Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 11, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 11, 1864 Page 3
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TORTLAXD AXD VICIXITT. Itew AJrnrtisnmnMtn To-Oag. Medical—Joseph Ssukabasiu. Situation Wanted as Smiesniau. Coiumissiouers' Notice. Wanted—Fur Mi d Room, with Board. Grant! Excursion—is Saco River. F■ und —A roll of Bills. Loai—Gold Watch and Chain. Congressional Excursion. The Congressional Committee on the De fenses of our North Eastern Frontier, with other members ol Congress and invited guests, assembled at the Preble House at nine o'clock yesterday inoruing. They were joined by the editors and publishers of this State, who were present in the city, and then proceeded to the City Hall, where they were introduced to the Mayor aud City Authorities,and such citizens as were present. After an interchange of mutual good Icel ings for an hour, the committee, at the invita tion of some of our citizeus, rode aiound the city, taking particular observations of all the beautiful scenes aud poiuts that came under their notice. VISIT TO FOBTS GORGES AND PREBLE. At halt past twelve o'clock,in company with the Mayor and City Council and a large num ber of citizens, they embarked on board the government steamer Tyro for the purpose of inspecting the harbor and fortifications. Maj. Thomas L. Casey, U. S. Kugineer, and Capt. Inman, U. S. Airay, had the guidance of the parly. They proceeded direct to Fort Gorges, where the whole party landed—if a lauding cau be effected on nolid granite—nod spent about an hour and a half in inspecting that strong and—destined to be—almost impreg nable fortifications. Major Casey, who has charge of the works, ordered a Cabinet salute in honor of Mr. Sec wkn «k/> .It. V...A owing to circumstances he could uot conve niently control, only “constructively” a mem ber of the party. The ordnance used in Bring the salute were the seven and eleven inch mounted guns, fifteen in ail. Their reverber ations waked up the echoes from all quarters, and might havetjggested to the uelihbo hjod another possible Alabama and Kearsarge affair. Fort Gorges, wheu completed, will mount ninety-seven guns, of very heavy cali ber. The fortification elicited the warmest commendations from gentlemen competent to pass judgment, and Major Casey was compli mented on all hands for the thoroughness with which be is doiug bis work. lie-embarking, the party proceeded to Fort Preble, by invitation of the accomplished commander of that post—Major Andrews— who met them at Gorges. We noticed the following Members of Con gress:— Mr. Morrill, of Vt., Mr. Hale, or Pa., Mr. Perry, of X. J., Mr. Ames, of Mass., Mr. Patterson, of X. H., and Messrs, llice and Perham, of this State. Besides these there were Mr. Hilgard, of the Coast Survey, Wash ington; Mr. Johnson, of Middletown, Ct, a distinguished Civil Engineer; Ex-Gov. Good win, of X. H.; Hon. Horatio King, of Wash ington ; President Woods, of Bowdoiu Col lege; Kev. Mr. Ballard, of Brunswick; Bev. Mr. Haskell, of Boston; Hon. Xoah Woods, of Bangor, the Collector of the Port, the Mayor of the city, members of the City Gov ernment, and many other Invited guests, citi zens of Portlaud and others, with representa tives of the Herald and Tribune of Xew York City aud several papers of this State. Arrived at Fort Preble, the party partook of a bountiful collation, which was discussed with a relish known only to those who have whetted their appetites by full inspirations of fresh air, such as fans the face of old ocean. After a full inspection of the fort and a pleas ant season speut in listening to the soul-stir ring strains of the Band of the 17th Infantry, which played some of the choicest natioual airs, the party was allowed the rare pleasure of witnessing a specimen of target practice with the 100-pound Parrotts, at a range of one mi'e and a sixteenth. This was perfectly sat isfactory, and calculated to impress ail with the fact that a Parrott shell or solid shot of that size would be uo comfortable visitor to be received uuannouoced ou board an enemy’s vessel attempting to enter the harbor. There are several l.Viucb guns mounted en barbette at Fort Preble, the weight of which Is about tweuly-five tons each. Their solid shot, lying stacked up, looked quite tempting, but we apprehend none of them were iecreu-d In the pockets of the company, and thus filched from Uncle Sam. They weigh about 600 pounds each. After seeing the guard inspected, reviewed and mounted, the party again embarked, and sailed back to the city, arriving about six o'clock, all apparently well pleased with the excursion, and delighted with the splendid panorama afforded by our harbor and islands in their August attire. The party was under no small obligations to Col. L. B. Smith for his uureiniltiug efforts to contribute to their en joyment and to make everything pass off suc cessfully. To-day, at eleven o’clock precisely, the party will embark at Custom House Wharf for the Islands aud the Clam Bskc. Delay will be dangerous. LEVEE. The Levee given by the Merchants and others of the city, at the new City Hall last eveulng, was, in many particulars, one of the most brilliant affairs of the season. The at tendance of naval aud military officers in uni form was much larger than usual, which, with the array of grace and beauty, gave an ap pearance of splendor aud brilliancy of the most pleasing character. The distinguished visitors from other Stales, as well as those of our own State, entered into the spirit ol the occasion,and either kept time to the music of Poppeuburg's Hand or looked on with evident satisfaction. Refreshments were provided on the most liberal scale, all having an opportu nity to partake as Ireely as their capacity would admit of. The Editorial fraternity were In clover; with lemonade, Ice cream, cake, et cetera* for the stomach, with eyes feasting on the beauty and fashion of Portland, they were tempted to indulge more freely and to a later hour than such staid, prudent men are expect ed to do. Nothing was wanting on the part of the committee who had the matter in charge to render the occasion one that will l>e re mem lie red with pleasure by visitors of our own and from other States. S. or T. Excursion.— Portland Division No. 05 S. of T., will make an excursion to Sa co River on Tuesday, over the York and Cumberland Railroad. Chandler’s Quadrille band, wiih Chandler himself to lead otf, will furnish the music for the occasion. No effbi t will be spared to make this one of the most entertaining excursions of the season. See advertisement. Excursion to the Islands.—The annual excursion of the Spiritual Association and frieuds, to the islands, takes place to-day.— Ttie programme is an attractive one, and we have no doubt it will be carried out to the letter. They leave Galt’s wharf at 8 I t o'clock, returuing at 5 1-2 o'clock. The Fountain ok Mineral Waters - This is found pure and full atCrosman & Co.'s Middle street. Their Vichy and Kissenger waters are excellent and health giviug, iu this warm weather, and their soda lonntain is al ways sparkling. Sale ok a Vessel.—The hark Minnesota, launched a short time since at Cape Elizabeth about 430 tons burthen—built by Mr. Picket! for Capt. Fitts and others—was sold on Tuet day, to parties in Boston, for $43,000, cash. For the Front.—About one hundred vet erans from Camp Berry left In the steamel for Boston, last evening. The Portlaud Markets, which were omit lev yesterday, will be found on the fourth pagi (his morning. Publishers’ and Editor*' Convention, ' The Convention of Publishers ami Editors j of the State was held yesterday, in the Sen ate Chamber, and was called to order by Jo | seph B. Hall, Esq., of the Courier, who after I welcoming the Fraternity to the city, noun ' uated Hon. Nelson Dingley, Jr., of the Lew iston Journal, for temporary Chairman. Mr. Dingley, on assuming the chair, made a , lew remarks in relation to matters of interest j to all publishers and editors. ; Mr. G. O. Gosse of the Argus, was appoint ! ed temporary Secretary. The press of the Slate, outside of Portland, was represented as follows: Saco Democrat—Wm. Noyes, J. B. Noyes. Gardiner Home Journal—H. K. Morrill. ^Iroostook Times, Iloultou—Theodore Ca ry Oxford Democrat, Paris—W. A. Pidgin. Lewiston Journal—Nelson Dingley, Jr. Franklin Patriot, Farmington — L. B. ! Brown. i llallowell Gazette—E. Kowell. EUsworlh American—N. K. Sawyer. Farmer, Augusta—Joseph A. Holman. Clarion. Skow began—Moses Littlefield. Fanner. Skowhegau—J. L. Patten. Pioneer, Presque Isle—W. S. Gilman. Fnion, Biddeford—J. E. Butler. Times, Bath—J. M. Lincoln. I Progressive Aye, Belfast—Wm. M. Bust. ' The Portland papers and publishers were represented by Mr. Adams of the Argus; Messrs. El well and Pickard of the Transcript; McGregor of the Advertiser; Hall and Feleh of the Courier; Foster of the Press; Kich and While of the Temperance Journal; M.N. I Kich of the Price Current, aud Weston of the Northern Monthly. The following publishers and printers were also preseul from this city; Messrs. Brown Thurston, David Tucker, James S. Staples, | Cyrus S. King, Ira Berry, Stephen Berry. From abroad we noticed Mr. S. M. I’etten gill or New York, Mr. Waters of tlie Boston Advertiser, Mr. Miller of the Portsmouth j Chronicle, and Messrs. Breckenridge and Hol I Us of Boston. Letters were read from tbe publishers of the Waterville Mail, Machias Uuiou aud Belfast Journal, regretting their inability to attend. Messrs. Ellwell of the Transctipt; Pidgin, of the Oxfoid Democrat; Sawyer of the Ells worth American; Morrill of the Gardiner Home Journal, and Tucker of this city, were appointed a committee to consider and report a plan for a Stale Association of Editors and Publishers. Subsequently the committee reported a con stitution aud by-laws for the government of such an Association. Their report was ac cept jd, the constitution and by-laws adopted, aud the signatures of the editors aud publish ers present, were placed thereto. A committee consisting of Messrs. M. N. Itich, Howell, Cary, Foster and Brown, was appointed to nominate a Board of Officers for tlie Association lor the ensuing year. They subsequently reported the following; Nelson Diugley, Jr., President. K. H. Elwell, 1st Vice President. Theodore Cary, 2d “ “ H. K. Morrill, Recording Secretary. Joseph 15 Hail, Correspoudiug Secretary. W. A. Pidgin, Treasurer. Brown Tnurston, 1st Executive Committee. The report was accepted and the list of of ficers was elected unanimously. Mr. E. H. Elwell of the Trauscript, was ap; pointed Essayist, and E. P. Weston of the Jiortheru Monthly. Poet for the next meeting. ; Ou motion of Mr. Adams of Portland, list - gor, and the third Wednesday and Thursday of September, 1805, were selected as the time aud place of the next meeting. On motion of Mr. Morrill of the Gardiner Journal, it was uuauimously R> solved, That it is desirable for the press of Maine to adopt aud adhere slricliy to the sysiem of advance paymeuts. The following resolutions, introduced by Mr. Elwell of the Transcript, were unanimously accepted: Resolved, That the members of this Asso ciation agree to advauce the rate of subscrip tion to our respective journals Iroin twenty to fifty p»r cent, over rales of one year ago, by Sept. 1st, 1804. Resolved, That the members ol this Asso ciation will advance their rales of advertising from twenty to fifty per cent, over rates one year ago, by Sept. 1st, 1804. Mr. Brown Thurston oll'ered the following, which were adopted: Resolved, That the members of the Associ ation agree to fix the price of composition ou bo .k-work at not less than sixty ceuis per 1000 eats, aud all job-work reckmed by the 1000 eins; aud all pamphlet work shall hereafter be seventy five cents per 1000 eim. Resolved, That all transient job-work from strangers shall be paid for in advance. Ou motiou of Mr. Morrell, of the Gardiner Home Journal: Resolved, That the Corresponding Secret, ry be requested to correspond wiih thepropii etnrs of the Weekly newspapers in tbe State, w ith reference to a general increase of the terms of the same to at least $2,50 a year in advance. Oa moiion of Mr. Morrell, Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the members of the Association to notify the Cor responding Secretary of defaulting travelling companies or unworthy advertising agents, and other matters of general interest to the craft; and if the Secretary deems the matter of sufficient iulerest, he shall uotil'y the mem liers generally, or such as may he immediately interested. At 3 o’clock the Association was addressed in an able and eloquent manner by Honorable Charles Holden. Ou motion of Mr. M. N. Kicb, it was Resolved. That the thanks of the Associa tion 1m* pros on ted to Hon. Holden, for ids able, eloquent and timely address. The Association then adjourned to 7 1-2 o’clock P. M. The memiiers, with some invited guests, then proceeded to the Preble House, where , they partook of a sumptuous dinner prepared by Mr. Adams. Speeches were made at the table by Judge Kingsbury, John Neal, Nelson Dingley, Jr., and others. EVENING. A committee consisting of Messrs. Holman, Littlefield and Rich was appointed to prepare some manner of raising the necessary funds for the Association. The thanks of the Convention was teuder : ed to Messrs. Ross <t Sturdivant for the gen erous offer of the use of their steamer to take the members of the Aasocia’ion to Saco Pool. A scale of standard prices for job-work, in troduced in the afternoon, was passed upon item by Item, and adopted, and it was voted that it be printed ami furnished for the use of the members. A motion of Mr. Thurston, that the min utes of this Convention, together with the ad dress of Mi. Holden, lie printed in pamphlet form and circulated ainoug the members, was laid upon the table. The committee appointed to provide for the raising of funds, reported au amendment to the constitution, tlxiug the payment of three dollars, as one of the conditions of member ship. Laid ou the table. Adjourned to Thursday morning at eight o’clock. Supreme Judicial Court. CRIMINAL TERM.—DAVI8, J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—John Wall, who pleaded guilty to larceny of a carpet bag containing 12,000 artificial teelb, the property of Dr. Burr Turney, was sentenced to imprisonment lor one year in tbe State prison. Court then adjournee nine die. Municipal Court—Aug. 10. Wm. H. Harrington and Win. Hays, lads of 12 or II years, for larceny of a piece of lead pipe, were fined three dollars each and costs. Hays paid and Harrington was committed. Aun Courlland, lor assault and battery on Caroline Sullivan, was lined one cent aud costs. From the evidence before court tfca ( case did not amount to much, aud therefore a nominal fine was Imposed. BV TELBSRAPB TOTH* Portland Daily Press. ---- OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS PROM MOBILE. Ft. Powell Blown up by the Enemy. Surrender of Fort Gaines with its Entire Garrisou. Escape of the Rebel Iron-Clad Morgan to the City. Gen. Sheridan Moving Up the Shenan doah Valley. Explosion of an Ammunition Tender. PROM GEN. SHERMAN’S ARMY. Washington, Aug. 10. The N'avv Department to-uight received a dispatch containing the loliowiug Jrom the Richmond Inquirer of the 0 h: A dispatch from Mubile, dated Aug. 7th, two days later than our previous advices, state that the situation had not mateiially changed, and gives the enemy a victory over our iron clads on last Friday. 1 lie Navy Department received a telegram yesterday morning, announcing that the Mor gan, the only gunboat of our tieet which was not either beached or captured, has succeeded iu getting over the liar and reaching Mobile. War Department, I Washington. Aug. 10—10.30 P. M. t 'lo Major Ocn. I)tx .'—The loliowiug re port ol the success ol our operations against Mobile, extracted from the Richmond Euquir er of this morning, has just been received Horn Mninr Hon Mobile, Aug. 8th.—Friday night Lieut. Col. Williams, commanding Fort l’owell, evacuat ed ami blew up the fort. 1 esterday and to-day the enemy are shell ing Fort Gauoes. The people of Mobile are all ready for the fray. Great confidence pre vail^ and the people are satisfied with the conduct of Lieuts. Buchanan, Maury aud Bur nett of the navy. SECOND DISPATCH. Mobile, Aug. 8th.—It is painfully humiliat ing to auuouuce the surrender of Fort Gaines at half-pasti) o’clock this morning by Col. Charles Anderson, of the 21st Alabama regi ment. This powerful woik was provisoned for six months, and with a garrison of 600 men. He communicated with the enemy’s fleet by flag of truce with the sanction ol Gen. Page. Gen. Page inquired by signal what his purpose was, hut received no answer. His attention was attracted by signal guns. Gen. Page repeatedly telegraphed, “Hold on to your fort.” The same night lie visited Fort Gaines and found Anderson on board the Yankee fleet, arranging terms of recapitula tion. lie left peremptory orders for Ander son, on his return, not to surrender the fort, and relieved him of his command. Fort Mor gan signalled this morning, but no answer was received, except the hoisting of the Yan kee flag over the ramparts of Fort Galues. Audersou’s conduct is officially prououuced inexplicable and shameful. Dispatches just received irom Gen. Sheri dan report his forces moving against the ene my up the Shenandoah. At 4 P. M. they were skirmishing about ten miles from Winchester. This morning Gen. Graut reported the ex plosion of an ordmnee boat yesterday, loaded with ammunition, at City Point wharf. No details have been received. Gen. Babcock, of Gen. Grant's staff was slightly injured. No operations before Atlanta of conse quence are reported to-day. Portions of Stooeman's command are continuing to ar rive, and the total loss will not exceed 1000. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Seeret try of War. Ft#IH Washington. Washington-, Aug. 10. ) There is authority lor stating that the re port that the Sec’y of the Treasury content- , plates puttiug upon the market, at an early day, a 6-20 ioau, the interest to bo paid iu gold, is without foundation. Tue lorn authorized by the various acts of Cougrees, and yet available, are under the act ol March 3,1863, b >nds 6 per cent. $33,245,800: under tile act ot March 3, 1864, bonds lu 41 Is 5 per cent. 125, 471,550; under the act of June 30, 1864, bonds redeemable in not less than 5 nor more than 30 years, or if expedient made payable at not more than 40 years Irom date, bes'iig interest not exceeding 6 per cent, pay aide in coin, 400,000,000, or in lieu of an equ 1 amount of un- bonds last named, not exceed mg 200,000,000 iu treasury uotea, payable not exceeding three years from date, bearing in terest not exceeding 7 3 10 per cent, payable in lawful money, at maturity or semi aunual ly, under act of Feb. 25, 1862. Bonds 5 20s iu Europe 40 000,000, total 562, 717/150. Uuder the act of June 30, 1861. iu substitution of 5 per cent, legal tender notes hereuilore issued, now withdrawn to be de stroyed, there may be Issued notes as above derived 67,039,897, making a total of 630,357, 247. The 5 per cent, interest bearing notes were issued under the acts of March 3. 1863, as fol lows: year interest payable at maturity at 6 per cent 46,040,000; two years interest pay able at maturity, at 5 per cent. 17,960,000; two years cupous, interest payable aerni an nually at 5 p-r ceut. 150,000.000, total 2 140, 000,000 of the latter, 67,639,897 have been withdrawn as above stated. Under the act of March 3, 1863, there have lieen delivered to the Treasurer, compound interest 6 |>er cent, notes amounting to 30, 140.000. The ioau uot closed and ottered at the treas ury and agencies, are the 5 per cent, hoods, redeemable at the pleasure of the govern ment alter ten. aud payable after forty years, and hence called 10--PK Certifleates of in debt-dness which are issuable in discharge of curreut claims upon tue government, and 3 year- 0 per cent compound interest notes. The six per cent, loan provides for the ex change of the 7 30 three years notes matur ing on the lS>lh of August and 1st of October, 1304, ami a new loau of three years notes un dir the act of Congress of JuBe 30th, 1304. bearing interest at the rate of seven-thirty pet cent. |>er annum, or one cent per diem upon every 50 semi-annually in lawful money, con vertible at maturity into 5-30 six per cent, bonds, interest in coin. Tlie official statement of the public debt up to yesterday shows the amount outstanding to he $1,832,650,000, and the interest $75,872. 000. Over $53,000,000 >s payable in coin. The unpaid requisitions are $79,723,000, and the amount in the Treasury is $13,623,000. Ths statement is signed by Acting Secretary the Treasury Harrington. from the faci/ie Const, Sax Francisco. Aug. 8. The steamship Golden City, from Panama, arrived to-dsy, with passengers that leit New York Ju y 13ih. Acupulco lias been surrounded by the forces o" Alv* y. Gen. Lraga has declared for the Empire, but only a tew bundled of his men followed him. A large liberal force holds Colima. Tiie blockade of Manzanillo is not euforced. The ludian troubles in Utah are supposed to be at an end, Gen. Conant having sent out troops. Ail emigrant reports the murder of several hundred emigrants by the Snake Indians, in Idaho. ’1 he .-lory lacks confirmation. Tne mining shares market is dull, and trans actions are unimportant. Australian dates of June 1st, show a tailing oil' in gold receipts. , Sax Fkanoisco. Aug. 9. I he steamer Oregon, from British Colum bia and Oregon, brings nearly $500,000 in gold dust, mostly from the Oregon and Idaho mines. Victoria papers record the finding of rich mines in Snake arid Leach Livers, twenty two miles from V ictoria. There is a great rush iu that direction. Idaho is increasing in popula tion. Miuiug reports are contradictory. MrCIrllnn Mooting in \oio York, New \'o$k, Aug. 10. The McClellan meetiug to-night was the largest ever held iu this city. Fourteenth street from .Sixth Avenue to the east of Un iou Square, was one dense mass of people.— R- ad way was crowded from Eighteenth to Nin h Street. T he llowery and Fourth Ave nue were filled for blocks, arid Union Square Itself was jammed. A large nnmber of build ings in the vicinity were filled by McClellan i es The uumtier present Is roughly estimat ed at from 60,000 to 100000. Great enthusi asm was manifested. From the Army before Richmond. Washington, Aug. 10. A letter from the Army of the Potomac, dated yesterday evening, reports that every thing remains quiet there with the exception of picket tiring, which is still kept up, hut not so continuously as formerly. Upon the recommendttion of the Medical Director the disinterment ol bodies is prohib ited within the limits of the Artny ol the Po ! tomac until further orders. f urious Items. New York, Aug. 10. The blockade runner Lynx, from Wilming ton, ariived at Bermuda on the 2d inst. The steamboat Vanderbilt, which was dam aged by collision on Monday morning, has reached this city for repairs. Her damages were slight, aud site will resume her p ace in a few days. I (ien. It. o'ter hasiel'l this city to visit his re i lations iu the interior of the State. Secretary Stanton not Hrutyned. Washington, Aug. 10. j There are in this city no rumors, or else i wheie, of Cabinet changes. As to the report ed resignation of the Secretary of War the National Kepublicau says Mr. Stanton denies I this, and so dyes the President. _ t.oss of the Propeller Rartne. Chatham, C. W., Aug. 10. The propeller Haciue, from Chicago for I Buffalo, burst her boiler last night, off It ted-au Point, Lake Erie, killing twelve of the crew. The cabin aud upper works were burned. Vote on the Pfnnsptrania Constitutional Amendment. New York, Aug. 10. Keturns from all but five counties in Penn sylvania, on the Constitutional amendment to allow soldiers to vole, show lor the amend ment 104,306 votes against 103,665. Steamship Furopa ojf Cape Race. St. Johns, N. F., Aug. S. ! The steamship Furopa, from Boston via Halifax, lor Liverpool, passed Cape ltace at 6 o’clock P. M. Saturday. , Financial. Washington, Aug. 10. The subscriptions to the 7-30 loan, repoited at the Treasury Department to day, amount ed to *650,750. .Vara/. New York, Aug. 10. The U. S. steamer 1'owlmitau was at St. Thomas ou the 27th ult. New York Market, Niw York. Aug 10 Cotloa—irregular; sale# 660 bale# at 1 74%1 76 lor middling upland*. F lour—sale* '6 000 bbls; State and Western droop ing; State 9 OOftlO 00; Round Hoop Ohio l<»80ftl*<0 Western 9 OOftlo 16; oouth.-m—.>ull; a; 1 ■# 13io bble; Extra do 10 66% 14 00; Canada dull and heavy; sale# 430 bbls; Extra J070ftll9). Wheat—heavy ; sale# 79 .<00 bush ; Chicago Spring 216ft 36; * i wauaee club 2 2U&2 86; Red Winter Western 2 46%2 4*; unsound do 2 35%2 40: Am er Michigan 24ft%2 63; While Western 2 „6ft2 68; Red Western State 2 32ja286 Corn—heavy au • droopirg; sale# 133 000bushels; mixed Western 1 62ft 163; White l 08; Yellow 16*4 ftl /5. Oats—quiet. Beef—cull; -ale# 300 bbls. Pork—without material change; sales 3026 bbls; mess 35 0o%3t> 00; new mess 87 00. Lard—without ebauge; *ales 626 bbls at 21ift22]c. Butter—quiet aud unchanged. Whiskey—firm; sa-e#fc00 bbl# at 1 73ft1 76. Rice—quiet; sales 200 bag? Rangoon in lota at 14j ft 6c. tfugar—dull; sale# 200 hhds Brazil at 20e; Musco vado at 2i'3 u'lUc; 200 boxes Havana at 19*c Cofw fcrm. Mo;a«es—dull; sale#60 bbls Muscovado 86c. Naval otores—<{Ui*t Petroleum—sal. *6000 bbls crude 63c; refined in bond 84%87o: refined iree 85ft99c. Hides—quiet. Freight-to Liverpool—dull,* flour ls6d; grain 7d for wheat in bulk. Wool—quiet and fira. Block Market, N*w Tore. Aug. 10. Second B<*»rd.—Stock# dull and irregular. Chicago A North Western... 571 Chicago, Burlington ft (Quincy.1291 Pittsburg. Fort Wayne ft Chicago.1164 Michigan Central.1331 Illinois Central scrip. 129* Michigan Southern guaranteed. . !l42* Cleveland ft Pittsburg.|‘3j Cumberland Coal Company preferred.*.!. 6*1 E *e. .. New York Central,... Hudson.,. Reading.13*1 Chicago ft North Western preferred. 912 American Gold. ..266 Milwaukieft Prairie DnChkn.*8 (Quicksilver Mining Co. .”*791 Ohio ft Mississippi Certificates. ’ 624 l>i)uc«#ee 6's. 55 Missouri *’s.*,* , United State# one year certificate# new. 94J United State# 6-30 coupons.I119; United States 6-20 registered. *107] United States 6’s 1881 coupon#.! .10cQ J. E. FERNALD A SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealers in Gent's Furnishing Goods, Xo. ©7 Middle Street. Our facilities for supphing our customers with promptness fidelity aud de#pi ch are unexcelled. Our Stock is large aud desirable, presenting all the Novelties of the season. TERMS "NET CASH." Portland. Aug 10,19*4 —dtf Sewing Machine Improvements. VLL owners of approved Sewing Machines are iut Led to call ai NO. 11 C LAPP’S BLOCK, aud see the opermti .n of two of the moot important Improvement* of the day— Williim’i tacit (rank lot:on, aid Hydra Attarhatnt. The former place# th* control ot the machine «n lirely under t 000 itrol 01 thi feet ot th*» operator, prveentiug all nackward motion of the wh el.a - lowing the freedom of both hands to handle the wo k, ai d "tving the breaking of needles and the entsuglirg of 'he thread The latter wil.allow the free u*e of linen threed or of hit nor c >tton and outireiy does away with the soaping of the cloth < at) and #ee and you will rot tail to havo them ap plied to your mvchiue#. -lOIIN PoRlEK. Agent. Portland. Aug 10 J8S4. dtt For Sale. i LOT of land in the town of Westbrook, one 2m. and a half miles from Stroudwater village, kuown as the *• Slide Lot," contain!* g eighteen or twenty acres, on which is some va uable Line Tim ber. tor farther inlormation visit the lot, or app y to N A11' II KICK ETT, At Stroudwater Village. Aug. 10. 1864. dif Canal Sauls.. Government 7 3*10 Io&n. This Bauk it prepared to receive subscriptions to the new 7 3 10 loan in sums of $60 and upwards, paying interest from date of subscription to August 15*fc, the date of the new loan. TUo notes are convertable at the end of three years into specie paying 6 per cent 6-20 bonds. One eighth per ceut will heal owed on all amounts of flUUO and over. B.C.SOMERBY, Cashier. Portland, Aug. 1,1864.—dtf First National Bank. Thii» Bunk wi'l convert the seven-thirty not*a ma tuiing Aug. 11*. and Oct. 1, into six per cent, bonds of 1881, in all the denominations in which the note wtre issued, via:—$6U, #100, #£00. and $1,000. W. E GOULD, Cashier, i I’ortlatd, July 30,18*4—eodtr PORTLAND COMPANY. BTOCKHOLDER8’ MEETING. A SPECIAL meeting of the stockholder* ot the 1m. Portland Comi auy will be held it the rooms of the Board of Trade, Exchange Street, in Port land, on Thursday, the eleventh day oi August next, at 3 o'clock L. M . to see 1st—At wbi* rate the *’ocktoldens will take up the additional st« ck autho i/ed tobelseued by the act ot the Logii*!ature of February 30th, 1«64. 2d—\\ hether they will sell and convey the proper ty and assets cf the Company to parti* * who will furnish the additional caj it* 1 needtd to carry on the increased busiuess of tie Works. , „ , Jo KPU C. NOYES, Clerk. Portland. Jnly 28th. 1864. N. B —The auuual meeting for the choree of Direc tor* a d other matters w as adjourned to same »iine and place. jv29dtd Gould’s Academy. TIIB Kail Term of eleven weeks begins Tuesday, Aug. 1861 B. F. Snow. M. A. P incipal, aided by a full corps of tin*t Has* Instructors. For paiticulars. audro*.* the principal or R. A FRYE. Sec’y. Bethel Ang. 9, 1864. eod8w Ilomcropathic Medicine*, IN all forms, may be obtained at the store of 8. II. < olesworthy. 92 e xchange St., where the sub , scrib"*- will h*- from 9o'cb ck a m until 4 o'clock r. w. Old Cases re owed anil bot'l** tilled Refers to t/ts. B Clark. M Dodge ai d C. II. Furr. Jt 22*12 w M. SEAVkY. Hoard. A TEW more Boarders can be accommodated at 72 Danforth street, two doors above Brackett. ' Apply soon. julyti : MISCELLANEOUS. j Proposals for Loan. T&kibuby DtmTiiiiT, July 23,18$ft. | Notice Is hereby given that subscripts na will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and designated Deposi taries, and by the National Uauka designated and i qualified an Depositaries and Financial Agents, for ■ I reasury Notes payable throe years from August 16. ' 1801. bearing intercut at the rate ol seven and three j tenth** percent per annum, with semiannual cou pons attached, payable in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after live and payablo twenty years from August 16,1867. 1 he notes will be Issued in denominations ot fifty, ! one hundred, five hundrtd, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all deposits. The party depositing most endorse upon theorspi/iaf certificate the denomination of cotes required, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to jrd* r. W heo so endo'sed it must be left with tht officer receiving the deposit, to be forwarded to thi; Department. | The notes will be transmitted to ths owners free ol transportation charges as soon after the receipt oj the original Certiflcites of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 16 on all de imaits made prior to that date, aud will be paid bj i the D partment upon receipts of the original certifi cates. As the notes draw interest from August 16, persons making deposits subsequeat to that date must pa> the interest accrued from date of note to date of de : pOeit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be . I allowed a commission ot one-quarter of one per j cent., which will ba paid by this Department upon j the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by j the officer with whom the deposit *a*made. Node- i ductions for commi>-*ioi45 must be made from thedv- j posits. 1 Iffi *..ra rn*/.! . i .. a . r< l . . ... " *-**v »•»«»» hjv jubju-r endorsements nre made upon Hie original certili cntea. All officers authorized to receive deposits nre re quest, d to giro to applicants all drs:red inhumation and stTord every facility lor making subscription. w. P. FESSENDEN, ■Secretary c/ the TVrnjery. SnbsrriiMtons will be received BY TUB Kind National Bank, Portland, Maine, And sll respectable Hanks and Banker* throughout the country will doubtless afford facJitiet to sab 'll!!!!!^, J)30dfcw2w USE THE BROCRSIRPER OAS REGULATOR, AND 8 A l R TOC A <;A3. Aur 8-dim C ABC 6 U A H K. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. f|SHE Cusco Cauk is prepared to rrcelved suhscrip -M. tioiis to the new 7 3-«o loan in ium!i of 950 aud iu,‘ r<'",0“ anme fr'm dale 01 sub «nptlou to August 15th. the dMeof theUorcrnment All persons having *5^ «r.d opwar.l* now hare a good oppor,unity of lending a helping n.nd to their Government by subscribing liberally to 1 he notes are convertible at the end of three y-ars into ape ie. paying 6per cent 5-an bonds. 7 gjJ^n* taken on as fax orab e terms as at any other „ * F. I*, (.i EKRI> n. Cashier Portland, Jq'y 18,1864._jy 29 distf USE THE BROCKSIPPER GAS REGULATOR, 'AND 8A VB YOCR OAS. Aug 3—dim reopened. The subscriber, would respoctfhllv announce to their numerous iri^r»d- and the public that tbev have thoroughly Repaired- Refitted and Refumi hed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX It LOCK.) Which will beepen on and after Monday. July hui, lult nd Linrhrs it all houn of Ilia lay and Itcaia;. ICE OKEAM8. PLAI.\ A\l> FAAC1 CAKE, FRUIT, CONFECTIONARY, Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow's Pa'cntlce Cream (Soda) Koun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PASTIES SUPBIED AT 8HOBT NOTICE. XVe shall be harpy to see all our oM friends and make a boat of new one*, and trust that noue will have cau-e for complaint. CALL AND SEE US l ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. ■|<K___ tf USE THE B&0CK8IEPER GA8 REGULATOR, A K D S A I E YOUR HAS. Aug 6—dim NOW IS THE TIME TO C«U TDU BR0CK8IEPER 8 GAS REGUIATOR. EDWARD SHAW, Agent. Aug G—dim HUM WimVAL BARS. Seven-Thirty Notes foi Sale. Interest semi-annually, payable in paper at the rate of seveu anti three ten'hs per cent, per annum. Bonds convertable in three years into six percent tire-twenty bonds, upon which the interest is paya , ble in coin. The notes will \ e delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 if subscriptions are made before that time. On*-eighth per cent, commission trill be allowed subscribers at this Bank upon all amounts of *1,000 and over. W. fc. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30th. 18f4 —dAwrtf B ridgton Academy, Al North lliidgtott, Msioe. I^ilB F all Term of this institution will commence on Tuesday, gei t (J 1 8G4. TliO*. U MKAD, Sec y Aug 9—eodftwtd NOW IS THE Till to ran Tax BS OCKSIEPER SGAS REGULATOR. EDWARD SHAW, Agent. Aug dim Gorham Seminary. FT111K F uli Term of this Institution will commence X on luesdav ttie 3»ih of August, and contiuue eleven weeks, under the charge of W G. I.OHD, A M. Inquiries re’ative to the school should be address ed to the Principal or to J WATERMAN, Sec y. Gorham, Aug. 2,18*4 — c2w* NOB 18 THE TIME TO UHE THE BROCKSIEPER’S GAs REGULATOR. * RDW \Rl> SHAW, Agent. Augtdlm Bowdoftn C'ollrgt*. FI1HL Annual Flxaminaticu of candidates for ad X mission to Bowdoiu < ollege will takeplaceon Fiiday the fif'h day of August uex*, at 8 o'clock in ♦he forenoo in the new Medical flail; and also on Thursday, the twenty flitr. day of August next, in the same place, and at the same hour. lf:onakd woods. Brunswick. July 6, 1864. julyTdtd Board. ROOMS furnished or unfurnished to be let with board at 77 Free 8t. Aug 9—dlw* — I - ■ WANTS, LOST,FOUND Wanted to Kent. ROOM9,or’p»rt of a House, who'ly or partly furn htied, for H >u<okeepl<«g, by a vcung couple i without family. ttigiiest refercuc?* given. A' dr*-** I “George/’at this office. dlw* Wauled. A GOOD Tenement of six room#, for a tmall family wit no children. Address Box *500 Port.and, I*. O Aug. 4.—d ! Wanted. •-Ifb UC8TOM Coat an4 2d custom Pant makers. f-*v/ Apply at nothing K»om*of woodman, iklk a co.. 64 and 53 Middle street. AttgO— d k wi*6w mid Lot Wit III I«|. m- Vi InitTof. or above High 8t. preferred. \uy ore hiving a d -irabieertatelo at ll.aortl rom #4.0' O 10 311 0 0, please addrers. ntntiny I lova tort. Box 1941, r. O. augtidti | Wanted. A “£W« 'll “PPer part of tba city, j IX would lie to msaean arm goni. i t wi h a .mi I f»raily to occupy her Luuve,worth a root ' ot £22) and tiic her t ■ hom'd Address, giving refcrei.ces, Boa 9j, Portland P O 1 Aug. C—dlw* Lost. lu this city, or on the road to the Oceau House, a 'eat j«r colored Account Book. It wou dhenf q, value to ao> body but the own* r The find’r u i 1 fa -uifably rewarded by leaving it at tLis cfl.ce, or win, the eufamiiber, H. M. MD8K8, m-JgHdlw* Scarborough. House Wanted. 4*^3 Wanted by the adverr|.«r, a convenient, jj'i cent aliy located, acd pleasant hou-o lor a I Ji^k-nisli fain ly, without culdieu—\os ess«ou tc tjfu.uas early a.- thu middle ot October, sooutr u possi le. It must have good water couvcuunce*. • and be well flu failed. Tbo advertiser would lease such a hou*o for a term of years, or purchase if term. fcuiied. A iwo-ston cottage, smail lo», preferred. Address ••. I*, y., at the l*rc»a Office, stating loca tion. geue al tern *, Ac confixentuiUu. Pori laud, Aug 1,1864 —dit Wanted. AllOV, not less thin sixteen years of age. to act a* Carrier. Must couae w»ll reconimeuded.— A* ply at the Counting Hoorn of the I'm*. j> 1-dtf Lost. ^IHAYKLI from the pasture of Mr. Kranci, Itob kj crt>. Westbrook, la.i rnoutii. a three year oiu gray Cult, amall vile; whoever wil return him or inlurination w here he may be found will be vuitahlj rewarded, by calling >t No ;» spring 8t FRANCIS E. EMERY. Poriland, July 13,1804.—off £4,7 Upward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even- j mg, while in Pierce's auction room, a Call Skin Peek* t Book containg 8i4 in money, a note against Charles iioegdou. Gorham, lor 860,and one against Charles Hooper for 813. The above reward will he paid lor the recovery of the property aud the detec tion ot the thief. Tune 8 —tf GEORGE BECK. Board. SPITS of Rooms, will, Board, can he obtained by applying immediately at 39 liauforth stieet. May 11th. maypidtf MERCHANDISE. IInckmet:i«k Ship Timber. OAIi. llmckmetlck. mnd Umrd Wood Plank, Tree uiiil. trom 12 to 28 iucbeo, Trceumi! Wedgce, Ac. Ac, by L. UtUUt. jtt0t‘28d3m Gmlt’o VVhart, fort and. Treenail*. loo ooo.n‘v,TEoAK rBKtxA,Ls’r°r ’ 8IMUNTON k KNIGHT. 18 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13,1*64. iunel5dtf Sugar aud MulaxNes. 300 IIHD8. j CHOICE MUSCOVADO 817 10 TC8. } (JAR. 371 Hill>8 Bopsriur Mu«covido, and 3. TCS Clayed Molasses, il KB 1.8 from eie-ra Morena. Now lauding aud tor sale by lilOM A8 A8ENCIO A CO., inay9tf Custom House Wharf. Sierra iUorena ,llulas»e«. Q‘l - UII1I8 . Ot)') CHOICirsiEHllA MOKENA SOTIKKCESl MOL488E8, IU BUGS > Now landing from Brig "C. H. Kennedy" THUS. ASKXLlo k I u , May 3.—tr f. U Wharf. Seou li CttnvaM. 1t)i 1 BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor tar k Sons. Leith—a aail cloth of auperior inality—Ju«, received por "Jura", and for aale br MoUlLVKUY, BY AN k DAVJ8, mch26 dtf 181 Commercial Street. ~ ^ j (Qi/nrrf//r/r SEW HA.UPSHIKE Commercial College, Central Hall, - - - - Concord, N- H. rilUll mo«t thorough and extorsive Commercial X College in Nev, f.ugiaud, presents u t.,ua!.eo i cilit** tor imparting to young mtu and ladies a complete bu-iue * education. .Send for a circular containing fu I informal ion add re-* \Vu*TUlNOTON A WARN Kit, Principal*. Aug 9—dAw6m The Cabinet Organs made exclusively by MASON & HAMLIN Arc the best instrument* of their class in the world. Nearly all the most pronnuen artiM* iu tht country have given written n-stimouy to this effect, and these instrument* are iu coustaut usr iu the concerts oi the most distinguished artists—as (lottschaik and others—a* well a* in the ran in the priuc pal cit ies whenever such ins'rumen's are reou red. Price #J5 to I'OO each. These iustruin* nt* may be fou'd at the Mus»c Hooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the tnauafacturer*' prices. II. 8. EDW ARDS, No.849* Stewart's Block, Congress 8t. _apr!3dtl Carriages, C« arriages! Firmly limit and Neatly Flashed. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS for sale, at his establishment, a variety of Carriages made iu the neatest and most sub stantial mam er. The a*s< itmtLt ettnpri*** all the different sty les of Light Carriage*, aud they will be sold ou the most favorable terms. Person* intend ing to purchase Carriages will find it for their inter esi to call aud examine before buying e'sewherc. juue28dtf suit I'liLLtlit Agriculture anu Mechanic Arts ! rPHK uinlsriiuDHl, (’om nieionew, ippolated an X der a resolve of the last Legis.ature, an • author ized and directed bv said resolve to invite and re ceive donation* and benefaction* in aid of the pro pose*! "Callege for the benetil of Agriculture and the Mechanic Artm." and to receive proposal* for the location thereof, hereby give notice that tt*ey are i prepared to receive each donations, benefaction* and proposal . and request that all communication* touching the same may be made before the first day of September next, addressed to the undersigned. WM G. CROSBY. Belfast. CKOS BY, JOS Ft'II EATON, SaMIEL F. FIRLEY. julyftrifcwto septl BRADFORD A HARMON. Pension and Claim Agents, (Established in 1851.) STILL continue to devote their special and exclu sive attention to the prosecution of Claims for Penaious bounties Arrears of Pay and Prize Money, And all other claim* against the Government, hav iugbceu duly licensed therefor. S/ir* All aJvice free. Term* a* low as at any oth er Acency, and no pay tequireu until the claim*are obtained. Office 88 Exchange street, Jose Block. F BRADFORD, l. K. 11A K MON June 21—dtf LEWIS-A SltllTH, Manufacturers and Dealers in C Tu O THING, No. 171 Fore Slim. *.*.•£& roRTLAND. *,• Particular attention given to Custom Work. Aug 1-G4 —d;f M. PEARSON. » 11 v © x- Plater, AND MANl’PAl rritEK OK SILVER WARE, 23H Congress St., Off. Court House. Portland. Me. CJT“A1I kiud* of H'tire. such a* Knives. Fork*. Spoon*. Cake Baskets, Casters, Ac , p ated in the best manner. A so. Impairing and fit-finishing Old S leer M'ure. augfiddiu DwpllitiK Poiiko For Sale. A twostory Dve ling Houseou North street *§!!■ with a good s’able aud a g »od we 1 of water. Ifa-J*lt is a Ue-irable location, aud will t« »old cheap. I'art cf the purchase money can lay on mort gage If desired. GEO I FO TIB. jy27 dim No 2 Galt Block. * For Sale, ONE half tbo three story brick Blcck. situated on CougreM St . near th» hea l rf Bark St.. one of the most desirable 1 catio* s in thecitv. For par ticu'aisen ulreofMr. 8. C. Cha^eor C C. To)man at F A H »ward’s uuder Lancaeter Hull. Aug 8—-dim* 1 ENTERTAINMENTS THEATRE[ PEERING HALL. J. C. MYERS,.Leasee and Manager Second ni*ht of the Portland Favorite, MI8S lATi REIGHO LDS, Who will appear this * Evening, Augutt 11, *"«»» comedv o tb. DlaMoVu d “A“,,thV in the ItuColi P"cj-Paquette 60 c*s; B.icony 25cen «. i-F Matinee on 8a ur^av ait-imusn u-i_ Children 16 cents; «aults Atceut*. Price#— Annual Picnic Excursion AMD CL All BAKU -BY THB Portland Spiritual Association To the Is'aud* in the Bar** lomrrf. on TUCKS UAV.Au/ lltn, leaving t.alt'a Wharf at 84 o'clock A W .and returning at 6j P M Tickets. Adults 60 cents. Children 2G cents—to b* ' obtained at the *ookn*ores of II L I»a>is. W. D. Robinson and Hailey k Noyes’, K«efea*.pe .street, and of the Committee. Per order. jy 2* dtd Merehantw’ GRAND EXCURSION! -TO LITTLE CHEBEAGUE ISLAND AND BACK! FRIDAY, Ans lath, 1864. A Band w ill accompany ihc Book. ▲rrADgemectfhivc l*en made to accommodate 2000 PEOPLE! Thcic will be tlusic, Speeches, and a Good Dinner. A limited t umber of tick.- ts are lor rale at the dll lerent Apothecaries and Music ,teres and Hotels io i the city. Persons wishing tickets must apply soon. TICKETS, 91..IO EACH.| No Deduction lor Children. a^No tickets sold after Wednesday next. >J*I __ dtd Attention ! EXCURSION PARTIES ! TUB SIEAMEB Ivlarsena Johnson Haring been withdrawn from tbe route to Uarpg wrll, Is now offered for tbe accommodation ot'fcx urrinu parties, and will take them to «nv place in Ca<co Bay. Large par. is taken at low rater. The public ure irvitel to inspect t”ts boat. it being Atied up in a -upeii .r itvle. aud is by far the aa eat eacuition boat iu ibtse water,. For further nartie ular,enquire of UEOKQE WATERHOUSE, Ar.nt on board,or to * Aug 8—tf "* B' Proprietor. DIRIGO Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 2* EXCHANGE »T. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN *200,000. Invented a* follows:— I-oans on Nortrage* ot Real Kttafa at two third- i s value, gQ Loan, on pl.dgeof U nited State. Secnritlea, MHO i l-o.n. on pitdgr ot t uy scrip. S4 600 Loan, on pledge of Bank Sti ck«, 28 900 | *gj«n. on pledge ot Slate ot Main* Bonds, 2< 60 Lear , on pledge of Audroecoggla t ouaty I Bond.. 4.00(1 KlUO.lXO Thi, ( umpaoy is near prepared to ia.ue pol.cie, upon all kind, of property iu the city or country ! to lo a or dumage by die. at a- low rates a. la | taken byany uhrr.fflce lha pairuna.c ot tbe i ■nerchaut, and citizen, general y ol i urtiai.d and i viciuitr, I, moat reetectlull. ulicited A. K ntll Rl'LH.KP. Pretident. JEREMIAH DOW, Si cretary. UIBKCTOM J. B. Brown, 8. E. Spring. D W. Clark, J. B. Carroll. John Lynch. H. I. Hobimon ; TW7»TC>»: St John Smith, H J. Libby. H N J«#e. H M Pay.oo, J N. Wiuslogr, t» W. Woodman Andrew Spring, M.-ab runaut. II I. KoDiasou PhilipH. Brown, C. U. Haskell, 8. C. Chase Jeremiah Dow, N O Cram, Wm Mou.ton. Borland, Au.uat 1,1884. -isc.lm UROCKMEPKR'B PATENT Giti-4 Regulator! E^XCLUMVIC At ncjr for the sale of the R*g- i J ulator in Fortland Xo. IOC kindle street, ui i sihiih. Kdwar i8haw dole Agent Ihisn W articK tor public fsvor wi I ta e &U per cent, to the con-ua •ft o «r any gas bt rner new in use; 26.000 has e b* ei *old iu No * fcuitland »icce Jauuaiy ia* . Thi* U noi a regulator o f e afti ted to the meter, a-1 *nch have tiibd. but i- attache: immediately under • ach bm n er lip, and is a part of. and an oruameut to, tbe ga fixture its** f. The k a-M u ar »hirnes« and stead less of ttielitfht p-*o tuced-because of th* exact proper c>mbu»t on— -toniitu* a I who have *ee» it. wtiile tliepos»»«rp/acf of obtaiui. a tbe impror-r hffht at a reuuced expense uted only be inu stigsted at this office to ensure the co. ttonc-ot the most ! skeptical. I here* lator is a pcr.ect "Urll tal**’ 01 | t he exact amount of gas a* e*l H o prtssn e attain* o by tht as t ompany affteta it disadvantages ly in the least: Gas Companies all recommeud it bee*us< it gives entire satisfaction to consumers, hence tbeii uumber of oonsum rs ar# increased. Retail piict HO cent* each. Tue article will be adjusted for con , »uroei* immediately inquiring but a few moment* time) and if not suued will bo taken off fHo of ex- I pense. * | EDWARD SHAW, 102 M iltllr street, up stairs. j We hive thi. day arpotn’rd Hdwmrd Shaw sole vender aud a.ent tor Brocks!, par's I'aleut Regula- 1 lor in Portland: all ordara lor tbe goide must be mads through him. HULL A OOODELL. Below wi give certitlea tea ol tbe high ratlmatiou of the Regulator iu other place, where It is now in ”*■ . . i Me»$rs. Unit f Uoodelt:—The Directors of the | Dove' Gas Light Corny any, alter a foil and *1 orongb rxarainaion aud test of "Brockaieicr Gas Regula tor. ” have ordered me to purchase one hundrtd dollars worih of the same, which 1 have this day doue. aud have also recei td for said company the j exclusive agency for .aid goods in and for the city of Dover. Yoen truly. JONAS D. TOWNSEND, Sup. Dover Gas At. Co. Certificate from the gis litter of the Mills, etc., at : Lowell, Mass. Luwbll. Mass., July 11. 1964 ifessrs. //*// * (l.wrfe// -An exptti*nce of many ' years in the gas fitting business has often suggested j to uie the great value of au improvement w hereby thepn **ure of gas might be regu’ated at the polo of consumption. Mauy and fruitle-s attempts have fiom time to time been made to place regulators at ! the meter Experience has shown that all such at tempt* have proved failu'e* I have also seeu and used iu mv bu-dues* nearly all the so called improve ments iu burners, wbcrtlu mat which new have ac complish! d has beta attempted, but always foiled After a careful examination and a thorough test of yourU*' Regulators—which are attached immedi ately under each burner as a paal of the gas lixtare— 1 am folly convinc-d that > our improvement i» a de- j elded -tir'ess, the light is improved m brig lit ness and iu l*s illumfnatingpower. while the expense -a ed to th>* consumer is foil per oeut. The combustion is j perfift. hpuoe the mprov«mcut must be adon’ed as a matti-r of economy, as well as the luxury or a good and .teadv light. 1 cheerfully recommend it to the trade aud to aM consumers of gas Yours, Ac , M. K. BARKER. JytSdtf Gas Fitter, $ Central Street. J3TATE NORMAL SCHOOL. The opyning terra of the State Normal School, a Farmington, will ccmiucncc ou WEDXE&DAY, AUGUST iftfh. Every arrangement will be made as the law re quires, to accommodate two bun>lre<l young Isoms aud gentlemen with board, at reas«>DnbJe rates, aud to furnish the instruction specially needed in a -ch"!*l ior Iht framing oft ae»cts. Four tea> hers, b* side* lecturer* aud *p« cial iuitruc'or*, wi 1 b rw ployed at t«e outlet, and the number will be in creased if tne nece.sieit** f the «ch«*ol shallrequite*!. Candi 'a»*s for attendance mnst be Gxtee** ye rs old, if f« males and sevento- n years, if males; a»d must ^f’laiv tbeir ii too ion to be come teaefer* in the public schools of the Mate. N«* pledge will be req^i ed from pupil* to teroaio co iscttd with the scliooi fir any deftni e ’erg h of time. Applicants w ill he lequ red to *h<»w a reasonable familis'itx with the principles 0’ Reading and Spel ling Arithmetic Ei.glieh t*r nun r and hidon of the United Slat e; and to p e-eui testimonials of good characit r mud prospective aptitude for the work of caching Persons att* tiding the Normal School w’ 1) b< per mitted to pass noth ways over the Audroaooeirin Rsi'road ft r one fore. BB i Ar»chnrgc fnr tuition. Wntranc* ftt fl 00 More part'oulnv information wil be furnished on application to Professor A. P K Lev. at Kanwlng . w ^ KDWAKD I*. WESTON Gorham. June TO 1964. jyt dtawftwSw COAL ('HEIGHTS. Pic toil, N. S., to Pembroke* Maine. Any sized Ves-els Foreirp ot Ameri- , lean, wanted to freight iVf* a* •bt J* The rates fo- u *cbarging are lower ♦han at Bo«U»o *«d ther* art otk-r focil itics. iitLilv to or ad 'teas wSr t COFFl~ ACa .»oatca •\H0 a ff w Vc«,«l> waaKs! lo t/ic* Coal to alfatr . port Jal) I81s$a AUCTION SALES. Homs*, and Land at A action, ON Thais a 'August lltii at 3 o'clock t M. on the premise*, we . hail st 1 House I^o. >7 Koie St. it is a two »t jry doubt** tenrmei.t, *ud iris is the ei **M*h»liot it. It ha* 18 ui lieu io* ms. with /ood c.osets; fitted f v* t »o 1. mili< s if d->Jr*o. On »2ES. .\hehw,l,*! |,‘ue ct»«rand Hoisted A ii m!ntA9lt*rn‘J: e>c*,ie,lt h>id slid soft, :^,y Tfti-rhe ,iu« p»s Aug 6 “A,1*E,f A C0 • Auctioneer*. dorotw, Carringt *. & lluiuticti, at Auction. 0*r Saturday, August 18 a, at II o'clock A. )| oa Ljiuo otiee , Horses, (Jarriajre* euu II in«.*<* s.cbaa Carry ada, lopJtu»g s. < ..oco.o Wagott! Jenny Linds. La pres Wagon aud Haneses; 'tn.# >1 each oca aud -ecoud baud. tlK.Nttr ll.ULLY ft CO . Aocfrs Aug 8—dlf B *. PATTEN, AUCTION LEU, U Kachaaga ft*. Swelling IIohm s and Laud oa Iruukllii Si. at Auction. /\N WE a EsItAY, August Pth. at 11 M. on tfts prwp ny*"**’ a“ ,01‘um'og very plectsof f* ““7 wuoden cottage Boure No 107 . “‘'.I1 l,a* *>. I‘t Bushed roues.. I. la Py -q w,,l> t® b kk cistern. Loi about It Tbe two 8 star ed wo . cu ’owe liars In the Block uuiub.ieuV, audio, mg, lerw.tbtbe laud. Es.h loo-e couiaiiis 14 we.i duisu.d auo convent* ilr irraugi d luco.i. well ed p *„ to one “ . " .a/ ice. (uteru in tie cel.a.ut eigb y i l.d. csotciiv tluuses have i-eeu bull. ..out ,our y ear., a.T£.„ £ « xcelient condition, “ lionicdi.t-.y .iter tbca’ove, will be sold three bailoiug lets, uu westerly sis* of uas street ** Tui. pr. petti will b. sum vithout receive and oa thrombi* term-. P. r.on* smki. g or thJ.’c am .1 propeity. iir oceupauc , or levs meat ar.inT • ited tu call oa tbe Auc'toueer. wberv ibe. oaa on. tal.. parti.ulsre. ' Aug 9—dd Aarnoa kale of Kc-ul > Mai*.. BY virtue of a licenseIrcm ibe Probate Court ol < umberlaodct.uot),lsL*ll«ilai, ubHceuetioa i helot ol laud. «Ith lb,, builungsile euu.e.luaiioat in* coiu.r ol . ea I s tot I auo Cl a cl. Lai. tonalitd u Portland, aalo lot coi taloli , .Lout .1* leel ■a Peart hi reel aud abtut sevettv ul Lattk lAtee.aud leiug tbe oi tLela eoobu At -rill, deeeaaeu The auction will take place rn the prtmisaa oa I 8t pt. tube J. 1 04. ai lg.'clo/k Pnrii.nrf ***• *' miuistrator. Portland. Jul> ft., 18 4. eedts. p ft«8w AouiiulMraloa’s Bale. N’OTK E la hereby given, that by viitae of aU cense from the Judge of Probate lor tbe Ounir of ( umber.'aud, I shall .ed, by puo'lc arc iou a* ih* dwelling house oa the premise-, on lb* bit. ea.h dav -eptember A U 1864. at 8 o'clock lu theafim.cS h« bt meet, ad farm of the late au.i r oa Bre»*r‘ Jr , late of Freepor iu -aid (, uutv, si uat. d in . atu 1 reeport, a. d c Draining .went) -five acita, more or te**, ph» ject to tbe morigsirts there, o F’or particulars as fo will, fto., ai ply to the tab scrlbtr. UHSS BLISS I>ated this 6th d*jr of Aagost, A. U. I>>e4 Owfw EDWAHD m. FA'llLH, Commission Hmlunt t Auctioietr, H»» removed to the sp,clous store II •exchange Street, four doore below Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise at •r”7 fo' « ptlvsie >a,e rake “£ Lstste. Vessel*, tsifoev, stocks sad k tr handlsc solicited. Cash advances maoe a Ilk prompt sale, aad returns. w'hlio'y 5TfT HAMILTON & CCT. 8noce*»or* to C. W. Robinson A Co. TO 01LL> very respectfully Invite all fbnner re ” «">“» to the house, and tb , public generally e i tree examination or our gotos at all tunee. Wr h oog eaperteuce and close atientlon to the want, of customers, and adhering strictly to tLe CASH SYSTEM, Be'levlng it to be better for the buyer as well as the seller, we hope to sserit a large sharge of pa ronave. lor*,,r**l*" °f *°°<U t0 sl°*® 'heap to maka ro, m N F. W O O O D « . Mr W. X. 1'rlnee, together witb the employee# in the store are to be re-ained and will be ham v In see all their customers as fore erly, , M B. r HAMIL10N ft CO , t.«1Teod,fCOr0,,rCu,‘*r‘,“,,a *'»»le sidle ol* .Tlstiue. ttv a r» or « T'Tro* Adjutaxt Ginut’s Ornrx | Arurara, lu,.l, last, j CIKtU.AH. rHE Provost It.. ... , havirg decided that under th« .awa ot CVi-grtes. enro ltd ana vno v.ilan'eer aud enlist iu person, (not bv >uUii -utejare untied to the L'. s Kountte. o giOu ftO >t.d #»-0 re ptclively lb- last clause of reeling o general oider Xo »7 Is hereby rem inded * Any prison enrolled ard liable todraft.rolan. •ertng prior to Sept Mb rec-ivestl, ,ah uorera neat bounties in addt-ion to the State bounty JOM.N L. UoDSbUN Aug h—d|w_ l New Koat for llar|^well. )U ecd after Monday, Jaly lltb, 1W4. the «lw aad •«|H*rk*r »t*anter M.4RCEMA JOHNSON, WiU leave as followa: Leave Custom House Whirf at »M - .save iiarpsue 1 at 4 I*. M., touching ss above. • Excursion tickets to Hants well, 7» certs- p. ,k<. Island, i- cents; lit, mold Cove or tbs la. lards. td> eeat.. Single tickets san e as above Large parties taken at teasonalle rates. The public are iavi-ed to inspect this bjgt It b.lac Utted up in a supetior style, and is by «r rto- uImi -icnrsion boat in hoe waieis. *”*?•r t-crticular. Inquire hr GEO. WATCH llOlSK| Ub hot; d, J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor, J«iy 9__ Safes \ Safes \ FOE SALE AT JAMES BAILEY & C0„ Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 163 MIDDLE STREET, POKTLAXD,.. Jylfd-tm roruuuu Army Committee Of THE U. S. Christian Commission. ChalnMn.T. K. Il.yn, receive* Store* at11* Mid ale atrvt-t. Treasurer. i'yra.Stardirant, reecirea Moser at T» l ommercial tlrtet 7 • Sjwretary, Heury U. Burge.., receive. L.-ltar* at ■k) C oramercia! ©trret. Andrew J. l ha«e, Dr. W. B. Johnson Rare Chance for Business! A Fatkionttblr mbu r.piilnr Hal Blare r or Bala at a Hariata* TH1 lore ia one ol the b*»t iu the most Soari.h I tog City ou tiie Ki uuebec. a'd the S'nck 1« uu nurpa d by am eim lar i.talll l.nuu ia th* Mat* It include. *11 ihe .rape »tyle* ol tla . aim Cap*' together with a complete ar-ortiui-ut 01 t.e tlemen'e Furniahing Good.. Trunk.. Vaiiae*. fetich,)* buck t,!orei and Mitten., I mhrvlta*. Ac. AW, belw-ra two and threa! del are * or h of turGo, da. which waro m-uuf.cimed eaprruali fur this mm* and are ia .took aho ' «1 per cent lev* than they can he porchuned for this tail. Eierv aitieie Id ihw ‘fort i, .ali-able and iu good order, and co.t <r at 10 to SO per c-mt lea* than the pres u mannfhclurata’ prim. The whole M rk aud datura*, (or exclu..v* of the Far l.ood" i wdl be wild at a harrain aa th* owner has another hnmneaa demand- hi* atten tion. For furthr r parth-u'ar* en.t-r* of A. L. Gil KEY Arm of “v'oni, riH-Lough A Co., Portland, Me. * Aug o—dlww L, J. HILL A CO., Wholoaai* Dealer, la Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. aa YORK STREET. POKTLAKD. Green and Rnantod < offee in the Grain. Qronnd Coff*o ana bjriceeof a 1 kind© Coff* e and ObtoO© gronud to order. A)lord<r« promptly attended to. j\2£d)m For the Pool. St.amvr CLIP* ER” will leave Factory l«'ana Wha t. h©«o <01 the r> dav. (.Sunday cxc* pt«-d)af 1* a m. and2r. * Returning. Ia*. ,. the Fool at 11 A X. *ud&p >• •rriviug in lime for the evening tiatE for 1'orFaut. • • Fart j\om Sate to the Pool anti back 60 ct t% Fxci\t*(ou Ticket - Inrrt h©d to pa ties oi or mor .trom ortUrd »o t»«* Tool *Ld b ck, by r* l read auo •teainb* at, a* 9o«w>r in BOSS k ST I ROIVAKT. 76 Commercial St . V<*rtlan 1 Auq W, TSOI.—dtt DUntHitl h Qnar,|ie Baud IS now ready to furnish. 8,11.. CotHlea aad Pie fiifl I’arUmou Uy. m--at imorai I* term*. AH order. 'ej>. at Paine'. Mail* store (168 IFiO. •treat) will rheeiv* prompt kit«BU«a. ly’aai^

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