Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 1, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 1, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. New Advert Leetnentg To-Day. Union Convention—City Hall. M C. M. ▲.-Monthly Meeting. Dirigo luaurnuoe Co. Letter List. Notion—D. W. Clark. Notice—B. F. Brock. Tj Let —A K Shurtleff Situation Wanted. Qm Notice— l£dward A. Dareic. Excursion—Univer'alLt Society. Canal Bank—B. C. Somerby. Huum Wanted. Coroner's Inquest. Verdict of the jury on the late collision on the Grand Trunk Railway. The coroner’s jury which has been in ses sion several days, investigating the circum stances that caused the collision of the two freight trains on the Graud Trunk Railway at Falmouth last Monday uight, concluded their inquest on Saturday. Their verdict is that “Pennell and Thurston died from injuries re ceived on Monday the 25th day of July, at about 8.35 P. M., by a collision between a special construction train and regular freight train No. 10, on the Grand Trunk Railroad, at a point between Falmouth and Cumlierland, on said road; that said collision occurred by reason of the carelessness ot the conductor and engine driver of said special train, in leaviug Cumberland for Falmouth at a time when said train No. 16 was entitled to the road; that it was clearly the duty of said con ductor and engineer, by the rules of the road, to have delayed said special train at Cumber land until said train No. 16 had passed: that neither of the colliding traius bore head lights; that though the testimony of witnesses, ex amined at this inqnest, does not warrant us in concluding, that the collision could have been avoided if said trains bad carried head lights, we believe that the trains could thereby have been seeu from a greater distance, and that an opportunity being thus afforded the engine drivers of more speedily reversing their en gines, the concussion might have been less dangerous; that accordingly we would rec ommend, as a measure of prudence, that en gine drivers of night traius be required to use head lights upon their engines in all cases, when circumstances do not make it impracti cable.” The verdict is signed by C. H. Hall, Coro ner, and David Keazer, Robertson Dyer, John T. Rogers, Moses B. Nickerson. Charles Mc Laughlin, and J. Harris Cressey, as Jurors. Upon the rendition of this verdict Coroner Hell ordered the arrest of Mr. Henry B. Hus sey the engine driver of the special traiu, who will have an examination before the Munici pal Court. He is the oldest engine driver on that road, with the exception of “Uncle Jake Nichols.” His arrest is according to Sec. 8, Chap. 139, Revised Statues. Brocksieper'e Gas Regulator. We hsve before referred to this wonderful improvement to secure economy, and a steady, clear light iu the consumption of illuminating gas, but we cau do no better service for all gas consumers than renewedly to call their atten tion to it. We are aware of the thousand aud one impositions that have been practiced upon our citizens in relation to gas burners under the plea of economy, and know how to appre ciate their doubts and ominous shakes of the head when auything of the kind is proposed to them. We have the gas-i egulators in use in our office, and know what kind of liyht they secure. We know the flame is clear, white, steady and uniform, unaffected as the even ing advances, by neighboring lights being shut off. On the score of economy in gas bills we will not speak, lor we have not used the regu lator loug enough to know from actual obser vation, in this direction. But we invite our gas-cousumitig friends to visit room lftl Mid dle street, up stairs, where, by the use of a test metre their doubts will all be dissipated. More than this: the lest metre is a beautiful piece of mechanism, and five minutes observation of its workings will repay any person for bis trouble, who has any taste for such examinations. Mr Goodell. the agent, is au intelligent gentle man, who will not fail to gratify every reason able desire of those who wish to gain informa tion in relation to the matter he has in band. We cannot better close this notice than by copying the following certificate, which speaks for itself. The original has been in our pos session :— American' Museum, New York, 1 June 27, 1804. ) Irtiny Hull, Esq-,—Dear Sir: Alter hav ing tried more than twenty different kinds of “gas savers,” every one of which I consider utterly worthless, 1 confess it was with great reluctance that 1 consented to give your “Reg ulator” a trial. Now, however, after having had your “Regulator” placed on all my burn ers throughout the American Museum, as well as my house in Bridgeport, Conn., and in full operation for three months, 1 must say that 1 was scarcely ever more delightfully surprised. Tour “Regulators” work to a charm. It is impossible for the gas to blow, or waste, where your “Regulator” is applied. Hence a steady and uniform light is always secured, and an absolute saving is made in my gas-bills of more than thirty per cent., besides giving me a far better light. Truly yours, P. T. Baiinum. How Open. A home for sick and wounded soldieis is opened to-day at No. 14 Spring street. Books for subscriptions will be opened to-day at the store of the Treasurer, Eben Steele, Esq., 110 Middle street, and at the Merchant’s Ex change. All the merchants on Commercial and Fore streets, who were called upon Satur day for contributions of groceries,contributed liberally. The managers of the enterprise confidently hope that our citizens will as gen erously respond to their call lor money, as did those on Saturday with materials. A circular will be issued in a few days by the Executive Committee of the Association, setting forth the plans and objects of the As Buiiauuu, tuu uie meuioa oi operation. U. S- District Court WAKE, J., I'BESIDINO. Satcbday.—Manuel Sanchez, libellant, ys. John Berry, captain of the brig Martha A. Berry. In this case the Judge dismissed the libel without costs, ou the ground that when a sea man ships in a certain capacity, and it is found that he is not equal to that capacity, the cap tain has a right to deduct a proper amount from his wages. E. A F. Fox. Shepley A Dana. Municipal Court—July 30. James Jordan,for driving a carriage through the street or public way faster than the City Ordinance allows, was Sued five dollars and costs. He appealed. Sad Accident.—Last Thursday evening as Willis T. Brown, second cook of steamer I.ady Lang, was sitting on the railing of the boat, he lost his balance and fell ovtrboard.— The boat was at her wharf in Bangor, and every exertion was made to recover the body, which was not successful till Saturday morn ing. He was a ton of William H. and Mary Brown, of this city, aged 21 years. The re mains will not be brought to this city, hut will be iuterred at Bangor. Stolen ob SmuogledCio awl—Police of fleer Gerts, yesterday afternoon, found a bag containing six boxes cigars, in the passage way between Commercial and Fore streets, leading from Wedgery’s to Central wharves. He took them to the police office. There was no person In sight, and Mr. Gerts supposes that the smuggler or thief might have caught sight of him aud dropped the hag and fled. The Monomaniac, by William Gilbert, a work of thrilling interest, from the press of James G. Gregory, New York, has been re ceived by A. Robinson, Exchange street. Excursion.—The Free Street Baptist Sab bath School and Society, will make an excur sion to Pleasant Cove to morrow. Fight—Resisting Police Officers. Saturday evening, Ragan, oue of the witnesse in an assault aud battery case of 8tate vi Michael McGlinchy, which was tried befor the Municipal Court last week, was assaulte and badly beaten in Cotton street, by a gan of men. Olflcers Montgomery and Charlto arrested one of the men. While they wer conveying him to the lockup, officer Charlto was violently assaulted aud an attempt wa made to rescue the prisoner, but it did nc succeed, as they conveyed the fellow to th lockup. Railway Traffic.—The receipts on th Grand Trunk Railway for the W'eek endin July 23d, were #01,900 4 Corresponding week last year, 74,374 1 Increase, #17,M2 3 There was an decrease during the week c #804 13 in paaseugers, aud an iucrease c #18,100 47 in Ireight. Assaulting a Negbo.—Saturdayeveninj as the steward of a vessel was quietly pro ceeding down India street he was violentl assaulted by two men. Officers Burnham am Fickett, on being informed of the circurn stance, arrested the meu and conveyed then to the lockup. Accident.—An Irish teamster named Sul livan, by some means unknown, tell from th second story window of a house on l’leasan street, about one o’clock this morning, strik ing on some crockery ware, injuring him bad ly. A physician was sent for who dressed hi wounds. The Young Ladies It. F. Society grateful! acknowledge the receipt of *200, from tin Ladies’ Committee, a part of the proceeds o the Little Acorn's Fair. H. S. McCoitu, Treas. V. C. A.—The Portland Veteran Cunnei Association, celebrate their 20th anniversarj to-morrow, at their usual camping ground leaving the city at live o'clock A. M. The name of Mr. Storer, who died so sud denly Thursday, was Edward. He died a the leather factory in Falmouth, where he wai employed, but resided in Yarmouth. The American Illustrated papers for thii week have been received at the book aud pe riodical store of A. Robinson, No. 51 Exchangi Street. Foreign E.\i*obts.—The total value o foreign exports from this port last week amounted to $29,743 84. Douse Kaii.boad.—The cars will rui from Munjoy, connecting with the main tract at Market Square, sometime next week. The sales of 7-30 Bonds at the Nations Bank, have already reached nearly one hun dred thousand dollars. Gas.—The price of gas for this month,is t< be lour dollars per thousand feet. BY TELEGRAPH KVENINfi PAPERS. -—-*•». lnvanion of Fenntylranla—Largr lt.brl Car■ airy Forcr at Chambernburg — The Krb. 11 Advancing In Three ColumnM—Tcleyrapl n'irt* Cut- 1’roolamatton by Hor. Curtin. Harbisbcbo, Pa., July 30. A large force of rebel cavalry entered Cbam bersburg this morning at three o'clock. ‘Gen Couch is at Carlisle. Gov. Curtin has arrive! here. The citizens here are arming, and ev ery effort will be made to repel the iuv&ders. The Patriot says the wires are down be tweeu Chambersburg and Harper's Ferry, am between Chambersburg and Cumberland — Adams’ Express refuses freight for Cumber land and beyond. The Cumberland Valle] railroad only runs to Carlisle. The Northern Central is running as usual. Philadelphia. July 30. The Bulletin's Harrisburg dispatch of Ihii morning states that three columns of rebel! are advancing into the 8late. A few minute! before three o'clock this morning the operatoi at Chambersburg announced that the advauct guard of the rebels had entered that town since when no dispatches have been received the operator having fled or been captured, li is believed that the rebels intend making a general rendezvous in Bedford county and ad jacent mountains. Nothing definite has beet ascertained whether the rebels are pillagiui or destroying property. There is not mucl alarm exhibited here. SECOND DISPATCH. It is believed that the invasion of this Stall is by I^ee's best troops, and is of a too gigan tic nature to be regarded as a mere raid. Tbi rebels are now holding Chambersburg. Gen Couch is directing the defensive movement ai Carlisle. Gov. Curtin has issued a proclamation stat ing that rebel cavalry and artillery occup] Chambersburg, and that a few hours will tie velop their intentions. He calls on the peo pie ot Harrisburg to organize at once t» de fend their homes, and says they will be sup plied with arms and ammunition as soon ai organized into companies. Font Charlcoton. New York. July 30. Hilton Head letters ot the 15th state tha two Union prisoners had escaped from tin rebels and arrived there. They report seeiuj some rebel iron-clads in the Cooper Kiver. Gen. Birney is on a raid in Florida. The fire on Sumter is continued with con siderable effect. The rebel prisoners have no yet been placed under fire. Foster’s late movement occasioned intensi excitement in Savannah. Cot. Mulligan not I trad. Philadelphia, July 30. A dispatch from Harper’s Ferry to the Bui letin, dated last night, says it has been ascer lained that Col. Mulligan is not dead, but I badly wounded and in the hands of the rebele Mosby, with 50U cavalry, has crossed th Potomac into Maryland at Edward's Ferry and is endeavoring to Intercept our wsgo train. Trains still arrive regularly from Sand; Hook and Frederick. From thr Army before ltirhmond. Fobtbesk Monroe, July 29. rour uuuareu prisoners captured by the corps opposite City Point on Wednesday, hav arrived here. It is reported that our forces are advancin and have captured three rebel brigades will their arms and equipments, and that we hav captured several guns also. The 18th corp and Sheridan’s cavalry are co-operating. Keitel Cavalry JKntmriny Maryland and Pena By I rani*. New Yoke, July 30. The Post’s Washington dispatch says Intel ligence direct Iroin Frederick states that body of cavalry crossed into Maryland at th mouth of the Mouocacv last night. Also tbs a part ol McCausiaud's cavalry had enlere Pennsylvania. Keparted Kemoral of Gen. Itank*. New Yoke, July .10. The Tribune’s New Orleans correspoudeni dating 21st inst., says it is stated, on the bei authority, that Gen. Hanks was relieved frot his command yesterday, and rumor assign both Gens. Granger and liana to the vacancy The Nohtukk.v Monthi.t for August i issued, being in advance of its day or mout of publication. Tills number in its typograpi ical appearance will compare favorably wit any work of the kind iu the country. Frot a hasty glance at the topics and a knowledg of the writers we can safely recommend thi magazine to the uolice and patronage of th reading people of this State, especially. “Our Painters,” hy John Neal; ‘‘Spring iu the llesert” by K. Foxton; “Six week with the Soldiers” by C. Pearl; “The Betroll ed,” by Mrstl. A. S. Beale; The Theater i Portlaud in 1803; Tha State Prison in Thou aston, Charles Ilolden; together with th editorials and army letters, will be read wit interest. This magazine, notwilhstaudini the great advance on paper, and everythin; that enters Into its publication, is furuishe single subscribers at $ 2,00 a year—singl copies 20 cents—ten copies $ 15, bailey . 1 Noyes Publishers, IIV TELEGRAM 3 V TOTH* 11 Portland Daily Press. 3 I —— , i FROM GEN. GRANT’S ARMY. 5 I _ t | b The Storming of Petersburg Bpguii. B Explosion of the Mine under the ; Rebel Works. i _ ; GREAT BATTLE SATURDAY 1 i — f Large Number of Prisoners Captured. THE BATTLE STILL PROGRESSING. » ! Bai.timokk, July 31. I \\ e have the glorirous newsfrom Gen. Grant by tbe Old l'oiut boat, that tbe seige of Pe tersburg has had an auspicious commeuce i j uient. The news received this morning is as follows: The seige of Petersburg lias opened in earn est, This (Saturday) morning at daybreak we blew up one of tbe rebel batteries, cousisl ! iug of 1(5 guns, and had carried three tiers of t earthworks of the rebels, before the mail . ( steamer left City Point this (Saturday) morn . iug. Reports by the officers of the Old Point steamer is to tbe same effect. The news is be i lievcd to be reliable. Second Dlepatch.—All doubt as to the good news from Gen. Grant's army, seems to be re moved. A late dispatch, just received, says: C The assault commenced at four o’clock on Saturday morurng, by a terrible explosion, which completely destroyed one of the ene my’s principal forts in front of Petersburg, coutaiuing 10 guns, this was rendered a mass of ruins. Immediately upon this explosion our artillery opeued one simultaneous autl continuous roar along our whole Hue. ’ Up to the leaving of the mail boat at ten o’clock, we bad captured the two outer earth works and also the entire line of rebel en trenchments. The battle continued to pro gress with the greatest fury. HZAIMjUABTKRS ARMY POTOMAC, ( July 30—10 A. M. ) The great event so long anticipated, naine I ly, tiie explosion of the mine under the rebel fort in front of the 0th army corps, came off this morning at 40 minutes past 4 o'clock.— Picket tiring was kept up all night and in fact at the time the match was applied, the skir mishes were still engaged on both sides. Vol umes of dirt were thrown up rising over .'500 feet in the air, resembling an immense foun tain of earth, more than anything else. The Kill army corps at once charged the works driving the rebels to their second line of entrenchments, and taking a number of prisoners, some of whom were dug from tbe riirt hllfllv hniianH Thosa roltal nricAnon. state that only about a dozen of their regi ment, a South Carolina one, uew remaius. As soon as the explosion took place, 120 guns immediately opened on our trout, while musketry blazed in one continuous line of fire , along the front of the nth and Oth corps. The scene will long be remembered by those who witnessed it. The smoke from the guus soon obscured the view, and the first particu lars of our success were gleaned from those who came in with prisoners, j The pi isoners state that we completely sur prised those in their front, they being mostly asleep at the lime. The prisoners also state that there were four guns iu the fortiflcatious which of course were buried far out of sight. One of the prisoners slated that they were busy miuing under onr works, and that in two days more they would have been ready to blow us up, but we got the start of them. latest. Hkaim^uartkks Army Potomac* I July 30, A. M. ( Reports just in say that we have possession of the entire front line of the rebel works, with large numbers of prisoners. Our losses, in the charge, were severe, as our men bad to cross an open field to reach the rebels. The troops engaged were the {Hh corps with the 18th supporting them. The 2d and .">lh being held in reserve. The firing is still going on with great fury. Reus. Grant and Meade, with corps generals, are at the front watch the progress of affairs. The Rebel Raid into Pennsylvania. Hebei Force estimated at 30,000. C IIAMHEH S1IVHU LAID IX ASHES. The Scene Appaling and Indescribable. LOSS REPORTED AT $1,000,000. Defeat of the Haitler* at McCon aelahury. Harrisburg. Pa., July 30. A conversation with a gentleman attached to a newspaper establishment at Chambers burg, who lelt there at 8 o'clock this tnoruiug, reveals the following facts: People received intelligence yesterday of the approach ol the rebels. Business men commenced packiug up their stock, and before 10 o'clock last night most of the valuab’e mer chandize was sent far beyond the reach of the , rebels. At 3 o’clock this afternoon the rebel force, 800 mounted iufantry. reached Chamber-burg and encamped on the Fair grounds. This force was met a short di-tance from Merciens burg by a small party of troops from Carlisle barracks, who fought tire advance stubbornly, but were compelled to withdraw on account of the overwhelming numbers of the iuvaders. Gen. Averill is reported as having engaged the centre iu a hot tight, and it is said be is tailing back on Chauit>er»burg. If this is so, his position must be a perilous one, and he is ' l.kely to be surrounded any moment should J the rebels leave Cuambcrsburg to meet him, and those moving from Waynesboro also join ' in the assault. The rolling stock of the Cumberland Val ’ ley road is Ireiug removed to this place. It is said the rebels l.ave burnt tbe Court House, r Town Hall, aud the residence of Col. McClure of Cbambersburg. Various estimates are iu»ue as hi iue uuuiuer 01 me luvauiug lorce, the lowest putting them down at 30.0U0. At 1 o’clock to-day they had made no ad vance beyond Chambersburg, aud our forces still hold Shippenburg. Most positive information lias been received tbatGeu. Averill has drove the rebels out of Chambersburg, and is following them west ward tawarda LoudoD, Franklin county. The 1 best part of Chambersburg is said to be in ashes, and :JOOO people renderid homeless. ’ Mulniyht.—Censorship having been revived I y th ■ military authorities at this point, news that w tild he interesting and important to the pullic cannot tie communicated by tele graph. This must uot he misconstrued, as public safety and military success requires se crecy. ’ Col. McClure has just received a dispatch from an operator iu the field, a few miles from j Chambersburg, that the rebels have tired the , town. This was done because they were foiled iu getting the plunder they expected. Hakkisbiko, July 31. Gen. McCausland was in command of the rebel troops when they burned Chamliersburg. lie issued a proclamai ion demanding $100 mw iu gold, but it was impossible to comply, and an order was issued to lire the court house, towu hall and hank buildings. Parlies ol sol | diers having sacked the several drug and chemical stores, manufactured tur|>entiuc balls which they threw in all directions, creating as many differin'. flames, which soon united iu one grand conflagration. Speedily the scene became appalling by the crackling aud roaring ol the dames and shrieks of terrified women. Panic stricken and suffering children, with the pitiful appeals ol the old and helpless, formed an iudeaciihable scene of horror. Two hundred aud sixty-five of the most valuable and eligible public and private dwellings were destroyed. The town was tired at about 11 o'clock iu (he forenoon. The rebels remained just long enough to see the flames get under proper headway, when au alarm was given that Aver 11 was approaching the town. Iu stautly every freebooter was iu his saddle and huiriedly took the St. Thomas road, wiih Av . erill in pursuit. No intelligence has reached Harrisburg con cerning the direct effect of A verill’s attack, hut it is believe 1 ihat he succeeded iupunish | log McCausland severely. A train heavily laden with commissary stores was dispatched from this city this morn 1 Ing to Chambersburg to relieve the present e wants ol homeless women aud children, who p now crowd the surrounding fields and woods. Many residences of prominent citizens in the i outskirts of the town were burned. Philadelphia, July 31. I Prominent citizens of Cbambersburg have issued an appeal to the beuevolent people of tbe North lor aid. Ii appears that McCausland demanded #50, 0(Xl R) save the town Irom burning,but with out waiting lor the citizens to remove their j effects they fired the bouses in fifty places. Upwards of 250 houses in the heart of the town were burned, iucluding all the public buildiugs, hotels. <tc., comprising about two thirds of the place. The loss will reach a million of dollars. Many are left witbout bedding, clothing or place to sleep. Without aid from abroad there will l>e great suffering. Contributions can be sent to itev. John K. Warren. It is reported that Gen. Averill has defeat ed the raiders at McConnelsburg. THREE DAI'S LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Bremen off Cape Race. Cape Hack, N. F., July 50. Tbe steamship Breuieu, lrom Southampton 20th, passed Ibis point at uoon to-day. She was boarded by the news yacht of the Asso ciated Press aud tbe following report obtained. The steamships Sidon, from New York, aud Hibernian, from Quebec, arrived at Liverpool on the 18th inst. The steamship Uansa, from New York, has arrived out. GREAT BRITAIN. In the House of Lords on the 18th, Lord Brougham preseuted a petition from Jamaica on the increase of the slave trade iu Cuba, and said Spain had violated her treaty en gagements. The Kail of Malmsburg advised the repeal of the Aberdeen act. In the House of Commons, Mr. Osborn called attention to the political relation with Brazil, aud said Kugiuud was tbe only nation which had no treaty with that Government He strongly urged the repeal of the Aberdeen act. Lord Palmerston said the Government was ! engaged, with the friendiy intervention of the King of Portugal, iu endeavoring to restore diplomatic relations. A vessel arrived at Liverpool reports meet ing the Florida June 5th, lat. 22 N., Ion 41 W., and received four prisoners for America from the schooner Latimer, burnt by the Florida. The remainder of the crew joined the Confed I erates. The prisoners were transferred to the Castine lor New York. The Florida had only destroyed the Latimer aud a bark from the South Seas since leaving Brest. The Confederate loan was two cents lower, partly from realizetion of profits and partly from the venture on an invasion of the North, and is quoted at from 74 to 7ti cents. THE DANISH QUESTION. I The Austrians took possession of Feoks on I the 18th, which is an island on the west coast of Schleswig, and was iu possession of tbe allies. FRANCE. The Princess Clotiide gave birth to a son on tbe 11 th inst. l' i..... u,-*i„ .... .. .s.u ... Napoleon. The Moniteur says it is asserted that the negotiations lor peace between Denmark, Austria aud Prussia will take place at Vienna. The Constitutionnel says the admission of Denmark into the German contederation would disturb the balance of power in Europe, and therefore the scheme is impossible. ITALY. Two Italian war vessels have been ordered to cruise ofi Isdira, where there are two sus picious craft. DENMARK. The proposal of Denmark to the Berlin and Vienna Cabinets have been met by a suspen sion of arms on laud and sea until the 31st inst. Meanwhile Denmark has l>een request ed to send a Plenipotentiaay to Vienna imme diately, in order that an understanding may be arrived at. An engagement took place on the 14th at Pokes, between the allies and the Danish gun boats. Sweden will soon commence the construc tion of three monitors. FROM THE SOUTHWEST. tVoni .\>ic (trhiing— Instruction of Steamer Clara Hell by the Rebel*—Steamers Itetaln eit by a Retpel Rattery —■ The tilth t near Helena, Ark. Cairo, 111., July 30. New Orleans papers of the 33d have been received. No news. There was a fair inquiry for cotton, but holders declibe to sell. Quotations nominal at $1,05 far low middlings. Geueral markets unchanged. The steamer Clara Bell was fired iuto at Carrollton Landing on the 34th, by a rebel battery. Three shot peuetrated her hull be- 1 low the water line, and wounded seven per sons. The steamer ran far ahead aud had nearly repaired her da-nage, when she was again attacked, the battery haviug.been moved up the river. This lime lour shell struck the boat and she burned to the water’s edge. All on board escaped except one wounded man, who is supposed to have perished in the flame'. A tin-clad boat was seut to protect the Claia Bell, and commenced to drive the rebels away. The iron-clad Louisville was then sent to the scene of conflict, but before she reached the place the battery had been removed to wards Columbine. The steamer Leviathan, with the steamer Pauline Carroll iu tow, passed the batt.-iy above them without molestation. The rebel force in that vicinity is said to consist of four hundred Texas cavalry with four pieces of artillery. The Leviathan found eight steamers below White ltiver, afraid to venture up the stream. The bodies of Col. Crooks aud other officers killed in the late tight twelve miles from Hele na, were brought up on the Leviathan. Thir ty-seven privates are reported to have been killed in the same tight, and w e lost one of our caissons. The enemy numbered 1,500, while our force did not reach one-tliird of that num ber. »©m the Army of the Votomae. New York, July 31. The Herald’s army of the Potomac cories pondenl stales that a recent election among the North Carolina troops resulted largely iu | favor of Holmau against Vance. The Herald's correspondence from James river shows that our movements surprised Lee, who pushed troops precipitately from Petersburg aud Richmond tu near Deep Bot tom. where they hold a strong position. All the roads to Richmond between Jamestown ! tiver aud White Oaks Swamp were strougly j defended. On the evening of the 27lh Mer I ritt’s cavalry gained an important point, but on the morning of the 3SUi he was furiously attacked by three rebel brigades of infantry. Merritt then fell back upon his reservp, who then lired and charged ou the rebels, driving them in confusion. At the same time a heavy fight occurred with Gregg's division, by which we lost one gun. but soon recovered our lost gmuuu, capon mg some colors aim prisoner*. Kautz is in possession of Malvern Hill. Gib bons’ infantry relieved the cavalry after the above fight, and skirmished with the enemy and took up anew and important position on the night ol the 28th. The gunboat Mendota did excellent service in the above tight. Front Urn. Shrvmnn't A rut ft. New Yoke, July SI. The Herald’s Nashville dispatch says that the rebels at Atlanta recently attempted to iutercepl an iiup< rtant movement of Gen. Shermau’s, by attacking the loth corps, but the enemy were severely repulsed. Johnston removal was caused by bis de clining to hojd Atlanta, he claiming that it would result in the capture of the rebel army. The last accounts state that 2000 dead rebels have been buried, with 1000 more to inter. Washington, July 31. Information from Geu. Sherman’s army represent affairs to be in the highest degree satisfactory. Our movements for the past day or two have met no opposition from the < ne my, but they croach behind fonilicrtions, thus evidently showing that they are afraid of the artillery of Geu. Sherman. Movement, of Itehel Caralry—Mushy at Ash ley Ma/i. Washington, July 30. It is reported that the rebel force of cavalry which crossed the Potomac yesterday at White's Ferry was a small one. Their inten tiou was to intercept our wagon train, but alter inquiring and lean i ig from farmers that Federal troops were on this side of the river, they returned after stealing a lew horses. Yesterday a detachment of twenty-eight men of the 10th N. Y. cavalry started on a reconnoissauce, when they unexpectedly en countered a force of the enemy. None of the cavalry were captured by the rebels. Mosby, when last heard from, was at Ash lev’s Gap with 200 men and two cannon. No uneas;n'>ss whatever is felt by the Gov ernment in relation to affairs in Pennsylvania, increase of Vreiyht Rates. New Yoke. July 31. The several passe.nger and freight lines of transit between Boston and New York have decided to raise the price of carriny freight, the new schedule to go Into effect to-day. From California. San Fkancisco. July 30. The steamer Uncle Sam, from Panama, ar rived to-day. Honolulu dates to July Oth mention the meeting of the constitutional conventiou,call ed by the King. The majority of the dele gates were opposed to radical changes. Sbaughae advices to June 3d, contain noth ing of inte e t. Min ng stocks are lowea than ever. Gould & Curry $000 to $1000 per foot. The supposed cause of these low prices is the failure to strike a rich lead agaiu. Two hundred barrels of molasses, received from C'apt. McKee, are to be sold for the beu eflt of the Sanitary Commission. Gen. McDowell ordered the arrest of Bishop Kavagauah of the Methodist Church, on sus pision of his be'.ng a rebel emissary, but re leased him after an examination. Tax on 1C dirt Sympathizera. Caiko, 111., July 30. Gen. Paine has sent a noted rebel of Padu cah, into the country to inlorm the people that for every outrage on Union citizens lives and property, rebel sympathizers shall be treated in a like manner. Gen. Paine has directed none but loyalists to trade in this district; that no banks, except at Cairo, shall pay out money or received de posites, without special permits; also taxes wealthy secessionists $100,0<it> for the benefit of soldiers’ families living in West Kentucky. Variouit Item*. Albany, N. Y„ July 31. Gov. Seymour will to-morrow issue a proc lamation appointing Thuisday next as a day of fasting and prayer, in accordance with tbe President’s proclamation. New Yokk, July 31. The steamer Baltic, from Fortress Monroe, brings 625 sick and woutided soldiers. »«w York Market. ,, N*w York, July 30 Cotton—lc higher: sales 1050 bales at 1 63 tor mid dling uplands. Hour—firmer: sales 18.IWI bbls; State 9 28*10 26. Wheat—firmer. Corn—steady; tales 41.0J0 buahela; mixed Wes tern 1 ot*i e]. Beef—inti. Pork—firmer; sales 6.300 bbla; new mess 33 28* 08 60. Lard—firmer; sales 13tn bbls at 21c. Whiskey—firm: sales USA) bbls at 1 72*17.'.. Petroleum— quiet. (■rocerles—quiet. Disunion openiy Avowed. There is one paper in this city that unblush ingly, openly and unequivocally declares for disunion,—for tbe disintegration of our na tional family,—and that paper is the Adver tiser, which is making desperate efforts to sup plant the Argus as the organ of the Maine Democracy. That paper of Friday last, editorially, says: We have a national debt that will enslave fifty generations to come, as a consequence.— Could disunion without war be any more dis astrous? We don't believe it. Give us Un ion without war, or DISUNION without war, if that be the alternative. At all hazanla give us Union with peace IF OF SMALLER TERKITOTY, rather than a perpetual war and perpetual disunion. FIRST VlTIOVll, BA\R. Sevea-lhirty Hotes foi Sale. Interest suni-annually, payable in paper at the rate of cere- and three-teqihs per cent, per annum. Bonds con vertable in three years into six percent five-twenty bonds, upon whioh the interest is paya ble in coin. The notes will be delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16. if subscriptions are made before that time. Onr-rit/hth per cent. commission trill be allowed ; tubsct.bers at this Bank upim all amounts of % 1,000 anil orer. W E. GOULD, Cash! r. Portland, July 30th, 18C4 — dfcwtf First National Bank. This Bank wi’l convert the seveu-tbirty not s ma turing Aug. 19, and Oct. 1. into six per cent, bonds of 1881, in all the denominations in which the note were issued, viz:—MO, *100, MOO. aid 81,(00. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. ! Portland, July 30,18)4—eodtf CASCO BANK. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN, j rilUE < asco 4 auk is prepaied to r« ceived subtciip A lions to the new 7 3-»0 loan iu >ums of 850 and i upwards, paymt interest on satm- tr in date oi sub scription to August 15th, the date of the Government notes. All persons having 85'^ and upwards now hive a good oppor unity of 1c ding a helping rand to their ' Government by subscribing liberally to this loan. I he notes are convertible at the end of three years into specie, paying 6per cent 6-2t* lends Loans taken on as favorab e terms as at any other Bank. E. P. GEK&180. Cashier Portland. Ju’y 28,1804. j>29oi*tf RE-OPENED. Hie subscribers would respectfully announce to their numerous iriendt and the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Refund bed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, *•* tft, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which will be open on and after MONDAY, JULY Mill, leils u4 Luches it ill h«in if lit hy ml Lain. IOK OKKAM8. PLAIN AND FANCY CAKE, FBI IT, I CONFECTIONARY, Ac, < onstantly on hand. uriwu iruin uow s ri’nmcr » resin isuaiiruun* tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT 8HOBT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all our o <1 friends and make a host of uew ones, and trust that none will have cause fur complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. JjK_ tf CITY OF PORTLAND. Mamie s Orrn *. July 26. 1364. Ij^OK the information o those desirous of enlisting as Xrprtsrutatire Itecruits or Substitute*. the following statement respecting bounties, Ac. is given: An enrolled person may turnish a substitute of a person not liable to draft for one, two, or three years, in either the army or navy.which will exempt the party thus furnishing, from drait during the I term of service. It enlisted for three years a State Bounty of three hundred dollars is paid to the substi tute. No United States Bounties are paid. Any citizen, who, from over age. or other causes, is not re«|u*red by law to perform any military ser vices, may furnish a representative recruit tor three years iu the army. A State Bounty of #300 to be paid when mustered in, and a United States Boun ty of #3.0. payable iu installments, together with the sum of #2uo paid b? the person who is represent ed. making a total of *800 received by the repre sentative recruit, if he i a veteran or alien. Volunteers receive fiorn tne State #J*00and from the United States *800. making a total of *4itiO Bounties, paid for three years service Keprf s« ntative recruits wftl be enlisted by the City on the payment of *210 for the party paving the ! same. In the order iu which recruits are received. Applications for enlistment may be made at this office. JACOB MiLELLAN, Mayer. jy25-edl w. Argus and Courier copy. 1 DK. G. H. RICH, SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE BT., PORTLAND, (Opposite foot of Free Street,) Having fitted up the above named rooms, he would be happy to a uit on all who may wish tor the ser vices of a skillful Dentist. Mrery branch t]/' l ra tistry will receive careful attention, and perfect sat isfaction will kewartauted. j>26d3m Sales l Sates ’. \ JTUK SALK AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 182 MIDDLE STREET, roKTLAXO,.MR. JylSdRm Tor the IsInnilM. a -^*9*?* On and after June 13ththesteamer ASCo will until further notice leave Burnham s wharf. for Teak’s ““hiiig s ^ auds at 9 and 10.30 A M , and 2 and 8 30 T M. Keturuing will leaveCudiing's Island AtJMJand 11.15 A M.. and 2 45 anil 6 15 T. M lickets26cents, dowu and back; Children 15eta. June O—dtf Fry* bury 4c»ttl«*my. THK Fall Term of this Institution will commence WEDNESDAY, September 7. 18»>4. aud will continue eleven weeks. Mr. Edwin F. Ambrose, I*rii cipal. Mr. Ambrose is a recent g'aduate of Dartmouth t ollege, and is Mghly recommended as a scholar, teacher and gentleman „ , I>. B. SEW ALL, Secretary. Iryeburg, July 26,1864. j)2»dlw**2w IM I ■—n l MISCELLANEOUS. STATE OF MAINE. llKADql AJTKUR. AD4CTA1IT (i tHKHA L'» 0»riC*, I General Order. No.sf!'‘;/U*'“’ Ju‘y 196*' ‘ c‘l: of,he Preeldent for 600,000 volunteer., )or one year', ,a,vice. haa been mn.e, im,ne0**tely after Srptem ' ! Illl.,h» 'Juu,» Ol each locality then h.d ,l, SS ' ?“d HU?" d,*n *"• necewadly be had lor dettcienctej under all or either of the three lart call, of October. February au3 March . any are touud tin n to exist. ’ U-l-rovost Mar hal, will make the aptortion- i tnent under tin, call indue time, upon the variou. Cities, towns and Plantation* III- Maine's quota will amcuot to the aggreirat.* ! of calls upon it of ctober and h ebruar* last, and lu detail the same, except so far as tte total of <*«ch en rolment by th Provost Marshals is chauged in tho respective localities. IV— The brief term of tervice required of troop* ’ under this call, with the .It»ral Bounties from State ' aud General Governments, and credits for longer periods ot eulistmant.*. will, it is hojej, ensure the ilUiug ot th s State * quota with voluuteers > — rheorgankation of one hundr-d daj»* men as 1 contemplated by the Governor’s Proclamation aud i Geur rat Order No 21. of the 13th Inst , will not be « undertaken; the War Depar meet .-lecting *o unite the efforts ot the State, upon the enlistment of men < for not less than one year's service. VI- The nan. * of persons in the Navy hitherto I omitted, should be returned forthwith to this Office I by the Muuic.pal authorities ot their res deuce, that ' credit may be secured upou this call VII— General Order No. 25. of the 18th instant, la . herewith promulgated I. The estate Bounty of *300 will be paid to men enljktiugprior to the Draft, as substitutes for these who are eurolltM and liable thereto, as well as those who are nut, prbvided the Cities, Town* and Planta t ons to which the volunteers are credited, nave filled their quotas under the call of the President, in Octo ber last. II Men not enrolled or liable to Draft, are at lib erty to furnish volant era as their representatives, from those persons who are enrolled aud liab.V to draft as well as others, and the places of residence of the Voluutce * thus liable, will be credited for them upon their quotas Volunteers not liable, and not residing in th s State, may be credited any local ity choseu by tbeir pri».c pals. III. Personsuot liable to enrolment, having no residence iu this State, cau enlist for whom aud where they plea-e, and ran receive the State Bounty of *300. If the places to which they are credited have filled their < ictober quotas. IV. Men 'ianie to Draff, are not at Hbeviv to fur nish assubstitu es, those who are al»n thu* liable only thorr who a e a it ns or not liable to enrolment wi 1 be accepted and receive Mate Bounty as Sub stitutes fur enroll*d men To recapitulate. teer* sta,e Bounty to representative volun 2j. *200 State Bounty to enrolled men or their substitutes, who volus.tcer prior to the draft. 31. These fKuniiesuot payable unless the Ccto ler quota of the place to which th'se volun . era ate 1 credited, is prevlou ly filled. 4th. Representative volunteers may be enrolled meu as well as men not liable to draft ’ 6 h. Vo uuteer sutstitute* for mruPed n. n, must l>e those not the ni.*elvc>9 liable to draft,—such as aPei s. those under 30 years o! age. Volunteers dis rli;iiA?<*il alt*r 2 i»in ...rvw.. A« Oth. M< u re*iltug iu tim State iible to Ura't, whetfer enrolled or »o\ it enlisting as >ub*titut*f must b i credited to the plans of their re-idence. as also mu«t all voluntveia who have a residence ia this State 7th. fbe foregoing plies solely to volunteer en listment* for three years uu'cw sooner in. havged. 8th. No premiums paid tor anv eulistment. VUI Enlistments in the Aiuiy or Navy for on* year's service, entitle tbe volunteer to f 100 State Bounty, and *100 Government Bouuty; lor two years service WOO bouuty each, from State and Uni te! fct t s; for three years service *300 «acb frem same. Enrolled into or tkeir iobotituttM recsire no (iort mount H nnty I\ Due credits will l*. given upon the present rail for enlistments for terms of M*rv:c# i .v etding one year. X. Under War Department Order No. 227, of the 9»h instant, (ju<t received.) tor recruiting in certain ot the States in rebellion. »uitabie persons will be authorized by tbe Governor upon due r<*coininenda tion, to engage in that service in behalf ui Mich cities, Tow ns aud Plantations, and ssscc:atiui s ot euroled men and others as may elect »hus to till their quotas and procure substitutes. Keiinbursrmmt of author is'd state «* unties fjr v olunt»tis thus obtained will be made as soon as the Stall* is credited at the Adjutant General’s Office *n Washing!* n. with such eul stments. and the requisite rolls and papers are tiled in this offce. XI—The procurement of raprafan’atlve volunteers aud substitut*s for enroihd uieu a matter ol individual responsibility, aud personal obligation, parties sre at liberty to make such cou* races there for as their interests demand, but tceruitiiiff expen ses i cur red in'this State b Muni ipai auDoritit* in their official capacity to Kill the quota* of tli« re spective cities, towns and plantations, is limited by law to W5 for each recruit. By order of the Commandcr-in-Chicf. JOHN L. lloUSDON, jy26eodlwAw3t Adjutant General. Xru Boat for llarpswell. On and after Monday, J«ly 11th, 1861, the new and superior steamer MAKCGV4 JOH\m Will leave as follows: Leave Custom House Wharf at 9.46 Hctuiiiu-n, leave Harpswc 1 at 4 1\ M . touching as above Excursion tickets to Harpsweli. 76 cents; Peak’s Island. 21 cents; Diamond (ove or Cheboague Is lands. to' cents. Singh* rickets name a* above. Large parties taken at reasonable rates The public are iuvited to inspect this boat, it bf iog btted up in a tupeiior style, aud is by far the satesi excursion boat in these water*. For further particular* Inquire of GEO. WA TER HOUSE, Agent, on board, or J. If. JOHNSON, INoprictor. July 9 B. F. HAMILTON &CO. Successors to C. W. RobiiiMon A Co. V*’Ol Li) .cry respectfully invite ,11 foinu r |» tiou, to tbe house, and the public generally t. • free examination orour good, at ail lime,. With loog experience and close attention 10 tbe want, of customers, and ad boring strictly to tie CASH SYSTK.W, Believing it to be bolter for the buyer a. well as the ••Her, we hope to merit a large aharge of patronage. 8ev»ral lota of good, to close cheap to make room lor N K W Ci O O D S . Mr W. N. Prince, together with tbe employee, in tbe atore are to be retained and will be bappi to »ee all the'r customer, a, for-erly, B r. HAMILTON A'CO . Corner Congress and Treble afreet,. juaulTeodtf For tlie ^Million ! I.anc’s Patent DOLLAR WASHING MACHINE. qtHE first practical Washing Machine that has A been placed before the public Ever) family can afford to have one. This machine ia having a rapid aale. from the fact that it recommend, itself. Parties wishing a pleas ant aud profitable busineas by taking the evutrole ot a county, can obtain tbe same by calling at •£&) Con julv'd lm Law Partnership. HOWARD & CLEAVES. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Middle St., over Casco Bank, PORT LAUD, ME JOSEPH HOWARD. NATHAN ( LEAVES. jylSdftvfm Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! .At Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 152 anil 154 Exchange St., Opposite the International Houte. _ muvfdtf fG&C. H. OSGOOD, DKNTI9T, No. 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. jy Artificial Teeth inserted on Cold, Silver, tod Vutvanite bate. AH operations warrant ul to give satisfaction, juueoOeodisly '64 COAL FKEHiHTS. l'ictou, N. 8., to Pembroke. Mid lie. 4^ Any sized Vessels. Foreign or Ameri r^\ lean, wanted to freight Coal as abov*. The rates for d ^charging are lower ._.XYfrhthan at boston, and there are ottur facil (ties. Apply to or addiess War k COFFIN A CO.. Boston. Alto a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to other ports July 161.-2m Notice. The examination of applicants for admission to the Grammar Schools w ill lake place tor the Boys at the fourth Grammar school room. (New echool House-)on Monday Aucnst l«t, at 8 o’clock A. M. For Girls at the Centre (.rammar Schoolroom (New School House) on Tuesday August 2d, at 8 o'clock A. M. july?7dtd STATE OF MAINE. klECCTTIVE UBPAETMMMT I Augusta. July 20, 1864. i An adjourned session of the Kxecutive Council, will be held at the Council Chamber, in Augusta, on Holiday, the eighth d»y of August next Attaat: Kl’HKAlM FLINT JR. jylldtd Secretary of State. For Rancor. Sch Fate Aubrev Jacob! muter, will have immediate dispa'ch For freignt apply to the master on board. head of Long Wharf, or to D. 1. ClIAsR. July 3u—dtf PORTL4N1) DRV DOCK COMPANY. A M assessraeut of Right Dollar! par ahare on the x». t'apiral Stock of the Company Is sow due and pay able at the office of the Treasurer. 117 (Vmner oiVV"Sh. C. U DAVIS. Treuurer. July 80th, 1864 — dtf 1 ENTERTAINMENTS BOWDOIY college, A GRAND~CONCERT Will be given under the auspice* of the Senior Clati of '64, by tne GERMANIA BAND, of Boston. Desisted by the celebrated Prima Donni Miss Adelaide Phillips, -AT THE Congregational Church, Brunswick, —03* TUESDAY EVE%11SO.AUR.nd. Ticket, 75 TenU. Door, opes at 7. Concert pre cisely at 8 o'clock. jyjg EXCIIRSIO> ! To Pleasant Cove. The Free Street Baptist Sabbath Scho-I and So ciety will make an Excursion to Pleasant Cove, on TUESDAY* AUGUST HA* Will start from foot of Park street, at 84 o'clock.— in order to make it a very *oci*l gathering, we will have a general table. Parties who contribute provisions are r*-iuested to send to the Vestry of tne Church on Momdau Frrniug. tickets may be obtained at K. K. Harris' opposite Post Office, at Drake k Davis’ Congress it, cr at the vestry Monday Evening. dtd KT Courier copy. Mei'chantN* GRAND EXCURSION! -TU LITTLE CHEBEAGUE ISLAND AND BACK! FRIDAY, Aug 3th, 1864. A Bund will accompany the Boats. Arrangement*have been made to accommodate 8000 PEOPLE! Tiler, will b« Music, Speeches, and a Good Dinner. A limited lumber of licket, arc (or rale at tba dif tereat Apothecaries and Muaic (tore, and Hotel, ia the city. I'er sen, wiibiog ticket, am apply ms. TICKETS, SI.*© EACH. No Deduction lor Children. HTNo ticket, told after Wednesday next. _dtd Annual Picnic Excursion AND CLAMBAKE -»T THE Portland Spiritual Association To the lalnnd, in tbe Bxrge Cuaiort. on TUL'Kd DA V , (.National ua, .1 Aug tin. lea.lng tiali s W hari at 81 o clock A M .and rooming at LI p M Ticket a. Adults 60 cents; Cbildicii ‘dccuti--to b© obtained at the Bookstores of II. L Deris W D Kobiu.un and Bailey k Noyes', Kachange Btract, and ol the ( omnmtee Pai older. JykKdtd I • S. .tlnrwliai'n .Notice. CxiTKo Status ox Axrbica, i DiwraicT ox f PL KBLaN I' to monition, from the lion. A.bur Ware. Judge of Ike Lulled Mate. District Coart. within and lor the District of Maine 1 hereby give public n tree that the following Libels and tutor tua tious have been died iu said Lonrt. *u A liW agaiutt tiie triuists Crrraoa, her tacklt. appartl and I'.rnitsir, rtx Bulks CO; Kiktm!XChi»tsTea; loi n Box.a I'ixxxio; boots Hosts t Attala ; 1 wo Boise o. La-an is,. TAU; tl.s Box tilSUIR. bOSXY 1 Hut’BA > 1> Ml ,. OLae: 1»I»TV Bean as olu sntg; Ian n ua Old iciied by the < 'o. lector ut the Dim net of on th- lourth dav of June last, at l am den in said District. An 1,,/urmmt, u agatn-t luaaa CnaSTS or Ina ■ Kot a LBS. sNlT«kO«; bORTV VaBbR MIEKTIXO; <>RK ll' Er-E OS K \V AG'ION : <»© K UaR.NKw- <>»■ Wa<*«» »r Blanket. o»k \VHir; wized bv the Cel lector ot the District of Machia*. on the eighth da? of July inula u*. at Mar«htiv!d in -aid Dfetnct. An ls/WiM*i « against Fouu 1 iirhth l ka ; Two Kbu» iobaci'o; Sivis Bros Oik Bao NUTMEOR; TllHEB UORfiK*; 0»KI>01 RLE tJ.ABNERH Orb Msolk Hakskkp: Ore d i.Dli Wagov Ore Simile Wahok; Two Bcwalo K«>bks; seized ov th« Collector ot the DiMnot ol Machias, on th* ninth day of July imtaut, *t hast Machias in •aid District. Au hi formation against F.ioht Huxdrko thirty rirb ropsDH or Lead; frouu hcndked weight thuee ojaeteuk and Fjohtrkr rorsutur Moor Ibom; » obty rwolosii Bar Iko>; Ukk hundred ARD TWO TIIoOftAEl*. IhVkR Ul«D»ai> FlKTK pot ri 9 Chair ahld; I h hty eioht lean a* d Six his keu h kk.htuldm zap Imok ; Ikrtuoit EARl' ElUtlT HURD*» Li ARD KIPIhER PoU DR Kaov ; Fol k hlsdreo thirty sink pot ri>« Old Kcpi ©eiz**d by the < ol)eltor of the District ot Portland and Falmouth, outfe eleventh day of July mutant at Portland iu ©aid District A Uort agamsi okk Boat. Twelve Tor* hurtk m, her tarkir, app.trel ami fmrmttttre. and Two hi su-koai nhe Rftzn, ©eizvd o> tbe Collector o? the D.*trict of Mach as. on he ninth day of Ja y in stant at Boisbnbert I ©laud in said District A Libel agwiu>t Ihmeb Harulls or Molairbs aud 1 *o In Uaamd C1I.ARS. seized ty the tor ot the District ot Portland and Faiuiuuth, on the first day of June last past, at Portland iu said District. Au Information against one hundred seventy two gallons of oiu with Forty nine Demijohns in which they are contained; Four dosen bottles of Wine; Seven barrels aud two kegs of Sugar; t no barrel oi Molaoes; One hundred ttf y pounds of Dry Fish; K even Kegs ol Olives, seiz'd by the Collector of the District ot Bangor, en the eleventh day of Jut in stant, at Frankfort in said District. Which seizures were for breaches of the laws of tbs’ United State© as is more particularly ©et forth iu said Lt*els and Information©. that a hearing and trial will be had thereon at Haiiffor, in ©aid District, on the sisfi dap of August serf, where any per sons interested may appear and show cause, if any can be shown, wherefore tbe same should not be de creed forfeit and disposed of according to law. Dated at Portland this twentv-siuth day of July A. D 1864. t A.QUINBY. U. 8 Deputy Marshal, jy*6 dlld Dwt of Maine. PORTLAND COMPANY. STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING A SPECIAL meeting of the stick holder. ol tbo Portland Company will be held ,t tbe rooms of the Board of Trade, Exchange Street, in Port land. on Thursday, the elerenth day ol August aext a< 8 o'clock P. M.. to see 1st—At what rale the .toekholdara will taka op tbe additional stock autho tzed to be issued by the sot of the Legis’ature of krbruary xnh. pea. Id —Whether they will sill aud convey the proper ty and assets of the Company lo parti,s who will furnish the additional capital seeded lo carry on the increased business of the Works JO KPU C. NOTES. Clerk. Portland. July '-Nth 1SY4. N B —Theaunual meeting for the choice of Direc tors a"d other n attri* was adjourned to same time aad place. jyW dtd STATE COLLEGE Agriculture and Mechanic Arts I THE undersigned. Commissioners, appointed un der a resolve of the last Leg is ature, an > author ized and directed bv said resolve to invite and re ceive donations and benefactions in aid of the pro posed “College for the ben* tit ot Agriculture amt the Mechanic Arts. ” and to receive proposals for the location thereof, hereby give notice that tfcey are prepared to receive such donations, benefaction* and proposal-, aud req uest that all communications touching the same may be made before the drat da* of beptember next, addressed to the undersigned. WM G. CRobllY, Belfast. W.VI G CROSBY, JOSEPH KATUN, SaMI KL F. FERLKY. julyFdhwto septl Homer op*!hie Medicines, IN all forms, ran* be obtained at the store of 9. U Colesworthy. M Exchange St., where the sub scriber will be from 9o ckck a u until 4 o'clock r. M. Oi l Cases re -ewed and boftU* lined Refers to Urs. E Clark, M. Dodge.'and C. II Burr. j>22d3w X.8K.WHY. Farm Tor Sale. I offer for *>lr my K»rm. «ituted one mile from Winthrop Village, on the road leading from Augusta. Said farm contains about one bun - dr«*d acr « of land, with a gotd *ui • nly of wood aud eater The land is new and in a high state ot cultivation. 1 here is ou the premises a good r»arn. 36 by 36. and shout 160 voung thrifty apple trets I *i!| sell the whole tog*fh*r, cr I will sell about *0ac:es with the barn, orchard and mo* of the wood Anv on© wanting a good farm. pN-asaatlv aud con veniently located, will do well to call and e\* the alnvc property 1 also ofler for sale a two story Dwelling House and Lot. situated iu the Village known as the M*‘g. gnire bouse und two Stores nearly opposite the Cot ton Factory Any or all o' the ab.-ve property will be sold at ^air price*.and <<n term* to soil purchasers. For f »rther particnlsr* a* to prices, kc., callon the subscriber at his store iu Winthrop Winth*op. duly 1*64 E. W. KELLY. j)29 dlt A w6w For Sale. ft?* The Dwelling House. SUble und <ir»pery at «iii Numri of •». W. Amin«. Morrill'* Oor ja^fcuer. Buildir.g* new aed couyenient, purr --_rr well*. 3ci*trru*. Irrce pump* ,tc ; exeellrut Snbtic school4 nrd cadrmy, n*ar llori*e cars *nd train car*. On© hr If o* three quarters sere ©tlsrr* in good gardening condition, already planted with lledg g, ornamental aud Fruit Trees. Grapes and Roses in abundance Also several building In’* JyFT eod'Jw Dwplliviir House For Sale. A two story Dwe ling House on North street with a good stable aud a good wuil of water. JLlt is a desirable location, aud will be told •heap. Fart of the purchase money can lay on mort gage if desired. GEO. F. FOSTER, jyS7 dim No. 1 Galt Block. AUCTION SALES. Real Estate at Auction. /\N Monday Augu-t 1st., at 3 r a, oa the ptemi w® 'Mil *•*)! a valuable prope t> on ueror m r ol W«> ing*on and Oxforu Mi., coLSittiijg • 1 a twoanriahalj story tc oden house, with u Ba. u, and a small wo dt-u bunding used and now ictu pit-d im Bart o ’* Shop. '| he house i as l« finis) .« i rooms in it, and a good store unoe it. i he ti tli* fir|UPrly k un,,<‘r rt'ut-I* In* *4 0 iui.ll W- The building, are n.w,f.iihlnlly « u ibonugh iy built by the day In 13n0 Tbe lot i. about U l«t on Warhingion Bt. »uu 4tt feet on Oaioro li i. a 1 very dtnirable property for investment. lhe tit e ta clear and the «ale will te positive. i i oo ^.F.w*** BA1LKt A CO., Auctioneers. July 22 —dtd • Auction Male of Real iMnie. BY virtue of a license from the Probate Coo it of Cumberland ccunty. I shailse!) at public suction the lot oflaLd, with the building* the; eon, s. tuat»d at the corner ol rearl Sire* t and Cbu cb Lam so-cal.ed in Portland, said lot containing about thirty »ix feet on Pearl Street and about seventy /set cn Church Lane and t ting tbe homestead o' the la ejohn Av erill. deoeasea The auction will take place on the premises oa Thursday. September 1. L64. at 12 cWk. p_.,. . AUG. E. 8TEVKN8, Amniuistrator Portland, Jaly 24, ig.4 eodtcep.*»3w K M. FArrKJt, AUCTION IKK, 12 Kachauge ht. Stone War-, Furniture. Ac. at Auction. ( ) *d'*‘ lb * * will be wld Warf V.*‘.UDdr*a w*":’ of 31,1 k'* Tat. at Mona crSl T.^irr.“?:v; ^, U;iHF House and Land at Auciirrn. ON Friday Auga.t 6th, at 2 o’clock r. u on th. pr.roim., tb. t wo .lory wooden Juoum-, No 1.1, corner ofkk.enr.treet,witb to. tot 01 Jm ,1 coutainiug about .even thoaaai.a .eet iltnO) iLi. i. a deair.blo property for lute,intent. hale .Mj. live—particu nr* and term, at .ale. * July 80—dtd**** ®*1*<KV ft CO., AuMiaautn. EDWARD l». PATTEN. Commission Merchant k Anctionrer, Has removed to the spsdoua store 18 h.x change Street, four do ora below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive of MercbaadiM a, *feSml*Ejto«i“\t^iP“?li* or F'*>»t<t ule. Halt, ■>****“• tetoch. and k.r uiAButM solicited. Cash advanced nua* m,. K prompt ,ulcc nud return, S^id’,'' TO THE AFFLICTED l OR. W.W. DEllMli, Medical Electrician, Nd. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORN MB OF CONORM sa AND RLM StBMBTB WOULD reepectftliv announce to tli. cituen, ol FujOuud kud vicinity, that be ba. peraun.nt it tooated la tbit city. During the ele,Vn month. tUu.buv.bu. I. tow. wo*have the wont form, ol dieeace ia peraone who have tried other form, of treatment la vain, aad curia. ,7 Uenu in eo abort a Urn. that tbe qweetb.n l. ofu. uked do they et»y eared t To aa.wer thto quoetio. ye will cay that all that do aot ,tny ca>ed w, will doctor the w-cond time tor nothin.7 w ur. u. u. MB a practical hlectnetaa ter twaatv. “d i*yi» » regular gredaated phyalciua BlMtriclty ia perfectly adapted to chronic aaruti LC the form of nerroujor ,ick headache neural, h la the head, neck .or extra mi tiee; coneum ptiou a ben !■ *!"'"*«" " »•**« »*> Ian*. are ,0,’ (.11, lirolvcd; acute or chroaic rheumaurm aeronla bin diaeacM. whiteaweHiaga, .pinal dieeaeee curvature ef the eptx. no.«rm& T.m.l.HZErt^Um'K ££ tie, Btrtetaree of the eheet, aad aU form, of f.m.1. By Elleotrlolty Thejtheamatic. the goaty, the leae aad the lair laap with toy. aad more with the agility aad eUe“’ *‘f of ‘Reheated hraia le cooled; the from ruetored. the uncouth defbrmJttoe re moved; feiataous converted to vigor, wenknem to Ctreagth; the blind made to eee, the deaf to hear and the Misled form to move upright; the blemirhee 01 yoath are obliterated; the creidmie el mature hie prevented; the calami’iee or old age obviated aad aa active elrealatioa maintained. ’ ‘ LADIES Who have sold hnndt and feet: weak atomaen. Htrne aad weak backe; nervona aad tick headache' diaxineea aad BWimming ia the head with tk>J “d oonmipattoa of the bowel.; pain in the Sde “d back; lenoorrhtra, (or white.,, falling ol the Tf!!.b.Ti h ““‘T*1tumor., polyp..? end all that long train oa 0 lee are. will had in i Inttlo Ity a inre mein. of care. For painful menmiwaucT Srri ng?.^ klU'i^r?. » rimi toThevigor .h!^.**** “,M’ r-,0r( ,b« «»»'« Of* Im las* <m JtUctro- ("hemteui Aispur «<».■ • extracting Mineral Fotoou ft. m the ” Mercury Antimony, Arwuic, ke. ButdieO? »hS are troubled with nit joinu. weak baeke .no ,T5? oaa otbardlSealtlee. the direct ca.Vccf V£ct?t nine caeca out of ten. lo the elhct of pctocno.7dri« ~ o* ~-^e toVil?JB,a't?.Brh ^ * * • ;°«?7h£,??.0:*#'*'0#b^A * *• 1 »» Oommltsttoe PVe*. lTj4 |m4 UOUAT /IKl«\ HOV^E, AT TH* Celebrated Mt. Zircon Mineral Sprngs, Hilton PlantatUm.ttn.. I* no. opened t.. ih, pubbe. ud no pair j irJd h* *l»r*“ tote b. aecntc meet the nin e *Dd rentier pios-snt suo luUrrstii m tie >Uy Cf *HW'S, A liU Hi no m.1 UNUSJ. * Mill ---HwsfU cluspe, tbsu sry c,,itrl *uaLlu“; uuih in New kniltud rr Foecaeeeof Uyepep.1., kidnev t cmplaiat. Cm. *'• i» the Biaoder, and* I JtL ran. a care by the nee of the water *p ,,Vd •ry and ride. At the .holt oietaece It lor ran be teen kamloid Fa! e. is, lane.1 ii \V»T . | „“d »»d Cnjtiagee t.".*,**' V* T,c ,V :UhiDf I* •tram- acd bonds a a 11 wiilt to the House last -l*^et i.kiA £ m ,!.? cr than to an. other Monauin ho. I, Xto^T *. l?a «rTwr,rtSTb.,££.bUU" °f,b* ^reati Tinnk Feet Office addreaa, Mt Zireen Me | ffi. Zlrcoa^ffi?^ "»"■ ^ST STEAM FOR JIEW ORliA S. INDEPENDENT LINE, *£cfK>T.h* '">• •<«■»»'>* oriental. Capt Jl. ysitaku hardcrr. will 'n>r Central Wharf, Ooe.oo icr New Orleane, direct, oa Wedneedav Angno Sd, at 6 P M -vuueeoay. For freight angaeements or for pasaaee, apply to l.ANG A OKI.ANO, . ortoCHAS Agent 1 Boeton. ivto am " A- 8ol“-liuv. Baiirona Wharf, dtd_ tor,land. Portland Army Committrr Of TH* U. S. Christian Commission. .11.10totT *■ U*T<"’ r*°*IT" 8,or» »«1M Mid 2Z’ 8tBrtiT“t’ «°«j »«7* *ToZm?n*Z?J! L,,t•r, •» lanalSdtl** J 1 h**’ Dr. W. k Johnton. Atlantic A St Lawrence R. B. Co. 'IU1E Stock bolder* ofthe Atlantic and M' Law. . *tBI,r “* Company are hereby aouied be held at tb. old ^ d. on Tuesday the 2d day of Aa ,0° clo«k A * K»r Ibe lollcwiiig tor iMwee, v ijt; 1—To make choice of nine Directors for the ensu ing year *-Tu consider the subject ofthe Company's mort rage bonds nutating April let. lt*g and th „ha such action as the stockholders may dttcimineto < provide forlhe saute , , H. W 1IEBSEY, Clerk. Portland, Jnty 14. 1864. cod id Bowdoin College. THE Annual Examination of can’idatca fcr ad misaiou to Bowdoin lol'ege will takeplnceon VU1*» ,t*1' #f"11**> °* bugust »*»., ut 8 o'clock la •be forcroor .In Ibe new Medical Hall; ted alto oa rnareday lhc twenty fllth day cl Au.aat next, ra I tha tame place, and at the same hour „ _, ^ . LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick, July 8, 1664. julyTdid Bow slot it College. r|lllE Annual Meeting of the Preaidert und Tfus 1. tees of Itowdou Coil- ge will be iielo at Banister Hall, in the College Chapel, ou 1 ueaday the 2nd day ol August uext, ut t.n o’clock lu the tort nooa JOHN BOOEHS, Secretary Brunswick. July «. 18i'4. julyTdta Bowdoiu College. r|MIE Anuusl Meeting ofthe Overseers of Hew , 1- doiu < ullege will be held at their Room ru the ! College Cha-el. ou Tuesday, the second da. ol Au gust uext, at 2 o’clock P. M. A. C. BOBBINS. Sec y. Brunswick, July 6th 1864. julyfdhl Tin ins- Hislorisal Society rilllE Annual Meting of the Maine Historical Sc 1 c ety will be held at II c K> ou a of ibe Society in itowil-iin College. Brunswick, t n fururt-av iii. 1.1884, at So’e'ock a. a. B‘ EUWABD BALLABD, Secretary. B-unsart k Ju'i 18.1864. JtBjictd “rail ill A.v> 'pIlK former members of Co. A, Regiment 1 art* rtH|u Ht*d to meet at Old City Hail, hi< Men* I mg at 8o'clock. A fu.'l atti udai c<* i« de^irrd, j tiUMBBM* of iater* *t wil* c« mr b**Ur»tle a t. tiitK KK-O II >MALL, Orderly 3* rveaut Portland July 2V 1961. P<* it iii it ii ip and Kook-k*»« piinr. A G(X»D and rapid writer wants * situation a* Bookkeeper .»r Cornell i-d^ut i* a rn-rthanfM i ttico. or a« » riter In a law cfici* The b. -it ol iff trenrer Address A H * j '* '-8*-’8’*_Pre.tO«ce, Puritan*. Oiiaiotid’s l|uHdrtlie Ritiitl IS now ready to furui.h Balls. Cotl'len r ». p;0. Nic I'arti** on the taunt avora leterni* All order* left at Pain«* » Music *ton (It* .vh.Miu 4reet) will receive prompt attention j, v.Mint Noiic«*. (HEREBY giee notice that I have ibis dye girca my aoa. Jortrs M Stxovi. hit time in n ibu . date and will claim none of bis earnings. nor t ee anything for t is tuipiri, or aa> dell. or h. cou ; tract lag horeafler WILLIAM SIROX'I. Gorham Jaly Hub, 1*84. JylboSw*

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