Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 20, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY, Now AdvertUomotit* To-Day. T lit at re—Doer lag Umll. Home Wanted. Harvard College—Joel Parker. W anted — Laborers. U 8. 7*3) Loan. Keliffiou* Notices. U .*lJ<ioin notices of twenty-fire wordsorleee, Crc all cxoe«j of this amount will be charged ten cem a line, eight word* constituting a line. This ru hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—[Pub. Pbhn ty At Mechanics’ Hall, to-morrow , Conferenc at 10| a. M. C^“The Washingtonian Society hold meeting •very 8unday evtumg, at 8. ot T. Ur1J,368 C'ougres street, at 7 o’clock. Public invi ed. UT Her. Hobart Collycr, of Chicago, II!., wil p each at the Tirst Parish Church to-morrow. C#^Thoro will be services in Park Street Churcl to-mOrrow as u uai. %NTElder J. G. Smith will preach at Second Ad vent flail to-morrow. The public aroinvited. Aeati free. UT' 1 f the Lord will, Ca hariue Elizabeth Clark mi d»ter of God's Word, will speak on tue Seven Thunders, near the brick echoul House, Cspe Eliza beth, near C. E. Britigo, to-morrow, at 9 A. M. Railroad Accident. The passenger train from this city to Skow began, on the Portland A Kennebec ltailroad Thursday afternoon, met with an accident ic Vassal boro-, the particulars of which we lean; from Mr. Lincoln, the conductor. The train consisted of the baggage and mail car, smoking car aud three patseuger cars. Iu passing over a bridge at I.aog’s Mills, Vassal boro’, about twenty-five feet iu length, at !i o'clock P. M.. the bridge broke under the en gine ; but that and the lender passed over safely, though the latter was thrown from the track. The rear end of the mail and baggage car, the smoking car and the forward cud oi the first passenger car we;e precipitated iuto the gap. In the baggage car there were five persons, neither of whom was injured. The smoking car contained twenty or thirty, some of whom were bruised, but no bones were broken. The sinokiug car crushed In the end of the forward passenger car, which contained about thirty persoos, many of whom were bruised. Mr. Johnson, of Augusta, bad bis right arm broken. A young woman from Xova Scotia, who bad been hired here that day to go to Skowheg&u and work, bad ber light leg brok en. A passenger belonging iu liangor was severely bruised iu the back, but had uo bones broken ; he was left at Vassalboro’; the other two were taken to Augusta in a special train, which was sent to the spot as soon as intelli* gence of the disaster could lie telegraphed frem Waterrille. The cars were badly injured. One of tbe passenger cars was about ruined. Tbe train arrived at Skowbegan about 11 o'clock at night. The bridge was considered one of tbe best on the road. It would lie repaired so that trains could cross last night. It is wonderful that no one was killed by this accident, aud that there were so few seri ous injuries. All the passengers, with the ex ception of the three above mentioned, were able to proceed on their route. Municipal Court—Aug. 19. Michael Couley, for resisting police officers Charlton and Montgomery while they were engaged in arresting a disturber ol the peace, was Hired $10 and costs, the whole amounting to $13.42, which he paid. Stork Breaking.—'The corn aud flour store of Mr. Edwiu P. Millett, No. 4 Moulton Street, was entered last night by breaking a pane of glass in tbe door at the rear of tbe store, then lifting the bar and pulling tbe bolts. After entering the shop the robber closed the door and proceeded to operate. Uufortuuately for his operations, Mr. Mil lett and his son went to tne store about 10 o’clock to get some oats which bad been for gotten. The son went in and discovered that the store bad been broken iuto. He went out a id informed his father, and then returned into tbe store to examine the sale. While do lug this he discovered the legs of a man under a table iu the counting-room. He immedi ately jumped out, locked tbe door aud hailed some uaval officers who were passing by. They stopped and surrounded the store. The robber tried to escape, first by the window then by tbe door, but was driven book and kept there until police officers Williams and Floyd arrived on the spot. They immediste ty went iuto the store aud secured the feliowi who hsd endeavored to secrete himself among some hag* of meal. He was taken to the lock-up. The fellow proved to be Thomas Mulligan, who some time ago was sentenced to three years in the Elate Prison for breaking iuto Ibe store of Messrs. Boss & Lynch. After serv ing about two years he was pardoned out, aud joined the Ittth Maine liegiment, from which he has since deserted. He will And himself now in a very uncomfoi table position—either to be shot as a deserter or to suffer a long term of imprisonment. Imtrovemknt.—Mr. John M. Todd has re cently improved his hair-dressing saloon, so that it now is the most beautiful and conveni ent one iu the city. The addition of tbe two large windows and the balcony in front, alsc improves the appearance of the block. In tbe tousorial department Todd has secured tbe services of those skillful operators, John B Morrell, Osborne Elwell and John Powers I’nder their mauipulations one feels like going to sleep, so gentle arc they in their operation; with the razor. It is quite a luxury to gel under the hands of Ti>dd or either of his able Theatre.—Till*afternoon, at 2 1-2 o’clock there will be a performance at reduced piicei of admission—adult* 25 cents, and cbildret 15 cents. The sparkling comedies of “Used Up’’ and “Flirtation,” in both of which Mc Kean Buchanan and his daughter will appear will be performed. This evening Mr. Buchanan and his daugli ter will make their last appearance. The plaj will be Schiller's great play of “The Bobbers.’ It will also be the last performance for ibt present, as the c inpany go to Augusta or Monday. ^ _ Accident.—On Thursday Mr. VVarrer Grifllu, one of the riggers in the employ o Messrs. Boyd <fe Hauson, while engaged a work on board bark Minnesota, at Franklii Wharf, bad bis foot badly crushed by its beinf might between the rail and the fluke of tin anchor, It was feared that amputation wouii be necessary; but yesterday be was in so com fort able a erudition it was thought be wouii recover the use of the limb, although it wouii confine him for some time. Uandhome Cabriaoe.—The haudsomes riding carriage ever built in this city was ex hibited yesterday in front of the Post Office It was a beautiful phaeton, built by licit i Martin * Pennell, for Capt. Chari s Sager It is got up without regard to expense, am every part of it U perfect, reflecting grea credit upon the manufacturers. Capt. Sage is determined that the vehicles in his liver; stable shall be of the best kinu, and lie spare no expense for that purpose. Arrest fob Stealing.—Last eveuing, a officers Barbour and Burnham were goiu their rounds, they discovered John Barton, colored man, and Barney McCa' u n appropr ating iron to their owu use on the Grau Trunk Wharf, and they were taken to tl lock-up.___ _ House Lots at Auction.—Henry Haile & Co. will sell at auction, at 3 o’clock tills a ternoou, on the premises, three valuable lioui lots on Cushman street. This will be a goc opportunity for Investment. Sale of Heal Estate.—Heury Bailey Co. sold at auction Thursday, tho “But place," in Stroud water. Capt. Wm. Fitts Wi {he purchaser at #4,070. toths Portland Daily Press. 0 i Arrival of Wounded Soldier*. 1 Fortress Monroe, Aug. 18. Tim U. S. hospital steamer Connecticut at riveil here to-day from Deep Bottom, with 10 wounded soldiers, mostly Irom the battle o , Tuesday aud belonging to Ute 2d and ar . my corps. They were transferred to the bos pilal steamer Atlantic, which sailed for Phils i delphia. A he Connecticut left Deep Bottom thi morning. Her officers report that yesterday was compaiatively quiet with the army oi both sides of the James. The left wing o the army on the north side of the river, rest! on the .lames and holds the position galuec i on Sunday last. The light wing lias advanc ed is upwards of four miles Irom Malvern Hill i iu the directiou of fiiclnuoud. Malvern Hill i is in our posession. From thr Arm;/ In-fore Hirhmomt. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 18—5 P. M. The steamer Vanderbilt lias just arrived from City Point. At one o'clock this morning the rebels made : a In;Ions attack Oil Burnside's corps on the i left. The fighting was chiefly with artillery and lasted two hours, when Hie rebels fell back without attempting an assault. Our loss was small. Washington, Aug. 19. The steamer which reached here, reported a rumor at City Point, yesterday, that a strong reconnoisauce was made by Hancock, and that be had reached Fair Oaks. From Wa.hinyton. Washington, Aug. 19. Supplies of the new 7 JO Treasury notes have been sent to the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, New York and Philadelphia. This caused no interruption In tilling subscriptions heretofore made within the last two months. Eighteen of the Pension office clerks have resigned, owiug to the inadequacy of their cuiii|tcnsation considering the high price ot living. Their salar ies ranged from $1200 to $1800 per aiiuiim. The vacancies have been fllled. Kaitroait Arrhtent— HttMtiny of a Steamer !'// Hmerrillam—A sir Orleans Cotton Market. Cairo, 111., Aug. 18. «Iwo soldiers were killed and seven wouud ed by being crushed between the cars and de pot. at this place to day. The Memphis Argus mentions the capture and plunder of the steamer Cady by guerril las; also that the Olive Branch and E. Walsh. I were robbed by rebels, but the Olive Branch ! has arrived here. Cotton at New Orleans was depressed. I’ro j vi-ious dull. Sugar and molasses higher.— Flour declined. Itailroad Accident. New York, Aug. 19. The Commercial slates that three cars of an excursion train broke through a bridge on the Caindeu A- Atlantic City Railroad, falling into the river. Several dead aud wounded have I hecu picked up and taken to Atlantic City.— The accidcut occurred at au out-of-the-way place and no details have been received. Philadelphia. Aug. 19. There |s no truth in the reported accident on the Cauiden * Atlantic Railroad. It was a malicious report. Items from Jtirhmond I'M jins. Washington, Aug. 10. The Richmond Register's dispatch from Ox Pond, 14lh, says Chalmer dashed into Abbey ville, Miss., and whipped the enemy,capturing 15 prisoners. He then fell back four miles, where the enemy attacked him and were re , pulsed. Our loss was 5 killed and 25 wounded. The enemy lost 50 killed, 250 wounded and 40 prisoners. The i'iratr Tallahaxnrr. Halifax, Aug. 19. At l oon to-day Admiral Hope sent to the Tallahassee, several boats with full crews and an order to cease coling, which was promptly enforced. She intended to take on board 500 caldrons for a long cruise, but has less than 200—a week's supply. She will sail during the night, beyond a doubt, for the'North Ray. It is impossible to obtain the names of the vessels she has destroyed. The blockade runner Falcon is still here. The I 'nnyr* union a l Excursion. St. John, N. B., Aug. 19. The Congressional Committee arrived here at five o'clock this afternoon in the steamer New England, having left the cutter Mahoning at Eastpott. They will be entertained to night by a supper givcu by the American res idents of the city. Tney will leave to-mor row morning for Shedtac by a special train, returning in the evening. Sunk. Cincinnati, Aug. 19. The steamer Highland Chief was sunk by the mail boat Vevay last night. She had ou board 800 Government workmen for Nash ville, and a considerable quantity of Govern ment stores. She was a new boat and valued at *50.000. There was no insurance, aud will probably be a total loss. Hr.traction of a Hclxcl Ham off Charleston. New York, Aug. 19. A Hilton Head letter of the 14th inst. states that a large propeller, r:-m ran through the fleet off Charleston, got aground, aud was des troyed by our batteries. A deserter states that our Are on Fort Sum ter is doing great damage1 Financial. Washington, Aug. 10. The subscriptions to the 7 30* loan to-day, as reported at the Treasury Depratmeut, amounted to 81,214,1100. •Vo Xrit n from the Vpper Hotomar. Baltimore, Aug. 19. There is nothing from the I'pper Potomac, The telegraph is not working beyond Harper's Ferry. Ttro More Gunuhoat* after the Taltahaesee, New York, Aug. 19. The gunboats Kiolus and Isouoina. left here ' to-ri*y in search of the Tallahassee. Mew York Market. New York. Aug T.« I Cotton - 1 c 2c higher; isles 1100 bale* at 1 79a 1 8< for middling uplands. • flour- »ales 27 ft*' bbls; State and Welters 6fl0( higher; State 9 00% 10 00; Round tioop Ohio 1<) 60^ 1.10; Western 9 1o£lU45; *outh-ru firm r; sale? 960 bhls; Extra do 10 7 %»!4 00: < 'auada 5%ldc high er; sales 800 bids; Extra 1006%12 0*. Wheat— lq»2c Letter; sales 9i 'JU0 bush; Chicagi Spring 2 16a.i 34; * iiwauite club 2 17m2 34; R«*f Winter Western 2 3i^2 44. Corn— lc lower; saies 12.0)0 bushels; mixed Wes tern 1 54ftl 56. Oirs—1c lower; sales Canada at 95§97£c. Beef—dull. Pork—lower; sales 28"9 bbls; new mess 89 76'a 4000. Lard—higher; =ales 100)bbl* at 22%28c. Butter—firm; State at 46(ttf6lc. Whiskey—fit m r; -<a*es 120«‘ bbls at 1 80« 1 82. Rice—juiet; sales 200 bag/ Rangoon at I4|§ &k—active ani lo higher: sales 60A) hhn» Porto R co .2%24c; Muscovado 21.&22J. Molasses-<|ii.< t. I Cuff o—inactive. Naval Stores- t^uiet. freight* to Liverpool—dull. | Wool- in good^etnand. 1 - Stack Market, Kiw York, Aug. 19 Second Board.— Stock s *Uauy American Geld... .267 United State* 6‘s 18^1 coupons.108 United States 6-20 coupons,.no United States 6-20 registered.108 Uniud State* one y< arcertificatei n w.,. »4 Treasury 7 3-10ths.\<f) Oh o fc MiMissippi Certificate*.. 6n canton Company. SIR | Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 00 KHs . Id L Quicksilver Milling Co,. *1 . | ......19] Km Hag.}«jj Clivcland k t’ittsburer.112 Chici?o& N4.1 tli Western. ?? 1 Michigan Southern. *2 IPinol. Central scrip.Iff1 Uhioarn fc Hick I'land.112 Pittsl urg. Fort Wavun It Cbicaro.11? 1 i i I ;"y The Horton Tianscript says the ejtaet ech of the resolutions of the Maine sell-styled JJe«i ^ ocratie Convention was the run* of the Talla (1 Uuaaee bringing too and capturing twenty-fit I vessel, off Matiuicus llock. The resolution were just a* thoroughly national, patriotic an y democratic in their .pirit and meaning as the rt f. ! port of the rebel cannon ! Those who passe c | them, however, »re meaner than the privateefi ,1 The latter are at least ayowed and open enemit of the republic, and willing to t ick their live in a bad cause. This cannot be paid of thei fc friends in Maine or elsewhere at the North, d A New York paper says that the oeea is iron-eiad Jlictit"!' will be propelled hj Ericsson yaloric engines iaf The Gardiner Journal say« the mneio car of Van Amburg's Menagerie cut through the planking in crowing Jay bridge on Thursday of last week. No harm was done except a delay of about Uslf an hour. The elephant forded the river, anti he liked the situation so well that it was some hours before they could induce him to leave it. He would stand and fill his trunk with water, and blow it into the air, hugely en joying the copious showers that would descend therefrom upon his dusky hide. It was a good ’ chance for the spectators to “sec the elephant."’ , I "ST The several manufacturers of w ringing machines raised their pi ices on each wringer, | ■ one dollar and a half the 1st of August, to meet the greatly increased cost ol rubber, iron, and , ' other materials of which they are inanufactur- I ed. ;5T The Spiritualists of Vermont have a State j convention at Montpelier, September 2d, 3d ■ . and 4tli. Mrs. t\ ood, the famous opera singer, died recently iu England. STATE OF MAINE. j A* | i j i HEAD QUARTERS, y APJt’TAKT (iKNKBAL'S OFFICE, J Augusta, August 1, 1*>4. J (ieneral Order 1Vo, 2S. I. Thirty Companies of Infantry for Uegimfi.fs in th*: held, amt to b<? credited upon the present call, are autbo’izej ov the War Department to be raised J iu this a tat", from Volunteer*, for eitn< r one, two or ! three years* service, as the rcciui' may elect. 11 Eurollej men or their •ubstituti *, hare the j privilege of electing the company ami regiment . in which they will s-rve, by volunteering iu these | organizations : but if dra ted. such liberty i* mew •arily denied them. ill. i h-State bounties to all volun’eers and to subatitu'nrt ends ed pr nr to the drat, in 91U0, 9200, or $$)0,acc idiug to the period of their enlistment j for 1. 2. orC yearn, and the U. &. bounty the same, ; to all voiuulctrs at d repre dilative rett uits Sub- | statutes lor eurolied meu are not entityd to United < States Bounty. IV The officers ofthese companies will be reject ed :rom thoso w h > have served at bast nine mouth* in the Held, unless very special reasons exist iu par ticular cases. V Such immediate action *hoj!d be taken by citizens not liable to enroiJmi nt. defiling to avoid a draft iu their community, and by rlub* ol d men, as will inaki- it lor thepecu- iary interest ofthe latter, to voluutcer instead of entering iervice a* uraueu men. VI. Coucerted actrou initiated in cities and pop ulous plac a, aud extending to the suburbs ana ad j ace ui towns, embodying the partial selection ot ol- : fleets and non commissioned officers, may insure the adoption, at once, of such plans o; proceedure, as ) will gu irantee the rair-iug 01 ac.mpany in every in- i s.ance where it is underialen, But any officer se lected as above, sbou d be a person who has served h iuorably, for at least nine months, or the seUc.iou may uot be con firmed by the Governor. ^ II. The following rules will be adhered to in raisiug these companits. 1st. Mo fees, premiums nr expenses will be paid for making tbe enlistment*. 2d. Each volunteer must be examined and ap proved by a local physician, who will be paid 26 cts. lor his fsrviots; hut the physician is not to sign toe certificate of su h exam na'icn up- n the enlistment paper, that being tor the authorized su geou. who makes tbe final examiuati n at the muster in. 3d. A Justice ol the Peace will ajnunister the j oafi to the recruit, and tilt wild sign the certificate on tbe face of the enlistment. 4th. When the eulistment is for a less peri >d than 3ytars, the blank wi 1 be changed to exhibit the fact. 5th. Kach company must comprise one hundred and one eulis ed men. and as soon as that number ot suitable persons, who are eligible to enlistment, have each ngued three « nlistment paper*, one part I of each eulistincut with the names of persons des ignated for the c minis ioned officers o the com pany, and their residence. aud the place ol the ren dezvous of the Company, will be lorwarcUd the Aujutant General who will arrange with Major Ga diner. It. 8. Military hup*rinteudeyt. lor the transportation, muster in, clothing, arming and • equiping of the company. Vi. If the compauy is detained beyond the lime, of which reasonable notice is giveu tbe Adjutant General that it wilt assemble at its rendezvous, to I leave tor the place ol muster, forty cents a day per man will be allowed for boa d and lodging for the period of such detcntkn and the time occupied in comirg in from lha comt auy rendezvous. VII. Bo much ol General Order Twenty-Seven ol the20tb ult. as prescribes rules governing enli-t merits aud credits for qu Mas and am *unt of boun ties and enum* rates the persons entitled thereto and u igible to enlistmeuis, is applicable to these thirty companies [Extract from War Do artment authority of Ju'y 29, 18J4,to raise those companies ] • • • • • v » “ibe said compatms mart be mustered in Eetore 8« pt 5, 1SC1. in o'llor that thev niav be credited on tL<‘ quota oi tin State uuder th« aforesaid ca I." ; Should auy ot tho companies ail to orgarize within a reasonable tim *, they will bj consolidated so as to form aud be mustered in as complete com panies betore the aforesaid dates." • • • • • • • By Order of IIis Excellency the Governor. JOHN L HOD3”ON, Adjutant-General. Aug 4-dlw Life Insurance. THE MANHATTAN Life Insurance Company ! O F K F. »V 1 0 It h . rai>h Capital aud Accumulation Over 1^1,700,000 ! I1ENKY STOKE8, I’iebidixt. C. Y. VVEMPLE. ►ecretary. J. E. HALSEY, Asst. Secretary. 8 N 8 I EItBI NS. Actuary. E. DWIGHT KENDALL, Gemral Agt This long-c*tabli«hed ( omrany t ffers the follow ing advantages to insurers, viz: A larg - and increasing Capita), securely invested. Immediate availability of too nividt-udr, in cash A permanent loan nf one half of the premium: aud a feature, peculiar to this company, by which insurers arc protected against forfeiture of the poll cy from circumstances of adversity. Tbe compauy also issues nou-lorfeiting policies . on the “Ten Tear Plan.*' I Policies incontestib’.e live years from date (the on ly to npany in America having this provision iu policies.) , Local Board *f Reference : Hon William Willis. N. J. Miller K q.. Collector Iut. Kaveuue. Win Moulton, tw-cj., l'rrit Bank t umber land. W. W I ho-nas. E-wj , Brest. Caual Bank. J. 13.Carroll, Kao., Merchant Jeremiah Dow, Esq., 8ec*y Drigo In**. Co. Wm Kimball. Ksq , Tn a*. 8. Packet Co. Edward 2»baw, E‘q . Bee y Port. Mat. Ins. Co. Messrs. W oodiuau. True 4 Co. Messrs II J. Libby k Co. Partirg are invited fo examine the merits of this compauv before ( fleeting insurant-. HENItY K oTICKNeY, Agent, Office No. 13 Moulton Bt. 8 II Txwksiiubv M. D. I Medical C. W. Tu »m as, M.D. I Examiners. Gentlemen of energy and responsibility in the \ d i He rent citit s and to wiia of Maine, desirous of rep i resenting the ManTaMan Life Insurance Co. will pie ise address E I) WIGHT KENDALL, General • Agent, Box No 2561 1*. O.. Port.and Aug 11.—codicn I, I VBKK Carolina Lumber Company. mHE undersigned ha* been appointed bv the above MCoinpau'.S 1** Aireui fur the sale o' fumber, tor the Mate of New York aud all » orts and places noitb of St 'v York, and is prepan d to furni-h hard pine | lamb - in any <jU?ntiti> ?, bv the cargo, sawed toanv desire i J ineu»kns, h! the shortest notice; also Black Walnut, Bay wood, Ae. JOB A. Tl RNFR, No 66 Washington bt., Boston. Mass Aug. 10,1864. eoiidm 9SI&C. H. OSGOOD, TllilT^TIST, No 8 Clapp's Block, Market Square, p OR TLAXD. mr*Artificial Iwth inserted on f!old. Stiver, ard | 1 Vu vanite hue. AH operation? tmcranttd to give satisfaction, jutieoOeodisly’64 | Office of the Atlintic and St. Lawrence H. ft. Co. I Portland, July 80,1 64. | A DIVIDEND of two dollar? per t-liare, lea? the government exe se tax, will be paid at this of 1 He**, on and after the 2d < f Ai gust next, to the hold or? of share?, iu Federal cuuency, as lecoided at i the close of husiui *» on the 301b of June last. Ctt*8. K. BARRETT, Trooar. ! ! aug2rAF3»is Auction hnlv ut llnil estate. TYY virtue of a license from the Probate Court of ‘ D Cumberland county,! sballaoi lat public auction the lot of lard, with the buildings t hereon, Mtusted at the corner of i earl 8*. ret t and thu ch Lane so-called in Portland, Cftjd lot containing about tDirty f ix feet ‘ i on Pearl 8treat and abopt seventy feet <n Church Lane, and being the homestead of tLela eJolmAv erill, decease** The auction will take place on the premises on 1 Thursday . 8< ptembor 1. 1 64, at 12 o'clock. AUG. E. STEVENS, Administrator. HENRY BAILEY A CO.. Adctiorkibb. 1 Portland, July 2»>, 18f!4. eodtseplAw3w For Sale. S The Dwelling House, Stable and Grapery at s Ulii Kurnerv of ». \v. Adam?. near Morrill*? Ccr ! owicfllwner. Buildings new and convenient, pure , * water, 2 vflIs, 8cistern?, force pump? Ac.; esoellent public schools and » cad» my, n* ur Horse car? and Steam cgr4. One half or thre» ouarter* acre cl lar d n In good gardening comiit'en, already planted with He «g. a, Ornamental and Fruit Trees, (.rape* aud " | Uosesin abuudauce Also several building lots Auylf. eod2w* ! MISCELLANEOUS, Scwall V., Of the la'o firm of Howird k Strout, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 105 Middle Street, Opposite International Bank. Portland. An* 12—d&wSrn II KM NATIONAL BANK. Seveu-Thirty Notes foi 8ale. Interest semi-annually. payable in paper at the rate of sereu and three tenths per cent, per annum Bonds convertible in three year* into six percent Nve-twenty b inds, upon wkfoh the interest is paya ble in coin. The notes will be delivered here free of expsnsc. The purchaser will receive the interest to August 16 if subscriptions are made before that time. One-eighth per cent, ommitsijn icill b' alfowed subscribers uf Hank upon nH arnnunts r>/£lt000 and or*r, W. E. GOULD.Cashier. Portland, July floth, 18C4 —d&wtf Sewing Machine Improvements. VLL owners of approved Sewing Machines are invitod to call at MO. 11 CLAPP’S BLOCK, and see the operation of t wo of the most important improvements of the day— William's fali-nt Crank Motion, ami Hjdr’i Attadimenl. The former places th^ control ef the machine tn tirely under t cooitrolot tin* ieet of ths operator, preventing all backward motion ot the whcl, al lowing tht) freedom oi both hands to handle the wo k, ai.d saving the breaking of needles and the entuugiing of the thread. I hclatter wil.ailow ilia free use of linen thread or of iub nor cotton, and entirely does away with the soaping ot the cloth. l ail and tee and you will not fail to have the map plied to your michines. JOHN POKIER, Agent. Mr. Porter w ill put machines iu order and teach the operators how to use them, so that they will have no troub e. Portland, Aug 10 1801. dti B. F. HAMILTON &CO. Successor* to C. W. Kobinwon A Co. \Y7 OULD very respectfully invite all former pa* 11 trons to the house, aud tht publiogenerally to a free examination of our golds at ail times. With long experience and close attention io the wants of customers, aud adhering strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Be'inlnff it to be bet te r for the buyer as well as the selh r. we hope to merit a largo sbarge of pa ronage. file rural lo.s of goods to close cheap to make room lor ,N r. W f i O O D « . Mr W. N. Prince, together with the employe®* in the »trre are to he retained and will be happy to see all tba’r cntdomerit a* fom crly B. F IIA Ml LI ON & CO , Corner Congreve and Preble streets. junelifGdtf J. H. TEMPLE, Dealer in NSW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE! 13 45 and 47 1 uion Slrrol, PORTLAND, If Aim. prifH |*id for 2nd han-i furniture. Old furniture Repaired nnd rnadrto look liksnew. Augl3-eob2»* JUST RECEIVED 1_ _ i UOLms k 1H>NW, HAVING refitted their store nnd received a large assortment of * ELEGANT STYLES 0f" c LOTUS! ARE PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Cnstonert. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, j In Great Variety, -AT 95 NFiddle Street. maj-Otf * Copartnership Notice, -AMD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT ^pifB rubscriher* having on the 7th day of May X formed a cojiartncrship under the name of McCarthy k Berry, For the purpose of carrying on the BOOT AND SHOE BU8INESS In all it, branches, and having all the facilities for get'iDg up nrst clanswork for gentlemenand ladb-., wear, are now ready to execute all orders with neat tie.-and aiepatch Our work will be madeoftne 1 best ol imported stock, by the tort of workmen, and warranted to give prriect tatinlaction. It is our aim that i ur woTbi shall not be second to any in the I’uit ed Btatoa. Wo have also completed a stock of readv-mad work of the Uret quality, lor Ladies, Sent I men, and Children's Wea Selected iroin Now York ana Itostou market# Our Ladies’ work is from the c; b brated I'.vrlt .l/.inn/artorp of New Y'ork. I"r Geutlcmen's wear we have the best assortment ever ofieri d lor sale iu tbi, city; such a, line French Patent Leuther Boots; clove f air and ( alt t on gre<s for gentlemen’, wear; Patent Leather Con gress. and f all Congress Balmoral, and i rw French Bnck'e Boot. ...1,'!'® v"u ,ho "ew "<yle CRIMI’F.II-FKONI BUCKLE BOOT, now made by Met sr'hy & Her ryf For neatnes,. comlort and beautv, it surpasses anything ever got up in this city. Call and see it: samples a! way. on baud at the old stand of M. Mc Carthy. McCarthy & rekut, No. 90 En hance Street. juneldtl PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -AMD BACK. PAY : Arc obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharged, md the friends ol deceased toldiers who are entitled to the tame by • I BVltO* D. V Eft KILL., Attormy md Counsellor, it Xo. li; liddlt Stnwt. -AND Licensed Agent for all the Departments at Washington Portland, April ‘23,1864. ap2o eod6m rim National Hank. This Bank wi’l convert the seven-thirty uot«s ma turing A ug. 19, and Oct. 1. into six per cent, bonds of 1881, in all tbe denominations in which the note were hiUtd, viz:—SCO. *100, ffOO. ai d SI,COO. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, July 30,1814.—eodtf Dissolution. '■111E firm of How ard A Strout.a* Attorneys and X Counsellors a* Law. is thin day dissolved by mu tual consent. Either partner will attend to the ret tloment of of the buxines# of the la»e dm Mr. Howard will c inttuue to occupy offi:e91 Mid dle street, over Casco Hank. Mr 8trout wjb ocopy office 105 Middle street, opposite h«*ad ol Plumb street. Joseph Howard, 8aWALL C. STKOL'T. Portland. Juue 27. 1S61 — d.3in Maine Central Railroad Comp y. TKEASrBEK’ft OFFICE. 1 Watervilte, Aug. 17, 1 61. ) tTlHE Maine Centra) Kalioad Company will pay 1 their Coupons a the First Na’ioual Bauk, Port land, from this date. J. NYE, Treasurer. Aug. 17—dim To Lumberman. A PERM AN FXT situation vrautc<1 by a sober and industrious man who ha* had t eve'ral \ ears’ ex perience in the busine-s a* a 8»le*iuan in a whole sale *nJ retail Lumber Yard, who i« competent to take charge of snip i ig or surveying lumUr for any shipping pet A«.d est a letter'to F A li., to this < flics, stating where and . hen au mterview can be had. and it wi’l b promptly attend,d to. Aug 19—d3 * Foi Sale or lo Lei. HOUSE No. 7 Neal Street: convenient, in good repair, and in a good neighborhood. Plenty of water, hard ai d * olt, and a good stable Possess ion given immediately. Enquire of John SwttUer, 8carboro', or HEX ill BAILEY k CO. Aug 12—dtt PORTLINU IHtY DOCK COMPANY. VN assessment of Fi ht Dollars per share on the Capital 8tock of the Company is row due aud payable at the office of thq Treasurer. 117 Commer cial street. C. M. DAVIS,Treasurer. July 30th, 1864.—dtf Board. k FEW more Boarder* can be accommodated St x\ 72 Danforth street, two door*.tbovf Braokett. Apply soon. July8 i MISCELLANEOUS. ! KE-OPEXED. The subscriber* woul 1 respect full v a~nnapce to their . numerous irieiid* and the public that they have thoroughly Repaired. Refitted and Befuroivhed The popular and centrally located EATING HOUSE, -AT No. 77 Middle Street, (FOX BLOCK.) Which will be open on and after MONDAY, JULY itStli. Beds tail Lunches at all hoars of (hi Jay and Irening. ICE CREAMS. plain and fancy care, fruit, CONFECTIONARY, drcM Constantly on hand. SODA WATER, Drawn from Dow'* Pa'cnt Ice Cream (Soda) Foun tain, will. Fruit Sy rup*. PABTIES StTPBIED AT 8HOBT NOTICE. We.tiall bo happy tosecailour o)4 friend* and make a ho.t of new one*, and trust that none will have cause for complaint. CA1 L AND SEE US ! ATKINSON &INGERSOLL. J>»_ ___tr NEW HAMPSBIKE Commercial College, Central Hail, - - - - Concord, N- H. f|1UE mo«t thorough and extensive Commercial m. College in New r.ngland, present* u >« qualie* Mcilii ©■. lor imparting to young rneu »lU ladies a complete bu-ine-s education - >eud lor a circular containing fu'l information address WORTlllNliTuN A WAR MCE. _ ,. 1‘rincipair. Aug 9—tl&uCm UNION Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1NCOBPOBAIED by the STATEOF MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1849 imtr.i lull * Urrll K, C» State Street, .... BoMon, Mas*. Precedent—UPXR >' CRHCKKR. Vice. Prtttdent—DAK I EL EH a HP Secretary—IP H. HOLLISTER. H. G. WILSON. Genera! Manager of Ayeneiet in the Xetc Knyland St at ret. Atteh, All .tune, 1861, HUSO.OOO.Ot) Lnttet I ;a to date. 9J50.030.ot, Ittndenc Pa,den Gath to date, 9340,030 .O', rpiilR Company offers peculiar advantages toper M. aom intending to hour, tneir lives, in its »»*.!} and stability, a.qulrtd in itaiouitieu years’expert enee; in i■■* use s, which, without iia capital ot #10 ,0W),) amounts to over three-quarters o! a mil.ion ot dollars, being more than two hundred thousunc dodar* in exce.» of its liabilities lor the reinaurauct ol all outstanding risks; in the fac.lilies presented in its accommodating system ol paymcntaoipieoii um«; in tho large number, diversity d i onditions and occupations, vaiiou. ages and localities ol live# in sured, ruing the requisite scope for the ope ration ol the laws ot average mortality, and the am plest guaranty- to the insured for the benefits there of; lu he division ol profit . the annua/ xtportion mmt ol which having tor the past t jurteeu years averaged Forty per Cent, of the premiums laid. _ Tol'ctes are issued upon all the plai s usual with Life Insurance l omp-nie», ard at aa iow rates as it contiiUut with a view to equity and solvency. raities desiriog Agenciet- in owns where the coin Dany have none, aud t!io«e wi-hing Traveling Age* th<? '*w tfifflMd blaits, Will apply te II. ti. WILSON. 64 State Street,; lloston, giving such re’erenee, or inform ition as to age, present aud past business,aa wi 1 enable him to loim Judr ment in regard thereto. juuelldSm USE Til E BROCKSIEPER GAS REGULATOR. ASD SACK YOUR GAS. Aug 3- illm C ASCO W A A k GOVERNMENT 7 3-10 LOAN. 11UK < nsco Tank i> prepared to received subscrip tion* to the new 7 8-*0 loan tu sums of #60 aud upwards, payinv inu-reston same fir«m date ol sub <tcription to August 15th. the dateof the tfoverninem notes. All person* having 950 Bud upwards now have • good opportunity of I "ding a helping Nurd to their Government by subscribing liberally to this loan. The uotes are convertible at tin- end of t hree years into specie, paying 6per cent 5-3) bonds. Loan, taken on asfavorab e term* as at any other Bark. „ E. P. GERRISH Caabier Cortland, Jn y 28,1«M. jy aistf USE THE BROCKSIEPER GAS REGULATOR, AXD SACK YOrg GAS. Aug 8—dim C. S. tlarshal'. Male. Ukithc States of A Mattie a, I ( PURSUANT to a Vend: Kspo: to me directed from the Hon Ashur Ware. Judge or the Unit ed States District Court, within and tor the District ol Maine. 1 shall expose and Sell at Public Vendue to the hlghe-t bidder therefor, the following proper ty and metchand ze at the time and place within said District as ollows, v i:— AttheCosTOM Hot’ea Bdilpiko, oa Fore itreel in Mondtytke old dty of Set,tender next, a* fr« o'clock, 4. M SIX CASt S OF BitAVlir AKD IKK lilODSAKD ClOARft. Tbrxk Barkxlh Molasses and Two . UCICSAKU ClOARB. The same having been decreed forfeit to the Unit ed States ill the Disirict Court tor said District, and ordered to lie sold and the proceeds dispesed of ac cordi-gtolaw Dated at Portland this U»th day of August A D 1864. CHARLES CLARK, V. S Marshal , , . Dist.ef Maine, auglndtd USE J HE BROCKSIEPER GA8 REGULATOR, AKD St y K YOU It C. A S . Aug 6—dim M. PEARSON. Silver Plater, AND X ANTFACTOKIS OF SILVER WARE, 23S ('ongrt se St., Qjp. Court House Portland, Aft. kW All kind* of W<*r<. such as Knives, Forks, Sp-'ont, Cake Baskets, Casters, Ac , plated in th< best mauner. A no, Repair tup and Pe-jini thing Old Stiver Ware. aug6d€m u W AS 1 II ft 1 1 .11 ft TO USE THE BROCKSIEPERS GAS REGULATOR. E UU'AR D SBA.W, Agent. Aug tf—dim For tlie Fool. r *117""■ ik Steamer "CLIPPER” will leave nii"i tMTTFI \ H'hul, Saco, forth* i ■ % L ' i\try dav, (MimJay excepted t at 10 a m. md 21". m . Ketirning, leave the Pool at 11 a. m. aud&p. m arriving in time for the evening traiu for Portland. Fare from Saco to the Fool and back 60 rtt. Excursion Ticket* fumirhed to pa* tie* oj Fifty or mor-. fiom Portland lo he Fool and back, by rail road aud steamboat, at 90 cents KOS8 A BIT RWVANT, 73 Commercial Bt , Portland. Aug. 3d, 1861 -dtl Carria gess, (> arriages! Fiituly Huil atul Xtntly Finished. J. F. LIBBEY, No. 20 Preble St., OFFKRB for sale, at hi* eAtablichmrnt. a variety of < ariiagt* made in the neatest ai d most sob atantial mam t r. The a**oitm*i t ecinj risi r all the different styles of Light Carriages, and they will be sold on the most favorable term*. Person* intend ing to purchase Can iages will tind it for their inter est to call and examine before buy iuge’sewhere. juiie2SUtf NOW I S THE TIME TO t'PH THK BXOCK8IEPER8GA8 REGULATOR KDU Al:D SHAH’, April. Aug 5—Ulm L. J. HILL A CO* Wholesale Dealets in Cream Tartar, Coffee and Spices, No. «« YORK STREET, l'OUTLAKD. Green and Roasted Coffee in the Grain. Ground Coffee and Bprcesot aU kind*. Coffee and 8cice- ground to order. All orders promptly attended to. Jj2$ dim i educational^ WESTBROOK SEMINARY^ -AND Female College. THE fall term ofthia Institution will commenca Wednesday, Aug. 31s , u„d couticuc twelve week.. Board ol Instruction and rates of tuition the same ua lu the past. 0. M 8TEVE%8. Seo'y. Steven’s Plains, Ang 15,1801. aug!9J3w 1 ‘ HOME INSTITUTE? | i‘?lij»M I. €i. Prince,Principal. rilHIS Boarding and Liaj School fur Young Ladies, ! H.,„W|,s hr°-°r" !or f»r. on Ihursday, •rtP,l i6.h, .or Lire Bars eoutsiulng terms, Ac., Aug W-dAwl'm “ 52 Fr“ M "lort Me' | Aorlli 1 aruiHutli Academy ! j AT YARMOUTH MAI SB. THE puli Term w.Il commence August noth ri... ( la-sics, Modern Language. Painting Penmanship, a uu • 1 he Ken UymuStfaa." • are taught by a permanent hoard or Teacher. u0*’ i A T.ACHattB’ * nasais tunned in thesnrinvan.i i fall. Of tM Sciences special at ntiou widl beilv en to C'HeaiHTBY during the mil. * • Board may bo bad win, t"o Teachers at "Buisell ltall, ’by maklug early applies ion Address the Piintipal. P. b. HOYT. AM., or JAM Lb BATES, Secretary. 1 armoutb. August 3d, ISM. augl8hdfcw2ur Bridgt on Academy, | At North Biitlgton. .Vnine. rtlUE Pall Term of this institution will commence X ou Tuesday, bept 0 19tM. TllOd. PI. MEAD, Sec y. Aug 9—eodkwfd Gorham Seminary. rilin'. Kail Term of this Institution will commence X uu 1 needs) toe 3oili uf August, and continue oieven weeks, under ills charge of , Mf. u. LOBD, A. M. Icon.ties re alive lo Ibe schoel rhuuld ue address ed lu the Principal or t > „ , ' J WATE3MAN, Sec’y Gorham, Au«. 18, ISM.—dkwt; Gould’s Acidemy. THE Kail le-m ol eleven weeks begins Tucnlay, Aut 80th. 1881 b. K. Snow. M. A. P iueipal aiued by a full corpl ot Bret e’ instructors. Kor particulars, addros. the piiucipai or „ .. , . „ , K. A. Kim:. Sec’y. Bethel. Ang. 9, ISM. ecc3* H ANTS,LOST.l'OUND I Board Wanted BY a yon nr man. Bca-d in a private l'amllv, or a fiiriiHhed ro« m wi hoot bcaid. Add)?•» A. *. B at this offtc°. Au< ii#-d8t* Found. A SMALL vumot money, which the owner can XX have hv proving prupertv and pav ng l-r this advertisement. < all at r-AKKLM S, Temp o Bt. 1 ort aud, sui 19.h —d?i* « anted. I.'tOL fi Girl# to act aa waiter#, a4 X ATKIK8 *.N ft INGERSOT.L’S „.Eatiog lioii4#, 77 Mi idle St. Port! .Ed. Aug ]i — <11 w Wanted. ft LADY wi.h'i a .ituati *n a# Hou#t XX Picrae addre-* Home, Portland r o Aug li—ddt Lom. Til HE U!4h iu#t a memorandum Book coutaiuing a X ui-te, O W. nmith patao o to J ft H tv line unte June JH, 1W, for »12n sf | he Under ahnll be luitab.jr tewarurd by lent in* It at ICS « omn.ercial ’*• att;lkJlw Wnnled, <'l 8.TOM Coat and JB*U-tom Paut tuaiera f-*V/ Apply at C’iotbiu* K 10m# of tVOOliJi.iX, tl I E 4 CO., Auge-dftwGSw •*-J 'I.Middle o.t. Wnuletl to lt< in. ROOMS,or part or a Uoujc.nho lyor party fnrn to II ‘U,ekee;,iog, by a young coupl wumui family. »»i4yfie*t rcteru.ceegiviu. Af dr*** at this office. dlu* House Wnnted. W.utcd by the adverrbwr, a c’Dvenlent. T,'!i wiitrtlly located, nd piemiit ticu-e l«r a —-A-mal! idin ly, without c-uldiei: — j v**n-oit to beu.n a* tmrly a- the middle ot October, sc«otr il po*si It*. It mast hare good wat-r conveuu uccs and lc- well tini.-lud. rh»* advertiser would le v* such a ltou o for a Urn ol years, or purchase if tei ois suited. a two-‘torv Cottage, *m*il lot, preferred. ' 3 Address t». P. at the Tre-s Office, stating loca tion, penotal tern.*. Ac c>*ijtHtiaUM. Fort laud, Aug. 1, 1*34 — dit S*luuiiou U uniFd. O ITt ATION W AM ED a« Falepioatt ir a wbo’t* O sati Grt-cery or Clothing More by avi ung man who hi* liid otcericjee Be-t of relrrenc * given. Address G, Press t flioe. augl.e dlu * . Lost. SntAWD from the pasture of Mr Franc5* Bob «rt*. Westbrook, Iasi moutn. n three year o»d Xtay Colt,small-i/e; whoever wil return n:m or < ve information where bo may be fouud. will b# juitahl) rewarded, by calling *t No i9 spring st ,, . _ _ #, FRANCIS E. *MEKY. rorllani, July 13,1^64 —off S‘J.1 Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tut-sday Even KJ ing. while lu Pierce's auction room, a Cal! Skiu Pock# t Bock containg Sf 4 in utonov, a note agaiust Cbar-es Hoogdon. Gorham, for 66<». and *nr against Charles uooper for 612. The above reward will b* paid ler the recovery of the property and the detec tion ot the thief. Tuuu 8 —tf GEORGE BECK. Board. QUITS of Room#, with Bonrd.cnu by O applying immediately at 30 Danfurth ntreer. ftlny Utb. mayp.Ulf MERCHANDISE. TVfnitlatl ftiiftnr mul nfoln«M«. JQ UtlDS. Choice Muscovado Sugar, 367 lihdsCht tec Muscovado Molaruee, 43 tierces Choice Mutcovtdo Molass *. CaigobrigJ. D. Lincoln, now landing and for sale by llultiNl EATON. No. 1 Central Wharf. Aug 13— d|w Corn iTitul. rCAA BBL8 Suf trior Kiln Dried Corn Meal. OUKJttr *H«by FREDERICK DAVIS. Aug 13— .«x?Sw 1.7 Commercial St. i)(\i | i \( II k FKET of mer-thactable. Hear. ■J* AfjUUv and* ^uareeriged R. Pine* sod be-'* Plauk. for salo by S I*. REED at his Mil ? at Talker's Head, Me. Also Spruce Timber and P.auk. Parker's Head. Aug. 75, 15GL attgl* 12w • II tick me tuck Ship Timber* OAK Hackmatack, aud Hard W'ood Plauk. Tree uails irooi 12 to 29 luclu-s, ire* uail Wedge*. Ac. Ac, by L. I A V Lu it, juuOdGra Galt's Wharr, Portland. TrcemilM. 100 000 0AK TREENAILS, for ’ Slit JNTON A KSKiUT. 48 Commercial Wharf. Tortland, June 18,1801. juuelodtl Sugar and XoIhmm>h. VJQQ HUDS.i CHOICE MUSCOVADO SL ID TC8. ) OAR. 371 HUBS superior Mu-covado, and 3 ICS Cla>od Mola*ses, il BBLS from derm Morcna. Now lauding and tor sale by THOMAS ASENCIO & CO., may 91 f Custom House Wharf. Sierra Morelia Q‘t?C UUDS . Duo / CHOICE SIERRa morena 30 TIERCES ( MOLattSES, Id BBLS > Now landing from Brig "C. H Kennedy" raos. asencio a co . May3.—tf C. U Wharf. Scotrli t aiivi»*s. 1k)A BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor ab‘/ i«ar k Sous, Leith—a sail cloth of superior lualitY—just received per "Jura", and for sale by MotilLV LiiY, BY AN & DAVIS, mcU25 dtf 161 Commercial Street. The Cabinet Organs HADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instruments of their class in the world. Neariv all the most promineir artists in the country hare given written testimony to this effect, and these instruments are in constant u»»* in the concerts ol the most distinguished artists—as Oottschaik and others-as well as in tue ras in the priuc pal cit ies. whenever such in*'rumen's are nvjuTcd. Trice to 1500 each. These instruments may be found at the Music Booms of the sub«crih«r. where they will be s old at the manufacturers’ prices. II. S. EDWARDS, No.349. Stewart's Block, Congress 8t. •prlSdtl LEWIS A StllTH, Manufacturers and Dealers in clothing, No. 171 Fore Street, T. C. Lewis, PORTLAND. A. M. Smith. Particular attention given to Custom Worfc. Aug 9. 1864 -dtf ENTERTAINMENTS GOOD TIME COMINGl~ EXCURSION ! Thera will he • grand Extortion to LITT1.K iio<* island. Under th© au-picca of lb© Longnhorrmcu's Brui'iolent Association, / TCEhD.IY, Aug, *34, 1SC4. The barge Comfort will bare Central Wbart at 8 O C loC • A M Niid 1 1 . M. tub /« < iliaal r i I a « n rt and Other music w ill be in attendaucm £?e,y am!!^? aions Wiil bB fo““d **“*11 cu>'oma/} on ,uch ceca iioketsdOoents; Children 23 cents-to bs had of the Comumtee and on board the barge. Commute* cj Arrangement*: Daniel J. Farr. Charles McCarty John Clahane , louhard O Connell, Kdwaid Burko. Thorn* Me' Mahon, John Aheru, Jonn MeAliom. Jdine-* Barry Jame« Cariiu, John Petty, Jarne* liiaiy 7‘ augl9 d3t J a-RaAlSUD ANNUAL EXCURSION TO THE ISLANDS. T’lmi,ri>h Amerir»a Belief As relation will make Tor Ann*a‘ Kacantou ao»u t_e uar ° Uog l.iaud, uu . WfUncwda,, A us. 34, l*«M. for the flh<r h9TiB are Hai.d 10 o'clock a # A,l,lilic Wharf at a. a and 7 taJtat V*'1 ** 1 **• * *«•»'-** Mimic—i^tudri I© Banu j u . _ Th, daocioK • i panuunt "li *7™*?*rh°“p,er ail ment ol aakinui cummin, w'owiu 'l 05“' 1 mg uudone to procure lars. , »111'eav e noil • | fn.m. I..aecimu,date all wn» wS/E*,!?1®” F *t. that do igbttul amusement “ *° U‘c part In Itefresn incuts to be bad on the Island lee w., wi.lte turn..hed m abnudalico lreeol.,.",^lU'r ) he t ommittet pledg. tbeaut Ives to douvery thin,, in toelr power to make tbia tbe piasaniMt beeteacnr.loo ot ttena-on. b asantcit auu TJ^'lokets^teents, children half price. Attention ! EXCURSION PARTIES ! TIIS biKAMtit IvdlarseiisL «Johnson Having been withdrawn mm ,be route to Harps- 1 wii«» < IT'red for the acco nmodatiou of t x nr.iouparnes, and will take-Hum to any place in ‘ **•»•. Ttijt-- par.i a taken at low rate:, I he public are iavitoi to iuspec. t is boat, it being Sued up in a supeu ,t-.le. and is by far the sa esi n"m eiuuire o‘f ' * f or ' r-rtlc on board, or Agent. An^ 6—tf * B JOHNSON, Proprietor. diiugo Insurance Cc. of Portland, Me. or Fire no. 2* exchange »t. Authorized Capital, $500,000. CAPITAL PAID IN *200,000. Invested a. follow.:— Loan, on Mortgage, of Kea! Estate at two tnirU- 1 s value, Loans on pi-dge of United Stales Second**, 51 So Loans ou pkdg oi Cky Scrip, 81(00 Loans oa pledge of Hauk Stock*. 2S moo imans on p'edge of St.te of Maine Bonds. 2» ‘ nn pledge of Audro*coggtn County Bonds. 4.000 woo.tso ! This Company Is now prepared to issne pol cie. upon all kiuds ol property m the city or country, | I. able to lo-s or damage by Ore, at a- low rales tsis taken hy any ether o«e*. I ho patroua.e ot tl.e ■nerebaute and citizens generally oi i orLa. d »Ld vicinity, is must retyccifuil* ©licit ed A. K hiiLRlhisi1 F, Precedent JhlihUlAU fi'critsfj. I'IBKi T*;RB : J. B. Brown, K. K. Spring. D. 'V. Clark. J B. Carroll, .loan Lynch, 11. I JMnnron TBLeTat*: Rt. John Smith, 11 J. iibbv. H N J-se II. M Pay on, J N Winslow, U W Woodman Andrew Spring, Alvah < ouaut. II 1. nobmson. Pbi.ipU. Brown, C. IJ. 11 >*k»ll. Si. C. Chase Dow, Jf t>, Vo Moulton. Po.tland, August 1,1854. -i.cSm J. F. FEF.NALD i SON, M erchant Tailors, And Dealers in Cient** I’nraiiibiig tiooif*, No. %7 Middle Street. Our larilltlc* for supplying our customers with ( P-oir.pints# fidelity and dwpa'ch are unexc lied. Oargtock is large and desirable, presenting all Ike Novelties if the ncuod, I TKBMS ">Kr < ASH.” Portland. Aug In, 1354 -d r a______ I I'orflautl Arnty Committee Of TUB U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. K. Hayes, receives Stores at 113 Mid- I 1 dlestre*t. Treasurer Cyrus Sturdivant, receives Money at TS L oiiiiii-Mcial Birtet. Secretary. U*ury H. Burgess, receives Letters at ■*0 1 ora were al street. Ami.ear J. (. haw, Dr. W. H. Johnson, uneladt] Prompt Colleftion of* Bills. MKKCIIaMS, rUy«iciaa«. Mrcbanics and all ©’her* wishing prompt c dlec'ion of their bills, ' will receive prompt aud perimna' attention, and ipeedy rotum* from JACOB FfcObT, Juuctiou Middle and Free fists upstairs. | J nrpoit Offlco addreM, Box 1780, Port and. P. O < Ji /erencfs— T.C. Henry, U. W. Woodman, A. T 1 Dole. amflldtf COAL. IREIGHTL Piotau, !t. S.. to Ptabroke* Maine* Any nixed Vessels. Foreiicu or Ameri ►v*; lean, wanted to freight Coal as abet*. Ike rate* for d .^charging are lower -k^^A^Ejp'ban at Boston, aud tin re are other facil- ' ities. Applv to or ad-ncM. Vf* fc. COFFIN k CO . Boston. •Mi j a few Vessels wanted to bring Coal to other pons. July 16 is2ra. NOW IS THE TIME" to can thb BROCKSIEPER'SGAS REGULATOR KDW ‘.RD SHAW, Ag'ni. Augtidlin Canal Bank. — Government 7 8-10 Loan. This Book prepared to receive subscription* to | the n**w 7 3 10 loaa iia sums of S60 and upward# 1 paying interest from date cf aubvcription to August loth, lb -dale of tbe new loan. The cotes are cocvertable at the end of time years iato specie paving G percent 6-20 bonds. One eighth per c*nt will be al owed on altamounth of and over. B. C RQME1BV, Cashier. Portland. Aug. 1, 1864.—dtf Horse ttiiilroad rpilE stock holder# of the IV A F. A. Railroad Co ' X are herebv noticed to meet at tt»e ottict* of th Treasurer, 144 Middle street, on ha'urdav. the 20 h in-*t..at4jr M . to act upon the fl owing rticle let—To see whether the stockholder* will a»«ent i to and accept the location of their U&Troad in the City cf Cortland as provided in and b> an^rdtr P***cd by tha Mayor aud Aldermen Aug.'l-v. I8«i4. » 2d—To act anon any other busiuc-* which ma> legally tome before them. M u 1'Al.MhK au .13 iitd Secretary Bnudoin rpHK Annual Examinatic u of candidates for ad X mission to Bowdt iu < ol-rge will takep'aceou Friday the flfth day of Augus’ neat, at 8 o'clock tl 1 the foret-ooft.ln the nt w Medical llall; an** il*o on Thursday.the twenty Uttb day efAa#utt m at. in j the same place, and at tbo same hour LTOMAKP WOODS. Brunswick, July 6. 1Q’>4. Jwlyldttf 1 N OT I O 3£ PROVOST MARSHAL S OKUCE, 1 Pint District, Sfa/r.y Maine. Portland. Augusi 11 li l!f| ) I^UL'IltlLd on >:i ordin»r; ankjreta oo, nected I with the rurolraent. enompiictu Ha hi I Ht • to dr,it ortalila and account, ot men tuiin.hed I • bould be Addrewed to th* l'Tovo-1 Marahal of the ] (' Diatrict, and in ca-e he t, not ahla to an# t r tbera lie wiliaak information I the Provoet Mai ' al General ot tie Mat..’#nia> be lh«> t eurtd more promptly ih-u by a.l.lrv -leg the Pro ved Mar*lial General at Waaliington, where more / important buriner# o>ten prevttil pr.uipi ai.u.r to muliitaile ot ir.i|uirira now addrr#a ’ to the Hu- 1 reau ou perron&l and otber matter# ef minor conte- ' iiueuce. i llyOrdurof Ma'or J W. T. GARPINKR. < ilAKLKS U. DOUGHTY. Chpt And Provoat Manila lat D.alnet Maine. Aug. IS-d3m House to Real. A TWO atoned wrodeu Hou#e. ,1'uavd on Neal i (trort Rent A360. Apply nt So. t New) St. , An*. ia-da- l1 X AUCTION 8ALE8. Valuable Houm Lots ut Auction. ()N Saturday, August »o’clock P M. oa LfcL.. V11.0***®*' w“ *1'*11 wU two ttru (fuir.Ut aiioih. on street.. nearly opvo saarttf "• Koala .treat. . u the.* .ota aia 4 ' Unpl^htei' lumt' *Ult <'ll*rr> Alao a tat UTriei^ i*"'1 OM»b«rrtf», takllllTr, StllW “r»"a‘aa«, ^ "• ' h< ir” *■' «• • He.. ta airafle foJ ii,,el^!,.*1»,u» H“" *»*" a. u . e lota. 1 lilt"u,n,0r<i"l!I'ed *'0 101 KU-1^ Ang 17-dMNUi bAU-t-» ACO., AucUiuttra. ttorsc*, CumuKts, & Harm ut Aueiiuu. Of Saturday, AugustXttn,at U o’clock a. if ra Lima ©tieer, iJor»t*. l'armg«» ami ll n., g nucha* Camilla, lop hu*g'». Cclco.u h*. ©,.’ Jenny Lind*, £.xpre>» Wagon and HarLargt*; tm« ut each new and second ha»d. ii£NKI BAlLKY ft CO.,Auct’n Aug 8—dtf Sale or Ciroccrit* ut Auci'on. ON Montlav. August 2*1 at lOo’eCck a. M , we ,ha I aetl at ot- re Ao 81 >uurn I nt alt i * e .tout in tael .tore, co.nit lug ot, Ita. t c*-e. to bacco, S; In*pipes, Mj Urn, Cat d> lc., together with the t ntire inrtitinre aid tixtu a- ot’ raid atoro anch aa C- uuter Cases, Counter hcarta, Weeks. I igar Care, t hairs, » c. ilt.NKV UalctoV * CO.,Auctioneera. Augn-t 18—did Mouse ami l.oi at Auction. OX Monday August 22. at 8 o’clook P. 51 on tha premises, wo .nail sell thu twoa oty stotra uuwo fto. k(> I’edi-rkl m. House in ioi«* ib eit air. with a good cellar and agoou cis emu it; hue Laid water and a barn on tho premi. a. cot anon' 60 uet ou Peuaral a>rtet b% at- utIt reel dr«p. It ta a tery desirable piope ty. sonuaily heated and fa ■ uexoelleut neighoorh ,u i. lit c ilea.-tale poai U*e. 1’os-t situ given in a tew day.. IIKNKk to.41L.Kl A Cer., auctioneers. Aug 13—did K. M. L*Ar1 KX, AL’CLIOb Kt II, 12 I xckwige at. Valuable liaml on Congress fcc. At AUl’IIOVI. OX Tuesday, A g. ?3.l at 3 P. M.. on Ibo prrmi .ea, the vacat-l lot 11 iatowi.t ot tee ot Ur Lndwig. ou crmgrraa atu re High.tre< t. ll Is the most de irable bulling lot that has bee a I ffer td to the public ibis ae aeon JtlaealuLtin C n gtees 8t. o sixty feet by seventy in dep h should tne purtha-er Uesir. n—can have a ir■ it ot >ev. n'y. elgnt teet. which will inetude !he ,aid on which Iba • aoi- now utauns It will U- sole the least ' er> Itbera 1 tertns. Lor pariicuiata call it the AoolL-aeci’• otfacc. Ana 7-dtd ■ wo Mouses at Auciioia. bat 3°'cL cl P M oa lr*e premi-*--. we »clit«ot«o>io'fVioi<l eu i.UtmcLt^on *re m*c>r, ,,r- M#r ujd Co *. work* i he h >u e* a e iu good r« Ur dnitbeo .-on g.rret 10 cellar. g* od fort.. c. 4 ceUar, pleniy Laru and *oti w.t. r, at d . , w Jid 9 good rm(i« ihe Jot* art aix-»i 19 u 40 t(( 1 Itie cltar—-a'e 1 r**,hr»—t© r«a **a*\. ®JWIY baliolaY * twU.. AuctioKecra. nog J* d>d Ver> Desirable h ul talaie hi Auction. OX Werincidiy. 9rf t.7, at 3 o’dnck P M. on-be preuiisea, we-rail • ell a valuable prop, rty reer iu« iowu Uou einlape kluataih. en the rad ta die Ocean Uou.-e and one mile Inn. l.-mai d bridge, contains about ei l.t ot lard iu a lair ■talaOf cultivation,aadt Imiratly ad pl.olo eatly lardening. tin it is a nice oie and a Lao .tore Cot U.eUonre adtauablyarractd aid tilrl.d Item litre t to; a good a ab’e. curiag.- ht tsc weed I’in-e. bene early all new liereia sxce -eut water an t autodauc - ol it Also a large aooant i’ rruit .uob as crape a. < urtanis. Coorlierr' sake . Iu‘l,7>.,E'V« “ Itcaud c tin areneg *ry itW ** 1 ^or' *-ity and rairuntding l ont. I so UkXHY rtAlLKL * CO , Aoefra. Aug 1#—roulw- then did CDHAHD 1*1. PA1 TLH, Commission Merchant 4 Auctioneer Hm removed lo the fp*ci«ua store IS Exchange Street, four Accra below Aeronaut's Will receive consignments of Merchandise 01 lur f"‘b“c or P'i'hit '» v bale* ’! **“ t***,e* Veaaelv,» argots, blocks and ker : laudiaa solicited lash advances mate, with irompt salts and return*. mchl2dl) TO THE AFFE1C1ED I UK. \».VOliJUi\«, Aledical Electrician, Mo. 11 Clapp’k Block, ORSKP. OrCOKORMSS dJflt ELM SI REM7a *n»ou»ce to the eitixax. el Portland and vkinit), that he has pet msim* t > located lu this city. During tie £•* * •*»/• *»•» *** ‘O'1 u we have cum u at me ” he wont forms of disease >n persons wto fate fi.-a rther form* of treatment in van, a no cunn« na .ent. in so short a line fl nt the out.non i> eft. n rtked do they stay cured ? To an,, er l“ queSt* I *e wj.l say tiist sii that do bet ttv cu til ■* t auj locter the wicoLd time ier Dr D. has been n praeutsi klacuiatnn nr twenty. lf»Do n regular giauuateo . L.iaua Ueetrieity ia fenacUj adapt.o to ehtenk ui eaaea n tba form of nervoaa or .ns Uanscte; ue.itl.. o the hesd, neck,or <xtteuiiUi*; teB»snii Ueis ah. t n the sentr 4?«igt« or where the Jang* are not («| « ivoivetl; acute or chronic rheumat»w>, aoruisla I ti tlscasos, white swellings, spinal unutna, cuivaiu a ti the apiae. oontractwl moscica, rltortid Lnta. min or yarmyab. 8t. Vitas' Dane, <f>w<DeM.ram a* ring or hesitancy cf speech. .v<i*pua, iea.,o 4e. constipation and .;ver complaint, Tilaa weenie ivety case mat can be prefert.3 ■ *,t> n a trtrth - -rTTf ot **• ui all forma of femala loaplnlats.l By Eloctrlcity Tbs Kbeamatk. the goaty, tne lama and the iaay eap with Joy, ai d move with the agility and eia.i,. . ty of youth; the heated brain ia cocicd . tbe tree, iitumluatw, tin unconti. deferautk, II. noted; lainfuess converted to visor, seainns e Dength; tne blind made to see, the dial to t tar si d he palsied term to move upriaht; the lka.,sbia , v •oath are obliterated; the LcwdnUs a< matin* m rev ruled, the calamities or olj age otviaud saw a activs circulation maintained. ' LADIES Vho have cold hands and feet; weak stomarts am* and weak hacks; nervous and sink beneacia* lixiincae and swimming in the head, with iudfgem ion and constipation of the bow .Is; pain in the .ids ind back; ieacorrbsaa, (or white*); tailing of ihs vcmb with internal concert, tumors, polypus. trd dl that loug train os din tees wili (td li 1 Uc'flc ty n sore means of core, t er painful menstrwatka oo profane menstrua; urn. and nil oi those ioaa tine if trouble* with young isdies. Electricity ia a oar sia peeific. and will, la a short time, restore the sets' at o the vigor ot health. *9 kavt j» KUrtro-CScnical ..gwarwiws to* xtractinp Mineral Pokes fr**«u tha system, such ta ■ercary. Antimonv, Arsenin, Ac. II one red a to .retroabhd withstiiT joints, weak backs, and varb ms otbarditfcolUcs, the direet cause cf which in line cases on: cf tan, is tbeefltet of poieonuasdra.a an be restored to m tural atnngth and vigor bv l*e of from dve to eight Bat ha. ’ Oloe hours from 8 o'akmk A. V. lo 1 l, l| and 7 lo ii.a, • ** Ooi.mltatkv.rvwe. lylSism ALDRICH’S YaTENT Water Klcvator ! i VrAI£J,1^0““ “l “•*■»•>'* ind and lea bad qMlttlMihamaajct e, tuini. in m loi boura 1 j*1 Dou t laii to K’e it bs ore 3 on 1 u> any 1 uniu »r^ i*T^T Brrw *! wor*» *0 tMiiv *h 1 a M d light year* oldckiadr.w w tfc it. it I* |. w *ric«U; -t ltavt« t<uH i pint lie w»t, r to iijuiaif; t doe# not frmie; it i* OmHc; *t m not lUely to :ct oat of order l be Lucav »• » 10 tab* aid n»pii«* Yoa have your w ell •!! open or coe ■red at p!ea»ur*-. *rd i#;u»t «»■•!. a drop!* fixture a# very mao nt d* who values lute water for i.jtuly t«e. * Sytrawers and Tcwn and Cocntv Rights for ale by 4 * BOYNTON k lilt.GIN J*. * «_ *ntl io Warren Market, r«rt!ard. Jyl9d3a BRADFORD A HARUOX. Pension and Claim A^ent*, I Eatahii.hed in 1881.) ^TILL eontinae to devote their special ard exclo ^ sive atteniiou to the prostcu’ivsoi C’aiiu* tor Peusous Bounties Arrears of Pay and Prize Honey* Vud all Oliver olaiui# #**“•** lb<? Govercment h y* op been dulv licensed ther-fi * tar All advice free. I'erima* lo« as at a*} oth *r Acency, and no pay »equucu until the ci» u % „.o ibteinwd. ^ _ Office $8 Kachan fe street, Jose Bio* k. f BRADFORD. ^ , z- K UAkMON. Juisll-—dtf Dissolution. 1111E copartnc *1 ip heret--lore exist Inp be srem Sweat and Lleavea a# Attorney* a Law s tl ia ay oi»«olved by muiuat consei t. the affairso> tho ire firm will be adju« «d by either ftity. M*. Sweat will contir.u In bu*inoe^ at office No. m 17 Middle street. Mu««ey’*lR"W. Mr Clear**# at th# offc* of Howard A Clear* • No. 1 Middle street, over l a.*co Hank L l> M <5W'F\**\ NATHAN CL*- • YFS. Portland. July 16th. 1V4. jyis, 3m For Sale* rHF. east rly halr ot t' e two #for*«4 U* use No. 4 Hortou Plac il* w M ) A a- m. - *'*» j r»uu* ty for anv o e w ghinclopa*‘eh##ea#n a 1 lent met t. r*>r psojpHiiri enquire on the p-emuet. Autr it^-aaw For Sale. r\SE h»lf tho th.-ec.'or, buck Il'cck. situated on ('.Ultra.. St n-arth. he... . f 1 „k s, of he mint dratrab e 1 ca'loi » iu the.ltv *•„, ., r icnaraen uireofMr 8. V < h.-eor 1 C.Tuluau th. A II lar.rd’a under Lanca-h r Hail An* 8—dim* Dwelling Douse lor • S Purcl'» - uuo'e, can la on mort ;a*elf dralted utU Y. K. Tilt. «r*,<u,« tto.s«oiak«k.

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