Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 10, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 10, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING. AUGUST 10, 1864 WHOLE NO 60> PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T.OILMAN, Editor, published ut Ho. 83j EXCHANGE SI KELT,by N. A. FOSTER A CO. ThbPobtlawd Daily I'anssU publishedat«8.00 per year. Single copies three cents. I'm H a irb Stays Puna is published every Thurs day morning,»t *3.00 per annum, in advance; *12.36 it paid within sin months; and S3.60, If paymant be delayed beyond the year. Katanof Advertising: One inch ofspaes la length of oolumn, eomUtatea a'tWAin." •1.60 per square dully first week; 76 oents per week after; three insertions or less, *1.00; continuing eve ry other dey after first week, 60 cents. Half square, three tosertions or lues 76 oents; one Week, (1.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head of Akcpembnts, S3.00 per square per week; three ineerlivna or leea, (1,60. BraoiAL Noticbs, *1.76 per square first week, •1,00 per square after; three insertion, or leu,*1.36; half a square, three insertions, (1.00; one week, •1.36. Advertisements inserted la the Maiub Stati Panne (which has a large circulation In every part of the State) ft>r 60 oenta per square in addition to the above rates, for each insertion. UnoAL Notiobs at aaaal rates. Traastentalvirtiaamants mast ha paid forla ad vance Bcemnse Notiobs, In reading columns, 13 oents per Une for one insertion. No charge less than fifty cents lor each insertion. 17*All oommuuloations intended for the paper should be directed to the "Kditor qftkt Press,1 and those of a business ebaraoter to the PaMisAers. 87* Jon Pniwriwe of every deaerlptlon executed with dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. COMMUNICATIONS. _ as Terrible Disaster to Ohambersbnrg. Harrisburg, Aug. 4, 1604. Mu. Gilman, Dear Sir:—Ever since the dreadful disaster At Chambersburg, I have been disposed to i write you au account of it—but have delayed —supposing the telegraph and newspaper re porters would sate the public appetite on the subject. However,—since some of our leading papers boldly charge that the fate of Chambersburg was '‘good enough for it”—I feel like entering my protest, as I consider both my sensibilities and my womanhood insulted. My husband has been post quartermaster there during the past six or eight months, aud consequently I have spent much of my time there, and therefore apeak from personal knowledge. It is said, by some, that Gen. Couch neglect ed to defend the place—and he is consequent ly saddled with the responsibility of the disas ter. On the contrary—Gen. Couch sought by ev ery possible means to rouse the people of the border counties to their danger and urgently appealed to Government for help. He is in command of the Department of the Susquehan na—yet I doubt if his force is one thousand strong all told,—and this is scattered through the state. When the rebels demonstrated an attack the 6lh of July, Gen. Couch caused a battery to be planted at Chambersburg—and added such infantry supports ss he could com- i maud. He posted placards—sent out a drum and life, and caused the bells to be rung hop ing the citizens would volunteer for the de fence of the town. But pacards do not affect the eyes nor drum and life the ears sometimes, j and the citizens remained both blind and deaf. It Is not only worse than useless to blame Gen. Couch for not making a defence—it is a positive wrong. I have yet to learn that a MM. General can any better personally defend a place than a private citizen. A man is but a man—let his rank be what it may, though some suppose there is a vicarious power in a pair ol epaulets; Without force, be could do no less than fail back, and those citizens of Chambers burg who now presume to complain, should - remember how often and earnestly they were appealed to, to arm themselves for their own defence. .. | On the 7th the rebel force fell buck. Wa h ington was menaced and the public mind set tled upon the conclusion that the Cumber land Valley was sale. Such forces of 100 day's men as could be mustered were hurried to Washiugton, and no one supposed auother raid passible. Monday the 25th, Chambers burg was again ail alive with rumors and refugees. A rebel force had re-occupied Marteusburg, and were expected to cross the Potomac at Williamsport. Again General Couch sought to defend the town, but some how the proper spirit was wanting. The rebs did not coose in on the 7th, according to programue, and no one supposed they would come now. Times grew mo re and more ex citing until Friday, the 2btb, when a sharp skirmish took place between Gen. Averill’s troops and the rebs at Mercersburg, a town about sixteen miles southwest of Chambers, burg. At about 10 o’clock Friday night, our scouts came in and reported “all quiet," so that citizens as well as soldiers thought it safe to rest for the night. About 2 o’clock Saturday morning the people were touted by the rumor of the rapid approach of the rebs along a totally unexpected route. All was hurry and confusion. A battery of only two guus was posted to dispute .their eutiance, while Gen. Couch and staff, and such civilliaus as were disposed to go, escaped on the train the Cumberland Valley Railroad Company held in readiness for such an emergency. as iue place naa necn previously occupied without resistence by the rebels several times, the women and children felt little or no ap prehension. They expected to be obliged to feed them, aud had made up their minds to take the spoiling o( their goods quietly, con fident that their stay would be very limited. The men geuerally left the town, takiug with them whatever mouey or valuables at hand, most of them without even a chauge of ga meats. The rebs occupied the place lu the early morning aud before T o’clock commenced the burniug of the town. The drug shops and stores were broken open, balls of turpentine made, straw was thrown into the,open doors aud windows of virions houses, and without a word of warning, fires were set in at least fifty different places at once. As it was early in the day, many children were not yet dress ed, and the women generally were in their morning apparel. As there had been little or no rain for some time, the fires spread with awful rapidity, and it soon became so intense ly hot that the women and children fled to the woods for protection from the scorching flames. The scene beggars description. Mothers of three, four or five chlldreu could be seen frantically looking for the one or two who had got astray in the hurrying, horrified crowd. The wail that went up from the broken hearted women and children, as they saw their homes made desolate, was horrible. In less than six hours the town was in ashes. Many had not yet bad their breakfast, and the hungry children wailed for bread, while their mothers, equally hungry had not a crust for them. Old women, broken by infirmity, crept slowly to the woods, followed by feeble mothers hearing their little ones in their arms, w bile two or three frightened children held close to their garments. And there they staid—that desolate community—staring each other in the face in bitter wretchedness, with out help and without hope, while a rebel horde, maddened by whiskey, run riot in the town. At about three P. M., Gen. Averill's face appeared and the rebr vanished; but the approach of Union faces could not restore the homes of these thousands made so sud denly homeless. Every household has Us treasures. The chair iu which a dead mother used to sit—the portrait of an angel child— the family bibte— the thousand and one cher ished things around which affection lingers— in a moment not only were all these swept away, but even the commonest articles of daily use or comfort. I have found it much easier all my life, to bear other people’s mis fortunes than my own, but Heaven forbid that 1 ever should become so insensible as to be callous to such a st^ue of utter desolation; and those who feel disposed to censure the lack of patriotism the men evinced at Cham bersburg, should'never allow the heartless “good enough for them!” to escape their lips when the awfulness of the calamity falls—as in this case—upon the defenceless. 1 said at the outset that both my sensibili ties and my womanhood were outraged by such inhumanity. Fire side patriots are to be found everywhere. 1 hold that if the wo men of the couulry had been called on as re peatedly—as earnestly, and as perseveringly as the men, to say nothing of the almiglity dollar influence that has been brought to bear, the forces needful to crush out this infernal rebellion, would have reached five millions long ago; and I protest against this spirit which impels men safe behind a pen, a desk, a counter, a plough, an engine or a weak back to crow over a public calamity with an “I told you so!” and a “good enough for you!” Thanks to a generous community, before the shadows of a Sabbath sun had lengthen ed,' there was bread and to spare at Chamber burg. Efforts are now being made to clothe the destitute, as well as provide temporary homes for the homeless, but never will those who witnessed the terrible scenes of Satur day July JOth, 1804, forget the terror, the ag ony the despair on which that days’ sun shone. I have seen a battle-fltld strewu with Its sacred heroes, hospitals crowded with its hosts of wounded, pale men, shutting their lips close, that no groans should escape them; demoralized regiments running they not whither, panic-slrickeu and unmanned, but I must confess it never altlicted me as it dues to see these broken hearted mother’s wander ing with their children by the hand, the little ones pletdiug to go home and the pale-lipped mother’s saying iu broken accents “we have no home.!” Give such people pity,—if nothing more. Truly, Ac. A. A. K. J>ROPOSALS FOR MATERIALS FOR THE NAVY. Xatt Depart*enn, Burcac or Equipment and Recruiting, July 18th, 1864 SEALED PROPOSALS to furnish materials for the Navy, for the year ending 3Jth June, 1864. will be re ceived at the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, uutii the thirteenth day of August next, at ten o'clock A. M , when the bids will be opened, without regard to any accidental detention of mails or other causes The materials and articles embraced in the classes uamed are particularly described in the printed sched ule, any of which will be furnished to such as desire to offer, on application to the commandant# of the re spective yards, or to the navy agent nearest thereto, aud those of all the yards upon application to the Bu reau. Ihis division into classes being for the conve nience of dealers on each, such portious only will be furnished as are actually required for bids. The com. mandant and uavv agent of each station will, in addi tion to tiie schedule of classes at their own yards, have a ropy of the schedules of the other yards for examina tion only, from which it may be judged whether it will be desirable to make application for any of the classes of those yards. Offers must be made for th« whole of the class at any yard upon one of the printed schedules, or in strict con formity therewith, or they will not be considered, in computing the classes, the price stated in the column of prices will lie the standard, aud the aggregate of the class will be carried out according to the prices stated. It is requested of bidder* to avoid erasures aud substi tution of figures, and to see that the amounts are cor rectly carried out. The contracts will be swarded to the lowest bona Me bidder who gives proper security for its fulfilment. The bureau reserves the right to reject all the bids for any class, if deemed exorbitant. All articles must be of the very best quality, to be de livered in the navy yard# in good order, and in suitable vessels and packages, properly marked with the name of the contractor, as the case may be. at the expense and risk of the contractor, and in all respects subject to the inspection, measurement, count, weight, ac., of the yard where* revived, and to the entire satisfection of the commandant thereof. Bidders aro referred to the commandant of the respec tive yards for samples, instruction*, or particular dewenp tion of the articles; and all other things being equal, preference will be given to articles of American manufac ture. Every offer, as required by law of 10th August. 1846. must be accompanied by a writteu guaranty, the form of which Is hereinafter given, aud also by a certificate signed by the collector of internal revenue for the district in which he resides that ha has a license to deal in the arti cles which he proposes to furnish; or by an affidavit sign ed by himself and sworn to before some magistrate au thorized to administer such oath, that he is a manufac ture r of, or regular dealer in, the articles he offer# to sup ply. and ha# a license as such manufacturer or dealer. Those only whose offer# may be accepted, will be noti fied, and the contract will be forwarded as noon the re alt r as practicable which they will be required to exe cute within ten days alter its receipt at the post office or navy agenev named by them. r The contracts pill bear date the day the notification is given ami deliveries can be demanded. Sureties in the full amount will be required to sign the contract, and their responsibility certified toby a United States district judge, United States district attorney, col lector, or navy agent. As additional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until the contract shall have been completed; and eighty per centum of each bill, approved in triplicate by (be commandants of the respective yards, will b« paid liy the navy ageut at the point# of dalivery—unles# requested by the contractor to be paid at another navy agency —wijhin ten days after warrants shall have been passed by tho Secretary of the Treat ury. It Is stipulated in the contract that if default be made by thr parties of the first part in delivering all or any of of the articlea meh tinned in auy class bid for in the con tract, or the quality at such time and places above pro vided then. aud in that case the contractor aud his sure ties will forfeit aud pay to the United States a sum of money not exceeding twice the amount of such class, which may be recovered from time to time, according to the art of Congress, in that case provided, approved March 3, 1846. No bids for more than one yard must be enclosed in one envelope, and the same must be dietinetly endorsed on the outside. “Proposals for Materials for the Navy, for the Navy-yard at (name the yard),''and addressed “To the Chief of the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, Navy Department, Washington, D.C.” FORM OP OFFER. Which, from a firm, must lx* signed by all the memlwr*. I.-, of-. in the State of-, hereby agree to furnish and deliver iu the respective navy \ards all the article* named in theclasw# hereto annexed.agreeably to the provhions ef the schedules therefor, and in con formity with tin* advertisement of the Bureau of Equip ment aud Recruiting, dated July 18th, 1861. Should my offer be accepted, I request to be addressed at -, aud the contract sent to tin* navy agent at-, or to -. for signature end certificate. Date. WltaesM. The schedule which the bidder encloses must be pa*ted to this offer, and each of them signed by hiui. Opposite each article in the srhedule the price must beaet. the amount be carrird out, the aggregate footed up for each class, and the amount likewise written in word*. If the parties who bid do uot reside near the place where the ar ticles are to be delivered, they must name in their offer a person to whom orders on them arc to be delivered. FORM OF GUARANTY. The underrigued,-, of-, in the State of and-, of——, lu the State of——, hereby guar antee that in case the foregoing bid of——lor any ol the clasaes therein named be accepted, he or they will, within ten days after the receipt of jhe contract at the po«t office named, or navy agent designated, execute the contract for the same with good and sufficient sureties, and in case tee said—shall fail to enter into contract, as aforvsoid. we guarantee to make good the difference be tween the offer of the said-and that which may be 1 accepted. < Siignature* of two guarantees.) C. D E F. (Date.) Witness. I hereby certify that the above uaiued-are knowu to me as men of property, and able to make good their ! guaranty. (Signature.) 0 H (Date.) To be signed by the United State* District Judge. Uisi ted State* iMstrict Attorney, Collector, or Navy Agent. The following are the classes required at the reirpec tire navv-yards KITTEUY—MAINE, No. 1. Flax Canvas and Twine, No. 5, Stwru Oil No. 7, fbokinc Utensils; No. 10. Leather; No. II, I*eath er Hose; No )3 Lauteru*; No. 18. Tallow; No 22. 8tattoo erv ; No 23. Hardware; No. 21, Ship Chand'ory ; No 27 Dry Goods; No. 2W. Firewood; No. 31, Tar Oil, aud Neats foot Oil. OH A RLBSTOWN—M ASS ACH USETTS No. 1, Flax < anvas and Twine; N. 6, Sperm Oil; No. 7 Onoklng Utensil*; No. 8. Stoves; No, 10. Leather: No. 11 l.*Kther Hose; No. 12, Ox Hides for Rope; No. 13. Shec , Iron; No. 18. Soap and Tallow; No 2»), Brushes; No. 22 Stationery ; No. 23. Hardware ; No. 24, Ship Chandlery No. 25, Copper Wire; No. 27, Dry Good*; No. 2H, Fire wood; No. 31, Whale, Tar, and Neat^tuot Oil BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. I No. I, Flax Canvas and Twine. N*». 3, Iron Nails Sheave Rivet*, etc,; No. 4, Tin Zinc, etc.; No. 6, Spera Oil; No. 6. White Tine. A*h. Black Walnut, etc ; No 7 Cooking Ct-msils; No 8, Stoves and Cooking Caboose* No. 10, leather ; No 11, Leather Hose ; No. 12, Lignum ^ Lantern* ami lamps ; No 18 Soap and tallow No 20 Brushes . No 22 Stationery : No 23|Hardwmv. No % Ship < handler> . No 27 Dry Goods, No 2D Firewood; N< 31 Neatsfoot Oil. ' 1 V. 1 PUIt.ADBLPmA, PENNSYLVANIA. „ *“* No 5 Sperm Oil; No Cookiug Vteo«!f , No 10 U»tUer. No II L.«ther llo«e; N IS snap nnd T.llow ; No 20 Brtwhc*, No 22 Sutionrn V 23 'Ur.ioare, No 24 Sliip ClmoAlcrjr. No 27 I>rv Good. No 23 F ircwood; No 31 Tor Oil tod Neoufoo! Oil. WASHINGTON. t>. C No 1 Flu* C*n™» »ud twine ; No 4 Tin »nd Zinc. No Sperm Oil; No 8 Stoves and Cooking Cabo4>#es; No 1 Leather, fio 12 Lignumvitm, No 13 Lauterns; Ne 18 Soa and Tallow; No 20 Brushes; No 22 Stationery ; No 2 Hardware; No 24 Ship Chandlery; No 25 Copper Wire No 27 Dry Goods; No 33 Gallery Iron; No 84 Chain Iron No 86 Walnut. Mahogany and Ash; No 88 Ingott Coppei JjWlawiw MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & 00., Proprietors, Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. RE. Attention is respex fully invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in THE REST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is furnished with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of Book, and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, style and coet, PRIXTED AT SHORTEST XOTICE. Bill-Head* Rated and Cat ia the Neat eat Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS Of every deoription executed iu the beat etyl*. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with promptneu and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES. BILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, and all aorta ot LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at ihort notiet. SetiMu, Krporti, ud all kiadi of Fiapkleti, Put up in auperior atyle. " Bronzed and Colored Labels, For Apothecaries, Merchants, and Fancy Dealers, got up in the best style of the art. Weddin<p Cards, Notts q/ Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Dan ces, etc., etc., qf every variety and oost, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bills, Shop-bills, Progam mes, Circulars, And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure work, executed neatly, and on terms that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Soper’ Improved Caloric Engine* for motive power, and is furnished with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant use one of HOE'S LA ROE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off* 2500 Sheets an hour . one of Adam’s Power Presses—the best book press in the world ; Adam's and Potter’s Fast Machine Job Presses; Ruggles’ superior Card Pres; Adams' and Union large Hanel Presses, Standing Prouses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Prcsj Job Office is believed to be as well tarnished as any similar establishment in the State. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute a'l orders in the shortest possible time and in the neatest and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment in the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily Press Job Ojtfce, No. 82J Exchange street, Portland, Me. The Job office Is under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PRINT ER, and is himself an experieuced practical work man, aad employs only well-skilled mechanics in this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper east of Boston, and having a larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combined, is published nt the Office in Fox Block, i-2 Exchange Street, every morning— Sunday excepted, at $8,00 Per Annum, From which 19 1-9per cent, is discounted for advahck Pavmkntp. hemi-annual and quarterly subscriptions pro reta. Less than three months, sixty cents per month, or 16 cents a week. 8»ols Comte BCrht*. GF“ Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, is published every Wednesday, containing all the news by mail a d telegraph, important reading matter. Marine List, Market Reports, 4o , of the Daily Press,at the following prices, viz:— Single copy* one year. Invariably la advance.#2.00 For mtx months. 1.00 Te clubs of fosr or more all to the same post office, each. 1.7 5 To clnbe of ten or more, all to the same post office, each.% | .50 And a free oopy to the getter np of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in every town. Postmasters requested to act as agents. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Proprietor*. Portland June 1, 1864. dtf NOTICE. \\rK, the undorsigued . having sold our Stock o 1 vv Coal and Wool* to M» ssrs. Randall, MeAlis* t*r Jr jCb., do chcertuUy rtcouimeud them to our former customers. All pertous having demands agaiust us are requested to present them tor settle meat, aud all per-on« indebted to us are requested to make immediate paymeut at the old stand where one ol the undersigned may Ik* found for the present. „ , , . SAWYER * WHITNEY. Portland, June 6, 1864. juuel3d3w Coal and Woorl! rilllK aubreriber having purchased the Stock of A Cot! an i Nt ood, and taken the staud recently occupied by Messrs. lawyer t Whilnev, head of1 Maine Wharf, are now prepared to aupply their former patrons and the public generally, with a tine assortment of WELL PICKED AXD SCRERXBD Old Company Lehigh, sugar Loat Lehigh, Ifazelton lu-higli, Iatcual Mountuiu. John’s, W hile and Red A*h, Diamond and Lorberry, together with the beat quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal for Blaektmilht. Also. Hard and Soli Wood, Delivered to order in any part of the city. The former customers of Messrs. Sawyer k Whit ney are respectfully invited to give us a call. RANDALL. McALLlSTKK k CO. 1 Portland, June 18,1864.— dly MISCELLANEOUS. Hanson Block, middle St., No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United State# .ne Principal has had 20 years experience; is always on the spot, and attends to his business; and prom* bee, as during the past 12 years, no pains shall be spared in the future. Five hundred references of the first cljus business men, with many others of thi# city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, aud citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded lor thor ough courses. Able Assbtants secured. Bartlett's Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain time# will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Como all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and I will guarantee to you success. Application* solicited for Accountants. Separate in •traction given. Students can enter any time. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies aud Gentlemen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Matnematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching from printed ooples and Text Books will be avoided please call, or address the Principal. R N.BROWN. Portland. Oct.1,1863. oc29 eodfceowly 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh At. Phinney, WOULD inform his frinds and former customers that he has taken thu Store No 126 Exchange Street, where he intends Jo carry on the Stove and Furnace Business. In all its branches. STOVES, of all kinds, of the newest aud most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. O^Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change for new. 8totes, Raiuis, I thwacks, and Tia Wabk repaired at short notice, iu a faithful manner. Grateful for former patronage, he hopes by strict itteution to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public favor. maj 23dtf ALDRICH’S PATENT Water Elevator! A PATEN f combining more good and less bad qualities than any fixture in use for house wells. Don't fail to see it before you buy any pump er drawer now in use. It works so easily that e child eight years’ old can draw with it. It is low pric*d; it leaves nothing in the water to iDiureit; it does not freeze; it is simple; It is not likely to get out of order. J he bucke hi* no valve and empties itself. You have your well all open or cov ered at pleasure, and is jdst cuoh a simple fixture as jvery man needs who values pure water for family i»e. a# Drawers and Town and County Rights for ale by BOYNTON k HIGGINS, 13 aud 16 Warren Market. Portland. jyl0d3m s7 .A.7 BLOOD, Successor to George Anderson, No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, Sign of Auderson’s Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on band a complete assort ment of HOOP SKIRTS, )f every size and length, made of the best materials ind warranted to give perfect satisfaction. Also on [land a full assortment of Corsets and Skirt Supporter*. >f the most popular mak s, both <oreign and domes :ic, with other article* properly belonging to a Hoop Skirt store. Hoop Skirt* made to order, and re pairing done at short notice. Parties dealing with this establishment may rely ipon gettiug goods of the very best quality and at jrice* as low as a really good article can be afforded. Portland, July 6, 1*64. d6w GRANT'S COFFER & SPICE XILL& 0 RIO INAL BSTABLISIIMBNT. J. O-RANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Snlwratus Sc Crram Tartar, y«K Coffee and Spice Mills, 13 and 16 Union street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices put up #or the trade, with any id dr cm. in all variety of packages, and warranted u represented. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. GT~ All gc ods entrusted a tthe owner’s risk. march lOdtf New Steam mill, Foot of C ress, between Fore k Commercial Sts. WINSLOW. ~DOTEN & CO., WOULD inform their former customers and the public general v, that they have fitted up their New Mill with New Machinery, and are uow ready to do Planing, Matching and Jointing, also Sweep aud Circular Sawing. I rod Turnina, trc. We have in operation one of Messrs. Gray k Wood's new improved Planers, for PLANING OUT OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from 1 inch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AS EDtlER FIFTY FRET LOSG, For sawing heavy plank and edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship Knees, Clapboards, and heavy Timber. For the accommodation of dealers and other* hav ing large lot- of board* to plane, we have fu connec tion with the mill 17,COOfoutre foot of yard room, jyldeodtt lie ill ov at I. HAVING removed from my old stand to the store No. 91, Commercial street, and assrrlated myself iu business with Mr Henry Fling. 1 would take this opportunity to thank m> customers for past favo-s, auu would respectfully solicit their future patronage of the firm of Fliug k Wnittemore STEPHEN WHITT EMORK. Portland, July 8th, 1861, julyl2d4w Copartnership Notice. fllllK undersigned have this day formed a Copart JL nership under the name and' style of Fling k \\ hittemore. and have taken the store formerly oc cepi d by Henry Fling, No. SI. Commercial street, where they intend doing a Commission aud Whole sale business, in lea*. Tobacco, W. 1 Goods, Gro ceries aud Provisions. HENRY FLING. STEPHEN WHITTEMORE. Portland July 8,1864. dtf John Kinsman, GAS FITTER, —AMD— Dealer in Gas Fixtures, And (iasA Kerosene Cooking Appnratn*. The public are invited to examine and test these new inventions, which are highly recommended for summer use SO. 55 UXIOX 8TRKRT. Portland. Juue 14.—eod3m PRO VOS r MARSHALS OFFICE, T“ First District State of Maine, J 1 OkTAND. July 13,1864. ) N'OTICEia hereby given that any person Euroled may appear before the Board of Ylnrolment aud claim to have his name stricken off the list, if he can show to the satisfaction of the Board that he is not properly euroled on account ot 1-t—Alienage. 2d—Non-Residence, id—Over Age. 4th—rerma »ent Physical Disability,of such degree as to render the person not a proper subject lor en rolment under the laws aud regulations. I hat the examination referred to above mav not interfere with the daily routiue ol office business, the hours tor < xamitiation will be from 10 A. M. to 12 M ■ and from 2 to 4 P. M. CHARLES H. DOCGHTY, Capt aud Provost Marshal. CITY OF PORTLAND, ) Mayok'p Okkick, J July 18. 1864.) The special attention of our citizens is called to the above uotice of the Provost Marshal. It should be the duty of all those wno are exempt from draft from either of the cause* mentioned, to apply in j»er son and have th'ir names taken fruin the iet. in or der that when the quotas for the *11 alt are appor tioned. the number to be drawn will be based upon those who only are liable to enrolment. july'4d3tawlm JACOB McLELLAN, Mayor. For the Islands. J.UBO > On and after June 13ththesteamer r^jgSj££sd^CA8CO will until further uotice leave Burnham's Wharf, for Peak’s and Cushiug's lslauds at 9 mud 10.80 A. M., and 2 and 3 30 1*. 31. Returning will leave Cushing's Island at 9.49 and 11.15 A. 31.. and 2 45 aud 5.16 P. M. Tickets 25 cents, down and back; Children 15cts Juue 9—dtf DK. G. II. KICK, SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE 8T., PORTLAND, (Opposite foot of Free Street,) Having fitted up tho above named rooms, he would be happy to wait on all who may wish for the ser vicesofa skiliftil Dentist. Rrerg^rancA often tistrp will receive careful attention, and perlecf sat isfaotion will be warranted. j>26 dSm BUSINESS CARDS. paper box iuanufactobv. »T. R. Libby, MANUFACTURER OF P a por ZE3 o x. o s, ui every description, §uch as Shoe Boxes, JevrelryBoxct, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, Shelf Boxes, Coucnological Boxes, Powder Boxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, *e. 144 Middle 8t., (Upstairs) Portland, Me. junelddm Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dan*. i lortland, Woodbury Dana. [ John A. S. Dana ) Jlulllt. ___Juneldtf J. Smitli cto Oo., , MAKCFACTFKXKSOF Leather Belting, Card Clothing* Loon Strap., Belt Leather Bark, utl Side., LEATHER TP'MMIXQS, fc., fltuioo'i Block, 144 Middle 8t., Portland. Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. M. Bkiwkr, (juld3m) D. F. Notes JOH % T. ROUERS Ac C©^ CJommiHsion Merchants, AMD WHOLESALE DIALERS IV Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, cSilfeCS. I PORTLAND. ME. ___ Juneldem Wholesale and Retail. H. DAVI3, ttookseWer, Stationer, ASD XAFCFACTC.JUi OF Premium Paged Account Books. paper hangings. No, 53 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. juneldt! CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MR. IT Work executed in ©very part of the State. Juneltf RUFUS DUNHAM, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in BRITANNIA Plated Ware, Xo. 213 Fort afreet, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 18W. xnaylTdtl M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, *0.81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apl< PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO^T HAKCEACTt'HKKfl Of Japan, White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ground Colors, AKD DEALER* IK Drugs Medicines, Pa nts, Oils k Varnishes. Paint anti Color Factory, So. 29 Muttjoy St., Ofllre 1 Salesroom*. 80 C'oiuiucrriaI St., . (Tbomas Block.) Hubby U. Burokmm, OAbfl itlt MI Chailu a Fobkh. rflTUNP, 11. _ maylSdtf BLAKE, JO EES A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And He vers of WeMtrn and C ndian Produce, 137 Commercial Strftt, - • • Granite Block. Charles HUke, ) Henry A Joaei, PORTLAND. K. W. Cage. ) Juueldtf JOHN LYNCF&~C0~ Wholesale Groeers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Granite 8tores, - Commero al street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf,) John Lynch, ) Pel** Barker. [ POETLAND, ME. Thoa. Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE A TIOODV, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holegalt Dealers in FLOUR, CORN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Com merer al Bt, fX.W,. } PORTLAND, ME. junelddm Ll\t: A LITTLE, Who’ee&le Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AND W oolons, No. 112 Middle Ntreet, A. LMte. | PORTLAND. ME. Jnue7dtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Hanutacturer, Preble Stieet, • • Portland, Me. 5T “Carriages and Sleighs on hand and made to order. Jmnamtf C. P. KIV1BALL, M AMU 1‘AC'TVBtU OF Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street, (Near Treble House,) 1*0RTLAND, ME. Sale Booms, 110 and 113 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. juoeltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Flour, Gram 1 Produce ConmiisaioB Icrchisis, ami lillen' Irfuli. Office and Warehouse No. 6 tlalt Block, Commer cial Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known Brands of Floor, from St. Louis, l linois, Wisconsin. Ac., which we are coustauti receiving. N . C. 4 Co . are also Agent* for Tinman 4 Co.’s, and other brand? ot manufactured Tobacoo. CPCaeh advances made on all consignments Portland, June 1, 1864. juldtf 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commissi o it .Tlerciiants, ABd dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Commercial street. Portland, May 10th, 1864. maylOdtf PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Police* to be free after the payment ol six, eight or ten l*remium* at the option of the insured and at rate* a* low as any othor Company. The issue ot Free Policies renders it at tt 'least equal il not superior to the participation tnanies. Office No. 103 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN, Pres. ^ EDWARD SHAW. Sec. Feb 16 dAwtf. Payment of Androscoggin Coupons. THE undersigned will pay Coupons of the An droscoggin R R. Bonds, secured by tbesecoud mortgage of said Railroad, with interest to this date, to the amount of f7,820.45 paying such con pons as shall first be presented at his « ffice 81 Ex i change 8t , Portland, among tho*e that tell due pri or to the year 1861 J ABEZ C WOODMAN, Treasurer of Trua eo* of the Third Mortgage of A. K. S. Co. ‘ Portland, June 80,1364. JylddAwSw -BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MOULTON ti ROGERS Wholesale Dealers in Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street. The mu Block, ROBERT BKALBT, 1 ommocltcs, ( PORTLAND. ME A. e. BOUKKB. ) __ mt)3dtf W. W. CARR & CO., Having taken the Kruit Store formerly occupied b O. SAWYER, So. 3 Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail J*r*“K*e. Spruce Guua, Lozeugee , Caeary Candle*, Llmea, Lemon Syrup, Honey, £[■»•»• Cocoa Nuts. Figs. Llirun, Nuis,all kinds, Dates, Olive., RbIiIb., Tebeeee, Sardine., Claars. raaey Candle. af all deer rlptlan. ootS dtf IRA WENN, Agent, ISTo. 11 Union St., It prepared to ftornteh STEAM BBGIHES and BOILEBS, of rariouj sixes and patterns, 8tc*a Pip« uj Future,, lilt Goring, Skftiig, Palleji, A«. ' Liamr House Wore of til description*, isd all kind* of work required in building FoRTiric atio n e. IroaStalrs and other Architectural Work. Home*, Store*, and other building*, fitted with Gan and Steam in the boft manner. la oo an action with the above la an Iron Foundry with a large awortment of Pattern*, to which the attention ol Hachiniate,Millwright*,and Ship-Build er* Is invited—and all kind* ol Casting* furnished at short notice. „*e Orders for Machine Jobbing, Pattern* and Forging*, promptly executed, ooSdtf S INfeE K>S SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN. TRUE 4b CO., AQENT8, No*. 64 and 68.Middle Street. ffeedleeaad Trimmings el way • on head. mohlStf A CARD. DR. S. G. FERNALD, DENTIST, No- 170 Muldl Street. Bnnnnxoits.Drs Bacon and Butun. Portland, IU7 25, IMS. u Dr. 1. H. HEALD HAVING diapoaed of hii entire interest In hit Gffloe to Ur. 8, C 1 EKNALH, would cheerfully reccomracnd him to bis former pttientt and the pnb I to. I>r. I kknald, from loaf experience, it DrcptD ed to insert Artlflciil Teeth onthe'Vulcanltc Bate ” 1 and nil other methods known to the profession Portland. May IS. 1483. tf WOOD AND COAL CHEAP FOK CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH. HKZILTON, sugar loaf, old company i.kiiigii. lo cust mountain Johns. DIAMOND, WEBS TEKaud BLACK HEATH. These Coals are of the very be.t quality, well screened and picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Alto for tale best of HARD AMI SOFT ROOD, delivered to tny part of the eity. Orvtc* ComtnaciAL St., head or Franklin Whart. 8. ROUNDS & SON. feblS dly WARREN’S I.HPOHVF.D KIKK AND WATER-PROOF FEIT COMPOSITION, -AMD Q-ravol Hoofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. HLRSEYi Jau2d Jtf No. 18 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB A CO., -DIALUP 1M — Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OP MEBKILL B WHAKP, CtBatrtlal Street. - - Ptrilaed, Me. _ _ leattf EDWARD H. BURQIN, WBOLEPALK DIALER IX Corn, Meal aiu\ Flour, Alio. Ground Rock Salt. Commission Tlrrcliant MOM PUftCHABKAMD PALM OF Harley, Rye and Oats. in ‘art loaded with Corn in bulk free of charge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Street, And Crrv Mills, Deeriug Bridge, _ juneteoddm JOHN F. ANDERSON^ Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mchlTdAwtf Tkhtlk Stukkt. Nootoh Canvnw, -FOB BALI BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Batk, He. O A/T BOLTS Superior Bleached £yJ\J 800 do All Lon* a** "liov- k erament oontract," ' •00 do Eztrm All Lon* du Arbroath. SOU do Navy Tine J Delivered in Portland or Boatoa.** aolldti ~ RE MOVAL. DR. NEWTOM HAS removed his residence to Vo. 37 Middle * Street, oorner of Franklin street. Office an heretofore, Vo. 116 Exchange Street, 1b Noble’s Block. «p stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 ▲. M., from 2 to 3. and from P to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES Of FEMALES. oo31dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBE R! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 131 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Told and Hhower Hath** Wash Bowls, Brass At Silver Plated l ocks, EVERY description of Water Fixtures for Dwel ling Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops. &c , arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country hltkftlQ? Wmtt4. All kinds of jobbing promptly atteuded to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PCMPS of all desoriptions. ap9 dtf J. T^. Lewis <Sz> Oo., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chamber! - - - A'oj. 1 anti J Fret Street Bloch, (Over H. J. Libby 4 Co.,) 1 P. uZkt. PORTLAND, ME. jylldtf The Cheapest Aitenry Xj^OK collecting all classes of claims arising from X the war is that of the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F, EMERY, over the Portland Post Office, 3d story. 1 dawly HOTELS. MOUNT ZIRCON HOUSE, AT TH* Calibrated Mt. Ziroon Mineral Springe, Mtiton Plantation, Mr., Ii now opened to tbe public, end no pain* will bo epared tnia ,uto meet tbe waste and render pleasant aud interesting toe stay of gueete. Aud >iao ae usual. 1 still 1_Iboard cheaper than any other Hummer flouao in New Knglaud. For canes of Dyapeptia, Kidney Complaint, Grar el. Flune In the Bladder, and oibera.imilar, I war rant a cure by tbe use of tbe water. splendid aoen ery and rides. At tbe abort distance of four mile* can be aeon Kumterd Fai t, tbe Isrgeet in New king land. Iloreaa and Catriagea to yet Good Treat Usbing in streams and ponds. A new road wae built to the lloute lut Jure, (unking the iccms ©awj. l,,y other Mountain Bouse. Daily coach troin * Pond station of the (irgad Trunk Kail way to the House. l*o«t Office addre-s, Mt Zirc'n. Mt*. \f» ABBurr, Proprietor. M Zirc >n. July £J, 1H$4. jj8046v Nea-Nido House, HAKPSWELL NECK, C A S C 0_ BAY. This elegant and commodious Ho tel, situated ou the extremity of Harpswetl Keck, about hair a mi © be.ow the w».l known Manaiou . ■ ■ House, has just been completed after the design* ui u M. Habdixv*. K q . Architect and under h.s superintendence, and will be open tor company Oa and after the Fourth «f Jaly. The House is tho largest e«.abiHhmeut, construct ed expremly lor the purpose of a aotel. st any Wat ering 1 lace ou tbe coast of Maine. It is aituated in the centre of a dense grove of old trees, with ave nues and vistas opening to the waters of the Bay but a tew yards distaut on either side. NeaHv surrounded by ttie sea, and abundantly shaded by trees, tbe House has a «paciou- and beau tiful verandah. extending over three hundred and thirty leet ou three sides of the building, with wide and tuoroughly ventilated LaJ.s and corridors in the interior, so that visitors can enjoy tbe most cobdI© e protection from the summer heat. r The steamboat wharl and boat landings are on the west side, but a lew sveps from tbe House Ample facilities are at baud lor boating aud fishing. Ou t he east side is a tine gravel beach, where the luxury of sea-bathing can be enjoyed at all times of the tide. At a short distance on the northeast, across an arm of tbe sea is Orr’s Island, celebrated by Mrs Beech er 8towes well known novel. The 8<a Side House is accessible by land from Brunswick, fifteen miles distant, by one of the finest drives in the 6tate, and by daily steamboat from uiaadlTaf theBay. laM* P““*' * »“uo* “*« Visitors scorning from the Kennebec and other parted the interior, can leave the railroad at Brans wick, and proceed by s'nge to Harp,well, or contin ue to Portland and take the ,teainer, which rune down and back twice a day. Jy4tf JOHH T. 8XIT1, Proprietor. BRADLEY'S HOTEL, American and European Plau», Cor. of Commercial & India St*. t_|i,Thi« Ho»ae i, .1 nafed directly oppo.Be Itha Urasd Truuk ttai.ruai Depot.euu bead ol Hoeton and Portland sleamtr. Wharf Connected wltn thlr lloiue la a *r.t ciiaa Orator and Dining Uall. J»Mk.S BRADLEY. 3r . A CO.. Proprietora. J. Bradley, Jr. f. u. Bradley. _ Janel.Wdm Atlantic House, SC A R BO KO’ BEACH. THIS House having been enlarged and refitted throughout will open tor the *ea • n on J Monday, June 13, 1804, „ u „ E. GUNNISON. ». 0.—Positively closed on the Sabbath to all transient visitors. juucll Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having lea-ed for tha •easouthi* wel. ar tablisbed Watering place, charmingly situat.d rn the outer verge ot Capa Elizabeth. With unrivai.ed ucili ties for Bulbing. Boating, and Flshinf, after ior tnln8**Ilt»nd permanent guests on and Tuesday, the 7th day of June. Er^rv ^^ifableconvaoiance will ba * applied for the pleasure and com oris ol its patrons with regard to the lequirements and character ol a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. We fool as-ured that < ur exertions, added to tba unusual attraction* ot the hoase itself. will secure us the afprobat ou and patronage of the public. ►V*"" J*osittr<lif closed the Sabb-ith. HILL fie JORDAN, Proprietor*. C>t>e Elizabeth, June 7. 1864. dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subscribers take pleasure in an nouncing to their friend*and ai< interested iu finding a first class sea-side lloul accom __ modal ion*, that their new and spacious Ho tel eiil oe op. near!) in June. It contains all the mod ern improvemoots aLd every conwnieuce for the c >nifor: and accommodation ol the travelling pub lic It is finely located, com ms- ding an uumalled view ol the Penobscot Bay. The advantage* of sea bathing and the facilities tor fishing aLd boating, areuu.-'irpassed. For its t-eauiitul scenery and de lightiul drives and walks, Camden is already favor able Xnuwu asoue of the most eligible and delight ful watering places in New England. Connected with the Hotel is a Hue Livery Stable, horse* and carriages having been selected with great care. Th* carriages are from the best establishments in the couutiy. and ou the most approved styles, steam boat lau jiugseaiy of access; steamers touching*v ery dav iu the week. telegraph communication with alt parts of the ccuntrY. lhcse wishing io se cure good rooms will do well to apply soon, as many are already eugagtd. C U till IN i • A JOHNSTON, Proprietor*. Camden, June J, 19d8.—dtf Pleasant Suburban liesort. c^vp»isic~1totjse, WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Place, located upon a pleasant eminence near Ca li***? loud, but ij unite from Portland, hav ing been placed in the most ample order t v J_ithe sabsenber. lie most respectfully solicit* lui- aticulion of tbe public, and cordially invitee a call Irvin his old friend*. the house is plea-ant, retired an quiet. The furniture and furnistungs ere all new, and the rooms c *y aud sightiy. The table* are supi lled with all the delacacies as well as tbe substantial* oi the sea son, and the service of one of the very best cooks in New England have been secured. Extensive sheds aud a hue stable with roomy stalls are am«ng the conveniences ot the establishment ▲ nice Bathing Uouse sufficient for the accommo dation « f several bathers tuts been erected with steps projecting into teu feet of water, and the whole se cured from observation by a floating screen. Smoking ArD- rs grace the banks of the Pond and iuvite the indulgence of the lounger. Doping for a share of the public patronage the un dersigued promts* s to spaae no effort for the en’er tain meat of his guests. GEO. W. Ml‘ KCH. West* rook. May 21, 1964. may21dtf HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPK NE D! HEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.O. DENNIS, Proprietor. 5T“ The public are specially informed that the spacious, convenient and well known Uallowhll uou*k, in the center of Uallowell, two miles from Augusta, and tour mi Vs from Togus Spring, has been reftirnuhed. aud is open for tbs reception of company aud permanent board*rs. Every attention will be given to the eomfort ol guests. 8T A B L I 3XT G- , and all the usual conveniences ef a popular hotel, are amply provided. H&llowefi, Fob. 1 1864. mchSo eodtf TOE AMERICAN HOUSE, jjjgi§HanoTer Street • . Boetor, The Large.t iimt Beat Arranged Hotel IN Stir I.HQUND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor# OOlflly tteorge W. .Hanson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Street, Portland, Me. A share of patronage respetfully solicited and satisfaction given. 41 . . . Orders from the country promptly attended to. Address George W Mansou. 74 Middle street. Room No 1<*. up stairs, Portland, Me. June 14—<l3u» A. & S. SHURTLEFF & CO., NOS. .VIA V« MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, SLuuincturer. aod De»ler» in Hen'* Soys’ and Youth's Thick, Xip and Calf Boots, Women’s Misses and Children’s Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Rubbers. Bhoe Stock, Findings, Ac. WITH our superior facilities lor manufacturing, and a large experience in the business, we we are able to tell as low as in Boston or elsewhere. Dealers are respectfully iuvited to call aud ox ' amine our stock before purchasing Orders by mail promptly attended to. 1 Portland, April 28,1864. 46m CLOTH LX G. JUST RECEIVED I BOIX1NS & BOND, HMWMaltf1 ‘h*lr ,tor* ,nd rec*iT*d • *"«• ELEGANT STYLES c LOTUS! ARK PRKPARRD TO Show Them to Their Cuitoneri. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, In Great Variety, -AT 95 Middle Street. mifOtf UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1XCOKPOKA1ED by th. STATE OF MA1SK Charter Perpetual. Organised, iM. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, OS State Street, .... Do.too, R■.« Pretidenl—BRKRT CROCKER HcePreeidenl—DAKIRL SHARP. Secretary—W H. UOLLlsTKR. H. G. WILSON, General Manager of Agencies in the Kern England Stale*. _ Anrt, 31 tf Drctmbtr, 19o3, t9S9.0S8.41 Dotttt Paid to datt. 07SO.OSO.OO DtcuUad Paid n CajA to drat, 0J40,080.00 rpHIS Company o'er, p culiar idnilim toper X toun intending to l> .nie their live*, is iu MU«t7 and .lability, acquired la t. nurum yawn* expert *fcfc'bv (without iia capital of •100.000,lajnuuuta to overtbrae-quxrteraaf a BiU.loa ot dollar., being more than two hundred thoa.uud dollnra in new. ol it. linbilitire for tba reicureie* of nil out-atandinjr riak.; in tuc fkcilltloa prearpted in ita accommodating ay item of pay mania of premi ama i in lb* large number, diver,in* d condition, and occupation., vnricnaaga* and localitie* of litre in •ured, giving tbe large at requi.ite arop* for tb* op*. ration of tb* Inwa of average mortality, and the am plret guaranty to tb* in.ured for tb* benegt. there of; in 'be division of profit-, the annual ai portion ment of which bating tor tb* paat foartv.n rear a IT.#.rW® tort* per Cent, of the premiums paid. Policies are issued upon all the pla* s u»ua! with Lifa Insurauoe Companies, and at as tow rates as in consistent with a view to tquity and solvency. Parties desiring Agencies in owns where toe com pany have none, and tho-e wishing TraveUog Agen cies within the *et England £ta>ee. will apply U G. H. WILaOS. 61 State Street. Boston, giving sach re'erence. or information as to ago, present and past business,as wi tenable him to form Judg ment in regard thereto. JnneUdSm STATE OF MAINE. HEAD QUARTERS. , Adjctkt Usuilt Orrits, j Augusta. August 1, 1864. J General Order A's. 28. I. Thirty Companies of Infantry for Regiment* In the field, and to be credited npon tbs pres, nt ca.l are autbor.ied by the W ar Department to be raised in this stats, from Volunteers, for eitnerona two or Ibrwo years’ set vice, as the rrciur mav elect ’ II. Enrolled men or ttelr ubsillutee. hare the privilege of electing the oompany and re. .meat m which they will e»ive, by vum. leering is ibaew organizations; but if dra led, such liberty is ntees. saAiv denied them. ’ III lb» State bonaticsto all rolan'eere and to sabstitatM en is ed pr t r to the drat. Is gloo. NCO or *800, ace rding to tbe period of their enlistment for 1 2. or 3 years, and tbe U. 8. be amy the seme, to all volanieera and rcprw-entatiie reel nits hab stitutee lor enrolled men are not entitled to Umind States Bonntv. IV The officers of these companies will be select ed from those who hsve served at hast niae months la tbe field, unless very special reasons txist le. par ticular cases. V Such Immediate action should b« taken by citizens not liable to enrollment, de.iilngto avoid* draft ia tbelr community, and by tlub* of csioiied men, as will axake it lortbe pecu> iari interest eftk* latter, to Vulaateer instead of entering tervice as drafted men. VI. Concerted tetion initialed la cities sad pop ulous plac.s. aud extending to tbe suburbs axd ad jacent towns, embodying ihe partial se retina 01 of ficer. sod non commissionedifhoers, nsi insnre the adoption, at once, of such plsns will pu.isntee tbe raising oi a c. tnpany in every in stance where it is andtrialen, but any i fteer se lected as above, sbuu <1 be s person who has S9rvad honorably, tor at least nine m .oihs, or tba selection mar uot be confirmed by tbe tic.t ruer 'll. Tbe following rules will be adhered to ia raisiog ihesa companies. 1st. Mo faes. premiums or expeuKS will ba paid for making tbe enitstmeuts. 2d. Each volunteer must be examined and ap proved by a local physician, who will be paid 2i eta. tor hie services; but the physician is uot to sign tba ceriltleate of surb examma ieu up. u ibe vulisiment paper, that being for tbe auihorued su geon, who makes tho ttralexsmioaii n ai the muster ia. 3d. A Justice ol tbe I'eace will armlniattr tba oath to the recruit, and fill and sign the certificate on tbe fare of the enlistment. 4th. When the enlistment is for a lest period than 8years, the blank wi I by changed to exhibit tbe tact. otn. r.acn company mast comprise one hundred and one eniis'ed men. nnd as soon as that number ot suitable persons, who are dig:b e to enlistment, have each signed three « nlistmentj at or*, one part of each enlistment with the u a me* oi persons des ignated for the c mm is iuuea * tLcsrs o* the com pany. acd their residence. and •• e place of the ren dezvous of the Company, will be torwardtd the Adjutant General who w II arrauge with Major Ga-diner. U. 8. Mi ltary en/trintendcut. for the transportation, master in. clothing, arming and eqnipina of the coin} ary. Vi. It the company U detained beyond the time, of which reasonable i utiie is given the Adjutant General that it will sm- ruble at ita rendtzvoas. to leave tor the place ot mu-ter, forty cents a day per man will bea-low'd o. boa d and lodging ter the period of such tieUn’i u ai d the tim * cccupied in coming in from th > com anv rendezvous. VII. So much of (iei era! Order Twenty-Feven ot tbe20tb ult. as presetiDes rules governing enlist ment* and credits tor quotas and amount of boun ties and enurates tne persons entitled tbereto and eligible to eniistmen s. is applicable to these thirty companies [Extract from War Department authority of July 28, 1834^0 raise these companies ] • • • • a • a **the said companies mu<t te mo-Ured in ►etore Sept. 5. 1*64, in o-dwr that they may te credited ou the quota ot the State aod r th- aforesaid ca 1." "Should any of the compsut •< ail to organise within a reasonable tim*. they will bj consoliaated so as to fora and be mustered in as complete com panies be tore the aforesaid datws.” a a a a a a • By Order of Ilia Excellency the Governor. jUUXi L HODS' OS. Adjutant-General. Aog. 4— dlw Coparint*i*sliip Notices -AMD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THE •ubscrib*r» havine on th* Tth d«y of formed • copartner, hip uiidt r th# name of McCi\r\hv Sc Bern, For the purpose of carry Ing ou the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all ita branches, aad having all the facilities far get’ing up brat class work tor gent Vmen and lad es, wear, are now r*ady to execute all orders with nsat ut*a- and oispatch Our work will be made of the beat of imported dock. bv the beet of workmen, nnd warranted to give per eel aatisfaetk u. It is our aim that tur worjt shall uot be *ecutid to any in the Unit ed States. We have also completed a stock of ready-mad i work of the tiret quality. tor Ladles, Gentlemen, and Children's We* •elected from >\ w York and Boston markets Our Ladies* work ia from tha oclebrated Unrig MmmnfMetvrp of Sen York. * or Gentlemen** wear we have the best assortment ever olert d for sale in thi* city ; auch as tine V tench Patent Leather Boots; Glove Calf aid Cali ('ea gre** for geotlemeu's wear; Tatr-ut Leather (ou* gres*. and Calf Congress Balmoral, and t ew French Buckle Boots. Have you seen the new style CRIMTED-FBOHl BUCKLE BOOT, now made by Mclarhy & Per ry? For ueatness. conitort and beaut' . it Vurpatsee anything ever got up in this city. t a'l and ace it; uuhjdes always ou hand at the old ttaui ot M. Me* L‘r,1‘r McCarthy a bekry, No. M Exchange Stmt, JutldU

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