Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 12, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 12, 1864 Page 3
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VQRTUAJSD AXD VICIXITY. Xow Advortiamonls To-Day. Broom Feotory—L Bed low. U >reo eiul Carry ell for 8*le. For hale < r To Let—U< nry Bailey & Co. (fray—Caucus Notloe—A. F White. Cottceellor—Sewall C. Strou*. Visit to Fort Scammel, and Glam-Bake Pursuant to previous arrangement, the Con gressional Committee, with a large party ot ladies and gentlemen from this city and other parts of the State, made a visit of inspection yesterday to Fort Scammel. The party left Custom House Wharf at any time (rom eleven to twelve o’clock, the place of rendezvous be ing some hundred yards more or less off iu the harbor, where the cutter J. C. Dobbin rode at anchor in the stream. The cutter was sandwiched between the steamers Tyro and Marcena Johnson, the party tilling the decks and saloons of all three, and thus side by side, lashed together, they proceeded to House Island, on which is situated Fort Scammel, with its barbette guns of various sizes, Irom twelve pounders up to the 15-inch calibre of the latest issue. As the party tiled up over the parapets they soon discovered on the low ground near the water, facing the C'ape shore, caldrons of chowder in process ol cooking, large boilers of steaming coffee, crates of ware distributed on rough tables, and various preparations aii easy of explanation to even the uniniated, ex cept a large Ore burning upon a pavement of round stoues:—that was a mystery. The altar was plainly erected and the Are kindle 1, but where and what was the offering? Curi osity drew the crowd to the spot. Soon the mystery was solved. The burning brands were raked off, the healed stoues were covered with wet sea weed, freshly gathered,and upon this, through which the hot steam ascended, baskets of lice loosiers were euipueii, iiiese were completely covered by a cart-load of newly-dug clams, more sea-weed was added, ears of green corn, baskets of new potatoes, boxes of eggs, etc., were placed upon the pile, lire whole was cov ered with canvass, then more sea-weed was piled on top, and the heap was left for half an hour to steam. This was a clam-bake, a Yan kee institution, imported iuto this State from Rhode Island, new to large numbers of those present, especially from the country and gen tlemen from the far West and Southwest. When it w:.s referred to as a Yankee inven tion, Gen. Gantt, who was present, remarked that he believed it was fashionable now to consider everything “Yankee" that was op posed to Jeff. Davis. The “Bake” was opened and was found to be done in the most perfect manner, and for half an hour, from the appearance of the crowd, a stranger would naturally infer that they cither had eaten nothing for a week, or that they were extremely solicitous to know, from actual experience, how edibles prepared in that novel way would affect the palate. The judgment was unanimous, and the “Bake” was voted A 1, the chowder do, and the coffee AA 1. Thus ended the clam-bake; thus disappeared the bi-valves, and doubtless in all that crowd there was none of the Creator's w orks which lay nearer their hearts, for the next few hours, than that truly con strvaUve and democratic molusk—the clam; conservative in that he never changes his po sition, always sticks to the ways of his ances tors, eschewing all innovations, and demo cratic in that lie cares not a tinker's analb » «rua whether a big tlsb flaps bis flukes in his & face or the miuew tribes play their small pranks under his very no6e. None of these things move him; be looks with equal favor or equal contempt upon all. The afternoon was spent in rationally sit ting upon "the grass in the shade of the build ings. in walking about the parapets, in look ing into the big guns and wouderiug how big a man could crawl into tliem, or in listening to the thrilling notes of the Band of the 17th Infantry, or in tripping the light fantastic toe on one of the floors extemporized for the oc casion. Meantime the mcmliers of the Con gressional Committee wept on board the frig ate Sabine, and at an early hour the party were taken back to the city in installments by the small steamers. It was a delightful day, uxl all seemed pleased with its pleasant recre ations. In addition to the distinguished gentlemen who went down the harbor the day before, we noticed Secretary Fessenden, Gen. E. W. Gantt of Arkansas, Mr. Iiaistead of New Jersey, and others whose names have escaped our recollection. A large number of editors of papers in this State were of the party, and representatives of the Boston Daily Adver tiser, New York Evening Post and Journal of Commerce, were added to those who repre sented papers outside of the State on the pre vious excursion. At 8 o'clock this morning the Committee, with others who have been invited to make the excursion, will start from Atlantic wharf, visit Fort Fopham, proceed up Sheepscot river to Wiscasset, and then return to Bath, where they will stop to-night. On Saturday they will proceed from Bath to Bangor, touching at some points on Uie route. U. S District Court John Redpath et als. vs. Schooner Jennie Morton. This is a libel against said schoonei for damage to sugars shipped on board tbe schooner by Mver Ulms & Co., at Matanzas in March last, to be delivered to libellants 01 their agents at the wharf of the Grand Trunk Railway Co. in this city. It is alleged that the sugars were shipped io good order, but ic consequence of negligence of those in charge of the vessel—by insufficient dunnage and tin seaworthiness of the vessel, and not by ibt perils of the sea—the sugars were greatly damaged on the voyage, to the amount o $8,000. The respondents allege that all the damagi that occurred to the sugars, after they wert ■hipped, was occasioned by the perils of th< aes. The case was referred to Heory W. I’aiuo Esq., of Boston, before whom a hearing it now going on at the U. S. Court room in tbii city. John Hand and Sbepley Dana appear ed for the libellants, and E. * F. Fox for res p indents. Municipal Court—Aug. 11. William Hewitt and James Fenley, the so! diers who committed the larceny in the slio] of P. Tobin Tuesday night, were brought u| for exaitdiiatiou. They pleaded not guilt) bat the evidaoce was too strong against them In default of sureties in the sum of $500 each lor their appearance at the November term o the Supreme Court, they were committed ti jail. __ Fatal Accident.—Mr. Richard Dole, c this city, who has been enl'doped on the Bos ton & Worcester Railroad as a Lrakemar while on the top of one of the freight ear; about 1 o'clock last Tuesday morning, wa ■truck by tbe projecting limb of a tree am knocked off the car upon the track. Some c tbe cars passed over him, crushing his limb and body in a shocking manner, and killini him Distantly. The accident occurred ii Framingham, Mass. His wife, who had at rived in Boston Tuesday to meet her bus banc met only bis mangled retniins, which sb brought to this city Wednesday. They wet taken to Wiudham, his native place, for intei ment. _ Democratic Nominations.—At the Den ocratic Convention for the 1st District, he at Biddeford yesterday, Hon. L. D. M. Swe; was nominated for re-election to Coogres and George A. Hammond, Esq., of Eliot, wi nominated for Elector. The members of Council No. 4, U. L. / are notified that a meeting will be held th ■veiling at the usual place. Peb Obdeb. Editors' and Publishers’ Association The Association met Thursday morning ac cording to adjournment. After some discussion as to a uniform price ! for advertising, the whole subject was referred i to a committee, consisting of Mr. Rust of the : I Belfast Age, Butler of the Biddeford Journal, 1 and Foster ol the Portland Press. The amendment to the Constitution, fixing the payment of $3 as one of the conditions of { membership, was adopted. The motion to print the address of lion. Charles Holden and the minutes of the Asso ciation iu a pamphlet form, was taken from the table and adopted. The vote, by which a resolution was adopt ed Wednesday, relative to advancing the rates of subscriptions to newspapers, was reconsid ered, aud the resolve, on motion ot Mr. Ho mans, of the Maine Farmer, was amended so as to read thus : Ilesuhed, That the in cm tiers of the Asso ciation recommend that newspaper put lishers advance t ie rate of subscription of their re spective journals fifty cents over the rates of one year ago Sept. 1,1804. In this form the resolution was adopted. i James M. Lincoln, of the Bath Times, was elected Vice President, and Joseph A. Homans, of the Maine Farmer, was elected a member of the Executive Committee, to till vacancies left in the electiou yesterday. Adjourned to 7 o'clock in the evening. EVENING SESSION. The Convention w as called at 7 o'clock, the President in the chair. Tlie Corresponding Secretary waa instruct ed to send a circular to each of the members of the Association, informing them of the conditions of membership, and to invite all the editors and publishers iu the State who have not signed the Constitution to send their names to the Secretary to be added thereto. An invitation waa received Irom Mr. Myers, Manager of the Portland Theatre, inviting the ; members to attend. Accepted. M. G. I’almer, Esq., Treasurer of P. & F. A. Railroad, extended au iuvitation to the editorial fraternity of this city aud members of the Association to take passage intlnir cars to Evergreen Cemetery and back, leaving the Post Office at 9.15 A. M.,aud returning at | 10.45. Invitation accepted. A vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Myers and Mr. Palmer for their generons invitations. The following resolution, introduced by Mr. Rust, was adopted: Uesoljed, That the thanks of this Associa- j tion he tended to the several committees of 1 arrangements representing the several papers and printing offices of Portland, for the very generous provisions they have made to con tribute to the comfort aud pleasure of this Association while in sessiou, and also to those of the citizens of this city who have taken a personal interest in adding to the success of j the meeting. Various resolutions of thanks were adopted, and the meeting adjourned sine die. TiiEATiit:.—We are pleased to learn that Mr. Myers has effected au engagement with the world-renowned tragedian aud cornmc dian, McKean Buchanan, and his beautiful and accomplished daughter, Miss Virginia Buchanan, who will make their tlrst appear ance in Portland on Monday evening uext.— i As it tnay be of interest to the Theatrical Pub lic to know some of the antecedents of these artistes, wc give a brief biography and a few | criticisms. Mr. Buchanan was born in the city of Phil adelphia, on the 2Mh of February, 18215. His genealogy, tracing it back lor a considerable period, belougs to a clan of bouny Scotchmen, aud nis grandfather, Thomas McKean, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Inde pendence. lie is also related to James Bu chanan, ex-Piesideut ol the United States.— He was educated for the Navy, aud for four years served as midshipman on the West In dia slatiou; but the monotony ol a home na val life not iicing adapted to.his active habits, lie resigned his commission and engaged in the pursuit of a shipping merchant in the city ol New Orleans. While in this capacity, he bestowed his leisure in the cultivation of the line arts,aud especially the histrionic,'or which, from boy hood, he had a strong aud decided affection. About this time be caused to be erec ed a magnificent edifice in New Orleans, for the perlo: mauce of select theatricals, call ed ’‘Louisiana Histrionic Association,”—prob ably tile largest private theatre in the world— ami shortly afterwards was elected President of the Association, numbering some live hun dred active and hott wary members, among whom were the wealthiest and most respect able citizens of the Crescent City. It was here, while serving as director «t these fash ionable w inter theatiicals, that Mr. Buchanan displayed those important requisites aud splen did talents for ail actor which induced his friends to persuade him to adopt the stage as a profession. But the aspirant was not too easily forced upon a new scene of action, know ing full well the indomitable energy aud genius required to ascend the temple of dra matic fame. He diligently pursued his stud hs in the art, essayed new parts at the Asso ciation, and in short, exhibited so much versatile taste and talent in his iinper ■ sotiations that destiny at length claimed his name, aud enrolled it on the scroll of the reg 1 ular drama. His friends hailed his determina ' tion with the most unfeigned delight, and in l token of their concurrence preferred him a grand complimentary benefit, at St. Charles Theatre, on the "ill of Jauuary, 1S50. when he made his professional debut as Hamlet, and achieved a triumph of the most satisfactory character. Soon after this he visited the prin cipal cities of the United Slates, Great Brit ain and Australia, and everywhere receives approval aud encouragement of the press and public. Mr. Buchanan has labored diligently deni” over the midnight bard. He claims to be a Shaksperian actor, and the correctness of his readings, and the learning be manifests, are a just endorsement to his pretensions in this respect. He has given his whole soul— so to speak—to his art, and labors unremit iuglv in those glorious mines of knowledge that open to the devoted student. On tin boards he is self possessed, elegant and impres sive; in the grand qualifications, Mr. Buchanan is eminently gifted. His voice, manner, Ix-ar ing, form and carriage are all in his tavor.— FT-- can look a hero, ami talk like one— an ar gument which Schlegal digerns a strong ba | sis.—[Court Journal. Benefit Njoht.—1To night Kate Reig nolds takes her benefit at the Theatre, and two excellent plays have been selected for the occasion. It is the last opportunity our citi ; zens will have, for a long time, to witness her versatile power. Judging from the large and fashionable audience present, and the raptu oua applause she received last evening, there can he no doubt of a brilliant house to-night. Editorial Exctrsion.—The Portland it Forest Avenue Horse Railroad Company through the President, have Invited the pub Usher* and editors who may In; present in out ' city to take a ride to Forest City Cemetery ' this morning, leaving the Post Office at 9.U ’ A. M., and returning at 10.45 or 11.30 A. M. > at their convenience. It will be a pleasant • trip. f Rev. I)r. Cabbi-ther*' Fast Discoltuje ) In our Saturday’s issue we shall publish tht able discourse delivered by Rev. Dr. Carruth ers on the day of the National Fast. Thost 1 who may wish extra copies are requested t< ' leave their orders at the counting-room befort > 2 o’clock to-dayr. > Cool and Refreshing.—Such is the ex i i clamation of cv-ry one after taking a drinl f ! from the soda fountain of Roring's, corner o 1 Exchange and Federal streets. IDs loiintaiu : ; are well charged with the carbonic and tb 1 i syrup* are of tin- most delicious flavor. Cbl'tciies.—Disabled soldiers ami other* i, who may be in want of crutches will find e j large a-sortmt nt of the most improved pat - terns at Roring's drug shop, corner of Feders and Exchange streets. j , Teat old political war-horse, Amo* Kendal t in a letter addressed to Hon. Andrew Joht son, dated at Bangor, Me. says, “Should th ^ Democratic party this year select for thei leading candidates men whose devotion to lb I preservation of the Union is doubtful, the woe, woe, protracted woes, be to them an is their country." What would Mrs. Grand , eay if the could hear that? BY TELEGRAPH -TO TH* GVKIIVINA PAPKRS. --«-•«--.— Terrible Expiation at lily Point — A I run I Ponded with Ammunition Blown Vp—fifty Pertont Killed ttnd One Hundred Hounded —Oreat Umeteuelion of Property. Washington, Aug. 11. A letter from City Point dated the lutli, says: About 11 o’clock yesterday morning a noise resembling the explosion of a magazine was heard attlie Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac. During tlie afternoon word came that a boat loaded w ith ammunition had exploded at City Point, causing a frightful loss ot lile and great destruction ol property. When the correspondent of the Associated Press reached the scene of the disaster, a spectacle presented itself utterly indescriba ble. Buildings demolished, tents thrown down, and horses killed iu every direction. The de pot building Lhat had just been completed, was a mass ol ruins, while the ground lor hun dreds of yards, was covered with property of every description. The dead and wounded had been extricated lrom the ruius and car ried some distance back, the former for burial and the latter to be sent to the hospitals. The boat, loaded w ith various kinds of am muui'ion, was being unloaded by negroes ol the Quartermaster’s Department, nearly one hundred in number, and the only theory ad vanced as to the cause of the calamity is that a shell must have been dropped by one of them, thus communicating tire to the entire mass. The noise lasted about thirty minutes. Witnesses say that the shock was felt for a long distance. On the side of the road in front of the land ing were located a number ol otlices and stores, among them Hie post-olllce and Ad ams’express oilice, which were almost entire ly blown down. Til * large number of persons occupying them miraculously escaped with slight bruises. In the rear of these buildings is a steep bank covered with tents on the sum mit, occupied chiefly by colored laborers and their families. Had the ground been level the loeS of lile would have been greater. Shells, balls and shut ot every kind struck this bank in a perfect shower, w-hile tbe ground in the vicinity is actually covered with all kinds of stores. A large number of old saddles and pieces of harness are among the debris. A boat loaded with stores lying alongside was tom to nieces, a large portion being raised completely out ot the water anil thrown through the storehouse on the dock. Capt. Benedict and Capt. Ames, of the Commissary Department, were in the build ing and buried beneath the ruins, but alter considerable difficulty were extricated, neith er being fatally injured, although a good deal bruised. Capt. Daniel D. Willey, who was in his tent quite a distance from the spot, was struck in tue head by a piece of shell and injured, though not dangerously. Mr. McKee, his clerk, was severely injured and cannot recov er. A. M. Baxter, a citizen of Cold Spring, was killed. Lieut. Fane, of the navy was slightly injur ed. A citizen named Wright was slightly in jured. James Thorp, a clerk in the Orduance Office, was killed. Mr. Fay, of the Sanitary Commission, was slightly injured. Richard Stoue, a citizen, was killed. Mr. Spencer, Re lief Agent, was slightly injured. The casualties are believed to he fifty killed ami about one hundred wounded. A number of bodies of colored persons were found be side lho»e above mentioned, and there are six teen in Post hospital, while others are scatter ed in different localities. Twenty-live colored men, more or less wounded, were taken to the colored hospital, where several amputations have been per formed. Five shells passed through the Sanitary Commission boat, but fortunately no one was injured. It Is believed that many bodies were blown into the river, which will never be re covered. Capt. Schuyler the Provost Mar shal, who was sitting on the top ot the river's bank, was lilted up and blown a distance of ten or twelve leet, receiving a shower of sheila around him, but strange to say escaped with out a acra'ch. Our loss is put down by him at about 30 killed and 70 or HO wounded, 13 of the killed being soldiers. Xothiug has as yet been discovered as to the cause of the calam ity. At the commissary department six men are known to lie killed and some twenty-five wounded. Three men belonging to the rail road were injured. The loss of property is not known, but will be large. Thu 30th X. V. Volunteers lost six killed and seventeen wounded. The 14Hth Ohio lost three killed aud four wounded. The boat Lewis caught lire, when a wreck ing tug ran her ashore anil extending her hose put six streams on the fire and extinguished it. thus saving a large amount of ammunition. Considerable firing is going on in front this morning. One of our gunboats opened dur the night ai d threw a number of shells at what was supposed to be a uioviug rebel force. Tiro /)(>!/« Later from I'a rope, Xkw Yokk, Aug. 11. The steamship Persia, from Liverpool 30lh, via Queenstown 31sl, arrived early ibis morn ing. i’he steamers Louisiana and Asia arrived out ou liie oOt h: Latest via Queeustown. London, July 31st.—The Paris Press, under reserve, announces thu conclusion of peace between Germany aud Denmark. The basis is unknown. The amnesty has been slightly prolonged. The French journals continue to harp on an imp- udiug sea tight between Federal and reb el cruisers in the chaunel. lu the House ol Commons Mr. Layartl said Euglaud iuleudi'd to recognize the new Mexi can Empire without wailiug lor the States aud Territories, now under Juarez, to be brought withiu the authority of the new gov ernment. T.ord Howard called attention to the enlist ment of emigrants in America, aud coiupiaiu ed of British subjects being entrapped, and urged watchfulness aud euergy to put it down. Mr. Layaid admitted there were greatcom plaints, iiul the government could uot do more than it has done. He trusted the American authorities would endeavor to check the abuse Several other speeches were made, includ ing one by Mr. P. Tay lor, who deleuded the Xnrthern government, which was determined he >aid, to put down the slaveholdius rebels Ou the 29th Parliament wa* prorogued.' The Queen’s speech was read by commission It deeply laments the continuance of the civi war iu America, promises continued strict neutrally, hut would rtjoiee to see a friend lj reconciliation; expresses satisfaction at tin j influx of coltoti from all parts of the world , and consequent mitigation of the distress ir the cotton manufactures. It regrets the fall ' ure of the Dano-Gernian Conference, am hopes the new negotiations at Vienna will la Buecesstul. Thereat of the speech enumer ates accomplished facts, Ac., ami rejoices a the continued prosperity of the country. The House of Lords having decided again* the validity ol Mrs. Yelverton’s inaraiage, tie latter ha* determined to resort to the Scotcl laws in a dual effort. Nothing is known as to the peace negotia tions at Vienna. A Copenhagen journal says the ailegei armistice for nine mouths is premature. Prussia agrees to the re-entry of Federa ! troops into Rendsburg. Third District Convention. At ihe Union Convention for the 3d Con gressional District, held at Augusta Wednei day, Hon. James (j. liiaiue was nominated b acclamation for ro-eieetion to Congress. Going llatliorn, Esq., of Piltsdeld, wa unanimously nominated as the candidate fo Elector. The Convention was ably addressed by Cap B. UriukerholT of the U. S. Army. Capt. 1 has been ou duty iu this State for two or Hire years, but lias now been assigned to duty 1 the Quartermaster’s Department of Weeter Pennsylvania with au office at Pittsburg. J\’u-oh-lac is one of the secret pass-words < the recently organised society out West t take the place of the Goldeu Circle. Spc Caihouu backwards, and you have the pa*, f ! word. The grip is a full grasp of the ban i with the iudex Unger so extended as to rei upou t’je wrist of the person addressed. Til signal of distress is Qcboue! Oehoue! The have many other signs which are not neoeesi ' ry to he named as Oehoue is the one that wi 1 be most used. I Female Cosmicrotfs.—In Chicago ther is a movement to employ girls as couductoi on street railways. It is said ail the comp; , nies are in tavor of it. The desire to eularc the sphere of female labor is highly comment able. Pretty girls, no doubt, could iudut young men to ride wuu migbt ]je better ec B ! ployed. n j OfFit KKtj Hall and Sterling, this tnornio ( j discovered a dre iu a small house on Unit y j street, which was extinguished with slig 1 damage. TOTUK Portland Daily Press. * 5i OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. FROM GEN. SHERMAN S ARMY. From the Arm// before lliehmond. Details of the Explosion at City Point. Washington. Aug. 11—9.30 P. M. To Muj. Gen.DU:—No luriher intelligence has been received Irorn Mobile, except from deserters, who report the rapture of the city, hut there is nothing official. Gen. Sherman reports all well, Riid that he is knocking Atlanta with 4 1-2 inch rifle shells. No movement has been made by our forces in front of Petersburg. Gen. Sheridan lias not been heard from to day. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Washington, Aug. 11—10.30 P. M. To Major Gen. Die:—A dispatch from Gen. Grants reports the casualties by the explosion of tbe ammunition barge at City Point, on Ibe 9th, as follows:—Killed, twelve enlisted men, two citizens employed and «me citizen not em ployed by Got eminent; thirty eight colored laborers. Wounded, three commissioned officers, four enlisted men, fifteen citizens em ed and twenty-eight colored men. Ucsides these there were eighteen other soldiers anti citizens wounded not belonging about the wharf. Tbe damage to property was large, but have nut the means of reporting It. The ltatm s of the killed and wouuded have not yet been reported to the Department. The cause of the explosion has not been ascer tained. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Inaiaii nrprraatmn* on I itormtd Train*.* iii'J of Troup* for I ml in it Service, Den ver City, Aug. 10. Although the Indians have been very troublesome of late in attacking unarmed trains and murdering emigrants unable to de lend themselves, there has been no attack upon the mail coaches, which now run regu larly both ways. The mails were ordered*to be stopped at Atchison and this place to-day, by the Superintendent of the overland line, , owing to the stock being run otf Iroai some of the stations, but it is believed that our i troops are being so distributed along the line as will fully protect it. . Omaua City, Nebraska, Aug. 11. Hostile marauding Indians infest the whole line from Fort Kearney to South Pass, a dis tance ol 300 miles, and daily commit outrages making lorages on slock aud burning trains. A great number of travellers are stopping at Fort Kearney lor protection. The Indians in bands of from ten to one hundred, move with celerity, and possessing thorough knowledge of the country, elude pursuit. The telegraph is still in good order. W. H.S. I luges, Adj. Gen. of Nebraska, has issued an order calling lor two regiments of mounted infantry lor Indian service, to serve for four months. The following is the address of Governor Saunders, to the citixeus of Nebraska: “The news from our Western border is alarming. Numerous traius of emigrants and freights have been attacked and the owners killed, wagons destroyed, and stock run off. No less than four different points, on the route between onr territory and Denver, were at tacked in one day. Indians are known to be infesting these roads for a distance of several hundred miles. All available government troops have been sent forward. We must have more men in order to punish these savages and give seceri ty to our frontier settlers. In order to mpet the want I have thought proper to call the able bodied militia of the territory to organ ise a few companies of minute men. Men who can and will if necessary move at a mo ments warning to the scene of depredallous ami assist in punishing the marauders and rohliers, and driving them from the country. I make this appieal to the people, confident that it w ill be responded to promptly aud with willingness on their part. From WanhiHyton. Washinuton, Aug. li. The decision of Acting Commissioner Hol lins, that 7-30 Treasury notes are liable to taxation, applies only to banks Unit hold them as part of t heir capital stock. The 1st secliou of the last loan act expressly exempts all United States Treasury notes, as well as bonds, from State and municipal taxation. Thr^e more of the Western counterfeiters have arrived here, aud been committed to the old Capitol prison. Thirty nine rebel were to-day sent to Fort Delaware and 123 privates to Elmira, N. Y. Seven deserters from the army, who were found guilty of desertion and sentenced to la shot, have had their sentences commuted to confinement on -the Dry Tortugas, and three others, lor similar oHVnc<s, have been sen tenced to hard labor elsewhere. 5. B. Colby,of Vermont, was tesday sworn in as Kegister of the Treasury, in place ol Chittenden, resigned. A special order has been issued by the War Department, directing all officers in the mili tary service of the United States to render every facility to such express companies as may be charged by the Government of the United States with the delivery of tbe neces sary forms and blauks required to secure the votes of soldiers in the field, with a view to tile blanks being delivered with the least prac j ticable delay. The thermometer at noon to-day stood at Oft in the shade and 120 in the sun. There was a thunder storm with a heavy shower this evening. Particular* of Ocu. Sloncmatt'* Haiti. Xasuville, Teno., Aug. 11. Information lrotn Marietta, Ga., to the lith inst., gives the partieulara of lien Stoneman’s raid on July 27tb. The 5th and tith Indiana cavalry and two sections ol the 24ih Indiana battery, set out for Macon to relieve the Union officers Imprisoned there. The expedition ar rived too late, the rebels having removed the officers to a place ol greater safely. Gen. McCook's foice started at the same time to etiect a junction with Gen. Stoneman, but were overt Aen by an overpowering force, ! and obliged to let Stonemau’s command cut its way out. The reb Is attacked them on Saturday, July 30th, and the engagement last ed all t .at day until late at Ligut. Sunday luoiuing found iItem completely surrounded. Col. Adams, ftiding le-istanco hojieloss. es caped to Marietta. Col. ('apron with bis com mand esca|)ed once, but was again surround ed ami bis men cut to piece*. Soldiers wdio i scapi d report that the rebels surprised Col. C .prou’s camp, sVoiiug his men and braining them with tlieii g ins while a leep. The 7th Indiana lost about 100 men. Three hundred and eighty prisoners of war, including fifteen commissioned officers, aniv i ed Imre to-day. I Maj. Gen. P liter n ached here this evening on route for Washington. It is reported tuai I he lias been relieved of the command ol the i 14th corps. Later mfoimation is to the effect that Col. Caprou, with several squi ds ol his men, is in Marietta. This w ill rt dice Gen. Sloneman’s ; loss to less than one thousand. Various Items. New York, Aug. 11. Isaac L. Vinton, formerly Mayor of this * city, died yesterday at Peek-kill. r Gold made a slight advance this alternoon i under sensation rumors that the rebels had advanced again and crossed the Upper Poto mac. Closing quotations 256 3 8. e Sheridtl H slill Pursulnt/ the Httemtj. a New Yokk, Aug. 11. a The Post’s special Washington dispatch says reports from the Senandoab Valloy, tep resi-ut Sheridan .-till pursuing the retreating . forces of Early. There is a strong probability that he will ovetake them and force a battle o , financial. Washington, Aug. 11. d The subscriptions to the 7-30 loan, reported t at the Treasury Department to day, amount B cd to nearly $50^C00. Ao Aftc* from the l PJ'CT Potomac. B altimore, Aug. 11. * Nothing lias been received from the Valley or upper Potomac to-day. B Stork Market. Niw Yokk, Aog. 11 i- Second Board.—Stocks dull. „ Ch cag k U o 1-iHBii.Ill lUinuL C< utral sci ip. Mi b-gsu .. ■ Michigan Central.'J” e Cumberland C >al Company preferred.® !- New kork Central.. Readine.. r, Quicksilver Mining Co. i" Cllod sta'e-opi yearoeriincate* niw. u Treasury 7 3-lothr. ,1 United States 5-»l coupons. United States 6’s 13S1 coupons.loo American Gold,.*" Commercial, Per steamship Persia, at New York. LIV ERPOOL COTTON MARKET. July ?0th.— j Sales to-day were 6,0u0 bales, including 2.UU0 to peculator* aud exporters The market closed un* : cuauged. Breads'ufls—quie‘ and steady. Provi.-ions— uuchai ged. Frounce—quiet. LONDON MONEY MARKET, July 30 — Consols closed at 90®9U$ for mouev. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 4ttya46* dis: Erie Railroad 41 a43. The Couleaerate Loan advanced io 78|®79L Ntit York Market• Nkw York. Aug 11 Cotton—lc lower; sales 24U baler at 1 78ftl 74 tor . mid King uplands. t lour—sale* 4 000 bbls; State%nd Western heavy; ( State 9 00<*10 0o, Kouud Hoop Ohio !•» 30 a W • 0; Mestcin 9 iRCglc 16; oouihein—.ull; saE*s 12o0 bbls; ] Extra do 10 66a. 14 oO; Canada dull; sales 000 bbls; | Extra 9 7U&11 §J. Wheat—without change; Rales 138 000 bash; Chi cago Spring 2 l*a. 35; iiwauaee club 2 2>.o,2 35; Red Winter Western 2 43 &2 45. Corn—sale* 59,OoO busntls; mix -d Western 1 52;^ 154 Oats—heavy; sales Canada at 9&g99c. Beef—dull. Fork—firm r; sales 3700 bbla; new mess 27 50@ 39 00 Eard—withou* change; «*te« 2 >0 bbls at 21 * e£22*e. Butter—quilt; State at 46<§& c. V\ hicke> — tiriu; 80u ouib at 1 74-ial 76. Sugar—in deuiaud; sales luu6 hhd* Muscovado at nymk Petroleum—dull. r«.>low—Halts 252.000 lbs Eastern and Western at lSflpOe. t reights to Liverpool—quiet. Proposals for Loan. Tbkasl’RT Department, July 25,M64. * Notice is hereby given that subscripts us will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and dedguated Deposi taries, aud by the National Ranks designated and qualified as Depositaries and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes pay aide three years from August 15, 18CI bearing interest at the rate of seven aud three tenths per cent per aunum. with semiannual cou pons attached, payable ia lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, iuto six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from August 16,18C7. I hn nntM will Ko iuiitwl in rl^nnmtn.finna r\# Af,.. one hundred, live hundnd, one thousand, and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. ▲11 subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be Issued for alt deposits. The party depositing must endorse upon the original ctrtificate the denomination of cotes required, and whether they are to be issued iu blank or payable to order. When soeudo sed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, to be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to tbs owners free of transpoitatiou charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all de posit* made prior to that date, and will be paid by the D partment upon receipts of the original certifi cates. As the notes draw .'nterest from August 15, persons making deposit* subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of de posit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one lime will be allowed a commission ot one*qnarter oi one per ceut ., which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No de ductions for commissions must be made from the de posits. Officers receiving deposits wi l see that the proper endorsements are made upon the original certifi cates. All officers authorized to receive deposits are re quested to give to applicants all desired Information aud afford every facility lor making subscription. W. P. FESSENDEN, Secretary of the Treasury, Subseti|>iions util be received BY THK Firat National JJank, Fort land, Maine, And all respectable Banks and Banker.* throughout the country will doubtless afford lac.lities to sub scribers. J>a>diw2w USE THE BROCKSIEPER GAS REGULATOR, AMD SA VE YOUR CAS. Aug 3- dim CASCO BANK. GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. f|lUE < a*co Cank i* prepared to received subscrip JL tions to the new 7 8-*0 loan 1 * sum* of $5»> and upward*, pavin* interest ou same fr m dat* oi sub scription to August 15th. the date of the Government not* s. All persons having #50 srid upwards now have a good oppor unity ot luffing a helping to their Government bv *»»hscrtbing liberally to this loan. The notes are convertible at the end of three years into ape ic, paying fiper cent 5-*» bonds. Loans taken oa as favorab e terms as at any other Ban k. „ , E.F. ClERRI<H. Cashier Portland, Ju’y 2E, 1*64. jy29 aistf USE THE BROCXSIPPER GA8 REGULATOR. ASO SAVE YOUR OAS. Aug 3—dim REOPENED. . .irruumiurif »UUIU re*peCITUI|V aOnOIIUCe TO their numerous friend* and the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Refund hed The popular aud centrally located EATING HOUSE, ^ - S& No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which will be c pen on and after MONDAY, Jl’LY Mth, I'ils and Lnnete* at all hours of the Day aaJ Iitjinj. TOE O H E A M S . »*LAI\ A\l> FA\CV CARE, FBITT, CONFECTIONARY, Ac., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow’s Pa'eut Ice Cream (Soda) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES 8UPBIED AT SHORT NOTH E. We shall be happy to see all our old friends and make a host of new one*, ami trust that none will 1 have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. I Jyfc _ _ti USE THE BR0CK8IEPER GAS REGULATOR, AKD SAYS YOUR HAS. Aug 6—dim NOW I S THE TIME to run TUB BROCKSIEPER S GAS REGUIATOR. EOW ABO SHAW, A firm. Aug 6—dim FIRST NATIONAL BANK*. Sevea-Thitty Notes foi Sale. | Interest semi-annually, payable iu paper at the 1 rate of sc»ve« and three teu h« per cent, per annum Boudsconvertable iu three years into six percent five*twenty bonds, upon which the interest is paya ble iu coin, The notea will be delivered here free of expeuse The purchaser will receive the interest to August 15 it subscriptions are made before that time. One-aghlh per rent c-tnvn'ssi >n trill be allowed subscribers at this Busk upon alt amounts of f l,00i and orcr, W. E. GOULD, Cashier. 1’ortland. July ,>th. HCf —AjiWtf N O W IS THE TIM E TO ltd* TdK BE OCKSIEPER SGAS REGULATOR HOWARD SHAW, Aft»l. ! Aug 5—din* WANTS,LOST,FOUND' Wanted. A F URNISHED KOUil, with Board, b; a voung in ill aud h s wile—near tut cn- rai yari o* the city, in a smalt fami y preferred. Coo 1 reference given. Address, H J. D., Portland Prcas Office. Aug llrb—dtf Situation Wanted. SITUATION WANTED as galena an la a whole riie Grocery or Clothing otvie b> ayouugwai* wuo lias had exerience. Beat of relereuce givou. Address G, Press office. auglecdlw* ft on ud. ON the Excursion Ground, at 8«co river, a small rob of bank hi .a. J. M PLUMMEK, augll 3t* 41 Portland atreet. Lost. BETWEEN Plumb, Fore and Exchange Streets and the rd c*- Office, Tuesday nl«ht, A Gold v\ atch with a plain in id c ha a. On ti e chain wire a taci.ed two gold pieces aud au F.ugdsu piece oi silver. 1 wvn’y-five dollars r«w ard will be paid the finder by leaving the waich at d cuain at this office, augll adt . . j Hnnted to lit nt. ROOMS,or part of a He use. who Ivor part’y furn ished, fo. il -uiekee^i g, by a \ouug couple without family. Highest releieuces given. A dr.-s "George,” at this office. dlw* Wanted. A GOOD Tenement of sis rooms, for a email family wit no children. Address Box 000 Port.aud, P. O. Aug. 4.—d f Wrnni«it, O/A CUSTOM Coat an* 20 custom Pant makers. Ov Apply at Clothing Koine «»f WOODMAN. 1 ftUK A CO., and .*>6 Middle street. AugO—d kwisGw House mid Lot Wanted. Vi iuity of. or above High St. preferred.— ah;:! Any one having a d« >irablee*tatete m il,worth f from $4,0 0 io $1) 0.0, please address. thUiny locai ton. Box 1941, r. O. augbdtt Lott. In this city, or on the road to the Ocean House, a leat «*r colored Account Book. It would be ot no value to au> body but the uwnfr The tiudtr will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office, or with the subscriber, 11. M MOSES. * augSdlw* Scarborough. houm* Knniea, Wanted by the adver»»p**r, a convenient, . *1!. cent ahy located, and pleasant hou*e tor a -sisiksmall lam ly, without cuddieii—f os-essiou to bf a«a an tarly a- the middle of' October, sooutr if poMi le. It must have good water convenie nce*, and be well fiui»hed. The advertiser would lease such a liou-c- for a term of years, or purchase if term® suited. A two-story cottage, «mad lot, preferred. Address >». 1*. Q , at the Preset thee, stating loca tion. £ene>al term*. Ac emjidmtiailg. Portland, Aug 1,18*34 —dtf Lost. STRAYED from the pasture of Mr. Francis Rob ert*. M e-dbrook, Iasi luoutn, a three year old gray Colt, small size; whoever wil return him or g ve information wh**re he may be found, wil! be suitably rewarded, bv calling at So lit Spring st Ft;AM IS E. fHKKV. Portland, July 13,18*34.—dtf s'J.l Krwaril ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ing. while in Pierce * auction room, a (.'alt Skin Pock* t Book contaiug W( iu money, a note agaiu*t Charles lioogdou. Gorham, tor 960,and »ne against Charles csooper for 1*12. The above reward will b»* paid tor the recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief. Tune 8 —tf GEORGE BECK. Board. SUITS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at 3d Dauforth street. May 11th. ui.ylJdtf MERCHANDISE. HttcLinetaek Snip Timber* OAK. Hackmatack, and Hard Wood Plank. Tree nail* lroai 12 to 23 inches, Treenail Wedge*. Ac. Ac. by L. UYhUk, juiie2Sd3m Gait's Wharf, Port and. Tm'itaih. |QQ QQQ WHITE OAK TREENAILS, for 9 SiMONTON A KNIGHT. 48 Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13.1S64. juntrlodtf Sugttr and 3Q() UHDS.i CHOICE ULSlOVADO 8U 10TC8. J GAR. 371 UilbS superior Mu«co«*ao, and 3 res Clayed Mola*aus, *il BBLS from >ierra Morcna. Now landing and tor sale by 1 HO31 AS ASKXClO A CO., raay9tf Custom House Wharf. Sierra .Morciia llolaMvi. a OK mud* , '->•> | CUOU'KSIEUKa MOKENA 30 TIKICKS t MOL*sShS, It) BBL8 * Now landing from Brig ”C. II. Kennedy” THoS. ASEM. lu A CO Hay 3—tf c 11 Wharf. Si’oicli ( anvHM. I bDLT8—from the iactory of David Cor r *ar A Sous, Leith—a sail cloth of superior quality—just received per • Jur®' -, aud tor *aie by McGILVEUY, RYAN A DAVIS, mch26 dtf Wl Sfrnst '-^hw/uuw/' NEW HAUPtHlKE Commercial Oollege. Central Hall, - - - - Concord, N H. ritUK raovt thorough and extensive Commercial JL College i" Nevr e.ngiaud. preemtsu e*)uahe i cilil e* tor imparting to young uucai and .adies a complete busiue s education Send for a ci'cular containing fu'l Information— address Wo«T U1NG 1 UN A W A RM R, Principals. Aug 9—dfcwGm The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCU.SIVEI.YBY M A 0 U N & HAMLIN Are the best instruments of their claw in tho world. Nearly all the most prom in* n artists in the country have given written testimony to this effect, and these instruments are in constant use in the concerts ot the most distinguished artists—as t.ottschalk ami others—as well as in the ras in the prim pal cit ies whenever inch instruments are re^iu-rt ' Pric* to ffSOO each. These instruments may tt- found at the Mut;c booms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers' prices. II. 8. EDWARDS, No. 849$ Stewart's Block, Congress St. aprlSdt! Carriages, Carriages! Firmly limit nnd »ntly Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS for sale, at his establishm* nt. a variety of Carriages made in the neatest and most sub stantial manner. The assoitaunt comprises all the diff rent sty !»•■» of Light Carriages, and they will be sold ou the most favorable term*. Person* intend ing to j arc base Carriages Hill tied it for their inter est to call and examine before buying e'sew here. juuc2$dtf BRADFORD A HARMOH, Pension and Claim Agents, (Established in 1S61.) 4JTILL continue to devote their special and excli *ive attention to the proaecution of Claims lor Pensions, Homilies, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money, And all other claims against the Government, hav ing bceu duly licensed therefor. 1ST* All advice free. Terms as low as at any oth er Agency, and no pay tequuea until the claims are obtained Office 58 Exchange street, Jose Block. F BRADFORD, Z. K. HARMON. June 21.—dtf LEWIS A SMITH, Manufacturers and Dealers in C Tu O T H ING, No. 171 Fare Street, A.V.takh. FOKTLAXD. %• Particular attention given to Custom Work. Aug 9 1964 —dif M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AMD MAM FAl rCUXtt OK SILVER WARE, 93 H Congrr>is St., Ofp. Court /lou*e Portland, Mr. CT*“AB kinds of Ware, such as Knives. Forks, Sp >ou*, Cake Ba.-keis, Casters, to , p attd in the best manner. A so, /.‘'pitting and isbiug Old S-leer ’lx- augftd«in Dwelling House For Sale. A two story Dwe ling House on North street . with a good stable aud a g >od we 1 ot water. ^iFsiklt is a di-irable location, and will be sold cheap. Fart x f the purchase more* can la\ on mort gage if desired. GEO F FO TER. . j>27 dim No. 2 Galt Block For Sale, ONE hglf the tbre* stor* brick Block, situated on Congress 8t , m ar t h«-hea rf Park St., one of the most desirable I cat to* s intbecitv. For par ticu arson uireofMr.8. C. l have or C C. To! man at F. A 11 • ward's uuder Lancaster Hall. Aug 8— dim* Hoard. 4 FEW mor* Boarders can be accommodated at (\ 72 Danforth street,two dooraabove Brackett. 1 Apply soon. Jui>8 ENTERTAINMENTS <.ka\i> i: yukmov --TO SACO KIVEK GHOVE! MUSIO BV Chandlcr’M Quadrille Band. D. H. CHANDLER, Prompter. Portland Division No. 95, S. of T. 1% ill make »h»-ir annual Excursion ot. r the 1 a C Railroad, to h b< auiiiui Dr«.v* at Saco River, on Tuesday, August 16. 1864. Car* l* ave the Depot at quar » r before liaht. ha’l pat un aud it o'cRca, P.xi , p tcnnly, re.mni.g a. rij and 6 o'clock. 1 he Comimtue ail* r viaitiug many eelrbra'rd grove* and beautiful village* on the hue oi the d f eicut rai road*, nave cj.«.e to the coucluaion h«t no no e de igh> lui or t-onvt Lit bt rpo- l. r a pic-iuc tai. found in t e.State han tbe«boe lar-ia i ad tiro-c Tne eceuery ia rouian Ic, a> d ail he coirveniei ce* are at hui.d for >w nys, a*d ha ci. y Aucxctllent p attt rrn i.a* been lam tor inclatur. which i* by 4) Jeet, wi.h ac*.» uud eucJo»«d Ly a lai iug. W .1 be under the direction of the follow log Man** gere W H. rHILLirft, J B. Ka< ELY VT, M. McCmihy. KefreahiuFiita to In* had on the (-roand. Ice Ua er will be in abundance, and ev ery exertion will be made by tin- < uoimLtee *o ma»c this one ot the ui attractive Excur. icn* ot the IMM1. I he f ommittre have flTv.c*ed an arranr>ment with the K tt. Co , to have a *a*«le-t number ol PuSstHyrr Cars. COMMI TKX OF ▲ ERATO KM RUTS W 11 Phillip*. J. B Kacklyft. Y. Luring. M M;Ca.thy, Oeo. E Kimball. T.'c’ et* for the Excursion • 0 c nt*; Saccarappa. 50 cent-; (torhain J-5 c**uts. 'ticket* lor kali, by ihe Committi e a* the Depot Au<- 11. 1801. dtd ^Vt tout ion ! EXCURSION PARTIES ! THE 8IEAHEK Marsena Johnson Having been withdrawn from the route to Harpe well, is now i fi red for ihe acco nmodation of Ex • ardou panies, and will take them to any place in C asco May. Large pani-e taken at low rater, The public are invite t to inspect t is bon*. it being fitted up in a superior style, and is by f*r ihe safest excureion b«>at iu ht»e waters. For further partic ulars enquire of GEORGE WATERHOUSE, Agent on board, or to J. B. JOHNSON. Proprietor. Aug. 6—tf dirigo Insurance Co. of Portland, Me. OFFICE NO. 28 EXCHANGE ST. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN 9200,000. Invested as follows: Loans on Mortgages of Real Estate at two thirds i s value, *.'.6 300 Loans on pledge of United .States Securities, 31,8*0 Lo-ti- ou piedg ot City Scrip, 3ft f-00 Loans ou pledge of Hank Stt cks, 28 900 Loaus ou pledge of State ot Maiui Bonds, 2«,60i Loans on pledge of Androscoggin County Bonds, 4,000 SM.umj Tins Company fs now prepared to issue policies upon all kinds of property in the city or country liable to lo t or damage by fire, at a« low rates as is taaenbyauy ether ifflce lb* patron*. e oi the merchaate and citizens general y ot lodla. u aLO ▼iciuity, is most rtrs/ec'full olicited A K Mil RlLEf F. President. JF.REMIA1I 1>uW . 8 ervtary. t'laKcroaa J. R. llrowu, 8 E. spriai. D W. Clark. J. B. Carroll, Jouu Lynch, il l K biuson TlCtTKIS: 81 John .Smith, 11 J .i tbbv, n N J^ae, H 31 Pay-on, J N.Wins’ow, GW’ Woodman, Andrew Spring, Alvab Cuuant, It I. Robto*ou. PhilipH. Brown, V. u. Hash- II, S C. Chase, JeteiflUb Dow, N U Cram. Wm MueIod. Portland, august 1,19*4. -Lk 3m BROCKMKPFirs PATENT Gum Regulator! PXt'LUhlVl Ag ney ior the sale « f cue Reg uiator iu PortiauU No. 102 ariudle s«, up •lairs. Edwar i Shaw aole Agvut 11ns u W ariicn for pub.ic f-vor wi I *a e DU percent. to the cou un - vr o < r any gas b rner n« w in use; 26.000 ha> e b* en sold iu No * Lug laid -iuce January as Ini: Guo a regulator o he alii «ed to the meter, a 1 - nob i.a.r fail'd, bjt i-attaches immediately undei •achburu er tip, and is a part of. aud au ornament to. tu» ga fixture- itee f. Ihe, a 'i oar • hi ctes* and s?eao • teas of the light pro tuced — because of tin ex set proper coumuation—astonishes ali who hutr*- reel it. whi.e the in>4nirr fact of obtaiuii g (be impro*. ft Ityftt at a rcuuced exi*euse u« id only be iuy- stigateu ai this U* eiisu.e the cofieiceo the iu si skeptical I he reg lato- is a per.ect **teli ial*-’ on the exact amount of ga- u-cd > o pre»»u eattaiu- a by ti>« lias tom pa y affect* it di^advantageou 1> in theGast; Ga<« O-mpanie* all recommend It tor a-, it giver* entnc satislsci.on to c usutners. hence thm mtuber «d lOnsuin is are iticrea.-id. lb fait price 80 cents each. T.»« article w if. b*- adjured f r con !-umere immed'atel) (re quill i g bu a few moment* tint') and i; not suiit-d will b taken orT free of ex pense. EDWARD 811 AW, 102 MidflU S’rrtt, *p ttcurt. We have this day at poiu ed tdward Mi aw ►ole vender aud a.ent tor Biockshper’a Patent Regula tor in foreland; all orders ter the goid» u.u t be made through him. HULL A OOODELL. Below w» give certificates of the high estimation of the Regulator in other place: where it is uow iu use: **». uuijr in, kqi. Vmin. Hull t (loodell —1 be Director? of the Dove On Light t otnyany. after a fhdand n orouph rxamioa ion aud test of "Brocksiej er Gas Keg u la tor." have ordered me to purchase one h uur* d dollars worlh of the same, which I have this cay > done, aud hav- a’so recei rd for said company the exclusive agency f f * «i«t rood? in and tor the eify ot Dover. Your*, truly, JoNAa D TOWNSEND. Bop Dover Gas Lt. Co. Certificate from the gas titter of the Mills, etc., al Lowell. Mass. Lowbll, Mast.. July 11.1964. -Vcori H dl f Goodell:—Au exp* ilence of mauj; year? iu the gas titling bu*;iu*s has often -uggest*«i to me the great value of an improvement » hereto the pn *«ure of gas migh’be regu aft <1 at the poin ! of co sumption. Ms j and fruitless attempts haw j tiomlimc to time bccu M»*d<* to place regu'afo>s ai I the meter. Experience has shown that all such at ) temp's hav>> proved failures 1 have al*«i seen and ( used iu mv bu iuess nearly all the so-callc improve ment? iu burners, whertinihar which uu have sc ; comptished has been attempted but always failed After a cateful examination and a thorough test «»l j your Gas Kegu'a’ois—which are attached immedi i at* ly under each burner a* a part of the gas ti \tore ' I am fully convinc d that your improvement L a dt i cideo »ucoess. the light i* improved in brightness aud in i s illuminating pow er, whiieibe < xp*t?e ?a* ed to rh- consumer is full 30 porcent. The combustion in perfect, hence the mproveuient must be adopted as a ! matt* r of economy, a? well as the luxury of a good aud -teadv light I cheerfully recommend It to the trade aud to all consumers oi gas Yours, he . U R. BARKER. jy28 dtf Gas Fitter, 9 Central Street. Rare Chance for Business! A Faslii«»t»Rble ana Popular Hal Store For Sale at a Bargain • riltIF. -tore is one of the best in the most flourish E iug City on the Kennebec. a< d the Mock i? uu surpa -*d by any similar «*tabli-hm< at iu the Mato It includes all the stipe styles ol Ua « and Caps together with a complete a* ortment oi Geotlemen’i Furnishing Goods. Trunks. Valiaes. bAtchels. buck Glove* aud Mitten?. I mbrellas. ke. Also, between two aud three thousand dollars wor'h of k urGoods whch were niMiutac'ured exprts?l\ for this store aud are iu stock abo »t 5 ‘ per cent, less than they can b • purchased for this fall. Ever? ait:cle iu ih* - or»> is saleable and in good order, and co?t 'r tn U to .jO per oat h-as than the pres u manufacturer? prices Ti e whole at rk and fixture-, joi exclu»iv< of lIw Fur Good*, iwll be sold at a bargain as th< owner has another business that dumanas bis attcu tion. For further particulars empire of A. L. Gil.KEY tlrm or °vk» *.reenougb k Co., Pottland, Me. Aug 6—dlwis COAL FREIGHTS I’u tou, N. S., to Pembroke. Maine. Any size i Vessels. Foreign or Ameri lean, w;anted to ftelgbt Coal a? at* The tales for d sebarging are lowe: . ^ITY^'bau at Boston, and tber* are oth r facil -wSwiS. ities. Arplv to or ad *»e«* WM K. COFFIN A CO . Boston AU > a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to othe por*» July 16 irklna Gorham Seminary. Till: Fall T- rm of thisInsti»u»iou will common* (•u 'ttesdat t .o 3 th ot August, and coatinu , eleven weeks, uvder ibs chaig^ of W. G. LgRD. A M. Inquiries re’ati*e to the school should te address ed to the Principal or to J WAYK8MAN, S#c*y. Gorham, Aug 2.1R*>4—*2w* NOW IS THE TIME TO OAK THI BR0CXS1EPERSGA8 REGULATOR 9 EDWARD SHAW, Agent Aagtidlm Hoincropnthir Medicines IN til forms. ui»\ be r<b*ainrd at the store of 8. H Colesworthy. 92 exchange St.» ’."f ! •*erih’'* u ill be from 9o’cb ck a u u *11 4 o clock r m. 011 Caaea re e**-H and „ L Refer* to Ore. E Clark, M Dodge B™ I jyttdSw M. SEA\*Y. AUCTiOM 8ALE8. Morses, Curriugt s. A II unit u«s, »• Auction. ('Saturday, Auyuat '* n at 11 o’e'oci Jt. M. os VF Lime 'the ,>. Carnage* ai>. ii >*..*>, ■ -etaa* Carr a •, lop 1 u, g *. tiLcu.t, Me*oie« .fenny Linds, Exproi Wagon and llama sea; icm oi each new a no »eeonr La, o. Aug*-dif Ut“N,“ UAU-K1C * E. M. FAITES, AUCTION it F.K. 12 Kxcbacge St. Dwelling House s and land on Fruuklm St. ui auciiou. OS WE *'Es1>aY, Augim l'ih. at 12 M on the pieu.u.1, ice .uticwiig ,et> acn pkcitof piop m. lae 1} §t«»ry wooden c« ttage bom© ho 107— tlouoe >»u euj ui, ha- ei* ht ttu shoe loom , i, in soo « rcpLir, with iar^e b ia e-kiwii. U> ».U*u 26 by 70. ALSO, The two 3 stor ed wo i en bwe ling s In the B’rck,«* y; aiiU fey, icge ter wm|» the l*nu. h.t b r»oU-e cuuiui* 14 we.i d«.i»fc d anu con.eiie liy *rrau^i <l rocDts. welt id p eu tome oi t o » ml• »*•<• Cisttry iu Ue eei it. ol *igb > LUs capacity. Uottsce iia%e o* m built a*.oui .our ) ear*, a* u aie ta - xct,> cukoition, iiuoicdut > u’ler the a ovc. will be told three Uullulng lots, uu we* erly slue of *. »« sutet P p«»t will p, tom v ithoui kKire, and on lev . able terms. 1* r-ons mil g »er this e ase wtilZ'P'li! * * r u««n »»•**« i «** m* ament aitin liiW A**c,»oi-eex. where .hey ten oc tal parti ulaia. * Au* 2—d d A union Stale oi Haul • stole. BV.5 nooooolrom he Probate Ccail ol Cumber laid, 11. allaeil at I ublickuctics t be lot ol laid, with ih • baMtsgaibe ». ...tuauaal ibe toiot r oi ..a is n. lauucio eh Lasa ao-oalitA t iu Portland *aiu lot cot tan ii g *Lcui ihuij >u ta*l ou lean direct and aU ut aevett) >«et » £ < lurch Lane, and heiug the homestead o tie )a e John Ar* | erlll, decease* The auction will take place on the prtmlses oa rnursua) . tt« pti mbe 1. 1 64. a> 12 .’clo* k Ail>. K. MCtVyiH, A> mihietrator. Portland, Jal> 2d, 18 4. e< ut*. p hwlw EOHABD n. PA1TLB, Commission Xerchiint k Auctlosttr, Has removed to the sp.cioua store IB Exchange 8txe«t, four door a below Merchant*! Exchange. Will receive consignments of Bercbaadise el every description, tor public or pits ait aaic. *>aks °* K^i ®>tS£f v——1 »**'*•. blocks and k w ohandise solicited cash au values wane, with prompt sales and returns mchl2 dly TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.iK. DEHI««, 2k£edica,l Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORNER OrcONURMSX AND ELM STREETt WOULD respectful it announce to the ettfiena el rortland and vicinity, that be has BeiManent ly located in thia city. During the eleven men the that eehave beea in town we have eared acme ol tbe wor»t forma ol disease in persona who bate tried other lorma of treatment in vain, and cunna na tienta in to short a Urns that the question is oltem asked, do they stay cured’ To an.Her this Question we will say that all that do not ■ lav cu ed wa wW doctor the second time lor nothing Dr. U'eni been a practical Uectrictan it r twenty one yaare. and is also a regular graduated physician Kiectricity u perfectly adapted to chronlo In theiormof nerrousor auk headaoha; nearalaie la the head, uack.or eatremitiea. consumption when in the acute stage# or where the long* are not’ tally involved; acute- or chronic .'heumatiam, *crotvla hm dtoewe*. white ■welling*, spinal diaeavee, curiam re oi the spine, contracted maaclea, distorted 1.0.n, pate? or paralysis, St. Vitas Dane#, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy of spooch, dyspepsia, in digeo. tCn. constipation and livwr complaint, pile*—we cure erery case that can he presented; aethaa bronchi Its.«’eic tares of the sheet, aad ail ter MS af (Mala •oaplalata.l By Hleotriolty The Rheumatic, the goaty, the lame and the itiv leap with joy, and move with the agility and eiaetii' ity of youth; the heated brain i« cvoled; the troet bitten limbe restored, the uncouth ddormitiee re moved i faintness converted to vigor, weaken** to strength; the blind made to see. the deal to bear mn4 'he palsied form to move upright; the blemiehee oi youth are obliteratedtbe accidents el mature HH revealed; the calamities oi old age obviated and am aetive uirouiauoa mamtainee. LADIES ■Vho hart sold hands aad feet; weak ftonus., tame aad weak hacks; nerroas and sick heeu.cL. ‘ fullness and -wtauamg in the bead, with indiam! tion and oonatipation ot the bowel#; pain in the aide “d .***?■! ’ l°r wWteei; tailing of the sromb with internal cancert: lumen, poiyuaa. and til that long train os disease wil; Lnd in' flee trie ity a sure means of care. For paialui avaatiuaticn too profuse menstruation, andall ol those kia lies’ of troubles with yoang ladle.. Kleetrielty la n ornate tpecihc, aad will, m a short t:mo. restore the sskaret to the vigor oi health. HT* we hat-e m Mitctro-Ckimteu: Ayparmt^B fe> extracting Mineral Poicon fr< m tbetyotim atb u Mercury, Antimony, Arneuic, Ac. UundUd’ a bo are troubled with stiff Joint*. Beak lack*, and vert* ow otherifUEcuKies. tbe direct cauct ol which Id nine oace* out ot ten. in the effect of Lofeoaoa* drums eao be restored to natural strength and vigor by The oi from live to eight Batht. 9 OBoe hour*from 8o'clock a. a u Ir.a.iU • ; and 7 to 8 r. a 1 Consult»tin* . IT|4 (aM (strfic or n»is«. hfad qrapTFR-, , ADjfT.xx CaniaaL'a Ornca, v Al-OCtT-a, Au, g, 1964. j —. „ CIRt ULaK. fffHE ProTost lger-t-a t St, al hseii g decid'd A that cuae. the aw. ol Ct i g i •# enro led wea wi.o vuiun eer and fall t iu p. r., a (net he .abmi. tntetera n-tiled to the l . s. houet'e u giOO tfo >nd *»<> re P*<-ii,ely i h~ Isere'auao at re railing .u ret era; o.der No *7 u heeby r. w,, ded * Any person enroll.,.1 aid liable to draft. Tolas, prior to Sept Alh nceiveetle tali uovern meat bounties ia addi'l, n to 'be S'ale bounty JOHN L. U0D8LON Aug 9—illw A o.. niidid A tUM Wholesale Dealers ia Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spice*, No. aa YORK 8TRKKT, PORT LARD. • Green and Routed t offee in lb* Grain. Ground C'cff--*- and xpieeeof a'l kind*. Ci.ff-e and spire* ground to order. All order, promptly attended to. J.irdlm For the Pool. 8I,,n«,f ILITMl*" will lea,a mr«*-v:h iwA. l-actury l.ianu Wba.i, Baco. ,01 tl, . G e>cry nat. (xunday except.*).' 10 a m. and *J p. u Returning, leav, tbe t ool at 11 a. a. and op n arriving In time lor tbo evening tram for I'ortlaud. ran from Hoeototkt Pool mnJback Writ. Kxcumiou Ticket- lurni.hc-d to panic* o Kitty or mor-. irum . oitlaud to be Pool and back by tail road and a.eau.b« at, a> 80 .••-ma * BOSS A STl RD1VART. Aag. 3d, ln*.-d»:8<01,!nM’"i,‘81 ■ Pott,“< L V *B E K . Ocarolinu Lombpr Company. 11U L nnder-igned ba“ been appointed by tbe abov. tompaa . a I* Aveui for th. -ale o Iimbtr, tor tbe (bate uf Row York and all ort. aid tlaeea north ; of Rew York, ana i. p.epatcri o fan bh hard iinn bimt'ce in an. quantiti .“.by tbe carga, -eaten tunny d“*ired d met «i tbeaboneat u.lice; alao Black ! Walnut, bay wood, Ae. JO» A. Tl'RRKR. No to Washington St., Boatoa. Man. Aug. 19.1864. ao .3ui SlBfcc. H. OSGOOD. DEN TI9T, Ho. 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, POR TLAXD. flT Artificial Tooth la svrtefioa Cold, S tvrr, ard ! I'm I'nnitr f-oae. All oi<er*UuB* tctrruHt d r«> gu« *ati*f»c'ioa. Ju >eo>Wi|el>‘64 Bowdoin College. TUIF. Anna* Exauuual.t u ol e«n'kJAtrs for ad mU»iou to Bowdi in • ol'ege will ukrp'io*os ' Finlay »be If b day of Auru*1 it ex •, at § o’cloe k la h* toro*o© iuti.piKYY Medics! H«li; »ud siec on rr uredsy,h e twenty iilt» day i f Am «»t *«at, m tb# name place, and at the nan e hour. LEON \KP WOODS. Brviiawirk. Jab 8. ls94. Jal>7dtd O'ffce •/ tAr All .a.?e <n»d >/ • atcrruc- A. | Fart land, July SO 1 W I V DIVIDEND of two dollar- pt r *bare. cps tbo govcrtiraea* exc -© tax, a ill t e i aid at t> i» tic**. o»t at d af ee tbe 2d • f »f**t aext, t* ti e h< Id* *m of abarea. in Federal ©•».*. rc». ► » r»c*» ded at theclojeof baaiacw oa t»^SJ»b uf J»i** la»t, Ctl .8. E. BAKKETT, liiti r. *Uf%Tk F8» ia DituotMl** Fmid IS io« ready to furnish IUH». CotiUen tad Flo ffto 1‘arti - on the m »» isvora* le term*. AU order* ett at Foia**’« Mu*ie store (1(8 Mlddl* utnail’dll receive prompt a-1* atioa ly'^dlaa PORTLk.ND DRY DO( K Ct»hv\>Y. VN a-Nt-sino t ol Dollars per «)hb on tbo Capital M«u*k of the Cnnipm > is bow da “nod oavaole xt the office off tb • T»v**»»er OJ C n*n « • ciaU'ree*. C. M. D^Ylfc. Tr«a«*a<cr. .Ini' JIDih. lftU.—dtf lltNird. ROOMS fu row bad or uorundabyd to be Wt With board at 77 Frat St l Aag»-dU#

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