Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 29, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 29, 1864 Page 2
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HIE DAILY PRESS. J*oJKiL iv/), v;. Friday Morning, July 29, 1864. -— Tlit circulation of the Daily Press is larger man any other Daily paper in the State, and J iuble that of any other in Portland. lann®—8.S.00 per year: if paid strictly in ad Hun i discount of 81.00 mil be made. UF“ Reading Mailer ou all Fnar Page*. INION NOMINATIONS. FOB PKE8IDE.NT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TMXNKSSKK. For Binder,. At Large—JOHN B. BROWN. Portland, ABNERS TE fSON.Diir.ariscotta. 1st Dist.—RICHARD M. CHAPMAN, Biddefot d. id Diet.—THOS. A.D. FESSENDEN.Auburi. FOB QOVEBROB, 8AMUEL CONYI OF AVOCSTA For Members of Congress. 1st Dtst.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. t-l District—SIDNEY PERUAM, of Paris. i'h District—FREDERICK A. PIKE. The National Fast. If evei a people were called upon to fast and pray, it is the American people. If there ever wa« an occasion for deep humiliation, on tbs part of the North especially, that time is now. And It we may expect the blessing ol Almighty God upon our arms—if we may confidently look for immediate or ultimate success to the eause of Human Rights and tiit erection of a sound constitutional govern ment—then we must as a people, in the spir it of earnest supplication, implore aid from on Nat only should professed Christians and members ol our churches, but all wbo love toe truth and labor for the moral elevation of uian in the various departments of benevo lence, should meet iu their several places of divioe worship on the day designated by the President of the Uuited States, and humbly aa«l unitedly beseech the God of the Universe and our fathers’ God, that he would merciful ly forgive our sins, and help us to overcome this wicked rebellion and forever remove its accursed cause. That slavery is the prime cause of the re bellion no sano person can doubt. All Union men at the .South, now or hitherto .slavehold ers, distinctly and unequivocally thus affirm, and multitudes at the North, who had here tofore failed to perceive the fact, now freely acknowledge it. This U amnug the glorious signs of the times, aud calls lor devout grati tude to Almighty God. There is another fact not less significant nor important; audit ought to bring every preying man <Jn his knees in thankfulness: noil-professors—so-called irreligious men—ol whom It has never been supposed that they viewed God’s providence in national affair.-, now openly declare that ills hand is distinct iy «eeg in the conduct of this war. And what is more and better, they believe in Gods power, and put confidence in Him as the only source from which deliverance can come Irom this mighty struggle. Shall professors of religion, then, lie behind | the world in their recognition of God ? Khali ' those wbo have covenanted with the Almighty. who have taken upon themselves solemn vows, whose dependence for success in whatever ef fort is entirely upon Him—shall these, iu this ! our hour of utmost need, fail to call upon God ? Let their presence and co-operation at our places of public worship on Thursday next, testily their willingness to acknowledge i their Maker, aud to pray for divine aid. We are among those who accept the senti mtut—"Trust in God, aud keep your powdei dry.’’ Tlie spirit ol unwonted patriotism cx hibited in this land has fully- illustrated the latter portion of the sentiment. Would to God Its former part were I fetter exemplified by professors of teligion. Then would light break through our darkness, and the glory of God be displayed in the speedy overthrow of the rebellion, and the establishment of a righteous government. • The Foundations of Petersburg. A correspondent of the Klcl.m nJ Whig, wiidug from Petersburg. July 10th,says: loved Cockade city will mou be, if it is I cot at this very moment, thoroughly under mi.ied. Giant, far Irorn being coulent to hloa up the ‘rebel loriilic uions,’ has determined to destroy the entire rlty, as by a tremendous blast Irorn the infernal legions. Iu a single iusUiut every building iu the principal streets ol Petersburg will be lifted on high aud scat tered to the four winds of heaven. You may iaugu at this, but it Uso. My iulormsut ha* i a diagram ol the mines, which, when complet ! ed, will extend the length of Boliinghniok IS auk, Sycamore and Oi l streets, aud perhaps I as br as the old Fair grounds, on the south ol . the city. ‘This is incredible aud impossible on the lace of it,’ you will say. Very well: vou are welcome to vmir oninirm Am ,1 w';!l be good euougb to tell me what leat ever 1 attempted with the pick and spade the Van- j kees have failed to execute; and will you ex- j plain to me the meaning of Grant's long in action ? I will tell you this U no canard— 1 would that it were—bnt a plain statement of facia, procured by me from an entirely reliable I aource. The Surrender of Semmes. The New York Herald says the surrender cf the pirate Semmes by the British Govern- , meat Is regarded as necessary to the vindica tion of the claims of the United States, aud a formal demand therefor lies lieeu made. The Secre'ary of State i«, in this instance, deter mined to require of Euglaud her observance of tbe interna'.iouai law which she has iuvari- : ably exacted from every other nation, aud I which, in one notable instance during this ad ministration, has been acted upon by us with out any demand. The Mason and tslidell case, although not exactly similar, is regarded as analogous. Semmes was the prisoner of the commander of the Kearsarge, aud only from motives of humanity was allowed to be pick ed up by the yacht Deerhound. His delivery to the Federal authorities is required as an act of international justice No Doubt of it. Tne Portsmouth States aud Union say s: “ If Gen. Pierce could be President we should have peace, aud the old Union would be restored in three mouths alter his inaugur ation.” No doubt of it, if he"could have his way. He > would make peace with his old Secretary ol War even though it cost him his kingdom. If Jeff, would not come to terms Pierce would, and allow the Southern hotspurs to rtlie again as they did a few years since. We should have peace; the peace of tbe dead sea; peace on 'the grave of liberty. * % ■1 TJL, ■™| 1L 1 ■■ North Carolina. Perhaps all the readers of the Press are not aware of the growing exteut and importance of the Union demonstrations iu Xorth Caroli na. A very large portion of the inhabitants of that state hnvi1 never been cordially with the secession movement, and their dislike to that , miserable abortion which calls itself the Con federate Government has steadily increased. Desertion* from the army have reached a point which excites the alarm ot the rebel authori ties. and their etlbrts to check this drain upon their strength have higherto been powerless. These deserters liud refuge and concealment in the more remote districts, especially among the mountains. They exist often iu large and organized band, well armed, and able in those tas'.uesses to cope with any force which the Confederates are likely to bring against them. Nor are these men obliged to lie eoneeaied. On the contrary they have au open and cor dial intercourse with the inhabitants, who are so far friendly to them, aud hostile to the des potism from which they have tied that they are ever ready to assist them with supplies or con cealment. Indeed a person from the North would be surprised to nolo the exteut ol the seulimeut of attachment to the old Union which exists among these people, aud which Is having a marked effect on the politics of the state. Iu the elections, which arc to take place during the coming month, they have, in fact, made tills au open and deliberate issue. < )| the two candidates for Governor now in the Held, one stands pledged to do his utmost for the restoration of amicable relations with the Government of the United States. It is very po-sible that this party may not prove sulll ciently strong to carry the election iu the face of ail the influences, legal and illegal, which will be brought against it. Still its strength is daily increasing; and the mere lact of its existence in such numbers, and such open g ii-e is of tremendous importance, it shows whit immense strides the loyal sentiment has in i le since the time when traud and violence hot power to stifle the voice of patriotism, and enact the miserable farce of “taking the state out of the Union.” Numerous journals, devoted to the advoca cy of this good cause, are urging it onward with zeal aud ability, and public discussions of the questions involved are frequent and large ly attended. The Richmond Examiner of July lSib, has a long article on this subject in which it pi tinly-reveals the anxiety with which the movement is regarded hy the rebel leaders. The Examiner admits the weight and respect ability of the movement, saying that it is use less to pretend that it is “ made up mainly rl tories aud deserters, since no party in auy state could subsist altogether on that sort of basis, and there must be and are large numbers of honest citizens wlto are actually deluded by the loud and constant outcries of those wlto call themselves conservatives,'’ Ac. The state of things is evidently very painful to the Ex aminer, which waxes eloquent in its warnings to the people of North Carolina of the dangers they will incur tty withdrawing themselves from tlie protection of the Confederacy, aud deeply regrets that there should lx; “so large a proportion of simple aud credulous |x-ople in that state" who really believe that they would be better ort'iu a return to the old regime than under the blessings of Jeff. Davis’ rule. We must however, beg of the writer in the Examiner, that he will possess his soul in pa tience. This is a movement which neither hi* warnings uoi his regrets can have weight with. The people of North Carolina have weighed secession and the Confederacy in the balance aud found litem wanting. They are not like ly to bs a second time deluded with glowing words. And they are not alone in their awak ening. Throughout the eutire Confederacy, the scales are falling Irom men's eyes. They ! see their infatuation and the ruin it has brought ] ihem, aud they begin to discern the remedy These things, anil others like them, are tin beginning ol the end. The return to reason loyalty and peace must come, and wo believe it is not very far off. El'SILOX. Letter from the State Capital. Aitgi'sta, July 2S, IStD. To the EHitor of the Preen: The following commissions have been is- | sued since ray last, viz: Firet Regiment I late y Artillery.—Freder ick C. Low of Bangor, Captain Co. B; Dane j N. Morgan of Brewer, 1st Lieut. Co. B: Her- I inau P. Smith of Orrington, 2d Lieut. Co. li: | Miles McKinney of Bangor, 2d Lieut. Co. B; i Carlton 41. Austin ot Trenton, 2d Lieut. Co. I C: William A. Howe of Eddington, 2d Lieut. Co. 1); James A. Dole of Bangor, 2d Lieut, i Co. F; James A. Godfrey of Ellsworth, Cap tain Co. (i : Hudson Saunders of Orland, lti Lieut. Co. G: Hudson Sawyer of Levant, 1st Lieut.Co. G; Sewall T. Douglass of < bland, 2d Lieut. Co. G; Nelson Bridges of Peuotw- t cot, 2d Lieut. Co. G; Joint A. Lanceyoi Ban gor, 1st Lieut. Co. H : Jonathan Pines of Ad dison, 2d Lieut. Co. H ; Ira M. Bowers of Mil bridge, 2d Lieut. Co. H ; Samuel J. Oakes ol Oldtown, Captain Co. 1; Benjamin F. Oakes of Oldtown, 1st Lieut. Co. 1; Albert White ol i Orono. 2d Lieut Co. 1; Thomas G. Spratt ot •Alton, 2d Lieut. Co. 1; Thomas Foster o' Hantpden, Captain Co. L; George E. Dodgt of Carmel, 1st Lieut. Co. L; Cassius C. Bob t ertsofGrav.2d Lieut. Co. L; George H. : Oakes of Oldtown, 2d Lieut. Co. L. ilrut Regiment Light Artillery.—Austin Leed of Boot hhy, gd Lieut. 2d Battery. Seventh Regiment Infantry—Joltu W Ohanuiug of Fairfield, Major; Charles Lowtll of Oldtown. Adjutant: Benjamin F. Uickueil of 1) ttteor, 1st Lieut. Co. 11; Janies A. Evn elt of New Vineyard. Is' Lieut. Co. F: William H. savage of Solon. 2d Lieut. Co. F. Eighth Regiment Infantry.—Winfield Smitl of Wavue, 1-t Lieut. Co. C ; Luther C. Abbott of Sumner, 2d Lieut, Co. C. Twelfth Regiment Infantry,—Charles H Boswell of Bangor, Quartermaster; James E Ayer of Bethel, 1st Lieut. Co. G; David B Cb«sley of Lincoln. 2d Lieut.Co. F. .Vine teentli Regiment Infantry—George A. Barton of Augusta. 21 Lieut. Co. G. lteferriug to I)r. Day s letter, published in ! your Monday's Issue, it will be seen by the ! following letter and order that the wishes ol ! himself and other officer* In relation to Lieut. ! Strout of the 301 h Regiment, havu already , been accomplished. Every one In this State ■ fonversant with the circumstances of the dis- i missal of Surgeons Day and Carr aud Lieuten- 1 ant* Kingsley and Strout have failed to see any reason for fitch a proceeding beyond tbe malice of some iiiiapk doctors in the Depart ment of the Gulf. The whole matter should I aud probably will be investigated sometime, and the whole truth will come to light. The following is a copy of the letter end the order referred to: Btatsoc Mains, Hxscdth alraeiumsKT. I _ auossta, Jane 7, lS.t i To tltr secretary of li ar: Hy Mpeviai Oolers, .Vo. St Irma the War Dci art m at ttuder delect Jime 2, l-g. faragrAph !7ih U-iilimint I. C. Strout of the 3nth r. gimcnt Maine ' oluuteers, !, on mused the service fcr Hie improper niustiu- nr odc Hphritm fooler, s hi mi I rc*. im-iil. 1 here W AS never «n off i , r by that name in tbe regimeut. lbe offlocr intended, I take to baXieu tenant 8. -V. Sh ut'/, w lc> wsf nmUeria- nflicer |e raid rctrlment. aud on the ninth dav ol April last »« slain in the ban e ol flea«ant 'Hill, Louisiana manfully doing hie duty, I should have hup d uuder lb so ci.cuiu-tanres that bfs metnnry might navo been s|aret the re! proach aud the fveliugsnt hip f iends the ludignity of such an order at ttiis late dav. Very Kespectfully, Your Obedient Rennet, 8AM CAL COMV, Uorernor of Maine. Not. long after this letter was sent the fol lowing order was issued: Wau Dbi'aktmkkt, Aiijt Gas - Orriej, ( I W.NSHisorn*, June lit, foil. i Rpeoial Orders, I H i . 9)9. I (rXTRACT ) 5 lly direction of the President, to much of Spec ial Order* No 10|. pari» iraph 17, 21. Ifr54. a- i Uisnii*A*d I .S'utanant L •t.h Vol- j nutf*era, f Vot ran«)i* h^rebv cor ked. • * • a * • * * * • By order nt the Sivretrayof War; E D. tow NSAsn. A’sistant Adjuta-it oeneral. The people are moving in the matter of re cruiting both at home and iu the rebel states. Tbe State will send no agent south to recruit on its behalf, but the Governor will give prop er authority to such agents as municipalities may desire to send iu their own behalf. Lt. F. U. Lander of Auburn, formerly of the 23d ( Regiment Is raising a company in that town and vieiulty for the 29 ill regiment to take the place of Capt. Adams’ company whose time expires about the first of October. Very truly, Li alio*. 1 1 1 -'i .nr _ . a-—1 ■— 1 ■' Anniversary at Bates College. Lewiston, July 27 I>04. The usual prize declamation and concert came oil last evening at the Free Baptist Church. Quite a contrast was noticable l>e tween the audience of last evening and that which went to hear Rev. Mr. Walker. The latter was older and more dignified and com posed mostly of people from Auburn and Lew istou. l.ast evening many strangers, from the variou * parts of our county aud state, were present. The Order of Exercises (in terspersed with music) was as follow-: 1. Rod and our Country, W. S. Tyron. Powual. 1. /testing of Ho- Human Race, Gilbert Hathorn, Woolwich. t •'!. Return of Regula* to Carthage, ('. O. Freemau, Poland. 4. Rebellion, A. A. Moulton,-. Extract from Itoyt, W. P. Morgan, No. Yarmouth. The Final Triumph, 11. U. Quinby, Biddcford. 7. Defence of Pericles, G. B. Emery, Ripley. *. < ongurst of I anaan, M. W. Towue, Kennebunk. ti. Kjctraxt from Webster, C. II. Pearson, Poland. 10. Virginia, W. L. Holt, No. Yarmouth. My space will not allow many individual criticisms, aud those must be of a commend atory character as far as possible. The speak ers were generally '|uite young, aud were open to the criticism of not fully appreciating the merit aud sentiments of their selections. Moulton, Morgan, Pearson and Holt were least lacking in lids respect. J| MuttUon, had he avoided that “left handed'' gesture, and thrown more fire aud energy in to his part, would have borne otf the palm last evening, for his intonations were tine, his voice solt and musical, he was evidently at home upon the stage and he held the atten tion of his hearers to the end. Morgan had a good selection and entered into the spirit of it, but a lisp in his utter ance, and an appearauce of all'ectaliou de tracted much Iroin his delivery. He improv ed toward the close, and imnresscd us with the idea that with proper culture he will one day make a tine speaker. Pear mu. This speaker was unlurtunate in his selection. I know of no author whose pieces are harder to declaim, than Webster, but considering the difficulties he had to overcome, he did excellently. Holt. An excellent voice, and generally at Ids command are among the favorable criti cisms to be made iq-on this dechUmer. His was a dramatic piece, and such as generally command the attention, and he executed it with much ability; but we are sorry that oiatorv proper is not encouraged instead, aud we think that in this instance in particular, Mr. Holt would have received greater credit had he made a different selection. Freeman and Enter i/ might he spokeu of favorably among the speakers, aud space alone prevents our mentioning other declaim ed with many words of commendation. C.Vr-HAXlR. English Ignorance of American Affairs. President Fairfield of Hillsdale College, Michigan, writes front London to the IJHBoit .Idcertixer concerning the feeling of glish people toward the United State#, the gross ignorance of the people not oulyW Atnericau affairs, but of the simplest geograph ical facts: “I am s >rry to say it, hut after a mouth spent iu Great Uriiiau, and eight, months in travel generally, in which 1 have constantly been brought [nto contact and ftieudiy per sonal relations with Englishmen, I am compel led to believe that envy of our national suc cess and hostility to our uational growth is die controlling h eliug of the Eugiish people; and certainly 1 cat) count upon ttie lingers ol one hand all that I have found iu nine mouths who were in cordia1 sympathy with us in sup pressing a pro slavery rebellion which seeks toestablish an empire of which slavery shall be the corner-stone. You will understand that I have made it no part of my business particularly lu seek out our friends, but speak of those whom 1 have ehuuced to meet in ho tels, cats and elsewhere, which 1 think much Lite fairest way of ascertaining the general feeling. One who addn sses public audiences oil the American side ol the question will na turally gather about him those of Ids ow n op inions, .and will he likely very much to mis judge as to the attitude of the great mass. And the general ignorance of the people, not only of the questions at issue between the North and tbe South, hut even of the simplest facts of American geography, is most amusing. ‘Is Maine one o( the Northern or one of the Southern States*’ asked a talkative English man the other day. wlieu allusion was made to this boundary State between our eountry and the British possessions iu North America. •( >hio, I lielieve, is one of the largest cities of New York, is it not ?’ was tbu sagacious en quiry of another. I cannot tell you how many times 1 have been asked, when saying that I came from Michigan. ’Is that in North Amer ica or South America ?’ Certainly more than twenty. Several Englishmen were epoakiug with each other a few days ago, and one of them, in expressing his large conception of what progress had beeu made in the Stales, assert ed, 1 suppose that railroads are now built as tar as six hundred miles into the interior! Several Americans aud Englishmen met at ’able a few weeks ago. The American war wa« the subject, when o.te of the latter, a member of Parliament, said to the Americans : 1 am surprised that you should object to a separation from the Sooth. You were never nade to be one. Only see! a mere ueck of and of iusiguitlcant dimensions connecting ■lie two!’ And lie drew his lingers into shape to Indicate the isthmus which connects North ami > null America. And what is still rich ■r. I have related this story to several part ies j of Englishman, and not one of them has a» yet detected the joke.” SKNATolt SllEBilANS Views.—Senator John Sherman of Ohio,having been serenaded in Cincinnati on the ltith. made a response, in which he said: "1 nave seen a great deal of Mr. Lincoln, lu my official relations w ith him 1 have bud occasion to ditier with him, sometimes very ilecidedly: but I feel bound to say that when tv- measures bad been examined critically, and under the light of nil the surrounding cir cumstances, they have been found w ise aud successful. H!* Proclamation of Emancipa tion was not made till every loyai man must . uavc felt that the slaves were either to he mus tered on our side or against us. They were employed as the most valuable aid to the I rebels, and would have continued to be their most valuable auxiliary were it not that the idea of freedom has impaired their value as slaves. Tne arming of slaves was postponed till tne prejudices of our people gave way to the absolute demand for troops to occupy and hold important positions In the South. Thgye is not a single act of Mr. Lincoln's that 1 cau recall but has been justified by events, unless it has been his earnest desire to conciliate his political adversaries, and they surely should not deuouuce him for this, lie has occupied a position of greater difficulty than any man in our generation; aud if you could see the anxious solicitude with which he performs all the duties of his office, the pa tient endurance, the care aud kindness with which he reconciles opposing opinions, you would know how well grounded his populari ty is with the masses of our peope." Ky-.The New York World says, “ it is thun dering all rounu the sky in the Southwest.— Gen. Rot'ssKAf, it seems, has captured Mont gomery, the capital of Alabama, aud has cut all the roads leading Irom Atlanta to the West and Southwest. If the destruction is a« com plete as reported, it must serum-] y embarrass the rebel army under Hook. It seems, too, that tbe railroads of Atlanta are also tom up by another raiding party. Hood's only line of retreat is to Macon, and that may be takcu away from him at any moment. These last cavalry raids are the most daring and prom ise to be the most fruitful of tho war." KlBE.—The buildings of Horace Hutier, situated on the marsh road leading to Tho m aston, took fire on Saturday morning last, and were totally consumed. They consisted of a house, barn, porch and other out buildings. He had a considerable quantity of hay in his barn, which was consumed, together with farming tools. Nearly all the furniture in the house was saved, and that was about all that escaped the flames. How the lire originated is not known. The loss Is estimated at ♦21XX). No insurance.—| Rockland Fre# Press ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. ,yE. N. Mower, of the ‘•th Me., -lied at Hampton Hospital a few days since. .2?'s\t Woliboro , -N H., the mercury re cently to 98 degrees in the shade. HF 'People who visit Harpswcll are enthusias tie in their praise of tlie Sea-side House. lyThe retails claim to Jiave captnre<t from '«000 to 7000 horses in Maryland. hike most “horse talk,” this is rather loud. y Will. Cornell Jewett is'described hy the New York \\ orhl as “that dancing wind-hag of popinjay conceit. sr a new daily evening paper is talked of in Portsmouth. Desperate undertaking with com mon printing paper at 25 cents per pound. y The yellow fever is prevailing to an alarm ing extent on lioanl the U. 8. War Steamer Ta homa, in New Y'ork harbor. yA special session of the legislature is talked of in New Hampshire, to amend the mili tia law. yMr. Timothy Field patronized the Catho lic Fair in Dangor, to the amwunt of s-'iOOO: lib eral for one man. y It is estimated that the internal revenue tax will yield a million a day during the business season of the year. yA newspaper carrier has paid #5000 for the exclusive right to sell papeis it tlie depots and on the ears of the New York Central Rail road . ^ TV 1'lic train Mo from tlie west at Bangor on Wednesday was delayed four hour* by tires along the route in Pittsfield, which it was not decreed prudent to pass. So say s the Whig. jyThe Richmond Examiuer says that the merit of unusual grasp and ability must be ac corded to thp plan of the Federal campaign in V irginia in June. y Hon. Henry Carter, for many years editor and one of the proprietors of the Portland Ad aertiser. now of Bradford, Mass., has '»een on a brief visit to this city. y Elias Smith—a name familiar in New Eng land twenty-five years ago—was severe on doc tort of divinity. He used to say that only a disci sc 1 divinity needed doctoring. y The Democratic State Convention, lor the nomination of candidates for Governor, and Iwh at lartro will Ko kol.l 1.. 1) .. Tuesday, Aug. 16th. y The Democrats of the 1st Disftet will hold their Convention to renominate Mr. Sweat for Congress, and to nominate a candidate for Elector, in Biddeford, Wednesday, Aug. 17th. 3TThe Troy Press, intensely hostile to the administration, indorses the arrest of Fuller, the New Jersey editor, who counselled people to arm and resist the draft. pyTlie high price of pajier lias caused the Bangor Daily Times to discontinue at once all its yiarly subscribers, and depend alone upon the sale of single papers for remuneration. jyThe Petersburg Express of July 23dsays: “An excellent article of fresh beef was sold in the Richmond markets on Thursday at three dollars per pound." jy The quota of Pennsylvania, under the call of the President for five hundred thousand additional men, is sixty-one thousand seven hundred. y.V victim of sea sickness described the sensation thus: “The first hour I was afraid I should die; ami the second hour I was afraid I shouldn't. yWardcu Rice of the State Prison, was iu our Sanctum yesterday, and when leaving very politely said lie should be pleased to see us at his place ! jyThe Hartford Press believes that the hay crop, harvested in good condition, throughout the State of Connecticut, is larger than usual, with a prosjiect of a good second crop. y If we had not within ourselves the priu ciple of bliss, we Could not become blest. The graiu of heaven lies in the breast, as the genu ot the blossom lies in the shut seed. yThe Treuton True Aiuericau announces that Gov. Parker of New Jersey has assented to recruiting negro slaves in the South, to aid iu filling the quota of that State under the new call for troops. 3TA hermit from Indiana, aged fit) years, has put up a shanty at Xexport beach, on Easton's Point, near the bathing beach, anl will jiass the summer there, contemplating na ture fr om his lonely habitation. y While our army was crossing the Chatta hoochic a tremendous thunder storm arose. The lightning was incessant and exceedingly vivid, and eight men were killed and twenty injured by it yThe Springfield Union says afire has been burning on >It. Tom for several days, and near ly the whole of the west side of the mountain has been burned over, destroying a large quan tity of wood. y The Union State Committee had a meeting m this city on Wednesday evening last. Hon. James O. Blaine, the popular and accomplished Representative from the thiol district,was in at tendance, looking finely. y Bartlett Mills, NewUnypoit, pa.vs a tax of $4460;Globe Mills, 3300; James Mills, $4200; Ocean Mills, $2100. Thetwo largest individual taxpayers in the city are John Carrier, Jr., $2032, and Sarah W. Hale, $2065. yOtir "Democratic" friends who oppose "arbitrary arrests,’’ will remember with pleas ure that Geu. McClellan advised the most exten sive arbitrary arre-t of the war—the seixure of the Maryland Legislature. .y.V Scotch pa|>er tells the story of a dairy farmer, who, after the burial of his wife, drove s hard bargain with the grave digger, who, bringing hi- hand down on the shovel, ex claimed, “Down wi’ another shillin’, or up she pouies !** "fSTThe public debt uuw amounts to 523,3(v|.90, being an increase during the week of £^,320,‘^00 against an increase of only ^**,170, tbirtTtcr tlw* itmvSntiG u-ool/ lira. ...... Mid a half millions of the increase I .ear no in- i terest. tW luesday, July lb, mis a hot da) in yuc bec. The Gazette says the thermometer marked as high as 0!> in the shade. The News sa) » it Btiaxl at 103 in the shade in St. Peter »treet. and in some exposed situations in the t'p|ier Town even higher. iy<ln Tuesday, the i>lh of September next, the da) before Commencement, Brown Cni ver ity w ill celebrate the completion of its first cen tury. A general invitation is extended to all graduates, regular and honorary, to be present un that occasion. The Kev. President Sears will deliver the centennial address. or We arc gratified to learn that Gen. Gantt of Arkansas, will visit our state in a few weck«, and w e are not without hope that he may be se cured to make a public address in the city—per haps also in other cities of the state. His ser i ices would be of incalculable advantage to the aauseof patriotism. y According to the Bangor Whig fires are prevailing to an alarming extent in the woods a lew miles from that city. The house aud barn of B. U. Uickuell, with all his crop of hay, about three miles from the city, were destroyed Wednesday afternoon. Other buildings caught but the fire was extinguished. *yJudge Dwindle of the Superior Court of San Francisco, one of the most estimable gen tleman of the Uoldeu State, reoently made a speech in San Francisco in which he alluded to Fremont, saying he was “doing the devil's dirt ies work, ill conspiring with traitors to defeat the election of a true and tried patriot to the Presidency.* ‘ jyMajor General Birney, who is now in command of a corps of the Potomac army, is a sou of James O. Birney, who was the Liberty Part) candidate for the Presidency in 1S44—an abie and a good man. Another sou is a Briga dier General, now in South Carolina; and a third was major Fitzhugh Birney, wiio recently died from wounds at Washington. yTlie following isa tolerably accurate state ment of the proceeds of the fairs: Chicago, $75, 300; Cincinnati, $120,000; Boston, »'147,C00; Brooklyn, $300,000; Cleveland, 9120,000; Buf falo. $100,000; New York,$1,200,000; St. Louis, 9575,000; Philadelphia, $1,300,000; Pittsburg, $350,000; smaller fairs aggregate about 1950, m Total, $4,437,000. ..■■■ —-— ..i m -- - gSt The Lewiston JourflilV—one of our bos j exchanges—issues two regrlar editions daily j each posted in all matters up to the hour of go J iug to press. When our pit ns are fully matured , and we can see the way opt u to Jo so, we intent that the Press shall he is«n eel often enough h ' satisfy the rcatonahle wa nts of our popula J tiou. • 'JSf A gentleman from a distant part of thi ' county, while in the city a few days since, wa | told by copperheads of the .loss of £19,000 ii gold by the Government, through the Portlane Custom House ! The wretch who would at tempt to palm such an imposition upon an lion est stranger, deserves the reprobation of every good citizen. iiTTlie Argus undertakes to convict Presi dent Lincoln of inconsistency because lie does not, in all things, hold thesamo opinions to-day that he did three y ears ago. <hir neigldH.rcon siders it indicative of wisdom to stand still in 1 these days of swift progress. The once “pro gretsier Democracy” has become a mere fossil uo more like what it once was tlnn a barnacle i; like a dolphin. jyJohn Warner, Esq., of Cambridge, Vt., understood the secret of making property con tiibute to his own and others happiness. Dur ing the last five years before his death he gave away £11,000, in small sums, to poor people. A few years ago he burned up notes and mortga ges, the collection of which would distress the men against whom they were drawn, to tin amount of about £20,000. ly A circular has just been issues! by the i Provost Marshal General releasing from the draft skilled mechanics and operutivesemployed in the armories, arsenals and navy y ards of the United States, as long as they remain in the aforesaid service, provided the officer in charge “hall certify that their lalmr as mechanics oz operatives is necessary for the military or naval service. Judging by letters and papers receiv ed from California we infer that the “Pathfind er” has few friends left in the Golden State. Judge Dwindle of the Superior Court of San Francisco, and Gov. Lowe, have both recently made speeches in that city in which disclosure arc made in relation to Gen. F's standing in that state by no means complimentary-. We might feel called upon to republish them were there any necessity for it, hut as the General has no party in this state and probably will not have friends enough even to au electoral ticket, it would be a needless work to publish a word adverse to him. We shall preserve the documents for future use if deemed necessary. BY TELEGRAPH -TO THJt KVOiAti PAPERS. -——~ Movements of ituerriilns in Missouri. St. Iaicis, Mo., July 28. Tlie guerrillas burueil the railroad property at Sbelbiua and Lakemaii,on the Hannibal A St. Joseph Railroad yesterday. They des troyed all the block bouses, water tanks, aud the btidge at Salt River, robbed the citizens, aud plundered the stores of both friend and foe alike. The baud numbered eighty. Two hundred armed men went west from Hannibal yesterday, aud were at Salt River Bridge yesterday evening. The road is now ; clear of Interruption except at th • burned ' bridge. Gen. Fisk to-day ordered an assessment on ! the disloyalists in Albany aud Monroe Coun ties, sullicient to cover all damages to the railroad and loyal people. It will be collect ed. The same rule will be emorced on all lines iu that district. Gen. Fisk has received authority ao recruit four regimeuts for one year. A large force left St. Joseph to-day by order of Col. Davis for below. Every bridge on the Hanuibal Railroad Is guarded. Gen. Fisk’s militia are doing thor ough work. Every bush patch in Platte, Clay, Ray and other rebellious counties Is being vig orously searched lor bushwhackers. Tborntou i* said to have disbanded bis men, telling them it was impossible to cros- tbe Missouri River, and that as the Federal forces arc closing in around them, they would be destroyed if kept together. No large bands have been heard of for several days, which gives color to this statement. I.atest from the front — Movements of Rebel Troop*. Washington, July 28. The mail steamer Johu Brooks arrived here this morning from City Poiut, which place she left yesterday morning at ten o’clock. At that hour all was quiet iu front of Peters burg, but on Tuesday afternoon a movement of the rebels was discovered, which, although not Hilly developed, indicated that they were attempting to tiauk Gen. Rutier’s position on the right, or were endeavoring to gain Harri son’s Lauding for the purpose of gettiug in his rear. Tue Star learns that a proper disposition of troops was immediately made to cheek them, and Had out their inteulion. Artillery tiring commenced at Point of Rocks early Tuesday evening, and continued all night. Our infantry, batteries and gun boats were said to be engaged, but most of the fbiug was doubtless done by the gunboats, which were shelliug the banks of the river.— Fighting was also going on near Bermuda Hundreds, and it is expected the re Ik* I s are posted three miles Irom that place. lien, fell)/ I lecufirs M a rtinsbu ry— from Gen. Hunter. Washington. July 28. __ The latest authentic intelligence is tbatGeu. Kelly occupies Martiusbiirg. aud that there has been uo heavy Ilghtiug w ithin the past three or lour days. There is no information that the rebels have crossed into Maryland. The Republican extra says a dispatch from Gen. Hunter to tlie Government, received this morning, says there has been considerable skirmishing across the river wllli the rebels, the latter occupying Falling Waters on the \ irginia side, and our forces occupying Wil liamsport on the Maryland] side, tlie contest being for the river lord. I'p to this morning there had been no evi dence that Early had been reinforced. The allair at Winchester Saturday last iu w hich Col. Mulligan was wounded, was noth ing more than a skirmish, Gen. Crook was forced to fall back from Winchester, finding iiis little band Hanked both on the right and lx 11 • The. l(> tart Mahl on Haryer'e ferry, Baltimore July 28. A di-patch fan Frederick lo the American of this morning say all is oulet there. News from the front looks favorably. We still hold Harper s Kerry. It has not l**eu menaced.’ Adams’ Kx press Company received an order this forenoon from their ngeuls there to for ward packages as usual. We have a report this morning of some tin ea-mess on the line of the Northern Central railroad, apprehetiMons of a raid being enter taiued- Orders have l»een issued to re.move the rolling stock. It is thought that the re port is sensational. traiti Urn. s/irrinnn*, Army. Nkvv York, July 28. The Tribune's dispatch says the Government dispatches state that Atlanta is being gradual ly invested by our troops, who intrench as they progress. Intelligence of a successful result of the cavalry raid on the road leading from Atlanta to Macon is hourly expected. There is no disposition yet on the part ol Gen. Hood to evacuate. It is probable that the city will not ho taken without a severe struggle or by a regular siege. t hr HU! titty, * H. tt. New York, July 2P. It is stated that the War Department lias decided to exempt from draft such of the 1W) clays’ men as may lie actually in service when the draft takes place. !>l’E( UL XOTICES, THOM VS G. LOKING, DRUGGIST, -,SM> I’HACTlCAI. 'l IUJS8 KITTKK, Corner of Exchange Si KrdcrnlSCa. A perfect flt guaranteed. The poor liberally con sldered. moUiodtl A thing ojr Bum* is a joy roRKVu.-The living breath of the loveliest flower that blossom* in the * drift mi of nature and wafts its sweet if-r turm oil every brerso has its exact counterpart in the breath* of all who me that une^ualDil and justly popular Dentifrice, Fragrant 60/0DONT. It puri de> and a western* thebrea'h, cl. an sc**, beautifies and preserves the Teeth, hardens the Gums, and gives to them that roseate cast »o much coveted: most de licious, couven ent, efficacious and beneficial prepar a Ion for the toilet ever given to the public Sold by Druggist* ovary where at 75 cents per bottle mch22 it For seven years I was Bald now Kverybodv is asking me how my hair become so thick For lull direction* send your address inclo-icir 50 cts Boa, H4 Worcester, Mate July 16, 186*. julyltid'iw* 1 SPECIAL NOTICES. Oiif Exclusive Ajrent \\ anted 1 H 'J v k ° v 1 ’ ° R T * - a N o . » And for other gas districts in the State of Maine to sell B ROCKS IK P K IPs PATE \ T Self-Acting Gas Regulator! 90 percent, saved to the consunx-r. 25,000 sold since January last. NO l' 1 TENTS, nVT THE HOODS OX/. )', are for sale. This is not a Regulator to go on the Meter, but can be affixed under every iiurner in use. THE ARTICLE RETAILS AT 80 CENTS. Enterprising bu,ioe,, im*u cau learn full particu. jars and eee a thorough teat of the article by calling l«l MIDDLE STREET, t p Stair*. HULL & OOODELL, Sole (ieneral Agent, lor the llrork,<epi r tla.< Itegu lator Manufacturing ( o. Below we ■ireoertitioatw oi the high ealimaiion of the Regulator in other place, wheie it i. now in use: „ . „ „ . . Dm-kb. July 18, HOI. Alert, /lull .y (ioodell:—The Director, of lite Dove- t,a. Light Comyauy. after a full and thorough examine iou and test of "Brockaieptr (,a-| Kogula tor. have ordered me to purchase one huudrtd dollars fcworlh of the same, which I have this da/ done, and have also received fur said company the exclusive agency for .aid good, in and lor the city of I Dover. Yours, truly, JoNAs' O. TOWNSEND. Sup. Dover (ia, Lt. Co. Certificate from the gas fitter of the Mills, etc., at l.osell, Mas, Lowell. Mas, , July 11, lfifit Masrs. Hill k UoodeU:—An experience of many vears in the gas fitting business has often suggested to me the great value of an improvement wherebv the pressure of gas might be regulated atthepoiu* of consumption. Maoy and fruitb>* attempts have fr<>m time to time been made to placi* regulators nt the m-ter. Experience has aboxvn that all such at tempts hare proved failures I have also seen and u*ed in mv badness nearly all the -o-cal led improve ments in burners, whereiu that which you have ac complished has been attempted, but always failed, i After a careful examination and a thorough test of yourGa^lUgulators—which are attached immedi ately uuaer each burner • * a part of the gas fixtnre j j ^ convinced that your improvement n a de cided success. the lightis improx.-d in brightness and in i illuminatlDg power, while the expense sa\eu to the consumer is fail 30 por cent The combusthm is per feet, hence the mprovenient must be adopted aa a matter of economy as well as the luxury of a good and rt. ady light I cheerfully recommend it to the trade and to all consumers of gas l os ur Vwow.fcc., M. R. BARKER. Js 2^ lltf Oas F it ter, 8 Central Street. Hoy Vonr Stationery Package* At IJrftKHer'*, 90 Exchange street, *2 per <fo;e», or 25 emit each. DKE88EK>rort jylldtw* Portland Photographic Gallery, HO ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12, lew. m»yI2d«m Prompt Collection of Bills. Merchant,, 1'hy.ician,. Mechanic, mud all other, wt.hing prompt collection or their bill,, will receive prompt and per«onal attention, and «peedv return. Irem JACOB FROST, Junction Middle and Free St, up ,tair*. SJr I o,t Office addro, Box 178S, Port and p O Rrfertneet —T. C., w. W ootiman, a'. T Uole. jjSldSvr* CLARK’S DISTILLED K ESTORAT1V K FOR THE HAIRj Restores Grey and Faded Hair and Beard to its Hatnral Color, AND IS A MOST LI'XU RIGA'S DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. . ■■ 0O0 — CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Restore* the Color. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. m Eradicates Dandruff. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Promoles its Growth. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prevents its failing off. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is an anetjBailed Dressing. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is good forChildrea. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Ladies. 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Mi liary Officers and Soldier* should hare them, a* they can tie carried in the pocket and I taken as occasion requires. an,2 ilfcw lm A Karo Chance, Wanted, anenterprising basinet* mu to tike tho entire control of a mercantile bu*ine?a to he located in Portland Capital necessary from #*» to *H00. ■ fhi« opportunity on investigation will prove highly ,ait*f,ctory. Addreu P. K. L . 1 jy2( dtf Portland P. O. %M~ CARDS and BILL UKAUS iMtly print* I at tbie office. if I ] * RoMon Stock Lint. Salks at tub Brokers' Board, Jcly V. Tend Ame Ion Gold..*.......261 9.8<X) 25(1 I a.TuO v&o [ 3('ss> L > Coupon Sixes (Ittsli.... lid I 14 (As).do. 10K | 11 < 4.000 United Stale s 7 3 l./tba (Uetl.1<)7 i 3 010 . do(At.g) . ion 34 000 United States iV20’l.1< *.* 1 000 Of die. lu rf l.t Mortgigu Bouils. 104 3 me> OgdcneburgSd Mortgage Bond..61 3.000 Yerinout Ienlrxl It K 1st Mott ... SO 24 Boston and Maine Builrond.... 137 Ilrighton mid Cambridge t attle Market. Wcdxkadat, July 27. 18e4. At market 2253 beef cattle,—stores, 7011 shee| aud lambs; lit,, swine. Bbicbb-a-s/ VatlU - Extra *13 00ft14 00; lire I OOfbly 13 &<>,( 13 <0: sccoud do 11 tA’u 11 50; third d< 10> 75 per 100 lbs. 1 he following sales were made at Brighton. ,, /-res. PrUSAnitt. Jr. in Duo lot fo ■... 12 ....(Ail.Ml 10 *■ 12; tail.1239 ‘lo * 13. on.1307 •Jo 10. 11 • do 60 . . l;i1 82 |2«i £ * ».«oi..:: 1013 d° JJ . 13 . . 7t»i 2° 2!.it si nm d<> *•’ 131... 30 .1271 r'‘° w «• oo .in: I here wn. moro small cattle of an inferior onulity atSnarki t tNan has been brought in before this sea son. Trices remain upon til but the best grades, in which there was an advance of 60c to • I per hundred There are but few extra cattle at mni - pound UCUr tW” ,“*U loU ,oia *' high as 16c per ll'c rting Og-rn—No sales noticed Ceuta—galea *3, 45 M- w_ , Jr?iSS* /a»6s—hales of Lambs at *4 to. 4 75 6 ®. ® «0; sheared sheep 6) to 7 c per lb. rat Hoot— 11«, 11;. feat Cal ret—*3 to 12 2*v sk\y f'ora S3 to 3 68, or 22 to 23c per lb. Ht<ff$—He. r TiUlow—U fx,ll(c. AArrn S(-0m—ShMrtd. <Uc: wool. «4f0: Lamb sklus, «1 J6. HARRIED. iiJ0«cUb10, -iuly.1 d0|omon w Joy and Mis* Aage if'chue *” »lsu. l»»ae Barker and Miss Elisabeth In Snspbigh, July 1.7, Christopher itam and Miss Caroline < hick. lu Well*, July 17, .Samuel (iroen aud Mr* Clarita Chancy. DIED. lu thi* city, July 28, Mr David McKeuney, aged • 3 year-. * * nf^Funexal on Saturday aft* moon. at 4 o'clock, at h * late reaidu-nce, No 9 Hanover street. Relath ee ami friend* are iuviuU to attend In thh city, July 27, Jenuio, infant daughter of L (» and .lanu- M Phillip*. In Bridgtou. Jnl> 24 Mr Israel s Hopkiu.oo. ag< d 43 yearn. r * In Portsmouth. N 11. July 10. of yellow fever, Mr Altr«-d W Roger*, of Bath. a?ed 49 )< ar«. lu Oldtown. July 19, Sarah A. daughter of Rich ard s Porter, aged 15 vear*. IMPORTS. MATANZAS Brig P R C'nrli*—270 bbd* mola*.ae* Pi tres do. 2» bhl* do, to John D Lord. WINDSOR NS. Sch Lark—117 ton* coal tJeo 11 Starr. S T JOHN NB. Sch Alfred—*9 ton* planter, 3 ton* hay, to order. _PAI9KI6U8. • In brig 1* RC'uri*, from Matanza*—Mi- fucker, and child. % MINI ATCRK ALMANAC. Friday..Jaly W Sun riae*.4 .in | High water (am). 7.25 Sunaets. 7.21 I Length of dav*.14 31 MARINE NE WB. PORT or PORTLAND. Thnrsdny,.Jnly 38. ARRIVED. Steamer Forest Citv, Liseomb. Horton. Steamer New England, Field, from Boston for St John N B. Ha. quo St Jago. White, Havana 15th inst. Brig 1* U Curtiss. Tucker. .VI at an/a* 8cb Lark. (Br) Moore. Windsor NS. Sch Alfred. (Br) Kathburn. St John NB. Sch Myra. Thorndike. Rockland Sch tl F Webster, Webster, Ka-tport for N York. CLEARED. Brig Brill, (Br) Crowell. Sydney CB- George U >tarr. Sell Cftixeu, from Fortress Monroe for Baltimore, went a-hore Sunday night, on the Wolf Trap, and wa« taken possession ot by the rebels. DOMESTIC PORTS. BALTIMORE—Ar 25th, sch Priscilla, Crow t her New York. * Id 25th, brig Matilda. Norwood, Boston. Cld 27th, brig Abbott Lawreuce. Fuller, Boston. Ar 26tn, barque Damon. Crowell, Port Koval SC; ^b Willie, Staple*. l urks Island old 26th, brig 1'iiodeltn Sid 25th. barque Carrie Davis, (Br) Buck. London derry PHILADELPHIA—Ar 25th, sch* E F Lewi*, Lew, Portland L A Danenhower, Mi.'icr, do. Cld 26th, sch Wm McCobh. Chipman. Bucksport. Ar Aith. brigs Alrucabah. Aver ill. Fortress Monroe MRrtha. Hudson, do; sch* Harmon ia. Bennett. St George NB; Snow squall. Sheppard. Glace Bay CB Victory. Harris, Calais. Cld 26ih. brig fitanis. Merc**, Fortress Monro ; sch Watchman, Watson. Boston. Cld 27th. sldp Catharine Holbrook, for Mauritius via Boston. NEW YORK-Ar 26th. ships Cede Joe. Sewall. Martiuhiue. Twilight, Holme*. San Francisco An nan au. McNear, New Orleans; brig Hattie Eatos. (Bri Anderson. Buena Vnta. Ar 27th, ships Arcole, Bon-ham. tra New Orleaus; Confidence, hieney. do: baiqut* Mercara. (Br) from Shanghai; Minerva. (Hr) lm Bomba.; brigs Emily Fisher. Coming. Port au Prince J W Congdon. Simmons. Martinique; A C Merriman, Perry, Key West; Forrest, Strout. Kondout lor Boston; setis Li m, Ross, Virginia; Melbourne. Mamcu Elizabeth poit for Bo*tou; Emma Oakt* Brown, Roiidout for Portland. Also ar 27th. brig C 11 kenuedy, Clark, Cardenas Cld 26th, ships David Uoadley, Hadley, Liverpool; fhorn'on, Weds, do; barque* G W Reset el t. Karri man. Cardenas; Rosamond. Fickett. Cow Bay ( B brigs Baron de Ca-tiue, John-on, Neuvitas; Jofin Stevens, C lesson, do; rch Lejok. W tut more. Phila delphia. Ui 27th. briga Levithian. Tyler. Zaza; Enen Ber nard. Burgrss, Boston; Abbr Fl:ico. Gilmore. Phila delphia. Ar gsih.brig R S Ha*-» !1, Hassell. Cientuegos Sid 26th, sh p Progress; barque* A C Adam*. Kate Stamler. Bradford NEWPORT—Ar2»th. schs F’air Dealer, Rockland for Philadelphia; Flugene. Grav.Calais for Washing ton; Nicola. chisam. fm Liuga'aCB tor New York; Challenge, Tapler, Bangor lor Philadelphia; Elisa beth, Orcutt. do for Fortress Monrce. FALL RIVER — Ar 26th, sell James, Winchen bach, Bangor. HOLMES s HOLE—Ar 26th. sch* Unto W Dyer, Sumier. Washington for Boston; Saratoga. Piuk hain. Philadelphia for do: lTnuee*ee, Woosces’er, do tor Portland : llattie U Mayo, Ward, ftu Church Creek for Kennebunk. Ar Aith. brig Catharine Nickels. Grant, Choptank River for Bath. Sid. brig C Nickels: sch L W Dyer, and other*. NEW BF.DFOKD—Sid 37th, sch Augusta,Crowd*, New York. DaN VF.KS—Ar 21th, Nk John k F rank, Fowler, Bangor. BOSTON—ArJ7tb, barque* Alexandrine, Snow, rrom Cieufucgos; Merriinac. Hoyt, Remedies: John Avil a, Bueknain. Lavaca: Acorn. Parker, George lown; Radiant, Flinn. and Champion, Gerrish. do; krigtJ W Drisko, Bueknain. do; Frontier. Little leld. Philadelphia; sch* Typhoon, orcutt. New Or cans; Mathew Kinney, Ogier, Baltimore; Mat id. Kaler. Waldoborn. Cld 27th, ship Lisbon. Brown. New Orleans. Ar3*th. brig Taugeut. Sawyer, Georgetown: scha *ea Breexe, coombs, do; Flora King. MclKmald from do: oct-anics, N« whirl, and Dexter, Winchen >ach. WaMoboro. Cld 3-th, brigs Scotland. MeLellan for Cardenas; Reporter. Uilkcy. Buck-p it. SALEM—Ar'/Mh. sch Forest. Contry New York. C ld 26th sch F. C knight, Hoses. Camden. GLOUCESTER—Ar 2Sd.sobs >anta Maria. Fullar. Bangor; Everett, Roberts, Iroiu FUte worth; Convoy, Decker, Bangor for Boston; Orion. Kent. Machim* or do. Sarah. Gray, Frankfort lor do: Kcbt Wood rutT. Belyea, do for Sandwich; Siabad. Jenni-on, Bangor for Boston. Ar 25'h. sch D II Baldwin. Knowltou, Seal Har bor for New York. Ar 26 b. sebs Valparaiso. Higgins, Mt De-ert for Boston: Day Spring, bnow. Bangor lor do Bar WI»1 . \ amir IUI IIIICU. Nh\VBl' K YPOKT—Ar 27th, »ch Bound Brook, I’erry. New \oik. Sid 27tb. ship Saphiie, mew, 1304 tonal lla'ch. lor it John N B. PORTSMOUTH—Sid 36th. sch* Frances, Amea. Llaugor; Geo Oiiman. Straw. Camden (iAKOIKKK—Ar SW. sclts Hattie F. Thomn^kn. Make, Portland, Leesberg Blake. Bath. FOREIGN FORTS. MflT Malaga 1st inst. bamuc Warren Ualiett, t.ibhs. trout Medina tor Boston. At Buena Vista 17th ult, barque Amy, Nickerson, for New \ ork 29th At Mauritius l#th nit, ships Renown. Home*. from alcutta. disg; Borneo, Hurd, lor Batavia, read* mr»iue Courser, iiriflin, from Boston, dUg Bid Mar 20. ship Argonaut, Norton, for New York, having completed repairs.) Sid i'ui Calcutta 8th ult, ship Ellen Foster. Robiu >on. Boston Ar at Gibraltar 4th inst, bar^uu Jehu, Smith, from I’alermo iaail sailed 5th lor Boston ) At Leghorn 13th inst, ship Molocko. Burt, for New York 20 h. Sid fm Bart-adoes 2-i in.-t. barque Annie Kimball, Humphrey, Bonaire. ■ At Martinioue llth Inst, sch AVm K Alexander, Lpt d, from New York, for M Thoma* 2 days. At St John PR 1st inst, brigs A P Hill, and Marco I’olo, for New York. Idg At Poneo l’l 5rh inst. brig W A Rogers, for Lon lon lo da* s At Port au Printt 13th inst. brigs Kinily Filter, Corning, tor New York next day . Heaver. Warren, rordo. Sid 18th brig Helen Augusta, Cuttf, for St V-*®* o load lor New \ ork Ar at Turks Island 6th it. brig Lb-1*" Bernard, rom Demerara. to load for B«**r«*» Ar at St John N F 27th it**. Ship Favorite. Brow a. rom A hi w e p for New York put in tor water,—has 6* pa me ugers, all well. Arat Hillsboro NU 17th iust, brig Morning Star, filler. Portland. Cld JWh. sch Debonairo. Hilt/. Portland. Ar at st John N H 23«i inst, sch Mary L) Haskell, ltskell. Cutler. Ar at do 24th, ship Nile, Alyward. lh bar«,iw> lebecea Goddatd. rolhti. Boston; *'“*Jf?en Knox, tarter. Maryland; J W Fish, S’ w* Thomaatou 'heuix. Gorham. Baugor Cld 23d. sch Princess. Mahor£* fhomaaton. Cld 23d. ships Lizzie Mo- * Liverpool; '.mlly Augusta. Strickland^0, [Persteam* additional.] Sid fht Liverpool1,0 inf‘*’ Eldredge,Coleman, Knt out 15th.for Cieufhegoa and larbadoes; J iOT **ew York. Adv 16th,r PJTia<£> Qu*bec21*t. Kut out i ^ondo11} J*th, American Eagle, l n4u« )trt an.^ ^Nonell. Spencer, tor New York; Mary icri»^®c,lttt. for Boston Peace Loud, fordo 7 , Off Ramsgate 11th, Aurora, Thompson, fin —— for New York. Ar at Cardiff 9th, C C Duncan, Berry, Bristol K 1 12th. Jeuuy ka-tiuan. Kelley, Antwerp: 14th, Wes* t« -n Ocean. Bailey. Hamburg. Shi loth, Frank Lovett, llorton. and T.Iizabefh Jenkirs, Barns, New York; Albatross, l.aughlin, Naples. tiff Y armouth Utb, Potomaj, Ingalls, from New York for-. Sid tm Sunderland 10th, Annie M Yeung. Crosby, New Haven* Shi tm Ardro**an lltb, Fanny Fern. Kol'ins, for Boston; 14th. Argo. Perry, do. , Ar at Melbourne May 14, Annie Boy Is ton, Peter son, London. Sid April at), Fa re k a, Hall, GaPe. Ar at Sydney NSW May 13, 4. harlottc Andrew-*, Jenkins. San Frauci«co. Sid April 23. hicha-d Bnsteed, Mitchell, Galloe: May 17. Siam. Graves. Calcutta. 1 At Bas«ein May 24. Josephus, Paine; M J Smith, ■ Smith; Pericles. Snow, and Fhcita«{ua, Thompson. ( lor Europe. Sid ftn Penang June 6, Ceylon, Sampson, for Bos ton. Shi fin Singapore May 29. Magnet. King, Boston; June 7. Gertrude, Whitman. New Y'ork. Ar at Woosung Hay 20, Rover, Hunt, Foochow; 21st, Endeavor, Doane. do. A rat Foochow May 17. Monsoon, Merrill, Strang* hae. S’d May IS. Lizzie Boggs, Direr, Shanghae; 19tk, ! Rufhven, Williams, do. Ar at Hong Kong May 18, Comet, Wright, from Nagasaki. S:d Mav 16, Benefactress, F.M ridge.Foochow; 21st, Kathay. Manila: 25th, Imperial, llufcbius, Saiflcn. | Cld. Mowako, Mayo, Singa|H>re. Sid fm Macao May lrt, Jamestown d Ss) to cruise. Ar at Manila May 10, Tropic. Hamblin, from Sin gapore. Ar at Akvab Mav 27, C II Soule, Sin nett, Buenos Ayres, (and sailed 30tk for Singapore ) 81d fm Rangoon May 27, Viking, Chisholm, 1or Falmouth F Ar at Singapore May 23. Peruvian, Sargent, from Rangoon. Sjd June 2. Gen Nowell. Milliken. Bangkok. 81d tm Aden June 25, Sarootct, Cobb. Ambent. ^ Sid lm Genoa 9th Inst, Atlantic. Sargent, for Que* Ar at Croustadt 10th lust, Criterion, Coombs, from Sunderland. Ar at Fisiueur 7th inst, Anticch, Giles, Cronstadt for Boston. S’d fm Hamburg 14th inst, Trimountain. Field, ior New York. SI4 fra Antwerp loth inst. Reaper, I.orieg. Cardiff, (and tailed from rln-hiug same day.) Sid (in Flushing 9th lost, Tigress, Stevens, lor New York. BROKEN. May 16, I it 34 23 S. Ion 28 K. ship Montebello, ksi I toy. 04 days from Akvab for Falmouth F. May 29. lat 35 8, Ion 14 54. brig Flight, Thfy, from Algoa Bav ( Gil for Boston. July 8. lat 20 46, Ion 73 50, was seen ship Mont Blanc. Donuell. flora Boston for Havana. July 9, lat 59 X. Ion 22 W. ship Danl Webster, fm New York for London. Julv 15 lat 27 59. Ion 75*. brig C E Kelley, Morrill, from Portland for Matanzas. Jalv 24. lat 33, Ion 72 29, barque Charles Brewer . from Rockland for Matanzas. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. HTATE OF MAINE. To ibi- Honorable Ju.ticc of the Supreme Judicial t oort, next to be holdcn at Portland, aitbin and lor the Cotttjr of tmntxrland on the second Tan. day oj tx-tober, in tbe .ear of our Lord one thou sand eight hundred and ,ixtr-fonr. Frederick G. Memer, of Portland, in said county one of llie Muoictpal olflom of ,a d I’ortlaad **: bibit. tins, bit libel, aiaiust dlteen ken of caepow tier anil three hundred and ffrly-eight canisters of gunpowder, being in tbe wholeauveu hundred and twenty three pound,. which lie, a, one ef the Vfu nicipal effleer. or «aid 1‘ortltnd, on the cisaih d.» of July, A D Udt. in the D eban .table, ,o-cul ed mtuatc in Portland, in tbe yard of tbe house pied by l-atriek Deehan, and ha afleae. araiiut .aid gunpowder, as follows: /*/•#<—That it was kept in •table without a lie cut* having been obtained therefor frem the Mayor and Aldermen of said city of Portland, and In vitiation of the ordinances of said city, and th* regulation* made therefor by tbe municipal tnicer* of said city. ■ ,—- “ “wsiaa pro vided. Xrroad—That it was kept in raid stable la a ..nan I ty greau-rihaa one pound without nay liceneo by the Mayor and Aliarinru of aaid city to'be keeper of aaid gunpowder to keep and Mil the same In mid city. Tkir.f-Ibal yonr libellant bua no knowledge who , tbe owner of said gunpowder la, exc-pt that he ie inlo-iued and believe* that one Patrick Ireehan, at fortland aforesaid, la the owner thereof; that tha value of tlie same la more than twenty dollara: that no person haa claimed and given bond lor the sales that lie haa caused an invuntory aod appraisal therm of to he midebv three disinterested persons ap pointed according to law, who fuse aypraistgl tha same to be of tbe value of one hundred and eighty dnl'a's and s -veutv-nve cents Wherefore be prays, that after unoeotlce given and doe proceedings had, said gunpowder may he d cried forteit d and be sold, and the proceeds thereof, afte dedaoting all proper charges, distribu rtd according to the staiute in such esse mane acd prwyjdod. bated at Portland af .resaid this fifteenth day of July, A. I>. 1M4. b IIElil lilt K (i MESSLK Josish H Ksraai'iu, Solicitor for Libellant. CtrtCBULAXD, at., i Clerk's office, 8. J Court i Rroelved and died July Id, 1884 Attest l». W. FSHMUfDEN. Clerk State of Hnuie. " I cnai UL.iMi, aa. Clbbk's OBtlK «. Sup Ju<t. Court, I . July 25ih. iw.4. I l iron the foregoing J.ibcl. Notice is hereby given to all persons iutaresu-d iu the pravi r thereof, to ap aj*}x*ar I* fort* (b<* of our Supremo Judicial 1 * °urt- *« t** hold» n at Portland, within and ft>r th» < ouutr of ( umberland, on the necoutl Tuesdar of October next. audshi-w cau*e. if anv they bare, why <uoh d«xrroa a* prated for should uot be Attest, L) W. KK8SKNDKN. Clerk jy*» dlt Portland Company. IN compliance w ith the statute. I make the lol'ow ■ng statement of the condition of the Portland l u"l>,n> on '*** *w®uty-siath day ol Jul.y A. L». Assessments voted by Company and paid, |M0 sOOOd Amount of capital block paid In. and now eaieting. 3%7U0du Amo- nt due from the Company about J36 000 Oh Buildings, machinery and ether dxtnres. Mi 57535 The last estimated value, a (hied by tha Aaseaeots to the land, bni dings, wharf *c . l*7 SoO 'JO Aggregate value affixed to all the taxa ble property of the Cor|>oratioB by the Assessors. M2.AUU -0 o •< ovi JOSEPH C. XOYEd, Treasurer Portlaud, July 17, 1984. Stale ef Malar. I OWaXBLABl.. SB.. I ,, . July 17, 1884. | *PP®«rwl- Jo eph C. Noyes, and made oath that the statement of the condition ot the Port land Company is true, according to his beat knowl edge and belief. Before uie, BEXJ. KIXGSIH RV , Ja.. JJ ** d" Justice of tbe Penco. I'ORTIiA.YD COMPANY. STOCK SOLDERS’ MEJCTLNQ A IAL meetiBg of the stockholder* ot tha **orti«Bd Cumpauy will b« held »t tbe room* of the Board of Trade, EjkChaujre 8tr*et, in Port luud, on Thursday, tbe eleventh day ol August a«xt at 3 o'clock IV M , to *co l«t At a hat rate the *‘ock holder* will take up tha additional stock authored to b* issued by tbe act of the Legislature of February awh. 1881 R* Wbother they will Mlland convey the proper ty and assets ef the Company to parti., who will rurnish the additional capital needed lo carry en tha Increased business of tie Works. „ J<> EPU C. NOTES, Clerk. Portland. July 38th, 1884. N. It —The annual mi-etiag for tbe choice ol Di sc t..ra a-d other aeaiteie war adjourned to -ame Itwe and place. Jyis dtd CASCO RANK. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. *|Y11K < uco Cank is prepar' d to no-irtd tubscnp 1. tier* to the new , 8-iO loan iu sums of 950 and upwm*ds, paying interest on name frnm <1at*» ot sub scription to August 15th. the date of the tiorernxuent not* 9. All person* having *50 and upward* now have a *©<‘d opportunity of lending a helping tard to their tiOvi-rnment by subscribing liberally to this loan. Tbs notes are convertible at the end ol three yeais into specie, paying 6 per c?nt 5*90 bonds. E 1’. iiKRklMI. Cashier Portland. Jn'y 29,1964. jyfc» disti Faun for Sale. » I *ftr for sale my Parm, situated - one mile from Wmthrop on the road leading from Augusta Said farm contain* about one bun* ._ dr» d acr * of land, with a g < d «uj • P*y ®f wood and water. The land is new and in a high state ot cultivation. 1 here is on tha premises a good barn, 96 by 36, and about 160 young thrifty apple li«». I will sell the whole togtther. or I will pell about "0 acre# with the barn, orchard and most of the wood. Anv one wanting a good farm, pleasantly and e0»« veaieutly heated, will do well to call anJ examine the alno« property. 1 also otter for »ale a two story Dwelling House and Lot, situated in the Village known as the Meg guire f<>use, and two Stores nearly opposite the Cot ton Factory Any or all o* the above property will be -ol I at /air prices, and <>u ter mrlo suit purchasers For firth er particular* as to prices, Me., callon the .-ubscriter at his store iu Wiotbrop Win*hrop. July 1*64 E. W. KRLLT. j.29 dllA w6w Fryt-btiri? Acitdnny. tllUF. Fall Term of this Indention wit1 commence 1 WEDNESDAY'. September 7, 19 '4k and will continue eleven weeks. Mr. Edwin F. Ambrose l'riicipal Mr. Ambrose is a recent g'aduate of Dartmouth < ollege, and is kfghly recommended as a scholar, teacher and »!•«<>'bid H». B. SEW ALL. Secretary Kryebnrit, Ji*b ®>. 18M J>2» dlvfcalw pCw.aiiu»hip and Book-kfrplai. A 'i* *nU ™Pid writer want, a sitBation aa offi... ..'SEE!! m 1 ®*w»I>:>ndent in a merchaut'* omu , ur aa n riter In a law office. The but of r.f '"T"?!*' A0<"V*’ ABC.* Prvn Offica, Portland. Boy Hissing. RAN away from home on the kith in*t • l..i about 12 y,.„ old. complexion dark b«*i r“ir? mixed* u 1 ? bl*ek checked fl.nurl •Dirt mixed cotton pant*, nboe. and etockiur, and Mb kaaeuthbat. Who >er -ill ,iv. any into™., turn concerning him wUI confer a great faror uoT, friend, .ud ilixll be tnltablv rewarded Tor .i.i troub.e StSPHKN JORDAN Cape hllubelb, Jaly 27,18>d. Jy'iu dlw ■ Waned, VGOOD teuomeut of dve rooms Ibr a .mail lain. S»dt" th jt Apply at tbiaoffiee. Lost. M

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