument. E. A F. Fox. F. O. J. Smith. Shepley A Dana. No. 101—Christopher Dyer vs. Moody F. Walker. Argued. F-. A F. Fox. S. C. Strout. No. 102—Mechanics Bank vs. Abner It. Hailowell and ai. Argued in writing by plaiu tiff. A. Haine*. Evaus A Putnam. No. 104—John Anuear vs. Chase W. Atwell. Exceptions overruled by aonseut. Ysrrill. Eagle Coffee Mills. Messrs. L. J. Hill A Co., proprietors of the Eagle Coflee Mills, have recently removed their establishment to No. 22 York street, where a new mill has been lilted up with am ple power and all the recent improvements.— This Arm have been extensively engaged in (he Coffee aud Spice business for several years putting up such qualities and in such quunlij ties as the tiade of the State and adjoining States have demanded. They claim a very great advantage in roast ing coffee by using Land-tone's Patent Soap Stone Boaster, which claim is substantiated by the testimony of eminent chemists and the best judges of good coffee. Messrs. L. J. II. A Co., have the exclusive right of this roaster, which is liued with soap stone, leaving the coffee in a much better condition than when prepared in iron. Tiie different grades of cofll-e are ueatly put np iu pound papers, or in bulk, and labelled so as to be convenient for retailing. Books foji the Yoi .no.—Messrs, liotert Carter & Brothers, New York, have just add ed to their Fireside Library, “Good lor Evil and other stories for the young”—a neat lilt'c volume of 288 pp. containing twenty pretty stories that will interest and instruct the mind of the youthlui reader. Also another book of 102 pp. entitled "Cortley Hail, or the straight road is shortest and sorest”—an ex ceedingly interesting story, well calculated to lead the reader in the path of obedience, in stead of taking his own way. The same publishers have put lotth a small volume entitled “Altar luccnse.” It contains devotions for morning and evening, for every day iu the month, a hymn being added to each cveuing devotion, suggestive of additional thought for each day in the mouth. Ail of the above are for sale by II. Packard, No. fli Exchange street. Aukkst For; Puisonkhs to Es cape.—Mrs. Wall, wife of Wall who stole the d ntist’s teeth, was arrested last week for con veying a saw carving knife to her husband iu jail. He had used it partially to cut the bars of his cell and then gave it to Devine, the fel low who stole the watch on board the steamer Forest City. By the use of it Deviue had nearly severed two bars of his cell. The at tendant at the jail hail his suspicions aroused that their was some monkery going on, and communicated his suspicions to the jailor. Sheriff Pennell. He instituted a search and discovered tire knife and a tile concealed un der a chair in Devine’s cell. Mrs. Wall stole the knife from the International House where she has lieen working for a coupla of months. The Cowahd is the title of a new novel Irom the press of T. B. Peterson A Bros., Philadelphia. It is by Henry Morford, the author of “Shoulder Straps,” “Day s of Shod dy.” Ac. It is a very entertaining and rather exciting description of scenes on the battle field—a visit to the White Mountains—events beyond the Atlantic, Ac. The variety will give Interest to the work, making it a very readable book lor summer tourist*. For sale iu this city by Hall L. Davis. Fibe is Falmouth. As the atternoon passeugor train on the Grand Trunk Kailway was approaching the village of Falmouth, Saturday, sparks from the engine started a fire in the woods bordering on tire track which spread witlr great rapidity, ranging over a large extent of territory and endangering the residences of several farmers. Tire flames were (ought by a number o| the citizens dimug Saturday afternoon and night, and were Anally brought into subjection ; but the lire is still brooding in the undergrowth and rubbish,end i< liable to break out at any lime. We icaiu that within a few weeks past (Ires have fre quently been round and extinguished by per sons in the vicinity of lire railroad which if allowed to continue would have done groat injury not only to the railioad track but to land adjoining. Too great care cannot be ex erci-ed by ail railroad corporations in a time like this to guard against tire destruction of their own and others’ property. FxcuksionsTo-Dav.—The Mechanics’ As sociation go to Brunswick, leaving the Keu nebec Depot, foot of Myrtle and Chestnut streets, at 8 o'clock. They will spend the day on the classic grounds of "old Bowdoin,” oire of the loveliest spots in Maine. They always have a good time, aud never fail to carry the crowd with them. The Scottish gathering takes place to-day. Tim Burns Association of this oily, and the Scottish Club of Boston, with all the prepara tions for a good time, will leave for "Little Cliebeagtre" at 7 12 o'clock. Festivities such as our 8cotch friends know well how to pro vide, w ill bu enjoyed. Ke-Otenkd.—The eating saloon, Xo. 77 Middle street, alter being closed a few weeks for repairs, has been re-opened by Messrs. Atkinson A lugersoli. It has been thoroughly refitted aud repaired, and some alterations have been made that render it much niote comfortable aud commodious than formerly. Due of Dow’s l’atcut .Soda Fountains has been added to the establishment, and every arrangement ha* been made for the comfort of customer* who may desire it meal at any time durrug the day or evening. It is the iu tention of the proprietors to keep their larder sleeked with the elroi«*st viand- the markets allbid. Sox# ok Temi ebance Excursion.—The grand excursion of lire Sons aud Daughters of Temperance comes oil' to-morrow. The place, Pleasant Cove; means of conveyance, the Barge Comfort; time aud place of leav ing, Galt s W hal f at * aud 10 o'clock. Pvp penburg's Baud accompanies, and an excur sion from Bath will arrive in season for the 10 o'clock boat. The provision for a good time and for refreshments, is on an ample scale. Haiu-kii's Weekly lor this week coutains an excellent portrait of Hou. Wm. Pitt Fes senden, oue that will L>e immediately recog nized by all who know him. It is au alto gether different picture from the caricature in Lt-iic's Illustrated newspaper of last week.— It can be had at A. Robinson’s, Vo. 31 Ex change street. Exclusion.—Steam Cutter Mahoning,Capt. Webster, with the Mayor of the city. Collec tor of the port, and other notables on board. ' made an excursion yesttrday. A salute was tired from her guns which somewhat startled our inhabitants until they found out the cause of flriug The big guns. Bailey A Voyes have received the new Internal Keveuue Law, with copious margi nal references; with alphabetical tables of taxes and exemptions. It is compiled by Horace.L. Dresser, and published iu handsome pamphlet form. Examination fou Hiou and Willis j Schools.—The attention ol all concerned is called to the notices for examination of of scholars lor admission totlie High aud Wil lis Schools. In consequence of a transposition of a pRr tiouof the matter of advertisement of the list of letters in the post office, yesterday, it is again published on our first page this morn lug- _ __ Kjssexuku Water has become so popular a beverage, that Crosmau A Co.’s fountain is 1 discharging it alt the day aud evening. -It is i & healthy and invigorating drink. It.vix.—It commenced raining here about seven o’clock last creniug aud continued un til a late hour. tv TELEGRAPH LVItlsbi ft»AP£KS. From the Southwest. Cairo, III., July 24. Memphis paiiers of the 221 stale that Gen. Smith's command are aiming. Fifty prison ers have been sent to Thieving prison. Two hundred prisoners were left at Tupeilo lor want of transportation. The Bulletin s ates that a steamer had ar rived at Grand Gull w ithout opposition, cap turing sevara! rebels. The rebel Gen. Richardson notifies con scripts iu West Louisiana if they don’t report in ten days they will be shot down without mercy. Several buildings aud two steamboats were destroyed at Shreveport in J June by a Hurt i cane. Dick Taylor has issued a savagely gloating congratulatory order of the victory over Geu. Banks. On the lfilh inst. the rebels lore up a por tion of the Memphis A Little Hock railroad near Brownsville, and fired into a passenger train. a luivea me ivpuiioi *. uv aiu |ivu near Duvall's Biiiff. Fagan was -oath of the Arkausas Kiver. Gen. Washburn lias issued an order that foreigners in Memphis claiming exemption must leave. Ninety-seven prisoners from Tupello have arrived here. « An arrival at Memphis from Vicksburg static- that Gen. Slocum's expedition had re turned to Vicksburg,after defeating 2,<)U0 reb els under Wit |Adam». After a short tight at Grand Gulf on the 17th, the rebels retreated in confusion with severe loss, leaving their dead and wounded in our hands. Among tint prisoners arc two rebel colonels. Our loss was trilling. The steamer Madison was tired into near Napoleon, r-he returned the Ore with inter est. Guerrillas were seen at other points. The Memphis Bulletin states that ou the lfith lust., g boo rebels passed twenty miles from Memphis on the other side of the tiver on the road to O.-ceola. The other accounts stale that three companies of rebels, under Adams, went northward three days ago, and a number of other rebel companies were at St. Francis, all moving In a northerly direction. The geueral impression was that llie rebel force were about to concentrate in Missouri. A train of fifteen cars from Memphis to l,a Grange, ou the Memphis & Charleston Bail road, ran off the track near Colltersv ille on the 19th. Half a dozen cars were smashed up, and a number of persons were badly injured, and one or two were killed. Second Me. Cavai.rv.—Seward Dill Esq. writing the Farmington Chronicle, says lie has received Intelligence from the 2d Me. Cav alry, Col. Woodman, up to June ldth, which is to the effect that they have lost but three men of that regiment since they lelt Augusta, Me. One on the way out and two since their arrival, and only six in hospital at that time. They were in the lied Itiver fight and several skirmishes since, and not a man hit and only oae horse wounded. College Statistics.—Some one having the curiosity to enquire into the social habits of the recent graduating class of Harvard University, gives the following statistics: “81 smoke, SO drink, .Vi both smoke and drink, four smoke but do not drink, 2d drink hut do not smoke, and only twelve neither driuk nor smoke. This is certatnly a bad be ginning for young men of twenty-one just i starting out into the world.” BY ,„4 TOTH*. Portland Daily Press. From till shiny ton — Xrir Issue of Treasury Motes—Circular of Sec, J'essendcn. Washington. July 25. Moses Taylor has been appointed Assistant Treasurer at New York, to succeed Mr. Cisco, whose comiuued iit health compels him to re tire from the office. A dispatch to-day fiom Gen. Sherman stales that bis loss in the battle ot Friday was less than 2.000, while that of the enemy cannot lie less than 7,000, owing to tire advantage lie took of their effort to turn his left column.— There is no oilicial Information to show that our forces have entered Atlanta. Secretary Fessi udeu, tinder the authority of un act of Congress passed in June last, to is sue an amount not exceeding $200,000,000 in treasury notes, Ac., has to day given notice that subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of tbe United States, the several Assistant Treasurers, and designated deposi tories and financial agents, and by national banks designated and qualified as depositories, and fihancul agents for treasury notes, paya ble in three years from August 25th, 1H04, beat lag Interest at the rate of 7 3-10 per cent, per annum, with semi annual coupons attach ed, payable in lawful money. These notes will lie convertible at the option of the bolder at maturity into <• per cent gold bearing bonds, redeemable iu five and payable in twenty years from August 25th, Istl7. The notes will tie issued iii dr nominations of $50, $100, $500, $ 1,000 and $5,000, and in blank or payable to order, as may be directed by the subscribers. All subscriptions must be fur fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars, interest to lie allowed to August 15th on all deposits made prior to that date, and paid by the Department upon receipt of these original certificates. As these iiote> draw luterest from August 15th, persons making deposits subsequent to that date, must pay tbe interest accrued from tbe date of tbe note to the date uf the deposit.— Parties depositing *25,000 and upwards for note- at any one time, will be alloyed a eom missiou of one-fourth of oue per cent., which will be paid by the Treasury Department up on the receipt of the bill for the ainouut certi fied to by the officer with whom the deposit was made.' No deduction tor commissions must be made from the deposits. Accompanying this advertisement, in a cir cular form, is an appeal by -Secretary Fessen d II to the people of tin- United States. He says: ily and cheerfully aflordcd the means neces ■ary to support your government in this pro tracted struggle. It i your war. You pro claimed it and you ha\e sustained it against traitors everywhere with a patriotic >,Cv0||r,n unsurpassed in the world's history. The se curities offered are such as should command your ready confidence. Much effort has been made to shake the public faith in our national credit, both at home and abroad. As yet we have asked no foreign aid. Calm and self re liant our own means have thus far proved ad equate to our wants and they are yet ample to meet those of the present aud future. It still remains for patriotic people to furuish the needful supply. The brave men who are lighting our battles by land aud sea, must, be fed by and clothed, to.d munitions of w ar of all kinds must lie furnished or the war must en dure defeat and disgrace. This is not the lime for any lover of bis country to inquire as to the state of the money ask whether he can so invest his surplus capital s« to yield him a huge return. No return and no profit can be desirable if followed by national disso lution or national disgrace. Present profit thus acquire 1 is but the precursor ol luture and speedy destruction. No ina -tujeat can be .«o surely profitable as that w hich tends to insure the national existence. I am encoui aged in the belief that by the recent legisla tion of Congress our finances may soon be placed upou a sounder aud more stable foot lug. 1 am happy to say th it the daily results are proving the internal revenue act to exceed in efiiclencj,the most sanguine expectations of its authors. In June 1803, it yielded about four and a halt millions, while the corresponding month of this year, has returned about fifteen mil lions, under the -ame law. Under the new law, which went into operation on the first day of the present mouth, the treasury has frequently received one million a day. As time aud experience enable the officers em ployed iu collecting the revenne, 1> enforce the strength of the provisions of the new law, 1 trust a million p r day will be found the rule i and not the exception. Still much space i» undoubtedly left for irn- ; provement iu the law, aud in its administra tion. at s greater amount of necessary infor mation is acquired The proper sources of r. venue and must effective mode of obtaining it is best d \ eloped in ihe execution of exist ing laws, ami 1 have caused measures to be initiated which w ill, it i- believed, enable Con gress so to improve ami enlarge the system as when taken iu connection with the revenue iroui customs and other sources, t<) afford an ample and secure basis for the national credit. Only ou such a ba-is and in a steady and vig orous restraint upon the currency can a rem edy be found for existing evils. Such a re straint can only lie exercised when the Gov ernment is furnished with the means to pro vide lor its necessities, llut without the a d rtf the patriotic people the arms of the Gov ernment is powerless for tilts or any other de sirable. The denomination of the notes pro posed to be issued, ranging Irom 850 to $5001). places these securities within the reach of all who are disposed to aid their country. For their rad >mptiori the faith and honor and prop erly of the country are solemn'? pledged. A successful issue to this contest is now believed to lie u ar at hand, which will largely enhance their value to the holders, and |>eaeo once re stored, all burdens can he lightly borne. He*who selfishly withholds his aid in the hope of turning his available means to greater immediate profit, is speculating upon his country 's misfortunes, and may find that what seems to be pre-cut gain, leads to future loss. 1 appeal, th -refore, with C 'nllden e to a loyal and patriotic people, and invoke the efforts of all who love their country and desire for its glorious future to aid their government in s jstainiug its credit, and placing that credit upon a sound foundation. (Signed) W. P. FESREMiEJf, Secretary of the Treasury. The Buttle of I'rltlfijf at Atlanta — Terrible Stauyht r tmony the lOhrl*. Washington. July 20. The Kepublicin extra, says the Govern ment has received dispatches, representing that a great battle bad bceu fought in Atlauta on Friday,resulting iu a horrible slaughter ami the complete repulse of the enemy at every point. The rebels holding the greater part of the city, assaulted our works that day with great fury,evidently expecting to drive our men out of i lie place. The loth corps seemed to be the special object of rebel wrath, as they massed against it in overwhelming lores. Tuc 15th received the. shock ami held its own, un til! the idlh corps caino up, when.the rcliels were pushed back with gieat slaughter. (fen. Logan at the head of the 17th corps, neat iuto the battle with the rallying cry ol “IS-member McPherson.” This corps, as well as the 13lb, fought desperately, newa of the death of their brave commander having been I 'unruttuicafoil to them just before going into' tie. Tlie terrible struggle ended by reput g the enemy it very point of the line. it was arranged th it on Saturday the dead of both armies should be buried, and the wounded removed under a flag of truce. O tr buried o.t Sat unity 10 11 rebels who were 1 it on the th Id within our lines, be sides which the relit is buried many of their own dead themselves near their works. Upon this basis it Is estimated that the reticl killed and wounded on Friday exet eded ti.000. Our 1 'ss reached about 2 500 killed and wounded. Tlie 15th corps sufb.-rcd severely, the enemy’s troops having been massed against it. While the work til hurting the dead and removing the wounded was going on Satur day, Sherman’s heavy ualillvry was playing upon the city. At the same time l uge tires were observed in different parts of Atlanta, supposed to have been caused by the destruc tion of tlie supply depots and other rebel prop erty which the enemy could not carry off. and did not wish *o fall into our hands. This is considered as an evidence of their intention to abandon the place. Several rebel generals are reported to have been killed, but their names arc not given. New York, July 25. The Pest’s special Washington dispatch says there has lent no fighting at Atlanta since Friday. All that is otilciaily known as to the occupation ol the rity is that Sh' rntan holds the llrst line of the enemy’s entrench ments. Stock Blarket. Ks'.v York, July 25 Second /foot'd,—Stocks. American Gold.2f SJ Chicturo A Itock Island.. Cleveland A 1'iltc.burg ...1* t'i Mtobigau Southern. Ss. New York Centra!.132i Erie.l"9i Hudson.’27J Reading .181 United Staler on" yi aroeriliicaU'S new.... 851 United States 6-20 coupons.106i \ United States 6's 1881 coupons. 104 j Illinois Centra) scrip,.128 Treasury 7 3-lOthi,.103 1 * nv u.119 LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of tlie Belgian off Farther Point. - Fartiikr Foist. July 25. The steamer Belgian, from Liverpool at fl F. M. on the 14'.h. and Londonderry 15thInst., arrived off this point, at 12 45 to-day. The steamship North American, from Que bec, arrived at Londonderry on the evening of the 18th. The steamship Great Eastern had reached Shermss from Liverpool. Thr Kearsarge and Florida had an engage ment off Jersey July The Kearsarge was disabled ami put iuto Garrey. The Flor ida was brought up and waited off Garrey to renew the engagement. No details arc girt’d at the tight. A letter from Calais says the rebel steamer Kappahanncck, at that port, lately had judg ment pronounced against her by the Boulogne Chamber of Commerce tor the commercial debts of the captain ami officers,and attempt ed to (lx a notice of sale on the vessel, but was prevented by the captain, and hud to re tire and draw up a proc ss verbal. Capt. Semnies was travelling incognito in Ireland. ORKAT BRITAIN. The Times’ city article says the advance of the Confederate loan to 74 cents is partly ow ing to the closing of accounts by previous ad vices to speculators. The Daily News says the floating supply of bonds is diminishing, owing to theirbeiug ab sorb'd by blockade runners for the purchase of cotton. The Atlantic Mail Company, the Galway line, have further adjourned their meeting un til July lSili to ascertain the result of the defi nite proposal to the Post (tfflce General. Parliamentary proceedings were unimpor tant. Parliament will be prorogued iu about a week. Til l; DANISH QPicsriox. The successful passage of the I.ynnford by the Prussians is confirmed. It is also confirmed that Denmark has pro posed au armistice, with a view to peace ne gotiations, and the belief is generally enter tained that peace will soon be concluded. The new Danish Ministry lias sent a mes sage to the Kigsroad, of w hich the following is a summary“The King, deeming that men unconcerned in the late events would be better able to save Fatherland, has decided on a change of Ministers. We hope to obtain 1 the confidence of the Kigsroad and the peo ple, otherwise wo shall be powerless. To lay down a programme at present would be im possible.’. 1 he message concludes by stating that the Ministers will cousbler it their mission to up hold the honor and independence of Denmark. The Independence Beige a-.-etts that the King of Denmark has invoked aud obtained i the intervention of Napoleon. i It is reported that King Christian's propo sitiou includes the transfer of the Danish navy on condition of his remaining King ol Denmark under the protection ot the German Confederation. FRANCE. A frightful steamboat accident had occurred on the Seim: at Lyons. Upwards of thirty persons were drow ned through a lurch of the overcrowded boat. ITALY. The National Bank of Italy ha: reduced ils rate ot discount to 7 per cent. INDIA &C. A Bombay telegram of June 24th reports that the “Atnier” of Cabrel had completely defeated Alsetkhan in a great battle at Harni ca. The Times publishes the details of the late disaster to the British troops in New Zealand, and says it was peculiarly disgraceful and, perhaps, unprecedented. The men were sut prised aud tleed, while nearly all lire officers were killed or wounded in their heroic efforts to rally them. The West India steamer has arrived with nearly $2,225,000 in specie. Latest via Londonderry. Dano German affairs remain unchanged. The reported engagement of the Kearsarge and Florida off' Jersey needs continuation. It is false as regards the Kearsarge, w hich i« cruising off Dover, but it may have been the Sacramento, which had left Cherbourg. ihr Kent /tarffr and Florida, New Vobk, July 25. The reported engagement between the Ke.-j sarge or Sacramento ami Florida, on the 13ih inat., off Jersey, in the English Channel, is a canard. The Florida was off Cape IL uIopen on the 11th Inst., aud could not have beeu in the Fugli'h Channel on the 13ih. .irrirttl of Ihr Vnitcrl Kinytlom. St. Johns, N. F., July 25. The ttoamship United Kingdom, from Glas gow for Quebec, passed Cape Race at 1 o’clock on Sunday morning, but was not boarded by the news yacht of the Associated l*re*s. Co m uirrei n l. Per swann-hip Belgian, ofl Farther 1'oiut. LI VEBPOOL COT f ON MARKET, July 14—The aale* o! Cotton for four da)* were 72,000 halt*, in eluding 54,00$ to speculator* aud exporter* the market c[o*ed buoyant at n» advance of lalld FrtJav. 1 Ll VEKPOOL BREA D8TUFFS MARKET -Rich a*d*OD, 8pence & Co.,aud other*, report F our quiet and unchanged: extaa State 20»&20e 6d. Wheat lirni with price* tt-ndiDg downward ; red western K 9laS«UJ; red Bout hern 8c6d&$*9d; nbite Wi«tera 8s 9d «*9s ; white Soutturn 8j ©d^Os f d Corn easier. ; mixe.i r(j* 3d^;k»* 6ti. Ll V KRPOOL PROVISIONS MARK ET —Me *r* Bigland. Atli\u ft co , aud others, report Beet firm and unchanged. Pork h s ni upvtuni tendency. Bacon still advancing I-an! firmer at i'»^t43v 1 al low Fteadvand unchanged. LIVKIUKOL FKUDl't K MAUKET.-Thc fame aulhuiities report A*he* quiet. Supar steady and dowuwa.d. Coflfee quiet and steady. Rice quiet and utiohauged Linseed oil steady ami unchanged Ro in—*a'es small. Spirit*Turpentine inactive. Petroleum quiet and da.'lining; refined 2?c$2ald. Latest via Loudondery. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. July 16th 8ale- for the week were 113 (TOO bales, of w Lich 3 i 000 were to speculator* aud 24.500 to expor er*. t he tiiaiket closed ht an advauce «*i ;a,ldun the week. The uule* f riday were 10 000 ba « «, including 3 000 to speculator* and exporter. The market clot-ing buoyant at the following authorized quotation* -- New Orleans fair uoinnal; middling 3Ud; Mobile fatr iiftminnl; middling 31 ,'d ; I nland* fair nominal; middliug 90d. The stock in port is estimated at 212,000 bales, of which *7.600 are American. Breedsiuffs—steady and quiet. Provisions—firm at a - igh decline. Produce—steady. LONDON MONEY MARKET, July 15-Consols closed at 9 tor money. AM ERR AN bECCRIl lEB.—Illinois Central rail road flu P»di*: Erie Kaiiroad 60«61. New York Jtlnrkrt. New Youk. Ju’y 25. Cotton—dull; aiet 260 bale* at 1 dCic^l 62 tor mid dling upland!*. Hour—..ale* 14 0**0 this; State and Western 10c 20o higher; State 9 4<‘o,lt) 50; Kouud Hoop Ohio 11 23 fil 0u; Western 9 45a1' 5*j; 'outheru firmer; salt4 9d0 bDig; Extra oo 10 45>&1860i ( auada lO^uSOc higher; sale* 700 bids; Extra Pm*S12tO. iV heat—sal* s 90 000 bu.-i»; » Isica.u Spring 2 2$ c£ 2 4S; Milwauaee club 2 34«25u; lied WUittr \> ex tern 2 G0.a2 67. Ceru—declining; salor 49.000 bushel*. Oats—lirm: salea Canada at 1 60. Beef— quiet; taler 200 bblu; Country lues® 16 OC® 18 (0. Pork—Ann r; sales 8900 bb!s; new mesa 89 6 & 40 50. I ard—firmer, sales 300 bbls nt 19&20c. Butter— c befer; State a oi»a,tL>. Whiakey—lower; sa e* 6 0 bbi* at 1 70 Sugar—dull; galea 150 hi da Muscovado 21 ie. 1 allow—active; sale* lTO.' OO lbs Eastern a*ud Wes tern 19o,20c, aud city 19]c. hr* igbts to Liverpool—steady. 4ft C. H. OSGOOD, DEN T 1ST. !fo. 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, PORTIA X I). Artificial Teeth ir.<ert#d on #7oM, S tar, ard ru eiai/t 6air. All operation* mirraninl t*> give satis tact ion, juneSOeodialy'64 Hummer DRESS FABRICS, REDUCED PRICES, K. F. Hamilton & Co.’* Corner CongreF* and Preble Sts. Jyl6eou2w BEWARl. S T R 1 V 11 D OK S T O L, II N . VBay Mare, square bti’lt. in good order, weighs between 90* and 1000 *w>fch tni.hnsa little whi’e in her 'oretu a l. travels wid»- b f» re. and to* a in. Whoever will return her. or gi.e information ! where - i t* tray be found will receive the above re ward, by addrtsaiog a line to GEORGK R. GOIU><*N, Jy25 New Lioucehtor Lower Corner. COAL rBEIGHti. Pictou, S., to Pembroke Maine. i Anytiioi Ves’ds. Foreign or Amcri ican, wai ted to freight Coal a* ab* v*. The rates for d scharging *re lower - i Vy>than at Boston, and ther« are otlr r iacil jaSK-Cjm- Bits. Apply to or adoiess W \1. fe. COFl IN A CO.. Boston. Als.1 a few Vessels waited to bring Coal to other porig. i juM*3is2on ! MISCELLANEOUS. EE-OPENED. The sn ’ r,V-n« would reaper tfallv announce to tlielr liuiu.rom irieiid* and the public tbat they have thoroughly Bp paired- B‘ fitted and Befurni bed The popular and cent i ally located EATING HOUSE, m* — % No, 77 Middle Street, (POX BLOCK.) Which wiii ho cpcn on and after MOMUY, JULY 251b, .lifili ,ia*t Lcjrhes it ill hours of lb) h\ mil Iteuing. I <•’ 10, C It K AMS. PLAIN AM) FANCY CAKE, FUI IT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on baud. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow's Fa'rnt Ico Cream (Soda) Foun* tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES SUPB1ED AT SHORT NOTICE. W c shall be happy toeceallour old friends and inako » host of new one*, ami trust tbat none will h»\ e eau.-e for comp'aint. CALL AND SEE US l ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. J>a_ tf Sales Sales \ \ FOB SALK AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealer, 162 MIDDLE STREET, roXTLAXD,.MS. jyl8:J>rn Poitltiiul Army Committee O? TTTE U. S. Christian Commission. dl. s'nHt.1"’T R UavM,red,ire.Store,at 110 Mid Comm* 'riTl S,Dr,‘ir:,n'- "*»«"* *®»<T» ^Comm7rite”',,arg"<,-reCO,re* " ; And ew J. < hM0. Dr. W. li. John.on. 8 ortiatsii Company—Notice. »' ' '‘., rr ot tl; • Portland Company are ..**r<O't-lKUthat the »’ i ual mecingofthe "rf°2''J.® w:|!,bf «‘-!‘!*t the oil co r f t lie Com Vn'v'tfV 5 « VV ’k*V 0,‘ Tuesday the 2t> h day ot M ° ° o <*k in the a I ter noon, for the fol lowing pnrp-'» 1-1° hear ami acton Report* of Director? and i remnrer. * chonv Director. for flic c-utulng year. <>—loactruaay other bjjincn th.t may come before lh«- ’ „ .. , , . JO KI’H C. SO TES, Clerk,, July Pth, 1S44.—dtd F<»»- tli« Million ! Lane-* Patent DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE. rpilE ; «t practical freshing Mecbinc that hu JL been p meed befo.e tte public, liv ei v family can afford to have one. ihh raaehiueia having a rapid sale, from the fact that tt r commend? itself. Parties wishing a pleas ant an t profitable bu.-iue*? by taking the coutroleof a county. can obtain tlie same bv catlin ? at 229 C’on g o : ec-t next door to Keur City Hall, jo! «dlui For the I»i:iii<ls. • .**055* and after Jen© 13th the *tearner ---VTa * ''ill until further notice • leave Burnham's " harf, tor Peak's and Cuslung's Is ai ds at 9 and.10.80 a. 31., uud a and 3 301* M. Returning will leavel'u*hiog'* Island at 9.49 and 11 15 A M , and 2 «5 5.15 P. M Iicket« 25 cents, down and back; Children 15cts. June 9-dif Ice Cream ! Icc C ream ! ! A.t 13ro\vn’s Oyster and lea Cream Saloon, No. 152 Kutl 151 Exchange St., Opposite the lute: national House. _inay7dtf Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Co. flltlE S* c\ holders of the Atlantic and fit Law 1 itu<« hulr ai ( oaipauv arc hereby notified hit thtir Annual M* etii g will bo he'd at the old Pity Mali in Pur la 'Tuesday the 2d day of Au gu t. ) ■». at 10 o'clock A. 31. for the iollowmg pur pose1. v 7. 1—To make choice of nine Directors for the ensu ing t ear. - To consider thi subject of the Company's mort is; bonds maturing ? pril 1st, D«G aid to take such r.c.P u aa the b.ockhoidtrs may <utci mine to provide lor the same. II. W. MERSEY, Clerk. PcrtMnd, Tuiy 14 l®*!.—■ecdtd New Nteain Mill, Foot ol Crots, between Fort & Commercial St*. WINSLOW. DOTEN & CO., \\rP l I.L> iufonn their forro> r customers and the V t I ub.ic general \. that they hare iitt* d up their New Mid with N«w Machinery,&■ d are now ready to do / lading, Matching ant J<d Gina. also Sweep and Circular hawing. H' od Turning. 4v. W« have iu operation one of .Merars. Cray k Hood's new mproved Planers, tor r LAN ING Ol T OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from ' inch in tliiekuc-M to 12 incite?square. Also AS JJJJGER FIFTY FEET LOXG, lor sawing htavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention to planing bhip Knees, C!*| bodies, ana heavy Timber. Fc r the ace )mm«wlatiuu ot dealer? aud others hav ing largo lot ot boards to plane, we have in connec tion with the mi l 17/CO quare feet of yard room, jy 19 edtt \iw limit lor ILirpxwell. On and after Monday, Jaly 11th, 1864, the new and superior sUamer lUAIlCfiNA JOHNSON, Will leave a? follow?: St Leave Custom House Wharf at 9.46 Uvtui i.u.g, leave liar] swe 1 at 4 1\M, touchiug a? ab >ve. Kxuur-j m tickets to Harpswell, 75 cents: Peak’s ]?l«tu), 2' cents; Diamond ( ove or Chtbeaguo 1 • lai ds, to c *nti. Mnglu tickets same a? above. Large parties taken at reasonable rates. The pub i are iuvited to inspect this boat, it being ht’ed up u a m eiior style, aud is by far the sates, excursion boat in he*e water*. For iurtn* r particular* inquire of CiEO. WATEK liot bF, Agent, ou » oa d. or J. II. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 *50 00 ICIWAKD. HORSE ASD BUGGY STOLEN. \ pvrs^n calling 1 is ramp John Wood.*, called on Xxthesub c i er.thel th ii.«* , and hireo a team to go to Ma* dfeh ani re ur the dav following As tf e man ha* u *t returrcd w ith the horse and b»ggy us a ued. it fe 1« evcd 1 e 1 a* iuu awav with tb« m I he uian w:» about 6 »eet « ii che* high, from 26 to 30 e*r* of a . wou'd weigh sav 130 pound*, o« c’ear complexion, with dark brown o b ack hair and \ w. Ui; mi, when lie went wav, dark clothes. coat r ray, a silk bat old style, He also wore a fair of k!r-:mH that spring on to the nueo I h<» boggy wa* m'», built this rummer, bv J M. Kimball of this citv wa« of he h*lT b q New York pattern, Dim med wph brown broadcloth. H rre ton yean* old, 15 hmds 1 it t h high, light reddish gray color, sway back hi /h h p-—a g od d< ircr and mads er. Mar ti* >■» new. dais mounted, tins c vered turrets and ur.ier-b ok Whoev i will letu u said property will be l aid to) or t2o for the thief W. A FEN LEY, Portland. Ju*y 26. lwd&w GO Fiee-*treet. STATE OF MAINE. Lx Be Ci i vie Departmewt l Augusta, July 2). 18v4. I An adjourned session or the Executive Council, will be held at tv-» Council Chamber in tugusta on Monday, the eighth dvy of Augu t next. Attest: El’HRAlM FLINT JR.. j>2ldtd Secretary of State. HK«oliiflnai. fllllE copartne slip heretofore exiting between A Sweat and cleaves as Attoiuevs a Law, is this day dissolved by mntna! r-inset, t. The atTsirsot the lure firm Will be adjusted b\ either party. M . Sweat will coutinn * in business at ottice No. 117 Middle str»* t. Musspy’* Row. Mr Cleav< . at the office of Howard k Cleaves, No. 91 Middle street, over Casco Hank L 1) M. SWEAT. NATHAN CLEAVES. Portland. July 16th. 18f4. Jyl8d3m FIFTV DOI IAJIS HEWABD. I osr.—In Market Square, or vicinity, a roll o 1 Rank Bills contai- ing between sev* n a* d eight handled dollars—one $600 bill on t» e Manufactures ami I radar's Bank. Portland— other bilisof different denomination*, on iliflorcnt lank*. FIFTY 1)0L* LAIS REWARD will he paid on the return of the same to SHIRLEY a Hr*WE. j)23-3t IS Market Square. Hoard. 4 FEW innr«- Boarders cau be accommodated at xV 72 Danforth street, two doors abou Rakeit. Apply aoo.i July8 Willis School lor (iirK. CANDIDATES for a'mi.sion to <h» VV.llta Fehool will present themselves for exandna ion at the I School Room, oa Chestnut Street, on Wednesday j uevt. at 8 A. M precise)v. I Jy25 d6t By order of the Committee. 1 DRY GOODS. CLOSING OUT SALE’. —AT— G. K. BABB’S, I -OF S U M MR R DRESS GOODS! NOW YOUR TIME TO BTJY, I -roR WE SHALL GIVE GOOD BARGAINS! ! To All in Waul of MOZAMBIQUES, POPLINS, TAFFITIES, STRIPED ALPACCAS, % Plain Alpaccas, Mourning Organdie MUSLINS, -American NIuslins 4-4 French & English PRINTS! SUMMER BALMORALS, i Su it Umbrellas, Kid Gloves, ANGOLA FLANNELS! I Shaw ls, Shawls! I * VERY LARGE STOCK. CARES R. BABB, Congress Street. -Ufod'iw ENTERTAINMENTS (immWvvs For rlie People ! THE MECHANICS' GREAT ANNUAL PIC-NIC! | W ill take p!nco on On Tuesday next, the 26th inst., AT BRIWsUick. The Ufllcers of the Collrgu hare teiderid to the Commute* the use of their e Spleidid Grose & Spac ous Goilegc Grounds, One or the most hjau iful places In Maine, cflVrim ample room tor the thouaauua that alwa\» atteiia the*e favorite excursions. The Commit.r* will furnish free of expeeso a LAkdF. FLuOR in th*- tiror* F'Ht UANX1 NG Also. Swings, I not Uah» auu lc. Water. MV74IC BY (HANDLERS BAND. Cars will leave Kennebec Depot at 8 o'clock. tickets 7il C*nt»—lo be hail at Lowell k Seater'i, A. DunyonPains’s Musi# Store, ant of *tht < om mittfe. N B.—It. R. Co. will famish plenty of good.carv ca a for all that desire to go. OT® Ice Cream and other Refreshments; tor rale on the ground. S. K.ukusow, \ Committee A. T. Pianos, } of July »-a-®'U Blakk’ ’ GRAND EXCURSION PLEASANT LOVE. Portland Div. No. 95. S. of T. In company with the Grand Division of Maine, Wi 1 make their annual Excursion to Pleasant Cove, on Wednesday next, July 27th. Band of list? 19.It Infantry. U. s. a. A. POPPEHBl'Itfl, Liadkr. Will acaompan* the party and di.eoume sonic of their sweetest music for DANCING AND PROM KNA DING, A MAMMOTH CHOWDER! Together wilh Me*',, ice Cream, ke . ju abai d aace, will be loi «»!e on tbe ground. Dan'lng Swing,, Foot Balia, *c .will be among the ainu ttincnif. * • Wat r boat" entitainii g Ice Water, freeto all, will a company the pa tr. Committee o/‘ Arran grm?nt§ : Wm. Chase. Frzncl* Loring, Nath ! Walker, E. U. Hicli, Jt. I). Beau. Jan True, O. S. Beale, W II Phillipr, M. L. Stevens. Ticket* 50 Children tinder lo. hnlf price. F r bale by the Committee o . the VV1 art The Barge torni' rt will leave Galt * Wharf at 9 aud 10o'clock a. x. pn cGelv, icturniug at a rea sonable hour »« desirable that ad who can chould go in the 8 o'clock boat, as a large dee gat Rn Xrcm Bath will go in the 10 o'clock boat. J>r2dtd Grand Scottish Gathering! The Portland l\uvns Association \ In connection with ttc SCOTTISH CLUB, or nosTojf, IN FULL HIGHLAND COSTUMF, WITH TUF’F FtrF<. Will hold their Firnt Antuai l'ic-.Vc .ad Usui'-., on Little ChebcigQ3 Island. Tuesday, July 26th., When the f-Mowing Garot s w 11 beenropetrd for: ICcaif—rrcficicnev in liigMaud Fipo Mu«ic, Shathspey*. Marche* ft»ela. DAirmo-Uille Cai urn or Swoid Dance, nrd Highland Fling in c jemme. A prize of fitly Dol in'* w i’l b.« awarded to the *K*t dancer. PITTING THE STONE. Qc«*:t»—A Prize of J*lfO wi’l b* compet'd lor tc tween the P.rlaad Buns A»*ocl*t.on and the Bo*» toa Scottish Club. Tkci-trinif F5r Hint me r. Lbaimko -High Leap. Long Leap. Hack*—Foot Eire at 400 yard#, Back Kaor. SaisTY—An opp rtunity w ill be given to all par tie* lo join in tbe above garni. The Bar; e Comfort will hare Galt* Wharf at 7j A. M. Parties will iuriiish th«irown Kefre*limenG. Ticket* SO cent* each—can be bail at < roaeman A Co’*, Lowell k Sentcr’-*. Paine'* Mu»ic Store, and of Capt. J J. Boyd. 115 Exchange St. The* Barges*. Fort and Co'* Work*, A*<r. Merev under U. 8. Hotel. Alex. Taylor,$01 omroerefal St. fcdw. Wahh 800 Congro** Street, D. B. Salraoid Grand Trunk ' Freight Depot, Alex. Uiqaliurt at W. Corey’* Ex- ' change St. Tbe Lumber of ticket* i* limited and early appl catiou only will »<cnre them. An invitation 1* gi\ca to all piartic* to Join in Dan cos. Swing*aid other game*. A Qtmdrile Hand will be ill Attendance. CRT he Portland Puri* A**ci tion and Soottbh Club ot Button, headed by their Pipon, will march in procession from their Hall, (Exchange St, to tbe Barge. jiaOxdtd Payment of Androicoggin Coupon*. Tuf uud r-»ig«d will pay Coupon* ol the Au U U Koud^, *ecartd by ihesecoud raorgtge of »aid Km Iroad. with iute.eai to tbi» date, to the a * mat oi *7.Mb 4o pay it. r such c u P')m» as 'hall tfc>at be pie*cnu-o at bis « flic*- 31 Ex change St , Portland, among tiive that tell on? pn or to the y« ar i*61. JAttK/ C WooluAS, Trea-urer ol’ 1'rua ee.« wl me Thi d Mortgage of A K. rt Co. Portland. June 3). Wl jybdau3w For Xew Vork wall l>i*|».urli, J JC* U The line schooner Bona, Capt.Gilpat //\ i v rick. V\ an »-d, the bulk ol 4X) barrel*. <lJk '-=w Apple to. ™r r K G. YORK * SOX. No. Id. need wl Long vt barf. Jily21-lw Valuable Fin m for hale at a Bargnlo. IN West Scarborough, ou the Buxton road eight mil.** f-om rrr )a< d, a> d six u ilea from Sore. C't ta uing 1S5 acre*ol which6^ acre* Mregwo deed, with a two 8 «-ry bouse, barn, ana wood »iud. Wilt be «oid low either tor cash or on mortgage, or in ex change fo real * state in bn t ai d. Apply to DARIUS H INGRAHAM, Mil MiideM . Port and. July Pith, 1964. July 16 ed. w VkOuduiti Uollr^e. THE Annua1 Examiuatirn oi csa^idates for ad ini-»iou to Bowdoiu * ol'ege will take p ace on i iday »hc flf h day ot Augu»r nex*. at 8 o'clock in •l»c foreroo* .in the new Me.iic*l Halt; and als-o on T•■ur.-day. the twenty lilt., day rf Au u»t next, in the « place, and at the same hour. LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick. July 6. 1S64. Jui)7dtd Bowdoiu ( «!l<Kf. THE Annual Meeting of th** President and Trus tee* of Itowdoi a Coll re wilt be i.el« at Banister tia I. in tl * Cotk ge Cl ui i l u-'« h\ thdaddit oi August next, at t n o'clock in the fo * no< n. JO IN ROGERS, Secretary. Brunswick. July 6, 1964. jaly7dtd Bowdoiu UoileiiP. fllHK Annual Meetirg of Iht Overseer* of Bow !_ doi * College will be held at their Room in the College Cha el. on Tuesday, the second day of Au gust next, at 2 o'clock P. M A. C. ROBBINS. 8- c'v. « Brunswick, July CtU \fr'A. Ju!y7dtd - Maine Hisloriial SocMy. rilHK Annual Meeting of the Maine II *torh al Sc A c.ety will br held at the Keon.a of ihe Society. *»> Howdotn ('••liege. Brunswick, cu TiH7E»I>aY, Aug. 4,1861, at 8 o’c'ock a . m EDWARD BALLARD, Secretary. Brunswick, July 10, 1HH4. JySOctd Wnulod to L fit so /££* For a term of vear*. a dwelling House, suit able for a small family. Kent not to txteed JUJL9100. Luo*'inn in th*- ui-f r par* of the city preferred. Address Box 2 t»3. Portland Poet Office. Portland, July *2.— dtt iioiiiii* >pathic Medicine*, IS all form*. m*v bo trained at *h»» store of 8. H i ole* wort by, 9J Exchange St., where the sub scriber will be from H'clt ck a m until 4 o’clock r. m. Old Case* re owed and boPU* fll’ed Refers to lira E C ark. M. Dodge ‘atdC II Purr. j?22d3w M. 8E.WRY. healed fioponali VET ILL bo received bv the c< mmitte or Prelo* Tf and Sewer , until Ju'x 3 *h. |8 4. for c l«g a comm n Sewer ti rough Coagrem Pile »o l ow street* Plat? and 8 pec ideations may be n at the Civil Entin-er - »thee ___ Urn* coinmitcou rest r\ing the right to re, 1 * * or all lid* not deemed satisfactory. Per Or^er of « omnii»tee. IJ)SM1W WlU,UM “ 8 »W~.. AUCTION sales. “*■! *%,n,e f«r Sale —3 IN 11*7.. A o'SS*e*sr.'SM: ir""'Jnlj 28 h- »* * pu.ate t. e. prwvi«u«!r d »po»eu of at »l*to r H Die OB Smith street ,B h, -s «i,h addition-*;rooms; pleat/ 01 lura ,,4 *1,8 Lot 31 by 90. ' “a *u,< »atec. ,Hi?Hiott l-i*«o B street. ft b,, ytars old—Is iiot.led ro. a,j kniy 01 .'aid ^nd *°' L?:4"b>j«j- kiBt»iu;»« o a ■ «h a rf, “°«s o- I rani in street, q b S “““bod rooms; bikk cuietn, *c. Lot 30 by Twooftbe aliove houses b.lng made recant 'or the I'ti -noso of making sale of the -ao.e. imm dlite posses 1 ,n at.I bo given. ' Also, eight house Lots, ritna'ed on Oxford Lla eoln, oinuu and Cumberlauu Sts ’ ** Inquire of HttSS3 GOCLD IvHUJw 74 f# Stairs. Horses, ( arriiigt a. a ai Auction. ON Saturday, July SOtn, at 11 o’clock A. M.. oa l.inH' Miter, iioix-a, Carna^ei. aud ii rneaai a • uc" as Carr a.Is, lop Buggy s. loncoto Wa.ors! Jcnar Uoda, F.xprwe W agon and Umattt; ,<„ l.c?ch aim *• conn btbd, WK>k! ISA ILK V & CO.. Anct’rt. Heal Entitle at Auction. ( Monday Augu-t 1st., at 3 r «, ou the ptemi u. r of iVaaHn^te**11 V*lu,bl* P,0ic *» olj ue «w “cssSs llT? oa.. Cut slating . f a auo av. r1',m *«"*• **«■ a Ba.n, Skd UMd ‘bd now teen PWitY •» BOW under rent, an.t i. In. too tn'., ally The building. are new r'l h|luny.?u ,h°0‘"i!; ly Mi t by the d.y 1„ 1M>. | Ue ^ut M A, ou Washington ot. and 10 ict on Oxio?c |7 tTa eery dt.irable properly for investment. 1 he tit* la clear and the .ale whl he t-ovitive * " HK.NKY BAI1.E » a Co., Auctioneer. July U—did ’ *UCI*oneer.. A Mellon Male ot Heul » stair. BY virtue of a license from t he Probate Court of Cjuoberinnd. 1 .uall soli a ,ubl,c the iot of Und, with th-i building, the.eou, ..tuatid at th -owner oi ...IS rc.tnnuCla chLanemi-eai.ed in Portland. ta»d lot co» tan Jrg i built thuty »i* i«*t on leirl Sutetind about j*ot cn < hutch Lauo and being the hointatu ad of tbo la a „ohi* Ar. trill, di erase.* Th«* auction will takf* place cn IV pni»l#ei oa rtiutMda), Mptitnbe 1 1 64, at 12o’clock AUii. K. SfaVLNi, Ar n aiatntor. »o-t and. July 24. 16 4. eodt* p An3« UlMAHO 4aFAk1i.ll. Coniniistiioii Merclmiit A lucttaiur, Han to -he ,p cioua .toia 19 ICxcnariKo otro t. four doer a btiow aaercuunt’a txuhwnnc. Will receive coi.sianmenu ol XttcbanCiso ol svtry vie uriptiun, 101 public or p.ivn.v ,a t rake •« ▼oacc&T* aigoac, blocks aaa Veil sbmndlsc solicl.ed lash ao vane. mat., »J£ .•roinpt sales and retain. mcbli uly TO THE AFFLICTED I OK. W.llTuEAliUi, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, JOBNBI,1 OF CONOB MSS AND BLM STBMMTB WOULD reaped full) aacounce to the citizen, ol Part land and vicinity, that he baa permanent y located in this city. During the eleven moniha that » e have been in town we have curia tome ol the worst forms ol disease iu parsons who have triad fiber forms of treatment la vain, and curma na tienia in so short a urn, mat the question is olten faked, do they stay cured t To aoerver ihn question we will say that all that do not tav cu ed, no «>u doctor the s- coud time lor l* thing. Dr. D. has oeeu a practical tlecirician ler twea’v is also a regular graduated physician Beetncity is perlectly adapted »o chronic diseases la the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgt' In the head, neck,or extremities; ecnstuaptioa.when In the aouti stages or whrro the lungs are not tnl v Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrotum tun diseases, white-willing., spinal diseases, curvature of the spate. contracted muscles, niatorUd ion be. paly or para.ysis, 8t. Vitas' L ance, dsaineaa. stem! „-...sssX^ Blootriclty The Rheumatic the goaty, the lame and the lmy eap With Joy, and move with the agility and elaabt \7 of youth; the heated brain Is cooled; the iroat Intten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re. moved; faintness oonsartoil to vigor, weokaaa to itrength; the blind msde to see. the deal to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes el youth are obliterated; 'ht ootUenls of mature hid prevented; the calami!ie. of aid age obviated. --■* >n eouve olroall'joa maintained. LADIES Who haveoold hands and feet; weak efomaehei lame and weak backs; nervous and nek headache! dizziness and swimming in the lead, with indiges tion and constipation of thetow - is; pain in the side and Lack: leecorrhma, (or whites); tailing ol tbs womb with intomal cancers; tnteors, pels pus. and all that long train oc disease* will dnd la IJtctrte Ity a sure means of core. Kor painful menstruation, too profuse menstruation, and all ol those long Uce »f troubles with j onng ladies, Electricity is a certain tpccihc, and will, in a short lime, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. KT" We have an gl*Hro.( kemu-al Apparatus to sxtrseting Mineral Poison lr. >m the syetem, seek as Mercery, Antimony. Arsenic, Ac. Hundred- who ■re troubled with stiff Joints, weak backs, and vart on; other d; Acs'ties, the direct ennae of which, ta aloe oaae- oat of tea. is the effect ol poisonoasdrags, ■an be restored to literal strength and vigor hr Uto use of from Uva to eight Hatha. OSes hoar- from 9 e’aloek a. ■. to 1 r. ■.; 11 I; and7 to h V. a. Consultation Eeee. |T14 lead UMITED STATES~ I nf oriml Revenue. Collector** ifolire. IXATHAWIXL J. MILLER, Sollretor of tbu 9 Yli*r Coi.ic ion D.*trkt. iu the Mate of Malce, hk.eby givk notk« to al> p r-ui a coi c mod. that l have received fur colUctka. the Truro Aantt aJ CoJ lection Lift, made aud coniBiitfrd t<> me by tl.» a*. *«*aor thereof, in accordance with th« act of Con* grow entitle i “An Act to provld taUmal nitaia to support the Government ano o pay iuterc-at cl the pehire dtbt," approved July l l&»2 end the am idment* thereto; that the aeverml detiee. tues (on income, carriage* inr plate,mud )i <n»ta( aa^ea ed et urn* ra‘ert and cmtaiitd in >nid lU'.bave become due and payable, at d tout I w.ll iu irraos or by Deputy, attend to collecting and r*c*lving the atore-aid dutha tax** aud licet ma. aa»ea*«d aid vayaMa with.n the lout ty nf < umbertand. iu aaid DiftHct, at my nifice^Xa. 23 Fxekanae street, / ort laud,jromthr 72tl dap 0/ July to Ike et tk ay Ju'p, A. D. 1S£4, both flaps iuc/usire; that 1 wbl.lm like manner, att- ud to collecting aid tectivitgea* tit*, taxe* and lkenre* aa Konit d, aB*e»>e<- and payable within the County of York, in 'Bid D aft ct. a* the folowing designated tame* and piacca. to wit: at Saco, at the Hotel k'pt hp Rufus \f. Lord, on Mon " dap the 2oA Ju'p. 1M4; At the /lidde/ord House in Bidd^/'ord. Tuesday Jm/p 2d. 8641 At Kennebnuk, at the Ycusam House, Ifeduescap, Ju/u 37 IM4 : At the .Vfirii’iarfi«i< k House, is South B« rtrich T urt-mu, July 28,18 4; At Limerick, at the If del k pt rt twos Kick. Sat urday Jut- 8bfA,18£4. And I further give < otice »ha ai) pe *■ na who id gleet to pay toe dutie*. taxi * and lie*» *e* tier* ed up ii tli m a« al«-r Mud, to mv rr my If|tt'T, witiub 'h time *bove »| tcilto. * I b*cta)«l«d, «Ld r the | rovi>i i* o Me 19 of th** Ac* «i ton* g'e**af. rv Mi. “to pay ten p»r c«n bbi acd.t.oial up b th« am< unt ** Tern B* in the} oui ty o Yo*k, ' ea^rca* of ao <*o ■ g. c d pav tle»r taxce at mv i m<* Mo. 22 Ex* •hat c- »tiet.t, l*o flat «t. | t or trpr &tb i’»t 11 Ju cy. Ml. NAtUAMKLJ Ull.i.r*. C oil c*or o‘ the V >at 1 oiltciiv it INauict cf Me. fort a.»!. July S 1m I. ty* No otf:er mot cy (»av Tailed Stat* < Tr» viury Voir* <r HofM «M h nk«, m ole aid >U verf'oin wili te received lor laxe* alter iLi. d»tc. |v»«! d FIRE! FIRE 1! FIRE?!! JOHNSON’S Portable Force Pump! 14X)R extinguishing fire*, wetting rocfk. e*c, near #iw», washing win t ws, image- d«ok*l \e* -«!». t ati ing h ifea.weit.ig »a*l» juupig * a tr in in boai* watering *tre-t* am- gaidet t.’pnullli g l>t)ui<i* tor destroying t ate -pi. la is and oil ei li h eta on trnea, riant* and *h»ubb«rv, Re. Tbs- I’nny ha* proved it**lttn teoae of the moat valuable inventions for don.*-tic t ?e, and Uo*« who have tl ©m wen d ro par* with In m at any pike, provided no mo e wer»* t be btained It 14 port a b ♦* ai d c mpact ai d will throw six #al Inn* ot water per rairut©, from iOt 40 feet. It can be rasih *oi k» d by a ad «*f t w© e v» an It i* *imi le in coij*trvc*i''n, not liable to get rut of order, rd every tnnhin* I* warrav.ted Tho price is •© low lha* ore shoo’d le in every lamly. -cbo1 I on i*. factory build!-g. •a*- ml I t*nntry, & . Each puc p U p oT.i’vd with a eatia Nozilt, tor sprinkling. 1 alt and examine ♦e*:in oi.ial* 'ton ti e Pr» »td« rta of the principal Fire It *ciat oe i'1 rat »#iet«I Mas* a* chn-ett*. the ( bi f Krgtnrer* ot >be Bo* ot. ai d o h* e** tire department*, ai d ot*fr hi d purchase one of thete Tuinpa. J. I.- W IN8I oW a I i'„ Winslow** Machine Work*, Wholes*!* ai d Retail Avert*. Brown * Block, Uniou street Portland, Mo. JylMtf ___ CITY OF PORTLAND. Mivm’ai men u > ‘Jtf I30R the informs t on o th. *e o.sirt u»oi guisi ng r a* . eprtscH?a ice Urcruits or J?» hd • Iff. the following siattrn nt respecting b«unti« a, Ac, is gh*n: An enrolled person tray furnl-h a »nb# ftu*eof a per** u not iat 1* to rrait for nr. two. cr thr**o year*, in either the armv or naty.wldeh will the party thus fhtnboing, ’toui drat cmiig ib^ terra cf rcrvice. It enli**td f« r th»ee 1 Bounty of onehui died dollar* •* r*'*1 *° *"• »®®®t-* tut No Uni ed S ate* Bom tk* a © \ aio. Any citiicn wl-o, tr m ove age. or other eanas*. is not nqn ied b> aw to perform any m i»ary aer t rtf. mi) f ri.»hmrerr<-cn nMvo .ccrnl. •rrlhr e ▼ i nr, in army. A 8t»>- of MTO tot.. D.'.i when mn-'e't'l *»'* • 1 «d SI. t» I oun. y 0f o ■ .otic In In,t.11m. n:,. toteth.r vi'h th. of .9rt l »i>l I”' 'So li. r on who i.rc,'r»-n «. id ioin ..0tdof*S»iO ..cii ed S» th. rvp « ,en»»iiv«r«c'oi'.f hr i . ve'cii • i .li n Volu.leei. rvecivo f cm .re *.«le vmvani! fro* ih* L.icd S'. r> .40 n.iiu. k icl.l of *Ol O Bcnn'id. ■ * <i f r 'hr f yur. .civic* Nepn.cnt.'lve r.rrri'.wl 1 bornlf.led tv the Ol'f noth* r* men. f *210 lor the I'.rtv p,wn, tho •.me in tho or'.r iu which rroiu.’. .,r ice. vrd. AnviicMi ■< for enlktme » ..) be m.i c .1 thi. JACOB McLF.lLAN, A’op.r. jv‘.6-'iilw Artu.iili imiiradf. Dlinond’s Quadrille Hai ti 18 now rcadv to fhrni'h r»il.. . ot Mon >nd Pi«. Nic 1’nrti.r ou tho mo*t mjor.’ l.ltimc All order, loft nt I’nln"'. Music .tor* (led M ddln ttre.1) will receive prompt MlMktieA. J)UMl* X

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