Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 15, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY P ! 88. VOLUME IV. PORTLAND, MONDAY MORNING. AUGUST 15, 1864 WHOLE NO 656 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T.QIIiMAN, Editor* published at No. 62* 1LICIJ ANCE BIKE* I, by N • A. FOSTER A CO. Ihi Portland Daily PRaesispablishedatfS.OO per year. hinifle copies three cent^. 1*hk M ai m k .StiTi Pkkshis published every Thure* day raoru.:;g,at ei2.0ti per annum, in advance; 92.26 if paid within -ix months; and 92.60,if payment be delayed beyond the year. Kateaof Advertising: One inch ol apace in length of column, constitute# a ‘'SyllARS." •1.60 per square daily flrpt week; 76 cents per week alter: three insertions or less, 91.00; continuing eve* tj other day alter drat week, 60 cents. Half square, three insoriions or loss 76 oecte; one week, 91.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head of Ampsimksts, ¥2.00 per square per w»*ok , throe insertions or leM, *1,60. HrhoiiL Notice*, 91.76 per square first week, Sl,uu per square alter; three iu*.rtkns or less, *1 26; half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one w.ek, •1.26. Advertisement* inserted in tho Mains Statu PnuaH < which has a large circulation in every part of the State, for 50 ceuta per square*in addition to the Sbcvi rates, for ecch insertion. Legal Noticx* at ssuai rates. Transient ad v-rtieeAent# must be paid forin ad* vaace Bijsins#-* Nones*, in reading oolumns. 12 cent# per line lor one insertion. No charge lose than fifty cento lor eaoh insertion. CF^Ailoonununications intended for the paper should be directed to the • Kdit >r qftke JV«**,f* and these of a busine** character to the I'ullitkert. UF'Jub Printing ot every description executed wiindisyatoh. Monday Morning, August 15, 1864. The Public Debt of England. BY T. B. MACULAY. On the 15th of December, 1692, the House of Common, resolved itself iolh a Committee of Way. aud Means. It was proposed to raise ±11,000,000 by way of loan; the proposi tion was approved. Such was the origin of that debt which has since become the greatest prodigy that ever perplexed the sagacity and couiouuded the pride of statesmen aud philosophers. At every stage in the giowth of that debt, it has been seriously asserted, by wise men, that bankruptcy aud ruin were at hand. Yet still the debt weut on growing, aud still bankrupt cy and ruin were as remote as ever. Wbeu the great contest with Louis XXV. was ter minated by the peace of Utrecht, the Naliou owed about $50,000,000; aud that debt was considered not merely by the rude multitude, not merely by fox-hunting squires and coffee house oratois, but by acute and profound thinkers, a. au incumberance which would permanently cripple the body politic. Never theleas trade flourished, wealth increased, the Nation became richer. Then came the war of the Austrian succession, and the debt rose to I'SO.OOU.UOO. Pamphleteers, historians and orators pronounced that now, at all events, the case was desperate. Vet the sigus ol in creasing prosperity, signs that could neither be counterfeited nor concealed, ought to have satisfied obsefvant and reflecting men that a debt of £S0,090,0U0 was less to the England which was governed by Pelham than a debt of £50,000,000 had been to the England which was governed by Oxford. Soon war broke forth, and, under the energetic and prodigal admiui-tration of the first William Pitt, the debt rapidly swelled to £140,000,000. As soon as the first intoxication of victory was over, men of theory and men of business almost unanimously pronounced that the fatal day had now really arrived. The only statesman, indeed, active or speculative, who did not share in the general delusion, was Edmund Burke. David Hutne, undoubtedly one of the most profound political economists of his time, declared that 'our maduess bud exceed ed the madness of the Crusaders.’ Richard Cueur de Lion and St. Louis had not gone in the face of arithmetical demonstration. It was impossible to prove by flgnres, that the road to Paradise did nut lie through the lloly Land; but it was possible to prove by figures that the road to national ruin was through the nai.ouai debt. It was idle, however, now to talk about the road; we had had reached the goal, all was over. Ali the revenues of the Island North of Trcntand West of Reading, were mortgaged. Better for us to have been conquered by Prussia or Austria thau to be •addled with the interest of a debt of £140, 000,000. And yet this great philosopher, for such he was, bad only to open his eyes and to see im provemeut ail around him—cities increasing, cultivation extending, marts too small for the crowd of buyers and sellers; harbors insuffi cient to contain the shippiug; artificial rivers joining the chief inland seals of industry to the cheif seaports; streets better lighted; houses better furnished; richer wares exposed Jor sale in statelier shops; carriages rolling along smoother roads. He had, indeed, only to compare the Edingburg of his boyhood to the Ediugburg ol bit old age. His predic tions remain to posterity a memorable in stance of the we&kuess from which the strong est minds are not exempt. Adam Smith saw a little, and but a little lurther. He admitted hat, immense as the burden was, the Nation id actually sustain it and thrive under it in a way that nobody could have foreseen. But he warned his country in su not to repeat to haz/.ardoui an experiment The limit had beeo reached. Even a small increase might be fatal. Not less gloomy was the view which George Grenville, a minister eminently diligeut and Sraetical,took other financial situation. The ation must, he conceived, sink uuder a debt of £120,000,000, unless a portion of the load was borne by the American colonies. The attempt to lay a portion of the load on the American colonies produced another war. That war left us with an additional £100,000 000 debt, aud without the colonies, whose help bad been represented as indispensable. Again England was given over, and again the strange patient persisted in becoming strong er and more blooming in spite of all the diag nostics and prognostics of state physicians. As she had been visibly more prosperous with a debt of £1400,00,000 than with a debt of £50,000,000, so she wav visibly more prosper ous with a debt ol £240,000.090 thau with a debt of £140,000,009. li the most eulighten ed man had been told, in 1702, that in 1815 the interest on £890,009,000 would be duly paid to the day at the batik, he would have been as hard of belief as if lie lud been told that the Government would be iu possession of the lamp of Aladdin or the purse of For tuuatus. It was in truth a gigantic, a fabu lous debt; and we can hardly wonder that the cry of despair should hare been louder than ever. But again that cry was found to be as unreasonable as ever. After a few years of exhaustion, England recovered her aall V«a# Ills.. A _I.... J . continued to whimper that he was dying of consumption till he became so fat he was shamed into silence, she went on complain ing that she was sunk in poverty till her wealth showed itself by tokens that made her complaints ridiculous. The beggared, the baukrupl society uot only proved itsell able to meet all its obligations, but while meeting these obligations its growth could almost be discerned by the eye. In every country we saw wastes recently turned into gardens; in every city we saw new streets and squares and markets, more brdliaul lamps, more abundaul supplies of water; in the suburbs of every great seat of industry, we saw villas multiplying last, each embosomed in its gay little paradise of lilac and roses. While shallow politicians were re peating that the energies of the people were Lome down by the weight of public burdeus, the first journey was performed by steam on a railway. Soon the Island was intersected by railways. A sum exceeding the whole amount of the uational debt at the end of the American w ar was, in a few years, voluntari ly expended by this ruiued people in viaducts, tunnels, embankments, bridges, 6laliuus, en gines. Meanwhile taxation was almost con alanily becoming lighter; yet etill the ex chequer was full. It may UOw be atti tned without fear of contradiction, that we find it as easy to pay the interest on eight hundred millions, as our ancestors found it a century ago to pay the interest on eighty millions. It cau hardly be doubted that them must have been some great fallacy in the notioi » of those who uttered, and of those who be lieved, that long succession of confident pre dictions so signally falsified by a long succes sion of indisputable facts. To point out that fallacy is the office rather ol the political economist than of the historian. Uero it is sufficient to say that the prophets of evil were under a double delusion. They errone ously imagined that there was an exact auolo gy between the case of an individual who is in debt to another individual, and the case ol a society which is In debt to a part of itself: and this analogy led them into endless mis takes about the effect of the system of fund ing. They were under an error no less seri ous touching the resources of the coun try. They made no allowance lor the eflec produced by tbo incessant progress ol ever' experimental science, and tbe incessant el" forts of every man to get on In life. Thu. saw that the debt yrew, and foraot that oth er things grew as well as the debt. The Organ of the British Navy on Captain Semmes. The following letter and editorial comment are taken from the Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle, the organ of the ldritisli uavy. The questions aud remarks speak foi themselves. They show what is thought by houorable British oflicers 01 the action o Captain Semmes aud ol those who supporl him: “We could scarcely believe our ears, aiic can hardly yet believe our eyes, when wi learned that a natal officer was busy with a subscription list (to which the name of a British Admiral was affixed, with his own] cauvassiug lor others for the purpose of pre senting a sword to Captain (semmes. There it no accounting for taste or obliquity of vision and here are some questions, the answers ol which will serve to place the subject in a fait light But let uot the officer of volunteers suppose that such a measure was that of the royal navy. “ ‘Carlisle. “‘Sir:—I see by the Morning Host that certain officers of her Msjesty’s navy propose to present a sword to Captain Semmes, in place of the one which, according to the. ac count of one ofdiis oflicers, he threw into the sea that it might not become the trophy of bis victor. “As a volunteer officer, desirous of being instructed in the code of honor, aud looking respectfully to the naval service as perhaps the highest authority on the subject, 1 would like to ask one or two questions: 1. Had Captain Semmes, after having surrendered his ship, any right to throw liis sword into theses? Of course it is a very unpleasant thing for a man to give up his sword; but is it, or is it not, a part of tIre etiquette of lionor tiiat ho should do so? If it Ire, (heu 1 would submit to these gallant officers that it is to Captain Winslow that the sword should be presented. 2. When a man surrenders Iris ship, does he not surrender himself And has he a right, after having done so, to make his own escape ? “I might ask a third question: Does the possession of sixty chronometers, taken from defenceless merchant ships, constitute a naval hero uow-a-days ? I trust that these gallant officers will pause in their designs till they have answered all these questions satisfacto rily. I am. &e., “‘An Officer ok Voi.vntkkrs.’” £)ROPOSALS FOR MATERIALS FOR THE NAVY. Navv Dspaetmcn*. Bleeai op EqripauutT and RxcacmNO, July ISth, 1864 SEALED PROPOSALS to furnish materials for the Navy, for the year euding 80th June, 1864, will be re ceived at the tSurvwu of Equipment and Recruiting, until the thirteenth day of August next, at ten o'clock A. M , when tile bids will be opened, without regard to any accidental detention of mails or other cause*. The material* and articles embraced iu the classes luuued are particularly described in the printed sched ule, any of which will )>e furnished to such as desire to offer, '-n application to the commandant# of the re spective yards, or to the nary agent nearest thereto, and those of ail the yards upon application to the Bu reau. lhis division into classes l«eing for the conve nience of dealers on each, such portiou* only will be furnished as arc actually required for bids The com luundaut and navy agent of each * tat ion will, iu addi tion to the achedu e of classes at their own yards, have a copy of the schedule# of the other yards for examina tion only, from which it may be judged whether it will be desirable to make application for auy of the classes of those yards. Offers must be made for the whole of the class at any yard upon one of the printed schedules, or in strict con formity therewith, or they will not be considered In computing the classes, the price stated in the column of prices will In; the standard, and the aggregate of the class will be carried out according to the prices stated It is requested of bidders to avoid erasures and substi tution of figures, and to see that the amounts arc cor rectly carried out. The contract* will be awarded to the lowest bona jirft bidder who gives proper security for its fulfilment. The bureau reserve* the right to reject ail the Wds for any class, if drained exorbitant. All articles must be of the very best quality, to be de livered in the nary yards iu good or h r. and in suitable vessels and parkages. properly marked with the name of the contractor, as the case may be. at the expense and risk of the contractor, and in ail respects subject to the inspection, measurement, couut, weight, nc., of the yard where received, and to the entire satisfaction of the couimaudaut thereof. Bidders aro referred to the couini&ndaut of the respec tive yards for samples, instruction*, or particular daaerip tiou of the articles, and all other thiug* being equal, preference will be given to articles of Ainericau manufac ture. Every offer, a# required by law of 10th August. 1846, tuu-t be accomi>auieu by a written guaranty, the form of which is hereinafter given, and a’so by a certificate signed by the collector of internal revenue for tiie district in which he resides that he has a license to deal in the arti cles which he proposes to furnish; or by an affidavit sign ed hv himself and sworn to before some magistrate au thorizad to administer such oath, that he i# a manufac turer of, or regular dealer in, the articles he offer* to sup ply, and has a license a* such manufacturer or dealer. Those Only whose offer* may be accepted, will be noti fied, and the contract will be forwarded as soon there after a* practicable which they will be required to exe cute within ten days after its receipt at the post office or nary agenev nafhed by them. Tiie contract* pill bear date the day the notification is given and deliveries can be demandeJ. Sureties in the full amount will be required to sign the contract and tiietr responsibility certified toby a United States district judge, Uuited States district attorney, col lector, or navy agent. As additional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until the contract shall have been completed; and eighty per ccutuin of each bill, approved iu triplicate by the commandants of the respectiveyards, will be paid by the navy agent at the points of delivery—unless requested by the contractor to lie paid at another navy agency — wijhiu ten days after warrant.* shall have been pa#s*-d by tbo Secretary of the Trea ury. It is stipulated in the coutract that if default lie made by the parties of the first part iu delivering ail or any of of the articles tuehtinned in any rla.*» bid for in the con tract. or the quality at such time aud places above pro vided then, and in that case the contractor and his sure ties will forfeit and pay to the United States a sum of money not exceeding twice the amouut of such class, which may be recovered from time to time, according to the art of Congress, in that case provided, approved March 3 1846. No bids for more than one yard must be enclosed in one envelope, aud the same must be dietinctiy endorsed on the outride. “Proposals for Materials for the Navy, for the Navy-yard at (uarne the yard)," and addressed “To the Chief of the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, Navy Department, Washington, D. C." FORM OF OFFER, Which, from a firm, must be signed by all the members. I.-, of-, in the State of-, hereby agree to furnish and deliver in the respective nary yards all the arfirle* named in the classes hereto annexed agreeably to the provisions at the schedule# therefor, and iu con formity with the advertisement of tiie Bureau of Equip ment and Kecruitiog, dated July 18th, 1864. Should my offer be accepted, I request to be addressed at -, and the contract sent to the navy ageut at-, or to -. for signature aud certificate. (Signature.) A B. Date. ” IUHHW. The schedule which the bidder enclose* must be pasted to thi* offer, and each of them signed by him. Opposite each art Lie in the schedule the price must bend, the amount In* carrird out, the aggregate tooted up for each class, and the amount likewise written in words. If the purties who bid do not reside near the place where the ar tieies are to be delivered, they must uamc in their offer a )ier*ou to whom orders on them are to be delivered. FORM OF GUARANTY. The underrigued,-, of-, in the State of and-, at-, In the State of-, hereby guar antee that in cue the foregoing bid of-for any of the damn* therein named be accepted, he or they will, within ten days after the receipt of jhe contract at the post office named, or navy agent designate*], execute the contract for the same with good and suffideut sureties, and in cam* tee Raid-sliall fail to enter Into contract, a* afbreaoid, we guarantee to make good the difference be twweu the offer of the Raid-and that which may be accepted. ISiiguature* of two guarantees.) C. D E F. (Date.) Witness. I hereby certify that the above named-are known to me a* men of property, and able to make good their guaranty. (Signatare.) G. H. (Date, i To he signed by the United State* District Judge. Uni ted State* District Attorney, Collector, or Navy Agent. The following are the dasse* required at the respec tive navv-yard*: KITTERY—MAINE, No. 1. Flax C anra* and Twine; No. o. SjH-rm MI; No. 7. (.looking U tonaiU; No. 10. Leather No 11, Leath er llose;No 13 Lantern*; No. 18 Tallow; No 22. Station ery ; No. 23. Hardware; No 24, Ship Chand ery . No 27, Drv Good*; No, 29, Firewood; No. 81, Tar Oil, and Neat' foot Oil. CH A RLE?TO WX—M ASS ACHUSETTS No. I, Flax Canvaa and Twine; N. 5. SpiTui Oil; No. 7 funking Utensils; No. 8. Stove*; No, 10, Leather; No. 11 Luailn-r Hose; No. 12, Ox Hide* for Rope; No. 13. Slice Iron No. 1*' Soap and Tallow; No 2“, Brushes; No. 22 Stationery; No. 23. Hardware No. 24, Ship Chandlery No. 26, Copper Wire; No. 37, Dry Good*, No. 29, Fire wood; No 31, Whale, Tar, and Neatsfoot Oil BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. No. I, Flax Canvaa ami Twine; No. 8, Iron Nall* Sheave Rivet*, etc.; No. 4, Tin Zinc, etc.; No, 5, Sneru Oil; No. ti. White Line, Ash. Black Walnut, etc.; No 7 Cooking Utensils; No. 8, Stove* and Cooking Caboose* No, 10, Leather; No 11, L atber Hose; No 12. lignum vita*; No 13 Lantern* and lamp*; No 18 Soap and tallow No *j» Brushes; No 22 Stationery ; No 23«il^r*lwarv . No 2< Ship Chandlery ; No 27 Dry Good*; No 29 Firewood; Ni 31 Neatefoot Oil. P111 LA DELPHI A. PENNSYLVANIA No 1 Flax Canvaa* and Twine; No 5 Sperm Oil, No CookingUtendl*; No lo Leather; No 11 lather lio*e; N< •” *'“1 Tallow j No 2 ' Brushes, No 22 Stationery ; Ni Z- rLYvWSre' “4 Ship Chandlery ; No 27 Drv Good* No 29 Firewood; No 31 Tar Oil and Neatsfoot Oil. v. , , WASHINGTON, D. C. No Canvass and twine; No 4 Tin and Zinc. No I Sperm Oil, No 8 St«r„ »„,J booking faboos.*: No ll Leollmr; Nu 12 Uamgmirit. No 18 Lootcrul, No 18 Soo: omllallow.No A Urunbes. N0 22 Stationery; No Z lUrJo-tre. No 21 Sblp Chandlery; No 25 Cooper Wire No 83 Gallery Irou, No St Chain Iron No 80 Waluut. Uakog&uy A»h, No 38 Ingott Goppoi jfio u«i» MISCELLANEOUS. BROCKS!EPER’S PATENT Gas Regulator! I^XCI.UblVE Anaajr for the tale of the Roe . ulator in I’ortland No. 102 Inutile turret, up .txirs. Edwar.i Shaw Sole Agent This now article for public f.vor will tave So percent, to the consum er any gas burner now In use: 24,000 hate been told in New England since January las . This is not a regulator to he affixed to the meter, all euch have fatted, but is attached immediately under eacbburu er tip, and is a part of, and an ornament to, the gas fixture ittelf. t he particular ahilenest and tteadi ness oi the light produced —because of the exact proper combustion—astonishes all who have seen it, while thepositirefact of ohtaluieg the imprornl . "Wf,**‘reduced expense neeri only be inreatigated it tlu» office to ensure the confidence of the most skeptical. The regilator is a perfect ‘tell tale” on the exact amount of gas ui'ed N o pressure attain* d by the Gas Company affects it disadvantageously in the h ast; lias Companies all recomim ud it because ! gives entire satisfaction to consumers, hence their number of consumers are increased Retail price SOceutseach. Tne article will be adjusted for con sumacs immediately (requiring but a few moments time) aud if uot suited will bo taken off free of ex pense. EDWARD SHAW, l(f2 Miildle Street, vp stain. We Lave this day appointed Edward Shaw sole vender aud agent tor Brocksieper’s I'atent Regula tor in Portland: all orders lor the goods must be made through him. HULL & GOODELL. Below we give certificates ot the high estimation of the Regulator in other places where it is now in use: Dover. July 18,1861. Messrs. Hull If Ooodell:—The Directors of the Dove*- Gas Light Corny any, after a full and thorough examination aud test of "Brocksieper Gas Regula tor,” have ordered me to purchase one hundred dollars ,worlh of the same, which I have this day done, and hav.-* also received for said company the exclusive agency for raid goods in and for tne city of Dover. Yours, truly, JONAS D. TOWNSEND, bup. Dover Gas Lt. Co. Certificate from the gas fitter of the Mills, etc., at Lowell, Mass. Lowbll, Mass . July 11.1864. Messrs. H*ll k Hood ell:—An experience of many years in the gas fitting business has often suggested to me the great value of an improvement whereby the pressure of gas might be regulated at the join* of consumption. Mauy and fruitless attempts have from time to time been made to place regulators at the meter. Experience has shown that all such at tempts have proved failures 1 have also seen and used in mv bu-iness nearly all the so-called improve ments in burners, wherein that which vom have ac complished has been attempted, but always failed. After a careful examination and a thorough test of your Gas Regulators—which are attached immedi ately uuder each burner as a part of the gas fixture— l am fully convinced that your improvement is a de cided sueoess, the light is improved in brightness and m i*s illuminating power, while the expense sa* ed to the consumer is full 30 per cent The combustion is perfeet, hence the improvement must be adopted as a matter of economy, as well as the luxury of a good and steady light. I cheerfully recommend it to the trade and to all consumers of gas Yours, Ac., H. R. BARKER. jy28 dtf Gas Fitter, 8 Central Street. The Celebrated Indian Doctor, Joseph. Saukabasm, WILL be in Portland lrom thia date for two week*, lie Dow live* iu Cape Elizabeth, just over the Bridge, where he cau be consulted by pa tients. The following are sone of the numerous testimo nials o! hi* cure* ItKXl'KB. July 8. 1849 To WHOM it MAY com;urn.—This will cer*ify that I had a very severe attack of the Rheumatism iu my hip. I tried various mean* to cure it, but it grew worse and worse for about three months, when 1 applied to Dr. Joseph 6aukaba»in. one of the Pe nobscot tribe of Indian*, who cured me entirely and in a very short time, and 1 have Merer been troubled with it since, and I feel it due to him and to the community to lecommcud him as a *afe and tfkiliful physician. BENJAMIN SNOW. Camden, August 16. 1662. This will certify that I was afflicted for over thirty year* with a Scrofulous Humor in my leg and I applied to four or five ph> siciaus and got no rel ef uutil 1 fell in with Joseph baukabasin, and he gave, me one bottle of medicine and cured me soil has troubled me none since. My daughter Hannah wa afflicted with a Cough and Spitting of Blood, and by taking his mediciue wa* cured. 8YLVASUS COOMB8. l’o.tlaud, August 11. 1864.—tf JUST RECEIVED I ROLLINS & RONO, Having refitted their store and received a large assortment of ELEGANT STYLES C LOTUS! ARK PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Custoners. Also, • Clothing & Furnishing Goods, In Orcat Variety, -AT 95 NLiddle Street. may9tf UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. IXCOKl’OKATED by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organ tied, 1848. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, 68 Stale Street, .... Ronton, Ma.s President—HR SR Y CROCKER Vice-President—DAS 1EL SHaHP. Secretarg— IV H HOLLISTER. U. G. WILSON, Central Mesneiger of Agencies in the'New England States. Assets. 31«f December, 1863, SS.’ili,OSS.41 Lenses Paid to date, 4l}.70,0e10.<>0 Dividend Paul in Cash to date, S.ldO.Mlu.OV Til HIS Company otti-rs peculiar advantage, toper A ,on» intending to insure tneir lives, in its palely and stability, acquired iu its turn tun ) ears’ experi ence; in which, (without its capital of Sl'V'.OOO.Iamount* to overtbreenjuartersot a million of dollars, being more than two hundred thousand dollars iu i-acoss of its liabilities I or t lie reinsurance of allout-stauding risks; iu tbe facilities presented ili it* ACeommodatillF S\ ntf>m nf »i»v Inniils nf neami um*; iu the large number, diversifi* d conditions and occupations, various age* aud localities ©1 lives in sured, giving the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the laws of average mortality, and the am plest guaranty to the in*urtd for the benefit* there of; in the division of profit-, the annual apportion ment of whitflj having tor the pa»t fourteen years averaged Forty ptr Cent, of the premium* paid. Policies are issued upon all the plats usual with Life Insurance Companies, and at as low rates as is consistent with a view to tquity and solvency. Parties desiring Agencies in iown* where the cbm pauy have none, aud those wishing Traveling Agen cies within the *ew England blaits. will apply to G. 11 WILSON, State Street, Boston, giving such reference, or information as to age, present aud p -r business, as wi 1 enable him to term judg ment it regard thereto. Junel4d3m Copartnership Notice, -AND BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT TilHE subscribers having on the 7th day of May A formed a copartnership under the name of McCartlw ic Bern, a 7 For the purpose of carrying ou the i- BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS In all its branches, aud having all the facilities for get'iug up first class work for geutlemeu and ladies, wear, are now ready to execute all order* with neat ues-aud dispatch Our work will be made of the best of imported dock, by the best of workmen, and warranted to give perieet satisfaction. It is our aim that cur worl: shall net be stx’oud to any in the Unit ed State*. Wo have also completed a stock of ready-uud work ot the liret quality, fur Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children's Wea Selected from New York and Boston market! Our Ladies* work is from the celebrated Burts Manufactory of New York k or Gent lomen's wear we have the best assortment ever offer# d for sale in this city; such as tine French Patent Lather Boots; Glove < alt ami <alf ( ou gross for gentlemen's wear; Patent Leather ( ou gres*. and ( alt Congress Balmoral, and i tv Flench Buckle Boots. Have you seen the new style CRIMPED-FRONI BUC KLE BOOT, now' made by Met ur»hy & Per ry? For neatness, comfort and beauty, it 'surpasses anything ever got up in this city. Call and see it; samples alwa} s ou hand at the old stand of M Mc Carthy McCarthy & bekit v, No. 90 Exchange Street. juncldtl i Nmlre. 111KKKBY give notice that I have thi, day given toy ,on. Joseph M Stkolt, hi, time from thi, date aud will claim none of hia earning,, nor pay anything for hi, support, or any delt, of h-, con tractinghereafter. WII-LIAM STHOIT. Gorham July 29th, 1864. jy80d8w* MISCELLANEOUS. IS open Day and Evening, tor a Thorough Business Education. Located 1$5(). Hanson Block, Middle St., No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United States ,no Principal has had 20 years experience; is always on the spot, aud attends to his business; and prom ises, as during the past 12 years, uo pains shall be •pared in tho ftoture. Five hundred references of the tirst class busiues* men, with many others of this city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, aud citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be devotod to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing aud I will guarantee to you success. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in struction given. Students can enter any time. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that i desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course. | in either Book-Keeping. Navigation. Commercial j Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En i gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching trcm printed copies and I Text Books will be avoided please call, or address the Principal. R. N. BROWN. Portland. Oct.2.1868. oc29 eodAeowly 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh M. 3?hinney, WOULD inform his frinds and former customers that he has taken the Store No. 126 Exchange Street, when* he intends to carry on the Stove mid Furnace Business, In all its branches. S COVES, of all kinds, of the newest and most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. KF*Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change for new. Stoves, Ranges. Iukxacss. and Tin War* repaired at short notice, In a faithful manner. Grateful for former patrouage, he hopes by strict attention to business, anil fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public favor. may 23d tf ALDRICHS PATENT W ater Elevator ! AI*ATEN r combining more good and lets bad qualities than any oti er fixture in use for house wells. Don’t fail to tee it before you buy any pump °fn!*wer DOW*'1 u*e work* so easily that a ebnd tight years’ old can draw with it. It is low priced; it leaves nothing in the water to injure it; it does not freefte; it is simple; It is not likely to get out of order. I he bucko has no valve and empties itself. \ ou have your well all open or cov ered at pleasure, and is just such a simple lixture as every man needs who values pure water for family use. &F*Drawer* and Town and County Rights for talc by BOYNTON A HIGGINS, 13 aud 15 Warren Market, Portland. jyIAd3m s. BLOOD, 8ucce*»or to George Anderson, No. 317 Congress Street, Portland, Signor Anderson's Hoop Skirt Depot, KEEPS constantly on band a complete assort mi nt of HOOP SKIRTS, of every size and length, made of the best materials and warranted to give perfect satisfaction. Also on baud a full assortuieut ot Corsets and Skirt Supporters, of the most popular mak e. both oieign aud domes tic, with other article, properly belonging to a Hoop Skirt store. Hoop skirts made to order, and re pairing done at short notice. Parties dealing with this establishment may rely upon getting good# of the very best quality and at price, as low as a really good article can be afforded. Portland, July 6.18dt. J6w GRANT S COFFEE & 8PIc¥lttILLs! ORIGINAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. G-RANT, Wholepal? Dealer in all kimlsof COFFEE, SPICES, $ala>rutus A tronni Tartar, AVtc Coffee and Spice SItllt, 13 and 16 Union street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spices fut up'or the trade, with any address, in all variety ot packages, and warranted at represented. Codec roasted aud ground for the trade at snort notice. tST~ All gcods entrusted at the owner’s risk. march lOdtf Ag>v Ntcinu Mill, Eootol Cross, between Fore k Commercial Sts. WINSLOW, DOTEN & CO., WOULD inform their former customers aud the * v public general v. that they hire Htt.d up their Auw Mid wflfli New Machinery, and am now ready to do Planing. Matching and Jointing, also Sweep and Circular Sawing, IK' od Turning, gr. We have in operation oue of Messrs. Cray k Wood's new improved Plane rg. for PLANING OCT OF WIND. It will plane with the greatest accuracy from I iuch in thickness to 12 inches square. Also AN EDGES FIFTY FEET LOXG, For .awing htavy plank aud edging boards. Particular attention given to planing Ship knees. Clapboard?, aud heavy Timber. For the accommoda'tlou old, alers aud other, hav tug large lot- of board* to plane, we have in connec tiou with the mill 17,(00 {quart* feet of yard room. Jyli*codtf John kiiiMiuan, Gr A S FITTER, —AUD— Dealer in Due Fixtures, And Gas & Kerosene looking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine aud te.t these new inventions, which are highly recommended for summer use. NO. 65 UNION STREET. Portland, June H.—eodSm PROVOS r SI A KSHAI.’S OFFICE ) hrst District State of Maine, J N. . I'oaTaKu, July 13,1864. ) OiK Ei* hereby giveu that any penou t n ruled may appear before the Board of Enrolment and claim to have hi* name stricken off the list, ii ho can show to the (satisfaction of the Board that ho is not properly euruled on acoouut of l«t— Alienage. 2d—Non-Beside nee. 3d—Over Age. 4th —derma nut Phjaical Disability,of.uch degree •• to render the person not • proper subject for en rolment under the laws aud regulations that the examination refined to above may not lutertvre with tile daily routine ol oltice business t he hours for . xamiualion will he from 10 A SI. to 12 M. and from 2 to 4 P. si. CHARLES U. DOL’CHTY, Capt aud Provost Slarshal. CITY OK PORTLAND. l SI a volt’s Oyricg, ' July 1S64. \ 1 he special attention of our citizens is called to the above notice of the Provost Marshal. It should be the duty of all those woo are exempt from draft from eitli.r of the cau&eti mentioned, to apply in ix*r son and have tie ir nam. ■* taken from the .ist. iu or uer that w hen the ijuotaa for the Jiafi are appor tioned. the number to be drawn will be based upon those who only are liable to enrolment. julyUd3tawlm JACOB McLELLAN, Major. For the Island**. . - Du and after June 13tht ticsteimrr ASCO will until further notice , Burnham’s Wharf, for Peak’s and Cushing's Islands at9 and 10.30 A. SI, and 2 au.13 30 p S! Iteturuiug will leave Cushing’s Island at»..t|and 11 16 A M.. and 2 45 aud 5.15 I’ SI. Tlokets2acents, down aud back; Children loots. June 9— dll . DK. O. U. RICH, SURGEON DENTIST, NO. 145 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND. (Opposite fool of Krce Street,) Having fitted up the above named rooms, he would he happy to wait on all who may wish for the ser vices of a skillfbl Dentist Jtrerg krancti often tittrn wi l receive careful attention, and perfect sat. isfaction will bewartantod. jy2f. d8m Nolitc. 1SHK Stockholders of the Westbrook Slanulactur . ingCo are hereby notllied that their annual meeting lor the choice of ofheers, aud the transac tion of any other business which mayconic before them, will be holder at ttie oltice ot the subscriber, in Portland nu Tuesday Die 23d day of Aug . 1864, at 3 o’clock P. SI KKNSELLAKK CRAM. Aug 2—dlaw3w Clerk. rrjfbiiiK Academy. ^1^^ Term of thin Institution will commence " EDNE8DA V. September 7, lSnV4. aud will continue eleveu week*. Mr. Edwin E A nitron*, Principal. Mr. Ambrose i* a recent g-aduate of L>art mouth t ollege, aud la tighly recommended as a scholar, teacher aud geutlcmcn .. . T, I>. B. SEW ALL. Secretary. ! Irychurg, July 26,1864. j)29dlwfc*2w ' BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. J. J3. Libby, MANUFACTURER OF Paper Boxes, Ol every description, such as Shoe Boxes, Jeadrv Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes. Shelf Boxes, CoDcbological Boxes, PowderBoxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, 4c. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portland, Me. Juneld3m Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, i LutherDan., ) Portland, Woodbury Dana. J __ John A. S. Dana ) MdillC. __ Juneldtf •T. Smitli cto Oo., MANUFACTUBKRSOF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Loob Strip,, Bolt Leather Bid, ud Sides, LEATHEU TP'UJilXOS, fc-, Hanaon’s Bloch, 144 Middle 8t.. Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. SI. Brxwxk, (jnld3m, D F. Novae JOU% T. KOUEltNA tO.' Oomraiseion Merchants, AND WHOLMALH I'SALRRS IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 01 Commercial Street, C Baa. Tt" Bogeni. } PORTLAND. ME. _ juntldSm ~\V hole sale, and Retail. L. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AND MAMUFACTUBXU OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No. 33 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. __ juneldtl CHAS. J SCHUMACHER^ Fresco and Banner Painter, No. l t*t Micidle Street, PORTLAND, MR. I3T* Work executed in every part of the State. juneltf RUFU8 DURHAM, Manufacturer and Whuk-salc Dealer in B RITA'NNIA —AMD— Plated Ware, Ah. 218 Fore street, Portland Maine. Portlaud, May 17th, 1864. maylTdtl M G. WEBB & CV Wholesale Dealers in Flour, \0. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apU PORTLAND, MK. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., Maaii'rAOTL'KaitR or Japan. White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ground Colors, AMD DKALBUa IM Drugs IJedicines, Pa nts, Oils 4c Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, Xo. 29 Munjoy St., Oftce & Snlnroonia, SO Cauiuercial Si., (Thomas Block.) Hkmba Q Bubo ess, dadti up Cuablms a. Fobbs. mklLl.iD, Mb. _ maylSdtf BLAKE, JOAE8 A CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS,' And He rer« of Western and C udiau Produce, 187 Commercial Street, • - . Granite Block. Charles Blake. \ Henry A. Joued, J PORTLAND. K. W. Oage. ) _ juneldtf JOHN LYNCH <t~CO., | Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Commercial street, (Opposite head Widgerjr Wharf,) John Lynch, ) Pel** Barker. [ PORTLAND, ME. chow. Lynch ) jnneldtf BOLE A MOODV, QRXRRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And holesale Dealers in FLOUR, CORN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Commerc'al 8t, Andrew T. Dole. I nftRT, .vn Franklin C. Moody, J 10RTLAND, MK. __ juneMOm LWi; A LITTLE, Who’etude Dealers A Foreign and Domestic Dry Gooda, AMD W oolonSy Ni o. l‘A'J Middle street, A. Ut"!;.} PORTLAND, ME. E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Stieet, - • Portland, Me. 5•ST*Cariiages and {sleighs on hand and made to °r<1'T • JlitlMtf C. F. K1IBALL, M AM"/AtTURKR OF Carriages and Sleighs, Prebl«* street, (Near Preble House,) PORTLAND, ME. Salt Rooms, lid and lit Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. juoeltf Sales \ Sales \ \ FOR SALK AT JAMES BAILEY & CO., Saddlery Hard-Ware Dealers, 102 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND,.ME. __ JylMta 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commission .QmliaiMe, A»d dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Commercial street. Portland, May loth. 1364 maylOdtr Law 1’urtiM‘itiiip. HOWARD A CLEAVES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Office 01 Middle Si.,over Ctuco Hunk, PORTLAND, ME. JOSEl-H HOWtHU. MATHAJ. ClUVO. JylSdiwSro • To Carpenters and the Public ! A NEW ARTICLE. " hilnsore** ft'ntrnt lilind Patlrarr nutj Handle i'atu blued. BEING a thoroughly effective fastening, and a handsome, couxenient handle, at d m they cap* not be opened from the outs de, are so far, proteo* turn airainat thieves) its me preventing the dirtying of hands or breakiug of linger nails in opening or closing blind*. They are Japanied green, and can be put ou old or new blinds by auy person in five miuutes. For sale by ah Hardware men. Whole* rale Depot 16 Winter street, Rosto.i G. D. WHITMORE. htoraol Whitney Brothers. junelwSn BUSINESS CARDS. HKADLEV, MOl'LTON k ROGERS Wholuali Dkalkrb m Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial atreet, Thcmaa Block, BOBRRT BRALKT, ) e.«. MO0LTVK, j PORTLAND, ME. A. G. ROGBUB. ) _ maySdtf W. W. CARR & CO., Haring taken the Fruit Store formerly occupied t <*. SAWYER. Vo. 9 Exchange (Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well *elooted «tock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! WbolMBie md Kutaii S.race dm, L.»bi.i ••rmoua, C.uar, Serd, CbbIIm, Mur., Dmin Syrap, Honey, Coc.u Mat* FI.., Uitr.a, Mat* all kind.. Dale., Oll.e., Raida., Tebscca, Sai-dlae., Cl.are. Fancy Candle, ef all dcerl.tlaa. octsdtr IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., 1> prepared to ftiroUh STEAK ENGINES and BOILERS, of rariou. aiiea and patters*, Stan Pipe ini futira, lilt (taris?. Shftiu, PiUejkh. Light Uoubk Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in building FORTiriCATlGVe. IronStair* and other Architectural Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Gas aud Steam in the best manner. In connection with the above is an iron Foundry, with a large ai.-ortment of Patterns, to which the attention ol Machinist:,, Millwright*.and Ship-Build ers is invited-and all kinds ot Castings furnished at short notice. jy Orders lor Machine Jobbing, Patterns and verging*, promptly executed. ocfidtf s i v « E R’S SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN, TUVB * CO., AGENTS, Nok. >4 Bad 44 .... . Middle btre.l. Needles and Trimmings always oifcaad. mehlltf A CAttD. ' DR. S. C. FERNALD, BEJiTlST, No. 17B MlUdl Street. Binancut...Dr*. Baoom and Bauua, Portland, May Si, 1S*3. tf Dr. J. U. UEAI.D HAVISO disposed of hi* entire interest la hi* OOiceto Dr.S.C KKRNALD.wouWohcer.uliy recoonunend him to hi* former patients and the pah. JJ'. , ' KaRfALD, from long eaperienoe. is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the• ‘ Vulcaaite ilaa* ” end ell other method* knows to the profession ’ Portland. May *5.13(18 ' t, \VOOli AM) isOAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! ,m°™TAIN, lehioh. hkzilton. sdgae luai, old company lf.hioii. lo i.k:STmountain. Johns, diamond, wlhs TER and BLACK HEATH. These foals are of the eery host quality, well screened au.l picked, and warranted to give .allsfaction. Also tor sale best of 1IAKD AMD SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Oppicr Commercial 8r.. bead of Franklin Whan. 8. ROUND* Ac EON. feb!6 dly WAUKETI IMPOBVED | FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AVD GU'avoi Hoofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. HLRSEY, Aut*nt, Jau^ dtf No. Id Union Street. ALBERT WEBB * CO„ -DIAL BBS Of Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF MERRILL’S WHARF. Uiaaisrelel Street,. . Pertlaad, Me. ___ _ leMtf EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLUSA LB DBALECIW Ltorn, and F\our, Also. Ground Bock Salt. Commission .Herchaut rOtt PURCHASEABD SALE OP Barley, Rye and Oats. EF“l'ara loaded with Cornlnbnlk free of charge. Warehouse No. 130 Commercial Stieet, And CITY Mills, Deeriag IIridge. __ _ juuekeodem JOHM F. AKDEKSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODXAN BLOCK, mctilTJAwtf Temple Street. Scotch Canvas, -DOB HA LB BT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Rath, Me. eminent coutract " I Alma Works, WO do Extra All Long nix Arbroath. 30u do Navy Fine delivered In Portland or Boston. Bath. April to. lags apStdlf REM OVAL. DR. NEWTON HAS removed his residence to AT®, 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Office a* heretofore. .Vo. lift Kxckaage Street, In Noble's Block, upstairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M., from 3 to 3. aud from 3 to 9 o'clock P. M Dr. N. will continue, iu connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISMASKS OF FBMAIjMS. ooSIdtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKKH OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. IK 1 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Cold and Shower Hath*, Wash Howl*, Hnu* & Silver Plated Cock®, INVERT description of Water Fixtures for Dwel* J ling House*, Hotels, Public Building*, Shop*. Ac , arranged and *et up in the be«t manner, aptl all * orders in town or country faiihfu’Iv executed. All kiud* of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PCM PS of all descriptions. ap9 dtf J. T. Lewis <Sc Oo„ Manufacturers aud Wholesale Desists Ip READY-MADE CLOTHING, AND FURNISHING GOODS, Chambers - . - b'os. 1 and 2 Free Street Block-, (Over U. J. Libby A Co.,) j' P. Lewis’ PORTLAND, ME. _ jylldtf The Cheapest Agency F>U collecting all classes of claims arisiog from the war is that of the •MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Applv in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY, over the Portland Post Office, 3d story. dawly > _H O T E LS. MOUNT ZIRCON "lIUUsE AT TUB Calibrat'd Mt. Zircon Mineral Sprnet -Milton Plantation, He., 6 ’ la now opened to tbe public, ted no pain will be .pared tot. s uuii to meet the wain and render plea,aut and Interesting to stay of gueata. And also aa usual, 1 alt 1_(hoard cheaper than any other summe House iu New taBglaud. For case* of Dyspepsia, Kidney Complaint, Grai el, Stone in th« Bladder, and other* rimila-, I wai rant a oure by tbe use of tbe water, splendid sees ery and rides. At the short dbtanoe of four mile can be seen Hum ford Fabs, he largest in New Lni land. Horae* and Carriage* to let. Good Trou fibbing in stream* and ponds A new road wa built to the House last Jure, making the arrest ensl er than to any other Mountain House Daily coacl S°® Brv ant's Pood station of the Grand Truni Kailway to tbe House, l'ost Office address, Mt Zircon, Me. 7> , P D w ABBOTT, Proprietor. Mt. Zircon, July ». 18M. J>90d6w. Nea-Nidc House, IMKPSWELL NECK, CA8C 0_ BAY. . 7hif elegant »ud commodious Ho tel, situated on tbe extremity ol Harpsweil Keck, about half a min be ow the well-known Mansion . “»»»• just been completed afte, the, Ol u M, Arehitect and under his superintendence, and will be open for company °" »ft»r the. rasrlk ef July. The Mouse la the largest e«;ab i.hment, construct e?ioXPuf* y forJ!,,e l“rl>0*> of » ttutkl. ■« any Wat ering I lace on the coast of Maine. It tesituated in the oentie ol a dense grove ol old trees, with ave nues aod vistas opening to the waters ofth, Bar but a few yards distant on either side. ' * Nearly surrounded by the *ea. and ftbundantly ,h,e ■*" » *P»ctous and haau tiral verandah, extending over three hundred and thirty test on three sides of the building, with wWe and taoronghly ren.ilnted hid., and corridors in the interior, so that visitors can enjoy the most com Die e protection from tbe nummor beat. ** The steamboat wharl aud boat landings are on the KMlidt, bal (be s,ep, from the Mouse. Atnnle facilities are at haud for boating ana li.hing On the ** * Sn* *r,Tel •’•ech. where the luxury of sea-baihing can beeujoj.d at all time, of the tide At a short dmanoe on the northeast, across aa arm of the sea is Orr'a Island, celebrated by Mrs Beech er 8towe s well known novel. The 8>a side Mouse is accessible by land from Brunswick, hfteeu miles distant, by one ol tbe Asset tr,VA:ln.,.fcKeSU,.e' ;u<‘ br d*‘ly steamboat from I oitluod through the inside pstissti amou? th« it)and. of the Biy. ^ ^ “BO“* “• nu>hAr Hi coming from the Kennebec and other parts of tbt interior, can lease the railroad at Brnna wick, and proceod bv stage to Uarpawell, or ooutin dowu and'back twhieVday** jy4tf JOBS T. 8MITB, Proprietor. BRADLEY'S HOTEL, American and European Plans, Cor, of Commercial ft India Sta. «Thi« House is si nated directly opposite be Grand Trunk Kanroai Depot, and head >1 Boston uud Portland steamers' Wharf. Connected with this House is a Irst class Jjstor and Dining Hali. if BRADLEY, Jr., a CO.. Proprietors. -• "'•"'•r. Jr. r. H. tired ley. _ June lid 6 m Atlantic House, SCAHBORO' BEACH. „H,lJI?.?011'l'ehl'ln‘! h**® enlarged and reiiti.-d throughout will open for tbe sea *'->n on ,_ Monday, Jane 13, 1844, \. U . , , E. GU.NR1SON. trSusienTvbdtonr* c!0‘*,‘ S*tb‘^u 1)1 Ocean House Re-Opened! The und*r«ignrd bavin* leftaed for thu -j'1 tbi® wt. i * 'ablirlipd Wau riua place MeharniDfljr •ituaunl o» (lie outer verge oi Eiuftbeth. With unrivalled lacili Llues for Bulbing, Boating, and Fishing, wm open lor Iran sisal and permanent guests on and Tuesday, the 7th day of June. d"*ir,bl* convsiieuee will U .applied for tom pleasure and com one o( it* patron# with rfnrd to tbe character oTV FIRST CLASS HOTEL. We feel assured that, nr exertions, added to tbe ^U:“1*i'r“,IO,lV‘ ,bt' bo"M' Bsolf. will secure as tbe aoprobstion and patronage of the public, odr / osif,rc<s sdoasd on Ikt Salialk HILL 4 JORDAN, Proprietor*. Cape Elisabeth, Juae 7.18#4. dtp BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subacriber* take pleeaure in an njunoing -o their friendaand ail mtcreMcU iu liuding a drat cia»* aeu-aide Uot«l accom r—— m°dat joiiM.tbat their new and «p*ciou* Mo le* «i*i be op- nearly in Juue. 11 contains ail the uu>d !ISreDl1 and. ever> convenience tor the comfort and accommodation ol the travelling rub .* ** ** lecated, commauding an uur.vaiied t “',P'“0,UcVt b»T The advantages of iws bathiug aud tha f.cilitie. fur tt.biag ai d boatigg EB-W-* FWtoR-rtlh1 so*4aery auddl ,*tb,'u' drnes and walks, Camdea is already tbror *®,‘ huewoasono of the most eligible and deUgbi. H*w Porfisud Connected with the Hole, is a fine Livery stable horses sad carnages having been selected with The carnages are from the beet eetabbshmants In iht country, sadon the moet approved styles, steam boat landings easy of acres, ; steamers touahiug sv ,rT <*»’ the week. telegraph comm.uicSiou w,th all parts of tbs oountry. Those wishing ,ose cure good rooms will do well toapply soon, as many we wrcatlv tugag, d. vv J CL'8HTxu* JOHNSTON, Proprietor* taindeu. Juueg, 1S03_dff ■"foswrs. Pleasant Suburban Hesort. CLAPISIcHkoTJSE, WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Place. iocat«4 upon a pleasant eminence near Ca* >w»c Coud, but j3 mile*from Tortland. hav ing been placea in the mo*t ample ordar by ---—line *ubacriber, he moat respectfully aolicit* IUa; aueuuon of the public, and eordullv invite* a call from bis old friends. T lte* • the bouse is pleasant, retired and quiet The luruiture and furnishings are all new, and tbe rooms «iwtlU3r Tb* ubl“* ate supplied with all ' ®* »®H »* the substaniials ol the sea son, and be service of oue of tbe very best cooks ia New England have beeu seemed. Extensive sheds aud a hue stable with roomy (tails are among the conveniences ot the establishment A Lice Bathing House sulh.lent for the accommo lUtiou.d severs! bathers hat been erected with steps projecting tuto tea leet of water, and the whole se CUfud I rum i t-r v aliiii, Ke • *4., __ bmoking Arbors grace the batiks of the pend and luvite the indulgence oil he lounger. • Hoping for a snare of the public patronage the un iersigned promistt to spate no effort lor tne eu er ulia HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPE NE DI BEW FURHITURB * FIXTURES 1 S.G. DEVNIS, Proprietor. tw~ The public are .pecially informed that the |[iartonn convenient and well known Uallowill ilouen. in the centtr of Unllowell. two mile# from Aivii-t., and four mi‘e, from locue Snriaa haa Decn rvAirnUhcd, and i» open for li e rhe.pUonol sompanv and permanent hoarders. r fuZuy *t,<,ntio° »al ***»» to the oomfort of STABLING, tnd ail the tuna! convenience# ef a popular hotel ire amply provided. ’ Hallo urei», Feb. 1 1864. mchl‘6eodtf THE.IJIER1CA.N UOISE^ Ranover 8tre*t .... Boaton, The l.unseat uud Beat Arranged Hotel IN NSW KNULAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. 00I6ly fiporge W. Hanson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 .Riddle Street, Portland, Me. A share of patronage reepctfnlly solicited and «atisfacticn given. Orders from the country promptly attended to. Address (ieorge W. Mansoa. .4 Kiddie street, Kooui So 10. up stairs, Portland, Mv juu" 14—<l.1n A. & 8. SHUBTLEFF A CO., VOS. SU M KIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturer, and Dealers in Ucn’a Boya’ and Youth’* Thick. Rip and Calf Boot*, Women** Misses and Children's Goat. Kid *nd Calf Balmorals, Rubbers Shoe Stock, Findings, Ac. we are able to sell as low as in Boston or elsewhere. Dealers are respectfully invited to oall and ex amine our stock before purchasing. far Orders by mail promptly attended to. Portland, April 28,1364. dim MISCELLANEOUS?" • THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER j JOB PRINTING OFFICE, r ; N. A. FOSTER & (JO., I • • i Proprietors, i ; Pox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND, WE. Attention i* reepeahu, Invited to oar unrivalled facllltiee for executinf in THE BEST STYLE OF THE AMT, Erory description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Oar Eetabluhment U Aimisbed with ♦hr in proved ^ MODERN MACH I NEB Y, And oar collection of Book, and Fancy Types # Will boar Ihvorable comparison with Ut eatnhllek meet in the city J Business and Professional Cards, |Of every variety, rtyie aad coot, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bill-Heads Rated aad Cat la the Neat est Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHKCK8,' Of every deairiptlon ex seated la the best style. Bxilroad. and other Corporation Work, dose with prompts see aad IdeUty. lira£.BJHrC* POLICIES. BILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, aad all aorta el LEGAL DOCUMENTS, of short sot Ms. hmu, Itprti, IU ill kilh If rikfUtU, Put up la superior etyle. Bronzed aad Colored Labels, For Apothecaries, Merchants, aad Fancy Dealers, (ot up la the beet etyle of tha an. Weddintr O ards, Notes Of Inritation, resiling Cants, Lists <f Dm ets, etc., etc., of every soriel g and east, furnished at short no ties. LARGE POSTERS, Hood-bills, Shop-bills, Progaat oaen, Circular*, Aud plain printlnf of every detcription. Also Bale aad Figure wort, executed neatly, and on terms that eannot Oil to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Other has oat of Soper' Improved Calarta Engines for motive power, end Is furnished with improred and ooetly Presses— Cylinder and Platan— from the most celebrated make re. We have ia eoa staat use one of HOE’S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing oF SAOO Skssts an Soar. oae of Adam’s Power Preseer —the beet bookpreeeiathe world; Adam'i aad Potter's Fast Machine Job Presses; Haggles’ superior Card Pres; Adams’and Union large Hand Presses, standing Preeeee. aad all the machinery necessary Or a watt appointed office. The Daily Prtei Job Office le believed to be as wail furnished ns nay similar establishment ia the Slate. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute nil orders ia the ehorteetpoeeible tlae and ia the aeateat tad beet manner. We will do ell hinds of printing an well and an promptly, and ns cheap aa any other establishment la the City, Coanty or Stale. All orders for Jo* Printing must be directed to the Daily Pre,, Job Office, Ho. 8J1 Exchange street. Portland. Me. The Job Offiee le under the personal supers 1st oa •f the senior proprietor, who ia the CITY PKMT F.R, and is himself an experienced practice] west man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics ia this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest dsliy paper east of Boston, and having s larger circaletioa than all the other dnUtee la the city combined, is published at the Office la Fox Block, JJ 1-s EsrAseyv ftiwt, ersry aaniss_ Sunder excepted, at rer Annum, From which 1* l-Pper res,/. is dUeountod for ABTAIOI MTUm. semiannual and quarterly sab-oriptions pro rcta. Leu thaa three months Maty cent* par month, or U cent, a weak. Sibol* Cortaa 8 Cut*. VW“ Newadealere .applied at tha rat* of two aad out-third dollar* per bundled. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper la Hew Englaad. eight pages. I* published every Wednesday, eontaiulu* ail tha news by Ml a d telegraph, important reading matter. Marias List. Market Reports, ge . of the Daily Prate,at the following prices, vl*: Slnleeepv.eae year, tavariahlv laadvaaH.AA.OO * Fer sii mealhs. 1.00 To clwhe of fawr or mart all to tha lame poet oflioc. each. 1.1 A Tw elaka of law ar mars, all to tha aamt post oMoe,each. ft.SO Aad a free eopy to tha getter ap of the elab. Subscription, tolioltrd. Agents wanted la every town. Postmasters requested toact as agents. •N. A. FOSTER A Co., PionuiroM. Portland Judc 1. 18*4. dtf NOTICE. WK, the undersigned having told oar Stock of Coal and Wood to M<sare. Mauitull XItAlim j Isrf |0>.. do cbcertn'ly r -uuiaieud them to oar former cu.turners, All persona having damauda against us are requested to pn mat them lor antic meat, and all persons indebted to at ar* reqseated to make immniiatepavmeatat the old aland where one ol the undersigned maybe foaud for the present. „ , __SAWYER * WHITNEY. Portland, Jute «. 1864. junelSdJw Coal and Wood? THE subscriber having purchased the Stock of Ca«l and Wood, and taken 'be stand recently Occupied by Messrs tatryrr t Wkitute, hand of Maine Wharf, nre now prepared to supply thair former patrons and tha public generally, with a flue assortment of ir*ii PICKED AXD 3CEEEXED Old Company Lehigh, Sugar Loat lu-high, llaxelton Lehigh, Imewat MonntiUn. John's, White and Red Ash, Diamond and Lorherry, Together with the beet quality of i Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal for Blacitmilkt. il*n, Hard and Salt Wimd, Delivered to order la any part of tha city. Tha former customers of Messrs. Sawysr A Whit nay are respectihlly invited to give us a call. randall. McAllister a co, \ Portlaad.JtaeU.18M.-dly

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