Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, July 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated July 30, 1864 Page 3
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roiiTL.AND AND VICINITY. AYw AdteiHisemeni* To-Day. National Bank Advertiacnunts-W. K. Gould. Auction Sa’e—E M. Patten Dry Dock Co.—C M. Davis. Notice—Win Strout. Mt. Zircon House—D. D. W. Abbott. For liangor—D. T. Chase. Auction 8ale—E. M. Patten. Fall iu A—Kreil 11 Sir ail. Excursion—Freest. Hapiut 8ocifty. Proposal* for Loan—W. P. Fei tendon. Religious Notices. Religious notices of twenty live words or leas, free all cxce«H of this amount will be charged ten cents a line, eight words constituting a line. This ru 1 hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—[Pun. Pekpk lyitev. Silas Curtis, of Concord, N. II., will preach at Casco Street Church to-morrow. ty’Mr. J. u. Bonner, of Toronto, C. W , will preach at the Ab/sinian Church to-morrow after noon, at 3 o’clock. Sabbath School Concert in the evening, at 7 o’clock. Sy~The sixth lecture on the “Cro**-Bearer” will be given to-morrow evening at West Chapel, at 71 o’clock. Subject—1“The Cross a Shame.” Cy-Kev. Samuel A. Smith, of Cambridge, M ss , will p each at the First Parish Church to-morrow. CZ“Bev. Robert Southgate will preach at Third ParUh Church to-morrow. tyThere will be a Children s meeting at the 2d Parish Church to-morrow evening at 71 o’clock. Ad dresses ly Ale»srs. Thornton and Loveridgc. ty-Thc Washingtonian Society hold meetings every Sunday evening, at S oi T. Hall,866 Congress street, at 7 o’clock. Public invi cd. &y' At Mechanics' Hall, to-morrow, Conierence at lOj A. M. eyPfof- I.auoay will lecture on the Catacombs ot Rome at Free street Baptist Church to-morrow eveunif. " B'ars, and Rumor* qf IPar.’* The l)utit» and iitiponsibiUri » qf'the Christian citizen*.'* Sermon, preparatory to the National Fast, to mor row alter, at 6 o'clock, in the Central Church, by Rev Henry D. Moore, Pastor. School Examinations. The Intermediate School, located ou Centra Street, we examined yesterday. This school was commenced some II ft ecu years ago as an experiment. There was found to be a large number of boys iu the primary schools who were so irregular in their attendance as to be come loo old to remain in those schools before they had the requisite attainments to admit them into the Grammar schools. To save the necessity of turuiug these boys out of school entirely, or of sending them to the Grammar schools before they were qualified to enter, tne intermediate bcbool was established. There is now no school iu tiie city under better discipline than this, or that appears to better advantage, counteracting circumstances Considered. There are 17(5 scholars regis tered; averaged attendance, 01; present at examination, 101; sent up for examination for admittance to the Grammar Schools, 30. This school is to occupy the old High School building on Spriug Street at the commence ment of the next term. Mr. Clarence C. Buck, Principal, and Miss Uichards, Assistant. Mr. • Buck has had charge of the school but one term, during which time he has given the clearest evidence that he is the right man in the right place. It was feared the high posi tion the school occupied under the long and faithful management of Mr. Wentworth could not lie maintained by a new teacher, hut gen tlemen of the committee who have been ac quainted with the school from its commence ment say it never appeared better. We con gratulate Mr. Buck and hit able assistant on their success thus far. St si) ay ScnooL Picnics.—The Park s :reet aud First Parish (Unitarian) Sunday Schools held their picnic yesterday at Quahog Island, going by the schooner Olive Elizabeth, towed by the tug Warrior. They had a good time as usual. The chowder and clam back got up by Mr. James Freeman was excellent, though the latter would have done better if it had been better done. It was stated on the Island that the first Sunday School excursion ever had in our city was got up by the Park street Society in Rev. Jason Whitman's lime, some twenty-live years ago—it was a sail in a large pleasure schooner among the islands. The St. Lawrence street Sunday School held their picnic yesterday at Diamond Cove, going by the schooner II. Prescott, towed by the Warrior. They had an excellent excur sion. The Central Church Sabbath School went to Buxton Grove by the York <t Cumberland cars. The attendance was good, aud a very pleasant tinxr was enjoyed by every one. All the arrangements made by the committee were handsomely carried out. Sudden Death.—Mr. Jacob Storer of Yarmouth, died suddenly in that town on Thursday. lie had complained the day prev ious of being unwell, but was about Thurs day morning be went into the leather manu factory, where he worked, sat dawn on a bench and said that he felt no better than he did the previous day, complaiuing about his head. In a few minutes he dropped back and was seized with a violent fit. Medical aid was immedi ately rendered, and he partially recovered from that attack, but was subject to’severe Bpasms for the space of an hour, his body swelling to great proportion, until the breath left it Coroner J. S. Gould, of this city, was called upon to view the body, and hold an inquesPlf deemed necessary. After hearing the state ment of the attending physician, who pro nounced it apoplexy, Mr. Gould deemed an inquest unnecessary. The deceased was about 50 years of age. He leaves a wife and oue grown up daughter. Harbor Fortifications.—We understand that the suspension of work at Fort Preble will not involve the discharge of the workmen employed there, as they will be transferred to other forts in the harbor. Indeed, this sus pension will probably be but temporary, al though it is believed that the character of the works there will be somewhat changed from the original plan, and so as to supplement the comprehensive system of defences now in contemplation by the Engineer Bureau, which, when completed according to the design, will make an impregnable fortress of this city. Fire in Saccahappa.—A small stable, be longing to George Warren, Esq., at Saccarap pa, containing about twenty five tons of hay, was destroyed by fire yesterday. The ice house near by, belonging to Mr. D. W. Clark, of this city, caught fire, aud the roof was de ttoyed, letting down one side of the building. sue ure occasioned irora smoKiug a pipe in the stable. There was a large lumber yard surrounding it, and but for the stilluess ol the atmosphere there would have been a destruc tive conflagration. Tiie New Loan.—The new loan is meet ing with extraordinary success. The sub scriptions in all the principal cities are very large, and still iucreasiug. In this city those who have a little money to invest are seeking the 7 3 10 bonds. The Casco Bank has re ceived large subscriptions. They receive them on as favorable terms as any other institution. Seven-Thirty Loan.—Subscribers to the new 7-30 loan will And it lo their advantage to subscribe at the First National Bank in this city, as this Hank allows a commission of 1 8 per cent, on oil sums ol $1,000 or over. The sale of the new 7-30's at the Bank yes terday amouuted to nearly $00,000. IIosik for Solbikrr,—The Directors of this institution will be busily engaged to-day preparing the house, so that it may be ready for the reception of soldiers on Monday. Probably our citizens may be called upon to day to subscribe something for this noble and benevolent object. „ Base Bali..—There is to be a match game of Base Ball this afternoon between the Rough * Ready Club and a picked nine Irom the other organizations of this city. The game will take place on the grounds near the Arsenal at 4 o'clock. Excursion.—The Photographers and Frame Makers of this city will close their rooms on Monday next, and make their annual excur sion to Old Orchard Beach. They anticipate a good time. U. S District Court. WAKE, J., Flit81 DING. Kkidat.—Claus Mindermeeu, libellant, vs Captain ol brig Brill. James Wallace, libellant, vs. Same. In these cases, which we reported last week, Judge Ware decreed that the libel of Minder nieen should be dismissed without costs, aud without prejudice to any suit that he might bring in any proper Court for the recovery of liis wages. In the case of Wallace, Judge Ware de creed $01 aud costs for libellant. Howard & Cleaves. Sliepley & Dana. Manuel Sanchez, libellant, vs. John Berry, captain of the brig Martha A. Berry. This is a libel brought by libellant against the respondent to recover balance of wages due him. The libellant does not understand the English language, nor is he acquainted with our currency. He contends when paid oil hu received but *10.50, when there was actually due him *50.50. The respondent contends that the libellant shipped as an able bodied seaman, but ou Ibe voyage found that lie had hut little knowledge of soamansbip, and claims that the amount paid him is al) that be is entitled to. Not finished. E. <1- F. For. Shepley & Dana. Poutlani! Battai.ion.—The organization of Companies A and B was completed last evening by the election of Lieutenants. The officers of the companies are as follows: Co. A—John II. Hall, Captain; Wm. P. Preble, 1st Lieutenant; Stephen Berry, 2d do. The warrant officers are not appointed. Co. B—Edward N. Greely, Captain; Geo H. Abbott, 1st Lieuteuaut; George W. Hall, 2d do. Sergeant*—1st, Wm. H. Sargent; .‘!d, Ed win Bickuell; 3d, Wm. O. Fox; 1th, J. N. Boyd: 5th, E. L. Pickard. Corporala—1 st, L. B. Smith; 2d, F. E. Pray; 3d, P. W. Neal; 4th, C. A. Noyes; 5th, D. W. Ames; tilh, E. B. Tobey;7lh, Luther Hall; Sih, Frank Carter. Co. B. is officered by Veterans; Capt.Gree i_ _ n.-t.:. ..t n.. I) >1«.i. ir.i__ r :_*. Abbott was 1st Lieutenant, and subsequently Captain, of Co. A, 25tli Mai le; Lieut Hall was 2d Lieutenant, and subsequently 1st Lieu tenant, of Co. G, 24th Maine. Carpenter*.—At a meeting of the Jour neymen House Carpeuters’ Association, held at their hall, on Thursday evening last, to take into consideration the present high price of living, it was unanimously Voted, That on and after Monday next. Aug. 1st, to demand an advance of ten per cent, on the present prices paid us for our labor, that we may obtain a fair living during the. high price of every article of daily con sumption. Per order. J. Dow, Secretary. Look Out.—We have been requested to state, for the benefit of all persona interested, that unless all annual Internal Revenue taxes and licenses are paid to-day the penalty for neglect will in all cases he f.xa(ter. For tub Front.—Seventy soldiers from Augusta passed through the city yesterday on their way to join their respective regiments in the Army of the Potomac. Fou Drill.—Co. A, jjtato Guards, in this city, have beeu ordered out for drill to-day by Adjutaut Geueral Ilodsdon. They will meet at the old City Hail at 1 o’clock. For Fisuixg Parties.—The yacht Nettle has been placed in beautiful order, and Capt. Willard is ready to take parties on fishing or pleasure excursious. BY TELEGKAPH -IO THJC P4PKU*. — -. Hardculura of the -ment oh the •fatnea Hirer. Headquarter* Army Potomac, 1 July 28. j The arrival of some troops iu the vicinity of Bermuda Hundreds a day or two ago at Iractcd the atteutiou of the enemy and caused them to believe that au advance on Richmond by way ol Malvern Hill, was intended. A force of two rebel divisions was immediately withdrawn from Petersburg and sent down to check the movement. To counteract lids the 20th corps was detached and seut across the James river, and at half past six yesterday morning our advance met the rebel skirmish ers in open field opposite Jones’ Neck, with a battery in position at the edge of the woods. On the further side of the field a long lino of skirmishers was thrown out, who soon drove the rebels to their breastworks, where they were kept hotly engaged while a brigade of the first division moved arouud on the left of the enemy’s line, and getting on their flank charged and drove them froqi their guns into the woods, capturing 50 or 00 prisoners, four guns and a quantity of small arms. The enemy fell back ou reinforcements who occupied strong works, built there two years ago. Our troops followed taking up a posi tion in their front and flanks, and belore this reaches you the entire force may be captured or routed. The guns taken were four (12 pouuder Parrotts, marked, “ May 20th, near Richmond,” and are the same captured from the lsth corps at Drury's Bind last May.— Our loss was only half a dozen wounded, noue seriously. Gen. Grant rode to the front in the after noon in company with General Hancock, and viewed the position occupied by the enemy. He seemed well pleased with the moruiug’s work. Geu. Foster’s commaud had a lively time with the enemy yesterday at this place. His force brinfe weak fell back to a stronger posi I1UU | nun it in III II* uuiii lilt uiiiiai VI uiu _ia corps, lie lost forty or fifty wounded during the day. An attack ou lVarreu’s front was expected yesterday, but was not made. Ticket and ar tillery filing was indulged in to the usual ex tent. and was sharper than usual in Trout of the 18'.h corps. From Gen. Hhr rntan*# Army. Washington. July 29. The latest official dispatches from General Sherman’s army state that lie is steadily draw ing his Hues closer around Atlanta. lie has as yet received no tidings of the cavalry force sent out to cut the Maeou and Columbus rail road, which is the only means of escape for the rebel army from Atlanta. New York, July 29. The Tribune’s Washington dispatch of the 28th, says dispatches received this evening from Gen. Sherman’s army, state that there has been no material change. Atlanta is withiu grasp of Gen. Sherman, and could be occupied at any moment, but tbe capture or destruction of the rebel army is what he is contending for. The rebel loss since our army crossed tbe Challahoochie, is estiuiated at 18,000. Gen. Stoneman is soon expected back from his raid. Washington, July 29. A dispatch received here states that Hood made efforts to renew the assault upon Gen. Shermau’s Hues since the battle of Friday; they were, however, feeble efforts, which were easily and promptly repelled, with a lots to i Sherman of only about 100 men. Various Items. Baltimore, July 29. There is no late authentic news from the Upper Potomac. There is one thing certain, that the rebels have not crossed the Potomac, but had. at last advices, disappeared from the line of the river. Our forces are understood to be vigorously pushing the rebels south of the Potomac. New York, July 29. Gen. Averill is on duty at Hagerstowu. St. Louis, July 29. Gen. Bosecrans has called tor nine regi ments of Slate Volunteers, to lid the State of guerrillas. Gov. Hall urges the people to fill these regiments immediately. Philadelphia, July 27. The steamer Republic, from New Orleaus, makes tbe follow iug report: “On the afternoon of the 27tb, when north of Cape Ilatteras, saw a suspicious steamer steering north. She was bark rigged, painted black, and burned soft coal. She steered for tbe Republic, but tbe latter lost sight of erh at six o’cloc* in the eveuing.” StrageHe Vosition of the Army above Hev~ mnda Hundreds. New York, July 29. a be Post's Washington dispatch says Gen. Grant has secured a very important and stra getie position above Bermuda Hundreds, gain ing command of a uew base of supplies, only ten miles from Richmond, as the result of i Wednesday engagement. rojBK. j Portland Daily Press. _ - — Froth Harprr'tt Form Orrnjintion uj Mttr tinsbnry by thr Fntrrat Troops. Bai.timokk, July 21). The American’s special dispatch, dated Harper's Kerry, says: Harper’s Kerry is once more the scene of active military operations. The military au thorities have pushed forward their move ments with unusual vigor, sagacity and se crecy. If the re I It I force lingers anywhere near Winchester a battle is among the proba bilities within the next few days. If fought at all it will bo fought under circumstances which I believe will give it success. There is nothing important from up river. The rebels withdrew their pickets from oppo site Williamsport on Wednesday night, and yesterday Geu. Kelly occupied Martinsburg. Telegraphic communication with that placets not re-established, nor lias auy train yet ven tured up, as the condition of the road and bridge at Opequon Creek is not kwsrwn. The bridge over Bush Creek, beyond Martinsburg, it is reported, lias been destroyed. A train crossed the bridge at Harper's Ferry . to-day for the first time since the last rebel I occupation. Harper’s Ferry has been burnt over again, this being the fourth or fifth time since the war began. Xone of the private buildings of the town have been injured. Front tiiurtrslon —Ttoinharitinritt of thr City autt Fort Suintrr lCrnrirnt — I Grrut Sc air New York, July 20. The Palmetto Herald of the Slat states that Admiral Dalilgreu has left for Charleston liar boi. , The Vermont would sail for the North with in a week, aud after befng repaired it was ex pected site would be stationed at Norfolk ns a receiving ship. Fort Sumter was undergoing another des tructive bombardment from our batteries, and serious damage Las resulted to some of the strongest portions of the tort. The fire on 1 Charleston was kept tip. The work of erecting residences for the reb el prisoners on Morns island progresses, though the rebels annoy the workmen to the extent of their ability by shelling the build iugs. Gen. Foster’s late expedition created a great scare in Savannah. The rams were moved down to the obstructions on the river, and Gen. Johnston sent a brigrde of Georgia troops to Savannah, which was diverted at Augusta to Johns Island, where they partici pated in the light of the 'Jib. from Mrmphis. Memphis, July 20. Apparently authentic reports front Helena say that an expedition consisting of a regi ment, u portion of the loth Illinois cavalry and a section of a battery left- that place on Monday morning, going in the direction of White river. When near Nelson, eighteen miles out, they encountered a formidable rebel force, and after a short fight were obligetl to retire with a loss of twelve killed and four teen wounded The rebels pursued to within nine miles of Helena, where our troops made a stand, and a sharp light was going on when our informant left. The remainder of the loth cavalry and other reinforcements were rapid | ly lieing sent forward from Helena. Gen. Washburn has issued an order that all persous of West Tennessee and Mississippi having cotton will be permitted to bring it to Memphis and store it with the Government Quartermaster, liable to such disposition as may hereafter be made of it, the Quartermas ter giving bis receipt therefor. Any cotton bought aud disposed of in any other way will be confiscated to the use of the Government. From Xctr (Jrl•antt—Rumored Capture of the Firate Florida. New York, July 29. The steamer Fung Shug, from New Or leans 21st iust., has arrived. Sha passed the Arago and Yazoo bound up the river, and the Geo. Washington oil' the Belize. On the 27th saw a side wheel steamer chase a blockade runner, and gave chase, but soon abandoned it. The Era of the 21st iust. mentions a rumor that the pirate Florida had been captured by our gunboats, but states that it is untrust worthy. The gunboat Melacomet, front the Mobile lilockade, bad arrived at New Orleans. Cairo, III., July 29. The steamer Emperor, from New Orleans 21st iust., has arrived. Site reports that there was a rebel battery of about five guns above Skipwitb’s Landing, which tired several shots iuto an iron-clad gunboat on the 24th, doing little damage The steamer Clara Belle, which left Vicks burg for White river, has not been heard from, and it is feared she has been destroyed. Fron* Wasliinytoti. Washington, July 29. Regulations have been prepared by the Treasury Department for warehousing distill ed spirits, coal oil, naptha and manufactured tobacco, under thu recent internal revenue law. T wo new classes of warehouses are cre ated, to be exclusively used for this purpose, under the direction of the officers of the in ternal revenue. The regulations adopted are in most respect* similar to those which gov ern the establishment and administration ot custom warehouses. A number of Indian treaties having for tbefr object the removal and iocatiou of vari ous western tribes, were not acted upon by the Senate at the last session ot Congress, it being deemed inexpedient dpring the present unsettled conditiau of tha country to carry out their provisions. One hundred Maine soldiers have died in the Washington Hospitals within the last twenty days. Regatta. Worcester, Mass., July 29. The College Regatta on lake Quinsigamoud in this ci'y, was attended by a host of people to day. The Sopbmore boats of Yale and Harvard Colleges, rowed tbe first race, the Harvard boat beating handsomely. The time was. Harvard 19 minutes, 0 seconds; Vale 20 min iitpa 111 h(M*nn<la). Tbe race of the University boats of Har vard ami Yale resulted in a victory for Yale. Time, Yale lit minutes, t second; Harvard 19 minutes, -Id 1-2 seconds. The Yale boys are, of course, in good spirits. For the Citizens Regatta to-morrow, wher ries, four oared and six oared boats, are ad milled. The Atlantic Cable. St. Johns, N. F., July 29. Cyrus W. Field, Ksq.,lelt to-day for Valeu tia Bay. He visited Trinity Bay yesterday. Heart’s Content Is the place where the Atlan tic Cable will be landed. Mr. Field proposes to build a laud line thence to Placentia, ltltl miles in length, and over a good road the en tire distance. The eabie will connect Placen tia Bay with Cape Breton. Capt. Orlebar, of H. M. Steamer Margaretta Stevenson,, will in et Mr. F.old at Placentia to make sound ings. The weather is beautiful and clear, wind west, thermometer 75. From South America. New York, July 29. Panama advices of the 17th, per steamer Costa Rica, state that several small revolu tions in South America are reported, but were general promptly quelled. There is nothing lurther from Peru. It is stated that one of the vessels which furnished piovitioos to the Spanish licet off the Chincba Islands, was the Chilian. The Chilian Congress refuses to interfere in tbe Peruvian Spanish troubles. The steamer Golden City arrived at Pana ma on the 17th, from San Francisco, Cotton cultivation is general throughout Central America. From Mieeouri. St. Louis, Mo., July 28. The Democrat’s St. Joseph dispatch says that Col. Catherwood is makiug clean work in Clay county, of the guerrillas. It nlsosays Thornton and part of his force crossed the Missouri river just above Lexington. The recruiting for the new twelve months men is very brisk and there w ill be no diffi culty iu raising the men called for. Many prominent men are enlisting. Urn. Ilouoiit Ateigard to the Com mmol of rfce Department of Cincinnati, July 29. Private advices from Gen. Shermau’s Head quarters, announce the assignment of Gen. Howard to the command of the army and de partment of Tennessee, the position made va cant by the death of Gen. McPherson. Gen. Howard’s chief of staff, will be Lieut. Col. Warren, formerly of the 76th Ohio. Arrival of the 5th Mate. Itnjh/irnt. New Youk, July 29. The 5th Mass. Regiment arrived here this morning. It was immediately transferred to i ferry boats and sent to Amboy, not making ' any landing hare. -R2— "■_ 1 ^ J .BJ —ramssrrr Arrival of Wounded Soldier*. N k\v Yohk, July 2U. The sleauu r Western Metropolis has arrived witli 590sick and wounded soldiers from the Hi Id hospitals at City i’oiut. The j;r*at ma jority of tile .soldiers are not very sick, and will soon return to the army. Some of them were wouuded in the trenches near Peters bnro. Seizure of n Schooner, Fortress Monroe, July Sfii. The schooner Commerce was teized in Hampton Hoads yesterday afternoon, by the Provost Marshal, lor containing contraband goods from Yo^ktown taken from that place when it was evacuated. I _ The Rebels not Croaainy the Votomnc, The special dispatch from Lancaster, I*a., announcing that, the rebels were crossing the Potomac at Williamsport, is without founda f tion In fact. Netc York Market, Nbw York. Ju'v 29 Cotton—firmer: sales700 bales at 1 62 for middling uplands. Hour-sales 15 000 bbls; State and Western 10$ 15c higher; State 9 20<£10 25: Round iloop Ohio 1020 @1200; Western 9 25@lOl6: fcouthorn firmer; sales 9u0bbl»i; Extra do 10 25@13 60; Cauada 10@16c high er; sales 500 bbls; Extra 996@12 CO. Wheat—\n2c higher; Milwaukee club 2 2d®2 42; Roil Winter Western 2 61 @2 60. Coru—lc bettor; sales busbels; mixed Wes tern 1 On a.1 tl. Oats—firm; sales Cauada at 1 02@1 03. lJeef—quiet. Pork—lower sales 6650 bbls; new mess 8700® 38 00. t ard—firm : sales 1120 bbls at 19|@20;c. Rutter—firm : State at 88®45c. Whiskey—firmer; sates 15*0 bbls at 1 7kftl 74. Sugar—quiet: sales 2 O hhds Muscovado 21 &21Je. Naval Stores—dull. Petroleum—quiet. Tallow—active; -ales 175,000 tbs at 19j@19jc for prime Fasti rn. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. Wool—dull. Stock Market, New York, July 2# Second Hoard.—Stocks better. Uuitod States 5-2>.» coupons.K)c Treasury 7 3-Piths. 1074 United States one year certificates new. 95 J American (jold.268 New York Central,.135 Erie.112$ Hudson.1 4 Reading.137 Michigan Southern. Cleveland & Pittsburg.•.114j Michigan Central.140 Illinois Central scrip.1304 Cleveland & Toledo..144 Chicago A Rock Island.....Ill W If. It,•#../> MM 1/ *•#.*#»/ . XkwOrlkauf July 21. Cotton «!•* dull at 1 uo&l €3 for low middling. Sugar %?} higher on tbc wee* ; sale* at 27q,28c. Mela**!* WA&U&c for prime new Western Produce excited and auvnnclug The Light Draft Monitors. To the Editors qf the /loston Daily Advertiser : Gentlemen— Haring seen an article copied into pome of our Boston papers from a New York journal, to the effect that there had been some disagreement between the contractors of the new light draft monitors and the Navy De partment, I deem it a duty to all concerned to state the facts for the information of the pub lic. 1 attended all the meetings of the contractors recently held in New York, aud can say that the utmost harmony prevailed. We were fairly met by the officers appointed by the government, on all questions. In relation to the payments for back work, and future improvements, there was no disposition manifested to deprive us of a sin gle dollar; on the contrary, we have reason to believe that all our payments will be promptly approved, as those already earned according to the terms of the contract have been. In relation to the monitors, the Department has delegated ( apt. Ericsson to make such im provements in them as will render them availa ble for coast and harbor defence, and when we consider their light draft, fwr these purposes, they will be very efficient against any foreign force. It is well known that all the foreign iron-clods are very deep and would not therefore approach our monitors, which could be moored in shallow water, or kept under steam as cir cumstances might require. The superiorly of their artillery has been tested in the contest be tween the “Kcarsarge” and the “Alabama.” As they are in various stages of advancement, some of them not nearly completed, theexpensc of the contemplated improvements will not be so great as the public has been led to suppose, (.'apt. Ericsson, who with others has the matter in charge, is well known to the scientific World, and does not therefore require my endorsement; but this much I may say, that his construction of the first monitor saved the nation from a great humiliation. I have examined the “Dic tator" and “Puritan'* which he has designed and sujKM in^ndcd, and consider that in mate rial, workmanship and invulnerability they ex cel anything which 1 have seen iu England or i: ranee. 1 am well aware that the public has been quit* restless in relatiou to the movements of the Navy Debartment. on-account of the depreda tions of the “ Alabama, ** “ Florida, " and “ Georgia; ” but if the facts were generally known they would show that the power of these vessels has teen greatly exaggerated. In aletter to Senator Grimes, which you published some time since, l boldly asserted that the “Alabama** was inferior in speed and fighting qualities to our sloops of war, the tiuth of which was clearly demonstrated in the recent glorious naval com bat. The difficulty has not been a want of vessels of the right class to destroy these British rovers, but to obtain sight of them. It is my deliberate opinion that almost any of our sloops could overhaul the ' Florida” in a twelve hours* run, and bring her to action. The accounts of her great spied, from the sue of the vessel, aud her well known motive power, arc entirely iucorrect. I do not believe she can l»e driven more than twelve knots an hour under steam alone for more than two or three hours at a time. If the public will only exercise a little patience, they will find that the Navy Department has not neg lected its duty iu this hour of our national strug gle, aud that in the designs of even the light draft monitors it has acted with more skill than many have believed. These vessels w ere a bold experiment, an innovation upon all previous notions of iron-clads, and could not l>e expected to be wholly perfect at first, but I am confident that without changes from the first design, they would be most valuable fur home defence. To make them available for action in Southern wa ters, in all weather, the proposed improvement is necessary. In addition I would earnestly recommend the construction of a number of sea-going wooded ships, heavily iron-clad, with high speed, from 24 to36 guns—and thus secure the respect of all the other nations of the world and the best guar antee of impartial neutrality. Donalo McKay. rk-orkx i:d. The subscriber* would respectfully announce to their numerous friend* and the public that they have thoroughly Bepaired- Befitted and Befnrni hed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) » Which will be c,wn on and after MONDAY, JULY 25th. Mr»!s and Lunches at all hours of lb; Pa) anil [Train;. I O K O K E AMS. PL.UX AX’D FAX’CY CAKE, FBI IT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s I'a’eut lee Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES SUPBIED AT SHORT NOTH E. We shall be hat py to pee all our o'«l friends and make a host of new one*, aid trust that uone will | have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. J)2S _ tf STEAM FOR NEW ORLEANS. INDEPENDENT LINE. /'itfftx The iron steamship Oriental, Cant. II. (iardn*o, will leave Central Wharf, BwiUon, ior New Orleans, direct, on Wednesday, August 3d, at 6 P M. For freight engagements or f <r pa-say, c, apply to LANG k DLLANO, ( or to Cil AS 8FKAH, Ag nt. » Bwto11 or A. So 11 HUB V, Railroad Wharf, Jy2H dtd Portland. L. J. HILL. A CO., Wholesale Dealer* in Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No aa YORK STRKKT. 1‘OKl'LAND. Green and Roasted Coffee in the Grain. Ground Coffee aua Spice* of all kinds. Coffee and Spice* ground to order. All orders promptly attended to. Jj26 dim linre Chance. i m< I purchase a stock e f Millinery, with rent of one A or the beet stands in the city. Address through I*. O., j>aetf MILLINER. Portland. vj ozoDONT.—This preparation for cleansing, beau* l tifying and preserving the teeth, m not w arranted to make new teeth grow in the place of old ones, but it docs accompli*h all that it promises —-Zion’s Herald and JFaleyan Journal, HoUon. meh 16 It CITY NOTICES. COLLECTORS notice. CITY OT POUTLA^D. TIIOriCE is hereby given that State, CouLty and 1* City faxes. lor the } ear 1968, wore, ou tho 2-<tl» day ol «July, le68. legally us.-c. »-ed uy tho As.esJors of the City of Portland, on tho following described Ueal F^iate, situated in said city, to pro prietors resident theieiu, in the sum* lieieiu respec tively set agaiust e c * parcel ui part els ol said Ueal K-tate; ana fax lasts wiTii a warrant for the col lection of the same unsaid tweuiy-iighth day of July, 1363, w>n* duly ivgaed aud deli eied by saia Aesessora to 11KXKY P. IJJUD, treasurer ai d Col lector of J axes ol said < ity lor the year aforesaid; and DiuoAnouths have elapsed fiom the date of said assessment and the taxes hereinafter named remain unpaid. Value. Tax due. Ahlen Charles, house and laud 27 Cedar street. 2 lb"* 34 56 Allen Wm 2d, estate, house aud land Popiar st i ot, 400 6 76 Anderson Wm, estate, house and laud rear Washington street, 700 10 08 Averiil John, house and land Pearl a»1 Virg n s recta, *2 300; shop on leas ,.<i land Cnion street, tflOo, 2>00 34 56 Baldwin Win, housi, s ores ana laud Centre and Pleasant streets, 10,000 144 CO Llako John, house and latd Mel bourne street, 1,500 2160 Hreslin 1 human, house and land Cumberland street. 2,100 30 24 Brown James 1, house and laud Smith r reet, 1,800 18 72 Bryant Mrs Daniel, house aud land lo9 Congress street, 1,500 21 60 Capon Charles, house and land >uinner street, 700 10 08 Clai k Frtemau 6, houtcand land 10 Park Place, 1.800 25 92 Co.liue Thomas, stable on leased land Cress rtieet, 2 00 2 88 Cushi g t barle- W, house and land Luugldaud, 20) 2 98 Djuali.n? Elizabeth, vacant lanl Muuumont street, P"K) o 76 Drostrom Charles, house on leased .ana Fore street, 2t)0 288 fOvdO, 14,iOO 20160 Dyer Wm II, estate, house and land 62 Fiauktiu street, 1,800 25 92 Ft*nly Mo.iuaa J. house aud land 78 Cumberland sheet. 1.5C0 2660 Furbish Julia A M, one-half house and lanu 59 and 5« Free street, 5.5 "0 79 20 Furbish James C M. oue-hatl house and laud 56and 58 Free street, 5,500 79 20 Fu loug Lriah it, oue-half land Salem street. 300 4 32 Geriy E.bridge, land Washington street, 3X) 4 32 Gibson John Louie aud land Wash ington street, 6no 8 64 Graffam Joseph, house and laml Federal street, 7.000 46 00 Gr.tlin David II, house and land Long Island. 300 4 32 Griffin Jeremiah house aud laud Loog Island, 100 144 Gritliu Moses, house and land Long l>iaud, 200 2 88 Gridin William, h-U^e and land L'Oig Inland, 600 7 20 GrtfToth. Brown & Crock* r. land Congress street, 300 4 32 Griiteth John, land west c-f Clark street, 2i» 2 88 Binds fhoma*, house aud laud Freemau's court, 1,200 17 28 Jordan Ignatius, estate, two thirds house aud land 37 Greea stie> t, 1.200 17 29 K« Hog Joseph M, house and land 2( 31 umberlai'd street, 2,800 40 42 . Kirby Wil.iam land on court south tu.-i ui in c mg sueci, ivu iu UO Libby Daukd, i.« use, shop aud laud Cougres* and litmlock street*; 400 12 96 Libby Joseph F. building* on 1 as ed land Treble str*et, 81,20c; I oust* aud laud Alder street *1.4«0. 2,000 12 41 ba! Libby Mathias, home in Hock. Franklin street, *3.700; bouse aud land Lin col - aud Fran k)<u streets *4,400; } land and flat* Lincoln aud F n..klin street-, 86U0; land Boyd aud Liucoln streets, 81,C00; land Liucolu street. 5*4 0. 16,100 145 44 L> lc1i Johu, house and laud Top* lar street, C(k> 4 32 Manuel Philip, house an 1 laud Fox •treat, 30} 4 32 McAu'ey Jehu, house and land 11 Willow street, 1,10) 25t2bal McDonough Thoms*. heure and land 17 Centre street, 6*«J 7 At McGliurhy Andrew, house and land Congress street, 1.SG0 23 02 Me Kenney 1 hoinas. laud and bui d* iugs 425 Congress street, 1,7' 0 24 48 Me Maname Mich«ol,hou*eunU land i uinberland street, §&A>; Isnd Hammond and Winthrop streets, 8JUK). 800 11 52 Norton Albert, house and land Moutreal stiec:, 81 000; budding 8400, 1,4*10 2016 Norton Ste| lieu B. house aud land Moutreal street,t»700; ]iaudAu* rfersou street. 8300, 1,000 14 4) Csborut* Ma.y C. • ni-half house and land 15 and 17 Mayo Hire t, 1,000 14 40 Oweu Geor.e, laud aud buddings Fore aud C* ttou streets, 82,800; Ian ' and buildings Fore street, 8? 600, 11 400 164 16 Parsons Marston C, hupse and land Long Island, 2o0 2 88 Potter George, estate, house and lat.d V\ ashiug’on street. 609 8 64 WuiikJohu. house and laud rear North ftreet SOO 2 88 Bedlon Benjamin N , house fnd land, Vaughan street 900 12 96 Rich Gardner, land and buitdiigs, Yoik and Park streets 2 700 88 83 Sanford George, house and lasd, Teak's 1-laud 400 6 76 Sheridan John, heuee eud land N. E. «! OMB Hm-t, 1C00 14 40 Sheridan Martin, house aud UlU, 75 Sumner street, 2 6C0 8100 Skillings Stephen, house and laud, Wauut street, 800 11 5i Bliuo Edward, Louse aud land, 30 Lat'aj ette *tre ct. 700 10 08 Smith MichatI, house aud laud, Soring street. 900 1310 Smith St. John, house and land, 4 oderal aud Pearl streets, 83 500; home and land 61 Winter street, 83 100, 6 600 96 04 Spear Elizabeth, house and land, Wasfclaiton stieet, 510 7 20 Stanlord Rubeit. house and land, \\ a-biiigiou stieet, 600 7 20 Stan woed Char es, house a .u land, Monument street, 1 400 20 16 Starling A G. one-half land and building', Home Island 2 700 33 88 Stevens Joua. estate, one-four teenth house aud laud, 122 Cum* berlaud street. _ 2 27 Sweeney John, ehopon Teased land, Commercial street, 8400, 40» 6 76 Talbot Abraham, estate, house and laud Lafayette street. COO 8 64 Tnurstou Harriet E, Louse and land, Lincoln street, 2,800 33 12 Todd Isaac, estate, house and land, 21 Centre street. 1,200 1728 Walker Joseph J, house and laud, , Braeke t street. 7,000 100 80 Walker JHoody F. land Congress st e*-t, 8»>»*; laud and buiUtingsiM Federal treat, 87,000; aton-saud laud 19 Temple street, 94 2 0; hou e and lane 97 Brackett street, *8 : stores aud laud >-ortl«nd aud oreea streets. 87 500. 27.700 39* 86 Wild rage Ami, stores and land aud 92 Middle str ct, *15.0 0; house and land 21 Dantoith str et, 82.600 17,600 252 00 Williams J R S, house and land 44 State street, 7,20) lu8 69 William- Tnphtuia, house aud land Elm street, 1,2m) 17 28 Wood John M, ln»u*c and land Mi i die and Hampshire ft reet. 94.700; laud and buiioiugs Middie aud Pearl s*reets 888tkJti; house aud laud 1$Pearl -treel,*2,900; house and laud 42 Middle street. «4.60O; land aud buiulings l*' and 4J> Deer stree-, *2.20"; Uou*o* and tat d, 10. 12 aud 14 Pearl stnet. *9 200 64,200 924 48 Woodbury Francis, estate, laud »U'1 buiidiugd Teak's Bland, 9*0 4 32 bal Wright Johu. land Merrill afreet. 600 s »V4 Aud by virtue o!‘ authority and direction given me by the said Henry K. Lord. Treasurer and Collector of sa'd CPy of Portland, 1 hereby give notice, that unless said taxes, acorn*d interest, and all necessary intervening vbtrftf, are p id on or before SATUR DAY. the thirtieth day ot Ju y next at teu o clock in the forenoon, 1 shall then proce* d to sell at Public Auction, at the old Probate Court Boom, iu the City Building, in the City of Portland, to the highest bidder, so nr’ch of said Beal Estate as may be ntces sary for the pay incut ol said tax* s, interest ana all charges. JullN T. HULL. Deputy Collector of Taxes for the City of Portland. t,*l. .IOt CITY OF PORTLAND. 31ayor'b OFFit u. Ju y 26. 1*64. I 1,1 OR the information o those desire us ot enlisting as AepresenttUire Recruits or Substitutes. the following statement respecting bou a tits, Ac, is given: ah enrolled person may furnish a substitute of a person not iable to draft for one, two, or throe years, in either the army or navy,which will exempt the party thus furnishing, from dra;t duiing the term of »ervice. If enlisted for three years a State Bounty of thiee hundred dollars is {.aid to tbesubsti* tutHo United states HouMir* a . paid. Any citizen, who, from over age, or other causes, is not restored by law to perform any military ser vices, may furnish a representative recruit for time years in tie army. A State Bounty of 8300 to be paid when muMertd iu. and a United State* Boun ty of 83 0, payable in installments, togethi r with the sura of 82Hi paid by the person who is represent ed. makimr a total of %SOO rtcciied by therepie sentative recruit. i‘ he i* a veteran or alhu. Volunteers receive from the ftate 6**00and from the United Sta es 83» 0. making a total of "til t) Bounties, pa d for thr» e years sen ice Representative recruits wH l*e enlisted by flic City on the pa mint i f **2in tor the i arty p*\ir,g the same, in the order iu which reciuits are received. Applications for enlistment may be made at this office. JACOB Mi LKLLAX, May r. j>26-edlw. Argus aud Courier copy. n». u. n. rich, ! SURGEON DENTIST, HO 145 MIDDLE 8T.. PORTLAND, (Opposite fool of Free Street,) Having titt d up the above named rooms, he would be happy to wait ou all who may wish for the ser vices of a skillful Dentiit. Every branch <\f ten tistry will receive careful attention, and perfect sat isfaction will be warranted. j>26d3m Sales \ Safes \ \ ZOR BALK AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLASD,.ME. JylSdSra For the Inlands. On and after Juno 18thtbesteamer CASCO will until ftirther notice leave Burnham's wharf, for Teak’s and Cushiug's Islands at 9 and 10.80 A. 31.. aud 3 and 3 80 T. 31. Returning will leaveCushiug's Island at 9.48 and 11 15 A. M.. and 2 45 aud 6 15 T 31 Tickets25 cent*, dowu and back; Childreu 16ct«. June 9— dti ; MISCELLANEOUS. | STATE OF HI \ I > i;. j ’ llKAOqL Afc J EKS, ADJL'TANTOKNKRAL'OOmi K, I . Augusta, July 20th, 1861. j Oenertl Order, No. 27. * The anticipated call of the President for54»,0(K* volunteer*, for one year's service, haa been mane, ami he announce* a draft immediately after Septem ber oth, next, to (ill the quota of each locality then found deficient, and such draft will necessarily he had lor dohcittucU‘4 under ail or cither ot the three last calls of October, February and March last, if any are lound th* n to exist. r?vos? M»r*bals will make the apportion merit under this call indue time, upon the various Cities, Towns and Plantations. III— Maine's quota will amount to the aggregate ot calls upon it of • etober and Y ebruar> Iasi *ud lu detail the same, except >o far a* tie total of each en raiment by th.- Provost Marshal* is changed iu the respective localities. IV— The brief term of terviee required of troop under th * call, with the liberal Botintie* from State nud General Governments, and credits for longer periods of enlistments, will, it is hojej, ensure the dlling ol ties State's quo'a with volunteers. V— The organization of one hundred days’ men as contemplated by the Governor s Proclamation and Geutral Order No 21, of the 18th Inst , will not he undertaken ; the War Depar met t electing o unite the efforts ot the State, upon the enlidmeot of men for not le»» tbau one yeai 'a service. VI— The nam s of persons in the Navy hithcr'o omit'od, should be rjtnmed forthwith to this utlice by the Munic.| a) authorities o: their res •tenor, that credit may be secured upon this call VII— GeLerai Order >o. 55. of the ISth instant, is here with promulgated: I. The State bounty of #3 <0 will be paid t*> men eul sting prior to the Draft, as substitutes for those who ar enrolled aod liable thereto, as well as ihot-e who are not, provided the Cities. Tow. s and Pianta t ons to whiub the volunteers are credited, nave tilled 1 heir quotas under the call of the !*rtsidin', in Octo ber a<t. II. Men not en relied or liable to Draft, are at lib erty to tumidi volunteers as their representative*, from those pei» *ne who are enrolled and iiab> to •lrali ss well as others, and the pl tees o' re*i ience of the Voluntae * thus liabe, will »*e credited for them upon their quotas. Volunteer* not liable, and not residing in ih s State, mav be credited anv lm-ti. ify cnosen by tlietr pr». c pals. III. Tenon*not liable to enrolment, taring no residence ui this State, can enlist for whom and where they plea e, aud ran rifcoive the State bounty of $800, it the places to which they are credited hare fi led their October quota*. IV. Men :ial*le to Draft, are *0/ at liberty to fur ui*b aseubstitu «•«, those who are atm thus liable; only tlio<e who a e a iena or not liable to enrolment! w» 1 he accepted ai.d rice.v» Mate Hourly as Sub stitute* for enroll*d men. To recapitulate. 1st. State bounty to reprcaeLtative volun teers. 2J. #£00State Bounty to enrol\d men or their substitutes, who volunteer prior to the draft. .‘U. The-'e It. untie* not payable unle-s the Ccfo ter quota of the place to which thse voluu cers aie credited, is prev.ou Iv filiid. 4th. Keprcsentative volunteers may be enrolled meu a* well as in *n not liable to draft & h. Vo uutetr sut dilutes f .r enrolled m n, must bo these not thi ui* Let* 1 able 10 draft,—such a* al era. those under $11 years of ag.*, Volunteers tii*- i charged alter 2 * ears service, ice. 6th. Mru r.-*i lii.g 111 this Sta’o iible to dr*‘t. wbetl er enrolled or • o\ it enlisting as substitutes, ran*! b i credited to the places of their is idepce, a* n!*o mu.t all volunteer who have a residence in tbi« State. 7th. The foregoing aj pliee sol ly to volurte r cc listuients for thiee year* uu ess sjoeer d • hirg d. 9*h. No premiums paid for any enlistment. VIII- Enlistment* in the Aimy or Navy for on* year'* service, entitle the volunteer to $100 btatc b«»Ji.t . and $100 t overmd« lit bounty; lor two years service #200 bouuty each, from State ar 1 Uai teiSt t •; lor three year* set % ice fruiXT tacb frem same. A»<railed men or their sutgtiiutes ret tire no lior. rnmtnt ti nntp. IX Due credit* will I «• given upon the picsent call for enlistment* for terms of aarvfca < xo«edicg one year. X. Under War Department Older N'o. 227, of the 9Mi instant. (ju«t received,)tor recruitir g in certain ol the Mtatcs iu rebellion, suitable per-oc* will be authorized by the Dove*ror upon due recointneuda tiou, to engage io that servicciu txhaM oin-ch C ities, low us aud i lautat on*. and *►-* cNutior > et ei ruled men and others a* may cltct flms to fill th*i» quota.* and procure subdilutes. Heimburxtuu ut t f su hor i/ d State H« unties for tolutit»ei* t* u* obtained, wriil be made as soon a* the State is credited at iho Adjutant Deuersl’s Office 'n VVa*hiugt< u w ith such ciil'stmont*. aud the requisite rolls and papers are !' tiled in thi* office. XI—The procurement of reprefen'ain e\ olnntM r* and substitute* for 1 nrollid men a matter of individual responsibility. and p« r-or.ul obligation, parties are at liberty to make such eon nets there for as their interest* demand, hut recruiting expen ses 1 curved in thi* State b Muni ipal authorities iu their official capacity to HU tne quota* of the re spective cities, towns aud plantation* is limited by law’ to #25 tor each recruit. By order of the l orumander-in-Chief. JOHN L. Hui»rtDoN\ jy25 cxllw&w3t Adjutant Demerol. \eu Boat for llarpsucll. On and alter Monday, July 11th, l$t>4, the new and superior stiaim-r JIAKtfcNA JOHNSON, Will !««*« M follows : Leave Cuj'ooi Hosi Whsrfat§ 45 K'-tui mug, leave llarpswe 1 at 4 F. M , touching a* abn f Kx^ur*i >u tickets to liarpswell. 75 cents; Teak's Island. 2. cents; Diamond Cove or Chebeaguo Is land*. f.0 cent*. Single ticket* same a* above. Large parties taken at seasonable rate* The public are Invited to inspect thi* boat, it beiug luted up in a tupeiior style, aud is by Ur the *alvsc ezenrsi *u boat in • boot waters. For forth* r particular* inquire of DEO. WATER HOI'SF, Agent, 011 board, or J« II. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 B. F. HAMILTON & CO. Succeaaor* to C. IV. Robin.on A Co. \V OULU very respectfully invite all former pa * v lions to the house, and ta 1 public generally to a free examination of our go>d* at all time*. With long experience and close atteution to the waufsof customer*, aud adheriug strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Be'isving it to be better for the buyer as well as tbe seller, we ho|>e to merit % large charge of pa louage. Several lots of goods to dose cheap to make room tor N K W Ci l> O D « . Mr XV. N Trioce, together with the employees in the store are to be retained and will be happy to see »L the'r customers a* lor** erlv, B. F. it AM1LION 4 (0 . Corner Congress aud Treble streets. )u«©17eodtr For tlie NIillioii ! Lane’* Patent DOLLAR WA8HING MACHINE. TI1UE ft* at practical Washing Machine that has A been p aced before the public. Every faatilycon afford to have one. ibis machine is having a rapid sale, from the faet that it recommends itself. Car tic* wishing a pleas aut and profitable business br taking the cootrole ot a county, can obtaiu the same bv calling at 229 Con gress street, next door to New City Hall. juL 7dlm Law Furlnrahlii. HOWARD & CI.EAVK8. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Middle SI., over Casco Rank, POltT/.A&'D, ME. J.'SIPB HUH'SHI) UTH1I CLKAVK*. Jylsdft w3m Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! -A_t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 1S2 and IS4 Exchange St., Opposite the International House. raayTdtf H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, Ho. 8 Clapp s Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. Artificial Teeth inserted on Cold, Silver, and Vulcanite bate. All operations tcarrant**! to give satisfaction, juneoOeodisly’84 $45.00 it t:\Y.iKD. STRAYED OK STOLEN. A Hay Mare, square bu*lt, in good order, weighs between 901 and 1000. switch taii.haaa little w hite iu her forehead, travels wide before, and to* * in. Whoever will return her. or gi.e information where she tray be found will receive the above re ward, by addressing a line to GEORGE B. GORDON, jy25 New Gloucester Lower Corner COAL FREIGHTS. Pie ton, N. S.. to Pembroke. Maine. ft Any sized Vessels. Foreign or Amcri Pfryj lean, wanted to freight Coal as abev** W v The eatea tor discharging are lower ut Boston. aud there are othi r facil .awSrfSr itiea. Apply to or address WM fe. COFFIN k CO.. Boafon. Also a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to other ports. July 16 is2m. I -—---— Notice. The examination of applicants for admission to the Grammar Schools will take place tot the Boys at the fourth Grammar school room, (New bchool House) ou Monday August l«t, at 9 o’clock A M. For Giris at the Centre Grammar Schoolroom (New School House) on Tuesday August 2d, at 8 o’clock A M. July*, dtd STATE OF MAINE. Executive Dkpartmkht 1 Augusta. July 80, 1864. | An adjourned session of the Executive Council, will be held at the Council Chambor. in Augusta, on Mouday. the eighth day of August next. Attest: EPHKAlM FLINT JB., JySldtd Secretary qf State. I ENTERTAINMENTS BOWDOIN COliLBfiE A L«AND~10\CERT " ill be given under the auspice* of the Henior Cla«* of’64, by tne GEBMANIA band, of Boston, atalsted by the celebrated Prima Duona Miss Adelaide Phillips, -AT Tax—. Congregations! Church, Brunswick, -OX TUESDAY EVEAINti.Aug.Wd. Ticket* 75 Onts. Doors open at 7 (unrprt »» ciseJy at 8 o'clock. ^ '' j^dtd Merchants’ GRAND EXCURSION! —TO — LITTLE CHEBEAGUE ISLAND AND BACK! FRIDAY, Aug 5th, 1*64. A Baud will accompany the Boat*. Arrangement*have l*en ma<te to accommodate 3000 PEOPLE! Taere will be Music, Speeches, and a Good Dinner. A limited Dumber of tick t» are lor rale at the <111 lerent Apothecar!,. and Mu*ic at ores and Hotel, in the city. Persona wishing ticket* mast apply aeon. TICKETS, 31.A© EACH. No Deduction lor Children. UTtSo tickets sold alter Wi tli.csdny next. Utd Annual Picnic Excursion AND CLAIR BAKE -BY THE Portland Spiritual Association To the Island* in the Bug-, Comicrt. on TUUBS UAk . (Nat.oral Fast Day,) Aug tth, leaking Oalt'a Whart at 81 o'clock A it , and running at f t P. M I ickc.a, Aduii* to cent,; Children *6 cent*—to he obta.nedat the Bookstore* of it. I. Daria W 1> Itobiueoo and Bailey A Soyea', Kkchange’.Street, andol the Committee. Per older. jj28Utd I'. S. Marshal 'a Notice. United State* or Ahibica, I District or Maine. *s. ( FLUSLA.Nl to monition. from the lion. A.hur Wore. Judge of tbe Lulled State* District Court within uud tor the District of Marne. 1 herebr give public u tice tl.»t the following Libel* and lufotma tiou* have bu n hied in uud Court, v>i: A libel against the rcuooNE. CuTTAOB. her tackle apparel and yternilui e, nx Boxes Iobac co; Fipteex Chests Tea; loti Box is Pihxk-eo; FoOA Boxes Cassia ; Two b< xe*o» t k.ah I An tab; cm* Box OlNGEK; FOSIY THOUSAND Sum OLE*; 1 WKITV Bcxil.ks OLD Ol'NK;lEE B ■ OS Old Kaos; seized by the Co,lector ol tbe District of Beltsst. ou the fourth dsy of Juue lag, at c am dot, in said District. AU inf.rnatit « agaiu-t Thrbb Chests or Tie; Foe* I BS. NCTHHUS; FoUTY YaH-S SlIlBTlBO; OBB tloUr k ; CINE IIaiMUI. On K llAUBaBe; Oil Wago .» Blanket; one Whip; seireil by the Col lector of the District of Mscliias, on the eighth day of July instant, at Marshfield iu said District. An te/ against Focu Cheats I ba: Two Ksns I' B.ico; Sivis Baos Scoi*;Obb Bao Nuthius; Thrbb Bo uses; Onkooi blb Harness Ob* single Harness; cine ikdble Wagoh; 4'NE Single Wasoi: Two Buffalo Kobeb; seized by the Collector or tbe Distiicl ot Maehias, on the ninth day of July instant, at Fast Majhia* in •aid District. Au Information against Klottr ilDBDBEO THIBTY NINE POUN DS OP I, a A D; ioCB HUNDRED WEIGHT THICKS ttUARTBBS AND KlUHTABB PoCirVeoP Hoop I SOB ; ■ OSTY TWO IONA Bar 1 RON ; ONE HUNDRED AND TWO TUZURASD, BaVSS RINDEXD PiPTT pocni * Lit a i n Cables; Tiurtt edibt less am d Six hbnt-bed wbiobtOld.scrap Ikon : Tentboh BAND BIGHT HUIllsl HAND FIPraBN pot" 1>B B AGS Four hunobbd thirty nine pot arna old Kcrt: seized by the Collactor of the District ol Portland and Falmouth, or tie eleventh day of July instant at Portland in said Dntr.ct. A libel against os* Boat, Twelve Tons hurt*. e». her tackle, apparel and furniture, and I wo itunoc ed HI SHE * SatT, seised by the Collec'or of the D.strict of Maclnss, on he ninth day of Ja;y in stmnt. at Boisbabert Island in said District A l.iliel agsinat Tubes Has. el. op Molasses and T*o Tr iIMabd Cigars, seized by the t top ot the District ol Portland std Falmouth, on the tirst dsy of Jane last past, tt I'ottUid in said District. An Information again. One hundred seventy two gal loss of oln. wlih Forty nine Lomijohnsin which they are conraiurd: F nr dus-n boithsot Wine; Seven harre • snd two kegs ol Sugar ; I ne bariel ot Molasrs: One hundred or y pound* of Drr Fish UeveD Krgtol Olires.eiz .1 by the Collector of the Distr'ct ot Bancor, r u the eleventh day oi Ju i In stant, at Franktort in said District. W hich seizure* were for breaches of tlie laws of the United States as is more particular), set forth in said l.irels and In nrmaiioiis; Ihsi a hearing and trial will be liart thereon at Hanfpit.Ui said, ou the min lb dap of An jut f nert, slurs anv per sona nit .tre-ted may appearmnd show cause, if any can be .Sown, wh-w*(orc the -ame sin aid rot be de creed forfeit and dlsp -red ol a'toicing to lew. Dated at Portland this tweut, .sixth d»v of JxIt A. D. 1*64. 0 A. D' IN BY, l S. Deputy Mar-1 al, JyV« <I14<1 Diet, ot Malee, I’OIM IoWD COM PAHY. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETING. AM*tf lAL mettirg of tbe *tcekbolder* of the Partial, d I'omiauy will be held »t the rottna ot tIk* Board of t rade, Exchange Port laud, ou Thursday, tbe eleventh day ol Aucuat next. •' 8 o‘c ock P M . to are l*t—At wha‘ rate the «tockbolde*a will take up tt’a additional *t«>ck aufho iz«<] to be issued by the act oi the f-egia ature of Kt bruary »nh. U*)t 8o — W nether they wftl M-lland convey tbe proper* te and auiets of the Company to partita wro will furmah the add tional caj it* 1 ucrdid to carry on the increaseil buaincMof tie Work* JU EPil C*. NOTES, Clerk. Portland. July 28th, 1%4. N B.—The annual meeting for the choioe of Dirac* tors a d other a attei* wa* adjourned to *am«* time and place. J)kddtd Atlantic A St. Lawrence B. B. Co. FI1HK stock holders of the Atlantic and St. Law .1. reu«-e Kaiir ad Company are hereby notified that th«ir Aunual MretiKir will be he!d at the old City ll%il in Portia d.ouTn **day the 2d day of Au gupt. IWl, at 10 o'clock A. 31. ior the following pur ponce, via; 1—1o nukr choice nf nine hirt>r‘itr« fnr iko an*it. ing year. 2- To consider the subject of the Company’s mort rage bi nds maturing si ril 1st, 1*>6 and to take such »cl'»n as the Stockholders may defer mine to provide forth** same. H. W IIKKSKY, Clerk. Portl.ud, July 14 eodtd Frye bum Academy. rilUK Kail Term of this Institution nil commence JL WEDNESDAY', September 7. 1M4. and will continue eleven week*. Mr. Edwin F. >mbrote, 1‘riicipnl. Mr. Ambrose is a recent g adua'e of Dartm uth • oilege. aud u Hghiy recommended as a scholar, teacher and gentlemsn. I >. B. sEW AI L. ^rcrttiry. Frytburg, Ju’y 2ft, lSs>4 Jj 29 dlw & w2w Foil iii si it whip and Book-kefpiof. A GOOD and rapid wrift'r want* a situation as 1\. Book-keeper **r Correspondent i*i a mvehtot’i office. or a* Writer iu a law office. The ht st of ref »icaeca. Address A. IV C., jy *49 d3l* Press Office, Portland. Diiiiond** 4|uadril!e Bund 18 now ready to furnish Balls. Cotillon and Pio Nic Parties on the most iavoral )e terms All orders left at Paine‘s Music store (lt.3 Middle dreet * will receive prompt attention. j> 12dhn llomavypathic Xrdiciaep, IN all forms, inav be chained at the store of 8 H. Coles worthy. 92 Exchange St., where the sub scriber w ill be from 9o’clr ck a m until ft o'clock p. m. Old Cases renewed aud bottlts filled. Refers to Or*. K Clark, M. Dodge 'and C. 11 Burr. j)22dfiw M. SKA VAY. Fat in for Sale. 1 offer for sale my Firm, situated one mile from Wiuthrop Village, on tb« road leading from Augusta. .Said lanu contain* about one hun* _iln d acr.s of land, witha g*»td suj • ol wood and water. 1 he laud is new aud in a _igh state olculti* ation. 1 here is *’n the premises a g*od harm. 8ft by 8*], and shout 140 young tll,iny apple trees. I ail) *«* 1 the whole tog* ther, cr I will soil about '0 ac e# with the barn, orchard aru most of the wood. Anv one wanting n good farm, pleasant!* aud eon* reniently locittd, will do well to call and examine theab veproperty 4 ... _ 1 also ofler for sale a two story Dwelling Douse aut Lo*. situated iu Dm* Village known as the Meg gulreloaae and two Store# uearly opposite tbs Cot ton Fsetorv Anv or all o* the above property will be sold at *air prices, and **n terms to suit purchasers. For firther paHculsr* as to prices, Ac., call on the subscriber at his store in Winthrop Wiu’b'op. duly 1**64 E. W. KKLLT. j>29dltAw5w a For Sale. /^k The Dwelling House, Stable and Grapery at sjlji Nurswrv of *. W A a am*, near Morrill’* Ccr ufjPlaner Buildings new and convenient, pure wa er. 2 wells. 8 cisterns, icrce pumps Ac : excellent public schools and academy, near Horse oars and Steam car* One half or three quarters acre ot lard in good gardening condition, already planted with llsdg a, Ornamental and Fruit Trees. Grapes and Roses in abundance Also several building lota. jy27 eod2w Dwelling House For Sale. A two story Dwo liny Houaeon North rtreet Mi'l with a good liable aud a good well of water. ^JeLlt U a desirable looation. and will be told cheap Part of the ourchaie tanner can lay on mort gage if deeirrd GKO- F. FO^TKK, jjt" dim Set Galt Block AUCTION SAfJE8.~ | Horses, < urriaK« *. A Harnesses, f cm Auction. ON Saturday. July 30tb. at 11 o'clock A. M., ou Liiue sticct, Horace, Carriage., and H rurMt., S' fucba. Carr,ail., Top ttugg)., ConcorO Wheat*. S Jenny Linds, Expre-, Wagon and; at me a *•! each neiv ami -econd hat'd, J>3&itd ilEXKY BAILEY k CO., Auct'ra. lieul Estate at Auction. / VN Monday Augu-t 1st., at 3 r m. ou the premt " " ’***• ►hull sell a valuable property ou me tor tu t ot VV asbiogton and Oxford »ts.. consisting cf a tiro and a ha/j $tvry ir ,>rfm tJoust, with a Ba. a. and a *mall wooden building used and now occu* pied a* a Barter'* Shop The house Las 16 finish*! ‘i room, in it, and a good .tore under It, 1 he entire <8 property is no* under rent, and pa' ins sen annu. M ally The building, are new fctlhftlly »7.d Ibonagh ly builtby the dayln lSeO. The lot.. about IK f«« an W tudilngton bt. and 4t* feet on Oxford. It 1, s S rety dt,irable property for inre.tment. The tit . is clear and the sale will be positive. v , ^AILEX » CO., Auctioneers. July 22 —dtd Auction Sale of Heal * state. RY virtue of a license from iht* Probate Conit of U J uinberland county, I sballsell at public suction §H »e ,ot ot land, with th* building* theim*., sduandat In fw?**.?* r?a^ 8lre«* and Chu ch i an* so-called ou^n.^ !o* containing about tb.ity Fix feat B LancTnli^Ji ♦,^dK*bo,,t 1**t cn C burch eril I, de«4^ 01 ,k* »* •■“•*»» A». b T.•«— - '•.r.iand.Jn.y^^Y^ K. M. PATTEN, ACCTlONEEM. U gxchange St Stone Ware, Piratum. Ac. at Auction. R flN«.Ttte,do*y' Au*ort *<*.»< 10 A M will be .old B W.r.,of rurieu, p,tt.,,„; boxm » o*„, Cream T.rtar, is .p. Letter and Net. . ioir LI right B.d t »o. nJd., ( ,r, Scti c *£*'•Jm CLalr., So«lug M.chliit., Tabls., but. Kefr By, Lr., Sbo-ca»e.,fcc. J »jdii House and I and aUnciisii. OS Friday Augu.t nth, at 3 o'clock * * on in. premier.. the two .lory woodeu kou-e No a, Brackett, corner ofk^ex!.tie*t,wiih tu *i coutainiug ab. ut .even ibourard ;ee» i,4. C) ijjj [I I. a deair.bie property for iuve.tiaeat. Bai. toll- it tire—particu ar. and teimr at >a,.. ' July»>_dtdN“V B4,Ltt 44'0 'A“Uol**" J I EDWARD ffl. PA1TEN. Commission Mrrthsit 4t luctlvierr, I triaor.d to the »Dtetcua .tor. is I a -Oire-1, lour Q. ora b» low laerotxani'a Juxchacae. Will receive consignments or lferchandfeo ai I“'^dei.,j^h s:riid'r 1 TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.N. DK11IVV, Medical Electrician, Mo. 11 Clapp’s Block, consult OFCOSORBS3 ASH MLM STRMMTB W0*'^ r?p*c!f*JI7 announce to tkuoUluenu at Portland and vicinity, that he haa ly located in tin. city. During the sUseV^uuthi 4at a . have bee. t. torn w/ham uV£*2 the worst forms oi disease in persona who have tried other form, of treatmeat la vim, .?d «* a. ^2 ! Uenta ia ao short a time that the qaeatlon oftea i Mked. do they »tty cured f 1>> ao««er thi* ouMtim • •• & £^WJUTO^sa^'saaa P**0**1^ ’* perfectly adapted to chronic ifi raate « la the form of nervous or sick headache: neuralSr la the head, aeek.or catreaiitiee: consumption,when ta the uouteatagus or where the laauu are not fully Involved: acute or cbronio rheumatism, sc roll la. bin diseases, white swellings spinal diseases, cur value k| of the spine, contracted masclea. distorted hsaba. palsv or paralysis, 8t. Vitas’ Dance, draftees.staau mi ring or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indium. KB tk n. constipation and liver oomplalnt. pile*- we earn every ease that out be presented: asthma, bronchi, t. • tia. strictures of the chist, and ail torm. oi femaU •otaplaiata.i ■ By Blootriolty The Rheumatic the gouty, the lama and the lasw I leap with joy, and move with tha agility and elastic? ity of youth; the heated brain la cooled* the fremt I Wtten iimba matured, ttwT^thd&iStaTj. moved .luxitneM cQB\*rt*d to Ylgor, wetinm to I ■trenffih; the blind made to »e«, the deal to bear aad the palsied term to move upright; the Memiahee oi la youth arc obliterated; th« ocesdmfg of mature 1|m prevented; the calamities of old age obviated, and aa active circulation maintained. ‘ LADIES Who have cold hands and feet; weak stomachal H lame and weak backs; nervous and sick bead.chi. Hi tUrrinoss and swimming In the head, with ittdlgee tion and constipation or the bowels; pain is the Vida and back; leucorrhosa, (or whluw); tailing ot tha I* womb with internal uancers; tumors, polTpcs? sad all that long train os diseases will ffndmt Uectrte. I Ity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation BH too profuse menstruation, and all of those long Uni I or troebles with young ladias. Kjrctricitv fe u elrtali specidc. and will. I, athort Um."«SrJtho to the vigor of health. me .wearer K tw~ Wt iocs aw Blactro-CUmical A; csmuut few I extracting Mineral Futoo. fn m theivStmmi" I Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, hr. hundreds who ? are troubled with stiff )olnts, wtnk backs, and vart- ; ousottierdifficalties, the direct eause 'f which m ft nine cases out of ten, is the effect of poi*onoasdra£ t oan be reatoied to natural strength and vigor btrua * use of from 8ve to eight Bubs. * T “ ] (I0.®"? * • •J°0k A. M. tO »».».! 1| ■ Ooasaltatlna Pres. Ivla lead UNITED STATES Interual Revenue. Collector** Notice. I N ATH ARIEL J. MILLER, Collector of tho 1 y Itrst Collection District. In the male ol Maine* us.eby give notice to all persons concerned, that f ! have received lor coUeetioa, the Thirtf A sat ai Coi. Gr lection 1.1st, made and commltied to toe by ih. as- ' sessor thereof. In scoordarce with the act ot Cci H gresa mil* let "An Act to provide internal ttvtrna I the public dtbl. approved July 1 18*J and tha I am.ndment* thereto; that the Mvtrai entire, '**'■* i0“ ‘"come, carnages aun plate,) ai d H it,..., asses ed eeura* rafed and coatainrd in >a.u he ,hi ve I become due and payable, ai d mat 1 eji U, i ,rsia or I by D. puty attend to colieuilns and r. c*ivii.g the alore-std du*i«a ax*. and liceis... isniia aid < arable with.n the l out ty of 1 umbeilaao, la said Di-Mel, at my off ee. An. S2 txckauqt It rp E jrom lb. a,I day oj July to tie sir* . of July, A. D 18sH, bothrfupslecfusire,* that 1 wLi.ta Kg likenianeer, alt. nolo Colleetiig aid receisligtu- H ties, taxes and 11* t r.m*s as aiorvse d. assesses srd K payable iviihin the County of York, In said D’sfi ct wit**at ,ollo>,i"< deslgaaiud t.mcs and I tote, to j Saco, at tilt Hotel t'pt by R .Cut .if lord, m Mow* H day tie 25t* July, 1MM; I At 'be ItoUU/Ord H ull ,n Riddrlor.l IVsS.. w. 36, 8641 At Kennebunk, at the htou/am House, Il'eJuesCau July 27 1864: HB At the Xetri. haireni. I House, in South H,rtc%eS T, Jut, 28.18-4: ' At Limerick, at the Hotel k pt t.u Amos Filch Sal unlay July 90th, 1864. And 1 furl her gnu . otic* lhct *U nricn .ho H Begl.ct lop*) the duties, taxis m 'toTT M, j «1 upon !!,.« as alon.aid, to me er mt I ri *•*. S withtoihe time ►hose iirvUed. » ,1 he cm Lil U. I? ■ Oder they to* i,. us o' Sec 19 of :be *et n i WL t**** alt r* ih:, * \o \ «> i<u jir ctbiuui iluiUiiI Jp DUlt* muuut IIiH.Ol " i*er»i dm in ib© ( obbty o* York, * orrti* of «0 do* Bf. c.a |»»y ibtirUjh*-* «t my i Sc*. Ik© tl I*. ttjrotg 1’oitlai.d. trior to tl ©: Gib day ©J | cy.WH. NAlllAMkXJ MILL**. ('i>l lector of th© Fuit l elite t Ion Dim let cf Me Fort anl. July b. 1864. ,.tr~ No other money than Vnlted States Tr« a«urr Ef Notes or Note* ot Nstronal B«nks, i r 4,old atd su rer foiu will te received ler Taxes iner tkisdste JlM'd_ Portland Army Cowmlttre OV TUB U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. R. Hayes, receives Stores at 119 Mid lie street. Treasurer. CyruaSturdirant. receives Money nt 78 L'ommeicinl atnet y Secretary. Henry il. Burgess', receives l etters nt . _ M Commercial street. •,»ys Andrew J. I hue, Dr. W R. Johnson. Imaliwtl STATE COLLEGE -OF Agriculture and Mechanic Arts! '1MIE uiidereigned. Commissioners, appointed un I d* r a resolve of the last t.i gis ature, an author ised slid directed Ov -a'd reeoire to invite and re eerv v donations and benefaction* ru aid of the pro posed "t olleys lor the benefit of AyncuA ure anti EH the Mechanic Art s." and tureaelve pi opoaala for the ,,caiiou thereof, hereby give not e* that tt ey are ■■ prepared <o receive such donations, leiefsctloue IH imt proposal . and ir^ui-st that all c >mmuuica>ion* aH :,.uehing 'he same n.uv be made before the leal day ,1 snplembi r next, aild'essed to >he uuders g, rd WM t. CRusBr. tVltnst WW O CRuNHY, fl JOSEPH RATON. SaMCEL F. PERLEY. julySdAwto septl Bowdoin College. I’HE Annual Examination ol exu 'idate. Tor ad. X mission to Bowdoin t ol'ege will take place on Ktiday iho ttfli day of August tix\ at 8 o'clock In he forenoo" . in the new Medical U.U: aud also on Thursday, the twenty Atth day of August next, in he same plscu, aud at the sanve hour. LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick. July 6. 1868. July Tdtd i Boudoln Cnllegr. 11IIE Annual Meeting of the President and Tru; . tics ol itowdoin College will be held at Kaaisti-t Hall In the College Chapel, on Tuesday the 2nd day >t August next, at tin o clock iu the loieuoou ... JOHN KOI, EKS, Secretary Brunswick. July 6. 1864. July Tdtd' Bow (loin Coilegd*. THE Annual Meeting of the Overseer* of Bow- J dull College will be held at their Room in the wl College Chanel, on Tuesday, the second da. ot Au. I gust next, nt 2 o'clock P M A. C. ROBBINS sre r. H Brunswick. July 6th 1864. jul’Td’.l S)laiu« Historical Nonet), THE Annual Meeting of th« Man., Historical 8c- I cety will be held at the Pootns cl'the Society. In I Bowdoin College. Brunswick, on Thckiday, auk 4.1864, at ho e’oek A m IS EDWARD UALLAKD, Secretary Brunswick, July 19, 1868, JySMdU

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