Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 1, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 1, 1864 Page 1
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r - 5» It*,*: : ■ ' •*:*»» - • '* - * •- a • ' m v < .*^.1 vy> I ii>* , . , j^,.. .1 "" * *' *" • •» '* •• • *» •' j .. ’ ' '1'• *-»*■ -• 1 u 1 ' ’ 1- - - »■«* 1 « ™IMalBaaa■ _.. ’ ' .' ■ Le^*=-i- l i ■ ■ ^SSSSS^^MK* VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, MONDAY MORNING, AUGUST I, 1864 WHOLE NO 045 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN. Editor, published at No. 62| EXCHANGE STREET,by N • A. FOSTER* CO. IubPobtlaitd Daily PebbbIs published at i«.00 per year. Single copies three cents. Thk MaimbState Preb# is published every Thurs day morning, at $2.0$ per annum, in advance; $2.26 If paid within nix months; and $2.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Rates of Advertising: One inch of space in length of oolumn, constitutes a ‘fqUAUK.” $1.50 per square daily first week; 76 cents per week after; three insertion* or 1cm, $1.00; continuing eve ry other day after tint week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertions or less 76 cents; one week, $1.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head ol Amubbmrkts. $2.00 per aqnare per Wf *k ; throe insertions or less, $1,60. Special Notices, $1.76 per square first week, •1,'>0 per square alter; three insertions or less. 81.26; hAif a square, three insertions, tl.QO; one week, $1.26. Advertisement# inserted in the Maim Statb Pebsk (which has a large circulation in every part ol the State) for 5o oentp per nqaarein addition to the above rates, for each insertion. Legal Notices at «sna) rates. TransientadY.rtisementc must be paid for in ad van ce Bubiitbbb Notices, in reading columns, 12 cents per line for one insertion. No charge less than flity c ants for each Insertion. MF*AH oomnmnications intended for the paper should be directed to the “Editor qfthe JVe##,’* and thccf of * business character to the PulUishert. HP" Jon Puiiitikg ol every description executed Witu dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. COMM UNICATIONS. Letter from the Southwest. Om THB CHATTAHOOCHEE, I «/ UIJ A j 1WT> f To the Editor qf the Prete. Sherman’s Campaign—Tub Situation— pRoerKCTivx—Kjstkospbutive. The telegraph will have announced that the rebel army is across the Chattahoochee— that a part of the national army is also across, and perhaps news much more thrilling than this, before this letter reaches you. It takes about ten days for a letter to go to Maine, and by the eud of ten days w e hope to be closed in around Atlanta so snugly that the rebel army there will begiu to starve, if not to suffocate from the pressure. One hundred thousand fighting men are slowly, but surely, gaining ground on Georgia soil. No mean army in any stage of the world’s history, yet in these unwonted times, its doiugs are completely overshadowed by the vaster and more terrible operations In Virginia. AnJ although the capture of At lanta by the Federal army would be scarcely less fatal to the rebel cause than the fall of Richmond, and in strictly military point of view is regarded by many as Jmore important, yet since Richmond is the rebel cspital, and has been so long the objective point, not only for our largest and most complete army, but in a great measure for the whole nation, (the demand (or the capture of the rebel capital being unanimous and universal among the loyal people), for these reasons the operations of tins army, however momentous its results, will occupy less of public attention. Besides, thus far, Gen. Sherman has made a steady progress without auy such terrific battles as harp characterized the'Virginia campaign. Deliberate assaults of the enemy iu his chos en aud fortified positions hare rarely been at tempted. This was done at Uesseca, where we already had him at a disadvantage by having closed in around his left flank nu lii within camion range of the rail-road upon which hie supplies were brought up. There Hooker lost more heavily than any other corps, as he conducted the main assault on the enemy’s extreme right. Again Hooker unexpectedly met the enemy after the army had executed its great flank movemeut from Kingston across the Etowah river to Allatoo Pass. Gen. Sherman believed that Johnson cotiid not have taken up a position with his entire army aud intrenched already, lor lie (Johnson) had not reached that point until that very day. Gen. Sherman therefore or dered Hooker to attack with vigor, aud the 4th corps (Howard) was brought up to sup port. But it was late into the evening before Gen. Hooker was ready to begin the attack, and night fighting is rarely, if ever, decisive. , Great numbers of our men were slaughtered, and the rebel Hues were forced back consider ably. The fighting was continued iu the darkness, but the rebels, having put their ar tillery in position, and haviug drawn up their line* in order, waited the onset and delivered their fire. We gained nothing aud iu the morning the enemy had so far fortified as to necessitate a further developemcnt of our own lines before anything more could lie done. This fight ot Hooker’s occurred on the 26th of May. Two days alter Wood’s, Div. 4ili corps (Howard’s) made au assault, hav ing first marched two miles and reached the enemy’s extreme right near Pickett’s Mill. Wood was supported by Johnson’s Div. 14th corps (Palmer’s), one of the (rest divisions . in the army, cotuaiuing one brigade of regu lars. The movement was conducted by Gen. Howard In person, who had been ordered by Gen. Shermau to assault, but was allowed to select his point of attack. You have had accounts of this fight which would have doubtless proved successful had Johnson's advance brigade come up promptly and squarely abreast of Hogan’s which was the leading brigaee of Wood. <.vubniuui«uuui^ lut ui^u itI'uut:u uni^ auu deep ravines—the movement had been com pletely successful in reachiug the enemy £ right flank. Two HegimenU of Hazen’s brig ade iapjied beyond the enemy’s works, liut there heavy masses of Rebel troops were able to hold their ground without works and forced back Hazen’s left owing to want of connection between him and Johnson as l have indicated. Scribner’s Brigade (which had the advance in Jehusou's Div.) lost about :ioo men—Johu sou’s other brigades were not engaged. Wood’s Div. lost about 140u men. The last great assault was made by the whole army operating in four columns and occurred just one month after Wood's light at Pickett’s mill. I need not repeat the details of these unsuccessful attempts to cany the enemy's strong position at and near Kenne saw Mt. While these assaults were occupy ing the whole attention of the enemy and pro bably taxing his resources to (he utmost Sher man was gaining advantages on the right which finally resulted in foreiug Johnson to evacuate this his strongest position and with it relinquish Mai ietta. And throughout the campaign it is not the bloodiest operations which have been the most beuetlcial iu re sults though as in this case hard fighting hss been the cover under which important advan tages have been gained. But accounts of the severe battles merely (and it is chiefly those that reach the people through the telegraph) would give ueither a true nor au adequate idea of wliat this army has accomplished or the measures by which the Rebel army has been forced back for a hundred miles from Tunnell Hill and Daltuu to the Chattahoochee River and beyond. My last letter (if X remember rightly) left our army at “Buffs” Station, 3 miles below Marietta, (sometimes called “Neal Dow’s” Station) and the Rebels had, the night pre vious, takeu up their line of retre for the Chattachoochee. Deserters, prisoners, “Con trabands” aud what few luhabitants they had left behind them did not agree in their reports as to whether the Rebels would make a stand north of the Chattahoochee. We soon over took them however on the .*(th of Jnly an could decide the quealioa for ourselves. Get Howard drove the rear guard of Polk'* Corp (now commanded by Stewart) across the riv er at Pace's Ferry and finally captured thei Pontoon-bridges from them after fightiu) over it two or three days. But Hardee'? Corps held on obstinately in front of Palmei and Hooker, on a peniusula formed by th< winding course of the river, occupying sotm elaborate fortifications there, stretching acres? the Rail-Road and which had evidently beet ( built at some time previous to their presen( occupation. It was thought that a part 01 the whole of Hood's Corps was also in from ol McPherson farther down the river. There two rel>el corps were strongly posted acrost the |>eninsuia described and had bridge? enough iii rear to insure a sate withdrawal whenever it should become necessary. Gen Sherman is well aware that his troops havt had their strength severely taxed In this pro. traded campaign the meu having Ijeeii almost without intermission in contact with the en emy and our numbers diminishing more 01 less every day. And as now he had accent plished what ho was ordered to do by Grant viz, force Johnson across the Chattahoochee he could afibi d to be utoie deliberate. But Gen. Sherman is not a man to rest long while there is anything to be done and as 1 have said, a portion of the rebel army was still clinging to the north bank of tire river.— Therefore on the 8th inst., the third day alter we crossed the Chattahoochee, tScolleld cross ed at the mouth of Soap Creek (five miles east of the railroad), and the next day Xew tou a Division,4th Corps. (Howard's), crossed still Airther up at Boswell Factory (fifteen miles from the railroad), acting in support oi Gow ard's cavalry. The next day the remnant of the rebel army was all gone from the front of Hooker, Palmer and McPherson. The other two divisions of the 4th corps moved up in support of Scofield and crossing the liver, took position ou his right. From the high hills on the banks of the Chattalioo viicc- iuc uuuse tops ui Auaiiia are visible. We them first from a hill near the railroad on theT»th ol July, (the day we first struck the river), al a distance of about ten miles. If the entire army crosses above, i.e. East of the rail road and then makes a right wheel, approach. *nir Atlanta mainly from the northeast, there will be two or three creeks to cross, and one —lVach Tree Creek—of some importance. There is a ridge of high ground running along the further bank of this creek favorable for a position, if Johuston chooses to dispute our progress again this side of Atlanta. Al ready we hear that the people are leaving At lanta, and few believe that Johuston can od here what he has failed to do iu a retreat of more than a buudred mile** through a defensi ble country. We will try to be temperate In our expecta tion, yet we can but feel assured that unless we have iucurred the special disfavor of the Almighty, and consequently some unlocked lor disaster overtakes us. the National forces will be In possession of Atiauta before mauy weeks, and possibly the rebel army here will be shattered. The cause which will operate fpr the defeat and discomfiture of the relel army cannot at present be made public. We will wait patiently for events to develope and disclose them. Alma. 18 open Day amt Evening, lor a Thorough Business Education. Located In/i. Hanson Block, TliddlcHt.. \o. 161. Scholarship* good iu any part of the United State* . fit Principal ha* had 20 years experience; is always Mi,aidittwd* to hi* business; and pron> i»es, as during the past 12 year#, no pains *hall be spared id the future. Five hundred reference* ol the first class business men, with many other* of this city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plan, the founder of Commercial Callages, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times wiii be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations. Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and I will guarantee to you success. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in structEr given. Students can enter any time. Sep arate rooms for Ladie*. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. I adies and Gentlemen that desire to take lesions, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Keeping. Navigation, Commercial Law. Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying. Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching trom printed copies and Text Books will be* avoided plea*ecall, or address the Principal. K. N BROWN. Portland. (Jet 2.1 *63. oc29 eodkeowly STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. The opening term of the State Normal School, at Fanniugton, will commence on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21th. Every arrangement Win be made, as the law re quires, to accommodate two buudred young ladit* and g**titlemen with board, at reason able raes, and to luruish the instruction specially needed iu a school lor 1 he tr.iuiug ol teacher-. Four teachers, txside* lecturer* and special iaatructor*, wi l be em ployed at tue ouGet. and the number will be in creased if tae neoesaitic* <* 1 the m loo! shall require it. Caudilates for atteudai ce must be dxless y* irs old, if It males and »elite* n years, if males;* ai d n.urt •tfcciare their intention to bryome teachers in the public schools of the Mate. No pledge will be requi ed from pupils to remain connected with the school f ir any deftui'e leug h of time. Applhaut- will be required to show a reasonable familiarity with the principles ot Heading and Spel ling. Arithmetic. English oramimr and History ot tlie United Mat**: and to present testimonials ol good character and prospeeme aptitude for the work of t« aching 1’eraoB* atu nding the Normal School w ’ll be per milled to pas* noth way* over ilie Androscoggin Kailroad for one Ure. A>ckargtj'or tuition. Fr.trani r ft* $1.00. More particular information wilt l»o fi rm-bed ou application to Frulfv-sor A. I*. K* hey. at farming too EDWAKDP. WEMON G or I mm. June 20. 1864. j>24dl»\\\*3w Seizure ol* <*oori«. I>i-:rict of For* land aud Falmouth, J Fortlaud, July 2n. T 64. ) N OTH'K ip hereby given that the following de scribed Good* w*-ro ***ized at tbia port, on the day* heivinaIter mention'd. for a violation af tk Hcvenne Law-, viz:—Airil 18, 1864. on Brown* wlmrf, oue Ltl Mntarard oue bbl mt id**c«. April lb, 1*6;. oft board bark Maiy t . Fox, i»u tbi.-ugai: May ‘21, on Wi ’gerv't* wharf, oue bbl tugar; Mnv 23. 1864. on Railroad wharf, one trunk containing ****** bottles ol brandy,< ne bottle wine, one pack age thimble*, one piece of cattou, t wo package* con taining silk and lining*; June 18, 1n8. ou board Lr hark UriDotaw. 1760 cigar*. Any pc-r*cu or peraon*. desiring the same, are rr qae-led to appear and make such claim, wi'hm mu- ty day* from the day of the date hereof; other wire tfe aatd Good* wih bo diapered of in accord aucowilh the act of t o gn > approved April 2 1844. IhHAKI. WA8IIHI RN. Jk j\26 dlaw3w Collator. Talk about Hats ! JUST nee HARRIS' NEW STYLES. Juno 4—dtf American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW rOKK. CtspiUl $200,000, n.are Building*. >1 errhniidl»e. lioti*r hold Furnllurr. Brut*. Lru.r., V«a> •si* ou Ihr -loch*, auil other Per sonal Frorerty at tne Low cal r r 1C*. SAMUEL KROWN, Presideut. WILLIAM KATNOR.Socretar. .„?9WAllD SHAW A neat, 103 Biddle Street •ct2* lyeod Payment of Androscoggin Coupons. T'dn VlKotd wi'1 P*T I'onpop* of the An imu-ti*^®*^ ‘ eecurod by thcseooiH d*tL'gu>Kfh.l ** d with iwtoioet to thii '■ 01 peyinr such cou itaumS? |.flrit.bSp,e'CI‘,CO “l h“ <»«« 81 fix change St . I ortlaud, among those that tell due nri or to the ye,r 1861 j ABF.Z C WOODMAN. Treasurer ol Trustees ol the Third Mortgage Portland. June 80. lij«4. 7>Wdi!w8wC° MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE N. A. FOSTER & CO.. Proprietors. Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St. POKTLAIVD. I»1K. Attention in r<*p< a fully invited to our unrlvallet facilities for executing in TIIE REST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING Our Establishment is lurni-lied with ail the ap proved MODEKX M4CHINERV, And our collection of Book and Fancy Types H'ill bear favorable comparison with any establish meut in the city. Business and Professional Cards. [Of erery variety, style and cost, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Hill-Heads Haled and Cut in the Neat est IHanner. BLAXKX AXD 11AXK CHECKS; Ol every description executed In the best style, Railroad. mud other Corporation Work, done with promptness and fidelity. insurance policies, fulls OF L ADIS (l, TIME TARF.FS.tn4 all sorts ot F.EOAF. DOC UMEN TS, at >hcH Ho4it*. 8rrw*ni, Reports, »wl ill kiwli of Pwplilrtj, Put up in superior style. Bronzed and Colored Labels For Apothecaries, Merchant*, and f ancy Doalors, got up in the best style of the art. "Wecldino- O tirds, •Voles pf Tn citation, ft siting Cards, Pint gif Dan ng, etc., etc., of every variety and cos/, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hnnil.Mlls Sliitp-I.ills, Crociim ■ncs (,'irt iilars, And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Eit/ure work, executed neatly, and oi terms that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Uoper’ Improved Calorie • I'uifinen for motive power, aud is furnished with improved aud costly Presses—C> linderand Platen— from the moat celebrated makers. \Yc have iu con stant use one of HOE'S LAllC.R CYUNDMI, PRKSSJtE, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheet* an hour ; one of Adam’s Potcer Presses—the best book pr<*s in the world; Adam's and Potter’s Earl Machine Job Fringen: Kuggles’ superior Card Eren. Adams' ami Uuion large Hand Ertgntg, Standing Pretaes. and all the machinery nocessary tor a well appoiutc<fc office. Toe Daily Press Job office u believed to be as well furnished as any similar establishment in the State. . Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute all orders in the shortestpossible tinw ami in the neatest and best m&uu< r. We will do all kinds of printiug as well and a# promptly, and as ch* ap as any other establishment in the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed tc tbo Daily Dr eng Job Ojhet, No. *21 J lx change nt reet Portland. Me. The Job Office is under the personal supervisor I oil tie senior proprietor, who is the CITY PRINT KR, and is himself an experienced practical work man. and employs only welbakilled mtchanics in this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper east o! liostcu. aud having a larger circulation than all the other dailies in Hit city combined, is published at the Office in Foa Itlock, S2 I-2 Exchange Street, every morning— Sunday excepted, at $H,00 Per Annum, From which 12 1-2peg* rent. (• discount' d loi ADVAKct payml.nTt>. Semi-annual and ijuarterlj snbrcnptions pro ret a. Lom than three months sixty cents per month, or 16 cent* u week. Sinoli t'OPIBA SCtVW. TTT Newsdealers supplied at the rate of tw o am vuv-iuim w11aigti Jiuuuil'tj. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, i* publish' d every Wednesday, containing all tin .news by mail aid telegraph, important road in j matti . Marine List, Market Reports, Ac , of th< Daily l'ress,at the follow iog prices, via Single ropy, one yenr, invnrinblt iniidvaarf. .. *<2,0( For «iv month- . I .Of Todiib* of four or more all to the same post office, each.. | .7 3 To i‘lnb» of frit or morr. all to the same post office, each. .9. s | ..>( And a tree copy to the getter up of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in ever; town. J’u-t masters requested to act as agent*. X. A. FOSTER & Co., Pxopiutoii. Cortland June 1, 1SH4. dtf SUEO*»'N G ftMttU S OFF!* !:, | \Va*hingt n City, June24,1864.1 XVT ANTED- .Stwtgerw* av/f Asti-hmt burgeon "▼ for th> i'-olor'J ’trou)‘%—Candidate* must b1 Graduate* ot some Regular Medical College, ant mur^t t>e examined by a Hoard of Medical Officers t< be cnivtued by the Surgeon General. The Roan lIoicI,niutJ whether the candidate will be ap jwnited burgeon or Asnutaut Surgeon, according tt merit Applicati*«us accompanied by one or inor I frn\u ro*?*ctable |lemons, as to mors fr* ViIieriTAM * ^ *ddres»ed to the Surged General. U. S. A., M ashington, D. t , «>r to the As sbtant surgeon Gem eat r. s. A Ky Hoards are now in *e**10n at Boston, New lo-k Hashington, < ineiunati. St. Etui*. and New Or leans. ▲Iso wanted. Hospital Stewards for Colored Rt.g iiuents. Candidate* must possess a tair English Ed ncation.aud be familiar with the compounding am dispensing of Medicines. Application- mu-t bemad* as in the ease of Surgeon* and Assistant burgeons ( ompcns&tion from f23 00 to <*83 00 per month, witl Clothing, rations, fuel and quarter*. JOS K BARNES. July l-2awSnt Acting Surgeon General. Copartnership Notice. fit HE undersigned have formed a copart n. -rshii X under the sty e of ii. L Storer A Co., and tak on the store and «*o©k ot Storer, Cutler Jk Co., wher they will constantly keep a large stock of good* to a general jobbing business. GEO. L STORER, FRED STORER. CUAS. II. MESEHVE, H. I LOCKE. Portland July 11 1864. jyl8d8\ MISCELLANEOUS. 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh M. IPliinney, VITOULD inform his frind* and former customers ii that to* has taken tbv Start No. UK /exchange Street, where he Intends to carry on the i Stove ;ui<l Furnace Business, In all its branches. srOri?5,of »11 kind*, Of the newest and most approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. EflT»feecond hand Stoves bought, or takeu in ex change for new. Stoves, Kavokp. Furnaces, and Tin Warm ( repaired at short notice, in a faithful manner. 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BLOOD, Suooesior to George Andcrton, No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, Sign of Anderson’s Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on hand a complete assort ment of HOOP SKIRTS, of every fcizeaud length, made of the best materials and warranted to give perfect satisfaction Also on hand a full assortment of Corset* and Skirt Supporter*. of the most uopular mak s, both ’oieigu and dome** tic. with other article** proj»erly belonging to a Hoop Nkirt store. Hoop bkiris made to order, and re pairing done at short notice. I’ailies oea ing with (his establishment mav rely upou getting goods of the very beat quality and at price j a, low as a really good article can be afforded. Portland. July o, lr?64. dbw ; GRANT'S COFFEE & SPICK MILLS. 0/110 I SAL SsT.lhL l SUMS A T. J . G-FLJ± 1ST T , Wholesale Dealer in ail kindsof COFFEE, SLICES, Niilwratii* St Creaui Tartar, AVtr Gqfct atul Spice Mills. 13 and 16 Union afreet, Portland, Me. 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Fur the accommodation of dealer* and other* hav ing large lot of board* to plane, we have in cmirnc tmn with the mill 17,COO f<juaro feet of vard room. jyliV.odtf WINSLCW SftlACKINE WORKS MANUFACTURER'S IILOCK. UNION STREET. J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MAM'VAOTl K KB OK St* am Engine-. Steam Boiler*. Shafting Pulley* Gearing, aud all kiod* of Machinery. Also Low aud High Pressure Steam heating Ap paratus for Factories, Public Building* and Dwelling House*. Iu this De par.incut me o« ablishuient has been npcoinmoulveuccr.'-'fu). Steam Cocks, Valve*. Whistle*, aud steem. Water and Gaa Pip*.- and coum-ction* furnished at wholee&lt or retail. Repairing promptly and Liithfully I>one. In conn- ction with the above establishment Ik an Irou Foundry, with a large assortment of patterns, and a Planing Mill, w here wood planing of all kind* may be done. may’2 dtf He in oval. n VVTNG removed from my old stand to the store No. 91. Commercial street, and asnrriated myself iu basineui with Mr. Henry Fling. 1 would take this opportunity to thank my customer*for past favo-s, aud would respect ifilJy solicit th*ir future patronage ol the firm of Fling A Whlttemore STEPHEN WTUTTEMORK. Portland, July 6th, 1864, ju)yl2d4w Co|»;trlnt»r*iii|» Notice. flltlK undersigned have this day formed a Copart 1 ni r-hip under the name and style of Fling A Whlttemore. and have tak* n the store formerly oc cepi*d bv Henry F-ing. No. 91. Commercial street, w here they intend doing a Commission and Whole sale buslne*9, in leas. Tobacco, \Y I Cool*, Gro ceries and Provisions. HENRY Fl.lNG. STEPH EN WH1ITBMORE. Portland July 8.18^4. dtf Jolm liiii«inan, GAS FITTER, —AMD — Dealer in <Fan Fixtures, Aud (lastk Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The public are in\ itod to examine aud test thr.-*e new invention*, which are highly recoinmended for cummer use NO. 66 UNION STREET. Portland. June 14.—eod3m PROVOST MARSHAL S OFFICE, i First /Hstriet State or Maine, Poetand, July 18,1864 J NOl ICE if hereby given that any person enroled inay appear before the Hoard ol Enrolment and claim to have hi# name stricken off the list, if he cau show to ihe satisfaction of the Board that he is not properly enroled on account oi I t- Alienage. 2<1—Noii-Residence. 3 i—Over Age. 4th —Terma uut Physical Disability.of*uch degree as to render the person not »proper subject for en rolment under tho l*m> and regulation.-. I hat the examination rtf* rred to above roav not interfere with the daily routine ol office business, tbe hours for* xamination will be from 10 A M to 12 M and from 2 to 4 P. M. CHARLES U. Dill (.1113 . Gapt and Protest Mai-hal. « ITV OF PORTLAND. i 31 A YOU K Or PICK, ’ Julv 18, 1804.) 1 lie special attention of our citizens is called to the above notice of the Provost Marshal. It should be the duty of all those woo ar» exempt from draft i from either of the causes mention* d, to a| ply in per sou and have th ir name* taken from the Jst iu or der that when the <juot*s for the >tiafc an* appor tioned, the number to he drawn will be bawd upon those who only are liable to • nr l«nent. july14d3ta\vlm JACOB Me LELLAN. Mayor. FIRE! FIREM FIREM! JOHNSON’S Portable Force Pump! I^OH extinguishing tires, wetting roofs, etc. near X lire.-, washing wiu -ows, carriage*, decks of ves sels, batuiug hordes, wetting sails pump ng water from hast*.watering streets and gaaJecs,sprinkling liquids for destroying t'aterpillais and other insects ou tree*, plants and shrubbery, Ac. | This lump has pro\ed it-eltto be one of th* most valuable iuventions for domestic use, and these who ’ have them wou d not part with them at any price, 1 provided no more w ere to be obtained It is portable and o mpaot and will throwsix gal | lous of water per minute, from £0 to 40 feet. It can ! be easily worked by a lad of twelve years. It is !>iiuple iu construction, not liable to get out 1 of order, *nd every machiue is warrauted. The price is so low that onv should be iu every family, school »ou*e. factory building, raw mi* 1.'tannery, A«. Each pump i.« provided with a extra Nozzle, for sprinkling. ( ail and examine testimonials 'romtlic residents of the principal Fire Insurance Ontraniesof Massa chusetts, the Chief Engineers ol the Boston and oth er tire department*, and other*, and purchase one of these ITimps j. L. WINSLOW A CO, Winslow’s Machine Work*, Wholesale and Kctail Agents, Brown's Block, Union street l'ortlaud, Me. jylddtf Dissolution. fItH F copartnership heretofore existing between > X Sweat and cleaves as Attorneys at Lav., is this day absolved by mutual consent. Thealfairsof the late tiriu will be adjusted bv either party. r ... “•Sweat will continue in bueiuess at office No. IF Middle street, Mussey Bow. Uleares at the office of Howard A Cleaves, No. Middle stieet, over Casco llauk L. D M. SWEAT. „ . , , NATHAN CLEAVES, r Portland, July 14th, 1804. jvlfktSm BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MAN EE ACTOR V. J. !P. JLibby, MAM FA1TCHIR OP Paper Boxes, vM every description, inch a§ Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes. Shelf Boxes, CoucnologicalBoxes, Powder Bo\e>-. Card Caw*, Cigar Boxes, Ac. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. JuneldSm liana & Co. Fish and Salt, Lnthi r Vim. i ^ Ortl#B(I, Woodbury Dana. | M John A. i>\ Daua ) Mdlllf* _ juueldtf J. Smitli tfc Co., M ANUPACTl’ilERt OP Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Loom Straps, felt feather Barks nil Site, LEATHER TRIMMINGS, »c., Hanson’s Block, 144 Middin 8t., Portland. Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. 11. M Bkbwrr, (jnld8m, D. F. Noyes JOH1 T. ROUKK9 A C O., Oommi^ion Merchants, AM» WHOLESALE UIA LEES IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, ?2?.B.l85£X. | PORTLAND, MK. _ juneld6ra AVrholesnle and Hetail. • Xj. I3.A.VIS, Bookseller, Stationer, A Nil M AMI K ACTC &EK OP Fremium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANUMC8. Ko. 63 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. juueldtt CHAS J SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Fainter, No. Ill Mi«Ullo Street, PORTLAND, ME. %¥~ Work executed in aver) part of the Stato. iunelif RUFUS DUHUAM, Maunfactur-r *nd Wholeealc Dealer in RITANNIA —AMD— Plated Ware, Xo. 21* Fort $lre.-t, Portland Maine. Portland, Hay 17th, l$&4. m*)17dtj W. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, KO.M COXIEKf UL MR LEX »J>14 PORTLAND. HE. <l«f BURGESS, FOBES, 4 CO., M AKUKAt"Tl It R1I *- OK JapRii, Whin* Lead. '/.inr. Putins, Anil (irouml Col'»-h, AKD UKALKKK IK Drug* Medicines, Fa nts, Oils & Varnishes. Pai f/ anil Fnrtory, Xo. 29 Munj^y Vf Oflci* A SiiluraouM, SO i'oiuiucrr in I S|., <Tih»ma» Ui.ock.) Uksbv H. Branrsa. ar.nti ith u> lHAKLtS b. I'UKKH. MUl ID. VI. ntaylHdtf BUkC. JO 11.* A t o., FL0UR&GRAIN DEALERS, And Hv rer* of btMtrn anti i ndiau Products 137 Cowuiurcitil Street, - . . (Granite It'act. Charles Blake, i lleury A. Jan.*,' PORT LAN I), K. W (.•**. i juuoMtf JOHN LYNCH 4 CO , Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Comraerc al street, (Opposite bead Widgery Wharf.) John Lvm-h. ) I’eleg Barker. [ PORTLAND, ME. Tboe>. Lynch ) juaeldtf DOLE A MOODV, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Aud hok-ale Dealer* in FLOUR, CORK AND PRODUCE. No. 5 Galt BlotS, Comm. M'il 8t, | VORTLAXD, UK. _ juneltlRra LAKE A LITTLE, Who’eeale Dealer* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AMD W oolons, No. 112 M iildle street, A.lSK;.} ItmiLAXD.ME. juneTdtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Wan u tarturer, Preble Stieet, - • Portland, Me. ^^Carnage* and Sleigh* on band and made to urder. junelSdtr cl p. KinnvLL, NANUKACTrUEROP Carriages and Sleighs, l^reV>lt» street, (Near Preble Itonie,) PORTLAND. ME. Sntt Booms, lldartrf 11*1 VnfM*/ry St., Ronton, Mat*. juoeltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Flour, Gram k Produce (oMmissimi Icrrbasl;, an.l liltin' Asial*. OJhce amt Warehouse Xo. 6 Halt Rt>ck, Commer cial Street. We offer for sole to tin? trade. many choice mud well-known Brands of Fl<>«r, from St. Louis.I linoie, Wisconsin. &c.. which we art* constant! receiving. N . i . A Co . are a'so Agents f >r Pitt mau A Co.’s, and other frauds ol manufactured inbacoo. lC?“f’ash advances made on all consignment* Portland. Juno 1, 186-1. j u Kit f arsr^DR. W. R. JOHNSON, DESTIST, Inserts Artiticial Teeth on Hold. Silver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrants them ia all cases to be a perfect lit. Dr. J. also gives special attention to Filling Teeth. Office 220j Congress street, two doors west from the Court House Portland. Juue 1, 1864.—«od2in 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commissi o n Jtlcrcliants, And dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Commercial street. Portland. May 10th, 1864. maylOdtf I’AKTIl It’ATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Police* to bo free alter the payment oi nix, eight or ten Premium* at the option of the insured and at rates as low as any other Company. The issue of Freo Policies renders it at C least eqaalif not superior to the participation •panics. Office No. 103 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN. Pres. EDWARD SHAW, Bee. Feb 16 dAw tf • BUSINESS CAKDS. BRADI.BY, M Ol'LTUN A .ROGERS Wholxsal* Dialers ta Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial afreet. Them as Block. ROBERT UUALEY, 1 o.M MOCLT1S, [ PORTLAND, UK. A. O KOtiBRf*. ) __._ raaj 3dtf ff. W. CARR & CO.," Having taken the Kruit Store formerly occupied b O. SAWYER, Ho. «J Exchange Street, Are prepared to offor to the trade a large aad well selected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale aad detail Oranges Spruce Cum. Lemeugea jwiiiou*, Canary Seed, Caadiee, l.lmea, Demon Syrup, Honey, Crunee, Cocoa Nule. Flga. Clirea, Nut». all kinds. Dales, Ollrea, Kalilan, Tihacce, Sardines. Cigars. Fancy Caudlei or all description. oct9 dtf IRA WINN, Agent, IMo. 11 Union St., Is prepared to famish STEAM EH9INES and BOILERS, of various sixes and patterns, »«*■ Pipe ud rutsni, lillfcstn^Skkfi.ii, Ni^ie. Lisht Humi Woux of all descriptions, aad all kinds el work required in borldiag FoaririCATioXB. IronStair* and other Arcliiie. Work. Ileuses, Stores, sad other boiMihgf. Sited with Wit and 8team in the beef manner. Ia oonnection with the shore Is an Dee Foundry with a large assortment of Pattorns. to which the attention of Mu tuants, Millwright.,and Stup-Boild ere is invited—and all kinds of Castings furnished at short nolioe. jrT-< tr iers lor Machine Jobbing. Patterns ana * orgings, promptly executed. ,c3d tf SIHCE K’S SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN, TRUE A CO., AGENTS, !Ui. 54 ullt.Middle Street. Noodles aid Trlamlngsalway* onband. pdfliu A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, BEJiTlST, No. 17ft Mtddl Str«et. kavnaxircBe.Dre. Baoon aad Rmneus. Portland May X, 13«S. ., Dr. J. II. 1IEALD HAVING disposed Of Ml entire iut«re#t in hit Otfeeto Dr S V FRKNALD, would eheorfuily reoc mmond him to his former patient* and tbe pub lie. L'r. Fkrxald. from long ogperionec. i«» r«*rnr od to fnnen Artificial Teeth on tho“ Valcnn’^'pe*#/1 and allothcr method* bo own to the proieoKion Portland. May 2S. * tf WOOtt ANW UUl CHE AS* FOK CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, I.KHIGH. I1KZJI.TON SUGAR LOAF. OLD COM PAN Y Lr.lllGII LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS DIAMOND. WKBS TER md BLACK HEATH. llm«- Toil. it.ofllu very bt-«t anility, »etl *oi»uoj iu.1 i.ivkot .ad wimuttd to give «»tt. faction. Alao tor Mir but of IIAKD A\D SOFT WOOD, delivered to kuy pu t of the city. OrnciCouiMiiLgg,h»»dof irankUa Whirl. 8. ROl'NDs & SON. fcMfldly lUHOUMi) KIltK AND WAT>! K-HKOol FELT COMPOSITION, -AKD Gvavoi Roofing FOR FT..IT ROOFS. K- UKRSEY, Agimt, )loJ6 dtf No. IB Uttlon Street. ALBERT WEBB A CO.. — aaiLaas ia — Corn, Flour and Grain, MEAD or MERRILL S WHARjr, CenntUI Slroot.. . Port load. Mo. _ __ _ MW EDWARD H. BURG1N, WBOLfcfiALK DKAJ.Ul I> For 11. Meal ami Flour, Also. Ground Bock Salt. Coniiui««ion 11 Proliant roa rua< ha*t. abi> palbof Harley, Ryo and Oats. in loaded with torn iu balk free of charge. WaiehooM* No. 120 Commercial Si*eet, And ClTV Mill*, D re ring Bridge. _ JnneVodOra JOHN! F. AXDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COUXAN BLOCK, mchUdAntf Tkmilk Street. Scotch CanvaH, -FOB palm by JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bilk, Me. k BOL1S Sauerior Bleieh«l) «t/U 300 do AllLong flax "Gov- I ,, . rrnmrnt coninot," i 800 do Extra All Long nu I Atbroith. 30od« Nivy Vine j DoUvoredln Portlind or Boktoa. Ukth. AnrUW.iMg lolldtl REMOVAL ~ UK. NEWTON HA8 removed hi* residence to X*. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Offices* heretofore, \o. 116 Exchange Street, Id Noble's Block, up ptairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 ▲. M , from 3 to 3, and from 8 to 9 o'clock F. M Dr. N. will continue, in connection with central practice to *ive special attention to DISEASES Of FEMALES. oo3)dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P I, IT M B E lk ! X A K *11 or Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 144EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, told nud Shower Hath*, lVa*h Bow Is, Brtiu Ar Silver Plated Cocks, IjtV’ERY de*cription of Water Fixtures fbr Dwel* J ling Houses. Hotels, Public Buildiii**, Shops. Ac , arranged and set up in the be*t raauner. end all order* in town or country faithfuMv executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Conetantly on baud LKAD PIPES. SHF.Kr LKaD and BKKK I'lTMPS of all description*. ap9 dtf J". T. Lewis & Co., Manufacturer* and Wholesale Dealer* in READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FCRN 18IIING GOODS, Chamber, ■ ■ ■ Nee. I end 2 Fret .Street Block, (Over H. J libby k Co.,I j P lEu! PORTLAND. ME. jylldtf The Cheapest tgenry I\)li eollectinx til of claim, ari.inx from the warts that ot the ••MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION," la which the exhale, are controlled by a disinter* e.ted executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORCK T. EMERY, over the Portland Post Ofltoe, Sd story. dawly P MERCHANDISE. ilnckmrtack Snip TimbT^ OAK, Hackmatack, and Hard Wood l'tank -iw uaili iroji 1J to -J8 inohet, rreenali Wed cm JT *«• I>Y L . TAYLO*. _June2hd3in Galt'. Whirr, t'orr'and. Treenails. 100,000OAK TKEENAIL8, foi bimonton a knight, 48 Commercial Wharf Portland, June Hi,ISS4. jnnrl.VHf ‘■Honey.” *7 TCS. PRIME CUBA HONEY, for tale in hone # on duty paid. THOMA.s A.«KXClO A CO. June lo.—todtf Sugnr and 3Iola*se». 300 CHOICE MUSCOVADO »U . M TCS \ GAR. klll)8 superior Muacorado, and O TCS Clay ed M, il BULS from ftte-ra Morena. Now lauding and tur.ale by 1 Helil AO ASKNCIO A CO., maytdf _ l u.tom House Wharf. Sierra Morenu Molasses. 0‘»- HHDS , 0t)'i TI YRf'4'8 j CHOICE SIERKa MORENA roBBilLS) Mal-4aa“' Now landing from Biig ”C. H. Kennedy” raos. ASKSCIO A CO., May 8.—If_ C. U Wharf. Scotch Canvass. 1‘>U Bo'Ll8— from the factory of Darld Cor "v/ >ar A Sona, Leith—a axil cloth of .uperioi quality—Jn.t received per "Jura ", and Tor a ala hi MoGILVKRY, RYAN A DAVIS, J mchZudtf l«t Commercial Street WANTS, LOST,FOUND Boy Missing. Ran awav from home on the Doth Inat a lad • boat l» year. old. complexion dark, brown hair, and dara eyea. the lelt eye weak, and bad on eiicuh-lef h me a red mud bPck checked flinnel ai in. mixed canon p*M«, -hoe. uud .tockinca, and lifli Koaauih ha:, w ho tar will girt aay iuiorma tion concerning him will confer a yreat favor on hL. friendi aid ahail be mltablv retarded lor theii *rn“b ee„ e ^ . SITPHEN JORDAN. Cape KH^iboth. July Y7.1*1. JytodU* Wauteul. VGOOD foremen! of ttre room. Ibr a .mall fam ily without children. Apply ut thiaother jyttdtf Lsil. ASM 41. L hunch of Key., on a ateel ring. The Under than he auitably rewarded bv leavina J. J. ” *00.00 REWARD. HORSE AND BUGGY STOLEN. Vptr*on calling Li* name John Wood*, called on the -ltbicrl’ er, tbe !K)th ia*'., uo bixeo a teem to go to ,Htaeiii*ti end re'uru the dar following A* the nun ha* not retorted with the home and boggy n*, it »* believed Le ha, lau a wav with >litm The man wa» about 5 teet * lochr* high, fr, m K to *> vcara of age. would weigh an. 13U pound*, nfc'ear compl. xion. with .lark brown o- black hair and *yea ife milt on when he went away, rtaik clothe.. coal gray, a silk hat. old -tyle. ILeal.o w ore a Lair 01 gliUMM* that »pr ng on to the m,*e The buggy wa* new, built llu* aummer, by .1. >1. hiuaball of ti ia rit*. waaof the hall b n hen \ork partvru. trim me<t wi'h brown broadcloth Howe ton vear* old J* h»Bd* 1 Inch bigb. light rcddi.h ciay rolwr, awav back. Iilah hp,—agvod driver and r-art- er lint n#w n«*w. dark mounted, ban covered turrets and arat.r-h ok W hoever will retu u mid proi-crty will be ( aid «.Yi or *2S forth- thief. _ . W A. LT.SLKV. Portland. July Sj. Iwdhw 'ti Fm< dtiaet. Wuatrd. Uk » >• "«g man ana wift. wuhoot turnII,. u *u,ti et reonv*. Iiirai.iied complete for hoa- kri pini i.viTitlw* Addreo i. f. b , r.e,* Office. Currant* W'nuleri. flltlk. .alxuribrr want, frtmtyito V bn.hel, An, *■ Ki),t i a re-let*, 'or which he will p«v the high eat mar aet pr.ce. at bia itnie in >arr»ra* i a jyll* Ih wtf H.S^CLAV. Ciirrwnn Wnnuil, rillit higlieei market price paidfbr rip v Currant, I l*» any • tusn'itte-*. GRLhNOlGli * MoReK, _ .... .No. 2-) Mlrkrt&ui'Atc. TV:f ahd. Juty 1ft —dtwtf litianl tViinlnl ¥>1 a our/man mart ln»»ife: within ten mlnuto IJwalaoi lUefoattiffloe. Ad,Ire**,'doting l.c* tion, liinvi I c .) — . *** '• C. H., ‘ Look Box No. Ai. I*. CL j) l'Mtl Pilot HauiH 4 8TF.ll>> . comp, of au<I capable nun. haring kk » t boron rh ‘no* >ed,c« f 1* rilund IU. bur and itsoutfr a;*; roache*. i* waul«4 for lb.- filoiegeoi tb*' )! >xrRkAL CiKam Stxwainr ( ompaxy * Uveriuoi and Glasgow Line of ntcann-r* the cob* N w,n,*r- I he Pnot engaging for tht« service will b* required board the Steamer* ouMdo of tlx bulwark Snoal aud Al'»i» < Uuck. Ai»v^citiuiurr< ceivrd hr JAMKS I, KARMI It. jvliciw No. 10 ExcQange Street. Hunted. 4 BOY not lee* thru mate* n rears of tge, to acl am. an l amer. Matt come w 11 recu> invaded — A* ply at tbe Counting Loom of tbe Frees. j>l‘dtf Lost. STRAY KD from tb- pastor*) of Mr. Francis Rob arts, ttedbrook. uo moutD. a three year o-c gray t olf, * mall»lie: whoever aril retnra bim oi g v* iu format too where be may be touud, will tx suitably rewarded by calling at No J9 Sprint St. FK ANCIS F IHKRY. Port.and, Jnly 13.3*64 —rttf Substitute*. VST one wanting e ,wu cwtn u*e. for one or three yenr*. can be -applied with one be calling upon J M. Todd, Hair-Ure*#er, corner ot ktiadlc and Kxebm ge street*. J. M. TOIiLi, tr one wlio beiievea the Rebellion can be pal dow n by the L'lnon force,. Jniyi2v„d3w* S'W Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even tug. while in hfrw'* auction room, a Calf Skia Fuck't Uol k coutaiug B 4 in mou<v, a note against Char*c> Hodgdou Gorham. for MO,and *ne agaiusl Charles nooper for Sit. Tbe above reward will b* paid Jor the recovery of tbe property aud tbe d» tee* tlou ortho tblef. Tuuo s -u GEORGE BECK Board. SUITS of Room.*, with board, can be obtained bv applyiug iuuuediattly at baufuith street. May 11th. may iJdt f A. & 8. SHURTLEFF & CO., NOS. 44 A 50 .MIDDLE STUEET, PORTLAND. Manufacturer* and Dealers in W_'. n__• xt_ali. mil • »• *» »VI ■ MUU • A U1VA. A1U and Calf Boon, Womeu’i Misses and Children’* Goat. Kid and Calf B*lm>rals, Hubbers Shoe block, Findings, Ac. WrITH our superior facilities for manufacturing * t and a large experience ia the t>u«in»«*. wt wr are this to neil a*» low a* io Boston or elsewhere Dealer* are respect tally invited to call and ax amine our a took betore purchasing. Mf-Or dors by mail promptly attended to. Port!and. April 23, 1S64. d&a NOTH r. VV'E. the undersigned. haring-told otir '♦lock o ff Coal and Wood to H-surs Kamtall, McMi$ frrt|0>., do cbcerludy recommend them to oui former easterner*. \»l perwo»« having denut Ml against u» am requested to prtseut mem tor sttlia meat, and all person* indebted to u.« ar»* rtque«ts« to make immediate pay meat at the old »i*r.d wh» r< one ol the uudcreigneu may be found for the p»v«ent SA WYKg k WHITNEY. Portland, Jane 6, l“01. juucl&Mw Coal and Wood! rililK 'uh-irlUr having purchased the Stock o X Cot an1 'Voo t md tilm thegiml rn't-otli occupied by Me*»r*. fnwr*»r * ICo#/a-*, bead o Moinc Wkfmr/,% % now prtpartd to surply then former fs'ioi. and the public generally, with a due assortment of WELL PICKED IX D SCREES ED Old Company lt**high, Sugar I .oat I^-high, lla/ehou l^hlgh, l.oru.M Mountain. Juhn\ Whit** anti H»*d Ash* Diamond and LortM*rry. Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Snjterior (W/br RlarL smith*. Also, Hurd and Mott Wood, Delivered io order in any part of the city. The former customeia of M i«m Sawyer & IV hi. nev are re-pecilhlbr in*ited to *ive n« • call UANDAI.L k CO. Portland. June 13 1864.—dly Dimoliition. TlIK 6rmof Howard k Slroat. a*< Counseliois a* Law. I. thi. dav dissolved by mu Inal eoaeeut. Kliher parti er will art-ad to the *et tlement ol of the budneuof tbo la'e dim Mr. Howard will c'ntlnnc to occupy ofll:e9l MU die street, over Caeco Bank. Mr Strout wib occupy office 106 Middle It reel opposite head of Plumb s,reel JoaarH IIowaid, S*WA1 l C. STkOt'T. Per.laad, June IT, 1*64 - dim CLOTHING RBMOVa£I JOSIAH BURLEIGH BA* BBBOVBD TO ,E* STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIOHj Yh°le*»le and Retail Dealer in Cothing.Coths, Tailors' Trimmings, -AID GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, No*. 141 * 144 Middlci street. JOSIAI1 BlltLElGB, Agent for o' ver A Baker'* cefot rated Sewing MaohineK, Ho*. 141 ft 143 Kiddle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will »ay to hi* friend* thnt he any be found at Bar ‘•igli'*,5o. Ml* M3 Middle be will be plea-ed to wait upon hi* former cu,turner*. fortlund. March 24. 1364. dtf JUST RECEIVED I RttLLlXS 4c HAVlMO reltted their More uud received » |Uge aaaortmeot ot ■ ELEGANT STYLES c Iu. o T H s ! ARK PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Cuitonen. aim. Clothing <fe Furnishing Goods, In Ore at Variety. -AT ^5 ZVIiddle Street. __ may9tf UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. lKCORFOKAlKB by lb* bTAlE Ok MA1SK Charter Pn-petmnl. _ Organbud, U4». IMRKCTdH’s OFFICE, 0* Slate Street, .... ISoaton, H... Pretidemi—HFXk r CHOI KM It hn-rnt*mt—l)A.\ IFL oetnMP StcrHarg— It'. H. HuLUsTKM. „ , „ H. G."yv7LsOX. I.enerol Manager of Agnri,, m ike Tn Mr gland Stairs. Assets. Jttf rteftnbtr, 1M3, $832,088 41 Los*rs Paid to das*. 97 3v 060 Oil Uteulend Paui in C ask to date. 9340,830 09 THM Company offer, p< collar adexatagra toper «>o, intruding to Itiruie mir lire,, ia Iran..', aud *tabilit>, a-quind in .1, loarhin >«ar,'exi,n ain*‘mvi i* *****.**. wbb-b- (without na oaplm or flO OCO amount, to orertbiM-<iBarter,ol a a UHon or dollar,. b«l. g more than two hubdred dollar. In rxem-aol ha llabilhir, lor tfea reiraaiaicd ot all kul.taiding refer; hi tat Ifet inter pr. hat.4 ** It* loeuiuuiodaiind ib *trru of |>*,) ufnli of p end um-; id I Ik* targe immbi r,dirrt*iD. q , ,»». l,» fcL4 oeeupatkiB.. va>l u.-«gt,,rd loca'i- tea rt H\ir ia .ured, (Itjas lb* lar*. ,t r,q. I lie m oje for ibe 11 a ration of the la»» of mor aiftt, aiid iff » q. plert fuurakiv to the mrurtii for tb. Wrlit. II eta* of; IB • br dlrertoa M pr.-Bt the wnireaf a pirn. a meal of wliuih haring lor the part I .art. an leara avrtaired Fort, per Cent ot tbe premium, | aid. k-blieiaa are re.ued apoa ail tie pla • waul ulib I lie Inaurauce • omp uita. acd a: aa ioar tatia a, la coamM.nt with a view to • unity at d aolreae) far tree rimnng Ap acn*. to o,i< » b. re lie tea. oaay bare BOkF. and tho r wlrhlngTiaraUegAgrie c|*t'within the , ew Knglat d hta-ra, will irilt to i*. H. \\ ILdoN. fit Slat, SPwt, Bomoa. ,triad -uch rn eraore. or Inhinaaii -a a, to a*-, preaert aad put butt wi 1 enable him to to m judg ment IB rettard tb>ralo. Jaaeltdfm Carriages,- Carriages! Firmlt Bail! aad Neatly FihUked. J. P. LIBBEY, Ro. 20 Preble 8t.. Ol FEBS for iile, it hi* t f. • r»r ety of (.'irritirx umet in the hi(<«( iidtoit *» fe. *25?*'^ m*u.1 #r- ***4 ‘1 »•1«»« n | gs r diI »1 • -hfT rent-t) Its of Light (*irisfce» »un il e> n •old on tho mo*t fivortble trim* l>m, n* h l«i d ing to i urch**e l arriage* v it) t>i.d it U r thole Inter eot to cod and utouae Uiiure hating t weliat. lanefRdtf BRADFORD 0 HARKOV, Pension and Claim Agent*, (Eatab)ithed io 1S61.) STILL contlBBe to devo'e Ibt lr ,(eciai ari exoia «ive att .atton to tba proa-ca ka of Lliiai toe Petrelon*. Uciiiuio, Aneara of Pay aad I*tIxe .Honer, And all olharelahn, arainit tba Uoraramaat, bar ing boon nul, iKi'Uaed Uier-for. r-F ' AH ntirioa tree. Iinni u low u at an, oth er Armey, and ao pa, lequueo nttll the claim, are obtained. othca M Exchange atreet, Joar Block. y It K A UFO K D. , , . f- K UAJUKM. June J1 —dtf Ueorgc W. VI a it-on, QOLD & SILVER PLATER, T4 Middle Street, Portland, Me. A »h*w of patronage ranpctfnlly foUcifed and aatlaftctlcn given. »irderv from the country promptly attended to. Addrcx George W. Manton. 74 Middle meet. Room So. 10. up tlalra, Portland, Me. • June 14— d-lm UP-TOWN SHOE STORE! SAMUEL BELL. 353 CONGRESS ST., HAH C4»uatautly on hand a large and wall aaJect. €rd -tuck of Boots, Shoos, And all AKTicraa i» that limb, fbr fbr «•» ot Ladies, («rntUmri and (hildtrn to which bo In vile# the attention 01 ibeae about to make pure hare*, ae having on* of the beat in the citv. Work and Repairing dona wth neatn<M ana dia* patch. • I’nrtland, Jane 21—dtnang 1 Copannfnhip Notice*. — AID — BUSINESS ALVEKTI8EMENT rrtlis mi bee rl be re be v In,, on the 7»h day O' Slay 1 (orinrd n eopnrtoereblp nnder the name of McCarthy k Bern, For the pnrjMMte of carry irg on tha BOOT AND SH3£ BUSINESS In a»l Its branch**, and having a’l tha fkeilitlr* f#t get1 tag up oral c aaa work Ibr gentlemen a ad lad • a. wear, *r« now r-adj, to execute all order, w tb u» t uei* and ui»pateh Uur work will be made of ha t *»st of imported .lock, by the Left ot wot k man. i r d warranted to give per «ct»artefactten. It la cur tm that i ar wor.i .hall not If aecoud to any la the l til ed State*. We have al*o completed a atock of ready -nude work of the flrat quality, ter Liadiaa, Gcatl m*»u, ami Chiidreu’a Wag B> looted fVam New York and Boetoa mar) ata Our Ladle** work i* from the celebrated £*rfa .Vauf/ar'erv of hrw York. t or Lieutlemen1 * wear we have tlie best toon n ent ever offer* d for tale iu thin o:ty ; f uch an fit a Ft ncU l‘ai> ut Leather Boot.; L.lovt i'alt and Cali ( ou gre-f for gentlemen’* wear; Fatvnt Leather (on. grwM. and ( all €»afre«* Balmoral, auu i «w F:< nch Buck e Boou. Have you feen the now Dtyle CRIMPED-I RONt BL( RLE P()i»T, Bf'w made by VLLar hr k Lor ry f For nca'ner*. comt.-rt and' Uiim , jt '-urr*—e* anything ever got up ia’hia city talud It; h>«mple. alw ay » on h*ud at the old a:ana if N Mc Carthy. McCARTIIVA ItEltR V. Eichange Street. i ______ KOIltll. A uior, B.orJvn cin be iec»niuo<U'e<l nt 7J Dunlortb itrwi.two door, abov, P > lilt. Apply *<->» 1-1)4

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