Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 8, 1864 Page 3
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1'OItTLAXD A\D VICISITY. Xmt* Advirtlsimtni» T9-Day, 6tan<li.,h—Cauoua. Potul-Cftucui. Cumberland—Caucus North Yarmouth—Caucus. Girl Wauled House for Bale. Account Book Lost—Q. M Moaes. Board VTauted. fcxoursiou— Wednesday. State of Maine—Circular. Supreme Judicial Court. CRIMINAL TKHM.—DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. Trial for Attempt to Poitou. Saturday.—State vs. Margaret Wallace, for attempt to poison. This case eras resumed. Dr. II. T. Cum mings, who had beeu requested to bring in the paper, in which was wrapped the arsenic, fouud under the stove in Mr. Bosworth's house, testified that he could not find the pa per. Thought he gave it to Deputy Marshal Wentworth for the purpose of identifying it. Mrs. Anna C. Uosworth testified at length to all the circumstances in the case. Mar garet came to live with them last October, us a domestic, and left on the evening of January 13lh. Having reason to believe that Margaret was dishonest, Mrs. B. discharged her. Noti fied her of it about half-past six in the eve niug, and told her of the articles found in her room. Toid her she might go or stay that night. About half-past 7 o'clock Mrs. B. went down stairs to the kitchen—found no light there. Margaret bad done her work as usual, and left things as she generally did—she was not there. Noticed the tea kettle sat on the back part of the stove with hot water iu it. Lifted it, and judged it to be about half full—left it as she found it—noticed that Margaret’s lamp was not in its place iu the sink room, and that her heavy boots which she was accustomed to wear when she went out were laying close to the boiler. Was in the room not over ten minutes, and theu went up stairs. Shortly be fore 8 o’clock beard some ooe walking from the stove to the pump in the kitchen, heard some one pump, and then heard some one walking back to the stove. At five or ten minutes past 8 o’clock went again to the kitchen—fouud the back, porch and entry doors open. Margaret's lamp was on the kitchen table, aud two matches beside aw nv i uwiu nvic . a uv ivu aciuc uau beeu taken from the back part of the stove set in front—the water iu it was cold— Margaret had never been io the habit of fill ing it over night. There was a white stuff round it—the water was dead cold—some of the white stuff had suuk, some of it floated. In the siuk room found some of the substance round the pump, and let it remain there. Locked tbe doors and let it remain there. About halt-past 0 o'clock Mrs. B.’s brother (her hushaud was absent from the city) and Mrs. Merrill went down into tbe kitchen and examined. The powder had settled in the water. The water was then poured from the tea kettle into a tin pan and put into a cluect. Next morning Mrs. B. swept from under the stove a small paper that contained a small powder—gave it to Mrs. Merrill, who hauded it to the brother of Mrs. B., by whom it was taken to Dr. Cummings. Weut to Margaret’s room and fouud ber trunks—her clothing had been placed in the trunks. Did not see her that night after the conversation. On cross-examination Mrs. Bos worth stated that she could not recollect whether she told Margaret that she would rather she should leave tbe house that night. They had had no hard words that evening, and there had been no severe language or scolding betweeu them. Margaret denied taking the cloth she bad been charged with stealing. Never had any trouble or quarrel with Margaret before this. No one in the family had had any trouble with her. Never knew her to get out of temper. She came back to the house tbe next Saturday to get her trunks (the affair occurred Wednes day)—refused to deliver them—told ber Mr. Bos worth wonld not let her have tbe.n. She said she would call again, and wanted to know the reason why she could not have her trunks. Told her she would know the reason when she saw Mr. B. Discharged Mary Long for dis honesty, and Margaret took her place—do not recollect as to Mary Long’s temper, Helen Brown corroborated the testimony o( Mr«. Bos worth as to hearing the pumping, fioding the tea kettle removed on the stove, and discovering the white powder in the tea kettle and in the sink room. Daniel B. Kaler, brother of Mrs. Bosworth, testified that he resided in tbe family in Jan uary. Was at tbe Mercantile Library lecture on the evening of tbe affair. On his return was informed by Mrs. B. of the circumslanres. He took the paper found under the stove to Dr. Cummings. Deputy Marshal Wentworth testified to the arrest of Margaret, which took place on the Sunday after the transaction. Before con cluding his testimony Court adjourned to t> o’clock Monday morning. The prisoner is a young woman of rather prepossessing appearance. She maintains per fect calmness during the examination of wit nesses. She says she belongs in East port. Municipal Court—Aug. 6. Samuel Kuapp,one of the baggage masters on tbe Graud Trunk Railway, for obtaining money by false pretences, was ordered to rec ognize in the sum of #1U0 with sureties for bis appearance at the November term of the Su preme Judicial Court. Io this case, one of the passengers had a free ticket, and Kuapp pretended that the freight on his extra baggage amounted to $2, which lie (Knapp) made tbe passenger pay in Canada currency, notwithstanding the passen ger had exhibited his free ticket to tbe bag gage master. Mr. James Nimons, tbe passen ger, then complained to Mr, Bailey, tbe Super intendent of the road, who ordered this com plaint to be made against Knapp, who has since applied for his discharge from his posi tion on tbe road. P. Barnes, Esq., appesml for the prosecution, and J. H. Drummond, Esq., for the defense. Sarah Wail, for conveying instruments to prisoners in jail, by means of which they could effect their escape, was committed to jail, io default of sureties in the sum of (100 for her appearance at the November term of the S. J. Court. Sarah pleaded guilty. John McGliuchy, on a search and seizure process, was fined (20 and costs, which he paid. Beception of Visitors. The members of the Board of Trade and suoscrioera uj me aiercnanis r.xonango ueiu a meeting Saturday forenoon at the Exchange, for the purpose of making arrangements for the reception of the Congressional Committee on the defences of our northeastern ft on tier and other members of Congress ami high dig nitaries, who are expected to visit us to-mor row and next day. George W. Woodman, Esq., Vice President of the Board of Trade, presided, and M. N Kick acted as Secretary. Alter some remarks by Hon. L. D. M. Sweat, John A. Poor, Eaq., Hon. S. E. Spring, Gov. Washburn and Gen. George F. Skepley, a committee, consisting of John Lynch, Esq., Hon. Israel Washburn, Jr., Hon. L. D. M. Sweat, N. O. Cram, Esq., Jonas H. Perley, Esq.,—to which John A. Poor, Esq., was sub sequently added—was appointed to take the whole matter in charge, and make such ar rangements for the reception of our visitors as they may deem uecesaary, with power to add to their numbers. The Committee thereafter added to their number the following gentlemen, viz:—Hons. S. E. Spring, Geo. W. Woodman, A. W. H. Clapp,E. E. Upham, Esq., W. F. Safford, Esq., Hoses 1. Koblnson, H. N. Jose, Henry Fox, F. O. Libby, W. L. Southard, P. H. Brown, Jas. E. Carter, II. H. Furbish, James O. Brown, Augustus E. Stevens and O. M. Marrett. The following committees were also ap pointed : On Finance—Hon. A. W. H. Clapp. W. L. Southard and James O. Brown. On Invitations—John A. Poor, E. E. Up ham, A. E. Stevens. On Transportation, Gunnery and Military Salutes—Gov. Washburu, S. E. Spring, Joua9 H. Perley. On Refreshments—N. O. Cram, W. F. Saf ford. H. I. KobinsoD, F. O. Libby. On Levee—H. N. Jose, P. H. Brown, J. E Carter, Henry Fox, O. M. Marrett, H. H. Fur bish. It was voted that the full committee meet in a body at the Preble House on Wednesday Aug, lbtb, at 9 o’clock A. M. A subscription list was started, headed by Hon. S. E. Spring for 1100, and the sum ol 0500 was subscribed in a very short time. Base Ball Match.—The second match game of Base Ball between the Nameless and Hough * Ready Clubs took place Saturday afternoon, resulting in the defeat of the latter. Although defeated, the Rough & Ready hare little reason to be ashamed, as this was one 01 the closest and hardest contested games evei played in this city and many of the Nameless baingolder players: NAMELESS. Outs. Buna. J. Ooolidge, catcher.5 1 J. E. Waterhouse, pitcher.3 4 T. Means, l't base .. 3 3 L A. Foster, 2d base,.4 2 W. Leslie, 3d base,..3 3 A. Kogers, s. stop. 2 4 F. Smith, 1. field.4 1 H. Smith, c. field,... 3 3 Total. 27 21 ROUGH A READY. A A Libby, catcher. 4 2 C>. !.. McAtlester, pitcher.. 2 H llaggitt, 1st base,.2 2 j V Moody, 2d base, * J E. Tomlinson, 3d base..2 2 I A. Evans, s. stop. * * Thompson, 1. field,.* , V. ( laik, c. field. * } Win. Hodgkins, r. field,.3 1 Total 27 li SCORE nr INNINGS. I Clubs. 1 2 3466789 i Nameless.6 0 1 2 7 1 1 3 0 I Hough & Ready ...1 I 6 < 0 U 0 1 2 Total—Nameless .21. Rough A Ready .... — .17. Umpire, Mr. Smith, formerly of Portland | Club; Scorer, R. William*, of Rough A Ready . Club.__ Taking Poison by Mistake.—Last Fri i day a lady residing in the lower part of the city, feeling somewhat unwell, thought she would take a dose of peppermint, and directed the maid to prepare it. The girl went to the box where the medicines were kept, and poured out a large dose, advising the lady to take a larger amount than usual. The lady took It and drank it at a breath, but no sooner was it down than she discovered she had something else than peppermint. The girl, who^raa as much alaimed as her mistress, ex amined the bottle that she had poured the dose from, and found that it was a solution of arsenic. Medical aid was Immediately sent for, and Dr. Bascorn was soon there. By ad ministering copious doses of mustard he soon ' succeeded in relieving the stomach of the poisonous dose, and saving the life of the lady, i This should serve as a caution to every one not to keep poisonous compounds in the same place with harmless medicines. The “Lady Lang .—The Machias Repub lican makes severe accusations against the officers of the steamer Lady Lang, for misus age of the members of the Oth Maine Regi I ment, on their passage homeward from this city to Bangor, The Republican says they were refused the privileges of the boat—berths , and meals—upon their offer to pay the differ ence between their transportation tickets and full fare; that they were allowed nothing to eat 'till the other passengers had eaten, and then only the crumbs which were scraped to gether, being the leavings of the other passen gers. We should be sorry to believe the story of the Republican, and ‘.rust there is another side to this matter which has not been given to the public, and which will place the officers I of the boat in a less unenviable light. Soldiers received and discharged at Port land Soldiers' Home for the week ending Aug flth: Received—John Williams, Co. D, 14th Me. Regt.; Eben Day. A, Oth Conn.; John Kram er, A, 17th Regulars; Charles II. Dunham, G, do; John F. Ryerson, F.9th Me.; Enoch A. Brackley, L, 1st Cav.; Rufus Richardson, C, 19th Regt.; Nelson O. Bean, G, 17th; Geo. F. Stevens, F, Heavy Artillery; William Cleaves, G, 2d Cavalry. Ditcharged—John Kramer, Chas. H. Dun ham, returned to Fort Preble; Enoch A. Brackley, Rulus Richardson, Nelson O. Bean, returned to their homes; John Williams, sent to Geueral Hospital at Augusta. Wm. H. i't.t'MMEK, Agent. Labckxy.—Police officer Akers, on Satur day, arrested a woman named Barbara Fitz gerald, residing on York street, for larceny of a piece of alpacca from the store of Messrs. B. F. Hamilton A Co., corner of Congress and Preble streets. She went into the store and, while examining articles, secreted the piece of goods uuder her garments. One of the Arm observed her proceedings, and,as she attempt ed to leave the store, detained her until the officer could be sent for, who conveyed her to the lockup. At her residence some small ar ticles of dry goods were for nd, which, as It was suspected they were stolen, were taken to the police office. Sudden Death.—Mr. Levi Bolton, an old and respected carpenter of this city, went into the store ef Messrs. Chase, LittleAeld A Co., Saturday forenoon, and complained of be ing unwell. He sat down on a stool, and then said that he wished to lie down. They were the last words he spoke, for he died almost immediately. Dr. Foster was soon on the spot, and pronounced his death as occurring Irorn heart disease. Coroner Hall was called, but deemed an inquest unnecessary after learning the facts. The deceased was about sixty-six years of age. A gentleman who is acquainted with the localities contiguous to our harbor, suggests that It would be well for the Congressional Committee to examine Ram Island for the lo cation of a Fort or Battery. He says it com mands two of the outer entrances to the har bor, and good judges think it a desirable loca tion for defensive works to save the city Irom the enemy’s shells. Drowned.—Marlin Coin, a laboring man, residing on Congress street, while crossing ' the Grand Trunk Railway bridge across Back j Cove, Saturday aflernoon, stumbled and fell I overboard. He struck bis head against the piles, which injured him so much as to cause him to siuk immediately. His body was re I covered last evening 1.0. O. F.—The Grand Lodge of this Order i in the State of Maiue will hold its annual ses ; sison, we underslaud, at Odd Fellows’ Hall, in I this city, this eveniug, commencing at 8 1 o’clock. The Grand Encampment wiil meet in the evening at 7 o’clock. A “citizen” requests us to state the num ber of men which the city is obliged to fur nish—not yet enlisted—under the last call of the President. We are unable to do so, but presume the Mayor can afford the desired in formation. The picnic of the Preble Chapel Sunday School was postponed to Tuesday of this week Refreshments are wauled, and may be left at the Chapel this afternoon or Tuesday morn ing before 8 o'clock. The American Illustrated papers for this week have been received at the book and pe ; riodical store of A. Robinson, No. 31 Exchauge ; Street. U. S. frigate Saiiink arrived at this port yesterday afternoon. She will remain bore a few days for the purpose of recruiting lads who may wish to enter the naval service. Foreign Exports.—The total value ol foreign exports from this port last week amounted to $17,101.83. Attention is called to the advertisement of House for Sale, which appears in our col umns this morning. Temperance Convention.—The next meeting of the Cumberland County Temper ance Association will be held at Dunstan’s Corner, in Scarborough, on Wednesday, Aug. 17th, commencing at two o'clock in the after noon. It Is expected that Gen. Neal Dow I and other earnest friends of the cause will be present, and address the Convention, which will continue In session daring the i evening. BV TELEGRAPH TOTHS Portland Daily Press. -—— Front the Army btforr Sirhmond. Washington, Aug. 7. A letter from the army of the Potomac, dated Friday evening, says no change In the position of the two armies has occurred since the late battles. There has been the usual picket firing on the ceuter line. Heavy firing was heard Friday afternoon in the direction ol the loth corps, and a report was circulated to the effect that the enemy attempted to blow up the torts in that vicini I ty, but were unsuccessful. Tbe rebel battery on tbe north side of the James Kiver lias been very annoying fora day or two. Quite an engagement took place this morning between it and our gunboats, and it w as finally forced to Umber up and leave. The weather continues very warm, and con siderable sickness prevails among the soldiers, who suffer principally from diarrhiea. St. George Court House was wontonly Tet fire to and destroyed, on Friday morning, by some soldiers. A letter from the Army of the Potomac, dated Saturday, says the rebels blew up a mine last evening before dark, in front of tbe ■ 5th corps, but as they had not dug to within forty yards of our works no damage was done. They also attempted to make a charge, cheer ing loudly, but must have felt chagrined at finding themseives so far from our Hues. Con siderable firing was kept up for an hour. The enemy's loss was heavy, but ours was very light. All quiet t'lis morning. New Yoke, Aug. 7. According to the Petersburg papers the rebels brought into action only two brigades in repulsing our forces before Petersburg. One brigade repulsed a charge by our troops and the other followed up the repulse with a charge and drove, what of our men could get ' away, hack over the breastwork, and made prisoners of all left behind, about 100 besides • tbe killed and wounded. The Rebel Raid into Teunnylvnnia. Harbisbcbg. Pa., Aug. 0—(i P. M. A dispatch received here at noon by the cashier of Harrisburg Bank from the cashier of the Bank of Cbauiiiersburg. states that the rebels evacuated Hagerstown this foretnon.— This was subsequently confirmed by dispatches 1 to headquarters which add that the rebels are j now retreatiug along the Potomac river in ; tbe direction of ShepardstoWu. The last dispatch from the operator at Greencastle said he was about proceeding to j Hagerstown to open up telegraph communi cation. 1) AL I I HOKE, AUg. O. We have nothing here but rumor* in re gard to movement* ol rebels in the valley or : on the tipper Potomac. There is nothing definite, but tbe opinion la entertained that the demonstrations of the rebels is to gather * in toe crops of the valley, and that an inva sion will not be seriously attempted. Baltimore, Aug. 7. It is reported here that a force of rebels was crossiug the Potomac yesterday beyond Han cock, and was going In tbe direction of Wheel ing. The same authority says that Early has beeu or is lieing reinforced by Lougslreet's ! corps, and Wheeling is to be tbe point aimed at. There is no means of ascertaining the re liability of this rumor, but it is thought to be unreliable. New Tore. Aug 7. The Baltimore American of the *ilh says of the invasion:—The best that we can hope is that the rebels will attempt to make a serious invasion of Maryland or Pennsylvania. We have a competent force in proper position to force from them on tbit side of the Potomac a fair open fight. All that we need is compe tent generalship to make our forces available, and that it we may believe the reports reach ing us, is a waul that has at last been supplied. From .V«r Orleans. New York, Aug. 7. The steamship Malanzas,from New Orleans 21st uit., ha* arrived. The steamer Merrimac arrived at New Or leans on tbe 21st, and the Evening Star, Ore. oie and Mississippi wore passed in the Missis sippi river, bound up. The Matauza* brought many exchanged prisoners, among whom are the following:— | Coi. J. J. Burt ill, Lieut. Col. A. J. Duyanne, j i Capts. Sanford, Hopkins, Peck, Geo. S. Hel vin, Proctor, Symes, Lieuts. Lawrie, Buckley, | Jcnkiu*. Steveusnu, James Satnpsod, X. W. Morse, H. Uamble, I). K. Eddy, B. P. StowelJ, ! J. H. Newcomb, S. F. White, J. W. Greenleaf, j J. Basset, J. Wilson. Very little business is doing at present. The new* of Sherman's progress and the con sequent decline ol gold in New York lias un settled tbe markets, and quotations are nomi nal and without material change. Gen. Canby’s order for the enrollment of tbe militia creates intense excitement in se cession circles, but there wrs no esespe lor them. Since the tiring above Vicksburg upon tbe Clara Belle, by which three men were killed and nine wounded, everything has been quiet on the river as far as heard from. Several schoouers and luggers are reported to be cruising in Lake Pootichartrain, captur ing aud burning tisbiug sloops. The plain of the tugboat Sentinel reports that he was cha*ed to the South West Pass by a suspicious looking steamer, bark ligged and painted black. Tbe rebels assert that she wa* the Electric Spark. She has since run into Mobile bay. The attack on the defenses of Mobile is daily expected, aud has probably already com menced. There is no movement in this department sufficiently advanced to bear mention. From Washington. Washington, Aug. 6. A gentleman arrived here to-night who has beeu in Hagerstown for the past week, says ; the rebel cavalry which drove Cole’s cavalry and a portion of Hunter’s infantry out of town | on Friday last, were for the greater part dress ed in federal uniforms. Information has reached here that the Union officers, placed by rebels under tire at Charles ton have all been exchanged. They were sa luted by our fleet aud Admiral Dahlgren en tertained them on board bis ship. They have been sent North. A number of families from Montgomery County, Md., caine to Washington to day, panic stricken, aud reported rebels approach- i ing in that direction. Advices from the Army of the Pnlomac re port the situation in front unchanged. It is generally believed that Gen. Sheridan has been assigned to duty on the upper Poto mac. Maj. Gen. Sickles and staff arrived at I Washington to-day Horn tbe Gulf. H ashinytun Corrrsj>on<lrnee. V L'U' Vunt A u<s /l The Commercial's Washington dispatch says the government has received no iuloriua i tiou of the attack ou Mobile. Admiral Farragut informed the Navy De partment' ou the 20th ult .that he would make an attack as soon as the land force was ready, : which would be on the 29th and 30th ult. Two of his iron clads could pass Dog river , bar up to the city. Tu<- Post’s Washington dispatch says rebel 1 reports of the capture of Gen. Stoueman is | discredited. There Is no news from Gen. Sherman to day. Keports in reference to Farragut’s opera tions at Mobile, Is believed to be correct, as such a movement was expected at the lime stated. A dispatch to the Chfonicle says the rebels in Maryland have raised the black flag, and announce that they have come to burn and destroy. Advices from Petersburg represent every thin quiet before that place. from California. San Francisco, Aug. 0. Due hundred bills, of molasses from Hono lula for San Francisco, was sold for *1100 in gold on 2d inst. Mining stocks are falling again. Gould A Curry *950 to *1000. The schooner Haze was seized to-day. She was loaded with arms for liberals in Mexico. The storm xt Hong Kong,early in June,de stroyed *500,000 worth of property and a large number of lives. A waterspout at Whampoa drowned 200 Chinese. Some progress is making by the imperialists against the rebel*. Cosf/rrufunat \ uminntioH*. Cincinnati, Aug. 6. The Union Convention in the 1st District nr minuted lieuj. Egglestone to Congress.— The vote stood Egglestone 84, S. P. Chase 31). In the 2d District, K. U. Hayes was nomiuat : ed. I - I Financial. Washington. Aug. 7. The amount of subscriptions to the 7-30 lo an up to August 0th, was *8,024^50. The subscription on Saturday, amounted to *620, * 806. From Petersburg—Explosion of n Mine m itrra Federal Work—Roth Armies Strength ening their Positions. New York, Aug. 7. The Herald’* special Washington dispatch, says the rebels exploded a mine under one of our works on Friday afternoon. No particu lars are kuowu beyond the fact that little damage was done. The Herald’s 5th army corps correspond ence of the 4th says both armies are active in their works, constantly strengthening them. Reported Battle at Osreola. Cairo, III., Aug. 0. vAu officer ol the steamer Olive Branch, states that while the steamer was aground on Island 34, on the 3d inst., stragglers aloug shore reported that a fight had taken place at Osceola between 800 rebels under Bowen and a federal force, commander unknown, result ing in defeat of the rebels, who lost many kill ed, wounded and prisoners, also all their arms and equipage. Bowen was killed. Arrival of the Steamer City of Cork. New York. Aue. 7. The steamship City ot Cork, trom Liver pool, has arrived. News anticipated. Few York Market. Naw York. Aug. 6 Cotton—2c batter; tales 1500 bales at 1 76 lor mid dling uplands. Flour—dull; sales 11,000 bbls; State 9 16@10 75. Wheat—dull. Corn—heavy; sales78,000bushels; mixed Woalern 1 61.0,116. Oats—dull; sales Cauada at 100®101. Beef—dull. l’ork—dull; sales2.000bbls; new messf8 754^39 00. I ard—higher; sales 1760 bbls at21jo,22Jc. Whiskey— firm; sales »50 bbls at 1 73a, i 75. Petroleum—firm. Groceries—dull. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. Bravery of Colored Troops It has bceu slated that, at the stormiDg of the enemy's works at Petersburg, on Saturday, July 30th, the colored troops flinched and did not stand Are. We have the very best author, ily for contradicting this report. They faced the belching cannon of the enemy iu a manner worthy of the best troops of Napoleon the 1st. We have been permitted to read a letter from one wbo participated in that terrible and sanguinary struggle. The 3d brigade of the 4th division of the U. States Colored troops, Utli corps, numbering over 3300 men, was commanded by CoL Hen ry G. Thomas of this city. They were or dered into the breach, but were compelled to fall back after a short but bloody ordeal. The second time the charge was renewed, and the havoc was fearful. The loss by these two charges, In this one brigade, in killed and wounded, was ttrelee hundred and fifty one! The loss of officers was very severe. It is doubt ful if any brigade of equal numbers, iu so short a time, ever left more upon the field, dead or disabled. There was no running; no flinch ing; no turning; no panic, but with unflinch ing courage they faucJ the deadly Are until overwhelmed and compelled to tail back. Col. Thomas, we aru gratilied to learn, was not in jurea. A brigade on the right of Col. T. was order ed to charge at the same time, so as to pre vent the endlading Ore which was concentrat ed upon the 2d brigade, but for some unex. plained cause it did not make the charge, and to this failure is perhaps attributable the mis carriage of the assault. A Sai» and FataI- Accident.—About a week since, says the Lewiston Journal, a little daughter of Mr. Geo. L. Hill of Auburn, j seven years of age, started to carry a penknife to some companion, and hitting her foot acci dentally fell with the open knife in her hand. She naturally put up her right band which grasped the knife haudle, to save the blow, bringing up the knife blade towards her neck so that when she struck the fall caused it to penetrate the throat, cutiiug a deep gash. Medical assistance was procured, aud it was hoped that none of the arteries bad been cut. Two weeks passed, the wouud partially heal- - ing, although the child was ailing, when on Wednesday evening she suddenly screamed twice and fell fainting to the floor, saying that she felt faint. Her mother rushed to her assistance and aid was obtained, but in less than an hour she breathed her last. Phy sicians pronounce her death to have been caused by the bursting of an artery which had been partially cut by the peuknife two weeks before. The suddeu death of their daughter has severely afflicted the bereaved parents. iy The only benefit the Government has re ceived, or is likely to receive from Fremont's nomination, is the saving of his salary as a su perannuated Major General. If McClellan should be nominated at Chicago, and should follow the example of the Cleveland candidate* another item of needless expense will be saved to the Government. Gen. McClellan may be of some service, negatively, yet. Rare Chance for Business! A Fashionable and Popular Hal Store For Sale at a Harcain. f|UiK -tore in one of the bc*t. in 1 he most flourish J. ing City un the Kennebec, anl the Stock 1* un* surpa-s d by any similar establishment in the btate. I It include* all the stape style* or Ui’v and Cap*, together with a complete assortment ot Gentlemen'* Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Vaiiae*. Batch*!*, Buck Glove* and Mittens, tmbrella*. Ac. Also, between two aud three thousand dollar* wor'h of Fur Good*, which were manufactured expressly for thi* More, aud are iu stock about &) per cent, less than they can be purchased for this fall. Kvery aiticle in the •tore is saleable and in good order, and cost from 10 to 60 p«r c*nt less than the presen * manufacturer*' price* The whole M ck ami fixtures, (or exclusive of the Fur Goods.) will be sold at a bargain a* the owuer ha* another busiues* th*t demands hi* atten tion. For further particular* enquire of A L. G1LKKV, firm of Hyrou G reenough A Co., Portland, Me. Aug dlwis Courier copy. M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AMD MAMCncrCBIIOr SILVER WARE, Congress St., Opp. Court lioute, Portland, Ale. CP-All kinds of Ware, *uch as Knives, Forks, Spoon*. Cake Baskets, Casters, Ac., p ated iu the best manner. A *o. Repairing and Re-tini$hing Old Stiver art• uug6d6m «Sm c. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, Ho. 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. TtT* Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold, Silver, and I utr*iH$tr bate. All operations irarranttd to give 1 satisfaction, juneSOeodisly’ttt B. F. HAMILTON & CO. Successors to C. W. Robin won A Co. \V OULD very respectfully invite all former pa vv trous to the house, and the public generally to , a free examination of our gods at all times. With long experience and close attention to the wants of customers, and adhering strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Be'ieving it to be better for the Layer as well as the | seller we hope to merit a large sharge of patronage. Several lots of goods to close cheap to make room lor N- F. W GOOD*. Mr W. N. Trioce, together with the employees in the store are to be regained and will be happy to see all their customers at formerly, B. F. H AMI L I ON A CO , Corner Congress aud Treble streets. junelTeodtf Portland Army Committee Of TUB U. S. Christian_ Commission. Chairman, T. R. llayes, receives Stores at 116 Mid dle street. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at 76 Commercial street. Secretary, Henry H. Burgess, receives Letters at 80 Commercial street. Andrew J. Chase, Dr. W. K. Johnson. JunelSdtt Notice. The citizens of Falmouth who are unconditionally loyal to the Government and are in favor of sup PreniBg the rebellion by a vigorous prosecution of the war, are reouesteu lo meet in caucus at the Towu House, on Saturday August l*tb. at 6 o’clock T. M to seloot delegates to attend ihe County Con vention to be held ia Portland, on Thursday. Au gust 18,18S4, at ten o’clock in the forenoon for the purpose of nominating candidates for four Senators, and other County officers. Ter Order Town Committee. Falmouth, Auf. 3d, 1804. augtidtd MEDICAL. FOk ’.'IE NATION! COE’S DYSPEPSIA {[RE! The World's Great Remedy -KOR Dyspepsia and Indigestion! AMD ALL D iseases OIT THE STOMACH AND BOWELS Prepared by the Proprietor* of “Coe'* Cough Balaam I>yaptp*ia ia not only the sore forerunner of death but the companion of am serabie life. It has well been called tbe Nation’s scourge; for more persons, both old and young, male aud iemale, sutler from its ravages, than from all O’her ailrn. nts combined. It robs tbe whole system of its vigor and energy gives weariutss and total indi-po.ition to those once strong atdactive; rnuder* the rtumach powerless to digest the rood, aud has tor its attendants, Headache, Heartburn, Constipation, Xausea at Stomach, and Ceneral Debility of the whole System, it. .ubjecta a particle of nouriahment or bcertr food, wi hout paying tbe penalty in the most agonizjog distress, aud oftentimes complete prostra “I}®*. 4om «t .he terrible ravages ol this worst of all dttcasec, we have prepared "COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE" »nd wr pledge onr repula ion upon our .tetement. ITiij,!) tye ray it will ’ Poeitively Cure the Worst of You, not in a year—not in a month—nor in a week—but you shall see its beneficial influence at one* imme diately, and the day you take it. To you who have hved lor years upon t*raham ft read and plain diet, who dare not eat any thing the least-wise hearty first, because the Doctor has ordered the plainest food, aud secondly tor tear the distress it causes— rising and soaring on > our stomach, weaay sit down to your dinner, eat as heart? a meal as you wish f®2 •°°u *• Un, food begins to distress you. fol low it by a single teaspoonlul of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE I A»P I? VVILL Relieve You Instantaneously. thu enabling you. by hearty eating, and the u»e of the cure aftci each meal, (as of,en as the food di - tresses you, or . ours ou your ttoniacli.) j ou will get u *,,v?rJ’few day s so that you csu do without the uiedicme. except occasionally, and by the time the lust bottle is used up, we will gusrautce you free from Dyspipsia, and able to eai, digest and cniTv as isuarry a lite.k.ast as y„u ever sj: down to in oor healthiest hours, and we will forfeit tj you the price ot the boit.e, upon your shewing that our statement is noi correct. The medicine is powerful but harmless, and whilst a single teasnoonful will at once relieve the dy si eo tic sufferer, the whole Dot do would not materially Injure him. as it is entirely vegcuble aud contains no opiates All classes 01 disease that have their ori f'J? »“4 buweis. are dispel led In thu same instautaneous way by tlie use of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE! PVivt and Ague, SidcIIeaduc)*, Sickness at the Stomach, Constipation, Heartburn, Colic Pains in Stumach or liuit'eL, Ogs/mtcry, 1 omit ,nifa ftdiug of Funtness and Lassi tude’, I Wint of Appetite, will not and cannot exist where the cure is used — It remores thedi»«a8e * y leinoviug the cause, not like Alcoholic Bitters which <over up your bad led mga for a few nioineut* by th*ir exUilAratm* effect*. Beware oistub rciuedit* or beverage*, but ia their place use a remedy that will re*tore the di««a»ed function* to their normal condition, aud set iu mo tion tue i-nlite huinau mechanism iu i>erlect har s$!S«yassr assswiBisnr COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE, immediately and initautaneotisly, we pledge our woid as m--u ofhouor— our reputation as Pharmace utists—our lav orable acquaintance witldihr DeoDleaa prop ieorsof the World renowned tin's tow/h B-stsam," iff it is u.ed according to our directions, which may be lound with eacn bottle. We add below some lertimuaiali from our u.igh bor. ana townsmen, to winch we ask your careiul attent.on. TESTIMONIALS. From the Pastor if the Methodist E. Church, Mad i«oa. Conn. 1 bava used Coe's Dyspepsia Cure lu my family und can willingly lastuj 10 its value a, a medicine listvuY CiiOMANo, 1'astor M. K. church. Madison, lonu , Juneatuh, 1864. A Voice fcon 1 home through our Citg Paprs. Sew llama, Couu , Juue 18, 1861. Misses. Editors —Allow me. through y.,ur col umns, 10 acknowledge my gratitude lor *•„ beuehl 1 have reoeived from the use ol uie'i Dysp W»ia Cure Although 1 was a great sull rer from Dyspepsia the first dose gave lustaut railsr andoie ouiue has enabled me to eat anything 1 please, w ithout pain 1 have now stopped using the medicine as 1 no longer need It. i'aui ti Dinas . , Madison, Conn .June SO, 1864. v rom the benellt derived by the use of Coe's D,« pepsia Cure la my family, 1 am prepared to say that 1 never intend to be without it and advise all who urv afflicted with DyapepciA to try it. PHlLAMPKa Lkwis. Mr CoeThe b Jttle ot Coe’s Dy#p«p*ia t Mresou jjave me ha» b *cktd up your stmiemeut couceruiu* it. I have only used hail a Dottle, and can eat uiue apple sliort cake or auy thing cl e without trouble It acts like a charm. The relief it affords is instan taneous. Jas* A. Luwatv Sew Haven, June 18, 1864. These who know my constitution, what my condi tion has been lor the la-t thirty yeais, will believe with me tbat a medie.ue that will reach mvcaee will reach almost auy oue. Coe's Dyspepsia Cure has enabled me to eat any thiug 1 please, aud it is very sdduni 1 now have to use the medicine It relieved me in an instant when I was in great pain My whole system is being streug bened by iu use AXM fc. BaUOJTT New Uivea, June £>.1864 lm orinnt lu Ttaveleia. While journey iug on the care, my stomach be came badly derauged. causing severe pain in my head. Had it ueen on ttte water it would have Deen calle t sea-sickness A lady sitting by me knowing mt condition, icached out abott e -S) mg "take a swallow.” I did so sud in lest than ate minutes my trouble was ended. The medicine was "Coe's Dyspepsia Cure," and trum the edeei it had upon the Stomach, aud what I have learned o! it since, 1 think it must be au excellent remedy for 8ea-sickness aud Dv#Den-ia MK J. SAMI EL FIELD. Madison, June doth, 1864. New Haven, June 28th, 1864. Messrs. C. (J. Cla k ft Co.—Gentlemen1 desire to make known the almost iustautaueou* effects of “Coe's Dyspepsia < ure," incases of cholera morbus. 1 had been for twenty tour huurs purging at the stomach aud bowels, every tiftoeu minutes. 1 went into yoar drug store to procure some brand v, as 1 nad always been to.d that it was a good remedy tor Dyseutery. My pslJid face aud my weakness at once attracted tne attention ol the clerk in charge, and he asked me at once ’wr at is the matter?” 1 replied: ”1 have been lortweutry-tour hours vomit ing and purgiug, aud I am unabte to stand or walk, from weakness, and this deadly sickneasat my stom ach c mplete.y prostrate* me.” lie produced a bot tle of Coe’* Dyspepsia Cure. * tying, "take a large s wallow of t hat; it is no w 11 o'clock ; takeu another after diuner.” irom the moment I took that first dose of the medicius uiy sick ms* at stomach was gone - its tff.ct was iustautauo .us Iu an hour I eat my dinuerwi h as good a relish as ever hungry man partook, (as 1 was well c eared out of food.) aud followed by a teaspooufui of cure. 1 have uot suffered a particle oi inoouveuiencc since I took the remedy. It* action was so w nderful aud so immediate, that 1 could hardly bell ve the e> ideners of my own senses and 1 desire to pu'dicly make known these facts, that the whole world inav avail themselves ol it* use Like bread, it thould find a place iu every out’s house, aud 1 believe thst no oue should go away from home without a bottle of it ij his pocket, or where it oould bq ickly made availab’e Tiuly yours, tiffiO. L. DRAKE. One of the 1 trenty-ive. New Haven. July 11th, 1864.M Mr Cot—5»r —Having been tr< ubled with the Dyspepsia for some eight or twelve mouths. 1 have taken the usual kinds of uu-diciu* s, which have done roe no good. I saw your a it erf Dement of a medi cine tic ire the Dyspepsia. I have tried it, aud found it to be tha'mt-dicinc The first 15 drops (the 7th of Juue ) that 1 took, reliov* d mv in oue minute. 1 have taken it three or four tiin s. hut have had no distressing feeling in my stcmacli since takiug the first 15 drops; although before. 1 could uot eat a meal, and sometimes to more than three or four mouthfulla w thout distressing me. Respect ully, J. F. WOODRUFF. New Haven, June 11th, 1864 Mr. Co*—Dear 8ir:—The bottle of Dj*i>epsia Medicine I received from you, gave instantaneous relief. I only used it when mv tood distressed me It was about like taking two dose* to-day, one to morrow, then every other day, increasing the o.uan titv of food and decreasing ttie medicine.uutil 1 was enabled to eat without taking anything at all. My case was an extreme oue, having suffered for seven years. 1 now consider myself cured, and by using oniy oue bottle of medicine in the space of two months. The dcse was a teatpoouftil. Ellen S. Allkh. 8old by Druggists in city and country, every where. Price $1.00 per Bottle. Orders by mail, from cither dealers or consumers, promptly attended to C. G. CLARK dr CO. Wholesale Druggists, New /Jure*, Conn., Proprietors. Sold In Portland by W. F. Phillips. H. 11. Hay, AAd all other dealers. marchSoodlyOi MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals for Loan. TAEA9UKT Depaetmekt, July 25, lbW. Notice in hereby given that subscripts ns will be received by the Treasurer of tho United State*, the •ereral A sis taut Treaturers and designated Deposi taries, and by the National Banka designated and qualified as Depositaries and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes payable three years from August 16, 1861 bearing interest at the rate ot seven and three tenths per cent per annum, with semiannual cou pons attached, payable ia lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder it maturity, Into six p«r cent, (old b*nria( bonds, redeemable efier fire and payable twenty years from August 16,1867. The notes will be issued lu denominations ot fifty, one hundred, fire hundred, one thousand, and fir. thousand dollars, and will be leased in blank, or pay able to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscriptions must be for filty dollars, or some multiple Of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all deposits. The party depositing most ondorseupon the original certificate the denomination of notes required, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to ' order. When soendo sed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, to be forwarded to this Department. Tbe notes will be transmitted to ths owners free of transportation charges as scon after the receipt ot the original C.rtMlestes ofDcpoeltas they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on nil de posits made prior to that date, nnd will be paid by tbe D partmrut upon receipts of Ibc original eurtifi. cates, As tbe notes draw interest from August 16, persons making deposits subsequent to tbit dale must pay the interest accrued from date of note to data of de posit. Parties depositing twenty-fire thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one lime will he allowed a commission ot one quarter of one per cent., which will be pah! by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom tho deposit ra< msde. Xo de ductions for commissions must be made from tie de nosits. Officer, receiving depo.iri wil tee that tbe proper endorsement, are made upou the digital eertld cates. All officer, authorized to receive deposit, arc re lucted to give to appllcaut. all dt. red lufuimation ' aud afford every facility lor making subscription. w. P. FESSENDEN, Secretary of the Treasury. Nubsctlpilons will be received BY YH* First National Bank, Portland, Maine, And .11 respectable Bank, and Banker! throughoot thecouutry will doubtlew afford facJltiu to .ab- ' ‘cr‘U’r<-_J)30dkwaw USE THE brocksieper gas rrqulator, IAT0 3AIX rocs DAS. Aug 3- dt® C A8CO BAKiT GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. tllHKt l ank i. preps-ed lo nceirrd rnh.ciic -*• l,‘,u* to ,he new 7 3-i0 loan i. >uur. of *ao and upwards, paying interest on same fr..m date or «ub m)"P.l,0“ *° A“*OI!, 15,U’ ,llc date oft Ire tlorerument All person, having 05-1 end upward, now hare a good opportunity of lending a helping Used to their t.oreruuient by subscribing liberally lo this loan The note, are convertible at the end of three rear, lutofperie. paying Dpercsut HO boud* Bank"*" UkeD OB *’u'or*b * u,n,> *• nt »ny other ... E. 1*. OERRISil. Cashier lor land.Juyas, 1<6« jy» USE THE BR0CK8I1PER GAG REGULATOR, a.VO SA YE rot M OAo Aug 3—dim REOPEXED. The subscriber, would re.poctlblly anuenree lo their num.rou. Inend. and the public that they hive thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Refurni hed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, - No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) Which will be open on and after MONDAY, JI LY Hlh. l«iis tad Lockes at all kein af ike la; aaii IieaiK. ICE CREAMS. PLAIX 4 VD FA.XCY CAKE, FBI IT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on hand. ^VTATBR, Drawn from Dow’. Pa’ent Ice Cream Sodi Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all oar old friend, and . make a host of new one., and trust that none will ! hare cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. ^ ~_u USE THE BR0CE8IEPER GAS REGULATOR,1 AND SAVE »' <\C R HAS. Aug it—dim FIRST YUTOYALBAAK. Seven-Thirty Rotes for Sale. Inteml semi-anijually, payable in paper at the rate or seven and throw tenths per cent, per annum Bonde convertabie In three yeari Into six per cent llre-twenty bonds, upon whioh the intereet ie paya ble in coin. The notes will Ic delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will reoeive the interest to Aognst 16. If subscriptions arc made before that time. One-etgklk per cent. commission trill 6c allowed subscribers at Ibis Bank upon all amount* o/» 1.U00 and over. W. K. GOULD, Cashier. Cortland, July 3uth, 18€4 —dtwtf NOW is THE T ill t: TO USB TUB BR0CKSIEPER8 GAS REGUIA TOR. EDWARD SUAW, Agent. Aug 6—dim Law Partnership. HOWARD it) OI1EAVE8. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 91 Middle St., over Casco Bank, PORTLAND, MR. JOSEPH HOWARD. NATHAN CLEAVE*. j> l"dA w3m NOW 18 THE T I M K TO LSI TIB B10CKSIEPERSGAS REGULATOR. EDWARD SHAW. Agent. Aug 5—dim Gorham Seminary. fllHE Fall Term of this Institution will commence X ouTueadav ibe &>th of Auguat, and continue eleven weeks, under the charge of W G LORD, A M. Inquiries relative to the school should be add reap ed to the I’riucipal or to J WATERMAN, Sec y. Gorham, Aug. 2,1SS4 — o2w • NOW 18 THE TIME TO USB TUB BROCXSIEPER’S GAS REGULATOR. • EDWARD SHAW, Agent. AugSdlm Bowdoin Collr|«. fllUE Annual Examination of candidates for ad X mission to Bowdoin College will take place on Friday the dfth day of August next, xt 8 o'clock in the the new Medical Hall; and alto on Thursday, the twenty-fltthhlay of Aagust next, lx the same place, and at the same honr. LEUJi AKD WOODS. Brunawick, July 6, 18M, JulyTdtd I [ ENTERTAINMENTS THEATRE! D E E R I N Q HALL. J' C MTEBS.Leaseeind Manager. '-"ISfement lor Three Nights Onl/ IT T a —°9— 188 iAT> REIGHOLDS, Prr or run Portliud Pcblio. j Who «ni m.k. her |ppnt|m on Wednesday Evening, August 10, -AS ROMEO! IN SHAKSPKARES GREAT TRAGEDY or ROMEO AND JULIET, Cwt to the entire strength of n well (elected dim. ■atlc compeer. Price—Parqnattc. 60 cti. Balcony at eenta OT“8ont( can be tecnred it Mr bane's .tore an i?r ***hont ext't (.barge, commencing Monday the Mb. " Aug. 4. Annual Picnic Excursion AND CLAM BAKE -BY TBB Portland Spiritaal Association To thej.innd. in the Barge ( om ort. on TUUR8 DAt.Aug lith, leering Gall'. Wharf nt 81 o'clock A « .end returning at r>, p j| i*?/*11* 60 CPO,“ Children 26 cents-to be obtained at the Bookstore, of H. L. Daria, W D. B°b of ?2.*."d * Xoi”-. Kachan ge Street, and of the t omiairtee. Per order. J,2H dtd Merehants’ GRAND EXCURSION!!; LITTLE CHEBEAGUE ISLAND AND BACKJ FRIDAY, Aug 19th, 18*4. A Band w ill accompany the Baal*. ArrangemeBtshare leea made to accommodate SOOO PEOPLE! There will be Music, Speeches, and a Good Dinner. A limited cumber of ticket, are for rale at tha di;. Grant Apothecaries and Music .tore, and Hatch la the city. Person, wishing ticket, mast apply soon. TICKETS, 91.50 EACH. No Deduction lor Children. XW~No ticket. Ktld niter Wednesday next. it* . did Attention ! EXCURSION PARTIES ! THE S1KAMKK lvla,rsena, J" ohnson H*'11!* been withdrawn from the route to Haro. well, ikdov t-fared for the accommodation of Ex tur.ion parties. and will take them to any pi** in BVI* P*rii « *•*•«» low rates. The public are invite 1 to inspect tr it boat, it beiar ■tied up in a superior style, and id by far the aafeet excursion boat in tbtse waters. Tor further Dartie ulars esquire of G£OEGS WATEKIIOU8K. Agent on board, or to J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. Aog. #-tf dirigo Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 2* EXCHANGE 8T. Authorized Capital, $500,000. ' CAPITAL PAID IN *200,000. ] Invented u follow*:— Iyoan* oo Mortgage* of Real Lztate at I wo third- t** value, 9/4 jjqq Loau* ou pltdge of L'nited State*Securities, 51’*0 Lo*a* ou pledg-* or l kiy *crip. *4 500 Loan* oa pledge of Bank Stock*, jg 900 < Loan* ou p'edga of State of Maui. Hot d«, U boo 1 Loan* ou piedgu of Aadroecogglu County « Bond,, 4Wo _ 1 wuo.ueo < Th:* Company ia now prepared to i.-xe pulicloa , upon all kind, of properly In ih. , ity or country. ! liable to Im or damage by Are. ai a- low rate* a, la ! lagan by any ttbwr elites 1 ha palroua.e ol lbe ‘ merchant, and citizen, generally otiortiand and ricinlty, ia moat rewpecifull. olieir. ,1 A. K SHI Rri.fe.KK, Prerideot. JKliRMIAIf DOW, S’ Cretan Dinar guns: J B Brown, A E. Spring. D W. Clark. 1 B Carroll, Joan Lynch. U. 1. K.bin. on Tni’rTaaa * At John Smith, 11. J. Libby, H X Jose H M l'av.on, J X Winslow, (, W Woodman Andrew Spring, Alvnb Coiiant, II 1. Hot.rn.on ’ PbilipH. Brown, C. U. Haskell, A. C. Chase Jeremish Dow, X o tram, Wm. Moulton. Portland, August 1, 18IH. -I,d3m IIROCKSIKPKK*8 PATENT 1 Ohm Regulator! ! OIULliklVI Agency for the Mle of the Reg L ulntor in Portland Xo 103 Hindis street, up • J--**»r<* 8h-w Sole Agent This a. w article f lor public Taror will sase (U percent, to the con,urn- e sr any ga, barner new in use . SS.ObO hare been •old in New England .lace Janaary ia< Tbia is not 1 a regulator to be affixed to the meter, all .neb hare railed, bat ii attached immediately under rachbarn ,r tip, sad ia a part of. and an oruameut to, the gas nature itself Th« partinalar • hitecesa and steadi arss of*he light produced because of the exact proper romnu.ttpn—astonishes all who bare seen it, while I he politic*/net of obtainieg the intpror.rf Uykl ai a reduced expense need only be inv.stigated >i this office to ensure the eocdCecce oi the meat ikeptleal. rhe rrg .latoi ia a perfect -tell tala" oa > Ibe exact amount of gaa wed No pressure attained t by the t.aa Compaoy affects it disadvautageou-ly in the least. Gas Companies all recommend it because 5 it gives entire satistaction to consumers, hence their 1 number of con.umers are increased. Retail piice » oent. each. The article will be adjusted for cob rumei, immediately (rt<tuiring but a lew moment. 1 nmr) and if not tuned will be takca off fate of ex MBM. EDWARD SHAW, 102 MuIdU Street, up ttairt. Wr have this day appointed Kdward Shaw »ole render and agent tor Brockaieper'a 1'ateut Kt gala tor in Portland; all orders lor the goids nut be Doade through him. HULL A GOOD ELL. Below wr give certificates oi the high eatimatiea )f the Regulator in other place, where it is bow in » * ise. 3 Dovaa, July |g, 1fc*. Mei$rt. Hull $ (,oodtll — \ be Dirretom of the A Dove-Gaa Light l oinyany. after a ft»!l and thorough rxamiua'ion and test of “Brockaieper Gas Regula tor." have ordered me to purchase one hundred lollars .worlh of the same, which I have this day lone, aud have also received for said company she t exclusive agency for »aid goods in and for the city of f Dover. Yoars truly, JuSAa U TOWX8E5D, Bup Uorer liu LI. Co. Certificate from thegi, fitter of the Villa, etc., at ! Luwbll. Maas , July 11, lfist ’ < .Vssir, Hull t Goodett-AD experience of many yeara in the yai fining banu u bu olfen suggested I lo me the great ralue of aa improvrmant whereby Ihepriwure of gas might be regu'ated at the pot a • jf coueumpllon Ma'iy and fruitle-v attempt, have rrom time lo time teen made to place regulator* at the meter. Experience line shown that all eueh at- ' lempfe hare proved laiiaiea 1 have aleo aeea and used iu mv buriues, nearly all the «o-called improve- 1 ineiitv in burner*, wherein that which cow have ac- ! Eompli.hed bs> been attempted bat at way, tailed After a eareful examination and a il-oroogh leal of yonr Gas Regulators—which are attached Immedi ately under each burner aa a part wf the gas fixture— t I am fully convinced that your improvement i, a dr- , tided aureeea. the lightis improved in brightness and in i'aillutuiuaLngpowar, while tbe expense saved to the ooii,inner is full ») per rent Tbe eombnstien is perfect, hence the'mproveiuent must be adopted as x matter of economy ax w-ell xs tbe luxury of a ge*»d xud steady light I cheerfully recommend it to the trade and to allecusumers of gas Yours, Ac., U. U. BARKER, Jy38 dtf Gas Titter, t Central Street t ST*TE(0 LLEb K Agriculture anu Mechanic Arts I Tills undersigned. Com uissioaers, appointed un der a revolve of the last Legislature, ax* author ised eud directed br said resolve to invite aud re ceive donations and beuetactione in aid of the pro posed "(Wlryr for the benefit of Agriculture and tke .1lech iwie Arte." and to receive proposals fur the location thereof, hereby five notice that they use prepared lo receive euoh donations, benefactions and proposal-, and re-|ue*t that all communications touching the same mav be made before the first day of September next, addressed tu the undersigned. WM_ti CROSBY. Belfast. . WM G CROSBY, JOS El-11 EATON, ... SAMVEL r rKRLEY. julySdtwto septl Safes \ Safes \ l ] FOB RA LB AT C JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 1,2 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.. JyMfita I I AUCTION SALES. House and Land at AuctJoa. ON Thursday, August lltb, at * o’clock P. M oa tb. premises, we .ball sell Hoasebo. i7 Pore St. n lx a two story double tenement. and this is tba eu tern hall of it. It has 18 ttnirhed rooms, witA *ood closets; fitted fir two families if d< fired. Gas hoU!<* *lne finished f.-om Li Vain *ftrrtst • e*Ct H«*t water, hard and sc ft, abundance* of if; two wood aitpria a,. Tha u» Aug « _^t,d Kr BA,LEr * CO., Auctioaeera. Auction Sale of Heal Estate. U V.imiUei°f ? the Probate Court o ibflot u?tnd 1 1 »> toWlc auctioa the lot ofland. with the buildings ibei eon, situaird at 'r*;1 froet aud Chareb Cane availed Iu Portland, said lot ountalulog about i bitty .1* feet on Pearl direat aud about seventy net out hutch erill* deceased*8 ,h® hom®*,c*li °' ,L® 1*,« John Av T The auction will take place en the premises oa Thursday. September f lW at 12 o'clock Porti.eH tAo ^. E:srAVJtN8, Admiairtratar. Portland, July 2t), 18-4 eodteeplfcwaw _T Administrator's Sale. ^ ml rri,«.ViT'b/ lh»* bT virtue of all ot i i«Lk>4 i’.KU|, ,or "e Crump dwelltoTKE1 ' '*S“ «»• br publie auction. at tbi Mplmkr i n ii! premia., OD ,i,r attsemh dap the homestead r.ri^*!*f ** 8 o’oloak la the af erucon, Jr , laieVf K?ee"? 1 'V Aau. r on Brewer! Kreeport aid ’.d C< •»'■•«*d ia .aid le«. subject totb. " ^lor particmarsasto U> Ua suh. Dated tbi, «th dap of August, A^iW*038 __ fflw*w edwahd n.lpmw; Commission Merchant k Auctioneer, H^ch?n°J^V.° :B; »P»oiou. .tor. X» Exchange Street, four doora below Merchant's Exohanga. Will receive consignments of Iferchaad'aa a, SSrfSSS irompt sales and rs.arnio Ce* “u'id'y TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.fl. DtlllVd, ^Medical IClectrician, Ms. |1 Clapp’s Block, ****** Or COM OHM HR AMD MLM STRMMTR r 1 oca led in tide city. During^ *£»"**»•»«• “** *• khre been in town we*hn?e nni he wont forme of dim-ace in para... i?**0* '*' form, of in wSTVrf *22?.^ o«wtfoSTto *£; r. L°«^r.rair srts ioctor the cocoad Um, for nothing* " " wU1 Dr. U. bws a practical Electrician fcr twont*. » * y^jbta, and i*al«c a rtfiiar graduated okfCnJl P*rf*,u>' »0»pfod to chronic tHwi &aS58fe*SSJ^SS£ wery ca>« that MB be placatediSiSSThSLTh! jyjjjgj- * ** •*•«. ®7 Blootriolty •en*V^h"u.**°0jlk* *°atX‘tke l““* “4 the laiy ft*1'?*"0™wlthtbcngilitytad eJaetk. 2 of Tenth; the heated brain in 6oofod“the hSi Mored,h* ®“eo*tk deformitiee re acrad; faintneaa converted to vi*or s-SSjfe ~3vS £, SRitf’SttM :»£u&rfi33r sssr a LADIES Eho harteold hand, and feet; weak itomach. uacaad weak back.; nerreaa and lick headache* J.nnc« and swimming in the hand, wtthindimi ““ ®»2«o-«ip»tioB a? th. howak; J*ln la th^SX nd back; leacorrhma. (ar white, i- fhlHna ef the rorab with Internal earner.; tumor,, polvna. ,fa J1 that long train oa diaeaMe will BadU* \focti5i ty a care mean, of care. For [.aimfat,V«oT oo profone manatrution, and ail afthoaTinaJfoi fUoahtM wtthyoaag ladlea. Kfoc tr icUy^.J^ ASth.****^ *** otherdiOcnitie., ,Jha dCHa^Tof £hU*£ SThTSi^Si*'•>** or poiMUSd^J; “ c"? J^7?c foXh^X,ftt‘ “4 **" >5mB *•■•*• *»•■•«»« OMMtmtiMFraa. |yl4 lead PORT I- A D € O flPAHY. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETIHO A STRCIXL maatiag of the itcrkholden of tha * * “rtiaad Comi mt will be held .1 tha room, fth. Board of Trade, Exehaagc »tr».*.ia™“ 5?i&KVlP ■££"""<U*01 A'»~ ■»*• lit—At who* rate the cockholder, will take an the d. .t^k antho-iied to be I..™ .at f the Legis atare of Februar) 2>lb 1%4 bathtr they will sell and convey the proper* 9 *®<l M»el* cf the Company to parti« i wto will arnwh the additional capital needed to carry on the icreased business of »ke Works ^ Po’.la.d «’ NOTM.CWrk. °<1 pl*°*_ JjaSdtd Xew Boat for Harpswell. in and niter Monday, Jaly Uth, 1944. the aaw and superior steamer IUARCEVA JOHVSON, Will lean u follow,: 5S3SkhC LaaTeCaitom Boom Wharf at 9 4* TetjuamTirar. Uarpawail at (P.k, lo.cluag Exeuraioa ticket, to JUrMwell. T6 cent.. FmEi tland. ti Met., DiamoadCore or CbebaaetM I» >nda. 40 cant.. Single ticket, same u ,bcT.*** Large partie. taken at raeMnable raten. The public are iarited to irupect tkl. boat, it bciac *'”*'*22 iJ&TWS&tt?*of GEO WAriB J. B. J01IV90X, Proprietor. JalyS^ Canal Bank Government 7 3-10 losn. Thi. Bask I. prepared to reoeirc .ubMriplioa. to Ik- new 7 3-10 loan In .ami of 960 and apanrtU, ayinf interect from date of subccription to August Sth, the date of tha tew loan. The notea are coavertable at the end of thrtc sars into sr>ecie paying 6 percent &*» bond*. One eighth per cent willbcal owed on allamoante f 91000 and over. B. C. BOMiBBV Pori land A ng, 1,1804 -dl f tMnhlar. STATE OF MAINE. F.iiiltivi DnrAainaar I ..... s Angntta. July lo, ISM. I .4'**<yo,»,'“*'* *•«*<«> of H.0 F.xecutive Connell, ill bo held nt the Conneil Chamber, in Augusta. on londay, the eighth dev of Augu-t next 4*t**t: EPH K AIM FLINT JK.. •ildtd_ Stcrttmry of Stott. L. J. HILL A To., Wholesale Dealers in ’ream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. 33 YORK STRKKT, PORTLAND. Green and Roasted Coffee In the Grain Ground ofce and Spices of all kinds. Coff.e and Spices ground to order. Allordrra romptly attended to. j,30 aim For the Pool. - . elP~"n. Steamer CLIPt EE ' will leare ■en r,ih»~ism k*■*’"■■ Island Wfcarr. Saco. <«r the r. el." enry da». iSunday exceptedlal Id a m. nd 2 r it Kevurtimg, trace the Pool at Ik a. u. nd&r. it arriving in time tor the evening train tr 1'ortJand. Fort from Saco to tkt Foot anil book bOdt. Excursion Tickets fnrul.hed to partiew ot Fifty or tore, trout Portland to 'he Pool aud back, by ratl oad aud stoatsb* at, at t<u cents BOSS h STCUDIVANT. A.g M.i^-d,;800^^ r<>rtl“<,• First National Bank. This Bank will convert the seven-thirty nebs ms ating Ang. lit, and ttet. l.into six per ocat. bonds f 1881, in ail tbe denominations in which the note rtre issued, viiSiO, »100, OiOO. end ffi roo. W. E GUILD, Cashier. Portland, July SO, 185*_eodtf COAL FKFItsHTS. Pit ton, N. 8.. to Pembroke. Maine. . Any sited Vsasels. Foreign or Ameri lean. wanted to height Coal as above, ibe rale* for d.schargiug are lower , lV.'lian at Boctou. and there are oth.r fac,l >isis>er ittes. Applv toorad'tiesa W M E COFFIN fe CO . Beaten Also a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to other orfs. jolt u; 1.2m Dwell ini; Route For tjkkv A two story Dwe’ling House q„ North street Silk with h good stable and a *ooa well ofwsi. r. ■Malt is a desirable loeatio^, aud will t„ sold U*P' Van ef the purclms, at..i ei can !a\ on too, t BEO F.FO'JHI, J1” No. 9 Ga t Bit ek House aud Lot Wuulftl. t Vi.Inltyot or above Higb St. preferred. - Any one havings desirable estate te sell worth from at.oeo to »b) OHO, pleaae address, .(off, g icuiion, Box ltHl, r. 0. angddt. "

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