Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 16, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 16, 1864 Page 3
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r*HTLAND AXD V1CIXITY\ Ifaut Adaartiaamanta Tv-Day, Auction Sa e—Henry Bailey & Co. 1 Ue at re—Dear! eg Hail. Hta iodory — A* Hre^or s. New Goods—Dreaser To Sportsmen. Lo*t-Money. Lost—Note Lumber —8. D. Reed. Gorham Seminary—Fall Term James Olcott Brown. The subject of this notice died on the nigh of the 14th inst., at his summer residence a Glen Cove, alter a brief and painful illness Mr. Brown was the second son of the Hon John B. Brown, of this city! He was horn a rortiand on the 28th of October, 1830, am was graduated, with the highest honors of hii class, at Bowdoin College in the year 1850 In the autumn of 1800 he was married to Miai Emily Kemble Oliver, daughter of the Hon H. K. Oliver, Treasurer of the Bute of Massa chusetts. * It cannot be objected to the succeeding re marks concerning the life and character o this young man, that they are merely the ut terauces ol Iriendship; because most wht have encountered and known him as a slu dent, a citizen and a man of business, hav* not failed to cherish towards him sentiment! of regard aud respect. At College he pur sued such habits and developed such elements of character as won for him the warmest friendship of ail his classmates, and the es teem and confidence of his instructors. Later years served only to fulfill the promise of his college life, aud exhibited him a man of pure and spotless character, a warm and generous nature, a retiued and cultivated taste, aud a judgment that was correct and mature. Be fore ttfiranf'lntr tn a fiirfhnr nniimnrMf inn nf the incidents of his life, so short, yet interest ing and useful in so high a degree, 1 cannot refrain from the inenliou of a single character istic that shone prominent in every occasion when itj manifestation became necessary or appropriate. He was possessed of a patriot ism that quailed before no opposition, and could uot be dampened or cooled by disaster. Sometime after leaving college, in company with his parents and sister, be passed the larger portion of a year in a tour of the Con tinent of Europe, and after bis return became a member of the house of John B. Brown <fc Sons, with which he was associated at the time of his decease. During the comparitive )y brief period of his business life, Mr. Brown had aaaociated himsell trith the religious, ed ucational and mercantile interests of the com munity. In the present whirlpool and de rangement of our national affairs, men who move and labor in the retired and peaceful walks of life may be passed without particular remarks; but a few years have proved Mr. Brown’s to be one of those pure, quiet, unob trusive but beneficial characters, upon which society can always with safety rely, with whom it can entrust its most essential inter ests, and a mau whose loss it cannot hut feel and deplore. To the reputation of a correct, reliable and highly informed merchant he add ed the ornaments of a gentleman, a scholar and a man of letters. Besides the poignant grief of his immediate family and relatives' there is a sorrow, consequent upon his de cease, common to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, that for many a day will recur, simultaneously with the recollectiou of the good the useful aud the upright youDg man. _ H. American Institute of Instruction. The thirty-fifth aunual meeting of the Amer ican Institute of Instruction will commence in this city to-day, and continue three days.— This association has its centre in Boston, hold ing its annual meetings in some other part of New England, which have always been|numer ously attended and very interesting. It is ex pected there will be from four hundred to six hundred persons from all parts of the couutry in attendance during the time the meeting is being held. Several distinguished gentlemen from the Western Slates have arrived, aud otliers will come in by the different routes to day. It is rarely the case that our city is fav ored with the presence of so many literary men and women as will be present at this meeting, and it is hoped and expected that our citizens will give them such a reception aud entertainment as will impress them favor ably with the hospitality and warm-hearted ness of the people of the Pine Tree State. The Board of Directors will meet at the City Hall, at 11 o’cluck A. M. The public exercises to-day will be as fol lows: At half-past two o’clock P. M., the meeting w ill be organized for the transaction of busi ness, and to listen to the usual addresses of welcome, and the President’s annual address. At half past three o’clock P. M., a lecture by J. N. Baitlett, Esq., of New Britain, Ct.— Subject : Influence of School Life upon the character of the Scholar. At eight o'clock P. M., a lecture by Hon. Johu D. Phiibrick, Superintendent of the Schools of Boston, Mass. Delegates to the County Convention. At the Union Ward Caucuses, held last eve ning, the following delegates were elected to the County Convention to he held in this city on Thursday next: Ward 1—J. J. Thompson, Charles L. York, Geo. W. Beal, Wm. A. Wiusbip, Benj. Colby. Ward i—Paul Hall, S. U. Colesworthy, oeorge v*. ureeue, otcpnen Wbtttemore, George W. Brown. Waub 3—L. B. Dennett, Cyrus Nowell, Danl. W. Fessenden, Win. G. Twombly, Sami. W. Larrabee. Waub 4—Joseph Bradfotd, N. L. Puriu ton, Freeman G. Cummings, S. A. Nash, /. K. Harmon. Wabb 5—R. W. Lincoln, Nalhl. Walker, Charles Baker, G. L. Bailey, Charles R. Good ale. Wabb 6—Rensellaer Cram. N. G. Cum mings, George Worcester, J. H. Uamlen, F. A. Gerrish. Waub 7—John Randall, Lewis B. Smith, John B. Thorndike, Ebrii Wentworth,George F. Foster. The delegates aboTe named ate requested to meet at the counting-room of the Press, at 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon for the purpose of electing a delegate at large. Theatre.—Mr. McKean, lluchuuun.—1The celebrated tragedian and comediau made his debut last evening, and was warmly welcomed by a fashionable audience. Ills daughter Miss Virginia Buchanan, evidently made a sensation in the character of Lady Gay Span ker. This evening both of these artists ap pear in Shakespeare's tragedy of Richard III Of Mr. McKeau Buchanan's Richard the Liv erpool Herald says: Tlitatre Royal.—Mr. McKean Buchanar made his last appearance in the character o Richard 111. The opening scenes were wel conceived and executed. The scene wilt Lady Anne was judiciously played; not ovei acted, yet sutliceutly "wheedling" to over come the scruples of a woman whose falhei and husband he had murdered. The mors stirriug portions of tl,e character were lull o fire and earnestness, without degenerating into rant, Rod Mr. Buchanan’s flue voice sue noble figure told well amidst the bustle whei Richard is fighting for the crowu. No actoi of the present day can approach Mm in thii part. It is a magnificent rendering of Shake speure’s conception, and second only to un, of Edmund Keen. At the Isll of the curtail he was called lor, and received the entbuslas tic plaudits of a full house.—Liverpool Herald April 30,1850. Saco River Grove.—The excursion t Saco River Grove by the Sons of Temperanc and their friends, comes oil' to-day. Amp! arrangements have been made for a good tint The cars leave at 7.45, 10 30 A. M., and o'clock, P.M. Tickets for sale by the con mittee and at the depot. Teacher Elected.—At a special ineetir of the School Committee, held at their roc on Monday afternoon, Mr. Prentiss Cuinnilni was elected Assistant Master of the Hit School, at a salary of 1900. Temperance Meeting in Scarborough. To the Editor of U« Vrtj» The friends of Temperance In Cumberlanc County, propose to meet at Duns'.an’a Cor ner to-morrow (Wednesday) afternoon, at S o’clock, to see what can be done for the pro motion of the cause. There Is no excuse for telling rum, and none for drinking. The traffic is outlawed and the use is promiscuous. Ooe violates civil law. the other moral. No rumseller. t whose heart is not adamantine, is at ease in the business, ami every rum driuker admits that the use is injurious. What sense then is there in selling or drinking it? Why be a slave to mammon or appetite? 'I lie evils which flow from intoxicating drinks are enormous. They are the direct, palpable cause of many, and the iudirect ) source of most of the troubles w hich afflict , society. This is either true or untrue. If true how important, and how loudly it calls upon : all who would benefit the community to en gage in the glorious wotk, or renew their ef forts. If untrue, it is not less important, and challenges those who sell or driuk to come forward and justify the traffic or use. Indeed they are hereby invited to meet their oppo nents under the pledge that they shall be treated courteously, and have an equal share of the time. But will they come, or failing, do they thus confess that the friends of Temperance are in the right, and themselves in the wrong? The just inference, I submit, leaves them in a dis putable position. Tkupkbaxck. Cumberland County Temperance Conven tion, The next meeting of the Cumberland Coun ty Temperance Convention will be held at Dunstan’s Corner Scarboro’, oa Wednesday 17th iust., commencing at 2 o’clock in the af | ternoou and continuing through the evening. The necessity for doing something to stay the increasing tide of intemperauce is apparent in every city and village in our State and much mnrn an in nlkow tl..s 11 41 rected labor accomplishes nothing in saving the drunkard Irom the drunkard’s path, would be to deny the clearest evidence of his tory and our own observation. The suffer 1 iug, immorality and crime caused directly by intemperance fully justilies the urgent ca'l for the triends of Temperance to meet and take counsel together far the purpose of de ' vising some way to more effectually check its | progress. Gen. Xeai Dow and other earnest friends of Temperance are expected to be at Scarboro’ on Wednesday. Contributions to the Christian Commis sion not previously ackuowiedged: St. Lawrence Street Society, monthly coll., $21; citizens of Xorway by L. Burnham, $9 80; Soldiers’Aid Society, Minot, $10; La dies of Baptist Society, Biddefurd, $25; Miss M E. Hatch, Sanford, *7; State Street Church, tnouthly concert, $13.57; I)ea. Sami. Adams, Castine, $10; Baptist Church, Xo. Livermore, $10; Chestnut Street Methodist, monthly col.. $18.04; Slate Street Chure.h National Fast coll., $28 16; First Parish, Yarmouth, $24.10; High and State Street Churches, $56.25; Scholars Patriotic League,$7 87; AlfredStreet Methodi-t Church, Biddeford, $14.05; Free Baptist Cburcb, Brown field, $4.35; Mis. Abiel Foster, $5—total, $204 79. Cyrub Sturdivant, Treasurer Army Committee. Thomas Harmon.—This gentleman, so long and favorably known to our oldest citi zens, entered upon his ninety-third year on the first day of July last. He is in excellent health, and walks from bis residence du Spring street to Exchange street twice a day. For many years, until quite recently, he drew a hand cart through our streefs, aDd was not ed for his genial and accommodating spirit. Good habits and even temper have doubtless mainly contributed to bis longevity. Long may be wave. U. S. Gunboat Pontooscc, George A Stevens, Lieut. Commanding, put iuto this port yesterday afternoon, for a brand pilot, and expected to leave iu the course of the uight for the eastward. She is searching for the pirate Tallahassee. She left New York Friday night last at 9 o’clock, and has been cruising ever since. A large number of spais and burnt pieces of wreck were passed and quite a number of veasels were overhauled. Assaulting an Officer.—Police officer Gerts was yesterday assaulted by Thomas Collins, against whom he had a warrant of ariest for abusing bis wife. Coliins got the "billy” of the officer and assaulted him in a desperate manner. Mr. Gerts held on to him until assistance arrived, and the fellow was taken to the lockup. Turnips.—Mr. Cyrus Thurlow, of the firm of King, Thurlow <fc Co., presented us yester day with some of the best and handsomest turnips that have been brought to tills market. They were raised ou his farm in Westbrook. New Books.—The “Pride of Life,” by Jane Lady Scott, and the “Coward,” by Henry Morford, from the press of T. B. Peterson & Son, Philadelphia, have beeu received by Hall L. Davis. Harper’s Magazine for September has beeu received at Hall L. Davis’, No. 53, and E. C. Andrews, Xo. 67 Exchange street. A. Bobinson. No. 51 Exchange street, has 1 received the September Dumber of Harper’s Magazine. To thg Fditcr of the Preaa Windham, Aug. 15,1804. At a Union caucus ho'den in this town on the 13ih lust., Edward Anderson, John Webb, 1 Samuel Garland, William Goold, Israel Boody> and Jeremiah Stewart were elected delegates to the County Convention to be holden the l 18lh inst. Yours, &c , P. II. Hall, Sec. of Caucus. 1 Appointment.—We understand that Fred. E. Upton, sou of Elijah Upton, Esq., the City Clerk of Bath, has been appointed by Hon. Sidney Perbain a cadet to the Naval School at Newport. This is a high compliment to the young man, for Mr. Perham refused to appoint any one until he had been subjected to a thorough examination before a board of inquisitors. Hon. John II. Kick.—We are gratified to learn that this gentleman, the lailhful and efficient Representative ol the 4th Congres sional District, is likely to be renominated without opposition. We ate glad to see a growing disposition to retain good men in such positions, instead of dropping them just at the moment their experience renders them influential for the State’s benefit. John Bull,8 Cp.oakino.—'The London correspondent of the New York Tribuue says the English aristocracts’ comments on the re cent reli 1 raid into Maryland, if well conden sed, would result in the essence of screeh owl or decoction of raven, like lialph Nickleby’s voice in the ear of Mr. Mantalini, its’ nothing but “croak! croak! a dein’d horrid croaking.” They fondly believed Washington, Philadei | pbin and Boston would be taken, aud that the . North was as good as taken and the rebellion , triumphant. These old aristocrats will have to wait awhile longer ere such hopes can be ( turned into fruition. By the indulgence ol suck feelings towards our republic they are °“ly making work for repeutauce. There is , a day coming when these accounts must be all " settled. 2 ! ___ i- . The New York World is exceedingly troub led because Williams College lias conferred on Gen. Benjamin Franklin Butler the degree g : of L. L .D. We think Old Ben has brain: n enough to fight the Copperheads of the coun ;s try-and show them up in their true light, and h perhaps that is what the World rnosi fears, BY TELEGRAPH TOTH* Portland Daily Press. FIVE DAVS LATER FROM El ROPE. Arrival of the North American. Farther Point. Aug. 15. The steamship North American, from Liv erpool 4th and Londonderry oth, passed this point at 5.3U this afternoon en route for Que 1 bee. The steamship Peruvian, from Quebec, ar rived at Londonderry on the 1st. The steamship Keda, from New York, ar rived at Queenstown on the 1st. The steamship Germania, from New York, arrived at Southampton on the 3d inst. The U. S. steamer Niagara arrived at Liv erpool on the 3d inst., and was received with a salute from the British war steamer Majesty. The Loudon Times publishes a letter from Richmond, under date of June 27tb. Tue writer expresses a belief that Gen. Grant knows full well that neither Petersburg nor Richmond can be taken by light, and that he will make no more onslaughts on Confederate breastworks, hut quietly assume the defensive. He says it is a question of subsistence, hut ; Richmond cau never he starved out until the i two railroads front the South, as well the 1 James river canal aud the railroad from the the North cun be utterly annihilated, which, j lie contends. Grant is not. strong cuough to | do. He admits that Gram’s operations may occasionally cause the Confederate army to , be placed upon half rations, but this will not i affect the result. The Paris Bourse on the 3d opened firm but closed flat. Rents Otif. 40c. The Congressional Excursion. Bangok, Me., Aug. 15. The citizens of Bangor received the Con- j gressional Committee st the City Hall at 10.30 this morning, Mayor S. 11. Dale presiding.— S. C. Hatch, Esq., of Bangor, presented the party to the Mayor, who received them most cordially. Members from each Slate repre sented, responded happily, and the party then proceeded to the house ol Mayor Dale, where they partook of an elegant collation. At three o'clock in the afternoon the party ' proceeded, by invitation of Joint \V. Veazie, j Esq., agent of the Oldtown Railroad, to In dian Oldtown, where llie Indians greeted their j arrival by u salute of artillery. The Indians had prepared a big gondola, with a flying American flag, to lake the party to the island. ’ They were formerly received by Governor Joseph Aitteon and Lieut.Gov. John Neptune, the latter beiug one hundred and six years old. Gov. Aitteon, with dignity, received the party who were ceremoniously presented, and | through his counsellor, Joseph Nicola, ad dressed them, referring to his people meeting a commission fifty-six years ago, to aell their lands; thanking God that a remnant of his people were left to meet this commission from the Great Father, tlis tribe bad been reduc ed through internal dis>eusions. Hu trusted our. great nation would never be reduced through such a cause, to such a miserable remuaot. He wishe'd the Committee to remember the Penobscot’s, in friendship, to the President.— He said we are reduced by war, this little tribe of six hundred souls, having sent twenty warriors iuto the National armies. Rut your cause is just, being to free those in bondage. The prayers of our tribe will go with you for \ your safe return. Appropriate responses were made by Hon. John U. Rice and other*. Returning to Oldtown the party visited the immense saw mills and partook ol' a collation prepared by the citizens. At six o'clock the part y returned to Bangor, the Indians tiring a parting salute from the island. This evening a brilliant levee is being given at Norembega Hall, in honor of the party. We leave at eight o’clock to morrow morn- , ine, for Bucksport, Castine and Belfast. The whole expedition is under the charge of Capt. Win. Flowers of Bangui, and the arranements are admirable. Expedition from City Point — Capture of a federal Scouting Parly by'. fiuer rtttu. — Attack on our Picket. Hear fort Sncidcr. Washington, Aug. 15. The mail boat from City Poiut to-day re ports that on Saturday afternoon a body ol ourlriops embarked on transports at City Poiut, and moved up the river during the night, and under cover of the tire of the gun boats effected a lauding near Dutch Gap. The object of this movemeut is stated to be the dulodgeuienl of a considerable force of the enemy, who had entrenched themselves on the river, and possibly also as a recouuois sance to ascertain what troops Lee lias before Richmond, and it he is sending any considera ble reinforcement to Early. Heavy tiring was going ou when the Van derbilt left, both cannonading and musketry. Capt. Fleming, with sixty men of the 10th New York cavalry, who was sent ou a scout was attacked near Fairfax Station, on Thurs day, by a body of Mosby’s guerrillas, and Capt. Fleming and eight men killed, and most of ttie others captured. Capt. Fleming’s body was found near the road, and taken to Falla Church and buried. Sunday morning several rebel scouts were seen uear Fort Sneider, at Anuadale. They tired on our pickets in several directions.— Sergt. Linnaii, of the Oth New York cavalry, who was on picket ou the Braddock road, was killed. Our scouts are ou the alert, but una ble to catch the picket shooting assassins. Indian Depredations. Fobt Leavenwoktu, Aug. 15. The Atchison Press has news from Little Blue that the Indians, ou Sunday, commenced au indiscriminate slaughter on that section of the stage route. Settlers are leaving and the overland mail coaches baue stopped runniug. The Dacota Union of the 2d insL, says ev erything iu the nature of crops, in the Mis souri Valley from Fort Pierre to Sioux City, has been ruined in the short space of two days by grasshoppers, and a supply of food must be imported for the subsistence of the people for the ensuing year. r ntt.a A_IS The Democrat’s Fort Leavenworth dispatch says Indian outrages continue in Northern Kansas. People ill the northwestern counties have been uiuidered, the crops destroyed and slock driven off. Evidence accumulates that nearly all the , tribts on the plaius have banded together for war. Gen. Blunt has issued orders that no arms or ammunitiou shall be sold them, and has notified all officers, having authority over the Indians, not to allow them to leave their res ervations for the West, and that such acts will be taken os proof of hostility and tasated ac cordingly. _ From Atlanta—Progress of the Siege. Cincinnati, Aug. 15. The Commercial’s \tlanta correspondence gives the details of the action of the Uih inti., in which the 23d corps lost fifty men in a par tially unsuccessful assault on the enemy's U last accounts, Aug. 8tli,our liue ad vtnctdlo three miles north ol Atlanta, aud within a mile ami a half of the Macon toad. The Gazette has Atlanta advices of the 10 h. Since Gen. ScoQeld’s move on the 5th to r-taeh the Macon road, nothing important has been done. These movements have been partially suc cessful, aud the right of the line has assumed a posiliou three miles north of East Point,and about a mile from the railroad line, and thence extends north around the city to the Chatta nooga line. Gen. Sherman is making gradual approach es, and is very m ar the enemy’s works, with works neatly as strong as theirs. It is thought Hood has received reinforcements. tote on the Amendment to the Connerlient Constitution. Hartford, Aug. 15. T he vote U>-day in this State, on the amend ment allowing soldiers to vote, was small.— The returus received indicate a large majority in favor of the soldiers. At a town meeting held this evening, the selectmen were instructed to nil the quotas of Hartford, and the sum *500,'XKJ was voted to pay the expense. The Pirate Tallnhasan. Providence, B. I., Aug. 15, Bark Glenaloon, from Glasgow lor New York, with iron, was destroyed bv the Talla hassa on Sa'urday morning, off Nantucket.— Capt. Watts aud crew have arrived at New port, having lieen put on board a Prussian bark and transferred to a cutter. Financial. Washington, Aug. 15. The subscriptions to the 7 30 loan to-day, as reported at the Treasury Depratment, amounted to (1,228,500. The total amount of subscriptions for the last three days were I (3,019,000. From Washington. Washington, Aug. 15. The Creek chiefs in a letter to the Coinmis ■ siouer of ludiau Affairs, dated Fort Gibson July llilh, make an eluqueut appeal for help. ' The say the whole Cherokee country is a waste, and they can see nothing hut starva tion before them during the coming winter months Intervened between the anival ol trains, and even now they have but scanty subsistence. At least 20,000 Iudiaus are to be fed. These cbiofs represent a large part of those who were driven by the rebels to Kau i 8»s, but who did not return to their homes in time to raise ample crops. The Indian Bu reau, with accustomed promptness and bu ' inanity, will exert itself to afford the required j relief. , According to the rtiiiug of the Icternal j Revenue Bureau real estate agents, who have j taken out licenses as commercial brokers un ; der the old law are not subject to reassess - I nieut under the new law. Items from lilchmond Papers, Fortress Monroe, Aug. 15. Richmond papers of the 11th and 12ih con tain the following: Mr*. Dr. Mary E. Walker, captured in Georgia upwards of live months ago, has been released from Castle Thunder, and goes down on a flag of truce. She was exchanged as a surgeon, and has arrived at Old Point. A correspondent of the Euquirer says:— Fort Gaines has gone the way of Ilalteras, Roanoke, Pulaski and Ililton Head. The lower fort captured and our iron clad flotilla demolished, Mobile would seem to be in dan ger of being taken. The prisoners captured in the assaults on Petersburg on the 30th ult. number 1375. From California. San Francisco. Aug. 15. 1 he steamer Golden City sailed lor Pana ma to-day with 120 passengers aud *1,040,000 iu bullion, for New York. The demand lor money is light. Cnrrrency exchange 1.40. There is more demand for wheat at 3 30 a 3 35. Three Russian war steamers left port to-day. Gen. Burnside going to Rhotlr Island. Baltimore, Aug. 15. The flag of truce steamer New York, arriv ed at Annapolis yesterday, with 415 exchang ed prisoners, including 10 oflieers. . Gen. Burnside and staff arrived here this morning at 5 o'clock and took breakfast at the Eutaw House. He is going to Rhode Is ] tnd. Lommereuu, Perit»BUliip North Amqrican, off Farther Point. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, Aug 4—The rale* oI Cotton for three daj« were 14.000 taler, in cluding 3,00) to spuculstDis and exporters The market closed dull and all qualities lower. LIVERPOOL HUE ADS TUFFS MARKET— Rich ard.on, Kiience k Cn.and other*, report F oureasier and partially 6d lower. Wheat lower; red Winter » esiern 8s 8dig,rs iod. Corn tending dowuwajd m.xed29*. LIVEKPOOLPROVISIONS MARKET.—Messrs. Big and. Ath>a a co , and others, report Beet quiet and steady, fork steady. Bacon easier. Lard quiet and teudiugdowDward. Tallow quiet and study. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET.—Tho same aulliutlttes rrport Ashes-toady Sugai easier. Ool fue quiet aud steady. Rico inactive. Ho-iu stis lr Spirits Turpentine dull and downward at tats. Pe troleum i -active and ncminal. LONDON MONEY MAKKET, Aug. 3-Console closed st 89]®89J for money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 44®43dls; Eric Railroad 40®42. A'etc York Market. .... . . Nxw YoBB.lng 16. Cotton—steady ; sales 250 tales at 1 T5 for middling uplands. 0 elour—tales *6 800 bbls; State and Western quiet; State 9 00^10 10; Ronnil Hoop Ohio In85*1 (0; Western 9 25: eouthern steadv ; sale- lotto bb s JC.x.,rV,° l'1 T o,I I 00; Canada steadv; sales TOO bbls; Extra 995®12(M. W’heat-la,.c lower: sales 9T TOO bush: Chicago Spi-lUK 2 1< a,: 35; «ilwxusee club 2 17a2 3t>; Red Winter Western 2 4>®2 4">. Corn—lc lower; sales 170.0X1 bushels; mixed Wes tern 1 50.u 1 62. Oa’s—dull; sales Canada at 96&97o. Beef—dull. 4i>'drk—higher, sales 4000 bbls; new mess 40 75® j I ard—sales 360 bbls st21)n22Jo. Butter—dim; Ststeat 45®(2c Whiskey—saies 900 bbls at 1 75®* 78. Rice—jc hetur; sales 2oO bags Rangoon at 16i® 16c. hugar—*U ady; -ales 460 hhd* Muscovado 2o* a21J. Coffee—dull. Molasses—dull. Naval Htores—quiet. Petroleum— nominal Tallow -flrni; biIi p 23\000ttH Eastern at Idle freights to Liverpool—quiet. Stock Market. Niw York, Aug. 16. Second Hoard.—Stocll b?tter. American Gold.2661 Chicago* Hock Island.......114* Hudson.. j Mieb gau South#rn.....!•!!! 92| Pittsburg, Fort Wayne * Chicago.lit; Brte.. Milwaukie * Prairie DuChieu. Illinois Centra) scrip.J30 Cleveland A Pittsburg.34 Chicago* North Wearernpreferred. Uij Canton Company. 37 Quicksilver Mining Co,. 82 ^O******.. Erie preferred....1101 Ohio* Missispippi Certificates.*. f»2 Treasury 7 3-10ths.10yi UniUd States one year certificates new.94! ! nited States 6’a 1881 coupons.1071 Luited States 6-2d registered.108 First National Bank. This Bank wi’l convert the seven-thirty not* s ma turing Aug. 19, and Oct. 1. into six per cent, bonds of 1881, in all the denominations in which the note were issued, tri*:—S60, *100, ffOO. ai d Sl.UX). W. E GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 80,1854.—eodtf O ft n a 1 B a 11 It. Government 7 3-10 loan. This Bank U prepared to receive subscriptions to the new 7 3-10 loan in sums of *60 and upwards, paying interest from date cf subscription to August 16th, the date of the new loan. The notes are convertable at the end of three years iuto specie paying 6 per cent 5-20 bonds. One eighth per ceut will be al owed on all amounts of 11000 and over. B. C SOMKKBY, _ . Cashier. Pertland, Aug. 1, 1864.— dtf ii'mwc ikuiiruuii AOiire. 1IUE stockholders of the P. k V A. Railroad Co. , are hereby notified to miet at the office of the Treasurer, 141 Middle street, on Saturday, the in«t . »t4j P. M . to act upon the following .rtlcle-: 1st—'T» see whether the stockholders « ill assent to and aco. pt the location of their Railroad in the City of Portland as provided in and hi an order passed by the Mayor and Aldermen Aug.'lst, 1S«4. 2d—T»* act upon any other business which may legally come before them. M (j PALMER. auglSdtd Secretary. Sewall €. Strout, Of the la*© Arm of Howard k Strout, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 Middle Street, Opposite International Bank,.Portland, Aug 12—dfcw3m P. $100. B. rilllE undersigned being licenced by the United A. State-, are prepared to procure Pensions, Bounties, Arrears ot 1 av and Prize Money lor Sol dier*, Seamen or their heirs. Bills tor Hoard and Transportation of Recruit* or Draf^d Men collected. 1 All demand* again.-t the State «r United State* at tended to. Having an agent both at Washington aud August*, aud having had larte experience we feei safe iu averting that any business entrusted to our care will be faithfudy and promptly executed. We have also an agent in New York to attend to the payra nt ot Prize mom v. Advice tree. Approved Claim* fashed MANLEY k SAWYER. Office 82J Ex hauge, St., Fox Block Portland. Me. J n. MANLBY. W a. 0AWYBB. Hon. 8am' Cony. Governor ot Maine. Hon. J L. llodsdon, Adjutant tien of Maine. Hon. Wia Pitt Fessenden, U. 8. Senator. Hon. Lot M. Morrill, U.S. Senator. June lGwtf ICast Maine Coni. Seminary,Buckaport, Me. rilllE Fall Term of 11 week* will commence Mon 1. da/, August 29 Superior facilities for student* preparing for College Nirmal Department under the instruction of the Principal. No inert a*e of Tuition rate*. Studeuts materially lessen expenses bv self board lug JAS. B. l KAWIOKD, Prin. Aug. 3.—w5t Howdoiu Collfgp, THE Aunual Examinatirn of candidates for ad mission to llowdoin < oUege will takeplacoon Friday the Bflli day of Augus* nex*, at 8 o’clock in ♦ ho forenoo- .in the new Medical Hall; and also on Thursday, toe twenty liltt< day of August next, in the same place, and at the same hour. LEONARD WOODS. Brunswick, July 6, 18m. julyTdtd NOTICE mills day T give to my son Luther R. White, hi* 1 time to act and trad*> for himsell. I stall not claim his wage# or pay hi* debt* A P. WHITE, Gray, Me. Witness, Davis Simpson. Aug. 11, 1864. S8w3w* Board. ROOMS tarnished or unfurnished to be let with board at 77 Free St. Aug 9—-dlw* Hoard. A FEW more Boarder* can be accommodated at 73 Dan forth street, two door* above Brackett. 1 Apply soon. July* 1 MISCELLANEOUS. Xjlfo Insurance. THE Ma¥hATYAN Life Insurance Company ! O F N K W YORK C'usb Capital and Accumulation Over $1,700,000 ! HENRY STOKES, I’iuioirt. K). Y. WLJ1PLK, Secretary. J. I.. JiALSEY, A sat. Secretary. &■ N. SI hit Ml .ns. Actuary. E. DWIGHT KENDALL, General Agt. This long*established Company c ffers the follow ing advaLta^ee to insurer', viz: A largu* and increasing Capital, securely invested; 1 immediate a\ ai(ability of toe <>ivideude, in cash , A permanent loan of one half of the premium; nua n tv&ture. ptcu/iar to this company, by which 1 insurers art- protected against forfeiture el the poii oy Irons circamstaners of adversity. The company also issues non-lorieiting policies on the -Teu Yrar Piau ' Policies incontestibic live years from date (the on ly company in America having this provision iu policies.) r Local Board qf Reference: Hon William Willis. MiHer E q., Collector Int. Revenue. ^n' E*q . Prest. bank C u tuber land. n ,, *komss. Enj , Pred. Canal b«nk. J. 13.Carroll, E*<i., Merchant •Jeremiah Dow, E«q., Sec’y Dirigo Ins. Co. iu Kimball, Esq , Trta«. S. Packet Co. Edward Shaw, E*q , Sea’y Port. Mut.ins. Co. Messrs. Wot dman. True A Co. Messrs. II. J. Uibbv A Co. Parties aro invited fo examine the merits of this company before effecting insurance. HENRY K *TIChNhY. Agent, Office No. 13 Moulton St. ' !?.■ Tewksbury M D„ I Medical G. M . Th.>uah. M. !»., I Examiners. Gentlemen of energy ami rerroD«ihillty in the aide rent citiis and towns ot Marne, desirous of rep resenting I be Manhattan Life Insurance Co. will please address E DWIGHT KENDALL, GeueraJ Agent, box No 2061 P. O.. Portland. Aug ll.— codlm J. II. TEMPLE, Dealer in NEW ANT) SECOND-HAND FURNITURE! 43. 45 and 47 Union Street, PORTLAND, Maihi. ty Highest pricee paid for 2nd hand Furniture. Old furniture Repaired and made to look like new. Aug 13-eod2a* Portland Broom Factory ! L. REIDLOTST, Manufacturer and Dealer in Brooms, Brusbt s, Hearth Brooms, Ac. Cor. of Portland and Brattle S'a. •.•Special attention given to filling Ordcra. mak tng l usioto nroom.. Ac Portland, Aug. 12, lrtll — dkwtf Rridgton Academy, At North Biidgton, Male*. THE Fall Term oftliia Institution will commence on lussday, Sept tt 18#4. Aug It—eudAivtd 1 HOS. H. MEAD, Sec’y. , B. F. HAMILTON &CO. Successorr to C. W. Robinson & Co. W OL'LD very respectfully invite all former pa . V trouato the home, and ths public generally to a tree examination or our govds at all times. With long experience and close attention to the wants of customers, and adhering strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Believing it to he better for tl,c buyer as well as tbe seller, we hope to merit a largo sharge of pa’ronage. for***** 0,6 °* ^°°^> ltJ c*0*f cheap to make room N F. W GOODS. ,_**r • S Prince, together with the employees tnths store are to be retained end will be bappy to see all the.r customers as formerly B. F. HAMILTON * CO , ^ Corner Congress and Preble streets. JuneLeodtf Gould’s Academy. THE Fsll Term of eleven weeks begins Tueslav Aug Hth, 1SSI B. F Snow. M. A Principal aided by a full corpt of first class Instructors For particulars, address the principal or ...... „ R. A. FRYE. Sec y. Bethal. Aug. 9, 1811. eodSw USE THE BROCKSIEPER GAS REGULATOR, AAO SAIS TOCS GAS. Aug 3- dim C A SCO U A\K. i GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. THE ( asco Cank is prepared to rtceirrd euhsciiu tions to the new 7 3-i0 loan l.i sums of *50 and upwards, payin' iut. reston same fr--m date ot sub to August 15th, tho date of the fatorerument All persons having *50 and upwards now hire a goed oppor unity of lending a helping n«nd to their Government by subscribing iiherailv A this loin. i 1 ha notes arc convertible at,he eid of three years i into spe ie. paying ti per cent 6-20 bonds. 1 \ ^Ltians taken on as favorab e terms as at any other i V. .1 a . . no . K. P. GEKRISH. Cashier Portland, Ju y 28, 1864. _Jy29 distf i USE THE BROCKSIBPER GAS REGULATOR, !A.vo SAIS rocs OAS. Aug 3—dim reopened. Tbe subscribers would respectfully announce to their 1 numerous triendi* And the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and RefuraMied ! The popular and eeutrallv located EATING HOUSE, —at— No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK,) Which will be open on end after MONDAY, JULY 35th. Icals ul liBBthes at ill bum of lb; Jay juJ Iveaios. ICE CREAMS. PLAIM AMD FAMCY CAKE, FBI IT, CONFECTlOIfARY, 4c., Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow's Parent Ice Cream (Sods) Foun tain, with Fruit Syrups. PARTIES SUPBIED AT SHORT NOTICE. We shall be happy to see all our oM friends aud m*ke % host of new ones and trust that uone will have cause for complaint. CALL AND SEE US ! ATKINSON & INGERSOLL. _ tr USE THE BR0CK8IBPER GAS REGULATOR, A ill) SAYK YOUtt (IAS. Aug 6—dim NO XV as THE TIME TO T9* TO* BROCKSIEPER’S GAS BEGUI ATOB. ROW AMD SHAW, Agent. Aug 0—dim FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Seven-Thirty Notes foi Sale. Utere^t semi-annually, payable in paper at the rate of sevou and three ten hs per cent, per annum. Boids con vertable in three years into six percent five-twenty bonds, upon which the interest is paya ble in coin. Tbe notes will be delivered here free of expense. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 it subscriptions are made before that time. One-eighth per cent, commissi m will be allowed subscribers at this S ink upon all amounts if #1.000 and over. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Cortland, July 30th, j|C4 -d&wtf NOW IS THE T I .11 E TO USB TH* BS0CK8IEPiR’SGAS REGULATOR. EDWARD SHAW, Agent. Aug 6—dim PORTLAND DRY DOCK COMPANY. AN assessment of Eight Dollars per share on the Capital Stock of the Company Is now due and payable at the otfioe of the Treasurer. 117 Cummer ciai street C. M. DAVIS, Treasurer. July 80th, 1864—dtf 1 WANTS,LOST,FOUND LOUT. BETWEEN Spring 8t. and the Portland Com Ptuy's Works a small bunch 01 Keys, the liuder shall be suitably rewarded by leaving them at this office. augl3J8t Wanted. AT CKNiSHED ROOM, with Roard, b; a young msii and his wife—near toe central part ot the city. In a small family preferred. Goo I reference given. Address, H J. D., Portland Preae Office. Aug llth-dtf ftiiuuiion Wanted. KjITLATloN WANTED as Salesman in a whole "?1,; Grocery or Clothing store by a young man who hM had exerience. Be* of reference glvSn Address G, Press office. auglleodlw* Wanted to Kent. ROOMS,or part of a Hr use.who Ivor partly furn- i isued, fur It msekeepiog, bv a vouou counle without tamiiy. Hjgneet reletencet Jyen.*Aodreas ‘■George,” at this office. dl w Wonted, ‘.IrkCCSTOM Coat an-1 20 custom Pant makers ■ Apply at Clothing R ,<>ms of “er*‘ woodman, ihik a co AugO—dbwis6w 6‘ *D4 “ Mid4,em*m House and Lot Wanted. Vi.inity of, or above High St. preferred - 1 Hiiii *uy 0l,e bavluga de.irableestaleto sell,worth JBcsIUfroui #4.0 0 to #1 > OiO, please address, atatimj location. Box 1941, f. O. augddtf House Wanted. Wauled by the advorti-.r, a convenient mcentrally located, aid pleasant house lor a small, without cuildren—pos essiou to i heu.u as early as the middle of October, sooner if pout to. It must have good water conveniences aud be well duGhcd. The advertiser would lease such a house tor a term of years, or purchase if lerm* suited. A two-atorv cottage, small lo», preferred. Addret>a»». 1*. y., at the Pro*# Office, stating ioca tion. * terms, Ac rynti,'mtinUv. Portland, Aug. 1,1864 —<m * Lost. CJTUAYED from the pasture of Mr. Francis Rob k_7erts, V\ est brook, Iasi mouth, a three year o!d gray < olt, small ►i/e; whoever wil> returu nim or give information where he may be found, will be suitably rewarded, by calling »t No. 19 Spring St „ , , , .. Francis e. emery. Portland, July 13,1864 —dtf ii'W Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even tr iu Fierce’s auction room. a Call 8kiu rock* t book con tain g #;4 in money, a note against Charles iloogdou, Gorham, for SbO.and ene against Charlea ttooper for $12. The above rew ard will b« paid lor the recovery of the property and the detec tion ol the thief. Tune 8.—tf GEORGE BECK. Konnl. O LIT8 of Rooms, with board, can be obtained by k} applying immediately at 30 Danforth st.eet. M»y mayTadtf MERCHANDISE. Ilackmetuck Ship Timber. OAK. Hackmatack, and Hard Wood I'lauk Tree nails uom 12 to 2d inches, Ireouaii Wedge* fto kC\br L. TAYLOR, June2Sd3m Galt's Wharf, Port'and. TrcrnaUii. 100,(xio uak mr SlMONToN ft KS1UHT. ..... AS Commercial Wharf. Portland, June 13,1861. junelidtf Sugar and * j 300 U“US. j CHOICE MUSCOVADO BU 10 TC8. j GAR. Sil HUPS superior Muscovado, ond 3 rc’d Cloyed, 11 USES from Merra Moreno. How landing and tor sale by HloMiS ASEXCIO ft CO., 1 nayPtf Custom House’ Whorf. Sierra Morc-nn itlwlas* i>. »*KII1I38 ... i | CHOICE SIERUa MOULXA I T, K|IC E8 M •) L 18 8 ES, I 10 BI1L8 ' I How lauding from Brig "C. II Kenned) ’• i TU08. ASE veil) ft CO . May 3.—tf C. tl Wharf. Scotch < unvitns. 1 BOLTS—from the factory of Dsvid Cor 1 ’ ' sar & Sons, Eoith—a sail cloth of superior 1 inelity—Just received per "Jam”, and lor -ale bv MoiilEVEKY, KYAN ft DAVIS, , mchaodtf 161 Commercial St.eot. -iGw/zutaa/(Qdttfatiwi ^ • NEW II A.-II PS It I HE Commercial College, Central Hail, - - - - Concord, N- H. 11 HE rooit thorough and extensive Commercial College in Mew England, pre*« nt* u (t.nalieo sciUfie* »or imparting to young uieu and iadkea oinpleti* bu«iuit'R education. Svnd lor a circular containing fu’l icforma'ion— iddrcM WOUI UINGTOM Sc WAK*> EIt, Aug 9—dftwCm Princip^s. The Cabinet Organs t MADE EXCLUSIVELY' BY MASON & HAMLIN ‘ Ire the heat instruments oftheir class in theworld. Vearly all the most proiniuen artists in the country lave given written testimony to this effect, and these nstruments are in constant use in the concerts ot he most distinguished artists—as Ciotlscbaik and ithers as well an in tiio ru in the priuc pal cit- ( es. whenever such Ins’rumen’s are re iu red. Price Mi to «;«0 each. These iasMum< nts may he fou-d it the Musx Booms of the subscriber, whore they rill be sold ot the mannfocturers’ prices. II. S. EDWARDS, ] I0.3A9J Stewart's Block, Congress 81. ____ aprl3dtl Carriages, Carriages I j Firmly lluilt and Nratly Finished. L P. LIBBEYj No. 20 Preble St., [ -tor '**e- *' I‘l» eolnbiishment, n variety CA of < arriages made in the neaust and most ante t tantml manner The assortment eemprises nil the , L,*h* Carriages, and they will be , old on the most favorable terms. Persons intend ng to purchase Carriages will hud it for their inter “ to eanmine before baying elsewhere liKWIS & SMITH, Manufacturers and Dealers in CLOTHING, T C Lew"°* 171 F°re Stree‘* A M bmiili rOKTLAND. < *<■ Particular a'tenUon gncn to Castom Work. : 8 Au* » 18*4 —dtf M. PEARSON. Silver Plater, AMD MAVUricrURIB OK j a SILVER WARE, : f38 Congress St., Opp. Court House, Portland,Me. j , All kind* of Ware, such ns Knives, Forks, ipoons. Cake Ba-kets, ('asters, Ac , p ated in the l >est manner. A so, Repairing and Re-jinisAing Old Sileer IFo":_ au**d6m New Boat for Harpswell. >n and alter Monday, Jnly 11th, 1864, the new and superior steamer n.4KC£MA JOHNSON, Will leave as follows : Leave Custom House Wharf at 8.46 R> turning, leave llarpswe.i&t 4 P.M., touching ui above. Excursion tickets to Uarpswcll, 76 cents; Peak’s slaud, 2*» cents; Diamond Cove or Chebeague Is anti*. 60 ceut*. Single tickets same as above. Large parties takeu at leaaonaLlerates, J The public are im ited to inspect this boat, it being itted up in a eupeiior style, and is by far the safest Mcursion boat in these waters. For turth.* particular- inquire of GEO. WATER HOUSE, Agent, on board, or J. B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. July 9 Seizure ol ftoods. CoLLU'TOU S 0**1011, ) District of Portland and Falmouth, J Portlaud, July 25 1 64 ) N'OTICE is h era by given that the following de scribed Goods were seized at this port, on the j lays hereinafter mentioned, for a violation of the . Revenue Laws, viz:—April 16, 1864. on Frown's wharf, one bbl sugara^d one bbl in 1sm»< ; April 19, j 1864. on board bark Maiy C. Fox, on bbl sugar; Mav 11,1664. on Wltgerv’* wharf, oue bbl su*ar; Ma‘> S3.1864, on Railroad wharf, oue trunk containing kcven bottles ot brandy,one bottle wine, one pack age thimbles, one piece of cotton, two packages c^n laming silk and linings; June 18. 1864. on board Er bark Princess, 1750 cigars. Any per* u or persons, desiring the «ame, are re quested to appear and make such claim. wi’hin mu* ty days from the day of the date hereof: cther wise the said Goods will be disposed of in accord sneewith the act of Co gre s approved April 2, | ISRAEL WASHBURN. J* . . Jy^o dlaw3w Collector. f LUMBER. ’ Carolina L.uinl>«r Company. TH E undersigned ha* been appointed bv the above Com pan . S b* A «reui for the sale o lumber, lor c the Slate of New York and all oris and places north 1 of New York, and is p-epared o furnFh hard pine lumber in anv quantiti**, by the csrgo, sawed to any ] desired d mensiuos. at the shortest notice; also Black Walnut, Bay wood, Be. f 7 JOB A.TURNER. No. 66 Washington St., Boston. Mass, ▲ug. 10,1664. todfen 1 ENTERTAINMENTS GRAND EKIKMOY, _TO_ • SACO RIVER GROVE I MUSIO BY Chandler’* Quadrille Band. D. H CHANDEKB, Prompt,,. Portland Division No. 95, 8. of T. Will make their annual Excursion over th. v . Railroad, to th*biautilul Y 4 C' Saco River, on Tuesduy, August 16, ISfrft. Cara Irara’the Depot at quarter before ba'f pan ten aud 8 o’clock, , p eciaelr: returns J at 8} and S o'clock. ’ reIur“‘*'K Ibe Comnittt.e after visiting many celebrated grot ea and beautiful villages . n iho line of tbe d.f. tereut railroads, have crus to tbe conclusion that no mo•« delight lul or convenient spot I. r a pic nic can be found in to.state than tbeab ,»« lar-fatned Grove fbe scenery is romantie, and all the conveniences sre st hand for Ate ays, Tnorbuh and Dancing An excellent platform bas been laid lor the latter Which is bo by 4J loot, with seats and enclosed by a rai log. The Dancing Wo! be under tbs direction of the following Mans J. B Kxcxlvst, m MoC4BtHT Refreshments to be h.,d on the Ground. Ice Water will be luruisbed m sbundance andav. ary exenioo .ill be made by the Committee' “mU, lesson 01 " “,r‘CUv* ’scnr tcn. oTme »<fec*ed in arrang.ment 7'ltssrnyrH ,*L ’ *"Ve » »1 W H.Piti iina j B Backlyft. > boring. M McCarthy, Geo. £ Kimball. T.c eta for the Excursion 6) etata. Saecaranoa 60 feut*; Gorham J»6 cent*. tickets for aalo Dy the Louimmt e at the Depot 7 Ang- 11, 1861. dtd Attention ! EXCURSION PARTIES ! TIIS STEAMER HVIarsena, Johnson Having been withdrawn from tbe rente to Harps- * sill, is now . IT.-red for tho acco nmodation of Ex ur.ioo parlies, and will take them to any nisei in asco Bay l.srg • parii-s taken tt low rale-, Ibe public are invitel to iospacit is boat. It being 11ted up in a .upon rst.le, and is by fsr the safest incursion boat in htse waters For further partfc lisrs enquire of * GEORGE WATERHOUSE. Agent >n board, or to ^ ■* B. JOHNSON, Proprietor. ^_ DIRIGO [nsurance Co. of Portland, Me. office NO. 28 exchange »t. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN $200,000. Inve.ted as follows:— Mortgagee of Real £alata at two third, r. raise, S66 300 Mat on pledge of Coiled State. Securitiea, 61 »■ 0 -oao. oo pled* or City Scrip, St 600 *>»■• on pledge of Hank Stock*, 38 90o *>an. on pledge of Sure or blunt Bonds, 24 600 ,o»t .on pledge of Androscoggin Coaety Bonds, 4.000 — ■ | MUO.OtO *°w props-ad to iatao pol cie. pon all kinds of property iu the tlty or eoantry. lable to lo-a or damage by «re, at a< low rataa as is akanbyany . th.r uica. lh. t sirens, o oi tbe aercbaetoaud churn* generally ollortlaod and icinity, i. inoat reaped lull - oliciied A. K lULRlLtbF. Proaldanl. JKUEJ1IAU LOW, Secretary. tiiunoia: I B Brown, R F.. Spring. D W Clark, l B. Carroll, John Lynch, H. 1 Kobiaaoa. TBl'tists: It. John .Smith, 11 J. l itbv, H N Joan, I-* Fay,on, J N. Wiu.low, (i IV Woodman Alrah Caaaut, II I. Robinson, 'hllipU. Brown, C. 11. Haskell, 8. C. Chaaa lereniLh Dow. N. o Cr.m, VTm. Huu.ton. Portland. Anguat 1.19*4. -iadSm J. E. FERNALD 1 SON, Merchant Tailors, And Dealer* in C'eut'M Furnishing Goods, No. 87 Middle Street. Our fu:iii.ic« for supplying our customer* with romptne** fidelity and de*pa!ch are unexcelled Our Stock u large and desirable, preeenting all to Novelties of tbe soaeou. TERMS “NET CASH.” Portland. Aug 10, H64 —dtf SSfiiC. H. OSGOOD, DENTIST, !; ro. 8 Clapp's Block, Market 8qnare, P O RTL AND. ty Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold, Silrer, and "mcmmiie bur. All operations tntrranttd to give iti* faction, JuneSUeodwlyW OJKce of the Atlantic and St. Lawrmce R. P.Co. I Portland. July 30. D64. » i DIVIDEND of two doliare per tbare, lee* the V government excite tax. will be paid *t thi* ot ce. op and after the 3d rf Atgaat next, to tbe bold f» of $ hare*, in Federal currency, a* recorded at be cloee of bu«intM on tbe 30th of Jane last. CUa8. E. BARRETT. Treat r. aagSTartwIe Portland Army Committee OV TUB J. S. Christian Commission. Chairmio, T. K. Iliy«, receives Store, atilt Mid leetre* t. Treasurer. Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at 76 omme'cial street. Secretary, Henry II. Burgees, receives Letters at i) Commercial street. And.ew J. Chase, Dr. W R. Johnson. mel8dti Prompt Collection of Bills. kf EHCUAftiS, Physicians, Mechanics and all TJL o* bars wishing prompt c Election of their bills, rill receive prompt aud personal attention, and ?eedy returns fr*m JACOB FBOBT, Junction Middle and Free Sts up stairs. HTPeit Office address, Box 1786, Port and, P. O References— T. C. Herscy, U. W. Woodman, A. T >ole. auglldlf COAL FREIGHTS* Pictou* N. 8., to Pembroke. Maine. ^ Any sued Vessels. Foreign or Ameri lean, wanted to freight Coal as abov*. /.lT^ The rates for d.scharging are lower ^jJyaMian at Boston, and there are oth r facil ities. Apply to or adoiese WM E. COFFIN k CO . Boston Als a a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to ©the* oris July 16 i'2m NOW 18 THE TIME TO USB TUB IROCKSIEPER’S GAS REGULATOR. RDWARl) SHAW, Agent. Ang4dim 1ST O T I O E rnovosr MARSHAL'S OFFICE, ) First District, State <f Maine. Portland. August 11 h. 1961 \ [NQllRiES ou all ordinary subjects connected L with the enrolment, draft, exemptions liability o draft, credits and accoui Is rt men furnished, hould be addressed to the Provo»t Marshal of the longresfioi al DH-tiict. and in ca“e be is not able to usw*r them he will ask information f the Provoet iar»*al General of the Matt*. Arswe'»ma> be thus reared more promptly th*u by addre*sii<g the Pro- i ost Marshal (ieneral af Washington. where more m:»or* an I business mten jrevint prompt answer* i) mul'itnde oi inquiries now addrese- to the bu euu on f ersoLal aud other mutters of mu or cume neuce. _ Bv Order of Ma'cr J W. T. GARDIIFt. CHARLES H. DOUGHTY. Cspt and Provost MarsLa 1st D strict Maine. Aug. 13—d8m For Male* 3NE half the three story brick Blcok, situated on Congress 8t.. near the head « f Park 8t.. one of be most desirable b cation in ihecitv. For par Icu arsen uireofMr. 8. C. Chase or C C. Tolman t F. A H i ward's under Lancaster Hall Aug 8—dim* Dissolution. | rHE copartnership heretofore existing between Sweat and cleave* as Attorneys a* Law. is this ay dissolved by mutual consei t. The affairs ot the t»e firm will be adju* ed bv either party. M* Sweat will continue in business at office No. 17 Middle street, MuMey’dRow. Mr Cleave at the offioe of Howard k Cleavee, No. I 1 Middle street, over Casoo Bank L D M. SWEAT. . NATHAN CLKAVBS. Portland, July 16th, 1864. Jyl8d*m > AUCTION SALES. ■ M. PATrKM,, Bbtkaip^t' Dwelling Houses and Laud ta ... **• ■« Aaciiss. O prenlu!? ‘ju.1*,* T' Au*a,‘ Uth. at IS M. oa tha property ' *“*“■« vary Oval, able piece, „f Uoo«'LV.°oTnTT«BeiC.0h,|,T Ko f"T good repair, with lark. b.lck « ir^‘.\ a w a AtiO, Tho two 8 atoned wooden Dwe'llnra in ih« ni„.o numbered 87 and 8». togetherw5hig i!nd *tU* hoa>a contain, 14 well dni.had and cou.eni.Ml! arranged rocm. jell (dap ed tonne or f, o“mZ Iwa. ctalern lo tE# cellar, of eighty t hd. cnp.chy ilourea bare been built about lour yean, ai.a are in excellent condllioo, . are la Immediately after tbe shore, will be sold three biaiiaiug lets, on westerly side of same street This pnperty will besoM without reserve, and oufavotabie terms. P«rsona sstkhg lor thu cut property, toroceupsuo , or Jl*v• a;merit art la* rited to call on tbe Auctioneer, *her« the. can ob> w*» particular*. Aug a-d»d Horses, Carriage^ * UariKseea, at A union. »•11 o'clock A. M. oa ■ uchaa Uarrvmia '"*•••'-'ariiagee and H ratraea, Jenny Linds *' Co,ieoro W#»0»a, An* 8-d,f “E!i“r BA1U£I * CO., Anet’ro. House and Lot at Auction. ON Monday. Anguat 23. at S o'clook P M oa th. pr-mmea, we aball th. two atotv “““• No *4 Uooae in tola. able,.“L with a good cellar and a good cia eia in It; dne bard’ ••I-' »“<* » b»ru on the premia a. hot aooui ao Met on ieueral a rret b> ab,uti6 Met deep it u a aery deatrablo ty, aeutrail, Jocatad. and in an exoelieat neighborbnoi. Tito cleai— aaie . tire. Poor, aiou given in a few daya 1 UENRi BAiLH s Us/, Auctioneer* Aug 13.—dtd ’ " Auction Male of Heal k stale. V Virtue of a license from ifae Probate Court ot InTI2“d county, 1 abailaolJ at public audios too lot of laud, with th. buildlnga ibciron, aituaied ot the corner ot i aari Bireet and Cbu ch Lane to-called in Portland. aaid lot containing about Ibuty rix feet kdreetaod about aeventy tret on ( huich utne, and being the bomcatead ot the late Jobs Av enll, deceaaeu Tn„h*H“ctr,® Plac« on •<>» premiaea oa Thuraday. September 1.1 64. at 11 c'tlot k. IItvav^Btw af u ***• Anmiaiauator. Portland I I B^l,LokY * CD , Arcrioaaaaa. Portland. July an, 18T4. eodtoep IA wtw Administrator’s Male. 1SJ0TK K ia hereby given, that by rirtne ofall of Probate lor tbe Ceaoty™*’'^4,1 *h1*1 b7 l-ob lc tbe dwelliag hooae oa theprwniees. on ib« ditiemb day eeptetnber A. X> 1864. at 3 o’clock In tbe afternoon the homeatead farm of the late And. r.on Urewa! Jr , late of 1 reeport in aaid C« aatv, ri’nati d ia .aid * report, and c-.-nfsilling twenty-live sorts morn w Ism. subject to tbe mortgsgts thereon. For psrticulsrs ss to will. Ac., srply to tbs sub senber. *r * Dated this 6th dsy of August, A. D. 1*64 ttwtw CDWABD n. PA1TLM, Commission Merchant k Audi oarer, Ba» removed to the specious store U ■xohanaa Street, four doors below Merchant’s Exchange. # WHI receive oonrignmeufe of MerchaadRo ol «r"sZJ1i*¥pJio5 P*6*10 or »'*»•>• safe. rake °l Eoal Eetsto, Vaeaais. targoM, btocke aad her ode ml lee solicited Cask sdvtacss sc see, ettk prompt sales sad re turn a mchlidly TO THE AFFLICTED I OK. W.N. DEM11V6, Medical Electrician, Urn. 11 Clapp’i Block, CORNER OFCONORRS3 AND ELM STRMMTB WOULD respectfully uanoaaoe to the oltieoas of Portland and vicinity, that he has permanvat !y located In this city. During the eleven months that .share been in torn we have cared some ol the worst lor me ol d isoass la persona who have tried other forau of treatment in vain, and Sanaa pa tients in so short s Urns that the question is often asked, do they stay cured t To this Quest loo wo will say tW all that do act ,tay ca.*d, »* will doctor the sneond time tor nothing Dr. D. has boon a practical Electrician ter twenty oaa years, aad is also s regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic disease# la the form of nervous or sick hr ad sc he. neural, k la the head, nock.or extremities, cci.sumptioa.Bbvu [■ *Ea neats stages or where the lungs an act raliy DiTOlTM; acute or chronic rheuiBAU*m, scrotmla, Lit IfeMsec. white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature af tka spiaa. ooatracted muscles, distorted Urn be, gain or paralysis, at. Vitas' Dance, drotnsss. stam imsring or hesitancy of speech, d) tpepsin. tA'C, constipation and User complaint, piled—we ear* svary oase that can be presented: asthma, bronchi. l|v"£j*ur»cof th* sheet, aad all forma of fias'i By mieotrlolty The Rheumatic the goaty, tpe lama and the la. p laap with Joy, and move with the agility aad .last a [ty of youth; the hoatod brain is cooled: the tree! bitten Umbe restored, the uncouth deformities moved, faintness oou verted to vigor, meek nos '• strength; the blind made to tee, the deaf to hear tad tha palsied lorm to move upright; the tlen laktt cl youth ire obliterated; tb« <tccidml$ ol uittre l|m prorcafed: the ealamiilos of old aga obvfet.d, aad ta active slraalatfea matatalasd. LADIES Who have cold hands and test: weak stomach* more and weak backs; nervous aad sick best nebs' tiaaiaess and swimming in tbs bead, with tidinsm non and constipation ol the boa cia, pain ia the Eds tad bank; leucorrhcta, (or whites); felling cf lb* aomb with Internal cancers; tamora, polypes tad ill that loag train os diasasca will tad i* hint i,u. ty a sure means of curs k or palatal msastraallcB. no profuse msastraatlou. sad all of those loot lias >f troubles with yoaag ladles. Electricity is s cert la ipeolBc, aad will, ia a short time, restore tbs sate: tr o the vigor of health. tytri kamtmm Rtccrro-ckensscol Amanita* las ixtractmg Mineral Poison In n the system, such la Rereury, Autlmoay, Arsenic, Ac. Hundreds a to ire troobled withstIP Joints, weak bA“. tad v.ri ms othcrdUBcaUis*. tha direct cause of which, la tine oases oat of tea, Is tbs eflect of pcfeoaoatdrags, ins be restored to autaraJ strength aad vigor hv flu ue of from five to eight Baths * 1 OVoehoarsfrom8o'clocka.a. to 1 a.a.; lj I; and I to 8 a. a. Cousaltntioa Prss. lyldlaad L. J. HILL A CO.. Wholesale Dealers ia Dream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. aa YORK STREW, PORT LARD. nuarim vooffm toeurua. Ground Ioffe* and bpiccof all kind, CoSVe and (Spier* around (o order. All order* promptly attended to. ]>Mdlai For tke Pool. - .air-*i* Steamer "CUP FEB" will leave ■ffifyTB.kactoty l»land Wharf. Saco. f.r tha t;*vh. every day, (Sunday excepted)at 10a M. and Hr. K. Returning, leave tbe Pool at tl a. u. mdSr. . arriving in time for the tiain for Portland. Fare from Saco to Ike root aaJ tract SO etc. F.xcuraiou Ticket. Inri.i.hed to partiee at Fifty or ■ar>, trom Portland to ’he Fool and back, by rail road and .ie*mb« at, at Docent* BOSS * STtBDlVAKT, ^kax 3d. Portland. 8 TATE NORMAL SCHOOL. The opening term of the State Normal School, a Farmington, will commence on WE D Y E*DAY» AUGUST *24ib. Erery arrangement will be made, as the law re. ini re*. lo accomnudate two Lntdreo iount ladies tnd gentlemen with board, at reasonable row, and to funish the instruction specially needed in a kchool for the training of bac'irs. Fcnr teacher*, t* sides loot uiere ar d *p< dal iustrucor*. wi 1 t« *m plo>ed at tueontret. and the 1,umber will te in creased If tLe neccs*it:s« f therein ol iLi.'IrrquIieit. Candi 'ah» for attendacce must be ixfeeu. ysirs old. if f males and m vente* n years, if males: and must ~e«lare tkeir mien ion to bcoer tenet era in the public schools of the Mate. No pledge *111 bo reqn| pd from pupils to remain co: net.Ud with the school for any defini e ’erg h i f litre Applicants will be required to show a reasenab’e familiaritk with the principles 01 Heading and 8p«). hog. Arithmetic English i.r-n.m r and bntorv of the United Stat s: and to p cent testimonials of good character and prospective aptitude for the work of caching IV sou- att* nding the Normal School w'll be per mitted to isssoorh waysovir iho Androscoggin Ksj'rrad ft r one fire. X» rkarfft for tattum. Futrancef** SI .00. More part cular in formation wti be famished on ipplication to Professor A. P. K*Vev,at Pa-minc lor „ . «v .**.EDWARI> *’ WESTON Gorham. June*). IM4 J,s dluwft.3. Far Hale. The Dwelling Home. Stable ard Grapery at i i **ur—r- °f -*■ 'V Aaatr*. near llorriir* t‘tr ..Irelaner Buildiigs new and cocv*aienf, turn la-er. 2 wells,.8 oisterns, tcrce pump* he.; excellent »ub c schools a<d * ca«l»my, n*ar Bores car-•ud i'esm car*. One b>If o* th»e~ quart* rs sets ot !• d n good gardening ecudit cn. already plan with Is *g s, Ornamental an I Kiuit Tree*, (.rape* and te-#-in abundance Also several building lo « Anglo eodTw • Dwelling Houftf For Sale. A two story Dwe ling Houseon North street with n good stable and a good we 1 of water. MesLI: is a desirable location, and will be sold ibenp. l*art • fthe purchase more> can lay on mort gage it desired. GEl» V. FO TkK. jy27 dim No 2 Galt Bivck Horw and Carryall for Snip. i N excellent Saddle Horse—very easy ga t a*-d JL very fast, s uud and hi**d—weighs about HO tbs; food iu ohaise or w a <on. Also a go* d secout-hand. light Carr vs I) with ;Iass d~ois. Enquire at CLEMENT'S MAH I K. Ang 12—dlw < ou.’ite M. For Sale or lo Lh. HOUSE Vo. 7 Neal street: convsnfent. In good repair, and In a good neighborhood. Panty • f water, hard and tori, and a good s’able t'cucis on given immediately. Enquire of John SwceUer, Iearboro', or HENBV BAILEY h CO, Aug. 12—dtl

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