Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, August 22, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated August 22, 1864 Page 4
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I I POETRY. (Wditon for tbo Pr«M ] Sherman. Not with slow and dastard movements, Lingering step and backward glanaa, Bat with hold and fearless measures Thy he-oic troops advance. Wh« tv the bittle rage# fiercest, Where the loudest cautions roar, Thera to ralsa our st.r-lU banner, V\ hare ’twill war. forever more. Onward, onwani worn and wwrv. Yet with word' or hope aud cheer; — And thy strong beurt beat* lighter As the victory draw, th oa*r. Qul Joi by a baud eternal, Wlta thy gieeintng bnonet. bright; Daily ilka arb>uJ.v pillar. And a ehtub g fl*uie at nl^ht, Ml tiding not tb * rebel pickets, Mov. 1 not at tba random gun. Something more than fame a bright laurels, 1 Spur, our noble hero on. Daep-r atreint of martial mm-is, lie ho IL rough the ba my air; AilJ tba hum of happy voice., Uoaa the star-lit bauner fair. flo«ti go i the Southern braaaes Wherv toe traitors' emb em spread, \ A..d Aru.Mi i atroogest forece, Break beuoatu brave rh«: man's tread. Cakku A. HaMBLIK. ?FV«fb/vo*. A*y. 1S04. Matrimonj in Olden Times. He*. 1'. L <vU^icr, iu a receui JeUer from Oreeudcid Couu<, rda-ea some interesting iu cid-lit* id iu eaily history. Unsay.: Auio-g IU t aula lug rwailiiiseeuoos of tho*, days I* I lie lauunis cuurtaUip ui the W» v. Si ep km Mis, ol tie made a j.rni Hey lo XurUiwulpluii, iu lGtilj, iu search ol a wi >-. lio arrived at ihe lto. S> domon Shod daid's. uiui in ilie otij-cl ul hi. visi> a i l tua ilie pressure of borne duties required lbs .nui el UispatCii. Mi.dt'ddaid UH4 ui.< Into tiis tw Ul where his d .lighter. Were, aim in roduoeti niiu to alary, E iner, Uhris iaoa birah. Kele-Kan, and tiiuu.n, aud then reili ed. Mi. Mix, addressing Mary, the eld. s d nigiiler, s l l ns had lately b-*-u settled a W-a hered-Id, aud was d -siroua ol oblauiii.i a wile, aud coucluded by elf. ring her be h-.rt amt hand, bhe biushingiy replied tils l» i npnrlaut a proposition r< quirt d time toi Con Idera i ill. ii- rejoined lhai he was pleas ed ibal she a-ked lorsuiiaMe lime for reti.-ri 1 iu, aud that, iu order to afford her the need ed oppolluniiy to ibitik ol Ms proposal, be Wimi.l -tep lulu Ihe liexl room and smoke > Iiipe alib her lather, and sb- could report t lint. Hating smoked bis pipe aud s-nt s message to Miss Mary that he was rendy foi her an-*er,-b- cone iu and asked fur furih ti n- for cou-ideraiion. Us replied that sht Could r. fleet still longeron the siihj-ct. and • •mi her answer hy tetter lo WdaUiersffeld In a lew weeks he received her reply, wblcl U prohablv ihe most laconic ep.stio eve penned. Here is lb-inode! letter which wa. •oou followed by a wedding: NottlUAMPTOX.lOW, Rif. Stephen Mix, Y*8. Mary Stoddard The matrimonial Mix-ture took place on tin 1-t <n D-ceuiber. Id9d. and proved to he com pounded of rm>-l cougeniai elemenu. Mix was pss-or of that paradise of onions for forty - eur year*. A* EvrhHPuisixo— ku enterprl— Ing t.av.-l i.,g agent mr a well-kimwn C’leve laud mini—lone mauulaciory, recenlly mail, a visit to a s nail town in a ueigtib iriug conn ty. Hearing In the village that a man in s tern te part ol the township hid lost his wile, b- t’l night he would go and see him. and of fer hi WfAMiylaiioa and a grave stone on hit ns ml reasonable terin». Th-* road was a hor Hole, Iritf1 ,trul one ; but Ib:.* agent persevered, au I ariitui at th- bereaved mail's hous* Tits h-reaved m-ui’s hired girl told the agent th it the bereaved man was splitiiug fence rails ov.-r in ihe^paatur-, shout two miles Tim in 1-f.v igahle. agent mounted his horse a-I sin t-d lor ihe p.siiire. Alter falling into all maimer of mud holes, scratching bim-elt with bri irs. and lu nbdng over decayed logs, th- louud the bereaved man. in a sub duel Voice He a-ked the man if be had lost his wl'e. The mtii said he had. The agen< w is verv sorry to hear It, and tympathied very deeply wiih (he min in his great sorrow ; bi> said, w is an insatiate archer, and ebo* down all. h i h of high am) low de free. H-lmormed ihe man that “what was hi- lo-s wa- h-r gain." and would be glad to sell him a grave-tone to mark the *|xp where Ih - loved one slept, marble or common stone. J i-t as hi chose, at price, defying competi tion. Th- h-reaved man said th re was a •light d ffl ultv In the wav. “Haven’t you lost voiir wifet” said the mxn. “Why yes I b ive.” sai 1 the man, ‘ but no grave—tone ain’t ne.-eaaarv, fur yon see the cussed critter ain’t d.-ad yet; she’s scooted with another man!" SALT vkk C.* Saltpatkk —Peter Brown kepi a eiuwd our.try grocery. Living lu an agricultural di-tiirt, cusiomns wire very •Caro-, and sales few and light, However, he u ol a garden adj lining bU store, and when But employed wiihin. he w»s attending to hti ve/«i*>i O in day a tanner drove up, A >d stopping, he familiar'/ exclaimed: **K»»t any salt Peter?” ‘•No,” tlie (.r ater replied. Two hours afterward, the farmer drove back, be hiving beeu a d stance ot ten miles, an l vidtid several other stores in the course VI Ilia tide. “Tompkins* did you find any saltpetre?" eiU-d Mr. B.'OWu from the garden, reeling ou hi* hoe. “Saltpetre! no, I dldu’t want that; I want ad sail! ’ “iVhv didn't yon say so In the flrwt place ?” fep't d Peter. “I have plenty of salt.” iferiZ-v pnper raped toacumnt (.) In lAa’ I isttrice might have -a red a long drive aud a west led horse. [K dekerbocker. -w**— One or the Tax ants —“Jimmy,” said llr. Morphy to ida sou,* gel Belli: kludliu’ ail' be alter 111 .kilt’ a lire ” Pif*i *, sir, 1 can’t; Mi*ter O'Brien used j tii ■ la-t tiuiiap-r yesterday." “ The bulls ers all gone? Tldn go on the TO”' a <1 *tirv the virtu o’ tbiui sbiugles.” Ex t Jimmy. In a lew sects afterwards, Mr. Mnrphv ' Went to hia landlord and wanted a “reduck shiu o’ rent—kare why ? the tovf lakes! ’ A retired chei geinonger, who hated any al lualoo u< the bii-iness that had euiicbsd Mm, sa d to Charles Lon**, in the course of adis cn-siou on the po-ir laws: “You must b ar In mind. >lr, Iliai I have gpt rid of that sort or stull which you poeu call the ini k 01 hu atn kindness.' ” Lamb looked ,t hil„ Steadily, and gave acquiescence In these pllfay wool-: “Ye-, I am aware that.'you turned f ail luto chei sc several years ago.” Goixo ncxTiso —A gentleman bad been ravi' g his addressee, for some time, to s i idv hy the name of H int, and Anally mar rled lier. A few flveuiiigs a'ler ihe liappi even', a- he was coming troin her residence. h“ wa« accosted by an old Irlend. “All!'’ ex claimed he. “I see vou still go Hunting. ' “N •!" r-p ied the geutlemau; * 1 have bagged ] my gaoie.” JAMES EDMOND & CO. commission merchants, 13 LIBERTY SQfTARE, .. BOSTON Are p-euar-d to orite- at favorable rate*. COLT KEsS and OLE.NGAK.VutK • PIG IRON, Aim. Bin. BURST, * BOILER PLATE lROM. of English -.oij Scotch Manufacture. ,0 *■’ E^'hM'^a™ ',T, H' * ">'<» FIR. CiUll mast inters' >ml« r. Ttv under Ige.d, ha-1.,* b»„ ,p,„|B„d roBl. ra'sai'-uers t“ receiveandexsinln-e'a it avail I no *u ate o .1 u-h etVult , lute «.f Feeoot litlw (om of Cira»# I nd a»d Mat* or M*t r ’ epr« - • * I 11k otfetil, be * h* irive w»Mc. th»t they *111 bo! mej Jo** foi th*r p ip ^ert ii|h( U.e < f ‘ bin a lu r r«*t O”*, Maine, ou lb* Inn Frl «v of S *p #m’f ,i»‘’.ob r NovtmC’ r end n«. ctmh-r is**.* 2 o e'ork »* M < r d'» re arv > lowed six mouths for bm* nz In UiL-ir •im* • Ml AlfNtTO KB'ti DUE. t r>_1 « I'll I “LB* PA INK j Comtni*Pionerf. P July »EM* 1 *H4. 83 ■ ft* • PENSIONsl BOUNTIES ! back, pay : An. 'W.’anded Soldier. Ml.eharrsd, lo th*1*-w* hl* deoaaaed soldiers who art. entitled 8V*f'*m D. VERRIi.l, Allan** ui Ctu*II«r. it I*. U; liddle Iir*. -ARB— Poc-ieeri Agent for all ths Departments at Washington Sk PwOsaU, April ZS, 1M4. apttucdta I H ^y if * PROPOSALS. P09ALS FOR MATERIALS FOR TUB SAW. Ni»r Dkpartkknn. | BC&KtC OF EqUFMOT ASP IICCRCITISQ, July 18th. 1864. j 8EALEI) PROPOSALS to furnish materials for tbs Navy, for the year ending 3>th June, 1864. will be re ceived »t the * i ureau of Equipment aud Recruiting, until the thirteenth day of August next, at ten o'clock A. M , when the bids will be opened, without regard to Luy accidental deleuLon of mails or Other causes. The materials and articles embraced in the clashes uauieJ an- particularly described in the printed sched ule. any of which will be furnished to such as desire to offer, o.i appiicatiou to the commandants of the re Fpectire yards, or to the uavy agent nearest thereto, aud those of all the yards upon appiicatiou to the bu reau. this division into ciasse* beiug for the conve nience of dealers on each, such portious only will be tarnished as are actually required for bids fh" com maudaiit aud navy agent ot each station will, in addi tion to the scbe«lu o of classes at their own yards, h ive a copy of the schedules oi the* other yards for exaiuinn tion only, from which it may be judged whether it whl be desirable to make application for any of the c lasso* of those yards. Offers must be made for the whole of the class at any . yard upon one of the printed ac. edulea or in strict con formity therewith, or they will not be considered lu computing th.» clause*, the price stated in the column ol prices will be the standard and the aggregate of the class will be ca-ried out according to the price* stated. It is requested of bidders to avoid era-ures and subaU turinnoT A*on**, and to see that lb* amounts are cor rectly carried out. i oe cou tracts will braw-rded to the low mibonaft'h bi l.ier wuo gives proper sNttiitf for it* fulfilment. The bureau reserve* tne right to reject ail the bids for any •taas, if deemed exorbitant. Ail article! must he of the very best quality. to he «le live red iu the navy yard* in good order, and in auimbu vessel* and packages, properly marked w itb the name oi the oonirarmr ■» tue case may be at the expunm am risk of tue contractor, aud In all respect* subject to the inspection uua-urvmei.t, count, weight, fcc., of the yard where recw.ved, aud to the eutire rath-faction of the i-ouimaudaut luereof. i.Riders aro referred to the commandant of the re«pec iiv* yards for A.-u»pl«s, instructions or particular descr.p t.ou of article*; and all other things being equal, nnsfere.tce will be giv«u to articles of Americau manufac ture c.very offer, as required bv law of 10th August, 1A46, must be accouiptuie a by a written guaranty tue forge ot wuten is Hereinafter given, aud a s*> by a certifies U signed by tue coho tor ol iuter.iai revenue for the distact in wuicu he resides til t h« has a license to deal in the srti cies which be propo-es to furnish ; or by au affidavit sign ed bv himself sworn to before some magistrate au i.mruwl to admioistci such oath that he i- a iimnul ;**• turer of or rvguur Uo-tkr in, the artkks he ulli-n* to sup ply. aud has a license as sucn manufacturer or dealer. TluMeoiiiy wUo*e offer* may be accepted willfe noti fied, aud tue coutrort will be for wanted as snou tiere aiter as practicable wnk'h ti.ey will be rcqviired to exe cute within teu days alter its receipt at the post odlce or nary ugencv named by them. Toe contracts pill bear date the day the notification is given and deliveries cau be deiuan led. rureties in tile fttll amom t will be required to sign th< coutract aud their responsibility certified U*by a Unite-1 .?Uve* di-trict judge. Lulled Jistiict attorney , col lector, or navy agent. A* ad litional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bill* until the coutract shall have been couiple ed; aud eight) l*er centum of each bill, approved lu triplicate by tli» •-otumandau'stif the respective yards will be paid by the navy agent at tlie point* of deli very —unless requested by tlie contractor to be paid at another nary agency—within ten days alter warrants shall have been passed by tho Secretary of toe I’rca ury. It isstipuiatrd in theeontrmrt that if default bo made by the partiea of the first part iu d-Ilvering all or any ot of the article* mehtioned iu any class bid for in thecon tract. or the quail’) at such time and places above pro viied then, and lu taut case the contractor aud bis sur-e ti«e will forfeit and pay to the United States a s m of money not exceeding twice the amount of such class wukdi nmy he recovered from time to time, sccoidiug to the art of Congress, in that«as- provided, approved March 3 1&*>. No bid* for more than one yard must he enclosed In one env iope. and tr.e same mu't be dietinrtlv endors'd o die outside. “Proposal# for Mate-Id- for the Navy, for the Navy -y arvi at | name the yard)," and addressed “To the I hief of tlie bureau o» Equipment aud Recruiting Navy Department, Washington. D. b.M FORM OF OFFER, Which from a firm must be -igoed by all the members I, - —, of-. iu the State of-, hereby agre* to fur ish and de irer li the ree|>ective navy yard* al. t iv articles named in theclasm# hereto nnexed agreea* l to the pr>vi*lo s of the schedules therefor, aud In con formity with the aiTerthement of the Bureau of Equip ment and Recruiting, dated July 18th. Should my offer b.- accepted. I request to be addressed at -, and the contract sent to tne navy ageut at-, or to -. tor signature and certificate. (Signature.) A. B. Date. Witness#. The xchsauie which the bidder encloses roust be posted t»this offer, and each of them sig ed by him. Opposite etch artl ie in the schedule the pnce mu4 beret, t.i. am*untbe rarrtrd out. t'»e aggregate footed up for each rl u«*. aud Die amount likewise written in words. If the p irtka- who bid do not reei le near the place where the ar are to be delivered, th#*y roust name in their offer s person to whom orders on them are to be delivered. FORM OF GUARANTY. The undersigned —, of———, in the .State of— and — of — ■ — in the State of——, hereby guar antee that iu ease the ton-coiug bid of-lor any of the cla-ses therein named be aco»pted, he or they will witoiu teu days after the receipt of the ro-itract at the post offire named, or navy agent design*tod. execute the contract fertile same with good and sufficient sure'kv, aud in ease tee said-shall tail to enter iuto eoi.trart. as aaoreeoid. we guarantee to make good the difference be twceu the offer of the said-and that whk-h may be accepted. (Siignature* of two guarantees.) C. D (Date.) w*. I hereby certify that the above named-are known to me as men of propei ty, and able to make good their guaranty (Signature.) 0. II. (Date ) To be sigt ed bv the United States District Judge. Uni fed 8 ate* District Atto ney, t’o lector, or Navy Ageut. The following are the classes required at the respec tive navy-yards: K ITTEItY—M.»IN K, No. 1. Flax anvas and Twine; No. 6. Sperm OtI; No. 7, ffeokiug Uteusil#: No. 10. Leather; No. II, Leatu er I lose; No 3 I an tern* . No 18 Tallow ; No 22 Matim - ory ; No 23 Hardware; No 24, 81iip Chand ery; No 27. Dry Goods; No. 29, Firewood; No. 31, Tar Oil, and Neat** foot UD. CHARLESTOWN—MASSACHUSETTS. No. I. Flax < auras and Twine, N. 5 .-perm Oil; No 7, C inking Utensils: No. 8. Stoves ; No, 10, Leather; \«. 11. bnttirr lloe; No 12, Oi llklas for Rope; No 3. Sheet, lro .; No. 18. Soup aud Tallow; No. 2 . bru-he*. No. 22. SMUonery ; No 23, Hardware; No 24 8mp Uhaudiery , No 25, t opper Wife; No 27, Dry Good*; No. 29, Fire wood; No Si, Whale Tar, and Neat-toot oil BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. No. 1, Flax Canvas and Twins; No. 3, Iron Nalls, Sheave Rivets, etc ; No 4, Tlu Zinc. etc.; No. 5. Sperm Oii; No. *$. W hit** Hue, Ash. Black 'Valuut. etc ; No 7, Ctoking Utensils; No. 8, Stove*and Cooking Cabooses; No. 10. Leather, No 11, Leather How. No 12. Lignum vltse; No 13 Lanterns and lamp*; No lSSoapand taiio* ; No 20 Brushes; No 22Statlomrv . No 23 iiardware: No24 Ship ( hand ery ; No 27 Dry Goods; No 20 The wood; No 31 NeaUfuot Oii. puiladklpuia. Pennsylvania. No 1 Etai l anrua and Twioa; No 6 .'perm OII; No 7 (o*ma Clonal »; No IV Loaiber. No ll l.-turr Hoar: No H 'Onpnud T.iiow, No»l—, No XI StatloaoT) ; No 2d Hardware; No 24 Snip Cha-.dier. ; No 27 Lry Goods, No 29 Firewood; No 3l iar oii aud Nnetafoot Oil. WASHINGTON, D. C. No 1 Flax Canvass and twine; No 4 Tin and Zinc; No ft Sprnn Oil; No 8 Stove' aud K»*king « aG«ses: No In Gutter: No 12 L gu unit*, No 13 La..ten • . No *8 Soap aud Tallow; No 2J ilruaiies; No 22 SUttonerv , No 23 It *r lwuv; No 21 Ship Cue idicrj ; No 26 • opper Wire; N • 27 Dry Goods: No 33 Gallery Iron , No 44 Chain Iron ; No 39 Walnut, Mahogany aud As..; No 3S logoff € pper b <9 ia«4« IUllll8<ni|Ur\ XJTIO 1* hereby given, h tpur ua .t io Iic^ost tr< m lb J dge f rooate f r Ca ibe* ai a Cou ty. I *hull ••di ■ public aucfi >n,at my dw-ll »• K uoikK* la «»' murid, iu mud C uuty. on he l«*tti d -y of oe» t tuber, 14B4. at one o’c ock iu the alter uo >u tm f liewiur im*1 e*r* e b -long ng to the t •*• tale oi James M Jordan. ta e ol 'aid a xu nd de ccas d vu: tue r- ve sio>- of lit- dow.r • t nut o the v idow nt said « © ■• n-cd, a-o u so ab -u liitei »or«-i o wi d l»nd inu ted iu i»aui Kaym i.d on tor nor'her!) side or the r ad leading t/oui r.a,, tnouc H ll tu New olouces.i r. raid «a • b' li.g ueceaeary for tho payment oi charge* of Adtn uietiatioa and other incidautaJ chargee. OLIVER P JORDAN. Adra'r. By A. B ilolde i, h r At '). A ug.t, 1864. 32w8»3d1t STATE OF MAINE. CUMBKBLAKD. AS. Io ihe itouoiab.f, the Justicoe of the Bupreme Ju dmial Court, next ««. t». holder, at Portland, with I, in and lor tiif County ol Cumberland, on ihe so • ond Tuesday oi Ktabor, iu ib y> ar oi.bCtn hon ored ami ujiik*f(ur, RS hClFI'LLt represent* the under*! .ned M ry A Van. of *ai i lort’aud, *!»•( she ww uia> ri. d io APr.d Van tf •a u lo*tland. ou ih ur t i oay of Jane ir> , in tlo y ar 1'4r ..v hfv Mr u pastor . I th« Abyen iao Church in *ai«i city,a d ti>at>iuc*SaIJ tua iiagep»e ha' 1 v d :alih(ul tu her miniage ob iga i it«. S ti Birth*-* repre«ei t Ultras* A< red \»n ty his uutaithtul ness to his said obligatur a, by Ins iupro er c *nLe • *ion with other women. b> Ins pe'soiia) abu-e of . er, and be h a ueg'cct of pruvidi ,* nua- s for her sup port. couipelLd h. r to leave hm -lout five \\ars since, during which period the has entirely su, part ed her e f by h r ieb >r. She lur lie-re recent* that dnrine the said gv» vears t e sa d Albeit ha* n-ver pr. videh h^r a home, o< m a «• of snp,,r rt, or o'ered to do so SlwMbe e ore reap-cifulJ> pra s ti at *bc mar l«e dlvorcfrom th bo dr of aiatrieiODv wi'h said Alfr d \ itii. be ievmg that i» e s m«* v*ou!d be rea« • » ahle and pro| ©rand conducive to the peace and m vra'lty of sodt-ty l’orilat.d July b, 1861. MARY A V\N McCobb A King-burv, Atti j. kr i ibt Nlraif o| f\kmb+rlnnd •*.— I'pon the foregoing libel, Ordered. That theHbrt- I • lit give n.iiicc t.. Mid .ipim, V.i, to appear I bflorr Ihp Juki Io. . ol our Sup cm- .ludicitl Court lu i b— h-IOKn at l-onlabil. uithin ai d ti.r ih- <' ol Cumberland.onllioiircoiid I'uc-day ofneiobur n-.\t« by publMliingan atinliil eo|iy ol Mid llbrl ai d tin order thereon, tlirre wrek- eucoeaaively in t|,c R'ate Free., a i.enepaperpiitib d In-ai t Portland the ia«l publication to U- Hurty davs at l-«-i U'loie the .it i-a o> »aid c ori tl at be mat then aud there iu ! onr Mid Court appear, and .lieu cau-e. if anr be ha., ■ why the praj tr ol -aid libellant -liould not be graut Atteat: D. W. KtSSESDKN Clerk. A tine copy of the libel ai.d ordo- ot the Court thereon. At tea* D. W. FESSE.NUtX.deik. Si-3« A4niftiiftsfr8ftl<b»*fi Milt*. l\JOTI* F. is hereby given, that by virtue of a li* I r/,®®11!® fr**ni the Judge of Frrbvte for t*»e < '< uu* v •TCjwberW. I shell k**! bv rubric auction, a* the flWel v M bouw on the rretni»e*. on ih«- 3lt*€ttth day ^epteBabr r A l) 1KH4, 3 oVl« cV in the* nf itikkui, ' ■Vuf?'v,dliri?f,h‘ iBfo Anu-ron Brewer, K ■*;tdnftp a 1 Jl>glw<n,> «*e Acre#, more or less subject to the morrg *ets ’here n ^«For pBitMdwt as to will, 3c., at ply to ti e rub* ( Da ed this 9;h day of August, 3. D. ' H2w3w Bxre I hnnt’e. TO purahaM a .took r| Millinery, with rent of one or tba be-t-t-nda ki the City. Addre»- through JjBtf lllLLliiUl, Forllaiid. _ KAlliKOADfc. FOR CHICAGO, MILWAUKIE, And all parts of the West. IlTKSIOS IKKITS I» CHICAGO, IILTALill. And til other points tt the WEST, SOUTH & NORTH WEST, Portals at the reduced rates of fa. eat tho Onion Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St., j VI'. D. Little, Agent. Jur.c24dtf j FOB THE WHIT E MOUNTAINS, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, A SO h K TURN. Excursion Tickets for sale at the REDUCED RATES, By W . D L, 1 T T L K . A gent, UNION TICKET OFFICE, Iunc34tf SI Exchange street. Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s tiieat Combination oi EXCURSIONS! For tae Scttaoa of 1364. Tickets Good to Return to November M. OKA AD AUVltK It.tiLH Al. From l-'irtlatiil Hhltc Mountains, Montreal, Quebec, De troit, Uucago, Uiiwuukir, Atigaia Falls and return AT rgRY LOW RAT AS OF FARR. Only $10 to Chicago or Milwaukie, $25 out and return, cia. Harnia Lute, To Chicago and K«tnin, all tail, $35, Also to Bwvou. Lew York, up the Hudson River. >a atoga, Lake George. Returning trout Niagara Fall* either by Grand Iru k ivtu way, oi b; the Royal Mail Liu.. through toe ih usanu Islana* at-d KaAiu9 ol tae Bt. rouoe. American Money taken at 1 ar »cr Tickets, sleep ing i air-ami at Re! ts-lliUe. t BatOOLS Ariaugtffieutu na e been made with the Proprie tor oi. bo principal UoteUih AlouarmU. t^uob.o au 1 it tr ittoiarv Am-iicau Lo-.ey at par, cuargtng Now Yo. k Hole) pri es. For tickets or iUf ruiatiou apply to Aqx>t ol Grand Tro k Ka: wav . L. t. HEAL il. General Agcut.279 Broadway N'.Y. a t LOWJvU8; £A.trfU it gent, Bangor. June 11.—a4w «BAW» i'KUNk KAILWAY Of tianuda. SUMMUt IkmMi.t MMT tMMt on ud *»>«<■ Monday, June 27, Wei, train, wii) rundnily, (onuuxy, »xoen . M! until lurmtr none*, us iciiows : Up T ruins. L-*vo Portland lor -land Pond. Montreal and Mucboc at i.Ujs. ■ and 1.26 r. m. Uonii llama. Lcav. Island Pond lor Portland, at t ft) a. ■ and llbr.ii a 1 be com puny arc not n-ponsiblc tor ba crave to soy amount exceeding *iu in value, and mat nor Dual, unless uotice u given, and paid lor at the rati ol one passenger lor every *60u additional vain.. C. J. bRYUoLs. Managing Director. U. BAILEY, bnnervrt-ndcnt. Portland, June 25, I96d nort POKTLAftU ANU * BIV N B MB «Tk7 |T. HPKINu isniHr.u AKKAMiEirjir, Jommencing Mouday, April 25 1864 ra-»etijttr’raiu* lea' c skowhegan for au mud Boston, at b 45 a m , Au gap a, li.o A.M.anu Hath U 1» i*. il. aq nrta or i'orilaua auu Boston at 6.8u A, n ; Bath d $) ▲. Portland for Ha h, A- nvta. Waterriile Kendall’, aula auu Bkow lier*’ . at 1.10 P. kl Foitiaud lor Bat), auu Augusta 8 16 P M. r.oweug,r« It istiousou the As*uro*coggin Rail road will cba» .ecar- a biunswicfc. lue 1 lo . M. traiu f uni rortiaud connects at Renda*! p Mills with Uiinp Ceu.ral Railroad tor Bangor, 4c , arriving s*un evmifg leave Ba h lor Ko^alaud at £- A M and H Stxgo* leave \ugu-ta 'or Beirut at I p M btxgrs leave bkoa began at 0 10 P. M for Anson So on Ac. 1 br.>ugu liekets for all the atatior.* on this and „ Androscoggin Bail road, can be urocuired in boston nt the Eastern or Hus on and Lai e.iaaone. an.ii 19 isc?'U'<'L,SUllAJ' bnpennteDOMit April is. lh>>4 ai-2^ tf CuiuwitHiiu itm-rwid. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after MONDAY, April lib., 1W4, trains aiil leave s, folio n », until iarther uo’iue: .saco River tor Portland at 5 46 i freight Train with Pa*»euger Cat s) and 9 15 a. m , ai d 3 80 p m. Leave Portlaisd lor Faco Liver, 7.45 a. at. and ‘i.uOaud ti,2o p «. Tht JOOr.n. train out, -nd 6 45 a m. tmiu into I ortlicd,will be freight trains with passenger carp attached stage* connect at 'aecarappa daily for South Win'shiiu, Wiudhaiu Center and Great Fall*. At Gorham ior West Gorham, Bt Lduh Steep Falls. Hal twin. 8ebafO, hridgfou Hiram. Lamiug tuu, Cornish, Denmark, Brnwulitld Lovel. Frye Furg, Con way. Bartlett. Albany, Jackson aud La ton. k. II. At Hu a tun Center tor West Buxton. Botiney Ea gle, South Limiugton, Liming ton aud Limericx At Mfo River tii-wei-kiy, lor Hoiii*. Limerick, )§sipee, Ncwneld. Parsonsfieid. EtJ ngi am, Free aom. au-M.on, « uiou.« oi l. mi. i or-t-r, * c Fares b ceil?n I'm* » uer tickets arc purchased iu the Offioe, than when Laid iu the Cars. DAS. CARPENTER, flapt. Portland April 7. IS- 4 dtf REDUCED RATES! l.nPOHTAN r TO TUAVELEBfc -TO TUI West, North Weat & South West! W. F>. LITTLE. (8 Ajr«*at for all the great leading routes to Chica go. OnHinati. Ch*v» laud. D« troit. Mil* auk.c Galena, (Mhosb. 8t. Paul. La* tcw-m*. Gr«eu Pay <yuiiev at. J ouis. LoBMville. IDoiAi ai oIh, < si o etc, etc, ard is r»r«*paied *o »ur* sh luuorob ricaate frcm Portland to all the «*riiclpel cities s< d town* m the loyal 8ta>fs and the lowest rates of fare, and ail reedful imorzaation eho-rfnl y granted. Trsv© . r- will find It grra’ly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the ('Dion Tick* t Office, 31 Exchange Street, (IIP STi/KS.) Wv L>. LIT I LK, Agent. TW~ Passengers for C'slitorr ia, by the Old Lin* 3i«di 4*e»m ra- d Plums Ki.i « ad.u.aj U secured hv earlv sppli at ion at thl- T\ ke\* to Mou'rtal and Qurbrc and return (via the Grand I runs Railway) may be ob sii.* d nt this agency on favorable terms may26uk wtl 4 AIDE CBNTHAL HAII.KOAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. JWUK Train* leave Portland, Grind Tni) f r Lewiston ind Alburn, > Tin For Bangor And intermediate stations at 1.26 r.M RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.20 A-a., and irt+ve In Portland it 6.30 a m. Lone Hanger • 7 30 A. ■ , and tirivr lo Portland it 2 16 r a Botl ifleM. triia. occooct it Portland witb train* for .loitoa Freight train leave. Portland it 8 a. M., and re arming i. due InPortland at 1 r. u. Stage* oonnoet ivtth train* at principal stations iWily for moat of the town. North and Fast ot tbl. I me. <■ U HORNE Nap't. WitervM*. N vernier 1<W3 dent. PORTLAND. t*A«'0 At 1‘OKTSMOIITU RAILROAD. BVMUER ARRAS G RM RSTB, Commencing April 11th. 1861. Faseeuger l'riiu* will leave the 8ta Gon. Canil «tre t, daily, (Sundavr, oi mpted I a. follow*: Leave Portland for Bouton, at 8.16 a. m. and 3.M* T. M Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a. m. and 8 00 e. a Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at lo.OO a. a. mr >jn r. m. Ttaeae train, will take and lea.-e paj.cngeraat wa, nation.. Freight (rain, leave Portland and Boston dstly. EKANi'Is UHA8E, Superintendent. Portland. Oct 30. ins* no81 edtf NOTICE. WF. the undersigned liavlugso'd our Stock of Coal and tv. on to M ears RnmdmU, Mr.l/it '•r X >'<>., do eh er.u ly rteoni.neid tlic.u to our orn er eu»t*>bn rs. A I persona having demand* ■ •rah *t u>an. request*d vo present t'em lor settle ment, avid ail per on. indr bt*-d to u. ar-* reque-ted o made immediate pay mem at itte chi ,tai d tv me ol tnc uDderriguvti inav be round for the present SAVFl'Kt a tv M I IN HI . Portland. Jane 6.1861. Junsl3d3w Doal and Wo<>d J rllK sub*crlber having purchased tne Stock of < oa' ,1' Woo i, and , kei <h< -land r.centIv ; ’coupled b Mo-sr. .‘eo-ger * H'/titne,, head of i Wain.. || „r/, are nnv p epaied to rttf ply their ; .inner pa on* and the pub ic generally, "wiih a lee a-sonment of . WRLL PICK" D A Vfl SCRKESED 3ld < oinpuny U b gli, SuS<*r Ion I lA*blsh, Ilnzellon lehlgh, luhn'a Locum Mountain. White anil Re<| A ah. Diamond and Lorberry. Together with the best quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coat/or Black tnuiht. Also. Hqrd »nd Knit H nod. Delivered to order lo any part of the city. The former ooft'otners of MeJ^rs Sawyer It Whit ey are respectfully invited to give us s tall. RANDALL. McALLlSTRR k CO, Portland, Juut 18, ltxri.—dly I STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River, hummer AjrranKcmeut, 1604. THE NEW. STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS S'XL AM Lit LADY LAW, Built expressly lor this route, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROtX, Will commence her Snmme- Ar rangement ou MONDAY jiuhN I Mi. June *i h, Leavu g Uangcr ev er v Wedneeua., aua Friday Mui Lings, at 6 o’c '-ck Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot oi Stele street, 1'irtlai.u, every Monday, Wedne*cay aud Friday Evening-, at 10o’clock, connecting will the muter n, Huatoti and Maine, and Portland, .Sac*, aud Portsmouth Kai.roa- a lrum boston and Wav Mat ions, leaving Bo.-lou at3o‘cloc*, P M. The i»oat will touch at R>.ckl.»i.ri. Oamdcn, Bel fast bucksport, Wmterport and ilampoen, hot I ways. Pa-seuger* ticketed through to and iron ti« stor, Lowell, Lawrence, >aleiuand Lynn For more extended imormation, apply to J. o liendnca. Bangor; tDe local Agent* at the variou la diug-; the Depot Masters oi the P. h fc p r.Mi-ru, and ti. a M Railroads; Abiel S outer by I ortlaud; Lang & J>c ano, Boston, or I'llAb. fil'KAU, Goccral Agent. J MM 4.--UJ' i 11 Montreal Ocean Steamship Oo j* One of the following flr-t-cias ! -***£*■steamers of this Line via:—leruvisi I iX-E? 11 hernia. North American. Jura, tie. (C&XaMSn^J 'au. Nova Beotian. Moravian. Da ! iimdvu', •*«.»ail > roui Quebec, avanv satcuda Mohmm*. lor Livrrpooi via i oud ucerri. Als*. he steamers ST. 1>avii» &t UKokgk. Si i Vai»H' w Sr PaTUCK, tri month.y trom t^uebe 1 lor Ula-gow. Prepaid and return t ckvis Mucdi redoc d rates. For passage apply ton a. A. all ■ IN. Aloulieal, or to J L. 1 * R - KK. I raaytiklif No 10 Exchange street Pori 1 nd. i International bieamthip Company. Eaxtport, Calais A St- John TWO TltlC* FEU WEEK. On toe af er Monday, March 2' the ouperior ta-fving MfiW UKLiiSHlnh.Capt E I -VT^hwter, will leave Raiiroa v\ i»ari, . .w- ui state street, every Monday at o’clock!’. M.. a Ml the Steaiuer NLvV KMjLAM Capt. E. Ei* Id, every ITiurmiay at 5 o'clock 1*. M for • aalpon and St John, N. H , connecting i r,aHtpor. with aw mint r Queen, lor Kobiu*ou, st An drew* and Calaia. and w.tti stave coache* lor ku chia*, and at >t. John with rteamei* for Kre lei toton mu wim aieau er Em tror lor Wim *or and be 11 tax. ana with the E. a N.A. Aailroa lor "hetiiac auo at. wa> i*.atii n«. Returning, wi I eave St John even- Mondar an l hur*k.av a 9 o'clock A. M.,ior Eaatport. Portia tnd Hoitou rbiougn tickets procured of the Ageutsand Clei >u hoaru Steamer*. I hVX'.r‘'“‘V“d 1,11 4 °’°l0Ck P“ ■ Mond»5-« »" _CJC. BATON, Agent. Portland and Hooton Line the stkamkrs j Forest City, Lewnton and Montreal .. JGZt*. ttlltil l<tJtbff -«*>. '■» i U-uvs Atlantic Whari, Portlan Jj-ery Muuusy, I uesday, Weduesdav. Thorsda, hi Sriduyb »1 J ociock P k . and lu.lii WirarTBoato rVi^vM!??*oVoSn‘yMWw,B‘5<it:-' 1 h“r‘d“' “ rare in Cabin...*^<0 I rreigm taken a* usual. The company are uoi responsible lor baggage ruy amouin exceeding Mo in value, and thatV-rso al. unless notioe is given aud paid lor at tlie rate .ne uorHenger tor every MOo additional value. Beb 18. maado L BILLJNt,8, Ag,m Portland taint »*w V ork Nienrat-i SEMI-WEEKLY LINK. m k Tho splendid snd fast Steamshl - i-AA "LOtTSi PlUNT." Capt.. WiLLgr *Dd “POTOMAC,” Captain shs rWSfHi wood. wriU.until farther notioe, ri M follow* Leave Brown* Wharf, Portland, every WEDKK | DAY and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M , and leave p, ‘ 9 North River. New York, every WK.DNESDA and SATURDAY, at S o’clock. P M I hese vessels are ntted up with ttueaocommodatio for passenger, mat ing tUl, the most speedy, safe ai ooaafortable rente tbr traveller, between New To and Mains Passage 87.00, Including Fart and Sts Coos* Woods forwarded by this tins to and from Montrei Jusbec. Bangor, Bath, Augusta. East port and I John Stdpprrs are requested to Mad their traight to tl Steamer. V.e«iy as a P. M„ on the day that tin lltr* Portland For 'reigbt or passage apply to i * FOX. B.-owua Wharf, Portland. H. B. CROMWELL ft CO., No. M WrstBtm BJW York. Dw 6.1963. dtf POH SALE & TO LET House and l.ot Xo. 31 Danforlh 8t„ F< krtlf. j The two ard a half sio*itd wooden dwel Ir I 11 u* aad lot, So 31 Uantorth >t . con tali K i,oou *irod rocm*. with a ba hia i o.. —piped for p*» tbrt u.b ut—a lumas* th: will beat every part ot the hou*p. <i*re-u »o ra. wat-ra.da never failing wt.l of dr ukir* watt Coj p*.r Damp*. Ac on the pren re* ar,. a aoc ham ai d eheda. The lot i* »bv ut ife* bv 44 icct. 11 Uou c cau be t-xamiued an day from 10 a it till P M by calling * i4 the mbocii er w ho will Jurnh paiiicuUrH mug teim* l am e J K BRAZIER, Ocean Insurance iompauy Building AugS-d« No. 97 ^change M. House and House Lois For S>-le, 4 Located in Westbrook, about Hi MeSET . mlau'es walk friraihe liur-e l’a. i j _AUo, i» e p:ea«Mu ly located tw ^m> --U.T D\v.-;i;i,j; Hou e bi.j jLo\ r, I ceully ovcui icu by Mr. J C. Kcuiick. The lot 001 j tains -bout two acre-, a - u m ou« u! the tuu *t loci tiuus lo.- a genteel ’©tidt-i ce to b-* tound in th« »ul urbs of i ort and, being Jc-a than two miles from n , I ortla.-'l 1 oat Office, and commands a tit.© view < j ibe city. i * fur,l"‘r particulars cull ou tic uudcuigtstd I a ore bircet, corner La in Street, j jyl4,1 ’ HU-IS DL'MIAM. Dwelling lloitsi- for Mile. A two ato'y dwell ng house ou Tougreiw St i Klii ne*r,y opposite iheeas dialed Villa ol s I ■ Ituii. i. 14 , ai d t u the line of he Hors atirMMd 11 it* hou e ccirau-K Kurtten tii olu j au.t is well adapt. .. to acc* n.n» >daii two lamilic with aeperaie » ut bui d.ngs, s ab<e. Ac . and a wt 1 *1 a tr in the yard. A targe part oi the purchai j tnwiic-y can lay cn mortgage u iltair- d Th.s property w ill • e n red at Auc'.io * on the Art | ol August, it not edu helore. „ ^ . . ALLEN HAINES j 1 ortland, July il. IgM. llou»e uiitl Land lor Suit- ui n Bur K>IIU, I rpng ij story brfck llcuae No. » Portland »tree | .be lot la 63 mi u» lo tlacd .tr.el, rui.uin i aca to Oxford street. *aiu Imu-c i- a tuaieu i,. ih ol ibe city , on iLaoinc hue ol ibe Her I itu.lruxd pri I- *170.1,00. Ubuo.Ou ol whic - c*u ri j naiu on a mortgage. For further panicului.ii quruof WM. ALL*N Jr, lyl-cul f ^ Nos III and 16 Enobauge street. II.siihs* For »HI«. i rP WO usd a alf r ory lluurc h o 66 North Stree ' M. altinu no miuultt walk ol the nor*, hai.roai I » uui.eut lb most pinant location. m ih. city - -aid bourria . t-a ly new, th .rough i h ili.cuniali | cleveu well di.leli.-tl rooms, an exc llcitcil-ar hi! j » we I ol go d hat*-r, nun a !a ge t.rica ci. em uii ! *oOd ah o. a go d rlahle a. u gar. r . a ll Ire , . bargain l ap, lie 1 i r aoou. tir turthir .artici a aa quire of. haa Baits). of lie urm of Wood mao. t ue U ‘ n.. Jo'iu t‘. l'r< C*..r ) lute s. or D V. Hal tv at Wiualow A Ditin’a l'ttii i . »i.p tgo of fr. ra St. augl dlw Lit ml «••• free -(rest lor aiilr. TtULiauabIcr.aliatalei.ii fist slreet, kuowi a the "kurbi-b properly” Tl e lot la aimat III . ot on h lee all. t-t i.d .- • t.Lda back about 174 e«t 1-aid natat.-will be s. lrt aa a wb. le.or the eastern hall oi tbe aw.limg house Him let about 40h» 17' met uill be a.j|c by itaclf *ppl.cailou u,a, be made to James rbi-h Laq ontuepremises, or to GEO fc It. JA(K-cN uly Idtl_63 Exchange au ret. Vor fiq'e \LOT of land in the town of Wes*’rook. on. amt a hall mile, f i.n> Suo dwate. rblage kiiohu a-the "Sii. c Lot,” cuiit.ii I g eighte. t. o wenty acres, on which la s .me is h ,blo liueT.m her. r or fui tier mio. u. alien visit he lot, oral pit to NA tl M FIOKETT, At Struuuw-xter I U'agc. Aug. 10, 16ii4 d, r«»r Male*. » SyCAItE block ol land. 01 about 73004. acre. -1 01 wood lano. on tbe south sine of the rive, at l aw r nee In Canada East It is ii.tererwded r. two cousiderab a rivers with eligible Mi l sits. Wcl wooded writn every description 01 nmU-r aucb a. &iue and spruce in large qiautitiea. and maple aecb In-ech lamarac ano bass wo d t. any amount Enquire 0. U.T. MACHIN oruand Portland Keb 1864. fry,or na.i For >11 ip. 4b CL1E k COITAtiE. ucntatuiDg over St .HQ qfr rooms, large stable and abeds—aituaiodtwt fJALMHnd oue ball miles trom Portland aud tbt I lineal situation in Cape Ellmboth |Ur a *u tj_J ferine place and cams sex, b yard, ra. Foi particular! enquire of GEO.OWEN, up? dtf 101 Congress Street. Portland. For Milt*. A TWO story House sod Lot situated on Port ix land sire-1. wi'h Stable and ott-.rout building.. A -o two adjoining lots containing sboa- eiglit thousand square feet. Enquire ol N * I EVENS, No. 47 Portland street. Juutkd f ll.*tis.' For *• 1*lu*. A TWO story w ooden house. No IS Adams street, 11 tlnishi d rooms, convenient lor two ImniHee. pleuiy ol good water. For particulars Inquire 01 B. J. WILL* Kit. Portland, May 14,1864. mayHeodtf To Let. FOCI! Offices single or In suites, over Stores Noe. 161 and 164 Exoiix ge Street, opposite tha Inter national U.ute Apply o j the premises tn Jy4dtf A. L BROWN. To Lei. LJTORE now oconpied by ui. Poaaeaslon glren il Immediately. Alao, a Front Office In Hanson Block Iun8 dtf H J LIRHEVFCO To Let. ONE STORE In Gult's Block. Apply U H. T. MACHIN, ipn dtx ! MEDICAL. r ' V r VSf * * - : W v,\ t J The World * Great Remedy -BOB Ihspeptia aud Indigestion ! ABD ALL Diseases or TBK j STOMACH AND BOWELS Prepared by the Proprietors (tf “Coe's Cough Bottom.19 ——— -— — — . Dyspepsia Is not only the sure fjrerunnerof death 1 but the companion of am serable life It has well been caiiod it© Nation’s scourge; for more persons, • both o d aud ytuug. m*le aud reiuale, suffer from its • ravages, than from all o her milm. u s combined. It - robs t »e> ate in of its vigor and energy, gives utarititss ai d total tudi-position to tho*e ouce ‘ strong a daciive; renders the stomach powerless to digest the food, aud has tor its attendants, ^ Headache, Heartburn, Constipation, Xavsea at Stomach, and General Debility of the whole System, refusirg its subjects a particlo of nourishment or heanv food wi bout p.\ing th« pt ualty iu the most SRoui/i "g dlstn ss aud ofteut.fnes complete pros: ra tion. Tom et h* terrible ravage* of this %»orst of • all d \t eases. we ha; e prepares! , "COES DYSPEPSIA CURE" and wc pledge our repuu ion upon our statement. , wiit'u w e .-»> it will 6 Positively Cure the Wor«t of Yoa, I not in t year—not In & month—nor in a week—but yon shall it* b -u# fitml i flueLct at or e » ia.un* - . auu th. tiS; you .aht-it. loyou who have lived-t,r >tai* up m <nahain Bread and plmn, j who dare not cat mnv tbiug the lr»,t-vue hearty dr*t, hecan.-«- the lloc or ha* o.dered the p.ainest d tood. and secondly tor tear »be disttesa it causes 0 1 risirg aud souring ou } our sttmach. wesav sit down j to >our ainu. r, tat a* heart, a meal as you wah, k an«t a* soon as the food begins to ointrev* you. tol* , low it by a»iugi<> tt-aepooutul of . COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE I I AND IT WILL ' Believe You Instantaneously. a j thus enabling you, by hear')- eating, and tbe u-eof | the cure alu-i each meal, (aa aa the lima die a | irces j ou, or ours ou your stomach.), ou will get iu a very low daj s .o that you can do with'ut tbe medicine, except occasionelly, and by tbe time tbe U-.t bottle is u«d tp. We will gua.aoiee you ■0 Irom uy.p p.ia. aud.blefoeat, digest and eni y “■ a. hearty a bre.k a.t as you ev. r lit uoau toiu our >1 uewliMest hour,, and we will ,orf. It t. you ibe n ioe 01 toe uoit e. u,tu your shewing that our .tateuieot u n«'t correct. The tuediciue is powerful but harmlea*. and w hilst W a single teas oomul wil, at once relieve the tic-ufferer, Iho w hole o.t le would uot materially u Jure him. a. it I.entirely vegetable and contain, i uo A 1 class.* o disenae that have their ori p» ! *o a Inord r. d stotnscli and bowels, are diaoel I( led in tbe same instantaneous way bytbeuseof * COE’3 DYSPEPSIA ODEE! y Fever and -li/uc, Sidc-Iitaducie, Siclnest at the 1( Stomach, Conttifmtion, Heartburn,Colic Paint d in Stomach or lloads, Li/senterj, Vomit I* ‘"K.» A <Ji<“J »J Faintness and Imsii hul, Want n/ Appetite, t will not and cannot exist wh re the cure It used _ it remove* the ,iisce y .emoting the eau»e, not it bae Alcoholic Uiilers winch uvev up >c ur bad lit! I lugs :or a lew momenta by their effect* reware otsucli reuicoies or beverages, but iu their place use a remedy tuat will restore the dlvased ium.ttoi.s to their normal condition, ana set in ” », non tbe eu.i e buiusu mechanism in perleot bar detHie^b yiolugtca M a 1OS^SuVUlJS COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE, immediately ami instantaneously, we pledge our r »o d a« ui u ot houor—our reputailon a. 1'harmace unsis—„ur lavorabP aoquaiulauoe w he-.nle as prop ip oisoi tb. Woriu lenuwnod • . oe’i ichuH [. mil-am, *l it is u.etl according to our directions wine . may be lound with cue . bottle. ,. I tVeaua below sums leslnuoniwjs from our neigh ,. hors ana wnrnamen, to which we ask your careiul 1 TESTIMONIALS. From the Pastor ./ the Methodist M. Church, Mad 'ton, Conn. I bare used Coe's Dyspepsia (jure io my family, andean wil lugiy te.uiy io its value as a meoiciue llaawt isniMaxo.l-a.ior it. K.Church. Madison, couu ,dune30tb, lsb4. si-., s . -- . ..v .... vityn vmr i’aperg, ,, _ „ , . N Mavoia, lotto , Juuc is. |St>4 0 1 "Cjjra. Kditvrt:—Al.ow me, through y.,ur col uuiue, to ackuowle ige uiy gratuuu. lor Iu. teueui 1 h»vo rvoei.ou Iroui the tue - I cor . Lly.o u,» cure i- Allnuug il we, u great sufferer lrom Dispapala e **** «'« dose gave lurtant rtiiel aid 01 c uujsca has 0 enabled me to eat anything I please, without pain. 1 * *uya “»w gtupped using the uud.c.ue a, I no longer need it. riUMi hvaia ,t - .. . M»di,ou. Conn .June 30,1W4. r rom the benefit by tu« ure vl Coc • l> • - C un in my family, i am prepared to »a> that I u. ver luieud to tie wuuuui it aLtladviae all «liu are etnicted Hitu b)^pt)>tia to try it. I'hilamm Lewis. , *'^r ^ ox Coe's Dytptpai* Cere < ou 1 , ||vp ine Ins b cud up your sia.euit Li oouceraW , i u. I uavo OuJy usj j Lull a ooitle, aud ctu e»t i iue » J «**»*» *li *rt cake or am thin* d e w.thout trouble. Ci 11 acts like a c .arm. Tue re*icl it affjrai i< iu»tau tan* ou-* elaUK a LoWumt t New Haven, June 18,186*. **Y lh - who know my constitution, what my condi tion h-s been .or too la t thirty yea s. win believe wi h in .b«i a ne that will ruieta uty cane will - reviCha: n dt any ooe. Coos Dy.pjp-ia Cure ha. .•UKbi.d n 8 to eat anything I plecse, aud it .a very Siidom 1 UJW have to u-e the medicine, it relieved iu lu an instant wh. u 1 was in great pain My “ whole system » •ireugtheaou b, it-use f Kew Haven, June 20, 1)04 Im oritit iu T.Htel’it. Wh'le j mrueving on the cars, mr aiomacb be eame badlyderaugeo. can-it g paiu iu my h ad. Had it leen ou tue wal.r it would have . oeeucalled sea-sicauesa A lady rilling tv Me knowing inv con mou. .cached cut aboit e -ayl..g' "lake a swol.ow 1 did ail aud in k-a> thaa are > mil.ute- my tr uble . as ei ded. 1 be me'lcne waa I • i our D.I -pep«ia fate, aud irom the effec. ii had » upon Ihe oiuiuack, .ini wuat 1 bale learned oi it I rtnee 1 kiuk it must be an eacelieut r.medy lor Sia-rickbe.a and D, spep la. -- .. , MU8 SAMUEL HELD. Madison, June SO.h, lv>l. „ ... Me* itaven, June 23th, 1<M. Messrs, t. (, Cla-k a — :—i iiurire to u.akekuowu the alnto-t iustsmau ous . abjt. of , ‘•l.oe,s Dyspepsia t'u.'e," inoaanol cholera ut irhut I liadb.eulori.euty lour h urs pu giug at the -lomach aud bowels, every fif e-u j. 1 Hen I into >our orug store io pr cure some brands’, as 1 I a.I alwas beeu to d that It wa. a g- od leinedy or Dy router. My p I iu face an i my weak-, r* at once tiree'.ti •>-•-attention o ihe clerk in c a gr aud he asked me at once at.stl.e maueir ” 1 replied : • 1 have tor' we..try-ltd. r hours vomit ing aud purging, aud i am un.b.e to .1 ,ud or walk, tr..iu weakness, and this dta ily sick, es-at m> stom ach o nip e.e y pro t aies lue.’ lie pioia. ed a bot tle of t lie's l»srpep, a tore, stung, ‘-take a large 8wall » ol that t t. i,no* il o'clock ; taken another after dinner." from lie moment 1 >ork that tDst dose or the 111, Oicine my rickni as at stomach wasgoue- i , effect • as iustantunuous Iu mi hour i eat n.v dm .er ~i h as go .d a relish as ever hungiy niau partook. a. 1 wa.- well c ear. d out ot foou.) and Mowed by a tea-pooi, fu of cure. 1 have nol ruSeted a panicle o. since i t ok the r. meoy. Its action wa- so w uderiul aud so immediate I that 1 could bar >ly bull ve the evidences oi my owu ! reus, s ai d 1 desire to pu iicly in.k kuouu these l facts, that the whole wor.d m s. avail Hi ■ii.selv. ■ ot ; .ts u-e L ke bread. It Ihotild B id a place in every , on s house, aud I b^i-vc that no cne sl.ould go ■ »*ay from home wild ui a bottle of it u his pocket l or where il c old b.- .j ickly mal-aval ah e T, ill, yours, U4l». L. DKAKF. (Me v' f*« i .rent,-are. , New Jur ilth, lkGg.Ti Mil ( OK—Sir — been troubled with the D .spop ia for some igbt or twelve mouths. I ha.e taseu the u-uat kiudroi medicines, which have done j ui) in' good. I-aw your a .vertireineut of a meuf ci'0 lo c .re the l)y§|M-psia. I hare tried it, and loniut it to be this m.-d cine The grst IS drop, (the 7th of Jane I that I took reHcv d me iu ouemiuule. I cave taken it thr, o or lour tint s. but have hau no di-ir.rsieg leelii.g in ray sumach since taking Hie tlrst IS drop-; al hough before. 1 could nol eat a meal and ...-letline- to more thin thru., or four mouthfull- w thou. dis»rt sring me. Respect ul y, J. WOODRCFF. New Haven, June Ilth 1S64 tic t’oK—rtiitr Sir:—The bottle of I)ys|tpeia Medicine I rec ived 'nm you. gave mstantM eons rebel. I only us.-d it whtn mv loo.l d.stressed u.e. It wa* about tiko taking two doses to-‘ lo rn irrow. than cierv oth r dvr, iaer. asing the man t tv »• t loud and tec re asing toe m. dieiue.until I was eiiat.l. d to eat without taking auything stall, kly ca-e war an extreme one, having suffers d .er seven j years. I n -w court ier myself cured, and by using I ouiy one bottle of msdicino in the space of two ' mohjbs. Thcdcsewasateaspoo.ini. Elikk S Allkk. Sold hv Druggists in city and countrr, every. 1 where. 7 ( Price *1.00 per Bottle. O-ders by mail, from either dealers or consumers promptly attended to. «• G. CLARK * CO. Whebetate, Kew litre». Co*» , • Propriety r*. Sold in Portland by W. F. Phillips H. H. Hay, and all other ealcre. marchBeodlyM medical. ~uam' — I ■ _ DB. J. K. HUGHES CAB BB BOUND AT BIB PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 5 Temple Street, WHERE ho can be consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at ah hours daily, from 8 a. m. to 9 v. m. Dr. U. addresses those who are buffering under the affliction of private discard, whether arising iron* impure connection or the terrible vice of self*abu*e. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical protession. he feels warrantee in Or ah AXTBE1NW A CURE IX ALL CASES, Whether OflOO/ standing or recently contracted, entirely remonn the dregs of disease from the system, and making perfect and PERMANEN T CURE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to t fact of hi* long standing and well earn'd reputation furnishing sufficient assurance of bis pkill and sue ones. CAUTION TO TIIE PUBLIC. *'?ery intelligent and thinking person must know that rcmedi< s handed out from general use shou.c bavo their efficacy established by well-tested expe rience in the hands ol a regularly educated physi t‘.r?l !“.f.Vory !,tud5 til" l :m tot nil the duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with K>r nostrums aud cure-alls, purporting to be th* t in the world, which are not only useless, but al ways injurious. 1 he unfortunate should be partic ular in selecting bis physician, as it is a lameutabif yet incouUvvertable fact that many syphilitic an bents are made miserable with ruined constitutions by maUreatmiLtficm iuexperienccd physicians la gencrui practice: for It i» a point geu. rally conceded by the best synhilograph' rs, that the ftudy and man agement of theee complaints should engross th* whole time of those who would bo competent and successful in their treatment and cure. The inex perir need gtneral practitioner, having neither op portunity n r time to make himsclt acquainted with their pathology, commonly putrucs one system o treatment, in most cases making an lndi*oriminat< ase of that antiquated and dangerous weapon. Mer cury. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who hare committed an excess of any kind,* whether it be the solitary rice of youth, or the sting iog rebuke of misplaced -or.fidt-uco in maturcr yean, SBBti FOB AX AXT1DOTK IX SEASON. The Pain* and Achce, and I.arritudc and Nervous Froetration tlutt may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that le sure to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Duablod Limbs, for Loss of beauty and Complexion. • iOW MAXI TIWVSAXDS CAX TRSTIFT TV THIS BT UXUAPPTKXPBRIKKCM. Young Men troubled with emissions In sleep, a somplaint generally the result of a t ad habit In youth, treutud scientifically, aud a perfect cure war* ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day puses but we are consulted by out or more young men with the above disease, tome ol whom are as weak and emaciated u though they had the consumption, and by their friends supposed to hare it. All such c tees yield to Ibe proper anc only correct course of treatment, and in A short time are made to rejoioe la perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men at tne a.. . . .. .. .snsrt roubled with too frequent evacuations rrom the ■didder, often accompanied by a-light smarting oi i burning sensation, and weakening the system In a manner the patient cannot account lor. On exam 1 ming urinary dep< sits a ropy sediment will often be round, and sometimes small particles of semen or tlbumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkisb hue. Main ebanginr to a dark and turbid appearance. There are many men who d<e ol this I llAculty. ignorant of the cause, which is the I SECOND STJUB of SEMINAL WBAXXKSS. I can warrant a perfect core in such oas. s, sod a (till and healthy restoration of the c iliary organs. Person* who cannot personally consult the Dr. I can do ao by writing in a plain manner a description 1 ot their discus, and the appropriate remedies will *io forwarded Immediately. All .orreepondencc strictly confidential and will be returned it desired | . Addrees. DK. J. B. HUGHES, No. t Temple St., foora-r of Middle] Portland 0—Send Stamp fbr clrealar. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DK. Hl UHtS particularly invites all Ladle* who need a medical advi*er, to call at his room*, No. b Temple Street, which they will And arranged foi their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Eclectic Reno rating Medicines are ofirtraT led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities Their action is «pecifio and •ertain of producing relief in e short time 4aAD1E8 will And it invaluable in all casesof ob structions after all other remedies have been tried in rain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may betaken with perfect safety at all timet. Sent to any part of the country with fnll directions by addressing DR. HUGHES. No.4 Temple Street, corner of Middle. Portland. H.B.—LADIES desiring may oonault one of then own sen. A lady of experience in constant attend , tanldfcwly Female | STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. Thia Medicine it of long tried efficacy for oorrect* tug ail disorders incidental to the feminine sex. ; That the atticu-d may It el assured that this Cordial is truly valuable aud worthy their confidence,- not . oueot those *ecr t compounc* i urposed to destroy ' healthy action. 1 add a lew testimonials from phys icians vri ora all, lavoriug the Electric aud Keloruied , Practice o Mt-diciue, respect. Dll. WILLARD U. GEORGE,formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical C ollege, aud President of i the Electric Medical Society, mass., speaks oi it in the following terms: “I hate need the Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by DR GBu W SWETT. 106 uanover Street, aud 1 regard it as one of the best Medicines lor Female complaints that can be found." DR. J. KING, Author of “Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment, 'says: “ This Medici us appear* to exert a specific influ ence on tho Ctot us it is a valuable agent in al de rangement* of the Female Kcproouctive Organs." DK. gMITH, rr* sident cf the New York Asso ciation of Dotaui>- Physician*, says: naio im->iiu,*uuuu uuiiime timely use of this valuable ( ordial. 1 owe much ot my -access in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine." MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES; The following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no tice : " Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this 4 Cordial' is a vi r* valuable one. but by the Profes sion it ivesteencd more highly tor i s good result I during Conflneu.n.t iu relieving the great -uttering attendant upon childbirth. 1 acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my *ucc*«» m nmiwirsry i* due to the use ot this medicine. It strengthens both raott er and child. In each case* l follow the di rections of Prof King, by allow!og my patUnts to use it a few weeks previous to ooi.fin mint, as by the energy it imparts to the uteriu* nervous system the labor wi 1 be very much facilitated, and remove# the-craps which many female- are liab e to. No woman, if she knew the great ralueoftbis Strength ening < ordial would 'ail to use it.*4 1 have received numerous testimonial* from diff erent parts of the country where used. Knowing the good It is capable of doing, 1 w 11 warr«m overy bottle ot my '‘Cordial*’ to be satisfactory in its re sults. The following symptoms indicate those affection# in which the Etmale iitriugthtnif-g (c-rcia* La# proved invaluable: lnvlispo#itiou to Exertion. Wakefulue**, Uneasi ue*«. Depression of Spirit*. Trembling. Uw of Power, Pain in the Back. Alternate Ckill*, and Flashing of Heart, Diaggiug nensaticu at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor Ach ing Along the thighs. Intolerance of Light and Sound. Pale Counrenaroe, Derangement ot he Stomach and Bowels. Difficult Breathing. Hysteria. I Ac., Ac. It is a specific remedy in all Uterine Disease*, f Chloresis ot Green vsickiieii#. Irregularity, Painful ness. Profuse or Suppression of Customary Dis charge-. Leucorehma or Whites. Scirtbue or Ulcer ate State ot the Uteres, Sterility, Ac No better Tonic can lomibly Ye put up than thia, and none less likely to do harm, and it is complied wholly of vegetable agen s, and surh as we have known to be valuable, and have used for many years. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for 96 Should your druggist not have It, send directly to us, and when -ix bottles or more are ordered we will pay all expenses, and have it securely packed from observation. Be sure and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot 106 Hanover St Boston. GKO. W SWEPT. M D . Proprietor. II- II. HAY, Arogt, Portland* mch8eod6m STATEMENT OF TEE .Ctna Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONK., OB thv lit day of November. A. D. 1SS8. u reuaired by the Laws of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock is.Si.500.000 and icith the surplus is invested as follows: Real e-tate, uniucuxabi red, fo7,W8 18 Cash in hand, ou deposit, and in agent#’ hands, 116,960 56 United State# Stocks, 612.<17 60 State and City Stocks, ami Town Bonds, 669.160 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,'‘17.270 no Mortgage Bonds, 83i> 0 00 Atlantis Mutual In#. Co’# scrip, 1*63 ft, 19.866 60 Total Assets, 93,036.879 74 Amount of Liabilities lor Lossec not due or adjusted. 8176.411 M Amount at risk, estimated, 1)1,616,479 C* THUS A. ALEXANDER, President. Lucira J. Uardke. Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. 4 Iron Block. Portland Pier. deoAdtf ItrmovHl. HAVISO removed from my old atan.l to the Mure No. 91. Commercial »tre t mid ,.»■ clafed im. tf hi bu.liien with Mr Iteory F'l'i!/. 1 would i . " this oi>|H>r'unity to thank my customer# for past I ravo*s. and wou'd reject fully solicit th»lr future < [*atronage of the firm of Fling A WM'temore . STEPHEN WUHTEMOR*. Portland, July 8th. 1881, jnl> 12d4w fopArtiifrxlii|> Hoilce. rUE undeisigned have this day foitned a Copart nership under the name aud syle of Fling A dThittemore. and ha^e takf-n the store formerly cc- i epi‘d bv Henry F tng. No. 91. Commercial street, I vi ere thev intend d ing a CotnmisHon and Whole ale business. In Tea#. Tobacco, W. 1 Good*, Gro- I lories and Provisions. nF.NRV FLING * .w.or 5TEPHE8 WH1TTEMORE. , Portland July ft. 1H64 dtf I i. o w i s t 11 f: t 1.« E TO Ctl THB IK0CK8IEPER SGAS REGULATOR. * EDWARD SHAW, Agent Aug 6—dim MEDICAL. I Elixirl Elixir OR. WRIGHT’S REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OK, K3SKNCKOF t.IFK l aKPAKKit FROM P(TR« VlOKTABLR EXTRACTS <X>WTA IMIWft NOTHIIG* IKJURIOI7S T«> Til■ MOST dklioatr. fllHE Kejuvinatin; Elixir is tho result of modern discoveries in tho vegetable kingdom, being an entirely new and abstract method of cure, irrenpee- ( tire of all the old and worn-out system*. This medicine has been tested by the most eml nent medical men tbe day, and by therapronouno od to b© one ot the greatest medical discovert** oi tho age. One bottle will euro General Debility. A few done* cure Hysterics in females. One tot*le cures Palpitation of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation. From one to three bottles restores the man)ires and fhll vigor of youth. A few dose* restore the app< tito. Thro* bottle* euro the worst case of Impoteacy. ! A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restore* mental power. A few do**** bring the rose to the cheek. This medicino restore* to manly vigor and robu j health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and dt pairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, e serrated youth, tho overtasked men 1 ol business, tho victim ot nervous depression, the ndividual suffering from general debility, or from | weakness of a sing# organ, will all find immediaU and permanent reliei by tbs use ot this Elixir or fc* *ence of Life. Price *2 per bottle, or three bottles tor *6, and forwardedby Express, on receipt of money, to any j address. Sold by all Druggists everywhere • t DB. W. B. MEBWIN A Co., SOLE PROPBICTORS, Ho. 59 Liberty*!. New York. * CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR. . • | HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, j For the removal of Obstruction*, and the In-urine of Regularity In ttie Recurrence of the Monthly Period*. i They cure or obvi»tf>th'>*e numerous discuses tha 1 «pring from irregularity, by removing tbe rrerular ity itaelt. They curt Suppressed, Excessive and Painful Men struation. They enre Green Sick net* (Chlorosis). They care Nervooa and Spina) Affection*, pains in the ba:k and lower part* of the body, Heaviness. Fatigue on slight exertion. Palpitation ot tbe Heart Lowne** of 8pirite, Hysteria. Sick Headache. Gid diness. etc., etc. In a word, by removing tbe Irreg ularity, they remove the eau«c. and with it all the effect* that spring from It. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they con tain nothing deleterious to any constitution, how I ever dehcato—their fraction being to snb*titnte • strength for weakness, which, when properly used. ! they never fail to do. All tetters seeking information or advice will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions accompany each box. Price *1 per box. or six boxes for 85. Sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of price. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. B. MEBWIN ft Co.. SOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty-st.. New York. fehfk od&eowlv CATARRH !~ NOISES IN THE HEAT)! ! CURED DY IN HALIN'fl A. Harmless T^luid, or AGREEAftLF. ODOR. NO VIOLENT 8VRINGING1 Of (he Head, THE SE.VM5 OF TASTE AND SMELL RESTORED DR. R. OOO DALE'S CATARRH remedy. Dr (.oodaie has combatted (Jktarrh until be bn. fought It dywn. Ithu.beeBalougwur.bat bis tri umph I. complete, Throa-UA!! oou in* time bis Cn tnrrh Remedy will bo knojfti >« the only one anti dote for a disease whicl^nperdciaiL-ts have declar ed incurable. Cala doctors, *o called, spriag up like musfcgoons ou til tides, lhe object of tbeec pockc t praetitioacra is money. 1 bey use dangerous icttrumeuts. Their violent mam, ulstkns iiritatr the already inflamed membrane. They never cure Dr. ooodele'slreatmeet is mtdioinai. not mcchaoi cal. Me does not believe ia Ibc force-pump system, which is working so much mbetuer Mis remedy passes through the absorbent., to the seat tXthe dis eese. aud obliterates It. It does not resists merely for a ^av, but for all time. Iw-tly. it coals a dollar a bo.tie— no more. Dr. Dodge of Auburn X. f. After having witnessed the- ellects of this Remedy in Catarrh, lima speak, of ktIt he truly and un conditionally a Me.culesa Speotnc tor the shale dis ease. huch an article ought not to be "hid unoer a" and any msu who can Invent so tralv an efficient and pots ive a remedy tor -ueli a loathsome disease, ought to be consi .ereMont . f the bene ac his race, ana hi. uaranand the t fleets ol bis skill pirpeltteted. Yours respeerfud . D. L DerlHiE. A. M. Pting Jfiiet. the ttell-tnotrn Tmreller, And whue family phy.lcian Dr e.oodaV was for many yean .avs- 'll Dr teeodale says be can cure Catarrh, he sen: cere it," Ac Brice St et-ud a stamp lor a paw phlet. Dr K UOetDALL'StttScesnii Depot , 75. llleeker s’reet, one due.r west ol Kroadway. Sew York. H M. May Agent tor Cortland. June 2d, ISNLjun.'Jdly SI'UIIUOII untimnsL'aOvricB. i W e.hlllgt n I it\. June-t. 1-'-t. | Y\r AN rr.X>—Surgo ». a.<l Aeeittaut .• ttrgeoui vv for tie tV tor.,/ fr «-pi—t audioates um-t be tiradimtes of soma Regular Helical Cu.l-ge, and must be examined by x Hoard 01 Medical othc-rs to bec -livened by Ibe surgeon (»ei e a] The Board will dele-mine while, r the cat did ate win be ap poiated Burgeon or Assistant burgeon, we irding to merit Applicaristts accompnnied by one or more »e*t mot ials fiom respectable pr isons, ts to moral chavacter. fco. .hcalit ne uddreMe-el to the burgeon Oeneral. f. 8. A . Wa-hingiou. D.C , or to 'he As si-lam Serneaa General, t*. S- A., Louisville kv Hoards are now In session at Boston, New Yo k W u-hfngton, C incinnati, 8t. Leals, and New Or leans. Also wanted. Hospital Stewards for Colored Reg intents. Candidates must posse-, a i„ , Ki.gli.!> Ld acation and bo taini'iar with the com oundmg and li.pensing ot tfe-du-rai-s. Applies'loo. mu-t be made i« ia tt.e cese of hurveons *ud Ausis ant Surgeons ompensition from M8 0Oto *33 on pcr mouth, with i.othfag, rations, fuel and i,uarte-s. , . , . JOS k HaK.M-.B. July 1-Saw3m Acting Surgeon Oeneral. STATE C'OIsLteLiE 1 —fr— , Agriculture ana Mechanic Arts! THE under»i*ncd. Cora.niMnioner*. appointed un cler a resolve of the la*t Legui ature, mu author l /ed aud dirrete J bv *aid renol re to iu>ifeand r •! > Iftvedonation* and beu«fact1ei:» n aid of the pro "Col/ry tor tu« benetit of tgn.miur ami ht Veckanir .4rttand to receive pi opoaala forth* ocatiouthereof, hereby give not e* that they art ■ »re pa red to revive »nch danaiJona, bone action* iud proposal . and requeot thar all cvmtuunk’atioaa oucbtng t 1m *aim- mat ho ma l. be ore the drat day t September n»*xt. addressed to the undone#* ed . gWM t. CKO»HY. He Hast W«. (j CROSBY, J08RPU t ATOM SAMlkL F. PKKUY. Julynd* wto *ef:tl THfi BOSiTOX FIBC BRIClT ind Clay Retort Manufactarinff Co., Work*. a»4 } ederal street, office aud Warehouse *3 I ib*rt> 1 quart* aud 7 Matter)march 8t. manufacture Fire trick, ail *hape* and aifBB. for fbruaoca required to tana the moat intense heat al* > Furnace Block* T\ nd Slab#. Looomotive Ftro Block*. Bakers'Oven 1 nd tvrcen-hoiute Tiles, Clay R-torta and nece e**n d> lies to set them, Fire Cement, Fire Clay and Kaolin bt The underdgned will five their special attention all order* for the above manufacture are exeea “d with promptness. JAMES E MONO A CO. liilusAunsT,. 18 Liberty Uquare. Boeto*. ■ehlt eod«m I MEDICAL. MORE TESTIMONI ALS? m MRS. MANCHESTER 1.constantly receiving enacUtlted to-tm, ulala ct i o etlonithtng cures performed by hi r. Among ““y r®e®ntl7received are the rollowit a. which are osmmeaded to tho notice of the ailieU,!. Jlr. M*. 0 neater way bo oonnultui at Clapp’. Block,Rot it No.*. * CJsa or SPINAL DIMM ABF. COR Mb ThlMa to certify that I went to we Kr, Manet,, ter Hat March with a dtsghter or mine tnutkd wtl I »p,nal dueaae. for which eh, had been doctored to. Ate year., and by a camber ol phy.lcntn, of hindi; and -he ha* bad twenty-one ap| Ucttiona electricity applied, but all to no eOhct; bit ah, eon tlnaally grew wont, load! to the eoaclaooa the laat rwert, to go and aee Mm. Maneheater, uc dll ao; and to my grceieorprieo aha told mo the Ami aeao of the dineaw. and how the had been from Urn, wbi4h oaooaragtd me to try her mediant, 1 did w>, and aow my daughter la abie to be arcuad the hoaee all of the time. 8bealao ridee tea or If. •oea mile, without any trouble or inecuTeeleece an,; 1 thiah ia a ,hort Urn. aha will he matured to per-*e< hemth. Sine, my daughter haa been Adoring. 1 ha»« hoard of a gr at many care, that Mr,. Mnach,, ter ha, oured 1 think if any per o. dmena, pat Z ,T u i metrro th. heLtc of th. auk aad ah,,,, „„ , kaam lni, „ , -g-wtm^ v, ccMi. ho. P Snanu h. Kaiowr-. Gborbb Kpi-hit, E. Kiivuit, Mrrmrwtdt, Mum,. August OMM OP THM OMMATM3T CCRMS tmRMlOk Me». Mnacaarria-fleo, Jf*fa» -Th.akia, !l‘nT,^"7eT U 01 ~”tot w other, •imilarly articled. 1 ha.ten to glee It to yoa. Thla Is briefly my aaao—I wu taken ick about 11 moatha ago with the hirer Complaint tea eery bad form. 1 applied to four diJbrent phydeiem. bat re •aired no benefit antfl I sailed on yoa. At that time I had given up baainee*, and wu la a nr; bad .tale, bat after taking yoar medioine tor a abort time 1 be gaa to reoonr. and ia two moatha I wa, entirely wall, aad had gained Mroral pounds of»e-h, and :aa truly lay that by yoar (kill I am a perfectly heal a ___ _ Joorra Dana. Sooto^ t Hate, D^o*. PorOssseA, Me. A REM ARK ABI.E CURE OF A CASE OF DRu BT CURED BT MBS. MABCBBSTBM. Thin 1. to eertify that I bar. boea oared efth. Drapey °t llteea years ataudiag by Mr*. Mtmcltt ler. 1 have bean to phyeMaat ia Boatoa, Haw Tort aad Philadelphia. They all told aw that they eoal i do nothing for me, aaleee they tapped me. aad aa •and me that by tapping I eoald lire bat a vhort tlmo. I bad made ap my mlad to go borne and live aa loaf ae I eoald with the disease, aad tbea die. Oa my way borne I etayed over night la Portland wits a friend of mine, aad told them what my wind woe a regard to my dlaeaaa. They laally petnaaded to go and eoe In Manchester. She ——;-Ty M aad told me my eaee exactly. I wae *o mach astonished to think that the told me onrrcctly, that I told Der that I woaid take her medl. olaee, mot having the leant fhith that they woaid me aay food, or that I ehoald gat the slightest rttta 1 from aay aanrao whatever; laally I took the modi ataa aad weat home. Ia oaa weak from the time I eommcaoed taking the medicine, I bad over three ' galloae of water pam me la (even boare; aad my fal low raArert may be aeeared that It wee a great reliel tame. I had aotbeea able to ttedowa la hod at eight before this tor two yearx. How I oaa Ua do* with perfect eaae. I have takes her medicine eight moathx. and am aa well aa aay awn ooxld j to bo. aad ao algal of (fropey I woaid sdW.. [i that are rick to go and ooaanlt Mr*. jraaehxM. even if they have been given ap by other \ . riclans. I have Mat her a axaber of eaeee eg *t^.t dlaeewe. and ebe baa oared them alto, be aad tor yoaraalvas. I bad no mith, bat aow my foiu. aaaaot be ahakad la bar akill la telling aad oartaa dliaan. Cmaataal. Hanwon. Sanaa R. Ham* on, tTlrT a_4iJU*,,A Ha**0** Ovnoa Hotraa -Prom S A. M. till» P. W. •ep:*T IpftOHU' f dly Lyons Periodical Drops TIE GEBAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyons Periodical Drops! ▲ U MTTO THAI ALL Willi Powder* <k Quack Preparaiaoa*. Lyon's Periodical Drops! Suro to do Good And cannot do M%rm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Kemetff LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! AUHTTUTH1IAU PILL8*P0WDKR3 f QUACK PREPARATION* LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REM EOT. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ASM PSTTKK THAN ALL FILLS, POWDKKS AND QUACK MSDICIMKM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Ap*» Sure to do Good uiil cannot *lo Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Ureal female Remedy. LYON’8 PERIODICAL DROPS Aft* •ITTEft THAI ALL Pilli, Powder* and Quack Preparation*. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ICBK TO DO OOOD AMD CANNOT DO HARM Lyon’s Periodical Drops raa obbat female beiiot Lyon’s Periodical Drops Arc better than ell Pill*. Powder*. And Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, -AM— Sure to do Good and cannot ds Hens. Price, $1 per Bottle. Tor tala by alt Dru«*iata. At wholuaUWW.r hUlip*. H. H. Hay k Co., i'ortiaad. tnc*J3«odW ^ Amerio&n Exchange IRE INSURANCE COMPANTt OF SEW TORE. Capital SSOO.OOO, “TV* Merrhaadl... Hn» ■old Ftrtltarr. Run. I.rtw.. V,.. «!«•» the Stark.. aad ather Her* •aaal fro.crty at taa Law. •■I rrtaa. • • SAMUEL BROWN. PruJdoat. WILLIAM RAYNOR. Seontar. EDWARD SHAW 101 Middle Strut out*? lyeod 1AINE INSURANCE- CO. Auenetn, .Itiir, 1HE Malue lu.araaoetomuay inure train it • '"1 S' d*—Or Flrt. Httildinn, Mere ha a le and Furniture, on Utai a, favorable at -- toX.'fczstKJSsr*- **•*«1-23 1. H. WILLIAMS. sirWry^1"1*' rmW***' EDWARD SHAW ... Agemt, _108 Middle Street. MMwdir N j

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