Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 1 Ağustos 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 1 Ağustos 1864 Page 4
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POETRY. The Lost Lamb. The marsh sod inovlow lay tn fog. The uight was chid with drixx'.y rains. The gu le-wifc turned the sumuU ring log, Aud spread the snowy counterpanes. The child within its downy bed Uiie tucked with mors than wouted core, Then laid her own thrift-weary head, Aud into dienus sli, ped half her prayer. P .st ml 1 night and the dame awoke, A try of anguish tilled the room ! • Bhe lUtoned: iota murmur broke The slkuce of the household gloom Again and ret again she stirred iu start ed slumber throug.i the uight. A* oft her !'• re red fiuci he.rd dome vrild, etraagv suuunou* of aflright Toward dawn it sounded vet agaiu> FUintire aud lone aud faint and far, •Twas lUe a chi dish cry of paiu, Or ut terance, as, *M annus, main ms ’* She sprang from bed, aud sought her child: Soft oeat.ed i Us crib it lay, And on each sleep! >g feature 'smiled Tue first liiut promise of the day. Back to her bed the gude-wife crept, iler e es n ilf bliui with tender fears. * In God’* own haud my darling's kept— llo w foolish are s woman's fears! . “feme lamb, most like, ha* strayed the fold, Tue po>r thiug was bleating be,’ Whicu. bone upon thefjg and cold, Seemed to iny mother earn, iia u- M yet* da* a p to iu* tabs went round, Toe filings str e was all ag g; Aculld'e den i body naiUc.i Lund fcUj staudiag l.i the uuodow bog1 The little feet had strayed away; foe c i igi ig mire h i 1 he d them ftst Tin deit 1 slow lawuing with the day, wrought Ui-r its blest relief at last. An i tletv, throughout the lire r»ng night, A he p!e*« child of i* uder ye*r# F*1 nh r nod fuliter witn affright, liad cahed '.Ua, tua,*’ to s.eepiug ears' I knew her not—! only fcund In print d page this tsie of fe*r; But wfieu I ctu*e to hear that sou ad, 1 shall h ire UM.-vd ail sounds to hear —{Harper's Monthly. JJROPOBALS FOR MATERIALS FOR TUE NAVV. Navi iikpAkiMJMiS, Buutc of Eqcipmist asp RrcBumso, duly lbtu, 1804. 0HAttD PTIOrOSALS to furnish materials fer the Ssvy, for tile year eu ling 3 tu June, 1804, will be re cured at tie ureau off Equipment eud Recruiting, until tile talrteeutli d. * of August next, at ten o'clock A. .11, wUeu tue bids wUI be opened, without regard to any accidental detent ou of mails or other uatt*e» iue materials aud article* embraced iu the classes tunned are pertkubriy described In the printed sched ule. *ffy of w.ikn wid be furnished to Mich as d««irv to ivT r. Ou appi'cutlou to the commandant* of the re an. ctiTe variL«. or to ilie uarv tureul muivst thereto. ami titos* of all lac .yard* upon application to the lm rwu . ui* divid *u luto cl**#©* being lor the convc* fcieuc# of Ueasaf* cn each, *u h portion? oulv will to furnished as ate actually required for olds i'Lt« com aui naff/ age at ofeach station will Iu ad I tioo to tue sebedue ot classes at their ovn yards, have u cop. of the schedule* of the other yards lorexauiiua tio i only, from watch it may to judged abettor it will to lesirabk to make application for any of the tlaaae* of t lost* yards. OJeft mus. be made for the who'e of the class at any yard upon oce of tur pnuted schedule*. or in strict coj fo.- nit. taarewitn. or tney will not to aottskkrcd In co.aputiag tiuciaete*, tue price sut« din the column 01 pm-** w»il to the standard a..d the aggregate of th« cut-.- -rtii to ca ried out according to tue pikes "dated 11 Is requested uf bid ler> to avoid eras me# aud sutotl tntlo i oi figure*, aud Ui see that the amouuSs arc cor rectiy carried out. i i« contract* will be sw rdei to the lowest bona fid* bid gives proper security for its fulfilment. The bureau reserves tor jigng to nject ad tue MJa for any tia- if dewuied exorbttau'. Aii articles uiu*t to of the very best quality, to l-e 'fe ll vt>re 1 iu tae u.vy yard* in good order, audit) •uitsble vessel* a *d pariUgv«, properly uiarU«<d with tue name ol t ic contract r. at tue cale may V »t tin* exp*nM an i rise *4 tue ©entrseto'*, and In ail re* poet* aotyert to the LtspHCtii.i nn-a-urvin*' t, count wight, ac., of the jart v .new race red aud to tue eutirc Mtt-ficti n of th ■ oocutu mdac t thereof. j.*dir:* aro r. f grid to thec?nunandant of tto respec tive* yards for samples, instruction* or particular de*crip t-i>u of ta articie*; aui all other thing* to lug equal, i-reforv .ee will be given to article* of American maiiufor. ture. ..leery off r. a# required br law of 10th August. 1S40. xaust to aeco.upmfe»by a written guaranty the form of which Is nereiaafttr given, and a w by a certiftrau signed by tue cohwtor of revenue for tto dfetrnt in Walch b reside* . b a ha has a license to dual iu the nrti ck-s which he proposes to furutih; or by au affidavit sign ed by himself s ad sworn to before aome magistrate an th *u*d to almiofeti such oath that be L> a uianufee turer of, or regular deafer in, the articles he offers to sup ply, amt has a license as *ucn mxuuiarturer or denier. Th«ee o-ily who** offers may to accepted will bo notl fled, and the contract will to forwarded as aoou there after a* practicab.e which t.ej will to require.! toeie cate within ten days alter It* receipt at the post office o» aa ’■y ugeacj- naun i by them. Toe eoatr.cis pill (par d*»« tto day the notification P gI*aa and deliveries can to deman icd. Sureties In tae full amount dill be required to sign iu eentrset.a d their responsibility certified toby a United St . es district judge, United Matos dfetikt attorney , coi ketor, cr npvy agent. A* ad dtioaal security, twenty pe-“ oentum will to withheld from the amount of the bills a.ill* tb* contract shall luTV Ihwu couiple ed; aud eighty per centum of each bill, approved lu triplicate by tto co-ncn&n tan's of the respective yards will to paid by the navy at the point - of d«li\ *r> — uufers request'd b* the contractor to bo pal 1 at another uavy agency—aijtitu t. n vliys a br'warrant* shall have been pasted ».v th to»cr rUrf of t M Cvsa urr. It is stipulat'd in the contract that If default be mad* to t is p»i tie* of the first part in delivering all or any m of the artic es mehtio-ied iu any cias* !«id for in the con tract, or the quairy at such time and place# abov.* pep. vi l«td tu-u aud in t lit case tut* contractor aud hi* sub* tk»* will forfeit ai.J pay to the United Sutrs as me; muuey uot exceeding twice the amount of such cUxs, wuiefi may to recovered from time to time, neeoriHng to the act of Congress, in that case provided, approved Man h 8 im. No tods for more than one yard must be ooclomd in u&. env lope, and the same mu*t to dfetlnetlv endor*- i on the ou'sidr. Mh-oposala for Matvial- ft.r the Navy, for tb Nav.v-yard at (name the ysrl),' and addn**Mv! »*To tin < nWf of the Bureau o' E.]uipnient and itocruiting. Navy iMpartiaent, Wasbiagton. II. C." FOltM OP OFFER, ^ThkL. from a firm must be signed by all the memto* I. ——i of ——. in the Mate of-, hereby agre* to fur isb and dedvrr l i the respire nayy vards all the ar«icie* oamed In thecla-vse* hereto .nnexad agrt-eablv to tte pr-Vl-io 8 •! tbe schedule* therefor, aud In roi. fortuity with the a tvtrtfeement of the Bureau of Equip ment aud Hecruitl .g. dt'Hl July I6tb, 1WM Should m\ offer b • accepted. I request to to addrtssed at -, and the contract sent to tbe navy agent at-, or to -—— Jm aig&a.uto and certificate, (Signature) A. B. Bite. Witness#. The schedule which the bidder aaeloses must to pa«>'f-; lothia offer, aud each of them signed by him. Opporit* each art* at in th« acbedulc the price mu*t be*ct. th* ani . u^tto carrird out. t ie aggrvguie footed up for t-acb c*ass, and t ie amount likewise writfou th word*. If tb partW- who bid do not the plwr<* v tore tb* »r tfea‘s ar« to be delivered, (toy must name iu tbeir offer * person to whom order# ou Idem are tu to delivered. FORM OF GUARANTY. The nndrtvlguei ———, of-, In the State* of—— • and——- ot—— In t.»v State of——, hereby guar antee that iu c**e the (on-going bid of—— ;or any « l the cla see therein ntmnl be accepted, hs« r they aid wit. tin ten Jb>» after toe receipt of )be cc a tract at t*.« po*t offbe named, or um agent designatod. execute it. contract for tue *auie witn good aud sufficient surv'to. and ia case ter Mi-l——shall fail loentiwiiitocentrsct t*s sicrse'Ad, *8 guarautoe to make good the difference be tween the offer cf the Said——and that which may to accepted l?iignatuwsof tw.. guarantee*.) C. D r. r. (Bate.) tilt eav. I hereby oertifv that the above nam*-!—arc known to me as men of propeity, and ablet? make good the! guaranty. (Slguatare ) 0. II. (Bate ) To b • .igred b? ths United f cater Wstrlct Judge. Uni U i d an.? ikstrict Alto ncy, t:o lector, or Navy Agent. The following ui tin. ctotae* requiied at the respec tive uavy-jardr Kim-iv_\i .im* No. 1. Flax *n»u aud Twine; No. 6. 8per:'t Oil, No. 7, fYK>kluir Cte-iein; \o. 10. lather; No. II, Learn er lie* , No o canter ue; No lb fallow; No 22 bratioi ery : Vo 28 Hardware; No 21, Ship t'uiuid ery; No 27 Dry God*; No. 29, Firewood; No. 81, 'Aar Oil, aud Meat? iocd uii. CHARLESTOWN—-MASS ACHC SETTS. No. 1. Flex < anviis and Twine; N. 6. !*perm Oil; No. 7. (koUnK Cutn«i • jNo. 8. Store*; So. 10, Uwtlirr so. ii. L< ii ter iloee; No 12, Ox Hide* for Rope: No 8. Slw l:o ; So. IS. soan aud fallow, No. 2 *, Uruahaa; No. 22. PUMooery; Sc V. Hardware; No. 24. Ship CbadinQ N > 29, 4 opper >Vue; yo 27, Pry tiwod* No. 29, FuV wooi. So 81, A hale Tar, aud Stmt loot u 11 BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. No !, Flea Guives and Twiue, No. 3, lion Nall#, ITiourt liifeir, tu ; So *1, Tin Z*uc. ?tc., No. 5, Sperm 01 : So. *■ Whitt 1 ine, A*U Black Walnut, etc ; No 7. Cu»ki ig L'lOoHUj No. 8, Stove*and Oaddi.g Cahoo***; No. 10. Leatnwr; No 11, L?*U)er t(o#e; No 12, Ugtmic si!*; No iSLAt.Urrn* and lamp#, No If Soap aud tallow. No 2) Hriwhe*; No 22Stationary ; No 23 liar iwsn* . No 21 hhip Chaiwl <r^; No 27 Pry Good* ■ No 29 AUewood; No 8. Smisiool Gil. PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. No 1 F»\i * anT«*M and Twine; No 6 Sptrin Oil; No * fV> k uj Lieu#! •, No 10 Leather; No 1! l/mth*r lloeei No 19 kup .udT.Rov; So 2} nruf i.e, So 22 stationery ; No 28 1! rl.Taiv; No 24 Snip »*ba dlen ; No 27 Pry Hood*: Sc 29 firewood; So 81 Tar UL aud XeattlLot Ou. WASHINGTON. D. C. No t Fla* finw an<l twine; No 4 Tin and Zii.r; No 5 Sperm QU. So 8 8tov#« and Cooking » aboo^es; So In U>t a-r; No i2 i|o mriue ; No 18 lantern# No 18 Soap ami fallow; No 2J Bru*;»e*; No 22 Stationery, No 25 HarJw«ie; Vo 24 '*nl > i' ,* idtery ; No 25 ' 'opj>er Wire J . 27 Dry Good*; No 83 Gallery iron; No 34 Chain Iron ; No .. aluut, Mahogany aud A»u; No 3^ lugort Copper Jyl9 «aw4w PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -AID BACK PAY ! hre ohUlued tor Woandtd Soldier, <11 charged and the fn*n<li trt) eeMlcr, who or* eD|ft.*o . the i>u» by Bi'ttox D. VlillHII.I, AiUtfftey nil Co&t&ellor, t! \o. 117 Middle Stmt. -AND I/oonerl Agent for all the Department* at V/Mhmgtoti for aud, April il. 1K>I. a .25 otuh'm L. M. If ICC A CO.. Wholesale Dealeis ia Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. «3 YORK STRCfciT, roUlLAM), Green ,51 Ttou-tei Caffe* India Grain. Ground C if • ana ^pio. sof a ! kind*. 4 off c ami Otife# ground to order. Allordtrf promn’lv »t:*r <V 4 to PS^ilIm Bdih tlHiue. mo purcbe<'»& stec-k rf Millinery, with ran f of ore Ja of iUc to*: in tho oti> Address tbfonji JT, G£ 28 tf MU %SSm, JNwUidT ^ HOTELS. CHANDLER HOUSE, Ilotnol. Thit Hotel, located in the most beautiful and romantic village on the iir.** ot mr k»rand Trunk featfroad, 2i» miles from Gor _l am. N • H . has been rccemly buiit.with rpvciui iv ure&ee to the want* of tie* pk a-uretrav cling public, it cnn-Mitift fitly spacious, well venti . la'eu ana neatly furnished rooms, from all ot which I views of gram! mountain sc* n»*ry rnav be had No pains will b** *• arc-d to make this a favorite resort tor the totula ami p eisure-seckna. 1''ar atten tion will be pa a to 8|K>rtsmen, and convey ance to the lakes, ami all place* of iutere.-t will v ill be fur ! Dished on r aaouatde terms. Horses aud carriage* and saddle horses to let. A good bowliug Saloon is oonue. t* d with the house. A C'ariiave wi 1 be in constant attendance to con* ! rev guescs of»he house from and to the depot, on the arrival and depaituie of passenger tra lh. Transient and permanent I oaruerg r-o ited. 1 8 CHANIM.fcK k GO., Proprietors. Bethel, Me, July 9 —aim Sen-Sid(‘ JIou»*N HARPS WELL KM K. C A S C 0_ BAY. Thl« elegant ami commodious Ho tel, »ituatcd on the extremity of llarpswe.l N>ck, about half a mhe beov the welkoowu Mansion House, lia-just been completed after I the ue*igu*« M Hakiuno, K-q., Architect, and under h.s sup-rinundciiee, aud will be open tor i company Ou i«ad after the Four Hi of July, The Home h the largest es.ab ishment, construct ed expressly for the j urp. se of a Motel, t any M at , eriu# IMacaon the coast ot Matte. It i§situated in I the Centre oi a dense grove et old tri es, with avc uneeaudvGtas opening to the waters of th Bay, but a few yard* di*(aut ou either sine. Nearly surrounded by the set, and abundantly j shaded by trees, the House lias a spaciou- and beau ' t'fBl \t raudati. exte nding o *-r thr«.e hundred and thirty net ot. three sidf * ot th« building, with wide aud thoroughly vemi aied hah* and cuiridois iu the interior , so mat visitors can euj'»y the most coinple e protection 1 ruin the sumin r t eat. The steam boa* wliart a. d boat land ngs are oa the went aide, t ut a lew t.epr from the lloa*e. Ample ; ffccilitic-are at band tor boatiuganu ti-biug On the - east side is a line gravel be »ch. whe e the luxury *»1 sea-ba liiug cau be e' jo cd at a 1 tune* ol the tide. A • a short distance ou the uortheast. across an arm of the sea is Orr’s Island, c* lebiated by Mrs Beech er htowe’n w li known novel. f»«e 8 a 8ido House t- ace *m ihl© by land frem ■ Hrun-wick mi!. * distant by oi e o' the fi* e*l ; d ive-iu the &ta<o and h. daily -teambvt from ro ttand through the inside pa**ag«.s among the island* of the Bay. Visitors coming frrm the K nnebec and other i part* at the interior, can leaie the railroad at Bruns j wick, and proceed bv *>age *o Harp-well, or coutin ' ue to Fort land nni take the -learner, which run* down aud back twi.e a day. JOHN J. SMITH, Proprietor. | Ho! tor the Atlaut e House ! V r«ons wi iiinif to vpcnd the day at tht I Atlantic llou-c picsrbt>ro’ Beach, will tiiid a oo4Coach at oak 11«'I Depot upon tar srriva of every train. Fair from the Dcpol j 1H> the Douse. W cl *. Jui Zaim T. A. LIBBY k CO. BRADLEY'S HOTEL ~ -OK TUB Amrrirun nu<i Eiiropcnn Pnuv Cor.of Commercial & India Sis. ' * 1 Ufa House is si rated directly-oppositt the tiraud Trunk eai roa » Depot, anu ties, oi Boston ana Portland £t«aui. »s Whar! kuuue ted with this Hour© in a claw Oyster and Dining llali. jiLa bllAPnlA , Jr., k < O., Proprietors. J. Bradley, Jr. p. U. nr«dley. junel6d6m Atlantic IIoubc, MCA R BO HO’ BEACH. THIS Rouse having been enlarged ant edttcd throughout will open lor the na >h on Monday, June El, 1*401, , „ . . E. c. LA a 1.non. —Positively closed on the .Nat,bath to al tran«<cQ vi.-itors. junell Ocean House He-Opened! Ihe uudersigneo havine leased for tht V awouthis wet eslabiirhrd W'acei in<rplace charmingly situated n the out. r verge o: Uape Elizabeth. With nuriraiied iactli ttiea lor Bathing, Bouttng, and FUhing, Wid open tor transient and permanent cuest* onatx i after Tuesday, the 7th day of June. E\erv desirable come ienco will be supplied foi ibe pleasure anu com oris oi its pa'rons with regarc i to the ior)uirons* nts and character o* a first hotel. We feel :u‘umi th -1 « ur txsrtiOM, addinl tc» tht unusual at i ac’iOb* ot the house i *elf. wiilneourc in th* at prohUion and patronage* ot tlur j ibhc Jr Positively dosed«./» ikt Sa!>'> ,th. illf.L A JOKDAN, Proprietor*. Capo Elizabeth, June 7, 1S64. dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE” CAMDEN. -?s The Subscribers take pleasure in an jjJBS nouucinc .. i in i.- tri*-*.u*:«id Hit intcrr.*tec IJ [ru Hudiug a iirst cia-,» d-m ac.« m ii-1 no,i *. !•»<.- their i.t-u . ,..1 -j lCi« t:-Hu u*. ..t.>iM.<op nearly in June. Itcoufaiu* all the mud cm un(*rovtmentft and every convenience b*r ta« *" in lore and accommodation ot the travelling | ub< nc It i* tiuely h-oate i. ding an uunvaJeC rioar of tko Penobscot Bay. fne advantage* ot ses bathing and the t.cilitles tor ti-hiug and boating, are unsurpassed, for it* beauiitui «o*nery tnu ut' tiglittu! drives &ud walks,I'ainoeu is ahead) taior * aui kioiwu asoue ot the most eligible and detigh • ful watering places in New England. Conticciti wi h the Hotel is a tin* Livery btahi©, bor*« * am. OAriiagca having been adeetca witli great care Tht 1 carriages in- troia the b©*t estat>l.*Lni©ni* in (h< counti y, uuuou the mo«t approved srylts oteaut boat tan. ings easy of aerrn; atuamers touohiug e\ urv <lav In tin* week. telegraph commuuicaiioi al! part* of the country. 1 Bow w isi.iug «o so cure good room* will do wel. to apply soon, a* mam ! are a, ready eugag* d. CUttHJN*. & Johnston. Proprlotors. i a aid on, Jun«- j. lstjtf.—dif Plcusitul Rtsuri. CA.1 MSI c”m OUSE. WEST BROOK. flu*©.gam Miburbau Watering place |local©4 Uj uit a pi*-a>iint eminent*-ut ..; t » Lis c Pood, but a - allies Iron, I ... t.’aud. ha. ■ • tu placeu in the moat ample • ■mmmI'1"' * ul'fCJ it. i . he in os I !*•-;.< .i ui i v .jcJ, i no M(**tfou of the public, and cordially myites » call lri m his «»ld lucnas. I the house is pleasant, retired an*' quiet. Ifct (uruiture and turuisiungs arc ail new, anu the room c *sy and sighuy. I Ua taMcs ore auuoImmI wish a! ,h* U"1»c»ei..« a. a oil a. tin- »ul»tu,t lah oi the », a «!'■. “t,<* #vr, 1C! ol one oi II,c vet\ be.t cooks u Ne* E’-giand have been -* cuit*d. Extensive sheds and a due table with roomy stalh I *xoaui ug the conveu enci * ot the e>tabli»hoiei.t a nice Bathing iluu-te sutti ieat fbr the aoecnuno datiou etsen rul batheishas been erected with * ep I projecting into ten iei.-t of water, aud th© w hoie re i troin (»bservat oi. by a d**atin? -cre**n. Smoking Ar.-ors grace the bauk* of \li„ Pond ant i invite the indul.-euce of the lounger. Hoping for a *> are of the public pairooagHbc uu domgued prouvs s to apaje lo effort lor the en ei taimueut at Ids guests. uRO. W. MUR id eei* rook, May 21. 1H64. mavildtt Ikiklanjift J BUI as.a . .. a... II _A. I Kr|7.v>auiU M HH.MIIl . THE WHITE HOUSE, (VORVIBLT WILBOK HOUBB.) J.P. JfLUJUi,....I'Rol'KIKiOK. This popular Hotel ha? recently been pur fat a by Mr. Hiliu* tot the Album and ha* o thoroughly refitted, renovated and rt red, anu numerous excellent alteration! Ic. It Is located on the .vux&rappM road dout uur mile? from I'ortlaud.&l! >riling a bettutiic inve over a goed road, a ad ju.rt about tar ouougt for pleasure. m It his » liut) large Dancing Ua’laud good Buwlii.ii Alleys. In close piuxim.ty to the house is a wane i e? rcVOm.y OOUtainiiw twenty nice stalls fhcre is aho a well sheltered Shed, 10& long, toi , ’llteamg horso* rid choioiat 8upper, will to got up for sleighing iud iuc.aa p*rtn . nhu will find i> gruuUy to I'ltnfi | p'eiiurt and ad vantage lo ruxori to ibo White Houaa No effort will ho .pared for the eutertftiunieut c BaalMtl HALLO WELL HOUSE It K O PEN F. D t NEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.«. OEVKt*. Propili-ior. r’lblic are specially informed that the i rnacious. convenient and wel* known (Iallowbli i Houb*. in the o*-nUr of Uallowell, taro mlle« from Augusta, and tour mi ee from Togua Spring has , been* upon for U o r-oepfion ol company and permam ct boarder*. Every attention will be given to the comfort 01 guests. ST ABLINO, and all the u?ual conveniences oi a popular hotel are amply provided Hail >wtl , Feb 1 !8tU. mchSftoodtf Til 1. 4UERICAK HOLME, Hanover Street .... Boa too, — - TB—— Thu I.urgeM ub»I Rent Arr.iiigud Hutt-I IS KRW ENGLAND. I.KM 18 RICE, Proprietor. OflUly IF YOU HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OB, if yon have nn old or. that don’t exactly «ult von. ao"’t fall to examine (hr *f,rr baet rat ! tern now in us ., the * POLAR REFRIGERATOR i For ml* at tb* Furniture Rooms of WALTER CORBV, pi usd li Eatehanfe street. PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS FOR TIMBER AND MATERI ALS FuK I’jtlK NAVY. Navf Dkpaktment, i li*reon (if < OnutructsQH and lie/ air, J Seal*d Proposals to ifcrni»h Timber and aterial* for the Navy, fo the ti*cai year OBdtug June 3d, Wi,, »x‘ receive i at the i*ur«au ot Construction and Repair. umli 10o’ck-caot .Ire l»t oay ol Au gust next, Ht w htcu tune the opening will be com i lllCLCc'I. Proposal* mast be endorsed ‘‘I’ropoKaJs lor l im ber Mud inatenaiH ior the Navy." that they may be d>-tin*ui*h».d Irwin oth^i Iiumu*h letters', and di rected to me Wrier of tue Bureau ot construction ' and Repair. 11*9 material.* aud articles embraced In the classes ; earned arc particularly described in the priu ed ; schedule* any oi wbi h will oe inrulehcd to such a, desire to off r, on application to the commaudaut* oi the r< ipecUve var^R, or to the Navy Agents hear e«t thereto aud those of all the yards u*.o» applica tion to ih« Bureau. This division iuro classes being lor the convenience of dealer* in each, such cla.-ses only w ill be tu ni-h t d as at e actually required ior bids. The Command I am and Navy Agent tor each station win, iu addi tion to the schedule oi classes of .heir owu yard*, . uave a c-.pjr of the schedule* ot the other yaids tor . examination only , fium wich may be judged v\ hetli ' cr it will be deferable to make up, licati u lor auy ol the cia-aes oi those yaid-. An other tiring* i**ng equal, » refer enc© wiu be given to article* of Aieer i .can m mufacturc. ! uffers must L« male for the whole of the cla** at auy yard, upon one of the printed schedules, or iu strict conformity therewith, or they w ill not be con j -id**red. I Upon application to the Bureau, to the command i ant oi tiny yaru. or to auy Navy Agent, the lorur ol ' offer, or guaranty, aud other ue e^.-ary iu ortnatiou respecting tue p upo als, will bo fun ished. The con rnct will be awarded to the lowest bidder i who give- proper guaratitle-, a* required by the law ! oi Angus' 10. 1*40. t eNavy kiepamueut rerervin* ; «be iig .t to reject t..e lowed bid, or auy which may be deemed exorbitant. 1 he cout.acts will bear date tbc d-«y the notiflea , liou is given aud deliveries can be d manded from ; that date. bur et us iu the Bill amount will he required to sign ' the contract, and their responsibility cl rimed to ov a Lulled States t Judge, United S ates i>i^ ; irict Attorney, Collector or Navy Agent. As addi tioUh 1 security, twenty per centum will be withheld | from the ainouut ol the until tire contracts-hall rave bi < u completed, and eighty per centum oi each bill,approved fu triplicate bj toe Comma: daui-oi the respective } ards,alii be paid by the Navy Agent* a the point* ol delivery, iu mud* or certmeat,.at ha option oMh? Uoverumeut. within tea days a< ;*r the warrant for the -amt shall have been passed by the Secretary of the Treasury. I h- tallowing an the classes required at the re j spoctive uavy-yaids. Class No 1, White oak Log*, No 2, White Oflk ■ Keel and heelson Piece*: No 8, White Oak Curve limber audka^; No 4 White Oak Plunk: No 6. ! 1 allow !\n- Logs: No 7, Yellow l’iue is came ; No H, ; Yellow Pine Mot-and Spar Timber; Noll, While ! Pin- Plauk aud Boar Of; No 12, White Pine .* d White Oak Deck Plank ; No 18, Ash Logs aud ; l’iank; No 14. A-hOars; No 15. ulckury Butt-: No 1 17. Cedar Hoards; No 1®. I«ucu*t: No 19, White Oak I Stave#aLd deadiu^; Nu2 , ILack spruce; no 28, ! Lignumvitw; No 26, Iron, round, flat and rujuare; ; No 26. Steel; No 27, iron Spikes; No28. iron Nans, wrought and cu ; Nu3»L Lend : No 3t ,T*n and Zinc; No S«. Hardware; No 64, loou for Stores; No 86 W hiie Lead; No 37, Zinc Paints; No 3$. Colored Paint* d yer; N<>-9, Turpentine. Yarnieh: No 40, ■ Lm-eedOi ; Noll.O^u; No 41, Fish Oil; No 45, Tallow, Soap; No 47, Ship Chandlery. ItBABLUMWa. Cl«" Xo 1. While « ak Log#; Xo 2. White Oak K*e. Pieces. No 3, Wiiiie Oak Curved Timber; No i 4 White Oak Plauk; No 0, Ye* low Pine cog#; No in. White Pine Mad#aud -var limber; No 11, A lute i Pine Log- Clank an • board*: No 12. White Pine Deck a»d S a. «• l’iank ; No 13 Asa Leg* and Plnuk; ! No 14. A*h oar*; No 16. Black Watumi aud Cherry ; No 18. Loons : No i9, White Oak Stave# aud Head ing*; Xo’Ju. Black Spruce; No23, Lignum vita*; No j *25. Iron ; No 26, eteei; No 27. Iron Spike*; No 2®, IrocNails wrought. and cut; No 3n. Lead ; No 31, Zinc, Tin aud Solder: No 38. Hardware*: No 34, Tools tor Stoie He; No 36 White Lead; No 87. Zinc Paint*; No 3®, Co ored Paint*; No 89, and Varnish; No 40. Liflt-oed Oil; No 41, Ola**; No 44 Whale Oil; No46, 1'atiow, Soap and Sweet Oil; No 47. Ship Chandlery. BBOORLYX CIb* No 1, Whiteimk L >„-; No 2. Whi*e Oak Keel Piece*: No 3, White oak curved limber; No 4, Wkite Oak Clank , no 6. Yellow Pine Log*; No 7, Yellow Pine Beam*; No ®, Yell >\* pine Ma*t ana Spar Timber; No9 White oak Beard* aud Plank; Noll, Whi e Flue I iiuhor and Log-: No 18. A?*li ♦* auk : Noll A*hoar*; No 16. ttlckor* Bar* ?ud Hand "pike*; No 16, Black Waluu* and C'heiVY : No ' 17. C-dar; No 1®. Locust; No lf», White oak Si vet aud ilea in?: No 20. Black Sp uc< ; No 22, Mfthog any; No 23. LiguutnvLir; No 25 Iron, round, flat, auda«|tiarc: No 26 Steel: No 27 Iron Spike#; No 2®. Don Nail*, wrought and cut; No3b, J-eau; No 31. Zinc. I in; No 83, Hardware; No 31. Tool* for Store-; No 86, White Lead ; No 37, Zinc Paint; No 38. Colored Paint*. -Dyers ; No 31*. VaruM»; No 4o, linseed Oil: No 41, Ola*-; No 42. Brushes; No 44, Fish Oil; No 46, 1 allow: ms 47. Ship Chandlery. PHILADELPHIA. CSa** No 1. White Oak Logs; oo 2, White Oak Keel Piece-: No 8. White Oak t urved Im-Wi Wiate Oak Clank : No lv VV bile Pine klu-t aud spar Timber; No 11. While line P.ank and Loaid*; No 12. White Pine D- ca Plank auu Stage p ank; .no 13. Ash Log* aud t lank : Null Ash U#r*. No 16, black Walnut, Ch rry. tiulioga-iy; No 16 Cyjre*# .nd Cedar; No 1®, Locn-i Tr»-t nail*; N 2o.B)a«:k.S|>ruce: No 28. < i?num\i a-: No25. Iron,round, flat, square; No25 Sled; No*7 Iron©piker*, No2®. Ir u Nails, wrought, cut: No 30, Lead; No 31 Ziuc, Tin, aud .Nofoer: N 53. Uai ware; * o 34, Tools for Store*; No8i Wh ti Lead; No 37. Zinc lainl#; N«8S,C» I ord©1 Pain* j*. dvj er# * c: No 39, Van i h; No 40. Liutoed Oil; N<» 41 Glass; No 44. Fish Oil; No 45, l a low. s.ap, Sweet Ui ; N*> 47, ship Chandlery ; No 4®. Oakum; No 60, Ingot Copper. WABmINOIXIV. ClB** No 8, White Oak Kue i Piesr#; No 11, White Piue *i#uk *nd Board*: No Id Ash Clank; No 14, j Aib Om; So 14, Black WajuuL cherry, a no Ma hogany ; No 17 » >rer#: No It*, Spruce Pine hpa>s; No ?2 Poplar; No 25. Iron, round, flat and«ouare; No 26, So el; No 27. Spike*; No 2®, Nail*; No 39, Lee'; No3l /me, J lu. aud Solder: No 63, v-aid ware; No34 To »i» li*r store#; N ■ 36, White Lead: No37 Ziuc Paint; No 8" Color-d Paiuis; NO 39, 1 it-|M*ufiue aud Vanish; No 40, Linseed CHI; No 41, Gla*-; No 45. Tallow, Soap. A c; No 47 ship Chat d Irv ; No 4®. akuni. Nu49, Tauk Iron; No fin lu got Copp*-r; No 52 Pole*: N« 54. Bellows. N tb—The < « piK-r ref rred to in < lars No W and to b aclirered n it. n u*t l-e «<;ual to the kiud* t ereiu speciiU d. ai d b- *ubj cr to the inspection ol the jrar • a# r«*ouiied by the #ch<du.<* Juiy Sdlawlw Looil lur «he irutoiinnate. run Logo mmjuut for DiSCO mu ED AT LAST. Cherokee Remedy -AND CHEROKEE INJECTION. CoMPOTKDRD FROM ROOT*, bakes A HD LIAVIf CHEROKEE R KM ED 1', the great ndianDiu otto, care* all di ea«r* of the Urinary i can*, such a* Incontinence of the t rine, InfiainaUon of the iKidney#,Stone in tie Bladder.Stricture, (iravel, Gleet, (ionorrh* a. and is especially recommended in tbOH; case* «»f Fhwr Alims, tor Willies in Females , where §4theold nauseous m< dicim* hare failed. If to prepared in a highly concentrated form.tht do*e only being from one to two tea*poontuls three time#p*r day. It is diuretic and alterative In ft# action • purifying and cleausing the blood, causing it to flow in all its original purity and rigor: thus removing from I** 4ystcm all peruicicu# eau»ca which have induced die* »*aee. CHEROKEE IFTFCTIOX Ir Intended a# an allj or a.'-iatant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, %\ should be used in conjunction with that medicine in all oaweeof Ovnorrkea, {fleet, Fluor AH tutor Whites. Itseffects are heading, soothing and demulcent; re moving all scaidiug, heat, cboadee and pain, instead of the burning and almost cnendurable pain that U experieuciHi wuh neatly all the cheap quack in tec* By tbr use of the < HF.RuKEF. RI. MED 1* and CHEROKEE JSJRCTlOK-the two medicine* at the ftame time—ad improper di-chargi are removed and tht w takened organs arc *j eedily restored to full vigor anti •trcagih. For full particular# get our pamphlet from any drug store in th» country, or write us and we wiii . mail free to an) adorer-.*, a full treat!**. Price, CHEROKEE RE MED »*, 52 per bottle, or * thre< bottles for $■?>. Price, CHEROKEfi'IX)ECTI6\. 92 per bo t or throe bottle* for *£. Sent by Knjpre*'* to an) *a«iri ■» on receipt of ibt » price. Sol.1 by adi druggist*, every where. I>K. W. It. >1 KRW1N x u«h, «OLK PROPRIETORS. No. Liberty St., New York. Cherokee Cure ! THE GREAT j V D I A N MEDICI X E. COATl'OCHORD FROM ROOT*. RARE# AND LEAVE#. An unfailing cure for Spermatorrhea, Semina Weacness, Nocturnal r.uitasions, and all disease* caused by self potation; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude, Palos in the Back, Dimness of Vision, Premature old Age, Weak Nerve*, Difficulty ot Breathing, ltumbling, Wakefalne#*, Eruption# on the J ace. Pale Countenance, Insanity, Consump tion, and all the direfri! complaint4 caused by de parting from the path of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which all cau r«ly, as It has be< n used in our practice for many years, and, with thousand* treated, it has uoi Jailed iua-lugh* instance. Its curative powers have l*-en suilicient to gain victory over the most stubborn case. To those who have trilled with their constitution ! until they think themselves beyond the reach of medical aid, we would say, Despair not? the CHER OKEE CORE will restore you to health and vigor, and after all quack doctors have failed. For full particular* get a circular from any Drug store In the country, or write the Proprietors, who will mall free to any one desiring the same a frill treatise in pamphlet form. Price. 1R2 per bottle, or three bottles for So. and forwarded by expres# to all parts of the world. $old by ail respectable druggiet* eveiy where. DR. \V. R. MERW1X 4k Ce.. •OI.* PROPRIETORS. fetl eodRwly $o. 6b Liberty 8t., New York. RAILROADS. I FOR CHICAGO, MILWAUKIE. mpym And ait part* of the Wr ft. IIC118118 IKkIIS I# (lilCAGO, MMilkll, ! And all other point* at the W EST, SOUTH Ac NORTH WEST, Sorsalc at theredocedratesoffareatthe Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., W. Ik Lillie. Agcnl. Jont^ldU FOR THE WHITE MOUNTAIN^ Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, A XI) UM TV EX. Kxcur-iou Ticket* fur -ale at the R E 1) U C ED RATES, j By W . 1) J, I TT 1. E . A«-.!(, VXIOX TICKET oniVF., | juni-^ltf 31 Lxchange-trect. j gage REDUCED RATES ! mroKT.urr to tkavelehr -TO THE West, North West & South West! W. J). LITTLE. IS Agent lor all the great leading route* to Chics* * go, C incinnati. Cleveland. Detroit. Milwaukee, ! j ii<iler.a, Ohko.di, St. Paul, Lacrosse, l.recn Hay, j 1 Quincy, bt. Louie, Louisville, ludLnapoli-, caiio ! vie., etc., and i*^>repaied to lurundi Tnumoa | ficKKie from Ponlanu to all the principal cme* 1 I and towns au th»- loyal Stale* and Canada-, at tin I lowest rate* ot tare, and ail needtui information i ; chet-rial y granted. { i'r ivticre will tiud it greatly to their advantage to procure theirtijkwt.* at the l?nion Ticket Office, 31 KirlinugrHtrret, (OP ST JIMS.) W. U. LITTLK, Agent, tJT PasM>ngera for California,by the Old Line Mail Steamer ai d Panama Railroad, may he hum:red j by earlv application at thin office. Ticket* to Montreal and tyurb+c ami return (via the- Grand t runk Railway) may be ob aim d at tlii« agency on favorable terms m'sy26oftwtf Summer Tourist’s A. Tromlor', Great Comhin Uion ol EXCURSIONS! | For the Season of 1864 Ticket* Good to Kcturu to November l»t. GKtM) TIUUK KAILWAY. • From Portland • — TO— White Mountain*, Montreal, Quebec, De troit, Chicago, Witwnukie, Nmcnra T'ail*. and reiurn AT VERY loir RATES Ol RARE. (Inly 41R to Chicago or Milwaukie, *26 „»< . un<l return, ria. Kirnia Line. To Chicago and Return, all rail, *3.'i, i Auto, to Uomou, New York, up the ttiv -r Sa-aioga. Lake Oeorge Keturiiiug from Niagara I all, eitbrr by Grand rni,.k tta, wav. or b> ihettoyal Mail Lina thfoimli I tt.e I in oaanu Island.* and Rapid, of the hr i.»,v. reuco. Amiri nn M >nty taken at Par lor Ticket-. M,‘i>. ingiar-aud at iielie-hmetit sulooi. Arraugt-uieuts ha o boon made with the Protrie* tor* ot the principal Hotels in Monareal, oneh.o aud U triit UH8M' Aiucitcau Jkoi»ey at par, chaiviutf .New Yoik liotei pri es. For T'ekcT. or iur rmallon apply to Aubjci of Ora ud I rank Railway. F *' lil.Ai It.'eraJ Age IK, 27!* liroa.iwar.N.Y. ' , F LOWJOlit, Aiuten, Agrut. ttaugor. Jonell—dtw ORAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canada. Sl'MMEB ARKANGKMINT J^US£S2. 0:1 lntl -'lundaj, Jane 'll, lsei, train, w.ii roo daily, (ounaaieexcepi a4| uuui lurtiior notice, &. toliowa: y Up Train*. Loare Portland ior inland Pond. Mon trial and yueboo at J.Oo a. • and 1.20 r. u. Down T rmn*. » r*?V*l9lRO<1 r°n<1 lor Portland, at« 3o a. u. and I he Company are not re.penriblo lor br ggaae to any amount exceeding W6>i in value, aud "at per tjuxl, unit-., no tide it giv.n, and paid tor at tha rat* of one passenger lor ever, SOOu additional value. II I. III lK; ji Managing Director. U. ItAlLkl, Sm>eriT*«eodt&t Portland, June 15. I* 4 Bov5 CORTLAND AND EKNNLIitCC H.R. SPRING k SL' AKKANGRMh.M, Commencing- Monday, April 25. 1864 ^mUBUSP PaMenger train* leavoSkowLfgau iyr 1 •*» ail*! Bor-toa, at K ;u , a u. gur a, li o A M and Hath li Id 1 . M. Aiwiuta I tor 1 orilaiid ana Boston at S.Su A, .w.; llatl*G.5 • A. al PortlHnd forBa-h.Au.a-ta, WatcrvilU .KendalP* Mill* aud bkowht-gar, at 1.10 P. M ; Portland for Bath and A uausia * 15 1*. M. Pa^engcn for latiuuson the Androscoggin Rail road will charge eair at Biuu-uiik. Tno 1 Id . M. iraiu f om r crtluad connect* al * Koudau a Alii Is with Maine Central Railioadlor i Bangor, kc , arriving name ovtuiug. P^M*** ieaV° 11 *wr *°**i*H4 at ft A. M. aud 3 ! Stage* leave Augusta <or Belfast at 4 P. M. btagivi leave skow began at G 10 p. Al iur An-on, , Soon,Ac. Through Ticket* for all the station* on this and . the A»dro*iog*ie KjuiiW, van he u.uournd in Honor* at the l-a* ru or Bo* on and Mai. -citation a it io y B .11. CUSHMAN .Superintendent ^April IK, l$h4 ap33tf York «t CuinlM-rtaml Kailroud. SL MMF.K Ad RANG f.MK.M. Oil and after MONDAY, April 1th., 1*184, traiu« will leave a* follows, uutil lurther notice : Saco River lor Portia*.d at 5 45 I 1 Freight lrain with Paaaenger Car*) and *» 15 a. m., at.d3.30 p w. l.cave Portland tor Saco River, 7.45 a m. and * % (Aland G.20 r. m. The l.WP. m. tiaiu out, . nd 45 a m. train into I ortland. will be freight train* with pa»*T ugcr cars attached stage* connect at ?*acearappa daily for South i Wiiiuhatn, Windham Center and Great Falls At (jorhi.iL tor West G rbstn, stai.duli. Strep . Falls, Baldwin. Sebano, Biidgtun, Hiram, Liming : ton, »'orni*h. Denman, Brown!!* 1*1 Lovel. Frye burg, Conway .Bartlett, AlLauy, Jackson *ud Ka ton, N. II. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonne v Ka gle. South Limiugton. Limington ar. l Limerick At Saco River tri-weckly, lor liniiia, Liraericlc, Osaipee, Newdcld, ParnouRlield, Etliugi.eui, Free dom. Mad 1-on, i atou. Corn -h,.Porter, a c Fates 6 cent# ie»* when ticket* are puixiuHtd in the Office, than when paid in th*- < an*. l>A2v. CARPKNIFB. Sort. Portland April 7, lKt:4. uu MAINL CENTRAL KA1LKOAD. SI MMLK A RRANUKXI Nl. 3QMHn Train* luavo Fortl and u rand irurl MBHst&Uuii, f r Lewiston ami Actum, at 7 a. xi. For Bangor and at 1 _ r.m. Rkl (.TUNING—ioav© Le««*n>u at 6 10 a.m. and arrive in Portland at 8.80 a. m. Leave Hanger at 7.£> a. *.. ;:ud arrive m Port'mho at 3 16 i a. Both the*© trains ccnneot at Portland with train« for Boston. Freight train loaves Portland at 8 a. aud re taming Is due in Portland st 1 p.w. Stages connect with tram* ai , nnclpsd stations, daily oi the towns North sod KnM ot this , lino- t\ M MOHSfc.Sup’t. Watervillo, N vtmber. 1W* dt«cl4 PORTLAND, 8 A CO Ar POUT8MOITI1 RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. Commencing April 11th, l.$84. JBKSK Patsenger Train* will leave the Sta Hon, Caual street, daily, (Sand&y* ex oented > as follows: Leave Portland for Boston, at8 45 A. u aud 8.(fl F. M. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a m and 3.C<* F. K Leave Portsmouth lor Portland, at a. m . and : 6.80 p . m. These trains will take and leave passenger* at way j stations. , Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANCIS CHAbK, .Superintendent. Portland. Oct. 30.1863. oool < dtf ! MAINE INSURANCE CO. Augustii, Maine. fllHE Maine Insurance Company injure agalnet A loss or damage by Eire, iiuililiugs, Merchan dize and Furniture, on terms as fatoriblc as it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Tbree, or Five years. J L. CUli.Hit. President J. U. WILLIAMS.Secretary. EDWARD SHAW'-Agent, No. 102 Middle Street <MlViw11y imti;rmtT«\a «7 Fire Insurance Company ! I (\f A etc )<>rk, Ojfir* 113 lii'{«-uhray. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. | WM E WARREN, President. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vie.-President GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Seeri-tary. I Portland Hoard of p,fm-m»tt .loan B. Blows ft 80s, Heksey Fiztcbeh ft Co. J u. j Li buy' ft Co. John Lynch ft ( o. I The undersigned having been appointed Aoknt j I and Attorney for this Comt* y. u now prepared I to issue I'olloies on insurable Property at current 1 rates. 13r Portland OfHc., 16d Fore Strert , . J°»* "• MVW*Un, Ag.-nt. J uue 8,1804 -otf STEAMBOATS, [ Portland and Penobscot River,! Hummer Arrangement, 1804, TUKNEW , tfTAUXCH AMD COMMODIOUS SiTIAnUK I-AIIY Limit, Uutlt cxiiresaly for this ronte, 4 AIM . IV 11,1,1 A .11 R. HO|X, JTSRW- Will comrmno- h. r Hammer ,\r. Ii^UAAgrauRemmit »n ao.VDAt MORN. •WSPKS^’IMj.Juiw ci,. Uaa.injr Han nor cv nry itu„da/. H edito.Ua> ana > rida} Mwuutn.It Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State atrect. Portland, every Monday, Wednesday ! mid T rida^.Evouing", at 10 o'clock* coum-oting with the Eastern',Boston and Maine, ami Portland, 8aco und Portsmouth Kailroa: k from boston and Way fetation-, leaving Bo-ton at 3o'clock, P M The Boat will teach at RockUnd. Camden. Bel ! faM. flticksport. Wiotorport and Hampden, hotli j way*. Passengers ticketed through to aud from Boston. Low el:. Lawrence. 8alem and Lynn. For more extended iniormation, appiv to J. o. Kendrick, Bangor; the local Agent* at the various la,.ding-: the Depot Masters of the p. s k p Eastern, and B. * >1 Railroad*: Ablet Somorby! 1 ortUnd; Lang k Do ano Boston, or CHA.v ‘'FEAR, General Agent. Juno 4.—Jsdtf Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. m Dne of tha following flrst-cia-s yfare - teauirrs of this Line virPeruvian, ILL." Hibernia, North American. Jura, Bel- 1 WfWfcaU-'^Li .flan. Novo Scotian, Moravian. Da uiascuo. VI.i -ail trom Quebec, HVIRV feATLilDAY I MutisjN'i, tor Liverpool via Londonderry. A Do the steamers .st. Davit. 8t. George, St I Abdrkw. cr. 1 k, tri moutlny from Quebec I for Glasgow-. Pn paiu and return tickets issued at reduced rates. For pas-age apply to li. A A. ALL AN, Montreal, or to ,1 L.F'ARuEK, maylbdtf No. 10 Exchange street Portiond. j International Steamship Company. Fustport, Calais A St. John. T%% 0 TKIPh PEB WEEK. On and after Monday, March 28, ,h,T*UMmjfoiu* steamer NF.W hkLNbWllK, tipt, J. b —--- Winclit.-UT, will lea,. Railroad " farL* ol bin* fetreet, every Monday at 6 o clock ft. M.. a n <t t he .Steamer NEW ENGLAND Capt F FMd. every Thursday at 5 o'clock PM* for . aatport and fet. John, N. B . ctinuecting at Lamport with steamer Queeu, lor Kobiubou, fet. An drewg aud Calais, and w .th fetaae coaches lor Ma chia*. and at at. John with steamer- for Kreler icton and with meaner Km* eror for Dlgby Wind- i aor anti Halifax, and with the E. A N. A. tuuiroad 1 for fehediac and all whj Matron-. Returning, win leave 8t John every MoLdar and and Boston *°^l0ck A' M »,or Eaetport, Portland Through ticket* pnveured of the A gnat § and Clerk on toaru Steamer*. nS:™VOd 1111J °’clsclt y M ■ Monday, tod mavtidtl C C. RMTOf Arent. Portland and Ho»ton Line. the steamers Foreit City.Lewigton and Montreal l-eav® Atlantic Wharf, Portland, every Hoc day, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, at i o dock 1*. M.. and India Wharf, hoeton erery Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, I hursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M. J Fare ia Ubic.,] p) ” ou Deck.’ i 'u Freight taken a- uguai. The Company an net r—ponglb!e for blxraxe to »«V u.,ut exceeding MO in veiue, and thxtperron »1, Inlaae notice to given and paid for at the rat* ol one paggengw for overv MOO additional value K-A 1MS33. dtf L. BILLINGS, Agent Hortinnd mid .tew York Ntramm SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. /> The jpleudid anii fiat Steanuhipa - f'gMfc LOt-PR POINT,” Capt .Wn.Lm?, .and POTOMAC,” Captain Shkb c^TCiSSs/VL5Vl wood, will,until further notice run as follow* Leave Brown, Wharr, Portland,evert WLDNE3 a,Nn4iniKiSA r^K I>A v' *t4F M luJ ''*,e Pirr 3 North River, New Tork, every WEDNESDAY and SAl LRDA Y, at 3 o’clock, P M. Theac veggtig arc titled ur. with due accominodaUcng Tor pansenger,. making ling the meet speedy, gale and oomfortvble route fer traveller* between 'New York sod name. Paeeage *7,00, inoladii g Ear* lud State Rooms. Goode forwarded by thig line to and from Montreal, B4n*c,’• iilth. Auguita. Kajtport and St. Shlppt re are reqnegted to »nd their freight to the ESZ&SXP “3 p M00 ‘“8 d*» th*‘ the»> For freight or paaaage apply to EMEBY A K(»X, Brown a Wharf, Portland. H. B. CKOMWKLL A CO , No 8« WeetStraat, Hew York. ' Deo «.1S6*. dtf FOR SALE & TO LET. House uiid IEoiim* Lota For Hole, i —vc l ocated in Westbrook, atwiut five A/^L- U minutes walk from the liorre Lars fjff ';i*ks!wBfc|a & WoodJord's corner. W?iAI*o, vh« pleasHinJy located two «t tBUET dorr Dwelling tlou.-e and Lot, re ceutly occupied b> Mr. J Kernick. 1 helot coo- ; tarn- about two acre*, ai.d » one ol the nuei-r loca tions for a gen;cel r«6i(tei.cs to be found in the sub. urb*» ol f on fan i*. Md| l^-s than two miles from too i ortlsuii rostOnic-, and command* n hr.e view of , t he r*|y. ,ur,h*r particulars call on the tindersUued at r 'to J-ireet, corner Linen Street. fr14** IU KOS DURHAM. lintr House lor Sale. -^T A two story house on t'ougn*» St. ■ctUli *V the castellated VUU of 8. L. ■iiMh.< ailtoW, Lq.. and on the line of the Hors* naiiroan Tiis Louie c main * fourteen finished aua i* well adapt* a to accommodate two families, with *< per iu> « ut building.-, stable, Ac . aud a well of a’er in the yard. A large part of the purchase money can lay on mortgage if <t*sired i In* property will te dt red at Auction on the first of Auxu»T, it not sold before. , . , , , VLLEN IIAINKS. ‘ Portland, July 21, Wl. Valimble mint for Sale ai it Baipaln. IN Weet Scarborough, tin the Buxtou road el gilt miles from Per lai d, ai d -ix u-iles from Saco, Car tu ning ls/i acre-vl w hi oh 60 acres are |wo<diand, with a two s'ory bou-c, baru, ana uoc-d shed. Will l- -o.d low either tor c ish or ou mortgage, or in ex change for real rstarein Portland. Aprlfto DARIUS tl INGRAHAM, , , ,,, 1<*I MiJdieSt , Port aud. July 16th, 1864. july!6 edtw . IIoiisi* and Laml lor biilc at it Bur. KBin. f11 i*K lj etory brick Uouge No. > l’ortlana gtreo*. ■ u. Tin* Jot itt (v{ loot oil Pm (land strict, : back to dxfold -ircet. said hou.-e i.- - tuated in tho i ceuteroi tin city. o;i tbe oirect line of the Horse Railroad. Pri e >j7<V,<*». *i*k>,00 ol wide . can re main ou a martj(H«{e. for luriber particular* in Wll ALLkN Jr, J> lSeodtf No-. 13 and 15 PaXcbange Street. Valiiablt- Kcul lor Mule. \\ have for *ale a very desirable llou-e, cen " trolly ami p!< u«autly locuttd. fiuiabeu and furmshtd irorn garn i to cellar; every tbiajf in and about the house in perfect order; willV* sold with the Furniture, which * .ngood Mate end iu fin Ol der. immediate pOM*«*iou given, lit® hou-e aud furniture can be examined «t any time, and inter* mution give by calling on liENKY BAILEY ft Co., Auctioneer*. rtayUdtt (.and on I'nte HI reel lor Suic. fllllK valuable real estate on Fra© street, known X a* the “Fuibuth property " The !<»t is about loti feet on J- r« e .-trr et »nd i »tei.d- back about 174 :eet. Said estate wit! be Sold a* a whole, or the easterly half ol the dwelling house, with lot about 40 by 175 loot, will t»e sold by it«Hf. Application uia> be made to James Furbish. Eaq., on the premises, or to GhO. E B. J A( K aUN. July 1 dtI 6S» Exchange street. Pair >.i«i«. 4 SQUARE block of land, of about 79000 acres JJL ot wood lanu, on tlie Mouth side of the river 2H Lawn*nee, in Canada Ea,-t It is inUrcoedtd bv two considerate rivers with eligible Mill ait*. Well wooded with every description of timber, such a»> : L.iur and spruce in large quantities, and maple i bercb beech, tauiurac anu bass wo d i» any amouat. Enquire of H. 1. MACH IN, Portland. Portland, Feb 1864. feb26eodtf For Sale. X CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over Xt '* room*,largestable aud shod*- situated two SJdLjl and one-half miles from Portland, and the tinnat bit nation iu Capo Elizabeth lor a wa* i P-vMaM tering place. aud sum inn boarder*. For j particular*enquire of GEO. OWEN, ap7 dtf Id| Congress Street. Portland. / For Null*, FIMIlfi valuable estate on the westerly corner of i nigh and-spring stre» t*. or manv years owned and occupied bv the late George Bart of. J. A t\ M KvM>, 123 Middle St. July 5. 1804. julvdalm For salt*. \ TWO vtory House and Lot rtfuated on Fort Jaud street, wjih stable and ol her out buiidiugn. A #o two adjoining lots containing »hou* tight thousand square fret. Enquire of S. STEVEH8, No. 47 Portland street. JuneOdtf House* For Sale. ' I 4 TWO story wooden bouse. No. 18 Adam* street, i.V 11 finished room*, couv’iuieul lor two families; plenty of good water. For particularn inquire ol B. J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,18d4. mavl4eodtf To Idi. tlOUK Offices. single or in suitoe, over Store* Nea. 15 if and 154 Exchange Struct, opposite the inter national iintisc. Apply o j the pnuuiM » to Jy4 dtf A. I.. BROWN. To L<>t. STORE now occupied by us. Possession given’ immediately. Also, a Front Office in Hannon Block. JaaS dtf H. J. LIBBEY ft CO. To L«(. ONE STOKE in Galt’s Block Apply to 11. T. MACHIH. ap22 dtf To Lt'h . (IllAMBERS over#ore< HO and 112 Federal 8t. / Apply to J. COOLlDf* R ft Co , 21 Commercial street. # Portland, July i.0.—4#w 7 MKDiCAL. E,,,,ri REJUVENATING ELIXIR! I OK, ESSENCE OF LIFE. PRRFAKKD FROM PUB* VXGBTABL« EXTRACTS CONTAINING NOTHING IKJlTBIOl'f) TO THI MOST DKLICAT*. rilHE Rejuvenating Elixir Is the result of modern *“■ discoveries in the vegetable kingdom, being an entirely new aud abstract method of cure, irrespec- < tivo of all the old and woru-out systems. This medicine has been tested by the most emi nr nt medical men of the day, and by them pronounc* ed to be ono oi the greatest medical discoveries ot , the age. One bottle will cure General Debility. A few dost* cure Hysterics iu females. One bottle cures Palpitation of the Heart. A few Uo<m>* restore the organs of generation. i* rom one to three bottles restores the manlinei and full vigor of youth. A few dose*) restore the appetite. Three bottles cure the worst case of Impotency. A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restores mental power. A few doses bring the rose to the cheek. This medicine restores to manly vigor and robu health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and de pairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, enervated youth, the overtasked men of business, the victim of nervous depression, the ndividual suffer!ugfrom general debility, or from weakness of a<,ryun% will all flud immediate and permanent relief by the use of this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price *2 per bottle, or three bottles for 86, and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to any address. 8old by all Druggists everywhere. DB. W. B. B1EHW1N A Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. i>9 Liberty-st., New York. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR, HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, For the removal of Obstructions, and the Insurant: of Regularity in toe Recurrence of the 3ionthly Periods. They cure or obviatethose numerous diseases tba* spring from irregularity, by removing the rregular ity itselt. They care Suppressed,Excessive and Painful Men struation. They cure Green Sickneas (Chlorosis). They cure Nervous and Spinal Affection*, pains in the ba^.k and lower parts of the body, Heaviness. Fatigue on slight ext-rtiou, Palpitation oi the Heart Lowness of Spirits, Hysteria, Sick Headache, Gid diness. etc., etc. In a word, by removing the Irreg ularity, they remove the cause, and with it all the eflbcts that spring from it. Composed of simple vegvtabla extracts, they con tain nothing deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicate—tbeir function being to substitute strength fbr weakness, which, when properly used, they never fail to do. All tetter* seeking information or advioe will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Fall directions accompany each box. Price *1 per box, or six boxes for ff5. Sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of price. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Or. W. B. M ERWIN ft Co., SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty-rft., New York. fobCt od A eo w 1 y Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. Thi* Medicine is of lung tried cttcacv for correct ing all disorders incidental to the feminine sex. That I he affiieled may feci assured that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their confidence, - not one oi those **:cr t compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, I add a lew testimonial* from phys icians neoia all, laioriugthe Lfectricand Kelormed Practice o Mtdiciue. respect. DR. WILLARD C. GEORGE, formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, atm**., speak* oi it in the following terms: ‘‘I hate used the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by DR 4ft.EC’ W SWLTT. 106 Hanover Street, and I regard it as one of the best Medicines for i-emale complaints that cun be found.” DU. J. KING, Author of” Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment.” says: “This Medici u« appear*to exert a specific influ ence on the Lterus It i* a valuable agent iu all de rsuaemeuts of the Female Reproductive Organs.” DK SMITH, Fr* sidenf of the Now York Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians. **>»: '* No Female, if in ueiicate heslth.shoud omit the timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much ot my success in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine.” mothers and married ladies The following from Dr. LAY is worthy your no tice : " Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this • Cordial’ i» a very valuable one. but by the Profes sion it i« esteemed more highly for i's good result duriug Confinement in relieving the great suffering attendant upon childbirth. I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my success in midwifery i- dun to the use o! this medicine It strengthens both "mother and child. In each cases I follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to use it a few weeks pn-v ioua to contiu* ment. as by the energy it imparts to the uterine nervous -vstem the labor will bo very much facilitated. and removes the scrap* which many females are liable to Ne woman, if sin- knew the great \ alue of this Strength* eniug Cordial would (ail to use it.” I have received numerous te*timonia!s from diff erent parts of the country where u*ed. Knowing the good it is capable of doing. 1 w il warrsat every bottle of my “ Cordial” to be satisfactory in its re sult*. The following symptoms indicate those affections in which the Female Strengthening Coraia. Las proved invaluable: Indisposition to Exertion, Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits, Trembling, Loss of Power, rain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache. Languor Ach ing Along the thighs. lutolereuce of Light and Sound, Pale Countenance. Derangement of -he Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing. Hy»t«ri*, Ac.. Ac. It is a specific remedy in aU Uterine Dfeeasrs, Chlorosis ot Green hick nets. Irregularity, Painlul ue**. Proftrse or Suppression of Customary Dis c barges. Leucorrtura or Whites. Scirthu# or Ulcer ate Si.vU of the Lterns, Sterility, Ac No better Tonic can possibly te pat up than this, and none le®- liked v to do harm, and it is comp'weu wholly ot vegetable agent*, and su»*h as we have known to be valuable, and have used fbr many year*. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or sax bottles ior Should vour dr*ig»ri*t not have It. send directlv to Of, and \v linn Mix bottle* or more are ordered we will pay all expenses, and have it securely packed from obeervatiou, Be rare and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot. 106 Hanover St Boston. 44RO. W.SWKTT.M D.,Proprietor. If. H. HAY, Areot, Portland* mch8eod6m 8IATEMENT OF THE .Kina InxnraiHv Company, OK UAKTKOKO, CONN.. On the 1st day of November, A. D. 1SC3. a* required by the Law* of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock i#.. ..*1.600,000 a»:H tcitk t/u surplus ia invest sd as/o'Unrs: Real estate, unincumbered, *67,068 18 Ca*h in hand, on dtpoait, and in ageutf' hand*. 2ld,*6-> 58 United State* Stock*. 613,417 60 State and City Stock*. and Town Bond*. 660.450 00 Hank and frnstCompany Stock*, A,<47,270 uO Mortgage Bonds, 6S1.9H0 00 Atlantic Mutual In*. Co'* scrip, 1S62-3, 15.886 60 Total Aeaali, *6,088 O 74 Amount oi LiabiliUe# for Loara* not due or adjusted. $176,411 *| Amount at ri-k. estimated, 115,516,47a C* THUS. A. ALEXANDER, President. Luuire J. Hariiux, Secretary. Hartford, AVr. 7, 1S63. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, iYo. t Iron Block* Portland Uier. dec6 dtf Dirigo Insurance Company or Tim CITY OF POliTLASh. Office No. as r.Mhimyt' strict. Capital $200,000 rilillrt Coniintiy is bow prepared to time policies X uu all kind, of property iusurable ajcaiO't fire, at cuirtut rates A. K SHUltTLEK, President JKKKMI All IHiW, Secrttaty. Dl MOTOR a. J. B. Brown S. E. Spring, D. W. Clark, J. B. Carrol), Johu Lynch, H. I. Robinson TRreT**s. St John Smith. H. M. Payton, C. ii. ilaakell. Andrew .Spring. N. U. Cram, Philip H Brown. 11 N. Joee, Jere. Dow. tt. W Woodman, Ii. J. Libby, li. 1. Robinton, J N. Winflow, 8. C. Chaae. AIvah Conaut. Wm. Moulton Portland, May 4.1M4. mavMtt Notice. ItHlS day I (five to lav two sob,. E. J and Chaa. . tUn.nll. tnelr time, to tot Bud trad . RFr them solve,; X shall Hot claim ihetr s>(» or par their debt*. T C. 1L\ND>UL, Kea r X allti. M,. WltBess, Mary Ptllsbnry, Mary S. PUXrturv. Ja«.iT,Xfci.' JunelM ~ MEDICAL. ~ Lyon’s Periodical Drops TIE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ABM BrTTEUTHAH ALL I Pill«, Powder. A Quack PreparHUon.. \ Lyon's Periodical Drops! --AUK Sure to do Gooiiand cannot do Sana. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Female Ueim-iiy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! A BB BITTKB THAW ALL PILLS,PO WDSES * Q UACK PREPARA TWSSs LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS!; ABE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM L> on 'h Periodical Drop* the great female remedy. Lvoii’m Periodical Drop* ARE BETTER THAX ALL PILLS, POWDERS AXD QUA< X MED1CIXES. Lyon's Periodical Drops Are Sur« to do (rood and cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS aiu mrrria thab all Pills, Powders and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS 8UBK TO DO GOOD AND CANKOT DO UAKM Lyon's Periodical Drops THE OB1AT FEMALE BUMIDT Lyon's Periodical Drops Are better than all Pilli, Powder*, And Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Bottle. Kor «»]e bjr »ll Drwerift*. At who!«»l« br W. t Phillips, D. U. Hay k Co., Portland. aug23 eodly CAT A It R II ? -AID NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! CPBKD BY INHALING .A. Harmless Fluid, OF At;HEKAB1.F ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Ol' the Head. TICK. «KN>r. OK TASTE ASI) SMELL UESTOUBD DR. R. GOODALE’8 CATARRH REMEDY. • _ Dr (.oodale b*< combatted Catarrh until be ha* fought it tivvi. It ha* been n long war. bnt hit tri umph u complete, through all cosing time bis Ca tarrh Itemed v will be known as the only out anti [ dote for a disease which superficialista have declar i mcnrable. Cata- rh doctors, so called, spring np like mushroons on all sides, lhe object of these pocket practitioner* is money. They use dangerous instruments. TWlr violent manipulation* irritate the already inflamed membrane. They never cure. Dr. GooUaJe's treatment fa medicinal, not mechari cal. He doe* not believe in the forcc-purep system, which 1* working so much mischief. His remedy parses through the absorbents, to the sent of the dis ease, aud obliterates if. It does not relieve merely for a day, but lor nil time. Lastly, it costs a do'Iar a hpttle—no more. /Jr. Dodge qf Auburn A’. Y. After haring witnessed the effect* of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speak* oi it;—It is truly and un conditional! jr a Herculean Specific tor the * hole dis ease. Such an article ought not to he “hid under a bushel.“ aud anv man who can invent so truly an cMicient and positive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be coastai-red one of the bene ac tors of his race, and his name aud the tfleet* ol his skill perpetuated. Yours respect Ad!-*’. D. L HOUGH. A. M. Plinj teell-tnoirn Traveller, Aud whoae family rhvsician Dr Gooda’e was for many years, *avs—“It Dr. Gcodale say-* he can cure Catan h. he mk cure it," A c Price «?1 Send a stamp lor a pamphlet Dr. R GOODALK’S Office and Dep*t , 76. Meeker street, one door west ot Broadway, New Yatk. H H. liar Agent for Portland Jun* Jd, UN8» juue^dly TUSK A WORSOIV’8 Patent Metallic or Copper Painti FOR VESSELS* BOTTOMS. To Cwiuts anil Wnstris ol Vism‘N. This superior article i> offered with the fullest cou lidence. W heu applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS l» will be toned a (icrfrct *ah*titut» for Copier Sheathing. and a ( mMI1.HK PkfcokKVAT1VE fa*m WORMS, BAR.N ACLLS. OKA>5, 4c. V«u »el* trading t*» tbe W» st India and Scutheru Porta will tind it particularly for their interest to use tLe t'ATKXT Mmiuc oa Cotrit Paist. The proprietor* will in every cA«e guarantee, not only that their Copper Paint is superior to any now in use, bn? also to luy that haa been heretofore of f led to the pa bile Printed direction* for use accompany each can. For sale, wholesale and retail, by the Mantitac turera’ A^tnt-, LYMAN & MARREIT. Sliip Cb.and.lers, No. 1IV Cominpn-ial Sirm, H>3»at«w3a_ l’OKTLAXD. THE BOSTON TIRE BRICK And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Work*. ;t»4 f ederal street, office and Warehouse 73 Liberty Square a ud 7 Batter) march St, manufacture fire Brick, ail shape* and size*, for furnace* required to •tana the most intense heat also Furnace Ulock* aud Slab*. Locomotive Fire Block*. Bakers’ Oven and lirecu-Uouae Tile*. C!a> li-tort* and uece **ary Tiles to net them, Fire Cement. I ire Clay and Kaolin 1 he undersigned will give their specie] attention J that alt order* tor the above man ulnu tore a re execu ted with promptness. j JAMES E MONO AI O. Sbllivo A »»k>ts, U Liberty Square, Bo-ton. me hi l eodftni I —-...— -—■ ■ ■ —- . i The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY 1 MASON & HAMLIN Are tbe best instrument* of their class in tbe world. 4 Nearly all the most promiDen* art Ms in the country 1 i testimony to this effect, and theee i last rument* are iu constant u*« in the concert* ol the most distinguished artist*--a* liottscbalk and other*—ah well a* iu tbe * r»* in the principal cit ies whenever s«ch lUs’rument* are required. Price 9*0 to •£*•0 each. These instrument* nuty be found at the Music Rooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. H. S. EDWARDS, No.S49J Stewin’. Block, Congress 3t. __»prt3dtl Everffrfen teniefery. f|NHE Superintendent of Kr. rgreen Cemetery will X. be At his office, in New 1 itv^feui ding, entrance i ou Mvrtle Street, from l»o'clock )L to 3 o'clock P. M., every day, except Sunday*, to Wend to any calls in eonneotiou with said Cemetery. Orders may be left at the office at any time, •p’&it’oatf 1 U C.BABB, Superintendent. MEDICAL. I MORE TESTIMONIALS ! m MRS. MANCHESTER I»constantly receiving unsolicited testimonials 01 he astoniihiag cares performed by her. Among aany recently reoeived are the fallowing, which ars ommonded to the notloe of the afflicted, fore. Man hester may he consulted at No. 11 Clapp’s Block, kooni No. 6. A CASK OB SPIRAL Dr SR ASM CUBF.O This is io certiiy that I went to see Mrs. Manchee er las; March with a daughter of mine troubled wt'h pinal disease, for which she had been doctored foi ve years, and by a number ot physicians of inds; and she has hud twenty-one applications leotrloity applied, but all to no afoot; but sho con laully grew worse. 1 came lo tho oondusioa, he lust resort, to go and see Mrs Manchester, and lid so; and to my great surprise she told me the first use oi the disease, and how she had been from time 0 time, which eaooaraged me to try her medic 1 n s did so. and now my daughter is able to he around he house allot the time, bbealso rides tea or 01 •en miles without any trouble or inconvenience,ana 1 think in u ehort time she will be restored to perfect icalth Since ay daughter has been doctoring, 1 iuve heard of a great many oases that Mr*. Manet,, • at has cared. I think it nay per on dunrvus pat. the one who tries to preserve the hcaile >f the sink and suffering; and 1 know fhat she C'S. ivery effort whieh lies in her newer to benefit bet patients. Sabaii L. Kmoiit*, Gaouua AaiuBTa, Abby E. Kwiohth, ___ . „ , tlsss gu aiTS Brmutttck, Motme, August fob. ORB OP TUB OkRATBST CURBS on EXPO ft Maa.Mkaoaarraa—Derw Modum:—Thinking itatement of my ease may be of service to others dmllarly afflicted, I hasten to gtvo it to yon. This Is brief y my ease—I was taken risk aboat ]• ■oaths ago with tbs Liver Complaint in a very bad rorm. 1 applied to tear different physicians, bat re wired no benefit until 1 called on yon. At that time I had given np business, and was in s very bad stats, but aftertaking yoor medicine for a short time I be gan to reeover, and In two months 1 was entirely well, and had gained several poinds of fiesh, and ssn truly say that by you skill 1 am a perfectly heal. _ Joe urn Davis. Bottom t Mrnut Depot, PortlemA, Me. A BBMARKABLB CURB OB A CASB OB DBO 8T CVRKDBT MRS. MARCUBSTRR. This Is to oerttfy that I have been cured of the Dropsy of fifteen years standing by Mn. Meauhet ter. 1 have been to physicians iu Boston, Now York and Philadelphia. They all told me that they cool! do nothing for me. unless they tupped me. and us. lured me that by Upping I could live bat a short lime. 1 had made up my mind to go home and live as long as I ecald with tha disease, and then die. On my way boms I sUyed over night in Portland with a friend of mine, and told them what my mind was n regard to my dlevue. They anally persuaded me ltd told me my care exactly. I W1« to much astonished to think that -he told me correctly, that I told her that 1 would take ter m> di usee, act having the least (kith that they wonld mo aay good, or that! thenld get the slightest reliel from any oonrse whatever; dually 1 took the medi cine and went horns, la oae week from the tire 1 commenced taxing the medicine, I bad over Urea gallons of water pest me la seven honrv; and my fel low euUkrerj may be atenred that it was a great rebel to me. I had not been able to lie down in bed it night before this for two years. Mow l can lie do1' with peruct ease. I have taken her medicine eight months, and am as well as aay man could \ to be, and no signs of dropsy. I would advh that are sick to go and consult Hrs. Haaetei . even if they have been given op by other | i sic tar- l have sent her a number of eaaee of c,: dltossos. ami the has cured them also, bo and for y oar selvae. I had no faith, but now my fail', cannot be thaked ia her (kill ia telling aid curing dleaum. Cnanines Hannon, daman K. Hanson, Ids tv A. Mantua. danger, Hates, April Id. OvncB Uotrsa—From S A. VLU11 IP. M. eq»17 In frontal edly DU. J. It. HlUUEk oan aa vocud at a:a PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, So. » Temple Street, WlitKE he can be consulted privately, and with the almost confidence by tbs afflicted, at all hoars daily, from a a.a. to 9 r. a. Mr. H. addresses those who are sufftriug under the affliction of private disease, nhetkir arising ircm impure oouuectieu or theterrihin vice oi se.t-al c-e. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical prolev-iou. lie pels warranto iu bean ASTuiuao a Cur* is all Ca-aa, whether ofioni standing or recently contracted, entirely ream via live dregs oi 'lives, c from the system, and making perfect aud PERMANENT LURE. He would call tbeattention or the Afflicted to , fact oi his lore standing and well eurard reputation, furnishiagsumcient assurance of his skill and sue aeet. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every iolel igeat end thinking person mist knew that remedies handed out trout general use shou d have their elhcaoy established by wcil-testedcape riesoe in the hands of a regularly educated thy si oian, whose preparatory Study tits him tor all the duties he must fulfill; yet the country is fioodsd with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be the best iu the world, which are sot only useless, but al ways injurious The uafortunate should be rabtic ri-AU in selecting his physician, as II is a htmentable Set Incontrovertible feet that many syphilitic sp ents are made miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physician* In Seneral practice; for it is a poini generally conceded y the best syphtlographers. that the study tnu aian igement of these complaints should engross the whole time of thoet who would te competent and successful ia their treatment and cure. Ihe inea p- rtenced general practitioner, hsvlttg ueithtr op* portonity nor time to make himself oeejuaintra with their pathology, commonly pnsrues one system of treatment, ia most canes malting an lndiserimiuata use of that antiquated and dangerous weapon. Mer cury. HAVE COMFlbEMCE. Ail who have committed aa eaoeee of any kind, whether it he the solitary vice ef youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence ia matnrer) cart, SEEK BOR AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Acbse, aud Lassitude aad Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure ( oitlon, are the ’iaromoter to the whole svsts-tn. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled l imbs, lor Loss of Beaaty and Complexion. DO W MAN> THOUSANDS CAS TESTIFY To THIS E Y UNHAPPY EXPERIENCE. Young Hen troubled with emissiore In sleep, a h WI a vmu » I. IU you“i treated seientflleally, and a perfect oure war ranted or no charge made. Uardly a day passes bat we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease seme o| whom are as w« ak ami emaciated as though they had the consuuptiou, and by their friends supp -ed to hare it. All such c iser yield to the preter and only correct course of treatment, and m a short time • re made to rejoice la per-ert health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men at tana.. . n- i...oara troubled with too free.uont evacuations troth the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smartli c ol burning sensation, and Weakening the >;d-is in a the patient cannot account tor. On exam ining urinary dep< lits a ropy sediment will eft. u be found, and sometimes small particles of sen., n or albumen will appear, or the color will be of a thm ntilkah hae, again changing to a dark and turbid •ppearance There are many mtu who dm of this Jthxutty. ignorant of the eanse. which is the SECOND STAGE OE SEMINAL WEAXNES3. 1 can warrant a perfect cure in such cants, and a Ml and healthy restoration of the urinary organa. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr.. j !»n do so by writing m a plain manner » ieceriptloa * of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential and will M returned it desired. Address. DR. J. B. UVUUES. No 5 Temple St., loonier of Middle) Portland IVtfeod Stump fer otrcular. Medical liutmury, TO THE LADIES. DU Ht’GUIS ptirtioulmrly IfiTiteeiil Ladlt* whi B*«dB ro*dic»! •<!▼»«**•, to room* No. Tempi*.- Street, which they will dud arranged foi Vir e*pecit! k’fi'mm< <lauen Dr II. SEeieoticKeaovathipMedieJaosarenoriyal* , ed in efficacy and superior virtue in regulahug all • emalr Irregularities Their action is specific aad ortain ol producing relief In n short time. i.ADlKB will fintfit luvnluable in all casus of ob* traction* after all other remedies have been tried in ain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in he least injurious to tne health, and may be take! rith perlyot safety at all times. ' '* Sunt to any part of tha country with fall directions ,,^?.r?*'4'i o. . »R buuhks. Pe I Temple Street. corner of Middle. Portland. H B.—LADIES desiring may aoainlt oaa of t heir A lady ol aaperlenoe In oon«Uat attend taul tlAa-lv JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 13 LIBERTV «jr*RE, . . BOSTON »at8is»gl^sjs,n,^t"4W* r4*“- toi-T PIG IIIOIV, khto, BAR, SHEET, f BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and Scotoh Manufacture. Weshnlleoutlnne to recelvt, lu addition to our American Brick, a regular supply of ING USH. SCOTCH, A WELCH ICR* tucUl codfiui

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