Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 10, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Mmo JifnrNnMmla To-Day. Lumber-Job A. Turner. >or bale—Nahum Fiekatt. Notioe of Foreoloeure—Elina Thomas. Westbrook—Caucus. Wente 1—Rooms. Sewing Machine improvements—John Porter. (ieuta' Furnishing boods—J. E. Fernuld Wonderful Sewing Machine Improvements. Every lady who uses a sett ing machine, of almost any of the approved patterns, is aware of the dauger to the needles and the difficulty lu breaking and entangling the thread, when the wheel starts in the wrong direction—turns backward. They also know how necessary it la, especially when tbe crank is on the centre, to take hold of the wheel with one hand in order to start it, and this, too, when both hands are so much needed to manage the work. By a very ingenious contrivance, easily ap plied to almost any machine, ail these evils are avoided. It is called “ Williams’ Pattnt Crank Motion." The advantages derived from the use of this improvement over the common crank, concisely stated, are as fol lows : 1st. It gives the operator the entire control of the machine, starting from any point, and turning the wheel always in the right direc tion without using the bauds. 2d. The motion of the treadle Is acquired with greater ease, from the fact that this im provement will not allow the machine to be turned in the wrong direction, which is tbe cause, in many cases, of breaking needles, en tangling thread, Ac. 3d. By Its use, the new beginner is confi dent that the machine can always be started and moved in the right direction by the feet alone, and the mind being thus divested of all fear of turning tbe machine in the wrong di rection, the operator can confine the atten tion to the use of the machine. 4tii. The machine can always be started with tbe feet, even though the Crauk be on tbe centre. 5th. By its use the operator can, at the : time of starting the machine, apply both hands to the article to be aewed, which is the very lime when both hands are especially needed to hold and guide the work. Mr. John Porter, of Ubode Island, is in the city for the purpose of applying this im provement. lie will be found at No. 11 Clapp's Block, where the advautages of the improvement are fully demonstrated. He called upon us, and we reluctantly consented to his applying his improvement to a “Wheeler and Wilson”—which had been allowed to go almost out of use because it was so often out of order—and now it works so well that we expect to be ruined in purchasing cloth at the present high rates to be worked up with It. Serious) j, it is one of the most practical and valuable iaveutioui we hare ever seen, aud we would advise.every lady owning a machine, to call upon Mr. Porter and see the operation of it. Another lest pretentious but very valuable Improvement, is what is called ••Uyde't At tachmentapplied to the needle arm, through which the thread passes, and which makes in ferior cotton or linen work equally well with the roost amoved cotton, and enables the | needle to work iu sized cloth as readily as in the soft finish. Mr. Porter’s advertise ment will be found in this paper. The Congressional Committee Excursion1 The House Committee of Congress on the Defenses of the Northeastern Frontier—con sisting of Hon. John H. Kice, of Maine, Chairman, Hon. John B. Alley, of Massachu setts, Hon. Samuel S. Cox, of Ohio, Hon. James T. Hale, of Pennsylvania, Hon. James W. Patterson, of New Hampsire, Hon. Wm. Bedford, of New York; Hon. John F.Briggs, of Michigan,—will commence their personal inspection of the existing fortifications of Maine to-day. A portion of the committee arrived last evening, and the others, with members of Congress who have been invited to accompany the excursion, will arrive here this morning. The party will assemble at the Preble House at 9 o’clock, precisely, and at the invitation of a committee proceed in a body to the new City Hall, where they will be presented to the Mayor, City Authorities and citizens. After inspecting the harbor and visiting the forts under guidance of Major Thomas L. Casey, D. S. Eogineer Officer in charge, the , party will lunch on Bang’s Island at 2 o’clock, and during the afternoon witness the expert ments in gunnery and target firing from the 15 inch guns en barbette on Fort Preble and Fort Scaramel, and from the 100 lbs. Parrott guns at the several forts in the harbor. At 9 o’clock in the evening the City Hall will be open for a public Levee, with Music, Dancing and other amusements. In the examination of the fortifications to- 1 day the party will consist only of the Con- ' gressioual Committee, their invited friends and such members of the Committees as may choose to join. The boat will leave Custom House Wharf precisely at 12 o'clock. Geutlemen who have invitations to join the Congressional Committee will receive their tickets by calling at the Preble House, Room 12. U. 8. Frigate Sabine. To the Editor qf the I'rttt Sib :—As It is a matter of public interest! will you please give publicity to tbe followi ig notice: 1 he U. S. frigate Sabiue has been ordered to this port for the purpose of enabling pa- , rents or guardians to enlist boys as appren tices to the U. S. Naval service till 21 years of 1 age. Boys, in all cases accompanied by a pa rent, guardian or nearest relative, can come I on brard Irom 9.30 A. M. to 2.30 P. M., when, : if they pass a satisfactory examination, they will be enlisted. To prevent unnecessary trouble, it must be understood that uo boun- [ ties or advances are paid, no allotments al- ! lowed, and that no apprentice can be a sub stitute, or be couuted in a draft. Neither will vagaboud boys, or any guilty of moral delin quency, or who have been convicted of any crime be accepted. Landsmen, ordinary seamen and seamen wanted tor general service. Apply aboard from 9 30 till sunset. It. B. Lowky, Lieut. Commander, U. S. Navy, Commanding Sabine, Aug. 9, l(Sft4. The following is a correct list of the officers attached to the Sabine: Lieut. Commanding—It. B. Lowry; Lieu tenant—F. O. Davenport; Paymaster—G. A. Sawyer; Passed Assistant Surgeon—II. M. Wells; Lieut, of Marines—E. E. Sallmarsh; Acting Masters—A. McFarland, N. Peulleld, K F. Cook; Carpenter—William F. Laighton; Gunner—Wm. II. Hamilton; Acting Eusigns —J.^M. Crocker, L. B. King; Sword Master— G. Newcomb; Boatswain—P. Atkinson; Sail maker—Henry I. Hayden; Paymaster's Clerk —Thomas Edwards. The ship is open to visitors who may wish to come on board and inspect her. Veteran Troops on a Furlough. The 13ih Maine Regiment, under command of Col. Bust, comprising 179 men, and the )5lh Maine, under Col. Dyer, numbering 232 men, arrived here in a special train from Bos ton yesterday afternoon. At the depot they were furnished with abundant refreshments both edibles and drinkables. After remaining here an hour they left for Augusta. These troops re-enlisted last January while in the Department of the Gulf, where they have been ever since the regiments weut for ward from this State, until about six weeks since, when they entered the army of the Po tomac. At the time of re-eulisling tbe ex igencies of the public service required their services in the field, and they remained. They come home now, laden with honor, to spend a short furlough, and then to return once more to the front. They appeared hale and hearty. Ou leav ing the depot they gave nine rousing cheers • for the city of Portland and for the Union. • The Natural History Rooms will be open for the reception of visitors every day this jreek. Supreme Judicial Court. CRIMINAL TERM.—DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. I Trial for Attempt to Kill a Family by Poison. The case of State vs. Margaret Wallace who was charged with attempting to poison the family of Mr. C. V. Bosworth on the 13th 1 of January last, by mixing arsenic in a tea kettle lull of water, but which was discovered , before any U6e was made of the water, and i which has occupied the Court four days, was brought to a conclusion yesterday. Mr. Wil liams, counsel for the prisoner, concluded his argument about tweuly-flve minutes belore 1 o’clock Monday evening. Festerday Mr Butler, County Attorney, made an able and elaborate argument for the prosecution, occu pying a little more than two hours. The charge of Judge Davis was very impartial— so much so that the counsel for prisoner did not request any special instructions to be given to the jury. Alter an absence of about twenty minutes the jury returned into Court aud rendered a verdict of Sot Guilty. Margaret was then discharged. She has been In jail nearly seven months. Xehemiah It. Murphy was tried on a com plaint, appealed from the Municipal Court, charging him with extortion, in charging the sum of two dollars for conveying three pas sengers from the Boston boat to Merrill street, in violation of the city ordinance regulating the fares of backs and carriages. The defense was that one of the passengers was sick and that respondent had to wait upon the wharf more than one hour before he could get the family of complainant into his hack; and had to give up conveying other passengers who wished him to convey them to their residences; that he told Mr. I’ittee, the complainant, that he should cousider himself and hack under his charge; and that he was about two hours be fore he got through with the job for Mr. Pit tee, beiug obliged to walk his horses all the way from the wharf to the residence of Mr. Pittee, on account of the sick daughter. Per contra—Mr. Pittee testified that it was about 6 o’clock when he engaged Murphy, and that it wanted ten minutes of seven when he aud his children were landed at his house. The case was managed by Mr. Butler for the State, and by Messrs. Howard i Cleaves for the respondent. Judge Davis, in charging the jury, remarked that the city ordinance provided what fares should be paid for conveyance of passengirs in hacks; and that hackmen bad no right to charge for waiting. If a hack driver did not choose to wait he could leave the passenger, but if he waited he could not charge extra. Such charges for waiting would lead to re peated violations of the ordinance, as the drivers could charge for waiting for the boats to arrive. Neither had a hack driver a right to charge more for the conveyance of a sick passenger in his carriage than one that was well. It was optional with the driver whether to take the passenger or not. u naer an tie circumstances of the case, the Judge remarked, the respondent having waited so long, he did not think he had re ceived more than a fair compensation; and, although his opinion was that haekmen could not charge for waiting, yet this was one of those cases that the public good might be sub served by not pursuing it any further. The County Attorney then withdrew the case from the jury, and entered a nol. pros. Kirs well J. Carter aud Greenleaf Chute, convicted at the last November term of an assault with intent to maim, recognized per sonally lor their appearance at the next term of the Court. J. O. Donnell for the defense. The case of State vs. Francis O. J. Smith, for adultery, was continued to next term, the defendant recognizing for his appearance. Ilenry J. Morgan, the hotel thief, against whom three indictments had been found, re tracted his plea of not guilty on the first in dictment, charging him with larceny of cloth ing Iroui the l’reble House, aud pleaded guilty. Continued for sentence. N. Webb and Uow ird & Cleaves for prisoner; M. M. Butler tor Slate. The jurors were dismissed, and Court ad lourucd to 3 o'clock this afteruoon. Municipal Court—Aug. 0. Thomas Collins, for drunkenness and dis turbance, paid a tine ol $3 and costs. Hugh McGlinchy, a lad of fifteen years, pleaded guilty to lareeuy of a clock line from Jesse S. Felt, and paid the fine imposed of t'2 aud costs. The Levee.—The levee to be given this evening in honor of the members of Congress and other distinguished visitors, promises to be a brilliant affair. The music is to be fur nished by the hand of the 17th U. S. Infantry. Refreshments will be provided by Mr. R. L. Robinson. The managers are as follows: General Managers.— H. N. Jose, P. H Brown, Henry Fox, O. M. Marrett, H. H. Furbish, J. G. Curtis, G. O. Gosse and L N. Felch. Flout Managers.—Jarnes E. Carter, John H. Hall, J. Hall Boyd, M. N. Rich, Stepheu Berry, Benj. F. Lunt, Frank Furbish and Wil liam Allen. The general managers will wear a blue ribbon, aud the floor managers a white one. Theatre.—The beautiful play of Borneo & Juliet will be presented at Deering Hall this evening, Kate Beignolds assuming the charac ter of Juliet. This should be sufficient to attract an audience large enough to fill the hall. Kate is to perform here but three nights, : and the probability is that we shall not very soon have an opportunity of seeing her again> as she contemplates visiting Kuglaud as soon as her term at the Boston Museum expires. We hope, therefore, that during her short en gagement here every -eat in the lutll may be filled. Tickets.—Subscribers to the fund for the entertainment of the Congressional Excur- j siouists and Editorial fraternity can procure their tickets to the levee aud clam bake of Mr. John H. Hall, Win. L. Southard and J. Q. I Twitchell at the Merchants’ Exchange to-day. Tickets for the levee at the new City Hall this evening, admitting a gentleman aud his ladies, may be procured at the same place, at $2 each. Editors and Publishers can obtain their tickets for the levee and excursion at the close of the Editorial Convention, at the Sen ate Chamber, this afternoon. Hobhkrv.—The store of Mr. Aretas Sliurt lett, on Moulton street, was broken into Mon day evening, by entering through a back win dow Into the cellar, and thence through the large trap door into the store. From one thou sand to twelve hundred dollars worth of to bacco was stolen and carried oil. Information was given to the City Marshal, who worked up the case so that he recoven d the whole of the stolen property before 12 o’clock Tuesday. It had been trucked lour different ways and by four different teams since it was stolen. He found the whole of it packed in one targe dry goods case, aud jud about beiug conveyed to the Boston depot. Larceny from the Pkhsox.—While Mr. P. Tobin was pulling away bis money last evening, in his shop on Fore street, about 11 o'clock, be was watched outside by two of the Invalid Corps from Camp Berry, who ob served him placiug some bills iu his pocket. They entered the shop, and one of them placed Ills arm around Mr. Tobin's neck and began a conversation with him, while at the same time he rified his pocket. Mr. Tobin called the police, and officers Charlton and Sterling went in aud arrested the meu. The Picnic of the Second Parish aiffi High Street Sabbath Schools will come off to-day. The parties will leave Union Wharf precisely at 9 o’clock this morning and proceed to PldgeoQ Cove. BY TELEGRAPH TO Tax Portland Daily Press. — -*— Extra Seaaion of the Penn. Legislature. Harrisburg, Pa., Aug. 9. The extra session of the Legislature met here to-day. Gov. Curtin, in his message, calls upon the Legislature to take some action for the de fense of the Slate. He spoke of the support received by Pennsylvania to the National gov ernment, and says tht State has fullflll all her obligations. Pennsylvania, he says, has a right to be de fended by the National forces, as a part of the common country. He quotes a letter address ed by him, to get her, with Gov. Bradlord of Maryland, to Pres. Lincoln, asking that re cruits raised by the State shall be credited to the quotas on the last call made, and be arm ed, equipped and supplied, as other volunteers in the service; also a letter from the Adjutant General, stating on behalf of the Secretary of \\ ar, that such authority cannot be granted. The governor says the suggestion has been frequently made, by unreflecting persons, that the State should raise a force and keep it per manently in the Held. A part from other con siderations it is to be observed that the ex pense of such a measure would be quite be yond the present ability of the State. Reltrl Raid oh Ruffalo in Embryo. Buffalo, X. Y., Aug. 0. The Commercial Advertiser has further particulars about the reported rebel raid on this city. It appears that the Provost Marshal of this city, from various reports, was led to believe that the rebels in Canada had organized an expedition to burn Buffalo and destroy the ca nal locks at Lockport. He laid the matter before Gen. Dix, who stated that he was aware of the existence of such a plot, but was unable to provide any means to defeat it, aud advised that measures lie taken here as the exigency might require. The public are unadvised of any means of de fense having been taken. It is report that Mayor Fargo has protested against the removal of the 74th regiment, which has just been ordered for 100 days duty from here. Capture of n Rebel Train. Washington, Aug. 9. On Sunday a rebel train was seen beyond , Aldie, Loudon county, Va. The rebels de- 1 tached some of their wagons loaded with plunder from the main body, and moved in an easterly direction from the mountains, in the meantime being followed by a body of Union cavalry, who were not, however, in suflicient force to make an attack. At or near Aldie the Union force was augmented by about sixty cavalry under command of Col. Bliss, who had i been out on a scout- The rebel force was at tacked, and some twenty-five wagons loaded with grain taken. Those in charge of the train abandoned it. from Fortrr*. Jfonroe. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 9. The N. S. steamers Utah and Ainerica^iave arrived at Quarantine from Pensacola 3d inst. The crew are healthy. They report three cases of yellow fever at Pensacola. The flag of truce steamer New Tork left this alteruoon for Aikens' Landing with flfty rebel surgeons for exchange. There is no news from City Point. Front \etcbern. New York, Aug. 9. A Newbern letter of the 5th, to the Associ ated Press, says the rebel ram Abcrinarle, now commanded by Mafflt lormeriy of the Florida, is in thorough repair at Plymouth. The rebels are now pushing another ram to completion, and are electing forts at the mouth of the Itoanoke. An attempt is being made by the rebels to raise the sunken gunboat Soulhfleld. jCOI Arrirnl of Prisoners. Washington, Aug. 9. Sixty-four rebel prisoners arrived here to day from Harper's Ferry, and were committed to Ihc old Capitol prison. They were captured at different points in Maryiaud, and Itelouged , to the invading forces. from Grit, Sherman*0 Army, New York, Aug. 9. The Commercial says telegrams are in town I announcing that (Jens. Sherman and Thomas have both telegraphed the «Var Department that Atlanta will be ours by the close of the week. Sailing of a Hloekaele llunner. Halifax, Aug. 8.* The blockade runner Falcon, with three smoke sucks and one mast forward, lelt here on Saturday afternoon. If is reported for 1 Wilmington direct with a cargo on board. Propeller Drntroyrd hy Fire. Chicago, Aug. 9. The propeller C. Meare was toUlly de stroyed by tire off Muskegau on Sunday. No lives lost. Vessel valued at$35,000; insured for $12,000. Financial. Washington, Aug. 9. The subscriptions to the 7-30 loan, reported at the Treasury Department to day, amount ed to $288,000. Delay of Gen. Hooker. New' Yoke, Aug 9. M*j. Gen. Hooker has not yet arrived, al though he was expected to-day. He was de layed by an accident to the train. Few York Market, n Naw YoBK.Aug. 9 Cotton—Jo* • active and t'aroely to firm; sale# 600 bale* at 1 76a,l 76 for middling upland*. Flour—tale# 18 00" bblt; State and Wettern dull and 10026c lower; State 9 00010 00. Bound Hoop Ohio lu3o0l4fO; Wettern 9Oo01ul6; Southern— beavv; tale* 1700 bblt; Extra do 10G&O.14 00; Can ada heavy and lower; talct 600 bblt; Extra 9 700 Wheat—heavy and 3a5c lower; talet 200 000 buth; Chicago Spring 2 150285; Milwaukee club 2 1802 30; Bed Winter Western 2 4502 60; Amber Milwaukee 2 3002 40; Amber Michigau 2 52*2 66. Wbiie Wettern 2 £8. Corn—heavy and 102c lower: tale*89.000buthelt; mixed Wettern new 1 63; iuforior 1 64. Oatt—in fair demand ; tale* 4 anaria at 98c. Beef—dull and heavy; tales 300 bblt; Count*vme*s 18 (X 020 00. Fork—lower; talet3*60 bblt; new me*a 87 25037 76 chiefly at the inride price. I ard—easier; tale* 1800 bblt at21J022ic. Butter—scarce and firm; State at 40 0,5*0. Whiakey—firmer; tarn* 800 bblt at 1^730174$. ltioe—firm; talet 160 bags Rangoon at 15c Sugar—dull; talet 90 hbda Muscovado at 21c; 16 boxet U u\ ana at 20c. Coffee—him. Molaaae*—dull. Naval Storet—quiet and nominal. Petroleum—steady; talet S0Q bblt crude 514052c; 1000 do n fined in bond p4 aS6c ; refiued free 86092j. Freight* to Livetpool—*teadv; cotton per ateamer ?d ; flour 1*90. grain 7jcj7Ad lor wheat in bulk and ship’* bag*. Wool—quiet and without change. Stock Market. Niw Yoke, Aug. 9. Second Board.—8tocks steady. American Gold.264} Michigan Southern guaranteed. 142 i Illinois Central scrip.1291 Chicago ft North Western.67$ I Chicago ft Koek Island.114) Pittsbi rg. Fort Wayne ft Chicago.116 CnnN r.and Coal Company preferred. 611 i New York Central.131] Brie.113 Michigan Centra].189} Michigan Southern. 91} 1 Treasury 7 3-10ths.....109} 1 Culled Stater one year certificates new. 96 United Statea 6-20 coupons......109 United States 6's 1881 registered.106* United States 6*20 registered. .1064 United States 6’s 1881 coupons.106j Gold closed this afternoon at 2 54. Excursion and Clam Bake —The an nual excursion of the Spiritual Association, postponed last week on uccount of the weath er, will take place to-morrow (Thursday), leaving Gall’s Wharf at 8 1-2 A. M., and re turning at 5 1-2 P. M. We have no doubt everything within the power of the commit tee will be doue lo contribute to the comfort and pleasure of those who may join them on this excursion. Personal.- Hon. J. II. Hice, of this State, Hou. James T. Hale, of Penn., and Hon. Oakes Ames, of Mass., in embers of Congress, arrived in this city yesterday, and stop at the Preble House. Ex-Gov. Goodwin, of New Hampshire, Hon. J. S. Morrill, of Vermont, Hon. N. Perry, of New Jersey, the two latter members of Con gress, arrived here yesterday, and are stop ping at the U. S. Hotel. Puulisubk'b and Editor’s Convention. —The publishers and editors will meet at the Preble House at 9 o’clock tide morning. At 10'o’clock the convention will be organized in the Senate Chamber. The address by Hon. Charles Holden will be delivered In the alter I noon. Religions and Ecclesiastical Items. The Free Will Baptist meeting house in Wells has been enlarged and remodeled, so that it is now a beautiful and convenient place I for worship. Eleven persons were recently baptized and united with the Baptist church at Springvale. Rev. Mr. Wyman, pastor of the Baptist church at Kenuebunkport, has removed to Es sex. X. Y. Rev. Dr. Sunderland, late chaplain of the U. S. Senate, has left for Europe to as sume charge of the American chapel at Par is. On Wednesday last, Mr. F. D. Blake, was ordaioed Pastor of the Brunswick Street Bap tist church, Gardiner. The sermon was de livered by Rev. G. W. Bosworth, D. D. of this city. The .V. Y. Keangeliat states that Miss Ca therine Beecher has joiued the Episcopal Church and received the rite of confirmation. Rev. E. P. Hammond having concluded his labors iu Chicago, has gone to Red Wing, Min nesota. Five or six persons were baptized in Saco last Sabbath by Rev. Mr. Martin. Portland Council Xo 1, U. L. of A., will hold its regular meeting, at H o’clock this eve ning, at the usual place. Strangers who are members of the U. L. are invited to attend. B. F. HAMILTON&CO. Successors to C. \V. Robinson & Co. IV 01 LD very respectfully invite all former pa* "" trous to the house, ami the publio generally to a free examination of our goods at all times, with long experience and close attention to the wants of customers, aud adhering strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Believing it to be bett*r for the buyer as well as the seller, we hope to merits large sharge of patronage. Several lots of goods to close cheap to make room for N K W Ci O O D S . Mr W . N. Trince, together with the employees in the store are to be retained and will be happy to see all their customers as formerly B. F. HAMILTON k CO , Corner Congress and Preble streets. JunelTeodtf H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, No. 8 Clapp s Block, Market Square, PORTLAND. IVArtificial Teeth inserted on Gold, Silrer, and I uicanitr base. All operations wirranfr#/ to give satisfaction, juneo**eodisly'64 Sales \ Sales\ FOR SALK AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 162 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.ms. JylSdSm Portland Army Committee Of Till U. S. Christian Commission. C'halrtnan, T. R. litre., receire. Store, at lit Mid Qlc street. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at 76 Commercial street. 7 L*««.r. tt lon.1 MUWjCh*W’ Dr.W R. John.on. State of Maine. HEAD QUARTERM, , ADJUTANT tiKSXRAL'8 OmrE { Augusta, Aug. 6, 1861.4 CIRCULAR. 1IUL Provost Marshal t,. ueral having decided that under the laws of Congress, enrolled men 1 who voluu’eer and enli.t in person, (not hr aobsti utelare entitled go the U. 8 Bounties of #100 U2nu Hid 83U0 respectively The last clause of recruit iug n geueral order No 27 is hereby rescinded Any person enrolled and liable to draft, volou eeriug prior to Sept 8th. receives the lull Uovern neut bouuties in addition to the State bounty JOHN L. HOD8DON, . „ ,, AdJf.Gsnl. Aug 8—dlw Rare Chance for Business! K Fashionable and Popular Hat Store For Stile at a Itargain. THE ",ore “ on« Ofthe bast, in the most flourish. 1. iug City on the Kennebec, and the Stock is un lurps-s d by any similar tstabli-htnent in the State. It includes all the staple styles of Ha’s and Cape, together with a eomolete assortment of lieotlemeu’s Furnishing Goods, Trunks. Valiaes. Satchels. Buck L*loves and Mittens, Umbrellas, Ac. Alto, between two end three thousand dollars wor’h of Fur Goods, which were tnsnufsctured eapresilv for this store, sud are in stock about 51 per cent less than they can be purchased for this fall. Every article in the iiore is saleable and in good order, aud cost from 10 , to 6<i per cent less than the present manufacturers' I wl*ole st rk and fixtures, (or exclusive i of the r ur Goods. | will be sold at a bargain as the 1 owner has another business that demands his atten tion. F’or further particulars enquire of A. L I.ILKfcV, i arm of Myron Greenougb A Co., Portland, Me Aug 6—dlwis LEWIS & SMITH, Manufacturer, and Dealers in CLOTHI NG, No. 171 Fore Street, T. (’ Lewi*. A M Smith. PORTLAND. •.* Particular attention given to Custom Work. Aug 8 1861 —dlf M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AWD MANl'Klcri'llI* OK SILVER WARE, we?# Congrtts St., Opp. Court House, Portland, Me. KY^Al! kind* of Ware. *ucli a<* Knivcw, Fork*, Spoon*, Cake Ba>keu, ranter*, Ac , i> au d in the beet manner. A *o, Repairing and Re-Hnishing Old Sileer H are• augtid6iu Canal Bank., Government 7 3-10 loan. Tlii« Bank ii prepared to receive subscription! to the new 7 3-10 loan iu sums of $50 and upwards, paying interest from date of subscription to August 16tb, the date of the new loan. Thonote! are convertable at the end of thr«e years into specie paying 6 percent 5-20 bonds. One eighth per cent will be al owed on allafuounts of *1000 and over. 11. C. SOMEKBY, Portland, Aug. 1,1801.—dtf First National Bank. This Bank wl'l convert the seven-thirty not.s ma turing Aug 19, and Oct. l.into six per cent, bonds of 1881, in all the dent initiation* in which the note were issued, vir:—*50, »100, *t00, and Sl.tuO. W. E. OOUED, Cashier. Portland, July 30,1834.—eodtf PORT I* AND COMPANY. STOCK HOLDERS' MEETING. A SPECIAL meeting of the stockholders of the Portland Company will be held it the rooms of the Board of Trade, Exchange Street, iu Port laud, on Thursday, the eleventh day ut August next, at 8 o'clock P. M., to sec 1st—At what rate the stockholders will take up the additional *tock authorized to be issued by the act of the Legislature of February 20th, 1864. 2d—W bother they will eellaud convey the proper ty and asseta of the Company to partiis who will furnish the additional capital needed to carry on the increased business of the Work* , .. s., J<>-EPH C. NOYES, Clerk. Portland. July 28th, tSi 4. N B —The annual meeting for the choice of Direc tor# and other matters was adjourned to same time and place._ jy29dtd Gould’s Academy. TIIE Fall Te rn of eleven weeks begin* Tut* lay, Aug.KHh. 18*51. B. F. Suow. M. A. l'nucipa), aided by a full corps of first class instructor*. For particulars, address the principal or . . k A. FRYE. Sec y. Bethel. Aug. 9, 1844. eod3w Notice. THE Stockholders of the Westbrook Manufactur ing Co. are hereby notified that their annual meeting for the choice of officer*, and the transac tion of any other business which may come before them, will be holdei at the office ot the subscriber. “ °n Tuesday the S3d day of Aug , W4, at 3 o clock P M RENSELLAEK t RAM, Aug.2-dlaw8w derk. Board. Rt)OM8 furni.hcd or QnfurnUhed to be let with board. .177 Free St. Aug 9—dlw MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals for Loan. TasAscar Depskt.uxst, July 25,186*. Notioe is hereby given that subscript!mi will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and dedgnated Deposi taries, and by the National Bauks designated and qualified as Depositaries and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes payable three years from August 16, 1864, bearing interest at the rate ot seven and three tenths percent per annum, with semi annual cou pons attached, payable in lawftrl money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from August 16, 1867. The notes will be issued in denominations oi fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thoussnd, and five thousand dollars, and will be issued In blank, or payable to ordert as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscriptions must be for titty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for ail deposits. The party depositing must endorseupon the original certificate ihe denomination of notes required, and whether they are to be issued iu blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, to be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 16 on all de posits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the D.partrnent upon receipts of the original certifi cates. As the notes draw interest from August 16, persons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of de posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission ol one quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with w hom the deposit va.made. No de ductions for commissions must be made from tbe de posits. Officers receiving deposits will see that the preper endorsements are made upon the original certifi cates. All officers authorized to receive deposits are re quested to give to applicants all desired Information and afford every facility tor making subscription. w. P. FESSENDEN, Secretary of the Trearury. subscriptions will be received BY THE Firut National Hank. Portland, Value, And all respectable Banks and Baukers throughout the couutry will doubtless afford facdltiea to suh J)80dkw2w USE THE bbocksieper gas regulator, AMD SAVE TOUM (IAS. auk 3- dim CASCollAlIK. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE Casco t ank is prepared to nceired subscrip tions to the new 7 3-tO loan in sinus of #50 end upwards, paymr interest on same fr. m date 01 sub notes °° A 15,h’ tb<‘ 3»teoftlie Government All persons having *50 and upwards now litva a good opporiuutty of lending a helping band to their Government by subscribing ulmrafly to this loan Tile notes are convertible atthe end of three vtara into specie, paying dper cent 5-3) bonds. ’ ^oatts taken on as favorab e terms as at any other „ . , , „ . E. P. GERRKH. Cashier Portland, Ju'y 23, 1864. j>29distf USE THE BBOCKSIEPER GA3 REGULATOR. IAMD SAIE roCK GAS. Aug 3—dim • he-opened. The subscribers would rospectftilly announce to their nnuurous Inetid# mid the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Befurni hed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street. (KOX BLOCK,) Which will be epen on and after MONDAY. JULY Hth. leils wl Lanckfs at all hoars «f the Say and Iteaia*. JOB O R E A M 8. PLAH AID F.4XCV CARE, FRIIT CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s Patent Ice Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PABTIES SLTPBIED AT 8HOBT NOTICE. Wo shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new ones, and trust that none will hare came fur complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. J-ta&___ tf USE THE BR0CK8IEPRR GAS REGULATOR, i 4 X D s A r E YOU li O A 8 . Aug 0—dim FIRS'F NATIONAL BANK. Seven-Thirty Note* for Sale. Interest semi-annually, payable in paper at the rate of seven and three tenths per cent, per annum. Bonds convertable iu thtee years into six percent five-twenty bonds, upon which the interest is paya ble in coin. The notes will te delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16. if subscriptions are made before that time. One-tiyhth per cent. commission trill be allowed subscribers at this Bank upon all amounts q/Al,nOO and over, W. E. GOULD, C&shifr. Portland, July 30th, 1SC4 —d& wtf NOW IS TIIE TIME TO CSX THE BROCKSIEPER S GAS REGUL ATOR. BOW AH D SHAW, Agent. Aug G—dim Law em tiKTsliip. HOWARD & CLEAVES. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Ollice 91 Middle St., over Casco Bank, PORTLAND. ME. JOSEPH HOWARD NATHAN CLEAVES. JylSdA w3iu NOW IS THE T I M E TO UrtM THE BEOCKSIEPER SGAS REGULATOR. EDWARD SHAW, Agent. Aug 5—dim Gorham Seminary. Tllh Fall Term of this Institutiou will commence ou Tuesday the 8)ih of August, and continue eleven weeks, under the chaige of , , , , W U. LORD, A M. Inquiries ro.ative to the school should be address cd to the K'rtucipal or to _ . J WATr.SMAN, Seo'y. Gorh.m, Au». 2,1864 —d2w * NOW 18 THE TIME TO USE TUB BROCKSIEPER S GA8 REGULATOR. " EDWARD SHAW, Agent. Aug6dlm Bowdoln College. THE Annual Examination of candidates for ad mission to Rowdoiu t'ollege will take place ou Friday the fifth day of August next, at 8 o’clock in the foreuooo,in the new Medical Hall; and also on Thursday, the twenty-fitth day of August next, in the same plao«, and at the same hour. „ , . . LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick, July 6, 1864. July7dtd WANTS,LOST,FOUND Wanted. A GOOD Teucment of six rooms, for a small family witn no children. Address Box 600 Portland, P. O. Aug. 4 — dtf Wanted, CUSTOM Coat and 20 custom Pant makers. CAVS Apply at Clothing Rooms of WOODMAN, I RUE A CO., 54 and 59 Middle street. AugO—d A wis0w House and Lot Wanted. 'i.inityof. or above High St. preferred.— Hiiii *°>' ouehavinga desirable estate to sell, worth MiiLlrom $4,000 to 910 (HO, please address, stating location. Box 1941. P. O. augftdtf I ’ - -- Wanted. ALAfiUiy‘a* t,ie upper part of the citr, lTrd .drjrtkf.mii'n®,k* *" ,rr*n*ement wph a nna/!, u“1hye,r0t0^3h" UUU,8'WOr,b * "■* Ad*r.;"dlwiDf r'f8r“‘C8“' Bo* «• Portland r.O. Lost. In this city or on the road to the Ocean House a leatier colored Account Book. It would be of no value to an> body but the owuer The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office, or with the subscriber, H m. MOSES, augBdlw* Scarborough. Board Wanted F)R one or two single srentlemen in a private family. Address Po-t Office Bex 184. Portland, Aug. 8th. 1864 —c3t* Wanted. ACOMPEIENl MAN to take charge of a Lum her au<l Stave Manufactory in the State of Marne. Addrets Box 1683, Boston Post Office Aug. 4-d8t House Wanted. Wanted by the advertiser, a convenient, *fiir ct***krsally located, and pleasant bou*e for a small fam ly, without cuildreu—tos'ession to beh.d as tarly as the middle of October, sooner if p>asi-le. It must have good water con\tnicnces. and be well tiniabed. The advertiser would lease such a hou o for a term of years, or purchase if terms suited. A two story cottage, small lot, preferred. Addrewi <>. 1*. y., at the PremOffice, stating loca tion. ,ene' ai term., kc cmJUmiaUu Pori laud, Au#. 1,1864 —dtf Currants Wanted. 1JI1K nub.jriber wauta from 2D to SO bmhei Siet Htpe t hwiat*. for which he will pay th» hiah u«t market, at hia .tore In Saccaratua JyUdkw.f “• S' CLAY Currants Waul'd. THE hittlieat market price paid for rip) Curranta in any quan'itie*. GKKENoUGII A MORSE, _ No. 2ti Market Square. Portland, July 19.—dAwtf 1 Wanted. 4 BOV, not less thin sixtotn years of age, to aot n* C arrier. Must come w*ll recommended.— A^ply at the Counting Room of the Press. ivl4dtf • Lost. STUAI ED from the puturc of Mr. Krancla Rob erta, WVatbrook. laai moutb, a three year old gray Colt,email•!»; whoever wil return him or It Ve Information where he may be found, will be suitably rewarded, by calling at No. Ik spring St. IK AN CIS E. EMERY. Tortland, July 13,1SC4 —dtf >’-?•* Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even* mg. while in 1'ierce'* auction room, a Call Skin Pockt t Bock contaiug 314 in money, a note against Charges llodgdon, Gorham, tor ffr'.and one against Charlr* Hooper for #12. The above reward will b« paid tor th*» recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief. • Tune 8 -tf GEORGE BECK. Board. SUIT8 of Room*, wtthjioard, can be obtained by applying immediately at 3o Dan forth street. May 11th. mayl'idtf MERCHANDISE. Ilitckmetfi.k Ship Timber. OAK. llnckuietack. and llnrd Wood nauk.Trre nnila trom 13 to 33 iuebe, Treenail Wedge. Sto Ao, by 1,. 1 \ Y LOK, juneiSdom Halt'. \Vhar>. I'ort'nnd. 1 Trveuails. 100,000WAK rHKKNA,LS'ruf 81 MONTON k KNIGHT. 4s Commercial Wharf. Portland. June 13. 18*54. funelGdtr Susttr and 300 UHD**) CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U* 10TCS. ) GAR 3<1 UHDS hujierior Muscovado, and 3.' TCS Clayed Molasses, il HULS from Merra Morcua. Now landing aud tor sale bv IHOMas ASLNCIO k CO., may Gif Custom House Wharf. Sierra Tlorctia illolaskiw. Q‘»KHUDS , tJO'f / CHOICE SIERRA MORENA M TIERCES i MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ’ Now lauding from Brig “C. II Kennedy” IHOS. ASENCIO ft CO . May 3 — tf_ c. U Wharf. Scotch Cull vitas. 10(1 BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor ' nr ft Sou., Leith—a tail cloth of ciperior qaality—juit received per-Jura’, aud tor tale bt ... McGILVERY, RYAN ft DAVIS, mclll&dtf 1*1 Commercial Street. 7) '~/f/mssistaa/> first/' NEW HA.TIPSIIIKE Commercial College, Central Hall,.... Conoord, N- H. fl^HE moit thorough and extensive Commercial M. College in Mew England. pre»»-n:s unequalled fscmtie* ior imparting to young men and tadies a complete busiue-s education *eud for a circular containing fu'l information— I address WORTHINGTON k WARNER, . .. Principals. Aug 9—d&w€m The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instruments of their class in theworld. Nearly ail the most prominen' artists in the country have given writteu testimony to this effect, and these instruments are in constant'use in the concerts of the most distinguished artists—as Gottschalk and others—a* well as in the 4 ru in the priuctpal cit ies. whenever such instruments are required. Price • *6 to $«;.u0 each. These instruments may be found at the Mu*ic Hoorn* of the subscrilter. where they will be sold at the manufacturers' price*. II. 8. EDWARDS, No. 849| Stewart’s Block, Congress 81. __apr!3dtf Oarnages, C arriages! Firmly Built and Neatly Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., Ol-1 KKs for sale, at his establishment, a variety of Carriage* made in the neatest and most sub stantial manner. The assortment ei inprises all the different styles of Light Carriages, and they will be •old on the most favorable terms. Person* intend ing to purchase Carriages will flud it for their inter ©st to call and examine before buying elsewhere juneSBdtf BRADFORD & HARM OH, Pension and Claim Agents, (Established in 1861.) STILL continue to devote their special and exclu sive attention to the prosecution of Claims lor Pensions Bounties Am-ar* of Pay and Prize Money, And all other claims against the Government, hav ing been duly licenced therefor. All advice free, terms as lour as at any oth er Agency, and no pay required until the claims are obtained. Office 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. E. BRADFORD, Z. K. IIAHMON. June21— dtf STATE COLLEGE Agriculture anu Mechanic Arts! TUE undersigned, Com.nis*ioners, appointed un der a resolve of the last Legislature, am author ized and directed by said resolve to iu\iteand re ceive donations and benefactions in aid of the pro posed "College for the benefit of Agriculture and the Mechanic Artkand to receive proposals for the location thereof, hereby give uotice that they art prepared to receive such donations, benefactions and proposal*, and request that all communications touching the same may be made before the first day of September next, addressed to the undersigned WM U. CROSBY, Belfast. WM. G CROSBY, JOSEPH EATON. SAMI EL F. BERLEY. JulySdA wto septl DucIliitK House For Sale. A two.tory Dwe lin* llouseon North street Igiii r.",h * *'^le »“<* • K»od well of water. la a desirable looation, and will be told cheap, ''“ft of the purcliasemoney can lay on inert GEO. F. KOSTEH, j) Ji dim _ ] G^t Block. For Sale, ONE half the three story briok Block, situated on Congress 8t., near the head ol fark St., one of the moat desirable kcatioia in tlieciiv. Kor par ticulars en :ulre of Mr. 8 C. Chase or C C. Tolman at E. A Howard’s under Lancaster Hall. As, 8—dim To (set. CHAMBERS ovar stores 110 and 112 Federal 8t. Apply to J. COOL1DGE k Co , gl Commercial street. Portland, July *0 “d8w 1 ENTERTAINMENTS THEATRE! U L L R I N Q HALL. J' C .Le-eandM.nng.r. Engagement lor Three Night* Only -Of BISS KATE REIGHOLDB. P*T OF THE I*0«TL*»D FCBLIC. ! Who will make her ar.t appearance on Wednesday Evening, August 10, ROMEO! IN SHAKSFEABES GREAT TRAGEDY OF ROMEO AND JULIET, 1 Ca»t to the entire strength ot a well selected dra matic company. Price-Farqaettc, 60 cts; Btlcony 25 cents. I^Sents can be secured ut Mr Daua'e store uu aer the iiali, without extra charge, commencing Monday the 8tb. * Aug 4. excursion! To Saco River. Pubbuth School and Society connec ed with iMea v5 9^?co 9treet Church, will hold their annual | I ic-Nic at Saco Hirer. WedneNday, Aug. lOlh. fourVh ll“o'reYe“gh,a0<‘ C*“bWl" ' l><,Pot “ °n» Tickets-Adults.iocte. children 25 cte. v i.nowder free. Aug ft—d2t* ISLAND EXCURSION. Wednesday, August 10th. I^uve Union Whtrfln barge ' Comfort" ut HAM precisely. Ticaets—Adults 40e. Children id • Per order Cjm. of Arrangements. Aug 8—d3t Annual Picnic Excursion AND CLAW BAKE -BY TBK Portland Spiritual Association To the Island, in the Barge Comtrrt. on THURS DAY ,Ang llto. leasing Gall s Wharf at 8i o'clock A Yt , and returning at 6j P. M Tickets, Adults 60 cents; Childicu 26 cents—to he obtained at the bookstores of II L. Daria, W D Robiuson and Hailey A Noyes', Kachaoge Street, and of the Committee. Per erder. Jy28 dtd Merchants’ GRAND EXCURSION! -TO LITTLE CHEBEAGUE ISLAND AND BACKl FRIDAY, Aug 19th, 18M. A Band will acroinpan j Hie Boats. AfTangementihtve teen made to accommodate £3000 PEOPLE! There will be Music, Speeches, and a Good Dinner. A limited number of tickets art lor ndc st ths dll. i iernnt Apothecnrire and Muxio rtoraamnd HotoU ia the city. Pervon, wiihiny ticket, most apply icon. TICKETS, SI.5* EACH. N'o Deduction lor Children. WNo ticket, fold alter Wcdneaday neat. Attent ion ! EXCURSION PARTIES ! Tilt STKAMKIt Marsena Johnson Having been withdrawn from the roatc to Barn,, wall. U uow , if red for the aoco nin‘ datiou of kx onr.ion partie*. and will take them to aay place in Cuco Bar. Larne parti,, taken at low rate*. The public are tot itel to lu.peet tnia boat. It boiny Sited up ia a superior .trie, and » by hr the amfret excur.ion boat ia ihme water. For further partic ular, enquire of LEO HUE WATEK1IOU8K, Ayent on board, or to . „ J B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. An*. «—If ' DIRIGO Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFIC E NO. 2M EXCHANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN $200,000. Inverted a, follow,:— Loan, on Mortyaye, of Heal Eatata at two third* i’s value. fAd 300 Lomus ou pledge of United States Securities. 6l‘s*0 Lomus ou pledge- of City Scrip, $4 £00 Loans ou pledge of Hank Stocks, 38.900 Loans on pledge of State o! Maim Bonds, 34,600 Loans on pledge of Audromcoggln County Bonds, 4.00u 8900,000 This Company it now prepared to issne policies upon all kinds of property in the city or country, liable to )o*t or damage by fire, at at low rate* as is taken by any ether office. Tha patronate ot the merchant* and cituens generally ot Fortlaud and vicinity, is most respectfully solicited. ▲ . K Sill RfLk.> F, President. JEREMIAH IHJW, Secretary. DinncTona: J. B. Brown, 8 E. Spring, D. W. Clark. J.B. Carroll, John Lynch, U. I. Robinson. TautTar*: Rt. John Smith, H J. Libby. H N Jaw, H. M Carson, J N. Winslow, G W. Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvah < ouaut, H I. Robinson, Philip U. Brown, C. H. Uaskrll, s. C. Chase. Jeremiah Dow. K U trim, Wm Moulton. Portland, August 1, 1864.-Ud3m UROCKMEPKR'8 PATENT Gus Remulator! EXCLUSIVE Agmcy for the tale of tbe Reg JZi ulatur in Portland No. 109 Middle street, up •fair*, k d warn Shaw Sole Agent. This u- wr article for public favor will save 80 percent. to the comum er over any gas burner now in use; 26.000 have been •old in New Kugland since January las This b not a regulator to be affixed to the meter, all ?uch have failed, but is attached immediately under rach burn er tip, and is a part of. aud an ornament to, tbe gas fixture itself The particular whiteness and steadi ness of {the light produced—because of the exact proper combustion—astonishes ail who have s«eu it, while the positive fact of obtainirg the improved light at a reduced expense uted only be investigated at this office to ensure the confidence ot the most skeptical. The reg • la tor is a perfect "tell tale" on the exact arnouut of gas used No pressu e attained by tbe Gas Company affects it disadvuntageou-ly In tbe least; Gas Companies all recommend it because it gives entire satisfaction to cousumera, hence their uumber of consum rs are increased Retail price 80 cents each. The article will be adjusted for con sumers immediately (requiring but a few moments time) aud if not suited will bo taken off free of ex pense. EDWARD 8HAW, 102 .1fiddle Street, a*p stairs. We have this day appointed frdward Miaw sole vender aud agent tor Brucksitpcr* Patent Regula tor in Portland; ail order* lor tbe goeds mu*t be made through him HULL A OOODELL. Below we give certificates of the high estimation of the Regulator in other places where it is now in use: Dove a. July 18,1*04. ,V«irr. /lull f (loodetl:—The Directors of the Dove* Gas Light Comyany .after a Bill and tl orough examination aud test of "Brockaiepcr Gas Regula tor." have ordered me to purchase one hundrtd dollars .worth of the same, which 1 have this day done, aud havs also recci-ed for said company tbt exclusive agency for »aid goods in aud for tnecity of Dover. Touts trulv, JuNAs D TOWNSEND. Sup. Dover ba« Lt. Co. Certificate from the gis fitter of the Mills, etc., at Lowell, Mass Lowkll. Mass.. July H» Messrs HeU ff Qoodeli:—A u experience of many years In tbe gas titling business has oiten suggested to me the great value of an improvement whereby the pr» ssure of gas might be regu ated at tl.e poiu* of consumption Mihjr an4 ftiitlw atlffaeti have from tune to time been made to place regulator* at the meter Experience has shown that all such at tempts have proved failures I have also seeu and usedin mv bu-iness nearly all the so-called improve ments in burners, whenm that which now have ac complished has been attempted, but always failed. ABer a careful examination and a thorough teat of vour Gas Regulators—which are attached immedi ately under each burner as a part of the gas fixture— I am fully convinced that your improvement in a de cided sueoeea, the light is improved m brightness aud iu i’s illuminating power, while the expense sav eu to the consumer is Bril 30 per cent. The combustion is perfeet, hence the mprovemeut must be adopted as a matter of economy as well as the luxury or a good aud steady light. 1 cheerfully recommend it to the trade and to all consumers of gas Yours, Me.. H. R. BARKER. jv28 dtf Gas Fitter, 8 Central Street. Board. - ! A FEW more Boarders ean be accommodated at 79 Dauforth street, two door* above Brackett. Apply soon. July8 AUCTION SALES. House and Laud at Auction. 01.T.h“"r,7, A a goat nth, at (o'clock V M on It la a tSo.^r*' *»11 ,,0"« ‘7 Coro St. »a‘u!oT.i, o7i,'JoVbl? and this la tha 2Ra5swj,*«?:s!.satt-?s: ! Aug « -Sh?" BA1LEr * CO., Auctioneers. Uo/fl6if Curri&gffi, & at Auction. O^f Satard.j, August 13th. at 11 o'clock A M on Lime tttieet, Uor.K, Carnages, aud U rs«m. •uch as Carry aiia, Top Buggy s. ( oocoro Waiow! Jeuuy Linds, Express Wagon and liarcarses; scum ot each new and second baud. Aug ^tf““,i,Y BAILEY A CO., Auct'rs. s M. PAtrEN, AUCTIONEEB, U Exchange 8t. Dweinitb Houses and Land on **• ■* Auction. 0NpiJflIif ^2?i,T• Au**n 17lb' 12 *• on tka property ’,U ,ollu,r‘,>t v«rr titan a tit piacta of uou^o^Ve00rLTuhl:t,clXuf',t^u'*' *No ,mr aood tcpal,. .Mb iarg. %£ £”« K’SJS.'fi The two 3 storied woedeu Dwellings <n »k« m k numbered W and W. together with U» SoJ "£2.* hoa.o contains 14 well dulled, and conroou^i! arraaged room, wall adap ed to one swr-? Ilea, f istara ia the collar, of eighty kbdaraoarltv* lioiee. have been built .tout (our excellent condition, ’ a Ere ,n Immediately altar the .tore, will* be aold thro, bidding lota, on waaterlr ride of name street “** Thl. property will be sold without reserve and on ibvorablo terms, Ptraona seeking tor thls'eaaa of property, lor oceupauc ■ or investment are ha? vited to call oa the Auotlonser. where ibex’can ob tain particulars. Aug S—did Auction Sale of Heal Estate. BYrw!i*,of ! 1,c®n**^om »k« l*robato Coart ot ( umboriaad county. 1 a hall soil at t nblic a aerie!, the lot of lead, with th.b..ldin^b..i! td « ',arl Street andChn ch Laneao-caJ ed tm^PeaLM^nl!o* containing about thirty ,ix i„t ? V*1 acveoty tret on ( Lurch iri“l homestead of the la'. John A* «SSasSK54rt! AM aur— “* H.r.laudjtl^.l;:b!S4flLVE-N8eo!i^“A,, Administrator's Sale. V2"£? la her*by give., that by viriae of a 11 er r ’!! f">m the Judge of Probate lor the Count. Z'_.iU.rb,'e mo8, 1 ,b“' *®11' bf 4“biie auction, at tbo dwelling bouse on the premise-, on the mi.enih da! September A. D 1884. at S o’clock in the afternoon7 the bomettiad farm of tbo late Ana. r on Brewer* Jr . Intc of k rwptri in smid C'i untr, si'uaUd in nui > reaport, and containing twenty-five acres more or lorn, subject to the morigeg.a thereon ^For partioaUra „ ,° will, Ac., apply to th. .ah lilted this 8th day of August, A. V. b44^^E 22w3w EDWARD R. PATTEN, Commission Merchant k Auctioneer, removed to the spacious store XU Exchange Btreat, four door* below Merohant'e Exchance. TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W. W. DEMIWU, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp'a Block, CORNER OR CONGRESS AND ELM STREET* WOULD reapeotfsJly announceloth#eitlssaa ,j Portland and vicinity, that he has aermaZ.n. ly located in this city. Darina ills alav^ ^^Mj ilat » a hare bswn ii town Ml M .TZV*?, the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried other forms of treatment in vain, and cunn* p2 '5 *? *bort 4 '*>»* the question 1. ofua asked, do they stay cared f To answer this question we will say that aU that do not lay caied wVwiii doctor the second time tor nothin* ' *“* Dr. Ik.'has been a practical Electrician fer twests, oaayaara. and fa also a regular graduated physician Bawrieity ia perfectly adapted to chronic d’iseasea In the form of nervous or sick bailee he; neuralgic la the hand, neck.or eatremitlee; consumption * ban J* acute stages or where tbs Inn*, are not'fhlly Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scromls kin dhmMm. white swellings, tpinal of the spins, contracted muscles, distorted limbs. S or paralysis, »t. Vitas'Dance, deafneaa,.iai£ t* or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indiees coBstipatiou and liver complaint, piles— wt cut •vary oase that eaa be presented; asthma, bronchi* tie, stricterm of the eheet, and all forma at female By Blootrlcity The Kheamatle, the goaty, the lame and the ins leap with Joy, and move with the agility sad elastic* **7 of 7,°Vh' **• Ammtmd brain is cooled; the frost bntea limbs reap red, the uneoeth detormitiee re moved; faintners converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear sad the palaied form to move upright; the blemiabee oi yea&i are obliterated: tbs accede.K of mature lui prevented; the calamities of old age obviated sad aa active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have oold bands sad feet; weak ttomnehe i Urns and weak backs; aervous and sick headache dtsainem and swimming la the head, with Indigos ho a aad constipation of the bowels; pain in the Ida “d L1.'*co,T^®4' (or whites); falling of the womb with laterual saucers; tumors, polypus, aad all that long train os diseases wUl lad in Ueetrte* •ty » sara mesas of ears. For painful menstruation, too profuse menstruation, tnd all of those tone line of tro.bU. wlth ladies. El«ctriciV?.“Ur£2 oThkiStS *h0rt r*to,B ,h* trwt turns Eloctro- Chemical Anoaratat ter extracting Mineral Poison lha the system, such aa Mcroary, Aatimoay, Arsenic, he. Hundreds who art troubled with stiff Joints, weak backs, aad vari ous otberdifBcalties, the direct cause cf which, la nine eases out of tea. is the effect ol poiaoaoas drugs, one be restored to l stars, strength aad vigor kv the ■sc of from Ire to eight Baths 7 Office hoars from I e'eloek a. ». to 1 r. ■. i li • ; and I to Ir. a. * Consultation Fr-wa. lyMIaed i\ew Boat for Harpswell. On and after Monday. Jaiy 11th, 1864, the new aad superior steamer BIARCENA JOHNSON, Will leave as folloars: ££3flEK Leara Custom House Wharf at 8 48 as sbovV*1Ud' ,4T” H4rP*w*!l 41 * P M., touching . ticket, to Harp.well, ;g eent.: Peak's Island, It cents; Diamond Cove or Chsbeaeuo Is lands. 60 cuts. Single ticker, same as sboT* Large parties taken at reasonable rates. The public are invited to inspect this boat. It being ktted up in a superior style, and is by far the sales* excursion boxt ui ' beR water*. HcvrVw1*** r o*rticuI*r" Inquire of GEO. WATER HUifiE, ikfent, ou board, or J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 L« J* HILL & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. 33 YOKK STREfc'f, POETLASD. Green and Roaated Coffce in the Grnln. Ground Coffee ana Spices of all kinds. Coffee and Spice* ground to order. All orders promptly attended to. jjjg j jm COAL FREIGHTS* Pictou, N* S., to Pembroke. Maine* tt, Any sited Vee*el«. Foreign or Ameri* ican, wanted to freight Coal as ibcv* ike rates for d scharging are lowrer r4^th»p ** Boston, and there are other facil ~miMK ities. Apply to or ado:cm WM fe COFFIN A CO . Boeton. Also a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to other ports July 16 U2n> For the Pool. - *fp' ■ k Stsamrr “CLIPPER” will leave oil ‘ll*airtl‘- t-■*.... Wharf. Saco, tor the ■ruvL ’ ever> day. (Sunday nscepted) at 10 a m. and 2 p u Returning, I^n*** the Pool at 11 a. it. ■ ud5r. m arriving in time tor the evening train for Portland. /an from Saco to the root amt back bOctt. Excursion Ticket* furnished to parties oi Filty or mor>*. from Portlaud to ‘he To**! aud btck, by rail* road and steamboat, at 90 cents. ROSS A SITKDlYANT, T8 Commercial St , Portland Aug. 3d, l*J4.-dtf i ori.aua. OJtce qf the Attmtic and St. Lawrence R. R.Co. I Vmrmrvn * Portland. July 80. lr*4. f Dl\ IDKXD of two dollars |p< r share, less the government excise tax. will be paid at thia ot Bce. on and after the 2d » f Avgust next, to the bold er. of ««, in Federal currencv, H. recorded .t the clow of buaintwun tie 80th of Jnnelaet. .. CUA8 E. BAKEETT, Trtaa r. auglTAESwi. Fryfburif Academy. THE Kail Term of thi. In.tirution will comment'* WEDNESDAY, September 7. 1$«4, and .ill continue eleven week.. Mr Edwin E Ambrc * Principal. Mr. Ambrose i, a recent graduate of Dartmonth t ollege. and in lighly recommended ... acholar. teacher and gontlemrn *'■ B.SEWALL, Secretary. Fryeburg, July J6. \m. j>»dlwA.2w Homa'opathic, IN all form., may be obtained at the .tore of S. H. 1 olrawrorlhy, 9J e xchange St , where the .tib aeriber will be from 9o’cl, ck a w until 4 o'clock r. *. Old Cava renewed and bottle, ailed. Refer, to Dr., E Clark, M. Dodge 'at d C. 11 Barr. jy'33d3w M SEA V«.Y Dluioud's Quadrille Hand 18 bow ready to furni.h Ball.. Cot.Mon and Pto Ntc Partie. ou the moat tavorable term.. All order. ItB at Paine, Muaic it or* (168 Middle •treat| will reoeive prompt attention, Jy l&llj.

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