Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 28, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, THURSDAY MORNING. JULY 28, 1864 WHOLE NO 042 PORTLAND /DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor, I ublished at No. 62{ EXCHANGE STKEET, b> N. A. FOSTER & CO. The Poetlahd Daily PBBsslspublishedatSS.OO per year: If paid strictly lu Ad ranee, a discount of •1.00 will be made. Single copies three centa. Tub Maine Statu Pees? is published every Thurs day morning,at *2.0© per annum, in advanoe; Si.26 If paid within six months; and $2.50,if payment be delayed beyond the yoar. Ratos of Ad-v-optisins:: One inch ol space in length of colnmn, constitutes a'miPABE." *1.60 por square daily first week; 76 cents per week alter; throe Insertions or less, *1.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, throe insertions or less 76 oents: one week, SI.'JO; 60 cents per week after. Under head of AnDSEMiNTe, *2.00 per square per w<ek; three insertions or less, *1 60 F 1 F SraoiAL Notices, *1.76 per square first week, *1,00 per square after; three insertions or less, *1.26; ha'f^a square, three insertions, *1.00; one week, Advertisements inserted ia the Maine State h*5 » large circulation in every part of the State) for 60 oent* per square in addition to the above rates, for eaah insertion. hWAL Notices at usual rates. TranaleBtadTertisements must be paid forln ad vance lipsnsase Notices, tn reading columns, 12 oents per line for one insertion. No charge less than flrtv cents tor each Insertion. K»"A1I ovinrau mention* intended for the paper thonld be directed to the "Editor qfthe Prett/' and thou of a basinet ohpractcr to tbe Publuhtrg. CyJoB ruixTixa ol every description executed witi: dispatch. Thursday Morning, July 28, 1864. Apprentice Boys for the Navy. The following from the Army ami Navy Journal we deem ol interest in our locality, and call attention to the subject therein, and also to the Kegulationa of the Navy Depart ment issued—27th May last: “The Navy Department is authorised, by act of Congress, approved May 2d, 1837, to enlist boys for the Navy tj serve (unless soon er discharged) until twenty-one yearn ol age. This law did not prove successlul and the naval apprentice system, proved a lailure from the imperfect manner iu which the experiment "»s uicu. me iJepariuient now, SO lunch lire aud improve* the plan, that it* success ought not to be doubtful. The New Regulations from the Navy Department, under date of May 27, lbd4, may be thus brielly summed up: Roys betweeu the ages of fifteen aud eight teen are to be enlisted with the written con sent of their parent*, or guardians, certified before a magistrate. They are to be submit ted to a physical examination, and their moral character, so far as it is likely to affect their efficiency as seamen, is also enquired iuto. ! The boys as soon as they are enlisted, will be rated a* of the second or third class, accord ing to their ape ana ability, and afterwards they will be again rated, upon examination. Two vessels, properly equipped and fitted up as school-ships, will be assigded to suitable stations, aud tbilher the boys will be sent. These vessels to be fully officered aud sufficient ly thauued, will be kept ready for service, so as to be able to run out of harbor to sea, aud if necessary from port to port. Tbeir officers will mess and live on board; will keep watch in the same manner as if the vessels were sea cruisers, and give attention to carrying out the ideas of the deparlmeut in regal d to boys. Each vessel will have its school-masters to teach the rudiments of edu cation, iucluding navigation. The boys will be carefully instructed iu the various duties of a seaman on a man-o!-war—rigging aud unrigging masts and yards, bending and uu U .diug sails, knotting, splicing, making sig i !*. using muskets, pistols aud cutlasses, ex erc fig great guns, and the thousaud other detai s >1 a seaman’s profession. Every quar ter a n ' irn will be made to the Navy Depart ment, and a competent board of officers will be ordered at proper intervals to inspect and determine the condition of each school-ship, and report thereon. Boys, on presenting themselves, will be at once vaccinated, aud told the necessity of tidy habits, and admonished of the strictness of military discipline. They will he clothed according to Navy pattern, and their equipments charged to their pay, except that they will have the sarno al lowance of outfit, such as hammocks, hags, Ac., that enlisted men in the Navy receive.— Their pay will be, for the third class, eight dollars per month, niuc dollars for second and tell dollars lor first class; of this a tenth part is retained until the expiration of his enlist ment; the remainder will be expended in clothing and other necessaries for his use. with occasional payments made him under direction of the commanding officer. From the school-ships apprentices will he transferred to active service, selection lieing made, as a general rule, from those longest under instruction. Whilst on board such vessels their time will be devoted to learning tbeir duties as seamen, and they will not be permitted to act as serv ants or waiters to officers. Regulations are given in relation to leaves of absence, to be ing allowed liberty in foreign ports, Ac. At the age of twenty-one. their term being over, they will be paid the money due them aud if they deserve it, will receive a certifi cate of good character from the Department, and will have a prior claim in all applications for » anointments. These school ships offer to the sons of respectable parents an opportunity for in struction in an honorable profession, and open to them the avenues of advancement to the highest grades in the naval service. Care will be taken to surround the boy with the safeguards of virtue, to educate his sense of honor and to teach him a love of his prolet aion. We see no reason why these school ships may not become popular; aud ambitious boys, with a natural taste lor the sea, be ea ger to improve the advantages thew offer. The instructors will have the advantage of the experience of Eugland and France in the same direction, and ought to make these school ships and scholars equally worthy of national pride. • General Jackson on Speculators. Just boiore President Jackson retired from the Presidency, be told Hon. James Guthrie of hi* characteristic method of dealing with men who undertook to deal improperly witn the exigencies of their country. Contractors followed General Jackson's army far into the Indian country, and when the army began to suffer for provisious, some of these dealers be gau to asls fabulous prices for their provisions. Jackson was at length informed ol their ex tortionate demands, and he summoned them before him and attempted an appeal to their patriotism. He lound that soil perfectly sterile. At lent'tli he ordered a body of ollicers to ap praise the goods, and allow the owners a lib eral piotlt.aud then he showed these owners the appraisement. He offered to take their provisions at this appraisement. They refus ed to sell, and Jackson, determined that his soldiers should not starve, ordered the rations to be distributed, and faithful account to be kept. As soon as the owners saw their provisions disappearing, they waited upon General Jack sou aud agreed to accept his terms. Every thing went on until he offered in payment United States Treasury notes. They refused to take them, and demanded gold. Jackson reasoned with them uutil lie found they were Inexorable in tbeir demaud. He then order ed a file of soldiers to be detailed, two of them with axes, to place the uupatriotic owners on the ttatlxists on which their goods had been stored. General Jackson said that after he had placed them on the boats, he made what he told them was his last appeal, atnl at the last moment they consented to take the treas ury notes. He paused at this part ol the statement un til Mr. Guthrie asked him what he intended to do in case of a persistent refusal. The old patriot replied that he * would have ordered the two soldiers armed with axes to cut the cables, and the fellows on board might have floated to hell or Texas, he would not have cared which.’ He said*' a msn who would not trust his country when engaged iu war, was not fit to live.’ We heartily s&v amen to v Old Hickory’s patriotic sentiment. We regret that he is not here now, to pack unpatriotic currency gamblers on flat boats and float them off to unknown shores.—1 Louisville Press. John Kinsman, OAS FITTER, —AKD— Dealer in Gus Fixtures, And Ga*& Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine and test these new inventions, which are highly recommended for summer use. NO. 66 UNION STREET. Portland, June 14 — eod8m MISCELLANEOUS. 126 Exchange Street. 12 Hugli M. IPhinney, YITOULD inform hi* frinds *nd former custom© 1 ▼ that he ha* taken the .Store No 12d Exchanj Street, where he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace tttisiuess. In all its branches. STOVES, of all kinds, oft! newest and most approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges Tin and Hollow Ware. Hr8eeond hand Stoves bought, or taken in ei change for new. Stove*. Range*. Fubhju kr, and Tim Wau repaired at short notice, iu a faithful mauuer. Grateful for lormerpatronage, he hopes by strii attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive geuerous share ol public lavor. _ may 23d tf ALDRICH’S PATENT Water Elevator A LATEX I* combining more good and less ba ii ?uV‘,lef *nyr(,er fixture iu use for horn w ells. Don t fail to fee it betore \ on buy any putd r?riMaT(fir,U0W 1 '• Hte works 80 «BdIy that cTnld light year* old can draw with it. It is 1<m priced; »t leaves not hi g in the water to injure H it does not freeze: it is simple; It is not likely t get out ol order the buck* bn* ro valve an empties itself. You have your well all open or co* ertd at pleasure, and is just suoh a simple fixture a every man netds who values ture water for use. a?^by1>raWe,'N and T°WU EDd Conu,J‘ Eights fo BOYNTON k HIGGINS, I 1^0 13 tnd 15 Warren Market. Portland. jylddSm S. BLOOD Successor to George Anderson, No. 317 rongre** Street, Portland. Signof Anderson’8 Hoop Skirt Depot, ' n!tuf constantly on band a complete aaeort H O O P S K 1 H T S , or every sizeaud length, made of the best material and warranted to give perfeot aatirfaclion. Also oi hand a lull asset t incut m C orsets and Skirt Supporters, of tliomos* oopulxr mak s, both oieigu and domoa tic, with other article._properl> belougiug to a Hoot . kirt store. Hoop Skirt, made to order, and rt pairing done at short notice. I'artiw dealing with this esUhiishment may relr upon getting gneds of the very best quality and at price, as low as a really good article can be afforded 1 ortlaud, July 6,18tH. d6w J- T. Lewis&Oo., Maoulacturcrs and Wholesale Dealfis In READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chamber! ■ ■ . Not. 1 and 2 Free Street Block, (Over H. J. Libby k Co.,) J. T. lewis. J I*. Lewis PORTLAND, ME. ___ jylldtf GRANT'S COFFEE & SPICE MILLS. OBIOINAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. G-R A N T , Whole*ale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Sakcratus A Cream Tartar, A'rw Coffee and Spice Slillt, 13 and lj Union street Portland, Me. ‘ mfrirO??S?iifpi<!SLrut up'ur thc trade, with any ooncm r"a't*d “'d Krono,,for '*>« trade at snort *3T“ All geode entrusted a‘.the owner’s risk. _ ____msrchlOdtf THE FIRST UTI0V4L UK OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. S. 7-30 Notes, Cau have them exchanged for six percent, twen !y ytar bonds by ic&ving them with this bank. Tne etcre-t on the notea will be paid in coin, at the rate • 3 10 percent. to July 1. and the bonds wtll be de ivered here as soon as they can be prepared by the government. These 20 year bonds are the most de ilrubleof any oftho government securities. Con rersions must bo made in sums of dodo or ,ts multi ple. A commission of one quarter ot one percent. Kill be charged. W. E. GOL'LD. Cashier. Portland, May2S, ISC4. may26codtf ■ r vor litttVT A REFRIGERATOR ! OK. if yon have au old one that don’t exactly FUit von,non t fall to examine the very beat pat tern now in use, the POLAR REFRIGERATOR For sale at the Furniture Roomi of WALTER COREY, 52 and 54 Exchange street. J u no 6,18*34.—d 2m Now Steam TVfill, Fool of Cr or a, between Fore k Commercial St*. WINSLOW. DOTEN & CO., WOLLD inform their former customers and the public general v. that they have fitted up their New 311• 1 with New Machinery, and are now ready to do Planing, Matching and Jointina. also Sweep and Circular hawing. II od Turning, tfc. We have in operation one ol Meters. Grav k Wood’s new improved Plknert. for FLAKING OUT OF WIND* It will plane with tin- greatest accuracy from { inch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AW EDGER FIFTY FEET LONG, For sawing htavv plank and edging boards. Particular attention gi ven to planing bhip Knees, ClMpboarcs, and heavy Timber. I Hr the accommodation of dealers and others hav ing large lot of boards to plane, we have in counec tit. 11 with the mill 17.C-00 Miuare feel of yard room. iPt uuu Summer DRESS FABRICS, REDUCED PRICES, -at B. I'. Bamiltou A Co.’n Corner Congress and PrebleF*ts. jylCeod2w PEOVOST M4K8UA1/8 OFFICE, ) First District State <f Maine, { Ioktamd, July 13,1864. ) N OTICEis hereby given that any p< rson Fnroled uiay appear before the Board of Enrolment and claim to have his name stricken oil the list, if he cau show to the satisfaction of the Hoard that he is not properly enroled on account oi 1 *t—Alienage. 2d-Non-Residence. 3*1—Over Age. 1th— r'orina u nt Physical Disability,of such degree as to r< nder the person not a proper subject for en rolment under ihe laws and regulation. t hat the examination rt f» rred to above may nol Interfere with the daily routine of office business, the hours lor . xan.ination w ill be from II A M tc 12 M. aud from 2 to 4 1*. M. CUAllLfcs U. Dl»L'G HTY, Capt and Protost Marshal. CITY OF PORTLAND, » Mayor's office, 1 July 18, 1861. \ The special attention of our citi/en* is t ailed t< the above notice of the Provost Mar*b»l. It shcUU be the duty of all those wno are exempt from draf from either of the causes mentioned, to apply in per son aod have tb ir names taken from the list in or der that when the quotas for the diafr are appnr honed, the amber to be drawn will be baaed apoi those who only are liable to enrolment. July’4d3tawlm JACOB McLKLLAN, Mayor. Srxoxox Gexxral'8 Omri. I Waxhiugt u City, June24,1864. \ WANTED—Surge-ns and Assistant burgeon J\>r the tktforrit Titwps— Candidates must b Graduates of some Regular Medical College, am must be examined by a Board of Medical Officers t< be convened by the Surgeon General. The Boan will determine whether the candidate will be ap pointed Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon, according t< merit Applications accompanied by one or mor t***t monial* from respectable persons, as to mora character, Ac., fhould be addresred to the Surged General. U. 8. A.. Washington, D. C , or to ihe As aidant surgeon General, U. 8. A., Louisville. Kv Boards are now in session at Boston, New Yo-k Washington, Cincinnati, 8t. Louis, aud New Or lean*. Also wanted, Hospital Stewards for Colored Keg iments. Candidates must posse-# a ta»r English Ed ucation, and bo familiar with the com ounding am dispensing of Medicine#. Application# must bemad ax iu th# cx#e of Humoong and As#ie ant Surgeons c oinpensation from #23 00 to #33 00 per mouth, wit I ciOthiug, rations, fuel and quarters. . . . „ _ JOS K BAKNE8. julyl->aw3m Acting Surgeon General. Board. A FEW niore Boarder# can be accommodated a ii Danforth street, two door# above Bracketl Apply *O0B. Jaljg MISCELLANEOUS. 6 THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER : JOB PRINTING OFFICE, • N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors. Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., ( PORTLAND, NIK. X _ Attention is respev fully invited to our unrivalled ' facilities for executing in • THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, i Every description of ' BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. > 1 _ ! Our Establishment is furnished with all the ap proved r MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, |01 every variety, style and cost, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. i Bill-Head* Ruled and Cal in Ihe Meat e*t Manner. BLANKS AN1) BANK CHECKS,' Of every description executed iu the best style. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done witb promptness and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES. DILLS OF LADING. TIME TABLES, and all »orti ol LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notice. Sermoni, Exports, nd all Liails of ramphlels, Put up in superior etyle. Bronzed anti Colored Lnbels. Kor Apothecaries, Merchants, and Fancy Dealers, got up in the best style ol the art. 'W’eddinor Cards, Notes qf Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists of Dan ce*. etc., etc., qf every variety and cost, furniahed at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hstn<l-bill«?, Shop-bill*?, I'ro^am t ines, Circular*, And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure work, executed neatly, and on term" that cannot fhil to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office hae one of Itoper’ Improved Caloric l Engines for motive power, and is furnished with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant ut>e one of HOLS LA ROE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 32500 Sheets an hour ; one of Adam's Power Presses—the best book pros* in Hie world; Adam’s and Potter’s East Machine Job Presets-, Buggies' superior Card Pres ; Adams’and Union large Hand Presses, Standing Presses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Presi Job t office is believed to be as well furnished as any similar establishment in the State. 1 hose sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute a^l orders in the shortest possible time acd in the neatest and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as auy other establishment in the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Joh Office, No. «2j Exchange street, Portland. Me. Tho Job office is under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PBINT F)B, and is himself an experienced practical work man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics in ' this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper east ol Boston, and having a larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combined, is published at the Office in Fox Block, 8? 1-tf Exchange Street, every morning— Sunday excepted,at $8,00 Per Annum, From which IN IS per cent, is discounted for advance payments. >emi-annuaI and quarterly subscriptions pro rota. Leas than three months, sixty cents per month, or 15 cents a week. Single Copies 3 Cents. HF* Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two nod one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, is published every Wednesday, containing aJl the news by mail a d telegraph, important reading matter Marine List, Market Reports, Ac , of the Daily Press,at the following prices, viz:— Md <' copv. on<‘ year, invariably in u^vanee.$2.00 For six mouth*.. 1.00 To club* of four or more all to the same post office, each. 1.7 5 To club* of tea or uiorr, all to the same post office, each.% 1.50 And a free copy to the getter up of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wauted in every town. Postmasters requested to act as agents. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Proprietors. Portland June 1, 18(14. dtf CoparltuTHliip \oiiec. filBE undersigned have formed a copartnership X under the sty e of (1. L Storer fc Co., and tak en the store and rock ol Storer, Cutler A Co., where they will constantly keep a large stock of goods for a general jobbing business. , GKO. L STORER. FRED STORER. CliAS II. MKSERVE, „ , H. F. LOCKE. 1 ortl.ud, July 12,1854. jyl3d3w : Talk about Hats! JUST SEE ; HARRIS-* NEW STYLES. * June 4—dtf Payment of Androscoggin Coupons. TilE undersigned will pay Coupons of the An droscoggin R. R. Bonds, secured by the second mortgage of said Railroad, with interest to this date, to th« amount of f7,329.46 paving such cou poas as shall first be presented at bis (ffice 31 Ex ■ change St . Portland, among 'hfoethat loll due pri [ or to the year 18*11. JABEZ C WOODMAN, Treasurer of Trui eos ol the Thi* d Mortgage of A. R. R. Co. 1 Portland, June 3), 1864 Jylt>dRw3w' The New Gjmnustlcs. TUB last opportunity to commence a course of lesions at the reduced rates will be given t Wednesday, July 13th. Children meet at 3 o’clock . P. M., and adults in the evening. New classes will be formed for beginners as needed. jyll BUS1NESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MAX E FACTORY. .T. P.~Libby, MANUFAiTUIlBB OF Paper Boxes, Ol every description, such as Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, bhelf Boxes, ('onchologicalBoxes, FowderBoxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, &c. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portlnnd, Me. juneld3m Dana & Co. Fish a n il Salt, Luther Dana. , POTtltld, Woodbury Dana, ( John A. a. Dana ) M 111 Ilf* __Juneldtf J. Smith cb Oo., M ASUFACTritEES OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. tiom Si raps, Belt Leal her Racks ail Sides, leather trimmings, **., HAnson’s Block, 144 Middle St., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. M Bnxwxii, (jnld3n») D. F. Noym JOIIY T. K06KRS & CO., Oommission Merehantn, AXD WHOLESALE DEALERS IE Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, I PORTLAND, ME. __ junelddm Wholesale and Retail. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AED MAECFAlTt-ABR OF Premium Paged Account Books, PAPER IIAXOIKOS. No, 53 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. juneldtf CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 M itl die Street, PORTLAND, MB. C3r* Work executed iu every part of the State. _ juneltf RUFUS DUNHAM, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in < B RITANNIA 77 ^ > - > Plated Ware, '■_£ jl£-ggi -v«- 218 fore ttreet. Portland Portland, May 17th, 1864. mayl7dtl M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesalo Dealers in Flour, NO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apl4 PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO, .MAMcraoTCKEKa or Japan, W hite Lead, Zinc, Paints . And Ground Colors, AHD DEALERS IN Drags Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Odor Factory, No. 20 J/mtjny St., OtUcv, K Snlmrooms 80 ( oinuit rriHl Si., (Thomas Block.) • HkNEA 11. liUROK^S, njtuyi ith mb Ckablm 8. Fuels. rvKlLlliP, IB. mayl8dtf BLAKE, JOKES A CO., FL0UR& GRAIN DEALERS, And Kp vers of WcstirM nud {’ adian Prodace, 131 Commercial Street, ■ ■ . Granite Block. Charles Blake. \ llenry A. Jones, J PORTLAND. It. W . (jage. ) Juneldtf JOHN LYNCH~& Co7 Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Btores, - - - Commercial street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf,) John Lynch, \ Deleg Barker.; PORTLAND, ME. Thoa. Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE A HOODvT^ , COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And H holesale Dealers in FLOUR. CORN AND PRODUCE. No. 5 Galt Blook, Commercial 8t, i ranklTn1! .*Moody. 1 PORTLAND, ME. _ juueldGm LANE A LITTLE, Wholesale Dealer' in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AMD 'W oolons, No. l'lTJ Middle street. A. uftti.! PORTLAND, ME. ___ JuneTdtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Street. • - Portland, Me. ^^Carriagee aud Sleighs on hand and made to order. innpif.rftf €1 P. KIMBALL, maki kactcrkr of Carriages and Sleighs, Preble etreet, (Near l*reble House,) PORTLAND, ME. Sale Booms, 110 and 11*2 Sudbury St., Bo*ton, Matt. juneltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Flour, Grain & Produce Commission Strcbnls, ami Millers’ Iwnls. OJHce and Warehouse Xo. 6 Galt Block, Commer cial Street. W> offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known Brands of Hour, from 8t. Louis 1 liuois, Wisconsin, Ao., which we are constautl receiving. N , r. A Co .are also A routs fjr Pittman A Co.’s, and Otbc- brands of manufactured Tobacco. ty-Cash advances made on all consignments. Portland, June 1, 1864. jnldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON, DErrisT, Inserts Artificial Teeth on Gold. Silver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrants them in all cases to be a perfect lit. Dr. J. also gives special attention to Filling Teeth. Office 229j Congress street, two doors west from the Court ileus*? Portland. June 1,1864.— eod2m# 63 Removal. 63 J. II. KNIGHT & SON, Coin in i»»i o n .Merchants, A ud dealers in Country Produce,have moved to No. 63 Commercial street. Portland. May 10th, 1864. maylOdtf PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Polioes to be free after the Pr\?lent 01 **x» eitfbtor ten Premiums at the option of the insured and at rates as low as any other Company. The Issue of Free Policies renders it at t' ' least equal if not superior to the participation •Denies. Office No. 102 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN, Free. • )Tebl« dfcwtf. *»‘"«uw.s«. BUSINESS CAK1>S, BRADLE1', MOULTON & ROGERS Wholes* le Dealers ih Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, aoBERT IIRALEY, ) 8. * houltom, PttKTLAXD.ME. A. 8. RonERB, ) A _ ma>3dtf W. W. CARR & CO , Having taken the Fruit 8tore formerly occupied b HAWYER. Wo. 9 Exchange Street, Ara prepared to offer to the trade a large and wall selected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit I Wholesale end Betail Spruce Gum, Loxengee Gcnione. tanarjr Seed, Uuudiee, biases, Lemon Syrup, Honey, t'.uuee. Cocoa Nun, Figs, Cltrau, Nuta, all kinds. Dates, Ollres, Raisins, Tabacca, Sardines, Cigars. Fancy Caudles of all description octtdtf IRA WINN, Agent, IMo. 11 Union St., le prepared to tarnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sires and patterns, Stem Pipe ud Fixiarei, liii tearim, Shftiig, Pollejg,t«. L18HT House Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in building FouTirioATione. •ronStuirs and other Architectural Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Gas and Steam in the best manner. In connection with the above is an Iron Foandry with a large assortment of Patterns, to wbioh the attention of Machinists Millwrights,and Ship-Build „W“Orders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. ooldtf SIlVGE R»S SEWING MACHINESI WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, No*. 54 and 88.Middle filrM|. Reedies sad Trlmmlagf always oahanfi. aohtitf A CARD. dr. s. c. fernald. DENTIST, 170 Mtddl Street. Kbfvbbnobr .Prv Bacon end BnsaLiB, Portland, May 36,1M3. If Dr. JT. H. HEALD HAVING disposed of hi* entire Interest in hi* Office to Dr. S. C F KKN ALD, would cheerfully roccommend him to his former patient* and tho pub lic. Dr. Fkb if ald, from long experience, ie prepur ed to insert Artificial Teeth on tho “Vulcanite Bast,” and all other methods known to the profession. Portland. May 36.1*68 tf YV00» ANIV COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! STRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH, IIEZ1LTON. SUGAR I.OAK, OLD COM TAN V LEHIGH. LO OT'S!'MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. HI AMONG, WEBS TER mud BLACK HEATH. Thtat* Coal, artr of the Ten- beat quality, well acreeued au.l pickul, and warranted to give aatinfaciion. Also for eale beet of HARD AND SOFT WOOD. 1,-Urered to any part of tbe uity. Or»UTCi'»«»aiiiiST., head of >rank.'in Wharf. S. ROUND* A SON. fob 18 dly WAlUiEVS l.UPOKVED FI HE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Gtravol Roofing for PLAT ROOFS. K* HEI18EY, Agent, Jaujf6 dtf No. Id Union Street. ALBERT WEBB A CO., -DBALBK8 IB Corn, Flour and Grain, HRAD or MERRILL a WHERE, ('•■■•r.l.l 8lr..t, - - P.niB.d, Ma. _ _ i*»r EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLMALf DKALKR IB Corn, AIea\ and Flouv, Also, Ground Bock Salt. CoiuiuiSMion Merchant FOB FURCHARK AID R A LB OF Barley, Bye and Oats. Z tr~( ar* loaded with Corn In bulk freo of chirge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Street, ) And ClTV MiLLR, Dee ring Bridge. _ juneleod6in JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mchlTd&wtf Tkxplk Strrbt. Scotch Canvas, -FOB *ALB BY— JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, He. OAA BOLTS Superior Blenched YJvJ 300 do All Long finx “Gov- ., eramentoontruot,” 800 do Extra All Long flux Arbroath. 80o do Navy Fine Delivered in Port!end or Boston. Beth. April 30. IMS Up33dtl M. BE^BSOIST, Silver Plater, AND If ANUTA ('TUB KB OF SILVER WARE, 238 Congress 8t..Opp. Court House,Portland,Me. 8y*All kinds of W ARE, such as Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac., pitted in the best manner. Also. REPAIRING and Rg FINISHING Old Silver Ware. jau29 d6m REMOVAL. UR. NEWTON HA8 removed his residenoe to No, 37 Ml44Ue Stmt, corner of Franklin street. Office as heretofore, No. 115 Exchange Street, In Noble's Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 ▲ . M .t from 3 to 8. and from 8 to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES 09 FEMALES. oeSldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, , PLUMBER! NAKIR OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1*1 EXCIIINGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Cold aud Shower Baths, Wash Bowls, Brass dr Silver Plated Cockn, INVERT description of Water Fixtnresfor Dwel A ling Houses, Uotols, Public Buildings, Shops. Ac , arranged and set up in the best inauuer, and all orders in town or country faithfti'lv executed. All kiuds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of all descriptions ap9dtf The Cheapest Agency FIR collecting all classes of claims arising from the war is that of the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expenses are controlled by' a disinter- 1 osted Executive Committee. * Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY, over the Portland Post Offife, 3d story. 4»wJy | MERCHANDISE. Hackmetnck Ship Timber. OAK . Ilavkinettck. and Hard Wood Plank, Tree nail, irom 12 lo 23 inches, Treenail Wedges, Ac L. TAYLOR. June2sd3ra Gait s Whirr, Port'and Treeuuils. 100,000 :;k OAK TREENAILS, for SIMONTON & KNIGHT ‘•Honey.” • <7 TCS. PRIME CL 1IA HONEY, for .ale in bond f on duly paid. THOMAS ASENCIO A CO. June 10.—wdlf Sugar and .Yfolanses. •J00 UHD8 j CHOICE MC8COVADO HU W TCS. ) GAB. 3,1 1IHUS superior Muscovado, and 37 TCS Clayed Molasses, m It BBLS from sierra Morena, Now lauding and tor sale by THOMAS ASENCJO 4 CO., maybtf Custom House Wharf. Slpiru Tlorciiii Molasses. 0‘|K HHD8 . < CHOICE SIERRA MORENA »bbmCES1 molasses. Now lauding tforo lirig “C. li. Kennedy” TtlOS. A3E3CIO k CO , Mays—tf_ _ C. U Wharf. Scotch Canvas*. i BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor aar t Sons, Leith—a nail cloth of superior quality—just received lct “Jura”, and for sale bv MoGILVERT, RYA& 4 DAVIS, moh26dtf ItJl Commercial Street. WANTS, LOST, FOUND Wanted. BY a voting man and wife, without family, a tuite of rooms, furnished complete for hoosskeeninr lyJ, dlw* Address G. C. B , Press Office* Currant* Wauled. rilllE satycriber wants from 20 to rsi bushels Sirt 4. Niyu! turnrats, fur which he will pay the high est market, kt his store In Ssccarirpa ^il/clay. Currants Wanlrtl rilllE highest market price paid for ripj Currant* l 1*1 any quantities. GREENOPGH & MORSE. « a. ... No. 2;► Market fcouare. Portland, July 19.—d&wtf B Board Wanted T a oung rna-i and his wife; within ten minutes’ i walk ot the Po*t Otfico. Address,'stating lura tion, terms, &c..) * jylMtr "t -H;8”” Loct Box No.U. 1*. o. mot Hunted. \8! FADIcompetent nod capable man. bating a thorough *no* ledaeof Portland llmboraud its outer approaches, ii wanted fur the pilotage of the Mostusal U< K.t* Stkausiiii- t oarAST’s Liverpool and Glasgow Line ol Steamers the com ing winter. The l ilot engaging for tbi« service will be required to board the Steam, r* ou'side of the Bulwark Vioal and AMrn's lt„ck. Applieatiousre oeivtd hv .lAMKS L. FARMER, jyltd daw No. 1<> Exchange .street. Wnilted, 4 BOA. nut less thjn sixteen years of ige, to aet S w as farrier. Must come w*ll reoommeuded — Apply at the Counting Room of the Pro. JjDdlf Lost. KI1;A\£° l,om.,hc P",ur® Of Mr. Francis Rob » J erts , w rstbrook. lust mouth, u three year old gray ( olt, small sire; whoever will return him or give information where he luav he gonad will be suitably rewarded, by calling at No III Spring St .. FRANCIS E. nMKKY. 1 ortlanJ, July 13,1861 ._otf Substilulfg. VNY one wanting a substitute, for ono or three > >ars, can be supplied with one by calliug upon ' ■i. si Todd., corner ol Middle and JCxchai ge direct# ^ k , . J M TODD, \/9T One who believed tkr Rebellion can be rat down by the I'nion force?. jul> i2cod3w* £2.1 Reward ! ^TOLEN from the •ubsoribrr on Tuesday Kr**n i. !“*•.while in Rierve’a auction room, a Call >kio I «*ck* t Bock contaiug tf.4 in money, a noli againat Char c* Hoogdon. Gorham. lor •To,and hi# aga:n*t t harJt# Hooper tor *12. The above reward w ill b« P.*,d *or ti,P recovery of the property aud the defec tion ol the thief. Tune —tf GEORGE BE< K Board. l^riKS of Room*, with Board, can be obtained by ^applying immediately at V) Danfortli #treet. Htti- maylxdtf A. & S. SHURTLEFF & CO., NOS. 31 A 30 MUDDLE STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturer, and Dealers in Men’g Boyj’ and Yonth’i Thick. Xip and Calf Boots, Woman’s Misses and’a Goat, Kid and Calf Balmirals, Rubbers Bho. Stock, Findings, go. \\TITII our superior facilities for uiauuracturlug * f and a large experience In the business, we we nre able to sell ns low ns in Boston or slsew here. Dealers are respectfully invited to call and ex amine*ur .took before puruhasmg. aiT“Orders by until promptly attended lo. Portland, Aprils, 1*64. d6u> NOTICE. TATE, the undersigned, huving sold onr Stock of V V -Coal and Wood to M.ssrs BaioiaJI. .1 tr Alii, t’r If tCo.. do chcertully recommend them to our former customers. All person, haring demands sgaiust us ere requested to present them lor settle ment. and all persons indebted to us are requested lo make immediate payment at the old stand where one ol the undersigned may be found for t he present. SAWYER ft WHITNEY. Portland, Junes, 1864. Junel8d8w Coal and 'Wood! riYilK subscriber having purchased the Stock of M. toll mud Wood, and taken the stand recently occupied by Messrs Sanger ft II hitnee, head of I M uir Wharf. nre now prepared to supply their former patrons and the public generally, with a due assortment of WELL PICKED .4A’D SCRREAMD Old Company Lehigh, Sugar Loat Lehigh, Ilazrlton Lehigh. . Locust Mountain. John’s. W hite and Red Ash, Diamond and LorbriTy, Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal 1 A Superior Coal/or Black smith). A Do, Hard and Soft Wood, Delivered to order in any port of the city. The former customers of Messrs Sawyer ft Whit oey are reppectfully invited to give at a call. RANDALL. McA LI.ISTKM h. i n Portland, Jane 13, 13ftl.-dly WINSLOW SMACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURERS BLOCK. UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, XAsurAOTI RX& or Steam Engine*. Steam Boiler*. Shafting Pulley* Gearing, and all kind* of Machinery. AI no Low and High Pressure Steam Heating Ap paratus for Factories, Public buildings • and Dwelling Hoi.«es. In this De partment the evabliahment has been uncommonly successful. Steam Cock*, Valve*, Whistle*, and steam. Water and Go* Pipe and connection* furnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and faithfully Done, j In connection with the above establishment i* an Iron Foundry, with a large a**ortment of patterns, and a Plauing Mill, where wood planing of all kiuds may be done. may? dtf Removal. HAVING removed from my old stand to the .store No. til. Commercial street, and aasrciated ravselfln bu«ine*s with Mr. Henry Fling. 1 would take this opportunity to thank my ciwomersfor past favo'*. and would respectfully solicit their future patronage ol the tlrm of Fling k Whittemore STEPHEN Will ri EMoRK. Portland, July 8th, 1861, julyl2d4w Copartnership Notice. TUB undersigned have this day formed a Copart nership under the name and s'yle of Fling ft W hittemore. and hare taken the store lor men, oc eopiud by Henry F'tng, No. 91, Commercial street. Where they intend doing a Commission and Whole sale business, in Teas. Tobacco, W. 1 Goods, Gro ceries and Provision*. HENRY FLING. STEPHEN WHITTEMORE. I Portland July 8.18*4. dtf Dissolution. THE Arm of Howard ft Strout. as Attorney*and Counsellors a' Law. is this day dissolved by mu tual oonsent. Either partner will attend to the set* tlement of of the buainessof the late tlrm Mr. Howard will continue to ocoupy offl»9l Mid dle atreet.over Casco Bank. Mr. Strout will occupy office 105 Middle street, : opposite bead of Plumb street. Josrm Howard. 8 aw all C. Strout. Portland, June J7, lMt.—dSm CLOTH IMi. R E M o VA t. . JOSIAH BURLEIGH HA» KINoriD TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Streep. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer la Cothin*,Cottas, Titilors' Trimminifs, -AMD GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BIIRLEIUH, A*ent for (i‘\er 4 Baker's eelebrated Sewi,i8’ I No«. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to bis triends that he may be lonnd at Bar lei*h'a,No. HI fc 143 Middle street, where he will be ptea-ed to wail upoa his former customers. I'ortland. March 34. 1834. dtf JUST RECEIV EDT~ HOIAANS & 1U>\IL HAVING refitted their store and received a large assortment of * ELEGANT STYLES -0» CLOTHS! ARK PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Cnstonere. Alio, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, !■ Great Varlrtjr, -AT U5 Middle Street. maytt f L. S. 10-40 LOAN first national rank -OF PORTLAND, DESIGNATED REPOSITORY -0» TUI UNITED STATES. Thi. Bank la prepared to receive: subscriptions for tbs saw “TEN FORTY 1,0AY,” wh>cb Is dated March 1,1-(H, bearing interest at ice per ceat. a year, Payable in coin, redeeuiabic at the pleasure of tha Government attar ten year., and payable in forty yean from data Intere-t os Honda not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bondi semi annually. Bonds can had in tiics of #60, #100, #600, #1000. WM, EHW. OO0LD. mcMl dif Cashier. Oeorge W. naoson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, Tl Middle Street, Portland, Me. A share of patronage raapctfnlly solicited aad AEtbfiction given. Ordtr* from the country promptly attended to. Addrett George W. Manson, 74 Middle street, Room No. 10, np ttain, Portland, Me. June 14—dSn UP-TOWN SHOE STORE! SAMUEL BELL. 353 CONGRESS ST., HAS constantly on hand a large and well •elect ed dock of Boots, Shoos, y“a/L.L A»TlcLaa tv that mi, for the use ol Ladies (.entlenion and children, to which he In viteatbe attention of tho^e about to makepurchue* m hnvinnoae of the beat in the city. Custom nork and Repairing done wth neatnees and die paten. Portland, June 21.—dtoaugl * Copartnership Notice, -A VD BUSINESS ADVEKTISEMENT milK aubscribcr* haviug on the 7«h day of May M. fonned a copartnerehip under the name of McCarthy k tterry, For tha purpose of carry ing on the BOOT AMD SHOE BUSIHES8 In nil its branches, and having all the fkcilitiaa far get'lng up tlrut class work for gentlemen and lad'cs, wear, ara now reedy to execute all orders with neat ncs. aud oispatch Our work will ba mads of tb* best ol imported .took, by the beet of workman, and warranted to glva per.ect uatlsfaction. It ia oar aim that onr wor-t shall not he second to any in the Unit ed stales. Wo have also eomr.leled a stock of raady-made work ot tha tirat quality, lor Ladles, Gentlemen, and Children’s Was Selected from New Tork aad Keaton markets Our Ladles' work i* fiom tha celebrated Burls Mimti/nclorn of New York 1 or Gentlemen', near si have the best assortment ever oflkrrd for sale in this elty : uueh as Hue French l'ateni Leather Hoots: Glove t alf aud Calf foa g re- s l.r gee tie men's wear; Patent Leather Coo gress. and Calf Coagrew Balmoral, aad law French Buck e Boots. Have you seen the new style CRIMI’F.D-FROITI BLCKLE BOOT, now mails by Md arthy h Ber ry r For neatness, comfort and beautv. it surpasses anything aver got np ie this city t ail and tea Its sample* alwaj • on hand at the old -and of u u.. earthy. McCarthy a berry, No. VA EickMie Street. Juooldtl 1 STATE COLLEGE Agriculture aud Mechanic Arts I ; THE audahigaed, C'oiumimionen, appunted un dor a resolve of the last Leg is » author ized and directed by said resolve to incite and r - ccive douationfl and benefaction* u aid of the pro posed'*0W/eye for the benefit of Agriculture anti j the Mechanic Art*,” aud to receive proposals tor the location thereof, hereby gi\e note# that ttey are prepared to receive *uch donations, benefactions ^ and pioposah, and reijucst that all oominumcaiious » touching the same may be made before the first day of deptetntM r next, addressed to the u»ders*g« ed. ] \VM U. C K‘*MtV. Belfast. WM G CROSBY, JOSEPH EATOV, J 3 A Ml'EL r PKK1.KY. i juhSiifcwtO ssptl _ At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and < for the County of Cumberland, on the first Tues day of duly, in the year of our Lord eight een hundred and uixty-iour. SAM*’Ec. U BKADBUKY. having presented hi* petition, representing that Solomon Tbnver, ln»e of Portland, in said County, deceased, oid in hia life time make a ltgal contract to convey to Trie Brad bury, certain real estate described in said petition, and praying that authority may be given to the ex* I tcutrix of the last will and testament of said Solo I mon Thayer to execute the necessary deeds to car ry said contract into effect, It ten* Ordered, That the said Petitioner give no tice to all persons Interested, by enuring notice to be published one week in the Maine State Pres*, and . eevee days in the Daily Press, printed at Portland. 1 that they may appeal at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the third Tuesday ofJulv next, at ten of the dock in the forenoon, aud show cause, { if any thej have, why the same should not be grant ed. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, Attest, EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register. JaiyUdtdftwlw* MISCELLANEOUS. 1H open Day and Evening, tor a Thorough Pnilnm Education. Located 1850. Hanson Block, middle SI., >o. 161. Sebolnrahipe good in any part of the United State, ae Principal baa had 2D year, experience; la alwaya on the apot, and attend, to hi, bnaineaa: and prom* iaea, M durinf the paat 12 yean, no pain, ahall ba •pared la the future. Five hundred references of the first olass business men, with many others of thif city, will testify to the practical otiuty, capacious ness and completeness of my sj stems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Han, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be dsvoted to Commercial Law elucidations Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and I will guarantee to you success. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in •truction given. Students can enter any tins. 8cp ar*te rooms for Ladies, Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, tu either Book-Keeping, Navigation. Commercial Lew, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil la gineering Surveying, Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence. Card 'swuaa, OFFICE OF THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW York, jam l aky 2t, itef The Tru-teea, in conformity to tb« Charter of the Company, aattnit th, following statement of it* affairs no the Slat I>. ecniar, 'bra; Premium, receired on Marin, it taka, from lat January. 1*3, to Slat Da comber, 1883, .a oil .aoQ oe Premium, on Poliatoe aot aiarked off lat Janaary, 1*3, j>TOj f(B M Totai amount of Marine Premium,. 81u,u06 001 17 No Polfciea have been ifaued upon Life Kiaka; nor upon k ir. Uuka dlacou neohd with Marine Kuna Premium, marked off from let Jnn 1663, to 3l.i December, 18 3, 37,677.666 66 Losses paid during tH# same period, 3.806,661 (14 Keturns ot Premiums and Expenses, 1.063,967 43 The Company has the following Assets, viz Unit d Statesaod .Mat- of New York 4 Stock, City. Bank and other Bloc as, 33,492. C3I 30 {^•nsseenred by Stocks.andothei wi*«, 1,460,700 i0 KeeJ Estate and Bonds and Mortgagee, lay 7$n na Dividends on 8took*.Interest on Bonds and Mortgages and other Loans.sna dry Notes, re insurance and other claims due the Comp’r., estimated at 104.934 61 Premium Notes tad Bills Keceivabie, |,27h 67# 63 Lash in Bank, 744 m3 gg Total amcunt of Asset,, (<, 306 fee 82 Six percent Interest oo the outatau. ing eertifi wtar ot nroOts will be paid to the bo,don thereof, ?J&h'io'r?£5Z'i:zon——■ *•—». After reserving One keif Million Dollnrn Kfplofits. the outstanding cortificutea of the bene of 1*0. win be redeemed end paid to the holders there »f. or their legal repreeentntiv. a. on and niter Toas ter, the Second of February next, from which data ill Interoat thereon will ream. The cert) Sea toe to bo produced at the time ot payment, and cancelled A Dividend of Forty Ter Cent b declared on tha not earned premiums of the Company, lor the rear rndiug Slit December. 1M3, for which eertitaatee will be brood, on and after Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profits of the Company,ascertained From t he 1st of Jala tha 1st of Jan . 1363. for wtuchCertideatet wore issued. nmouLt to 814 338 8BU Additional from let Jan.. 1883, to 1st January, 1864, 2,880 000 Total profita for 211 yearn. 816.068 880 Fhe Certificates previcus to 1383, bare boon redeemed by cash, 11.880.210 Sot earnings remaining with the Com pany, on 1st January, 1(64, 06,263,670 By order of the lp-ard. W. TOWNSEND JOSES, Secretary. THl' S T E E S . John P. Jones, David Lana, Charles Denub, Junes Bry.e W. H H. Moore. Wm Sturgb. Jr., Thee. Tilestoa. II K. llogert, * Henry Celt, A A. Low, W. C. ITckeragiil, Wm. E. Dodge, U*8 Curtb, Dennis P-rklne, Chas. H Russell. Jus. Halliard, Jr., Low. II Holbrook, J. Henry Burgy, P A. Hargous, Cornelius HriuneU ft. W. Westoa. C. A. Hand. Koval Phelp , Watt* Sherman, Caleb ttarstow, F. I Morgan A. P. Plllot. B. J Hon land, Lerev M W llley. BrnJ. Patcock. Flnnie S. Miller, Fletcher u e**rny. ?• I:,s!co!i H. B. Mtamrn.Jr.. Josh a J Henry, O W. Burnham, t^o O Hobsoa. Fred. Chaunooy, Juass Low JOlIlf D JONES. President CHARLES D*NNIS. Vice President W. H. U MOORE, ij Vice President. t*’*Applications forwarded and Orax Pouctxa iroenred oy JOHN W. HUNGER. Ageat, Ro. 106 rote street, hand of L>ong Wharf, PORTLAND, MM. Jnno 8.—w2wfteodtojxn29 u n1^5n Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by the STJLTF. OE MAINE Charter Perpetual. _ Orgeniz.d, 1848. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, IB State Street* ■ » • ■ Dontoa* Hana* President-HENRY CROCAIR 1 K-e-/resident — DAMKL SHARP Secretary—W. H. HOLLISTKR. H. G. WILSON. itneral Manager of, m Die Ntm England Main. Dun. 31rf Decemier, 1863, **.18.0**. d I 'tosses Paid to dots, 9730.030.00 Juuiend Paid ia Cask to date, 9340.030.09 rH18 Company offer* peculiar advantage* toper »on* intruding to ioinr* tucir liven, iu ita -minty * nd stability, acquir'd in it* tourttcu iears' exteii nw; ia Its as.-e *. which, (without ita capital of ‘lt*'.C«>0./anu>uiit# to over three-quarter no 1 a million I dollar*, being more than two hundred thousand oliar* in exces* blit* liabilities for the rei»*uranco f all out standing rirks; in the facilities pnaenud * It* accommodating *>*teiu of pay ment* of premi* m*; in the large niiaibcr.divemh-dconditionsand ecu nation*, various age* and localities of livta in ured, in iog the largest requisite trope for the ope aiiou of the law* ot' average mortality, and the am leaf guaraaty to the insured for the benefit* there f; in the division of profit *, the amomai at portion nent of which having tor the past fourteen y ears Y* raged Party p* r CVa#. of the premium* paid, rolicie* arc i*«uid upon all the pla* • up uni with .if* Iusurauoo Companies, and at ah low rat** a* 1* ons:*trnt with a view to equity and solvency, l'ai tie* deairing Agencies in. own* where the com «ny have none, and tho*e wishing Traveliag A gen klugland Sla>t*. will apply to *. H WILSON. 66 State Street, Bo* to a, givtag uen reference, or information as to age, present >nd pa*t businee*, a* wi 1 enable him to form judg aeut in regard thereto. JuneUdSm Carriages, Carriages! Firmly limit nnd Neatly Finixhrtl. 1. r. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., f \FFKKS for sale, at h»s establishment, a variety Le of Carriage* tuaoc in the neaUst and moat sub tantial manner, l'be asset meat e< mpr1*es all the tiff-rent »tvle* of Light Carr>a*ee. ana they mill bn old on the moot favorable tonne. I’eretn* intend iig to purchase Carriages will find it fbr their intar at to call and examine Urlore bu> ing e'scw here. ftrnedMtf BRADFORD A HARM OH, IVn»ioii and Claim Agent*, f Established la 1951.) 1 ILL continue to devote their special ard exeht site attention to the pros<cutioa of Claim# lor ‘eunloufs Boutin, Arrears of Pay and Prise Money, iud all other claim* against the Government, hav ig been dulv Meensed ther*fbr. ItT' All advice free. Terms as low as at nay Oth r Auencj, and no pay lectured until the clamaare btalned. Office 38 Exchange street, Jose Block. Y BRADFORD. , „ 1 K HAJUtOli JuneSl.—dtf American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE. COM PEN R OF NEW YOKE. Capital SSOO.OOO, •fj* BilMlig,. Merrhn.dl., y, © hald F-aralt.r*. Real., 1^.© wl **• llwkh aad u„. —Pr—r«, a. L.-' ••• " <••. wii iiih ..-"-tftJEL HROvrff, Pr«.i<U0U WUUJAM rNO*. Ilwnui. • ■ .^P^AED SHAW i(Mt, ioa Riddi* stmt. •"1 «f»®d

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