Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 4, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 4, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. j VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, THURSDAY MORNING. AUGUST 4, 1864. WHOLE NO. 048 1 _ _ _ _ _ PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T.’OILMAN, Editor, published at No. 8*J EACH ANGE ISlKEET.b, N. A. FOSTER* CO. Tan Foutlamd Daily PrhssIs published at #8.C0 per year. Single copies three oents. ru k M a « ne State Pbbsb is published every Thurs day morning,at 92.00 per annum, in advanoe; 92.25 If paid within six months; and 92.50, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Hatesof Advertising: One inch of space in length of column, constitutes a “tKlFABB.” 91.60 per square daily first week; 75 oents per week after; three insertions or less, 91.00; continuing eve- | ry other day after hrst week, 60 cents. liaif square, throe insertions or loss. 75 oents; one week, 91.00; 60 cents per woek alter. Under head of Amusements, #2.00 per square per We* k . three insertions or less, 91,50. Special Notices, 91.76 per square first week, tl.uOper square after; three insertions or less, 91.26; j half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week, •1.26. Advertisements inserted in the IIainb State Pbmb8 (which ha- a large circulation in every part of the State) for 50 cents per square in addition to the Above ratee, for each insertion. Ibgal Notices at usual rates. Transient ad Vvrtissmentt must be paid forln ad vance Bubibesb Notiokb, In reading columns, 12 oents per line lor one insertion. No charge less than fifty esnts lor each insertion. (r^A 11 communications intended for the paper Auuld be directed to the "Editor qftKt Prett" and WCte cf a business character to the Pmblitkert. KF~Jop PaivTiwo of every description executed v it ii dispatch. H F. Tracy * Traveling Agent. Thursday Morning, Aug 4, l»b4.. Newburyport Recollections, OX MK. ADAMS. IUbe je a monument! Yet pUe uot stones, nor build ye walls of beam, j ' For •• the old man eloquent But gather chain* hy hi* stern thuuders broken— Hear v* the crumbled idol* that he crushed— ’Grave on those ruin* the warning he hath epnkcn, And crown the max* With the lofty hopes that from hi* bosom gushed, Then shall his parting words be given In blessings from hit glorious heaven— 44 1 AM OOXTMT. As men sometimes earn the distinction ot being the architects of their worldly fortunes, so may it be said, with great truth and empha sis, that Mr. Adams during his life built his own mouument. It was of neither stone, marble, brass or iron, but a piaee never to be supplanted in the hearts and alfectious of the lovers of human freedom throughout the world. .Should a statue to his memory, how ever, ever lie erected, it might with great pro priety be that of Liberty and Freedom, ot which he was the great American apostle, ! forged from the chains which this war lor sla very shall strike from the manacled limbs of the Southern chattel. Mr. Adams looked forward with the pres cient eye of the veuerated sage to this tre mendous crisis in our national experience.— From his own lips I have heard it predicted, sod the scenes now enacted most vividly por trayed. fie foretold what was to be the in evitable fate of the institution of slavery— either that it or our national existence was to go down in blood. Win. Shakspeare, that wonderful interpret er of man's natural propensities and charac ter, was never more true iu any of his mar velous delineations lhau was Mr. Adams in his interpretation of the Southern slaveocrat under the oligarchy. He read in their mani fest displays before the country of their grow ing airogauce, pride of Southern character and self-cousequence, a determined "rule or ruin” spirit, which was destined to unsettle the very foundations upon which our political edifice was reared. He saw. and so proclaim ed, that these discordant elements in their na tures were too deeply implanted ever to be eradicated, excepting through the scourge of war, to which arbitrament it must come at la*t. Tile inevitable preponderance of free States in the Union, through which the South would forever lose its overshadowing weight ot in fluence aud power in the republic, would pre cipitate the crisis. And just so has it result ed ; while passing events in the field, on rivers and ocean, in legislative and executive coun cils, are now last loosening the captive’s chains, iu perfect accord with Mr. Adam's predictions. As is well known, John Quincy Adams was a resident of our town during several of the closing years of the last century, aud while there was a student at law in the office of Judge l’arsons. His fellow students were Rufus King, Robert Treat Paine and Thomas Thomas. Of course these were valued acqui sitions to Xewburyport society, aud were so specially regarded. Among the young men of that day were Stephen Hooper—who at a subsequent period married Miss Susan Mar quaud—Samuel L. Knapp, Dr. John Sprague, cm mind llanlett, George Otis, Samued A. Otis, Jr., Ac. Among the youug ladies who led off iu society were the daughters of Wm. Coombs, Moses Frazier, the Tracys, Cazneau. Roberts, Ac. There were those among them to whom Mr. Adams was more than ordinarily attentive; but to one iu particular he was specially earnest aud tender in his approaches. To those of the circle composing his most inti mate acquaintance he gave the benefit of his muse, and thus, iu private circles, they won an ephemeral notoriety, as the poem in which their virtues aud peculiarities were sung nev er appealed in print until a comparatively re , cent dale. It was then only in manuscript, aud not many copies were ever made of the poetic vision ot Mr. Adams’ loves. A copy fell into my bauds, aud in January, 1840, I took the liberty of giving it to the world through the column* of the “Brother Jona than,’' the weekly issue of the “Daily Tattler,” then published in the city of Xew York. I j have now in my possession the original cifpy i of "Adams’ Vision,” from which the publica- | lion was then made. Through the kindness of some benevolently disposed borrowing friend, my printed copy has disappeared. My next number will simply be the contribution of this poem, with a statement of certain cir cumstances and Incidents attending its publi cation. I feel no doubt of its acceptability hy the reader, as the edition or twenty-four years ago must have long since been absorbed. During many and frequent interviews with the late venerable ex-I’resident, he imparted to me not only much valuable historical aud political information, but confidentially re posed in me interesting items pertaining to his early personal experience. One of these was located at Newburyport, and therefore is appropriate to these contributions. It wa ailied to the outpourings ol his “Vision,” and now, for the first time, publicly stated.— 1 This may now l>e done without impropriety, as he, and all parties directly interested, or in any way to be affected by it, are no more. It was the habit of Mr. Adams to remain at bis desk, in the House of Representatives, at Washington, oftentimes after the adjourn ment of that body, particularly if it took place, as it oiteu did, at rather au early hour. On one of these occasions, now vividly dis • tinet to my mind, I approached him aud we enured into a free aud pleasant conversation. Nearly, if not quite all the members had left the floor, aud the pages were occupied itt col lecting the stationary and documents, aud preparing the hail for the ensuing day’s ses sion. Oar conversation partook of a personal and very absorbingly interesting character.— Mr. Adams spoke earnestly of his delightful experience at Newburyport, while perp&riug for the legal profession under the guidance of Theophilus l'arsons. The subject fairly open ed, he entered Upon the theme with deep feel ing. The eyes of the “old man eloquent” became more than usually moistened with tears, which he vainly strove to keep down, and his voice trembled in tender sympathy with the crowding recollections. lie spoke with animating fervor of the Tracy*, Daltons, Jacksons, Parsons, Uradburys and others, and the charming halo by which one was ever surrounded when in their society. It was with deep earnestness that lie sought to know of the existence and welfare of their de scendants. But when he spoke of the young ladies of that day he seemed electrified by the subject. It appeared to unlock his long pent, tender sensibilities and he sat before tne in his now rejuvenated and impassioned youth, all heart, affection and love, his face radiant with smiles, and the vigor of youth beaming forth in every expression and feature. The name which thus electrified his being, was that of Miss Mary Frazier, the “lovely Clara" of his “Vision.” It may be difficult for one who has only seen or known Mr. Adams through occasion al calls of tespect or official intercourse, to realize the fact that the apparently cold and phlegmatic old mau was not only susceptible { th« keenest and most tender emotions, but that they were actually demonstrable as pow erful elements in his character. Mr. Adams drew a comparison between Miss Frazier aud other ladies of American and European society so remarkable aud so energetic, that bis vt ry language and manner became indelibly impressed upon my mind. “Why, my dear sir.” said lie with emphasis and beautifully tender pathos, “I have seen in my day much of the world, have had social and familiar intercourse with the best aud most polished society in our laud, have had tile unchecked freedom of the best and most cultivated Europeau society, have freely visit ed the most noted audjbrilliant Courts of the Old World, have seen and held trieudly com munication with the most attractive and re cognized beautiful among the female sex in Europe and America, but let me say to you what I have never lietore uttered within souud of human ears, that in all which coustitutes genuine beauty, loveliness, personal accom plishments, intellectual endowments aud per fect purity of life and heart, Miss Mary Fraz ier excelled them all'. I loved her then," and, rising from his chair, he raised his right arm and bringing iiis band with emphasis upon his heart, “/ lore her memory now'." When lie had closed this rhapsody, I hardly knew when or how1 to resume the thread of our discourse, so insignificantly trite and gro velilng it seemed after the animated ecstacies into which his old etberalized heart had thrown him. He having been led into this confession of a love w-hich before was known to have no recognized admission beyond the •lovely Clara” of his “Vision,” I asked him if there had been any actual engagement be tween them, and if so, why it was interrupted. Laughingly and cheerfully, he replied that they were engaged, but with the mutual uu derstaudfug that should either see cause to change their miud, they were left free to do, 10. The direct cause of the breaking off too lie stated to be because of the very proper in terference and advice of Miss Frazier’s fam ily aud friends. They charged that Mr. Adams was quite young, without a profession, snd with no very good prospects as to the future, aud therefore that Miss F. should not embarrass aud prejudice ber position \jy an engagement which would probably never re mit in a marriage. “In this advice,” said Mr. A„ they were about right, for I then -•ertainly had no very flattering prospects, lear or remote;'’and with his peculiar hu norous laugh, he thus concluded his com ments upon the wisdom and discernment of ■hose who interposed to control the future iestinics of the two young aspirants for each jthers affections. I Inquired of Mr. Adams whether he knew that Miss F. Lever m.-.rried untiljafter it was mown that he had himself been married in Europe. “No, indeed I’’ said he, “I did not, ind are you sure that such Was the case ?” I :ould only reply that such was the impression jpon my mind received from those who were :ognizant of the mutual loves of the two. This was but a specially illustrious instance ihat the course of true love never runs smooth, is well as an illustration of the extreme folly >f an interference on the part of frieuds, in an iffair of the heart, when there are no decidedly ;ood reasons therefor, based upon personal character. Mr. Adams is now recognized as having >eeu one of the most remarkable men of the ige in which he lived. His learning was deep ,olid aud far-reaching; the great store house >f his mighty iuterleetual genius was vast in ts capacities, while the structure of his mind was methodical, logical and philosophical, su leraddcd to which he possessed an imagina .ion which, while it was equal to every crisis, lever soared beyond the regions of truth, jus lice or purity. [Newburyport Herald. Helping Ourselves. Nothing can be more true than Secretary Fessenden’s words that this is “the people’s war,” although a great many people were very 'low in finding it out. Some said at first it was “Lincoln's war," aud acted as if they had lolhiug to do with it. They stood aloot from foluuteeriug and from any monetary coutri lutious to the support of the war, and exert )d themselves to influence others in the same way. But they have since found that if they lad uolbiug to do with the war. the war had, ind is for years to have, much to do with hem. It has doubled the burden of their ex lenses, interfered with their income at every loiut. affected all their relations of busiuess, iroken their ciide of acquaintance, aud, per laps, brought monrniug within their own louseholds. And still me pressure goes on ncreasing. Many a loyal man, also, lias been ieaeived in a similar way. For a time we were so seemingly prosperous, under an lull at xi currency aud the impulse given to certaiu jranche*, that we thought we could carry on the war without every man necessat Uy feeling it in his own person. Mr. Cobden abroad, aud Dthets wise above the average at home, warn ed us against the delusion. But now we ail sec the question, or ought to sec it, in the true light. Tlte coutinuauce of the war comes home in its efleets on every man, wotnau and child in the community, and we are all squally iuter ested in its speedy extinction. Every Copper head who is opposing the prosecution of the war. every man, in fact, who is refusiug or ne glecting to perfoi in his share in the material, monetary or moral support of the war, is to that extent a dead weight in the community, and he delegates an extra task to the loyal who are up with the times. But what ail such de linquents should be made to understand is, that they are hurling their own interests.— They may rest assured that, with or without their aid, the war is bound to be carried through to iLs triumphant end. Aud if not they, their children certainly will live to see the day when its indomitable supporters will be thanked lor saving them from the uutold horrors of a disunited and ruined country. But siuce the war is to be carried on, its evils can be mitigated only by making it as brief as possible.— [Boston Journal. I’. §. Marshal’* Police. United States op America, I District of Maine,bp, ) l)l’K£UANT to monitions from the lion. Ashur I Ware, Judge of the Uuited Slate* District Court, within aud lor the District ot Maim- 1 hereby give public ie tiee that the following Libel*aud lulerma lion* have been tiled in said Court, viz:— A Libel against the nchockka Cottage, her tackle, apparel and Furniture, fix Boxes Jobac co; Fifteen Cheats Tea ; Four Boxes Pimxnio; Four Boxes Cassia ; Two Boxes ov ( ream I ar BoxGibgkk; Font y Thousand Shin gles. Iwxnty Bundles old Junk; Ien bags Old Hags; seized by the Collector of the District of Dell**t, on the lourth day of June lost, at Cam den in *aid District. An informal ion against Three Chests or Tea; Four lbs. Nutmegs; Forty Yards Sheeting; okk Horse; One Waggon : Use Harness; One Waggon Blanket; One Whip; seized by the Col lector of the District ot Machia*. on the eighth day ot July instant, at Mar*htield in said District. Au tuforma'i'jH again»t Four Chests 1 ka ; Two Kegs Tobacco; Seven Bags Sugar; One Bag Nutmegs; Three Houses; okkdoublk Harness; one Single Harness; one double Wagon; One Single Wagon. Two Buffalo Horen; seized by the Collector of the Distiict of Macbias, on tire ninth day of July instant, at Last Blachia* in said District. An information against Light Hundred thirty nine founds of Lead; I our hundred w eight, THREE QUARTERS AND LlGHTFEN FOUNDS OF HOOP Iron; e orty two Tons Bar Ikon ; One hundred AND TWO THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY pounx sChain Cables; Thirty eight Icb* and Six ignored weight Old Scrap Iron . Ten thou sand EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN POU * DB K AOS; Four bundkkd thirty nine pounds Old Hope; seized by the Collector of the District of Cortland and Falmouth, on the eleventh day of July instant, at Fort laud in said District. A Libel againBt One Boat, Twelve Tons burth en. her tackle, apparel aud furniture, and Two itunused bushels Salt, seized by the Collector of the District ot Macluas. on t he ninth dav of July in stant. at Boisbubert Inland in said District A Libel against Three Barrels of Molasses and 1 wo Thousand Cigars, seised bv the Collec tor of the District of Portland ai d Falmouth, on the first day of June last post, at Portland in said District. Au Information against One hundred seventy two gallon* of Lin, with Forty uluo Demijohns in w hich they are contained; Four do**n bottles of Wine; Seven barrel* and two keg* of Sugar; One barrel oi Molasses; One hundred My pound* of Dry l>i*h; F, even Keg* of Olive*,seised by the Collector of tht District ot Bangor, on the eleventh day of July in Riant, at Frankfort in Raid District. Wlirh seizure* w«re for breaches of the law* of th< United State*, a* i* more particularly set forth ii said Libel* and Informations: that a hearing ant trial will be had tbereoj at /lanpor, mi *aid District on the ninth dap of Aujnet next, where any per son* interested may appear and show cause, if ain cau be shown, win refoie the -aine should not be de crer.d forfeit and disposed of a ’cording to law. Dated at Portland this twenty-sixth dav of Jub A D. 1864. r A. gUIXBY. U. 8. Deputy Mar-hal, jy26 dl4d Din. of Maine, Notice. I1JRRKBY give notice that 1 have this day give: my son, Joseph M 8ti:out. hi* time from thi date aud witl claim i-one of hi* earnings, nor pu au> thing for t i* sui p. rt, or any debt* of hi* con trac irg hereafter WILLIAM 8TROUT. I liorham Ju'y 29th. 1*64. JyBMftw* For the Islands. On *nd after June 13tbihesteam* _L-aCAM o will until further notic ~ w h ave Burnham'* Wharf, for Peak and Cushing's Island* at 9 aud 10.60 A. M , and and 3 30 P. M. Keturuiug will leaveCuahiug's Islan at 9.49 aud 11.16 A. M , aud 2 46 aud 5.15 P. M. Ticket* 26 cents, down aud back; Children 15 ct June 9—dti MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWF.R JOB PRINTINGOFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., [Proprietors, Fox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. HIE. Attention is rospev'fuily invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in TllE REST STYLE OF TIIE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is furnished with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of Book and Fancy Types Will bear fkvorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, K>f every variety, style and cost, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bill-Head* Ruled and Cut in the Neat e*t Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS,' Of every description executed in the best style. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with promptness and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES. BILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, auil all sorts ot LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notice. Serioocs, Reports, and all Linds «f PtnpLMs, Put up in superior style. itrou/ed and Colored Labels, For Apothecaries, Merchants, and Fancy Dealers, got up in the best style of the art. Woddii irr c ards, Notes of Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf /Mn ces, etc., etc., of every variety and cost, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Ilund-bill*, Shop-bills, Progum nies Cirrulnrs And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure work, executed neatly, and on terms that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Itoper’ Improved Calorie Engines for motive power, and is furnished with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant use one of HOES LA ROE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheets an hour; one of Adam’s Power Presses—the best book press in the worid; Adam's and Potter's Fast Machine Job Presses ; Kuggles’superior Card Pres; , Adams'and Union large Hand Presses, Standing Presses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Press Job Office is believed to be as well furnished as any similar establishment in the State. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute ail orders in the shortest possible time and in the neatest and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment in the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job Office, No. 82$ Exchange street, Portland. Me. The Job office is under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY I'UINT EK, and is himself an experienced practical work man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics in this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper ea*t ol Boston, and having a larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combined, is published at the Office in Fox Block. S'J t-2 Exchange Street, every morning— Sunday except* d, at $H,oo Per Annum, From which 12 1-2per rent, in (Uncounted for advance PAYMENT*. Semi-annual and quarterly subscriptions pro reta. Loss than three mouths, sixty cents per month, or 16 cents a week. .Single Copies 3 C ent*. 1ST Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two .And one-third dollars per hundred. I THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, is published every Wednesday, containing all the news by mail a d telegraph, important reading matter Maxine List, Ma'ket Reports, Ac , of the Daily 1 • tbo following prices, viz:— Single ropy, one year, Invariably In advance.$2.00 For nil luonlhi. 1.00 To club* ol'lour or more all to the same post office, each. 1,7 5 To rlub* of iru or more, all to the same post otiice, each. *1,50 And a free copy to the getter up of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in every town. Postmasters requested to act as agents. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Proprietors. Portland Juue 1, 18*14. dtf SVROKON GXNXBAL'a OKP1CB, I Washing!- nCity, June24,1864. J Vlf ANTED— Surge* ns and Assistant burgeons If for thr (Vitor- ! Troops—Candidates must be Graduates of somo Regular Medical College, and must be examined by a Hoard ol Medical officers to be convened by the burgeon General. The Board will dete» mine whether the candidate w ill be ap pointed burgeon or Assistant burgeon, according to merit Applications accompanied by one or more test monials from respectable persons, as to inoral character, Ac., should be addrew-ed to the burgeon General, U. 8. A., Washington, D. C , or to the As sistant Surgeon General, L. b. A .. Louisville, Kv. Hoards are now in session at Boston, New Yo*k, Washington, Cincinnati, 8t. Louie-, and New Or leans. Also wanted, Hospital Stewards for Colored Reg iments. Candidate!* mu»t posco-* a fair English Ed ucation, aud be familiar with the compounding aud dispensing of Medicines. Applications must bo made as in the ctse of Surgeons and Assistant burgeons i < ompensation from *23 00 to *33 <«» per moutli, witt 1 clothing, rations, fuel aud quarters. JOS K BARNES, July l-2aw3m Acting burgeon General. Copartnership Notice. fIIiiE undersigned have formed a copartnershi] X under the sty e of G. L Storer A Co., aud tak r en the store and s o *k ol Storer, Cutler A Co., when e they wili constantly keep a large stock of goods fo s a general jobbing business. 2 GEO. L. STORER, j FRED STOKER. CHAS. 11 MESERVE, i. | H. F. LOCKE. Portland, July 12,1864. Jyl3d8\ MISCELLANEOUS^ 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh NT. [Pliinney, WOULD inform his frinds and formercustomer! that he ha* taken tho Store No 126 Kxchanyt Street, where he iuteud* to carry on tho Stove and Fiii-naec Business, In all its branches. STO VES, of all kinds, of the newest and most approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change for new. Stoves, it a NOEs, Furnace*, and Tin Ware repaired at short notice, iu a faithful manner. Grateful for loriner patronage, he hopes by strict attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public favor. 1 ina\23dtf ALDRICH’S PATENT Wat or Elevator ! A PATEN f combining more good and less bad In. «jua!ities than any rtr er fixture in use for bouse wells. Don’t Jail to see it before you buy any nuuip or drawer now iu use. It works so easily tnat a child eight years’old can draw with it. It is lew priced ; it leaves nothing in the water to injure it; it does not freeze; it is simple; It is not likely to get out of order. The bucke has no valve and empties itself. You have y our well all open or cov ered at piea-ure, and is just such a simple fixture as every mau needs w ho values pure water for family use. tT“Dra wets and Town and C ounty Bights for isle by BOYNTON* A HIGGINS. 13 and 16 Warren Market. Portland. jyl9d3in S. XT BLOOD, Successor to George Andeoon, No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, Sign of Anderson's Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on band a complete assort ment of H O O P SKIP T 8/ of every size and length, made of the best materials and warranted to give perfect satisfaction. Also on hand a full assortment of Corsets and Skirt Supporters, of the most popular mak* s. both foreign and domes* tic, with other article* properly belonging to a Hoop Skirt store. Hoop skirt* made to order, and re pairing done at short notice. Parties dealing with this establishment may rely upon getting goods of the very be*t quality and at price* a* low a* a really good article can be afforded. Portland, July 6, 1864. d6w GRANT'S COFFEE & SPICE MILLS. ORIGINAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. G-R ANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFI'EE, SPICES, Salaralu* A Cream Tartar, Nett Coffee and Spice Mills, 13 and 16 Union street. Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices put up ror the trade, with any address, in all variety el packages, and warranted aa represented. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. IffTAll geodsentrustedatthe owner’s risk. march lOdtf New Nteam Mill, Footol Cross, between Fore A Commercial St* • WINSLOW, DOTEN & CO., \ITOULD inform their former customers and the v ▼ public general.v, that they have fltt« d up their New Mi l with New Machinery, and are now ready to do Planing, Matching and Jointing, also Sweep and Circular Sawing. Wk od Turning, fc. We have in operation one of Messrs. Gray k Wool’s new improved Planers, for PLAN11G OUT OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from j inch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AX FDdRR FIFTY FRET LONG, For sawiug heavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention given to planing ship Knees, Clapboards, and heavy l imber. For the accommodation of dealers and others har ing large lot of boards to plane, we have in connec tion with the mill 17,(00 square feet of yard room. jylOiodtr WINSLOW’S MACHINE WORKS MAMUFACTMtKK’S BLOCK, UNION STKEET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MANUKA OT l K KIl OF Steam Engines. Steam Boilers, Shafting Pulleys Gearing, and all kinds of Machinery Also Low and High Pressure Steam Heating Ap paratus tor f actorr*. Public Buildings ami Dwelling Houses. In this De par. ment tlie es ablisbment has been uncommonly successful. Steam Cock*, Valves Whistles, and steam, Water and Gas Pipe and connections furnished at w holesale or retail. Repairing promptly and faithfully Done. In conn ction with the above establishment is an Iron Foundry, with a largo assortment of patterns, and a Planing Mill, where wood planing of all kinds may be done. may2dtf liemovnl. H AVING removed from my old stand to the No. 91, Commercial street and associated mjsoir in busiuesa with Mr. Henry Fling. 1 would take this opportunity to thank my customers for past lav*.and would respectfully solicit their future patronage of the firm ot Fling A Whittemore STEPHEN WHITTEMORE. Portland, July 8th, I86», julyl2d4w <'<>|»:irtn«Tslii|> Nlolire. rpiIE undersigned have this day formed a Copart JL nerahlp uu.ler the mime and a*>Te of Fling k Whittemore. and have taken the store formerly oc cepi d by Henry King, No. 91, Commercial street, where they intend doing a Commission and Whole sale busine**, in lea*. Tobacco, W I Goods, Gro ceries and Provisions. HENRY FLING. STEPHEN WHITTEMORE. Portland July 8.18‘>4. dtf .9 oli it kinMinan, GAS FITTER, —AND— T)ealer in (raw Fixtures, And C«a*& heroMMie Cooking Apparatus The public art-invited to examine and test these new inventions, w hich are highly recommended for rummer use. XO. 65 UNION STRRET. Portland. June 14 —eodr.m PROVOST MARSHAL’S OFFICE. ) First Ihstrict State of Maine, [ Porta nd, July 13,1864. ) N'OTICEis hereby given that any'person knroled may appear before the Board of Enrolment and claim to have hi* name strickeuoff the list, if he can show to ib© rati* fact ion of the Board that he is not properly etiroled on account ol 1-t —Alienage. 2d—Non-Residence. 31—Over Age. 4th— r'ermax-ut Physical Disability,of such degree as to render the person not aproper subject for en rolment under the laws and irgulatious. I hat the examination referred to above may not interfere with the daily routine ot office business, thehours for* xamlnation will be from 10 A. M. to 12 M. and from 2 to 4 P. M CHARLES H DOUGHTY, Capt and Provest Marshal. CITY OF PORTLAND, ) Mayor s Okkick. J July 18, 1864. ) The special attention of our citizens is called to the above notice of the Provost Marshal. It should be the duty ot all those wno are exempt from draft from either of the causes mentioned, to apply in per son and have th ir names taken from the list in or 1 der that when the quota* for the diafe are appor tioned, the number to be drawn will bo based upon those who only are liable to enrolment. julyMdatawlm JACOB McLELLAN. Mayor. FIRE! FIRE!! FIRElir l a ii ki mnvtg Portable Force Pump! 1.TOK extinguishing fires, wetting roofs, etc. mar tires, wasning windows, varriagea, decks of ves* sels battling horses, wetting sails pumping watei from boats.watering streets and gardens,sprinkling liquids for destro> in* Caterpillar* and other insect* ou trees, \lants and shrubb*tv, Ac. This l*ump ha» proved itselt to be one of tlu» most valuable intentions for domestic use, and those whc have thrm wou d nor part with them at any price, provided no more were to be obt&iued It is portable and c mpact and will throw six gal Ions ol water per miuute, from CO to 40 leet. It cat be easily u orked by a lad of twelve years. It is simple in construction, not liable to get ou' of order, nd every machine is warranted Th< price is so low tbar one should be in every family school louse, factory building, saw'mi 1. tannery & l-.ach pump is ptovided with a extia Nozzle, foi sprinkling. ( all and examine tcftimonials rroiuthe President! of the principal Fire Insurance Companies of Mass* chmetts, the Chief Engineers of the Boston and oth er lire departments, ami other*, and purchase one o these Pumps. J. I- WIN8LOW A CO., Winslow’s Machine Work*, Wholesale and Retail Agents, Brown's Block, In ion street Portland, Me KMtl _ Dissolution. fit 11E copartnership heretofore existing be twee: X 8w> at and t leaves as Attorne>sat Law. is tlii day nissolved by mutual consent. The afl'airsol th late firm will be adjust oil by either party. M-. Sweat will continue in business at office Nc 117 Middle street. Mussey’s Row. Mr Cleaves at the office of Howard A Cleaves, N< 91 Middle street, over Casco Bank L 1) M SWEAT. NATHAN CLEAVES. r Portland, July 16th, 1864. Jyl8d8m BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX lUANEEAETORV J. !P. Libby, MANUFACTURER OF Paper Boxes. Ui every description, such as Shoe Box**, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes. Shelf Boxes, Couctiolugicai Boxes PowderBoxex, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, fcc. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me juneldSm Dana & Co. Fish and Sait, Luther Dan., ) Portland, Woodbury Dana, [ John A S. Dana ) Maine. _ Juneldtf J. Smith, tfc Oo., M ANCFACTU UKRSOF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Loom Straps, Belt Leal her Backs aid Sides, LBATHER TRIMMINGS, fe., Hannon’s Block, 144 Middle 8t., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. M Brewer, (Jnld3m, D. F. Noyes JOIH T. ROGER* Sc, co., Oommission Merchants, AND WHOLESALE DIALERS IK Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 01 Commercial Street, S£J.B.«8£™. | PORTLAND, ME. _ __ juneld6m Wholesale and Retail. Xa. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AID MANUFACTURER OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No. 53 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. juneldtt CHAS. J SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 M i<l<llt. Street, PORTLAND, MR. CT~ Work executed iu every part of the State. juneltf RUFUS DUHHAM, M»nuf*ctur.'r mnd Wholtw&lc Dealer in B RITANN IA —AMD— Plated Ware, Wo. 218 Fare afreet, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1864. mayl7dtJ M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, AO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apl4 PORTLAND. ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & C0~ M AMI FACTIT.KU8 OF Japan, White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ground CJolorn, AMD DEALER* IM Drugs Medicines, Pa nts, Oils k Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, Wo. 29 Munjoy St., Ofllrr 1 Salesroom*, 80 Cuiumcrcial Si., (Thomas Block.) IIemrv H Bcsqisp, aadii kin mb CiUBLKlt F«>RKS. nthlLlSP, UB. maylNltf ttl.AkC. JIM IS A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Be rer& of Western and C adian Produce, 137 G>mrnrrrial Street, ... Granite Block. Charle* Bl&ke, ) 11. ury A Joliet, [ PORTLAND. K. V\ . Oage. ) juneldtf JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Storea, - - - Coniinero al street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf,) John Lynch, ) Peleg Barker, [ PORTLAND, ME. Thou Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE Ac MOODY, GEXEUAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And >\ hole**!© Dealers in FLOUR, C JRN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Commerc al St, ?r«rkl7nt.M°dody. } PORTLAND, ME. _ juneldGm LA.YE A LITTLE, Wbo’esale Dealer* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AMD "W oolons, No. IdrSJ Middle street, A.Ut“;.| PORTLAND, ME. June7dtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet, - • Portland, Me. CS^Carriage* and Sleighs on hand and made to ur-itr. juuel5dtf V'. ■ • UW ■ TK»/llili1 E AMUFACTt'UKE or Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street, (Near Preble House,) PORTLAND, ME. Sale Rooms, 11<J and 112 Smlbury St-, Boston, Mass juneltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & C0„ Flour, Groin 4c Produce Cwnmissiuo Here bants, and lill«n’ isents. OjUce and U’arehouse No. 6 Halt Block, Commer cial Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known Brands of Flour, from St. Loais.l liuois, Wisconsin. &o., which we are coustautl receiving. N . C A Co . are also Agents f)r Pittman A Co.’s and otlior brands of manufactured Tobacoo. t^Cuh advances made on all consignments. Portland. June 1, 1H64. juldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON | 1 DENTIST, Inserts Artiticial Teeth on Gold. Silver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrants them in all cases to be l perfect tit I>r. J. also gives special attention to Filling Teeth. Office22dj Congress street,two doora wes from the Court House Portland. June 1,1864 — eod2m 63 Removal. 6£ J. M. KNIGHT & SON. Commissi o n Merchants f *»•! dealers in Coantry Produce, have moved to Nc 63 Commercial street. Portland, May 10th, 1864. maylOdtf PA It TIC'I PAT ION. Portland Mutual Fire Insuranci , Company. * This Company will issue Polices to be free after th > payment ol six, eight or ten Premiums at the optio of the iusured and ar rates as low as any oth< . Company. The issue ot Free Policies renders it i V 'least e<iual if not superior to the participate • ] i panies. Omoe No. 10*J Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN. Pres. EDWARD SHAW, Sec. i Fable dkwtf. BUSINESS CAKDfr. BRADLEY, MOl tTOX ii ROGERS Whousali Dealers i» Flour, Grain and Provisions 88 Commercial street, The mat Jblcck, ROBERT KRAUT, ) «. M moult. », J TOUT LAM), ME. A. M. ROGERS. ) _ _ maySdtf W. W. CARR & C0~ Having taken the Fruit btore lormerly oooupled b O. SAWYKR, Vo. S Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and wslj •elected stock ot Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail Orange. Spruce Guns. Leacuses Lemons. I unary Seed, Candle., Lime., Lemon Syrup, Haney, prunes. Cocau Nuts. n«s. Citrau, Nuts, all kind*. Dale., Olive*. Ral.lua, Tobacco, Sardines. Cl«are. Fancy Caudles af all daeerlpllaa. oot9 dtf IRA WINN, Agent, I^To. 11 Union St., Is prepared to tarnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILXBS, of varioos sizes and patterns, 9t«ia Pi^e ui Fiitim, Mill Gorin?, Shtftit?, hilip, it, Lioht Uousb Work of nil descriptions, and nil kind* of work required in building Fortitiuatiobb. I run Stairs and other Arcbitectnral Work. n5<2??A.8'0re?’ »nd buildings, fitted with utut and Steam in tho best manner. In connection with the above Is as Iroa Foundry with! large a.--ortmont of Pattern., to which the' attention of Machinist., Millwrights.and Ship-Build er" ** luvited-and aU kinds of Castings tarnished at short notice. HP*Ordere for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. ocJd tf 8 1 VUE K>s SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, S»B. 44 ti. it.Middle Street. Needle* and Trimmings Rlwnya oahaad. mohistr A dh 4 KB «k dr. s. c. fernald. DENTIST, No. 176 Middl Street. *BlrBkBBrBB.Dr*. Bacon and Banuv. Portland, May *,lsd*. tf Dr. J. H. HEALD HAVING disposed of hi* entire Interest la hi* Office to Dr. S.C FERNALD. would cheerlhliy reooommend him to hi* termer patient* and the puh llo. Dr. FannaLD, from long experience, it prepar ed to Insert Artificial Teeth on the" Vulcanite Bale >• and ail other methods known to the profession ' Portland. Mar 3*. 1WB „ WOOD AM) FOAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH, HEZILTON, SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN JOHNS. DIAMOND, WKB8 TER ted BLACK HEATH. These Coals are of the very best quality, well screened anJ picked, and warranted to give satislbction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Orru a Coannacia L St., bead of Franklin Wharf S. ROUND* Jr SON. feblGdly W 4 KitU.VS I71FOHVF.D FIltK AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Gravoi Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. . E. HERSEY. Agent, janlM dtf No. 10 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB * CO., - DBALKR9 IS - Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OP MERRILL’S WHARF, I'M.tralal Street - - Pori lead, M*. _ 1*181f EDWARD H. BURGIN, WIIOLEPALK OKA I ERIN Corn, A)evil and Flour, Also. Ground Rock Salt. CommiRNion Ue reliant r«>a mcHARR aid oalsop Barley, Rye and Oats. ty < 'are loaded with Corn in bulk free of charge. Warehouoc No. 120 Commercial Htieel, And City Mills, Deering Bridge. __ juneteoddm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mchlTd&wtf Tanplk Street. Scotch Canvas, -ron bali »t JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Balk, Me. il/Y/I BOLl'S Superior Bleached A\J\J 800do All Lug flax "Gov- ,, w erument contract,’’ 800 do Extra All Long flax Arbroath. 300 do Navy Fine • j Delivered in Portland or Boctoa. Bath. April to. Ikda aplldtl fl e ivr o v a l7 DR. MEWTOIV HAS removed his residence to No. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Officem heretofore, aVo. llo Exchange Street, In Noble’s Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. St., from 3 to 3, and from Sto 9 o’clock I*. M Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to Rive special attention to DISEASES 09 FEMALES. oo31dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P L UM B E R! MA KIR OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1*21 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, HK. Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, Wash Bowls, Brass dr Silver Plated C ocks, INVERT description of Water Fixtures for I>wel< J ling House-*. Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops, Ac , arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country faithftiMv executed. All kiuds of jobbing promptly attended to Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and PCMP8 of all description*. a»<9 dtf J. T. Lewis <Sc Oo., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in READY-MADE CLOTHING ' AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chambers ■ - ■ Nos. 1 and 2 Free Street Mock (Orer U. J. Libby k Vo.,) 3: UU'i PORTLAND. ME. , jylldtf The Phoaprut Anenry e T^OR collecting all classes of claims arising fron u Jl the war is that ot the * “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,' 1 in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to OEOUOK F EMERY, over the Portland Post Office, 3d story. i dawly MERCHANDISE. Ilackmeluck Ship Timber. OAK Hackmatack. and Hard Wood Plank Tree uailj from 12 to Si lachoa. Ireeuaii Wedge. An *c’b* -- t. TAYbOs. 1 June88d3m Gait'. Whan, Pod and Treeiiuii*. 100,000 OAK TREENAILS, for 81MOMTOX A KNIGHT. „ ,, . , .. ... Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13.18W juuilbdtr •■HoBcy.” 7 TC8. PRIME CUBA HONEY, for .ale in bond on duty paid. THOMAS ASKNCIO k CO. June 10. —iadtf Sugar Hull Molannea. 300 IIUDS. i CHOICE MUiCOVADO 8U JOTCS. j GAR. BHDS superior If u<hxwado, and 3 JjL’S Clayed ttola*»«-«, «_-11 “BL8 from oierra Morcna. ^ow landing and tor sale by THOM AM ASKNCIO k CO., *****_ < u.tom Houae Wharf. Silerrit Yloreua .tlolamea. q«»- If 1IOS » ggrauj C“0l‘aS!SS5£»“0,“* Now landing from Brig "C. H Kennedy" „ , „ THOS. ASESClO A CO.. May 3.—tf_ _C. H Wharf. Scotch Canvas*. 1 1 B°GTB—from the factory of Darid Cor *■* * Bon., Leitu—a .ail doth of .uperlor duality—Jurt received per "Jura", and for .ale hv „ MoGILVERY. RYAN A DAVI8. 7 moh26 dtf 131 Commercial Street. WANTS, LOST,FOUND Boy niskiDg. RAN away from home on the 20th In.t . a lad aboat 12 year. old. complexion darb. brown !ih.ri“hnd|d,*n Ve"I,le.,<!“ *1" w'lk- **><1 bed on when h** left h me a red and blick checked flannel .nirt, mixed cation pant., .hoe. and atoekiug.. .nd Ugb'Kountb hat. Who-ver will give any intorma tion concerning him will confer a great favor on hi. friend, and shall be .uitably reward.d for their troub.e STEPHEN JORDAN Cape Elizabeth, July 27,1804. jy2odl»* WhrimI, 4 GOOD terem»i.t if flve room. *>r a .mail lam 'ip2»dtfW,,U>Ut cbildrt!*‘- A‘ P1* •* ‘bis «»«•. Wnnietl. TJ Y a young man and win, without family, a .uite n“<>'.a"‘ fur*“b*ri,co*l'l»t* for hou.' keeping J>2. dlw* Addre.. U. C. B , Pier. Oflfce. Currants Wanted. fpiIK .nb.uriber want. from20tobo biuhel. Mice M. Htpe <, for which he will pay the hiwh. aat market at hi. .tore in Saec.rai pa _ H. 8. CLAY. Currant* Wanted. ItllE market priw paid for rip; Currant, m any quantitle-. r ' LKKENol Lll t MOUSE, n No. 2u Market Square. Port,and, July 19.—dftwtf ‘ B Board Wanted T a -oung man and hi* wife; withia ten minatea' tioo(*erma*KcC r°*‘' "hC*' Addr'M •<»'•■** Ice* Jylftiltf' C' B-" **** *8 U F- *>■ Filot %% anted. A 8TFADY competent and capable man. hating a thorou/h mu* ledyeof !• rtlarui llaiborand J? aPPro»ch**. h» wanted lor the Lilotagaof the Mustbial Oi xav stkamsiiip ( ompant’s Liverpool and Glasgow Line of Steamers the com ing winter. The Pilot engaging lor thi* service will be requir.d to board rlie Steamer* ou’sirie of the Bulwark Suoal and AlWn’sRock >ppHcatloiiare ceived by JAMES L. FARMER jylac-iw No. 10 Exchange Street. Warned. A BOY, net less than *ixt*<.a years of age, to aet ** Must come well recommended — Apply at the Lonnting Room of the I’resa J> l«dtf Lost. WJ1 ,:A\]?D 'rom th« pasture of Mr. Francis Rob ert* A v tbrook, last mouth, a ihree year o d gray Col». small siw; whoever wil r»-turu tiim or give information where he tnav be found, will be suitably rewarded, by oalling at No 19 Spring St .. FRANCIS E. fcMKKY Portlan 1. July 18. )M| — u Reward ! STOLEN ft,.m the .ub.cribrr on Tucrdtr Erea tr m ‘’ieree1- auction mom . Cult skin Pcwki t Bo..k contain* *, 4 in money, a noic bliar . loogdon, Gorham, lor loO.aud *»n# agaiust Charles ti cop< r lor tl2- Tbe above reward will b«* paid for the recovery of the property aud the detec tion of the thief. Tune 8 —If GEORGE BECK Kosird. SI IIS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at 30 Danforth *t. eef May llth. uiaylidtf THE BObTO>i IIME BKit 14 And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co.. Works. 9H Federal street. Office ami Wai theu-e 73 Liberty Square and 7 Hatu rymarch bt. manufacture Fire brick, ail shape* sod lirw, for furnace* reqlured to *tan<i the most intense heat also Furnace Blocks and Slabs. Locomotive Fire Blocks. Bakers’Oven and Green-house Tiles. Clay Retort* aud nece ssary Tile* to set them. Fire Cement, Fire Clay and Kaolin. The undersigned will give their special attention that al< order* tor the above manufacture are execu ted witty promptness. JAMES E MONO At CO. Selling Agbnt*, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, mchll eodftm The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instrument* of their clan* in the world. Nearly all tbe roost promiiien' artist* in the country , *»»ve **'«•*» written testimony to this effect, and these instrument* are in constant use in the concerts ol the most distinguished artist*—as Gottscbalk and ; others—a* well as in the * rm* in the principal cit ies, whenever sach instrument* are requred. Price to I 00 each. These instruments mav be found at the Mu*>c Rooms of tbe subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturer*’ prices. II. 8. EDW ARDS, No.349j Stewart’s Block, Congress St. ___aprlSdtt NOTICE. WE. the undersigned, having sold our Stock of Coal and Wood to Messrs Kan,tall, McAlis ter 4 \Co.t do chuertu’ly recommend them to our former customer*. Ail persons having demands against u* are requested to present tf em tor settle ment. and all per-ons indebted to ns ar* requested to make immediate paymeut at the old »tand where one ol tbe underoigued may be found for the present. SAWYER A WHITNEY. Cortland, June 6. lStVf. junel3d3w Coal and Wood! fllHE subscriber having purchased the Stock of JL Coal and Wood, and taken the stand recently occupied by Messrs. Smteycr f \Vkit*e9, bead of Mainr Wharf, are now prepart d to supply their former patrons and the public generally, with m tine assortment of II' l* f r dr/~>i v n < Old Company Lehigh, Sugar I .on I Lrhigh, Hazelton Lrhigh, Lwutt Mountain. Juba’s, White mill Red Auk, Diamond and Lorberry, Together with the beet iju.lity of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coalfor Blacksmith*. Also, Hard and Soft Wood. Delivered to order in any part of the city. I The former customer* of Messrs Sawyer k Whit ney are respectfully invited to give us » cail RANDALL. Mi ALLISTER k CO. Portland. June 13 1864 .—dly Dissolution. rpHK firm of Howard a Strout, a« Attornevsaod A Couusellois a* Law. is this ua\ dissolved by mu tual consent. Either parti er will attend to the set tlement of of the buduess of the la*w tirin Mr. Howard will outiuue to occupy v»ta;e91 Mid dle street, over Ca-co Bank Mr. dtrout wtl occupy office 106 Middle street, opposite head ol Plumb a.reet. Joseph How-arp, Sh'VALL LV STRUCT. Portland. June 27. 1S04 —d3m lloimr ipathie Mediciae**, IN all forms may be btaiutd at the store of 8. U. Coles wort by, 9J Exchange St , whsre the aub scriber will b* Iroin i*o'c!t ck a m uuti) 4 O'ckck r. M Ol 1 Cases re ew« d aud befit* tilled Refers to urs. K Clark, M Dodge and C. 11 Burr. Jy22u3w M SEAYKY. Hoard. A KMV mor* Boarder* can be accommodated at 72 Danforth street, two door* above Brackett. Apply *o«*a )nU* Payment of Androscoggin Coupons. TU K und« ruigned will pay Coapoiu of the An droscoggin K R. Houds, secured hjr the»eloud mortgage ot said Railroad, with inte eat to this i date, to th** amount ot #7A29 46 uaymg *»ch e*« pons as shall first be ptesenteo at ui* 1 Dice 31 Ex change St , Portland, a'noug thowe that tell oue pri or to the year 1961. JABKZC WtHIDMAN, Treasurer of i’ru* ees of the Thi>d Mortgage of A K K CO. PorUand, June 3), 1864 j>16d* w3w I CJLOTHlNd. k H. E M O VAL.^ JOSIAH BURLEIGH HAS BKHOVMD TO N E W STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH B URLEIGHj Whole**:* aud Ketail Dealer ia Cotliin$,Cotlis, Tailors’ Triiuiuiiigs, -tan gentlemens furnishing goods, Mo*. 141 & 143 Middle Strew*. JOSIAH BIKLEUH, Agent for G »ei A Baker *celebrated Sewing- Maehinea, Noa. 141 & 143 Middle Street. - - NATHAN GOOLD Will say to hi* friend* that he may be louad at Bur leigh’*, No. 141 k 143 Middle atreet, where he will b« pleaded to wait upon his lormer ca*toner*. Portland, March 34.1864. dtf JUST receiyed7~ ROLLINS k BUM), ,heir ,u>r* '«■*•*'«» * '«*• ELEGANT 8TYLES -—Of o LOTUS! ARK PRRPARF.D TO Show Them to Their Cnstoreri. A Lao, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, *■ Creat Variety, -AT f)f> Middle Street. __ vu UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by the STATE OP RAISE Charter Perpetual. _ Organized. 18M. DIRECTOR’S OFFIC E, Slate Street, .... Uoaton, Riu. Pmidrnt— USSR Y CROC HER I'tcr-President— HAS l E L. SHARP Secretary—Hr H. HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSOX, t.eneral Manager of Agencies ia the Sew tnulamt Mates. Losses / to date, $730,060.00 Ihvuttnd Paul in Cask to date, $340,060.00 FI1HIS Company offers peculiar advantage* torer M. soi.s intending to future tntir live-, in i»* safety and stability, a.quirtd >u its loom*n ' «*r»’eiieri S*®*-** i,a »»•••. which, (without :»a capital of •lO WO.)amounts to over three-quarters oi a n illkm ot dollars, being more than two hundred tfcou-snd dollars iu excess of its liabilities »or the reit of all out standing risks: in the fie lit**- tr>»ent*d in its accommodating s> stem of pa> meattfnf niemi um-; in the large number, dm mm d lOLCitu i - ki,d ooenpatJon*. various age* and loca.i tea of lives in sured. giving the largest requisite s*ote for the ite ration ot the laws of average mortality, and tte »m p!esl guaranty to the insured for th» benefit* there of; iu 'he divisiou of profit-, the srruoI a. portion ment of which having lor the p*-t finrbeu veara P<*etif prr Cent, of the picmium* tail! Policies are issued upon all the pla * muai with Life lusurauoe t omp-nies. ai d at as low rates as ia consistent withm view to equity *i d wlvency. Patties devirir g A gencie* in own- whir* tbe com Danv havenoi e. aud tho-e wUhiug Traveling Agtn ciea within the^ ew tag! a no Ma rs. wt)j apply to G. 11. WILdOJV, 6< State Street, Boston, •ucn re i*rente, or inform-ti n as to age. present and past huaise-*, wi leuable him to form judg ment iu regard thereto. june 1443 m Carriages, Qarriages! Firmly Built nad Neatly Fiihhed. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble 8t., OrrKKS for sale, at hi* t»lab)« nt. a variety of Carriages made in the niatts* and must sib •tant al manner. The assc itm< i t«, mt n»e* all the diff-rent style, of Light Carriage-*, ano they will bo sold on tbe most favorable term*. Person* intend ing to rurchase l arriagts will find it t. r their inter est to call and examine before buy lug t u-where. iuneSSdtf BRADFORD A HARMON. Pension nnri Claim Agents, tEstablished iu Ihol.) STILL continue to devote their *t ecial and exelu sive attention to the pres- cu.ion of t aims lor Penalona, Bountiea, Annul ot Pay aud Frl* Money, And all other claims again.t the Government har ing been dnlr hcenaed thrrefor. IV AH Iree. Term, u low u at aay oth er Arency, and ao pay inquired nntil the claim, are obtained. OIBce 88 Exchange .treet, Joer Block. . F BRADFORD, , „ ,, Z. K. 11 AKRoN. Jane 21 — dtf taeorge W. Tlaiison. GOLD & SILVER PLATER, ' | 74 Middle Street, I’ortIni d. Me. A .hare of patronage reepetlally aetielted aud satisfaction given. Order* from the country promptly attended to. Address George W. Maason. 74 Middle street, Boom No. 10. up stairs, Portland, Me. June 14- 43m Copartnership None?, -AMD BUSINESS ADVEKTISEMENT TIIK subscriber* Laving on the 7th day of May formed a copartnership under the name of McCarthy k llerry, a 7 For the purpose of carrying on the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all it* branch**. and ha\ing all the facilities ft r get'ing up uret claa* work for gentlemeu aud tad oe, wear, are now r«ady to exeeate ell order* with neat uee- and oi-patch Our work wi»l be made of the feet of imported »|ock. by th*b**t ol motkmen. and warranted to givt ptr *ct tatkfactkn. It ie our aim tliat our vori shall uot be n-c-n.d to any in the lair ed State*. W< have also c#mp'» ted a stock of rcady-nudo work of the ire* quality, K>r Ladi-**, Gentlmen, and Children’s Wea Selected from New York and Boston markt ta Our Ladies' work i* from the celebrated Burt$ Manufactory of New \ ork. For (.south-men's star we have the beat »*f>ortm»-t>t ever offer* d for sale in tbi* citv : -uchs*ti e French l'ateut Leather Boota; t.lovt- tali ai.d tall < on gre-* for gentlemen** wear; 1 at-nt Lcatb<” Ion grea*. and t ail Congress Balmoral, and i cw French Bock e Boota. Have vou seen the new style CRIMl’K 0-FR051 BC( KLE B(»«»T, now niadi* by Met ar hy & Ker ry? For neatne*^, comti-rt ai d bt-au?t. it urps**** anything ever got up la this city. t i I ai d aee It; tamplee alwa. s ou baud at the old * and of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy a berry. No. SW Exchange Street. fun, l.Itl _ A. & S. SHURTLEFF & CO., NOS. .V* A .16 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, iUnulmcturer, tod D<»'en in Men's Boys’ and Youth's Thick and Calf Boots, Women's Misses and Childr- n'a G'>et and Calf Balm mis, Hubbera bho« Stock, Findings, &o. \\rlTU our superior facilities for ft and a large exitrience in the we are ablo to sell as low a* in Boston or I>eal"rw are re-pec*fully invite 1 to call amine our *mck before purw baaing ■P* Orders bv mail promptly attended to. i Portland, Aj ril 33,1?64. •

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