Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 3, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 3, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. PORTLAND, MAINE. Wednesday Morning, August 3, 1864. ------ — The circulation of the Daily Preen Is larger than any ofAer Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. Tkbmb—fi.tO per year in advance. Sf Rending Matter nn nil Fnnr Page.. UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TNNNKSSKS. For Elector., At Large—JOHN B. IIKOWN. Portland. ABVKKSTE ('SON .Damariscotta. IX Dint.—UICUAUD M. CHAPMAN, Biddeford. id Dint.—THUS. A.D. FESSKNDEN,Auburn. Ml, Dint—JOHN N. SWAZEY.of Bucksport. FOB GOVEBNOB, SAMUEL COXY OV AVGUSTA. For Xrinberi of Congress. 1*( Dist.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. •i.1 District—SIDNKT PERHAM, of Paris. Hth District—FREDERICK. A. PIKE. Union Convention—Cumberland County. The uQOoadiiioQt) Union voters of Cumberland Covnty are requested to send delegates to meet in Convention in the Senate Chamber NEW CITY HALL, IV P(JUTLAND, On Thursday, August 19, 190-1, At 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose ol nominating candidates for Four Sbxatorx, SBBBirr. Colatv Trsaourkb, Reuinter op Probate, County Commissioner. AIao to eelwct a County Committee for the euAuii.g year. Each city and town will be entitled to send ore dele/a e, and an additional delegate for every 7i votesca«t for (jov. Cony In l'd8. A majority frac tion will entitle a city or town to an additional dele* gate Each city and town will be entitled to delegate : • follows, via: Baldwin 8 North Yarmouth 3 Brulgton 6 New Gloucester 4 Branswiok 7 Oiisiield 8 Cape Elizabeth 6 Portland 8: Cam 2 Pownal 3 Cumberland 8 Raymond 8 Falmouth 4 Stan dish 4 Freeport 6 Scarborough 3 Cor turn 6 Sebago 2 Gray 3 Westbrook 8 n»rp*we!l 3 Windham (1 Harrison 3 Yarmouth 4 Naples 3 The Committee will b? in session at tbe llall, Au gust Hih, at 8 O'clock A. M. The cnairinen of tbe town committees arc requested to foi ward th* names ol their delegates to the Chairman oi the county Committee, as soon a> they may bo chosen. Lewis B. Smith, Portland. Chairman. LcKg Baowx. | lixcnARO M. Webb, County 1>axikl Elliot, } Horatio uioht, I Committee Gao ao a W a rule, I Portland. Aug. 1, IN>4. dtd What Shall We Eat. Economy is a virtue at any time. Now, with a majority of people, it becomes a i e. canity. “What shall we eat ? what shall we drink t and wherewithal shall we be cloth ed?’’ are questions that require a great deal of severe thought and some anxious care to give them practical solution. Of two articles of food, both equally nutritive, bat one cost ing three or four times as much as the other, it is mauilestiy the part of economy to choose the cheaper. Of two articles of the same cost, but one three fold more nutritive than the other, by far the cheaper is that which will do the most to repair the waste in the system, and keep up its strength and vigor The quality of the food is of quite as much consequence as its quantity. Dr. Hall, in a late number of his Journal of Health, says the cheapest articles of food, at present prices, are bread (especially com meal), butter, molasses, beaus and rice. He shows that 25 cents worth of flour at« cents per pound, contains as much nourishment a* $2, 25 worth of roast beef at 25 cents per pound, and that a pint of white beans, cost ing 7 cents, has the same amount of nutri ment as 3 1-2 pounds of beef at 25 cents per pound, or, in other words, tlie roast beef diet is twelce times as expensive as the beans. Furthermore, a pound of Indian meal will go as far as a pound of flne flour, coatiug nearly twice as much. Here are some of the com mon articles of food, showing the amount of nutriment nnntaimxl and !Iia lima ro„ for digestion: Time of .lty,-•non. Amount of nutrhneut Apiiteo, row, 1 li,6uia. 10 per reut lleeui, boiled 2 b 20 m. 87 per reut. Iteef, routed. 8 k. 80 ui. 28 per reut. Bread, linked, Sh 30 ui. 80 per reut. Butter, 8 b. »i m. 08 per wut. Cabbage, boiled, 4 h. 80 in. 7 per rent. r'ueumbera raw, - 2 per rent. Fi«U. boiled, 2h. UOm »t per rent. Jtllk.frwll, 2 h. 13 m, 7 per rent. Mutton, roasted. 3 h. 15m 3 i per cent. Pork roasted. 8 b. 16 m. 24 per cent. Poultry rtended, 2 u 45m. 27 per tent. Potato.-*, boiled. V h. 30 m. 13 per reut. Rice, boiled, lb. 50 m. 8.8 per cent. Sugar, 3 8. 80 m. 88 per cent. Turnip, boiled, 2 8 *Hio. 4 percent. Veal, roaeted, 4 h. Ou m. S3 per rent. Veniaou, boiled, 1 h. 3d in. 22 per reut. According to the above tables’ cucurnliers are of very little value, and apples, cabbages, turnips, and even potatoes, at present prices, are expensive eatiug. Some vegetables ai d fruits should, however, enter into the family consumption, even if purchased for sanitary reasons. Among those which contain the most saccharine matter, sweet potatoes, par snips, beets and carrots, are the mostnourish ing. Roast pork, besides being an expensive dish, rsqulres too lengthy a drain upon the forces of the stomach to be a healthy article of food. That Old Elm Tree. It had boon often said, that lightning never strikes twice in one place, but that Old Elm Tree that stood ou the village greeu in Pitts field Mass, furnishes proof to the coiitrary. It has been struck by lightuiug several times, but survived all these b ills Irorn Ileaven, and now It has been cut down and sold for (10,0U to a person who has received (100, for small pieces of it to be preserved as mementoes. The tree was at least three hundred years old and the distance from the roots to the first limbs was 100 feet. It was a noble stately old tree, but the safety ol the people required that it should no longer cumber the ground. “It was hard to part with such an old settler. How often do events bring to memory that song of the lamented Morris. “Woodman spare that tree.’’ These few lines have im mortalized the name of the author, but bow much force and brevity have I keen added to them by adapting oue of Bsllini’s operatic melodies to the words. The song now speaks to us la two languages—one of words and the other of music, and both uniting tbei embalming force to foster and cherish a beau tiful and noble sentiment. , * ' * J*1" | A.-1!EJ"JS!BP1'* Atlantic A Bt. Lawrence Railroad Com pany. ANNUAL MKKTINO. | The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad Com pany was held at tiie old city hall yesterday, ! St. John Smith, Lsq-, President of the corpo- j I ration, presiding. The Annual reports of the Directors,Treas urer and Commissioners of the Sinking Fund were read and accepted. From these reports we gather that the in terest upon the City loans to this Company have been promptly paid; and that since the resumption of payuieul to the Sinking Funds, | the current installments have been promptly paid. The aggregate of the stock account is the same as by the last report, being *2.494,900,— ' I exclusive of the 15,000 shares held by the City > oi Portland, as collateral to its loans and for i oilier purposes. i The debt of the Company, which is all funded, consists of its ob ligations to the City of Port ns of its bonds, *2,000,000 Is ol the Compa ny in Federal currency, Dated April I, 1851, ou 15 years—ex clusive of those pledged to the City of Portland as collateral 988,000 Uoudaof the Company, in Ster ling currency, dated November 1.1853, on 25 years, payable in London—21000,000 at *4.84 i per 2 484,000 ! *8,472,000 | The interest on this indebtedness has been promptly paid. The connections of the Grand Trunk Rail way Company at the west and at Portland, for facilitating and increasing the business of their lines, continue as heretofore, with such extensions as the business offering requires. The last winter’s business of Messrs. Allan A Company’s lines of Steamers, running to and Ironi both Liverpool and Glasgow, in con I nectiou with the road, was, as we understand, J very large. Full cargoes each way were car ried, nearly all of which passed over the ! /oad. The Anchor line of Steamers from Glas- i gow, ou their way to New York, also touched at this port semi-monthly, landing passengers | and freight for the road. 1 In addition to the above line of Steamships, we understand, that during the ensuing win ter, a new line of Steamers now running be- | tween Montreal and London (a Montreal en- | lerprize) will make Portlaud their winter ! port. It is gratifying to the directors to state, tnat the traffic of the Grand Trunk Railway Com pany, with which this Company is so intimate ly connected, continues to increase from year to year; each year’s receipts exhibiting a fair per centage of increase over those of the pre ceding year. | The Capital stock is divided on the books as follows: 1125 shares in Federal curren cy. of »100eacli *112,500 , 4920 shares in Storliug curren cy of £100 or *474 2,381,280 70 fractional share rights of *10 each - 1,120 *2,494,900 The Sinking Fund or the City loau of *4, 000.0U0 amounts to *307,880.89. On the *500, ( 000 loan to *145.908*!. Total *443,796 42. The assessments for the years 1801 and 1802 have not yet been paid by the Grand Trunk j Company. A ballot was taken for nine Directors ior the ensuiug year. The number of votes cist was 9*id, all of which were for the last year’s list, viz: St. John S mith, John B. Brown, Phinehas Barnes, Charles E. Barrett, George F. Shepley, Harrison J. Libby, James i L. Farmer, Byron Ureenough. Alex. T. Gall. The Grand Trunk Company having re quested early action in reference to the bands of the A. A St- L. R. R- Co., which mature in 1800, the following vote was unanimously passed by the stockholders: ll'ktreat, By the terms of an agreement entered , into between the Atlantic A 8t i.awiruce Baiiroad Company and the brand Truck Hallway Company ! of Canada, on the loth day of February, A. D. 1866, j i the Company, uuder c.-rtaiu oo Unions audsiipuia* tiounamed tu said agreement, ia ob,iged to issue to ' the brand 1 runk Kaiiway Co a new s*rt#s of hen t I in renewal ot and ru-atitute tor the Company's mortgage boeds dated Apni 1, 185). and maturing April 1, IS-iSi aud. wiicrca*. the brand Trunk Kail way Co ha- signified to tfie Directors the desire b e uess of making esrlv proviaiou for ruob renewal bonds; thereiorc, under the 2d at tide ot tbs utilise i calling the meetiug. it is ruled, Tuatthe whols subject of preparing aud issuinr such new bonds be c mmirteito the Board 1 of Directors, who are hereby fully snthuris.d to ; oauie a new-eras of bOLds, loan amount nut ex ceeding si, on.Ouo, to be prepared aud properly e> ecu'e*. bearing such date and lu aucb sums, aud • , pa able, principal and foter-er, at such p ace and on i sueti time, not exceeding twentr years and in such t cu'renc.v as the Board shall determine; aa.d bonds I to be secured by a mortgage to Tru-tee* of the Hail j road, its appurtenauees aud the real and jieraonal property aud franebts*-i>f the Compenv, tothe tain ; extent as the Dow existing mortgages—whiih new j mortgages the Direct rs are hereby ao-burired to : ’ make and execute ; and to deilier such tiewbords to the order of the brand Trunk Hallway Company upm the eoudltious jirovided in the agreement ot | February 111 h, 1855. The meeting then adjourned. A Word about Cotton. Are the nations of Europe dependent oo the Southern States for their supply of cot ton f The latter thought so, aud rebelled in full confldeuce that the former would not only aid and assist them, but recoguize them at last as an independent power But this dependence of Europe on the Cot ton Slates has proved fallacious. Persons of great experieuce iu the cotton trade have made estimates of the supply of cotton for 1804. The average of these estimates is as follows, viz.; Bh’m. United States, 130,000 East Indies, l,75o,ooO ( liina, 250,000 Egypt, 280,000 Turkey and Greece, 140,000 Italy and Malta, 25,000 Brazil, 155,000 West Indies, 50,000 Tota', 2,750,000 It is conceded that the cotton from Egypt and South America is superior to that raised in the Confederate States, except ihe Sea Is land. No climate or soil in the world can j probably be found better tilted to the produc tion of cotton than Egypt. The product per , acre is equal to that of this country upon an average, and the absence of raiu is an ad- 1 , vantage over us, giving perfect security that the crop shall be gathered iu perfect ordeE— The present enlightened Pacha of Egypt, hav ing the assistance of able English and French engineers, is now introducing steam cultiva tion to a great extent, and with entire success, and can command an unlimited supply of la borers The crop of Egypt, which was ouly about 90,000 bales In 1860, was 240,000 bales iu 1803, and is estimated at 350,000 in 1804. From the profits of a single crop works of irriga- . tion could be constructed, sufficient to bring under cultivation two million acres capable of | producing a bale to the acre. In regard to only a single section of the j country, the Delta, Mr. Gibbs makes the fol lowing statement: “I have examined the whole of tlie Delta, from Cairo to the sea board, and all the branches of the Nile, and thecauaU leading from it, and iu some cases ' have made minute surveys of the whole coun try, and now state that at least one million five hundred thousand acres can at once be , 1 put uuder cultivation for cotton.” When, In addition to Egypt, we reckon the other cultivators of cotton, viz., Chiua, Eist India, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Brazil and the West Indies, we cannot avoid the conclusion that the Confederate States, by tliefr suicidal act, have driven King Cotton to more congen ial clime*. * Caitobt a Taktak.—As Dr. Seymour of ; Calais was coming through the bridge on | Wednesday niglit last, his horse was seiz-d by the head and stopped. lie desired Ihe person to let go, but got no answer. He then drew his pistol with the intention of firing at him, but fearing he might shoot his horse ha laid the pistol beside him on the seat, and kuow ing the spirit of his horse, gave him a cut with his whip, when the horse jumped and thew the person down, and the wheels of his carriage passed over him as he lay sprawling on the ground. The bridge, says the Adver '• User, ought to be lighted all night at the ex pense of the people of both sides of the river. 5^Able seamen’s wages at Calais are reported , at #80 a month. ■ "m. ". 1 ~"-e The Morning Bhower. BY D. A. DROWN, PORTSMOCTU, N H. Once more the horning eye of day Peeps through the gates of morn, While lurid beams of mellow light I The lowering skies adorn. No joyous soDg* of tuneful birds s Come from the silent woods. And cooling winds (bid Up their wings, In deepest solitude. No bro»th .litturb, the binging »ine«. 1 , Nor stirs the bcudiug grain ; And drooping flow rets sadly pine For cool, refilling rain. j Tire inunuuriug streams, with plaintive strains The geueral burden share,— All nature teems in silence hushed, As if in sacred prayer. The stillness breaks.—the fluttering leaves Proclaim the signs of rain, 1 And whl*j»er from the topmost boughs The welcome news again. I The burdened clouds, with generous hand. Unlock their treasure* fast, And thirsty earth, with parching lip, | Heceivc* the boon at last. Then smile* with dewy, sparkling eye Fair children of the wood. i And dripping lille* bow their heads , With tears of gratitude, Bright, sunny skies smile lovingly O'er all the meadows green. And duhpUnl brooks and laughing hill* Kejoice to grace the scene. The emerald twigs are thickly strung With beads <*f silver light. In which a thousand rainbows blend, And cheer the wondering Night. Sweet odor* from the spicy grove* Pervade the cool, soft air,— „ An offering sweet from thousand Ups, Which breathe pure praises there. So. when dark cloud* of sorrow hide life's fairest, sunniest skies,— W hen gloomy scenes on every hand Thy hardened soul apprise; Let faith, beyond the darksome vail Behold the hand divine, Hhieh, thus concealed, but come* more near To make choice blessings thine. Maine Soldiers in Mower Hospital, Phila delphia. We haYe been furnished the followiug list of sick and wounded Maine soldiers in Mower Hospital, Philadelphia, by Mr. H. G. Cole, who has just returned from that city with his son Francis C. Cole, of the :)2d Maine, who was considered dangerously sick at that Hos pital. ' Mr. Cole speaks in the highest terms of praise of the treatment of the soldiers and the iuterest manifested in their welfare by the Surgeon in charge, Dr. Moone, and his As sistants. He attributes it to the kind care of the attendants and skillful treatment of the surgeon that his son so far recovered as to be able to reach his home: First Maine Cavalry—8 B Cross, li V Mann, Cy rus Sievens, A Kthecil. J H Wyman. C II Foster. J T Hill, U L * arnugtou. C B F urbish. 8 T Toney. Third Regiment—Charles P Lindsey, Wm F Jem miug. Ileury L Doyle, John Veruer, Geo G Babb. C O Perry, Luis La met, Dixon Wescott, James Mur phy. Fltra Mitcht l), James McCales er , J t Pratt. fourth Rigiment—bvvj Knowles, A Cuauinghara, James Nelson. A Maples. J 1 Gb-on Sixth Regiment— Thomas McGill St t enth Regiment— Wm bearc* . John Lahricen. Eighth Regiment—J L Donne ! C II koowlton, F Maxim, UP Ford, W N Penny James barr, F Til ton. Thomss king. F Beal, A Wormwood. H P Saw yer W 11 FoUom, Jesse Kimball, Neiton Wi’lisnrif, HW Towers Smth Regiment— Moses Halsey, S M Plummer. Eleventh Regiment— Jarae- Feely, John Knox, A 8 tie *rge. J 8 Groes, C8 Leighton, J F urbusu Sirtvnth Regiment—John W Lake, Charlr- Km erson. Lorenro Broughton, Thomas Mason, Ceylon Russell, John Thompson Seventeenth Regiment—John Jones .Daniel Nason, Lincoln Phmney, C L Wright. A R Oliver, C F' Pen* lov, \V li Gatcbtil, c R McDonald, Patrick McDon ald F.ighteenth Regiment— W U lirysnt. Nineteenth Regiment—it L Black. G McAlister. John Vinal, fcamuei Mi-rriam, li W Gage, Charles li F'lint. Twentieth Rec iment — Henry C Emery, John F Bat*mau, John M Ubby, A Douglas. B N H*b. Twenty-Ninth In gin,rut- Alpbonxo Hillman Thirty*First Regiment- D C Waketild.C Ladd. II F’ Smith, A Sprugue, W H 11 a o, D Page, W K IlcnderAoe, (ito G Lincoln, W N Woodworth. C F' Rankin. W M Burnham, o Perry, J Watson, E Pit* mau, A S Warren. Hugh TreadwtII. Thirty-Second Rcgtmtnt—C. F' McCriUis, F G Moodv. Frank C ( ole. A fc Perkins. A V F'erris. W H lleo»y McKenny, B C Thomas, J A Brag dun. Green, Janus M Bryant. G Brown First Heu»y Artillery—O Weenan, L Washburn, K ti Higrlus, E J C’alljgan. A C PUiuney, W Fogg. J Urerlock. T Donnohue, J F bestir Second Battery— Fnd Davis, J It Irish Sixth Rat try—Erastus Proctor. Hf tenth Battery—b 8 Craw lord. Religious aud Ecclesiastical Items. At tlie recent commencement at L'uiop Col lege I he degree of I). D. was conferred ni*>n Rev. tV. C. Child, of Boston, one of the Sec retaries of the American Tract Society. Uev. Geo. F. Magonn, of Iowa, con of lion. D. C Magoun, of Bath, is visiting his native city, and wii! ipoon leave for the tour of Europe. Kev. Dr. Osgood's church in New York has been sold to Stewart, the dry goods mao, who seems to have a mania for buying churches. Mr. Frederick D. Blake will be ordained as Pastor ot the Brunswick St. Baptist Church, Gardiner, on Wednesday evening, Aug. 3d. Services will commence at 7 1 X o'clock. Athanase Coquerel, a talented young preach er, has been deposed from the pulpit of a Protestant church In Paris tor advocating Uuiversalisl sentiments. The Kugllsii Uni tarian- have expressed their sympathy for him, and American Universalist contemplate similar action. The Methodist Church Conference of 1960 appointed a committee to revise the Uitual. They have just made their report. The prin cipal changes are slight mod ill cations of the old Ritual in regard to Baptism, the Lord's Supper, Matrimouy, Burial of the Dead aud Ordinations. A form for the dedication ot churches was added. The peoplp are also re quested to join audibly in the Lord’s Prayer whenever used in public worship, and to re spond to the prayers of the Ritual. The new Ritual gives rather more of form, and requires a more active participation of the people in the services. Fire in Washburn. The Loyal Sunrise gives the following par ticulars of the destruction of nearly the en tire village of Washburn, in Aroostook coun ty: On Wednesday last, the wiud blew a hurri cane, aud every Are in the woods or elsewhere kindled at ouce into a conflagration. Some oue set fire to a chopping about two miles south of Washburn village. With terrific fu- I ry the lire swept through the woods and swamps, aud in less lhau an hour the village was in flames. lu an incredibly short space of time thirty buildings were reduced to ashes. Nine of these were dwellings ; some of them, however, were vacant, the owners being alisent in the army, and their families away. The saw and grist mill of Isaac Wilder, Esq., which were I the best in tlieeounty, aud lor perfectness and finish among tlie best in the .State, were com pletely destroyed. The machinery attached to these mills were a circular saw, a grist mill with two runs of stones, clapboard ma chine, shingle machine, lathe machine, broom handle machine, turning lathe, sash, door and liflnd factory, and carding machine. Mr. Wilder has lost not less than ten or twelve thousand dollars. Mr. Isaac Wilder’s and Mr. Benjamin Wilder's houses were sav-* ed. which are the only buildings remaining within the limits of a hall mile in extent. At least two thousand dollars' worth of lum ber was lost, several large aud well finished bams, all the fences burned, aud the growing crops in every direction are ruined. Acres of grass, grain and potatoes are consumed. A few families saved a very few articles of bed ding and household furniture in a damaged state, hot of little worth. 9evi ral Cows, sheep and hogs were so burned in the pasture that they are worthless. Nr:\v Hampshire papers don't think it quite , the thing for Maine to claim the Navy Yard 1 for KitUrv, and credit Portsmouth with all the yellow fever.—[Exchange. Neither do we think it right for Portsmout[r ' to claim all tlie Navy Yard aud credit KUtery ' with all the yellow fever. MAiNKSoi.nreits.—Among , the casualties at the late engagement at Pe- i terslnirg we notice the names of Thomas K. Hob 0th Me., and Charles S. Green, 32d do, ' wounued; John Jewett, 6th do; Daniel O. 1 Warren, 2Dth do, dead. . y Mr. Hamlin is at home on a brief furlough Vom Fort Clary. i i ') .1 ■ ^ OUIGIXAL AXI) SELL OZ'ED. yilay is selling in Calais for $30a t x»h. y The exportation of gold this y. tar has eached $31,000,000. y.Mr.T . M. Brown, a distinguished T emp:r nce lecturer, is lecturing at St. John, N. B. y A National Reporters' Convention is to ! e held in Chicago, next month, y Milk in New York is ten cents per quart. | ’remendous “squalls” expected. y Francis A. Winter of West Bath, was | idled at Tupelo, on the 14th inst. y There is now a direct line of railroad from iobde, Ala., to Bangor tins state. jyThe Philadelphia Press has raised its sub- I cription price to $10 a year. 3fThcre is a aide and a half of new huiU ugs going up in Chicago. y V. B. Palmer, of “Advertising Agency” ume, died at his residence in Philadelphia oil ■'riday last. y The wife of Ur. Geo. E. Bricket, Mancltes er, N. H.,died suddenly at his oftice.on Sunday ast. jy It is said a cold winter generally succeeds ! l dry summer. While it is too far ofl to pro- 1 luce a chill, it may be well to lie laying in fuel. . y.A little fellow, 11 years old, lias made ar •angements in Boston to put in a representa ivc recruit, costing $125. *y lu 1851 there were but 7900 miles of elec ric telegraph lines, while in 18(53 there were 00,000 miles. 2yThe Newburyport ilentil says the tax on Hatches of one cent a bunch stuells strongly of brimstone. QTBath is creditoil with a surplus of 52, leav j ng 99 as the number to be furnished under the ' ast call for men. *y A company hits been organized in Machine for the protection of the town against threat* ?ned invasion from over the eastern border. ~y Active operations have commenced in Charleston harbor; we hope with better success than heretofore. ST According to the last returns emigrants ire arriving at New York at the rate of 4*71 a seek. '^•P’^liinlmililinfr is nrnff v Kwinl’ in arm, n nawlu if Nova Scotia, but the vessels are generally of a small tonnage. yThe St. John Globe says vegetation is in I advance of lisa year, and crops, except hay, are very good. ( ounterfeit $600 notes ou the Producers’ Bank,Woonsocket, have made their appearance, fac simile of the genuine. yJohn S. Raney, of Ohio, has a pony 20 j inches high and weighs only 21 pounds. Sup- 1 posed to be the smallest in the world. y“The New National Tax Law,’’ printed from the official copy, with a complete summa ry, in a convenient “Dime” pamphlet, has been received by A. Robinson. yit is said the copperheads will ignore all hands and martial music in their next campaign. Such music savors not of peace. Their only tune will be played upon a lyre. yThe Calais Advertiser says the St. John River is lower than it has been for years, and those who have got lumber to market haTe done so at great oxpeusc. yThe following Maine soldiers died in the Washington hospitals on Sunday last: Charles , 11. Merrill, B, 17th; Win. B. Butler. H, 29th; A. J. Rowe, A, 1st Heavy Artillery. y Eight cents a quart is now the price of milk in Biddeford. The fall feed being entirely cut off by the drought, the supply of milk will be much reduced. yrhe ship Excelsior, from St. John, X. B., bound to Liverpool, England, put into Halifax j on account of the insubordination of the | crew. ry It has required constant effort to prevent the fires from spreading in the vicinity of Ban- , gor. The Mayor seut thirty men to the Essex 1 street road to fight fires on Sunday. 'yThe Bangor Whig says Mr. J. P. Wyman of that city, has disposed of his valuable horse “Joe Hooker" to a New York gentleman lor , one thousand dollars. y Every man who has a little spare capital should iuvest it in the 7—C50 loan, and thereby aid the government in furnishing men and means to put down the rebellion. yu nion sentiments are gaining rapidly in s Northern Teaas. There are already ten lodges of Union Leaguers, which are very secretly and cautiously hut constantly increasing their uum- j bers. y An enterprising but ignorant South i American has sent to an Albany locomotive ' shop for one hundred “cow catchers.” He expects to use them in taking wild cattle on the plains of Paraguay in place of the latto. yThe VallauJigbam Democracy areendeav- I oring to weave a covering for their Southern sympathy from the peace propositions promul gated at Niagara Kails, but the threads are too rotten to sustain the shuttle. y Reports front Washington say that the dispatches from all quarters received by late ar rivals demonstrate that our relations with all foreign powers are in a better state now than at any previous period since the commencement of the rebellion. TA robin's nest was found lately In a tree ' at the Oneida community which had interwoven in its atrttclur* twenty-nine ladies’ collars, all of which had been purixiu*) by the birds from the grass-plot where they were phteod after the . wash. y‘‘What part of speech is man," said a pedagogue to a sailor-boy pupil. "A verb, sir,” replied the latter. A nri, i» it !” continued the teaelier, with a significant twist of his lips, “please give an example.” "Man the yard*" ' was little tarpaulin's instant response. 5JPMrs. General Barlow, who has been ac- > lively engaged in the service of the Sanitary Commission—an angel of ntevoy at the bedside of the sick and Wounded soldier, died in H uh- i ington of typhus fever, contracted while eu- i gaged in her noble work. ryThe Sew York Herald says tnere arc four ! hostile cli<iues among the liemooraey of that city, vii.: the Tammany faction; the Mozart; the Young Coon, being a split from Mozart against the Woods, and tbe McKeon-Gunther faction. y.\ match for #258 a side was lately trotted n England between the American horse Jack Rossiter and an English mare named Matchless, fifty miles, in harness. The mare died during the race, and the horse won with great ease in the very good time of 3h. 45m. jyThe Philadelphia I*Jeer says that the ■Sorts to raise oolored recruits in the South will tie a failure. It was calculated that from 150,000 <■'300,000 could ^e obtained in two months, but be prospect now is that not one-tiltbofthat num ber will be raised. ffA man by the name of Geo. Carr, fell dead irhilestaudiug in Win. Hickey’s door, in Calais, >n Wednesday last about 3o’clock. TheAdver* iser says be was a hal'd drinker, audaddsthis to he numerous victims of the curse of intemper moe. ~y The yacht race from New York around ,oug Island, lietween the Restless and the Annie 1 -auric, for a purse of #1000, which started last Wednesday, resulted in favor of the Annie -auric, which returned to the place of starting >n Friday evening about ten miles in advance of he Rebtless. STA Maine invalid soldier, at Mont|ielier, 1 ft., has written us a letter complaining of the vgulathms to which he and his comrades are < mlyected. He says the rules are needlessly ar litrary; that the rations are scant and poor; hat his commanding officer is imperious and yranuicsl, and he invokes the interposition of rov. Cony in his behalf. yt)n the’Jfid ult.,a fire broke out in the woods n tbe vicinity of Wellington Mines, Canada, ■ml one hundred and twenty houses were burned lown. The people removed all they could save him the flames to what they believed was a safe listance, but the Are followed, and not a hun Iredth part of the property escaped destruction. Idle fire was so fierce that the people were driven utotlie wvter for safety, where they had to re uain immersed until everything combustible tu burned up. i ■ . __ _ > BY *t'i5LKOKAPH -TO THE PAPKR», -... — The 1st at Petersburg New Youk, Aug. 2. Tiie Tribune s account of the Petersburg repulse says our charging patty were hardly iu motion, after the explosion, when the rebel* showed themselves prepared by opening a vol ley. The abaltis and other obstructions ol the fort were not destroyed, which caused much difficulty to our advance. The interior of the exploded work presented a confused mass of earth, guns, camp equippage and hu man bodies. Several attempts were made to advance toward Cemetery Util, but failed un der the seventy of the rebel enfilading tire. About tl A. M., Ferron’s colored troops were ordered to make an attack ou Cemetery Hill, 400 j ard9distant. They with stead iness until they reached the Hue of the other divisions, when the rebel lire was brought lo bear upon them. They turned to the left and became mixed up with the other troops.— About one thousand colored troops leaped iu to the exploded work, now a mere pit, and which was crowded already with white troops. They (the negroes) tumbled headlong- down the sides, causiug a scene ol inextricable con fusion. Attempts were made to get them out and lurin them in line, but failed. All our ar tillery was plajiug ou the rebels, but their (the rebel) lire stemed to increase iu severity. They moved from right and left, concentrat ing iu front of our assaulting columns, lle tweeu seven and nine o'clock three) attempts were made hy our troops to charge, but failed. About U A. M.our tire slackened,End the reb els rushed out and charged our troops. At tirst they were checked, hut tiually they got possession of most ot the grouud between tbe trout aud their line, and came within a short distance of our troops. Our troops then tried to get back iuto our Hoes. About 1 P. M. the enemy made another charge, wheu about one thousand, mos ly blacks, bioke for our lines. Hundreds ol them never reached them. What were left of our troops iu the work were now completely hemmed iu. They remaiued there nearly an hour, wheu an order was issued to fall hack lo their original position. Gen. Bartlett, who was left in the fort, sent word that unless relieved, he aud those with him would have to surrender, as they had no ammunition. Shortly alter the rebels were heard to make another charge, wheu doubtless this party surrendered. The 5th corps, though under fire, did not | |oin in the attack, and the 2d corps was entire ly passive. Gen. Sheridau's movement was countermanded. From thr Army before Iiichmontl. HEAtrqLAKTKUS Akmy l’OTOMAC, I J uly 31. 1 Tbe exact losses in the battle ol yesterday hare not been officially ascertained, but as near as can be judged will reach 2,300, not in cluding the missing. Many believe that tbe tlgures will prove larger, lu tbe hospitals of tile Pth corps the first division has 300 meu, second division 307, third divisiou 341, aud lourth or colored division 030. The larger number of wounded are lying on tbe Held be tween tbe two lines, aud cannot be got olT.— The IStli corps lost about 300, while Turner's division, 10th corps had nearly 400 killed aud wounded. A Hag of truce was sent to the enemy to day for the purpose ol getting the remainder of our wouuded olf the Held, but was refused —reason not given. Geu. lljtler also Sent a Hag of truce to-day, which was likewise re fused. The rebel officer gave no reason for refusing, except that hit orders were peremp tory not to receive such Hags. The rebel of licere also refuse tj exchange newspapers, and the rebel soldiers are so closely watched by their officers that they have nochauce ol mak ing an exchange. There must be some reason for this. Many believe that their line is very weak, w hile others think they have some ex tensive move on foot aud are afraid of It be. lug known to us. Tbe raid iuto Pennsylvania may be tbe reason lor their wishing to keep everything from ns, and as quiet as possible. J All the wounded that have been brought Iq are. being well cared fur, Urn medical arrange incuts being ample. The lines of me two armies are about the same as Iwlure the battle. Picket bring has been constantly kept up since. The uuntbe-r of prisoners captured and Drought in, is about can, me highest rank among tbem being a captain. They are Healthy looking, but Ibeit dress presents the usual dirty auj ragged appearance. The re ports sent yesterday morning that Uie colored troops had captured an entire rebel brigade, has uo foundation. Latkk.—Auguet 1.—A party under a flag of truce have gone out to bury the dead and bring in the wounded. The number is repre sented as being large. Operation* in tieargiu—Severe Jy«**e* in/fiet etl on the Ant Mil/ - Complete Defeat of the Uriah* on the VHth. New Yoke, Aug. 2. The Herald's Nashville dispatch ol the 31st gives a congratulatory address from General Thomas to the Army ol the Cumberland, on the briiliaut successes In the late battles. He States that our loss on the 30th was 1731 killed wouuded and missing; on the 23d 3.500 aud ten canuou. 'The rebel l,ss ta the 301.; was fi.OOtl, while seven stand of colors were taken, < >n the 33d eighteen stand ot colors warn tak en and 5,000 stand of arms. The rebel loss in killed was 3,200, besides 3,200 prisoners. The same correspondent says the Little of the 2Sth was as complete a defeat of the reb els a* that of the 2-d; 043 rebel dead were burled by our fumes after the battle, The re port of the wouuding of (len, Stephen Lee is not coutlrmed, nor Is it positively known that UL force has reached Atlanta. Geo.Stanley succeeds Gen. Howard in com mand ol the 4th corps. The latter succeeds Gen. McPherson, Gen. Hooker has pa-eJ through Nashville en route lor duty elsewhere. Gen. liosseau succeeds him iu the command of the 2tKh corps. _ Review o! Urn Market, For the week ending Aug. Sd. 180i, prepared ex pressly lor the Paxes, by Mr. M. fi. liicli. N Sir. — We wb*h it to be understood that our quo Nation* repr£Mf>* prf<*> of larat lot* from fli>t hand*, iutoMo4ferwl*e*iai«*d. aud thgt j;: filling small or ltsr», higher rated have to be charged. For Market quotation* See Last Fage ASHC8-—Wa notice «on»«* advance* forji’ot A*he* mil nowtiuotn 151.2—i’carla rciiiRiM unipt tml «Ipiu1\ it llr^ll^c l* lb. APrLES,—The mere imp'e rceripu of new Green Atple* produce* a steady decline,and we now quote **>«." tbl We also notice a dtMiliue for Dri d Ap ple*, and now quote diet d and cored 14gl5c 0 If BREAD—We not* a recent advance for all kind* L>f Bread, aud bow q'J"U- a* f< Hows Pilot Bread is 50*2; Ship Bread 7 (KVa 7 50 |Elo > lbs, and Crack Br* *6 U*vat> |5 ^ brl or per 10C*. Bl CARB 80DA<-|«i(e» are tome*I,at higher ind now range at about |> tb. bait* light. BC ITER—Good Butter continue* scarce atd re ceipt* light aud price* have further advanced. We Dow quote choice dairy 4‘fca45c Country BaM But ter ha* i*cen selling at 36®4UJ |Stor*» Butter is very icaroe and command* ready sale at 3tY«j35c 4> lb. BEANS—Pea Beau* contiuue to offer moderately, and the market I* »'e«dv and quiet. Wo coutinue to luote 2 7&«310 Marro w* remain steady at *3 OOia 3 10 aud Bliio l'od* #2 5Q(j&2 75 4> bushel. HO\ SHOOK' —Price* are nominal a* there is uopqog i1oi» g ki pre-ent. Manufacturer* are hold ing some lot* a* i>j£ii a* »» »nd *ome are anticipat- j mg even to'gluT pnocr, w hile shipper* are not offer ing over 75c at present a* there is a* yet no demand. COOPERAGE—As we previously remarked the marke to entirely barrtn olC.ty made shook*, aud h* re> are no stave* to supple the deficiency. There have been ot late but price* are nominally higher in conwqueacc ot the taaiaity I Re dpuigpd For Ilonpab* good at our ad tamed quota! ion*. lieaa nra an> active at 8t«%3f>c fur hard pine aid 3>c. p* r pair 'or soft. Couutrv coope*ago Is entirely nomi nal a> thereto nothing doing at this time. CHEESE.—Cheese have advanced 1c tb dur rg the week and are icaroe at 2U$21c lor cho ce 1 tone*. CO*• EKE.—The demand to so limited that price* ire for the most part remain nominal, and our quo :atior* continue to ra'i/e as follows: Java abdaO'o; KsufiBgfifi, and CajH* 45s47c p tb. CO 41. —The market 1* Arm and buoyant at an *d rauce of 91 per ton for Lehigh and f rank in which ire now quote at 9 A pee ton. Wl ite Ash r« mam* iteady but buoyant at 915. and Cumberland 914 at retail. CORDAGE—Factory prres have recently ad* ,-aueed. and we i'rtiix our quota*ion* as follows — American 20c; Manilla Cora age 24 a 30c Manilla aud Russia Bolt Kop** 3 >a32c |> lb HuTsia lleiup Cord ige is out of market, and we arc now unable to (ive quotation*. CANDLES — A decided advance ha* been receuly nude on cv die*} 25c to now the factory price tor \l uld 4iid 4oa42c p*r lb lor Sperm. Market huoy int. CEMENT—has recently advancer! ( to If* cask, ind dealers are now asking 2 10|2 2 » ca k CREAM TARTAR—Pure ( ream Tarrar has un i rgoue a Ia»e advance, and to now firm at «1 4* *>. Pulv# i/ed we quote 50c. DRUGS AND DYES—Trade reiivon* quiet aud :liere i* but lutie doing ju-t at this time, t ud prices ire nominally uncbaiiKtu r*. m our previou ■ quota- 1 ion* Borax ha* *ecentlv advanced to 50c; Mag Hfi| we now quote fl0$70c; K rimes tone (roll) 7 i$7|c: Alum 7Jc A'cw* 47c; Sulphur lojc; Sals*, ia JtftH; Bi Carb Soda kfcftltyo; « naru Turtar 50c 4#l; Opium 41it t> Ih. Madder !9o; Vi*rol23e; Al >ol ol 3 60 a3 8'\ and Fluid 850 |> gal. Dye Wocda em3in quiet and unchaugod. DI CK —price* are nominal at present quotations, 1* there to but little for sale in market and *o»rc iy invthing doing. W'e quote Portland No s.—2 00 No 0—1 42 ard Navy Superior No 3. 2 OOtotf 03. aud No 10 do 1 41 c$l 45 V pard. DRY GOODS—Bu-iues* remain* quiet aa the at ention ot the or untrv trade just at this time is di ce ed in a gr wt measure to the crops, and there to 1 lull iu this branch, aud price* are consequent y or the in os par* nominal, though without any indi ■toion ot relaxing aud we continue previous quota- . ion* without material cLau* . . ... J-g_l__ ... _ . D ER-pri««' have ft strong upward >en aeocy tollowiug were Oriental Powderco’e pricei rr^,d^'Rifle .nd 8por,i“ ce* *6 Some other agencies are asking higher pri HIDES AND 8KIX8— We note an advance oi But'nos A/refc Uydm and now quote 87«S0 anc Western 27 <*29. Market buoyant with good demand ot^e’I,d,?*cr,ptiOD,# reroa,n »t**«d>* w follows. Blauffht er »4lO;Calf9kius nc unsettled ; we now quote 25a 30c V>,lb. Green ealted hides and Sheep pelt* re uiaiu steady but hriuit previous quotations. HAY—Receipts contiue light and the demand l.e in*? limited business is unimpertaut aud prices aom nal at about 2.3 a2i per ton Straw is scarce with a good demand at ll)£12 per ton for pressed. IRON—Prices remain nominally the same as th« dateoi our las:, as nothing has transpired to mate nally etTect the roceut advances, aud we continue tc quote as fol owi: Common 10$; hettned UaIIC Bwedo 16; Norway 17; Cast Steel 55; tier man and English Blis. Steel 4*441; Spring do 22&26. Sheet irons remain nominal at quotations. LEAD— W e uotice a recent advance on Lead and now quote sheet and pipe 24 j, and pig Lead 23 je p T HER All deaciiptions have again ma cri ally adsancea wud the market is buoyant at the fob q,lotftlon*: N- V L,#U Medium S aU"h,'’r 6**a.i5c, nnd Amor 1 m n ' a'* Skins l 7os2uO. LUMBER—Under rlie active demand and increas ed cost ot labor, all kinds cf Lumber continues to the ra?t oV'dil'l " e.Ui*rT‘\ra,h4‘r * Mpoaition on the part of dealers tn withhold stock, all desirable Lumbdr is readily t ken at our extreme quotaiions *«««?p 5evJ ««£«"' i’t »cd *'» I'|#V Si.? ■ .H’?0- 3 S*3Sa40. nnd No 4. «25«27: Shin, rl'^ ^ l‘ruCF *'''i (41N: Hemlock llal.'j p >| Clauboarda, stiruce Extra, *ky«2f, Rxtrn Pine MO “4 Cedar slltagles Extra *4 2&4 M • No 1 4„K S3 1 *ue S'#6 so Lath., .Spruce *1 *7,, } <"’■ »nd •*“£ 3u « 00*2 60 PM ob quotation* whcr"X l, ,C'0kf' *nd ®°°t>®r*K* will be found „l»e. LAKD-Lnrd bu advanced since tbe dele of cur la*t report to 20*20jc p Iti at whi h price tbe mar ket closed Arm for both brls or tube. METALS—prices for Tins, Sheet Iron. Zinc and Sheeting Metal, are entirely nominal at onr quota tion,. a. denier* duciine to make piicea in Hie unfi tted state of tbe Gold market MOLASSES —Tho molaaeee trade continue* to be limited and *a e» are unimpo-taut. Arrive * have been quite large and iti* e* imated that the *to-k will amount to about T.ntij hhd* on the makert bv .iiel*tot Augu t. In th" absence of bust >ie*s pri =1* remain nominal at 85u»0 lor Clayed, 86*100 for Muscovado. 1 00«*1 % «or I ienfuego*. and about 1 20 for Porto Pico, aud 70£r3 for Part Clayed. NA1LL—C ut Nail, are icarce, with no immediate prospect ol auy increased mpplv. and price* are juite nominal but lirm at tbe recent advance*. NA\ AL STORES.—A furtheradvance ha* taken [>laco on Spirit* Turpentine, and we now quote 8 80 ft4 10 per gal. Tar, l'itch and Roain re mala steed v it previoa* quotation*. OAKUM—We notice an advance on American Liakutu, and now quote l3jjgi4,o. ~9?!U!isT?.e.¥ 8i*ter fckin* are no* held at Siu.8 Pbbl. or S3 <6*4 p bush. Bermuda Onion* are now entirely out of market. OILS — Kero«ene Oil is more steady and there i, but little doing, although price* enle-taln increasing tendency. Tlie actory price* at the clo*e of the week were 1 00 fot largo lot*. 1 (rjj for 6 bbi* lots tnd 1 06 P gal ora aingle bbi. Ltuseed Oil remaius Heady 161, and b lied 1 (si p gal. Fleet quality Lard oil i. a little higher. Olive oil has advanced to 1 00*825. Castor oil unchanged. Fi, (iiis have ad vance *2 p bbi aa the exoessive high rates of Ex thangc preclude* Importation* from tho Provincis We now quote 330<>*40 (MAbbJ for Bank aud Bat . ind ai «u.3- for Shore. Herring Oil ia nominal at PAINTS.—We notice ft recent advance on nearly ill descriptions of Leads. We quote Portland lend in oil 3-.0,2430, Cumberland. 19g,79 50 Phi’ade'phia ead 2*4 *3. Pure dry lead 22. Rochelle yellow and English ' enetia Rtd 5c and Litharge and Red lead 19c; American Zinc «12£15. PKUDUi’E—Good potatoes are scarse and pric'*s tiave greatly advanced We n-.w quote £&6 26 %>bbl Reof has ai> at c d to 18|14c by the qua. ter. Lamb [ias b< on con ing in more freely for the last several rta • and priest are Umr, Re ail prices of produce range about as follows: New potatoes 93 |>bush; ireen apples 92 peas49c Ppeck; string beaus sOc dot email squash 19c apiece ; turnips 12c |» bunch ; onions 5c do; beets 10c do; cucumbers l«'c: tiluberries 32c Pquart. currantsl0c;ra*pberri<?30c: gooseberries 12c; clterrics 26c; strawberries 50c P box: butter, scarce, at 38c |>lb; cheese 22 a 25c: egg? 27c pdor; beef, reacting pieces 43c p lb: lamb 1? a i**c: veal 14c; mutton lflc; chickens 35 a 40c; turkies 25c; fowl 25c. PROVISIONS— B-efit without any change and price? steady but firm at previousquotation*. Pork it** declined lull $2 per bbl cn the higher grades: WO BOW quote sxtra Clear 943445; t lear 4Pa43; Mess 89441. ard Prime 35aSt>B bbl. Hams remain Ready at *J9.a23c |> lb. RICE—Priest still teed upward, and we agaiu ad vance our quotations to 14j a 15c. al'bAUS—The market for Sugars has ruled doll ind depressed throughunt the gwe*k and prices for reticed havercc d«d ai|d avored buyers'a’ftneclo e )f the We*k. Crushed, tiranulated and Powdered ruling at 89 a 3'jc; Portland A A 21c Yellow i« out f market. Muscovado 22g26 and Havana Broom I6@S8 per lb. SALT—Vfo notice a reecot advance for b-Rh coarse ynti ground >alt, and at present rates of exchange, itopks caunot be replaced at our presett quotat on< which is now $7 ffbhd. for Liverpool, lurks Island tnd Oaaliuli Ground butter Salt ha? been advanced to 5Mc tbbox. SOAP—The following are the awarded prices for soap "Loathe k (ioie’s extra No. 1—17o; Family 151' No. 1 15c: Oleine and Soda l&Q and Crane's 18 \> lb. 8PH Ea—There is an increasing inquiry for the various descpp ions, chiefly, however. Tor the sup ply of the immediate wants of the Trade, and prices n » general thing, have ra’her au upward tenden cy 8TARC11-—We notice a flirt her ad vancc on Starch uni now quote Pearl 120,13c p lb. TEA8—Pii :e* are very tirni and buoyant and it alers a e generally holding stocks at buber pri *» s Me continue toquot* very cho ce oolong 1 25-4 L 30; common do 1 15 a 1 20: Souchong. Auaoi. and lower grade* steady at W>gH 0 4> lb TOBACCO —Busin©** remains dull and prices nominal a -d market somewhat depressed. 9alesarv unimportant heng confined to small jobbing lots tor immediate wants. • WOOL-Fri e* are exoecdfnf’y firm a« there is a disposition with producer* to hi Id -took a for higher prices. Our outside prices are offering tree y for good and the ins de qu Nations apply only to lower grades FREIGHTS — Bumdo** is son.psratlvelv light as j- et in foreign ougag.tutuU Captains and owners are inclined to withhold vessel* at long ae th? pro - Eect are so adver-e a-* at present. With the ruling igh rates of seann-n s wages, and corresponding high pri.:** for provisioning and rqnuiug vessel*, they cgn see no margin |Vr pront* or even to pay Ihe L culental exD uses from the earning*. The fol lowing conditional engagement* con versa very cor rect idea of the existing state ot the f righting'Und ue** it this pirt:-Brig Prentiss Hobbs has been chartered for a port north si<ie of Cuba to take a car go of lumber and retu n; if she ©o*< to ( ardent* ► he get* SI.090. it to Matamorasfll.100, or if to Ha vana 41,200. The charterer to victual and man the vessel, aDd pay aU other expenses except anv out lays upou the hull. Brig Nancv N. Look© has taken up to load boards Tor Havana it $13 per M Bark Lina* Stewart 150 R capacity 1 to load timber and scantling for 8* Jago for th** roun 1 sum of *3 099 ILig Crstilliau with timber and scaDtlir g icr Malan ias at <12 per M. Coastwise we notice th*t sch Chris riana ha* chartered to load for Wa*bing»on with dry boards#t 4.q2j per M Thsr** are two or three Deal freights offering for ■mail sized vessels at thz to'low ing rate* for Bristol or Liverpool 57* 6d, and for Belfast, Ireland, 03* ind 6d. IPEf 1 il \ n T i c r « Editorial Convention. The Editors and Publishers of the State of Maiar are respectfully invited to meet iu Convention at Hew City Hall, in Portland, on H'ednrstlay and Thursday, A ugast 10 h and 11th. tor porpoaes of con sultation and the organisation of a State Associa tion of Editors and l’ub i?h»-rs. The Convention will a-setuble in the Senate Cham ber in the New Cit/ Building, on Wednesday, at 10 o'plock A M A tuple arrangt mints will be made lor fully carrying out the business aud objects of the Convention and for the entertainment and eom ort of the members from abroad. Committer qf Arrangements— Joseph B. Hall, ot the Courier; E. II. Ei well, of the Transcript; Brown Tuurt-t. n; N. A. Foster, of the Proas. M N. Rich, of the I'rig# Cm rant; thus. A. Lord, of the Chris tian Mirror; John \i Adams, of th^ Argus; t has. P lialey. of the Advertiser. James S Maples; Rev. W, H. Stroller, of Aion's Advocate; Cyrus S. Kiug; (. bailee A. Stack pole; F. ti. Rich, of the Temper luce Journal; B. F. Thorndike; (ieo. O. Ooase. of [he Argus; E. P. Weston ot the Northern Monthly; Dr B. Colby, ot the Prees; I. N. Eelch, of the Cou rier; R W. Lincoln, of the Press; C. W. Pickard, >f the Transcript. Portland Ju!p5,1804. Papers throughout the State are rtquested to pob iih _ llay Your Stntienery Package** At Dresner’s, 09 Exoliangestreetf *2 per dozen, or 25 rents rack. A gent* wanted, address L. DRESSER, Port and.Me.Uo* 132. jyllJlw* A New Perfume for the Handker chief Phalon's “Night Blooming ( ereus.” Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalou’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon's ‘ Night Blooming Corous.” Phalon's “Nigh# B.coining Cereus.” Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereus.” K most Exquisite, Delicate ani Fragrant Perfume, li*til led from the Rare and Beautiful Mover Bom t takes its name. Manufactured only by PH A L OS tf S**S, N Y. Counterfeits. Ask for Phalon's— Tula no Other. Sold by Druggist* generally juue2t't>4d3m Prompt Collection of Bill*. Merchants, Physician.-. Mechanic-* and all others Fishing prompt collection of ttuir bills, will receive prompt aud personal attention and «; todv returns Yarn JAO»B FROST, Junction Midd.o aud Free Sts up stairs. SJ^poit Office address. Box 1786, Portland, P. O. References—T. C. Hersey, ti. W. Woodman. A. T. Dolt*. j)2ldoW * **A Might Cold,'1 Polish'*. Few are aware ot the important;*- ol checking a ?ouah or "StldUT col**” in R* first stag*; that ivhieh in the bogiuuing would yield to a mild n-mc iv.if neglected, soon attacks tin* lung- "Brown** Uronckinl 7Verb s" give sure aud almost imme liate relief. Military OfHcers and Soldiers should late th'm, as they can be carried s«s the pocket and altn as occasion requires. tug8 dftwlm SPECIAL NOTICES. Portland Photographic Gallery, 80 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portlaud, May 12,1804. may12d 0 m THOMAS G. LURING, DRUGGIST, -AND PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Corner of Exchange Jk. rcdcral Sl'a. A perfect lit guaranteed. The poor liberally coa aidered. _ mch26dtf lttra iikk ptAitt,, axi> BitKATa or 8rnr NK»j» obtained by tm use of that popular Dentifrice, fragrant ‘‘bowdoit,” a composition of tin? choic- * eat aud recherche ingredieuts, the three mo»t impor i fe'iaisitca, cleanliness ellicaoy aud Cv*uveuieucc bung present in the high *t possible degree of per ltutiou. It removes all disagreeable odors scurf anil tartaro.M adhesions, insuring a pearl like white- | , neaa lo the teeth; give# tone to the bieaih and a cool I delicate aromatic fragrauce to the mouth, wiiich 1 makes it really a toilet luxury. It seems to be in great favor with the Indie*. Sold by Druggists everywhere, at Tooents per bot- ( tie. mch2i dlt fc# CARDS and BILL I1&ADS neatly print* at this office. tt OTIlyonarein want of any kind of PRINTING all at tbe Daily Press Office. t. Xloston Stock List. Sal«« atthi Buokihs’ boAKD, At/o. 2. 6 &*) American (iold,. 71 MUO toij 5.UUU Lund States Currency Certificates..... U4* i.OUu Lulled Mates 5-20 *.Ug> 3.000 L S Coupon Sixes (1*81).. *. lo6j 19,01) 11 a ) 10 iao ..... do...;;;;;;;J1)4i 2.3w l nitod atatea ; 3 loth, i Aux> . li/j MOO tJKdi-a»burx 2d Mortgage Bond,.,31 0 Eastern tt.Uromd. ]|n DIABBIEO. Ill i.ray, July 31. by Her M Colt. Lkut i.aorao 8 rockoti aud Nut A bole E llii/xi. Loth of Heat brook laS.eo, July 28, Emilia C Morgan. of BiddHord. and Mi»s Lucy Auxuata, ouiy daughter ot Jatnva M Homing, E„i, of 8 In Saco. July 25, Joint E Loakc, of IIolli», aud Mim Mary E Beach, of 8 in W aila, July2aih. Samuel Eaten, of Weil*, and Mi.a Mary A Hatch, ot Hyman. At tape Moddiek, July at, Appleton Tapley und DIED. ! In thi. city, Ann 2. Mr» hirii*. rtliet of the Isle *’ *n H ' obt*. a>cod 67 years a mouths. liberal ibis fWeitnerJaTl afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at her late residence. No 2t> Federal atreet Relative, and friends are mm. d to attend. In tbiacity. Aag 2. ot cholera mtantum. James I Looker-, sou of Jo.e|ib aud Mah.ha J Uihhletblraite : *s' U , moutba 13 dey a. fcP Funeraltbiai Wedneiday)afternoon, atto’clk, at No 21 Vine atieet Friend, ate invited. In Weal brook. Aug 2. Willis I>. sou ot Wm D and Mary C Boollibay, aged 5 years li months. In Diimont, July St», Miaada. wile of the late Col John Gray, aged 6U years II monihs. Atl.i mu Haul. July 12. Mrs Abigail, wife of Mr sitpben Baner. aged «0 y.ats; 33d, Cant JoLu Knuptoo, aged M yean. IMPORT#, —--- _ - .. *_- „ "... . W1ND8UK N8. Sch Martha G reen—80 tons plan ter. to order. HILL-»BuRO NB. Sch Morning 8tar—141 tons coal, to Kerosene Oil Co. Soh John Byars—280 tons coal, kerosene OU Co. SAILING OF OL RAN STEAMSHIPS. 0TIAMIK noa roa KAILS Virginia.Liverpool.New York. -July 19 City Manchester.. Liverpool.New York... July 2u 81 David.Liverpool. Quebec July VI Afriaa .Liverpool.Boston July 23 Saxonia. Southampton New York. Julv 26 North American. Liverpool.Quebec .... July 26 **ti>ia.Liverpool.New York Jul. 3D Asia.Liverpool-Boston .Aug 6 Uhina.Liverpool.Bostou.Aug 18 Francos.. .New York Havana.Aug 2 V**0**11--.New York. Havana.Aug 2 huropa.Boston.Liverpool.Aug 3 Olv rnpu-. New York Liverpool.. Aug 3 Costa Mica.New York Aspinwall . Ang 3 Belgian. Qu«bec ... Liverpool.Aug 6 Cityof Washing'a. New York.. Liverpool.Aug 6 Roanoke..New York Havana.Ang 9 Liberty. . . . New York Havana.Aug 10 Yazoo.New York New Orleans Ang 10 Scotia ....New York. Liverpool ....Aug 10 Africa. .. Boston...... Liverpool.... Aug 17 .New York. Liverpool_Aug 24 Golden Rule. ... New York Aspinwaii.. Ang27 MINIATURE ALMANAC. Wrtiwwadar .AagaH 3. 8uu rises... 4 ,*i | High water (am).11 16 Sun sets. 7.15 ! Length of ds>s..... .14.20 MARINE NEWgl PORT OP PORTLAND. . Twemlwjr. Aasgaat*. ARRIVED. Steamer Forest City, Liscomb. Boston. Steamer New England. Field. 8t John N B for Boston. Brig 8now bird , Ur Marriner, Boston, to load for Cuba. Brig Trenton. Littlefield. Boston. Sch Morning star. (Bn Miller. Hillsboro NB. 8ch John Byars, (Br) Pye. Hillsboro NB. Sch Palmyra. smith, Boston. BELOW — A lull rieged Br trig. CLEARED. Brig Eudorus. Haskell. Pic ton—master 8ch Eilen M^iiran, lUuu.ton, New York—R G York A Sou. To-morrow being National Fa«t day. the Custom H<>u»s will not be open tor business. 8ch John 11 Mother. I6d toes, built in 1849, has beeu sold to partie- in Fall River, aud will hereafter hail from that place. The number oT sea go ng craft lost dur ing the mouth of July, is reported at twenty-two The list comprise* 4 steamers, 2 ships. 7 barque*. 1 brig and 8 schooners; ot these. 8 were destroyed by the privateer Florida The value et the above, ex clusive of cargoes, i* estimated at *494,UUU sterling: partial losses are not included. DOMESTIC FORTS. SAN FKANC1CSO—(By tel; Sid 30th, ship Der by. Lord. Iloog Kong. BALTIMORE—Ar -list, barque Canada, McDon ald. Neuman Cld 3ist. barque Dainou, Crowed, New York , brig Ilariiet, l.ind»ey, Boston; sch F.nxiueer, Willard. Haliftx. Henrietta. Meserver, ba h via Port De posit Md PHILADELPHIA —Below 1st iaat. (atqusrantiae) barque Gan Ed»n Reed, from 8sgua. brig Lillian. 8wa«ev from Mataura* ArSOth. barque Annie C Norton. Price, Port Rov al 8C; brig Deiinont Locke, Vvazis City Point. Cld 3Dtb, brig 11 C Brooks M tiler, For tree* Monroe; sclis E C Hous'd. Nickerson, Port Royal bC : Mar cus Uunter. Orr. St Johns NF; Et. Willard. Par sous. and Georgia Deeriag. Piukbsiu. Bostou Cld 1st, barque Commerce, for 8 \Y Pass; brig* J M Svwytr do; Geo Amos, Boston. NEW YORK —Ar 31*t, sch J MeCloskty, Ryan, 1 1*1 Mth, ahipa Jr re ? iah Thompson. Blake. I iver cooi. Erie, iBr; Mckeuiie. London; >ar-ah March, Meicher, Greenock; bar.,u~ A 11 Wall, fanner New Orleans; brif 11 F Colthirst, (Br) Audrews, king iton Ja PROVIDENCE—Ar 1st inst. sch Edward A Frank, Nickels. FIi/abethport NEWPORT — Ai 3i» h. *ch Marv Nowell, CktiH, Cuba^et Narrows; Trenton. Martin, Fall River for New York: Bar Sta*e. Verrlll Warren fordo Ar 1st inst. "chs Ontario, Didge. Calais : Otranto, llaramond, Ellsworth Ar 1st ii at, ships Arkwright. Caulkins Liverpool; John ('lark. Leteurman, do: bantu? Edwin. Sher man, Antwerp; bngs Hattie F. W Wier. Tarr. and Altavela. Re* *1 Cardenas; sch Franca Cottla. Wase. Si Andrews NB Ar 2d, ships Sr a Serpent, pike, Manila; J H Rver son, Patterson. Liverpool. (' d 1st. barque Car- lie. Black Barbados*: brig E A Reed. (VDonnO?. md Juan. Nic; Ida M Comery, McClt-IUu, Cow Bay CB. Sid tfoth, *ch Neptnne, Billing", fin Provident? for New York NEW HAVEN—Ar 1st inst schs Everglade, from CaDis; Valhala. Lord, and Ariel, TrewOrgy, ttOIn an Eastern port >i>MER"ET—Ar tist, brig James Adams. Clough, Plctou. FALL RIVER—Ar3Hh, sch Amanda. Lamson, tin Cams. Sid 80th. «ch James, Wincheabach, New Y'ork NEW BEDFORD—Ar 1st inst, sch Nauti us. IHlls bary, Vinalhavcn. HOLMES'S HOLE—Ar Jfrtb. brig B Young. Gib sou. Cal"O tor Now Haw n; schs Julia Newell Cush ing. Baltimore for Boston ; Pearl. Hill. Pbiladelptra for do; Avo”, Park : Ja* Tildeo, Daria, and Marv K Prarson, Ceehrane, Ellrabethport for do- NVptui.e Clark. Newburg tor do; Abbv Gab MeDougal. fin Mordent fordo; John Adams. Hatch. New York for Port?raouth; Richmond Smalt. Georgetown DC for Bath ; Janie* Bliss. Hatch. Bo*t.*n tor Philadel phia; Gen Marion, Purington, Gardiner for Niork, Otiunto, Haramaud, from Ellsworth for Providence; Nautilus. Pillsburv. Viua'haven f r New Bedford Ar 31st. schs Scf Franei". Cottrell. Ciav Head for Salem; Harbinger. Ryder. Ho-toa for 1‘hiladclphia; Elizabeth. Cowell. Banger for Providence. Sid. brig B Youg: schs Julia Newell, 1 earl. Aron. Abbv Gale Jo n Adams. Richmond, Gea Marion, Otranto. Jane, and oth"f* M- »STON—Ar let inst. brig* L’zahel. Co?ley, from Portsmouth; Elvira. Norton Philadelphia; schs Mm dura, Allen. Y|iragf *ne: Wa libbett«. Dealing, (ieo-getowii; Julia Newell. Cushing, fra Baltimore. Boundary Johnson, Philadelphia; Pearl llili, tin Kii/abethnort: Avou. Park, aud Mary K l ea son. Conklin, do: Watchman, Hurt, Calais; Cynosure, Dailev. i aindeu. ( Id’1st inst. s.-bs M I Moore. May. Port Richmond CB Ueor/le. Sweet. Geogretowu DC. Ar2d. hrig Forest State, lierrimau Georgetown; schs Mattel. Mlpatiick. LIU nbet hport. Ably Gale, Mchoiu.'ti, Kondout; Gentile. Getehell. aud Geo W Baldwin. Long. New York: Redwing, Wooti >urry; Lucv Ellrabeth Matthew*. Yarmouth Ke»ow. ship Washington. from New Orleana; bark M B Stetson, from Cienhiego* ('Id 2d. ba <,u# Secheiu. Atkins. Malaga: brig* Milwaukee Brown Cow Bay CB; Elmir*. Norton. St John NB: Stanler. (Bn kallock. Portland, to load for Cuba: *chs E G Drisko, Cow Bay CB; Ma ry Laugdon Cobh. Rockland. S s DM - Ar 81st, ach George Kilbora, Norwod, Philadelphia. NEWHI RY PORT-Ar »>th. ach Caliloruia, Turn er. Bangor Vr 1st iu-t. sch Robt Bruce. Gregory, Philadel phia. BANGOR—A' 31st. barques Masonic. Lanph?r. Stockton, to load for Buenos Ayr*.*: J k Charchi-, Seavv, Frank t rt, to load tor do. Cld 1st inst. "hip Exchange, Smith, London; brig Uatth*. Rj*a. Baroadoes. , BA ru-CM In iu»t, tartar AaWralia, Morplijr, PortUad FOREIGN PORT*. Ar at Liverpool 18th alt, steamship Hibernian, Dutton Quebec. At Buenos At res, Jane —, barque Voyager, Riley, New York via Pernambuco. Ar at St Thomas 3d uli. barque E treks. Chandler, Martinique, (and sailtd 4fh for Navas a): 7th Agnes (Dan) Thompson Baltimore. (sn*i railed 9»h for Hli Janeiro, with nward cargo;; 11th, brig Nellie. Sta* pits. New York (and sailed 13th for St Croix.) At do July 14. barque Or ando, Di;dge, from New 1° k for Gibraltar, put in la distress: Cart-Jo a, Mopkirs. unc. __ Arvat 8t John NB 1st ins!, ship Sapphire. Hatch Newburyport. SPOKEN. Kdfht,Trel'y, l,om NEW ADVERTISEMENT?. House aud Lot No. 31 Danfurih St*, For Kale. The two and a half storied wooden dwei ing njti iloa*e and lot, No. 31 Danforth 8t , coutaiu .ttttULtug ton good sited roomq with a bathing r.uni—piped for g«s throughout—a lurnate that will heat every part of the house. Cistern ;or rain water and a never failing well of dr uking water. Copper pumps, Ac On the prera see are a good barn ana sheds. The lot Is about 13d by 44 M. 1 he h»a«ecau be examined auv day from 10 A M till 6 P. M by calling on tUe aubec/il er wliu will lurni-h particulars aud terms <*f sale. J K. HKAZIF.R. Ocean Insurance Company Building, No. 37 Exchange St. Aug 8—dtf For tke Pool. , . wfT—w. S^amcr "CLIPPER-' will leave ■EBLuiads factory Wharf, .Saco, frrtbe "ruuL,'' every day, (Sunday excepted)at 10 a m. and 2 pm Retiming, leave the Pool at 11 a m. and or. m, arriving in time for the evening tram for Portland. Fare from Saco to the root and back 50 rf g. Excursion Ticket* furnished to parties oi Fifty or more, troin Portland to 'he Pool and hick, by rad* road audsiexmboat, alls)cents. ROSS A SILKD1YAM. 78 Commercial St., Portland. Aug. 3J, 1864.—dtf CITV OF PAKTUND. Notice i§bmbj ,iv*B. that it u n... letmtioa Oftlwutjr Ctuncil to diMoo'imw i)m> .Nonb ea.torn cud of < on,re. urtil, bogiiiliiBK mt Ike Sou.hwntr-rly jilt of ibe X fe 8 i„ luilro.l aud cootioui. f to low wafer mirk. Aud Ik* Joint Stand log Committee of the City t'cmncif. ou laving out new «treete, in pwrawance oi an order ol the City Council, ptfic^on the first day of Au. usf. "will meet for said purpose on Wedm «Jay the tenth day of August, at 11 o’oleck in »he forenoon, atth«* Mayor's Office, and then proceed to di continue said end of * Congress St. All persons will take pet ice and gOv* e u themselves accordingly. (iiveu under our hanus on this second day of Au gust, A D. 18*4. •Jacob MeLilia*, ] STxvawa Hmitm, Committew Wk. H, Ifa-lawrut CT*o. K. Ladd. vJl J*»o. D. Sxowmax, BU' KF~ Argus copy •ti^una Hast Maine Com. Senlnary,Buck»po<i,.Vo. rilHE Fall Terra of 11 week* will commence Moa *- da -, Angoet 2i* Superior laciiuit* for btaoeata l *epanng for College NcrmaJ Department under tbe inetructloa of the Principal IVo locr« aae of Tuition rat«n. Student* materially lep^.n expereea by self board ing JAS. B CMAWFOKU. rriu. Aug 3. — w6t Notice, ■ IllIE Merchants'I.rsnil Excursion will b« posf l poned till Aug. 12th The r.umtw-of s re quired ftnoO) bring only ha'f sold The turret,ants of other cities will ]ota, arrangement- to that iftci having bora made C. R. CLARK, Manager. Aug. 3. Bricklayer*. THE Rricklaysrs'Union wM hold their regular monthly meeting this evening at their Ball, 2nd door abova Blake's Bakery, Mil o clock. 1'ku Oaunx. Au„uit 3d.—dlt Waited. A SUIT of Booms, or x small tenement suitable lor • gentlemen and wifi with one sc-vet. t- n) children The rooms to be wholly nr portislly fur, nlshed and within tPeea an antes wslk of tty Poll < 'dice Address W.C , Lock Box No ill. etwiiu angHtlw Warned. KOOMS furnished suitable for Housekeeping, er board with Inroished rooms in a p< irate family by a young coep'e. Highest references given Adderse l.serge. Press OSes. >tig2d2t At a CocitTor PnonaTn held at l'orfbuid. within and lor the Counts ol Cumberland, on tbe third Inesday of July, in the year or our Lord eighteen hundred snd sixty-four, ALMIRA rowu widow of Frederick S. Towto, late of Falmouth, la said t ons y, m eased, bar. •ug presented her ne'itioa lor an allowance on; of the Personal Estate of wnioh be died pos—-*-»d ft ou Ordrrnt. That the said Petitioner giro notice to nil persons interested, by causing aotira to be published three weuks successivelr in tbe Main# Staia Press, printed nt Portland, mat thov uixv ap pear at a Probate Court to be held at «aid Portland on the third I nesday of H-ptember m tea ottho clock in tbs forenoon, and show cause, it any they bare why tbe same should not be granted. JOHN A. WATKKMAX, Judgo. A true copy, attest. 31w3w* KUt.EXE HUMPHREY. Register. fllllE subscriber hereby gives public nut tee to all A. concerned, that be has been duly appointed and taken open himself the trust of Adnmistrator of tha estate of STEPHEN BOOTS BY, 1st* of Portland, in tbe eennty of Cumberland deceased, by giving bond as too law directs- bo* ■ ben-fore requests all persons who are indebted to the said deceased's estate to make immediate nay uienl; and those who hare auv demands thereon to exhibit tbe same for settlement to HAMPEL BOoruBY, of Lewiston. Portland, July 1», Iso*. wgw tl* THE sobscriber hereby gives public notice to all coucerned. that he has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of Administrator ol the estate of SUMNER J LIBBY, lateol >c at boro’. la tbe eoautvofCamberlaad. de c-ased. by giving bond as the law directs; he there fore requests all persons who are indebted to tbs said deceased's estate. to make Immrdtaie payment; and those who have any demands thereon, to'exlubit tbe same for settlement to DOMlMCUd IIBBY. Scarborough, July 1». MM. w3»8l* T1IE subscriber hereby gires public notice to nil concerned, that he has bee a daiv appoiased and taken upou himself the trust ol Executor ol the lost will snd testament of ELIZABETH UEEMAX, late of Bridgtoa. In the connty of Cumberland. giving; ond as the law dirrets; he there fore requests all pernous who ore indebted to Us said deceased's estate to moke iauuediote payment; and those who hove any demands thereon to'exhib it tbe same for settlement to LEVI CRAM. Bridgton, July 12,1K». 3lwtw» rrr~ a Hum Stock. Middle-M„ *•. 161. Soholarehipc good in any part of the tailed State* tie Principal ha. had HI) ear* experience: ia aiwai ♦ on th* epot. aad attend, tv Ilia baaiaeeai and pron. teee, a* daring the paat U yean, no pain* -bat! be •pared ia the future. Five hundred r, !<Ti uc* « ol the tint claw business men. with tnaiiy txhee* of tbic city, will testify to the praotieat utmiv, rnpanirae ne*** and completeness of aty .y.t.u,. and manner of teaching, aad ciliiena of other ciu*. hate teatillod to the .sun- Diploma, will be awarded for thor ough eoarae*. Able Andstuuta secured. Bartlett a Plan, the rounder of Commercial t e'lego*. etrmt v adhered to a. regard* not copying. Certain llama will be devoted to Commercial law elucidation*.— Come all who have failed to be taught u buns*** hmnd-wriliog and I will guarantee to you aaccea*. Application- aoUcitad for Accoantaala. Oeparate in strucuon gives. Student.can enter any tin*. Sep arate room, fur Lcdiea. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate account.a,IJn.ted f adiea and t.rntieiniu tl .t deeire to taka lesson*. or a fall, or a .eparat* ccurae, ia eith*r Book-htepiug, Nangmtioa, Commercial Law. Phonography, Higher Mathematics, ( irii En gineering, Surveving, Native Btuines. Writing, Commercial Arithmetic. Correapoadeaca. Card Marking, (and leaching from printed eopice and Text Book, will be avoided giehaecall, or a-ldreaa the Princtpai R N BROWN. Portland. Oct 1. ltfl. ot® vooh-enwly STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. The opening term of the State Normal SchocI, a Kainungtou. wili coiuiub eon WIDHE-DAV, AV4FIT 94th. Every amageamnt will he made, aa th* law re (Uirea, lo account-data two Lunlrrd louug ladiia su4 gi-ntleuten with beard, at reason able ra ee, and lo furnish the uutru-tion apeciallv seed'd hi a ■ohool for the training of teae'ers. Four teacher*. Inside* leotaiers and special intiructur*. wi 1 tc em ployed at t v* ouVet, and the number will be m :rex-ed If toe neec-otie. fthasahool shall rf.|«ire.k. Caudiaa'.t for attendance uiul be ■ jarr* aid, if It males ami m-vento* n year*, if nulos; n it mui*t <*e«iarv their in tea* ton to b tom* te*cr«*r* ia ttM p«bli« ftcbooU of the State. *No plrdg* »iil be rtw^A ml rrem popiUto ip»ain (oii.r.u-l with the school for auy cUfiui 9 Vug h «»r lira*. Applicant* will b»-rruu rvd to «ho# * r»a*'nai>le lamiliatity with th# principle s 0! ktudiug and ;tpel liog. Arithmetic Ltiglifth tirainm *r and bi»l«rv of th# Vmtvd Stats*; Bud to pc-cut testimonials of load charact r and prospective aptitude fbrtht work of teaching iVruoui aft. tiding th# Normal School w H be per* mitred to pass noth way9 over ike Androscoggin Kail road for ouc fire. .Vo chary? f >r tniti >n. Fnt ranee fee 81.00 More pait cu)*r information will hv fwrni*hed on application to Professor A. P. h’l»« Farming, ion KUWAKU 1\ WKaTON liorham, Juue3), 1864 J>3* dl-wA wSw Fryrburit .leadiiuy. ’IVdK Fa'I Term of thi. Institution wilt commence l WEDNESDAY, September 7. l*'d. and will wntinne elerea week*. Ur Edwin F. Aatbro.* Principal Mr. Ambro.* is a recent g-adnate of Dartmouth < oil eg*. and is highly recommended as a wholar. teacher and gentlem*n l*- 6. SEW ALL. Score tare, Eryeburg, July k, HUM. jy»dlwka*xr v

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