Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 12, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 12, 1864 Page 4
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POETRY. . _ — — 4 Welcome to the Me. 13th & 16th Vet. Vole. Welcome borne »e gallant ►© idlers, Welcome to the tail s of Muli.e, Bark! from ail her rucks aud forests, W elcome home, rings back again. Sings tlie BSD-bre*»t in the (ree-top, Sighs the wiuxa-roM by the gate, Chirps the Suit-bird and the sparrow, Welcome to the i iue Tiwe state.* * Welcome, wcic >me home. What is that so proudly waring In tills gentle, morning air, GWouii g justabov the uit-tops, Seems oppression* to da. e* *T1» out naff.vsa" nob ewoldiur*, A. d it* color' from afar, Shout a tCc c in on tnc breeies, from each gusto dug * ripe and star; WCiCome, welcome home. Welcome whisper merry children, As tuey watch with check's gtovr warm; Welcome, add* the yearning mother, As she cla-p* her Hm-boru’s form; We come, murmur maiJjo's blushes, When her lorer meet* her view; Welcome *ep ik* the graj -haired grand-sire, leaning on his SUIT so true, tte.oooie, wc cuuie uome. But your band l* lesac ted so’dis'S, home bar.- gone,—**, us passed away To that land of b.iss aud beauty. To CS j home of eudlcs* day lUuy a tad heart lorn aid bleeding, laanottor t air dard .g w*it; But the angels bade them welcome, Am tuey marched inside the gate, rt elcome, welcome norne. Boon will War's dark reign be over, Boon the tra tors hud tnelr graves, Boon wi.l g atie Peace returning D*wu Upon vOil, »o.darr bmvws; Wnen our (lag *aili wave in freed >m O’er tnr brave her *lc dead, Tnen. a* uow, we’d bid ;ou welcome, Ad save ouo— “tue copperhead.'* Eve a Westbrook Aug 0th. 1801. Life in the Country. Experience of Mr. unii Mm. Sparroiegra&s. It. U a good lone to live iu the couulry To escape iroui lue prisim-Walls of Ihe me tropolis—ihe great line aery we call “itit city"—Cud to live amid blossoms and leaves, iu shadow and suusniue, iu moonlight anu sunlight, lu rain, mist, dew, boar Huel ami diougpt, out iu ibe upeu eauip igu, and un der a dome Uiwt Is bounded by lue bonzuu only, ii is a good lunig to Have a well wuu dripping backets, a porch wild li u ey buds and aweet bells, a mve embroidered Wild uuub.e oees, a sui-diil mossed over, ivy up Ur eaves, cj. aim u dimity, a tum bler ol Iresd llowers iu your bed-room, u roost-r ou lue roof, aud a dog uuder ihe pi 4M4. • • aeu Mr*. Sp-irrowggrass and 1 moved in to uie couulry, Willi our beads lud 01 IresU buner aud Cool crisp radishes fur lea; wiib ideas entirely lucid wild respect to milk, aud a lo weue»s ol calculation as to Ilie numb.-i iu laiuily it would lake a good lay lug beu lo supply W'iib liesb eggs every morning; wUeu Mrs. gparruwgrass and 1 moved iuio Uie Couulry, wa loUU't some preconceived notions bad 11 be atuudoued, aud some departure mile front tus plans we dtl laiidowu iu tbo Ihlie hack parlor iu Avenue li. One of lue Hist acbieveuieuls iu the coun try is early rising, wiib the lark—with the suu—while the d.-w is ou the glass—"uuder the open eyelids of the moru” and so forth What can be daue with live or six o'clock in town? Wntl can be dme at those hours iu the Country t With the hoe, the rake, the dibble, the spade, the waleriug-pol ? To plau', prune, drill, trausplant, gralt, train aud • urbmie? Mr-, "sparrowgrans aud I agreed to arise early in the country, “lUch^nl and Kobiu were two prett* men, Tu*/ U» iu bei till t i* ciock struck ten; Up Jumped lUtOATi Mud loOiU-d u tue hkj ; 0 UiUkuer iUHiUa! toe auu'* c.rg nigu.'* Etrly rising iu the couulry is not an In st'hd ; it U a sentiment, and must be culti vated. A iriend recommended me to seud to the south side of L mg l.laud lor some very pm - lidc potatoes—.he real hippopotamus breed, How'll went my uun, aud wtiai with expeus. s ol h *rse hire.taverii bills, tot! gale and nreak iag wsgo i, the hippopotami cost as much a piece as pineapples. They were due potatoes mooch, wild eouiely lea’ures, and taipe, lan guishing eyes, that promised increase ol laiui ly wi u*iui di-la*. As i winked my own gar den (i-ir widen 1 Hired a latnl-rape garduer at two d iHar* per day. lo give me lUHiriiciious.) I coui-luded mat my lir-a experience iu early rising should lie ilie planting of the hippi>pi t aml. 1 accordingly rose next morning at live and it iaiued ! 1 rose next day al live, and it raiued! The next, and it raiued! It lained every day lor two week-! IVc had splendid potatoes every day for dinner. "Vlyilear,” said I to Mrs. Sparrowgrass. "Wh -re did you get these doe potatoes ?'* "vVdy,” said she innocently, "out of that basket lrom Long Island.” The last of the blpp ipoiamuses were before me, peeled and boiled aud rnrsue 1 and baked, with a uico thin brown crust ou tbe lop. I was iu ire suoceasfut afterward. I did gel somi due seed potatoes iu the ground, but •■molding wis tue uut'er; at the end of ihe season 1 did not get out us many as 1 put lo. M r*. Sparrowgrasu, w ho was a notable house wi e. mud to lue oue day: "N iw, inv dear, we shall soon have plenty of egg-, for I have been buy ing a lot ot young chiokeus.” 3 h ‘ioeie they were, each one with as many feathers as a grasshopper, aud a chirp uoi loJ I -r. 0 ' c turse, we lo ike 1 forward with pleasant U t.tes to the period when the drst cacwle should announce ilie milk white egg. Warmly deposited in lbs hay which we had provided so b mntiluily. They grew fliely. au I o le day 1 venture I to reuitrk that our hens had re■ u irkably large combs, to w hich Mrs tj. replied : "Ees. indeed, she hal observed that; but if I warned a real treat, 1 ought to gel up eatiy iu the moruiug and hear them crow.”" row,” said I, faintly,“our hens crowing! Then, by --“the cock that crowed Id the morn. To w.dn» tha pneri all burn and anuru,'' we might aa well give up the hopes uf hav ing an) egg*," aaid 1, “lor as euro as you live, lira., a. our heua aie all rooster* Aud so they were roorter*! they grew up and iought wi h the neighbors’ chickens uutil there * a nut a whole pair of eyes on either tide ol the leuce. Aligns good thing to have in the conn try. 1 nave one wtitcU 1 raised trout a pup. lie is a good, stout fellow, aud a hearty bai ti er ai.d leed r. fits tuau ol whom l bought him -aid he was th nough b ed Out ho begins to havu a mougrel look about turn. He is a C *ud watch dog tnoufiii. lor the moment be aces any suspicious looking person about the premises, he comes rigut iuto the kitchen and get* beuiud the stove. Fust we kept him n, the house, and be Scratched all night lo get out. t hru we turned him out, auduescra'.clt ed ail uigitl 11 get IU. i'ueu we tied utm up iu ibehicuoi tue garden, and he howled so that our neighbor shot him b.foro daybreak Finally, we gave him away, and he came b*cu ; now ho is ju,t rec rvered from a lit iu which he lias toru up the patch that had been sown for our rpr tig radi-he*. A good, stiong gate is a necessary article for your gal dell. A good, strong heavy gate, With a dislocated binge, so that it will neith er opcu uor shut. S iclt an oue hud 1 last year. The grouuds Iteiore my leuce are in common, and all the neighbors' c >tva pasture there. I reituik'd to Urs. S , as we stood at the window iu June ia-t, how placid and pietere-qne tha cat'le looked as they strobed aoout, cropping the green herbage. Next morning 1 found the innocent creatures in tny garden. Tb-y had not left a green thing iu it. The c iru in the milk, the beaus oil the poles, the voting Cabbages, the teuder lettuce, even the thriving shoots on my young tree bad vaui-hed. And there they were loi king quietly _ on the ruin ihey had made. Our i watch-d c was foregathering with them. It was too much, so X got a large stick and drove i them all out, except a young heiier, which 1 chased all over the II iwer bed-, breaking ! down oiy tr. I isc», my rb-e» a d petunias, un til I cornered her in a hot li-d. I had to call I for a—i-tance to extricate her Iroui ihess-b e*.and her owner sued me for damages al,,j recovered I b-lleve 1 -hill move In tout. ^ STATE COLLEGE Agriculiure ana Mechanic Arts! riSilf, ond -reigned, fons n't-lnner*. appolated uti I o«r« resolve ot the la-t Lean am e. an anther fsManddoecteibyv.s u re-mve to in lie and r • ceivo donations a d benuiacdons n aid ni the pro pose-t "< o//«e lor the he ufii „| Agriculture a „<f i the M ich'i uc ir l, and lo -e eiw p npoaals tor I III locsiioti thereof, hereby lint cr that t cy are prepared to rec ire ,nc’i nnstinin . ei e action and .ropo-sl .and 'evpicstlha all ounmnntca Inna tone dt.g i he aame mai bn made be or - the first ray ■ •f September next, addr s-ed <o di" under-g so 1 I WM O CKo-BV. htliast vfMi rH..-BV JOSE' H EAT"''. S-vMl'ti. y. fEBEET. i Jtt!y8ik»to teptl / PROPOSALS. —PoH— Materials for the Navy. N >VV UKPAhTM ENT, 1 Lurcauof SCtam t-njm t, it y, July 10,1804. f Dt.ALtii i KOl'OsALa to turhHh materials for 1^ ibeNav io tno u«c*i y Lur t'uuiug June &/tn, l?0o, wii. be at ibe bureau tf b cam nugi tueiiKg. uutii .0 o'c.uck oi the *2<i. ua> of August UrX .at V\ ll.t-ti tlUI-j thO p l.iug Will beCOtmilct.ecU. I luj o aia UlHl, outuaelse. • r.oposai !• i Muic r.als lor tue Navy,” that iliey m«/ be ni*uugui*h. <1 (. oilier le tors,and u .iced to the Cluel ol the liu.tMu ol b;e_iu Eugi eeii.g. l he material - and embraced iu the clisse* uam d ere panicuiHny dttscubtd iu the pnu eu «' any o wui n wi.i ».e iu misfeed tosticb a uesi.e wo oiler, Ou app.icaliou to the uuua .da. t* oi the ic p cure yai b or to the nuvj Agents mar* eat tiicreio and thoco ui all the } a.<ls u* ou aj p.ica iioiito.h Uukiu. This divisioniuio claases being 1 or theconveuieuce of ucalci* iu each, t-ucu claves omy will be lu nich ed as a.e actually squired .or bids. The Command ant and Navy Ageui ior each sial.ou win, iu addi tion to the scueduic o. Classes ot .heir own yarn*, nave a o py of Uie schedules ot the otn» r yaids ior examination ouly, f oiu w* ich may be judged whetn er it will be desirable to make ap, licau n lor any ol tho classes ot those >aids. An other thing* be ug equal, refeience wui begiveu to aruciee ot Awei io«u inmulacture Offer* must Le ina le for the w hole of t he class at any yard, upon one of tue printed scucdule*. or iu strict coulormity therewith, or they wui not be con sidered . Upon app icaliou to the Bureau, to the Commauri an ol any yarn, or to any Navy Agent, the ior»u ol off r. oi guaranty ,aud other nee .ary iu mutation i ef pec leg tue p opo a.n, will be I art rihed. The cou ract w ill he aw sruud to ibe lowest bidder who gi»e« proper gearamies, as iiquiieo by the law o> Angus 10 i8W, t c Navy uepaxioieut re»erviuA the ig t to reject t ,e lowest bid, oi auy which ma> be deemed e^oibi.ant. i he cout. ante wui bear date the d«y the uotifica* tio i is given and deliveries ran be d inanuiu from that da e. bu «ii a in the Aill amount will be required to sign tt e contract, and tueir respoiisibim• certint-d to uy a United b ates iiisnet Judge. United b aie* on iriot Attorney, Collector Or Navy Agent. As adoi tmu-l security, twenty pur ce* tutu will be w.thbeio from the amount ot tbe bids uutu the contract**hal. have been compieleu, auu eighty per centum oi each bill, approvei* iu 11ipiicate b> ine c oiumanuani* o. the respective yards, *u. be paid by the .vavy Ageut* a the points ol delivery, iu iuuus or certihnst *, at tlnupu uo • hs oovcruiueut. sitiiiu te.t d*ta a t-T tue warrant for ihesauic suaii have oceu passev by tne Secretary ol the Treasury. Th * lo losing are the classes required at the re specllve navy-yai ds MiTtKY, MAINE. CIsm No. 1. boiler iiou, Ac ; No. 2. pig iron; No. 8, boiler ielting Nj 4. gum packi g. ic ; no. £*. s, erm ci ; Nod dus« e . oi. Ac; o 7 lard oi : No 8 meta iy dll; i ob t ii O* and -oup; No ib engineers' sloe*; Noli efigineeic* tool*; 12 engime s’in strument# ; No li * ruUghi iron p pe • c . N** 16 < ubes No I t steel. N • 17 iron nails, noi s and i u.s; .No P copper; .No I'Jiiu tc. No 21 j white lean; No *1 zinc j .si t; No 22Cjio.ed patuU; No .3 -ta ionery ; N. 24 fir WvOo;No34 co.ion waste, packing Ac; No Hit’s • res. CHARLESTOWN, MASS. Class No 1 b- li«r iron aud rivets; no 2 p'f iron ;ro SbuiitT eltig; i.o 4 gum packing, rubboi nose Ac, i.o <> »pcrui oil, no 6 linactu o<i uuj; uu 7 lard il; no 8 ui tal iu oi ; no9 tali' w aau *oap; no 1 < engine* i»’store.-; no 11 eugiuccr*’ tools; uo 12 vu*i c r*’imururat ui#; no 13 *10*01 pumps, co 14 wr ught irou ^ipo va.vts, Ac: no 15 tunes; no 1** •ite); no 17 irou uaila. bo i«. 1 u«r, * c; uo 18 *«oppt-r; no lutiu. zme Ac; uo 20 white lead; no kl zinc p int; no 22co oredp ou a, uiyerx, Ac; no 2» sta tioner) ;oo 26 liicao y ana ash p auk and butta; no 26 white piue; uo34 u m,» nd coilun packing, AC; bo 3j engineers’ at*/res. Ac. BROOKLYN, N Y. Class ro 1 Soil- r iron ; 1 o 2 pig iron ; no 8 boilei feltiug, 1 o 4 guiu packing, rubber boa , Ac; no 6 | rpe* in oil; u 6 dll e dull, tu.peu in , aiconoJ, ac. no 7 laru oil; no 8 iu *ri .*ati <* or n etanc oil*: no e i tailj* and soap; uo lduugiueeri*’ store*; no it engi u ei>’ 'o.a. no 12eugi..e i*’ instrument ; no 13 s e*tu p'liups; null wrought iron pi,**.***, va vea, Ac; | uo 16 tub- »; no 16 toil; uo 17 Lou ..ails. bn.a, nut-. Ac; no 8 Cupper; 11 19 tin. zi .e. lew 1, Ac; no 2b wuiteleai; no 21 flue paint; no 22 co ored piiur, dryu 1*. Ac; uo 23 rtati »ue y ; no 24 tire wood; u. 25 hickory and aah p ank a no butt ; no 26 w u t* in* ; no 27 hack wamut k***: cherry; no 28 luthogwny, whit boiiey ; no 29 lantern*; no 9J U/i Uiuvisr; no 31 drudacona. uu:iipt, me; no 32 sour flour, ciuci hies. A : n 1 <8 ,-uted ariijie*; uo 84 eotton aud hemp packings, Ac; uo85 engineer*' store-. riilLADKLl'tllA Class no 1 bailer irou. Ac; no 3 boi'er felting: no 4 gum packing r • her hose Ac; no 5 *poui«.i ; uo 6 uu#*ed oil aud turp*i»tin< ; no 7 laru oil, no 9 tal low soap Ac; uo .0 engine*.ra'atoies ; no 11 eng« neent* tools; no 12 ctigi ieera instrument*; no 14 wrought i o. pip.-, va vea. Ac no 15 tabes; no In "tee : »m 17 i ou n-il*, bo is 1 d nu *; uo 18 copper; no 19tiu.Ac; uo 2d w..ite «wd; .0 21 nu : pwiut; uo 2'c ».ore«i h imsaud dr>er*; no 28 aiati uery ; no 24 tDe wood ; u» 34 oottou aua hemp packing, Ac ; no 36eugtmrers' fetoie*. Ac. Washington. Class no 1 boiler irou, Ac; no 2 pig ron; no 3 boil er Anting,A : uo 4 gu.n packing tubb rh re.Ac; no 6 .-perm til; n > 6 liusetd u I and turp-«utiuc; no 7 lar.oil;no8 umber; uo 9 tallow and soap; uo It eugiii'e a’atoie* ; u li eaaiiie*- s tool*; iol2env | nee #’ instrument*; u * 13 *t ani pumps; no 14 wrought ir.*n pipe, valves. Ac; • o 15 tub *; 10 It a ee ; no 17 iron uail , bol a, nut , ft* ; uo 18 copper no 19 tiu, 1 al and me; no 2U whin* had; no 21 , zinc pat t: 1.0 22 colored paint- drvors, A ; no 21 *t it'ou* r ; no 24 fire wood; 1 o ?4 cotton aud hem} packi'c Ac: 1 o3u cu.iuoej*' stores. Jyl5 lawiw O F F IGF OF T li F ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NLW YORK, JANUARY 26, I 64. THE Trustee*, in conform ty to the Charter o' tin Company. *u ui t the loliowing statement ol it.- aft’* 11* on th* Slat D ctinb*r, 8 3: Premium*- received ou Uariur Hidi, from latJanuary, 18.3. to31«t L)e cemb-r, 1863, §*,214,398 9c Pr miuius ou 1‘oticiee not marked off lat January, 1803, 1,706 ^02 24 Total amount of Marine Premiums. $10,uo6,uul 17 No l*o iciea have been i-s ied upon Lite Kirks; nor upon t ir*- Ku-ks diacou ne t u with Marine Risks. Premium- marked ofl from 1st Jan., 1863, t • 31* December, 18 3. §7.897,668 Low* paid duiiug t * same period, 3 8m5 **51 (14 kteturu* 01 Premiums aau Kxpenaes, l.u*2.967 4b The Company has the *ol owing A use's, viz: Uui dt>>a e*a a 6t«t ol New York fttoc .City Ban * an 1 other 6L*ct«, §3.492 631 3n Loan*secured by blocks,and-the* wise, 1,460,700 i<j Hew K-ta'<and Bonds and klor gagt s, 193,700 Ob l>i»id* udeou Mocks.lLtcrest ou Bo..da and Mortgager anuotln r Loans.sun dry Notts, re i aurarce and other claims due the Comp’y , eatituatt-a at 104.684 51 Premium Notvs and Bill* Receivable, 8,2 * 676 u, Cash iu Rank, 744 818 8^ Total amount of Assets, §9/386 4 6 32 Six pe c *ut Interest ou the outstau mg <*ertui emit** profit# will b pidd to the bo dent thereof, or tneir legal repre-eotstives, on aud alter Tuesday, the Second of J-cbruary » eat. After reserving Three nd One b*lf Million Dollar* of prod's, the *»ut~taiidin* certificates of the issue o 1862. w 11 be redeemed *ud p.»id to the holders (here of. or «heir legal retwesentaiiv s, uii aud alter Tues day, the second ot Fe iuary next, trom w inch date a 1 i 11 n*n»*t thereon will ceare I he c«*rf ide .tea to be pn -dtice • at the timeot pay incut, ana cancelled A Dividend 01 Forty l*er Cent, ia declareu ou the . ne» earn** 1 ^r* miuuia ot the C'ompau ,, tor th* year ending 31 • t Deoetub r, 188 , for which cer'incate* win uu auu auer j ucsuu,, me *1a!U oi ' April next. ■ Tw Pr »1is of the Comi>;«m\a*c©rtain*'ti From the 1st oi Julv thr 1st of Jau , 1863, fpr wniChCcrtifi.'-ates were Dsded, a oou t to 914,82°,880 Addit.unal tr >iu 1st Jau., 1363, to 1st January, 1864, 2.630 000 Tofa! profits for 21J years. 916,968,8*0 The Certificates previous to 1862, hare been redeemed by ca b, 11.*90.210 Net earnings remaining with the Com pany. on 1st J • iiuarv. 1364, 95.263.670 By order ot the B ^rd, \V. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary. T It U »T E E S . John D. Jones, David Lane, Charles DeuiiD, James Bry-e, W. II. li. Moore. VVm.Sturgis.jr.* Tuos fit# -ton, 11 iv. Uogert, Henry O it, A A Low, W C. P cki rsgill, VVm. h. Dud, a, l*twisCurtis, Dennis P» rkius, Cbas. .1. Kihm II, J a Gail aril, jr , Low II11 dbrook, J. iieurv Hurgy, P. A. liarg-ms, t orueiius Grinuell W VVe-toij, C'.A. ila.d. Ko al Phelp , Walts Sherman, Ca eh Harstow, K. V . Morgan, A P. P'llot. B. J How land, J>rov M. Willey, Hi i j. Pabeock Dauie S. Miller, Fle'ch* r vy esfrar, (?• v- It. H Mm*nrti. jr., Josh's J ll-nry, U.W Rnmhan, G o. G Hobson, Fred. Chauucey, James Low. JOHN D JONES. President. CHARLES DPNMs. Vice P reel'tent. VV. 11. U. MoOItK, -d Vice President. f^-ApplI ations forwarded and Opkii Policies procured by JOHN W. HUNGER, Agnut, Ko. 100 For© street, heal of Long Wharf, ponrr.ANn, jik .Tnne 3. — w?» % r»f><l'o|an‘2H PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -AIU BAOIi PAY : Are obtained for Wounded Soldier, Idlmharred and the friend, of deceased oolOlfcra n ho are entitled to the same by BVK 'T D. VEBRII.L, Attonej isd Counsellor, it Vo. 117 Eiddle Street. -AND IdCfinaed Agent for all the Departments al Washington For land, April VS, 1804. a 2ftendftrn fTAVIKG removed from my old stand to the 1*''?rv'" #1. •’omm.-roial atreet und a.a dated m.adt in bu«in.,« with Mr Henry FI nr. 1 would r!™.. . ,’t'l",r,“"i1' lo iba. k m> cuaromemtor pa.t patron*™ oUhe 0™ STfu^'aTiv* nmo,/"*"" Portland, duly ithfSl^" CopnrlnerKliip Wotir.e. THE DDdereiraed have th e dey formed a Conart ner.hip under the name aud a > l„ of Filer a Wnittemore and have tak -u the store formenv oe cepl d be Henry F i"g, No. #1. Commeroial .freer w ©re »h*»v intend d in* •* (’/ramij-ion and Wh.h.1 sal- bui*ne*«, in Teas. Tobacco, VV I Goods, Gro oories and Provisions. HENRY FUNG. „ KTEPUEJi vViilTTEMORE, Portland July 8, UA. UU _RAlLliOAi/S. _ FOR CHICAGO. MILWAUKIE. Ami all parts of the West. UtlKMOS Il'KITS 10 CHICAGO. MILWAUKIE, And all other points at the WEST, SOUTH Ar NORTH WEST, * For sale at the reduced rates oi fa-eatthe Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., W. 1). I.ittlc, Agent. JttLC24dtf fobThe WHITE IVlOUN TAINS, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, AXD hBTUHA'. Lxcursiou Tickets for sale at the REDUCED KATES, By W. L> LITTLE, Agent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, jane24tf 31 Exchange street. ^BREDUCEO RATEsT IMPUKIANT TOTKAVELLUb -TO TUB West, North Weot & South West! W . I > . El T T JL E. IS Agent tor all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati. I'ltvtiaLd, l>« trcit, Muw nukie, I Galena, Oskosh. St Paul, Lat rosse. Gr<en Hay. Cjuli cy.M. 1 ouis, Louisville, oils, ( si.o etc., etc , at>d is p epared to lurn.-li 'Ihkoiou I rieKKie tre ni Port la u • to all the principal cities I and to Win* iu the loyal Stans and ( anadas, at the lowest rater ol tare, and u.l noedlul imorniation ehe* rtul y granteo. Travelers will Und it greatly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the Union Tic ket Ullice, 31 Exchange Street, lUF aTAiHa,) W. L>. Ll'i’lLE, Agent, vr Passengers for Califon ia. by tbe OH Line M til S* earner ui d P.-uatna Hail oad, may be secured i by earlv application at this otl ee. Tickets to Mon'rtai and Quebec and return (via | the Grand Trunk Hallway ) may be ob ained at ting agency on favorable terms ara>26a&wtj Summer Tourist’s & Traveler's Great Cumbiu ition ol EXCUnsiONS! For tae Seaton of 1864. Tickets («oml to Keiurn to November 1st. CSHA.M) TKUAK UAlLHAV. From Portlmnl —TO— W hite Monntains Moutaenl* Quebec* De troit* Cbicaifo* W ftlWHUkie* Amgaiu l ulls* and ictuiii AT VERY LOW RAT AS OF FARE. Only $10 to Chicago or MUwaukie, $25 ou( and return, via. Sarnia Line. To C hicago and Return* ail rail* $33, Also to Boston. New York, up the Hudson Liver sa sioga, Lane George. Keturumg l'rom Niagara Fall- either by Grand fru. k nai way, or b> the Lo>*i Mail L.u through F « l'u. usauu Dianas aou iia, iu* oi the si. Law nmoe. American \ nncy taken at Par tor Tickets, sleep l iugcarsaud at ml olnui-a k'aiooi * Ariaugenteut* ha e U*eu m»ut with the Proprie ty* on ho pimdpal tiutcieiu MouarcaJ, yueb oauJ O ti< it to uikv A ui'-iican but,ey at Lavr, ciiarkiuir New Vo.k Hotel price*. * For lickeis o. mf rmation apply to Agkkt oi Gra.ol Tru k Hallway . L. Jt\ liLAGil. General Agent,279 Broadway N.Y. v> m t low*l;* LH. tu u Agent, liuu. or. June 11.—o4w 43 IxliiNlI IHtNk ttAILHAV Of Canada. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. 2Hj|ME un »t>d ailcr Monday. June 27, 1*4, Uuu. Wiii run uuly, lounduv. 0x0001. oil 1 uuui .hi ther notice, us follows: Ip 1 rain*. Eravo Portllud lor 'slnnd Pond. Montreal and tgutbec at iOj a » and 1 35 r. x. Ootvti limits. Eeave Island Pond lor Portland, at 8 3d a a and i 915 r. a. i'he Company are not responsible lor baggege tt AH j amount exceeding -50 in value, and mat per tonal, unless notice 1. given, and pain lor at the rati ot one passenger lor ever) SdOu additional talue. U U . ■ ■ eS.' J \ Managing Director. R. 11ALLE1, hum-rmt'-ndent. Portland, June 25, I«s4 noyj PoKTLANU aNIi ar.MHEttEC K. K SPRING A SCMRv.iv ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25 1864 "-arasare I’mes*.r<rains leaveSkowbegan foi «SBf!53HSI'ori an a, d boston, at b 45 a ju , au gusa. 11.0 a m and liuib U lo f. M. Au Ml ^r 1‘ornand and boston at 5.3o A, tt ; Uatn 6.3o A Portland for lla h,4.,n.t«, Watorville.Kendall', Mills and skowbega , at MOP. M 1'Oiilaud tor bail, and Augusta 6 16 r SI. Passengers ft, tatiouson the Androscoggin Rail road «ill charge cars a' brunsui, l ■ ,, 1 . H. train f out rortiaud connects ai ‘ Koudau s Mills with Mains Ceusral Railtoad ioi hanger, Ac , arriving same evening p»^(« leave lia h lor Rockland at 9 A.M. and! Strges leave Auiu-ta >or lSetfkst at 4 P M ' , Stages leave Skua began at U lo P. M lor Anson I soon Ac. Ihr ugh Tickets for all the station* on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, can be procurted il boston at the Ea-t.rn or bos on and Vot e stations A.m u mf U0USUMa*'<-Superintendent Aprii in, 1364 ap23tf kork A tciiiiiH’iiuiiu UuiiroaJ. 8IMMtU ALKANCKMLNT. Ou auu after MONDAY, April 1th., 1S64, train* will leave ai folio**, uug) lurcher nonce: &aco Liver lor Fort la i d at 5 4f ^JlTaivlit Train with Pa**engei Cars) and 9 16 a . m . ai a 3 80 r u. Leave FoitJaid ior Faco Liver, 7.46 a. m and 2.U0 and 6.20 p if. Tht 2 OU F. M. trail, out. atid 6 4c a m tram mto I ortiaud, wiii be freight train* with pa^*eu^er car* attached stages connect at -tccarappa daily for South . Wiuuhani, Wiudhaiu Ctntcr and Gitat tall# At tiorhaui tor West Goihaia, Mindiali Sieeji Falls, KalJwin. betago, biidgton lliism. Liming I burg, Couway .Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and La ; ion, N. LI. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonney Ea ' gie, South Limiuglon, Limiuglon and Limoni k At Saco River tri-we<-kl> , lor iioiiis, Limerick, Ossipet?, Move Held, Parsoustieid, Ltt.ugi aia, free dom. Ma«ii»ou, at- u. t orn ah. 1 oner. & c Fares 5 ceu’s le.* wuen tickets eve purchased in i the Ofiioe, lhau w hen paid in the l ars. LAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,18*4 dtf iHAlNE CENTRAL KA1LKOAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Trains l<*ave Portland. Grand Trunk Station, f r L*wir-ton and An turn, at For Bangor and intermediate station* at 1.26 r.M. RETURNING—leave Ltwistou at 6.20 A. u., and arrive in Portland at « 80 a m. Leave Bangor at 7 3“ a. u ,aud arrive In Portland at 2 15 P. if. Both these trains oonucot at Portland with t ains for Boston. Freight lrain loaves Portland at 8 a. m , and re turning!* dee inPortland at 1 p. u. Stages connect with trains at principal stations daily for most of the towus North and East ot this l<ne. r M MORSE Sop’t. Waterrille. N v^mber. T®dR d*ol4 PORTLAND, HA4 O Ar POKTbMOlJTH RAILROAD. SUM MR It APRANGRHFNT8, Commencing Aj ril llth41861. jKMKap Plaaenger Trains will leave the Sta Ron, Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex cepted ) a* follows: Leave Portland for Boston, at 8 46 a m. and 3/6 v. a. Leave Boston for PoiHand el 7.80 a. m and 3.CO P M Leave Portsmouth lor Portland, at 10.00 a. m. and 6.30 p m. These trains will take and leave paasengereat way station-. Freight train* leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 30.1863. ocSl edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. Augusta, Maine. 1111K Maine Insurance Company insure against . loss or damage by Fire, Buildings, Merchan dize and Furniture, on terms ns favorable a* it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five years. J. L. CUTLER, President. J. H. WILLI A MS, Beer. tary. FDW4IU3 SHAW-Agent, No. 102 Middle Street. onfjendlv 1 \TKK ‘. tTIO ^lir Fire Insurance Company I Of -Veto York, Office 113 Hr.Miduay. CASH CAPITAL $1,030,000. WM. E. WARREN. President. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice Preiident. GEORGE VV'. SAVAGE, Secretary. 'Portland Board of References: J on* R. Known & Sox, Hee«kt Ft etcher & Co. H. J. lAiby A Co. J »un Lynch A Co. The unde signed having been appointed A«kkt and Attorney for this C tnpa y. is now prepaid to i««ue Po ioes on Insurable Property at current rates. EST"Portland Office, 166 Fore Street. JOHN H. HUNGER, Agent. June 8,1804.—utf ! STEAMBOATS. j Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arraneemeul, 18C4. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS STEAMER LADY EAA«, Built expressly lor this route, CAPT. WILLIAM It. HOIX, i.W Will commence her Homme- Ar J^gVSgh^ra geinent ou to ON DAY jjUhN 1N O, Juuo 0 h, Leaving Bang,.rov er., Mo u»jr, VVtuLe.-Ua; ana hi may Mornings, at 5 o'c «*ek Returning will leave Ballroad Whtif, foot oi State street. 1*» rtlano, every Monday, Wednet-cav and t riday Evening*, at 10 o'clock, connecting the Lacier u, Hoc ton and Maine, a: <1 Fortiai »i, Laco and i oitemouth Rahroa«>s from Boston and Way Maiicuo, l«av tig Bo-tou at 3 •'t!oc>, 1' M The :>uat will t. uch at Kiokl .id, Camden, Bel fart Bucks,.oit, Winterport and ilampceu, both ways. 1 a m ngtm ..ticketed through to aiio troin B< H.ou, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem and Lynn. 1 tor more extended iu tor mat ion, apply to J. O. ktbUntfc, Bangor; the local Agents at the variou* la dings; the Depot Masters o> the 1*. 8 & i* , Lasuru, and B. * M Railroads; Abiel Sum rby, ! 1 ortlaud; Lang & D< aim, Boston, or CiiAS. Sl’EAR, lieneral Agent. June 4.— isdtf Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. I One of the following first-class 1 steamers of this Line viz :—l • ruvian. ! ii.hernia, North American. Jma,Bel ' giau, Nova Scotian, Moravian. Da- i niu.-cu-. v»i. pail irotu Quebec, xvxky Saturday j Muumku. lor Liver|K>oi via uoud iuerr- . Also the steamers St. David st ceouoe. St i \M)Kvw St. Fa trick. tri monthly lrom guebec for Olirgow. l'r* paid and return t ekets issued at reduc ed rated. For passage apply to li. a. a. aLL an, Montieal, or to J L FAR Eif, may Itidtf No 10 Exchange dtreot i'ortl -nd. international Steamship Company. East port, Calais & St John. TWO TKIP* PEK WEEK. On and aTer Monday, March 28, A A the superior M-a-guing dtearuer BRLNSWIlK, Capt L B. •MRBKJflPt Wiuclie.-ter, will leave Haiiroao Wnar., » *o. oi State Street, every Monday at 6 o’clock T. M. and the Steamer NEW ENu LAN D Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 6 o’clock I*. M.* for i a* t port and st. John, N. u , counoctiug at East port with ateamt-r gueen, for Robi uson, at An drews at.d Calais, and Stave coaches lor Ma chias, and at ot. Jehu with steamers for Freder ictou and witn Em eror lor Dig by Wind sor and liaiilax, and with tin L. feK.A. Railroad for Mitdiac ano all wa> nations. Returning, wi I eave St John every Monday and rimrauav u 8 o'clock A. M., ibr Last port, Portland ! and ^ostou. i Thiough tickets procured of the Agentsaad Clerk ou board Steamers. Freight received till 4 o'clock V. H., Hondam and Thursdays 1 Ui-)iialf C. C. BATON. Agent. Portland and Budon Line. THE STEAMERS Forest City.Lewuton aud Montreal I , *‘»: un,ilfant>» -to, ran a. Leave Atlautic Whart, Portland, every Monday, fueedey, Wednesday, Ihursda, „ 0 " at , o clock P. H„ aud Indta Whan, Bwton, Krtd>.r,0f;o>-i?4ki‘kW*dM‘d,,>T*,ur’4,> “<* Kara in Cabio,.,,,..ft 2 1 *0 ft'reigm taken aa stuck rbe company are nut responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding Suit in value, and that person al, unless notice is given and paid ler at the rate ot i nne passenger for every S500 additional value | P-hl«. ls«3 dtt L. BILLINGS, Agent Forums a mid lew VorU Meautm SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. a^f. The splendid and last Steamshins ' Locust point," capt..wiLtx-i-i, *--C^^aud "POlOMAU," Captain Sheb. —■IH*wo°», will,until farther notioe, run as follows Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNRB OAY^and SATUKDAy, 4 P M , and 1-vc tVr • North Hirer. New lork, every WKDNiCSDA Y land SATURDAY, a! 3 o'clock. P M These vessels are fitted up with dn«scoommodationi for passengers making this the most «pe«dv. sate and comfortable route for travellers between New York and Maine Passage >7,00, including Pare and State Boom* Goods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augurta, kjistport and St JOBE Shipper! arc requested to send tbeir tr eight to the assas* “3 F on thB d*T ti»p For freight or patwage apply to EMERr ft FOX. Brown * Wharf, Portland Hew ?orkBOMWEI‘L * C0" No- ••Wa.titml, Deo 8.1851. dtf FOR SALE & TO LET. House and Lot Jio. 31 Daulortb St., For Male. The two and a half »toried wooden dwel leg II u* and lot, No 31 Dan forth St . contain* •LAJLi g t«* i good **ized room*, with a ba lung r ou—piped f.*r »<•» throughout— a iun a e tt.a will Leai every part o» the Bou/b. I irp u o rail* wjd ra da utter filing well of Ur i.kirg wa t r <"ll> r pump*, fcr un the prero ar- u g'>u i barn mi U rinds The lot i- t>b« ut ifcj bv 44 feet. I he liou ecan he examined an day Iron- 10 A vl tit] 6 R **• b» cJJing • ttie pubiicii er who wiil lurnuh particulars miu tcin • t sa«e J R BRAZIER, Ocean lu-urance Company Building, Aug 3-dtf *"■ 37 St. House and llouv Lota ForS>*le, *-v* Locat*d in Westbrook, about five tnii.u «■- waik i inti*. iicr*c car* a. Woodtoid’s coi nor Also, i» e p ear'xu ly located two --dor DwfaiJiiji; tlou e aim Lo*, rc cvuUy uvcupjco by Mr J. f. Keouck. The lot cun tain* bi ui two a ores, a d m one ot the hn««t men* tiuiiH lo a gen eel k to b«- found in the tul* i urhaol • ori am. being le*« than two mile- from luc l o. «Ia».d I o»t Ollice, aud commands a filc View of j the City. " farther particulars call on the undesigned at iib r re corner Urn nStrtet. ; ■>■> Ml1 1_BUI LS DUN11AM. Dut-lliug House for sale. A two sto y dwell ug house on Congress St ft:pi: "‘»fly opposite iheca- etiUted Villaol it. L. us—d»i Lxilton, c. q , and on the .ino of .he Horse uMktiuad lti* hou-e c* ntaii.* fourteen tl* i.-btd ano i* well adapted to accon . modal e two lauii.'it*, , " itb 8' jn u t i m lui a.LgB. (. able. &c , and a w«li •d a er in tho y»r*i. A targe part oi the purchase matter «au lay ou mortgage il u« air. d l'h.a | ruperty will it* U red at Auction on the first of Augu.-i, n not add before. , . . , ALLEN HAINES I ortland, Julykl, 18*4. For Sale. The Bwc'Ujik Uoa«>, subtc »i,ii (iratiery at t;j ol *. o'.,. Lear Motrih', t‘< r i.ner Burldii g« uew aid eouv, uleut, pure " 11-, 8ci»laru», utcepuiup. Ac.; excellent T'lh c reboot- aid c.d< toy, Uor.-t- e.»r.««uu j ■’’ruu car*. One htlfo tine- ouartei. acte 01 hi d in good gardeulug aluady plau e i w ith He it a. Ornamental aud ptuii Tr-e«. Orapesauu K irt-i.iu abuudnuce- AJso.e-erxl buildiug lom ___eod2w liouwe i«ml Lmul lor Sale at a liar RHIU. rill,E lj story brick ilcu.c No. 9 Portland sires’. A the lot is U3 icot on To, t ,nd rtrt et, ruuuiiig I back it. Oxfoid street. satu liuu-i' l s tuaieti iu the ceoicr ot the city, on li t direc hue ot the Hor e lUdroad. 1'rl i elTOu.llO. S9W.00 ot wrhic • Cau re mum ou a mortgage. Tor farther particularsiu qu ic ol W M A Ll.hN Jr , jjlHcodtf Nos 13 aud 16 Exchange Street. Valuable Heal Lsiale fur Sale. YVrK have for sale a very desirable Uou e, cen ▼ f traby aud pleasantly located, fini*h«u aud lurmshtd from garret to cd ar; tvtry hing iu ami abou: the house iu i erloct oidr: mil be- Mid with the f uruit uie. which s ugm a tasie ai.d in ti eoi- : d r Immediate posaetM-ion given. 1 ho hues* ami : furniture cau be ex a mi nod ut aujr time and iuior t nation give by on dtxMU LAiLhi tt Co , Auctioneers. maylPdtr <>a Fi-.-e street fur sale. rjnilE \ a uable rial estate ou f ree street, known Xu the ••furbish property ” 11 e loi is a' out 106 uet on f iee street • i.d extends b ek about 174 ilm t Mid estati w ill be sold as a wh< le. or the raster I \ hall of the dwelling house, with lot about 4Ub* 17& I feet, will be sold b_. itself Application ina. be made to James K^rbiib, Esq., on t it-premises, or to hc.U E if J At K t .uiyl itt 60 Exchange street. For Salt*. A SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acres ot wood lanu. ou the south sioe ol the river i St Lawrr nee iu Canada East It is interceded by ! two eonsiderab e river* with eligible Mi l oils. VN ell wooued witu every description ol timber, *ucb a* I P*u<* and spruce in large qiautities, a d maple ' be roll beech, taumrac auu baa.- wo d i< any amouut. Enquire oi 11. T. M ACIJIN, urtland **oft autl- 1364 fehi'i eodtf For Male* CLlFk COTl AGE, containing over 30 room*, lar testable aud -bed*—situated two and ouo hali wiles from Portland, uud :h lit-^ situation iu Cape Elizabeth tor a wa tering place, and fumru.r boarders. for particularh enquire a* GKO. OWEN, ao7d»f 101 Congress Street. Portland. For Vilt*. ► 4 TWO story House and Lot. situated on v0rt I iX land stre t. with Stable aud other out buildings. A so two adjoining lots containing abou eight i thousand square feet. Euquire of X. .Slf.Vf.N8, No. 47 Portland street. juneOdtf* For ^alf. VTWO story w ooiten house. No 18 Adams street, 11 duish* d rooms, convenient tor two tainilies; plenty ol good water. For particular- inquire of B. J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,1864. mayl4eodtf TO L«*f. I^OI’R Offices, single or iu suites, over Store* Nos j 154 aud 154 Exchange Street, opposite the Inter- ' ; na'fnna '■ llcU.-e. Apply o j the premises to i l dtl A 1. UtOWg, To Let. ^ I ORE now occupied by ui. Possession given immediately. Also, a Front Office iu Hanson Block. iaiiHdtf II. J. LIRREY k CO ---: To l.«*f. fASE 8TOBK in (Salt's Block. I apa au Appl>,° H. X- MACUIM, | - " . JL-‘ - ; ■ ■ . . MEDICAL. FOK Tills The World’s Great Remedy -FOB Dyspepsia and Indigestion ! AND ALL I> i m e a n e n OF TDK STOMACH AID BOWELS Prepared by the Proprietors of “Coe's Cough Balsam Dyspepsia in not only the sure fjrerunner of death but tiiu companion of am actable life Ir has well beeu called u e Nation's ecuurge; for more persons, both o d aud ytuug, na*ie aud *«uiale, suiter from iu rav ages, ihau from all o her aiiiu. n * combined. It rots t ie Whole•>item ot its vigor aud energy, gives wtariu st» aud total tuoi poniiiou to tho.-e once strung a. dactive; renders me stomach powerless to digest the tood, uud has lor its attendants, Headache, Heartburn, Constipation, Nausea at Stomach, and Central Debility of the whole System, refusing its subjects a particle of nourishment or hearty food w. hout paying the penalty in the most a*ouizi"g distress aud ol centimes complete prostra tion. l'o in et ho terrible ravages ol tins worst of ail ditease;*, we have prepared “COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE" acd we pledge our reput*.ion upon our statement, wneu we sa> it will Positively Cure the Worst of You, not in a year—not in a month—nor in a week—but you shau i-ee it* ben« tic al i. fluencv at occ j imme dulely, and the day you take it. To you who have lived 'or vtars upjL Oiahaui Dread and plain d et, who dare not eat anv thing ihe least-wise hearty — first, because the Doc or has ordered ihe p aiuest food, aud secondly lor tear the distiest it causes— rising aud i*ouri. g ou > our *u macli, wesav sit do»u tumour dinu r, eat as heait a meal as you w sh, an<i as soon as the food begins to distress you, fol low it by a single teaspoonlul of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE! AKD IT WILL Relieve You Instantaneously. thus enabling you, by hear’}-eating, and the use of me cure allci each uieai. (as of eu as the lo.u ui tre—e* y ou. or uura on your stomach.) ou will get iu a very few da-s .o that you own do with'ut top Medicine. e»ce|.l oeca.-iou.Jly, and by the lime the It H bottle is used I p. we will guaiauiee you fee Iroiu Liysp. paia. aud sble to eat. digest aud euj v as hearty a lire k ast at you ev. r sit uuw u toiu our lira11liiest hours, aud we will oil. (t t.yi u the p ice 0. the ooit e. u,-ou your shewing that our statement is not correct. rue medicine is powerful but harinles*, aud whilst a single leas ooulul Wll, at ouce relievo tuo dy SI eu lie uff.-rer, the wUoie out le would not materially 1. jart him. as .t l-entirely vegetable and contains All classes o disease lhat hatetheir uri giu Ilia lirord rd stum .eu and bowels ar- disnei led iu the same instantaneous way, by the use of COE’S DYSPEPSIA CDKE! Freer and Ague, Sick-Headache, Sickness at the Stomach,Constipation, Heartburn,Colic Pains in Stomach or Bauds, Dysentery, Vomit ing, a felt uy of Faintness and Lassi tude, Want of Appetite, will not and cannot exist where the cure is used — It removes ilieoisoase y iemoting the cause n- » Use Alcoholic Ui.lers wlirli • over up ytur leci mgs ior a to w moment, by their exi ilarai.iigefiects beware ofsuch remeuiea or beverages, but iu their place use a remedy that will re-ture the dinased lunations to their normal condition, auu set iu mo tion the human medial.i -in iu p.-rleit har mony. and upon priuolplea syuommoue Willi well deiiui-d phyaoiogioal laws, ihataucb will be the ef. tect ot COES DYSPEPSIA CURE, immediately and io«tanUueou*ly. we pledge our »u <1 »« m u ofhouor— uui reputatioti a» i iiaruiatv utuu our uvorabl.* acquaiuUu.e m pit as prop ie oi»4M tli* Wuna u-iiowiud • ot’s Lcuah iPU ■am," it it is . cooidtug to our direction-, wliico may be tuui u witu eac bottle. V\ e aaa L»eiow isouie lestnuoii.ais trom oar mjgh* bor# aau i^wusuieii, to winch wt aak your caretul acteut-on TESTIMONIALS. Prom the Pastor ./ the Methmtist S. Church, Ma t teon. Conn. 1 have used Coe s Dyspepsia Cure in my family andean wii mgiy testily to iia value as a ine-uciue'. linXai CiIomax o, I’astor 31. K. church, xladisou. couu . Juiiv ouih, i-o4. A Voice from heme through our City Papers. , iV"' Haveu, noun .Juue 18, iBdl. Messrs, bailors Allow me, through youi* cul Umus. to aakhowleuge my gratitude lot lu.. teheUt 1 have reCel.ed troul tue Use , 1 Loo’s Dysp lisia Cure. A.thjUg i l was a grost sulf rer Hum D.spenMa. tue hist dose gave lusianl it in 1 a no o. e ohbt t Las t-uahion mo to eat any thing 1 please, without paiu l u-.e uow Stopped Using mo as 1 no longer need u. 1'ALM uu ukii. .. . Madiaou.Couu . Juuo30.18o». t rom the benefit ueil.en by tue use of Cut's hi i peyeia Cure iu lu. iaiiuly . 1 am prepaied to say that 1 Outer luted io he without it and advise aliwho are nulicled witu Dyspepsia to Iry it. Duioamiek Lewis. Mr Coe:—Tile b itt’e oi Coe's Dyspepsia Cure' ou gave me haa b -cit. d up your ata.emeui concerning it. J uave Oi.iy used hall a uollle, aud can eat pine app.e ell .ncaite or am thing el e without trouble It acta like a c larm. 1 on re.i, fit affords is instau lentous Jask a. LoWkev Mew listen, Juue 18.1S64. Th -se whoknow my cjusntution, what my condi tion Use Oeeu or the la t thirty yeas, win bell, ve wi ll me that a med.c.uc that will reach uu case will rHaflll killl.isl MIIV All.a • .Ik. . uablcu u.e ra cal au, thiug I, and it i( very Bjldoin 1 now nave to u-e tuo medicine. It relieved ut-: iu au instant when 1 was iu great paid My whole system u being streug.lieu.u by it. use .. _ A.\.V ks. Uauu^TT. >tw Haven, June 29,18€4 Im ortant to Truveleig. While j urucying on the cars, mv stomach be came deta.geu, g severe pain Iu mv le ad. Had it .een ou lue water it wwuld have oeei, calie l sea-sickness A lady .iumg by me knowing ray con moo, .cached cut a holt c -ayi.g’ "taae a awollow. ” 1 did so auu iu less than uvv' my tr uble > as ended. The me -ieue was - Coo’s Dyspepsia Cure," aud iroai the edbci it bad upou the stomach, ..nd wuat 1 have learned ot it since 1 hmk II must be u excellent remedy lor gi*-»ickui‘9« ai.d Ujflpep-itt. M . mm. MU3. SAMUEL FIELD. Ma<litfon, June 30th, l*oj. ,, „ , Ne,v Haven, Juno 28th, 1854. )I i-jra. t. (j C a-k at Co. — Gentlemen :—1 (lt-nire to make know u the almost i-istauian-ous eil'ejts of •-Coe's Dyspepsia Cure,” iiicaa a of cholera m rrhue f had bleu lor twenty tour h uis purging ai the siomuch »ud bowels, every life ii minutes. 1 went iuio your uru* Biore 10 pr cure touio tiranlv m» 1 h*<l »lw*y. be -n to d t at it was a g. oj remedy or Dysoutery . My p i id face aim my weakness at once ttrsc ■ d u.e aiieuiiou o the cleik in c a ,, and be asked me at ouce -w at is the maitet*'' 1 replied: '1 hav. b en lortwentry-lenr bouis vomit mg aud pur. mg, and . am uu.b.e lost,no or walk tr, m wear ness, and ibis maiiy sickness at my stom ach c nip e.e y pro t aies me.' He pioduved bot Heof lie's Dyspeps a Cure. smug. ■ take a largi s * all wot I haw iv is no w il o'clock: taken another at er dinner.” Horn Hie moment I 'ook that drst dose of the til dicihemy sickle ss at stomach wasgoue-lie t IT c wa- iuslantuuv us Iu >u hour 1 eat uiy diuuer ,, *. go .ua 111 sh a. ever hungry man partook, (a. 1 was wel c eared nut ot loou I and idiowed by a teaspoon fu ot iu e. 1 Imve not su«; h d a particle 0 iucouv uience since I t ok the remedy. Iis action wa- so w udenul and so immediate that 1 could hsr il> b ii te the evident' s ol mv own, seulis and I desire to pu liciy uwk kuown these facts, that llm whole world mar avail tb'iuselvis ol itsu-o Like bread, it tliould Ii d a pla-e Iu tverv on ’s house, aud 1 believe that uo oue should go away from h due with ut a bottle of it in Ids pocket or whereil C dtld b. q ickly mad ; availab e Tiuly you UKu. L. DRAKE. One of the t iccnly-iicc. .. New H .ven July 11th, lStH.-e Mu Co*—Air—Hiving bees tr ubled witii the Dyspep in tor some eight or twelve tuuuihs. I hare taken the usual kmdsot meuiciu-s. wtiichhave done me tin good. I saw your a .vertlscrrei t of a meo ci',e to c To the Dyspepsia. I have tried it and round it toboTUK mcd.eiue The first 15 urotvs ithe 7th of June ) that 1 took, roller d me in one minute 1 nave taken it three or tour tim s. but hav. hau no dim ssiog teeling ill mv st. uuich since taking the first 15 drop-; ai hough before. I could not est a meal and sometimes so more tliaa throe or four mouthtulls w thou' distressing me. Ueipeet ully, J. f WOODRUFF. New Haven. Junellth. 1S64 Mit. ( o*— Dear Sir —The bo tle of Dy-pepsia Medicine 1 rec ived rtttn you. gave instantHUeous relief I only used it when my mod d stressed me. it u as aho’it like taking two doses to--4* .one to iu irrow. thr’l every oth-i- day, increasing the quan t tv • t lood a d Increasing toe medicine.uulii I was eusbl- d to eat vv. thou- taking anything stall Mv ca c was an extreme one, having suffered ter seven years. I n >w const If r myself cured, and bv u-itig only one bottle of medicine Iu the space of two mouths, the d„*e was a tea-poo Ikl. Elles S. Allxii. Sold by Druggists in city and country, every where. 1 Price 91.00 per Bottle. Orders by mail, fre m either dealers or consumers promptly attended to. C. G. CLARK A CO. irho!esale Druggitls, Hew Haven, Conn., Proprietors. Foldin Portland by W. F. PhilPpe. It H. Hay, aud all ether o ealers. marsUeodlyM MEDICAL. EU“^, DR. WRIGHT'S E“X,r REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OR, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Pbbparbd from Purr Vrqbtablb Extract** CONTAINING NOTHING INJURIOUS TO TUB MOST DBLICATB. rpHE Rejuvenating Elixir is the result of modern discoveries in the vegetable kingdom, being an entirely new and abstract method of cure, irrespoc* live of all the old and worn-out systems. This medicine has been tested by the most emi nent medical men of the day, and by them pronounc ed to bo one o! the greatest medical discoveries ol the age. One bottle will cure General Debility. A few doses cure Hysterics in females. One bottle cures Palpitation of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation. I* rom one to three bottles restores the manlines and full vigor of youth. A few doses restore the appetite. Throe bottles cure the worst case of Impotency. A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restores mental pow^r. A few doses bring the rose to the cheek. This medicine restores to manly vigor and robu health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and de pairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, enervated youth, the overtasked men of business, the victim ol nervous depn ssion, the ndividual suffering from general debility, or from weakness of a singe organ, will all nud immediate and permanent relief by the use of this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price $2 per bottle, or three bottles for $5, and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to any address. Bold by ail Druggists everywhere. DB. W. B. MEHWIN ft Co., 80LE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty-et., New York. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR, HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, For the removal of Obstructions. mid the Insnranc of Regularity in trie Recurrence ol the Monthly Periods. They cure or obviatethose numerous diseases tha spring from irregularity, by removing the rregular ity Itself. They cure 8oppressed,Excessive and Painftil Men strual ion. They cure Green Sickness (Chlorosis). They cure Nervous and Spinal Affections, pains in the ba k and lower parts of the body. Heaviness, Fatigue on slight exertion, Palpitation of the Heart Lowness of Spirits, Hysteria, 8 ck Headache, Gid diness, etc., etc. In a word, by removing the Irreg ularity, they remove the cause, and with it all the effects that spring from it. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they con tain nothing deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicat>—their function being to substitute strength tor weakness, which, when properly used, they never fall to do. All letters seekiug information or advice will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions accompany each box. Price el per box. or six boxes lor 94. bent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of price. Bold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. H. M ERWIN ft Co., SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 69 Liberty-it., New York. feb&odfceowly Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct ing all uisorders incidental to the feminine sex. That ihe afflicted may feel injured that this Cordial is truly valuable aud worthy their coutideuce, - not • one of those seer t compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, 1 add a lew testimonials trdin phys icians wi om all. lavoringthe Electric and Reformed ' Practice o M.diciue. respect. DK. WILLARD f GEOKGE,formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, aiass.. speaks oi it in the following terms: “1 have used the Female Strenyt hevmy Cordial similar to that preparation by DK GEO W | 8WETT. 106 uauover Street, and 1 regard it as one of the best Medicines for Female complaints that can be found.” DR. J. KING, Author of “ Woman: lier Dis eases and tbtir Treatment, ’ says; .“This Medicine appears to exert a specific influ ence ou the L te> us It is a valuable agent in al de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs.” DK. SMITH, rr> sideut of the New York Asso ciation of Botaniv Physic an* says: " No F emale, if in delicate health,-boud omit the timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much oi my success in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine.” MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES ' The following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no tice : '* A*a general remedy for Female Complaints this • * Cordial’ is a very valuable one. but by the Profes sion it is esteemed more higblv for i s good result during Conti m an i t in relieving the great suffering attendant upon childbirth I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my succes- in midwifery is due to the use ol this mediciue It strengthens both mother and child. In each cases I follow the di rections of Prof Kiug. by allowing my patienta to use It a few weeks previous to coutin ment, as by the energy it impart- to the uterine uervoue system The labor wi 1 be very much facilitated, and removes j the scrap-w hich many lemale- aro liable to. No i woman. if she knew the great value of this Strength , ening « ordial would 'aii to use it.” I have received numerous testimonial* from diff erent parts of the country where used Knowing the good it is capable of doing. I w 11 w arr*m every Dottle of my ” lordixi” to be satisfactory in its re sults. The following symptoms indicate those affections in which the Female StrengUtni*y (oratai Las proved invaluable: Indisposition to Exertion, Wakefulness, Uneasi ness. Depression of Spirits, Trembling, Loss of Power. Pain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and i Flushiug of Heart, Dragging .'eusa’ion at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache. Languor Arh mg Along me migne, intolerance or Light and Bound, Pale Countenance. Derangement ot he I Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria, Ac.. Ac. It is a specific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis ot Green sickness. Irreg'. anty. Painful ness. Profuse or Suppression or Customary Dia rharges. Leucorrhara or Whites. Scirihu* or Ulcer ate State of the Uterns, Sterility, Ac No better Tonic can i os.dbly be put up than this, and none less likelv to do harm, and it is comi-owd wholly ot vegetable agents, and surh as we have knowu to be valuable, and hare used tor many ! years. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for *5. Should your druggist not have it. send directly to us, and wlo n six bottles or more are ordered we will pay all expenses, and have it securely packed from observation. Be sore and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot 106 llavoxr St. Boston. G EO. W. SW Err, .M D.. Proprietor. II* II* HAY, Agent, Portland* mchSeodtm STATEMENT OF THE Etna IiiMiiraure Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., )n the 1st day of November, A. D. 1^, as required by the Laws of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock if.91.500.000 and * rith the surplus is invested as follows: Real estate, umnouTubt red, *87.968 18 Cash in hand, on deposit, and In agents' bamls, 218,960 M United States Stocks, 612,847 60 State and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, &4L460 00 Hank and 1 rust Company Stocks, 1,1*47,270 uO Mortgage Bouds, 331.9*4) 00 ktlamio Mutual Ins. Co*s scrip, 18e3-3, 15.886 60 Total A*F-dts, 83,025.879 74 Amount of Liabilities lor Losses not due or adjusted, 9176.41181 Amount at risk, estimated, 116,516,479 pi THUS A. ALEXANDER, President. Lucius J. Harder, Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. •J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, Yo. 4 Iron Block, ft’ortluiid ft’ler. decn dtf Dirigo Insurance Company OF VllK Cirr OF POHTLdSD. Odii« So. US liulmiige street. Capital 8200,000 '|!HU C ompany Is now prepared to issue policies 1. ou all kiuds of property insurable aaainst lire ai cut rent rate* ’ A. K. BHUrTLEK, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. DlltKOroRS. I. II. Brown 3. F;. Spring, D. W Clark, J. B. Carroll, Joan Lynch, 11.1. Robinson Trustees. _ St. John Smith. II. M. l'ayaon, (' II. Haskell, Andrew Spring, N. O. Cram, Philip H Brown, II. N. Jose, lere. Dow, G. W Woodman, II J. Libby, II. I. Robinson, J. N Winslow, 8. C. Chase. Alvah Conant, Win Moulton Portland. Mav 4. 1864. mavMtf Notire. fTlIIIS day 1 five to mv two sons E. J. and Chas. 4 Randall, tneir time, to ect and trad for them* velvet; 1 shall not claim their wages or pay their debta. T C. RAN Da LL, Ktz r Falla, Me. Witness, Mary TUI* bury, Mary S. l'illsburv. June 27,1864. juae28 \~ MEDICAL. 7 Lyons Periodical Drops TILE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! AR* BETTER Til A X ALL Pills, Powders & Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! -ARE 8nre to do Goodand cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Remedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE BETTER THAN ALL PILLS,POWDKHS f yUJCK PKKPABATIOMi LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO IK) GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops the great female remedy. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARE BETTER THAN ALL PILLS, POWDERS AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyou’s Periodical Drops ^re ^ur« to do Good and cannot do Hann. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Kemedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARK BBTTKR THAI ALL Pills, Powders and Quack Preparation!. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS -AR* 8CBE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HAKX Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GBEAT FEMALE REMEDY Lyon's Periodica) Drops Ar® better than all Pill*, Powder., Aad Quack Preparation*. j Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Bottle. Tor »*le by *il Dro«*«t*. At whole**!* by W. t Phillips, 11. II. llay k Co., Portland. au*22 eodly CAT AH It II ! -AID NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! CUBED BY INHALING A. Harmless Fluid, or AG BEE ABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT 8YHINOING Of the Head. THE SENSE.OF TASTE AND SMELL KKSTOHEI) I DK. K. GOODALE’S | | CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Goodale has combatted Catarrh until he has . fought it down. It hu been a long war, bat bia tri umph it complete. Through all coming time hi* Ca tarrh Kernedy will be known as tlie only one anti dote for a disease which superficial ut* have declar ed incurable. Cata rli doctors, so called, spring up like mushroons ou all sides, Ihe object of these pock11 practitioners is money. They use dangerous instruments. Th#ir violent manipulations irritate the already inflamed membrane. They never cure. Dr. tioodsle’s treatment is medicinal, not mechani cal. He does not believe in the force-pump system, which is working so much mi-chief, tiis remedy pa>6e* through tho absorbe nts, to the seat of the dis ease, and obliterates it. It does not relieve merely for a day, but for all time. Lastly, it costs a dollar a bottle—no more. Dr. DoAge Aubvm X. Y. After having witnessed tho effects of this Kemedy * ia Catarrh, thus speaks or it;-It i« truly and un conditionally a lietculean specific tor the * hole dis ease. huch au article ought not to be “Lid ucoer a I basket, ” and anv man wLo can invent so truly an auu 111 ■ ii uiru; lur Rum a jobimm) me disease, ought to be const. ered one • f the bene ac tors ot his race, and his name and the etlecta ol his ■dull perpetuated. Yotti* respect lull . I>. L DODGE. A.M. Pli*9 Miles, the well-knotc* Traveller, And whose family phvsician Dr Gooda'e was for many years. sav*—“If br Gcodaie si)* be cau cure Catar.h. heron cure It,** ko. Price f 1 Feud a stamp for a pamphlet. Dr K GlHiDALE'8 tMhceaud Depot . 75. Blocker , «'reet, one door west ol Broadway, New Yoxk. II. H. Uay Agent for Portland. June 2d, 1%3. junr2dly PA KTICI PATIOJS* Portland Mutual Fire Insurance > Company. Thia Company Vill 1'olicea to be (Vee altar tht payment 01 mx. eitfhU.r ton premiums at the option ot the iusured and at rate. a. low aa any other Company. The isaue ot Tree Policlea reudera it at 1 tr »least equal if not auperior to the participation jpnnies. Oihce No.103 Middle St. CHAULES HOLDEN, Free. EHVVaKD SHAW, Sac. h eh 18 d A w tf. SCIOBJH liSSKR*L'l(»rrtC*. I Washing! n Cit'. June.4, H**4. f VVr ANT^D— Surpe* as amt Assintant .'urgeons » T far tk* ihlortil fnijn—i andinate* luu-t b*> Graduate of some Regular Medical Coil*ge, aud must be examiued by a Board ol Medical Bflo rs to bo convened by the burgeou Gereial The Board wi.'l dcte'inine whether the candidate «i I tie ap pointed Surg••on or Assistant burgeou, according to merit At plicati «u* accompanied by one or mor# te«t moriais Bom reap*etable persons. ** to moral character, kc.. should i e addres»cd to the Furgeon ■ General. U. 8. A . VI a-hlngfon. I>. C , or to 'ho As I ststant burgeou General. tT. 8. *.. Louisville, K? Hoards are now in *c*»i .u ar Boston, New Yo k. Washington, Cincinnati, St. lxuis, aud New Or leans. ANo wanted. Hospital Stewards for CM©red Reg i intents. ( andidstes must po»»e-» a ta r English Ed ucation, and be familiar with the com oundiog and dispensing *»f Medleines. Appltca'ious must be made ns in t e c<se of bur, eons an* Assis ant Surgeons : Compensation from *23 00 to «33 00 p«r mouth, with c.othiug, rations, fuel ami quarte s. J08 K HAlt KS, julyl-2a*3m Acting 8urgeon General. American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OK NEW YORK. * Capital #1200.000, Insure Buildings, M et-cknudlae. Iloiise bold Furniture, Kent*. Lrssca, Yr«> a« Is on the Storks, uud otkrr Per sonal Prsierty at me Lsw est rrtes. SAMUEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR.Secretar. EDWARD 811 AW Agent, 102 Middle Street. octJT lveod TH« BOSTON riKU BKICK And Clay Retort Maunfactunug Co., Works, *k*4 federal street, Otlico and Warehouse 18 Libert) Square and 7 Batter) march bt. manufacture tire Brtck, ail shapes aud sixes, for furnaces required to ataud the most iuteu-e heat also Euruacv Blocks and Slabs, Locomotive Fire Blocks. Bakers'Oven and (jrecu-house liies.Clay R -torts aud nece ssary Tiles to set them, Eire Cement, Eire Clay and Kaolin The undersigned will give their spetial attention that al orde rs tor the above manulacture are execu ted with promptness. JAMES E MOM) .ICO. Skllibm A..1ST,, 13 Liberty Square, Boaton. mohll «od6m Kura* ( Imncp, IV) purchase a »toek ■ f Millinery, with r.utofona of the hvatatinda in the c:tv. Vdrro through P.O., JyWtf MILLIN'fcti, Portland. • MEDICAL. MORE TESTIMONIALS ; MitS. MANCHESTER ' is constantly receiving unsolicited testimonials 01 • bo o»:»tithing cures performed by her. Among many recently received are the following, which art commended to the notioe of the afflicted. Mrs Man ohoidv: may be ecuBaRod st No. 11 Clapp’s Block,Keen. Po.fl. A CASK OP SPIRAL DISH ASP VfrIt Tr ij This la to oertiiy that 1 went to see Mrs. Juetbea ter last March with a daughter of mine trot I i.c ... .plnal diseam, for which she bad been doctored tot ato years, and by a number ol physicians of klnda; and she has had twenty-one applications electricity applied, but all to no effect; bat she ooa tinually grow worse. 1 came to the Conclusion, the last resort, to go and see Mrs. Manchester, and did to; and to my groat surprise she told see Slit hrst ol tbe disease, and bow she had been irons Urns to time, which caoouragod me to try her medicines. I did so, and now my daughter is able to be around tbe houso allot tbe time. She also rides tea or Ml. tavn miles without any trouble or inconvenience,and lthiak in a short time the will be restored to perfect health. Since my daughter baa been doctoring, 1 have beard of a great many eases that firs. Miasms ter has cured. 1 thick it say per on dt stries pat ronage, it is tbe ouo who trie, to preserve the t'.ilta of the sick and suffering; and 1 know ths: -I.V ■ every effort whieh lies ta bar pow-r to b nett net patients. Sanaa b. Kkiwsri, Unones i, a , hts, AnnT E, ive.uMre, Sssa Anienm. gnsunci, Maine, Any eat iff, ORE OP THE GREATEST CURES euRpt'CIl Mas. MANCHnsTSR— Dear MadamTbink|p. statement of my case may bs of service te others similarly afflicted, 1 hasten to give it to you. This is briefly my case—I wss taken sick about IS months ago with the UveicComplaint in a very bad form. I applied to four different physicians, but re oetved no beneflt until 1 oalled on yon. At that time I bad given up basinets, and was in a very bad stats, bn: aftertaking your medicine for nihart time I be gan to recover, and in two months I was ivtirtly well, and had gained several pounds o' Stsh, sad oan *ruiy eay that by yonr tkill I am a perfectly heal, mac. Joe urn Davis. Aostcw ♦ Muses Depot, Part toted, Me. t REMARKABLE CURE OF A CASE OF DRO 8T CURRD BY MRS. MANCHESTER. rhi» is to ecrtliy that I hare been cured of th. Dropey of Utleen yean •tandlag by Mrt. Manokei tar. I hate been to phyalciaiu in Uc.toa, Mew ) ork and Philadelphia. They all told me that they ovui 1 do nothing for me, nuioM they tapped me, » .d at sored mo that by tapping I eoold Ute bet a abort tlma. I had made ap toy mind to go home and liva aa long aal eoold with the diaeaae, and then die. Un my way home 1 stayed over night in Portland with a friend of mine, and told them what my mmd w>> n regard to my diaeaae They finally persuaded me to go and aee Mrs. Manohet'er. She examined ms and tald me my oaae exactly. I waa ao much astonished to thick that she told ms sorrectly, that 1 told her that 1 wculu taka her m. dl sines, not haring the least taith that they would mo any good, or that I shield get the al.gbtwt relief from any court j whatever; finally 1 took tl n edl sine and went home. In one week f rom the tin s 1 sommcnced taking the medicine. 1 had ever liras galleaa of water pus me In w.en hours; and my fat* tow aoArsrs may he assort J that It was x great rteel to me. I had not teen able to lie down in bed at night before this for two years. Mow I can lie do** with perfoot case. 1 have taken her medlcinr eight month), and am u well aa any man coals! to bo, and no tigna of dropsy. 1 woo'd aMu that are sick to go and consult ifi a. MancU. even if they have been given np by o;ber ) stcians. I have sent her a numb, r ol eases of or. diseases, and a he has eared them also, tio sad let yonraelras. I had no (aith, bat now my faitu cannot be ahaked Is her skill in toiling and caring dniania. OaaLnab Uainun, Bx AIM E. Hstioi, Msav A. Haa son. Bangor, Marat, April lg. llmca Hocus -From b A M.tlt! f. r. V. aoglT lekoatai edly DK, J. B. HIVHEii , can na nocao at mn PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. i Templr Mr«-el, WHERE he can be corralted t rtvatt li. and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at Ail hour* daily, from *» ▲.M. to 9 r. u. I*r. Li. addresses those who are ratTcring ostler the affliction of private disease, whether aruuig irem impure connection op the ternbie vice ol tc!i-e! use. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, be reels warraite. jU i.n^ AMTUB1XO A CGUftCIN ALL CASK*. Wither of l »0| -landing or receuily contracted, entirely retnovi* the drew of disease from the system, and making perfc cr and PBRMASXJi / CURK. He would call the attention of the afflicted to \ feet of hi* long standing and well earned re pu tailor, funushirngsuffiaieM aaswranoe of hi* »itUl and *uo‘ oem. CAUTlOa TO THE FVBIJC. Every in'el.i/ent and thinking person must know that remedies banded out from general ure thou d have their etticacy established bv well toted expo r^cce in the hands of a regulirly educated pb> i« e:an, who»e preparatory study lit* tit. tor ail tb« duties l»e must fulull; yet the country n* hooded with poor nufitrum* and cure-ads. purporting to be the b.At in the world, which are not only useless, bet al ways injurious 1 he unfortunate should U- pabtio ULau in selecting his physician, as it is a Lnu utahle yet incontrovertablc fact that many syphilitic ap tients are buup miserable with ruined coiistitetioi • by malt real nun t from iue.xpt ricLc< <1 phynciaa- :n Etneral practice; for it in a point get:, ral.'y conceded y the beet synhilogtapb* rw. that tin- Mud) and v in urement of these complaint »tn --id n^ror* the whole t!mo of those who would be competent si d • accessful in their treatment and euro. 1 he itea perieneed general practitioner, having neither op rortnuitv u- r tune to make himacif acquaint* u with Qeirpathology, commonly t Lorneix one ayiteo of treatment, in most cases making as indi*c in 'ate aje of that antiquated and danguruus w«*i on, kl*/« cury. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have oomnl’twJ an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice «f youth, or the stiag Ing rebake of misplaced «un£dencs in tnaurcr years, SEEK FOR AS ANTIDOTE IS SEASON. The Pairs and Ache*, and U-*iud; and T < r -ciu Frostrutiou that may follow Impure ( •. .non, are the Barometer to the wbot §y*tem. Do not wait tor the ccneumraati.'L that is sure tc fol low, do not wait for Unsightly lloera, l„r Disabled Limbs, tor Lo.'S of Pi&aty and Complexion. HOW MAN 1 THOUSANDS CAN TESTIFY TO THIS B T UNHAPPY EXPERIENCE. Young Wen troubled with emi* m s a complaint ge nerally the result ot a lad tal a in you'h, treated scientifically, and a perfect cure * ar footed or no charge made. Uai dly a day pa****- but wv are consult*•: by one cr more young men with the above disease, *on e ol whom are as weak and emaciated e.< though they had the consumption. and by th. ir frienus sutpvse J to have It. Ail such c uwe yield to the pr«» or :»nd only correct course of treatment, aud in a shirt tin.* are made to rejoice tn perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many me# ar tnea^ . . troubled with too frequent evacnaueu* tr<-in tie bladder, often accompanied by a slight smurtti!- of burning sensation, and wtakcniug th* *)*i*»u fB a m«ui.t-r th*.* patient cannot account t or. o» exasn iniug urinary dep sits a row seAteunt will oft. a be lound, and sometime* small particles ot %*uiu r albumen will appear, or the color wi t be of a t? o milkish hue. again changing to a dark and turf id appearance. There are maty ow n who d’e cl tbit difficulty. ignorant of the cause, whir’ M the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. 1 can warrant a perfect cure in such c* - and a full and healthy rtetoratiou of the artaar) o an**. Forvous whocanuot personally consult the Dr., Cm do so by writing in a plain wanner a desert; tu n of their disease, and the appropriate ruuvdit* will be forwarded Immediately. All correspondence strictly oenfidmUiU aud will be returned if desired. Address. DK. J B. Ill1fcttBfc, No. 5 Temple St., fcorner ot Miudlej For. aud. EW*Send Stomp ter -uroular. Eclectic tlcdical Bulirmitry. TO THE LADIES. DK HUGHES particularly invites ail Ladies wht need a medical adviser, to call at bis roMu- No. S Temple Street, which they will fli d arranged foi th"i? especial accommodation Dr. It.’* Eclectic Renovating Medicines art-uurivah led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is -tcci-w aod o«*rtajn of producing relief In a -hort time. a*AD1LN will find it invaluable in al! otiscsoi ob structions aft-rail other rvmcdus hare be^n Tied a rain. It U purely vejeta , the least injurious to the health/and way be taken with perfect safety at all times. Bent to any port oftheoonntrv with tali direeOc as by addre j DR. Ut’G *• r s. No. ft Temple Street corner of Middle Portland. N. B.-LADlK8dsunug may ocuruit one ! -heir own sex. A lady of experience tn oonstiut attend an«*» «anldA«U JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON Are prepar-nl to order at MvorabJc rates, toLT NESS aud GLEN G A KNOCK pia 1n o iv , Al»o, BAR, SHEET, t BOILER PLATE IBOX. of English and Scotch Manufacture. We shalleontinne to receive, in addition to our American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH. SCOTCH, k WELCH FIRE BnoUIi vodtim

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