Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 17, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 17, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS, j PORTLAND, MAINS. Wednesday Morning, Aug. 17,1804. The circulation of the Dally Press is larger 'Am any other Daily paper in the State,and dvu^le that of any other in Portland. T..K.—SI.UO per year in adeanee. (ST ttendln* Matter «■ all Fear P«« UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PBE8IDE.NT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, ' OF ILLINOIS. FOB TTOB-PRBSIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OP TMNNBSSKS. For Elector.. JOHN B. BROWN, of Portland, ABNKR STETSON, ol Damariscotta. 1,1 />i(i.-IUCHABD U.CHAPMAN ol Blddeford. 2d Diet.—TilOMASA.D IK-btNLIEN of Auburn. td Diet -UOINU HATUOUN of P.lufltld. Uh Diet.—JOHN N. 8W4ZEY of Buckeport. FOB QOVEBNOB, SAMUEL CONY OP AUGUSTA. For Member* of Congress. Ut Dlst.—JOHN LYNCH, of Portland. Di*t.—SIDNEY PERU AM, of Paris. 3d Dint.—*) AMES G. BLAINE, of Augusta. 6tA DUL—FREDERICK A. PIKE,o! Calais. Union Convention—Cumberland County. Th« unnondifcional Uni >n voters of Cumberland •oan»r are requested to need delegates to meet in Convention in tbs senate ChamDer NEW CITY II ALL, IV PORTLAND, On Thursday, August 1®, 11804, At 10 o'clock in the for* Lee j, lor the purpose of BOtDiuating candidate# for Four senators. Sb brief. Cou *tv Treasurer, IUOISTEU or KUOBATR, Countv Commissioner. Also to select a County Committee for the ending year. Each sity and town will be entitled to send one deleia e, and an additional delegate tor every 75 rotes east for Gov. Cony tn 1 68. A majority frac tion will entitle a city or town to an additional dole gate. Es -h city and town will bo entitled to delegate as follows, vis: Baldwin 8 North Yarmouth 3 hndglon 6 New Cloucuster 4 Brauswiok 7 OtGdild 3 Cap i Elizabeth 6 Portland W Cs oo 2 Povrual 3 Cuuberland 3 Raymond 3 Faint'>u!U 4 6ta dish 4 I report 6 Scarborough gorO.m 6 bub*g> 2 Gray 8 VV stbr^ok 8 liarpflwell 8 Wiudbim 6 Uttrruou 2 Yarmouth 4 Naples 8 Ttie Committee will be tn session at the Hall. Au gust 1.4th, at 6 o'clock A. M. The Chairmen of the several town committees are request., d to foi ward the name# of their de'egate# to the Cnairmau ol tho county Committee, as soon a# they may be chosen. Lewis B. Smith, Portland, Chairman. Luke Baowv, Richard H Webb, County Daniel Elliot. Ho a a no uotiT, Committee. Okocge Warren, J Portland, Aog. 1,1864 dtd Gen. Gantt's Lectures. Gen. E. W. Gantt of Arkansas, will address the people at [he following places daring the present week: So. Berwick.Wednesday eve'g, Aug. 17th. Lewiston, Thursday cveulng. Aug. IStli. K-moebunkport, Friday eve’g, Aug. 10th. Saco, Saturday evening, August 20th. Hotes by the Way—The “Lumber City" B.vnoou, Aug. 14, 1004. ▲ hot, uncomfortable Sabbath-day is draw ing to a close. The Lumber City,at this sea son of the year decked nut In beautiful appar el, Is as quiet as a small Xew England village. Her penple believe in churches as well as In timber lands, and in worshipping the Moat High upon his holy day as well as pursuing the shadows of fickle fortune the rest of (he week. I have already informed the readers of the Press of the arrival of the Mahouiug at this place very late Saturday evening. The reader is invited to go back to Rockland and more deliberately sail up the Bay from the Lime to the Lumber city. He baa our guaiantee that be shall not be sea-tick. Rockland quarries Its wealth from the ledges in the neighborhood of the city. Her lime Is known the Union over, and her lime kilns are the institutions of Ilia ttlaAa I had lima tn Innlr in nnnn hut nna and that what is known as the patent kiln. A large pit Is excavated in the hill-side and lined np with stones that wiii stand the continued action of Are. It is open at the top, to which access is bad on the back side or upon the high ground in the rear, where the broken •tone, carted from the quarries, is thrown in. At the bottom, on the front side, are furnaces In which the Ares are kept burning beneath the rock, so contrived with grates and supporting pillars that, as the rock becomes sutAcieutly burnt it caa be dumped still lower Into a re ceptacle from which it Is shoveled upon a pav ed Aoor to cool, preliminary to being put into casks. The kiln is of the capacity of perhaps a hundred aud Afly casks, and tequires when Arst lighted a Are for some thirty-six hours before it is “drawn,” or shoveled out. A "drawing” will make about thirty casks, and this amount is shoveled out once iu about A ve hours after the Arst “drawing,” an equal a mount of rock being thrown in upon the top to keep the kiln full. The wood used in burn ing is second growth while pine; at least that j la the kind I saw most of, and a very large quinlity Is demanded to keep even one patent kiluln active operation, night end day, through the season. Hockland is a substantial place of great wealth, beautifully situated, and commanding a full view of one of the finest sheets of water in the world,the water view being bounded by the Fox Islands some eight or ten miles dis- , tant. Some of her citisms are among the not ed men of the Slate, and have Ailed many Im portant places In her councils. Here, too was the home of the gallant Berry who fell at Chancellorville, and whose remains repose in the Cemtte y near the city. Near Kockland on the eastern outward bound passage is a very pretty redoubt or earth-work, thrown up last season aud mount ing several guns, to protect the approaches to the town. An hour’s steaming or less brings you in front of the beautiful little town of Camden, nestling on the shore at the foot of the Megunticook mouutain, an elevation of perhaps 1300 feet above the level or the bay. ! By the wafTtf you will not breathe it aloud to any of the parties in controversy, I will simply state that much of the capital derived from Rnzier’e Narrative of Weymouth’s early voyages, upon which the Popbamites and oth er antiquarians have erected their superstruc tures, depends upon the question whether cer tain mountains a«eu by Weymouth were the —mi ■■ i ' - -in ... ■ _1 . *1— White mountains In New Hampshire, or the Megunticook mountains on Penobscot Bay, and this is a question hotly contested, while still another school *f antiquarians maintain that it was neither of these two eminences, but a highland near or back of the head waters of the Georges river, which empties into the sea below Thoinaston. It would be well to settle such important foundation facts, before con sidering the present as a perverse generation, because they do not Bee sacredness in all the theories and auliquarian air-vastles which geu tlemrn who love to plow into such musty lore are disposed to build up. But this is aside. From Camden to Belfast—that gem set on the margin of the bay—and far beyond towards Fort Knox, the eye rests upon a pauorama ol natural beauty such as is seldom seeu in this or any other country. I heard Senator Ilaie of N. H. say, that from opposite Bucksport to Camden was one of the most beautiful sections of country that be ever passed through a magnificent drive the whole distance. The laud rises gently from the bay. and attains considerable heigh*, but it is covered with beautiful farms, the verdure of which is per fectly ravishiug to the eye. Fort Knox Is on an islaud in the Penobscot river, directly opposite Bucksport, and will be a fortification of great strength. It is not yet completed, though several heavy guus are mounted iu its casemates. The trip up the Penobscot was made in the eveuing, and tho’ the shores of the river are reputed to possess much natural beauty, for obvious reasons “ 1 couldn’t seu it.” Bangor is a beautiful city, and a place of great business and wealth. Its growth was the marvel of theagesome twenty-llveor thir ty years since, under the inspiration of the Eastern Land Speculation, of which the pres eut active generation, fortunately perhaps, know less than did their immediate predeces sors. Thirty years ago exactly it was the writer's fortune, then a full-fledged, green country boy. to see Bangor for the first time, and to spend some three months within the limits of her corporation. It was the year the Bangor House was opened. It was when the first May or was in his prime, and when the streets aud walks presented a surface not very inviting to nateut leathers or to those whose nether limbs were of unequal length. The city was almost literally a plowed field, undergoing the first upheaval to bring it to grade, and to reduce it to the beauty which it now present*. Thirty years'. What changes have come iu that time! The rolliking boy with hi* thick, matted, dark hair has changed to an elderly man of fifty, with head thinly covered with threads of sil ver; albeit a silver that commands no premi um in the youthful market. That then vigor ous Mayor, with most of the meu who toiled with him to plant the germ of the new city and level off the ground, now sleeps beneath the sod. Thirty years! In that lime it is not unreasonable to suppose the city has placed more of her population below than she has now above the surface of the earth; at auy rate, the underground city will very soon, if it is not already, become the most populous. Iu thirty years other hands will write her progress Sad thought, but cheering nevertheless, for who would outlive his usefulness, or his abili ty to do or say something for the world, as an equivalent for the subsistence he draws irom it? Beneficent institution this—the institu tion of death, “peculiar” to no people, the in heritance ot all, the safety-valve of the world against a surplus of decrepitude, feebleness, imbecility and decay. But a truce to such moralizing. It was my good fortune to-day to listen for the first time to a sermon, suited to thu limes, from Rev. Mr. Frolhingbam formerly of your city. Mr. Everett of the Unitarian Church, and Mr. Battles of the Univers&lisl are both a vay on their summer vacation, aud Mr. F. supplies the pulpit* of both in their absence; the Unitarian in the forenoon and the Unlver salist in the afternoon. It was at the latter where 1 heard him. It was an excellent dis course, delivered iu one of the most bcautilul church edifices in the State, accompanied by vocal and organic music to which the connois seur might listen with delight. To-morrow the Congressional Committee and their party are to be the lion visitors ol the city, aud after roaming about in tbe neigh borhood duriug the day, they will be met in Norombega by the lions and lionesses of this beautiful place. Tuesday morning they will leave for the East. Tuesday another and different show Is to come off, under a large cauvass tent imported from Boston for the occasion. It will be a convention of the genus rerpent, popularly anJ appropriately known as the Copperheads Their hissing has bccotn • comparatively harm less, and their slime will mix wt<h other filth, as the tent i9 erected on low ground. Smjkwinr. Secretary Fessenden. VTe copy the following from the National Intelligencer, a journal, we are sorry to know, whose proclivities are by no meaus in the right direction ao far as its politics are con cerned. We wish all its editorials were as just, patriotic aud truthful, as the one we copy below. It does no more than justice to Mr. Fesseuden, aud we should rejoice if it would mete out equal justice to all our public servants, but that may be too much to expect from its present editors: Tue Secretary of the Treasury left the seat of government lor his home iu Maine some leu or twelve days ago, aud some days afier bis arrival in I’oitland the Press of that city contained an editorial article in reference to him, a portion of which, as it indicates his views and intentions and bears on public at lairs, we copy for the beuelit of our readers, as follows: , “We will state what we learned from Mr. Fessenden himself: that be considers his oc cupat cy ot a seal iu the Cabinet as a mere temporary tiling; he does not consider his strength adequate to the laborious and unre mitting duties ol the place, and he will hold it only t ii lie cau resign w ithout detriment to the public Serv ice. The best I'eeliug exists br tweeu him and President Lincoln, and his resignation at a suitable time will not be re garded as a discourtesy by the EX' culive. 1 wil> lie seeu, the.eloie, that our Slate is not necessarily to tie deprived of Mr. Fessenden's distinguished abilities aud eminent talents iu the United States Senate. Ilis friends will insist upon his return to that body at the cmnun ncement of the next teiui, ami we ate gii l to know that it will not be disiastelul to him to comply with their wishes." It was generally tindtisiood at the time, and we did not doubt the laet, that Mr. Fes senden accepted the olHcn of Secretary ot the Treasury hesitatingly and reluuctant ly, and that he yielded his consent at last from a sneer seuse of duty, not only because tue state of his health—not very firm, we believe, for sev eral yea's past—hardly warranted bis assum ing du ies so laborious aud responsible as those which in the present condition of the country devolve on the bead of the Treasury, but because it deuianned the relinquishment of a seat in the Senate of the United Stales— a post much more congenial, ininiliar, and easy, though by no means free from labor as Mr. F. Oiled it. These reasons Induced us to believe that he would probably uot endure tbe cares of the onerous office ot Secretary of the Treasury very long; and therefore, although we are not surprised to learn that he already btgins to look to retirement from it, we think it will be a misfortune both for tlte Govern ment and the country it he should insist on retiring at least lielore the close ol the next session of Congress. Tha' Mr. Fessenden should desire to return to the Senate is most natural. It is most nat ural especially for him—a post of diguily suf ficient for any man’s ambition, and where he won the respect of all his peers by Ids emi nent ability, his assiduity, and the observance of uouevialiug Senatorial propriety. There was baldly a member of tbe body tiiat could not have been better spared when he was transferred to the Executive branch of the Government; but he is now, as we conceive a necessity for that branch, and any body had* better for one session occupy the seat in the Senate than that the Treasury should in the present juncture lose Mr. Fessenden. , We refer to the matter in all Its relations with tlie most perfect disinterestedness. Our suggestions are dictated solely by regard for the public interest. Oopperkeadiam Pure and Undefiled, A brace of copperhead conventions came off in Bangor on Monday, which struck the key note ol the campaigu, a- it is to be waged by the aides ol rebe liou in this state. Tire Coun ty Convention passed the following resolu tions : Resolved, by the Democracy of Penobscot in Convention assembled, that we maintain that the government under which we live is touuded upon the voluntary consent of the Stales and the willing affections of the peo ple of all the sections; and whatever tends to destroy these affections destroys the Government and the Union at the same time. Resolved, That it is in vain to protest against the usurpations of the administration wlule the fountain-head of those usurpations (the war) is upheld. Resolved, That believing war to be not a remedy for secession, but the very means to effect a permanent separation of the Stall s, we do therefore solemnly protest against its further proseculiou, and that we are iu favor ot an immediate and honorable Peace. Resolved, That the past history of the Dem ocratic party, its patriotism ar.d devotion to Constitutional liuerly, give the strongest as surances that its return to power w ill restore peace and tranquility to our now distracted country. The District Convention passed a string of similar import, though somewhat varied iu form of expression, llcre are a few speci men bricks: Resolved, That the Democracy of this Dis trict denounce tile heresy of a Constitutional prosecution of an unconstitutional war; that we deny both the right and possibility of co ercion of Sovereigu States; that we main tain that the system of government under which we live is based upon the idea of the self-government of the Stales. Resolved, That believing as we do that a further prosecution of the present war will ouly result iu the ruin of the counuy and the bermaiueut separation of the States compos ing it, we declare ouaselves In favor of an immediate armistice and negotiations for peace. Resolved, That the Democratic party, hav ing a history of seventy years, during which it has always stood proudly as the champion <f Constitutional Liberty — never having waged an unconstitutional war, and never concluded a dishonorable peace—points lo this long record oi its hatrlolism ai d wisdom, , as a sufficient guaranty that the peace, which it will give to the couutry on its restoration lo power, will be an honorable peace. The Argus on Grant's Campaign. Tbe Argus highly praises the National In telligencer anil copies with evident satisfac tion its couclusious upon tbe criticisms ot I Grant’s Campaign which appeared in that | journal a short lime ago. And it ados the fol low ing: R-cent intelligence, not through official sources, indicates that the campaign has been completely abandoned and tbe attempt to take Richmond given up. That most of thu army has gone back to Washington and that the 1 large siege guns have been put ou transports und sent to Fortress Monroe. We were not aw’are that the attempt to take Richmond was given up, but we suppose it must be taken lor trutb as tbe Atgus never lias. We are sorry to see such news spread | before the readers of that journal, but it is I said a lie well stuck to answers as well as the truth. Perhaps it does, but we don't see it in that light, if the Argus does. Wo commend to the Argus man the following from the. N. Y. Herald. It is quite spicy, and may amuse him if it does not iuduce him, to mend his ways. A Newspaper as is a Newspaper.— i The Washington Xational Intelliijencer is a very silly, rlcketty concern, hut not more so ( now than formerly. On Salutday last it had an article uine or teu columns long—with the th'-rinometer at 95—denouncing Grant as a failure, and his campaign os a failure. Thir ty-eight years and two mouths ago (his same InLdtimjcncer, under tbe management of those old nincompoops, Gales and Seaton, bad an article nine or leu columns long abusing Jackson and Van Buret). in reply to an arti cle which we wrote, and which was printed in a paper here called the Xational Advocate. Well, the result of that long string of dreadful abuse was that Jackson was elected twice and Van Ruren once to tbe highest ( dice in the country. Will the young nineompc ops who now manage the Intelliijencer have any better luck with their nine or teu columns against Grant. Religious and Ecclesiastical Items. The CongregationalisUof the United States intend to organize, before the close of the year, a National Congregational Convention. Ten of the State associations have already de clared in favor of the plan, and the papers, both Kast and West, are earnestly advocating i if. The New Hampshire General Association and Conference of Orthodox Congregational Ministers and Churches will meet at Manches' j ter on Tuesday, August 2J, and, with the New Hampshire Mission Society and other associa ; lions, continue in session three days. Dr. J. R. Adams, of Gorham, (formerly chaplain of the 5lh regiment) has been ten dered the chaplaincy of tbe 121st N. Y. Vol unteers. The gift of $50,000 to Rowdoin College by Prof. II. H. Boody, of New York, was made on the following conditions: “That the Col lege shall be decidedly Orthodox in its man agement and teaching; that it shall be decid ediy CongiepUional as Yale, Dartmouth and Amherst; that the. leitn ‘Orthodox Congrega i tional’ shall be defined in writing and put on • record; that tbe trustees, overseers and pro fessors, or a majority of them, shall bo decid ed Oongregatioualists and satisfactory to tbe denomination in the stale.” Union College has conferred the title of D. I D„ upon Rev. Wm. Channing Child of Bos. | too, Secretary of the American Tract So ciety. At the late Commencement at Middlebury ; College the honorary degree of Doctor of Di ! viuity was conferred ou llev. S. U. Keeler of : Calais, Me., Rev. Dr. Jonas King, the famous missionary in Greece, has arrived in this country; it is 36 years since he left the United States. Secession in Utah.—A correspondent now residing at Utah sonds us the following, attached to a business letter: “There was a I’rovost Guard established in this city the 10th inst. It created great ex citement among the Saints for a short time They said the soldiers were going to take Brig ham, and lie had a guard of 330 or 430 men until they found we were not going to harm him; since theu they have bean very quiet, lu their churchci they talk treason and abuse the govermneut;say the govcrumout makes shiiiplasters by the card and hauded them out hy the armlul, but they (the government) will break up shortly and there will be a gen. era! ruin ;that there is no Union uud they care nothing about it anyhow; that is their usual strain.” A Representative Man.—With regard to the propiiety of ex-Presideut Pierce be coming the nominee at Chicago, the liihUcal Recorder publishes the following note from the Kev- Mr. Pritchard, of Raleigh, S. C.: “Last spring a prominent member or tho church of which I was pastor, in Baltimore, met at the St. Nicholas Hotel, in New York, ex President Pierce. Mr, Pierce manifested the warmest sympathy for the South in this struggle for independence, declared that the only hope for freedom on this comment was iu the. success of the South; that, old as he was, he should have been iu the confederate army hut lor the health of his wile, and that be desired no higher earthly honor than to be a private in the rauks of the Southern ar my.” 3?" The recent arbitrary measures of Louis Napoleon have alarmed the Independent Press, insomuch that it scarcely ventures to allude to the election for the CouDoils-Gencral, and the otSciixI list published in the JMonilcitr is so much confused that it is hardly possible to arrive at a correct judgment of the results. The reason is because the opposition candidates received a large majority of the votes. The truth is, the power of the French Emperor is on the wane, and the French heart is strongly imbued with the Garibaldion spirit whioh is very troublesome to crowned heads. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. W The health of Garibaldi, the Italian patri ot, ia said to be poor. £3P The Boston Post says, the bump of cau tion is evidently enlarging upou England’s na tional skull. Hr The August term of the S. J. Court for | Sagadahoc county, commenced its session in \ Bath on Tuesday. ”£r~ Among the wounded officers reported at Washington on Monday, is Lieut. B. F. Carr, j 2d Me. Battery. "y- The Yellow fever is prevailing at Key | West to an alarming extent. Quite a number of j soldiers have fallen victims to it. The State of New York has eighteen agents I at Nashville, Term., recruiting for the army, to count on the quota of that State. nr The Amoskeag Company of Manchester have built two steam fire engines for London and one for Russia. rylt is estimated that over six thousand per sons were present at the Yarmouth, Mass.,camp k meeting on Sunday. nr Among the deaths reported at the Hos pitals in Washington, we find reported August lltli. C. C. Trafton, Surgeon of the 321 Me. \~r The Democrats of the 4th Congressional District have nominated Hon. James C. Madi | (ran, of Houlton, as their candidate for Cou- j gress. The Bangor Whig says that townships 40, 41, 34, and 35, at the head of Xicatou Lake, have been badly burned. The fire is supposed to have come through from border of Machias river. The body of an Irishman was taken out of the water at lower steamboat wharf, at Ban gor, last Saturday, supposed to have been acci dentally drowned. ST Dickens is said to be very poor. He has used up the money for his new novel in advance. Boor fellow! if such be the fact, he is not enti tled to much sympathy sy An exchange says, the country has be come very healthy indeed since new-paper pul> lishers began to exact small fees for obituary no tices. HP Agents for recruiting negroes are not al lowed to go through the Army of the Potomac, but must confine their operations near the base of supplies. jy George Adams, of Kxeter, N II., an old wheelwright, made an attempt at suicide Satur day night, by cutting his throat, and it is feared the wound will prove tatal. jy Special Washington despatches say that important military mot eineuu are in progress in Virginia, which arc improper for publica tion. jy Rev. Hubbard Winslow, successorto Rev. Lyman Beecher, at Buwdoin Street Church, Dostou, died at Williston, Vermont, on Satur day last. iy A son of Michael Leary, seven years of age, was drowned in the Piscauquia river on Sunday evening, having fallen overboard while playing around Walker’s wharf. jy Capt. Thomas T. Craven, who lost his life when his vessel, the monitor Tecurnseh, was sunk by a torpedo at Mobile, we are tobl, was born at the Kittery Navy Yard, where his father was stationed. y A “Coal at Cost Company” has been or ganised in Brooklyn. One thousand tons will be purchased by subscriptions, and a purchaser despatched to the Pennsylvania mines. A saving of 84 per ton is expected. y Vessels were chartered in Philadelphia on Friday to carry coal to Boston at from $2 to $2.50 per ton, which shows an important de cline over rates a week ago—the quotations then being S3 to 83.25. y The Ncwburyport Herald says that by the will of the late Hon. Josiah Little of that city, Bowdoin College has received front $10,000 to §12,000 for the establishment of a Professor ship of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. jy William J. Brownson, son of Orestes A. Brownson, was killed in Nebraska last month by leaping from a stage in a tit of somnambulism. An elder brother lost bis life five years ago by a similar cause. jy Charles F. Tillingliast, one of the oldest and most eminent lawyers in Rhode Island, died at Providence on Wednesday, aged 87. His whole life was spent in the practice of his pro fession in that city. y The Spiritualists of Vermont will soon meet in convention. Vermont was once very celebrated for its auti-masonic fever, and now it sendsout many speaking mediums, but after all, its star never sets. There is not a more truly democratic and loyal State iu the Union. y The got eminent hospital at Manchester is to comprise thirteen buildings in all, ten of them to be one story in height, and the others two stories, and all to be built of wood, and to cost about $40,000. They will be completed iu ! two mouths. sy Madame Bishop gives aooncertin Toron to, Canada, this week. She will be assisted by her daughter Louisa A. Sedgwick, basso, and Charles Lascciles from London. We hope the Grand Trunk will briug them to the Forest City, where they would receive a warm welcome. vyTlio Saco Democrat says, a gentleman from Portland left a pocket hook containing about 8400 in a store iu Saco last week, and was very much surprised when it was returned to him a short time afterwards. He had not missed i $y A wag, the other day, asked his friend, “How many knaves do you suppose live in this street besides yourself?” Besides my self!” re plied the other; do you mean to insult me ?”— j “Well, then,” said the first, “how many do you reckon, including yoursell?” 3T Thanksgiving morning, a widowed lady was summoned to her door to receive a splendid turkey. “Who sent it?” asked the lady. “I was told not to lisp,’’ replies) the Hibernian.— “Ah! I can guess,” responded the lady, ‘ lie dad, that's just what I tould Deacon Grant. ~y A letter from New Orleans saja that the crop of cotton will he so remuneiative in the department of the South that one lessee of a Gov ernment plantation, formerly a newspaper cor respondent, will realize a profit of $100,000 this season. jy In the vicinity of Paducah and Mayfield, Kentucky, there are over one hundred widows aud families of Union men murdered by guer rillas. Gen. Paine intends appropriating from ; the funds assessed on rebel cotton and tobacco , for that purpose, five thousand dollars each for these people. |y A nobleman once asked a clergyman, who was dining at the bottom of the table, why the goose was always placed next to the Parson?— ‘ Really," said he, “lean give no reason for it; hut your question is so odd, that 1 shall never , see a goose again without thinking of your lordship.” iy The Governor of Colorado informs the Commissioner of Indian affairs, that nearly all the Indian tribes of the Plains have combined to make war upon the white settlers, aud that this combination extends from Texas to the British* American boundary. The number of Indians in this va6t territory is estimated at 100,000. 7W The triennial catalogue of Bowdoin Col lego contains the names of nearly two hundred graduates of that institution who have served j in the precent war. There are also some twenty five under graduates who have served, and many graduates, doubtless, whose names are not known. . HT A British officer in uniform visited the Kc irsarge at Deal, Eng., remarking as he step, ped on board to the marine who presented arms: “I suppose this is the first time you have ever been boarded by an Englishman?” “Oh, no, sir,” said the sailor, “we wore boarded by sixty the other day at Cherbourg!” (yOnthelineof the Atlantic and Great West ern Railway, near Wooster, Ohio, the embank ment and trick lately disappeared in a most mysterious manner. Upon examination it was fouudthat about a hundred feet of the road bad sunk, and was continuing to sink, while into the : cavity formed, black mud and heavy streams of water gushed from below. With the water there were thrown up a number of eyeless fish, still living. ... HV Tlut.FXiH A.JPH — —TO T UK iSVfctfiaie* impure. Official Ditpatch from Sccrt lar.j Stanton. Washington, Aug. 18, 10 A. M. To Maj. Inn. hii;—The following official rqpui t ol the surrender of Fort Gaines ami the abandonment ol Fort I’owell, dated New Orleans, Aug. 9th, lias been received Irom Gen. Gan by: Fort Gaiues, with twenty six commissioned officers and 818 enlisted men, with its arma ment of twi ntv-six guns intact, and provis ions lor twelve months, has surrendered un conditionally. It was occupied by our forces at eight o’clock yesterday morning. Fort Powell was abandoned, its garrison escaping to Cellar Point. Its armament of eighteen guns Is in condition for immediate use. Gcu. Granger will immediately invest Fort Mor gan, leaving a garrisou in Forts Gaines and Powell. A telegram from Gen. Sheridan’s command, dated Aug. 14th, Cedar Creek, was received this morning. It states Hist except Mosby’s and White’s guerrillas, there are no rebels tills side of the Blue Ridge, that Gen. Sheridan’s trains are all up, and his army is in tine condi tion. - Geu. Sheridan, in a dispatch of the 11th inst., reporls that the stories of plunder taken from Maryland arc all humbug. They have very little, ju-t enough to subsist on and u<> more, most of which has been taken from the bhenandoah Valley. In another dispatch, dated the 12th, he says Gen. Early’s train is a very small one, not ex ceeding 250 wagons, and the stories about ac cumulated plunder from Maryland are untrue: The Dispatch lias received an unofficial re port from Fortress Monroe, that movements were beiug made yesterday in front of Peters burg, but owing to the telegraph line being down, no information has been received from headquarters. The Department is without any recent in formation from Atlanta. The latest reliel pa pers received here, say uothiug about Mobile since the capture of Fort Gaines. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Interview with the Captain of the Talia ha*»ee. Boston. Aug. 10. Captain Reed of Brig Billow, before report ed captured by the Tallahassee, gives the fol lowing particulars of his interview with the birate captain: “I was two hours anu a half on board tbe Tallahassee. She had one pivot guu and three forward guns with one brass rifle guu of large ealabre on the hurticaite deck. She had also several spare guns. The Captain, John Taylor Wood, was quite free to talk with me. Ue said he could steam HI knots and had crossed the British Cuannel 21 miles, iu 72 minutes. He would not light uuloss compelled. He preferred to run, as his vessel was last. He also averred that within one week be had destroyed over 50 vessels. Within :W hours of my capture, he says he had destroyed HI sad, namely: Three ships, 2 barques aud the rest schoon ers, and Heriuophodiie brigs. Oue was the Vdriatic of New Voi k, captured the same day Ue took me. Ue added that he would slacken up the the coasting trade so that Uncle Abe 1 would be glad to make peace. Ue asked about the Nantucket Light boat and alterward said,recurring to his design, that there were more afloat than the Tallahassee, meaning of course confederate ships of similar character to bis own, aud that Uncle 8am had belter ; look out. Capt. Wood appeared to be a very Wflable ' man, anil said be was doing what was not pleas | ant for him to do. The Tallahassee is au iron steamer of Eog [ Halt build, schooner figged, aud has no yards | or topmasts aud lost her mainmast iu collision j with the Adriatic. I She is a very long aud narrow v»ss‘ 1, burns soft coal, had about one hundred men on hoard, who were subject to the discipline of a mau-of war. He allowed no swearing on j board. All of the officers were Southerners. , She had three or four negroes who did not ap | pear to be very jolly. Jt'rom the Army before Richmond. Washington. Aug. 10. Gen. Crawford has withdrawn all the guards heretofore detailed from his division to protect | families from the annoy&ucc of stragglers in King George County. A deserter Irom me 8th Alabama, who for merly lived in Massachusetts, ami was con scripted into the rebel atinv, came into o ir lines yesterday, lie says Kershaw’s division of Longstreet's corps pa«sed through Bich mond, on its way to the Valley, accompanied by a large ammunition train, and heard a prominent olllcer snv that Lee had also gone in that direction. lie also report* that the en emy is mining on our front, twenty men being detailed at a time to work. Heavy tiring was beard in the direction of Butler’s department this morning. Gen. Ritmtide not Relieved. Providence, R. I„ Aug. 1(1. Gen. Burnside is iu town on leave of ab sence. He ha* not been relieved. The court ’ of inquiry, without coming to any decision, adjourned, on accouul of the absence of eome of its members. Dki.eoates ehom Westbrook to Coln I tv Convention—Jas. Pennell; J. W. Jones, C. E. BoodypG. M. Stevens; Jabez True; Andrew Hawes; Daniel D. Cheuery; Geo. Hawes; Daniel D. Cheuery; Goo. Gilman Gorham. — The delegates to the Union County Convention from this town, ure S. E. Bacon, Frank Irish, A. P. Files, C. VV. Deer lug, B. U. Hall, and C. A. Stackpole. Democratic Nomination.—At the Dera ocra'ic State Convention, held at Bangor yes terd .Judge Howard, of this city, was nom inate .* the candidate for Governor. The I nomit.ou was made on motion of Gorhaut L. Boy:.ton, of liaugor. Convention.—Tetnpersuce Convention at Dunstan Corner, Scarboro’, this afternoon and evening. ftp view of the Market* For the week «-tiding Aug l*>th, 1804. prepared ex pressly tor the Duxes, by Mr. Rich. Voir.—We wish it to be understood that our quo tation* represe nt prices of large lot* from first hands, unless otherwise stated, aud that in filliug small or ders, higher rates have to be charged. For Market Quotations See Last Page. ASHES.—Pot A*Hm rtmain steady at theadvarce not red in onr J >*t and we continue to quo e 12c— I here is no Pearl ashes in market and no demaLd at I present. A Pi LES.—New crop green Apples ar** more scarce ami pric ssomewhat In. her, but an early reaction is o ikeifor D.L-dAppl s remain ts-aoy at me de cbne rec *ntly noticed, aud we continue to quote 14 *4l$o l* It*. Stock very right. BREAD—I he market remains quiet at recent ad va*c s and wo Coutinuo to quote as f Hows: Pilot Brea I £8600**; Ship Bread i 0od7 g> 10 lbs, aud C rackers *t> »*at>26 brl or 6t>g,d0e |lCk'. BI CARD SODA— price* ere somewhat higher an I now range at ah ,ut loalOjc p lb Sales light. BCfTEK—tiood Butter coui.uues scarce, the *up py no. ining -utli :it*n* tor tue (btuand.and price* rauge at 85 (£40 . ror ordinary Country Ha 1; eh* ice tab e Butter! firm 40o£4 >c, and .store Butter 30a35o k> lb Sales < fvi-ry ordinary have teen mace dur ing the week at 3$c. BEANS— 1’ia Beaus are in mo*eactive request and rriotshave advanced to 3(^312 per ba-Inl Kins Pods an S6o big cr, *nd w« cow quote 2 76&S - <). Marro *s a*e di ll and h avy at rr vioua prices, as the demand is very limited at this line. BOX SHOOK i-Hrfee* are nominal as there is not ring doe g at yioscut. Jtanulacturtrg are hold ing some 1 t* as high as #1 and some are anticipat ing even b'gher prices, w. ile shippers are not offer ing over 75c at present as there is a* yet i.o demand. COOPER *CE—As we previously remarked tho marke is ent rely barren Of City made shocks aud there are no staves to supply tho deficiency. There have been no sa'es ot late but pnoe* are nominally higher in consequence o: the scarcity The demand for Hoops is good at our advanced quotations. Head ings are active at 33^370, for hard pine and 3Jc, per pair or soft. Country cooperage Is ontiielv buorai uai as there is nothing doiug at this time. CHEESE—! he continued scarcity has created a fur'her ad vs nee lo~Cheese, w h:ch we now quote at 20®22c for Vt aud M Y. CO - FBF.-The demand Is so limited that prices are for the mr>s' part remain nominal, and our quo* tatio* sen1, tii ik* to ra Vi i* follows: Javaa.VhtoSc; Rio 03 d,65. and i ape45^47c 4> lb. COAL—The market continues to rule firm and bu m aut at receut atiVi.'Cts aud we cuntiuue quote Lehigh and Frank in * ♦> ps» ten. White A»ta firm a' #15. and Cumberland £14 CORDAd**—Faetory prices have recently ad vanced, ami we prefix our quotations as follows:— American 20e; Manilla Cordage 2Hg)80c. Manilla aud Russ a Bolt Rope 8*q£82c p lb. Russia Hemp Cord age is out of market, and wo are now unable to give q not* t ions. CANDLES—A decided advance has been recenty made on Cindies; 25c is uovr tho factory price for M *uld 4ml 4 >tv42c per !b ior Sperm. Market buoy ant. CEMENT—bn* recently advanced 5 to 10c |) cask, ar.d dealers are now asking 2 10a'J2j p cask. CREAM TARTAR—Pure Cream Tartar has un dergone a la'e advance, and is now firm at #1 tb. Pulvo izt d we quote 50o. DKCC8 AND DYES—Trade remains quiet and there is tut liitle doing ju t at this time. Mid prices are for tho rroit |a t or ady and unchangtd " e i otioo Mime advance on A*row Hour which we now quote &k&Ttet eal 8«<ta is firm at 6o. Maddir has a i anced to 22c. We contir ue to quote Aiwa 47c; Sulphur ldje: Sal IBi Carb *oda 10® j 10jc, Cream Tartar 50c q PI; Opium #19 p tb; Mad- I der 19c; VProl 23c; AlcoLol 8W£3fiu, aud Fluid 1 S60 ^ gal. Dye Woods remain quiet and uochftng ! , no™,n*l tt present quotation*, ua there D but .ittle for sale in market and so rc v anything doing. We quote P», tiand No « -2 OO; No . iSdn*? aiai 2mP, ;,liieritjr Ko 8 2 WS*08, and No ; 10 do 1 41*1 45 pard. D*Y GOODS—Although business continues light yet th*» ma-sei h * been qu ck and prices continue to be w 11 sustained, and .hegen ral impression p e i vails that prices mu,t advance as o< n as the Fall ! tra e fairly sets in and there Is n draft upon the * market. a< goods cannot be mantfa-'uivd to <u i| tit present pricts We notice an advance of 2$c on Medium Sheetings; Colored ( ambries have advane ' ed le per * ard. New style' Fall Delaines are sell I log at 47} @50c. Cotton Hatting as now in the mar. | ket schitig in Hales of 83$ lbs at #15 per Bain Wo - i en fabticks have a *trong upward tendency from our ■ present quotations. j I'RCI T—Orange* are now entirely out of the mar 1 set. lemons remain steady at 88 60(19 V box. Kai- . tins, we continue to quote Hutch box 4 7655 < 0. » and Lavers 525<5 50 Citron is a little higher; wo I 2£w "Uc Shelled a monds are firm at ’ uUP; 1 * a "Uts it ma n firm at 84 50 |> bu«h. ; 8.' The market continue# to rule v©ry qui- I et and iuil, and sates have been unimportant for the ' I we k past Cotntn ;n and medium extra are sea c< •pA1'™#rke* •*»<* P lees nrc very Arm atqnotatious .♦#Kr«.l^,r*7f.e,,8rel® ^°°d The market j tatlou*1 °0fl l0We0k ruled at the following quo* ! • u«E!£in1}2!_w0rt,a®i In-pcction f£;<|9$—Fancy do I ! Hn^?r2,^To,5 raL. d° la.255I0^0-Doable Extra I ? „ ,5*°^rJrx s»Jperior do 120 << 3 00—We-t 1 rui* T*vor te brands 22.1^1?(^J4,0?r>,1‘rVlh3rn DliooUd*» llHk*13A> i Patapsaeo* amity 16J a-Canada Ko 1 Super 9$<lo. h ISU—The market, is very lirm at higher price a* 1 the demand is greater than the supply for dedrable | qualities nf tish. Tbehot we»thar b iug u«tavo»a * ; P'e to curing ti-th court quently rece pt< have fallen Off; large lots have sold r eely during the w«.ek at the fop owing quotations: Large c>d*7‘a8; Mnall -o •dl"; Pollock 4*4 75; Hake IS^fqtl. Soiled Herring »2$ *B7. Mackerel— Hay snd Shore No 1 S19520; No 1.81912 P No 2, ltialfij, and Urge shore 13,000,18.60 per barrxl. i.ther qualities cf fi.Oi aro without chm>e. GRAIN—The market for Corn is somewhat ©ador and trade is )i«*ht We now quote We t-r»< in xed 172a, 1 75. and Southern yellow 1 7C&18>: Rye on I tiuucs scarce and in good demand t higher prices ; We also notice quite an aovauce on Shorts aid Hno Feed, which a e held \ erv firmly ar our quo tations Our qtinta’ioiis *or Barley iu the abacuco of business reini«iu nominal. GUNPOWDER—We noticed an advanceon Pow der at the date of ou* last report. *1 he oriental Co'* prices are now f r Blasting 8757 50, an 1 Itifle and Sporting 8 60*9. HIDES AND SKINS—We note sn advance on Buenos Ayres Hydes and now quo-e 37 a/*0 ami Western 27<29. Market PuoTant with good demand . other descriptions remain steady as follows. Slaught er 9 «10 ;Cait*ki us %ie U'i!*e» tied ; we how quote 255 tti 4> lb. Green salted hides and Sheep pelts re main steady but lirm at previous quotations. HAY—Receipt* contiue light and thed. mand be in* limited business is u u linger * ai.t and prices tom nxl ar about 23<24 ;»>r ton Straw is scarce with a good demand at 10a 1‘2 per ton tor pressed. IRON—Prices remain nominally the same as the date ol our las . a* nothing ha« transpired to mate rially effect the recent advances, and we continue to quote as folows. Common 19$; ttefined llo.ll,; swede 15; Norway 17; Cast Steel 55; German and English Blis. Steel 12<4i ; 8pring do 22*26. Sheet Irons re nain nominal at quotations. LEAD—We notice some dec ioe on Lead ard now • ju.iw»»uu pipe a,-**}, and pig Read 22®23jc 4) lb LEA^0EH—All description* bate again ma'eri- 1 all/ advanced and t»«t* market is I nova i at the fol low-ug quotation*: N. Y Light 46d,4<*; do Medium aud’Heavy do48@60; 8 augbter 6*v®*r>c, and Am.r gn ( alt Skin- 1 75®M LUMBER—Under the active demand and increas ed CO** of labor, all kind* or Lumber couiiuues to advance and v hile the e is rather % disposition on the i a t of dealers to withho'd stock, ait desirable Lumbdr is rea Ji-y t ken at our ex* re me quotation*, wnich are now «* follows: No. V* aud 2'* ckar Pine 84>®«V) p M ; No. 3 $3*@40, ami No 4. *2&@27 ; Ship ping *27@9»; Spruce*I'lj ®<8; Hemlock 11 ®13 p M. Clapboards, Spruce Extra, $2«>a25 Extra Pine 840 @42; Cedar Shingles Extra $4 25®4 60; No. 1 io $3 @3 60; extra Pine 85®5 50 Laths, Spruce 81 87® 2 Of*, and Pine do 82 UO®2 60 4> M Our quotation* for box shook* and cooperage will be found else where. LARD—A recent advarce ha* been made on Lard and the market closes Arm at 21 @21 • c for bns or tub*. METALS—prices fjr Tins, Sheet Iron, Zinc and SheatiigMc al- are entirely nominal at unr quota tion*. a* dealers decline to make pi ice* in the unset i tied *ta’e ot the Hold market MOLASSES The demand continues very limitef at thi« dull sia«nn, aud -a!e* are ui.important, ai d prio s without fluctumion the j >bb* r* uominal pri ons raugiug at abou^5 @0>c for Cuba clayed. 7 @ 83 f*r Tart do. 95® 1<0 lor .Muscovado 10U @106 for Cunfuegosand 68 @72 for Portland Syrup The stock Is wp]1 kept up by receipt* and amouu’td to about 7.031 Hhd* on the tirat othe orient m >n'h. Vt e stock a* the same time in New York we* 13,9-4 Hhd* and6743 Bbls, aud ia Ho-ton 6800 ilhis. NAILS —Cut Nails *re scarce, with no immediate prospect ot a y kis-ea-ed supply, and pricer aro quite nominal but lirtn at tbe recent advance* NAVAL STORES.—A recent advatce has taken place on Spirits Turpentine, and we now qu le 3 9) £4 10 wr gil. Tar, Pitch aud Rutin remain steady at previous quotations. OAKUM—We notice a further advance on Ameri can Oakum, and uow quote '4®i5jc 4> It. ONIONS—Have sem* what advanced, a'-d we now quote sliver Skins 88 6d®10 00 4> brl or $4 00&4 68 4# bushel. OILS —Clued Wbal and Sperm continue intc I’ve, and nearly all other descriptions have been rerv quiet. We now quote Sre^ui 2 75 being- a slight d c ine We also note a d* dim on Lin-t-ed Oil aud now quote taw 176 a d boiled 180 per gal. A flirt her advance is no cdon K,sh oils, aud the market l as been c eared out *.t t e <ol owi» g quota-i ni, v z— Hank and Ha- $41® 12 and shore 40®41 f> oariel. Herring * Hi $39 per bbl. The cxee stve M5h rate* of exchange eutirJy restricts importations uom the Provinces. PAINTS.—We notice a recent advance on nearly ; all descriptions ot Reacts. W* q ote Portland le d in oi 2i10,2360, t’um* crland. 19@79 50 Phi aie pltia lea<P22@23. l’aro dry lead 22. Knchelk- yellow and KnjHh Veuetia 11* d 5c ano Litharge aud Red lead 21c; American Ziuc f 12® 15. PRODUCE—Goodpotaoes coMinuo sear*e and pTC verv Arm a recent advances; we n w quote 6 ®/f» 25 |»bbl. Beet hi* alvanc d to 12a 14c by the quarter Lamb has b» en e<»-< lag In more freelv for the la*t several das s and prices are !ow<r. Eggs are new coming in more freely and prices have a de clining tendency. We uow quote 26@26 per do/. PROVISIONS—B*ffiS without any change and price* steady hut Arm as *>ock* are light. P rk has recently declined lull 82 per bbl cn tbe higher grades: v-e now quote rxtra Clear 843 a 45: Clear 4l®43 ; Me** 39® 41. a; d ‘'rime 3j®36 f bbl. Hum* reruiiu steady at 2Ua23: 1> lb. RICE.—A recent advance ha* ’aken place on Rice and wenowqu te 15 j®16cp;r p. SUGAUS — Price* have continued to eut rfain a droopiugteuoeucy throughout the w»ek Gr een were genera 1. ho dmg crus* ed.granuLted and pow dered yesterday at .9c, whi e « me re*»a« d to sell lor te-* than due It wit repo ted tha* some had bo n offered cveu b*i’>w our in* do price-, but we had of u * sale*. Wc have red jo d our qu ra-ions for Muscovado and tia ana brown lc per lb. Por • laud A A remaius steady at pre vious quotation!. SALT.—Prkes a^e very Arm at recent advances, a fair demand and ample stock* tor iimueoia e want*. We uow quote 87 per hhd f»r Liverpool. Turks I si «)ul aud Cag iari. Rrcund batter tali has been adraneed to 3d per box. SOAP—The following are the awarded prices for. s *ap “Lesthe & Go<e’s extra No. 1—17c; Karoilv 16;: No. 1 15c; Oleine and soda 18c and Crane's 18 p lb. SPICE9 —Business requirement* being very light at this t>m« for ail kin »* of ^ic<*. our quotatioi * regain n< miual at the following quotatioi.* Cas-ia 90®95 Cloves 66 i iogi-r&O. Pimeut » 45®5o, Nut meg*. 1 75 and $i. a- d Pepper 48 and 50 bTAECU—We notice a further advance on Starch aud n»w quote Pesrl 12® 13c 4* lb. TEAS— Pri res sre very Arm and bu>yant and dealer* a-e generally folding stock* at full price*, gather ngatr ngth from the recent free re-hipme m* in N. Y. aud other markets. Wccontiuu * to quote ve-v cho ce Oolong 125a 130; common do 115 ®120; Souchong, Ankoi, aud lower grade* steady at 96ai 10 V lb. TOBACCO—With a good deir'and and (iiscoursg ! in* acoount* fjom Ky. and Mo. as to tic probability of securing fh» crop owing to the scarcity of labor and the very unsettled coi.di ion of sfTura in both States, the market rul s very firm at hardening pri ces. WOOL—The N Y. Price Current says the*e has beeu au inert-as#<1 demand during the latter part of the wee* for well-condWoncd coarse Domestic Fi eco suitable for kerse>«, an . the iirtrkt t.for this description, is the turn dear®' while high grades are la h Tquk-t. though tirmiy held. FKKKiHT^-As we u*eviou*ly remarked, bu*i n«i is comparatively light as yet iu foreign en gagement* Capt-iiu* and r truer a an* inclined to withhold vessels as long as ths prospect are so adver-o as at p est-nt. With the ru in* high rate* of seaman’s wages, and cot responding high prices for provisioning and run. it g venae's, business in charters i* nearly at a dead l ck, and en- I gagemeut* to fortign port* are as vet unimportant. The following being the only chart# is reported to us during the we2k : Brigs Thoa t ouu#-r and *ch Wings “f’h» Moruiu, tor Pictou.NS. to luad coal lor Fort l*rd at »5 per ton. Deil Fwirhts lor Europe cor. tin u* steady bn* qui et at the following rate*:—For Bri t 1 or Liverpool. , 57s. Cd.( tad for Belfast, Ireland, 62s, 6d. SPECIAL NOTICED . A NEW LOT OF COOPS Just received AT DRESSER'S CHEAP STORE 99 KXQUAHQE STAR XT. Ahg 16 dll* iliy Your Stationery Packages At DreHser’s, 90 Kxchnago utreetf 52 per dozen, or 25 cents each. KW” Agents wanted, address L. DU&8SEK, Port land, Me., Box log. suglOliw Orny. The .-unconditional Un oa voters of Gray are re quested to meet at the Town Housj, in said Own, on Wednesday, Aug. 17rh. 1861 at 6 o'clock P. M . to choose De egates to attud th#* Cumber and Coun tv Union C.mention, to be holdtu at Portland Aug. 18, 186*. Per Order Union Town Com. Gray. Aug. 10, 180*. augJ2utd A New Perfume for the Handker chief ___ Phalou’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” l’halon's “Night Blooming Cereus.” 1 Phalon’a “Night Blooming Cen-us. ” Phalon’s "Night Blooming Cereus.” ! Pbalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.*' Phalon’s “Rigid B ooming Cereus.” 1 Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.” A moat Kxqnifite. Delicate anl Fragrant Perfume, I distilled from the Bareaud Beautiful Flower from 1 it takes it* name. 1 Manufactured only by PHALOH $ 80K, N \\ ft#' Beware of Counterfeits. Ask for Phalon’s— ! , Take no Other. Bold by Druggists generally Jane24’0*d3m I I SPECIAL NOTICES. I Portland Photographic Gallery, 80 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, .V*., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12,mayI2d6m THOMAS G. LORI.VG, DRUGGIST, -AND—— PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Coracr of Exchnn«r It PrderalSl’a. A perfuetatifuaraotOKl. Tlie poor liberally cob Jidcred. ^ rachasdtf I “L. F.” Atwood’* Hitter*, Price 3$ Cls n „• TuuBHDiaK, **., April 25, lbC3. 4 ,atly ray aoqnaiuianee was troubled with Revere attacks of sick besdacb lor a number of years, and couhi tii d 1,0 if lie f until rh* tried L. F. Atwood’s Hitters, which clltcltd a per manent cure. Mr daughter was troubled with attacks of severe headache and vomitin*. which have Ken cured by toe** bitters. I have uiyetlf be n troubled with d>>i>epaia. which has already been re!i re<l hy thisrcrmdy. i at waya keep it ou hand, as 1 believe ! it to be a sj*eedy cure for all d-raugene nts nt the St mach and lirer: and f.*r f male complaints w h«n arising from debility ol the digestive organs. Yours truly, IVuitkiy, C3T" Counterfeits awl has* imitations. iu simi lar bottle and label are iu the market and sold by unprincipled dealers. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, and also hare an extra label. on trhife prper, countersigned H. If. HA F, Druggist, Portland, Me., sol* General Agent. Sold by respectable dealers in medicine generally lauvlfieodfcwH “A Slight Cold,” Goo glia. Few arc aware «>♦ the importance o* checking a Cough er “BLIGHT com” iu its first stage; that which in the K ginning would yield to a iniui rente- I dv.if neglected, soot attacks theiuug- “Brown’s Bronchial T+tches’* give sure and wltnost imme diate relief. Miitary Officer* and So! tiers sh> uld hare th,'in, as th*y can be carried in the pocket a* d taken us occasion rt quires. t aug2 da wlia -s.... Sozodomt.—We do not often -peak oi the various j article* which come to u*for noticeaud trial, t ut the ! article with the above musical uaui b au exception. Three or lour ladies a«»d ehil4mi among our ditto l'rieuds aid relative* lav* used the “8«»zo (lout. and it has certainly done ail that is said iu its favor. It not only removis every blemish rom tho teeth, but renders them c!can aud whit*. Itai to gives a tone to rb* breath, and leases the mouth with a p easant fragtauce. It is dreidedfy the l* -t preparation we have ever used for the purpose, and we recommend »be fragrant fozodont »o our triend with great confidence.— Boston bathrday Hrtwny B*jx>fis. inch 11 It £^*llyou arein wantol aoykiodolPUirnKb all at the Daily Press<»t! ca. t» SF*CABDS and BILL UkiDS neatly prints alt hi* office tt notdott Mock Ust. Salks at tuk BrokuiuC Board, Aro. 16. 4 f/0 American Gold...286* 1.0U0 D 8 Coupon Sixes (ImI) .107* S'.*).do.ion i 1 5*> United State* 7 3 lOtbs (Aug).1»0 7.6«ni .do.1«,9» 1.500 .do (Oct).!■<# 23 (WO United state s 5-*u *..l.«y 60 0 .do...109* 23 0( 9j 1.000 .do (small).It9j 1.U00 Maine State Sixes. .. 10 3.000 Ogdent-burg 2d Mortgage Bond*. 611 6 Bj-donand Maine wail road.18H 1 Cortland, Saco k Portaro'th RK.115 .11ABEIM. In tbi« citv, Aug 15. by Kcv Dr Carruttiers. Lewis Wight and Mr* Sarah C Fcrnald. both of this city. In Newport M* Aug 9. ( barley « rL-arth. of Port'and, and Mi** Annie F. Fliut. of N. In Windhf.iu. a ug 16. by E S E»d< r E «|. William A II dge o{ Cortland, and Miss Lydia j Cart Jana, of Wc-tb ook. In Windharu, Aug 9, by Rev Jno A Ilodge, Joeiab Bodge and Miss I mice V Finery lu Hath. Aug 13, James W Johnson and Miss liar* riet A Pembr ok. Ill Georgetown. Aug 10. Xalh’l B Merrill, of Wool* •as b, and Mr* Martha Tarr, of G O In Frankiin. July Jl, » has G Goodwin aud lli-s Maria II Preble, both ol Sullivan. In Stockton. Julv 9, B ron H Wood, of 8. and Mtv* Josephine II Thomas, of Sear«mont; *24tb. Geo W Bowden and Mi** Harriet P Speed lu Stockton, Aug 3, Augustus Patterson and Miss Loreua Berry. DIED. In this citv. Aug 15. of irtuuastloi on the brain, Herbert Willis, sou of Jonah and Deborah S Retd, agvdo jears 1 m- nth. rrf uneral thisi Wednesday) forvuoon, at 11 o’dk, at No 7 Atlantic street In ^outh Carr is. July 29. Mrs E'mira Holland, aged 69 years. In Norway. Aug 3, Mr# Elizabeths wifeof Dca A 11 Muzzy, aged 00 vests II mouths. lu Buxton, An/ 10. of diptl eria, James Albion, only «ou of Andrew J aud Almira S Perry, aged 9 y<a's I montIts IT days. In Noith Windham, Aug 5. of consump'iou. Miss Pa y Ann Winflow sg*o 3' years. lu Falmouth. Aug 15, Ketisr D. only son of ('has and Kuxanna D llic s, age 14} ear* 9 month*. la Fry. burg Aug 8. Mabel Abbic. only child of T K Mead, agtd 4 years 9 mont. s. In Hath. Aug 14, James E, sou of Robert and ( harlot e Young, aged t ) ear 5 in nth*. In Belgrade, July 1. Mr Grveuleaf (• W\ man, aged 53 years; 6ih, Mrs Saiah w ife ot Jesse Kuox, a^ed 59 year*. M In Credo*icktor, N II Aug 1, Mrs Mary lluut. Torino ly of Bath, aged 39 yean. 9A1L1NO Or OriCAX STEAMS HIPS'. STtiin r rom for saiLt Lr»u .Liverpool-; New York. .Aug 2 C'itr ol Baltimore.Liverpool... New York . Aug 3 leutoma. Boufl smptonNew York Aug 6 Asia .ldverpool. . . ... Aug 6 City ot Lriut rick Liverpool.New York Aug 6 Nova Scotian.Liverpool.i*u. be.-_ Aug II Pennsylvania.Liverpool. . New York Aug *« thin a .Liverpool- Hottou .Aug 17 Peruvian.Liverpool.tjuebvc.Aug IS Washington. .New York Havre.Aug 17 Africa .Boston.Liverpool... Aur 17 Hibernian.#...(jwebM.Liverpool,.. Aug a* City of London ..New York Liverpool._Aug *2 * London. New York.. Liverpool Aug20 Saxonia New York Hamburg Aug 2b Evening Star ..Kcv York New Urittas Aug Yb Northern Light. .New York A<>pii>wall. Aug 3 Creole.New York. .New OrU-au* Aug 24 t’er>ia.New York. .Liverpool_Aug V4 (•olden Rule.New York A-pinwaii_Aug 27 Erin. ... . New York. Liverpool.Vug 27 tlan«a .New Y'ork. hremen .Aug *7 North American out-b c . .Liverpool.Aug27 K• anoke.New York llavaua _Au*29 Asia. Hostou.Liverpool.A ug 31 Kedar .New York.. LtverpaoL... Aug 31 Nova Scotian —Quebec.Liverpool.Sept 3 M 1 VI AH HE ALMANAC \Vrduesday.Awtfwat IT. Sunrises.6 101 High water (am).... 1* 35 Sun sets. 6 56 I Length of davs 1* 40 MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. i iirmuy. iu;uil |U. ARRIVED. Steamer Forest Citv. Liscomb. Boston. Steamer New England, Field, St John N B for Bostou. Sch James Darcelon. Anderson, Bo»fou. CLEARED. Barque Ionic. Htoveua. Havana- J Lynch & Co. Brig Stanler.(Br) kaiioch. Havana—John Lynch k Co. Sch Tioaser, t Br) Hat held, Li ill* boro N B—master. Sch SAB Smalt. Cole Machms^ ort—master. Sch Maggie Bell. Dilkcy, i tubule, phia-Orlando Nickerson. Barone tilenalvoa, Watts, fiom Glasgow for New York, which was de-troyed by the pirate Tallahassee, was a new vtsael of 79s »oa* and built at 1 Imuuwtuu ia 1863, where *hc was i w ued. Sch R E Packer, Marses, from Baltimore for Bath, pnt into tlolrae*’ Hole Uth and reports having been cap ured by • lie Tallahassee on the Uth and rausom ed for fflO.OuQ. DISASTERS. Brig A C Titcomb. at Boston from New Orleans, reports. Uth hist, off Ca|*e t od. Ml in with brig Jas Crosby, of Bangor, abandoned ami AHI ol water; took her iu tow and brought her into p »rt. Ship Snow Squall. Di 1 ng’ am. from New York for San Francisco tcore reported at Falkland's Islands, has been condemu« d. NOTICE TO M V RI VERS. NEW LIuHT-HUl Sk AT CATE CHARLES The uew light-house at Ca-e ( harle*. north side of entrance to Cheeapraae Bay. Virginia, having been completed, a tight will bo exhibited therefrom on the etroniu* of tho 7*b of Sept« mber, and every dav thereafter from suuac to sunris v T .eliqbt will bo a fixed white light, by a tla-h every minute. I:is placed at an elevation of HOieet above 'be nu-au level of the sea. and >hou!d b een in c'tar weather from the deck of ariwvl a di* aucecMl nautical miles. The illuminating apparatus is dioptric ot the first order, of the svtteia of Fresnel The tower is built of brick, is 1 od Imt high ftoiti la-e to focal r»!aue circular in tons and c -torod white. It -taudt u at 37* 07' *" 51 N, lou 75s’ S3’ 12'* OS \V ol Green wich. By■ onlnr WBRHDBRlCh CLu.; Treasury Department. Office Light-house B, nrd, Wasniugieu, August 5.1864. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO— C d 2Ut ult, barque Samuel Merritt. Williams, r or t laud O. Sid. *hlp John L Dimmook. (Br Harwa d. Tort Angelos to load -)>ars lor England. Chartered, chip Eagle Wing, to load a micella neons cargo for Boston lu port, ships Alhambra, Borodino. Clara Marne Fdw O'orieu. Finer*I I 1s t*. Malay White Swail w’ Vt iudward Wiugtd Arrow; barque Ade.aide Norris’ lud oth r*. d smati >u unknown. BALI 1MOKE— t Id 14th brig Sea Foam Coomb* Kittery; »chs Pioneer, lapley. Doeiou; L W Titrco Luring, Fall River Sid Uth. ship I ho* Lord Tieble. New York birk Lapwing, lor Rio Janeiro mX^SSlS*1* Ar 15!b’ br:* E**”‘“™' Old 16th. Kh K u.btilh, Brows, 1‘rovldeccv; Clan Ellen. Dray. Uo*‘on. ArHth. b*.,,ue Klor del Mar. (Br) Wl,wdl, Sum; bru t oseord. MoLom. si0„., |„|er l ld mil, b"* D< ‘no.,' 1 oeke. Vmuie Krcklasd; ob.J l Arne. ll »n, Portland: h rai.cis .Vntun, ' \'!Tw1 ■*' Ha’eh rurtamouth VI'b' b*,'<u*' Sh'iolh. I'anno. tni uwBaytB, bria, Htbry. I erkia*, m Matauzu; ' rrw,t7...(-'»7 h*y CB; Mtb tt I each, blicr ,“®' ' B; Jutla. hell, v Chance Harbor; .orlnthiau. lap! y. Bancor: Cambaw, Stndicr, aama*; Oregon, Trait, fw Rock laud ; ocean Star, lam. Newport A.r **}*». »Wp» Inconstant, (Br) fm Bombay ; Strat ord, (Br, late Am ship Arctic) (. handler, Liverpool; | < «l— I.. btnjue6 Caroline, Grant. New Orleans; Fleetwing. Davis, Port Koval SC, brig* C W King, McKean, Cow B*y CB; Harp Arey, Pfctou; set* Geo I ar y, Rogers, Cow Bay CB: Wm Hu> ter, Elciiidg*. <io; Sa'dltii ,n, Kuiuball. Brid^etort CB; Ned Mitn'er,* Spaulding, Lingau CB; F W Johnson. Thompson, d*»; Sftiau Matilda. Armstrong. 8t Andreas NB; LX Miser, Nje Port Koval SC for Boston; sch G v Worthily, LoHng, Yarmouth. ship Cicero, A exander, Bombay. Cld »5th. brig* s B Crosby. Crosby Cow Bay CB; Hera d. Davis, Philadelpliia : sob# rhebe. Morrow, Martinique; l.e Roy, Johuson, Havana Sid 14th. ship Ke-olute; barque P Perdlotos; brig Beaver Mountain Eaglo, s R Ktuiudy. NEU ii.W EN —Ar 15»h. brigs Geo ligr i*, from Capo Hrtten; Po%< mac, Perkina Calais. PROVIDENCE—Ar I5tli. s«*Us Col D**«*r, IVrry, Delaware City; Sarah L. Waite. Rondout; Jehu, Faikonham Machias via New York. PAWTl CKKT—Ar 16th, schs Elizabeth, Turner, andOii.e Branch, Reed, Calais; Georgian a, Phil* br ok. Bangor. NEWPORT—Ar 13th, ack Celia M Carver. Treat, Bristol far Philadelphia FALL RIVER—Ar 16th, sch Caliria, Amestury, Ehzihethport. HOLMES S HOLE— Ar 13 h. brig Alex Nickel*. Ro*eerook. New \ ork ior Glaee Bay CB; schs Julia Eli/a cth., K.’Uatx thport lor Bo-ton : Jenny Liud Graves. Hostc-u lor New York; Adc.’aide.Usrt, Lubec for Providence. Ar 14th, sclis K E Pecker, Marsen. Baltimore f r Hath: Col Eddy, Coomb# ira New York lor Bella*!; M F Varcuui.Toiuvr, Buck* port for Newport; Frte* port, Farusvorth. Rockland for Bristol. Ar 16tb, sch Prize, Mayo, from Kobiceton for New Tork. BOSTON—Ar 15th. barques Jehu. Bm;th IVtinto; Montezuma (Bn Atkin# Falmouth E svl>» Tin ms* Hix, Monroe, New York; Peace, Kent. Nortbport LI; A .round* Hood: Pbebe Ann, Tamtam and Col liig ins. Kendall. Bangor; Aurora Rich.Bucks* port: Agues. Young, Ellsworth: Gild* II skell, Rockland; Latnp’ighfer, Clay, fin Deer Isle; Day. Hud, and Catharine McNtar. Wi*ca*s*t: EUzabeth, Ware, Gardiner; Polly. Grant, Ml Desert; Utivo Elizabeth, Hamilton, and Gen Grant, V% irsow fm Portland; Dacdy,Winn, York ; Enterprise. t»cok»u, We is t Id 15ih. haqnc Jas P Chaplin. Cole, Talcabuar.o: brig Martha Washington, Leland, de. sch l> Hinds, Wells. a!ai* Ar 16th. brig Attic C Titeomb, Tiicomt. New Or leans: schs October, Willi ms, Bath; Eli Box on, ll'c* mb. Saco. ( Id 16th. barque Warren Haliett. 8 J Smith. Gl b altar; brig It M Heston. Jon-«. Baltimore: schs D B Doarc. Wiswell, I on M* dwav : Ruth II Bak r. Knight, Washington; La Plata, Petlengit, New kora PORTSMOUTH—Ar 12tb. sch Marktta, Hall, fm New York ELLS WORTH—Ar 16th, jaebt Thorn Lx is is. fm Portland. on a ciiise. HATH—Cld lfdii, brig PhUlip iarr bee Daily, Portland. r foreign ports. At Callao 28th ult. ship* John Tuckc r, Haliett. and South Am»-lira. Lincoln, disg. 81d fm do 27th ult. ship 5 8 Kin bill, Dearborn, Chine has. Hd fm Cayenne 1st nit, sch R B Sumner, Upton, Philadelphia. Ar at Aspinwall 6th Inst, barque Florence Peters. Hooper, Klizabethpon At St Thomas 1st iust, brig Ida Abbott, Cooper, for New York. Idg. At !*ictou 8th iust. barque* Minnie Gordon, Me* Grrger, and Warrior, fags, for Boston. A r si St John NB 12th in*t, sch Amelia, McGune, Camden. H cr nty oi UAitimorf. ai B*rw iori.j 81d fm Gravesend 81st alt, Ma y MuRae, fot Bo • ton. • 8I«1 rm Queenstown 31-t, Sophia Me Remit, for llaugor. Me Ar at Shanghai* Mav 21. Barlingtoa. Ilowes from Singapore; 27tb. Li/zie Boggs, Dizer, fin Foochow; •-O h. Ituthveo, Williams, do; 31st, Mary Glover, Hugnes. do. Arat Foochow May 30. Benefactress, FJdridge, Hong Kong Sid June 22. Harah Newman Cobb Shanghae. Arat lloug Koug June ft. * ornelia. San t rauciseo 't Paul. Crowell. staighse; 7th, Zenubia. HayN, Calcutta; 8th We*tern Cor-tinent, Lull Stau.' ♦rh. Haul Drap-r. ila encr, B< - on : 16?b. Lathing Wave. Leers w. Singapore: ll-h Nabob. New York; 12th. Good Hot e Miller. Cardiff Md June2. Kat* Hastings, Hannibal, Ckgfoo; 9 b, Comet. W'right. Nagasaki Sid fm W’oosungMa^ 21. Bengal Melville Manila. AratSwatow June 2. Emily Banniug, Fellows, kausgawa Sid fm Bangkok Jane 1ft, Monsoon, Loring, for II ng Ko*g. Sid fm Batavia Jane 8, Kapidan. Gardiner, for Arat Manila May 23. Indiaman, Webb, fm Hong Kong Md Jane 2. Tropic Bamlcn. and George I’cabody, Paine. New York. Arat Singapore Jure 9. Gen Ward. Fu ler. Bos ton. Lillie. Knowles, Amov. Sid 10 h. Gertrud*. Whitman, New York: l’th. Peerless, Rober s. Hong Koi g; 12ih. Ua v WMt ridge. Creeeey, do; ocean Home, New York ; 19tb, P'tutian oargeut. Hong Koug Cld at B ssien May i9 Josephine, Paice, Europe; 30th. Mrria J Smith. Smith, do. Ar at M l main Jut e 3 Col L*dyard, Walls, Bom bay ; 4lh. Harvest Home, Dick* y. do. Ar at Madras Jane 24, Krchard Musteed. Mitchell, Sydney NSW. Ar at Galle Jane 21. Cathedral, M.*Ichor, Boston. 2»ith. Kur-ka. Uall, Mrbourne. Ar at Malaga 25th ult. bari|tt* Yo’uutecr, Gorham, snd Ila mou Buck's* . New York. Cld at Gibraltar 22d alt. Moueyrnick, Smith, for Musi a 8!d fm Havre31st alt. Hartwell, Tukey, for New Y ork. Arat Antwerp 3)st nit, T J Southard, Starrett, Callao. Ar at Flu-Mug ^Oih nit, Evenicg Star. Niche’s fm Callao; Ca--tine. Thurston,and Grn Sliepby, Stet son. tn**n do; lit iui', Xaoltit-id.Turry do. Ar at do 2d iu t. B Thayer, Carney, and WiTliara Woodbury. sawyer Callao. I a-sed Elsinore June 28. Sterling, from Riga for Boston. Md fm Archargel June lft, Burnside. TayPr, from Boston. Rangoon. Jon? 11. Ship Shamrock hence for the (Jolted Kiugdom io proct^dingrown t’ e »lv»r. was -track hy a *juall wh ch n**rh upset her $!>• r«®. not proofed iu the crank ?t*te she Is ir,a:.d will have to di-charget Ca cut's. June 22 The ship Stephen Glover has beeu docked to repair. SPOKEN. Jttlv 27, lat 441. Ion 4H ft. snip Moro Castle. Ross, from Si John N H for Liverpool. July 12. lat 6028. Ion j0 12. was Si*en ship Da* itl Webster, from New Y'ork for London. J-ly *>. lat 44 19 Ion 49 42. al.ip Villa Frarcs. tom London for New Y'crk. Aug G. lat 4i 10. Ion *2 40. ship Lizzie Mo«es, from St John N B lor Liverpool. Au • 13. lat 29 40, Ion 73 20. seh New Zealand, from Krooklin for Philadelphia No date, off Cape Good Hope, ships Richard III, i from Has-cin for cLuglscd, and Amity. from Rangoon for do. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS m diaii. Vli hciU a d In. t.:. ul <J daugh ter Mu. virrmi t thi< W -d. tvea in-. AiijtiH Kill Shakipeeie'. ,«l> in e «f Maeleib M.cb> th. McKern bochauan 1 ady Mec hftb Mi.. Virginia Bucta; an. I’nee-l'arqaotte, — c»; Bvroby *JS e. b • Itemed null cun I, I procured at Dr liana , uni. r tbe ball d-ri-.g tbe Jay, wi. bool extra charge. Door, opt a xl 7) ft el. j ttteace at *. Maine Central Railioad Comp y. TKEAhEKEk’* OFFICE, , W.terriHe, Aug. 17, 1 SI j THE Vaiae Central Ba.lruad Company will t ar ibrir Coupon* a Ibe Ftrat Jiatloual Ban». Fort laud, from t*iie date. J SVE. Treaaater. Aug. 1.—dim GKRAISTID ANNUAL EXCURSION TO THE ISLANDS. milS Ii-t-h American Belief Association will mats A tbtir tectiuii Anauil Kxoaruuii uowu »_o Uar< bur to Lltilo Hog Inland, ou Wednesday, Aug »1, 1804. Tb -t. rgu loraiorl and o-h. r boats are engaged for the .mansion. and will lea -a Hh.rt li and id o clock A M and nt 1 P. Jl. Bwinrnin* at 6 aud 7 in tbee euiag Music by C aodter a ejuidrille Band. The danc in g department w It bs un er the a annerment of a skill’ill commit! e who wi'l ’nave nothing undone to procure larg. and convenient platform, to accent mo tare all who wish t> take part iu that de i.Ltinl amusement * Refreshments to be had r>u the Idand. lee Wa'er will be lurm.hcd ia abundance One .it expense The Cora-nittnopledge them lies to doe.crylhiDg ia their pow.r to make this tbe platan e't aud beet excursion of the sea on. ' reacts 50 coats, children half price Aug 17—did r ALDRICH’S PATENT Water Glevator ! 1 A thwuiuhig more good and less bail dV multi lea thau any ■ t. et hxruto ia u-r f->. hou-o wells. Don’t fail to sea it be lore y ou • uv any tump or. rawer now i, use It works' so cwsilv AVS oMtd tight years’ oldeau sirs* with it. it is 1 w pric'd; It leaves noil,I K In I be w.tcr to lijarel” it does not fry. ve; it i. 'imidci it u net likwin to *’ 1 “* order I’he bucLe hss ro i.I e'and etop tea itself. 1 on have y oar well all open or u.r. j—> ... t. eierj man netda a ho ynJuoe inrewaier (hr f.nnly - aL*Tyl>riWer* 1411 Tomu *"d C«»“»T Kl.hls (eg BOYNTON * IIIGHIN*. n!3 „ 18 *Bd 15 Warren Market, rortland. fllUE subscriber hereby gtyt-npuldic tn.l.r, to all X concerned, that he has been dulv appointed and taken upon himself the trust of Administrator t>i the estate cl JOSfclll BARNEY late of Portland. In the eountv of Cumberland deceased, by giving bond as the law directs; ha therefore requests all persons who are indebted to the said deceased's estate to make immediate pay ment : aud those who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the same for settlement to BBNJ.VIll.T hlNUSBI'RY, Jn Portiaad. July 6. lStH. &jw.7«* Hnuait For Sale. rWO and a half story lions, ho 50 North Street within two minutes walk of the Horae hanroad’ led one of th • most pleant locations Id the ci’y — • aid house ia I ea'ly new, thorn.tgh'y b (It c, util s levou well IIsir-bed moms, an excr Hot t cellar wnh L we lof go d water, aud ala-ge brick ci- ern' with good ah d. a good stable a: d gardan. -.11 be aol at i bargain II applied t w soon Tor fbrther i artlcn ars or quire ot t has Bathe, of the tlrm of Wood- I nan. r ueAio.. John C Proctor Lime St . or I>. | * ey ** 'Viualow k Duten’s I’laieii g Ml I. fool ■f Crew St. augl dltr d

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