Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 29, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 29, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY 1 . * % VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 20, 18G4 WHOLE NO 04a~ PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHM T.OILMAN, Editor. I ablished at Ko. 831 EXCHANGE STKEET.b] ». A. FOSTER Ai CO. 1 h* Portland Daily Pxnafiis published at #x.W per year; if paid strictly in advance, a discount o §1.00 will be made. fcingle copie* three cent*. rim A1 ainkStatk pit bmp is published every Tbnrs day morning,at #2.00 p<*r annum, in advance; If i aid within six month*; and #'2.50,if payment b« delayed beyond the year. Kutesof Advertising! One inch of space in length of column, constitutci a “aqUABK.’* f 1.60 per square daily first week; 76 cent* per werl alt«r* three lueertion* or U^a, #1.00; continuing ove ry other day after first week, 60 cent*. Half *quare, throe insertions or loss. 76 cents; om week, *1.00; 60 oeut* per week after Linder bead cl Asuhsm emy, #2.00 per square pc: week; three insertion* or less, #1,60. «iSIfCIAL **OTl2*** *1-76 per square first week #1.00 per square after; throe insertion* or less, #1.86 8<*uar®’ insertions, #1.00; one week Adrwtinmeau inserted in the Mains Statj Pb.«** ^rLjch has a large circulation in every part ol the Mate) tor o0 cents per square in addition to tbs above rates, lor each insertion. Ljihal Non cm at aeaal rates. Iraa&knt adv-rtisements must be paid for In ad* trance Bupinc** Noticrb, in reading column*. 12 cent* per line for one insertion. No charge teas than filty coat* ter each insertion. NF” Ail outumu mention* intended for the paper nhculd be directed to the “Editor n/tke Press, and thove of a bnsicesh oh&racterto the Publishers. Printing ol every description executed wtu. Urytob. Friday Morning, July 29, 1864. TWO DAYS IN THE K0U8E. Pen Pictures of Notable Members of Con gress. The following is an extract from one of B. F. Taylor’s Washington letters to the Chicago Journal, describing some well-known char aatoes in Ilia Il.mcn ■ THAD. STEVENS. That straight, spare man in black, with Hu man features, thiunish lace and a dome ot a brow, keen, watchful eyes aud a brown wig, who i» just tisiug with apparent indifference, is the Chairman of the Committee of Way s and Means, the “old Aflchises" of the House, Tuaddeus Stevens. But, unlike “the outside barbariau” whose name X have given him, for no better reason than because Nestor has fairly served his lime out iu such christenings, Mr. Stevens needs nobody ’s shoulders to give him a lift out ol auy burning Troy. Xle look. like a man of fifty, but he begins to speak, and you begin to doubt. His voice is firm aud strong, indeed, but with that metalic hard ness mat indicates a vigorous seventy; aud it tells the truth, for he is pushing bravely ou. eu route far the lour score. He has beeu here no end of sessions, is clear-headed, strong willed, speaks briefly, as a man drives a nail: sometimes, to be sure, felcbiug his own thumb a raudnun blow, as well as his neighbor's, but nobody minds it less than he. lie was born to be a leader, and it must be conceded that hs lias enjoyed his birthright. He has a dash ol humor iu his straight-forward talk that sparkles out iu unexpected places; but do uot think lam alter the old figure of Hashing wa ter, for the humor of “the gentleman Irom Pennsylvania” is as dry as gunpowder. BALDWIN. Over yonder are two hundred pounds “and better” of an editor; Baldwin, of Massachu setts aud the Worcester Spy. A great head, covered with a liou-like mass of long, gray’ hair, and broad, honest, thoughtful lace, that inaac? you think of something solid in geom euy. He is a type of those old New Eng landei who sat in the square, high-backed pews, « Ueu they sang “Old Hundred” till it seemed like the voice of the wind iu a leafy t wood, and their wives sat lovingly beside them, with sprigs of carraway and dill. HE.NKT WINTER DAVIS. Happily, just at the iustaut you ai ethink iugof Baldwin, his “antarctic” mail is pass ing to his seat; as unlike him as two beings can be and belong to the same species. A small, weil-uioulded, compact head, brown hair with a touch of silver iu it, slight brown moustache, fine eye. and pleasant smile; not an ounce of waste flesh about him. aud yet uot angular—all whipcords aud liarpstrmgs— with a step as light as a leopard’s aud firm as tui athlete's, you have rather the supple blade of Toledo thau the war club of Massa-oit.— His voice, as you might know without hear ing it, is shrill, yet clear aud pleasant. Look well at him, lor, right or wrong,one of the most intellectual men in the Hall is that chairman of the Committee on Foreign At fairs, Henry Wiuter Davis, ol Maryland. EX-GOV. THOMAS, The man just rising will challenge your at tention. His venerable form, his white hair combed forward over the crown after the an cient lashioD, his courteous address, all be tokeu a floe specimen of that race, almost ex tiucl, the old-school gentleman, it is Ex Governor Thomas, of Maryland, liis clear enunciation, every word finished like a coin, does uot surprise you. He seldom a peaks, aud that briefly, aud yet some member breaks iu upon him. The flash of the "old Maryland bayonet” is in the old tnau’s eyes at the rude “**►: "Why, Mr. Speaker,” he is saviug, "X have been these mtuiy years in legislative halls, and I never interrupted a gentleman in the whole course of my life I” The remark is full ol character, aud helps to finish out the picture. EX-GOV. BOLT WELL. That member iu cool, white linen, with dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion, aud a man ly face; his muscular form, with no alderuiau ic trait ol green turtle, betraying at once en durance, you set down for a direct, working, outspoken member, whose declaration upon honor you would never think of exacting and you ru t no ri«k, for it is ex Govern.-;- XJ >ut »eu 01 massacuusetis, one ol tie very ablest members from Ibe rock of the Pilgrim. HENKV L, DAWKS. The member just beneath you with his eyes lookiug at a thought, a placid face, and little about nirn to disclose either his ability or his calling, is the head of the Committee on Elec tions, Henry L. Dawes; a sterling, solid, New England mail and, though to see him sitting there with the light out, you would not think so, an earnest effective speaker, lie ploughed Keutucky this very night with a burning' ploughshare. The voices oftenest heard in this ball are the least beetled, though men are slow to iiud it out. We Haifa to catch the souud of the tolliug bell fust on the stroke of “one” but when it bammeeed through all the "twelve,” we cease to be intent. Thus, to take Ur. Norton from your own State; alway» in bis place, always doing duty, always watch ful for the interests of the district h i repre sents, and litr the whole country, he speaks but little, but that little is every way to the purpose and commands the attention and re spect of the House. One such man i- worth all the windmills in Spain. JAMES B KOOKS. But hack, au editor has the floor! It is James Brooks, of New Vork, and of the Kx prt»>,and itis doctrines are "express” bul uot admirable!” ilis face, skirted with a sparse fringe of whisker, "sets” like a photograph; the tether of his eyeglasses, which he docs uot remove, quivers down his face like a black waTe, the very glasses fairly glitter with ex citement ; his long hair is thrown back os il he faced a breeze; his thin lips grow thinner as he shuts them, upon Iheescaping words, like a steel trap, lie has an abstract African under his coat; an abstract African as an iuslituliou; the institution of Slavery. That tells the whole story as he strikes a)it right and left, manfully and patriotically, Ule Admin istratum ami the country. "The r>.in|Cman from New lork’Bpeaks wondrous wear,,. a man that speaks so badly! James Bioo*. talk and Fanny Ellsler’s dancing are aliki— /the better it is the worse it is!” 8. S. COX. Small, frail, dark eyed as William's Su-an, but less than half as true; long, satin hair, a black as the regions that sit in darkness, quick as a cat, and. as row hat tan might have de scribed him, “face alt over,” and you hive a rude sketch of the author of “The Buckeye Abroad,” S. S. Cox of Ohio. Ilis literary fame troubles him, for mischievous members often introduce Ibe volume, and a choice ex tract is read from it, wherein he describes hi, attendance at St. Peter’s, St. Paul's, or some where abroad, upon the ministrations oi t negro clergymau, and was edifled. He woult fain make it out a miracle now, and put tin African and the Beast of Balaam on the samt circuit. He is ‘‘as smart ms a whip,” as the Jockeys say, but his matter loses sometliinf from his manner; he is too devil's-daruing needlebh; or to go a step higher in the scab pf being, and Illustration, he flies at, and darU about bis subject and his opponent like : frantic bumming bud. UKX. MBKNCK, l-.xactiy in front ol me is a face with s good deal of character. Of the Oermat cost and reminding you of He Kalb aud Steu ' ben; the well balanced head set squarely upon the shoulders; hair short and light and tmged a little like the -tawney Tiber;” uppei lip shaded by a moustache; eyes small and teen, possibly indicating not so much intel lectual breadth as acuteness; chin tutting out from his throat at a right angle; well put together but not latge—it is the Chairman ol 1 the ('ommitte on Military Affairs, at whom 1 you are looking: Hubert C. Schenck.of Ohio, and late Major General of volunteers. lie is ; an emphatic man ; uses short words aud puts them in the right places when he talks; takes short steps and sets bis feet down tirmly when he walks. Impatient enough to beloug to the irritahile deniix and bo. a poet, when I amused his face laughs all over, and I rather think that when augry—and I fancy he may not tie so very “slow’’ to that emotional dis turbance—the frown slips dowu from his brow and lowers even to the chin, but it does n’t last. 1 imagine, but clears away like a storm in the troiops. Somewhere up iu the fifties, Gen. Sohenclr is in the full vigor of manhood. Loyal to the heart of hearts, his record I Kith upon floor and field is ‘-honor bright." <>EN. GARFIELD. About as close to the Speaker's desk as he can get, is another general, who, perhaps can not quite abandon his old fashion of being in the front. Looking, just now more like a , schoolmaster than a dashing officer; with hair so bright a brown that, iu hi* boyhood, it must have looked as if draw n from a diataif, you would hardly suspect that the mild eyed man, not tali aud a little stout, in a abort-skirted business coat, almost brief enough to be witty, who goes about as if lie were mending pent tor the scholars, couid be James A. Garfield, of Ohio. Hi- eves do pot flash swords, the germ of battle is all washed away, and he is m> longer a star-hearer in the brilliant constel lation of Hosecrana’ staff, but, only and mere ly-.‘‘the gentleman from Ohio.” He carries his head Uaiicixed—well thrown back, 1 mean —a head liberally rounded out in the propel ling regions. Entering Congre-s with a sol dier's prestige, if he ha? not attained til* rank to which hi? advocates laid claim, it proves, not so much his ia--k of ability as their excess of enthusiasm, for the two thiugs iu the world that require a lufidling the most unlike, are words aud swords. 1 AA WS 1 e. . -_ rjAuuan^o oireet. ixo Hugh NI. IPliinney, IlTOtiLD infirm hi* frinds and former custom' r* 11 that he has taken the Store No 1W Exchange Street, w here he intends to carry on the Stove nntl Furnace liii-inc-s. In all it.- branches. STOVES, of all kinds, of the newest and ino-t approved pattern*, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. CTF^bccond hand Stove* lough*, ortakcu in ex change tor new, Stovi>. UAJ...KK. Fcbnackc. and Tim Ware repaired at short notice, in a faithful manner. Grateful for former patrouag/*, he hopes by *trict attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive *. generous share of public far or. __ _ mav28dtf ALDRICH’S PATENT Waler Elevator ! \ PATENT combining more good and leas bad qualities than any eti er hxtuie in u*e for hom-c well*. Don't fuii to tee it before } on Luy any rump °» °.r ,l0'* ** nHe- works to easily that a crnld «ight v ears old can draw vvjth it. Jt is low j.iif.tJ: it leaves noil « gin the water to injure it; it does not frme; it is ffinple; It is not likely to get out of order. the bucke- hrs no valve’aiul empties if sell. You have your well all open offcov ir« <l at plca«urc, sud i* ju-t such a simple fixture a* every man teed* who vitlues pure water for family n»e. Drawer# and Town and ( onnty Bights for • ale by Boynton & higgikb. 12 and 15 Warren Market, Portland. jvlfl:2in w S. BLOOD, Successor to George' Andcrsou, No. Hi* Congrcw street, Portland. Sign of Anderson’* Hoop Skirt Depot, KFEPS constantly on band a complete assort ment of H OOF SKIRTS, of (Very ii« and length, made of the lx-t material, ano warranted to gire)ierfect <ati>faction. Al»oon hand a full assortment ot Corfcet* and Skirt Supporter*. of the most popular mak s. both ofeign and domes tic. with other article- proper!) belonging to a Uot-r bkirt tttire. lioop bkirt- made to order, and re - pairirg done at short notice. 1 *rti*.« ce-a ing with this establishment mar rely upon getting gx.ds of the very lest quality and at price* a- low a* a really good artkle can be aff rded. Portland, July fl. 18t>4 <j6w GRANT’S COFFEE & SPICE MILLS. OH 10IK.11. KSTABL1SUMKXT. J. G-RANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kindsof COFFEE, SlDlCEb?, Snhrralu* ft A'r vain Tartar, Alter Cnfee nod Spire Mills, 13 nod li Cuiou street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices put up *or the trade, with any address, in alt v Ariety of preka^t *, and warranted as represent*). C\ tree roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. All gt odi- entrusted a tthe ow ner’s rL-k. __ marchlOdtf N ew S team M ill, Foot ol Cross, between Fore ft Commercial gt*. ninojuun, UU.# nrOL'LD inform their former customers and the y? rub ic general v.that they have litud up th. ;r New .Mi l with New Machinery, ai d are now ready to do i t\x"ing. M'Uchtnti ami Jointing. aUo Sweep and Circular bawiug. M'< od Turning, go. We have in operation one oi Messrs. Gray k Wood’s now in proved Planers, for PLANING OUT OF WINII. It will place with tie greatest accuracy from J inch inthickocMto 12incbo* square. Also AS Dim Ell FIFTY FEET LOEG, b or sawing heavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention given toplaniug bliip Knee?, Claybo*res, and heavy limber. 1if the accommodation of dealers and others hav iug jarge lot oi boari's to plane, we have in con nee tit,u with the lui'l 17X00 i <;uaro feet of yard room. JyUbodtf Hummer DRESS FABRICS, REDUCED PRICES, -at El. F. Elamiltou & €<>.’• < orucr Congress and Preble Sts. jyl*Jeod2w •Folm !tiiiMii;in, ^ AS FITTER, —AM»— Dealer in Gas Fixtures, Ami Gas At Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The pnblic are invited to examine aud teat tt„,» .ammirw " *" '«<®<»endedfor -Vo. is union btrfft. Portland, June 14.— PROVOSI M a us u A L'S 04 Hi fT T~~ First District Stater Mains ( 1 OKTAM), July13, l$t4. ’) V'OTICEi" hereby given that any person * nrolcd ^ v may appear before the Hoard of Enrolm* nt and claim to’ have his name stricken off* the list, if he can show to the i-aii.'facfion of the Hoard that he in not properly enroled on account of 1 t—Alienage. ‘id—Non-Residence. i,h °ier A"c -cut Physical Disability,of such degree as torender ihe ynrson not apropwr subject for en rol men. under iho l*ws and icguLat ions. i hat f 1 c i xsmination n A rred to above nay not ‘“torfere with the daily routine of office business, the hours for xamtaation will be from 10 A. M. to '2 M and from 2 to 4 P. M. « UAKLhs U. DOCGHTY, Capt ami Provost Marshal. < ITY OF PORTLAND, i Mayor's Opfici, [ The Fnw*iai July 18. 1804. ) the above nntir?n^on our citizens is called to tv tko duty of»i?fv.,,ie rr0v08< •' should from tith r oi tkoX81' *'“° »ro 'opt from draft son and have th Ir nl''8 mentioned, lo S| ply in per dor that wnen tho uuo’V ,rcm lh<- l8t iu or' tioned. tho number to hr !or ,he *r° *I>1 >>r those a ho only are liable t?"11 wi,‘ hn bated upon idy-WU,!, JA< 0U ^i'fu‘aX, Mayor. Board. AFF. W more Boarders can be acc ,a Danfortb street, two door, •* Apply soon. Brackett. iulyS MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors. Fox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. ME. Attention in rwpev fully invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. \ Our Katabhshment ia thrui-hed with *11 the »p proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of Book and Fancy Types ITHI bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, K>f every variety, atyle and coat, PRINTED AT .SHORTEST NOTICE. Rill-Heads Ruled and Cut in the Neat, cat Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS, Of every description executed in the best style. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with promptness and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, BILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, tad all .ortsot LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notire. Stnuoss, Bepnrts, ami all kinds of Paniphitts, £ul up in superior elyle Itroai/ctl and Colored Label*., For Apothecaries, Merchants, and Fancy Dealers, got up in the best style of (he art. Wedding Cards, Notee qf Invitation, Visiting Cardj, ftstsqf Dm res. etc., etc., of erery variety ami cost, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bill*., *li<>|i.bills, Prognni iim-s, Circulars And pltin printing of every description. Also, Rufe and figure work, executed neatly, and on terms that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Priming Office has one ofltoper' Improved Caloric Engines for motive power, and is furnished with improved sud costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated maker*. Wo have iu con stant use one of HOE’S LARGE CY LIS DA R PRESSES, capable of throwing offK.iOO Sheets an hour ; one of Adam't Potcer Presses—the be.-t book press in the world; Adam’s and Potter's Fast Machine Job Presses; Buggies' superior CM Pres; Adams'and Union large Hand Presses, £tandm!f Presses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Press Job Office is believed to be st* well furnished as any similar establishment iu the State. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute a‘l orders in the shortest possible time ard in the neatest and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as any other establishment in the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job OJtce, No. -S2] Kxchango street, Portland. Me. 1 he Job office is under the personal supervision k of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PUINT KK, and is himself an experienced practical work man, and eraplojs only well-skilled mechanics in this dcpirtinent of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper eart ol Boston, and having a larger circulation than all the other darhes in the city combined, is published at the Oflice in Fox Block, S’£ Ejcr/tant/e Street, every luoruiug— Suuday cxcepU d, at $8,00 I*tr Annum, From which 19 1-9per cent, is discounted for advaxcm FAYXKATf*. ^oDU HiiDual and qua'terly sub.criptions pro reta. Less than three months, sixty cents per mouth, or 15 cents a week, jmsole Copies 5 Cents. Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per handled. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper fu New England, eight pages, is published every* Wednesday, containing all the new* by mail a d telegraph, iuiportunt reading matter Marine List, Makct Reports, Ac , of the Daily Press,at the following prices, viz;— Sin*.' copy, one year, invariably In k .1 aucc.*.2.00 For six mouth*.. 1.00 Torlnbsof four or more all to the saute post other, each. 1,7 5 To rlubn of ten or more, all to the same post office, each . s 1.30 And a free oopv to the getter up of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in every town. Postmasters requested to act as agouts. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Prgprirtors. Portland June 1, 16 -4. dtf C'o|»arfiter*»hi|> Notice. fit 111”, undt-oigned have fornud a copartnership 1. under the s»y t* of ti. L Storer A to . amt tak en the store ands o-k ot Jstortr, Cutler A Co., where they wilt constantly keep a large stock of goods for a general jobbing business. CEO. b STOKER, FRED 81 OREK. CHA8 II MEsRRVE, „ A 11 F. LOCKE. 1 ort and. July 12.1854. jylfdSw Talk about Hats 1 JUMT SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. June 4—dtf Payment of Androscoggin Coupons TUK uudtruigned will pay ( ou,.un. of the »n. droncogyin 1! It. Boud,, wcured by tbetecond mortgage of said Kailroad. with iuterost to ibi, date, to the amount of £7,829.45 paving such cou pons as shall first be presented at his offio* 81 Kx chaugcSt , Portland, among'h<ve that fell due pri or to the year 1881. J A BE/ C W< >OD a A N. Treasurer of Trus ecs ol tae Thi d Uoit^age of A. K. K Co. Portland. June 3), 1864 jylt>d*w3w Tlic New ttyiiiiiHstics. TUE last opportunity to commenoe a course oi lessons at the reduced rates will be given Wednesday, July 13tli. Children meet at 8 o’clock P. M., and adults in the evening. New classes will be forued for beginners as needed. jyll , BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. .T. 3?. Libby, MANCKACTUBJIB OK Paper Bo x. o st, Ol every description, such an Shoe Boxm, Jewelry Boxes*, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, fclhe’f Boxes, ConcnologicalBoxes, FowderBoxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, &c. 141 Middle StM (UpStaira) Portland, Mr. juueld&n Dana & Co. F i $ h and Salt, Lather Dana, , Portland, Woodbury Dana. [ John A. 8. Dana I j| ill Ilf. _ jumldtf JT. Smith tfc Co., H AXCPAC'trilKRg OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Lunin Straps, Belt Lralhrr Barts and Sides, LEATHER TRIMMINGS, fc., Hanson's Block, 144 Middle St., Portland, Or at tho Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. II. M Buewrr, (jnldSmj D. F. Noyks JOH \ T. KOtiURN & C<l7 CJomjniHHion Merclianta, AKD WHOLE*ALL UBALEUP IK Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. Cl Commercial Street, (’■SST.B.KwS. I POBTLAHB, ME. _ __ jtoeldta W holewalo and Retail. Xj. DAVI3, Bookseller, Stationer, A*i» ii AurrarTrain op Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No, 53 Exchange 3trett, Portland, Me. juneldtl CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco ami Hanner Fainter, ^ °• 1 U1 M idtlle Str**«»tf PORTLAND, MR. I3P“ Work executed in erery part of the 8tate. juueltf RUFUS DUNHAM, Hanufactnr- r ami Wholeuak Dewier In B RITANN IA —AKD— Plated Ware, -Vu. 218 Eure street, rurtlmd Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1%4. inayl7dtl M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, TO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, »pU PORTLAND. ME. dU BURGESS, FOBES, & CO , MAMUPAOTL’BIRfl OK Jupiin, White Lead, Zinc, Palms, And Ground Colors, AH D D KALE US IW Drags Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. I'aint and Color Factory, So. 2a SIunjoy St Ollirr A Saleroom., SO I'omnirrriaI Si. (Thomas Ulook.) HKBBV II. BfltOEM, Bfturn** „ , Cbiilm s. I rwKTHAP, KB. __ m.ylSdtf BLAKE, JOMES & CO., FL0UR& GRAIN DEALERS, And Be vers of W eslt ru and C adiati Produce*, 137 Commercial Strut, - . . Granite Block. Charle* Ul*ke. I llemy A. June*, J PORTLAND. K. N\ . Gage. ) _ _ _ juneldtf JOHN LYNCH & CO , \\Uolcsale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - Co mm ere al street, (Opposite head Widgrry Wharf,) John Lvnch, » Pclrg Baiker, j PORTLAND, HR. *no* Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE A 11001)1, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And \\ holt salt Dealers in FLOUR. C JEN AND PEODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Commero'al St, Andrew T. Dole, I . Fraokiin i .Moody, J I ORTLAND, MFi. __ _ _ juneldftra LATE X LITTLE, Wholesale Dealer* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, A HD "W oolons, bu. I D) Middle .treet, A. Utilo. } PORTLAND, ME. June7dtf E. K. LEMONT, ( a r r i a g t* 'll a ?i u factiirer, Preble Sueet, • - Portland, Me. : 7T*Carriage» and Sleighs ou hand and made to June 16 it f c. 1*. KIURILL, EAHCFACmm or Carriages and Sleighs, Preble ntreet, (Xear Preble IIou?e,) PORTLAND, MF7. Sale Rooms, 110ami 11‘4 Sudbury St., Boston, Mats. jttocltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., VI our, Grain k Produce Commissiou Hcrclanls, and Millfn Asmis. Office ami Warehouse No. G Galt Block, Commer cial Street. Wo oiler lor ^ale to the trade, many choice and wi ll-known Brands of Flour, from St. Louis.I linois, Wisconsin. lo., which we are constant) receiving. a\ , 1 . k Co .are a so Ararnts f r Pittman k Co. s, and otho- brands of manufactured Totiacoo. ub advances made on all consignments. Portland, June 1, 1SG4. jnldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON, BrsiTIST, inserts Artificial Teeth on Gold. Silver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrants them ia all cases to be a perfect tit. Dr. J. also gives special attention to Filling Teeth. Office U39| C >ugross street, two doors west from the Court Rous-?. Portland, June 1,1864.-—eod'Jm 63 Removal. 63 J. H. KNIGHT & SON, Commission .merchants, And dealers iu Country Produce.have moved to No. S3 Commercial street. Portland. May 10th, 1S64. inaylOdtf PAKTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will i«sue Polices to be free after the payment oi six, eight or ten Premiums at the optica of th- insured and at rates as low as any other Company. The i&suc of Free Policies renders it at 1 'panies1Ual ** not ,uperigr 10 lhe participation OJtice Mo. 102 Middle 8t. CHARLES IIOLDEN. Pres. ED«-*HOSHAW,S«. | business cards. BRADLEY, MOULTON A ROGERS WUOLWAL* DKALEB6 lH Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, ROBXRT BRALRY-, ) o. M. moultok, } PORTLAND, MS. A. O. ROI1KUB. ) _____ ma>odtf w. w. carrT & 00., Having taken the Fruit Store formerly occupied b O. 8AWYEU. I%’o. 5 Eiciian^c Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well selected stoex of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and B< tail L*rao«e. Sprncr tu(. Lozengel 7"on‘- Oauar, Seed, t'andlri, Lemon 'yruj., Honey, Prune,, Cocoa Sol*. Fi*«, Litron. N'nio, nil Linda. listen, L»**«ca, Kalnlnn. Tobacco, Sardine., Ilnurs. Fancy (audio of all pilon octB dtf rRA WINU, Agent, INTo. 11 Union. St., Ii prepared to farnixh STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sizes and patterns, St«M Pipe ssd ratnrt*. lilitJariic.Sluftit;, Fnlleyi,t«. Lioht llou&s Wonic of ail descriptions, and all kinds of work required m building F OilTI VIi.'ATIoKP. IronStair* anti other Architectural Work. Honses. stores. and other buildings, Itted with Gas and Steam in the best manner. la aanertion with the above i» an Iron Foundry 'nth a large aeuortmaht ui Patterns, to which the aWintion ol Macluni.ts, Millwrights,and Ship-Baild irBhort'?ftiJw “d *“ ki0,1‘ furnuh6d *y«rderafcr Mao time Jobbin*, Pattern, and F°r*ia*., promptly executed. oo*d tf S 1 K E R ) Si SEW ING MACHINES) WOODMAN. TRUE A CO.. AGENTS. No*. S I and 56.Middle Straei. »'nvl.6Sft»4 Trimmings always on band, aslllir 1 CAKD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 1T6 Multll Street. Kub&jhc se.Dr,. Bboob *d<1 Hubbub. Portland, May R6, ISM. tf Dr. J. n. 1IEALD HAVIKti disposed of bis entire interest In hi. Office lo Dr. S.U ELKNALD. vrouM ckeeriuUy rooeommend him to his former patients and the pub iio. Dr. Feukalo, from longexpcrieiiee. i-1 repar. ed to it,sort Artificial Tetdh on the" Vulcanite Uaee," and another methods iaown to Ihe proleuion Portland. Mav IS. 1 sea t, WO Oil AMI COAL CU CAP I t,« I tsll . SPUING MOUNTAIN, LEIIIGB, HFJ5ILTON, SLGAK LOAF, OLD COMPANY lull. LO CUST MOUN 1’AIN. JvMIN s. DIAMOND. \VEB8> 1 KBaud RL.\t k UK A1 tl. These Coals are of the very bent quality, well screened and nicked, and warranted to give satisfaction. AL»o tor sale beet of DU1D AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any (art of the city. Orru i CoMMsut iAL 8t., Lead of Fraui'in VTharL S. HOUND* A SON. IcbHdly WAUKE.VS LUPOHVED 1'IHK AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Oravoi iToollng FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. 1 JERSEY, A (rent, J21** ’ Jtf No. id Union Street. ALBERT WEBii A CO., -TtBAI.BR* IE - Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF IfEH KILL'S WHARF, (’•■■arelsl, - - Pariiand, M». _ __ I.Ulf EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLE? A LB DKAI.KBIX Corn, Nle;\\ ami Flour, A!so. Ground Rock Salt Comiiiis«ioii llmtiant roa ITEdlAKAID 8 A LB OF Barley, Rye and Oats. 1 Ars loaded with Corn in bulk free of charge. Waiehoiise No. 120 Commercial Stieet, And City Mills, Deeriug ltridge. __June Keodorn JOHN F. AWDFRSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFIC E, fODMAX BLOCK, me hi 7 d A wtr Thmim.ic Street. Scotch Canvas, -FOB BALD Br JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., Bath, He. 9nn ROLT9 Superior Bleached) aOOdo Ail Lon/Hax ' Gov* .. eminent contract," ■ . w w°‘*s» WO do Fxtra All Long ilax Arbroath. 800 do Navy Fine Delivered m Portland or Boetoi. Hath. Anriiao.iQga aosidtf REMOVA L . IMt. IVEWTON HAS removed his residence to As. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Offiee as heretofore, A*b. 115 K-change Street, in Noble's Rlook. u;• stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M . from 2 to 3. and from S to 9 o clock V. M. Dr. >'. will continue, in connection with gcutra PFMALF8 oolldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, . PLIT3IBER! MAKLH OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 121 EXCIHNUG STREET, 1’OHII.AKD, ME. Warm, ('old and Rhower Hath*, Wash Howl*, lira** dr Silver Plated Cock*, Ij^VKRY description of Water Fixtures for Dwel* i ling Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings. Shops. &c , Arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country tai'htu Iv executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constant'? on hand LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD and BEER PCM PS of all description* ap*.» dtf The Cheapest Agency “MAINE WAtt CLAIM ASSOCIATION” in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter* esteil Kxecutivc I'omraitteo. Apply in person, or by letter. »o GEORGE F. fc.MLKi, over the Portland Post Office, 8d story. lisvly «J- T. Lewis & Oo., Manufacturers and Wholesale Deale-s in READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chambers ■ . .Vos. 1 and 2 Free Street Block, (Over H. J. Ubby & Co.,) j; K L«U rOBTLAHD, MK. Jylldtf MERCHANDISE. I luck me I tick Ship Timber. OVK. Ilackmeisck, and Hard Wood IMank, Tret naii. irom 12 to 26 inches, Treenail Wedges, Ac *C, by L. TAYLOR, junc2*d!m Galt's Whart. Port'and. Treeniiils. 100,000 zi'iy- oa k TKKEf<A,L8’ f° SIMoNTON A KNIGHT, 48 Commercial Wharf. 1 ortland, June 13,1861. junelSdlf ••Honey.” -T TCS. PRIME CL It A HONE V, for tale in bond » on duly paid. . ,o THOMAS ASENCIO A CO. June 10.—isdtf Sugar and Molasses. SJ0() HUBS.) CHOICE MUSCOVADO SU 10 TCS. j GAR. 3i l uliD3 ouporior Mu»eo,»do, aud 3/ TCS Cla\ud Mola-s. •■», il Bit 1,3 from sierra Morena, Now lauding aud lor sale by iliOMAS AShNC'fO k CO., ma>9tf Custom House Wharf. Sierra Morena Molasses, qq-mios . ° "i Tli nrocf CU0K K8,KK,lA MCRKNA »bbl1s'E8» molasses, Now landing from Brig ”C. II Kennedy” ruos. aseacio a co, M*> 3 <f__ C. H Wharf. Scotch Canvass. 1 >)/1 BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor L-'’ ear A Sons, Leith—a sail cloth of superior duality—just received per “Jura”, and for sale bv CO. MoGILVEMY, EVAN A DAVIS, inch-i) 181 Commercial .Street. WANTS, LOST.FODND Wanted. |IY.» young m»u and wife, without barfly. a suite . “'room., furuistied complete fur hoc* kreninr ■') •• ‘‘I** Address i.. C. B , Em Office. Ciiyraiils Wanted. fllllE subscriber want* frein20to.V) bushel* Sir, A Hi/; i urrosf.s. lor he will pay llie hiuh est m tract, at hi* store in Ssecatai [ s 1 toia 11 8. CLAY. jylJJAwtf t urrants Wanted, T,tJK highest market price paid for rip) Currants A i* auy ucan'itic'. * GREENOVGH A MORSE. „ , N° 2-» Market &<«itaie. 1 ort and, July 19 —<14 w ff 1 H It'iaril Wantiil i a oungmau and hUwife; within tea minutes' ol ihv t*o*t Offico. Adtirt**, intatisig kc» tiou, tetnn Ac. ) * jyl l.f ' C> ^ I!lji Xo 43 O. Pilot Mantrd. VSThADY. ooapeteat and cspahle man. having a tborutt ,h . no. led.euf l\r:isud IU, bur and its outer appyouobes. is wauled for the iPo'ageof the liomiAL t t i.i Steamship f ompa" v’s Uii rf out and f.lasgow Line of steamers ti e com tng winter. 1 ho Pilot er gating for tlti* tetviw will be r«ijijireo to board the Steamtis ou sl.te of the IlniwarkSaoal and AM*.'. Rock. Appticatfou,re cur It by JAMKS i.. KARlthU. jyltfCuw No. lu Exchange $tre»t. Waaled. VHOY, n t lew than slate, n jears of are. to act a* ( a ritr. Must come ta-ii recommended_ A1 Plv at the Contitiug Room of the Pts.-s ; Jtl’dtf . Lnwl. SLI:.A\e U^r°™'l>e pasture of Mr. I'raucl- Rob k 7 er.s, « eMbrook, last tuoatn. a tiree ve»r od gray Colt, small .ire; whoever wil reiuru nim or gre It;formation whore he may be ft und. will be suitably rewarded, by calling at \ > t!> spring st Por«!.»d,JJ.,y,MKd4^fSC,S E iubalitiiiea. VNY one wanting a >u’-t»tu e. for one or three c»n be supplied with one by calling ui ou J M. Toad, ll*ir-L»r**nr, corner oi Asia.tile and Nkcliai g« etrveu. . J M. TODD, One w ho be.level the Rebellion can Lc t nt down by the Union fotetrs*. 1 j*i»y t’/eoftaw * Kfward ! CJTOLKY from the subscriber on Tuts,lav Even Zy L***’.. in *>'erc©'!» nueth.n rot*m. a Cull Skin },£**!* k cV,!taiiig %: 4 tn monev, a not.- ng«ta»t Char ♦ 4 lloogdou (.orbam. for *Crt.ard aniuat ( hark* tiooper for $12. Tfie above reward will b<* paid tor the recovery of the property and I be d«tec uou oi the thief. Tune s —tf t.EORcE BECK Hoard. Cl ITS of Roonu. with Board, can be obtained by a, plnog immediately at 3P Danftirch <dre*» **> lltb-_ maylv.ltf A. & S. SHtJRTLEFF & CO., 1VOS. M A .16 lilDDLi: STHEET, fOBTLyD, Manufacturers and Dealers in Men'* Boys' and Youth’s Thick. Kip &cd Calf Boots, Women’s Misses and Children’. Ooat Kid ana Calf Balm rain, Rubbers. bhoe Stock, Findinga, Jtc. IVMTU our superior facilities for manufacturing, “ and a large experience in the buviu* .-n, we w*vfre.ab,e t0*e'1 ** ,om »* »n Boston or clae where. Dealers are rs-pectfmly invited to call and ex amine our stock before purchasing adT-Order* by mail promptly attended to. Portland, April 23, d«m NOTICE. W*, under*igued. having sold our Stock of Tf Coal and Wood to M *«ra HanHatt. Vc ifit tjr ir t#V>.. do cheeriuUy recommend them to our former customer*. Ad peraone having demnnda again*t u» are requested io pnsent t'*eiu lor etttk moot, and all persons indebted to u* ar« requested to make immediate payment at the old aland where one oi the uadcr#igue<t may be found for the preoent. „ Ai „ SAWYER 4 WHITNEY. Portland, Jane6,1*H. junel8d.3w Coal and Wood? fltllR subscriber haring purchased ths Stock of A boat and Wood,and taken the stand rtcently occupied by Messrs. Sntnjer * II *;/»«., head of Attune II tar/, are now prepart d to surpiv their former pattons and the public generally, with a hue assortment of WELL PICKED AXD SCREES ED Old Company Lehigh, Sugar Loat Lehish. Haaeltou Lehigh, . , Iswoit Mountain. John’s While and Red Ash, Diamond and Lorberry, Together wilh the best qualify of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coat/or Blacitmilkt. Also, Hard and (Soft Wood, Delivered to order lu any part of the city. The former customers of Messrs Sawyer It Whit ney are re.pectfuily iuv.u-d to give us a call. , , kandai.l McAllister a co. rortland. Jure 13 lSrt4 — dly WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MAMKACT'.’KKB’S BLOCK, UNION STHEET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MANUFACTURER or Steam Engines. Steam Boilers, Shafting Pulleys Gearing, and all kinds of Machinery. Also Low tud High Pressure >*eww nesting Ap paratus tor Kactorits, Public Bui>diug* and Dwelling Houses. Iu this De par. roent the es ablishment has been imcominculvsuccessful. Steam Cocks. Valves Whistle*. and, Water and Gas Pipe and connections furnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and fuiihiully Done. In conn clioc with the above r*t»bll»hroent i« »n Irou Foundry, with n large nrsortment of pattern!, and a Planing Mill, where wood planing of all kinds may be done. may? dtf Removal. HAVING removed from my old stand to the score No. 91. Commercial street aud associated tms*lf in bu*ine-i« with Mr. Henry FI ng. 1 would take this opportunity to thank my customers for past favors, aud woaid respect tally solicit tb»ir future patronage of the tirm of Fling k WHttemore STEPHEN W111 ITKMoRK. Portland, July 8th, 1861, julyl2d4w Copnrtnmhip Motive. m 11E undersigned have this day formed a Copart JL nership under the name and s’tle of Fling k Whlttemore. and have taken the store former! voe cepi d bv Henry F ing. No. 91, Commercial street, where they intend doing a Commission and Whole sale business, in Teas. Tobacco, W. 1 Good*, Gro ceries and Provisions. HENRY FLING. STEPHEN WH1ITEMORF. Portland July 9. 18*4. dtf DKsftltltftOII. THE tirmof Howard k Strout, a* Attorneys and Counsellors a* Law. is this day dissolved by mu tual consent. Either partner will attend to the set tlement of of the buaiuessof the la»e tirin Mr. Howard will c vntiuue to occupy offi je9l Mid dle street, over Casco Bank. Mr Strout wil< occupy office 106 Middle street, opposite head of Plumb street. Josn»H Howard. SaWALL C. 8TROCT. Portland, June 27, 18<54.—d3m 7* CLOTH IX;. n B M O V a T., JOSIAH BURLEIGH HAft REMOVED TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH B URLEIGHj Wholwale ud Betail Dealer la Cotbing.Cotbs, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Mott, in * 143 Kiddle Street. JOSIAH Bl'KLEKIH, A«eatforO *»cr » Kaker'tcelebrated dewing' ^laoliineN, No* 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Hill say to his friend* that he may be found nt Bur leigh’s, No. -41 k 143 Middle street, where he will be pleaded to wait upon his former customer*. Portland. March 34. 1864. dtf just received!" ROLLINS Ac BONO, HAVING refitted their store mad received a large assortment of * ELEGANT STYLES O L O T IJ S ! ARE PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Cos toners. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, la Croat Variety, -AT J)o jVtidcllo Street. _ mijttf 13. S. AO-AO LOAN FIRST NATIONAL RANK -ow PORTLAN]), DESICCATED REPONITOKV UNITED STATES. This Dank it prepared to receive; ottbacriptio&a for the oew “TE.H FORTY I.OAY,” wL-ch I. dated March 1.1 «. bearing interval at 8r< per cent. * year, payable in coin. rede mable at the pleisure of the Government attar ten year., and payable in torty ye era from data. Interot on Honda not over one hundred dollar, payable annually, and on all other Bond. w«j. annually. Bond, can b* had in >Ue. of CiO, #100, *500, #yoo0. WM, EDW. OOULD. _ _ Cashier. licorjfr W. Hanson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 71 Middle Street, Portlntd, Me. A .hare of patronage reapctfnlly .olicited and satisfacticn fires. Order* from the country promptly attended to. Addrtau George W Mnn.oa, 74 Middle .traet. Room So. 10. op .tain, Portland, Me. June 14—dSm UP-TOWN SHOE STORE! SAMUEL BELL. 353 CONGRESS ST., HAJ eon.tnntl) on hand a large and well .elect m stock of Boots, Shoos, Aa7u lu* '* n»r unu, for the u.e ol ladles. <n Dtlt-niiD idiI < hildim to «h ch ho in vito* the attoutioi# ol those a boat lo make purchase* m U.lnron.. of toe be.t in tbe city / pm,. pat -b KeP*,rin* l,0I|e »th neatne,. and din Portland. June Jl —dtotugl Copnrinentiip Notice, -AMD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT rpilK Mibscribcr* Lav In* ou the 7th day of May X lorined a copartnership antler tbe oame of Met/.mUy & llerry, For the pnrpoM of carry ing on tbe BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all it, branches, and having a'l the facilitiee for get leg up nr.t clue, work for griitjcmeu und lad'*., wear, are now r. ad> to execute all order, with neat noa- and ui.patch Our work will be made «f tne beat ol imported .lock, by tie t e»t of workmen, and wet ranted to give pvr ret fatlaiartu n It ia onr aim that iur worj sball not he aecond to any in the l ull ed Stotts. Wo have also completed a .lock of ready-made Ladle*. Usuil-men, »nd Children’* We* St'K cted from New V jrk and Heaton market! Onr«a' work la from the celebrated Jturt, .l/uM*>/<icfory of New York. > or Uent’neen’t w. ar we bcretbe beat aaeortment ever offer, d tor aale in tbla city; »nch aa tine French I'alent l eather lloota; Clove < alf and (alf ffon *ro-a fvr gentlemen's wear: I'at.nt Leather ton. grew, cud t alf ('.ogrcei Balmoral, audi ew French Buck t* Boots. „ ,b® “,’w M?l* CRIMrED-FRONl BitKlh hO'»r. new made by Mc'arhy a Ber ry? For nea’ne** com on and beautv, it aurptw*. anything ever got up in ihiacity t all and aee If .ample* always on heud at the old arand of M Mc Carthy. McCarthy & berry. No. 05 Kichnnffe Siren. jUPPldtf STATE CULLECiE Agriculture and Mechanic Arts ! THE undersigned. <'omtni*»ioaer«, sp pointed us* i dv-r s resolve of the last Legts ature. an aothr ized siul duectea bv *aiU to in>iteaud r • ceire Uouationt and benefactions >u aid of the pro BWsed MCo//rgg for the bened! o! Agricn tnre and the .Verhanir Arts," and torebeivr proposals lor the location thereof, hereby give not ee that tl ey are prepared to rective »uch •* omnoi.s tet.ef»ctieii* and proposal . and request tha* all o »mmonica ious touching i lie same may be made be ore the Arst day of Oeptetuber next, addressed to »h© imden»»g> ed. WM G. CKnMtV. RelfMt. WM G CM«»8RY, JOSEPH EATON. 8 A Ml EL V. FEKLEY. jutyfedAwto septl Sibokos i«x.\a«4L'a ornci, I Washing!- u t '.tv. Juue *4.1SG4. { \lf ANTkD-fllsrfesi and Assistant ^nrgromt ” for tk Oslorni Troop«— Candidat**s must be Gradua’e* oi some Regular Medical College, and must be examined by a Board of Medical Officers to be convened by the Mtrgeou Gereral. The Board will determine whet»*r the candidate wt»i be ap pointed Surgeon or Assistant burgeon, according to merit Application* ac^otmiauied by one or more te-t nionial* from re»ptc!ablr person*. ss to moral character, Ac.. should be sddrt wed to the Sarseou General, U. 8. A Washington. D. C . or to *h© As sktant Surgeon General. l\ 8. A.. Louisville. Ky. li >srds are now In session a» Boston. New Yo k. Washington, Cincinnati. 8t. Unis, and New Or leans. Awanted. Hospital Stewards for Colored Reg iments. Candidate* most poshe s a fa r English Ed ucation, and be familiar with the com ounding aud oispensiur of Medioinee. Applies'ion* must he made as m the o«se of 8urseous an** Assis aut Surgeons Compensation from *23 00 to *33 00 per month, with oiothing, rations, fuel and quarters. JOS K HAR.NE8. July l-3a* la AeMag Smrgeoa General. MISCELLANEOUS. 1 l rj open Day and Evening, tor a Thorough 11 minion A education. Located 1.4(1. Hanson Block, Middle SI.. Ho. 161. ne'l-rtnchlllff LT'J'i.*"7 *“rt ,b* S’*1** C Laa **ad 2uyears* xi-runce; is &jws\e on tke spot, and attend- to his buslne-s and pron • ‘♦"'V .lori-gthe put IS > ear., no SL^hiTbe EM!*."?"- 1'lv* hundred reference, of . m‘ D' »"*' unity other, ofthi. city. will teetltv to the practical ttility, c.nacione upm and completenee. ol my «; «teu,» and manner f7 leoching. and citizen. oi oilier cltie. have t* ititted to the name. Diploma, will be aw.tded for thor oaghcoaraee. Able Auutant. .eccred h.rtlett a Plan, the founder of Commercial f-llegc., .mctlv adhered to aa regard, not copying, ( attain timer will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidation. — Come all who have laded fo be taught t buumean hand-writing and I will guarantee to yon uacceaa. Application.aoiielted for Accountatti. actuate la druction given. Kluduut. can enter any tin e. Sep arate room, for Lcdiea. Tuition re..onal,!e. Intri cate account.adju.ted. I adie. and Lrntlcmen that leal re to take I(mou, or a fail, or a aeparate coarae. io either Book-Keeping, Navigation, (ommorelaj LAW, Phonography. Higher Mathematic., (iri) En gineering. Surveying, Native Bailee.. Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Corre.pondence, Cud Mukicg, land teaching I rein printed copie. and .V*o5°“£_‘ '!ri11 •>* erotded plea.e call, or addrnua the Principal. R N BROWN. Portland. Oet.S. IMg. nett eodbonwly O KFICE O F T H K ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW York, January jk, uef J THE Tru.leee, in coulorm ly to the Charter of (ho ( tnlt the following ctaitment of it. aff.u. on in. Sl.t D ctabir. 8 »• ‘ 01 I remium. received on Mariee Kleka, Irom lat Jannuy, 18t8, to tl.t Do cemb-r, IMS, ., — Pr tuunun Idle lee not marked off ’ lat Jasjaary. )*3, ].7M *01 H Total amount of Marino Prenttoma, fio .a o«.i 17 >0 I*o iefc-s have kpo i?su*-d upon Life ’ * Kisks; nor upon fcir*- Kicks disco.*. with Mamie Kisks. rrvraiuniN smi k*-d cllfrom 1st Jsa.. to 3l*i l>f‘c^mb**r. 18 3, 97.UK (dft M Losses paid dmiajr t**e same period, 3.806 t*l 0* Return* oi Premium* and Lxpenuts, 1.062 0*7 4# The Company haa the folioivinn A *«<••«. »u Colt d States and star ol K«w y ark Meet .City Bank and other SIncas, f3.|D2 sgy 30 Loan.sccurtdby stocks.and.-tbe, *n^, 1 «An :to ifi Real Eilateacd Bondi and Morraita, iks Ten tal Dividend* on Mock*.It letevt on Bunds ’ and Mortgage! andilher Liana..un dry Notea, ret aarat ce aid other claims due the Comp y , esimattu at lCt.Mt* (1 Premium Xotn and Lilia Krceiiaiio, PJj «:« bA Caah in Bank, u •)} g* Total amruet of Assets, tv.adh t o 33 Six po, c nt Interest on the cutstan me .eii.a eaeao p otita a: I b p> ld lo the ho dera thriccf, or their legal repre-entativeo. on and nm 1 uevoav. the Second of Ftbtuary »t* t. After reserving 1 biee and Ore halt Minion Dollars elptofita. the outstanding eertutcalea ul the iseee of 1843. a U be tidetmed and to the hcloeia tl rre el. or >belr legal lerteseuiaiiv a. in and an* t Tn.a day, the second ol >ei luary lent. It nm a bich data all interest ihereon will cease I he ceitida.lea to ho produced at the time ol pat ment. anu 111 cat ltd A Divldtnu Ol Forty 1 vr ( ent. is n'rclaroo on tbo net earned pr* mlums ol the l < mi an tor tlx tear ending act Dec. mb r. 1W , for ah/ch tar it cans will b* laaucd. on and after lut.dav, iho Fuih of April next *' “ The Prodt* of tl»« Company,aror'alnad From the lat-oi JuU l* th. U> of Jan , 18(3, for vit oLtertiflcaUi were ip»ued, aotuit to 114 SIS Additioi ai fr* in l»t Jan., 1^3. to lot January, ISet, t.fflOWO |1 Total profit for 214 year*. Slathered The Certidcaiee p.#v>< u. to 19n3, have been redeemed by ca h. ll.atOJW Net earninpa remainlrg with the Com pany, oa Ut January, 1K4, KJBttTQ By order of the Beard, tV. TOWNSEND JONES. Score ary THl! » T E E 8 . Juba P. Jodm, 1 karle* UeiiuP. W II U. Moor*, f boa. Tiu-HtoB, Hearj CiIt, W C r.ckeriaeill, ItwM urtu, Cbai. tl ItoMell. Low I) Uoibr««>k, P A. 11* recti'*, H W We«tOB. Ko« al Phelp , Caleb barntow, A P. Ptllot. Leroy M Willey, Uanie 8. Killer, 8. T Njc« 1j. Jooh’a J. ll*>ory. Geo G Hobeoa, Jama* Low. i>av id I im, Jmc Brj-e, Wm. Siargia. Jr., 11 A. A Low, Wb. * Dodfa, Deuni* l‘*rkiLi». J« » Gail'ard, Jr., J. li»n Huigy, U. A I* Bid. Walt* Merman, K I Kiri aar. B. J lit Bland, hij. I at cotI. k'le«chrr * eatray, K. H M n’orn Jr., U W Horn! am, Fred. U*aunany, -Jvrnrt u jiur.s. rri~t,lent. CUABLES D NMD, Vice Frcepteat W. U U MoOBK, tA Vie* HaUut. RW~Applicstiou. fomented ssd On* Folicixs procure! by JOHN W. HUNGER, Ateit, Mo. 166 Fore street, heed of Lon* Wharf, PORT LAUD, HR. Jw 3.—«1wleo<!tojiiiS8 TJ N I o :n~ Mutual Life Insurance Co. ISCOBFORaTED by th* STATE Of MAlhK Qmritr Per pet not. _ Orpesurf, IMP. DIRECTOR'S OFFICE, 66 State Street, .... Boston, Man. President— HR \R Y CROC A RR I'lcr-President- HAAIRL SsteAhP Secretary—It It. Ui LLt* TAR. n. G. WILSON. General Manager of Attendee is the Sew t* gland ttaies. Ataett, 81 *t f'rctmbtr, IMS, Jt.tdy.Ofi* 41 Lotiit kaid to daie. *;jO,(UO.It« VirttltHil t'uui ,K fas* to date. dtHOfUJC Od f|YHIK Company ofiers peculiar advantages to pi r A ton iuio. tiu:a to It-mie ioeir l,*e*. iu t»* sa.e s and an bility, a.quirtd in ustouiiou tm> eaien **««•; in isttisog, whkb, (without Its capital of #10 fOO.) amounts to over tk,ec-,,usrter-o. a n iiiicu ot dollars, U lug wore tbau two fcauund Iboa-.irt dollars iu execs ol its liabilities tot |i« reu susi-ee ot all out siaLdiue tbks; iu il« fai line. i r-»< ut. d la it* atcnmuiodaliu* » stem ol pay nieols of pc mi um-: iu the large Mini be r.diteiMh- o, menu us and occupations, sail u. ages and local!,ies of Ut,. in surou, an mg the larg* si nqiiots s« ope for the * pe raiion of the laws ol average nior slits, and I* a ,a* pleat guaranty to the iusuriil fot the benefits tt eie of; in he division ot profit , the annual n psitnn* inent of which having tor the past feurt* eu ycaia averaged forty prr A a I olihe piemiums paid. rondos are issued upon all tla pla » uis with l Ife I t emp- nits, and at as ,ow at< a sa is consistent witha view to equity ai d solves cy. l ai tie desiring Agencies in owns whs ra ti e c< m uauy hare none, aud iho-e wishiug TiavaUeg #|>a '<'» «■» Englat « hia ra, ml, till, to t,. II. if ILSUN, 81 Mate Street, Losiou. , ji at ■Ucn re erenve, or intorm.ti- u as to ag , presest and past buait e**,a» wi lenahla mm to term Judg meat iu regard thereto. juuelPdSm Carriages, Oariuwgt s! Firmly limit Ntady Finished. J. F. LIBBEY. No. 20 Preble St„ OFFERS for fait*. at fcfe pmb»»’I*I i»*»11 » va».«ty of I'aniafffft urn t it* ti p i t alt at ai d bom »i b *tanr kl train pr. 11»* »**• j?*u«i t •« n ) i m» ail ’!• dHT rrut ft\ let of l.i*ht ( a*r»a* e« too tl pj m >Ii |« •old on the mod favorable tei iu« I pr»« n- it it i d* i»■ #c iu ruroL»3p Cantk#t i> will bud it fi r tl pi* intr p*t to callano examint bdurp bnjingp Mmbptp. lunpWdtf BRADFORD A HARMON. PeuMou mid Claim Agents, (Established In NSI.I OTILL contluua to devo'e lbs Ir si eela) a- 4 racla O »l>aattention to tka proa cu i. a of t'slms tor Pensions, Bonutieo, Arseni* of Pny and Ptiza .Money, And all other claims against tho Govern meat has lug keen unis tbcr-h-i. IP*' All advice tree. Term* as lo» as at any oth er Atecey, and no pay icqumcu ULtli tka claims are nbtiiud. oftir* 93 Exchaagp »tnpt. Joj»p Block. V BRADFORD, . *. s.e 1 K BABHOli. Jun*2l —dt f American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE CONPLIU! or NEW TOKK. Onplial 3300.000, '■"J* Bolldlo«a. Merchandise. Heeae held Faraiiate. Real.. Ie,« .. v,_ eeleea the Sleek., and ether H,>. aeaal Pre eriy at la# Lev eat met. SAMVEL BSOIVH, Freaideat. WILLIAM HAYKOU. fiacre tar. ■OWAKO 811 AW Adeat.lontMdMItreat. eetS7 lyeod

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