Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 11, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, THURSDAY MORNING. AUGUST 11, 1864 WHOLE NO. 663. PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. JOHN T.OILMAN. Editor, [•Milked it No. 82j EXCHANGE N . A. FOSTER At CO. Tbb Pobtlasd Dailt rABBSil published At #-vl)C per year. Single copies three oents. runt! a i a n stats Pause is published every Than day #2.i>» per annum, in advance; #2.26 If paid within «ix months; an 1 >>2.60, If payment b< delayed beyond the year. Kates of Advertinlni: One inch ol space in length of ooiumn, constitute! n'^onAUE.” <1.60 per square daily first week; 76 oents per week niter; three insertions or less, #1.00; continuing eve. ry other day niter first week, 60 oenta. llaif square, throe insertions or less 76 oents; on( week, 81.00; 60 oents per week after. Under head of AxusaxasT*, #2.00 per square pel wink; three insertions or lose, #1,60. S racial. Notices, #1.76 per square first week, •l."b per square after; three insertions or less, #1.26; half a square, throe insertions, #1.00; one week, •1.26. Advertisement, inserted in the Haiku State which has a large circulation in every part ol the State) for 60 oents per square in addition to the above rates, for each insertion. Luo* I. Notices at usual rates. rransiontadTvrtisements mast be paid forla ad vance Busman* Notices, in rending oolnmns, 12 oents per Use lor one insertion. No ehnrge less than fifty oents tor each insertion. *ar aii communication, intended for the paper should be directed to the "Editor ofthr Prtti," and these of n business character to the Pvtiluheri. Cr.luFuni>e ol every description executed • lui aiat etch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. Thursday Morning, Aug. 11, 1864. On Wife Choosing. Tbe carelessness with which some men choose their wivea is wonderful to me; they seem to bestow more trouble and paius on tbe choice of a coat. One or two instances w hich have lately come to my notice will account for tbe charge 1 have brought against tbe lord* of creation; but only some of them, for others, llnding no one good euougb, end by remaining old bachelors; and it is best they should, for men of that sort would have wor ried angels, had they happened to marry them. Thru there’s that young Balmayne; 1 am sure 1 never thought he would litve done as well as be has, alter that Imprudent marriage of his, and be heir to so much. But It's all right now, and I’ll tell you how it came to pass. You must know Balmayne hadn't much to do last winter in town, when be was up with 1119 lAllitT, WUUWM 111 UI lUtS gUU(j BU UC U9t»U to spend & great deal of his time lookiug out of the dining-room window; and as bis isther has one of those houses in Piccadilly not far from Mr. Beresford’s, of course he saw a great many people go by iu tbe course of tbe day. One moruing it rained very bard—quite a pelt; and as he was at his post, he saw a pret ty girt run accross the road from the park, straight to tbe shelter of the porch, which was over the J'ront door of his father's house. She had no umbrella; so of course, Balmayue's first impulse was to lend her one. lie put on his hat aud coat just as if he was going lor a walk himself, and opened tbe door. She really was very pretty, aud very wet. She wouldn't come in to he dried, for she war in a hurry to be at home; so, as the offered umbrella was a heavy one, Ualmayne carried it lor her himself. She was a girl of good family but very poor—that evil worse than sin, in the eyes of some people. However, to make a long story short, Ualmayne married her before tbe season was over; and more than that, he told his father that such was his in tention. This brought auother fit of the gout; and the old geullemau vowed aud declared that he never would see her; aud so matters were in this fix till it was time to go down for the 12lii; and as tiie moors were iu capital or der, and a large party comiug to the old gen tleman’s Highland box. Ualmayne must come with him, and leave bis beautiful youug wife behind. This grieved him sadly; hut at last a bright idea occurred to him, which he car ried out as we shalI relate; for all these are true stories. At the Eu*ton Square railway staliou, w hen Ualmayne arrived with his father, there was such a rush for seats that they had some diffi culty in tludiug one; and as to a carriage to themselves, that was out of the question; but they secured a compartmeul which, as we all know, contains only four. One lady was al ready in this, but with tbe old genllmiau's in nate politeness, he would not hear of her mov ing, though, as his gouty foot was obliged to be placed ou tbe opposite seat, there was only just room lor them. The lady sat by the old gcntlemin, and the son opposite to her. The lady was very pret tv, aud seemed so sorry aud sympathizing whenever a twiuge of the gout forced a strong expression from the old gentleman, that at last he began to take some notice of her, aud to talk to her. Ualmayne, absorbed in his newspaper, left them entirely to themselves; aud before they had raached York they weie quite good friends. It so happened tiiat the young lady, too, was going to spend the night, at York, aud as she was quite alone, the old gentleman told her she had better come to the same hotel as they did, and bis servant should look after her things; for evidently Balmayne did not intend to lake tbe smallest notice of her, and seeing his son’s want of proper politeness, perhaps, made the good old gentleman all the more attentive. Next morning they again set out on their northern journey, and all together as before, for the lady seemed quite to belong to them now. Having ascertained that she was going down to a place within a few miles 01 his own sboo'ingbox, the old man promised lie would see her safe to the end of her journey, which was rather a long one, as she travelled slowly being in delicate health; and owing to bis gout, the old gentleman did the same; so, as it turned out. they remained together tbe whole way. When they got to the last itation, before leaving the railway for country roads, the two gentlemen got out, the father desir ing the lady to remain where she was in the waiting room till he bad found her a carriage, aud had her luggage put on to it. She obey ed wiih a very sweet smile, but looked un commonly nervous. Ualmayne also looked nervous, winch was odd. lie followed his father, who was looking for a fly for his pretty protege. “Upon my word, as nice a girl as ever 1 met,” said the old gentleman. “Ileally, I’m quite sorry to lose sight ot her. How she would euliveu us at the moors, wouldn’t she, Bnlmavne?” • But Iialmayne was as white as a sheet, and could hardly speak. At last, however, he did say: “You ueedn'tluae her unless you like, father.” “How now, young gentleman, what do you mean ?” said bis father, bristling up. “I mean that she’s my wile,” gasped out the unfortunate Balinayne. “By Jove!” said theoid gentleman, turning as purple as a turkey-cock, “who would have thought it? You impudent young rascal!” For some moments it seemed doubtful whether anger at being taken in, or the real pleasure at his son's unknown wife being sc much better than he expected, would gaiu tin mastery; at last, however, his natural good humor triumphed, and his son led him back to the little waiting-room, where was the pool young wife, more dead than alive witli fright, not kuowing how her husband's i would succeed. Nothing could be better. The old gentle man embraced her with real paternal afli-c tlon; and one carriage took tnem ai! to hit shooting box; and from that dav to this, tbt good father has never ceased to bless the da) when his son gave him such a daughter-in law.—[Chambers’ Journal. The Oropg of New England. The following statement as to the couditioi of the crops In the New England States has beet furnished to ttie Associated Press of Boston aud Iras been telegraphed to New York :— Tbe drought which has pervaded the coun try has bee*n seriously felt in New England but the damage to »hat may Ire called tl« staples of this section has not been so great a the exaggerate accounts from particularly ex posed localities would have thp country t suppose. Hay, potatoes and dairy product are the principal agricultural reliance of Net England farmers. Tbe bay crop has been st cured under circumstances unusually favors ble. Owing to tbe abundant moisture in th early part of tbe season, tbe grass was we set and came forward vigorously, bearing heavier crop than the average to the acri The entire haying season passed with scarct ly a day’s interruption when hay could not b made. The continuing, drought admonishe farmers that they must expedite their ha making, and the result is a crop sufei housed larger than the average product. Th quality of the hay also, la good. The onl damage that would be sus .alned in this di reciion—tin1 failure of the second crop and drying up of the fall feed.—has been happily averted by pervading and penetrating taint which have exlended throughout New Eng land. There is now no apprehension enter tained concerning the quantity of dairy pro duce. It will rather exceed than fall below the average of the best years, and tbe price ol butter and cheese, in a fair open market, un der free com]>etition, ought, very soon, to re cede considerably front the high figures that now prevail. The potato crop in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, has suffered ex i tremely, and fields that were early planted have passed beyond the period when any hope ! of a crop can be realized. But later planta tions, and they include three quarters of the whole, are in a condition to be immensely bencfltlod by the recent favorable weather, and though we ■shall not have even a good ! average yield, there will be no potato fatniue. The decreased consumption under the high prices that ate now asked, will, if it continues two months longer, leave a supply of potatoes on the 1st of October equal to any we have had lor years. The grain crops of this section have never been of much account in a commercial point of view, excepting Indian corn, which looks well and promises well. The early varieties have suffered, which makes green corn scarce and high, blit their suffering in no way affects the geurral field crop. The yield will be a mod erate average. Oats and wheat will also give a moderate average yield. These remarks have a general application to al! parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. They arc the result of conver sations had with farmers from every section in these States. Apples which set well in blos som have suffered in very many instances from tbe canker wot m and the drought, but there will bo a good rrop ot winter frnit. . Cranberries on Cape Cod, a prominent locali ty for this culture, will not yield more than half the usual produce, owing to tbe appear ance of tbe cranberry worm. In other sec tions there is no complaint. Onions, a large 1 and prominent product of New England, promise an extraordinary yield. Cukai’ Bukad.—“Bread and butter” are the ouiy articles ol'lood of which we never tire lor a day, from early childhood to ex treme old age. A pound of fine fiour or lu dian (com meal) contains three times as much nutriment as one pound ot butcher’s roast beef if the whole product of tbe grain, bran and all, w ere made iulo bread, 15 per cent more of nutriment would be added. Unlor tuuately the bran, the coarsest part,is thrown away ; the very part which gives soundness to the teeth, aud strength to the buues, and vigor to the hiaiu. five linn,licit lxiouila <>i tine flour give to the body bu pounds of the bony e.ement; while the same quantity of j bran gives l2o pounds! This bone is “lune,” the phosphate of lime; tbe indispensable ele ment ol health to the whole liurnau body; lrom the w ant of the natural supply ol which multitudes ol persons go into a general “de cline.” llut swallowing “phosphates” in the sh»i>c of powders, or in syrups, to cure these ••declines,'* has little or no virtue. The arti cles contained in those “phosphates” must pass through nature's laboratory; must be subject to her manipulations, in alembics spe cially prepared by Almighty power and skill, in order to impart their peculiar virtues to the human frame; in plaiuer phrase; tbe shortest, safest, aud most infallible method of strength to the body, bone, and brain, there by arresting disease, aud building up the con stitution, is to eat and digest more bread made out of tbe whole grain, whetherof wheat, corn, rye, or oats. Hut we must get an appetite for eating more, and a power of digesting more. Not by the artificial aud iuzy method of driuking bito-rs and taking tonics, but by moderate, continued, and remunerative muscular exer cise in the open air every day, rain or sliiuc. And that we may eat the more of it, the bread must be good and cheap, and healthful; and that which combines these three qualities to a greater extent than any other known on the lace of the globe, as far as we know, is made thus; To two quart* of corn (ludiau) meal, add one pint of bread sponge, water suff icient to wet the whole; aud one-half piut of flour aud a tea spoonful ol salt. Let it lise, then knead well, unsparingly, for the second time. Place the dough in the oven, aud let it bake an hour and a half. Keep on trying until you succeed in making alight, well baked loaf. Our cook succeeded admirably by our directions at the first trial. It costs just half as much as bread from the llnest family flour, is lighter on the stomach, and imparts more health, vigor aud strength to the body, brain and bone. Three pounds of such bread (at flve cents a pound for the meal) allords as much nutriment as nine pounds of good roast beef (costing at twenty five emits, #2 2."i,| according to standard phy siological tables.—Ilall# Journal of Health. T encment Houses in New York. The New York Pout thus describes a tene ment house in that city: "It is commonly a structure of rough brick, standing upon a lot twenty-live by one hun dred fed; it is lrom tour to six stories high, and is so divided internally as to contain tour families on each floor—each family eating, drinking, sleeping, cooking, washing and light ing ill a room eight feet by leu, and a bed room six feet by ten; unless, indeed—wnich very frequently happens, says Mr. llalliday— the family renting these two rooms takes in another lamily to board, or sub-lets one room to one or even two olher families! One of the largest of these ‘barracks’ has aparlmeuls for one liuudred and twenty-six families! It stands on a lot fifty by two hun dred and fifty feet, is entered at the sides lrom alleys eight feet wide, aud by reason of tbe vicinity ol another barrack of equal bight, the rooms are so darkened that on a cloudy j day It is impossible to read or sew in them | without artificial light. It has not one room ! which can in any way be thoroughly ventilat ed. The vaults and sewers which are to carry oil the tilth of the one bundled and tw< nty six families, have grated openings in tbe al leys, and doorways in the cellars, through which the noisome and deadly miasmata penetrate aud poison the dank air of the house and the courts. The water closets for the whole vast establishment are a range of sta'ib without door*, aud accessible, not only from the building, but even from the street. Comfort here is out of the question; common (lontiltfit.' Ifist lior.11 ruitihirml insnnauILIn • m.s.l the horrible brutalities of the passenger ship are day after day repeated—but ou a larger scale. And for such hideous and necessarily demoralizing habitations—for two rooms, iu d<icency and gloom—the poor family pays, and the rich builder received, in 1859, so Mr. il.Uliday says, at the rate of 'thirty-Jtce per emt per annum on the cout of the apart mutt*." " A Haii.uoau in bVKi a.—A now railroad is projected, to run from the seaboard of Sy ria through the city of Aleppo to the river Euphrates. If tills ini carried out, a vast tract of country, suitable for the culture ol ! cotton, will l>e opened. There is uo reasou why A-iu Minor should not again become wbat she ouce was—the gardhn of the East, i " i *■ ~ -- Dissolcifion. f|IHE rirruof Howards Strout, *• Attoroayaare JL Counsellors at Uw, i* thin dav dissolved by rou I tual coDH Ut. Either part tor will attend to the set tlement of of the business of the late ilrrn .Mr. Howard will cjutiuuo to occupy otfi se91 Mid die street, over Casco hank. Mr Strout wjh occupy office 105 Middle street opposite head ol Plumb street. Joajph llow Ann, SavVAI.L C. STttOUT. Portland. June 27, 1864.—dStn Dissolution. flliiE copartuettibi, heretofore existing betwcei JL Sweat and Cleave* as Attorney* a: Law, )* thi day dissolved by mutual consent. The affair*ol ih late Arm will he adjured by either party. MSweat will e tutinuo in business at office No 117 Middle street, Mussey’KRow. Mr C)ear< s at the office of Howard k Cleaves, No 91 Mi J lie street, over Casco Hank L l> M. SWEAT. NATHAN CLEAVES. Portland. July 16th, 1864. jyl8d<hn For B»n;ror. ) Kch K ate Aubrey, Jacobs roaster, wi s, . have immediate dispatch. For froigt , “apply to the master ou beard, l ead c * I.oujt Wharf, or to D. T. CHASE. July 80—dtf ^ ¥ HEREBY give notice that I have this dav give 1 X ray son, Joseph M. Stuoi t. his time fta'in t»i a wilt claim none of his earnings, nor pa anythin* for M» support, or tnv debts of hs cci tractleg hereafter WILLIAM STROl'T. Corhaiu July S9tb. 1864 JyXQdSw* 1 PORTLAND DRY DOCK COMPANY y A N assossmeut ol Eight Dollar* per share ou tl .. a. jl Capital Stock of the Company is loy due an l-ajable at the allies of the Treasurer, 117 Omme p citl street. C. M. DAVIS, Treiuuiier. f July WtMWi—dtf M l SCELLANKO US. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors, Fox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., POKTLAXD. HIE. Attention is respea’fully invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in , THE REST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is furnished with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our colleotion of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, lof every variety, style and cost, PRINTED AT SDORTEST NOTICE. Bill-Heads Ruled and Cut in the Neat est Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS, Of every description executed in the best style. . Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done J with proinptnesi and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, BILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, and all sorts of LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notice. Sermoni, Itpris, Mil all kind* of Pamphlets, Put up in superior style. Kronzed and Colored Labels, For Apothecaries. Merchants, and Fancy Dealers, got up in the best style of the art. Weddincr Cards, Notes of Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists of Dan ces, etc., etc., of every variety and cost, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Viand-bill*, Shop-bills, Progum naes, Ci malars. And plain printing of every description. Also, Byte and Figure work, executed neatly, and on terms that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Roper’ Improved Caloric Engines for motive power, aud is furnished with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant use one of HOE’S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheets an hour , one of Adam’s Power Presses—the best book press in the world; Adam’s and Potter’s Fcut Machine Job Presses; Buggies’ superior Card Pres : ■ Adams’ aud Union large Hand Presses, btandiu* Presses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Press Job Office is believed to be ts well furnished as any similar establishment in the btato. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute all orders iu the sbortestposeible time and in the neatoet and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing a* well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment in the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be directed to the Daily !*ress Job Office, Ho. 82$ Exchange street, Portland. Me. The Job Office is under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, w ho is the CITY POINT ER, aud is himself an experienced practical work man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics in this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper ea*t of Boston, and having a larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combined, is published at the Office in Fox Block, I-'I Exchange Street, every morning— Sunday excepted, at $8,00 Per Auuum, From which 15? 1-5?per cent, is disnwnted for advance pavmkxt*. Semi annual and quarterly subrenptious pro reta. Less than three months, sixty cents per month, or 16 cents a week. Single Copies S Cents. ty Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, 1 he l*rge*t pti>er in Now England, eight pages, is published ©very Wednesday, containing all the now* by nuil a d telegraph, important reading matter. Marine List, Ma'ket Report*, Ac , of the Daily Pres*,at the following price*, viz:— Single copy, *ur jrnr, invar iably In advance.#2.00 Far n’t uiouiht. 1.00 To club* of four or more all to the same post office, each. 1.7 & To elnba of ten or more* all to the same post office, each.$ 1 .50 And a free copy to tho getter up of the club. Subscription* solicited. Agent* wanted in every toun. Postmasters requested toaet a* agent*. N. A. FOSTER & Co., Proprietors. Portland Juue 1, 18--4. dtf NOTICE. \\rE, the undor*iguod. having sold our Stock of vv Coal and Wood to Messrs. Btmdatl, McAH* trr If |Go,, do cheerlu'ly recommend them to our former customer*. A l person* baxinr demand* against ns are requeued to present tt etu tor settle m .t, and all persons indebted to us are reqntfd to make immediate paymeut at the old stand where one oi the undersigned may bo found for the present. SAWYER a WHITNEY”. Portland, June C, 1S64. junel3d3w Coal and Wood! rilHK subscriber having purchased the Stock of A Coal aui vVooit.atid taken the stand receutly occupied by Messrs. Stutter If HTiilae*, head of ,1/aittr II karf. are now prepared to supply their former patrons and the public generally, with a tine a«aortmeut of WELL PICKED ASD SCBRRNRD Old Company I-chigh, ! Sugar Coat I-f high, f llazeltou 1-thigh, l<ot'u»t Mountain. John’s White and Red A ah. Diamond and I-orberry, , Together with the beat quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal/or ntacksmitk». Also, Hard and Holt Wood, Deliv ered to order in any part of tbe city. il The former customers of Messrs Saw yer k Whit ney are resuectUilly iuvited to giveus > call KAKDAl.i,. McALLlSIKa k CO. Portland, June 18,1864 —dly 18 open Day and Evening, tor a Thorough Business Education. Located I860. llanson Block, middle St., No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United States ,ne Principal has had 20 years experience; is always ou the spot, and attends to his business; and prom- , ises, as during the past 12 years, no pains shall be , spared in tho future. Five hundred references oi the tirst class business men, with nianv others of this city, w’ill testitV to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems aud manner of teaching, aud citizens of other cities have testitied to the same. Diplomas w ill be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Ceitain times will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and 1 will guarantee to yon success. Applications solicited for Accountauts. Separate in structiou given. Students can enter any time. Sep* arate rooms for I.adiee. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that . desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Keepiug, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing, Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching from printed copies ard Text Books will be avoided please call, or addreat the Principal. RN.BROWN. Portland.Oet.2,1863. oc2J> codAeowly 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh. M!. JPhinney, WOULD inform his frindsand former customers that he has tajp-u the Store Xo 126 Exchange Street, w here he intends to carry ou the Slove and Furnace Business, In all its branches. STOVES, of all kinds, of the newest aud most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. Br{T*Sccond hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change tor new. 8totes, Kahosi*. FmxACM, acd Tix Wake repaired at short notice, in a faithful manner. Grateful for former patronag*. he horcs by strict attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public favor. . ina>23dtf ALDRICH’S PATENT Water Elevator ! A PATEN i combining more good and less bad iV qualities than any et<cr fixture in use for house wells. Don’t fail to see ft before you buy any Lump or drawer now H n«e. It works so easily'that a child tight years' old can uk»w with it. It is low priced; it leaves nothing in the water to injure it; it does not freeze; it is simple; It is not likely to I get out of order The bucke has no valve and empties i»selt. You have your well all open or cov ered at pleasure, and is just such a simple fixture as every mau needs w ho values jure water for f.mily use. t^Drawers and Town aud County Bights for tale by BOYNTON k HIGGINS, 13 and 16 Warren Market. Portland. jylddSa S. A. BLOOD, , Sdccessor to George Anderson, No. 31? Congress Street. Portland. Sign of Auderson’s Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on band a complete assort ment of H OOP SKIRTS, of every size and length, made of the best materials aud w arranted to give perfect satisfaction. Also on J baud a full assortment ol Corset* and Skirt Supporter*, of the roost popu'ar mak-s. both oreign aud domes tic. with other article* properly belonging to a Hoop ] bkirt store. Hoop Skirts made to order, aud re pairing done at short notice. Parties dealing with this establishment may rely , upou getting goods of the very best quality and at * price* as low as a really good article can be afforded. Portland, July 6, 1864. d6w GRANT'S COFFEE & SPICE MILLS. . ORIGINAL KSTABLIsllMEST. J. G-RANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, , SalsrratMK & Crram Tartar, Areu? Cojee and Spice Mills, 13 and 16 L'nion street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices put up 'or the trade, with any address, in all variety ol peckages, and warranted as rep rose ii tel. Collet- roasted and ground for the trade at short ^ notice. CF“A11 gcods entrusted a (the owner’s ri-k. march lOdtf New Ntenm Mill, Footol Cross,between Fore k Commercial Sts. WINSLOW, "DOTEN & CO., WOl’LD inform their former customers and the pub.ic general v, that they have tittid up their New Mill with New Machinery,and are now ready to do Planing, Matching and Jointing, also Sweep i and Circular sawing. Ir< od Turning, Ire. 1 We have in operation cue of Messrs. Gray & Wood’s new improved Planers, for PLANING OI T OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from J inch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also vlAr MSDGKH FIFTY FEET LONG, J For sawiug heavy plank aud edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship knees, Clapboards, aud heavy t imber. For the accommodation of dealers aud others hav ing large lot- of boards to plane, we have in connec tion with the mill 17,000 tquare feet of yard room. J • 19 John kinsman, OAS FITTER, -AND— Dealer in Gas Fixture*, And Gas At Kerosene Cooking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine aud test these now iuventton.s, which are highly recommended for summer use NO. 65 UNION STREET. Portland, June 14.—eod3m I’KOVOS i MaHSUAL'S OFFICE, i First District State of Maine, | 1 OkTAKu.July 13. UM. ) ( 'A' Hi ICEis hereby given that any ptrsou F. moled a. 1 nitty appear u* iore me noara ol Enrolment and claim to have bis name stricken off the list, it he can show to the satisfaction of the Board that he is not properly euroled on account ol l't—Alienage. 2d—'Non* Residence. 3d—Over Age. 4th— I'erma cut Physical Disability,of such degree as to render i he person uot a prope r subject for en rolment under the laws and regulations. 1 hat the examination ref< ried to above tnav not interfere with the daily routiue ol office business, the hours lor • xum'i.ation will be from 10 AM to 12 M. and from 2 to 4 P. M. CHARLES H. DOUGHTY, Capt and Provost Mar-hal. CITY OK PORI LAND. i Mayor's Office, [ July IS. 1861. \ The special attention of our citizens is called to J the above uotice of the Provost Man-hul. It should be the duty of all those who are exempt from draft from either of the oauses wntionid, to apply in per son and have tip ir names taken from the Gt, in or der that wheu the quotas for the diafi are appor tioned, the number to be drawn will be based upon those who only are liable to * nrolwent. julyUdotawlui JACOB Me LE1J.AN. Mayor. For the lslaiiil?*. w#E®B*** On and after June 13ththesteamt r 11 will until further uotice leave Burnham's Wharf, for Peak's and Cushing’s l«lands at 9 and 10.30 A. M., and 2 and 3.80 P.M. Returning will leave Cushing's Island at 9.49 and 11.16 A. M.t and 2 46 and 5.15 l*. M Tickets25cents, down an.1 back; Children 16cts. Juno 9—dt• DU. O. n. RICH, SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE BT., PORTLAND, (Opposite foot of Kree Street,) Having fitted up the above named rooms, he would be happy to w alt on all who may wish for the ser vice?* of a skillful Deuiist. Kt^ry brunch of t en ti$trp will receive careful attention, and perfect sat isfaction will te warranted. jy2t> dSm Notice. THE Stockholders of the Westbrook Manufactur ing Co are hereby notified that their annual meeting for the choice of officer*, and the transac tion of any other business wMoll may come before them, will be holdei at the Office ol the sufscriber, in Portland on Tuesday ihe 23d day of Auf , 1864. at 3 o'clock P. M RJtNSRLLAEU ( RAM, Aug 2—dlawSw Clerk. rryrbiii'K Acadrmy. rilUK Kail Teiro of tbia Inatitution will commence 1 WEDNESDAY. Scptrmber 7, 1*‘14. »nd will continue eleven weeks. Mr. Edwin 1. Ainhrote, Principal. Mr. Ambrose is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College, and is highly recommended as a scholar, teacher and gentlemm l>. B. SEW ALL. Secretary. Frveburg, July 26,1864. Jjl9 dlwA *2w BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MAN UFACTOK V. J. Ir*. Libby, MANUFACTURER OF IF* a ip o x* US o pa: o s, O! every description, such as Shoe Box**, .JewelryBoxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, Shelf Boxes, ConcbologicalBoxes, FowderBoxe», Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, icc. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me* JuoeldSm Dana A Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dint. > Portland, Woodbury Dana, ( John A. b. Dana ) Maine. ____ juneldtf «T• Smitb. cfo Oo., MANUFACTURERS OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing* Loom Strap*. Brit Luther Barks aid Side*. LEATHER TP'if MI NO 3, fc., Hanion’s Block, 144 Middle 8t., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. M. Brewer, (JnldSm) D. F. Noyes JOH% T. KOOEKS&C0.7 Commission Merchants, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, SE.B-.k3ES. J roKTLAXD. ME. _ juneldGra AVliolesale and Retail. a,. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, 1*0 MIHCFICTV.XR O* Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER UANIOINCiS. No, 63 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. _ Juueldtt CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, ' Fresco and Danner Fainter, No. ,144 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. W Work executed in ereiy part of the Stato. RUFU8 DUNHAM. Manulactur r nnd Wholesale Dealer in BRITANNIA —AND— Plated Ware, Xo. 219 Fore afreet, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1964. maylTdtt M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, XO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apl4 PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, * C0~ MAMCFACTL'KKKF OF ^a|mn« White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ground Colora, AMD DLALll'.S IK )rugs Medicines, Pa nts, Oils k Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, Xo. 29 Munjoy St., Ifflce 1 Salesroom*, 80 Couainereial St., (Thomas Block.) IliKKY H. BURSKHS, }nnn a %• * M, Chablk* 8. FoBBi. rWRTLWP, uB. mayMdtf BLARE, JO X feS X. CO., PLODR&GRAIN DEALERS, Aiid Re rers of Western ami C adiun Produce, 37 Commercial Street, ... (i finite Block. Charles Blake, ) Henry A. Jones, } PORTLAND. R. W. Cage. ) juueldtf JOHN LYNCH & CO.,” Wholesale l»v oeevs, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Iranite Stores, - - - Commerc al street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf,) John Lynch, ) Peleg Barker,} PORTLAND, ME. Thos. Lynch ) juneldtf BOLE Ac MOOIU , OBXBRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And \\ holceale Dealers in FLOUR, C jRN AND PRODUCE. No. 5 Galt Block, Commerc al 8t, indrew T. Dole, ( PORT I AVI) Mb' rank tin C. Moody, ) 1 OKI LAN U, ML. junelddm LAXE A LITTLE, Wholesale Dealers in foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AND ~X7S7~ oolens, No. 14Ii Middle Htreet, A.uuli l rORTLAND, MB. JuueTdtf E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet. - • Portland, Me. r ^Carriages and Sleighs on hand and made to trder. juuelodtf V'. r. niunniiii, MANUFACTURER OF Carriages and Sleighs, Preble street, (Near l*reble House,) PORTLAND. ME. Vale /looms, llu and 113 Sudhury St., Hoston, Mass. juueltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO.. Flour, Grain 4c Produce C«mmission Merchants, inJ Sillers’ Agents. Office and Warehouse Xo. 6 Galt lllock, Commer cial Street. We offer for salo to the trade, tnauy choice and well-known Brand» of Hour, hum St. Louis.1 liuois, Wisconsin. Ac., which we are ceustautl receiving. N , (\ A Co , are a'eo Agents fjr Pittman A Co. s, and ottio - trands of manufactured lubacoo. P'CMh advances made ou ail consignments Portland. June 1, 18U4. jnldtf 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commission tlercliants, A nd dealers In Country Produce, have moved to No. 03 Commercial street. * Portland. May 10th. 1864. maylOdtf Law Parlm isltt|>. HOWARD <fc CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 1)1 Middle St.,over Cau-o Burk. POItTf.AUD, UK. JOPEPH HOWARD. NATHAN CLEAVE*. JylSd&trSm To Carpenters and the Publia! A NEW ARTICLE. \\ kiitnaore*a Patmt Blind I'aslrser and Handle i'uuabiaed. BEING a thoroughly effective fastening, and a handsome, convenient handle,ami as they cau not be opened from the, are so far, protec tion against thieves; its use preventing the dirtying ot Ininds or breaking of linger nails in opemug or closing blinds. They are JapanLcd green, and can be put ou old or new-bliud- by auy person iu live minutes. For sale by all Hardware men. Whole sale Depot 16 Winter street, Boston. G. D. WHITMORE. Btor» ot Whitney Brothers. Juuel w8xa BUSINESS CARDS, BRADLEY, MOULTON * ROGERS Wholesale Dealers ih Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial atreet, Human Block, Robert bralkv,\ w. m. moult* >, PORTLAND, UK. ▲ . <*. ROGERS. ) __ maj Sdtf W. W. CAKE A CO., ilaviug taken the bruit Store formerly occupied b O. SAWYERi No. S Exchaiife Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail Orauge*. Spruce Gum, Lozcugea M'luous, C anary Seed, Caudie», Lime*, Lnuou Syrup, Honey, > ruuoe. Cocoa \un, Figs, Citron, Naim nil kind*. Dates, Olive*, Uaisius. Tobacco, Snrdiue*, Clg;ura. Fancy Candles of nil description, ootS dtf IRA WINN, Agent, INTo. 11 Union St., I, prepared to furnish STEAL! ENGINES and BOILERS, of various auvi and patterns, 8t»ia Pipe ud KUTares, Siilficriw.StaftiM, Liuht Hours Work cf all detcriptiius, and all kinds of work rejuir. d in building FOilTI»lCATIO»R. IronStaiiK and other Architectural W ork. Houses, Sturts, and othor buildings, fitted with Uas and Steam in tho best manner. Is connection with the above is an Iron Foundry with a large assertnuut of Pattern,, to which the attention of Mac incite, Millwrights,and Ship-Build* ere is iuviiod—and all kinds ot Castings furnished at short notice. IJ^Ord' re lor Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. ocSdtt SINGE K>S SEWING MACHINES! WOODIUN, TRVC dk CO., AGENTS, Ifni. 54 aid 56 - - • • - Middle Blreel* Necdloaand Trimmings always oahaad. mohlSif A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 17G Midtll Street. Iimncn.Dn. Bacon and Bulk. Portland, Hay K, 1S#3. tf Dr. J. H. Hr'.AI.D HAVING disposed of his entire interest in his Office to Dr. 8.C FFRNALD. would oheerftiUy reccomxnend h*m to his former patients and the pub lic. Dr. Fvbvald, from long experience, is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the “Vulcanite Base,” and ailother method** known to the profession. Portland. Mav IS. 1*413 tf YV DDD AND COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! STRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH. KfKZILTON, SUGAR LOAF, OLD COMPANY LKlilGli. LO CUST MOUNTAIN JOHNS, DIAMOND, WF.B8 TKRand BLACK 1JKATI1. Tb^se Coals are ol ths very be*t quality, well screened and picked, and warranted to give satisfaction Also ior sale best of H\KD AMD SOFT WOOD, dc'i.'ered to any part of the oity. Orm a CoManacm St., head of franklin Whirl. S. ROl'hDs A SOS. feblO dly WAHKE.1’8 DIPOKVED FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AMD Gravol Roofing FOJi FLAT noon. fcj. HERSKY, Agent, JanS6 dtf No. 1« Union Street. ALBERT WEBB ACOM - DIALERS IV Corn, Flour and Grain, BkAD or VkKSILL 8 WHARX, r.MH.r.lal Nirr.t. - - Parilaad, M,. Mffltr EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLESALE DBALEB IV Corn, Tie,al and Flour, Also. Ground Sock Salt. Commission Merchant Ml PURCH ASE AVD SALXOP Barley, Ryo and Oats. tW Cars loaded with Corn in bulk free of charge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Street, And City Mills, Deeriag Bridge. _ Juneleodftra JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COD.HAN BLOCK, inch 17 dAwtf Tbmplb Street. Scotch Canvas, -BOR BALI BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, He. 41 A/ | tiOLl 3 Superior Bleaohod 1 &\jyj 300 do All Long llax “Gov- J A, eminent ooutraot.’' ► WO do Extra All Long flax I A*WO*th. 800 do Navy Fine J Delivered in Portland or Bov to a. Bath. April 10.1848- aaltiU ” R. E Ivl OVAL: DR. NEWTOIV HAS removed his residence to No. 37 Middle Stmt, corner of Franklin street. Offioe a* heretofore, No. Ilf* Exchange Street, In Noble’s Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M., from 2 to 3, and from 8 to 9 o'clock 1*. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with genera) practice, to s*ve special attention to DISEASES OF FEMALES. ocaidtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKKK 09 Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. I‘21 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Cold and Shower Rath*, Wash Bowls, Brass At Silver Plated C ocks, INVERT description of Water Fixtures for Dwel J ling Houses. Hotels, I’uMic Buildings, Shop* kc , arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. Ail kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly ou hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PL’MPSof all deMrirtinn* ap9dtf «J. T. Lewis & Co., Mauuraclurer, and Whole,ale Dealeiain READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chamber, • ■ - A'on. 1 and 2 Free Street tllort (Over U. J. Libby k Co.,) J I uTd! PORTLAND, ME. jylldtf Tli« Cheapest Agency FOR collecting all classes of claims arising from the war is that ot the ' “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,’ iu which the expense* are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Apply in perwou. or by letter, to GEORGE F EMERY, over the Portland Post Office, 8d story, l dawly HOTELS. nowt zirc«\ h7hSi;, AT THE Oel-brated Mt, Zircon Mineral Sp-'ngs, Milton Plantation, Mt., * Is now opeued to the public, and no pains i will be spared this s. a-, n t<.• meet the want* and reuder pleasant and interesting tie <ay of guests. And a!so as u-ual. I still J_[board cheaper than auy oilier bummer House in New kugiaud. For cases of Dyspepsia, Kidney Complaint, Grav el, Scone in the Bladder, and oilnrs fimilar, 1 war rant a cure by the use of the wa* e.. Splendid >cen ery and rides. At the short di.-ta ice or four miles cau be seen Kumford Fal.s, the largest in New hnr Ihnd. Horses and Carriage* to !et. Good Trout ii*hing in stream* and ponds. A new road was built to the House last .June, making the access easi er than to any other Mountain Mo *e. Daily e ach from brtarn's Pond otatiou ot tho Grand Trunk Kail wav to the House. Post Office addre-s, Mt Ziic u. M-. _ D. D. W. AklklfT, Proprietor. Ml. Zircon. Jaly », 1 fiftp J>80dfiw Sen-Side House, , HtHPSWEU KECK, C A S C 0_ BAY. a ^ This elegant and commodious Ho «s boated on the extremity of H*J*paw#»l Keck, about halt a mite fl|«tijb.i|aJr be ow the Wrl-known Mansion House; has just been completed after the desigus ui u M Hakdijki, . Architect, and under ins superintendence, and will be open for company ■ On nud after the Fcartls of Jaly. The House i* the largest c*,ab <i*Uaseut, construct ed expressly for the purpose of a Hotel, bt any Wat ering Place on ihe coast ot Maine. It is situated in 1 the centre ot a dense grove ot old trees, with sve- J nues and \ i-tas ope mug to the water* of th.- Bay but slew yards distant on either side. Nearly rurrotiudtd by the sea. and abundantly shaded by trues, the Houso has a -paciou - and beau tiful verandah, extending oi<r three hundred and thirty ieet on three sides of the building, with wide und tnurou/hl) venu.ated hal.. uud condor, in th« interior, to ttmt vi»itor,enu enjoy tbemo.t coaple e protection lrom the summer heat. ( Ihe steamboat wharf and boat landings are on the west side. Lut a few Bu?p» from the Hon*. Ample facilities are at baud lor boating and tubing. On the east side is a line gravel batch, w here the luxury of sea-ba hiugcan be enjoyed at a I times of the tide At a short distance on the northeast, across an arm of the sea is Orr's Island, celebrated by Mrs Beech er Stowe's w. Ji known novel. The 8 a Side House is acc^s-iblo by iand from Brunswick, fifteen miles distant, by or.e of the finest diives in the State, and by daily steamboat from Portland through the in-dde passage* aniona the islands of the Bay. 1 A Viaitors coming frem the Kennebec and other L parts of the iutorior, can leave the railroad at Bruns- L wick, and proceed by stage to Uarpsweli. or contin ue to Portland and take the steamer, which runs r down and buck twuc a day. . 4tf JOHN T. SMITH, Proprietor. I BRADLEY'S HOTEL, * OH YAH * ? American and European Plant, * fl__ r n_ • i . * .. _ wvtiwi (X lilUltt - n A Thii Home I, ii natel direct!,, P tr r2 rh *. e urtiid Irunk Kai roa « Depot ai u head 0 ol lioatou mod i'ortland steam, r, Wharf “ looaezu-d with itii« ilumaia a Irat clam * J_|Ov»tcr and Dining lull. . jTBlisBKADl.EY.3r ,* CO., Proprietor!. L J. Bradle,, Jr. f H. Bridle,. Cl junel5d6m p Atlantic House, Z HCARUORG’ BEACH. " e m , THIS House haring been enlarged and — e refitted throughout will open for the sea • »n on .Honday, June 13, IMG ft, v „ E t.LNNISON. «■ B — Positively closed on the Mtlath t© all transient visitors. juuell Ocean House Re-Opened! The andar.idhed bavin, lea ed for the ,,-amjnthi. weiiciabilrtird W aieiinaplace charalattl, aitnat ,1 m the outer verge ol • 'ape Elizabeth. With unrivalled tacili ities for Kalliin*, Boating, and Fish in*. Will open tor transient and permanent guests on and after Tuesday, the 7th day of June. Every desirable convenience will be supplied for the pleasure and com oris ol its patrons with regard to the itajuiremtnt* and character ot a FIKST FLASH HOIFL. We feel assured that i ur eaert one, added to the Ct unusual attiactions ot the house itself, will secure us the si/prohatioD and patronage of the public. U tV*J’osittrrlff cLfSedom tk« SalUoth. HILL A JORDAN, Proprietor*. *l Cnj»e KHaabetb, June!. 1864. dtf 11 BAY VIEW HOUSE, ■■ CAMDEN. « The Subscribers take pleasure in an nouucing to their friend* and all interested o< in tiodiug a first clas.> sea-side llovi accom- ^ _ I modal i<rb*. that their new and spacious Ho- t« te Aia. u 3 op- nearly m June It contains all the mod- •* ern improvements and every convenience for the S' c-’iatort and accommodation ol the travelling pub lic. it i* tiuely leoated, commarding an unr.vailed •* view ot tlte Penobscot Bay f tie advant igei of sea- »« batlnug and the facilities for tubing and boating. *» areuu-irpassed. For its beautilul scenery and do lightlui drives and walks, l amdeu is already favor- C‘ abl. known as one of the most eligible and delight- di lul watering places in New England Connected ® wi h the Hotel is a fine Livery Stab e, horses and *• cariiages having been selected with great care. The di carriages are from tha best establishments in the couutiy, and on the most approved styles, bteam- «' boat lanumgs easy of acre**; steamers touehiugev- j* cry day in the week. telegraph communication H ai! parts of the couutrv. These wishing o se »« curmgood rooms will do wet* to apply soon, as many " are already eugag. d si CL MliiNti A JO UN STUN, Proprietors. I* Camden, June 2, 1%8 —dtf h Pienaant Suburban He,art. _ ri CAUISIC HOUSE, * WESTBROOK. r This e’egant suburban Watering Place, © located upon a pleasant eminence uear Cm- p > isic loud, but Jj miles from Portland, hav- a tug been placed in the most ample order by *-tiit- subscriber, he most respectfully solicits © tucatieniion of the public, and cordially invites a o call Trent his old liiends. ibe house is ple^ant, retired an t quiet. The t iumiture and furnishing* are all new, and tneroom* t c «*y an.I sightly. The tables are supplied with all the delicacies as well as the substantial* oi the sea- * soti, a ti-i the service of one of the very best cooks iu o New England have been secured. ^ Kxttn.-dve sheds and a line - table with roomy Stalls o are among the conveniences ol the establishment i. A nice Bathing House Mufli.ieat for the tecommo datiou » t several bathers has been erected with steps d projecting into ten teet of water, and the whole se- a cun.d from observation by a floating screen tj Smoking Aro-rs grace the banks ol the Pond and ti iu» nie luauigence ox me lounger. t., U«P'“I f*r » »Lnre of the public patronage the uo tlt r«igiivd premia*.* to spa: e no effort lor the on o tainmeutof kia geoata. l»EO. W Ml-KC M. ^ NVe^t rook, May 21. 1864. ina\ Jl«itf |< HALLOWELL HOUSE ; REOPENEDI SEW FURNITURE ft FIXTURES! " 8.G. DEVNIS, Proprietor. 5W~ The public are .pvcUlly informed that the .rat ions, conreoi. ut and well known Uallowkli. llorsK, In the c-ntir of Hallewell, two miles from Augusta, and lour mi ea from logos Spring, has S been refurnished, and is open for tie rue ption ol • company and permanent board, re. Every attention will b« given to the comfort ol 1 guests. a st abxjI xa, and all the usual convenience* of a popular hotel, are amply providi d. Hallo war, Feb. 1 1364. mch25aodtf THE IJIEKICAS BOISE, Hanover Street .... Bogtos, Tke I.arersl und Heat Arranged lldtel IN KKVf ENGLAND. I CEWI8 KICK, Proprietor, oddly Weorge IV. VS:ui»un, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, ; 71 Middle Street, Poitlnnd, Me. A share of patronage reapctfnUy solicited and | satisfaction given. . . Or<if re from th» country promptly attended to. Address i.eorgo \V. Vlsuson. .1 Middle atluet. Hoorn Vo 10. up stairs, Portland, Me. jun» 14—«13iu__ A. & S. SHUBTLEFF A CO., *o*. ii * is ninni.E street, PORTLAND. Manufacturer* and Dealer* in Men * Boy*’ and Youth’s Thick, Xip acd Calf Boots, Women’s Misaea and Children’s Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Bubbera. Shoe stock, Findings, Ac. IITITH our superior facilities for manufacturing. F F ami a large experience in the business, we we are able to sell a* low a* iu Boston or elsewhere. Dealers are respectfoily invited to call and ex amine our stock before purchasing. mgr Order* by mail promptly attended to. Portland, April 3*, 1*4. d«m CLOTHING._ JUST RECEIVEDI &OL.UNS & WONtt, HAVING refitted their store and received a Urge assortment of elegant styles -or CLOT II SI ! ARE PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Cu»toner». Also, Nothing & Furnishing Goods, In Great Variety, -AT 95 Nliddlo Street. __ TJ jST I O Mutual Life Insurance Co. ISCOSPORAIED by tb« bTAIE OE MAIKB *a>'er Perpetual. _ Organised, 18#. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, * St«le Street. . . . . Boston, M... President— HRSR Y CROCKER, dee-Preeidmt— DASJEL rsiaRP Secretary— W It HoLLIsTKR. n. G. WILSOX. eatral Manager of Agencies ta tie Sew England btatet. ttett, 31 it December, 1868, $H.Z2.088 41 ottet Paid to dale, 5"So.olo OQ hi'lend Paid in Cash to date, PB18 Company offers ptcuiiar advantage# toper* sons iuteiiding to Inture ineir liven, in it* aaiatr ad stability, a.quirtd in it* Mars' Misrf* Whith\(wi,hout ii9 •*»W of Ju'»****■ )*®»ouuU to over threc-quarttraol a mil Horn ' bt,“* more lwo hundred thousand filers in excess of ita Habilitiee lor the re:t*ursi ce r ail out standing ricks; in the faedities pr* seated i its accommodating system of paj mints of piemi* on*; in th« iarte numb* r. dmrsifl. d cenditic t• and :cunations, varkn*ages and localities ol liv«e in ired, giviug the largest rio;.L.ui> far *k. inon oi the (%«• of average mor slity, and the »m eat guaranty to the iusnrcd for the benefits there ; in 'be division of prod! the mnnma/ a portion* enf of which having lor th* past fcurt*e» years eraged forty per Cent, of the pre miums paid. Policies are issued upon ail tfce pis • umal with tie Insurance 4 omp niet, and at as tow iat«a as I# insistent with a vkw to <<jnity and solvency. l*ai ties desiring Agencie- m owns w»♦ re the ocm my have none, and tbo«e wishing Traveling Agra “•w*!!*•■ * »w England Mae*. will srply to H. WILSON. 64 State Street, Boston, giving cure erence. or iut'onuitir>n as to ago. present id past business, as wi l enable him to »<vm Judg ent iu regard thereto. juneUdSm STATE OF MAINE. • HEAD QUARTERS, , ADJLTAST 4.LNLRAL S OFFUB, l Augusta. August l, lo64 j tneral Order Xo. 28. I. Ihirty Companies of Infantry for Regiment# tfce field and to be creoitid upon the free at cad e author ro t oy the War Department to be raised this fit ate, from Volunteer*. for eitoer one two or irae years' seivice, as the rcciui may elect. II. Enroll*i men or their-ubsiituhs. have the ivi'ece of electing the company and re. ,ai*ot which they will s»rre, by vuiu totrieg i«* iLe-e gaaiaatioEs; hut if dra ted. such liberty isn.oes rilv them. 7 III I he .State bounties to ail vo!nn*eer» audio hstifu cs t mis ed pr or to the drsf. is gltf) fjCO »<M).acc iding to tbs period cl their tniistmeLt r 1 2. or 3 years, and the U. 8. bonnry the same ail volunteer* aid ripre lutstue renuit# buh^ tutes lor enrolled men are not entitkd to CniUd a*es Bountv. IV’ The officers of these companies will be select, from those who have servtd at 1 ast nine months the field. unle>* very special reasons txiat in par. .uiar cases. V- ^uch Immediate action shoald be taken by uzen* uot liable to enro.inu nt. deriimg to avoid a alt iu their community, and by dub- ofcniohd ». »» will make it ionhepecu> iary interest cfih# Her, to volunteer instead ©ftiunug nrvice ae ailed men. VI. Concerted action initiated in cities and pop ousplsc a, and extruding to the -uiurbs and ad cent towns, embodying the partial seieetlon ot of. lets and non commissioned i the* re. m»> insure the loptiou, at once, of such pis us of privet dure, ae ill gusiantee the raising oi ac. nip any in every in* suet* wht re it is ULdenaicn, Eut ai eerse oted as above, shot* »i be a pcr-i.n who has ssried • uorably. for at least nine month*. i>r the eeiteiioa ay uot be confirmed by the Uotercor. \‘ll. The lollow ng rules will l-e adhered to in isieg these compacts. 1st. Mo fe< s. premiums or expenses will be paid r making the enlistment*. 2d. Each vo untecr be examined and an roved by a local physician. wl*o will b* paid 26 cfa. r bis services; but the physician is uot to sign the >rtifioats of su-h examine ion up. u . he enlistment iper, that being for the autho isrd sn g*on, who ahes the final examinaii n a h. ma*ttr m. 3d. A Justice of the Peace will aanunisvr the ith to the recruit, and fi.l and sign the certificate q the face ol the enlistment. 4th. When the enlistment is for a less period iau 3years, the blank wi 1 b; changed to inhibit le fact. 5th. Each company must comprise on* hundred id one en.Ued nun. and as toon at that number suitable persons who are eligible to enlist* tut. ave each -igred three • u.i.nuut \ a} ere, one pail t each eulistnieiil with the uimi of persons dee nattd for the c »mu ioneu ill,cor. o the com k ik v ai .l tkiiir'a auJ —a .l._ ,-gvou* of the Company, will be tormaroid the djutaut General who w li arrange »l h a sloe a diutr. U. a. Military suy. rm -undent. for the ansportation, muster iu. clothing, arming and inipingof the coinfauv. Vi. ll the company ia detained beyond the <fr r which reasonable l olive ta giveu the iujutant eneral that >t will ssaembie at its uuUuiou* to ave lor the place ol iru-ur, tort) c«ms a day per an will be ailowtd lor bom d an 1 lodging or tho -ried of such drtinfku and the tin- c ecu pied tu 5*®i' g iu from the conn any re» deavous. N II. 5>o much of General Order Twenty-Fovea 1 the30th ult. as prescribe* rules governing enlM lents aud credits tor quotas aid auiuuut of hom es ai d enumerate* tfce persons enti led ibere'o ud eligible to ealisticcn;*, is applicable to these Jirty companies Extract from War Department authority of July 13, lW4,to raise them companies ] • • • • • • % "ihe said companies mu*t be mtMt«rod iu triors ept. 6. i*>4. iu o'der that :he* may be credited on ae quota oi ihs8t*t« uod-r th« aforesaid ea 1. '* Sbvuld any of th»* compand ail to orgarite itbiu a reasonable time, they will bs consolidated > as to form and he wat ered in as complete com* anies be lore the aforesaid dales." * • • • • • • B> Order of Hie Excellency the Governor. JOHN I. HODS* ON, . Adjutant-General. Aug. 4-dlw Copiuliit r^hip Notices — aud — 3USINESS ADVERTISEMENT 1,11 K «ut-crih«r. having on the Tth da. of May foruiod a copartuvrohip ui.Jcr th, name of MrEanhy iy Uerrv, For the purpose of carry lug on the BOOT AND SHOE BUSINE88 n all its branches, and having all th« facilities for et'ing up trst class work t>«r gr nt'rmen aud ladfoe, i ear, are now rrad> to execute all orders with boat* and uispatch our work will bo made of the est ol imported ttock. by the test of workmen, mad rarrauted to give pi r ect atisfaetkn. It i§ our aim hat i. ur wor.' rhall not be seci ud to any iu the Calt d States. Wc have also competed a stock of rtady-mad » cork of the i»st quality, tor [iadiea, Gent 1 men, and Children's Wet Selected from New York and Boston markets Our Ladies’ work ia from the otlebrated Ihtrta !/• »*tlftir/org ot New York. for Geut’emeu's wear w* have the best »»#or*m*>it »ver offered for sain in thi* city ; such ss hue > reach *sn*ut Leather Hoots; Glove ( ait and ( alf Co* [iwes tor geutlenuu’s wear; L*t. nt Leather c*ou tress. and Cal! Cungtess Baltuorjil, and »tw Ft such ftuck’e Boots. Have you seen the uew style CRiMl’I.D-FRoNl SICKLE FOOT, now msde by Mc( ar h_v A her* ryt For ueatui-ss, coin tort aud beaut'■, itVuipstce* tuytliiug ever got up iu this city. Ca l mu see It; lamples ai wav s ou baud at the old staud if M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy a perry, No. IW Eichauje Slroet, ]»*ldtl

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