Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 9, 1864 Page 3
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IVHTLAXD AXU Wit 1X11 l . >•»» iirrrfiMKMii/i Tm-Ump A**Uoi »aV-U«c'« bail»> k Co ▲ uctloa bal*~ K M Pfttlab WtudUam Uiiui Bndgtoi Aotdui) —f oil Term 1 ••■iiuerv'ial i el***- Loocur J, V U # Wauwd—Coat \fik»n bcxrboron* *—tn-*cu*. Ciu’hing Smith k Lonrla. Aankibtrilor'i Hole Co|* UutbMb-CuoM. b urban* H'ucu* B urdwi Wanted V armoal 1*—< aticu* 0 -ulJ • Acadt in* — iail Ierm To bo BcatcJ- lioim Supreme Judicial Court. 1 KtMIX Al. TBUM.—DAVIS, J., Trial for Attempt to PoUon. Moxdait.—State vs. Margaret Wallace, for attempt to poison. The testimony of Mr. Wentworth was fin ished. Sargent P. Coe testified that sometime in Jauuary last Mrs.Uosworth brought a piece of tissue paper to the store ot H. H. Hay & Co., which contalued arsenic. It was not the kind of paper druggists use for wrapping up such articles. Mrs. Morrill testified that she left Mr. Bos worth’s house about half past six o’clock that evening, to attend the lecture. On her return, at Mrs. Uos worth's request, she went down into the kitchen and examined the kettle and sink. Her testimony corroborated that of Mrs. B., in relation to finding the powuer in the kettle and around the pump. Mrs. Bosworth was recalled and testified that she went to see a neice of C'apt. Baine, where Margaret had formerly lived, and told her that Margaret had lost many things since she resided in her (Mrs. B.’s) family. The neice said Margaret was dishonest when she lived with Capt. Baine. THE DEFENSE. Mr. Williams opened the case for the pris oner. He did not deny that arsenic had been placed in the tea kettfe—it was conclusively evident that such was the fact. But he con tended, notwithstanding the strong circum stances which, in the evidence for the prose cution, pointed to Margaret as the one who placed it there, that it was placed there by some other person. There was opportunity for it according to the testimony of the gov ernment witnesses. He should endeavor to show by competent testimony that Margaret was not in the house after 7 o’clock that even ing. The most important witness for the de fense, Mr. Sabine, who was with Margaret from half past 7 o'clock that evening, until she went home, was in the army and it was impossible to obtain his evidence. He com mented strongly upon the idea of adjudging a person guilty upon circumstantial evidence, and quoted cases in which persons had been wrongly accused upon circumstances. Capt. Baine and his wife and Rev. £. W. Jackson and wife, testilled that Margaret had lived with them. They gave her an excellent character. Mr. L. Marr testified that Margaret had been employed in the laundry. Found her capable and honest. There was an opportu nity for pilfering there if the employees were ! so disposed. Charles F. Kolf testified that on the even ing of January 13th, he was with a friend of his named Sabine, who told him he was ex pecting his woman to go to a concert with him. lie (Sabine) said he had called at the house but they told him she ha^ been gone about five minutes. Sabine then said, here she comes. This was near the corner of Tem ple street. Looked at Dunyon’s illuminated clock and saw that it was 25 minutes past 7 o’clock. Observed the female closely, as be wanted to see what kind of a woman Sabine had. The next week he was called upon to go to the jail to see if he could identify the girl who was with Sabine. Went there and immedi ately pointed out Margaret as the one. Rec oguixed her also iu court Did not kuow where Sabine was now. Mr. Williams theu placed Margaret Wallace, the prisoner, on the stand, which, according to the statute passed at the last session of the Legislature, he had the right to do. The jury to take her evidence for what they consider it worth. She gave her testimony in a very calm and cool manner, and did not appear at all excited during the cross examination. The following is her testimony; My native place is Nova Scotia. Have bir- ; ed out about eight years, three of which were in Gorham, the rest in Portland. Resided in Gorham with Rev. Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Hall and Deacon Irish. Came to Portland and worked for Mr. Marr in the laundry, while it was here, and a short time at Saccarappa.— Then weut to work at Mr. Williams, theu at Capt. Baiue’s. Then weut home. Returned to Portland and went to Mr. Bosworth's.— Went there the first ol October and left in January. On the evening of th# 13th of January, the family had tea earlier than usual on account of the Mercantile Library lecture. After some couversatiou about the towels, Mrs. Boe worlh charged her with stealing some of the cotton cloth. Witness denied it, and said she had purchased the cloth at the eastward.— Mrs. B. said it was similar to hers, and she wished the witness to leave the house. After eating her supper witness proceeded to set the table for morning. Miss Brown came in before the table was cleared, and eat down and partook of supper. Afterward she came down stairs and got some w ater. It was about 25 minutes before 7 when I got through with my work. Then weut up stairs ; j found my clothiug takeu from my trunks and laying on the outside. Put my things back into my trunks,and theu went down stairs and went out the lront door, unlocking the door and leaving the key in the lock. My lam p I left on a table in the hall. Never bought or used arsenic. Mrs. B. bad complained of person’s coming to the house to see me. When I went out of the house I went to i Iligb street. Just as I got to the corner the clock struck seven. Weut up High and down Congress streets; stopped at Wiswell’s and purchased some apples; then weut down Middle street and met Sabine, near Temple street, and went to the post ollice with him ; walked around with him and went to a saloon and got some oysters. Had got a place at Mr. Jordan's at Cape Elizabeth, and weut to Mr. Bosworth's for my trunks the next Saturday. Was arrested Sun day—the officer who arrested me said there was some trouble about my truuks. He did not tell me what 1 was arrested lor. On cross examination, witness testified that in addition to the places named where she had lived, she had lived at Mr. Morse’s aud at Mr. Nullings'. When at the eastward, was at Hal ifax, Cornwallis,Eastport,Calais,St. John and some other places. Returned here on Tues day and weut to Mrs. Bosworth's the next Mondav. After walking around and getting the oys ters on the evening of Jan. 13th, went to Mrs. Piper’s, No. 43 Sumner street, and remained there until Saturday. Became acquainted with Mrs. Piper when I worked in the laun dry; she lived in the next house. Never heard anything about Mrs. Piper's being tin ned until 1 was put iu jail. Visited Mrs. 's while I resided at Mrs. Bosworlh’s.— Sabine went as far as the door with me that night, but did not go in. Told Sabine I had been discharged; told him that night". Mrs. Bosworth said she had rather I would leave that night. Mrs. Bosworth was in the kitcht n when I left the house. Helen Brown came in before Mrs. Morrill left. Wore my boots when I went out that uight; had wore them all day; had but one pair. Wheu Helen Brown came Mrs. Bosworth was talking to me about steal ing; the conversation continued for five min utes after Helen came. When Mrs. Morrill left the house Helen was sitting at the table. Washed the dishes, set the table for break fast, swept the kitchen, brushed the stove off and set the tea kettle; then took the lamp from the sink room shelf; there was no oil in it and I left it on the table; had some matches in my hand and might have left them with the lamp. It was 25 minutes of ~ o'clock when I went up stairs—looked at the clock.— The clock struck seven when I readied the corner of High and Ilanforth streets. Was in the store five or ten minutes purchasing the apples—had to wait for other customers. Was in my room hut a few minutes putting my things into my trunks. Spoke to Mrs. Bosworth on Saturday about my pay. She owed me for eight weeks ser vice. She refused to pay me. Spoke about my stealing and visiting Mrs. Piper’s. Told her that Mrs. Piper was as good as any body. Never was in the house after I left it, except the Saturday I called for my trunks and my pay. Did not call the next day for my pay becaused I prefered getting a place first. She has not paid my wages. Left the demand with Mr. Williams to collect. pid sot change my dress after I went up to an room Did not have on • calico dreaa when I washed the dishe*. Did not intend to come tiack when 1 led 111*- house Dial night. Could uot go up stairs without being heard by Mrs. bosworth. as I hail oa my thick boots. Could uot tall when Mrs. Bosworth paid me any mouej —certainly not any within two months, i was in a hurry that night In order to get btck in season. I)o not know how my clothiug csuii* out ol'my trunk unless Mm. Bosworth look it out. Aid sure the gas was not lighted in the kitchen that night or for weeks before—all the light I had iu the kitch en was the large kerosene lamp I took from the dining room. The water never boiled over from the boiler into my boots, for I al ways had them on my feet. DIRECT EXAMINATION RESUMED. Mrs. Morse with whom I lived a long time, is now iu Boston. When I left the bouse 1 heard Mrs. Bosworth in the kiichen—did not see her. Mrs. B. and Miss Brown were the only persons in the house, and I supposed it to be Mrs. B. This closed the evidence on the part of the iiritinnAr FOB THE PBOBKCUTIOS. Mrs. Morrill recalled. She testified that Margaret alway» went out and came in by the back door. Margaret had a pair of thin boots that she wore about the house. The last time 1 was In the kitchen, betweeu three and four o'clock in the afternoon, she had on a print dress. When 1 left the house Helen Brown had uot arrived there. 1 met her a short dis- i tancc from the house and spoke to her. The last time 1 saw the thin boots was betwet n Thanksgiving audChristtnas.shouldsay about the middle of December. She purchased a new pair of bools and shew them to me. She wore the thin boots about the house; I could tell by the sound. Mrs. Bosworth recalled. I settled w ith • Margaret on or about the tlr»t of January, and paid her all that was due her up to that i time. Always paid her every two weeks, with oue exception. 1 was in the the country and did not settle with her until my return. Mar garet left her boots near the boiler one day when she was hauging out clothes, and the ; water boiled over into them. She generally used the back door for egress and ingress.— | No one called f r Margaret that evening.— Never knew her to empty the tea kettle and prepare it for morning before that night. Do not remember if I called Miss Brown’s atten tion to the boots of Margaret that night. The most money 1 ever paid her at oue time, was seven dollars. After I let my brother and Mrs. Morrill leave the bouse that night, and Miss Brown had come iu,i locked the door.— Miss Brown came in shortly after my brother and Mrs. Morrill left the house. Alonzo Wentworth. Afier arresting Mar garet 1 examined her trunks. Fouud a pair of cloth boots, tit for wear, in one .of the trunks. The trunks were examined at Mr. Bos worth’s house. Helen Brown.—When 1 went down into the kitchen that eveuiug for water, about 7 o’clock, Margaret was engaged in washing dishes, and the gas was burning. I met Mr. Kaler and Mrs. Morrill just before 1 reached the house—spoke to them, David B. Kaler—Was present when the trunks were called for on Saturday—nothing was said about wages. Know Sabine. He called at the house Friday evening after the circumstance and enquired for Margaret — this was between 7 and 8 o’clock. Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Cummings and David Stillings were called by Government. They , testified that the character of Margaret was bad; that she had a reputation for dishonesty. REBUTTING. Margaret Wallace was again placed on the stand. She testified that she burned up her old boots when she purchased her new ones, and that she had no boot* in her trunk. Mr. Williams then summed up for the pris oner in an able argument, occupying the at tention of the jury nearly two hours and up to the adjournment. Mr. Butler will close for the prosecution this morning. Congressional Excursion.—The follow ing is an outline of the arrangements project ed for the entertainment of the Congressional party: IFednestlay—At 9 A. M., Committees meet the guests at the l’reble House and proceed ' in a body to the City Hall, where they will be formerly presented to the Mayor, City Gov ernment and citizens. At 12 o'clock the Com mittee on Defences will visit the fortitlcations, taking refreshments at Fort Preble. The af ternoon will be devoted to witnessing experi- , meuis in gunnery at the various fortifications, and return to the city; in the evening, levee at the City Hall, commencing at 9 o’clock,and no person admitted without tickets. Thun day.—At 9 o'clock embark on board the boats lor an excursion among the Islands, to which ladies will be invited, landing proba bly at Little Hog Island, where the party will partake of a chowder and clam bake, dc., and return to the city. The following gentlemen have been added to the Committee on Finance: George W, Woodman, Jonas H. Perley, James E. Carter, and the committee now stand as follows:— Hon. A. W. H. Clapp, W. L. Southard, Jas. O. Brown, George W. Woodman, Jonas U. Pepley, Janies B. Carter. Lewis B. Smith, Esq., has been added to the Committee on Transportation, Ac., so that the committee, as it now stands, consists of Gov. Washburn, S. E. Spring, J. II. Kelley, and Lewis B. Smith. Company A.—The following appointments have been made for Co. A, City Battalion: 1st Sergeant, Geo. W. Beal; 2d do, John C. Small; 3d do, Danl. W. Eaton; 4tb do, Chas. E. Somerby; 5lh do, Miles T. Libby. 1st Corporal, Geo. E. Boss; 2d do, Chas. D. Munger; 3d do, K. P. Jewett; 4th, Major S. Libby. Surgeon, Charles W. Thomas. Chaplain, E. C. Bolles. Secretary and Treasurer, Marshal N. Rich. Musicians, Charles E. Beckett, Joseph E. Merrill. Financial Committee, William W. Thomas, j William Willis, John Xeal, Benj. Kingsbury. Armorer, Albert S. Spaulding. Friday evenings have been designated for drills, and Saturday afternoons for heavy ar tillery. Railway Traffic.—'The receipts on the Grand Trunk Railway for the week ending July 30th were $91,002.51 Corusponding week last year, 75,031 09 _ i Increase, $15,370.82 There was an increase during the week of $0,032.48 in passengers, and $9,338.34 in freight. The Grand Trunk Company are now work ing the Buffalo and Lake Huron line, which, by an agreement between the two companies, passed into the hands of the Grand Trunk Company on the 1st of August. Drummed out ok Camp.—A promiueut copperhead of Cape Elizabeth, uamej Tucker, who has made himscll notorious by talking secesh language to the soldiers at Camp Berry, visited the camp last week and was letting ok some of his scurilous stuff, when he was ar rested by Capt. Lincoln and confined in the guard-house for thirty-six hours, and then, with bayonets pointed at him from ail quar ters, was drummtd out of the camp to the tuue of “Rogue’s March,” with orders not to show his face there again. Excursion to Saco River.—We learu that the Po.tland Divisiou of the Sons of Temperance are intending to make an excur i sion to Saco River in a few days. Chandler's 1 Band is to be engaged for the occasion. The exercises will be of such a variety that all who . go will And au opportunity to enjoy them selves. Full particulars to-morrow. Excursion Committee. — The several Committees in charges oi the Excursion ar rangements, both of citizens and editors, are requested to meet at the Board of Trade rooms, at 10 o'clock, this morning, precisely, iu consultation with the lion. John H. Rice, 1 Chairman of the Coast Defense Committee. Sot.D.—Did not the Argus and Advertiser get slightly told iu the item about rilliug the j money drawer iu the drug store of Mr. F. G. Nichols'.’ We beard the same story, but upon enquiry learned that the “bold thief" was a rut, and that he Buffered death at the bauds of J the officer. I. O. of O. b.—The Grand Lodge of Maine j met,ls Odd Fellows’ Dali, Exchange street, this morning at S o’clock, in annital session.— The Grand Encampment meet this evening at \ 7 o'clock. Tb the Editor q/' t*« Press Qi kbt.—An evening paper talks about the proposed “Editorial" Convention, and says on Wednesday forenoon it will organize a “State Editorial Association.” I don’t un derstand how the editor* are to monopolize the Convention, or how It can properly be styled an “Editorial’’ Convention, or how it ran organize an “Editorial Association.” Its Committee of Arrangements embraces—and of course the Convention will embrace—not only editors, but ex-editors, publishers and ex publishers, job printers and ex-job printers, besides the reporters of the several papers These latter classes largely outnumber the ed itors, and if the Convention is not more prop erly a Publishers’ and Printers’ than an Edi torial Convention, then a misapprehension exists in the mind of more than one Job Pri.ntkr. Ot'ii Shade Tubes.— We congratulate that portion of our citizens, who have a taste for trees, that the committee on Cemeteries and Public Grounds, have recently obtained a forester ol taste, judgement and thoroughness in his profession. In proof of this, we call their attention to the symmetry of the trees in Free street, which he began to take in hand a week or two siuce, and which renovated ap pearance has been effected without injury to their shade. Dead trees, dead limbs from liv ing trees, and superfluous green limbs from otherwise flourishing trees, have all been re moved, to the manifest ornament ol the street and vicinity. A Free Street Resident. Mortality of Portland.—The whole number of deaths in this city during the month of July was 70. Of them died of Consumption, 18; burned, 1; measles, 3; gunshot wound, 2; fevers, 6; diseases of the bruin, 8; diseases of bowel, 8; old age, 2; vomiting, 1; childbirth, 1; infantile, 3; con vulsions, 2; paralysis. 1; drowned, 1; disease of the heart, 1; croup,3; dropsy,2; teething, I ; neuralgia, 1; collision on railroad, 2; apo plexy, 1; mortification, 1. Ages—under 5 years, 39; between 5 and 10, 2; 10 and 20,3; 20 and 30,8; 30 aud 40, 3; 40 aud 50, 2; 50 and 00, 5; 60 and 70,3; 70 aud 80, 4; 80 and 90, 2; 1 aged 94; unknown, 1. Female, 36; Male, 34. Lons Bunce, Superintendent of Burials. Kate Reignolds.— To-morrow evening this charming actress w ill once more present herself before the Portland public, at Deeriug Hall. As here engagement is limited to three nights, it becomes her hosts of admirers, in this city, to secure their tickets and seats in season. Seats can now be secured at Mr. Dana’s store under the hall, without extra charge. Light.—A cheap and steady light is one o the necessities of life. Light must be had In this northern clime, and the man who renders it cheap and sufficient, is a public benefactor Our attention has been called to this by the economy in gas, which has been effected by the new regulator, just introduced into our market. Mr. Edward Shaw is the agent, and we advise all who have not more money than they know what to do with, to call and see the philosophy of the economy, and avail themselves of it. BY TELEGRAPH -TO THE BVEN1N6 PAPEIiS. Various Iteini. New Yoke, Aug. 8. It is ascertained that the rebel force ou the Upper Potomac is only Early’s command.— They have not been reinforced to any exteut. Gen. Sheridau will take command of the for ces in the Held operating against Early, while Gen. Hunter remains in command of the De partment. Torbit will command the cavalry. Hooker is not to have a command at preseut, but takes leave of absence. The Court of Inquiry to investigate the cause of the disaster before Petersburg, has decided that it cannot legally examine wit nesses or go into the merits of the question. The matter has been referred back to Geu. Meade, who, it is reported, intends to prefer charges against Gen. Burnside. The World’s Washington dispatch says it is reported that Postmaster General Blair in tends soon to retire from the Cabinet. The U. S. steamer Merrimac sailed hence for Portland Friday, to lake the Congressional Committee on their proposed excursion down the coast of Maine. Admiral Dahlgren has at last secured a pho tograph copy of the order said to have been written and issned by his sod. Col. Ulric Dahl gren, wheu making the raid towards Rich mond, and pronounces it a forgery. From the I'pjtrr fotoinuc. Baltimore, Aug. 8. The American says: “ From a gentleman from the Upper Potomac, we learn that the entire rebel lorce yesterday evacuated the Maryland side of the Potomac, moving off in great haste. Their rear guard crossed at Shepardstown at 11 o’clock A. M. yesterday, and the balance crossed at Uaucock about the same time. Previous to leaving they sent back a cavalry force to Hagerstown and car ried otr four prominent Union citizens as hos tages for rebel cilizeus arrested by order of Gen. Uuuter, from the south side of the Poto mac. We learn that Early has been moving up the Valley towards Winchester, with his harvest train. During all last week he scour ed the country for conscripts and grain, con- ! lequeully he made but slow progress ou his march. They are tnoviug otf toward Staun- ’ ton, but that they will make their escape with out interruption we do not believe.” Foom Mobile—Preparation* for an Attaek. New York. Aug. 8. The U. S. supply steamship Admiral lias re turned from a cruise of supply to our block- , ading squadron, stopping off Mobile. The Admiral fouud close in under Sand Island the monitor Manhattan, with a lull head of steam, ready to encounter the rebel ram Tennessee, which was at anchor two and a half miles dis tant, with three other iion and cotton clads. The vessels off Mobile were the flag ship Hartford, the Richmond, Monougabela, Ossl pee, Lackawana, Metacomet, Oueida, Sebago, Geuessee and Uieuville, all beiug vessels of very heavy armaments, and the gunboats Ken nebec, l’enolataska and Jackson. Two iron clads were expected from the Mississippi, and another monitor from an Atlantic port. The officers and crews were anxious to force an entrance into the bay. I'r.nt the Army before Richmond. Washington, Aug. 8. A letter from the Army of the Potomac, dated the 6th inst., evening,says it is not gen erally believed that the purpose of the enemy on Friday was to blow up a fort in front ot the 6th corps, but their intention was to damage a tuiue that they suspected was being dug in front of the 18th corps. Our men rushed to their posts after the ex plosion, when a rapid fire commenced Irom our lines in the direction of the enemy sup posed to be advancing. As soon as the smoke cleared away, the state of affairs was discov ered, and the tiring ceased. Capture of Gen. Stoneinan Confirmed. Washington, Aug. 8. Information from Gen. Sherman’s army leaves no doubt ol the capture of Gen. Stone man, with a portion of his force. A Brave Color Bearer—Sergeant E. Sprague, of Rockland, color bearer of the Jlst Maine, lias distinguished himself highly, as we learn from officers of the regiment, for coolness and gallantry iu some of the hottest battles of the late campaign of the Army of the Potomac. He has carried the colors of the regiment from Alexandria through the Wilderness to Petersburg, via Spottsylvania, Pamunkey River, Cold Harbor and the James River. At the recent assault on the works of Petersburg, he was the first oue in Ids brigade to plant the stars and stripes on the fort, and when the advance was ordered a short time afterwards, lie was ahead of his regiment.— When the second line of breastworks was cap tured, he was the first to plant his flag upon them also. His gallantry was noticed by most of the brigade, and was the subject of much commendation at the time, and if it should be rewarded as it deserved, the act would be pro ductive of much good to the service.—Bangor , Whig. BY TELEGRAPH TO THE Portland Daily Press. --— OFFICIAL NEW# DISPATCH. LATER FROM MOBILE. Federal Vessels Passed Fort Morgan. Our Forces in the Rear of Fort Gaines. Capture of Rebel Vessels. DEFEAT OF THE ENEMY AT MORIS FIELD—CAPTURE OF ARTILLERY. New York, Aug. 8. The Commercial's Washington special dis patch says:—Gen. Butler has telegraphed the Naval Department that Richmond papers of the 6th announce that our laud forces occupy Dauphin Island, but that Admiral Farragut had not passed Fort Morgan to attack Fort Gaines. War Department, 1 Washington, Aug. 8—9 P. M. I To Major Gen. l)ix :—The following an nouncement of the successful operations against Mobile appears in the Richmond Sen tinel of this date, aud was transmitted by Major Gen. Butler to the President: To his Excellency Abraham Lincoln, Presi dent : The following is the official report taken from the Richmond Sentinel of Aug. 8th. (Signed) B. F. Butler, Maj. Gen. Mobile, Any. 5,1864.—To Hon. J. A. Sed don, Secretary of War:—Seventeen of the enemy’s vessels, fourteen ships and three iron clads, passed Fort Morgan this morning. The monitor Tecumseh w as sunk by Fort Morgan. The Tennessee surrendered after a desperate fight with the enemy’s fleet. Admiral Bu chanan lost a leg and is a prisoner. The Selma was captured. The Gaines was beached near the hospital. The Morgan is safe, and will try to run up to-night. The enemy’s fleet have approached the city. A monitor has been engaging Fort Powell all day. (Signed) D. H. Maury, Maj. Gen. Major Gen. Sheridan has been assigned tem porarily to the command of the force in the Middle Military Division, consisting of the Department of Washington Middle Depart ment aud Departments of the Sus(|uebaunah and Northwestern Virginia. He transmits the following intelligence: Harper’s Ferry, Fa., Aug. 8th, 4.40 P. M. Major (Jen. H. W. Halleck, Chief of Staff:— Brig. Gen. Kelly reports that a scout has just arrived at New Creek, and states that Gen. Averill overtook the enemy near Moristleld yesterday, and attacked him. capturing all his artillery and fifty prisoners. Nothing official has been received from Gen. Averill, however. P. H. Sheridan, Major General Commanding. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. THREE DAYS LITER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Hibernian off Farther Point Faiituek Poixt. Aug. 8. The steamship Hibernian, from Liverpool 28th, and Londonderry 20th ult., for Quebec, passed this point at 6 1-2 o’clock this mot n ing. The steamship City of Haltimore, from Xew Fork, arrived at Liverpool on toe morning of the 28th. The steamship Xova Scotian, trom Quebec, arrived off Londonderry on the afternoon of the 27th. The steamship Xew Fork, from New F'ork, arrived out on the 28th. The U. S. steamer Sacramento put into Queenstown on the 28th, short ot coal. Parliamentary proceedings are unimportant. It was definitely settled that the prerogalioo would take place July :50th. The Lord Mayor ol Loudon gave a grand banquet to the Ministers on the 27th. The I speeches generally were of the ordinary rou tine character. Karl Kusseil, however, made some defense of his foreign policy, and assert ed that England never stood i:i a prouder po sition, and its influence was never greater with all foreign countries than at present. The remarks of Earl Kusseil were very coldly received. The Londou News says a vessel has just ar rived at Liverpool with 1000 bales of cotton, the proceeds of which will go towards the sinking fund for redeeming the bonds and paying dividenns on the April account, pro visions having already been made for Septem ber. In the House ot Lords on the 28th, in the famous Felverton marriage case, the Lord Chancellor pronounced in favor of the validi ty of the marriage. The other four law Loids have not yet given a decision. The Danish Plenipotentiary to the Vienna Conference declared, at a preliminary meet ing ol the Conference, that he was fully em- | powered to conduct negotiations, reserving only to his Government the right ol ultimate ' ratilication. A Copenhagen journal of the 26th gives a report that an armistice for nine months had been concluded, during which period the oc cupation of the Duchies by Austria and Prus sia will be coulinued. If this is true the ar rangement must have been made by foreign mediation. Latest via Londonderry. Liverpool, Juiy 29th.—Political news unim portant. The^ House of Lords Anally decided that Mrs. Felverton had failed to establish the va lidity of her marriage. /■'rom W'<ij/iin0(cn. Washington, Aug. 8. Tha new military division which has just been formed, is to be known as tha Middle Military Division, and is composed of the De partment of Washington, Department of the Susquehauuah, Middle Department, and the Department of Western Virgiuia. The status ot each department will remain the same as heretofore, all of them being placed under the immediate supervision of Gen. Sheridan, aith his headquarters for the present at Harper’s Ferry, and who will command all the forces in ; the Held. Provost Marshal Ingraham will hereafter is sue no passes to parties desiring to visit pris oners ot war coutlned in the Old Capitol pris on, except upon the order of the Seeretaiy of War,or the order of Col. Hardie, acting under the direction of the Secretary. Kichmond papers of Saturday aunounce that our forces have taken possession of Dau phin Island, soutli of the harbor of Mobile, and iu the rear of Fort Gaines. The Uuited States Marshal of the District of Columbia to-day sold the life interest iu the confiscated property of eight persons uow in rebellion. That of Gov. Letcher was very srasll. The interests of trustees Polk and W. 1 T. Smithson were not sold, having been with- I drawn. The sales netted only #.1,000. The modified and improved rules and regu lations concerning commercial intercourse with and in States declared iu insuriection, Ac., having been appioved by ihe President, are officially declared by the Secretary of the Treasury. Commercial intercourse with lo calities beyond the line of actual military oc cupation by the United States forces, is abso lutely prohibited, and no permit will tie grant ed for the transportation of any property to any place under the control of insurgents against the United States. Supply stores at places agreed upon by the commanding gen eral and the proper supervising special agent, may be established by sueb loyal persons as the supervising special agent or assistant special agents shall designate tor that purpose. , Loyal persons residing in the district or coun ty contiguous to the place, and with the lines of actual occupation by the military forces of the Uuited States, may he permitted to pro cure from any such store and take to their homes such family or plantation supplies as may he necessary for their own use. Permits will he granted to sutlers to transport to regi- > inents or pos s sutlered by them such articles as they are authorized to sell free of the three per cent. fee. Federal Scout In Missouri. St. Louis, Aug. 8. Col. Ilurris telegraphs to headquarters here from New Madrid, that he has just returned from a scout of 17 days, in the South Eastern counties of Missouri and Nort Eastern coun ties of Arkansas, during which 50 rebels were killed, 1 Capt. and 3 Lieuts. captured. 40 rebels were wouuded, including 2 Capts. and 57 privates taken prisoners. A large number of mutes and horses were captured. The federal loss was Capt. Francis i mortally wounded, and 20 other* slightly I wounded. From Bermuda. New York, Aug. 8. The brig Excelsior brings Bermuda dates of the 2d. The steamer City of Petersburg, with 843 bales of cotton, the Old Dominion with 1,025 bales, the Falcon with 971 bales, the MaryCe lestia with 683 bales, the North Heath with 890 bales, and the Chicora with 619 bales, had arrived at Bermuda between the 20lh and 30th of July. Capt. Coxettcr was in command ol the last named vessel. Death of Briy. Hen. Steadman. New York, Aug. 8. Col. Almy,State Agent of Conn., has re ceived a dispatch from Headquarters announc ing the death of Biig. Gen. Steadman. Gen. Steadmau went out as Colonel of the 11th Conn, regiment, and was lately promoted to a Brigadier General's position lor bravery. His commission as Brigadier General arrivod at headquarters nearly simultaneously with his death. It was received while his body was undergoing the process of embalming. Various Items. New York, Aug 8. The steamship City ol London, from Liv erpool, has arrived. News anticipated. The U. S. steamer Admiral, from New Or leans, via Hampton Hoads, has arrived, The Commercial’s Washington dispatch says:—Gen. Hooker goes to New York to night. He has declined the proposition to re cruit a new corps to be commanded by him self. Rebel Sympathizers en route for Canada. Cairo, III., Aug. 8. several disloyal citizens of Columbus and 1 aducall, with their families, have arrived here en route for Canada, having been banish ed by Gen. Payne. Among them are a num ber of merchants and leading men, whose property has been seized by the government. Prrmittion for <J-n. WrCWI-rn to Unite Troops. New York, Aug. 8. The Post's special Washington dispatco says the War Depanmen has authorised Den. Mc Clellan to raise 100,000 men immediately, for special service uDder his command. This re port is very doubtful. Financial. Washington, Aug. 8. The subscriptions to the 7-30 loan, reported at the Treasury Department to-day, amount ed to $903,000. Commercial. . Per steamship Hibernian, off Farther Point LIVERPOOL CUITuN MakKKT, July 28—The sale* ol i otto,i for four day* were 28,000' bales, in cluding ,,S0j to speculators and exporters. Die market closed quiet and steady with an upward ten* denev. LIVERPOOL BKEADSrU'FFSMAKKKT-Rich Arason, Spence k Co., And other*, report Fiour quiet Atd steady with an advancing tendency. Wheat quiet And 2d lower under heavy Arrivals; red Winter Western 8s fcdaSs lOd. Corn inactive and 0d a,i#d lower; mixeddhs. ^ UTBRPooLPROVISIONS MARKET-Messrs oigland. Ath>a k co , and others, report Beet quiet aud steady aud downward, fork hrm and prices declining. Bacon steady. Lard linn and upward, tallow steady and upward. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET.—The same Authorities report A slug quiet anl steady. Sugar ▼erv dull and downward. Coffee—no sale*. Kice steady. Linseed oil steady at 41*. lto in quiet and steady Spirit* Turpentine steady. Petroleum quiet aud nominal. Latest via Loudondery. LIVERPOOL COTTON MAKKKT. July 20th.— Sale* for the week were 33.600 bah *, of which >,000 were to speculators and 7.000 to exporters. The rnaiket closed ut a deciiue of jd lor American and j fepl tor other description* ihe Male* to-day were 6.000 bale*, including 2 000 to speculator* and exporters. The market closing un changed at the following authorized quotation*: New Orleans fair nominal; tniddiiug3l|d; .Mobile ^tninal: middling31 ^d : Upland* fair nominal; middling 31d. Ihe stock in port i« estimated at 238,000 bale*, of which 12,600 are American. Breadstuff*—quiet and downwaid. Produce—dull and easier. LONDON MONEY MARKET, July 20.—Conaol* doited at 80|.g/00 lor mouey. The Bank decrease in bullion was £176.000. AMERICAN SECURITIES —Illinois Central rail* road 46i&44 } die; Erie Railroad 42t<&43. Mew York Market. N*w York. Aug *. Cotton—firm; tales 700 bales at 1 75®1 77 loi mid dling uplands. Flour—sale* 14 000 bbls; State and Western heavy State 915&1016; Hound tioop Ohio lOSOaUfO; Western 9 i5®lo 26; southern—quiet; sale- Rjobbls; Extra do 10 76® 13o'); Canada uull: sales 400 bbls; Extra 9 80® 12 GO. Wheat—t® 2c lower; sales 117.000 bush : Chicago Spring 2 2 )0.2 39. Milwauxee club 2 31 a2 40; Ked Winter Western 2 474&2 5j; Amber Milwaukee 2 40 (®243. Corn—lc lower: sales 106,000bushels: mixed Wes tern 1 64 a 1 fb. Oats—more active; sales Canada at 99a 1 00. Beef-dull Pork—dull; sales 600 bbls; new mess F8 25®3a 76. I ard—firm ; sales 1600 bb s at 2U ®22’o. Butter—quiet; State at 40860c. Whiskey—heavy; sates 3X1 bbls at 1 73^1 74 Sugar—dull; sale* 1*9 hhds Muscovado at 201 ®20i. Naval Stores—quiet. Petroleum—steady. Freight* to Liverpool—lower. Stock Market. Naw York, Aug. 8. Second Board.—Stocks steady. American Gold.2674 Michigan Southern. 90* Cleveland k Pittsburg.1.3* Illinois Central *crip,. ! 129j Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 69$ New York Central,. 131 Erie. 112} Hudson.1824 Reading.. Canton Company. 37 United States 6’s 1831 coupons,.1064 United State* 5-20 coupons.109] Unite 1 State* one year certificate* ntw. 96 Missouri 6 *,..... 67 tale or Maine. head quarters, i Adjutast Gisntli'i Orrici, J Al-uuhta, Aug 5,1964.) CIRCULAR. The Provovt Mar.hal Giueral having decided that under the laws of Congreaa, enrolled meu who volunteer aud enlist in person, (not by substi tute) are entitled to the U 6 Bounties of *100 MWO and S*jO respoetivoly I'ba la.telame of rejruil ing in general order No 27 L< hereby rescinded Any person enrolled and liable to draft, volun teering prior to Sept 6th. receives the lull Govern ment bounties In addition to the State bouutv JOHN L. liODSDu.N. Atijt. Uen'l. Aug 8— dltv Rare Chance for Business! A Fashionable and Popular Hat Store For Sale at a tfargain. THE store is one of the bstt. in the most flourish \ ing City on the Kennebec, and the Stock is un- ! surpa-s^d by any similar establishment in the State. It includes all the stap’e styles of Hat* and Caps, together with a complete assortment o! Gentlemen'* Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, Satchel*. Buck Glove* and Mittens, Umbrellas, Ac. Also, between two and three thousand dollars wor*h of Fur Goods, which were manufactured expressly for this store, and are io stock about 5"> per cent, less than they can b** purchased for this fall. Every article in the *fore is saleable and in good order, and cost from 1ft to 50 percent less than the presen' manufacturers' prices. Tne whole st *k and Uxtures, (or exclusive of the Fur Good*,) will be sold at a bargain as the owner has another business that demands his atten- ! tion. For further particulars enquire of A L. GILKEY, firm of Myron Grecnough A Co., Portland, Me. Aug 6—dlwis M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AMD MAMUYACrURYK OP SILVER WARE, Ombres# St., Opp. Court House, Portland, Me. , El1*All kinds of Ware, such as Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cake Bankets, Casters, Ac., plated in the best manner. A so. Repairing and Re-jinishing Old Silver ”ar€- augOdOm Canal Banls., Government 7 3-10 Loan. This Bank h prepared to receive subscriptions to the new 7 3 10 loan in sums of $50 and upwards, paying interest from date cf subscription to August 15*h, thudateof the new loan. The notes are couvcrtable at the end of three years iuto specie paying 6 per cent 5-20 bonds. One eighth per cent will be al owed on allaiuounts of §1000 and over. B. C. iiOMF.KB Y, _ . Cashier. Portland, Aug. 1,1884.—dtf PORTLAND COMPANY. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETING. A SPECIAL meeting of the stockholders of the Portland Comt any will be held at the rooms of the Board of Trade, Exchange Street, in Port land, on Thursday, the eleventh day of August next, at 8 o'clock P. M., to see 1st—At what rate the .stockholders will take up the additional stock authoiized tobeiseued by the act of the Legin'ature of February 20tl», 1804. 2d—Whether they w ill sell and convey the proper ty and assets of the Company to partus who will furnish the additional capital needed to carry on the increased business of the Works. JOSEPH C. NOYES, Clerk. Portland. July 28th, 1804. N. B —The auuual meeting for the choice of Direc tors and other n atters w as adjourned to same time Md place. jy29 dtd MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals for Loan. Treasury Department, July 25,1864. Notice is hereby given that subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and designated Deposi taries, and by the National Banks designated and qualified as Depositaries and Financial Agenta, for Treasury Notes payable three years from August 16, 1861. bearing interest at the rate ot seven and three tenths per cent per annum, with semiannual cou pons attached, payable iu lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from August 16. 1867 The notes will be issued in de no Donations oi fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blanker payable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollare. Duplicate certificates will be issued for ali deposits The party depositing must endorse upon the original certificate the denomination of cotes required, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, to be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free of transpoitation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificate* of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all de posits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the D part men t upon receipts of the original certifi cates. As the notes draw Interest from August 15, persons making deposits ' to thst date must pay the interest scciucd from dste of note to date of de posit. Dartres depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these' notes at any one time will be allowed a c jn,mission ot cue-quarter ot one per cent., which will be paid by this Department open the receipt or a bill for the amount, cer.ified to by the officer with whom the deposit wa< made. No de duclions for commissions must be made from the de posits. Officers receiving deposits wiil see that the pr.per endorsements arc made upon the original certifi cates. Ail officers authorized to receive deposits are re quest'd to giro to applicants all des.rcd information and afford every facility lor making subscription. W. P. FESSENDEN. Secretary of the Treanry. Subscriptions will be received BY THK First National Bank, Portland, Maine, And all respectable Ilauks anil Bauker' throughout the country will doubtless afford facilities to snl ,cfiber»- J)30d»w3w USE THE BROCKSIEPER GA3 REGULATOR, AMD SACK TOCR HAS. Aug 3- dim C A S C © BANK. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. rilHE Casco tank is prepared to rt cvned bubrerip to the new 7 8-i0 loan ti huies of f>5o aud upwards, paying lot* rest on game fr> ui date ot sub notSi to Au*u-tl5th' date ot' the Government All persons haring and apwar lx now have a good opportunity of lending a helping hand to their Oovernmout by •uhtcribing 1o this loan. i he notes are convertible at the end of three rear* into apooie, paying tf per cent 5-20 bonds. Ban?1** Ukt “ °n ** !avorab © terms as at sny cth«r ~ 4| si * * ra wo E-IMiERMSII. Caahlar lortland. Juytf, 1WI._ j>JW dixtf USE THE BROCKSIEPER GAS REGULATOR, '.AMD SACK YOCB OAs. Aug 3—dim re-opened. The subscribers would respectful!.- announce to their numerous iri-nd- and the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Reform hed The popular and centraliy located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which will be open on and after MONDAY, JULY 9.1th. Beals aid Lunches at all hoan of the Ibj aid lining. ICE CREAMS. plain and fancy CAKE, FBI it, CONFECTIONARY, Ac, Constantly ou hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s Pa’cnt Ice Tream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new ones, and trust that Done will hare cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US 1 ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. ___tf USE THE BR0CX8IBPER GAS REGULATOR, AS D SAIF YOUR GAS. Aug »’>—dim FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Seven-Thirty Hote« for Sale. Interest semi-annually, payable iu paper at the rate of seven and three ten.hs per cent, per annum Bouds convertable in three years into six percent tire-twenty bonds, upon which the interest is paya ble in cotta. The notes will le delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 15 if subscriptions are made before that time. One-rtyhtk per cent, commission will be allowed subscribers at this Bank upon all am*)unts of fl.oOO and over, W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Cortland, July 30th, 18C4 —d&wtf NOW IS THE TIME TO C8K THX BROCKSIEPER S GAS REGUI ATOR. EUII ARD SHAW, Agent. Aug 6—dim L.uw Partnership. HOWARD & CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office ill Middle St*,over Casco Hank, PORTLAND, AIK. JOPKl’B HOWARD. NATHAN C L EAVES, jy lSd&wom N O W IS T 11 E T I M E TO rss THX BROCKSIEPER SGA8REGULATOR. EDWARD SHAW, Agent Aug 5—dim Gorham Seminary. TllK Kali Term of this Institution will commence on Tuesday the 3)th of August, and contiuue eleven weeks, under the chaige of , , , , . , W. O. LORD. A M. Inhume* re ative to the school should be address ed to the Principal or to „ , . „ J WATERMAN, 8ecy. Gorham. Aug. 2,1H64.—d2w • NOW IS THE TIME TO USX THX BROCKSIEPER’S GAS REGULATOR. " EDWARD SHAW, Ag,nt. AugOdlm Bowdoin College. THE Anuui! Ex.min.Uon of candidate, for ad mi.aion to Huwduln College will take on Friday the fifth dxy of Augu.t next, .t 8 o'clock In tho forenoon,in the new Medic.) 11.11; .nd .1m on Thur.d.y, the twenty-filth d.v of Augu.t next, in the, .ud .t the hour. LEONAKD WOODS. > Brun.wick, July 6, 18M. JulyTdtd 1 ENTERTAINMENTS THEATRE! PEERING hall. J. C. MYERS,. Lessee and Manager. Engagement lor Three Nights Only —or— MISS KATE REIGHOLDS, Pmt of the Portland Public. Who will mike her first appearance on Wednesday Evening, August 10, -AS ROMEO! IN SIIAK8FEARE 8 GREAT TRAGEDY OF ROMEO AND JULIET, Cast to the entire ilrength of a well selected dra matic company. Friee—Farquette, 60 cts; Bs'cony 25 cents. O^Seats can be secured at Mr Dana’s store un der the Hall, without ext-a ibur-c, cuumencln* Monday the 8tb. Aug. 4. ISLAND EACIKSIOV. THE Sabbath School* Bud ScnV;<>« of High Street and 2d Pari-h will unite in au excursion to PIGEON COVE, on Wednesday, August 10th. LeaveUnion Wharf in barge ‘ t'cti r.rt" at 9A.M. precisely. Ticaet..—Adults 40c, Children .0i. . I‘cr order C jm of Arrangements. Aug 8—d3t Annual Picnic Excursion AND CLAD BAKE -BY THE Portland Spiritual Association To the Islands in the Barge < om rrt. on THURS DAY,Aug Itth, learing Galt's Wharf at 8} o’clock A M .and returning at 6} T M Tickets. Adults £0 cents; Cbibiiea 2G cents—to be obtained at the bookstores of il L. Davis, W. 1). Robinson and Bailey A Noyes', Street, and of the Committee. P«r oj tier. Jy28 dtd Merclmnt h1 GRAND EXCURSION! LITTLE CHEBEAGUE ISLAND AND BACK! FRIDAY, Aug 19th, 1864. ▲ Band will accompany Hie Boats. Arrangement!*have teen made to accommodate £3000 PEOPLE! There will be Music, Speeches, and a <.ood Dinner. A limited cumber of tickets are for sale at the dil terent Apothecaries and Musie stores and Hotels in the city. Persons wishing tickets must apply soon. TICKETS, SI. 50 EACH. So Deduction lor Children. [ITNo ticket* .old after Wedaeedaj next. iltt dtd ^k.tteutiou ! EXCURSION PARTIES ! TUI HTKAUKIt Marsena Johnson Having been withdrawn from the route to Uarps well. i* now k flered for ihe acco nmodation of Ex our.-ion parties, and will take them to any pl*c« in Casco Bay. Large par.i s takeu at low rate*. Ihe public are Invitei to inspect tnli boat, it being fitted up in a superior *tvl . and is by far the safeat excursion boat m ihtss w«iert. For further partic ulars enquire of GEORGE WATERHOUSE. Agent, on board, or to J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. Aug. 6—tf dirigo Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 28 EXCHANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN 9200,000. Invested as follows:— Loar.s on Mortgages of Real Estate at two third-i s value, tM.dl'O Loans on pledge of United States Securities, 51,8) 0 Loans oa pledg- of City Scrip, 34 500 Loans on pledge of Bank Stocks, 28.900 Loans ou pledge of State of Main* Bonds, 2«,6u0 Loans on pledge of Androscoggin Couuty Bonds, 4,00o iHojm This Company is now prepared to issue policies upon all kinds of property in the city or country, liable to lo-t* or damage by tire, at a« low ratee as is taken by auy ether office. 1 be patronage ot tbe merchaats aud citizens generaliy otrortla..d and | vicinity, is most respectfully solicited. A. K. Sill RI LL* F, President. JEKEMIAII DOW, Secretary. DIBICTOIl: J B. Brown, 8. E. Spring, D. W. Clark, J. B. Carroll, John Lynch, il. I. Robinson. TUUftTKB*: fit. John Smith, II J. Libby. H N Jose. H. M Payton, J. N. Winslow, G.W. Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah i onaut. H I. Robinson, PhilipU. Brown, C. H. Haskell, S. C. Chase, Jeremiah Dow, N O Cram, Wm. Moulton. Portland, August 1.1801. -i«<*8m UROCRMEI*ER*S PATENT Gas Regulator ! 1(^XC LUSIVE Agency for tbe sale of tbe Reg* j ulator iu Portland No. 102 Middle street, up stairs, Fdwaru Shaw Sole Agent This new article for public favor wi.l save 8u percent, to the cou»um er over auy gas burner now iu use; 25,000 have been sold iu New England since January ias . This is not a regulator o be affixed to the meter, ail vucb have failed, but is attached immediately under ♦ ach burn er tip, and is a part of. aud au ornament to, tbe gas fixture itself The particular ahifene** aud steadi ness of Jthe light produced-because of the exact p'Oper combustion—astonishes all who have seen it, while ibe poaUHsv/kei of obtainii g the improved light at a reuuced expense m td only be investigated at this office to ensure the coofiCence or the most skeptical. Theregdato is a per.ect **tell tal*- on the exact amount of gas u?ed. bo pressu*e attain* d by the Gas Company afftrts it disadvautageou ly in the least; Ga* Companies all recommend it because it gives entire satisfaction to consumers, hence their number of consumer* are increased. Retail price 80 ceute-each. The article will be adjusted for con sumers immediately inquiring but a few moments time) and if not suited will be taken off free of ex pense. EDWARD 811 AW, 102 Middle Street, up stairs. We have this day appointed Edward Shaw sole vender and agent tor Brocksieper’s Patent Regula tor iu Portland; all orders for tbe gtxds mint be made through him. HULL A QOODEIili. Below we give certificates ot the high estimation of the Regulator in other places where it is now in use: Dome. July 18.1804. Messrs. Hull 4" Hood ell:—The Direciors of the Dove- Gas Light Comyany. after a full aud M o rough examination aud test of “Hrocksieper Gas Regula tor." have ordered me to purchase one hundrtd dMlars .worlh of the same, which I have this day done, aud hav* also recei ed for said company tbe exclusive agency for -ahl goods in and for the city of Dover. Yours, truly, JON Ad D. TOWNSEND, 8up. Dover Gas Lt. Co. Certificate from the gas fitter of the Mills, etc., at Lowell, Mass Lowell. Mass . July 11,1804 Messrs. HUl t Hoodell:—An experience of many years in the gas fitting business has often suggested to me the great value of an improvement whereby theprts*ure of gas might be regulated at tbepoiu* of consumption. Ma-y aud fruitless attempts have from time to time been made to place regulators at the meter Experience has showu that all such at tempts have proved failure* I have also seen and used iu my busiuess uearly all tbe so-called improve ments in burner*, whertiu that which veu have ac complished ha* been attempted, but alway s failed After a careful examination and a thorough test of your Gas Regula'ors—which are attached immedi ately under each burner a* a part of the gas fixture— 1 am fully convinced that your improvement i- a de cided sue cess, the light is improved in brightness aud in i s illuminating power, while tbe expense saved to th» consumer is ftill 90 percent. The combustion is perfect, heuce tbe mprovement must be adopted as a matter of economy as well as the luxury of a good aud steady light 1 cheerfully recommend it to the trade and to all consumers of gas Tours. Ac., H R. BARKER. Jv28 dtf Uaa Fitter, 8 Central Street. STATE COLLEGE Agriculture anu Mechanic Arts! THE undersigned. Com.niMioners, appointed un der a resolve of the last Legislature, am author ized and directed by said resolve to invite and re ceive donations and benefactions in aid of the pro posed “College for the benefit of Agriculture amt the Mechanic Arte," and to receive proposals forth© location thereof, hereby give notice that they are prepared to receive such donations, tenefactious and proposal*, and request that all communications touching the same mav be made before the first cay of September neat, addressed WM G. CROSBY. Belfast. I ‘ WM G CR08BY, JOSEPH EATON. SAMUEL F. PERLEY. JulySdRwto leptl AUCTION SALES. H»u*i and Land at Auction. Thors-4.,, August lltb, at 8 o'clock r It. OB , . he premises, we -hall sell ilou,e No. ,1 Ki re St. it IS a two story ilonbln tenement, end ti ls Is lbs It has 18 tinbhed rot ms. With good closets; titled for two tamillts If ri »1 ed. Gas ths??^.,^*bou*': cellar and tlolsl.ed fom aedlhnnrt »ater litrd and son, *. abSu?l2, mVn ‘^'"iwood .beds. Be. 1 be ot Urs^tmi [SJd 7 ”*• rbe ,itle »««•«—*• Aug « Jdtd ** BAILEY * CO., Auctioneers. Horses, Carriages. A Harnesses, at Auction. ON Saturday, August 13th, st 11 o'clock A M on Lime btieet, Horses, Carriages, and H ruemra suchaa CarrySils, Top Buggy.. Concord Wasot.! Jenny Linds. Express W agon and Hsrusssea seme of each new and second baud. Aug H_dtf UEJiKY EA,LEY * CO., Auet'ra, K M. FAi rtN, AUCTIONEEK, 11 Exchange at. Dwelling Houses and Land on Franklin St. at Auction. /~kN' WEDNESDAY, August 17lh. at 11 M. on tbs prop!rty1*l*t,‘lb" ,01luwUi* vw7 do.iisols piacea of H**orT wooden cottage House. No 107— Houseoonrenient, has eight tiu'stied rooms is in aood repa*,, with ^ S ALSO, rh“ tw° 3 storied woouen Dwellings in the Block numbered 9, and 99, together with tbs and E„h hou-e con talus It well tiuiahed. and conrentaMJr arranged room., well adap.ed to one o“ t *o-amf. lies. < islero in the callnr. of eight ihda capacity Houses have been built atout lour year, anavala excellent couditioo. J ana are la Immediately alter the chore, will* be told three baildiug lots, on westerly side of same street Thb property wUi he sold without reaerre and on fkrorable terms, F.rsona seeking lor this'class mr oceupauc., or iuv-.’ment. arela vi,ed to call on the Auctioneer, where they oan ob tain particulars. ’ Aug 9—dtd EDWAHD fl. PATTEN, Commission Merchant &, Auctioneer, Hu removed to the specious store 13 •exchange Street, four doors below Merchaut’e Sxobtnte, Will receive consignments of Merehudbe 01 ofe£Li*Er!E!i° v ,0r ,‘'“b“c " bait* or Kekl Rotate, Vessels, t argoes, blocks end Der. chsodise solicited. Cash ad Vances ttiace mitk prompt ,alee aad retarne. Ichlidly TO THE AFFLICTED ! DR. W.fl. D£M1»», Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORMMR OWCOXQRUSa JJfD MLM STRMMTM WOULD rocpeetfnily announce to the citizens el Portland and vicinity, that be bae permanent ly located in tbia city. During the eleven months that » e hare been in town we bnve cured some ol the wont forme of disease in persona who have tried other forms of treatment in rain, and coring pa tient. in so short n time that the qaeeiion la often asked, do they atay cured f Io answer thia qneation we will say that all that do not ,tay on ed wewtS doctor the aocond time lor nothing7 * WUJ Dr. D. bae been a praouoal fcleetrleiu Mr twenty. **•*»***» and l*also a regular graduated physician Kleouloity ia nerieotiy adapted to chronic discuss a the form of nervous or uck headache; neuraloi.' » ‘be bead, neek.or extremities; consumption a hew J* thi° vfv’vatagea or where the lungs are not’rally Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, aeroxula htn dleeuse, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of tbs spins, contracted muscles, distorted iiraha. palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas' Duos, dealness ■■■"' •very once that oan bs presented; asthma bronchi. tis.strlctarw of the sliest, and all tome oi lemma By Eleotrloity TbstheuuiUo ths goaty, tbs lams ud tbs las* Isnpwltb Joy, ud move with the agility ud elastic. jV,of 7.°»‘h' *b» heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the unsouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear ind the palsied torm to move apright; the blemishes of yoath are obliteraisd; the acatlmii of matare Ilia prevented; tbs calamities of old age obviated ud u activeOiroaiauos maintained. ’ LADIES Who hareoold hand• and fnet: weak stomachal lute end weak backs; nervous and sink headache • diuineee and swimming In the head, with Indigo* tion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the side and bank; leacorrhma, (or white#), lading ot the womb with lntoraal eaneera; tumors, poisons and all that long train oa diseases will frd ln LUetrte ity a ears means of cure. For pmimul menstruation too profuse menstruation, and all of those l»aa lias of troubles with young ladies, Electricity to a certain •pacific, and will, in a short Ume, restore the sufferer to the risor of health. aw rs Aone an Kloctro-Cktmical Apparatus tot extracting Mineral Poison from the system, each ss Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic. Ac. Hundred, she are troubled with stiff Joints, weak backs, and tari oos other difficulties, the direct cause of which la alas oases out of Ms. Is the edict of poisonoae drags, nan be restored to natural strength and rigor hr Che use of from fire to eight Bathe. ’ Office hoars from & o'clock a. a. to 1 r. a.ill • ; and7 to t r. a. 1 *• Consultation Free. |T14 teed Mew Boat for llarpswell. On and after Monday, Jnly Uth, 1964, the new and superior steamer JEARCENA JOHNSON, Will Inare as follows: si* 1 Leave Custom (louse Wharf at 8 46 tteiurning, Isaro lisrpswsllat 4 P. M . touching ss above. * Excursion tickets to Uarpswell, 78 cents- Peak's Island, i\ cents; Diamond Cora or CheUxxue Is. lands. 60 cents. Single tickets same ss sbors Large parties taken at reasonable rates. The public are inrited to inspect this boat. It being fitted up in a superior style, and is by far the safest excursion boitin <bees waters. For lurther particulars inquire of GEO. WATEK HOL’SK, Agent, on board, or J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. Jo'T» _ _ L, J. HILL A CO., Wholesale Dealers la Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. 33 YORK STRKKT. POKTLAKD. Green and Koasted Codec la the Grain. Gronnd Cod's*- and Spices of a.l kinds. CodWe and Spices gronnd to order. All orders promptly attended to. JylSdlm COAL FREIGHTS. Pictoo, N. S., to Pembroke. Maine. Any sised Vessels. Foreign or Amerl ican, wanted to freight Coal as abcr*». /|NJa I be rates for d-scharglng are lower ,'JT|jsthan at Huston, and there are oth. r facil mULKL Hies. Apnlv to or adores* WM fe. COFFIN A CO . Boston. Also a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to otaer ports. julyl6i«7m Dwelling House For Sale. f* A two story Dwe ling House on North street j* with a good stable ana a good we 1 ot water. Jwlt is a d**irabl« location, and will t# sold cheap. Part cf the purchase money can lay on mort gage if desired. GEO. V. VO TUt, jyr dim So. a (ialt Block House and Lot Wanted. SfS ' i Inity of. or above High St. preferred.— jl. Any one having a desirable estate to sell worth JLtrom $4,0r0 to #10 OW), please address, atatimii locaitm, BoxlMl.F. O aug6dtf For Sale, ONE half the three story brick Block, situated on Congress St., near the hea 1 cf Park St., one cf * he most desirable kcatlois in thecitv. For par ticu'ars en uireof Mr 8. C Cbaeor C C. Tolmaa at F A lloward'!i under Lancaster Hall. Aug 8—dim* Wanted. VLADY living in the upper part of the city, would iik*- to make an arrm >gemei-t wi*h a small, we I ordered family to ocoupy her house, worih a rent of and ta*e her t • board ▲ddrevs. riving references. Box 95, Portland f.O. Aug 8—dlw* Lost. Iu this city, or on the road to the Ocean Houte. a leather colored Account Book. It would be of no value to any body but the o»wr The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this off ce. or with the subscriber, H. M. MOSES. aogSdlw* Scarborough. Board Wanted IIWR one or two ilnitle n< n In . print* M. family. Add'e»« Po-t Office wex 181. Portland, Aug. 8th. 1S64.—u3t* For the Pool. ..tlpk steamer “CL1P» EK” will leave dmams^lwSLFactory Island Wha t. Saco, tor tie 'fv/i L ' every day, (Sunday eacepted)at 10a *. iDd'ir v Returning, knve the Pool at 11 a v and5r. m arriving in time lor the evening tram for Portland Fare from Saco to the Foot an*l back 60 cts. Excursion Ticket- lumi-bed to parties oi Eiltjr or mor'-. from Cortland to 'he Pool and back, by rad- * road and ateambeaf, at 90 cents BOSS ft STI KUIVAST, 73 Commercial St , Portland. Aug. 3d, 1884.—dtf Ojfict <y' the Atlantic amt at Luwrmcf R. 9. Co. [ Portland, July 30. It64. I A DIVIDEND of two dollar* ipcr share, loss tLo A government excise tax, will be paid at tl is • l tico. on and after the 2d rf August next, to tl e hold ers of shares, in Federal cimercy. t* recorded at the close of business on the 80th of June la. t. CUaS. E BAKUKl'l, Trtssr. au*2T*F3»is Frycburg Academy. THE Fall Term of this Institution will ccirmenre WEDNESDAY. September 7. IS* 4. and a ill continue eleven weeks. Mr Edwin F. > n.bro e, Principal. Mr Ambrose i* a recent graduate of Dartmouth < ollege. and is 1 ighly recommended as a scholar, teacher and geutlemsu D. B. SEW ALL. Fecrctary, Fryeburg, July 26,1564. jy23dlwlt*2*

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