Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 16, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 16, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. FORELAND, MAINE. Tuesday Morning, August 16, 1864. ■ ■' ■ ■■ - The circulation of the Daily Prett it larger thin any other Daily paper in the State,and l .uhle that cf any other in Portland. XlU»—SI.00 per year in advance. Sr Heading Mailer ea all Fear Purr.. UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PBEBIDKiNT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, Or TENNESSEE. . • For Electors. JOHN B. BROWN, of Portland, ABNER STETSON, ot DamarUcotta. lit Dili-—RICHARD M.CHAPMAN of 2d Diet —TaOMAS A. D FE- SFNDEN of Auburn. td Diet —UOINU riATUoUN of P,tMfi,ld. ttk Diet —JOHNS. 8WAZEY of Buctsport. FOB OOVEBNOB, SAMUEL CONY or AV O U8 TA. Vot Member* of Co agree*. let DM.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. 2,1 DM.—SIDNEY PEKUAM, of Paris. id DitL—JAMES O. BLAINE, of Augusta. ilk Dtat.—FREDERICK A. PIKE,ol Calais. Union Convention—Cumberland County. The uneondiclonal Uni n voter* of Cumberland Connty era regnaated lo seed delegite* to meet in Convention lu tbs senate Chamber NEW CITY HALL, i» tobtlasd. On Thursday, August 16. 11604, At 10 o'clock In the forenoon, for the purpose ol nomiuatlna candidate* for Fooa SiHatobs. Basai re. CO0*TV Tbsascbcb, Kseiersa or kborats, Coorrr Commismombb. Ai*o to *el<et a County Committee for the enraing ' year. Each ally and town will he entitled to tend one dalega a, and an additional delegate for every 76 votes oast for Gov. Cony In 1 6t. A majority frac tion will entitle a city or town to an additional dele gate. E* <b city and town will b* entitled to delegate ts follows, via i Baldwin B North Yarmouth 8 Hrulgion 6 New Gloucester 4 Bruuaiviek 7 Wd,field 8 Cap, Uiuaootb 6 Po.-iiaud 86 ClAJ 3 I’oerual 8 Cu nuerlaod 8 Raymond 8 ! Fa m mtn 4 bta dish 4 F reeport 6 Scarborough Borh.m S Sebi* j 3 Gray 8 VV atLrjok 8 U *rp< wall 8 Wiudnmm 6 Harrison 3 4 Kaploa 3 Tue Committee will ha in seulou at the Hall, Au gut* Itch, at 8 o'clock A. M. The Cuairmen of the several town committee* arc relocated to foi ward tbe name* of their dc egatee lo ! tbaCoairmau ol the county Committee, at soon a* Ussy may b* chosen. Lewie B. Smith, Portland, Chairmin. Luke Buoera, \ Richakd 11. Webb, County UasiBL Elliot, } Hu carlo itoeT. | Committee. UlOlOS WaMMEB, J Portland, Aug. 1,1814. did Can. Gantt's Lectures. Gen. E. W. Gantt of Arkansas, will address the people at the following places during the present week: No. Berwick, Tuesday “ “ 16th. S >. Berwick, Wednesday “ “ 17th. Lewislou, Thursday, “ “ 18th. Congressional Excursion—Notes by the Way. U. S. Steam Cutter Mahoning, ( August 13,1864. jf My last, truth to tell, was dated at a very early hour in the morning, aud alluded to a few things in the past lease, which, at the time of writing, had not actually transpired A word, tberelore, to finish up what was necessarily left very imperfect. 1 alluded to the reception of the committee aud their in viled guests at Colu nbian Hall in t'te evening, by the citizeue of Bath. It was really one ol the pleasantest episode* of the season. The Hall was beautifully decorated, and the beauty aud grace of the city were well represented. There was no danciug it is true; there were no public speeches; but for two or three hours the social iuterchanges, the friendly greetings, the pleasant introductions, the promenading with the ladies and other social divertisemenu n.s..n .11 «(,.* ...,U k. A ...I _* fail to make tbe many distinguished stranger? feel that though lo tbe Northeast State, they were not “out in the cold.” Refreshments, got up at short notice, but in great variety and of excellent quality, were served to the company, and the “short hours" were found approaching beiore many ol the company were aware ol it. From Bath it was originally proposed to make a short detour, by rail, for the purpose of visiting the Stale Capital, that tbe gentle men of the Committee might be presented to 1 and welcomed by the Governor, hut I am in- ' formed, for some reason not understood by . the public, though it uoubtless is by the Com- . mittee, the Governor tiguifled that it_would i not be convenient to receive a visit at the present juncture, wheu oue of their hotels, is i closed for repairs, and two of the distinguish ed citizens of the place, Messrs. Morrill and Blaine, are absent. Tbe Mahoning left Bath, cheered by her wann-heart-d people, at balf-past seven, and as she tails down the Kennebec and before entering upon deep water where I am expect ing “Old Neptune" to be rather exacting in hi* demands, I will mention the names of some of the gentlemen who made up the par ty. First, o( ibe official committee, Of seven members live are present, to wit: Rice of Me., (cliairmiu,| Patterson of N. H„ Alley of M iss., Hale of Pa., and H idford of N. Y. The absence of Mr. Cox of Ohio, and Mr. Diggs of Mich., is frequently referred to with re' gret. Tbe-following member* of Congress are on board, not members of the committee: Sena tor Hale of N. H., and Representatives Smith era of Del., Perham ol Me., Ames and Rice of Mass., Perry ol N. Y., Rollins of N. H., Mor rill and Woodbridge of Vt., and Jenckes of B.I. The following gentlemen are also on board : Mr. Hilyard of the Coast Survey, Washing ton, Mr. Johnson, Civil Engineer, of Middle town,Ct.,Mr. Bills of N. Y., Mr. Dayof Newark, N. J., ofludia Rubber reputation, Emery of Boston, C. C. Coffin, E<q , (-‘Carleton”) of Mass., and Mr. Halstead of N. J. Several of the leading papers of other States are repre sented by reporters, for instance, the Tribune, Herald, Journal of Commerce and Evening Post of New York; the Advertiser, Traveller and Post of Boston, and tbe Chronicle of Portsmouth. Of the papers of this Stale I find none represented except the Press of your city, and the Time* of Houlton. This It a little surprising, Inasmuch as tickets were sent to all the daily papers of the State in ample season, and but for the limited accommo dations on board, I am told the weekly press of the State would have been Included In the In vitation. The omission was suggested by no exclusive spirit, but simply by the supposed necessities of the case. There Is no necessity for any one of the party to sutler—except from sea sickucss— “without benefit of clergy,” for this honored and honorable profession Is ably represented by Hev. Messrs. Uallard of Brunswick, Che ney of Lewiston, Burgess ot Portland, Has kell of Boston, and Haskins of Cambridge. Judge Bourne of Kennebuuk, and Johu A. Poor, Esq.,—who joined the party at Balli,— will see that the historical interests of the points visited do not suffer, while Mr. Brown, the talented young ailist, of your city, Is pre pared—sketch-book iu hand—to furnish the illustrations at short notice. Senator Banks of Biddeford, ex-Senator Woods of Bangor, formerly of Gardiner, and Mayor Ham of Lewiston, will have an eye to the cioil ser vice, to see that it is not overridden, by shoulder-straps aud gilt lace. Messrs. Bed low aud Berry of your city, are here, the former to keep the telegraph wires in good order, aud the latter to see that the Associa tion Press suffers no neglect. Collector Washburn of your port joined the party at Bath, and upon him must devolve the duly ut tilling the place made vacant by ibe sudden departure of ex-Gov. Goodwin, ol X. H., who left for home this morning, while President Cheney, of Bales College, must take the place of President Wood, suddenly called away on business. There are only two ladies on board, the wives of Mr. Hale, of Pa., and Mr. Halstead, of X. J. Mr. Seward, a brother of the Secretary, of X. Y., accompa nied the party to Bath, but there left it on his return. There Is a rumor that a small crinoline par ty Irom your city, ol the llrst circle, will at Bangor test the gallantry of the committee by soliciting the pleasure of juiuiug the party, and if so, I predict for criuoline an easy victo ry to enjoy alt the comforts of the trip, sea sickness not excluded. The above is hastily written as we glide down the smooth waters of the Kennebec, but the odor of the salt briue, borne on the strong southerly breeze, is suggestive of a crisis that 1 contemplate with anything but pleasure. Opposite Fort Popham a boat with the Com mittee puts off for the shore, that they may hastily lake a view of that strong case-mated work, which, when completed aud mouuted, will effectually close the Kennebec to all in truders. The boat returns and on we go. Soon the vessel gently rolls and pitches, converts lion becomes hushed, gentlemen are seized with a remarkable inclination to recline upon their backs, and pale countenances become de cidedly contagous. O that four hours of living death, in which one becomes resigned to auy thing except his actual condition! But I will not attempt des cription. The sensation must be experienced to be appreciated. This 1 am sure of, that more than one siuner on board our crall became reconciled to (death, sharks aud rebel priva teers, aud wouldn’t have given the flip of a Bungtowu copper to slave off auy calamity except that one awful, sickening, deadly, nau seating sensation of turning iuside out, or of rolling down hiil beaded up io a barrel, lullnite dishonor to the man that invented sea-slckuess. aud were he still living would deserve to hate his neck wrung for the invention. But White Head is reached, the Mahoniug, comes under the lea of the Muscle Ridges, and as smooth water only is now ahead, the company gradually regain their upright posi tions, aud the petty annoyance ol the sea-god's exaciious—the meanest of all the gods—fades from memory as the nausea gradually wears away. People talk of the "poetry of'heoceau”! Fudge! Tuc oceau is a humbug to all hut the web-footed, aud he who sighs for ' A Ilfs on the oeean wave, A tiume ou the rolling deep" is a shallow-pate or—he never wat tea-tick; that’s all. Before reaching White Head the “Old Man” aid “Old Woman”—two dangerous rocks— are passed, aud “the buoy (pronounced boy) they have got between them," as one of the wags facetiously remarked. “Owl’s Head”— the body of which has been long sought after by the Bangor Antiquarian Society, in a bottle probably—is reached, and the good steamer sweeps around gracefully into R ickland har bor, where a landing is effected, and the whole company proceed direct to the hospitable man sion of Hon. 8. C. Fessenden, brother of our honored Secretary of the Treasury, to partake of hot coffee and a bountiful collation. As 1 shall say a word of Rockland and the trip thence to Bangor in my next, I stop here with the simple remark, that the Mahoning parted from the wharf at B. at 5 o'clock, skirted along the beautiful shore of Penobscot Bay, entered the river of the same name in the teeth of a strong ebb tide, but made the run, sixty mlles( in six hours, arriviug at tne Queen City of the Eistat 11 P. M., was welcomed by salvos ol c union on shore, came along side of the Ka tahdin steamer, to which she made fast, aud where the comp my was met by the Bangor committee who hud made ample provision for their entarlaiument. SrtTffwnrcK. The Argus aud Jeff- Davis. Our cotemporary devotes two of his columns to Jetf. Davis, peace, aud an editorial from the Richmond Sentinel, a uewspaper claimed to be the organ of the rebel President. The object of these loug articles Is to show that peace Is within our reach, but we confess we can't see much hope of peace unless our Gov erument will lay down its arms, creep on its belly, humbly ask Jeff. Davis to give us the boon, agree to a dissolution of the Union and a separate aud independent conluderacy for Southern rebels. By pursuing such a course we have no doubt we could have peace iu short order. The Argus very readily accepts without auy qualification what Jeff. Davis said to Gil more. “ We are not fighting for slavery.” Our neighbor rolls this as a sweet morsel under his tongue, and bases bis argument upon it to prove that negro slavery was not the cause ol the rebellion. To prove that, even to the sat isfaction of the readers of the Argus, is an up hill business, and It will requlro uiore ingenu ity, tact aud taleut liiau this editor has yet de veloped to make the people believe auy such nonsense. That this war was waged against the Gov ernment for the express purpose of sustaining negro slavery and building up a slave aristoc racy, there can be no reasonable doubt iu any intelligent mind of this country or Europe. That questiou was settled loug ago, aud no words which Jeff. Davis can now utter will disturb that well settled opiuiou. It is somewhat amusing that the Argus ac cepts this phrase of the arch traitor as gospel truth without the least qualification, ai.d swal lows it down with much gusto, while the oth er portion ol the conversation which Jetf. had with Gilmore at the same interview, must be received with mauy grains of allowance, and greatly qualified to suit copperhead purposes. Now such a course of reasoning makes mince meat of the rules of construction which the Argus adopts lu one case and not in the other. The plain object ot all this is to smooth over and construe away tbe force of the other state, meats made to Gilmore ou the same occasion. But this special pleadiug will pass for what it is worth, and the people will not he deceived by it. Now let us make a record of the other say ings of Jeff. Davis which were it ade to Gil more. Jeff, says, “This war must go on till the last of this generatlou falls In his tracks, and his chiidreo sieze bis musket aud fight our battles, unless you acknowledge our right to self-government. We are lighting for independence, and that or extermination j tee will hate ” Can language be plainer than this? Does this traitor to his country mince ! the matter, and show any signs of repent j ance? Does he intimate anything like peace, except on the condition that we acknowledge i their right to telf government/ And what is the fair and legitimate meaning of self-gov ernment? What is the meaning of indeptnd | ence for which the rebels aie fighting? j Now it seems to us that the meaning of these words are exceedingly plain. Can these traitors enjoy self-government, independence, I in any way short of a separate and distinct i confederacy? No reasonable man can be at a loss lor an auswcr to these questions. The i question is as plain as the nose on the Argus ] man's face. When a state enters the Union it must necessarily give up some of the privi | liges, immunities and rights which It could exercise out of the Union. The Uniou ol ' the Stales has rights as well as individual | states, and entire self-government and iude i pendeuce cannot be exercised or enjoyed by I a state when in the Uniou. Some state ; rights must lie given up in exchange for oth ' era which a slate out of the Union could not have the benefit of. These principles are all very plaiu and easi ly understood, and yet the Argus has mud died the subject, nud endeavored to convince its readers that Jelf. Davis is ail right. Very seldom indeed does this journal call him a traitor. The whole truth is, these leading j rebels began this war for the purpose ol , breaking up the Union, and establishing a separate confederacy—an aristocracy founded i on negro slavery—and “on that line-' they ' have fought and will continue to fight. It ii idle lor any man or any journal to dispute the fact, for it Is recorded on every page o this war's history. it is too late in me cay to ignore or uis pute these important facts, aud until the reb ! els repent aud say in so many words that they are williug to come hack Into the Union, wt must lie governed by the lessons this rebel | lion has already taught us. It is well knowt j to all in this country, aud iu Europe that out j government has always been ready and wil ; ling to listen to overtures of peace when such overtures came through a proper channel Common sense aud comrnou justice require that a rebel in arms against his government must first lay down his arms aud ask ftl peace. It is no part of the government’s du i ty to humble ilseil and ask the armed rebels i for terms of peace. The distinction is as plaiu as a pike-stall', aud ail the Copperheads i in the North or rebels in the South cannot hide it from the people. • Tile Argus says the rebel leaders are ready ] to negotiate, but where is the evidence, at.d I what are the terms? We sav the sine qua t u0 is Southern independence and consequent j ly a disoiution of the Union. Give us some j evidence, some sign of rebel repentauce. Let Jeff. Davis and his cabinet make their propo sitions fur peace if they desire peace. Let them come iu no questionable shape, but open aud above board, even if the overtures involve I some humiliation on the part of the rebels as tbey necessarily must. It is for the guilty to humble themselves aud not for our govern ment which has never wrouged them la a sin gle instance. When overtures comt from such a source aud in such a shape, tbey will be listened to. And the Argus knows it as well as we do. Then why this continual harp Iing on peace ? Why don’t our neighbors come out fair and square an 1 state the facts as they appeir on record ? If this were done the at mosphere would be cleared of much of the | smoke that darkens it, and the eyes of the Ar ; gus Itself might see more clearly than they ! seem to now. Jetf Davis and his Cabinet, the Confederate Congress and the rebel leaders generally, havt put themselves on record, and that record shows conclusively that they began the wai against the United States lor a separate and independent confederacy, and to eslablist I more drmly the peculial institution of humau | bondage, and they are still prosecuting the I war for the same unholy purposes. The rebel leaders hate the Old Flag of the Uulon—thej I trample it under their feet and spit upon it ! R-construction they repudiate, the Yankee* they despise aud speak of them contemptous ly, free labor doea not set well on their aris tocratic stomachs, and they look upon north era “mudsills” with horror and contempt Such is the character of the leaders o( tbit wicked rebellion, and shall our government get down bn iu knees and sue for peace'. | God aud Humanity forbid! We trust tht i “gorgeous ensign ofour republic, now honor ed aud known throughout the earth" will no1 be thus disgraced. We intended to make some comments ot the editorial of the Richmond Sentinel which I the Argus hugs so closely to iu bosom, but ai | this article is longer than we intended, tvt , shall endeavor to place before our leaden our opinion of that rebel organ aud the objec' of that editorial at this important junctun of political affairs. The text is a good ont and we will not let it pass without comment. Letter from & Maine Soldier. Camp shah Pbtkhsbubg, Va., I July 31,1804. ( “We had the saddest day yesterday, I evei saw. We were called up at half past twe o'clock A. M., and lormcd in line of battle ai three. We filed our left in trout, and march e I down to within three hundred yards of tht rebel Fort which wc had mined. Halted in s dn..n aaSI.rnoii Atlt Until lilts avitl/isi/in IaaL i p ace, which was terrific. There were six j tons of powder, hurried thirty feet undei ; ground, directly under the Fort, which ex : p'oded at half past four A. M , when we start j e 1 for the rebels aud went directly into the remains of the Fort. At the moment the Fori j blew up, we had fllty pieces of artillery open on them directly over us. The air was sc j thick that I could not see three feet ahead Tae ruins of the Fort, 1 cannot describe. My I heart sickens at the thought. The huge mat ! ses of earth thrown all the way, from six to ten rods, men thrown almost to our lines, or | from the Fort twenty or thirty rods, and many of them buried alive. Camion anil gun-car riages thrown in all directions, together with the scene in-ide, where those two regiments met t'leir fate, baffles description. Tberebeli opened on us right and left, soon as they could gather their senses. Our brigade made the charge,so that we were some of the first ones in the Fort. Many a poor fellow gave up his life, for it was a perfect torrent of shot and shell. Going over the parapet, we found a hole in the earth about thirty feet deep, large enough to hold from four to silt thousand men, packed full of our meu perfectly safe, aud tl.e men kuew it was almost certain death to get up on to the parapet. But soou Col. Went worth with a lew others went ahead and oui brigade fallowed. There is where the Col, I got his wound. When we got in our regi i meat was one of the first. There were but i two colors that 1 saw planted there, the 31st j aud the 32,1 Maine. We could find no one to j hold the colors, so Lieut. Chase mounted the ; Fort aud held the colors when no other one would, tie was brave, almost to rashness. Alter daring to leave the flag wilbout bolding it he called to the men to load their guns aud pas9 them to him. And he would stand and take deliberate aim, and he continued to tire as long as it was any use, and then stepped i back into the pit, and was soon shot in his head. The first thing he said, was lake me to Capt. Hammond. They culled me to him and j ho would not. consent for ine to leave him, for he thought he should soon die; and we all i thought he would, for he bled very badly. There was every probability that we should all be killed if we left the pit, but we soon started with him, myself, the Orderly sergeant and one from another company. It was so hot that wo were almost exhausted, as we had i to carry him stooping, so that we should not get our heads shot off. Got almost to our camp before we got any help. When we got hi in on the ambulance I broke down, I I could not stand.” BY TELEGRAPH --TO THE UVEXlllfe PAPEltH. From Mobile—Official Report of Admiral Farraf/ut. Washington, Aug. 13. The following dispatches have beeivreceiv I ed hy the Navy Department: Flag Ship Hartford, I Mobile Bay, Aug, 5. ( | Sir:—1 have the honor to report to the De partment that this morning I entered Mobile j Bay, passing between Forts Morgan and Gaines, encountering the rebel rain Tennessee | aud gunboats of the enemy, viz., the Selma, | Morgan aud Gaines. The atlackiug fleet was underweigh by 3 4o A. M., in the loliowiug order: The Brooklyn, with the Octoroon on her port side; the Uartlord, with the Metacouict, the Kich '.uotid, with the l’ort ltoyal, the Luckawana, with the Seminole, the Monongahela with the Tecumseh, the Ossipee with the Itasca, aud ! the Oneida with the Galena, on the starboard j of the fleet, was the proper position of the monitors or irou-clads. The wind was light from the south-west, and the sky was cloudy with very little sun. Fort Morgan opened upon us at ten minutes past seven o'clock, aud soon alter this the ac tion became lively. As we steamed up the maiu ship channel there was some difficulty ahead, and the Hart i ford passed on ahead of the Brooklyn. At 7 40 the monitor Tecumseh was struck by a torpedo aud sunk, going down with all the of ficers aud crew, with the exception of the pi lot and eight or ten men, who were saved by a boat I sent from the Mctacomet, which was alongside me. lne Hartford had passed tire forts before 8 o'clock, aud tlndiug myself raked by the rebel gunboats, I ordered the Metacoinet to cast oil aud go in pursuit of them, one of which, the Selma, she succeeded in capturing. All the vessels had passed the lorts by 8 30, uui iin. i c’uvi i am a ruiicoacu ajiwairin* ly uuujured in our rear. A signal was at once made to all the fleet to turn again and at tack the ram, not only with guns, but orders to ruu her down at lull speed. The Mottonga hela was the first that struck her, ami though she may have injured her badly, yet she did not succeed in disabling her. The Lackawa ua also struck her, hut ineffectually. The flag ship gave her a severe shock with her bow, aud as she passed poured into her a whole port broadside ol solid 11 inch shot aud 1:1 pounds of powder, at a distance of not more than twelve feet. The iron cads were closing up on her, aud the iJartlord aud the rest of the i fleet were bearing down upon her, when at 10 A. M. she surrendered. The rest of the rebel fleet, viz., the Morgau and Gaines succeeded in getting back under the protection ol Fort Morgan. This terminated the action of the day. Admiral Iinchanan sent me his sword, being I himself badly wounded with a compound frac | turn of the 'eg. which it is supposed will have to be amputated. 1 Having liad many of my men wounded and the surgeon of the Tennessee being desirous to have Buchanan removed to a hospital, 1 sent a flag of truce to the commanding olllcer of Fort Morgan, Brig. Gen. Page, to see il be would allow the wounded of the fleet, as well as their own, to be taken to Pensacola, where they would be taken better care of than here. I would send out one of our vessels, provided she would be permitted to return, bringing back nothing she did not take out. G -n. Page consented, and the Metacomet was dispatched. On the rebel ram Teuuessee were captured twenty officers aud 170 men. On the Selma 1 were taken uinety officers and men. Very respectfully, D. G. Kami,volt, Rear Admiral Commanding. From the Army tie fore Itiehmoml. Headquarters Army Potomac, i Aug M. j Gen. Burnside was relieved of his commaud last evening. His division tfficers and a uuut | iter of his triends were preseut to bid him larewell. Gun. Wilcox is in temporary com ! maiid of the corps. It was reported that the enemy was moving j toward our ielt, with the intention of making a flank attack early this morning, but as them has been no demonstration up to this time, 7 1 A. M , the report is believed to be unfouud j ed. Everythiug at the headquarters is perfectly j quiet. Considerable flriug has been kept up all night on the centre aud right. Yesterday morning about daylight, heavy firiug was heatd in the direction of James river for about two hours. It was reported that there had been an attack by some rebels on a working patty of Gen. Butler's, who are cutting a canal across a small peuinsuia on tbe James river. About a dozen deserters came in yesterday, two of wi otn were cavalry men, with all their accoutrements. Steamer attacked on the JUUntisttippi. Cairo, 111., Aug. 14. The steamer Empress from New Orleans 6th lust., htts arrived. She was tired into on the alter noon of the 10th, at Guineas Landing by masked batteries of six 12-puuudeis. Teere is supposed to be a strong lorce ol cav alry posted on the Arkansas shore. Sixty shots aud shells struck the steamer. One ol the latter penetrated the hull and burst iu the bold. The rebels aim poured iu a heavy Are of musketry, riddllug ihe upper works. The Empress had about 500 persons on board, including 200 sick and discharged sol diers, and 56 ladies aud children. Five per sons were killed aud 11 wounded. Captain Malley of the steam- r was killed, his head be ing shot off while telling the pilot never to surrender. The I'irate Tallahaeeee. New York, Aug. 15. Mr. Turner, a Boston pilot, who brought from Boston a French hark, reports was over hauled hy the pirate ou the 12th, but was not molested. Spoke the Susquehanna on the l:itb, which started in the direction of the i pirate. Providence,R. I., Aug. 15. The brig Billow, ol Salem, lumber loaded, was fallen in with by the gunboat Grand Gulf on the 11tli 40 11. Ion. 71 16, dis mantled and abandoned, showing appearances of having been boarded by the Tallahassee. The Grand Gulf look her in tow. but after wards gave her to tiie cutter Misa, which towed her to Newport last night. Tbe Grand Gulf proceeded in search oi the pirate. French Jtcvcraea in Mexico. Nkw York, Aug. 15. Mexican advices state that the progress of the French army in subjugating Mexico, has i recently been interrupted by severe reverses. A large force ol Mexicans have cut otl' all supplies from Acapulco, which is occupied by French troops, and the siege of that city lias been raised. It was believed that the French would be obliged to turrt-odtr in consequence ol want ol food. The Mexicans harrass the j French troops night and day, by incessant tir ing itom their batteiiee. Vnriim* It etna. Albany, Aug. 15. A break occurred in the canal yesterday, five miles this side Schenectady. It will take three days to repair the damage. Nkw York, Aug. 15. All the morning newspapers In which the Printers’ Union compositors are employed , have acceded to the uew scale of prices, ex cept the Tribune. I Nineteenth Maine Regiment. A correspondent of the Bath Times, who is a member of the 10 b Maine regiment, under date of “Near Petersburg” Aug. 8 h, says: The Itfih which left camp near Stfcvensburg with about 500 men, cauuot show to day over | 150 of that number, the otheis being killed, wounded or missing. It has never changed' its position in the Division hut has remained , iu the tlrst Utigade. The men have stood the heat of ll»e summer finely, considering its in tensity, ami very lew are upon the sick list at | present. We are encamped ou the left of the | army, which place we have occupied since the 22d of June with the exception of four days, when we were across the James, near Mal vern Hill at Deep bottom. We left camp at 4 P. M., marched all night, arrived at the | James about daylight, crossed and engaged the enemy, driving them hack two miles, and taking four Hue pieces ol 20 pound Parrott. We returned to Petersburg in season to wit ness the big light upon the JOth of July. We were not engaged in the contest. Capt. J. W. Spauldivg is at present com manding the regiment. He is an excellent commander, possessing ability with coolness. All the men respect and esteem him Capt! D. E. Parsoiis of Co. U, has returned to his company, haviog been absent some ten days, I in consequence of wounds. Capt. Whitehouse , of Co. G, is also hero. The 4th Maine Is now consolidated with the 10th. There has been no casualties in the regiment since June. That month, we lost heavily in wounded and ! prisoners, by the neglect of other troops not doing their duty. At one lime we were uear ; ly surrounded, and I do not see how any got out of the position except by running a ! gauntlet amid a shower of bullets, ORIGINAL AXD SELECTED, i The Democratic State Com eution meets ; in Bangor to-dl y. 3^ The Fourth District Union Convention | will be hell in Bangor outlie 17th inst. y Hay sold in Laatport, daring the past week, at £35 a ton. HT Queen Victoria calls herself invariably the l “broken-hearted widow.** y The Empress of Austria has abandoned | crinoline, and the Vicnnoise ladies follow suit. jy It is said that if cucumber parings are t left in the haunts of cockroaches, they will leave without delay. [y The cotton crop has been bounteous in Japan. The farmers propose to increase it for > ( the next season. HT A house in Brunswick, occupied by Mr. Emery Hersey, was destroyed by fire on Friday night. y The Reformatory Prison at St. Vincent , De Paul, L. C., was entirely destroyed by fire on Saturday, (3th inst. ~ySouthboro*, Mass., has filled its quota un dcr the last call of the President entirely from I among her own citizens. jy The Hamilton Camp Meeting commcnce<l yesterday. Arrangements are made for the ac commodation of a large number of persons. y A weekly line of vessels has been put on between San Francisco and the mouth of the Col orado. y Mr. Cyrus Grant, of Acton, has a pair of oxen which weigh 8,•'500 pounds. He has beeu | ottered #1,200 for them. ^jT The entering class at Watervillc College numbers 10; a few mort will probably coine in at the commencement of the term. y The heavy taxes are greatly decreasing ( the consumption of tobacco. A New York cal __1_i_ _i ......... The Union voters of Washington County t will hold a Convention at Dennysville on Wed nesday , August 24th. ZHf~ The North Aroostook Agricultural and Horticultural Society will hold the annual Show und Fair at Presque Isle, Wednesday and Thurs day, Sept. 14th and 15th. ZW We hear that Mrs. Lully, of Tobique, j whose son was killed by a bull about two weeks since, died in her carriage whilst following the re mains of her son to his grave. "3T Judge Stephen Vail, of Morris, N. J., who built the engines of the Savannah, the first ' steamship that crossed the Atlantic, died last week aged 84. ZiT If Mobile falls, we have gunboats which i can steam up the Alabama and the Tombigbee, and fatally interfere with Hood's retreat and j his supplies. W The “Tecumseh,'' sunk in Mobile Bay, ( was a third-rate iron-clad of about 1000 tons burthen. She was one of the Ericsson batteries built at Jersey City in September last. iW Several copperheads have left Sanford for Canada. It will be said thedratt is a black re publican trick to drive off all the “Democratic” voters until after election. XZtf The Mexican ladies, among other oddi ties, have a way of sipping chocolate during di vine service. Max don’t like it. He don’t think it either devout or ladylike. Hf The interior of the Cathedral of Cologne has just been completed. The external work is erntinued. The building was commenced in 1248. JS^”John B. Girouard, an old brakesman on theG. T. Railway, came to his death at Rich mond Station, Canada,by beingrun over by the cars. ?y The Montreal Witness says Miss Heward, j daughter of F. II. Heward, Esq., of Toronto, was drowned on Tuesday hast, while bathing near Portland. i'y A woman, with an eye to business, brought on three substitutes from Baltimore to Ports mouth, and sold them for $300 each. It isn't the first time a man has been sold by a woman. ZW The surgeons iu New York liavea way of stamping a man who does not pass muster, as banks stamp counterfeit bills, so that brokers may not pass them off at some other office. J The Northampton Gazette says a dairy- j man in Peru, Mass., has on hand a thousand j pounds of butter, “waiting for a rise.” He w ill probably keep it until it is ntrong enough to , rise without assistance. 3TA family in Michigan actually named a child Finis, supposing that it would be their la-t; but they afterwards happened to have a daughter and two Bons, whom they called Ad denda, Appendix, and Supplement. ZW Twc mammoth children are onelhibition at Keokuk, Iowa. They are brother and sister, and were born in Cass County, Illinois. The 1 firmer is 12 years of age, and weighs 360 lbs.; j the latter is 6, and weighs 180. The establishments of the American and English Missionary Societies, at Constantinople, were seized by an armed force on the 17th ult., an 1 many of the Turkish Converts thrown into prison. ZW The New Hampshire Legislature, at its extra session, has passed a bill allowing the sol diers iu the field to vote for electors for Presi dent and \ ice President, and members of Con i Kr<*s i- ' The embalmed body of W m. H. Went w ; th of Co. H, 20th Maine, of Auburn, who di af v days since at Armory Square Hospit al ' ash igton. arrived by express on Saturday m it. og recruiting officers from the western i>art of the State r ceived notice from the citizens of Calais, Monday night, that their presence in the the city for such a purpose was not agreeable to all concerned. ZW A letter from Toronto says the rebel agents aud refugees iu Canaria are circulating u j petition for the English government to recog- , nizetlie rebel confederacy at once, on the ground 1 mai ii me i mon uc restored l anada will soon join it. IjT The barge “ Win. Roberta,'' recently I built by C. S. Huston, Esq., of Eastport, the ; Sentinel says, will be towed to St. Andrews, N. j U.. where she will take in a cargo of cedar sleep ers, and will then be towed by a Portland steam tug to New York. Janies Harrington, engineer on the Ver mont Central Railroad, was killed at St. Albans j on Saturday m -rning by being run over by a j baggage car. Tbe fire-box of tbe engine bad j blown out, and it is supposed that be jumped ! from the engine to escape from the steam i~3T It is proposed by the rebel authorities to ! put thecolored soldieis belonging tutbe Federal army, that were takeu prisoners at Petersburg, upon the plantation and apply- to them the lash. They will fin 1 that as dangerous an experiment as to use he uuexploded shells for back-log#. HjT Star-gazers mast be on the lookout. In . a few weeks a comet will be seen morning and ; evening, and display great brilliancy. So Mr. j Hind, the astronomer, writes to the London 1 Times. W'e shall welcome this “rowdy of the i skies,’’ as Dr. Lardnercalls all comets. ;y Jacob Strawu, tie great Cattle King of Morgan County, llliuos, challenged the county i to matoh him with §10,000 to the Christian . Commission. The county toed the mark, and went §1,000 better; so that the Commission gets §21,000. ~2T Tbe convention of spiritualists, (who are said to number 3,000,00* in the United States), was recently held at Chicago, at which it was resolved that there must be no compromise with the rebellion, and that taey will use all their in fluence to secure the re-election of President Lincoln. ~~jT No man ever vet saw an American who j hated slavery yet upheld the rebellion; and no one ever saw an American who justified and , wished to perpetuate slavery who had not at ) least a sneaking tenderness for the rebel cause.— For all practical purpose!, the rebellion and sla- : very are related as mother and child. Jjjf Among those who were wounded at the terrible explosion at City Point, wa - or Frank D. Fay, of Cbelsei, Mass., an officer iu the Sanitary Commission. Mr. Fay was struck ■ in several places, and prostrated on the ground. He jumped to his feet and ran under a wagon to get clear of tbe talliug debris, and thus escaped further injuries. He is a good deal bruised, but will be well in a few days, ar On Tuesday, the Oth of September next the day before Commencement, Brown Universi ty will celebrate the completion of its first centu ry. A general invitation isextended to all grad uates, regular and honorary, to be present on that occasion. The Rev. PresidentSears will de liver theceotennial address. The Liverpool Courier says, “We believ* a very great many Englishmen would rather be ignorant of most things than not know the points of a horse.” We also believe that “a very great many” know more about horse-flesh than they know about the aflairs of our country. If they knew more about us, they wouldn't say so many foolish things. ’Jlie inquiry when drafting will begin, is answered iu the War Department order which directs all State Provost Marshals to keep their accounts of quotas and credits in as foward a condition as possible, and “see that the draft commences immediately after the expiration of the fifty days mentioned in the act of Con gress.” ~3T Daring a dinner at the commencement of Tufts College, a short time ago, says the Gof pel Banner, it was announced that “a person not kuown to the denomination, who had never keen suspected of sympathy with it—au Episco palian of some note as an author and editor_ has left for Tufts College the noble bequest of twenty-five thousand dollars.” t2T Iu conformity with the old custom of ad vertising from the public sign-post all inten tions of marriage, the following announcement was made: “Marriage is intended between Mr. Williams, of Williamstown, and Miss Betsey Williams, of Williamsbridgc." A mischievous wag, to make it still more explicit, wrote under neath: “For particulars see small billt next vear.” Since the beginning of May, Johnston has retreatwl from twenty-nineiinpregnable po sitions; has evacuated a score of the mightiest mountain fastnesses on this continent; has for saken three river lines of defence without tight, and has built giganticcarthworksall over North ern Georgia, only to fly from them when he heard the advancing tramp of our glorious ar my. ■if The Dayton Journal says that the yield of wheat in that valley is better than it has been for three years, h ields, which early in the spring seemed winter-killed, and looked so thin and scrawny farmers were tempted to turn theirstock upon them, developed in an extraordinary man ner, producing from 15 to 25 bushels per acre.— Com looks well, but fruit and potatoes are short. Ill" The French artillerists in Mexico have a sort of field guns to which a borometer is at tached for the regulation of accurate aim. The gunners were surprised at the deviation of range in those latitudes, contrary to what their experi ence at Vincennes had led them to count on; but the difference of result has been found to be caused by the diminution of atmospheric pres sure on the lofty table land of Central Amer ica. SPECIAL NOTICES. A NEW LOT OF GOODS Just received AT DRESSER’S CHEAP STORE 93 BXQUAXGE STREET. Aag 10 dll* flay Your Stationery Packages At Dre8Her8, 99 Exchange street, 92 per dozen, or 26 cents each. Agents wanted, address L. DRESSER, Port land, Me., Box 132. augl6i4w Gray. The unconlitional Un*on voters of Gray are re quested to meet at the Town Hour?, in usM turn, on Wednesday, Aug. 17fh, 1864. at ♦» o'clock Y. M , to choose Delegates to attend the (umlierland Coun ty Union Convention, to be Uolden at Portland Aug. 18, 1864. * Per Order Union Town Com. Gray. Aug 10, 1864. augl2dtd Yarmouth. The unconditional Union voters of Yarmouth are requested to meet at temperance Hall, on i uesday, 16th i-iRt , at 7] o’clock 1' M to choose d legate* io attend the Couuty Convention to be holdeu at Port land on the 18th Inst. „ Ter Order Town Com. \ armouth, Aug 9, 1861. Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, M»y 12,1864. inaylSdOm THOM AS G. LOKING. DRUGGIST, -A S D PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, C.raer .rKxchnagrfc Federal HU.. A porfjet lit guaranteed. The poor liberally con sidered. mch26dtf A New Perfume for the Handker chief. Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus. “ Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” Pbalon’s “Night Blooming Coreas.” A most Exquisite. Delicate and Fragrant Perfume, distilled from the Rareaud Beautiful Flower lrom it takes its name. Manufactured only by PUALOX f SOX. N Y. iy*Reware of Counterfeits. Ask for Photon's— Take no Other. Bold by Druggists generally. jam-2 t‘6ki3m “L* F.” Atwood’s Hitters, Price 3d Cls Thorkpibk, Me., April 25. 1563. Dear Sir — A lady of my acquaintance was troubled with severe attacks of sick beadach for a number ot years, and coutu find no relief until the tried L. F. Atwood’s Ritters, which effected a per manent cure. Mr daughter was troubled with attacks of severe headache and vomiting, which have been cured by tnese bitters. 1 have myself bean troubled with dyspepsia, which has already been relieved by this remedy. 1 always ke* p it on hand, asl believe it to bo a speedy cur© for ail derangement* of the At lnxi<h •mi r a vn p • Anri f ,r lu *■> ■ 1.. -1 - - — * x- - arising from debility o! the digestive organs. Vours truly, Chas. WhiTBBy. OT~ Counterfeits and base imitations, in simi lar bottle and label are in the market aud sold by unprincipled <te llers. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, and also hare an kxtra larkl. on white prper, countersigned II. H. HA Y, Druggist, Portland, Me., sole General Agent. Sold by respectable dealers in medicine generally. lanrl9eod4w6 44A Slight Cold,” t ough*. Few are aware o* the importance o' checking a Cough or “blight cold” in its first stage; that wbieh iu the beginning would yield to a mild reme dy If neglected, S'wn attacks the lung- "Brown’s Bronchial Trtches" give sure and almo*' imme diate relief. Miitary Officers and Sol tiers should hare them, as they can be carried in the pocket ar.d taken as occasion requires. aug2 dAwlm Sozodovt.—We do not ofteu -peak of the various article# which come to u« for noticeand trial.but the article with the above musical nam is an exception. Three or four ladies a*-d children among uur inune diate friends and relatives have used the ■ ■ Sozo dont.’ and it has certainly done all that is said in it# favor. It Lot only removes every blemish rom the teeth, but render* them clean aud white. It al so gives a tone to the breath, and leaves the mouth with a p easant fragrance. It is decidedly the b***t preparation we have over used for the purpose, and wo recommend the kragrant tozodout»oour friends with great confidence.—Boston Saturday bun oy Kjrpo'SS. inch 13 It lloMoii Stork List. Salks at tub Brokkra’ Board, Aro, 15. 1,800 American Gold. .266 1.000 .do.%61 7.600 -do. 2561 , 10 000 t 8 Coupon Sixes(1881).107 2 0( 5 000 .do.107* 1 200 United States 7 3 10th# (Ang' .100! l.O*).f*o (Sinai)). jop: 3 000 . do (Oct)..’*!!! 10t#l 17.000 United States 5-20's.p g) 700 .do(small).. \. pi I0,r»00 Uuited states ( Certificates. 9151 1 0 >0 Ogdettsburg 1st Mortg »go Bond*. log} I'1 PORTS. WINDSOR N8. Sch Thomas Dickson—125 tons plaster, to master. lilLl.SHoKo NB. Sch Eclipse—167 tens coal, to Kerosene Oil Co Sch Noel—113 tons coal, Kerosene Oil Co; lObalrs rags. ) ewis * ight. Sch Record—182 tons coal, Kerosene Oil Co. *1A It HIED. In this rity. Aug 14. by Rev Henry D Moore. Geo IF Fickett ami Miss Josephiue Morse, both of this tit v. In this city. Aug 13, bv Kev Dr Sbaile*-, George A iawveraid Mi** Susie L Lang; bv same. Wendell » Moulton and Miss Nell e R Srm«.’al| of Fort aud In \\ indham. Aug 11. bv S M Baker, E q Antonio .opes, of Co K, 4th Me Keg. aud Miss Henrietta A A’a*d. ot W. In Ht fug. Aug 4, Briceno M Eastman and Miss lUrtha K Clark In Wilton, Aug 6. Alonzo R Coolidge and Mis# I kuna W Libby, Doth of Jay. DIED. In fills city Aug II. Mr. Doralhea, relict of the la1e I* D hook, ogul 7# years 7 months. . .. ,l r*^ this (1'uesoay)alternoon, at 3 o’clk, , at No 1. l .ar. street. *“ I*1!’Cit5’' J“*>' Phche Field aged 78 yeara. ! <v. .V L“ Cove- LaP« tlliahetn, Ang 16. Mr June. M „jtt . •)“ufor partner of the firm of J. B. i Brown k Sens ot Portland, aged 27 years sts?ifJjWdo5-e^u* 12 wife Of Daniel Starblrd. ar-d 04 , ears 4 montha t tastern papers please copy 1 ofA(,uSmTsV^26'J“ffu'-' C»P* Albion V York, ewnlll. STl-o^j^ 35 -master of brig Man BAILING or OCBA 87 STEAMSHIPS. STiaaia I Lflu , £5** „ *0« SAILS ! City ot Baltimore. UveT”1, £«" V1”* Aug 2 isrr | I’enn.tylvaniaLiverpool Now York a * .Liverpool.bSoV"* ft* ? »•““««».Liverpool.yucbec ; ft* J' Washington New fork Havre... . »«*«» .Liverpool... A.5 17 Hibernian . tjoebcc Liverpool.Aiiiin I ~.*!va Scotian ....i^uebeo.Liverpool.Auako I City ot LouiIod. New York.. Liverpool. .. .Am? 2>» £*??*' . ,.Jew Vork. Liverpool_Aug 24 I Loluen Rule Now^ ork Appiuwali. Aug 27 ! ftrlu.New York Liverpool.Aug 27 Dwdmcui..Quebec Liverpool .... A ug 27 ,laUH*. N*w York.. Bremen.Aug 27 As,a. Boston.Liverpool.A ug 31 MIIUTOBI ALM A N A# . rue,day.A uguat IB. Sun rises.5 0# I High water (am).10 )0 Suu -*oH. 6 67 I length of days.13 4S MARINE NEWS. PORT OP PORTLAND. Moadny,.Aaga.t lb. ARRIVED. L’ 8 gunboat l’ootoosuc. Stcvccs. New York. Bteaiuer*apeake, Willetts. New York. 8learner Lady Lang. Roix, Bangor. St* arner Beotia, Ktmbdl. Augusta. Steamer New Bruuowick, Winchester, Boston, for St JohnN B. Sch Kclipce, (Br) Purnir, Hitl»boro KB. Sch Record, (Br) Marsters. Hill«boro NB. Sell N A Bordeu. Kid ridge, N*w Yoik. Sch tiarriel Fuller, Hamilton. Boston CLEARED. I Brig Derwent, (Br) Fiuniore, Quebec— MtH.ilvery. I Ryan A Davis. ' (BY TKL. TO SCBKCMARTS’ BXCHAHOB.) BOSTON, Aug 15. Barque Jelio, at this port from Pan mo. was 10 col foiou. l>tli in.-t, lc< P M. ofl i tlithlaud Light, with brig James Crosby, ol and i from Bangor for Washington 1 he brig had port i coat and side badlv stove. She wa- abandoned yes terday toreuoon, at which tuue she had lour feet ol water in the cabin. The Captain and crew were bt ought here in tbo Jehu Al? ship Henry Clark. 572 tons, but t at Kenne btfik in 1857, has been sol 1 lor »3J 000; her name to be changed to James C Bell, and go under the Brit ish flag. Ship Richard Bustttd. capt Mitch 11. made the Cssage irom Sydney Na W to Calcutta, in 42 days, log the shortest on record. DISASTERS. Ship Alhambra, Lucas, at San Francisco from Liv erpool. reports, when llo mil*# SSW of Cape Clear, experienced a tremendous gsle irom 8 to SW fur 24 nours: blew away turetopmast, foret‘p-gaTantma-t. ortroyalma t, maint p-ga laut. matnroya.mast and 1 main opmast stay tail; washed away bulwarks, ports aud water ou deck ; next morutug found three feet or water decks; threw overboard 260 tons cargo, aud found the leak, which was caused by a p eventer-chain ho t working out. Was 22 days un 1 der jury topmast*. • Brig A Richards Donovan, from Glace Bay CB. for New York, bu'ued by »h> Taiiahaaaee. wa* 274 I tom* register, rated Alt. wa# built at Columbia in f 1863, from which pdFt she haded. Brig Carrie Estelle. Tnurlow. captured and burned ' by the laiiabass' e. was fro n ( utler. Me, lor N York. ! with piles She regi»t« red 240 tuna, was built at Cut* ! ler in 1884. aud bailed lr«m Buxton. Sch Atlantic, burnt by the Tallaha-xee, registered 166 tons, and was built at Addison in 1959, where she was owned. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCICSO-Ar 12th, ship# White Swa! j low. Prince. .New York 134 days; 14.h. Emerald Isle. * Scott, New York 138 days; 16th, Wiuged Arrow. Berry. Boston 111 days: Borodino. Gilk*-r, Philadel phia; Ldw O’Brien. Gilchrist, New York 148 days; barques Adelaide Norris. Heed. Baltimore 157 days; 17th, Whistler. Godfrev, New York; 18th, ship Ms 1ST, Hu cuius-.a fm Hong Hong: 30th, Alhambra, Lucas, Liverpool 196 da. s: 21st, barque# Oak Hill, Gove. Teekalet; Anglo Saxon, Tcuncll, from Port Ludlow. Si. 12 h ult, ship 1 F Chipmau. Miller. Tor Callao; ! 18th. batque Brontes. Morse.»or l’uget Scuud; 14th, s*-ip* Panama, Soule. New York ; IStb Metropolis. Smith. Puget Sound: 2«st, Caroline Reed. Fiieod. Kooiac; barque Mallory, Hill, l’ugtt Sound; 22d. *Mt. John L Dimraoct, (Br) Harvard, for Port An gelos. »* c, W ORLEANS—Cld 8th inst, baruue Pawnee, Wiiiiams. Philadelphia. BALTIMORE—Ar Utb. schs Helen Mar. Nicker son. Boston; Envoy, Pearl. Fortiess Monroe. Cld 12th. barqu s Dc'eaware. (Br) Demerara; Se iah, Gould. Bo*tou; br g R (' Wright, Hawthorn, do vcu Gen Armstrong Wright. New York. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 11th. schs Martha Ann. j Sarg»-ut, New York; laird alcr, Coombs, Bluehill. i J Ito'er*. Ku**e;l, Portland. Ar 1 ith, sch S K Jim>-*on, Jameson, Vinaihaven; M Patterxou, Providence Cld 11th. brigs Lormna, Happenuy, Charlestown; ! Speeds way. Atherton, Portland; Win Nickels. Ames, Boston via Wilmington, Del, sch Lath Rich, Bou doir. Penxacoia. NEW YORK—Ar 12th, shipsGrea* Western. Cun | niugbam Liverpool; Laac Webb. Uezsliog. Liver \ pool; Galena. Leavitt. New Orleans; barques » re i ‘•log Star, (Br) Bowling CB. Young Turk, Harding Malaga; P C Warwick, (Br) Rio Janeiro, brig ko ret. E liot. Glace Bay CB; sch* Win M Dodee, Pen ny, Pernambuco; Nautilus. Davis. Liugau IB; J ff IK-enug i Br) <v*>un«dy. Sydney CB ; Blue Bell. Neal. ! Portland; Frankliu, Allen. Lubcc Ar i3ib. brig Isola. Brewster. Glace Ray CB; schs Pavilion. Parker, do tor Newborn; Geo W snow. Haskell. Elizabe^hpo t for Boston; Saxon, Cawidy. Calais; Sarah. Dri»ko, Juucsport; Carroll. Sprague. East Machias; Johu. Falaicgham. Machias * Id 13th. ship* Western Empire, McLaughlin, for ! Grand Bay. Ca: Borneo. Reed, Loudon, b.rques Elba, Driftko. Elizabctbport; A ant ho. Chapmau. A* pinwall, brix# Euza Tuomps< n. Maiks MJago;B, Atkins, Cow BayCB; F J King. Duane, do; sch A P Stinipsou. Yarmouth NS Ar 13th,slop Johu Bright, Dew-r. Liverpool; b’ig Idols. Wld lemore, Neuvitas; sch Carroll, spr>guc. Es.-t Machias. Ar I4tn. ships Young Mechanic, Bennett, fm New port E; Albiun, Locke, do. Ar 15 h. ship Lizzie tu n aus, Draper. Liverpool. PROVlOKNCk—Ar 12>h *ch* Olive Brsucb, Reed. Calais; Delaware. Means. Ellsworth. Geor giana, 1’hiibrook, aud Suxau k J m. Torrey, Ban gor; John A Frank, Fowler, Danvers; Sarah, Con ary, Rockland. s CM 13th. sell Starlight, York, Lingan CB, to load for New York. Ar 13th. schs Elizabeth, Turner, Calais; Dr Kane, Ryder, Bangor. NEWPORT—Ar 12th. scha II K Don ton. Jameson. Ncrw Bed lord for New York; E P Horton. McCor mick, Bangor lor Hartford; Bay State, Verrill, Kou dout To* do FALL RIVER—Ar 13th. sch Idaho, 1 ambert, fm Bangor; Susan t Mary, Eitou. Klizabethport. Ar 13th. sch Bay Mate, Meservey. Calais. DIGHION—A r 13:h. sch# Ossuna Johu son, from Pictou: Paragon. Hatch. Bangor. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 12th, sch Gertrude, Rus sell. New York. Ar 14th. b ig Robin, Hopkins, Calais. HOLMES'S HOLE—Ar 12tb, sch Balloon, Clay, Klizabethport for Bostou. a r 13th schs ia»piau. Duuning. Machias for New York; F’Jora A Sawyer, Reed. Tri tiumt for d *. BOSTON—Ar 18th, brig Virgiuia, Nickels, Cbes , 'dm Ocean Traveller. Adams, Philadelphia: *■liaa William* Tailor. ami 1 B Jon* a. Smart. Philadel phia; K B Pitts. Paul, a; d >aiah, 11. Mon. N York; Alexandria, Gap.ill and Vo aut, ( ouaiuH.FJizabcth I port; Willi* Putrain. Hix. and Vazidalia, I omi- s. Calais; Lucinda. Libby, Mathias; Maine Brown! and Presto. lngaM* «1o; Forest, Jordan, hllsworth; Oceanic*. Kewbert. Waldoboro: Medford, Poltud ; Henry, Carter, and FmpireS ale. Atwood. Bargor. Alpine, Oliver, Bath. CM 13th, barque* Falcon, (Br) Taylor. Cape FBaa bethCGll; Armenia, li ami I ton. Port Natal; Flora McDonald. Pictou: brig Frank h Allen Morgan Fortress Mouroe; scbs star, Ciowel), PhUade'pbia! saml Gilinuu. (rowed. New York. Ar j| h. sch* Velooty. Remick. and Catharine. Davis, Fllsworth; S B St*bb<tt*, Tbompsou. Flixa bethport. A F Willard, Ci«»by. do; sea Serpent. Babbage Rockland; Martha Maria. Spragm* Calais; Barcelona. Whit-, do; Only Sou l.awry. Bangor DANVFKS—Ar 1 lib, sch Plate?, Dennott, Fiixa betbpoit. SALFM—Ar 13tb, *chs Abby We d Hutchins, tin FUaa* e>hport; lvnu*>Ivauia. Warner, Albany N Y ; Way*. Hob ris, RU-wurth lor Proviucetown: StthA Wil iam, Wallace Waldoboio; Hero, kenuv, lioa* Boston Ar 14lh, sch Cocneco. Pendleton. Fllsworth SI I 14th, sch Ja- M Freeman K tier. New York. GLoLCR'*TKK—Ar lutb, sch Cohinuet, Carlow, Ca'ait or New Haveu NhWBL KVPOKl-Ar ISlh.sch Post Bov. Tate Rockland. Sid 13th. *chs Lucy Ames. Amts, and Koan, Bil lings, Philadelphia. FOREIGN FORTH. At Melbourne M»y 11, »hip Thalit., U»re. from Buntoa, ar Jllh. CM IS h. barque Acacia. 1'mkhim. 1'ort Strain ach Jess e Benton. Se lore. Castioe Ar at Cal'ao 13th ult. ships F.vira Owen. Oliver, Rio Janeiro o2 days (and a* tied 27th tor Chinch*-); 15tn. Atlantic Diu-moi*. Acapulco 58 days (aud sld —.d lorrio); M&na. 1 ai baukr, Aus tu.ia 3* days, (and *«i!ed *2Lb for do): Cne'e Joe. Nickels. Pana ma 80 day a (*nd failed 2Ut for do): 21«r, Moravia, Patieu Han Francisco 68 days (and sailed 27th for do); 24th B S kind all, D< a born, • ausniatand *11 2<lb fordo); Siuth Aineri a, Lincoln, Vallaraito9 day s. Ar at Valparaiso loth ult, ship Cambria, , , late Pert*, deceased), from Ca lao for Antwerp; 12th, barque Deborah Pen* til. Pvuu.ll, from Liverpool, (and fail<*d for Coquiiubo ) Ar at Barbadoes 21st ult, brig fdv Thompson, PeteisoD, Boston At Luguna —th ult. sch Fla h, Gray, for New York, Mg At loagua 27th alt, sch K&te Walker, Guliiier, fm Bangor Packed do 80th ult, barque kremliu, UalUtt. 17 dai s from Bo-ton lor Kingston da. 8ld fin Fajardo 14th ult. barque Carniula. Hopkins, for Orcliilla: 15th, Orlando. Dodge, do ana Phila delphia. At Lingan CB28th ult. brig Wn» R Sawyer, Tracy, from Boston, to load for New York, snd others. Sld lui Pictou 6th inst. brig Mauliu*, Norton. New Haven; sch Harriet. Dyer, do At do 8th. barque* Minnie Go don. McGregor, for Boston, or Providence; Locbiei. Graham, for do in 3 days. Ar at St John N3 9th inst. sch Aiuanda, Smith, Bmgor: 11th, birque dsjestic. Armstrong. Boston; sch B y Queen. Whelp'ev, Bsugor CM 10th, barque R Goddard. Pulleys, Havre. SPOKEN. July 26, lat 45 41. Ion 49 6.), ship Italia, of Bath, from St John NB for Liverpool. i Aug 6 lat 42 12, lou 63 50. brig N Stowers, from l £agu* for Bo-to». u* 7, lat 39 28, Ion 70 T3 was signa lled ship Sarah March, f<• m New York tor Greenock. Aug 9. lat 40 03. Ion 68 31, ship Yorktown. from c Now i ora for Londou. Aug 10, iu Gut of Canao. was seen brig Alfaratta, Bibber, from Providence fbr Pictou. j NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. WHfcAIUE. Deerin a llall. J. C. M> era. L*are* -IL and Manager Second night ol the dia'iiguuib ^c*'ean aod bit acet m* pinned and b-autliui daughter Mis* Virginia In na, an. 1 uetday Evening. August 16th. Sbairje*»e'a great tragedy. Richard lit. Richard III, Mr Mc Kee n Buchanan Queen Elzab'th. Mj»* Virginia Buchanan. Price- Paiquette, 60«fs: Buicouy 26 Ct*i:* Reserved seats can )e procur'd at Dr Da na a under the hall during the lay, wi hout extra charge Door* open at 7j, eommenc© at S. Sewing Machine Improvements. A I.L owner, of approved Sawln; Machine. aro invited to call at NO. 11 CLAPP’* BLOCK, and aee the operation of two of the moat important improvement* of the day— William’* Fitful Crank lotion, awl lijilc’i Attachment. The former places the control of the machine en tirely under t ocoitrol of the feet of tha operator, preventing all backward motion of the wine), al lowing the freedom of both hands to handle the *ork, ai d caving tne breaking of needles and tie entangling of the thread The latter wilt allow the free use of linen thread or ot tuff nor cotton, and entirely dota away with the soaping oft he cloth ...Hj1* mnd Mee and veu will net fail to have them ap piled to your machine. JOHN POUTER. Agent. ««***•* order tesch ha.;To "o“b r°W *U U,# ,t*‘U'*0 ,L“ Portland, iu« lo ls«4. d„ Gorham Seminary. T"n Hatl.u.ion will comn-i »c« •kiron wwkiuVd.rlb* ehai ^ of***' “d C0B,“« Js?SS?.E3W£* LIL. Gorham, Aor. J«, 19C4.—ok wt!KSMAS’8*c y‘ Limber. »)(U) OOO r,!Kr of m,r rl«r. r K. fill- Bo .Ida aod Ue , I laoa, lor »*J,- bj s l>. Ac k KL. at In. fi dVii'k *k‘r * ,U<ld’ M* Al“ s*’n,e Parker’. Iliad, Aug 14, lfc»4. au,]6d2»* To Nportvini n. PVIR Sale, two lioo Setter 1 >o,i. touur ol lb. A rami.ut Webaler broad. Uunijiol W.u I' I* O. II x 1UUI. Aug l«—d»i* Lou. ON Saturday afternoon between tbe U. 8 Hotel and il II Hay's store, a For'Monale containing a small sum of money. Tbe under will be amply rewarded by leaving it at tha l'. s Hotel Aug Id—d3i IdMI. 111IE 12:h Inst, a memorandum Book containing a . note, O W. Smith pavab’o to J fc II W. True. Date June 28, ltW', for sl2!l 51. I be Under shall bo suitably re warned by leaving it at 155 i urn iroel <**• anelSoln* Proposals for Loan. Tbkasi'BY UiniTvtvi, July 23, \n>n Notice Is hereby gives that snbsuripthns will be received by the Treasurer of tbe United Staree. tbe several Assistant Treasurers and de lguatcd Deposi taries, and by tbe National Hanks designated and qualified a< Depositaries and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes payable three yean from August 15, 18dl bearing Interest at tbe rate ot seven and three tenths percent per annum, with semi annual cou pons attached, payable la lawful money. I These notes will be convertible at the option of tha bolder at maturity, into six per cent, geld bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from August 15.1887. I The notea will be issued iu Uenominations ot fifty, one hundred, five hundnd, one thousand, and five ■ thousand dollars, and will bo issued in blank, or payable to order, la may be directed by tbe sub scribers. All subscriptions must be for fitly dollars, or some m tltiplo of fifty dollars. Duplioate certificates will be issued'0-all deposits. 1 The party depositing must endorse upon Uieor»pinul ! certificate Iho denomination of notes required, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the ! officer receiving the, to be forwarded to this | Department. The notes will be transmitted to tbs owners free ol transportation charges os soon after the receipt of tbe original Uertifieitea of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed lo August 15 on all de posits made prior to tbat date, and will bo paid by the Department upon receipts of the original certifi. cates. As tbe notes draw Interest from August 15. persons making deposits subsequent to tbat dale must pay the interest acciued fiom date of note to date of de posit. Forties depositing twenty-live thousand dollar* mod upwards for these notes at auy one lime will be allowed a commission ol one-quarter 01 one per cent , which will bspald by this Department upon the receipt of a bilt for tbe amount, certified to by the officer with whom tbe deposit was made. No de ductions for commisutons must be made from the de posit!. officers receiving deposits will see tbat tho pr. per endurtementu are made upon the crlglra] certifi cates Ail officers authorized to receive deposits are re que-ud to give to applicants all des red Information and *01110 every iacility lor making subscription. w. P. FESSENDEN, • -Secretary 0/ ft. 7Vrarury. SnbtM-riptlons will be received BY THB Firut National Bank, Portland, Maine, And all rwpoctable Banks ami Banker, throughout the country will doubtless afford fae lines to sub •cribers. JySOdbwkw BRADFORD & HARttOH. Peuwion aud Claim Agent*. 'Established in 18&1.) CTILL col tin ue to deTO't* their special ard txc.'ti* ^ w'e attention to the prcu.cmiui uf 1'lsmir* ;or Pensions, Bounties Arrears oi Pny and Prize Money, And all other claims against the Government bar. mg been Only licensed therefor All advice tree. Terms aa to was at any oth er A, and no pay inquired until the claims arc obtain, ti. Office 88 Exchange street, Jos# Block. v. Bradford. Juaell.—dtf *■ * UAJU,°1‘ PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! back PAY I *r; »tlt»1.—•«; Wounded Soldiers (discharged, and the friends ot deceased soldiers who are entitled to the same by BYKON D. VCBRII.I., iturifj ui CMovller, it *«. u; eu, Stmt, -AMD WeAh'ngtmf®111 f°r ^ “*• •» Portland. April 2S. i*H. apS5 eoddm STATE (OLLEliE Agriculture ana Mechanic Arts ! TUE andersigaed. (omssstonera, appointed an der a reeolve of the last Leal* ature. an iced and directed by sa.d resolve to In He and r,. ceivo donations and benefactions n aid it the pro posed W.Vp* lor the henedi of .Syrt,■»'(«,* the VscViai, Am," and to receive p.O|>oaal* forth* location thereof, hereby give not ct that t'ey are prepared to receive sach donations tone action* and proposal . and request tba- all c wnmnnica Iona touching the same mav be made be "or* the drat ear of September next, adilr.iM il to the under* g ed t"'3< a. CKOsUY lb Hast. Wtl (i t'Ki.SUY JOSEPH >. t rust, Samuel r. pekley. julytdkwto eeptl Administrator's Sale. N'OTICk Is hereby given, .hat pur uant to license Horn the Judge of Probate f >r Cumber at d t ounty, I -hall sell a‘public suction, at mv dwell ing house in Kavmond. in said C\ ninv, on he loth day of Sent mber.1V-4 at uoe o’clock in the alter noon the f dlowiug reel estate, belonging to the y s lale of Jaiiuta M Jurtia.,. late of said cxy nu nd de ceased, vis: tne revetsio • or the dos/T, , t,,utio the widow of said deceased, and alsoab.m' Bitien teres o< wl'd land sltusted in said Kg, , ,j un , northerly side 01 the u nd leading bom ba.mond It ll to Kew Gloucester ' “ Said sa’e being necessary for the payment of charges of Administration aud other incldautai Bhargee 0L1VER P. JORDAN, Aim r Uy A. B. Uolde ,. h‘s Al.'yi Aug. 3, 1864 (BwBwkdlt Dissolution. rHE arm of Howard k St root, as Attorneys and CouusellO'S a' Law. is this day dissolved by mu ual consent. Either partner will attend to the set. lenient nr of the business of the la'e lirin ' Mr. Howard will continue to occupy offlieSl mij. le street, over Case. Bank. rr 1 **“ Mr Strom w.P occupy ofllco 104 Middle stre.t ppoelte head of Plnmb street. * «tr*st, Jossru UtitViU, Portland, J„a, *7, C St“oct'

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